Level 7 Civil Servant E3

7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[04-35-40]

The love line is happening too fast for me. I feel like the drama and the characters’ emotions are moving at two different speeds. I didn’t really buy into the idea that G started crushing on S during their date as he watched her study -at least not to the extent for him to be so jealous of S and D. It seemed more forced than natural – like the story needs him to be in this place emotionally so he is here. It took some eavesdropping for everything to sync up again. Now we can get behind the idea that he is going to be more drawn to her cuz he finally knows she doesn’t come from money.  From the start, all he ever wanted was someone genuine and not someone who takes her family’s wealth for granted. That’s why I totally believed he would risk so much for her. If the preview is accurate, it seems like they are going to become even closer – making “walkie-talkies” out of paper cups to communicate from his upstairs room to her downstairs room. After what happened at the end of this episode, it makes sense that she would open her heart to him since she owes him a debt of gratitude. For a second there I was totally rooting for S and D to get together till I realized what I was thinking – as cute as Chansung is, he doesn’t hold a candle to JW.  The proof is posted all over this recap.


Written before it aired:

It’s finally here. The night we have been waiting for: the ballroom dancing scene. I don’t think it’s a secret to most 1n2d fans that JW is not exactly gifted when it comes to busting a move. He doesn’t have two left feet, but it sure does come close.  Hopefully tonight he will dispel any doubt that we ever had and wow us with some new dance moves. At least he looks photogenic in these photos so he can’t be all that bad. Maybe she was leading cuz she seems to have more experience in this. To tell you the truth, I sort of don’t understand the need to be trained for stuff like this. Jumping out of airplanes seems more plausible cuz you might have to chase down your target if he ever decides to risk life and limb mid air just to evade capture, but why learn to ballroom dance to be a spy. This isn’t the 1950s anymore. Just how many missions could they possibly have where they need to be undercover and have to dance their way around a room to keep tabs on their target. For the female agents, it’s sort of hard to conceal a decent weapon in a dress or even give chase in heels so wouldn’t it be better to sit in a car dressed normally and wait for your target to come outside and then pursue him. I watched a lot of James Bond movies and I don’t remember that many ballroom dancing scenes.  Jason Bourne never had to do it either and he sort of trumps James Bond in the cool department. OMG that would have been the best – can you just imagine JW playing a loner brooding agent on his own mission of redemption. That would be the perfect role for him cuz we know he can brood like nobody’s business. I would kill to see that – it would totally be the best spy drama ever.

7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-52-58]7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-05-26]7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-53-16]7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-02-45]7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[04-01-29]7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-34-08]

*enjoy the screencaps now cuz there will be far less once he gets that bowl haircut in a few episodes. I saw a glimpse of his new hairstyle on 1n2d, but I just thought I saw it wrong – that it just wasn’t styled yet, but nope – it’s a bowl cut. as soon as I saw recent photos from BTS, I wanted to cry. I’m really really really going to miss this hair so I intend to go crazy with screenshots till it’s gone.

Character list:

(G)Han Gil Ro -real name Pil Hoon – Joowon

(S) Kim Seo Won – real name Kyung Ja- Choi Kang Hee

(J) Jin ju – Seo won’s friend

(SM) Shin Sun Mi – Kim Min Seo

(D) Gong Do Ha – Chansung

(W) Kim Won Seok – Ahn Nae Sang

Boss – the director of the NIS

(Y) Young Soon – the older female agent who was part of the recruiting process

(P) Park SY- the diplomat’s daugher who befriends S

Jay – the cute guy who speaks english on Uhm’s crew

(M) Kim Mi Rae – the girl on Uhm’s crew

Uhm Tae Woong ( his character’s korean name is Choi Woo Hyuk but they call him JJ too so I used JJ)



Starts from S saying it’s correct – my father is a diplomat – if you want to prove I am a scam artist go ahead and prove it cuz I didn’t lie to you once. Y says it’s true. G: for real?  S says her name is Kim Ji won,  ID number, address, father diplomat, mother’s occupation, twin younger brothers, it’s all real. I didnt lie to you once. Y: true. W yells at S: are you in your right mind or what? he points out the objective of a spy is to hide their indentity. This not a place for you to tell the truth. all you had to do was tell a lie like a truth. you dont even know the basics? how dare you give away personal info. you have 10 points (deduction) for penalty.

