Yoon Shi Yoon’s Beautiful Mind


There is something very one on one and intimate about this interview that just strikes a chord of admiration and respect that bubbles to the surface and overflows. I was going to call this post “YSY’s beautiful mind, heart, body, and soul” but it was too long. I just hope there is a part two floating around somewhere so I can translate that as well.


YSY on Feb 17th Gag Concert : he was so amazing -great comedic timing and no nervousness at all.


Ta-da – this is my original bare face. Normally I tend to be very clean cut for a guy my age but it’s upsetting cuz I am revealing my bare skin. (he doesnt think his face looks that clear right now) Normally the first thing I do when I come home is pray. For starters I take my clothes off cuz I don’t really like going around the home wearing clothes. So I wear the bare minimum and take my clothes off first then I pray. Before I sleep there are a few hobbies I do –things I think that are very precious to me. First one is – I will show it to you – the first thing is –ah this hair (cuz he doesn’t like how it’s not styled)- the first thing is this “thankful” notebook (journal).  Thankful (thanks) comes from the word think. The spelling is similar. “Thank” originates from “think.” Someone who knows to be thankful is a happy person. Being thankful means you realize on your own. It’s not that special (not that different from others). In a day which ones I was thankful for – I write down 5 things. If 5 are not enough in a day, I am thankful. So that is why I write this “thanks” notebook. The content is really a secret – doing this is my hobby. Right now it’s a secret but later on when the DVD comes out a lot will know. My hobby is writing so my very best friend is my laptop. Whenever I open it, it says “Shi Yoon’s program is open in process.”  This machine is like the ones from a long time ago- there is nothing on it. I don’t use the internet on it. I only use it just for writing.  The word program is always open. For the sake of writing whatever I think of –it’s always open for me to write it down so the word program is always open. When I write, I feel good (mood wise) and my head becomes clear and all my stress flies away. Right now I am writing an essay.  I am writing a personal essay little by little for someone to read later. Later on it would be really nice if my Japanese fans would have a chance to see my writing.  Starting from today I have a new friend. Ta-da – I will show it to you. isnt it pretty? It’s a Sanshin instrument. (he talks about some teacher from Okinawa and a Japanese movie Nada Soso “Tears for you” he likes so much where the instrument came out) I wanted to perform with it so I bought it today. I will practice it really hard every day and I want to show it to my kind and friendly teacher who taught it to me, but I don’t know cuz my work schedule is so busy. But I am thinking of practicing even if I have to reduce my time for sleeping in half. After I finish all my work I go to my bedroom to sleep in bed. After writing, the last thing I do is pray before I sleep. No matter how tired I am –always before I sleep – the day I lived in my heart – I bury it in my heart and organize/settle it.

He places the camera far away and says the first thing I organize is my thankful notebook. He writes in the pages and says it’s finished. I am done with the thankful note. This time it’s the laptop – I write. When I am alone normally, I am not wearing a t shirt, but it’s too embarrassing to show you now. He types and then stretches saying when he uses a laptop his back and shoulders hurt. (video stops)


Just a reminder – this video would stop in the middle and refuse to continue when I tried playing it on my iPad and iPhone, but it loaded fine on my computer.


There is no way this video ended here cuz he didn’t even say goodbye so I know there is a part two floating around somewhere so if anyone can speak Japanese, could you please let us know where the rest of this is and what DVD he is referring to where this came out.

