1N2D brief recaps


I feel so bad for JW cuz he lacks confidence in these games and quizzes. It’s so hard to hear him being so self-deprecating in real life when his characters are so confident and strong minded. I wish he could learn a thing or two from them and just realize confidence breeds positivity. If you ask me he just needs a pretty cheerleader on his side. Just when I was thinking when are they going to have some female guests on this show, the preview showed they brought on some Olympic athletes for next week. Some are female, but I don’t think the heavy weight contender is going to be all that girly.

*Uee’s phone number came up



1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[17-38-45] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[18-05-09] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[18-05-35]1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-01-58] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-02-30] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-03-47] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-06-54] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-07-09]1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-11-24] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-09-16] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-18-52] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-23-34] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-24-02] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-24-48]1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-53-42]1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-53-58] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-47-44] 1박2일.E279.130203.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[21-51-35]

Starts from some of the guys sitting around waiting for the others. There is a table full of food covered in front of them. Suddenly SG gets this devilish look on his face and asks Bird PD – I will ask one thing. What will you do if we just uncover the food and just start eating it? Bird just laughs.

They start the intro and say it’s time for dinner BBB. SG asks what today’s dinner menu is. Bird explains that it’s really famous food with side dishes they need. SK just yells out “I will enjoy it well” while JM thinks it will be related to food fit for a king. The guys get to uncover it and you can see them collectively salivating at the same time. SW says there are 7 servings of rice so does that mean we all get to eat. Bird says today’s mission is for all of them. Their mission is to escape from 4 rooms. There are rooms that are marked and once a guy goes inside there is a mission he has to figure out. the first room only one person can go in but the rest of the 3 rooms can have two guys in it each to figure out the mission. SK nominates SG to go into the first room alone cuz he is good at this stuff. TW just outright complains to Bird PD like a kid – why cant you just let us eat this stuff? Bird just laughs and says as a special service I will allow the person going in alone some extra time so SG goes into the room. then pretty soon like 20 staff guys follow him in too. SG immediately tries to get out but cant so he yells out “save me.” He calls out for SW the most. Bird tells the rest of the guys to go into their rooms. SG is given his mission. He asks if the person he has to get is towards the back and the PD says yes. The guys start taking off their socks so SG jokes whose feet smell? SG tries to make his way through but the guys are blocking him.

SK and SW go into a room with hoola hoops and exercise stuff. Their mission is to collect their sweat in tiny plastic cups. SK starts to do push ups and asks for a parka. The PD says this will be good for your health plus you get to do the mission. SW says what to do – we came into the wrong room.

JW and TW have to sort through and match up 200 pairs of socks. TW: what is this? JW says you have to do this with a mom’s mind. TW: I’m going to throw up. JW: we can do well. I got one pair. They decide to sort by color and size. TW says I did this yesterday with the laundry I did. he picks up a cute pair and asks what is this? I better take this with me (for his future kid). JW asks why the other room is so noisy.

JM and TH’s mission is to sing to a karoke machine. Their combined singing score has to come out to 176-180. They only got like 73 and 81 first time out so they keep singing. Over 5 mins passed so Bird PD takes out one of the food dishes. Then they get 85 and 75.

SG is still trying to make his way through the guys. Someone says please don’t drool. Cuz it looks like SG is making out with one of them. SG is dying from the smelly feet and says I wont go out. whoever it is you go out cuz it smells too awful. Try to confirm who it is. SG finds some potpourri and inhales it like it’s oxygen.

TH and JM get 76 and 90. Over ten mins passed so Bird  takes out another plate. I wonder if he is taking out the ones he wants to eat. SK and SW are wearing parkas to sweat more. SK collects his sweat.

TW yells out this is so annoying and goes crazy on the socks.

SG gets a bit violent and struggles with this one guy and I think he is giving the poor guy a wedgie. SG makes it out. the other guys complain about the smelly feet. SG makes it outside and asks are the others still doing the game. Bird shows him the time and says I am taking out the marinated beef. SG and TH finally get 177. JM thinks the sweating will be hard. SW comes out so JM asks did you succeed. SW: would they let us out if we didn’t succeed? JM asks if SK is ok. SW says SK lost 5 kg. bird says 20 mins passed so he is taking out the bean paste soup so JM says you cant. SK gives Bird this mixture of anger and pity look so Bird says it’s making my heart ache. TW and JM finally finish at 23mins 30secs. The guys dig into the 3 food items left. JM says the rice scent seems like you are eating perfume. JW says the meat is really yummy so the others say if JW says it’s good then it really is.

After dinner SG and JM are playing Go. JM loses and gets his forehead flicked. SG invites Bird PD to play but Bird hesitates cuz he doesn’t want to get his forehead flicked. Bird has bad memories of losing to JM. They play again, but this time JM loses. Next TH plays against Bird and wins. Bird is in pain from the flick. Then SG wins so Bird tries to crawl away but JM pulls him back to get flicked.

On their way out they see a tent then a plastic covering so the guys guess some will end up sleeping inside the room, the tent, or this plastic cover. bird says todays sleeping BBB is making your way to the inside room-they are going to start here with the plastic tarp, then the tent, then that platform, the deck, and make their way inside to the room. if everyone fails they all sleep here under the tarp. first round is to suppress your burp for 15 secs. if they do they succeed. JW asks if the burp comes out you can just swallow it right? the audio guy is going to be the judge. they all have to drink a glass of coke and not burp. they think this will  be easy. SG claims he doesnt burp after drinking coke – just cider (Korean version of Sprite) TH thinks SG will be caught by saying that. they all drink at the same time and of course SG only makes it 10 secs and burps so others beat him up. TH says I burped right after you. they fail the mission and lose the inside room first. next round is to match news reports from 1993. JW pouts and says “when I was 6?”  since he was so young, SG asks JW: do you remember where you lived when you were 6? do you remember your name at 6? JW shakes his head no each time. SG: he doesnt remember anything. SW: even though JW is 26 he doesnt  read the paper. Bird realizes that is a problem so he says anyone can give the correct answer and I will take it. JM gets the first correct answer – some old guy’s wedding. next one bird says if the 7 of you cant get this right there is a problem. SK was going to answer but they tell JW to reply but he says I need time to think. I know it’s a guy.  they dont let him answer and says it’s ok as long as you know. SK says Bill Clinton. JW says to be honest I couldnt think of his name. the guys do well with the rest of the news. SK asks JW- be honest how many of those could you have gotten right. JW: if you gave me time I think I could have gotten Clinton. SW: we would have had to give you a lot of time. SG makes fun of how JW pronounced Clinton “Clee in -tone.” JW: the president

Bird says the 3rd mission. they have to guess contents of a kimbap. Bird is tasting it before the guys are even blindfolded. some say it’s spicy, TW says it’s yummy, SK says it’s not spicy at all. SG asks if there are 7 ingredients for sure.  JM gets his answer wrong. the guys ask to see the kimbap and grab some more to eat.

then last mission is quizzes from music from 1997 KBS top ten. SG says we might know the song but not the title. JW gets his correct and says oh thank goodness.  they do well on the rest, but on the last one JM cant remember the name of the song cuz it was in English – goodbye yesterday.

the guys end up sleeping in two tents. during the night they have to stamp the faces of the other guys. JW says I am going to sleep with my face covered. next morning they count and JM and TW got 3 stamps, SK 2, so the two with the most JM and TW have to make breakfast.

