Flower Boy Next Door E8

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I bawled like crazy when she looked up at this. There was a crack in her ceiling and E cleverly turned it into a pretty painting of a tree complete with birds. It broke my heart that even in her little room, he was trying to bring some life into it. Maybe even hoping that every time she sees it, she might think of the outside world and possibly venturing out more often. This is the kind of person her heart has been drawn to these past weeks. As much as I love Jin’s devotion and love for her, it just doesn’t rival this sort of gesture. In the preview, Jin wanted D to just stay there in her room and that was enough for him. He should want more for her though. If you love someone, you shouldn’t hold onto the ideal you have of that person -what’s best for her should come first. E knows that she needs to come out into the world again so he persistently encourages her – even cheering her on to write her own book. That is what I love the most about their relationship- his tender care in doing everything he can to improve her existing life. He may not have experienced the same degree of loneliness D has in her life, but one thing is for sure – he just doesn’t want her to experience anymore of it.  D said that she would think of E often (after he leaves), but she was dead wrong. She will never be able to stop thinking of him cuz every time she looks up, a part of his heart will be there.

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When it comes to human nature, the last thing you want to tell a person is not to do something cuz then it subconsciously becomes the only thing they want to do. Telling Enrique not to even be curious about Dokmi is like telling a kid not to eat the candy in his hand – it’s going to be gone in under a second. I know that Enrique realizes how much Dokmi means to Jin, but I don’t think Jin took into account how much Enrique means to Dokmi and vice versa. If these two people are already at that threshold where they just need to open their hearts and realize they have feelings for each other, how can Jin prevent that from happening? There is no way to undo all the influences and impact they had on each other. In a way, Enrique did the opposite of Jin’s method of proceeding slowly by moving at the speed of light. It’s happening the way Enrique said on that rooftop – someone else is going to get there first and confess.

* nothing is ever what it seems with this show and that’s the beauty of it.

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Is it wrong to call this face precious? This guy has like a million expressions and he just never runs out of them. I love that she gave him a similar look right before she kicked him in the shins and shut the door on him. She is no longer anyone’s doormat and her fighting spirit is coming back more and more with each interaction. Judging from the preview, I finally got my wish. She is looking at TJ’s window, but now she is searching for E.

For all the depth we are getting more of, are we willing to sacrifice the funny carefree Enrique we’ve come to know. For a second there last night I was so afraid we were going to see less of super cute hyperactive Enrique cuz his head was drooping in each scene towards the end, but thankfully the preview showed that you can’t keep down this vivacious spirit – not even some hurtful words.  Pretty soon this story is set to go on a whole new course once D and E admit their feelings for each other or even realize they have any. Once that happens, I can’t wait to see how they handle a little matter call love.


This show needs to be bottled and sold for people who want to enjoy the best cable kdrama has to offer in each little episode. I was never a fan of webtoons before, but now I have a whole new respect for them.


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Starts from the 3 of them walking home in a line. E sees S coming out upset and goes over there. after she accuses him of knowing TJ was going to the island and saying what should I do, E hugs her. D watches them and is about to leave, but she saw TJ coming out looking for S. D remembers how E said (back in her room as he was painting on her ceiling) I didn’t fight with hyung and run away from home. I just didnt want to get in the way between hyung and S – I just want to be someone comfortable and good between those two.  sincerely. That’s what made D suddenly run over and pull E away from S. Jin tried to take a step and stop her but couldnt.  TJ comes over and says hello to D. D nods hello. TJ puts S’s coat on her and makes her change into her shoes. TJ says to E: sorry – I suddenly told her and she got a little overwhelmed. TJ says to S-  you should have heard the rest of what I had to say. S: what will change if I hear the rest –say it – what will change – you are going to leave anyway. E looks over at Jin and takes his arm away from D. E tells S and TJ-you two stop fighting this war cuz it’s tiring. S: I am sick of me being like this too. TJ takes S away.

