Flower Boy Next Door E12

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After translating for the past ten hours, I’ve come to one conclusion. I think the guys are jumping to the wrong speculations. The Dokmi in the past would have hidden herself away somewhere, but not the one who came this far and made this much progress. She realized in part due to E that she had reserve strength she never knew she had. She has crossed too many lines to go back into her protective shell. She has too much to risk losing to walk away from it all now. She was only able to come this far cuz of these people around her. Her visible imprint is here cuz this is where she belongs. Some hurtful words from a stranger can’t efface that. At least that is the hope I will be clinging to till next Monday.

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I missed my chance to talk about the kiss last night. Plus it was all over the thread for pages on end so the last thing I wanted to do was contribute. But now I feel like I am ready and have something significant to say. I just want to stipulate I am talking about the characters and not the actors portraying them.

For the past ten years E had a friend who was his first love. For who knows how many years D has been living alone so I doubt she went out and dated during that time. Neither one of these people are the French kissing type. I doubt they would even know how to. No one saved the other from near death danger so a scene like this doesn’t call for any passion. If a kiss like that actually came out, I would feel it was wrong for the characters. It had to be this chaste cuz this kiss represented who they are as these lost individuals who finally found each other.  Two people very naïve when it comes to love who are taking their first steps in a relationship that is just getting started. They are not supposed to cling to each other with wild abandon. Their kiss just solidified their growing need for one another. It had to be that light and soft. It had to be that gentle and caring. It just had to be that meaningful.

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Starts from when E turns to put his coat on but she says “no you have to go back (to the way you were). to the way you talk nonstop – laughing easily-being honest – listening well to what’s in my heart-  go back to that warm Kaegeum. It hurt me so much when you said you were going back suddenly to Spain. It hurt me so much. I thought my heart wouldnt get hurt, it kept bothering me so I said please just leave me alone -I was trying to hide my heart like this but I have been liking you. I like you so much. she cried saying that so he turns and looks at her with tears in his eyes. D: go back to the Kaegeum you used to be in the past and leave. forget everything that happened here. all you have to do is open that door and go out. I will do that too. I will open that door and go out. I will live well. He cries more and steps closer. he looks into her eyes with all the love in his heart and says: I hear it again – the sound inside your heart ajumma. he kisses her.

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They look at each other with tears in their eyes. He lets go and they hear a crashing sound. Her post its fell to the ground. She goes over and picks it up. he says when you flip the pages of the drawings it moves. It sure is like Jin Rak hyung. slowly like that- one page at a time -bit by bit- being cautious as he gets closer, but I am not like that. the expression you had on your face as you looked at the ocean –  I will never forget it. So I will take you to better places and take you to eat more delicious things. next to you -while looking at your face I am going to smile and talk a lot. “I liked you”past tense. “I like you” present tense.  “I will like you” future tense. I found those complicating,  but now I wont pay attention to it. A person’s heart isnt accurate you see. I clearly remember that you said you like me. right?  she thinks in her head “kaegeum came back” so he says I think I came back to normal. she turns to look at him cuz it’s like he read her mind again. E gets close and says: Cuz you said you like me I think I can solve/figure out everything in the world. you just keep liking me like now ajumma and then I will like you more more more.

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Jin asks why dong had to meet the editor alone so dong says it was about putting my name on the webtoon. anyway awhile ago I was moved by your sincerity hyung. thank you.  Jin hits him and says you were ambitious about putting your name on it all this time. dong: I didnt. being moved is being moved. but I really have to quit now. as the person in charge of my family I am killing myself to live assiduously, but i just keep making debts. things like a dream for me was impossible. thank you for all this time. Jin asks how much do you need. how much money do you need right now. dong: if you know are you going to pay for it in my place? it’s ok. just dont be late on rent. jin: I will pay it back for you. to tell the truth. I am the son of a wealthy family who ran away to find his dream. Dong says stop talking about that now (cuz the joke is getting old). to tell the truth – I dont go around playing in the early hours. to earn money, I was the designated driver. jin: what? dong: when girls called me to be their drivers, if they said they will sing a few more songs and come out, I sang with them and put on a show. you think that’s all I did. at Namsan tunnel -early in the morning I cleaned it. why? cuz it paid the most. in the winter I laid out snow in the ski resorts. in the summer i pulled weeds. any kind of work I could do early in the mornings I did them all. why did I do that? cuz of my dream. cuz during the day I had to draw cartoons. jin says why didn’t you tell me that all this time huh? what am I – for scolding you, accusing you, insulting you for going around at night to play. he orders soju so dong says no there is a lot to work on tm. from here on how will you draw all that alone without me. I am worried. Jin says “why arent you chewing on my words and just swallowing them” = meaning why arent you taking me seriously. I said I would pay back your debt.  how much is it. dong says jokingly: thank you. pay it back for me. hyung – while being the designated driver I hit a foreign car. they said it will cost $5800 to fix it. they told me to pay for all of it. if i have a lot of money I will never live like that. to kids who are like designated drivers like me – I will say you worked hard and give a lot of tip. when they go home I will say “go home well.” from here on I will earn a lot of money, but I wont live like that.  jin: to be honest – without you I wont be able to draw this webtoon till the end. but I am going till the end. cuz this is my goal in my life. i finally took the first step of my goal in life so are you going to ruin it like this? dong: hyung. he gets a call and has to go drive. ok I will think over what you said. I will pay for this and go.

