Level 7 Civil Servant E2

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I think I am starting to get a feel for what this drama is going to be like and it’s looking up. I started this for JW, but I see the potential for me to look beyond. Surprisingly, I really like the new character Gong Do Ha. I’m not supposed to, but I can’t help it. He isn’t petty like I thought he would be at all. His character has more depth than what we were led to believe from the previews. Guess that means Choi Kang Hee’s character gets two young men fighting over her. I’m also starting to get used to JW being so goofy. Since this role is less demanding emotionally, I thought he would hold back a little, but he is going all out in playing this character to the best of his ability. I should know by now that he doesnt know what medium is – it’s alway full speed ahead.  Shame on me for expecting anything less from him.

*I used to think JW looked great in Gaksital, but he was always beaten up and bruised on that drama so I had limited choices for his screencaps. I still managed to take advantage of every good angle I could find. But with this one, he keeps smiling so much it takes forever to choose.

Written before it aired: I realized I didn’t say much about the show itself last night, but it was only because I wanted to get through all the translations first. Personally the way I connect to a story or the drama itself is when I can get into the characters’ mindset – how they think is just as important as how they feel. No one is as typical as they look on the surface if you hear how they speak, watch their mannerisms, and see what they value. Like for example, for the most part G spoke jondae with S, but only because she lied about her age for the date. When his character slipped into banmal, she didn’t like it. That tells you right there just what kind of personality she has. He is more easygoing and relaxed, while she tends to hold people at bay. If it wasn’t for her desperation to earn some money for tuition, she wouldn’t have broken ethics and agreed to the blind dates. Even after all that suffering, she gave the money back to her friend cuz she didn’t feel right taking it. That’s the kind of person she is – someone who is human enough to slip up, but has too much conscience to accept payment for something that went against her morals. You have to admire someone like that. That is the very quality that will attract someone like G. In his own right, I really admired him for not wanting to inherit his father’s company or money. He has set his sights on becoming a spy and it doesn’t matter to him that he won’t earn that much money. I never saw the movie version of this, but I keep thinking Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Are these two going to get married and be spies? This drama is 20 episodes so what are they going to fill it with unless there is a marriage somewhere in the middle. Shouldn’t it be about two people who clashed at first and out compete each other during training only to realize one has strengths that can balance out the other’s faults. I think this is what I am going to look forward to the most – the unpredictability of what will come next.

7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[20-46-31]7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[20-28-24]

Two more screencaps I forgot to add from last night

Character list:

(G)Han Gil Ro -actually it’s Pil Hoon – Joowon

*Since I already wrote G everywhere and memorized it, I want to keep it.

(S) *Kim Seo Won – real name Kyung Ja- Choi Kang Hee

(*this is her fake name – her real name is too countryish so she used this name for her blind dates with G)

(J) Jin ju – Seo won’s friend

(SM) Shin Sun Mi – Kim Min Seo

(D) Gong Do Ha – Chansung

(W) Kim Won Seok – Ahn Nae Sang

Boss – the director of the NIS

(Y) Young Soon – the older female agent who was part of the recruiting process

Jay – the cute guy who speaks english on Uhm’s crew

Uhm Tae Woong ( his character’s korean name is Choi Woo Hyuk but they call him JJ too so I used JJ and Uhm for some scenes)

7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[05-37-59]


Starts from S seeing G and S running back into the interview room. G goes after her but the attendant asks what are you doing.

G paces outside waiting for S to come back out

Y tells her – didnt you hear the words the interview is over? S: i heard. Y says to leave but S says wait just a minute. i’m going crazy. Y: dont you hear me saying leave. S sits back down so the man asks what are you doing. S says I lied awhile ago so couldnt you give me another chance. Y: no. S says you asked about country a while ago. Y:I did and we heard your answer. S recites what the Greek poet Nikos Kazantzakis said about country: if you call out country once your heart races. if you call it out twice that name that makes your…. burn/hot.” this is how he expressed country. but for me – the word country never made my heart race even once.  up to now country didnt give me any kind of emotion.  it just gave me disappointed me -if possible, I want to make a country that gives me emotions. someone like me who is a nobody to feel emotional. that kind of country. This is what I really feel. Y yells next. S leaves so G sees her.  D gets called in next for the interview. G heads over to S. some attendant asks what G is doing. S is blocking the door and says sorry to D and uses him to shield her so she can run into the bathroom.

S sits in the stall and remembers what J had said about all the trouble they will be in if they get caught. they have to pay for the car – get sued for being scammers. S is scared and hiding. G is hanging around outside the women’s bathroom and gets called a pervert by some women. He finally leaves so S runs off

G meets with J and asks for S’s contact info. J asks you didnt exchange contact info. G: I didnt so I am asking for it. She says sorry I cant give out personal info. according to the law even if I wanted.  He says I just want her cell number not ID number. she says that’s personal info too. he asks How about address. She says sorry cuz I cant give that out cuz there were some stalkers going to the homes. He says it’s not like there are a lot of diplomats around here – you think I cant find her– go and tell her if I catch her I wont leave her alone