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E says to D: if it wasn’t for you ajumma hyung would have misunderstood – thank you.  D is about to talk but realizes Jin is listening so Jin says I better go in cuz it looks like you two need to talk. E explains: hyung – this situation looks very complicated but the outcome is simple-  is just the bad timing is all. you know right? Jin:you don’t need to explain that to me. D: I will be going. Jin: i should be going to. he follows behind her. She is about to walk away and turns around. She walks past Jin and goes to E. she says let’s talk. Jin hears that and pouts his lips and leaves. E looks at Jin -feeling guilty

*it’s like at that moment Jin was invisible to her which is a bit ironic – I felt so bad for him. all he wants is to be seen by the one person who just doesnt seem to see what he has to offer.

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Jin goes to the elevator and mutters –  I asked her to talk but she said she was tired. He pushes the elevator and goes in. he suddenly holds the door and doesn’t let it close

As D and E talk on the street, Jin came back secretly and hid and listened to their conversation

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D says I don’t want to put my name on your book so fix/adjust the contract and sign it. E: I heard from the publisher (he spoke banmal but added the “yo” at the end last second to make it jondae)but I dont understand -you took a rough manuscript I wrote and turned it into something coherent. is that work embarrassing for you? that it has to be your first book that you put your name on -this is a little – Is it cuz my book is a little messy (as in there are unpleasant stuff in it that she might not want to be associated with) -you dont feel right putting your name on it? she says people like him putting out his book might not know but others editors arent like that-if they worked hard on a book they insist it’s theirs.  but D’s doesnt believe in putting her name on it and getting part of the profits as a favor from the writer -that was her job condition. he doesn’t know what she meant by that word so he looked it up and it’s a positive meaning. E: is that how you felt? that I’m showing you generosity? D: I will just think it’s been settled. she turns to leave but E holds onto her arm.  E: i did something light again (not taking things seriously). I am normally a hollow shell arrogant king. (he just quoted all her insults about him)  she removes his hand from her arm and turns to go. he yells out “for certain- I acted like I didn’t know you but you acted like you knew me first. D: I apologize for calling you a hollow shell. it was going too far. E: it’s not going too far – I felt like a hollow shell like you thought – to be honest – what just happened – it was cuz you didnt trust me. that I might have feelings left for S and give hyung pain. so that is why you jumped in when it’s not like you. Cuz I am a hollow shell arrogant king human trash. She turns around and faces him. D: I did it cuz I knew how you felt/ your sincerity. cuz I knew your true feelings in case a bigger misunderstanding occurred -that your heart would get more tangled up and not be able to untangle it -that’s why I did it. stop doing that now – running to her and worrying about S – it’s not your duty anymore. E: your advice is so harsh and yet stated so eloquently. but when my friend is crying and feeling depressed -I cant act like I dont know- if I do and there is a misunderstanding and my heart gets tangled, all I have to do is just untwist it/resolve it. D says there are knots you cant undo. E: I wish I knew what that knot is  – it would be nice to know what is so hard on you. aside from me -what is in someone else’s heart and head – making me this curious about it – it’s the first time. D looks at him in surprise. Suddenly Jin’s phone rings and they look over at him. he is talking to the editor saying I came out of the house so just wait a little bit. They watch him talking. E says hyung is the one who told me about your key search words. seeing how he knows so much about you – I dont think that hyung goes outside a lot either. looking at that you two are alike. it would be nice if you two met and talked about every corner of the neighborhood. D is about to leave so E gets in front of her and says since you acted like you knew me first -the deal is off- our relationship is recovered. I sure do speak Korean well. see you again. He runs off. D goes home

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The editor says where do you think you are going – i told you not to drop by suddenly. she gets all sarcastic asking if he is eating her words. Talking about eating makes her crave snacks suddenly so it annoys her. Jin yells back: I wont go -from here on – for the rest of my life – even if I die I wont go there. She speaks more calmy and talks about the character –the guy from Spain who comes out onE4–is there a guy like that in the world? is he a melo fantasy- genius, good looking, good personality. she doesnt believe there could be someone like that. a nice guy doesn’t get in the way of someone else’s love. she orders Jin to turn that character into someone who is cowardly and dog trash.Jin repeats those words. she thinks that Rapunzel might for that guy so Jin asks why? he is going back in a month. he has a one month expiration date. she points out the girl doesnt have to care about front or back and just does everything she wants. that’s the time she could fall in love.  if he just leaves then it will be kept a secret. so envious. Jin: how is that love? do women have that quality? she says I dont cuz I’m modest. she talks about the webtoon – not to leave the faces to his assistant (Dong )- the tone of the drawing is different.  cuz it’s a melo – throw away your greed for background and just focus on the face -cuz the background is so pretty you cant see the faces. understand? She hangs up but he was saying I drew their faces

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E comes over to Jin and says hyung I knew you would be around here. Jin remembers how the editor told him to make E’s character a cowardly dog trash.