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E says starting from now let’s date. he shows her what the internet said – deep affection between people in love and says I totally love this.  so she thinks in her head “love? I only said like” so he says “liking is the same as love.” She thinks in her head “he really does hear me again.” He says “look -just like the words beautiful and pretty -they are similar – sometimes you are pretty to me ajumma and  sometimes you are beautiful so liking and loving are the same. the conclusion is that the two of us can date.  Starting from now – you and me ajumma – Go Dokmi shi and me – Dokmi and Kaegeum. dating is normally busy work.  from here on we have a lot to do.  you clearly said you could go out that door now. starting now let’s do something about your belongings. isnt moving wrong? she says someone will come to see the home tm. since it wont require a deposit – this home will go quickly.  He says aren’t you sick and tired of hiding. She says I am not hiding. every month I saved away. like a squirrel who stored away his acorns to eat in the winter, I will take some out some savings to use and invest in my dream. I will work hard to write. that was my dream. E: ok it’s good about the squirrel and acorns, but why must you move?  you can eat the acorns here. being in an unfamiliar environment is hard. if you want to work hard writing – isnt it good to be in a comfortable environment?

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she gets up and moves to her desk. He asks is it cuz of DH and jin rak hyung. When you have a hard time do you always hide like that. You said it was your dream to be a fantasy writer. in the stories kids will be reading – are you going to write “all you young kids,  if you are having a hard time and feeling sorry, don’t think of anyone around you and leave for the secluded village and hide” is this what you are going to do? the lead characters in the fantasy books i like – it was about going up against the world and being happy. I would like for you to write that kind of book and it would be good if you became that kind of lead character.  Promise me you wont move. call and tell the ajussi not to come tm to see the home. She says it’s late so go now, but he says I cant go anyway.  there is a Barcelona match today. he whispers: really late at 3am. you know – my hyung’s tv is terrible (too old).  It’s way too awful. he laughs to himself but she says I saw that he bought a (new) tv for his wall. E: hur.  so does that mean you kept peeping this whole time? he pretends to feel violated and says i am so scared. she isnt buying it so he gets serious and uses jondae and calls her Go Dokmi editor. I am thinking of writing a new lecture book. you need to help me. she still isnt buying it so he cries and says can you leave a patient alone like this? what are you going to do if I am home alone and something major happens to me? how can you not acknowledge like this. he pretends to cry so she tries not to roll her eyes.

Jin goes home and was about to ring her bell but doesnt

E is texting people on SNS about how he will buy and invites those who are addicted to games to meet up– his fans say they are coming but he says the condition is you must come with your parent. (he is going to do a lecture with their parents – just like D told him to do)

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There is a knock on Jin’s door and it’s drunk DH. She says open the door – I’m prepared to be totally honest and talk. E goes out so she says D is inside right– call her for me. she calls out for D -why arent you coming out. the landlady and W come outside and the woman says I am about to be annoyed so take her inside. Jin comes out so DH says you said to come when I am prepared to be honest. When I am drunk I can be totally honest so I came. Jin says ok come inside. she says no there is someone else I want to be honest with. She calls for D. come outside.

E goes inside and tells D to go out and meet her. your friend is going to be honest. D says I have nothing to say to her. E says just cuz you avoid nothing will be settled. I will be by your side. just trust me

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D and DH meet at Jin’s home. E and Jin wait in the other room.  DH asks D: what is so hard on you? what is so hard for you to live like this?  why faint. what did I do that was so wrong that you would faint? everything is in the past –we havent seen each other in a long time so looking at each other’s faces and smiling – cant we just do that? what did I do that was so wrong. making those rumors? all people lie. they exaggerate what they say about others.  Kids who weren’t interested in me gathered around and asked me about you and the teacher’s relationship so I liked it. why? cuz I liked the teacher but you deceived me. you made the secret first. I didn’t want to lose the friends who were getting close to me so I lied.  but I didnt make up all those outrageous rumors alone. You could have just revealed it to them – that it was a lie – that it was a rumor – that you feel indignant but you held your head up and endured it by being stoic. Jin says to E – let’s make them stop. I cant handle this anymore let’s stop her. but E says “wait- she (D) will talk. She must.” DH was saying I didnt know the rumor would get so out of hand. I  was having a hard time too. calling the teacher over? it was to show him how much we changed. to forget the past and smile. cuz you weren’t the only one who was having a hard time-everyone had a hard time back then. D stands and says you had a hard time? do I have to comfort you? do I have to apologize? Transfer? How could I bring up transferring in front of a grandmother who was just hanging on till I graduated. every day those rumors grew-lies- the looks that turned me into cheap trash-it was poison. i ate poison every day.  didnt you know?! I was like a dead person then. I wasnt acting like I didnt know you. I was already dead then! she is gone! DH says you were strong, you were strong so it didnt matter to you when you called us a set of mean girls, but it was hard on me. I needed other friends. D: did I lack that much to you (was I not enough)? it was just the two of us but it was enough to have just you. More than ten or a hundred other friends-having just you was plenty for me. She cried saying that so DH sits there quietly. E looks proud of D