G goes to an address and rings the bell. it’s the diplomats home. G asks if this is the home of kim HC- Kim S is here right?  The woman says you came to the wrong place – there is no such person. he says isnt it the name of the daughter here. she says we only have sons. G says there is only one diplomat home at this neighborhood

*in korea former presidents live in a certain neighborhood so they can get security protection – same for diplomats from all over the world – they usually reside in the same neighborhood

During the hakwon class the teacher is talking about broadcasting and S writes something down

G looks through her book and says S pretended to study. He sees her notes on the margins and finds one where she drew horns on him.  he looks up diplomat’s daughters on the computer. G: you think I wont catch you. so annoying

S is at work and talking to her mom on the phone who is crying. S:cows died so why are you bringing up me getting hired. ok I will go later. S gets a message that she got into NIS. she is shocked

G is at the shooting range when he hears he got in. he slaps his cheek to make sure he isnt dreaming and starts shooting like crazy so some guys tackle him and take his gun away.

The news is talking about college students who kill themselves cuz of their tuition. S’s dad is drinking again so S tells him to stop drinking. just cuz you do that will a dead cow come back.His dad says I should have raised dogs. dogs are the best. he goes about his farm -how is is trusting his land and living so the mom says how small their plot of land is. S complains about the other animals he tried to raise like pigs and stuff and how they all died. why go in debt to buy cows. why did you buy them when I told you not to. the dad says I didnt buy them to eat them – it was so I can educate you (and your brother). S: why are you using me as an excuse – did someone ask you to contribute to my tuition. he says yes I wasnt able to contribute so are you looking down on me right now? the mom says not to yell cuz neighbors will hear. he mutters for S to get a job. so S says it’s my business -not yours. he says if you get a job will I ask you to buy dogs or something – I am telling you for your future’s sake.  She yells out – I got hired. her parents are in shock. The mom asks if S got hired at the broadcasting

G is having a little party. His mom asks what is up with the cake and champagne. G says let’s just have a party. mom: are you not going to tell me directly? G: what?  Do you know.  mom: of course i know – you thought I wouldnt know? G: how did you find out. She says I got a call so I know. G: mom – you didnt even think of it huh? you didnt know I would do that huh? you were surprised huh?  mom: what are you going to do? if you were going to do that you should have told me sooner. G: I wanted to surprise you so I didn’t tell you. mom: is that something you shoulod say now? your dad heard the news and threw a fit. G: dad knows too?

His dad comes home angry looking for G. dad: I heard all about it. what are you doing. G says sit down – i will tell you everything. his dad sits. G: I know you are angry but if I told you in advance I was afraid you wouldnt let me. The dad says of course  I wouldnt let you- what crazy father would give permission for that. G: since it turned out this way – stop getting angry -accept a glass. the dad thinks he is crazy and asks what is all this. he tosses the cake upside down. G: I only did what I wanted. dad: what? you wanted to do that? G: yes. his dad asks what the reason is. G says cuz it’s cool and it fits me better than business. His dad slaps him. dad: what? you lost the car in a gamble and it’s cool? it fits you?  G realizes there is a miscommunication and wait a second –  what I am talking about is…but the dad cuts in and says if you are 30 yrs old you have to live like a person. G: I was talking about the civil service  exam. the dad says you say that but you raced and lost the car. are you sane or not?  G: Let me talk too. The dad says: what could you say? even if you had ten or eleven mouths you have nothing to say.  if a young man doesnt have passion he should at least do what he is told. these days – do you know how many young people are putting their lives on the line to get hired? just to write one more line on their resume – how much they work – do you know that? You don’t even know that so what could you have to say. G: yes what would I know when all I did was take the civil service exam. the mom says how can you talk to your dad like that – get on your knees and beg for forgiveness.  the dad yells at him to get his car back right now. G: I cant. dad: do it. if a man gets ten cents taken away- it’s the same as getting his life taken/stolen. go and get the car back. The mom says even if he goes now – will he be able to get it back. what if G gets into a fight by going.  dad: I know cuz I fought a long time ago but if you put your life on the line and fight – there is nothing you cant do. go and get it back. G says no- it was a fair race and I have no intention of getting it back. I will earn money and pay you back for the car. dad: what? you think I am like this now for the cost of the car? G: yes All you know is money father. his dad gets his golf club to hit him but his mom makes G leave the room. mom: I dont want to see your face. why are you like this to your mom

(earlier in this scene G’s parents were talking about the car the whole time but G thought they were talking about his good news of getting hired)

S tells her parents she got into civil service but I haven’t decided to go or not. The mom cries and says you suffered so much and studied. we never gave you money to help you with tuition. the dad cries too cuz he feels bad. He asks S to pour him a drink. pour a lot – it’s not poison so why be stingy. he makes her accept a bowl. S says I havent decided to go or not yet. but he yells accept the drink. you worked hard. The mom drinks it instead and he says that’s why you danced on the bus. the mom asks S-  you aren’t going to north korea right. if someone says go tell them you wont go. S says I am going to broadcasting. The mom takes her hand  and says thank you. her dad says when the cow died i was going to follow and die – I live for you – you saved your dad. S says I haven’t decided yet (whether to accept). The dad tells his wife to call the neighbors for a celebration. S keeps insisting she is going to take the broadcasting test. the mom asks the dad should I get a perm but he says change your shirt (cuz of the hole.)