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as they walk home, E says there is a big match between Madrid and Barcelona today -want to watch it together. if you do – today I can cheer for madrid especially cuz Barcelona has been winning too much these days so I am sick of them. let’s the two of us cheer on madrid. call? jin: what are you talking about? why? E: cuz you are Oh JW hyung. jin: then are you some kind of migratory bird-following the situation -going along with the person you are watching with -cheering on different teams. I dont like migratory birds. even if I die I cheer on one team. even if I die i only look at one team. E compliments him for the kind of soccer fan Jin is and so on. E quotes a soccer player and what he said. (*they are losing me here with all this sports talk and I have the same look as E here in this scene – as in “i cant win tonight”) E: whatever I say now you dont like all of it huh? you warned me you might end up not liking me but you already dont like me. I see it all. why? cuz of ajumma? Jin: why do you keep calling Dokmi shi ajumma. E yells: ok – dokmi shi dokmi shi  go dokmi shi. I am just curious about Go dokmi shi– why does she live like that – why cant she come outside into the world -even though she is different from me she is so different from me-this kind of curiosity.   Jin: that’s how I started too -suddenly I got curious – cuz I got curious – I worried – and when I worried about her – it kept making me think of her -when I  thought of her I wanted to see her so don’t have any curiosity even. E: to be honest you should be grateful to me cuz I’m intrusive and went over there and banged on her door and brought her out and barged into her room so that is how you even confessed. Jin yells I said I didn’t confess. E: anyway you are a little grateful to me. ok ok I wont have any curiosity – ok call. I will be going back in a month- this is going too…  jin cuts in and says dont talk like that – the shorter the expiration time-the more interest people could have and pay more attention.  It sounds like another form of unflattering comment so E takes offense and says what am I canned goods now. he lists all the ones he has been called so far -hollow shell, arrogant king, human trash, canned goods. Jin: at least canned goods last a long time.  as they talk off together, jin says don’t follow me. when I’m with you it’s exasperating. E: who is following- I am going home now. Jin: then go home. E: go well. Jin: sleep well.

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E crosses the street and stops and remembers how D pulled his arm and smiles. E: I was a little touched/moved ajumma

Dong goes to a club and meets up with a girl and asks do you want to go out. he helps the girl up the stairs. her friends ask are you going. she invites them to go in one car. Dong offers to turn the engine on (to heat up the car) so wait.  (* this is what he does as a part time job at night – he takes these drunk girls home or to their next destination so he is a hired designated driver). In her car he gets a call from Jin. Jin:what nagging do you want to say – I already drew the background.  Jin: how much longer are you just going to do what I tell you? dong: I draw backgrounds – what else would I draw – faces? Jin: from now on you are no longer my protege- we draw together so you cant go around at night anymore. Jin:what? Jin hangs up on him. (*up to now dong was always the better artist so tonight Jin has to accept that so now he is going to allow dong to draw faces. Dong always knew his place on their team and let Jin draw faces and just accepted the fact that he would always do backgrounds.)

Dong goes out and opens the door for them saying how he will be friendly and drive them to their next location.   he gives his card out to the other woman after the main girl introduces him as her designated driver. Dong takes some women to their second location and gets paid for driving them. He got $50. if he took them separately it would been been that price for each.

DH is meeting with her friends and asks why they don’t go home. They said you said to go to a club. DH: today you guys go by yourselves. From here on it’s showtime.

D is looking at E’s book cover. She is holding his panda hat. She takes down a box from DH and remembers how DH said our memories are in this box. She opens it and there are photos of them together. She gets a call from DH, but D ignores the call.  DH is drinking and says let’s see if you win or I win. D remembers how E said goalkeepers dont play soccer alone so it’s ok to get help from other players. Your friend wants to reconcile. D answers the call. DH pretends to sound drunk and says my friend go dong mi go dong mi godong godong . what is this  -you are supposed to call me cha do hui cha do hui cha dor cha dor.  we are godong and chador. D says if there is nothing to say I will hang up. DH says I dont want to- I am going to keep doing this till you say cha dor.  I must be too drunk – I don’t know where this place is. Should I just die on the street by freezing to death. godong gogong. DH pretends to throw up and hangs up. the bartender stares at her like she is high.