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D goes home alone. She sits at her desk. E comes over and gives her pencils. E: do you know what the best time to sharpen pencils are? when your heart feels pointy. just like now. think this is my heart that has bumps and cut them off. like a miracle it calms your heart. try it. She starts to sharpen them and remembers her friendship with DH in high school before all that happened.E watches her sharpen them and smiles

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D walks him out. E says sleep deeply. when you open your window in the morning you will see me. We are going to greet in the morning. she thanks him for being by her side. E: dummy you were by my side today (he holds up his injured hand). E: I want to go outside to the world. He is so happy he just hugs her. E: we will have a lot of things to do from here on. sleep well. I will be going. He walks away but turns to look at her again. E: sleep well. He keeps turning around and looking at her. he waves bye and tells her to go in. she smiles and closes her door

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Next morning jin meets E. E says D is moving. Jin: I know. E: cuz you are like – if she is doing well inside, if she is eating well inside, it keeps bothering you and making you curious so you dont realize -so I think she is feeling “sorry it wont work – I have to move.” Jin: it’s not – it’s cuz you suddenly showed up and banged on her door and barged in -do you know that place where guard Hong hangs his hat? that is what you are – just a trace (an imprint). E: what is that.  jin: what is the reason why you called me. You said you couldn’t trust me. E: I cant trust you hyung but ajumma seems to trust you.  heard you took her to the hospital yesterday.  Jin: that is why you should have gone back when you said you were going to -why come back and have something like that happen to you. E: thank you hyung – If I was alone in the hospital yesterday I would have had a really hard time. Jin: that will never happen again. taking D to you, that was the last time. E: anyway for the last time I will trust you one more time. If there is something about yourself you dont want to talk about – I will wait (till you can) – like I waited for ajumma. jin: what are you talking about? I waited for Go Dokmi shi way longer than you. E: Ajumma said she will go out to the world -she asked for help. Jin says then help her-is anyone saying anything (like you cant) I will just stay by her side. E: in this situation, you cant stay by her side.  (cuz D is moving). hyung.  Jin thinks for a second and says: the landlady

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The four guys (W, Jin, dong, and E) go to see the landlady. they are standing there smiling at her. She is thrilled to see them and asks what is going on.

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The four guys are serving her cheesecake and other sweets. W says I couldnt sleep so I made this all night so it’s nice we get to eat it together. she says I like it too. dong asks why W couldnt sleep. Hong comes over and joins them for a happy tea time. hong asks why E comes over so often. he asks if W made this himself. E calls her ajumma so Jin yells at him and corrects him. she is Ma’am. Jin apologizes and says when E sees some pretty woman he calls them ajumma. he always calls 402 Go Dokmi shi ajumma and chases after her. since we are paying rent – isnt it not ok to move out anytime without any warning. right? there is a contract. E agrees. she says it’s cuz of 402 moving out huh? my heart hurts too. dong whispers and wonders to himself if the woman is going to out herself as the owner of the building. she says what do we do with our Jin rak shi. it’s really too bad. Jin and E both make sad faces. E says if your heart hurts cuz our Jin Rak’s hyung’s heart hurts then stop her from moving. make the deposit as high as hundreds of thousands. then no one will come (move in). use your strengh. Hong tries to stop E from talking but it’s too late. she asks “me? how?” E is about to say I already heard from Jin Rak hyung that you are the owner of this building but Hong stops him from finishing his sentence. he calls E reckless and then he turns his attention to the woman and says I love you. starting from a long time ago I loved you. he took her hand so she pulls it away and runs off embarrassed. Jin: what are you doing? why did you have to say such a thing at this time.  hong says if she knows we know she is the building owner – we will all get kicked out.  she doesnt want her identity known. E says why were there so many people like that and glares at Jin accusingly. E says then what do we do now cuz someone is coming to see the home today. E suggests if a man comes to see the building say it’s leaning. if it’s a woman comes let’s say a crazy person lives next door. Jin:me? oh him. E motions for dong so Jin agrees. dong: why is everyone like this in agreement. hong says dont worry about anything. since she heard this much she will handle it well. (meaning she wont let anyone new move in) she is an angel. hong runs out to see her. dong says that ajussi will get fired.

