Flower Boy Next Door E7

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She rescued him this time without him needing to ask – just that pleading look in his eyes was all she needed to act. It took so much out of him to let go of his first love – D witnessed that first hand. He pretended he was strong through it all, but she knew how it tore him up inside. She was not about to let him go through that pain again – not if she could help it.

This might have been the bravest thing she ever did – she reached out to him first. Pushing aside her anger at him, she followed her instinct to help him. Pulling him away might seem like such a small gesture, but for someone like Dokmi, she just crossed a great divide.

I prayed like crazy I could get every word down in that pivotal scene with E and D and I got almost all of it. That scene gave me chills. Never saw anything so raw before. It’s like an important layer in their relationship has been stripped away. Peel is not accurate enough – it was literally ripped off like a bandaid. This is exactly the kind of tv show we need more of, but hardly ever get. Whoever gave the go ahead to produce this show, I wish I could hug and thank right now.

Does anyone speak Japanese? I was lost during that scene. Did W say anything that was important or was it all about cooking and recipes?

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I chose this as my second main pic cuz I loved how he encouraged D. With someone like this on her side, D doesn’t need much of anything else.

Written before it aired: Sometimes when you like someone you can’t admit it to yourself or others. You just treasure each memory you have with them. The second those words leave your lips and hang in the air, it becomes a reality that you have to contend with.  Sooner or later, either Enrique or Dokmi will have to acknowledge their growing affection for each other. Once they voice their feelings, just like that sand castle that was washed away by the waves, I fervently hope their declaration of love will quietly efface all their past years of solitude so that they feel like the weight of enduring those lonely moments have been lifted from their hearts.

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I need to see these two share more screen time together to get a feel for how they would be like as a couple. Behind the scenes, they are adorable despite the age gap.


When I watch dramas I instantly love, I get this feeling sometimes that the writers behind these stories knew at certain point that their words would resonate with viewers. I bet they knew that some of us would just get these characters and feel every emotion the writer put into them – so much that we re-watch specific scenes and savor just how special this drama makes us feel. Case in point would be that serious scene coming up between Enrique and Dokmi. By the end of the series, eventually someone’s heart is going to get broken since Dokmi can’t choose both guys. Heaven forbid she doesn’t choose either cuz that just doesn’t make sense. With any other drama, I might have such concerns, but not with this one. Most times I fear the final episode cuz part of me doesn’t want to say goodbye, but more often than not, I know there is a chance they will disappoint us by not ending in a way that satisfies. With this drama, after just 6 short episodes, I already know whatever kind of ending awaits us, there were enough poignant moments from the first few episodes that will more than make up for anything that might be lacking in the finale. This kind of certainty only comes when you love a drama to the core of your being. It rarely happens, but when it does, it’s a joy to cherish.


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LovecomOO wrote this on the soompi thread on the 27th and cracked me up:

I swear I cannot. Wait. Anymore.

In a couple of hours I’ll be hitting the wall with my feet shouting *A-JUM-MA-A-JUM-MA-A-JUM-MA*

*I seriously thought I was the only one who chants “ajumma”  like this in my head so it was a relief to know I’m not alone.

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Starts from Jin and E meeting on the rooftop. Jin tries to break off a broom to use as a weapon to wave around for emphasis, but he cant break it off.  *He says I dont like picking on ages cuz one is a year older and therefore a hyung and grown up – let’s try talking like friends. E glares for a second, but goes back to himself and smiles -saying the sun is blinding his eyes. he does his happy feet dance and says I am so curious what you will say. Jin: I am someone who cant pretend to like someone when I don’t and the person that I like – pretend not to. E says hyung you don’t like me too. Jin: hyung too? why? Does someone not like you? E: these days I am collecting antis (anti fans). Jin: why? unlike the rumors, you seem to be a great guy. (he used “nom” and explains) here it’s not an insult. you know that right? you know enough Korean to know that right?  E is touched and yes – you are a good guy too hyung. you are such a good guy (he used the word “nom” too) so it doesnt sit well with Jin cuz it doesnt sound right when a younger guy uses it on him.  Jin: anyway – I don’t know you well, but I am afraid I will start to dislike you over time so I asked you up here to talk. E: I was curious about that too – why? why?  why do you think you will dislike me (over time) why? why? why?