*when you work for the government they can relocate you all over korea and you have no choice so that’s why the mom said dont let them send you to north korea

G is packing his stuff. He looks at his 007 poster and takes it down and rolls it up. he puts it in a case to take with him. He looks at S’s book and just leaves without it.

S is lying down and sits up. she assigns each hand – you are broadcasting and you are NIS. She does rock paper scissors to see which one she should go to. She gets broadcasting and is happy. but she says it has to be out of 3. she does some more and says what am I doing. she remembers how happy her parents were so she says broadcasting wont go anywhere. (she decided on NIS)

W goes home drunk and hugs his wife and daughter. she tells him to be quiet cuz EJ (his daughter) is studying for her test. he calls out EJ and says dad came home. when she comes out she says he smells like alcohol. just hurry and go to sleep. He gets mad cuz she spoke informally to him like a friend . The wife says be quiet – she has exams.

He goes to his room and says is dad important or the test. his wife takes his socks off and says why are you laying down without washing. he wants to rest. She complains about him drinking all the time. W: would I drink without a reason – it’s for country. she says a country that doesnt even give you much pay. she complains how he doesn’t pay attention to EJ. are you going to just leave her alone like that.  you should get her an english teacher if you arent going to send her to a good school. W says just do as you think is best. She says it’s expensive so do something and come up with the money for their daughter’s tutoring. He says he is training the recruits. so starting from tm I wont be able to come home for a few months so pack my stuff. She yells are you crazy? is your work important or your family. if we are going to live like this let’s get a divorce. He says afterward the end of the training, he is going to America. She calms down and he says after a year we are going to america.  since the company will pay compensation, EJ can go to college in America. And they can travel cuz it will be more boring than here. So she hugs him and kisses him. She is happy about going to America

SM steals someone else’s cab to catch the bus for NIS and tells herself fighting. she changes in the car. *wow she has on the worst wig – at least I hope that’s a wig. if that is her real hair, that is one funny looking cut. it’s like someone attacked the ends of her hair with a razor – blindfolded. it’s uneven and not flattering at all. I liked her look better on METS.

all the recruits are walking to the bus. S’s suitcase wheel fell off and D sees that and says hello. He asks should I carry it for you, but she says it’s ok. He helps her anyway. he says we saw each other at the interview huh. She says yes sorry about then (for using his body as a shield) and thank you. He congratulates her for getting in. she does too. Before they get on the bus they are told to put their phones and ID into the envelope and put them in the box. Y tells S the same thing and says sit quietly and dont make noise. S boards the bus. D scoots over for her to sit but she sits on the other side. Y asks if everyone is on board. G comes in late and asks this is the NIS bus right. She looks at him and says take it off. G: ok. he takes off his coat, but she meant take off your sunglasses. So he takes it off and S sees him and hides her face behind a magazine. Y tells him to go sit and not make noise. she tells the driver to go.

G goes and sits down next to D. he starts talking to D so D says let’s go quietly cuz it was an order. G complains about the mood on the bus. he looks over and sees S’s brooch and recognizes it so he starts to smile. He quickly goes over and takes her magazine away and says you are S aren’t you. you are cuz of the brooch. she asks for the magazine back so he bursts out laughing.  G: I knew I would meet you – you’re dead now. Y tells both of them to get off the bus for being loud. She throws out their stuff and says if you dont get there in time – you’re fired. we dont need people like you. she leaves them behind.

G makes a crack about S’ fashion. she walks away but he blocks her and asks what are you going to do about my car? S: do it according to the law. G: since you are a diplomat’s daughter you are taking it lightly. but are you really a diplomat’s daughter? in that neighborhood at that house – they said they dont have a daughter. S: my father really is a diplomat. He grabs her envelope and runs off so she says ya you thief- give me what’s mine. G calls her a scammer. She chases him. S: if I catch you you’re dead.  stop there. He runs while trying to open her envelope to verify if the address is correct.S: give it to me. G: why is your conscience bothering you. S: give me the envelope. G: there is only one diplomat named Kim HC in our country. they only have twin sons. I’m sure you didnt deceive me. if you did – I am going to sue you for conning me. you and that company’s director. both of you will be sued for fraud.  S uses his full name and bows saying I am sorry. I will sincerely apologize, but you were wrong to play around with someone’s life. let’s say both of us did wrong and give me my envelope. G smiles and says: what if I don’t want to. S: I will kill you. he says go ahead and starts to open her envelope. she rolls up her magazine and kicks his butt and he falls down the embankment. She takes back her envelope and walks away.

The bus full of recruits are almost there – one says “we arrived” when they near the NIS training center.

G climbs up the embankment with a bloody nose and complains about his back. He grabs his stuff and remembers how she called for a delivery to get a ride. G: you think I will lose you again?  He uses the phone in his packet and calls for a delivery.