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Hong keeps knocking on her door. E asks dong – do you by any chance want a part time job? dong: what? E: I need someone to videotape today cuz I am going to have a surprise lecture. Dong already knew about the event and asks does it have anything to do with you being terrorized. Jin asks him – are you his stalker? why do you know so much? did you follow him? hong gives up and leaves. dong says on SNS there was a lot of talk and that no one would go. think about it – who will want to admit they are addicted to games. also you told them to come with their moms. that means dont come. they dont like anything related with their moms. E: even if there is no one I will do it alone. also I am going to put it up on video so there is nothing to worry about. I bet they will come – why- from the fan’s perspective – it’s a chance  to get to see the genius creative director Enrique’s cute face  -it’s their wish come true. isnt it? he smiles and they look at each other with that “hur”look on their faces. Jin asks dong “is he normally like this (bragging so much). hurry and un-follow his tweets.” dong says I am expensive and charges a  high fee $350, but E agrees. E says I got you for a cheap price. E asks Jin to go too. Jin: throw away the idea now that you and I will do anything together. E: ok. he tells dong: I am going with ajumma so let’s meet here. dong agrees. Jin asks will Dokmi shi go?will she go there when there are a lot of people at lecture halls. from what I can see she wont go. E laughs and waves his finger no.

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E asks D: let’s go. She says someone will come to see the home. E says leave that up to guard Hong. let’s hurry and go. D: Where are we going. E: a lecture for the sake of people addicted to games. she says wont there be a lot of people there. E drops the smile and opens the door wider and talks really fast: if there are a lot of people or not is that the problem? you said you would come out into the world so are you only going to choose places where there arent a lot of people. also you suggested this. what are you going to do if I am caught among the mothers (and getting verbally attacked) you have to be by my side and assist. huh. he puts a smile on his face again and says very sweetly: Let’s go. He uses aegyo so she smiles

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Jin is waiting with dong outside. dong asks are you wanting to go together and split the part time job fee? Jin: do I look like I came out to do a part time job right now? dressed like this. E and D come over. Jin cant believe she really came outside. D and Jin keep bowing to each other. E: see I told you she would come out. dong: let’s hurry and go. you said the lecture hall was far away

Dong films the place like he is supposed to when he gets there. dong says all these people are addicted to games. E greets the people and says a lot of you came. he shakes their hands. They came with their parents.

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E starts his lecture. whether you are addicted or not -like this line – there is a slight difference. there is a writer who wrote something famous about addiction. my nickname – The Little Prince author Saint Exupery. the little prince asks an alcohol addicted grownup “ajussi why do you drink alcohol? the alcholic grownup replies “for the sake of forgetting about my humiliation/embarrassment.” embarrassment is the key word.  whether you play games for 5 or 10 mins the game wont leave your head. it’s when you hide or cover the truth that you play games – addiction starts to knock. when you play games but lie that you dont.  Are you embarrassed. do you want to hide it? Be honest with yourself. if you are honest the addiction leaves.  Hiding how much games you play. when everyone else is all sleeping you secretly wake up turn on the computer and start playing games. at those times you dont like yourself -your sense of self gets demolished. that’s when parents come on strong and break the computers and yell, then what happens. you hide. parents – you should know what your game addicted kids like -have you played games with them? that it’s not embarrassing – that it shouldnt be hidden.  have you said that in a warm way? D looks proud and Jin notes that. the panda stalker girl is there smiling too

the whole crowd is playing dodgeball. dong hits the ball on E’s butt and says E is out. E’s fans glare at dong as E is helped off the field. So dong feels bad. why get carried off when he was hit on the butt. E comes back and says I’m ok. dont pay any attention. he pretends his butt hurts so dong asks does it really hurt? but E was faking it so dong would get hit. he makes the mom and her son hug.

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Jin and D watch the game. He says it’s more nice to see you outside like this. I like it. now that I come here and see, I think E called me here on purpose. he must have done it to show me how you are when you are outside like this. I should go out and exercise too. He takes his coat off and asks her to hold it so she is about to but he puts his coat around her shoulders. She smiles watching E play.

The panda stalker girl comes over and says this is a secret but E is not a person. he is a fairy. D looks over at E and he is telling the son to get along and be close with his mom. the girl says out of the characters oppa made there are fairies. that is himself. you saw a while ago – those people who started out glum – see how those people (he talked to) changed. It’s really hard to live as a fairy cuz he has to think of humans/people before himself.  people dont believe in fairies so he is always lonely. But he has to always be bright. That is why the people around him shine. He doesn’t have a shadow or darkness. why- Cuz if shadows or any darkness is next to him the fairy disappears. E comes over and says what are you doing – let’s go out and do it together. the girl urges D to go

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At the bus stop, Jin looks over at D and E smiles at her. she is standing between them.

이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-31-56]

Jin and dong leave on the bus. Dong says you are cool hyung. jin says she finally came outside so will it do for me to make it hard on her. dong says you are making my heart hurt. doesnt 402 see the webtoon?  If she saw it she would totally fall for you

E takes D sneaker shopping. He brings a lot of boxes. he says try them on first and then choose the ones you like. he says how good it looks on her. it fits perfectly. you have to go around till the soles wear out. ok? deal? she nods yes.  YSY’s song is playing. His panda stalker watches and takes pics.

이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-34-40]이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-14-59]

E says since I bought you shoes shouldnt you buy me chocolates. he chooses one. They walk down the street and he protects her from people bumping into her.