*Just to clarify – Jin wasn’t saying he is one year older than E. Guys like Jin don’t like the Korean way of picking on age so he was just making a point by saying one year – he could have just as easily said a few years. The point Jin is making is relevant cuz in real life YSY is one year older than JW – they were both born in Sept – YSY is 86 and JW in 87 so JW calls YSY “hyung.” Most guys with just a year gap don’t bother doing that, but it depends on the guys. In this drama, this character (Jin) doesn’t like doing that stuff so even though Jin and E have a few years age gap, he let E speak banmal to him.

D is about to go in, but Dong is holding the boxes and says shouldnt we go up to the roof -why did he give me this and go. what should I do with this? also there is something you dont know 402 but the two of them  (Jin and E) have some rivalry between them. DH takes it from him and says to D: you shouldnt treat the guys the way you treat me then this childish incident wouldnt happen. also you dont want to accept this stuff? do you know what’s inside? she gives the box of clothes to D and says it has our memories inside (their years of friendship). you awful girl (she used a bad word for “girl”) Some men in suit come and knock on Jin’s door so dong asks who they came for.  the guy says Oh Jin Rak so dong thinks it’s not jaewon this time.  The guy are here to serve papers and says Jin is going to be prosecuted for fraud, loan sharking, and other crimes so Dong is shocked

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Jin asks what did you mean in the hallway –  to stand by and keep watching over her-who is watching over who? E: you like her. Jin: me? E points at him and says you confessed to her. Jin:what? when did I? I didn’t confess yet. E says that’s strange – when I looked – the mood seemed exactly like you confessed. Jin: what did you see?  E points and says: seeing the expression on your face – it’s correct that you did confess. he starts to lightly hit Jin saying you confessor.  Jin asks what is confession –”I like you- starting from today let’s date- starting from today let’s be girlfriend/boyfriend” – stuff like that?  Doing that on your own arbitrarily is assault. E: if you think like that how can anyone start dating in this world. someone has to confess first. Jin:  no – without needing a confession – you start slowly, taking your time, and carefully get to know one another and at some point in time… E cuts in and says at some point in time someone else will already confess first and say “I love you Go Dokmi shi.” Jin is shocked and backs away asking- did you confess? E: huh? why would I confess?  Jin yells: what is that then? D was living peacefully  – why pull out a person who is being still -why go barging into someone’s home -why shake things up?  E says I didnt do anything – you said the right thing- D is calm like a serene lake and I go back to Spain in a month. Until then… Jin doesn’t let him finish talking and asks what are you going to do till then. cause ripples like a wave? so E says that ajumma’s lake wont have ripples no matter what, even if you added the strength of uncle and grandfather, she is not someone who would ever do that. also you saw her longer than me but you don’t know her more than me. you really really were planning to get to know her sloooowwwwly. Jin: I watched over her for over 3 yrs so wouldnt i know her better than you? E: is that so. Do you know what her dream is? Do you know she has a huge green onion planter in her home. Do you know she likes travel documentaries? Jin yells back do you know how many times a week she goes to the post office? You dont know do you?  Do you know how much she likes trash? E: huh? Jin: no this sounds weird. do you know how diligently she works to sort through recyclables at night? when she goes to the library – do you know how many books she borrows- do you know which ones she read over ten times? you dont know do you? E is impressed Jin knows so much and claps. E: you are the best. I will back you up (meaning help Jin get together with D). you are so cool.