As S and others walk out the other girl Park says my dad is a diplomat too -since we are the same age – want to be friends. S agrees. park asks where her dad was stationed. S says Chile so park says my dad too. G comes out and stands in front of her. S: what? what else are you curious about? G: you are one or the other huh? a psychopath or perpetual liar. S: I could be both so be careful.  G: what is your identity? She kicks him and says I told you not to stand next to me

W goes over what S just did – all that lying cuz he knows S’s dad does is a farmer. Y: yes everything S said was a lie -age, name, address, all of it. W cant believe a newbie first timer overcame a lie detector. Y: she will be a big deal. W: if she ends up on our side she will, but if she goes over to the bad side it will be a headache. Y points out stuff about D so W says let’s just say D and S are special cases and watch over them

They are all practicing how to gamble. Y goes over the games and how Japan and China already got good at playing Korean games.  W: just we said to gamble we arent teaching you to gamble. he lists all the types of card games – they have learn the basics to be able to read a person. losers have to do pushups in the corner. G is playing cards with D and S. G and D each bet $10 and S bets that and also all in. G says cuz you’ve been abroad a lot, you must have gone to a lot of casinos. your betting is overly thrilling. G says there is only one lifetime and says all in too. D says I’m out. She shows her go stop cards. G gives her a lecture about it so she asks what his cards are. G: let’s play again next time and goes to do push ups. D laughs. S says let’s have fun playing now just us. D: ok. S: I will give you half. this is a present. D: really? G watches them and mutters:play well.

W says throw away the idea that agents have to shoot well. we use our heads, not guns. just cuz we say shoot the gun, we are not teaching you to shoot. got that? he orders them to take apart their guns. The quickest to disassemble – D and G tied. W says that’s impressive -you have real potential. he makes only D and G assemble and they finish at the same time

Next they go shooting and W says S isnt good – no ability at all for her first shooting. G mutters – you might get 18 points if you tossed the bullets. G shows his target sheet with all dead centers hit and gets a compliment from W: the best.

W says today is the first time someone got a record for shooting -something very surprising happened. the person who is so amazing (in this case unusual) is Park SY (the diplomat’s daughter). G only heard the words like surprising and amazing and almost stood up. Park is shocked to hear her name being called. W says Park got last place –0 point. they all laugh. W: can you laugh now? Y lectures them saying your parents worked their backs off to earn money and pay their taxes and we bought this bullet with that tax. can you laugh after wasting these (cuz they didnt shoot any real targets). cant you come to your senses. W: those who earn their living with tax -they have to live with the heavy burden of responsibility.  also applaud  – the best agent is D. G was ready to get up to take his applause but D got the best score -100 W: if I have someone like you even if i had to pay double tax it’s not a waste at all. he asks him to say something to the rest. D says  I got 17 the first time around for shooting so first shooting scores are not important at all. “fighting.”

After class S asks if he really got 17 so D tells the truth and says he got 98 for first shooting score. S: you shot well from the start so why did you say that. D: in real life you dont need scores. S: you experienced it for real? D: no it’s what I heard when I was in the army.  he asks if she broke up with G. S: we are not in a relationship that requires breaking up or not. D says memorizing her ID number not what people normally do. S: to tell the truth I did meet him before cuz my friend kept asking me to. D: so you did a blind date? S: matseon (blind dates for marriage). He says G is weird for acting like that over someone he met once. S says we met twice. let’s stop talking about him. D: should I tell you a tip on how to shoot well? S: is there something like that. D: before then how about speaking banmal since we are colleagues/teammates to be comfortable with each other. they shake on it when she agrees

G is arguing about his shooting score with W. that it passed slightly touched the ten point line so shouldnt his score be 100%.  W argues it didnt tear the paper cuz it didnt go through. G: please look at it carefully. D: does it hurt your pride cuz you didnt get first place? G: yes. W: just cuz you did well before with lots of 100 points you think you are the best dont you? cuz of guys like you your colleagues/teammates die. I’m the best so why should I save someone who isnt as good as me. G says dont go overboard – i just want an accurate score. W: the only accurate scoring for us is just our salaries. real pride is dying before your colleague. at the most dangerous moment -for me to take on the danger first. G: yes I will be careful of that. but cant you examine the target sheet one more time? from what I can see it’s 100. W yells at him to leave and warns if you do this one more time you will be kicked out. G runs off

D balances a round candy on the back of a spoon and says pretend the spoon is a gun -if you can move forward 3 steps and 3 steps backward without letting it fall you will be a pro. he says breathing and balance is the most important. S drops it right away. He shows her how to hold it out and walk steady. She says that’s so unusual how does it not fall

SM makes negative comments about S -how S laughs and flirts. G comes over and asks what is it. other girls come over to stare at D and push JW out of the way. *those girls are looking at the wrong guy. D would only beat JW shirtless maybe.