이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-13-07]

They go to the movie theater. E says I will be the star creative director. The guy says let’s do well. they shake hands on it. the guy says you said you were leaving last time. E says there is someone who worried I would leave. He asks for some popcorn like last time and takes D inside. the stalker girl watches that and looks upset

E and D watch the movie alone just the two of them. The action scenes scare her.

이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-11-27]

DH’s friends are saying the models need to be pretty (on the shopping site) but the other one says they are all photoshopped. DH is just sitting in her place looking miserable when Jin comes over. Her friends greet him and make him sit. They all leave. Jin: to be honest I don’t understand you and I dont really want to understand. but honestly it must have been a hard time so it must not have been easy to talk about that. she says no I saw your webtoon flower boy next door. It was a little hard cuz your feelings for D there were expressed so warmly. Jin: anyway thanks for how you feel about me but it would be nice if you stopped now.

Jin walks down the street.

이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-00-29] 이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-07-42] 이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-08-58]

E and D are walking down that same street some time later. She is narrating: “The sunflower that smiled at the sun will become a small sun one day. On top of the shell that played with the ocean all day, an affectionate tidal pattern will slowly be engraved. The axiom that two things that long for each other start to resemble one another, that woman thinks she understands a little now.” She opens her curtains and E is standing there with a digital “buy me chicken” “good night-dream of me” messages. They wave at each other

*thanks to Joonni for translating this

이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[08-10-17]

Dong is playing a racing game outside a club telling the girls he is really good at this game cuz he is a designated driver. The girl says it doesnt seem like much. the editor comes over dressed as normal as she can get if she was going for a yellow disco ball look for her skirt. dong tells the girls my friend came so see you next time. have fun and call later.  the editor  smiles at him and says you said to call when I have nightmares. dong: yes I did – don’t you know what a phone is? I told you to call so why show up suddenly and surprising someone.  She says acting like this I thought I was being very thoughtful/considerate. to someone whose job is designated driver, it’s not polite to just call anytime. think about it – what if I called and you spoke to me for a short time.  Then you will lose customers. I couldnt call. I have nightmares. I was curious if you were working. I keep thinking about $5800 so I showed up in person. Want to go eat soup with me at a tightly spaced place. Some girls says what is wrong with the “water around here.” meaning there aren’t good looking people cuz they were looking at the editor so dong defends the editor and says what’s wrong with the water her dark circles are her attractive points. Editor seems touched

이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-59-55]

Next morning D gets a post it about the webtoon so she goes to her computer and reads the webtoon. it has everything on it – the elevator ride up with Jin, how she sorts through recylables, the impression on the wall of the hat in the guard’s office, the protests, how E caught her when she fainted, Jin touching her door. Jin’s voice narrates “when I extend  my hand (to touch the door)  – I can feel her behind the door that has been shut tight. are you happy inside? * at some point, wont my imprint (trace) from my hand be left on this closed door too?”

*I love this line. cuz it means he did it so much-just like that hat on the rack at the guard’s office, part of Jin will remain on her door as well.

이웃집 꽃미남.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[07-56-44]

E goes over to D’s home muttering “I told her to open the window, why did I do that event then…”  He suddenly stops and looks scared. he rings the bell like crazy. He is knocking and calling out ajumma. are you inside? No one is inside the home. Dong comes out and asks what is this -why are you so loud. There is a word painted in red on her door to die. Jin comes out and they both look at the word in shock. they look at each other with concern.


Jin: Do you really not know what this is? DH: I am not that low.

Dong says: I left a note on the post it on 402’s milk to read the webtoon. Jin: what?

D tells herself: dont think about it Go Dokmi

The stalker girl says: (E ) oppa must go to spain cuz from a long time ago there is an animation that he prepared that he must make.

D: I don’t love myself and I don’t love others.

E says ajumma stop escaping now

*When D read the webtoon and saw for herself how much of her life Jin captured on it, she realized for the first time what her life has been like from the outside of her sheltered room. I think that realization struck a cord with her.

**Turns out this panda stalker is worse than the crazy ajumma. Last night when the girl was begging the doctor to work on E’s hand cuz he needs it to create with, I thought she was devoted and kind. Turns out she is just warped and twisted beyond belief. Writing those words on Dokmi’s door was past psychotic- it makes DH seem like an angel in comparison. No wonder Dokmi is scared. Why does E have such crazy women after him. At least Jin doesn’t have any insane stalkers so one foot has stepped over to team Jin’s camp after tonight. That foot is going to stay there till E sorts out this mess with his stalker. He allowed her to get close by being too nice to her. Now that she has hurt D’s feelings, this is his battle to wage with that stupid panda girl. He better go psycho on her cuz she deserves to be yelled at.