After hanging up, D sits down and repeats “go dong go dong go dong mi.” It sure has been a long time since I heard that. she says DH’s name that way too

S stalker is going through E’s photos  – there are pics of S with E sleeping on a bed next to her

E finds out there are photos of him with S online and rumors that she is his girlfriend and that he has a son. There are photos of him with kids at the sauna.E: where did these photos come from? what is this reaction?

TJ comes home and E asks what happened to S. TJ says she wants to be alone -you call her later. TJ:Did you text me just now.  E says I lost my phone. TJ: then what is this. TJ shows the text he got. it has a link to all the photos. E sees it and is surprised. I thought he just stole a smart phone but he planned this out. no wonder he risked his life to run away.  what does he want from me? TJ: should we report it? we should report it.E: it’s ok -it’s not like I am a celebrity- there wasnt anything important.

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E checks and there are more photos of S with E sleeping by her. E explains to TJ – it’s cuz we lived next door for 10yrs  so would there just be one or two photos we took in that time period. so these things could happen.  people could misunderstand. TJ: S should know too so call her. E says how S wouldnt care about this and just laugh it off.  TJ: that’s what she should do.  I am leaving tm. E:wasnt it next month?  TJ says the stuff he has to do before he goes for training like put his dog at the place he will be posted at so the dog can get used to the place. E: hyung you always decide stuff on your own – that kind of behavior- do you know how lonely that makes the people around you. TJ: I am lonely too. E mutters there are a lot of lonely people around here. He suddenly realizes these texts were sent to everyone on his contact list so he gets hysterical and yells “what is this?”  he points to D’s room and says “she will think I posted those pics on purpose. she will misunderstand that I’m being clingy and have lingering feelings (for S). this is so unfair.”  he realizes he can go and get his panda hat and clear up the misunderstanding.  he runs out

D got that mass text from E about his personal photos. It’s pics of him with S

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Jin is drawing E’s character and says I really dont want to draw you – you punk. he gets a text from E as well and it’s all the same photos of E and S looking like a couple. jin: what is this? He remembers how E hugged S. Jin mutters :what is so complicated. i could probably do two webtoons (with this much material he means)  How did D get involved among them. He gets a call from DH and wonders why do you keep calling me

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D looks at all the photos of E and S and taks her muffler off cuz she decided not to go after DH. the doorbell rings. She grabs the panda hat and opens her door. E: hello ajumma- did I leave anything of mine inside – I think I have to go in and check, but she throws his panda hat at him and she tries to close the door, but he stuck his foot in so she kicks him and shuts the door. (Those pics of S and him must have really bugged her to resort to violence in her mind)

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Rewind to when she got the text and photos. she takes off her muffler again. the doorbell rings, but this time she doesnt take the panda hat to the door ( as if she wants to give him an excuse to come in). she looks and it’s Jin.  He dressed nicely. he says your friend is very drunk. She is at a bar next to the post office. I know it well but she said you wouldnt know it. If it’s ok she asked if we can go together. Your friend said that.

As he is walking over, E tells himself I am just going to get my hat. I cant just throw that away. i’ll just say give me the hat and she will come out

D: I’m sorry but could I ask you to take care of my friend. her office is out in the front so could you just take her up to there. I don’t think it’s right to meet when she is drunk. He says ok – it’s not like you two have good feelings about each other anyway- don’t worry I will just go and piggy back her and just toss her (it came out sounding rude so he changes it to) I will take her back well. Don’t worry. He walks away.

Jin berates himself outside: are you a dummy – why cant you talk? why cant you confidently say will you go with me.