During lunch G watches S still doing that with G with her food so G laughs at it but then he starts to do it too and balance the bean on the back of the spoon. the other guys ask G what he is doing.

Everyone is practicing to take the gun away from the other person. G almost chokes a guy watching D back hug S to take the gun away from her. G keeps watching S and doesn’t focus

W says to throw away the idea that agents fight well. we are people who use our heads and not our fists. just cuz we say fight we arent teaching you to fight. got that? G: i have a question. W: ask. G: this stuff comes out on tv and movies a lot and neighborhood athletic/gym clubs teach you this too so does it have any benefit/effect in real life. W: what do you think? G: I dont think it will be effective. W: people who think there is benefit. D raises his hand and says these exercises arent to train to take away the gun-it trains you to give you the confidence to take the gun away. when you are in danger, this training gives you the confidence to overcome it.  G says confidence is important but  isnt it important if you can take the gun away or not in real life. if you go after the person with confidence, if you cant take the gun away you die. D: without confidence you wont even think of taking it away. G: what I am saying is confidence is not ability. W says then you two fight and see who is right. G asks can we do it for real. W says of course-our lives are for real. So G and D get up. S says “fighting” to D.

D and G square off and try to take the gun away from the other person. W says G won so G is happy. W asks D if he feels like it was unfair. D: no. W asks if G is proud. G yells he is. he looks over at S but she doesn’t smile. W asks G- should I try taking it away from you. I can do it for real right? don’t cry when I take the gun away from you. W kicks G in the groin and G drops the gun and falls down in pain in a fetal position. W picks up the gun and asks are you crying?  go and take X rays at the medical ward. army guys have to drag G’s body away. W says -this is real life -I will say it again – we are not people who use guns – we use our heads

JJ is meeting with G’s dad again (Han). they just completed their business transaction so they thank each other. Han goes on about how banks wont give loans just based on potential. JJ asks him to work with him on a big deal – worth billions, but Han says I’m a businessman not scam artist. JJ says Han has a high school friend name Park DG and says how Han and Park talk on the phone at least 2 or 3 times a month. Han asks how do you know that. JJ says it’s not risky project. but Han says he is my friend even if it was possible I cant let him get hurt. i cant do that. JJ: if I give you twice the amount can you do it? Han looks tempted. JJ: it will be of big help to your business so I will introduce you to someone we will be working together with. M comes over and introduces herself.

S’s dad cant sleep and looks over but her mom is staring right at him. she says i have something to say. how neighborhood ajummas came over asking her to hold a certain office. he thinks they must not have anyone at all to ask to do that so she takes offense. the dad cant decide which high up position he should hold in town so she argues why cant I hold that position.  the dad says one house cant hold both positions but she insists on doing it. before she dies she wants to be called by that title

W says when you watch movies they open the locks with one pin but it’s all a lie. you need 3 at least and 2 if you are really good. Women use their hair pins and bra wires and guys do it on their own. Start. Everyone gets busy trying to unlock a door lock. S is focused and G looks over at her and doesn’t work. So W comes over and hits him on the head. W: what are you doing?  G goes back to work. D says I opened it. they all clap. W says you learned a good skill. you could become a safecracker. D: that would never happen. W: you could do it if it was for the sake of your country.D: yes I could do it. W: can you even do something that goes against your conscience/ethics? D: yes if it’s for the sake of country I can do it. W: you can do anything? Even if it’s something bad. D: yes I can do it. W makes him sing for the sake of the country. D: now? W: you said you could do anything.  so D sings the anthem. W goes over and tells SM to sing but she doesn’t want to without a machine so W says is this a singing room. then W asks park. She says I cant sing without drinking alcohol. W: what is there that you guys know how to do. W says I will give bonus 5,000 (pronounced “oh baek”) for the person who sings so S volunteers. he says go to the front