TH goes out to the yard and finds out what he has to do for a mission-to get someone to come out secretly. he says i did everything i should for JM today – I dont owe him anymore debt. I gave him a lot of reactions too. I should go with JW.

TH goes back in the room and asks do I have Uee’s correct number. JM asks what is it – let me see – I will tell you if it’s correct or not. (he just wants her number is all) TH goes over and asks JW to check. TH whispers to him as JW checks his phone to compare with the number TH has for Uee. JW gets up and leaves the room as TH says thank goodness cuz the number JW has and the number i have for Uee are the same. I cant hear what TW said clearly but SK and TW made comments about all this number business. TW said “see I told you” something something and SK said “if you look at while they are working…”

* I knew having TH do a drama with Uee would pay off somehow and here is part of the reward. we get fun stuff like this.

as soon as JW is outside TH goes and joins him and they get in the car. JW asks what is this suddenly. TH reads the mission card. in the car he texted JM. JM texts TW to come out secretly and just say you are going to the bathroom. they are the second team to leave. JM says I am going to get even for stamping us and making us cook breakfast. Bird shows the rest of the group the sign so the guys move into action

TH and JW go into a building to look up stuff. TH says if some of our members come give them this.

TH and JW arrive at a place and read some lines they have to memorize and recite together. TH says if I brought JM there would have been big trouble – I would have fainted here.  TH and JW are memorizing but TW and JM come running over. why did they come so quickly? JM pushes past and tries to mess up TH and JM as they memorize. JW hits JM playfully cuz JM is making him confused.  the words they are reciting is something like “the shell should leave -just the insides should be left and the shell should leave” etc.  JW messes up his line so he takes a wild guess and makes everyone laugh.  as they are reciting, JW is saying his line and needs time to recall so he says “not yet” in the middle. cuz they are both actors JW and TH do well. they are given their next mission so TH says there is another one? what is this?

on the boat JW says wherever we go it’s related to history. they arrive at a mountain site. they have to climb up some steep steps to get to a location to play some game and if they lose they have to go back down and climb back up again for another chance to play and win. at first they think the steps are easy to climb, but the more they lose, they start to sweat and get tired. while JW is playing rock paper scissors TH doesnt look at him and stares at the camera and asks “do I have to go back down” meaning did JW lose. when they get to the bottom JW just tells him to stay down there (cuz JW doesnt think he will win) TH jokes just leave a camera here cuz we are going to go up and down a lot. we are still young so we can go up and down a few times still. JW finally wins so they are on to the next level. right before the last one JW wins on his first try and says this is a first. they make it to the top to play against Bird PD, but JW loses. they end up losing at the lower levels and have to go back down a lot, but they made their way to the top again. TH plays against Bird and wins this time. TH says this is the first time I won getting off work BBB.

right before they do the closing, TH brags do you how many times I have done this (cuz of his drama). he would make all these poses and CG would fill it in so that it looks like he did special effects.

For the rest of the group, each game level brings them closer to the top level where they will be doing the closing. each group did their own part of the closing and CG combined all 7 of them together so it looks like they did the closing at the same time together. Pretty cool for 1n2d.


해피선데이.E423.1박2일 - 겨울방학 특집 2편, 역사야 놀자.130127.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-08-44]

At least now we know why JW had that bandaid on his nose on those episodes. He got a cut on it while filming that scooter scene in Level 7. When that bowl of noodles was thrown on his face, that bowl nicked his nose and made it bleed. It was sort of sad to see TH with a scraped cheek and JW with his cut. I only caught the last few mins of tonight’s episode, but I love when these two team up cuz they are so cute.

해피선데이.E423.1박2일 - 겨울방학 특집 2편, 역사야 놀자.130127.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-06-39] 해피선데이.E423.1박2일 - 겨울방학 특집 2편, 역사야 놀자.130127.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-07-04] 해피선데이.E423.1박2일 - 겨울방학 특집 2편, 역사야 놀자.130127.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-07-39]해피선데이.E423.1박2일 - 겨울방학 특집 2편, 역사야 놀자.130127.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[21-10-12]

*Sorry about Jan 27th recap, but I probably won’t be able to work on it much except for this rough recap.

Updated JW’s speech only.

Aside from the fact that I have like zero energy to recap both 1n2d and Alice finale tonight, I already tried to do a quick recap and had to fight off sleep. It’s not really 1n2d’s fault, but when I see sageuk land, my eyes just glaze over from boredom. I guess that makes me a terrible Korean American, but I can’t help it, joseon talk just puts me to sleep faster than an analytic geometry book. Thankfully I didn’t see that many great screencaps of JW anyway so I wont have that mmany pics.

Starts from the guys walking in the cold saying how their feet are freezing. SG talks about how it’s the first time going to this location. SK asks what today’s special is. They go inside some palace looking place and it’s all sageuk land as far as the eye can see. JM calls out “come here” in joseon talk.

They start the opening and say the name of the location. Since he already got married by the time this aired, they sing congratulations to TW for living single all these years and then getting married and coming back from his honeymoon safely. TW says thank you – we came back well today (from honeymoon) and thanks his members. since his wife made him breakfast he realized this is how SG,  TH, and SW lived.  he feels sorry for the single guys. TH: what are you talking about – I made my own breakfast. JM jokes about their first night – i’m curious about that. TW says sorry but we have a kid. JM: so it wasn’t your first night. SG says how TW is joining their married side from here on. SK makes SW and JM switch places so they can stand married team and single guys. JM reminds everyone about TH’s promise so TH says I cant break it. he says how he will stick next to JM today and show reactions for JM’s sake. Bird PD says what number trip today is. Camera pans out to the whole area. Bird PD says this is a history trip – the problems wont be hard so you can solve it easily. SK takes offense and says why make it easy. SG says to SK-  he isnt talking about you – it’s the person  left of you (which is JM) but Bird PD says the person on your right isnt that great either (meaning JW) so SK hugs JW cuz it basically meant JM and JW aren’t as bright. Bird PD talks about the name above the doorway. The guys guess the meanings and bird PD hangs his head in shame for them. They do the closing and mention something about 1400

The guys are walking over and greeting the guards dressed in joseon times. TW asks how old they are. SK bangs on the giant drum thing. SG does gags with it. JM tries and it’s not funny. TH laughs like crazy as promised (being all supportive cuz he took JM’s ride last week).

