Level 7 Civil Servant E4

7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-03-16]

I sort of get speechless when I watch this drama, but not always in a good way. If you are a big fan of Level 7 so far you might want to skip over this or look away. Even though I tried my best to sugarcoat this comment, the truth is leaking out like crazy. This show just seems to be all over the place – especially when it comes to the momentum of the plot and characters. There are a lot of actors I respect and value in this drama for their amazing acting skills, but then they have some bumbling characters thrown in and you wonder how they ever got hired cuz they disrupt the consistency of the quality. The same thing could be said of the story as well. Very moving and touching scenes then bam – random scenes thrown in. The editing leaves a lot to be desired, but I think its weakest link is the writing cuz that leaves the biggest gaps. The dialogue just doesn’t make sense a lot of times. You ask yourself “why in the world would they react that way” and no one gives you any plausible answers or explanations that are credible. If a drama doesn’t have certain factors and a lot of other things going for it, all those great things won’t make up for that fact that there are gaping holes. If anything the good parts make those holes even bigger than they actually are. I swear I was trying my hardest to overlook them, but they are growing bigger. That new hairstyle certainly didn’t help matters either. No worries cuz even though I might sound negative now, this could all turn around at one point. It happened with Gaksital and I ended up loving that so maybe this drama will pick up speed for me and have me sing its praises down the line. Odder things have happened.

* Technically I got my wish and JW sang, but it’s just not even close to the song I wanted. They really need to make this up to me and have JW sing on the OST. 🙂

7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-14-39]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[05-37-19]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-22-11]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-09-10]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-04-33]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-42-31]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-03-31]

Character list:

(G)Han Gil Ro -real name Pil Hoon – Joowon

(S) Kim Seo Won – real name Kyung Ja- Choi Kang Hee

(J) Jin ju – Seo won’s friend

(SM) Shin Sun Mi – Kim Min Seo

(D) Gong Do Ha – Chansung

(W) Kim Won Seok – Ahn Nae Sang

Boss – the director of the NIS

SJ Sung Joon -W’s friend

(Y) Young Soon – the older female agent who was part of the recruiting process

(P) Park SY- the diplomat’s daugher who befriends S

Jay – the cute guy who speaks english on Uhm’s crew

(M) Kim Mi Rae – the girl on Uhm’s crew

Uhm Tae Woong ( his character’s korean name is Choi Woo Hyuk but they call him JJ too so I used JJ)


Starts from W betting $2000 – you want to die don’t you. G watches his ears twitch and smiles. G: you are talking a lot. you must be afraid. W: It’s cuz I like it – I get to fire someone like you who wont obey. what will you do when you get kicked out of here? G I only have one path – for the sake of the country. All in. W looks at his cards -3 kings. W says something about full cards. G: congratulations. W: if you die now I will forgive you. G: there is nothing to be forgiven for. W: you are making a mistake now. G: it’s better to make a mistake than regretting. W: an agent shouldnt make a mistake that he will regret. W calls and bets all his chips. He wants G to show his hand. G had a pair of aces. G says this is for the sake of my colleagues. W asks can you do anything for your colleague – even something bad. G say my colleagues wont do anything bad. W: how can you be certain of that? G: cuz they are my colleagues– whether we die or live – we will go together so I have to trust them. W turns his cards over and remembers what his friend SJ said – let’s go together – whether that is dying or leaving. W has more kings but wont turn his hand over. W says I only have one pair of kings. you won. Everyone cheers. Y says G was lucky today. W says give the kids their salaries back and those who didn’t lend chips – for acting like they didnt know when their colleague was in trouble – penalty points. so SM complains

S walks out and G follows her. S: I will pay for the car for sure. G: does that mean you are grateful cuz I got your money back? S: over this – pretending we sort of reconciled and acting close – I dont want to do that. sorry for not being able to say thank you. G: I didn’t do it to hear thank you. I just didn’t want to see you cry cuz of money. She says you don’t know but most people cry over money – it’s not unbecoming. he says it is for her – from here on dont cry – whatever the reason is even if it’s not money. also you and I have to clear up our misunderstanding of each other. S: there is nothing to clear up cuz there is nothing to misunderstand. G: I misunderstood. the women I went on the dates with…. W comes over and hits G on the back of his head. W: do you like it cuz you won? just cuz my ears twitched it wasnt all lies. W walks away so G continues and says all the women who went on blind dates with me ran away, but you….wait a minute. He suddenly goes back and looks at W’s cards and sees that W actually won with two pairs of kings. he remembers how W said I have full cards

The director is waiting for W. Director asks didn’t you get a call from Song Joon. he shows the files on G.