The owner comes over drunk so Jin says hello to her. she says it’s our flower boy. i’m not someone who should be living here but I really like you. Jin: you must have drank some alcohol. She says she drank Moet champagne. The guard comes over and motions for Jin to leave. guard says she needs to go in and she turns and asks living is hard isnt it. he says you must have drunk. She says it’s champagne. He says it smells like rice wine though. She says I have to give you a bonus and gives him a can of beer. She asks him to keep doing well guarding. He tells her to go in carefully

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Just as Jin is leaving, E goes running in. E rings once and was about to go crazy on the bell but D opens the door so he asks -what is this – why did the door open so easily. E: hello ajumma – did I leave anything inside? can I go in and check. She quickly closes the door. He mutters – no wonder i thought it opened too easily. you’re dead now. he keeps ringing the bell saying open it. She opens it and gives him his hat. He asks how did you know I left this behind. She is on her way out. he asks where are you going ajumma and follows her

Jin goes over to DH and says you aren’t as drunk as I thought. you sounded very drunk when we talked a while ago. she says she isnt the type that gets overly drunk. He says let’s go then

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On the street she pretends to walk tipsy and grabs his arm.  DH: I am drunk but I am not saying this cuz I am drunk  – I fell for you at first sight when I first saw you Jae won shi. He says you are drunk -very drunk. Should I buy you water (to clear your head). DH: you’ve been so good to me and paid attention to me. Jin: I did? DH:  starting from when I moved in till now- I even learned cooking. (cuz he invited her for that so he tries to explain that was for D but she doesnt let him finish) DH: I thought I am not the only one liking so I was very happy. Jin: I didnt – don’t be happy just cuz you feel like it. she suddenly makes him hold her purse and grabs his face and kisses him. he has a hard time pulling away cuz she was so strong. He wipes his mouth and leaves

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E trails behind her asking where are you going ajumma. D: since you got your hat how about leaving now. E: ajumma didnt you get a strange text today? I’m being terrorized by an anti-fan. I got my smart phone stolen and he is revealing my personal life. she stops walking and asks why. E: why? cuz he doesnt like me. look where i got hurt. (he said that in baby talk) he holds up his bloody hand. E: you didnt think I sent that text on purpose right? you didnt right? you didnt see me like that kind of guy right? she looks away so he says – you saw me as that kind of guy. waaahhh – how do you think of me? do I look that bad?  I am about to get angry

Just then Jin and DH come over. jin is still wiping his mouth. DH says to D -you said you couldn’t come but you came. she leans in close to Jin. Jin says to DH- sorry if I made you misunderstand  but I like someone else. I will be going now. Jin walks away. E was about to follow but stops and listens to DH talking

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DH asks D – is it you –do you think you are the one that person likes? D: what you want -do you like your heart being found out by people. DH: it’s better than being underhanded. D: You are still the same as always. When will I ever understand you. E listens to that

Jin remembers what DH said – how she called him jae won twice. He suddenly looks back. (*thank goodness – maybe now he will see her true evil character)

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At home, D writes:
To someone, love is like a trophy or medal – the result of victories to show off and be proud of (E and S)
To someone, love turns into sincerity – for the sake of the other person, waiting endlessly on (Jin)
To that woman, love is a secret that’s inside her that can’t be found out, even to herself. she looks over to what E painted on her ceiling
[13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-10-25]

next morning, TJ is packing and E is calling S and saying she isnt answering. E asks is that all you have? (cuz TJ is packing light). TJ says after training I am going back and forth (so he is coming home on and off) E:If she really thought it was the last time she would have come. She must intend to keep bothering you. E goes over to the dog and says when will we meet again hippo. He suddenly gets an idea and snuggles against the dog. (*the dog looks like its saying “what’s this guy’s deal” and sort of pulls away from E)

D wakes up and gets a text. It’s from TJ – “I am kaegeum’s cousin Han TJ – could you come down for a second. I will be waiting.” She looks out the window at his place. She gets another text from him – “I am waiting.”

She goes out and looks at the milk with another post it – “starting fresh today.” she looks at Jin’s door and smiles and takes the milk with her.