They go inside and everything is sageuk stuff like clothes and stuff. JM says the clothes look boxy.  SG makes fun of JM’s personality so that makes TW poke fun at bird. SG asks where TW wants to go if he can go forward or backward in time. SW answers for TW and says before marriage. TH wants to go back to high school. SK makes a crack about what would it have been like if JM was king –how it wouldn’t have been good.

TH and JM walk linking arms. JM and SG keep calling out “come here” in sageuk talk. Bird PD says it’s lunch BBB. Winners get soup and side dishes and losers just get balls of rice. There is a reference to SW’s old movie. SW tells them to watch the movie. Bird says the game is to pull the beard of the king. If you do then it’s fail (so you don’t want to get your beard pulled).

Real radish and other food items were hidden all around the place. Some containers are empty and others don’t taste as good

They get 7 cards face down and have to take turns choosing.

All the guys are wearing beards and joseon robes. JW, SG, and SK are on one team.

TW is looking out. SK and JW are looking together. TH is alone. SW and JM are paired. SK finds the radishes. It’s frozen he says. SK and JW both taste it saying how good it is and yell out radishes. TW goes running towards them

SG thinks he found it but he didn’t. TW joined SK and JM. TW asks where is our king we have to protect our king. SG yells save us. TH hides. JM yells cuz SG is doing something to him. SG calls out for SK. SW hides from JW and JW chases him. But SG asks save us. so JW goes over to them and pushes on JM’s head. TW catches SW and took his beard. TW helps SG out and says just step on JM so SG steps on his back and gets out. SG hears SW was caught. JM says my beard is still left. TW comes over and covers the hole JM is in. JM yells out – I wont leave you alone for this. JW was hiding and sneaks over and pulls his beard.

TH is still hiding and SK and TW are looking for him. SK finds him. But it’s really just a camera guy dressed in TH’s outfit. TH had changed out of his and made his camera guy wear it. SK chases after TH. TH falls down and gets a cut on his cheek. SK says I saw him (the camera guy) from the back but it was strange cuz he had a camera.

The guys are gathered. There is a carton of eggs. Bird PD says don’t touch the eggs. The guys do rock paper scissors. TH goes first. He cracks and it breaks everywhere. He cracks with his forehead next

The guys split up. TH, JM, and SW make plans. TH hides again. Then SW too

SK, SG, TW are looking. SK sees JM and says I will go get him. SK: come here. JM teases him. He goes around and tries to sneak up on SK. SK calls out for TW. TH hears the clue words and is about to go out but he doesn’t.  SW goes out and talks with TW. TW protects his beard. JW comes up behind SW. TH comes out of hiding and grabs TW’s beard.

SG is all alone whistling.

JW goes after TH’s beard but SW grabs JW’s. SK  grabs JM’s. SK and them go after TH’s beard.

TW: I’m hungry – let’s hurry and end it so we can eat

SK and SG grab TH’s beard while SW tries to protect TH. SG yells I am the king.

Winners (SK, JW, TW, and SG) get to eat. SG jokes “is that rice or snow” cuz the rice is in round balls.  JM bites into his rice and SW asks bird PD is there anything inside. JM takes a bite so SW asks is it just plain rice. JM says it’s plain rice. Bird PD offers radishes. SG offers a yummy radish. JM gets up and goes over to the winner’s table. He pretends to drop his rice into TW’s bowl by accident so he can have an excuse to eat some but TW doesn’t let him. SG gives JM a radish.

On the bus Bird PD tells them what they will be doing next. Books are passed out. JW says when I was in school these books were there. the guys share books and look through them. Bird says it will help you. SK studies up. JM is just flipping pages. TW is falling asleep.

Bird explains about some structures. The guys stare at them and SG says it’s cute.

The guys play for snacks and drinks. Bird PD quizzes them. TH gets one right and gets chips. TH gets another one right so he gets a drink.

Next they go to a museum and look around at the old artifacts. TH sees something that is strange and calls JM over and they discuss that it must be used for drinking back then.

Afterwards they are quizzed for snacks again– they have to look at the photo and match the name. it’s the one TH pointed out to JM so JM guesses “what you drink from” but it’s wrong. TH gets the real answer which is where a guy pees into. *oh gross.*   TH keeps getting correct answers and collecting more snacks.

Next they go to a frozen pond. The guys look down and there are some fish in the water – wow those are some tough fish. They are actually swimming around. The guys get to a joseon gazebo looking place and Bird show there are some snacks left in the cooler. Bird PD will bet all of it for one problem-it’s a list of word prompts-everything from today. The guys sit around and write down their essays about winter break. TW stares and complains it’s too hard. SK looks like he is meditating or something. he says I got half done so far. JW reads his first. “I will read it with confidence. To Bird PD who gradutated from Yonsei University. Bird PD – why are there so many specials. if we finish the winter special then will it be Spring special and so on? during BBB- we had a quiz again today. is this a quiz program? the radish was really yummy and the (location) was beautiful. (he lists other things that were fun and good from today.)TH says you wrote that well.  JW continues: but as soon as a quiz comes out my heart feels “boogulboogul” (meaning he doesnt feel well). I failed today too. like hyungs, if you say to me “correct answer” or “JW” I want to “put your hands up” but I dont get to. dont look down on me everyone. thank you.” JM says it was well written. JW: didnt mine have a concept? JM gives him a 2 so JW asks why did you say it was good and only give me a 2? The rest of the guys score his essay. TH gives 9 and bird PD gives him a 4 and counts the others JW gets 23 points total. JM reads his answer. It’s like a humorous conversation. JW gave 10. SG gives 1. SK gives 3. TH gives 6. Bird 3. SW gave 0. SK reads his. Bird  gives him 5 points. TH reads his and bird gives him 10. SG reads his and it includes bird pd. He stops reading in the middle trying to be emotional and loses his place so they all laugh. he ends with “everybody put your hands up.” total points 32. TW wrote about radishes and wrote put your hands up too. I lost my confidence cuz of all the “getting off work BBB” late cuz of bird PD. He gets 8 from JM and 10 from JW, 6 from TH but 3 from SG. SW writes about the ramen snack and how he didn’t feel good inside after eating it. He mentions bird PD. JM: 7.5. JW: 6. SK: 8. SG; 1. TW; 8. Bird gave 5. TW wins.  He gets the whole cooler. He does the closing with his word essay by holding it up.

On the bus bird PD tells them about their 200 year old base camp. They look around and remark about all the old things and SG thanks the staff for letting them stay in such a place. Bird tells them about the queens. TW is snacking the whole time with the cooler on his shoulder.