G runs over to W’s office

Director says this is your responsibility cuz he is your trainee -before it becomes a headache  fire him. W cites an example of someone else and asks how is that any different so director gets mad and points out how Han is working with the guy who killed choi. should I fire you first. W says they might get backlash for doing something wrong so I will find another way. there are a variety of reasons to fire him so I will take responsibility and chase him out. G knocks and comes in. W: why? go out. G: I saw your cards. are you taunting me? W tells him to leave. G: what is the reason why you lost on purpose. W: are you not going to leave? G: are you playing with me. W yells at him and says it’s all training.  i moved my ear on purpose and you fell for my deception. there are no easy tells in the world -if you got the tell too easily then it’s 100% ruse/deception. G bows and thanks him. I will learn diligently and be the best agent like you. G leaves.  director smiles and asks W- are you the best agent?

SM yells at S in front of others and says how much longer do I have to get punishment points cuz of you. S: sorry it wasnt on purpose – you know that.  SM: this is happening cuz you keep going around flirting with (“shaking your tail at”) this guy and that guy. S: what did you just say. SM: shaking your tail. you look like you will hit me. S: you spoke too severly- say sorry. SM hits her head and says come to your senses.  S: I said apologize. SM hits her on the head and says follow me. Park tells S not to go. Let’s tell the trainers cuz she is so tough, but S takes the paper from her and rolls it up (to go battle it out with SM)

SM turns on the showers and approaches S. S thinks it’s to hit her and gets ready to hit with her rolled up paper, but SM bows and apologizes in jondae. S holds that pose in shock. SM explains how kids were mean to her from middle school to high school.  she thought it wouldnt happen here and came on purpose but these girls are doing it even worse here. what did I do that was so wrong. my second older brother said being bullied at school is nothing – it’s more scary at a company. he told me to be mean from the start and no one would torment me. S says sorry I didn’t know that unni. but SM says I am not a unni.

S and SM talk. S says I know how you feel cuz my mom told me the same thing. SM says sorry for not lending the chips. S: it’s ok. SM: And sorry for the flirting comment. S: you were wrong to say that. I dont do that. SM: then who are you dating. S: it’s not like that. I don’t have time for that now. get up. SM asks where are you from cuz your dialect is from the countryside so S lies I am from Seoul

G is making walkie talkies out of paper cups and his phone cords. he throws her side down to her. at first S is surprised but then she realizes it’s a paper cup

She goes out and grabs it. he tells her to hold it up to her ear. G: can you hear. S: don’t play around cuz we will get penalty points if we get caught.G: I didn’t get to say something a while ago. S: what? G: you don’t have to pay for the car. S: are you feeling sorry for me? I will give it to you. hang up.G: When I went on the dates the women all ran away. it’s only natural cuz I was rude/disrespectful. If someone didnt run off and just sat there, I thought that woman would be my fated woman – but you sat down. S: don’t say silly stuff and hang up. G: that is why I didnt like you – that my fated woman was a golddigger (meaning after wealth) going around meeting guys with lots of money. S: it doesnt matter if I am that kind of woman or not. G: you’re right – cuz I have a separate style of woman I like. even though she does 3 part time jobs, she doesnt ask for money at home and is hard working.  even though she has a mountain of tuition loans -a woman who doesnt look at a young master (rich family’s son) like me – I like that kind of woman. Even if I don’t like my father I spend a lot of his money. at least you aren’t cowardly like me. Answer me Kim SW. she is not there anymore (darn no singing)

W calls song joon and asks what are you doing. SJ: is it urgent? W: later when I go to america are you going to come visit me? Song joon is busy tailing Han so he says i am on a stake out so hang up. the other cop says which side Han went up so SJ says dont lose him and stick close. W mutters are you the only one on stake out.

SJ and other officers watch Han get out of his car holding something. SJ says the object has arrived.

They run out and follow Han but JJ and M are in their car watching. JJ looks up a file on SJ.