After watching this interview, I can’t help but wonder if he chose to do FBND in part due to the fact that he might identify with these characters. Dokmi wants to be a writer, Jin writes his webtoon, and Enrique published his book as well. On each episode, we get glimpses of the passages Dokmi is working on so I bet that added detail appealed to YSY. In previous interviews and travel documentaries for other celebrities, it’s quite common for them to do something similar to this. They film themselves makeup free wandering around their hotel rooms talking about their nightly routines, what products they use, their skin care regimen, how they pack, how they feel in hotel rooms (mostly they say they are lonely), but once in a while we get a gem like this.   JGS and YAI had tons of people in their rooms like managers and stylists so it was pretty chaotic and that fits their lifestyle and personality, but YSY was all alone in his hotel room here. From his Taxi interview, I know how close he is with his manager so I would have expected his manager to film him here, but YSY chose to do it solo. I have never seen an interview like this where as aspect of his personality is so prominent it’s hard to miss. I always knew he believed in God and cherished his faith since he thanked his ministers and pastors in his acceptance speech for his role in Baker King, but not to the extent that he would pray right after he gets home and before he goes to sleep. After watching his Taxi and Strong Heart interviews, I really loved that he was such a bookworm, but now that I know he loves to write as well, my good impression of him has reached an all time high.  Move over Joowon –you’ve got competition. 🙂

*here is a sample of his writing style from a letter to his fans recently – it was translated by Joonni.

“It’s mainly a letter of thanks to his family and fans as the end of FBND approaches. It is also a letter of reflection in which he compares acting to a relay race. There are times during a relay race when the runner gets weak and exhausted but the runner continues to head toward his goal  in order to deliver the baton. Yoon Si Yoon compares himself to the runner with his fans cheering him on. Then he talks about a history book he read. In it he read how once all the different classes of Joseon, yangban and commoners alike, crawled at the feet of the invading Japanese for the pepper berries they threw on the ground. Yoon Si Yoon likens fame and materialistic desires to those pepper berries, which the Joseon people threw away their pride for. He states that what needs to be upheld is the foundation from which he first started acting from, which consists of his family and fans. He wrote this letter in order to remind himself of this in the midst of overwhelming love and praise. Yoon Si Yoon thanks everyone and promises to continue growing.”

개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[06-50-43] 개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[06-52-59] 개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[06-53-41] 개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[06-55-07] 개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[06-56-42] 개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[06-57-30] 개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[06-58-09] 개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[06-58-26] 개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[06-59-53] 개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[07-01-50]개그콘서트.E686.130217.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel[07-01-01]

Yoon Shi Yoon’s gag concert appearance translations: (Flo left video for us on comments)