Written before it aired: Even though the preview shows that we are going to have some really cute scenes coming up for Dokmi and E, Jin isn’t quite out of the picture yet. He hasn’t thrown in the towel or even conceded that he lost Dokmi. Jin has been waiting three years for her so I doubt he is going to let her go without some fight. People are wondering what’s going to happen with the last four episodes since everything seems to be sailing smoothly from here on, but E isn’t from around here so we still have to worry about if he will leave or stay. If there is some kind of separation for them, I will literally go nuts online. At least tonight, Dokmi is finally going to confront DH, but who knows how DH will react. She might get all defensive and lash out even more, but I really hope she learns to keep her mouth shut and not make Dokmi’s life more miserable. If there is one pairing I don’t ever want to see is Jin and DH. He deserves better and DH earned a lifetime of doing continual penance so unless I see some genuine remorse on her part, that is one couple I won’t be satisfied with.


68 comments on “Flower Boy Next Door E12

  1. Softy says:

    Thanks to Flo we have the new ost from YSY 🙂


  2. nonski says:

    thanks in advance Softy! our lifeline to FBND. O.o 🙂 will be waiting for you recaps.

    i was thinking maybe we will have an extended kiss. 🙂

    waves at tessieroo, bella, mm7888, flo, jhen, MJ, rainyrain, bbblue, juleeekkkzzz, ck10z, conjie888, sorcy79, nissen, and all Neighbors!



  3. conjie008 says:

    Softy, there we’re so many scenario’s in my mind. I’ve narrowed it down to what Dokmi was thinking about..as E read her thoughts. As I’ve deprived myself of sleep already. My mind wonder & pondered over the idea what her thoughts where.. as E approached D closer..and made that gallant kiss… I can’t believe I’m per writing this so early….you must think I’m crazy!!

    D’s thoughts: Why am I crying…” have I fallen in Love with you”. ” is this what love is”… Dokmi didn’t believe in predestined love.she wrote it w/ past tense. But she grew to love E’s out going personality, was this the person that I’ve been yearning for..that accidental kiss in the beach made her wonder. That kiss that she has been waiting for…to share a life time with! “I didn’t think love could hurt & feel this way as her tears stream down her face.
    Ok…I think that’s all my brain can handle right now..taking a short cat nap before heading for work.
    Not sure if this comments made any sense for anyone. Thanks Softy


  4. flo says:

    I hope their replayed the kiss scene and like nonski said..maybe we will have an extended kiss…^_^i always love the awkward moments after the kiss in K-drama
    camping here..and waiting for your recap..thanks in advance Softy……


  5. ck1Oz says:

    Hehehehe.Have you ever loved any drama enough to go nuts online?Thank you in advance for the recap.I am going to bed early.Sorta when its close to 2am.Hope epi 12 is great.


  6. juleeekkkzzz says:

    super excited for tonight’s episode…

    happy camping friends!


  7. leekyu says:

    Can’t wait to see what happen between E and D I know it going to be akaward after the unexpected kiss and confession….I wonder how the story will go it cannot go perfect at espoide 12 they will be thing that happen since E is not from korea but Spain…and Jin what will he do


  8. Jenny says:

    Thanks Softy!

    But what the heck with this ojung thing? This fan girl is crazy haha… Btw, how do you spell ojung in Korean? Been searching the dictionary (prior to your recap) on what fan girl could have said…


    • Softy says:

      it’s almost 1am in seoul and I texted like 5 people so far to ask what an ojung is , but no one is awake- I really need to know too cuz it’s sort of important.
      there is no torrent yet so I cant even rewatch that scene to pick up on more clues.
      someone please help – what kind of fairytale creature cant have shadows?
      *one friend finally replied and he says “ojung” means “fairy”


  9. juleeekkkzzz says:

    crazy.. i can’t believe the writer can still pull off another twist.. wow


  10. Paola says:

    Well… I read the webtoon, and the writer must have pull off that twist because… I don’t know if I have to said this… but DokMi is the one who search for him. (Bot not in Korea)


  11. i am not sure i understand what happened lol. did DM up and leave. Just because the Fan girl told her she couldn’t be a shadow next to enrique?


    • Softy says:

      if there is anything we should have learned by now is that they never end the way we think – they always have a twist to it. i bet Dokmi was shocked to see the writing on her door, but that one thing cant make her leave like that. what that stalker girl said might have made Dokmi doubt about her future with E since he has to go back, but not scare her enough to leave without a word.

      omg waiting on torrents is killing me…


      • you and me both lol i couldn’t catch the live feed thank god you are always so fast and give a play by play with the recaps cause i would be dead right now from the anxiety. i wonder though if they are just making us think that she left and she just went out for coffee lol that would be a twist right there. you know kind of like when the mead us think DM and E stopped the car cause of J and it wasn’t i mean they even made a show of them looking back at J and then in the next episode they never looked back at all.


        • Softy says:

          I was thinking she might have gone to see that other new place she was going to move to cuz after this, I doubt she wants to stay here. how cool would it be if she had to stay with E while her door was being repainted.
          in the preview she was telling herself not to think about what’s on the internet about E, but I dont get why she would actually say the words that E doesnt love her. that had to be another trick of the writer. like it’s something she would say to the stalker girl cuz that girl wants to hear it so Dokmi says it, but doesnt mean a word of it.
          I am still not clear on how much Dokmi is willing to fight for E if she had to, but the stalker girl isn’t trying to keep E for herself. she just wants E to go back to spain and do his work. that isnt something Dokmi can really oppose cuz she wants to follow her own dream to write as well.
          see all the thinking i am doing while waiting on torrents. aigoo 🙂


          • nonski says:

            aw softy just checked it on semi-fly’s blog and no torrents up yet.

            with the previews we’ve watched so far, i believe there is always something hidden or was purposely mixed up to give the audience a different perspective. let’s hope it’s not what it seems to be.