The recruits are listening to W giving a speech. he starts off by introducing himself and saying he is in charge of their training. during their training they will be scored by points and it will follow them the rest of their lives.  more important that the grades/ points is me. my evaluation/scoring on your training. he starts to lecture them for throwing away their colleagues from the first day. he shows a banner that says “for the sake of country – one path -you must go on that path with your colleagues no matter what.” for throwing away their colleagues, he deducts 15 points and if you get 50 total of punishment points you are out/fired. anyone oppose? SM complains saying when we got on the bus, we were clearly given the order to be quiet. but they made noise and got kicked off.  they were wrong so why should we get punishment – isnt that unfair? Y says: then leave. why live putting up with the unfairness. pack your stuff.  SM says it’s ok and sits back down. W: while you are sitting comfortably –the colleagues who were kicked out of the car are suffering trying to make their way back on time-dont forget that

G is on the back delivery bike and chases after S who is on one too. G: it’s so cold. just wait till i catch you. he tells the woman “unni go faster” and she says I am going fast. G catches up to S. he tells her to hurry and get off the bike. S tells the ajussi I don’t know that person so go faster. G and S are both fighting on the backs of the delivery bikes. G tells her to get off the bike. she tells the ajussi to go fast. G says I wasnt going to do this and spills a drink on S. G tells her to pull over and S says you are dead and she takes out her noodles. G says dont do that but she tosses it on his face. S tells the ajussi to go faster. G says if I catch you – you’re dead

G’s dad is at the police station with his wife. cuz they cant reach G. the dad says investigate well. he mentions his connection- a friend who is high up that he already contacted so that person will call you. She asks the police to be sure to find their son cuz he is their only son. The dad says I ran away from home in the past and I know -you have to find him so he can pretend he cant win and then come home. the dad gives him a bribe. But the cop doesn’t take the money and only accepts the drinks and passes them out. the dad insults the cop for not taking it. then he blames  the mom for chasing out their kid.

W is talking about fake identities (cover names) when S and G show up still fighting. recruiter tells them to go and sit. They sit next to each other. they have to fill out info about their fake IDs to protect their personal lives. they will be getting new IDs and passports with those cover names. G gets his cover name from looking at the banner -“han gil” means one road. W asks G and S to come forward. They get paired together to be in charge every day for the pledge. S asks to be paired with someone else. W: why – do you not like him? G: yes I dont like her so W kicks him. the class laughs so W asks is it funny? they stop laughing. W says to G- how can you say you dont like her. fix your mindset. a colleague is more precious than my life. you dont like her? G: no I like her. W asks S: how about you? S: I will do it (be paired with G)

The whole class recites their NIS motto.  G and S lead the rest of the class to do that. “for the sake of the country – i will live without a name and die without a name.” they swear an oath to do that.  W tells them – no one in this world- including your family can know you are employees here.  it seems like it will be easy to live like that, but you will feel it to your bones. more than dying without a name, it’s harder to live without a name

*so far her parents think she got a job as a civil servan working for the government and so do his parents

S’s mom and her neighbors are having a party. her mom gets compliments about S. you dont need sone, daughters are the best. while in school, S didnt know anything else except being first place. I knew she would turn out like this. the dad’s friends are talking about someone who supposedly died, but later it turned out he was alive. the conversation steers towards NIS cuz the name was changed a while back

Everyone is leaving the classroom. G goes over to S and says you have to settle it. S says stop talking about the car. G makes her stop walking so others have to walk around them and feel annoyed. G says you and I have to be trained for a year together so just cuz you overlook it today you think you cant avoid it tm.  S: cuz of you my first day was ruined. I dont want to ruin anymore of it. she starts to leave, but G holds her back. G: cuz of you my style was ruined (motioning to his dirty clothes). S: are you not going to move? D comes over and says to S – we meet again. we didnt introduce ourselves. it’s good to meet you. I am Gong D. S shakes his hand and says I am Kim SW. G says we are talking now. D says cuz of you we got punishment, but as fellow colleagues sorry for abandoning you and leaving. I am Gong D. G: I am Han Gil Ro. D: let’s get along and be close. They shake hands and G grips his but D grips even harder so G crouches in pain. D says to S – see you tm. S: see you tm.  G yells at D to stop. S leaves too so G calls out her name.

G goes to his room and puts up his 007 poster.

S is studying in her room and marks the date of her broadcasting exam

Some girl is chasing the other cute guys and calling out oppa. The other older guy keeps chasing after the girl. all of these girls seem to be flirting with the good looking ones. these girls sure dont seem like spy material to me. it’s like they are at Club Med

They are all sitting at a lounge. S is alone so D comes over and says I will sit. He gives S a drink. She thanks him. He asks are you ok. It seems like you have a hard time all the time cuz of your boyfriend. S: who? me? D: that guy – Han G. Isnt he your ex boyfriend. S: who said that? D: me. S:why did you think that. D: he wasnt your boyfriend? S: no – not at all. he asks then who is your boyfriend. S: I don’t have one. D: ah you dont have one. I dont have a girlfriend either. He says if there is a misunderstanding, the responsibility is with the person who made the misunderstanding. S: I didnt make that misunderstanding. D: then resolve it. I shouldnt interfere in other people’s business, but the person being misunderstood is always lonely

During running exercise, they are chanting Left foot.  G goes over and asks S to pay up for the cost of the car cuz that car is new and expensive. S keeps running away from him and they go out of line. she runs away and he goes after her. G: pay up for the car. where are you going. W and Y call them out