S goes to the head of the class and W gives her 3 seconds to start singing. She looks at the money and says I will do it and starts to sing. They all start clapping. She is singing the lyrics – “I am embarrassed.” W makes her do the cute dance that goes with it. they all clap and cheer her on. W says thanks to S, there is a dinner gathering for everyone. when you get to your rooms there will be clothes ready for you so change. He pays S and leaves. She thanks him and opens the envelope. She only got 50 cents (“oh baek”). they all laugh. G teases her and does her dance and laughs at her before he leaves

The guys are gathered in a large room dressed up and the walls look drabby. W asks if the environment looks shabby. how about this. He pushes a button and the room suddenly transforms and looks fancy and stuff. he keeps changing it and says this is the NIS. W makes them stand in a line. He goes over how many wines they should drink and stuff. The basics for a standing party. The lead star and most important at a party are the women. The girls all come over dressed up. G looks at S and so does D. the guys seem impressed. W says all women want compliments – if there is nothing to compliment don’t open your mouth. Y says to the women: don’t fall for men’s compliment. they are just trying to seduce you. Y makes S explain so S gives info about a spy movie. about how spies seduce women at parties and stuff. You dont know what missions you will have so preparing perfectly is your objective for the training.  you have to learn all the basics from dances, rice wine to wine. She makes them choose their partner. I will give you ten mins. W jokes if you meet eyes with someone you can date. this is the place most couples form. move. The guys go over to each girl. G watches S smiling at D. D goes over to S and asks do you have a partner you wanted. S: no. she says you look cool today. D: you do too. G walks over to D and says cant you give me a chance. S: I told you not to show up in front of me. G: I didnt come to you. G asks D: want to be my partner. D: me? G: yes – you. D: what is your taste? G: anyway there are not enough women so someone has to partner with a guy. how about me. D takes S’s hand and says let’s go. G holds his arm and says to D:  you have to be fair and give someone a chance. D pulls his hand away

The agents are briefing and G’s face pops up so the guy asks is this correct. the tech says  Han’s son is one of our agents. W hears the news about G over the phone. W: you are saying Han PH’s father really did that? since his father did that we cant leave it alone. I will take care of it. what else?

D: find another partner.  G: you and I fought together once. let’s just say this is finishing what we started. D: you cant beat me. G: I already won. D: I know you followed S around after the blind date but you cant get a girl like that. G: what? I followed her around? G yells at her – what are you going around saying? you are really crazy. D: stop being childish and find another woman or find another guy. G: i must do it with you.  D tells him to go. G: what if I don’t want to. D pulls him close saying I am different from you – I didnt come in after taking the government exam. W comes over and hits D. are you leaving the girl by your side and seducing a guy? D: that’s not it. W: then did he seduce you. G: no – not seducing. I was talking – to ask to be partners. W: then were you two doing well and did you butt in S? S explains no- D and I were going to be partners but G butted in. W lectures her – if your colleague did something wrong you have to cover for him, but you tell on him. did I teach you that? S: no. W asks G and her to follow him. D tells her to go – I will wait. S says sorry. i will come back right away.

SM comes over and says they cause problems everywhere they go. She asks if D has a partner and he says I do

Some guys are hovering over Park so SM goes over and yells at the guys -arent you embarrassed. so they all walk away. park: why are you like this to me. SM asks do you have a partner. Park: not yet

W asks G to call his dad cuz you didn’t tell him you were coming here did you- cuz his dad reported him missing. does it make sense that the police are looking for an agent. call and tell him to cancel the missing report. G says it’s ok I don’t need to. W: do you know a parent’s heart? guys like you who betrays his parents later on betray his country. go and call. G goes out

W talks to S -did you tell your parents you were coming here? S: yes. W: your dad. S: did he cause trouble again?  is he hurt a lot. W: no tell your father not to do that. (he tells her what her dad did- go to some head office as a representative of his town)

G tells his mom I am doing well. G’s mom asks your phone is turned off – where and what are you doing. how can you not contact us for a month – are you not coming home for the rest of your life- how could you do this to me? did you eat. You aren’t hurt anywhere? you didnt get into an accident right? G: you dont have to worry. she asks then what are you coming? today? tm? G: no after a year. she yells at him to come home right now. the dad takes the phone and says why get mad at the kid. she says he said he will come after a year. the dad gets on the phone. G says I went on a short trip. Han says I know how you feel- come home. whatever you do – discuss with me and decide. G: There is nothing to discuss. Han: among the things you want to do is there nothing you want to do with me? G: yes.  Han: then among the things you want to do -there is nothing that you want to be like me? G: yes. Han: ok come home. I will wait.  G: you didnt call once so dont pretend to worry. also if you reported me missing cancel that right away or I really wont go. i’m hanging up. G sees S outside.