JJ has a flashback of him as a kid holding young Jay and young M’s hands and asking the agents-director and SJ-  to save their parents. But song and the director ignored young JJ

JJ says to M- wait. I will go and come back. He leaves the car without her

Han is outside in the rain. Song sees JJ in the mirror so Song moves away. JJ goes after him

Song sneaks up on JJ and they fight. JJ pulls a gun on Song. song grabs for the gun they struggle and the gun goes off. JJ has been shot. Song asks what are you. JJ: you cant remember cuz you didn’t kill just one person (meaning you killed too many people). JJ sees a weapon so he is about to hit song but a gun goes off. M shoots song in the back and goes to help JJ. JJ keeps shooting song’s dead body so M tells him to stop and helps JJ walk back to the car

Jay asks what happened. M cries and calls out oppa. M says don’t do this (don’t die). Jay tells him to hold onto his neck (so he can take him to get treated) but JJ tells M “kill” and then JJ dies.

W is practicing English when Y comes in crying. W: what’s wrong did something happen. Y: he is dead. W: who died. Y cries and says song joon oppa. W says what’s wrong – don’t kid around. She keeps crying and gets on her knees so W yells i said don’t kid around. Why are you crying. why would SJ die.

There is a funeral for SJ

W goes running to leave the training ground but the guards stop him. W tells them to move but they tell him he is not allowed to go out. they got a call. W beats them up saying let me go but they wont let him through. Y pulls up and asks if she did this -make them stop him. she says there is an order that W cant leave until after the training.  W: who said that-why hide things from me when it’s about SJ. he tries to leave again but she asks him to keep the rules cuz no one can go out during training. W: they said SJ died! Y: Even the president cant come here. even he obeys the rule. W  breaks free so Y yells I don’t want to do this too.

Y and W are outside talking. She tells him to go and rest and I will take over the classes. But he says her eyes are puffy from crying

There is a lesson on drinking with alcohol and not getting drunk. W says there is nothing else that’s better than alcohol when you want to get info quickly. while drinking and playing important info comes flowing out.  but is it ok for you to get drunk? they say no.  G mentions how the KGB made a drug so they dont get drunk and use that so W says that’s a lie. W: even an agent is a person so when they drink they get drunk.  when they get shot they all die. G says you said we couldn’t get drunk. W: that’s why we are having class now you punk. W  makes them hold up their beer and makes a toast – for the sake of the colleagues we love. one shot (down the whole class)

*I would totally flunk this lesson – just inhaling the smell of alchohol has me dancing on table tops. I have zero tolerance for alcohol – guess that means I could never be a spy. well that and the fact that I never wanted to anyway.

M is getting drunk and Jay tells her to stop drinking. M: leave me alone. He says it’s not your fault. Just the police knew that day and hyung messed up/was careless. She slaps him and says we waited over ten years so dont say that. she says how those bastards (NIS) for so many years used and threw away all our fathers. even when they could have saved them – they left them alone to die. all of our families could have lived. they all could have lived but they all died -including oppa. I will kill them all.

W is pretty drunk and says you cant faint or run away from drinking. If there is someone like that I will fire them. He asks why they came here. out of 1,300 jobs in korea so why choose this. Wanting to get drunk but you cant get drunk – do you know how sad that is. W asks why S came (to be an agent). S says I don’t like alcohol – this is so annoying- I am going to take the broadcasting exam. W: must be nice cuz you have some place to go. W asks why G came here. G: I really like you. I love you and respect you. W says I said don’t get drunk. W orders Y to make them drink more till they come to their senses. Y asks for more alcohol to be brought

W goes to the bathroom and throws up. he remembers SJ saying are you old – are you scared of dying. Let’s go together. Whether that’s the road to die or to live. W cries and punches the stall brick wall over and over

Everyone is still drinking and Y is sort of drunk. S calls her unni and asks her to let her take that one broadcasting exam. if you give me a leave I will go and come right back.  Y: if you are going to do that leave. S: i cant. Y: why? S:  I need to get paid – I really need the money. G comes over and says I know that well. S calls him “ya han gil ro” so it sounds like “racy/promiscuous G” so they both giggle over it. S: I will pay you back for the car. He says it’s ok – I will buy you a car for your birthday. She says do you even know my birthday. why did you make things so hard for me. I told you not to sit next to me. W comes back in and says you are playing well. it’s nice to drink for free huh? they yell yes. D yells it’s not free – it’s from tax. W: it’s nice to drink with tax money. our job is the best. S stands up and calls him WS hyung and asks to take the broadcasting test. just let me have one leave of absence.  He says where do you get off calling me WS. be quiet and sing. S: I dont want to. W: I will give you a bonus, but she doesn’t fall for it and says “yeah right” so G echoes her and repeats it. W: then for the sake of the country. she says the same thing. W: then sing for your loving colleagues. they are all your fans. clap. So S sings again. They all clap and Y notices that W’s hand is bandaged up. everyone gets up and dances with S and does a cute dance.