G and S are being punished and have to say love country – love colleagues. Y asks- is that how little you love – love louder. so they yell louder. Y: do your best

S goes over and eats with some girls. she asks one girl arent you going to invite me to your room cuz I bet it was decorated very pretty. the girl says I only brought half from home so it’s totally plain. SM says to the girl – what a joke. why? why didnt you just move? S says your words are sort of harsh so SM directs her anger on S and gets sarcastic. cuz of the punishment I got (cuz of you) -it’s strange but my words are getting harsh. S: I already apologized for that. even though it wasnt my fault.  SM: you did something wrong so that’s why your boyfriend is like that. S: he isnt my boyfriend. also it would be nice if you didnt speak banmal. SM: you’re still young so you must not know but when there is something that merits speaking banmal that’s what people do.  as soon as you came in if you inconvenienced your colleagues, you should live bowing your head. also did you come here to date. SM yelled so other girls leave. SM leaves too. S looks back at G eating.

S goes over to him and says follow me. He stops eating and follows her out

S writes something and G reads it. it’s like an IOU. she wrote about the blind date and that she will pay him half the cost of the car after their training. so G asks after a year. S reminds him how they cant go outside for a year while they are training. forget it if you dont want to. he says ok. he reads her ID number – 86o1312997883. is that correct? S: it’s correct. he hides it and wants her to verify her ID number by calling it out. S: you cant trust me that much. he nods yes. so she calls out the numbers. He reads her name Kim Ji Won. G: is that your real name? S: it’s my real name. in case anything annoying happened after the blind dates, I just changed the middle part a little. G: really? S: believe me. it’s not a lie. G: ok. This paper is to prove you are not a scammer, but it could be proof that you are a scammer. if even one thing on this is a lie you will go to the police right away. She makes him write one too. G: what? S: until you get paid, no matter what the reason you wont be in front of my eyes, you wont look me in the eyes, and you wont talk to me. G: that’s not hard to do – I told you – I hate people like you the most. even though they dont have money, I like people who live assiduously. S: from here on dont even stand next to me or even sit next to me. G: dont expect it cuz there wont even be a time when I lie down next to you. he starts to write

*i love when people make statements like this cuz they end up doing all of it.

** also she used a different name so this IOU is basically useless

They are all working out. the girls go around checking out each guy. the guy holding the punching bag tells D not to overdo it and go easy

D has a flashback. He was at a base in uniform.  People were injured so he helps some injured guy inside the facility.  D gets a report that over 47 died. D says he will look into people who were around here near the school and stuff. his superior says look into it quickly and report back. Suddenly a bomb goes off. People are dead. D gets up and looks around. He pulls out his gun. A girl runs in suddenly and he held a gun to her thinking she was the enemy. once he sees she is just a little girl,  he puts his gun away and she pulls out her gun. She shoots in the air once then she shoots D. She shoots other officers and runs out of bullets. D was ordered to hurry and shoot her by his superior. Another bomb goes off. D doesn’t shoot her. she runs out and gets picked up by her group. He went out and watched her leave. he threw a tracker on top of the truck

D has a bullet wound from that day. he hits the punching bag again

The director is being briefed about JJ (Uhm) – that he came in with an open ticket and they discovered it amond the foreigners disembarkment cards. The director yells at them asking are you playing around -what have you been doing for a month. how can I trust you. he asks why JJ came and who does he intend to kill this time. the guy says I dont exactly know yet- we are searching. the director says JJ killed the captain -this is not america or china – this is korea. if you cant catch him – prepare to take your clothes off (he meant lose their jobs). Who is going to be in charge? The guy has a flashback to choi dying and how he tried to shoot JJ. He says I will catch him

G’s dad is meeting with uhm and G’s dad says you cant touch the police or NIS

Uhm’s crew is sitting nearby listening. Jay asked “did those people kill them?” the girl says that he (Uhm) will use the kids from the NIS as baits and either kill them or get rid of them.” Jay: how many more is he going to kill? she says if you are going to talk like that then go back. Jay: do you like living this way. She says I am not living cuz I like it.  before I kill them all – I cant die so I am living

G stands next to S so she says I told you not to stand next to me. G: you think I am doing this cuz I want to. they are told to start the pledge. S goes over to her and pretends to be sick – “a cold in the throat.” Recruiter asks are you feeling very sick. She touches S’s forehead and says you have a fever – go to the infirmary and get medicine. She asks for someone to take S’s place. D says I will do it. he goes and stands next to G

W and the guy are talking.  They talk about the new recruits. the guy asks are there any useful kids. W: it’s still a long ways off. kids these days dont have the basic patriotism. the man says you are the one who used to pretend to be 007 James Bond.  The guy asks how the training is. is it worth doing. I’m worried all the new recruits will end up like you. W: what’s wrong with me. the guy says you are just a civil servant. being safe. W: let me live.  if I put my life on the line that much and worked -that’s enough.  he asks are you old – are you scared of dying. W: living is more scary. He says don’t do the training. W: why? so you can do it? the guy says that bastard came -JJ (Uhm). I am making a team. Let’s go together. whether that road is to die or to live. W doesn’t answer and tells him to leave cuz he has work