[13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-11-45] [13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-14-22]

She goes out quickly and looks around. She turns to go but E pops his head out and calls ajumma. I lost my phone. but hyung really texted that himself when I called out what to type. for real.  If I called you out you wouldn’t have come so aren’t you showing how you feel inside too much. she turns to leave but he says wait a minute and pulls the dog over so she calls out hippo and pets him and smiles. E: i knew it. she is smiling so he says that’s an expression that doesnt come out often. what to do cuz it’s the last time with hippo- hyung is leaving. Hippos will be taken care of at a place that has great air and view. it turned out well cuz he gets to run around and get a girlfriend. She tells the dog to go well. be healthy. E: I did well didnt I? (he used the word she taught him and brags once I learn a vocab I dont forget it). she is too focused on the dog so E mutters she isnt paying any attention to him

[13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-15-05] [13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-15-12]

TJ pulls up in his car. He goes over and says hi to D. D: are you leaving now. TJ: yes. D: Go and come back well. TJ: you stay well too. E looks over and says it’s S.

[13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-17-21] [13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-18-26] [13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-18-49]

S comes over so E asks if you were going to come in the end anyway why resist. S says to TJ: I came to say goodbye for the last time. I did as much as I could huh oppa. TJ: I am sorry. S: you shouldn’t say sorry in this situation. E feels uncomfortable cuz that is exactly what he said to S. E says to TJ:  do you mean that hyung? do you know what sorry means. It means this is the end -dont come to me anymore. TJ: yes that’s what I meant. S tells E: don’t meddle. S says to TJ: oppa for bothering you all that time – I am sorry.  I have no regrets but I have to say this. if I dont, then I seem like a foolish kid. I am going back with Kaegeum to Spain. E says dont just say anything – think about what you are saying. She says I saw the photos – I didnt know those pics existed. why did you have those . Cuz I am hurting I finally know how you were hurting. She shows 2 plane tickets and says I want to leave right now. Let’s go together. E looks over at D.



D says to E: I think I will think of you often. Go well. She goes home and cries

S: Can you leave?

Jin says to D:  like now – all you have to do is just stay there (in her home)

E: give up now -I promised I wouldnt butt in/interfere anymore

D: when is it (when are you leaving)

Jin accuses E: when did you know this heart –  that you started to like D? since when did you know?

D was hospitalized and Jin sits by her bedside while E stands by the doorway with tears streaming down his face

[13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-20-36] [13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-21-40] [13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-23-18] [13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-23-24] [13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-24-42] [13.01.29.화] 이웃집꽃미남.E08.130129.HDTV.720p-yosimoto[06-25-27]


41 comments on “Flower Boy Next Door E8

  1. jhen says:

    E & D looks good together 🙂 E is just so adorable and cute whether his mad, lonely, happy or crazy. I love looking at him in his childlike gestures, he’s so cutey cutie! This ahjumma adores you so much E. Gezzz! Since when did I love to call myself ahjumma, I’m still in the noona/unnie age but then the word “Ahjumma” is like filling up my mind because of E. Nyehehehe! FBND addiction that is! 😛

    Happy camping again for episode 8! 🙂 Thank you so much Softy for feeding up our addiction on FBND!


    • sirina gilbody says:

      Thank you again softy to make us understand what is going on quickly see you next week xxx


    • flo says:

      yeah you are right..E&D looks sooo good together..at first time i just knew them as a good actor and actress, i never thought they can make a such beautiful couple together
      i was indifferent about YSY at the beginning,i never noticed him in BK but now i adore him as an actor.i like E’s character soo much..YSY is nailing perpectly as E


  2. K says:

    I ❤ this drama-the characters feel real and have depth, the scenes are soul stirring and the music tugs at my heartstrings. After so many wasted hours of watching senseless and cliched dramas…this is the one that actually makes me wish that Monday should come sooner…Finally,I've found a true gem,a rarity in the Korean dramaland and hope that it gets loads of accolades and that it keeps up its wonderful vibe right through the end! Thanks for your hard work Softy! Love your blog.Keep up the great work 🙂


  3. nonski says:

    Softy dear, thanks for the transcaps! i am so looooking forward to read them later. am uberly excited for tonight’s episode after the ending last night. 🙂 love you for your hard work dedicated to FBND… you’re recap had become more detailed and i love it. i don’t know it that’s the case or just missed your recap.

    btw, sent it already last jan 15. i think it will take one more week to arrive.