            • Softy says:

              last night torrents were posted almost 5am so I hope that’s not the case again….:(


            • nonski says:

              yup i downloaded it after i wake up. 😦

              i hope too that it isn’t the case with this episode. i even have to message semi-fly and ask if she will post torrent because i didn’t see them in her blog. turns out it was just posted later.

              night night for now softy. 🙂


          • lol i like when you think i could see it too. the thing for me is that DM is in such a precarious place right now in her recovery that it makes me feel like any little thing could send her back into hiding. but then again i could be wrong and she could be stronger than she seems. what i don’t get is how could what the fan girl said make her think E doesn’t love her. i mean she has to know that the fan girl doesn’t really know what E feels only E can know that. DM has seen E’s true self the one that is not always cheerful the one that hides behind that cheerful self to make others happy. the truth is DM should know by now that her and E are kindred spirits. they both hide they just use different methods. i kind of want DM to be stronger because it will be nice when she finally stops hiding so she can help E do the same. the fact is everyone is focused on getting DM out of the physical hiding because it’s more obvious but to be honest i think E’s hiding is more scary and difficult because he hides it so well. He hides his pain and feelings and makes everyone think he is Okay and DM has seen that but i think she needs to over come her fears so that she can move on to help E overcome his. She told him to go back to being cheerful but i think she will realize that he needs to also vent his pain some times and that he should be able to show his true feelings to others and not just to her. she made him give a big step. E always moves aside and lets others be happy even if it means he is miserable that is why even though he had feelings for SY and DM he moved aside for his cousin and moved aside for J. But when he saw that DM could get hurt he He turned around and acted on his feelings forgetting about J’s. but even then it was because he was putting DM’s feelings above anyone else. So in the end i really need this heroine to save her Energizer prince.


            • Softy says:

              wow the one good thing about sitting around waiting for torrent was getting to read this – it is very well written. you really get this show and its characters. I couldnt agree with you more – it’s D’s turn to step up.

              I keep thinking the stalker must have spoken with Dokmi directly some time after that soccer game or maybe there was more to that conversation than we saw tonight. like a longer scene of that will be played later. right now we only have pieces of the whole story so I bet if we all thought about it – maybe we can figure it out before Mon cuz this mystery is going to drive me crazy. 🙂


            • anon says:

              i think dokmi doesn’t mean enrique in her line about love (D: He doesn’t love me and doesnt love others.). perhaps it’s her conversation w/ dohwi about their literature teacher. that’s what i think cuz everything enrique’s done is quite obvious (for her).


            • Softy says:

              anon, that line was from the preview for E13 so there is no way she was talking about the teacher. He isn’t a part of this at all.
              even if I mixed up pronouns – then the line would be “i dont love myself and I dont love others” and that doesnt make any sense. Why would she say such a thing. That is why i thought the missing pronoun might be E cuz Jin isnt the one who goes around talking about loving others through his work/games – that was only E.
              it sure is a mystery why she would say such a thing. 🙂


            • unik says:

              I love that someone pointed out that E actually needs his shadow. Him being always light and cheery is exhausting to others but more to himself because he does it even when he feels otherwise. I feel this coming episode Dok-mi will rise up to fight for her man by first overcoming her fears. I also foresee a separation in the horizon but not the permanent kind. Because let’s face it Enrique needs to sort out his citizenship, family and living arrangements in order to be with Dok-mi in a lasting kind of relationship. Unless, Dok-mi turn a 180 degrees and decides to go with Enrique to Spain while he sort things out. lol!


      • juleeekkkzzz says:

        yay..waiting sucks..


  12. nonski says:

    thanks for the past recaps Softy! you’re so awesome!

    i love tonight’s episode but panda stalker on the loose again, *sighs* ruins the lovey-dovey.


  13. lyrynne says:

    here’s a torrent link floating around naver. i downloaded it and it’s a WITH mp4 file.Got too desperate so I hunted this one . it’s a magnet link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:49256ABECB25A08C3D3692DA9D2D924D5108C4B2&dn=%ec%9d%b4%ec%9b%83%ec%a7%91%20%ea%bd%83%eb%af%b8%eb%82%a8.E12.130212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.ccc.de%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.publicbt.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ferdgeist.org%2farts%2fsoftware%2fopentracker%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2fnemesis.1337x.org%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ffr33dom.h33t.com%3a3310%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.istole.it%3a80%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2fgenesis.1337x.org%3a1337%2fannounce


  14. Blue Passion says:

    Softy: For the great transcap for episode 11 & 12!!! I am so in love with these characters and the actors/actresses are doing an amazing job protraying them. I can feel when theirs hearts are hurting. It is so refreshing having a Korean drama where the main couple really communicate and the second lead tells it how it is; instead of hiding out. Thanks a million for making again my Mondays and Tuesdays such a joy to start a day by coming and visit your website!! You are wonderful.