JJ (uhm) tells his team the NIS already knows I entered the country. how info about him would have been leaked to the NIS. when i get the NIS kids, then I will catch their tail and kill them.  the girl says it’s too dangerous for him.  JJ: there is no danger. the NIS kids are all amateurs. Jay: hyung do you remember all those people from back then? JJ: why? cuz I might kill the wrong person by mistake? Jay has a problem killing someone innocent so JJ says listen up well. out of all the crime syndicates made by humans – do you know which one is the most inhumane and cruel -it’s country.  for its sake – they kill thousands without even blinking an eye.  they use people to kill people. it’s wrapped up in the name of national pride. our parent and future parents being murdered – is that love for country. we dont need other things. we are killing them cuz of that.  the girl says: just know one more thing -till the very end – there is no love in “jungee.” JJ:  don’t worry I wont die till I kill them all.

*I cant tell if the girl said “till the end dont believe in jungee” or what I wrote. she doesnt enunciate well like she has a cold.

The recruiter goes over their biggest obstacle – they have to pass the lie detector. through the training of how to do that-  making this machine unable to know your truth is the objective. she tells the recruits to ask questions. W is sitting on the chair waiting. D asks something about how long W has been working for or been with the NIS. W:I’m not an employee of the NIS and the machine says TRUE. some guy asks about blood type A and B and if the NIS looks at that. W: I said I wasnt an employee of the NIS and it’s TRUE. G asks if a colleague or agent (spy) has died during a mission. W remembers choi dying and answers and it’s TRUE. recruiter tells them what they have to control to pass the machine – like breathing, heart rate, and emotion. It’s G’s turn in the chair. W says how does it feel to sit there – you are shaking huh? you’re scared huh? G says no I’m not scared. LIE. W: are you getting trained to be an agent. G: I am not. LIE so W says -since you are like this – how can we entrust any work for you to do. if you just open your mouth you will release all the info. G: I am the style that is honest. LIE. W: do you love your country? G: of course – I love it so much. LIE. W hits him on the head. Next D is on the chair.  W: are you an agent of the NIS. D: no. LIE. W: have you studied terrorist attacks? D: no.  LIE. W: do you love your country. D says yes I love it. TRUE. W: really? enough to put your life on the line?  D: yes. TRUE. W says to all of them “see – through this machine – we can separate/differentiate between this kind (meaning D) and guys like that (pointing to G).” everyone laughs.  Next S is on the chair. Recruiter goes over the stats – out of 120,000 only one passed while lying without any training. psychopaths or natural born spies. in the past 20 yrs only one passed with a lie -“that’s me.”  W asks S a question “are you an agent of NIS” she answers no and gets a LIE. the next one is if she knows the exact location and entry code to get into this place. isnt that right. she answers and gets a LIE.  G asks can we question. W: of course. G asks which Chinese zodiac are you. She says ox. LIE. She says tiger. LIE. G: i knew that would happen. if your real name Kim Ji won? S: my real name is Kim SW. LIE. G: your ID number 86o1312997883.is that correct? S: I don’t remember. LIE. G: is your father a diplomat. S: I dont want to say personal info about parents. W: answer. G: you clearly told me your dad was a diplomat. is your father Kim HC – is that correct? W tells her to answer. S concentrates and says ask again. G: are you really a daughter of in a diplomat’s home. S: yes my father is a diplomat. If you want to prove I am a con – prove it. cuz I haven’t told you one lie. The machine reads “TRUE.” S glares up at G. he is shocked.


preview (I skipped the lines about betting cuz I dont know those terms in Korean)

G accuses S: “between the two – you are one of them huh? either a psychopath or a perpetual liar.” S kicks him.

W brings up what just happened with the lie detector. recruiter says this is going to get big.

W says the star of the party are the women (the ball room dancing is coming up on E3)

S: please give it to me

G: are you a fool? why arent you doing anything about it when your money was taken? (his exact words were “why are you just standing still when your money was taken”)

W: what if you get kicked out from here?

G: There is only one path for me

7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[06-33-44] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[06-37-55] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[06-38-25]

7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-17-17]7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[02-44-20]7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-30-26]7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-33-07]7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-32-08] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-20-22] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[05-37-52] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-46-14]7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-46-45] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-21-26] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-24-03] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-24-16] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-26-25] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-27-07] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-28-36] 7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-28-51]7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-15-26]7급 공무원.E02.130124.HDTV.XviD-Baros[01-15-43]


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  1. nonski says:

    camping and thank you so much Softy! i’ll post this on soompi and will post the streaming link here.

    from the onset i was captivated by L7CS. maybe because of JW but ANS’s presence as well as UTW upped the enthusiasm for this. CKH is a good actress too and loved her on PTB.


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    thank you so much for your quick transcaps Softy! i ❤ you!

    tonight's episode is, like ep1, amazing! i can't believe that i am so hooked with L7CS. so many funny and hilarious scenes. and it's so refreshing to watch JW in this kind of acting. but i pity him tonight cuz he's been kicked so many times… but he deserves so. 🙂 after so much fuss over the age gap of our OTP, i truly believe they can pull it off. when others start off with bickering, theirs is outright war. hahaha. i can't wait for the day they become BFFs, yes, i believe they will become that before they become lovers. 🙂 kekeke so excited already for next week. i will be having a hard time getting some decent sleep till L7CS and FBND ends.

    oh, i am not familiar with Chansung but this guys is okay in his acting here. not that good but passable. and i am happy that even with the age gap both he and JW have this connection with CKH.