S’s dad is feeding the dog. the mom comes over with a crazy perm. She asks if he ate. He says cuz she is running for that position, she got a perm. she says the one in office is planning to do it longer. the dad says he did enough. They talk about S getting married to a good family cuz the mom says if only I got married to someone good I wouldn’t be living like this on a farm

Everyone packed their parachutes and G is the only one left. Y says let’s go eat G. G: I am almost doen. Others tease him and say hurry up. are you a fool? G drops it and has to start over.  Y tells him to starve for dinner. They all leave to go eat. W tells him to lose some weight with this chance. G: enjoy your meal. S gives him a tip on how to pack it – pretending to only have told him cuz she felt frustrated. They all leave. G runs over and asks the guy for a favor. I swear I wont forget that kindness for the rest of my life. Do you have paint?

*G pretended he was bad at packing so he could be the last one

Everyone is outside getting ready to board an army helicopter. W explains about the helicopter and how it will feel to fall. It will feel like you are falling from a second floor building. anyone who wants to stay behind. are you afraid. they yell no. W says to protect your country – you don’t need anything like pride and stuff. Throw all that way when you jump if any of those feelings are left. you guys will come back as agents who can die if you are told to die.

They are all on board and W goes over instructions. when you jump pull your chute and if it doesnt open pull your backup chute. safety check done? The door in the back opens and D goes first as ordered. He says don’t be afraid it’s really fun. I will wait for you from the bottom. Y counts down and D jumps. SM is scared but yells I can do it. she jumps. The old guy doesn’t want to go so park pushes him. park jumps next. W says the last ones- G and S. let’s go. S is scared so G cheers “S fighting.” He turned something on her helmet mic to a different frequency. S jumps first. G watches her pull her cord and then he jumps. He looks for her parachute and aims for her. he looks at his watch and pulls his cord. he positioned himself so that he is near her in the air

W is alarmed cuz he cant contact S on the helmet mic. Y says she is going well towards the drop zone

S hears G asking can you hear me. He comes over and says happy birthday. She says it’s not my birthday today. G: the one I met was Kim SW and today is your birthday. I don’t have a present prepared cuz we are training. S: stop – it’s not my birthday and I dont need presents.  He sings happy birthday and she looks down and sees that he painted a message on his parachute. He says congratulations on your birthday.

They drop to the ground. She looks up and he is already on the ground smiling at her. he starts to walk towards her but another agent runs past them for a second. G says the wind is really nice. They both stand and listen to the wind with their eyes closed. Then they carry their chutes to walk back but G carries her chute for her.

Everyone is walking back and D sees S smiling and walking with G

S tells him I might quit. This weekend  is the broadcasting exam so if they wont let me have a leave of absence I have to decide whether to quit or not. G: have you tried talking to the trainers? S: they said if I want to go out, I have to quit and go out. G says then quit. If there is something you want to do -live doing what you want to do. Don’t live for others. It would be nice if you lived for you. If I ‘m not here this world is not here too.  S: I wasnt trying to discuss this with you – just telling you how it is. I havent decided how to live yet and also I don’t have the mindset to have a boyfriend so don’t keep being nice to me. G: even if I wanted to be good to you -I dont know anything. what I know is your fake name, fake parents, and fake birthday. What is your real birthday. I am Han PH. who are you. Will there be a day when I will really know. she says maybe when I quit here -you might. they lean back to enjoy the view and he looks over at her

W is meeting with the director. Director says we sent SJ off well (meaning they had the funeral). W: did JJ do that?  director: we dont know yet – we are investigating. W: are you still just investigating? do you even have a plan. SJ died after hearing that Han and JJ were working together. Han knew that he would be followed by the police and let himself be the decoy. W: is that for real? director: There is no difference than your agent Han PH’s father killing SJ. I was part of the training team too. each one of your agents are precious like your children. So keep Han PH next to you till the end cuz I will watch till the end what you and he will do for our country.