In the preview JW took his hat off for a second and his hair was much shorter. But since it wasn’t styled cuz of his hat, his hair looked like from kim tak gu.

해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-45-48]

Shirtless JW is the best way to start off the new year.  I was hoping he would lose and have to do this. TH asked for the cameras not to come inside and only film from outside the igloo, but JW didnt make such demands – bless him.  The film crew didnt obey anyway and shot both guys dressing from inside. Love them too for not following TH’s request. That’s how we got happy seal JW for our main pic.

해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-39-00] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-46-20] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-49-22] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-55-32] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-58-46]

The guys are told about basecamp on the bus.  SG thinks there will be igloos there and they will sleep in them. TH wonders if an igloo is sleeping inside or outside. they think it will be like sleeping inside a fridge. bird PD says how people say igloos are warm. SK says in movies they sleep warmly in there cuz the outside temperature is in the 20s so bird reminds him that’s the temp now. SG points out Bird is always ready to beat SK mentally.

The guys arrive and think the basecamp is a work of art. there are animals made from ice like polar bears and penguins. JW asks if igloos are normally see through. i’m curious how warm it is.  they wonder if it was made of ice. SK says they made it for us. JW: really? they go inside. SG brags “I dont have to bend over to get in” cuz the doorway is so low he just has to walk through normally. they put JM on the slab of ice (the ice bed) and slide him around. they think they should bring their kids here once. TW broke off the nose of an ice penguin. they tell SK not to climb up the snow mountain. TH thinks the ice sculpture of a bust is Bird PD.

SG and others announce they arrived in the snow world. SG says they can endure this cold so far. but here the temp drops drastically around 2-3am. TH says it’s the coldest right before sunrise. SK suddenly asks did the staff eat yet? what is our food? bird PD says you just came to snow world and as soon as you got here – after looking around for just 3 mins -how could you bring up food.  SG says if we are full then we will converse with the penguin and do a cheesy gag with it and talk with the polar bear too. SK asks for the dinner menu.  Bird PD says it’s the food the nation looks for the most. they guessed beef, bacon, kimchi stew, but it’s ramen. they cant believe it’s just ramen and not beef with ramen or something better. Bird says we will give you extra ingredients to make the ramen taste better. also rice. SK says you will give us ramen so what else? shrimp? kimchi? seafood? are you going to give us the noodles and seasoning separately? Bird: that is correct. they say how is that giving us ramen. we might have to eat just the noodles. SW asks if things dont go well then we might not get the seasoning. bird says yes. SW says bird PD got weird.

TH asks what is the basic you are going to give us. they guess water. SW was about to throw a snowball at Bird. first round is for green onions, garlic, and peppers. first round they are shown photos of athletes and have to name them.  then they get harder ones. like Douglas MacArthur and SG keeps saying I cant see. next is for cheese and eggs. SW says I have confidence so he moves to end of the line and they make JW go first. this round is to name old people and JW has no idea who she is. SK explains it’s cuz JW is young. TH asks leniency for JW just once and offers to take out the cheese. it’s so cold the cheese is frozen. they think the egg is frozen too.  they eat the broken cheese pieces even though bird said not to. SW gives some to SG too. Bird offers 3 eggs if they succeed. SG asks for 4 cuz 3 is a bad luck. the rest of the guys do well in naming the people from the past. most are black and white photos. SW thought the last guy looked like TW. they sort of do look alike. they win 3 eggs. JW is wearing 2 pairs of mittens.

해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-57-25]

해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-00-15]해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-00-45]

해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-46-20]해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-01-15]해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-02-18]해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-01-50] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-02-53]해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-55-52] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-55-58]

next round is for kimchi and radish. they have to name items. SK gets the first one compass and JW says I should have gotten that one (cuz it was easy for him). TH gets his wrong so they take away the kimchi. SG asks for another chance. he says TH will do something for punishment so give one more chance. TH will get on the ice barechested for 5 seconds. TH: but dont come in and pan out and film from here (outside).  TH goes in alone to strip to his waist while SK blocks the doorway to give him privacy. TH counts 1-2-3 and SK moves out of the way. TH is making cute poses on a slab of ice shirtless and rolls around for 5 secs. JW asks hyung wasnt your tummy cold? they tell him to hurry and dress. SG says you are cool TH. you did well. they get another chance for the kimchi so SK says for TH’s sake let’s get this. they go another round and TH gets his right but JW gets it wrong. it’s that funny looking black hat in sageuks, but he guessed the name of the straw one. TH starts to unzip JW’s jacket and says hurry and go and come back. TH tells Bird JW will do it for ten seconds. he is already undressing. Bird agrees so JW goes inside. SK stands guard and says he is still not ready – he has a long way to go. he only undressed half (cuz JW was wearing a lot of layers).  JW yells from the cold so TH looks inside and tells him to get on his tummy. JW yells start. JW makes poses like he is flying then rubbing his chest on the ice, flipping over, and then he pops up to dress with a yell and a body twist. SG makes an offer – if JM gets caught (misses) he will take his pants off. JM:  I will take it all off.

해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-36-42] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-37-35] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-40-04] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[04-42-05]

JW comes out and they go again. TH gets mouse correct but JW gets a weird one so he says what is that?  hardly anyone knows except for SG.  they continue for seafood -crabs and stuff. next round is for memorable hairstyles. bird PD says it doesnt matter who goes  first. JW gets his right. SG misses his -phoebe cates. only SK and SW knew who she was. SW explains she came after sophie marceau. they get crabs taken away. bird says it might not be just one person. a boy band comes out and TW guesses duran duran but it was new kids. the thing was they already said it was new kids but TW didnt pay attention.  they want to go on to the next round but Bird has to go to the bathroom first. the guys get mad cuz they had to stand around in the cold waiting. they want him to pay up as punishment just like they had to when they want something. SG says you should have peed in your pants. SK: I will make an offer – dont ignore me cuz you dont like me. just let one of us jump (skip). bird says yes but all 7 have to get the answers right. SK says so if there are 8 problem so we just have to get 7 right. bird offers up ramen noodles this round. They cheer each other on saying let’s eat. They have to guess cartoon characters names so JW says I have to get this right. he gets his right. they are sure TW will get it right and he does. SK doesnt get homer right and just thought of simpson so he goes again. it’s down to TH and SW and they keep asking for time out. SG jokes I will go to the bathroom.  SW gets it right so they all cheer and sing the cartoon song. never heard of it. Next round for seasoning. it is for movies like home alone and terminator. JW gets titanic correct. SW complained at first saying I don’t watch movies, but he gets his correct. they hug him. Next they play for rice. they have to name old Korean actors and singers. SG misses one. no rice for them. SW wants to give up the 3 eggs for one bowl of rice.