DH spied on their conversation and comes running yelling stop. She acts calm and asks back up who? arent you already like that with her (meaning in a relationship) if D hears that she will feel bad. E: it’s not like that at all. DH: saying it’s not that at all – that’s how they all start.  Jin yells he said they aren’t.

while D goes inside with the boxes, Dong is still talking to those men saying that person doesnt live here- this is my home and my name is yoo  dong hoon. the man says we know very well who Oh JR is and that he lives here. Dong: why? how? He imagines Jin getting arrested for being a wanted criminal

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DH says you two really don’t know women – women are like onions. Even if you keep taking off the layers there is no end. (she realizes that sounds wrong cuz it sounded like women being stripped so she says that feels strange) anyway – there are different sides to D that you two dont know about. listen well – it happened second year of high school- we both were planning first kisses. Jin and E repeat: first kiss?  DH: in second year of high school, we both liked the same lit teacher who started work then for the first time. E laughs and says what is that – that story is too obvious. all you each have to do is fight – 1,2, punch and then just reconcile. Jin is all serious and asks what was the style of that teacher? who did he look like celebrity wise. She says that was so long ago -how could i remember his style. she suddenly acts like she is thinking and remembering saying his style was really cool. i remember so vividly. She asks for E’s name. DH: you resemble that teacher a lot so that’s why D likes you. E looks guilty as Jin looks at him accusingly. E: like what. this miss is just guessing from a while go. ajumma hates me so much. why else would she go so far as to tell me not to act like I know her. Jin yells then you should have acted like you didnt know her -why barge in with your bags. E gets frustrated and yells back how many times do I have to tell it’s just cuz of work. what is wrong with you. aish. E is tired from venting and his spittle went flying everywhere.  Jin lets him catch his breath and goes over and asks DH- you interrupted like it was over something important, but it was just about the first kiss in high school. DH says the incident starts from here. can you handle it (what I am about to tell you)

DH totally lies and says we were close friends who suited each other but grew apart when the literature teacher came. he was good to me saying I wrote well. he even called me and lent me his book. but D didnt keep in check her feelings as a student as she should have and made that boundary collapse by crossing that line. her heart was like – “if I can’t be together with him, I will destroy it all.” the teacher wasnt able to hang on even a year and asked for a transfer. rumors spread everywhere that it all happened cuz of D. until she graduated, D didn’t talk to anyone. E: she didnt talk at all? it was aphasia. DH: I cant tell anymore cuz it’s her personal life problem. Jin says D must have been so lonely.

*I’m not normally a violent person, but if I could make a voodoo doll of DH, I wouldnt even waste time poking pins in it – I would use a hole puncher or a nail gun. How dare she lie like that – how does she intend to get away with it? Evil has a new name in town and it’s this character. I can’t even stand to screencap her face anymore -this poor actress is going to be hated for a long time cuz she is doing a great job acting wise.

standing by her door, D touches all the post-its Jin left her

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Dong gets a text and the men in suits try to see the text. A girl texted “oppa where did my underwear go” so dong says “why is she asking me that. how would I know.” the men give him funny looks and moves away from him.

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D comes out and summons up her courage and asks the men – does Oh JR shi know about being indicted. where did you two come from. do you two have ID to verify who you are – if you two cant produce your ID then I can call the police right. she holds up her phone. Dong sidled over next to her as she was talking so now he starts to clap, but only once and then smiles

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Jin asks why DH came up here cuz the weather is cold. E agrees saying: no one asked and you kept talking about your friend.  she remembers and goes over to grab Jin’s arm saying you are being indicted for two accounts of fraud so you cant go down so you must hang in here. E asks who is Oh JR. DH: who do you think. Jin clears his throat and signals her not to say it’s him. Jin tells E – that’s my hyung. E says you cant be bothered cuz of your hyung. we cant let them come again. E is about to go down to complain but jin stops him. Jin: it’s nothing big so there is no need to go down -also I am not that bothered by it so it’s ok.  DH says those two men’s expression was no joke. jin: two of them came? she gets a call from Dong that those men left. Jin: why did they leave when I was going to go down. Jin and E are about to leave but she holds them back and puts on an act and plays the pity card. DH:  D wasn’t the only one who is having a hard time. when I think about back then it’s really hard. I want to go back to that time and be close friends again. E: do you really want to apologize to ajumma. so DH: of course cant you see just from how much I am trying. Jin and E both say at the same time: there is a good way