  4. seara says:

    Both PSH & YSY have similliar face, chubby check 😛

    Anyway, thank you softy for doing live recap 🙂
    I will not sleep until i read your recap… i’m not patient enough to wait eng sub tomorrow -_-


  5. enz says:

    waiting along with everyone and watching subbed episode 7 while at it. thanks softy 🙂


  6. enz says:

    i just had a thought – now everyone is loving ah jum ma ah jum ma.. didnt we last connected with ahjusshi ahjusshi – which was what ja eun used to call tae hee?? 🙂


  7. juleeekkkzzz says:

    been following your recaps since moon embracing the sun.. just wanna say thank you for your willingness to share your kdrama experience with us


  8. enz says:

    just finished epi 7. i enjoyed that 🙂


  9. citriem@yahoo.com says:

    Shipping Dok Mi x Jin Rak, but Enrique is doing the job.


  10. nonski says:

    i’m speechless after tonight’s episode’s end part… gonna cool off for a while and be back later.


    • enz says:

      ohh- am gonna wait till subs tomorrow.. trying not to read recaps yet


    • Gaeina Lee says:

      *Silently handing u 1lt cup of HD’s Belgian Chocolate*

      Smile darling.. ^^


    • Bella says:


      Hey nonski~

      My blood pressure’s up again. I know you must know the feeling. Aigoo….

      I feel so bad for E ‘coz he has created a monster in cushioning SY too much from life’s blows

      I feel bad for TJ because a mopey, whiney girl is hanging on to him and can’t give him peace..what with all the drama she’s bringing to his content lifestyle. (see TJ in episode 1 and how he deteriorated from there.. He just looks so exhausted now 😦 )

      I feel bad for us because we didn’t even see DM and TJ interact besides the usual his and hellos.. :((


      Anyway, thank you Softy for bringing us liverecaps. 🙂


  11. lovcom00 says:

    thank yo SO muck for your hard work ❤
    after watching today's episode I feel almost exausted(?)
    well, it's going to be a loong week.


  12. nonski says:

    torrent link as posted by semi-fly


  13. nonski says:

    episode 8 raw


  14. Cloudygirl says:

    Thanx for fast recap. Omo, I really curious bout next episodes. What the h*** Enrique is doing? Cutie boy just strive for your love please. N jinrak, the mysterious one. Choayooo.
    Once more, thank you softy..u’re really a hard-worker!!


  15. Jada says:

    I sincerely love this drama, thank you for the recap once again. I can’t wait for next Monday lol, it sounds so strange for me to say that. Thanks again for your hard work 😀


  16. Jewels says:

    Thanks Softy for your recap. Looking forward to next week!


  17. flo says:

    oooo i love this episode soo much , but in the last scene..i hate SY ..soo she wants to have E back?she thought E haven’t forgotten about her, and this time he should help her and stay by her side
    you were wrong girl..!!!!! this guy is not belong to you anymore..he had changed his heart towards another girl without him knowing it…..
    D & E…ooomggggg love in the air..i absolutely like when they fought, they looked like a couple in love already , they didnt realized their feelings to each other..i just love their lovestory..its so sweet and beautiful…
    thanks a lot softy for your recap..i’m looking forward for the next episodes….^_^,


  18. ck1Oz says:

    Thank you for the recap. Also thank you for the screencap man you picked all the adorable E shots.
    I am not sure since I haven’t watched the raw but the ending sort of kills me. Really? He is leaving??????


  19. Enz says:

    Love your thoughts again, softy. Thanks. I can’t believe that S character.. She is too insensitive and inconsiderate to be for real. And presumptuous too, to decide for Enrique that he returns to Spain with her immediately! She is truly irritating me.


  20. omiki says:

    Softy, thank you for your recap. I haven’t had time to watch episodes 5 to 8 yet, but your recaps have kept me up to date, which is just wonderful! Keep up the good work! I’m rooting for Jin – is there no more hope for him? >,<


  21. nonski says:

    episode 9 preview

    cr: akp


  22. nonski says:

    episode 9 spoiler as posted at soompi


    • flo says:

      OMG…LOL..this is so awesome and hilarious….
      they are not kidding anymore…and E is not a cupid anymore..he want to get the girl
      and the war is begin……ysy’s voice is good ,,he can singing well..and KJH is awesome,i do love both of them ^_^.
      thank you soo much for this my dear nonski
      i heard you in hospital…get well soon dear ^_^


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