    • nonski says:

      it’s been sometime but with L7CS and FBND, i have this happy feeling after watching. don’t you too guys? 🙂 🙂 🙂


      • Dramafed1782 says:

        Yep you are so right on the drama 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am actually laughing at JW’s funny antics and I am enjoying CKH. I enjoyed her in PTB too. I guess FBND and 7LCS are gonna keep me happy for some time during the boring weekdays. Kudos again Softy 🙂 : )


  10. sammi says:

    I found todays episode even more funnier than yesterdays. JW can surely bring his character alive whether it be comical or action.. I am so loving his character here. Surprisingly, so far Chansungs acting is not bad at all and JW- CKH definitely has chemistry even with a decade age gap between them!! I am so looking forward to next weeks episode!! Thank you Softy for recaps without you I won’t be able to understand whats going on.


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    just wake up and read your recap!!!
    yeah i’m glad you want to keep JW’s character as G ..hmmm actually i dont like Pil Hoon name.
    i like Gil Ro more..cuz it was like sexy, and strong name


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      Glad you found me – I thought everyone already knew I had this blog so I never bothered to mention it. After Faith, I took a long break and didnt really recap anything so I was pretty quiet too for a while. I’m sure Joonni will be back to blogging soon as well. 🙂


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      I’m already excited to watch CDDA tomorrow and camp here for your live recap. 🙂 Thank you so much Softy for your hard work and for making it easier for us to watch the dramas that we love yet we couldn’t understand the language. hehe!


  14. H says:

    Thank you so much for your recap. I found this episode funnier than the previous one. Laughed so hard at the motorbike chasing scene. Glad that someone else also feel the chemistry between the two main leads, i thought i’m alone in this one.


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    thank you softy for the recap and screencaps, I like this episode, funnier than yesterday, jw also more relax. Planning to watch it again with sub this weekend. So happy for the rating…


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    So happy you have lots of smiling Joo Won photos to choose from. Plus no headwear.


    • Softy says:

      I know – he wears enough hats on 1n2d. plus they didnt give Gil ro any crazy hair thank goodness. I really did not like his long hair on Gaksital, but it fit the role well so I just went with it. I have a feeling once he becomes a spy later, they are going to cut his hair even shorter. Can’t wait. 🙂


  18. joowonforever says:

    Anybody please, what’s the rating for episode 2. Thanks.


  19. cutemo says:

    Here are the ratings of 7G compared to other dramas on same timeslot.

    AGB ratings
    1. Level 7 14.5%
    2. Jeon Woo Chi 13.4%
    1. Level 7 16.9 %
    2. Jeon Woo Chi 13.0%

    TNS ratings
    1. Jeon Woo Chi 14.6%
    2. Level 7 14.0%
    1. Level 7 16.0 %
    2. Jeon Woo Chi 14.9%

    posted by raito1310 at Joo Won Soompi Thread

    Yay!!! to Joo Won. 7G is number 1 and hope it will keep up.


  20. Iprefernottosayit says:

    Love this! 😀


  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the recap. Tonights eppy, especially G on the back of the Scooter, was hilarious, can not wait to see the next episode,…..Lookin’ Good:D


  22. Pokbs says:

    Ckh is one lucky noona with 2 cute guys after her.


    • Softy says:

      PSY is even luckier cuz she is filming with all those flower boys again after YAB. Now I get why she agreed to play this role in FBND – what sane actress would turn down the chance to work with so many adorable actors. I envy her way more for that than CKH cuz she only got JW. I’m not a fan of Chansung’s looks, but I think his acting is pretty decent for an idol so far.


  23. SS says:

    Softy, can I ask you for your opinion. I know you love Joo Won as much as I do but you have a vast more experience watching kdramas. Do you think Joo Won overacts? I keep seeing these comments since Bridal Mask. Now again, I am seeing more of these same comments about his acting in 7LCS. I know it’s not possible that everyone sing praises of him no matter how good and I should not bother too much with these negative remarks but it still piques me.

    I usually don’t analyse comedies too much, as long as they can get me laughing. Some are really clever, others just pure entertainment. The script is vital and the actors important. So what amounts to good comic acting?

    I am not familiar with famous comic actors in Korea or actors who can do well in both serious dramas and comedy. Park Si Hoo was great as the eccentric and weird Seung Jo until he became all serious in the recent episodes. But even then, I can say he overacts to a certain degree. So why no one(or I haven’t read?) criticise him for overacting?

    In the first episode I wasn’t too sure but in the 2nd episode, I feel that Joo Won has really delivered the goods. His expressions are so priceless. I wonder if he is really that good or am I viewing him through rose-tinted glasses?


    • anonymous says:

      Can I give my opinion.

      I love him to bits. He was awesome in Ojakgyo Brothers and Gaksital. I don’t doubt his ability in playing serious and multi-layered characters.. He delivers.