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jin wonders what DH meant by an emotion a student shouldnt cross (with a teacher) and guesses correctly and says could that possibly be? Dong calls Jin by both his names. Jin: what? dong: I am going to ask you the question you asked me- are you transparent – you dont have to be – you aren’t a criminal right. jin:I’m not. dong: then what is that -all that stuff about fraud. Jin:  Those two guys who wore suits -they are the criminals – not me. a long time ago at one time I made a slight mistake but now it’s all resolved. Dong: you made a mistake at one time? there is something there. if it was resolved well then those strange guys wouldnt come to our home.  if it was a mistake at one time or if you are a criminal – I am going to pick on each thing so tell me all of it. all. Jin: I dont want to. dong: you dont want to? I knew it. then leave this home. Jin says this is my home. dong knows he has a point so he starts banging books in frustration.  Jin: ok I will settle it and make sure those guys dont come again.  but they left pretty quickly. they arent just regular guys. Dong says it’s cuz of 402 –normally I thought she couldnt talk well, but she spoke directly and said if you two cant show me your ID to verify who you are I will call the police. the way she spoke – the look in her eyes was totally stern. she has a dark side. in that aspect the two of you fit each other well. Jin is happy cuz it means D trusts/believes in him. he yells out “yes” in joy.

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D is editing and E hovers over her and reads over her shoulders. E: to be honest you cant work huh ajumma? you are curious about what JW hyung and I talked about huh. D: I am more comfortable when you call me editor. also there is not much to correct in the back parts so it’s good. I can finish quickly. so pack your bags well. open your bag and…but he cuts her off and says finish quickly and what? so that you can chase me out. you used a magical fast pen – why are you so quick? ajumma – ok – ed-i-tor – do you know there is a gathering at 3 today. It’s 3pm now. The doorbell rings so E runs and answers it. guard is startled and asks why are you here. E: hello – why are you here.  guard says cuz of this and points to the cooking class board

guard is going over the compensation with Jin, Dong, and D while E is talking to W in the kitchen and helping him set up. E is saying I had a friend who was Japanese and I know how to speak it too.  W: you had a japanese friend? they speak in Japanese.

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Jin is only staring at D while she is looking over at E in the kitchen. the guard starts with 401 so dong signs and guard hands him the envelope with the compensation money. dong hugs it. the guard makes D sign next. D says how she cant accept the money cuz she never did the protests. Jin says there are others who didn’t do much so it’s ok for you to accept it.   Jin takes the money from the guard and gives it to her. the guard says to take it so she does. he explains he is passing out this money to them under the owner’s special condition that they will attend the cooking classes once a week. what did i say – if you do well you would get compensated.  while the guard was talking, E motions to Jin that he is doing well and to talk more with D. D looks over and sees some of that. Jin starts to explain about those strange men a while ago but just asks her to listen to his side later. Dong asks why they are getting paid money to learn to cook. is the owner crazy?  Guard shushes him and wonders whether to tell them or not. he reveals in a roundabout way that 404 is the owner of the building-she is an undercover boss.  the owner comes running in happy to see them gathered to learn to cook and says let’s live here together for a long time. they all say ok. She says there is another young lady joining us outside. why arent you coming in. DH comes in and introduces herself. i am a girl who likes cooking from the building across the street. She says hi to D but D ignores her. E motions to give it to her so DH holds up a bag and shows D the couple apron that she got for D and herself . she tries to put it on her but D takes it and wears it herself. dong asks Jin what happened on the roof.

On the rooftop, E told her to act really close and act like you want to apologize. Jin told DH to come and learn to cook.