The guys make ramen and cut up kimchi to put in it. SW eats some kimchi with his hands saying it’s delicious.

After they eat they go inside the igloo. SW’s voice got hoarse. He asks if people can live inside here. he notices there is ramen inside the frozen ice so TH gets it out. they crush it and shake it up with seasoning to eat as snacks. Bird pd says this is where you are going to sleep so TH says let’s just play games all night (so they dont have to sleep in this). bird says there is no sleeping outside today -both teams are sleeping inside but it’s going to be a little cold to sleep indoors.

They are taken to a room inside a tent with heated blankets and comfy cushions for 4 with hot drinks. JM says how warm it is under the blankets. This tent is for the winners. Losers have to sleep inside an igloo on a thick slab of ice

The guys stand outside again to play games for sleeping BBB. SG says it’s really cold and others agree. It’s minus 19 degrees. SG keeps messing up his lines about how it’s time for sleeping BBB. SW has to hold up cards cuz his voice is gone. it will be the most refreshing (cooling) place to sleep. will we die or live.  TH moves his feet and says: we could write letters to our parents like this.  SG says we should say something to our families. TH: is it nice cuz you are warm. you try earning money. I am going to die earning it on my own. TW says something to his unborn baby. dad is going to leave (die) without getting to see your face. they all laugh.

The guys have to sled down a slope on a plastic bag. The person who sleds down the farthest gets to be the referee. JW says I want to do referee once. SW starts. He does pretty well. Next is SK. SG says are you ready? start. SK says I am scared. SG: why are you saying that to me? SK is fast and does well. His long legs were in the air the whole time. JM then TW goes. Then JW with his long legs held up in the air. SG goes last and doesn’t make it all the way down cuz his bag slipped away from him. they all laugh. his tailbone hurts. SG says JW is the referee so JW does a side jump from glee

JW assigns team. TW, SG, and JM are called the igloo team. SW’s is called furious. Bird PD says next game is human bowling. You put someone on a sleigh and aim their head to knock down the bowling pins. TH goes first. He only gets one pin down cuz SK and SW aimed wrong. Next JM is thrown and he stops right before his head reaches the pin. TH is pushed again but he ends up hitting the embankment with his face and missing the pins completely.  JM goes again and gets 7 down. JW declares the igloo team the winners cuz they got 7 pins and other team 1. Next is a barefoot race. JW goes over the rules. JM and SW go against each other and SW shoved him. SK and TW fight too. Now the score is 1:1. They do another sledding race. TW made it inside the lines. So now they go for sudden death. the team member who passed the line the most wins -the butt has to go within the lines. JW says you cant use brakes. Winning team gets to sleep inside the tent. The guys take turns. SK doesn’t make it so now it’s TW’s turn. His team kneels down waiting for him. He made it so they pile on top to hug him. JW declares the igloo team the winner and piles on top. it’s minus 24.

JM and others go check out the losing team’s bed. JM says it’s ok. it’s hard like a rock bed. it will be good for your back. he tells SK to smile so SK gets annoyed and tells him to hurry and go.

Winners go to their nice beds and put on matching pjs and robes. SG asks if the heat is turned up as much as possible. Audience members don’t misunderstand – we are sleeping indoors now. (meaning we didn’t lose) the 4 of them say goodnight and get snuggled under the covers

SW says when will we ever get to sleep in an igloo. TH says this is not an igloo -it’s an ice bed in the shape of an igloo. this is like the cold room in the sauna. bird PD asks doesnt the air flow to the top. he apologizes.  Then you hear snoring from both places.

Next morning TH wakes up first and is shocked to see the camera. SK wakes up next. He says if I just go out they will be shocked cuz they arent ready yet. he goes out cuz he smelled meat being grilled. He goes back inside and wakes up SW saying they are grilling meat. Morning music starts so TH starts to dance sitting up. SK goes out and dances in front of the meat. He asks for some. SW gets up.

Winners wake up and get out of bed.

SK gets to smell the cooked meat. TH is dancing when JW and his group walk over. JW sort of dances to the music. the girl PD says they prepared meat cuz the guys were talking about it so much yesterday. SG: for breakfast?TW says you could have given it to us for dinner. They have to play musical chairs for the great feast or just grilled kimchi for the losers. the music starts and they start to dance around the chairs. whistle blows. SG shoved his way for a chair but SG and SW are out. SG says the others didnt defer/yield to him at all (cuz of his age) so SK says you slept inside so what else do you want. they go again and TW is out.  TH asks how am I still alive in this? SG starts saying how much longer do older people have to hear we have no strength. JM calls them the goryeo 3.  they go again and TH gets tired from all the dancing. He misses the chair so the older guys drag him out by his leg. SG says the last 3 get to eat the delicious morning breakfast BBB. JM and JW are saying how delicious it is. the meat melts (in your mouth). that the noodles are a work of art. the losers get rice with their grilled kimchi. JM goes over and eats in front of them to taunt them. TW: why are you like that. go back you punk.

해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[05-28-30] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[05-32-16] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[05-32-29] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[05-36-17]

After their meal they are on the bus again. SG says we worked hard so why make us ride the bus again. Bird says they are going on their last course to a few places. They get on a train at Taebaek station. SK asks what time their train is that they need to get on so bird says it’s coming now. they are going on their last course but it’s also “getting off work” too for some. The guys are going to be split up into two trains. one train headed for seoul – for 4 of them. and the other 3 go to another location. They play survival “O”or “X” O for yes and X for no. they have to answer quizzes with those two choices.  they play until 3 losers come out.  JW goes first and loses. Q was people in our country stay in seoul mostly. he said X. JM says most people stay in seoul. SG: you answered within a second. SW: you must have been certain. (*what in the holy moses is TH wearing? his short pants are crazy looking – YSY wore similar pants on E2 of FBND)  SK gets his Q right. TW gets his Q and answers with a “thang” but he meant it as “x” and not that he missed it. everyone laughs like crazy. TH and SW roll around on the ground laughing. SW says that was daebak. TW keeps explaining he meant “thang” as “X.” he goes again and gets his Q right. if you call info and get a number you will be charged. he said “O” and was right. JM gets it right when he says “X” for A4 paper is bigger than B4. they say he totally guessed. JM asks what is B4. TH’s Q is romeo  is older than juliet. he says “X” and gets it wrong. real ages were 17 and 14.  SG says I will go with “O” before I hear the question. Bird asks if the rabbit can walk so SG changes his answer to ”x ” claiming he never said he would go with “o.” Bird lets him have it. SW misses his question cuz he said “O” to turtle puts his head in when he sleeps.  SG remarks how nothing worked out for TH on this trip. TH tells JM to go and see kanghado before he goes but JM says i saw it many times.  The train arrives for seoul and the guys hug each other. TW: we should all go together and not divided – it hurts my heart.  SK agrees. SW, TH, and JM hug but suddenly TH pushes JM away. the winners get on with TH while JW and SW hold down JM cuz TH takes his place. JM cant believe TH did that. JM tries to say something thru the window but the others cant hear. JM threatens revenge. SW and JM say you like eating janpong so JM quickly agrees.  TH calls and says sorry to JM. I couldnt help it. i have to go now to be able to see my kids for 2 hrs. JM says I will get revenge.