Starts from Shin Bora saying oppa my video works now. The guy says really? Ok then try calling me. They both look into their phones and bora asks can you see me? guy: I can see you. bora: oppa. Let’s break up. I bought it (the phone) to do this. guy: you bought it to do this? ya shim bora. Saying stuff like that you say it’s NY style but you haven’t even been to NY so I don’t know if that’s right but you make hot dogs at home. Bora: is the location important now? I have a (new) guy.  Guy: ok like last time you must have met a teacher who is like a father (figure-meaning the man was old enough to be her dad). bora: what are you talking about. Today it’s a flower boy who lives next door.  Guy: flower boy? Bora: flower boy – I told him to come here. guy: let’s see how good looking he is. YSY peeks out and comes running over to Bora. He does his happy feet dance. She says why did you come so late. He says wait a second and faces the audience. He waves and blows kisses. Bora asks is someone there? YSY: no. he goes over to the guy to shake hands and says hello I am YSY. The guy slaps his hand away and asks what did  you say your name was? YSY: Yoon Shi Yoon from the front it’s YSY and backwards it’s YSY. Bora says it too so YSY says you do that well. The guy says I know you – your name is Kim Tak Gu. The Kim Tak Gu who makes bread. YSY: that’s correct. That’s my nickname. I am Kim Tak Gu (means ping pong) my hyung is Kim Ya Gu (means Baseball) and my dongsang in the army is Kim Jok Goo (not sure what sport this is) and when I was a college student Kim Dong gu (the name sounds like korean word for billiards -but that was his real name which was changed in college to YSY) . Bora laughs so the guy asks is this funny. YSY does a cute dance during this pretending to play pool. bora: it’s totally funny. She high fives YSY. The guy starts to say if he makes up names like that I can make up a 100 but YSY interrupts and says your zipper is open (as in your fly is open) so the guy checks and YSY says you’re good at greetings. the guy says why are you joking around from the start. Bora explains it’s cuz my oppa is a really fun and silly.  She tells YSY – oppa don’t pay any attention and sit down. YSY: should I do that. YSY says wait a minute and pulls out her chair telling her to sit. She says you have great manners. He yanks out her chair and says you always fall for it. she laughs it off saying he does this once a day. He helps her up and says get up. It’s fun. The guy asks if she likes this. she says I like it so much. the waiter comes over and asks hello do you want to order. YSY: I want 3 hot dogs and a salad. The apple inside the salad (he sings) cut open the apple, put it on the plate, and eat – eat more (it rhymed in Korean so it was cuter plus the last part sort of sounds like fight someone). The waiter says: patron – you cant be like this here. I fight really well. YSY: I was just kidding. Bora hits the waiter and scolds him for taking a joke seriously. YSY leans on her sort of. The waiter says you have to pay in advance.  YSY says I will pay. You take credit cards right? The waiter says yes. YSY motions like something dropped over there so when the waiter bends down YSY motions on the guy’s butt like he just passed his bus card through. YSY complains to bora that the guy’s butt made his hand smell. The waiter says patron I told you you cant do this here. bora says it was just a joke and pushes him away from YSY. The guy says there is a time for joking and not joking. He is too much. YSY pretends to be upset. The guy orders drinks first and YSY and the guy say “cola” at the same time so YSY pinches him (that’s what Koreans do when someone says the same thing at the same time) so the guy says don’t do that. YSY pats the guy’s chin and repeats “don’t do that” over and over so the guy stands up and pushes YSY and says in an angry tone – I told you not to do that. YSY pretends to be in pain so bora and the guy ask “does it hurt? Are you ok?” YSY turns it into a dance move and asks bora “it’s fun huh?” and she agrees. The guy points to YSY and says “ya you joker/prankster come over here. you and I – let’s fight like men.” YSY: must you go so far as to do this? bora tells him not to fight but YSY gives her his panda hat and says it’s ok. I fight well. Just wait. The guy says come at me but YSY says I know Hapkido 6th level.  Will you be ok? Guy: I worked out some too so come at me. YSY: I wont be lenient. Guy: ok come at me. YSY pretends to throw a punch and yells “hap” and then gets into a pray position (cuz kido means pray). YSY and bora laugh over it and says how the guy was afraid. she asks the guy you were afraid huh? Guy: afraid of what? Ya What do you like about a guy who jokes all the time who cant be serious? what’s so great about him to meet him? YSY pulls her aside and says in a serious tone to the guy: look here. don’t judge just by looking at a person’s behavior. As for my love – more than anyone- I am serious. guy: love? Do you know what love is? YSY: I don’t know how much you love bora but me (he holds her hand) without bora I will die. bora: oppa really? YSY breaks out into a smile and says “that was a lie. Really sorry.” Bora: what is that. about love – couldn’t you be serious even once? I am going to go. He calls out her name and goes over and makes her knees give out from the back.  She gets angry and says are you really going to be like this. don’t call me ever again. Let’s break up. she turns to leave but he calls out her name and pulls her to him in a hug. YSY says very seriously: you dummy – why don’t you know. I just like you smiling. I just wanted to do anything to make you smile. Do you really not know? do you really not know oppa’s heart? do you really not know? he turns it into the lyrics of a song and does the dance. Bora says how cute he is. The guy says just do a small amount (as in dont kid so much). You don’t know what embarrassment is. Bora says “why? he is cute.” The guy says to YSY: stop kidding around. Also break up with bora. I will introduce you to someone who is exactly right for you. YSY holds his arm asking who who who? The guy says a friend of kids. Pooh bear. YSY gets happy to see pooh and says to the guy: but hyung I don’t think my ideal is pooh bear – it seems more like  bloated bear. He touches pooh’s big tummy and says this is his real tummy. there is nothing inside (meaning the guy inside didn’t need padding cuz he already had that belly). It’s so amazing. looking at you in real life – you look so scary. Does that taste good? Pooh says yes it’s yummy so YSY points and says there is an UFO over there to distract pooh and eat his snack but Pooh catches on and says in a scary tone “do you want to die?”  so YSY hugs him saying “hyung where is someone who wants to die.” (I cant make out his last word though)

ysmys2 ys4 ys5 ys6 ys7


39 comments on “Yoon Shi Yoon’s Beautiful Mind

  1. `Eun says:

    Thank you so much Softy for posting this up. I hope you’ll be able to find the part 2 of this video. heehee. I really like YSY because of his acting capabilities but knowing more about his personality amazes me. On the side note, I am glad that YSY and JW have continued to step higher in the ladder of their careers since their Baker King days.


  2. I have this “wow” when shin hye reveals that shi yoon is a bookworm. What i mean is that we already know some actors actresses have this habit.. but not to the extent of what he does. And i wonder whether in real life shi yoon has personality similar with that of dok mi… and thats why he took enrique role


  3. snowhnin says:

    Will u plz translate the taxi episode of Yoon shi yoon and park shin hye????


  4. nonski says:

    softy thank you so much! i just love how sincere this guy is. i love that he is a very prayerful person. that is important that is why he is so blessed.


  5. flo says:

    awww softy..dont do this to meee, but this is sooo great thanks a million times Softy…my love is growing each day for this guy
    cuz i love a man who loves reading books,and he loves writing as well.. he is absolutely adorable in this video.. he is a good guy in real life, i believe that….^_^


  6. Dramafed1782 says:

    No wonder YSY and JW jelled well. They both have down to earth thoughts and passion for acting. It is good to see both of them coming up and keeping in touch even when Baker King got over.
    P.S. It is cute to seeing them doing rom coms. One on Mon-Tue and the other on Wed-Thu 🙂


  7. Anonymous says:

    Competition? Hehe. Bring it on. I love both guys.

    He is such a great guy.


  8. i like YSY but i like JW even more 🙂


  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this! What is his religion/belief? 🙂


  10. ak says:

    Hi Softy, it’s been a while since I last left a comment here.

    I guess this video is part of his DVD called “Yoon Shi Yoon in Okinawa” released in 2011 in Japan. I couldn’t find the following part of this video, but I’ve found something that seems to be the beginning part of the DVD. It shows the music instrument (三味線) he is referring to, and the BGM is the sound of it.

    Followings are the link to the beginning part of the DVD (probably) and the one to the song which he said he was going to practice. Those who are interested, enjoy!




    • ak says:

      Sorry, the first one is the wrong link. Here’s the right one. Just in case, I put another line, which is the same video uploaded from different person. I hope they take you to the right place.


      • ak says:

        Sorry again. I don’t know why the first link doesn’t work even thought it works for me when I test it. But at least the second one works. Sorry again for the multiple posts.


        • Softy says:

          Hey AK glad to see you back here. 🙂
          Please don’t apologize for multiple posts – no one cares. The video links are the most important.
          I wonder if this DVD is only available in Japan cuz I would love to watch the full cut. I’m going to have to ask around. Thank you so much for sharing all this info and about the instrument too. You are the best. 🙂


  11. flo says:

    our Enrique at Gag Concert


    • Softy says:

      I debated for like 2 secs whether to translate this cuz comedy just doesnt translate well Korean to English but I decided to go for it. I love how he came out as YSY, but he channeled Enrique so naturally outside of the drama. Most actors would have been nervous, but YSY just amazes me with his talent. 🙂


    • nuccas says:

      the video has been removed.. 😥


  12. flo says:

    dear Softy..thanks so much for the translations
    he is soo natural and funny and he is sooooo charming & adorable **faint*******..argggg Bora is a lucky girl..i want a hug from YSY too…^_^


  13. Kkegeum's Shadow says:

    When Siyoon says your zipper is open, the guy bows his head down while checking his fly. That’s why Siyoon said “what a nice greeting/you’re good at greetings” 🙂


  14. flo says:

    I dont know what the news says,but those YSY’s pictures are definitely great^_^


  15. ladida says:

    I LOVE HIM. And I love you for the translations! Thanks so much for your hard work!