Everyone is practicing their dance. S walks over and sees G practicing alone. G asks did you practice a lot cuz tm is the evaluation/ scoring. S: no. G: Practice. even if we dont match the movement we should match our steps. S steps closer to dance with him and says let’s just match once. Since this is studying for an exam anyway. you left foot and me right foot.  they dance and sync up really well step wise. D watches them

W comes over and shuts the music off. He tells G to sign a contract to keep everything he learns here a secret. during the time of training, everything you saw, heard, felt, etc so G asks why it’s only him signing but he signs it anyway. W says you are fired for real. G laughs and asks why are you like this. W cites reasons for firing G like exceeding the penalty points . your bags are already packed so leave. G runs after him and says what a minute but W punches him. he says if you want to know why you really got fired – find out.

Everyone is standing outside and S says this isnt right to send him like this. what the real reason is – explain it to us so we can understand. W: whatever decision i make it’s the government’s and its decision is always right.  if there is anyone who feels like it’s unfair/unjust leave with him. S steps up to leave but D holds her back. G turns around with tears in his eyes and looks at them all. he looks at S crying. he walks away in the rain.

G remembers his interview answers-  how he said he wanted to live cool. I’m going on this one path with love for my country. there is no other impressive life than loving your nation forever. My colleagues wont do anything bad –cuz they are my colleagues. whether we live or die we have to together so I have to trust them. I only have one path – for the sake of my country. S remembers how he said to her – dont live for others – it would be nice if you lived for you. if I’m not here – this world is not here. she breaks free and chases after G. he was crying and stops when she stands in front of him. she says go well. G: I don’t even know who you are – I don’t even know your name. S: I know your name. G: don’t change. He walks away

Y is arguing with W about letting G get fired. Y: it’s your duty to make disobedient kids obey and become agents -if kicking out disobedient kids is training then I will do it too ( as in leave). W: be quiet before I chase you out. Y: if SJ oppa was the trainer no matter what the higher ups (director) said he would have protected him(G) till the end. W says you should quit and get married cuz I  don’t want you to die by getting shot.

G is at a club dancing and he looks drunk. Someone is there watching G

Suddenly G wakes up in a hotel room the next morning. Someone comes out of the shower so G tackles the person. It’s W

G: what happened. W says stop acting like you are rebelling and go home now. G says I am not an agent now so mind your own business. W says who said you aren’t an agent. W gives him an info packet. W: everything I am going to teach you is in here so memorize it. from here on when you call me just use this phone -my number is saved on it.  G asks: wasn’t I fired. W hands him paperwork that proves G came from a trip in Europe and arrived yesterday so his disembarkment card and other info is there to prove it. it has all the receipts so memorize them. G: I wasnt fired huh? I’m getting a special mission aren’t I. W: can you do it. G: yes all of it. W says this is the person you have to spy on and protect at all times. G sees the photos and says this is my father. W says how an enemy spy is after Han’s life. W fills him in on what his father’s business dealings were and how spies are after the research secrets. G: is my father in danger. W: he is in danger. W: I thought about who could watch your father the most naturally and it’s you. even if you stayed with him all day, since you are his son there wont be any suspicion.  G: did father do something wrong. W: no -if you cant do this assignment or cant – then stay out of it. G: no I will do it. W says confirm your job. G: watch and protect my father 24 hrs and report. W: the country doesnt believe in you but I do. G: I want to confirm – am I an agent? W: you are the agent I trust. G asks for his ID and gets hit.  cuz he is supposed to hide his identity so why look for it. W: Go home

G goes home and his mom cries and goes over to him. his dad goes over and hugs him

Some two guys with the worst hairstyles are talking. They work at Han’s company.  the older one says it must be nice to be the president’s son cuz as soon as he started work he already gets to be the director. you know how long it took me to be the director right? the other guy says shouldnt we stick to his (G’s side) too? the old guy brags about raising this company and all he got was a cubicle but the president gives his son an office. it must mean i should resign. you think I cant? young guy asks are you really going to write one. the  old guy says I have loyalty but just wait and see how I move from here on. the old guy spots G coming in so he runs over to kiss butt.

the old guy says I heard you are coming to work. G says don’t you remember me ajussi. I’m PH – you used to buy me a lot of bread in the past.  The guy says you remember me. G: of course – used to follow you around so much. the guy says yes you always asked me to buy you hot dogs and thokboki. It’s an honor to escort you. both guys bow so G tells the old guy not to do that. do you know where I should go? the guy says this way and I will carry your bag. He shows G the way to his office. M is there and watches them go in

G sits at his new desk. M goes in carrying a stack of binders. she works here and has a higher position than G. G asks who are you. M doesnt answer and gives him manuals for business and design and gives him a month to do his homework. I know you are from the royal family but I dont care about that.  if you cant do well then you will be fired. just cuz are the president’s son, if you are planning to do little work and just inherit the company -dont do that. i will look forward to it.  it would be nice if you werent reckless like the rumors say. she leaves

he complains cuz there is so much to study up on. he studies his manual from W.