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E and Jin clap and say the aprons look good on D and DH. W says let’s start cooking. W calls them over to start cooking. W asks E to translate and W speaks Japanese. E just points and doesn’t say one word of translations. No one knows what to write down to take notes. W said the word cooking a lot and paella. After W stops talking, E says W said it’s really tasty food. jin: is that all? E: yes he said it was a special dish that only he can make and you cant eat it just anywhere. he talked about all of your happiness. Jin says it seems like he said a lot more than that – are you sure? E says it means that – normally when you speak Japanese it’s shorter in Korean. E pats W’s butt and says I am done  -you did well.

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They all start cooking even the guard. W gives D something to drink and she says it’s good. Jin gives D something to smell. jin looks like he is drawing D. W prepares some dish. DH asks to take their pic. E is taking the pic and tells Jin to get closer to D. what are you doing? you are too far away.  the 3 of you dont come out. get closer – hurry. DH has her arm around D. DH says how Jin came out really well in all of them and says D came out well too

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They all sit down to eat. They say how yummy it is. Jin gives dong his favorite seafood. Guard tries to feed the woman so she asks what are you doing. D is in the kitchen and watches them all and smiles (cuz they seem like family). E looks over and smiles at her. W tells D to come over here and eat together.

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D is about to go into her home when DH comes over and says see you again. D just goes in.  E catches up to Jin and puts his arm around him and tells Jin – JW hyung I will invite you in casually. jin: that’s not your home to invite people over. E: anyway just come over when I call you. see you later. he waves goodbye and goes inside D’s home with a thumbs up

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E goes over to D and takes her pencil out of her hand. E: let’s talk. She grabs another pencil and keeps working. He says I heard what happened from your friend – it must have been hard on you cuz you even suffered aphasia .  I know that too – when S’s parents passed away – for 3 years she suffered from aphasia. at first she was examined and had various treatments in a mental facility,but one day she said “kaegeum ah” and called me.  starting from then all the stuff she didnt say for 3 years that were piled up just flowed out -she was so loud. all S needed was time. D: that is a painful memory S would want to hide so is it ok to say it so easily to anyone? E: I am not saying it easily- I am saying it cuz I dont think of you as a stranger. cuz of S, I know more about aphasia than most psychologists.  There are times when the person doesnt want to talk on their own, or when something is blocking them so they cant talk. seeing how you are living hiding away like this –  you havent recovered (overcome it) yet ajumma. Go Dokmi shi – there is a saying among goalkeepers worldwide – when you cant block a ball – dont block it. how cool is that? scars/pain is like that too. if you cant block it on your own, dont block it. a goalkeeper doesnt play soccer alone -it’s ok to get help from other players. your friend wants to reconcile. D grips her pencil listening and her body shakes. she had enough.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-50-19][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-54-43][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-55-15] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-50-54]

She gets up and gathers his stuff and says in banmal – will you please get out. I will talk about this work with the publisher so leave right now. E:  the literature teacher wasnt the problem-DH shi was the problem.  normally the closer you two (DH and D) were the longer the pain goes on so dont avoid it and just fight it out. D: just cuz you memorized some things about psychology you think you know everything about a person? do you know what your key search words are? (she lists the bad things people write about him) E speaks out of turn, E brags, E the plagiarist, E’s personal life, etc those are all words that are like hollow shells. as if you know everything about the world – you lived being a braggart on your own. but leave me out of it – dont talk like you know me. E asks what would be your key search words – you dont like to show yourself huh   – in case someone would judge you – so that’s why you hide away and live, but still some guy watched over you a long time and made his key search words of you – a woman who receives deliveries by post office, a woman who signed up frequent checkouts for the library -not a hollow shell, but there is not single trace of a warm life. why put up those travel photos? this home is your whole world anyway isnt it? D: I dont need stuff like warmth- I like the way I live now so leave from my life. They glare at each other.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-56-36] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-57-20]

E packs his stuff. E turns and says I dont pay any attention to search results made by people who dont know me,  but you know a little bit about me. saying I’m a hollow shell was going too far. you wanted to cut ties with me so I will think you said those harsh things – I will cut that tie for you. He leaves. she stands there wiping her tears away. she waited till he left to cry.