JM says TH said he was sorry. it must have bothered his heart but he has to pay me back.

TH says over what happened, he will get one punishment in JM’s place later on down the line. I promise.

해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[06-00-39] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[06-01-54] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[06-02-01] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[06-02-23] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[06-02-34]

JM and the others get on their train. JM wants to show people he isnt the Kim JM people thought so he asks for another quiz so Bird PD goes along and asks a question, but JM has no idea what he is talking about from the first word so it’s hilarious. the question is “nonuh is the book written by (?) himself.” JM says “x. he knew someone. someone close to him wrote it.”  JW explains i imagine that people around him took down what he said and bird PD says correct. The guys get eggs to eat. JM cracks it on SW’s head but it hurts so JW cracks one over JM’s head.

해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[06-05-57] 해피선데이.E422.1박2일.130120.강원도 태백 설국 여행 그 두 번째 이야기.HDTV.H264-YaYa[06-06-05]

SG and the other 3 arrive and say we arrived in seoul. the other 3 say the same thing – we arrived – at another station. TH says this is the first time doing the closing in seoul while on 1n2d. SG says we can finish here and go straight home. TH thanks JM again cuz TH gets to do this and is filming in his place. JM says I dont know why i am here. JW:you were dragged here. JM: on the way over, it was a good experience so even though it’s too bad I didn’t go seoul, it was really nice. he starts the closing and TH ends his sentence. JM: just cuz it’s cold dont stay in your rooms… TH: how about going on a fun trip to play with snow in an ice home. JW: all together….They all say 1n2d from separate locations.


why is there a preview of the new variety show with the gag men – what happened to 1n2d preview?

utw gets married

This is what I call a dreamy wedding picture – love how classy it looks and the fact that it’s black and white gives it that tinge of nostalgia before the picture has even aged. You just know 3o yrs from now when they look back on this day they will recall all the nervous excitement and happiness just from this one photo alone. He waited so long to get married so I am very happy that he made it as perfect as can be. Congratulations on your nuptials Uhm Tae Woong.

*Hope we get to see some clips of his wedding on 1n2d like we did for Su Geun. Those will probably air in a few more weeks I bet. The recap is coming up, just wanted to post this pic first. I started really late today so I haven’t even watched the episode yet. Going to now…

1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-17-56] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-25-26]So grateful he did the intro hatless. at first I wondered why he looked so different then i realized his lips turned the same shade as his coat.

1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-07-29] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-11-01] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-17-47] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-23-38] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-23-45] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-25-59] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-28-07] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-29-04]

The 1n2d staff and crew are bundled up enough to film in the arctic. You cant see anyone’s faces cuz they are all covered up. Our guys do the opening and SG says happy new year again so they bow on the snow. SG says how people should be home on a day like this cuz it’s minus 20-22 degrees. SG asks Bird PD to call it off cuz everyone is suffering. TW complains why come to such a cold place when it’s already cold instead of somewhere warmer. SW says TW is getting married in a few days but he got more sensitive. SG says it’s next wed. SW says this is TW’s last time filming as a bachelor. From now on you will look forward to filming 1n2d. (what is that – is SW saying he looks forward to getting away from his wife to film this). SG says last week we made it up but this is really the first filming for 2013. They bow to the eldest again. SW asks Bird to open his ears cuz bird is covered up and cant hear well. SK  says bird looks like a dinosaur with his mouth open. SG asks where are we going today when it’s so cold. Bird PD asks where do you run off to first when it’s winter. The guys guess. Bird says a place to spend winter in a healthy way. a winter vacation trip. SG talks about getting on a plane to swiss or the alps. TW: or even japan. Bird PD says it’s not just overseas – we have famous places too. TH: do we have it in our country. SG says yes and guesses it. I just brought it up not saying we should go there. Bird say the name of the location they are headed and SG got it right. SW says we should have met there so why meet here. TH thinks that they are doing something. bird says since this is the first filming of 2013 they have a special car. TH and them think there is a catch – maybe the heater wont work or something. but it’s a really nice bus. SG thinks but all 7 wont be able to ride it. bird says all of them can ride it. SW is nervous cuz they are getting to ride comfortably. Th: during the time we are filming today and tm that bus will be the warmest huh? Those 2 and a half hours will be the warmest and the remaining 20 will be the coldest. SW says like we always think – when they give a lot we should eat a lot so while they are really good to us let’s go. SG tells JW to finish up and start the 1n2d shout out. JW gets ready and then says I am shaking. It’s like my first time doing this. he asks for a start so TW shows him how to start off. So JW copies that and yells 1n2d.

1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-54-52] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-55-19] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-56-11] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-57-33] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-58-35] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-01-06] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-04-02] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-12-35] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-13-16] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-28-52] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-29-04] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-29-29] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-29-37] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-42-42] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-43-55] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-44-54] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-45-06] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-45-17] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-46-16]