S is on the phone with her mom. mom says your phone was turned off so I thought you went to north korean. S asks did her dad go to that government office. S: Why did he go there. the mom says how that office wouldnt listen the town about the delayed road work so her dad went as a representative for their area and fought them. (he used his daughter’s name and threw it around for weight since she works for the government as an agent). S says why are you doing that. put dad on the phone. her mom asks nothing is going on right – you are eating well. S says just put dad on the pone. G listens to her conversation. Her dad gets on the phone. S says listen well – you cant tell anyone I am here. it’s a secret. her dad says you are this country’s agent so how is that a secret. S: then I will get fired. dont say anything and dont ask for any favors and dont take requests. the dad says since you are in a good position you should help people out.  S: please dont do it. did I ever ask you for anything. while I was working part time jobs did I ask for allowance? (she lists other examples of when she didnt ask for his financial help) Just stay still (and don’t do anything) if you dont how can I become this country’s agent. She yells and cries. He says ok don’t get mad and speak slowly. She says dad- day after tm I get paid. I will pay for the plow so dont ask others for money. don’t drink and drive. I don’t need the money here cuz they feed me. dont worry. hang up. bye. She cries hanging up. G moves away and hides. he watches her go back in (* she spoke in her country dialect so he knows her dad is from the countryside)

G remembers what she said in the car: “someone gets allowance and buys his car and home but someone has to work all day and just be able to buy one book and live. if she suffered so much to study -would she just think about getting married and living comfortably.” Then what she said after the car race: do you know what living is? just cuz you have some money – you think you can treat people like this. someone like you is more trash. you are just $235.” now G understands why she talked like that.

At the party SM is making park dance with her. D has to dance with that old guy. Y is coaching them to dip and stuff. D looks miserable.

G and S come in so Y asks what are you two doing. S says I have a partner. She looks at D but he is taken. Y says time doesnt wait for partners -there are only you two left. So hurry and pair up. she pushes G and S together to dance. Y makes the other’s hold their poses. Y says if you don’t want to be trained go out. she makes them hold hands with each other, put their hands on each other’s shouder, and for S not to pull out her butt so that they are close. smile looking at each other. G and S start to dance. Y goes over their footwork. D and S lock eyes once as they dance. G says are you really going to give me the cost of the car? S: dont make me talk. G: Do you have money. S: be quiet. G: you dont have any. S: as soon as you open your mouth – is talking of money the only thing you can do? G: you went to the blind date cuz it was a part time job right? dont waste your pride and live modestly without money if you dont have any.  isnt that more comfortable to live?  she says she rather give up the scoring for this than keep dancing with him and walks out

The director is briefed about Han and that he is working with JJ. director is told that Han’s son is their agent and being trained right now so director says tell W to fire G.

W comes over and tells them they worked hard.  congratulations. Today if your first pay. and it’s in cash.  S is so happy

W says do you all feel good. since you got paid you have to play a game. how about a real training today?

They all gamble with their pay. Y says dont cry over money.  we dont invite agents who dont live well. just smile and have fun even if you lose. They spread out her money and it looks like S was paid around $1500. she gets chips for her cash. W notices they exchanged all their money for chips and asks G and the old guy to play together. the 3 play Go stop together. W makes a bet for the sake of the country. W does something odd so G asks how can you do that. I wont play. W makes a threat of deducting 10 points for abandoning his partner.  so they have to keep playing

W walks around with a lot of chips and SM yells he took all their chips.

W comes over and asks who wants to play poker with me. If you beat me you get to go outside for a special outing/leave. raise your hand. so S volunteers.  S: when can I go? W asks when do you want to go on your leave. She says next month first week saturday (the day of her broadcasting test)

W and S are playing poker. She bets $5. W sees her 5 and puts $10 down and S raises him $100. She calls and shows her cards and I don’t know poker terms in Korean but she wins the hand. W” you are impressive 500 (inside joke about her dancing for 5o cents) let’s keep going.