  16. MJShinshi says:

    omg softy……I just noticed this post on the side after reading FBND ep 13 for the umpteenth time….my thoughts exactly….JW’s got competition now 🙂 YSY is too adorable and can I slap him for saying his face isn’t clear….wished my skin was as close to his “not clear” definition!!!!

    Thank you for doing this enjoyed it very much and am too falling for YSY as well 😉


  17. aikoucheonsa says:

    hi, it’s my first time to comment here.. but i really felt the need to thank you for this post.. guess i’ll be visiting your blog more often now..

    and also, i saw another comment above requesting for eng subs on tvn’s taxi episode with YSY and PSH.. i really really hope you share that with us…

    thank you so much again for this post.. made me love YSY even more.. ^^


  18. soomp says:

    ahahah i too totally related to the “joo won’s got competition now” comment 😀 i had no idea that he was such a deep and thoughtful young man. am I wronging YSY and JW by not watching Baker King? 😛


  19. fruitplus says:

    Hi Softy,

    Thanks for sharing this. I like this guy,too. I like all actors/actresses with sincere eyes. I don’t know how to describe exactly how I feel, it is just a feeling I get when I look at their eyes.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on This Winter, The Wind Blows, too. I agree with you, both Young and Soo share feeling a little more than siblings and they are aware of it.

    Will you be able to open a post like Joonni to share little insights, too ???

    Thank you =)


  20. fruitplus says:

    Thanks Softy!

    I’ll check the link you posted regularly =)


  21. kerly noemi says:

    mmmm ysy es coreano ? pero vive en japon mmm buuu no entiendo


  22. needlight says:

    dear Softy,
    I don’t think I have commented here before but about one year ago, you made me into a Joowon fan after I read your post about Joowon at the 48th Baeksang Art Awards. I had watched Baker king at that time and didn’t think much of Joowon but I was struck by how fond you are of him and how you described his mannerisms/personality etc. After that, I don’t know how, I started noticing him more and became an instant fan of his while watching the first episodes of Gaksital and from then on, I am on board of the JW fangirl ship. The thing is, the more I learn about JW the person and the actor, the more I admire him. I love his dedication, down-to-earth personality, and his love for the people around him.
    All that is to say, this might be the start of my long-lasting love for YSY too. I liked him before and love his character in FBND but what a welcome knowledge to know that in real life he is a great guy too!
    thanks for sharing.
    God bless~~


    • Softy says:

      I’m so happy to have played a small role in this. These two actors deserve so much praise and more. When you watch them together, you just know exactly why they get along so well. Very similar personality wise and both are very proper when it comes to showing manners towards elders. It’s hard to believe they are exactly one year apart and share a birthday in sept that is only 3 days apart. It was like they were meant to be kindred spirits so it’s only natural that we like both guys so much. 🙂


  23. Rachel says:

    Hi softy! I want to thank for all you work!!! I found a longer video of his Okinawa DVD, it’s interesting to see him playing the shamisen (? I’m not sure the name of that instrument…)



  24. nadhira says:

    Do you guys know Yoon Shi Yoon Mail Address in Korea? I really want to send fan letter to him, but don’t know his mail address.. thanks a lot before 🙂


  25. fifi tan says:

    Good actor 🙂 May I compare him to Jim Carey? YSY reminds me of jim carey
    Have a good luck,Yoon shi yoon!!


  26. gaby says:

    votingstation.net/index.php?lang=en&category=99 lets vote for YSY!!! he is very far now


  27. Alexandra says:

    Dear Softy,

    Thank you for your post. I began to notice YSY when I watched BFF – their project in overcoming their fears. After watching that eposide, i started searching him on the internet.. the more i read articles about him, interviews of him, the more i am grateful of knowing this great person. With all honesty, i almost cried after reading your post.. i really dont know why.. thabks again.

    P.s. would you please send me anemail? Thanks.


  28. Anonymous says:

    i really love YSY!


  29. ADD says:

    God bless YSY!


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