The guys board and say how warm it is. TH wonders how much 1n2d production intends to make them suffer later cuz the bus is so nice. The guys ask if JM is ok cuz he looks like death. They say he needs to sleep. The guys ask for something to eat or coffee cuz there are stands for cups on the table. We will play games amongst ourselves and eat. SG says in my neighborhood when it’s cold we share packed lunches. SG and SK start saying we don’t think we will just ride along like this. there has to be a catch if you prepared something like this. if we are going to do something hurry and do it. don’t make us curious. Bird says you are nervous if you don’t do anything huh? at the village where we are going there is a place that makes really great tofu soup. The guys light up. SW says I like the menu. They make the tofu themselves? It must be delicious. Bird reassures them that it is. He says should we do a game for the tofu soup. They all raise their hands saying we should. Bird: I am doing this cuz you all want this. JW asks what if we don’t want it but bird quickly says you already said you guys did. SW asks if we don’t then you wont give us food. Bird: obviously. They have to do a marathon in a place with a lot of snow. The title is so long so SG wonders if all that fits on the screen. Bird says one person will get special exemption. Guys guess – get to go home. Get off work early. Get the tofu soup and sleep indoors without having to do anything. Bird says we have to choose here. something simple. the 7 of them are going to make one person laugh. The rest can tell jokes or use their expressions on their faces. The person who can hold in their smile/laugh the longest wins. They draw for order. TH says the last person would never laugh. TH got first so he scowls. SW 2, TW 3,  SK 4, SG 5, JW 6 so JM is 7. Highest chance.  They blindfold TH and make him listen to music while the guys get ready and prepare ideas to make him laugh. JW cracks up at what SW is doing. They start and TH holds it in well till he hears a funny voice asking “isnt it funny? Why hold it in.” TH says it’s cuz of SW’s expression and how he spoke. TH thinks JM will be first cuz he isnt in the mood to laugh.  JM is sleeping slumped over. There is no way to make him laugh. SG says the viewers will think JM is not doing anything but it doesn’t look like he will get better right away. (when they boarded they already pricked his finger to make him bleed. Somehow people think that makes you feel better when you are sick). SW is blindfolded and SG shares his idea. As soon as they uncover his eyes, SG had his behind facing him and farts in SW’s face. SW doesn’t laugh. TH:how did he not laugh? SW: it only smelled. It wasn’t funny – just a little. TH thinks SW smiled as he said that. TW: be honest you are holding it in now. SW: just a little. SG: be honest it wasn’t funny when you saw? SW: it was messy. SW asks bird – what do we do – I’m still not laughing. TH thinks SW had a smile on his face this whole time (I agree). TH: your eyes are laughing so it makes SW break out in a big smile. SW lasted 1 min40sec. next is TW so Th calls someone and says we have to make TW laugh. Put the video on at the count of 3. JW removes the blind fold. TH asks TW to take the call. TW sees the video and breaks out laughing. He lasted 5 secs. SW tells TH the idea was good. 4 is SK and they worry cuz he isnt easy to make laugh. Before they remove the blindfold SG tells him to look at SW hyung. When SK does Bird PD is sitting there. it makes SK laugh. That took 2 secs. The guys were going for Bird (”sae”)kids  – a play on the boy band name from the 90s Seotaeji. SK explains the others weren’t funny so he thought I can do this but Bird looked serious. that idea was SG’s to put Bird PD in there. TW and them asked for bird’s help. They figure out who is in the lead with the longest time and SK has the shortest so far. Next SG is masked. They each try everything to make SG laugh and nothing works. Suddenly JW gets up and slaps SG’s cheek and asks hyung why do you not have charm like this. that makes SG laugh. SW: daebak – he does hit. SG: how could I not laugh when I got hit by a dongsang. Next is JW’s turn. He lasts a while longer than expected as the guys drip water between their lips. SW says SG looks sicker than JM.  JW’s expression looks like he is partly sulking. But when SW lets out a gusher JW loses it and laughs. SW wins.

when they get off the bus JM plays with the snow and throws some on SK’s back. he turns and stares behind him. SW says how SK looked right at whose gloves had snow on them. SK says after I pricked his finger for him and gave him a massage, I saw him with so much snow on his gloves and thought he and I really dont fit. SG says the view is killer. Bird tells them the name of this village -Goowawoo. it sounds hawaiian. they joke the village is so pretty it’s called “ooh wow.” they are told to change into the snow gear waiting for them. SG asks this is for me right cuz I think my family would fit in this. the outfit is huge on him. the helmet is too small for TW. they write on the white cloths to identify each other like for TW – the kid getting married. preview of the marathon looks like it will be grueling.

SW announces the marathon like an official and reads off the info and goes over the courses the guys have to cover. kinda like snow boot camp. he gets confused which way the guys will be going twice just from pointing so SG says sorry. but we will just go the way we think we need to. there will be a way to go so Bird goes along with it and says ok. so they skip over the course description part. Camera overshot of the place says Goowawoo Village Marathon Course.

1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-29-14] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-29-22] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-32-55] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-39-29] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-42-31] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-44-31] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-44-51] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-45-46]1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-55-23] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[21-00-22] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[21-02-42] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[21-03-56] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[21-11-36] 1박 2일 시즌2.E276.130113.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[21-13-24]

The guys act like athletes and stretch and stuff. SW starts them off and they fall like they have been shot by the start gun except for JM who takes off running. SW asks if JM didnt keep his promise and ran ahead. he heads to the first course. choose a drink and it could be coffee or that nasty fish drink. JM spits. SK smiles. JW will spit. TH does and SG and TW got coffee. JM rinses with snow to get rid of the salty taste. next they choose a number and go down the hill to solve a problem written on the paddle they chose. JM gets his quiz right and is told which way to go next. SK gets it wrong. snow is thrown on him and told to go out left. same for JW cuz he got it wrong. same for TW. TH gets his right. the guys shove JM aside as they go. next place has fans blowing. they cant go in front of it and have to read separate characters to make up a word. JW yells out his answer first, but he shouldnt have cuz they were told to come close and tell the guy. SK and JW got it right and pass.  then TW does too. TH and JM struggle. JM goes over and tells the guy. he passes so TH is alone. he finally gets it right.  as JW runs he laughs and says I said it loudly. SG asks if SW isnt having a harder time cuz he is running with them. TW tells himself not to be last. next is catching balls with giant baskets. JW is in second place. the guys crawl through low hurdles. SK is leading JW cuz of his army background I bet. JW seems winded. next they have to choose a line. attached is various sizes of ice cream – empty ones or filled ones. JW gets a full one like SK. JW asks do i have to eat this all? SK says rest and eat. JW says hyung I got caught. SK finishes fast. JW says SK hyung does this well. next is fish cakes in its soup so SK asks we just need to eat this right. he scoops some up and says it’s yummy. but it hurts from the ice cream he just ate. TW is still crawling through the hurdles like TH. SG has to eat ice cream too. JW is still eating and his lips are turning a dark shade. TH has to eat a lot of ice creams. he says it’s annoying. JW had a lot to eat and SG didnt so SG goes ahead and eats fish cakes. he yells rest and then go. TW catches up to him and they eat together. they say how yummy it is. JW is in misery from brain freeze. SW asks can you normally not eat cold stuff. JW: it’s too much. TH is complaining cuz all his ice cream is choco flavor. SK has to throw some sticks to move a certain number of spaces. he ends up going back to the start. SW eats fish cakes and says it’s yummy. JM pulls his ice cream and gets the same pint as JW. JW finished and so did TH. JM says it’s too cold and sweet. he finishes quickly though. everyone is throwing the sticks now. JM throws and gets SK moved back. TH throws and ends up going to the start. JM makes TW start over. TH says to him I am so used to this arent you? JM throws and gets SG out too. SW calls JM the killer. JM throws and he ends up at the start after kicking the others out. JW is left out of the 5. he throws and joins the others. SK is eating fish cakes again. he goes back and throws. he cant leave but he hopes SG does. SG throws and he gets out at last. next SG just needs to have fun sledding down.  SW says it looks like a lot of fun. SG pulls him along a bit on the sled. TW gets out then SK. SG sleds on his tummy. SW stops for fish cakes and tells SG to do that too. they hear that SK and TW got out. SK is too big and cant sled properly. JM gets out. TH keeps losing.  TW runs ahead of SG. JW gets out. then TH follows. JM sleds down. then JW and TH. they run the rest of the way. next SK has to shoot down dolls with names of members on them with a sling shot. the one that falls that member has to stop for a minute. SK aims and makes it. TW has to freeze for one minute. SK almost knocks out SG so Sg says why hit me it hurts. SG is aiming for JW when JW is running over. TW gets one down. TH has to freeze for a minute.  TH asks why go after the last guy. SK has to put on old fashioned snow shoes. SG has to put on wooden skis. TW comes over and gets the same thing.  they have to walk on these but SK’s keeps falling off. SW complains to Bird – the sling shot is too hard. what is this after giving us just a few fish cakes. TH shoots and hurts his own hand. TH puts on snow shoes and says I will go really fast and does but it comes undone. JM knocked out TH’s doll so he has to freeze for a min. SG arrives and SW announces he is the champion. he came in from last place. SG pretended to be injured in front of the line and limps across. fathers everywhere has to watch this. it’s a human story. SK finishes next. then TW then JW. JM comes over so TH takes off running. SW says SG is gold medal. SG makes SK crouch so he can look more like first place. So SK and TW kneel so they look like silver and bronze. SG pretends to cry as he gives his speech. SK says the scent of tofu soup motivated him to win. I will eat it thankfully. they make TW say something to his future wife. TW says I got the bronze medal. SW tells them that they get to eat the full set and not just tofu soup. JW and TH still get to eat something but outside the restaurant. JM gets the food but has to eat alone in the mountains. JM has to stay there till 1,2,3 has rested plenty in their rooms.