  15. rainyrain says:

    sorry to say that , I stopped watching , since seems she’s going to end with E I don’t watch anymore because I really luv JR 😦
    sorry don’t meet to put any negative vibes by here , I know most of u like E-DM couple so ENJOOYYYY , I will drop by here from time to time to see if things changes to my JR’s advantages but I will keep watching Joo Won’s drama for sure ^^


    • Sugar says:

      I agree..I think JR is a better match for her. E is there to help her re-join the world but he still has a lot of growing up to do himself. JR is a better fit for her for the long run….Much like the Tortoise and the Hare -Jr is the tortoise….slow and steady wins the race


  16. sirina gilbody says:

    Thank you softy we are happy for a short time now back to another sad it likes we are in roller coaster we got 4 more epi and we need to see more cute romance from them and I hope the writer not leave until last episode,thank you again for your recap. I will see you next week xxxx


  17. Iskra says:

    Looks like panda girl is the korean version of the female of Stephen King’s Book: Misery… >_<


  18. tessieroo says:

    Thank you so much for the detailed live recap, I missed the show this morning. *hugz Softy* Very much appreciated! Here is semi-fly’s torrent if you still need it: https://www.box.com/s/078d9etay57gda7mly1u


    • Softy says:

      hope your bout of stomach flu is over and you are recovering now. thanks for dropping off torrents but it came out earlier like before 3am this time. you are so sweet to drop them off when you were still sick. thank you so much. 🙂


  19. flo says:

    oooo..I’ve got a flu and headache..so i couldn’t manage my self to watch this episode till the ends last night…
    off to read your recap ..thanks soo much Softy


  20. Jada says:

    Hi Softy, thank you for the recap. I always look forward to reading your recap and POV’s. I have to say BRAVO on what you wrote about the kiss scene. I totally agree with you on that, and I hope that your other readers do as well. I have to be honest that I’m sad that the drama will end soon lol. I hope the ending is just as sweet as the drama. Thanks again for all your hard work my friend 😀


  21. Jenny says:

    Very well said Softy in your ** notes. Must teach that panda stalker a good lesson!! 🙂


  22. flo says:

    BTS of the first kiss……


    • Softy says:

      director explains how E has to fall on D so YSY asks PSH in jondae: is this your first kiss? PSH replies in banmal: what?
      PSH says I will be lying down and my eyes will be blinking in surprise. YSY adds jokingly: with blood dripping down here (her forehead). some other guy says something about bumping teeth
      PSY: when kaegeum says something I suddenly sit up and kaegeum cowers. director says after you lay there in a daze
      YSY jokes: next scene I am showering (LOL)
      they shoot the scene and the director says it looks good
      YSY tries to press down on his fluffy hoodie.
      next take the director says “stick together” (probably meaning their lips or their faces)
      after that take – someone says let’s do it one more time. PSH: my neck hurts.
      the lips dont line up so they go again

      *this was cute but I want to see the BTS for that other kiss. 🙂
      thanks for sharing the video flo. 🙂


      • flo says:

        thanks for the translations Softy
        YSY is the opposite of E’s personality…it seems he is pretty shy and a serious person,he is soo different with E’s character it’s amazing . I like the way YSY smiled..*swoon*****
        I keep replayed the ‘slow motion part “it’s look like they were kissing for real….^_^


  23. seara says:

    Hi Softy, thank you very much for your recap ^_^
    I always stay in you blog every Monday and Tuesday night 😛

    can i ask something softy?

    in your translating preview: “Dong says someone left a note on the post it on 402′s milk to read the webtoon”
    but in english sub that i used to watch: “Dong says I left a note on 402’s milk carton telling her to take a look at “Flower boy next door”.

    Is it Donghoon who left the note? or somebody else?


    • Softy says:

      I watched the preview again and you are correct. he was holding that note and put it on the milk so Dong put the post it. I didnt even notice it till now.
      cuz the Korean language drops pronouns often it’s really difficult to figure out what’s missing.
      i recently changed what Dokmi said as well. it still sounds like the missing pronoun could be someone else who doesnt love her but after asking my korean friends, some think she could have been talking about herself.
      Part of me was hoping she wasnt saying such a thing cuz it’s so heartbreaking. not loving others is one thing cuz she isolated herself from the world, but not loving yourself is way more tragic cuz who else will if you don’t. that’s the sort of thing you say when you do something terrible and watching that webtoon should show how much she affected people – not make her feel the opposite and lose her sense of self worth.


  24. snowhnin says:

    Will u plz translate the taxi episode of park shin hye and yoon si yoon???


  25. flo says:

    my most fav still in FBND…YSY looks absolutely handsome in this pic


  26. flowergirl16 says:

    does anyone know what phones are used in flower boy next door?
    Samsung galaxy 3 or did they use the note 2??? anyone////


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