M is looking at photos of G. JJ asks if Jay reported. Jay says it’s the NIS call center. JJ: watch who has been hired to follow Han. the picture you are looking at now is the CCTV locations of where we will drag/pull out Han.  he tells M that G is Han’s son. M says he is really cute. JJ tells her to look at the file and get ready to catch G. M: what does that mean? JJ says G is insurance so Han wont back out of his end (to force Han to do what they want). so drag/pull the son out too.

W and S are still playing and they bet $10 then $100 more and he bets $500. S: ok I will “call” so W says you dont speak in jondae while gambling. G watches the game carefully. he sees W twitch his ear. and then W acts like he has nothing so S bets a lot on one hand so G tells her to stop. Y tells G to stay out of it. S goes all in. W calls and asks to see her hand. He guesses she has a straight. 4,5,6,7,8. She is shocked. It’s all over.  He shows his hand and she lost. W says what to do cuz you cant go on your break/leave. end of the scoring. he tells the others to go up to the next level if they have money left. S: what about people without money. W: they have to just leave. S: what about the money. he says you lost it all. she says this was just training. W: I told you it was for real (cuz earlier she thought he meant real training). S: this is my pay/salary. W: who told you to gamble with your salary. S: you really arent going to give it to me? W: I told you I wouldnt. she cries and says but you cant – please give it (the money) to me. He says I warned you not to cry when you lost money. S: yes. He says how she only cared about winning money while playing cards but he told her to think – it would be nice to win but it’s no big loss. that’s what you did wrong. if you dont know that tax is a weight – you cant become an agent for the country.  she starts to cry more so he says go out and cry if you want to cry.

She runs out and G chases her. G says are you a dummy – you got your money stolen so why just leave it alone.  S: what business is it of yours. G: It does matter – cuz I have to be paid for the car. And don’t cry cuz of money. it’s unbecoming. he goes back in

W says it’s over and tells them to disband. G goes in and asks will you play one game. He puts his chips down. W says it’s over. G says let’s play. W: what is up with you – what is the reason. G: how is there a reason – it’s the road for the sake of the country. W: what do you want. G: If I win return all the pay to the agents that you won from them. S comes back in. W agrees and says if you win I will return everyone’s pay but if I win you are cut and fired from the NIS. You cant do it can you? not just anyone can do something for the sake of their colleagues. you have to show off when you can. G says I will show off once. W says you cant with those chips – need at least $10,000 to start. G asks others to lend him chips. W says if you lend it to him you will get penalty points. G says I will pay it back. each of you help out. I am asking as a favor. even if i lose it all I will pay you back. Some of the agents give their chips to him. the old guy and park each give him over $426 and say win.  G thanks them.

W and G start to play. W starts off with a $10 bet. Then $50. G: Call. W bets $500. G: call. They have to show their hands. W wins the first round with 6s. They play again. W: $10. G: call. W: $500. You are scared aren’t you. G: call. W: $1000. You are afraid huh? G: call. W says gambling is different in reality. you have to calculate this well. G: you said not to calculate. W: see how your voice is shaking. He bets $2,000. You want to die don’t you? G watches W’s ear twitch and smiles.G: you talk a lot you must be afraid. W: it’s cuz I like it cuz I get to cut someone like you who doesnt obey. what will you do if you get kicked out of here?  G: I only have one path- for the sake of country. G bets all his chips. G: all in.



G: This is for the sake of colleagues/teammates

S: you dont know but most people cry cuz of money. G: Don’t cry from here on

G: I thought that woman was destiny. She is not someone cowardly like me at least.

G gets in trouble

7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-31-09] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-35-02] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-35-45] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-35-56] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-53-18] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-03-44]7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[02-50-41] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-01-09] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-21-51] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-22-03] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[03-49-18] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[04-02-23] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[04-05-06] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[04-06-15] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[04-35-58] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[04-36-09] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[04-40-26]7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-25-08] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-06-20] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-10-56] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-12-20] 7급 공무원 3회 제 길은 하나밖에 없습니다. 오직 조국을 위해... 올인.130130.720p.HDTV.H264-구제역돼지[01-16-35]


20 comments on “Level 7 Civil Servant E3

  1. Anonymous says:


    Haha. Agree on that ballroom dancing thing. But, in some of official state banquet in certain country attended by some high profile government and military people, they still have this kind of thing Softy ;-).