they walk over and JM has to take his to go right away. the guys go in and are shocked by all the food set for each 1,2,3rd place guys. JM has to carry his tray to where the VJs are waiting. JM says but it’s slippery. he tells them to eat well and they say hurry and go. the 4 inside eat well looking sweaty and messy. TH and JW enjoy their meals too in the cold. TH asks again if JM has to stay there alone till the winners say come in. JM says I am not eating alone. it looks like that but I am eating with the mountain and view. I am not alone at all. I am not lonely. he  keeps walking carrying his tray and says it’s too far away. he sees cows and says hi are you eating too – i am going to go eat. wanna eat together. is it yummy? he walks up and says I am going to die. this is so hard. why is eating this hard. it’s hard to earn a living.

the winners are sitting around. SK tells SW to have some coffee. SK says he likes these floors cuz they are heated well. heat comes up from the bottom. TW’s hair looks like he has been electrocuted. TH asks arent we going to be given coffee?

JM is still climbing and says I cant go up. he almost loses his tray. he yells that he arrived. he sits down to eat and scoops up snow to melt in case he gets thirsty cuz he didnt bring water. he says he will eat well on this mountain with the snow. he says i think my ears will fall off. there are no clouds in the sky. he yells out TH and JW’s names. did you eat all your food. they yell back we did. he asks then why arent you leaving. TH: hyungs said they will sleep for 2 hrs. JM: but if they get older they will sleep a lot anyway. TH jokes: if you have something to say cant you come and say it then go? JW and JM laugh. JM says they sleep too much. I will sleep too then. take a pic and send it to them. he makes a “i’m freezing” pose. the winners are told a pic came to show SW. SW: why show to me. the guy says: a message came for you. SW: I cant look at this without tears. they look at JM huddled on the snow.

the winners ignored the photo and are resting. SW tells them to turn the phone off (in case JM calls) so TW says I just wont pick up. SW says I am so sleepy and cuddles against TW to sleep.

JM calls out the hyungs’ names and says the crow wants you to answer (cuz the bird had been cawing) I think they are doing this to taunt me. SW calls him and says hurry and come. we dont like you being cold. hurry and come. JM: our hyungs have affection.  I feel warm even though it’s winter and there is snow. as Jm walks down he says I dont know if this was for it to turn out well or if the year will go by being really difficult – it makes me think several thoughts.


preview shows that some of them end up sleeping inside an igloo.


52 comments on “1N2D brief recaps

  1. SS says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap. It was a hilarious episode. I think quizzes on trivia and general knowledge is Joo Won achilles heel. Perhaps he was so caught up with his drama school studies and all those theatre work that he didn’t have time for these things. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to see how lacking in confidence he seems to be whenever it’s quiz time. But I appreciate him more for his honesty and willingness to let people laugh at him


    • Anonymous says:

      For me, I don’t think JW is ignorant at all. I think he’s the kind of person who can’t think well under pressure. Just like me 🙂 If I’m given a question in a speed quiz, my mind went blank. Not because I don’t know the answer, but because I need time to think. And that’s probably why, in one of 1n2d episode, we saw JW can do well in written test, even better than SK. But in speed quizzes, he’s a mess 😀


  2. Anon says:

    Makes me wonder if other actor, I mean young actor in Joo Won’s age group (don’t want to say any names) that we rarely see them doing variety or giving interviews on TV are the same?

    Because, you see them as handsome, poise, nicely dress and well behaved in front of the camera, doing promotions, photoshoot etc and you only see the ‘good’side of them.

    Unlike Joo Won, you can see how dorky and doomed he is in real life!

    Sometimes I poor him, but most of the time I just want to hug him. Haha.


  3. Dramafed1782 says:

    The ball of cuteness strikes again! I really loved this episode. Seriously Softy, I am ready to donate some General knowledge books for Joowonie. I really feel bad for him and the terror on his face which appears when it is time for quizzes (eeps!!!!) I just want to hug him and dry him off all the fears. Even if it is miles away I am ready to courier him some books 😀


  4. EvaDew says:

    Haishh….the excitement I feel whenever UEE gets mentioned in a JW related post… XD Thanks for your recap Softy~ ~ ~!


  5. Tigger says:

    새해 복 많이 받으세요 or Gong Xi Fa Cai as we usher in the Year of the Snake today. It’s also bbong LSG’s 38th birthday. Dailymotion links to watch the 02-10 episode with the 3 Olympians (Jang Mi-Ran, well respected for her weightlifting achievements / Hwang Kyung Seon, London 2012 gold medalist for women’s taekwando / Choi Byung Chul, London 2012 bronze medalist for men’s fencing) – Part 1 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxetem_mix-1y2y-e280-yy-yy-yyy-130210-hdtv-avc-450p-copyleft_webcam and Part 2 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxetg1_mix-1y2y-e280-yy-yy-yyy-130210-hdtv-avc-450p-copyleft_travel (credit jongmin koyote blog) … Very gallant of KJM to volunteer to dip in the cold sea so that HKS could join the winners in their lunch feast … Have a fabulous week ahead, everyone 🙂


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