G is by the window and time goes by – one year

G has a new haircut (crud -looks like there will be fewer screencaps from here on) He is conducting interviews with M and that other old guy. M is grilling one poor guy during his interview and makes the guy hang his head as he leaves. G says to M – didn’t you speak too harshly he is still young. M says if you two are going to conduct the interview like that then leave. I hate employees who just fill their positions. the perm guy says I will work hard.  he calls for the next person. S comes in and introduces herself as Kim JW. G looks at her resume and then looks up and locks eyes with S.


No preview7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-43-06] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-43-18] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-50-41] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-52-16] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-53-54] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-55-43] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-56-54]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[05-21-15] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[05-36-47] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[05-37-09] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[05-38-40]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-59-15] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-03-50] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-04-05] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-04-13] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-04-39] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-04-52] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-05-03] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-05-14]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-06-35] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-06-49] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-07-41] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-09-18] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-10-20] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-10-43]7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-11-21] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-12-56] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-13-21] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-13-58] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-14-07] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-16-16] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-16-53]

7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-20-27] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-21-11] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-23-31] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-22-44] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-22-57] 7급 공무원 4회 같이 가자... 그게 죽는 길이건 사는 길이건!.130131.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-23-51]


31 comments on “Level 7 Civil Servant E4

  1. SS says:

    Yeah!!!! Softy Hwaiting! 7LCS Hwaiting!


  2. SS says:

    Get some smelling salts on hand so that you can be around to watch the show after looking at this


  3. nonski says:

    helloes Softy… awaiting your recap. 🙂

    wasn’t able to stream tonight, i only got to the end part. sad part is i’m at the hospital right now. hope to exit from here soon.

    waves at SS, flo, rainyrain, yanna, bbblue and all my OBsiblings.


  4. […] Recap:  https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/level-7-civil-servant-e4-coming-up/ […]


  5. anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy 🙂

    Why do I fhink that this drama heading too fast. Especially the romance.. Hihi.


    • Softy says:

      you are not alone – I’m still trying to buy the fact that he is even interested in her, but he is already being jealous, admitting he likes her, and writing birthday messages on his parachute. by the time I finally catch up and really believe they are in love, at this rate -they will be married with kids. 🙂


      • anonymous says:

        it’s cheesy. omi, there you go.. i finally say it loud.

        seeing gil ro head over heels like that, seems like the writer trying so hard to convince the viewer. sigh.

        i love the dedicated acting from the ever awesome joo won but frankly speaking, i really dont know the direction of this drama, it’s really all over the place. please show… i’m having a hard time here trying to love you.

        to joo won…. i still love you 🙂

        fighting Softy!


      • b says:

        grandkids most prob


  6. SS says:

    I was writing a letter to the scriptwriter but I couldn’t finish because it got longer by the day.

    Although you weren’t specific, I know exactly what you are trying to say, Softy.

    I followed your recaps and thoughts through Gaksital but 7LCS is no Gaksital. Almost all, if not dramas have imperfections. However, this drama’s weaknesses appear to be the chronic type. It’s not the slow start, the momentary lapse, the meandering in the middle or the less than satisfactory ending. From the word go, there were scenes that were small but so unbelievably bad that it troubled me that it was part of the screenplay. That’s when I started my letter. Then in ep 3, things got better and I put aside my writing. After ep 4, I have taken out my paper again. There were great moments of course but some really bad ones. Aside from the leads, I felt the talents of the veterans were largely wasted in the way the plot moves or the way their characters were written. When JJ died without much oomph…..I thought : :Ha! You gotta to fly back to your wedding now, yeah? Thanks for being a great Hyung, TW!”

    I have lots to say but got to go back to my letter. By the way, Softy, do you know where I can get that pen Seo Won was using? That’s no ordinary pen, you know, it’s a magic wand. Just brush it along your fringe and touch your cheeks ever so slightly, and you’ll be infused in a soft rosy glow and nice backlights. The very thing I need to change into a princess.