    Or maybe, they should teach them how to dance modern/clubbing dance instead because bad guy normally hang out in the club. Hah.


  2. SS says:

    I don’t think I have time to look at his feet, Softy, From the teasers, he looked so debonair and suave in this ballroom, I could hardly breathe.

    And I love LOVE your idea of Joo Won playing a loner brooding agent. Funny. I had the same idea that day when I was reflecting on this drama. I love that he can relax and have more fun doing comedies but I think he does best in more serious roles. Shall we all pray together?


  3. nonski says:

    camping and thanks so much in advance for the live transcaps Softy! on a seminar, glad our accomodation have wi-fi but not that good. good luck to me.:(

    waves to my OBsiblings
    SS, flo, rainyrain, bbblue, yanna, Anon, everyone here tonight 😉


  4. nonski says:

    whoa! as early as now, G already showing signs of jealousy?! was it just male competitiveness or he had some liking to SW?


  5. Iprefernottosayit says:

    Can’t wait! 😀


  6. nonski says:

    awwwww! am i right Softy? i could feel that after that phone convo, G sees SW in a diff light and the first stirrings of attraction had been solidified. i knew a lot would not agree with me but i am already shipping this two. 🙂


  7. nonski says:

    love tonight’s episode… will be waiting for your transcaps. 🙂

    and JW looks so gorgeous during the dance… weeeeeeeeeh! *swoooon*


  8. SS says:

    I wasn’t expecting it but tonight’s episode is the turning point for me. I felt like crying after the show ended. Tears of relief. Although I did not understand a word, it was nonetheless a much better show than the previous eps where I was struggling to feel connected to the characters. Chansung did a very good job, CKH made me see her in a totally different light. I am not a fan of her comedic acting but as I suspected, she can emote well. That scene when she realised she lost it all, it was just daebak, I could see the desperation and embarrassment when her face crumbled. Joo Won, Joo Won, what more can I say. I just bought the whole lot at the scene when he re-entered the ballroom and took Seo Won’s hands. The way he looked at her, I was just a hapless puddle of goo


  9. thom says:

    this ep looks funny and intense more. waiting for your recap


  10. […] Recap: https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/level-7-civil-servant-e3-coming-up/ […]


  11. shailee says:

    Thank you!!!


  12. Мира says:

    Reblogged this on Мираленд and commented:
    Это экспереминтальный пост…часто пользуюсь реблогингом на tumblr, но здесь впервые.

    3 серия была очень хорошей, раз 7 я смеялась громогласно…и отписаться сразу было охота, но ещё больше охота было пересмотреть серию ещё раз. Что я сейчас и собираюсь сделать. А пока можете почитать этот пост – я его потом удалю (поменяю на свой)


  13. rainyrain says:

    This Guy is REALLYYYYY a cutypie <3<3<3<3<3

    thanks softy for the receap 🙂


  14. umi says:

    thank you for the recap softy and screencaps *swoon*.. just finished watching this ep. Sexy gil ro in white shirt, yummy… :). Love the fighting scene between D and G and jw’s expression when W hit him is so funny, can’t wait for ep 4..hope the bowl haircut just for few episodes, I like his hairstyle now, it suits him…


  15. SS says:

    Softy, I think he already had the bowl haircut at the PC. Just that they curl it slightly. I agree he looks better in the current one. Here’s the bowl haircut which makes him look like 15 and recent mountia pics of him where it looked better.


  16. joowonforever says:

    thanks, again….. please anyone what is the ratings for last night.?…….


    • umi says:

      AGB ratings:
      1. Level 7 15.9%
      2. Jeon Woo Chi 13.9%
      3. The Great Seer 9.1%

      1. Level 7 18.1%
      2. Jeon Woo Chi 14.3%
      3. The Great Seer 9.2%

      TNS ratings:
      1. Level 7 16.0%
      2. Jeon Woo Chi 12.7%
      3. The Great Seer 9.3%

      1. Level 7 18.1%
      2. Jeon Woo Chi 12.7%
      3. The Great Seer 11.2%

      credit: raito1310@soompi


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