E goes out and rings Jin’s bell. Dong asks what is up with the bag. E asks is Jae hyung is here. dong: long time ago that person lived here but legally now someone else lives here.  E: just call him. Dong goes in and tells jin “that punk E came here with a frog look on his face looking for Oh JW – what are you going to do Oh JR shi. Jin gets up so dong talks fast and says he bought his bags -if you let him in i will go crazy -3 people cant live here.

jin goes to the door and E is crying and says JW hyung- I have something to say – let me go in for a while to talk. Jin stops him and says wait a minute -let’s talk outside. shouldnt go into other’s people’s homes on your own like that. E asks what is this? why is everyone blocking me and stopping me from going in. jin: why are you like that? E says I’m usually persistent (as in stick with things), but I give up. Jin: why? give up what? E: I don’t know that woman at all. Since you made her search words I will leave her in your care. I feel better cuz you are here (cuz she has someone to look out for her). I am tired. I will call. He leaves with his bag.

D is sitting in her room and resumes working. Editing what E wrote – When you get rejected by the person you love the most -when you get betrayed by the person closest to you –you start to blame yourself-  you hide alone and close your heart – people like that, I cant just pass by and act like I dont know.

E looks up what his key search words are and makes a face. then he goes inside TJ’s home. TJ was unpacking his new tv. E asks you didn’t go to the hospital. TJ says I settled it (meaning he quit his job there). E: oh so you did. S comes over and says see what did I tell you – I told you he would last a week (outside). S asks if he is done running away from home so E nods yes. TJ says I was too sensitive last time. over nothing big I spoke too harshly. E: dont say that- I did some penance and came to recharge. he comes over and remarks how slim the TV is. TJ says there is a barcelona soccer game on early in the morning -you are going to watch it and sleep right? but E says I am tired you two watch it. S says -what is up with you – something is going on. it’s Barcelona -if you dont watch then who will. S motions for him to beg forgiveness from TJ, but E asks TJ -hyung do you know what my key search words are? they say I have a son – I am total human trash- some girl said I am a total hollow shell, a braggart, rude, and light (meaning he doesnt take things seriously) so I dont feel good so please understand. TJ says you don’t pay attention to talk like that. S says even when they said the game designer was evil and should die -you just overlooked it. who is that girl. what’s important now is not your search result – it’s that girl. you’ve been caught. hurry and talk.  E says I am tired – I will go in and rest.

TJ is setting up the tv with S. E is on the couch and tells himself not to pay attention (to what D said). yet he cant help but stare over at D’s window. he looks so sad.

D types: To that woman, scar/pain seems like falling into deep water. People who stare at the pain dont know how deep it is – they ask why  cant she come out of where she fell. there are so many people who disparage a stranger’s scars/pain. that woman didn’t want to hear those empty words – just at least one person….

while she was typing, scenes of Dong going thru Jin’s stuff comes out when Jin was washing up and ends with E giving his speech so his words are what she wanted to hear

Next morning D gets a call from the publisher to come in tm personally – D will receive 2% of the book profit.  bring your ID, seal, and bank book. D looks over at his panda hat

E is signing autographs and some girl asks do you really have a son. E says would I just have sons, I have daughters too, and a wife. His agents try to say it’s not true. E laughs and says at 17 I lost everything  so my game characters became my sons and daugthers. that’s what I meant. Someone is stalking E

On the street E is talking on the phone saying I am on my way. he talks about the color red and how ever since he was young that was the color he liked. suddenly he gets knocked down and pushed from the back by a man in a mask. He was trying to take his phone so E chases after him. He yells for the man to stop. The man gets hit by a car cuz E chased him. (the mask slips a little – it was an older woman) E yells just take it cuz I wont chase you -just go. she runs off.  he looks down at his scraped hand