    • nonski says:

      lols SS i was thinking of buying that one too.:) imagine if we have that one on the market, i guess, it’d be sold out as soon as it’s out. 🙂


      • Anonymous says:

        My dear nonski, hope you get well soon.
        I may rant but I still want the pairing to work. Especially when I see Joo Won putting so much effort in it.


        • nonski says:

          thanks again, i may be here for a week tho i pray not… huhuhu, yeah i really want the pair to work too that is why i am loving them so let’s spread the love. i don’t want JW’s drama to become a flop huhuhu


  7. umi says:

    I don’t buy their romance also, it’s too fast. So now G is on a mission, how about S?? I think I just focus on their mission, curious to know why W told G to watch his father. Hope the story will get better. Thanks for the recap and screen caps softy, I like the pic where G talked to S through a paper cup, I saw Tae Hee there 🙂


  8. f says:

    still finding it very hard to watch this, because ckh is so unattractive.

    missing tae hee and jaeun even more than ever.

    pls let j and u be otp once more !!


  9. lora says:

    OMG thanks for the recap! Indeed those new hairstyles just awfull T.T Can’t wait for next week..:) I also don’t understand the characters emotions.. It’s always the best part in a drama whent the couple start falling in love slonly and get to know each others better. Why the writers took away these moments from us? Anyway JW is perfect as always (also CKH), I will watch this show till the end. 🙂


  10. lora says:

    not slonly..I mean slowly.. sorry for my other mistakes. It’s almost dawn outside. I need to sleep…X)


  11. nonski says:

    common sentiments is that the romance rather forced and was executed so fast, it left us viewers to wonder why they ever got there. there’s the bad editing too and timing is off at the different scenes. and really, when JJ died it was, yah we know he’s on honeymoon but it should have been presented in a way that’s not random. i guess one of the reasons why the flaw of 7LCS is so evident cuz FBND is there even if it’s a cable drama but the execution, story and character development is so perfect that you wouldn’t want it to end.

    despite all that, i find myself still into this drama. hahaha, i could honestly say i fall for the romance of the two, maybe because acted so that i could get that he likes S already. or i am just so into JW that i want to continue watching this. plus there’s Ahn Nae Sang.


  12. ck1Oz says:

    Thank you for the recap.
    Yeah your thoughts are kinda painful to read but the truth, can’t quite work out why they had to work in the romance angle so fast. I would prefer a nicer pacing.
    However whatever this drama brings, unfortunately or fortunately I would be here till the end.
    It’s Joo Won- can’t stay away from the guy.


  13. joowonforever says:

    Yes, it’s really painful but true. I just read Episodes 2, 3, 4 are still no. 1. But just like everyone, even if the ratings dip, I will still watch for Joo Won.



  14. Anonymous says:

    So G is in a mission to watch his father and my guess is S got mission to watch over G. I bet S is pretending that she quit the NIS and choose the broadcasting job but she failed the interview so now she’s looking for a job at his company? Meanwhile I think she’d be in relationship or pretending to be in relationship with DH, then things between S and G would become interesting. I’m looking forward for the next episode to see if my prediction came true 😀

    *btw, I think the papercup scene is kinda iconic, I can see a lot of reenactment/ parody for that in the future 😀


  15. Anon says:

    Thanks Softy.

    I like episode 3, Joo Won is cute and awesome like always.

    I’m more invested in Gil Ro and Won Seok, his handler. They hv good chemistry 🙂

    About CKH, now when I watch her go crazy in this drama, it makes me wonder how many actress willing to do the same.. She’s one interesting character. But, yeah… I still not interested in her & Gil Ro love line, can we just hv the two of them continously bickering with each other instead of being lovey dovey.. Hehe.

    I want to see more Sun Mi, Kim Min Seo is really fun to watch 🙂

    Re Gil Ro’s hair… Boy, you look like a school boy. But kudos to Joo Won, he willing to ‘sacrifice’ his hair for the new Gil Ro.. How many actor change their hairstyle in their drama? Some will carry the same hairstyle and expression from start till the end…

    See you all next week!


  16. youyee says:

    the only good thing and watchable thing abt this show is jw.

    ckh is good at acting cute rom com style….but she is 35 …. not so appropriate anymore.

    chansung is pretty cute too.

    must must must try harder to watch this show just for jw.

    heres hoping for another drama with u and jw as otp !!!!


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