Publisher says to D -it would be nice if you showed your face like this often. read the contract. D: no it’s ok. the woman says I know how you feel but settle it with the author. dont you two know each other well.  E called and said he is coming now. there is no news. D says I already said plenty about my situation so I will be going

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-21-26] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-21-33] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-23-11] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-24-54][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[06-10-18]

On her way out D sees E walking in. they pass without talking. he looks back at her and just as he turns away, she looks back and sees him go in.  D has a flashback to her room. E: you said your dream was to be a fantasy writer. how can the manuscript change this much (in a good way) you should write one now. just talking about it – it will be daebak. step on Harry Potter. he gives her a “fighting” and a smile of encouragement

The publisher takes D’s side about not wanting her name on his book and says we fully understand her heart. her dream is to be a writer. she must want to put her name on the first book she wrote. E sighs and tells himself –I did wrong again.

D is waiting for the bus. She slowly walks down the street. She looks back and keeps going.

E remembers running into D and her passing him without a word

W is working at his part time job. E is on the phone with TJ and says I will get take out food for 3 – I will be there soon. TJ: then you are in front of the home? ok

After hanging up with E, S stands up. TJ says this has nothing to do with E. S is angry and says let me go. She runs out

W says the meat tastes even better cuz it’s for E. E thanks him for letting him use his phone. W brings up the cooking class and if E will come again so E agrees. E mutters “he keeps speaking Japanese in front of me.” E takes his “to go” boxes and says work hard. W: see you again.

Jin is going home and runs into the men in suits. Jin says I will go back to jae won if you cant figure it out, but at that time it will be uncomfortable for the both of you. the man hands him a packet saying what you need to do is in here. check it.  Jin mutters if you give me this i have to give you something so Jin gives him his fruit in exchange as give and take. I will contact you again so don’t contact me first. enjoy the tangerines. He opens the door for the guy to get in

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-38-46] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-39-42] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-39-59] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-40-18] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-42-41]

He turns and see D. she bows to him. Jin asks if she went somewhere. What this situation is –those people were….(he doesnt finish his sentence).  She walks away so he holds onto her hand. E is walking home and sees them. Jin asks will you hear what I have to say. She looks over and sees E. E quickly walks past them. D says I am tired today. Jin says- oh really – we live next door so anytime is ok-  we can talk when the weather gets warmer. you’re cold arent you? Hurry and go in cuz it’s cold. E walks with his head down. D and Jin follow behind him.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-43-55][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-44-35] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-44-58] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-45-15] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-46-04]

E sees S crying and walking out with her house slippers on. He asks why are you like this. S: you knew didnt you. E:what? S: You knew opaa was leaving for the island didn’t you. Jin and D watch them. E: yes – so what. you already knew what hyung’s dream was. you knew. S yells what’s so important about a dream – then what do I do. then what should I do? She cries and keeps hitting E so drops his bag and hugs her. E looks over at D. (it’s that look he gave her before that just says a wordless “help me”) so D quickly goes over and grabs E’s arm and pulls him away from S. E and D are face to face -both looking at each other in surprise.



D is looking for E across the way at TJ’s home

E hides outside and calls out ajumma when she walks by and scares D

E comes and rings her doorbell again so D kicks him (they are wearing the same clothes so this happened on the same night as when she pulled him away I think)

E: you saw me as that kind of guy? how can you think that of me?

DH kisses Jin. Jin wipes his mouth and says: I’m sorry if I made you misunderstand. I have someone else I like.

S gives E two tickets and says I want to leave now – let’s go together.

E tries to explain that he doesn’t like D. E: with Dokmi shi – i am just curious. Jin: Don’t even have  curiosity.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-46-25] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-46-37] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E07.130128.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[05-47-24]


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