      I have little problem with his acting in 7G, in my opinon, it’s not overact but awkward. Seems like he calculated his move. It’s not natural acting. Should I blame the script and the screenplay?

      When he was in OB, I really enjoy his awkwardness, and his acting there was natural. Thanks to his partners before i.e. Uee and Park Ki Woong. They compliment each other. I think CKH did a good job in this drama. But I still don’t see the sparkling chemistry yet between him and CKH.

      Was he nervous? In real life, he kind of introvert kind of guy, playing an extrovert and loud person is totally against his persona.


      • SS says:

        thanks for your reply. You sound like someone I read before in another blog/forum, just saying.

        In OB, the humour there was different. And Hwang Taehee is totally different from Han Gilro. I really enjoyed those understated but funny moments in OB. This drama requires a lot more campiness and over the top type of acting.

        I wonder how much of it is because I am not used to Joo Won acting like this. If you follow Joo Won chronologically dramawise, he acts in characters so opposite of the previous that it takes a long or shock his fans in the initial episodes.


    • Softy says:

      First of all- I really don’t have that much experience with kdramas – watching diligently for two years doesn’t count as an expert compared to Blue, Joonni, JB, and the other Korean American bloggers who have been watching all their lives. So my answer is based on just the actors and actresses that I’ve seen so far in my limited viewing experience.
      I dont think JW overacts. It seems to me his fans are just in shock cuz this is a side of his acting they just haven’t seen yet. To be fair, I don’t think he is bad at comedy at all. If anything I thought he was surprisingly good. Especially in the scenes with his mom when he acts so natural about playing the son who knows he has his mom wrapped around his finger. Balancing comedy and drama equally well is not something a lot of actors can do. They seem to be able to do one really well, but not both. I can only think of a handful of actors who are equally good at comedy and drama. Off the top of my head, here are some examples. Yoon Shi Yoon is amazing on FBND right now and I had no idea he could be this funny. He has a gift for comedy. I saw enough of him on Baker King to know he can do dramatic roles equally well so he is a star people need to keep their eyes on. Gong Yoo can do comedy like nobody’s business and then tackle a serious role like in his movie Crucible. Cho Jung Seok played a great serious role in King2hearts, but his talent is natural comedy. Even in interviews he is hilarious. SJK is exactly the same – he can be so funny and yet he can bring the audience to their knees in tears. Those are some of the actors I think has the gift for both extremes. We have to wait and see, but if JW can keep this up, he will be offered more carefree romantic comedies like this. I have a feeling he might prefer the dramatic roles cuz everyone knows what their strong suits are and I bet he knows his is a flair for drama. That’s probably why he agreed to do this – to cultivate another side to his acting – something he hasn’t tackled so far. He is doing very well in my opinion and it’s not just the bias talking. Even if he looked unattractive I would say the exact same thing. There would be far less screencaps, but I would continue to rave about his acting ability.
      Great comic actors are the ones who can do it so naturally that they are funny in real life as well. You can tell during interviews cuz they crack up everyone around them within hearing distance. A perfect example would be CTH – the man is hilarious. On the flip side when I see him do serious roles, he doesn’t seem as natural to me. Not to the extent that I think he will hurt himself from trying to cry and be emotional, but it’s just not his strong suit as much as comedy. Lee Sang Yeob was absolutely hilarious in I live in cheongdamdong and he has that same goofy personality in real life as well. Not sure if he is just as good in dramatic roles cuz I only saw a glimpse of him on Nice Guy, but I didn’t think he was bad. He seemed pretty good, but I thought he was stronger in comedic roles.
      I’ve watched PSH on Alice and thought he brought out his character very well, but I would not qualify him as a comedic genius or anything. I’ve seen him in more serious roles and that seems to suit him a little more, but I wouldn’t categorize him as an actor who can do both equally well.
      So to sum up, you are not wrong about trusting in JW’s acting ability. All those naysayers will be eating their words weeks from now. Once they get used to him in comedy, they will stop seeing awkwardness and see what we’ve always known. No matter what role you put him in, he is going to shine. 🙂


  24. Dramafed1782 says:

    Hey Softy,

    Went through your recap of episode 2 again. Please do take care of yourself. Even though we rely on you, please don’t strain yourself 🙂
    There was this awesome clip of the MBC interview on the press con of 7LCS. Please could you translate when you get the time. Thanks to stearly at the soompi thread:


    • Softy says:

      The first few mins of the interview was nothing special except that the show is already popular. Just intro about the show and greetings then description of their characters. JW: when he was young he saw 007 movie and fell in love at first sight so he wanted to become a spy. Next the actress in red says my character is brusque and boyish. Chansung says his character has cold sides but also warm sides. The last girl says her character’s name is kim mi rae. With UTW sunbaenim, I have the villain spy role in this drama. The guy asks since this was originally a movie was there any pressure. JW: the story is all different and the characters so we didn’t feel a big pressure. The guy says to CKH -it’s been a long time since you came to MBC (last time was 2005) so she says thanks to JW –it turned out that way. JW: I heard a few names of actresses who would be playing my partner-as soon as I heard (her name)– I didn’t even hesitate one second and chose Choi Kang hee (JW didn’t add the “shi” at the end of her name like you normally would) So the guy jokes “in banmal?” so they all laugh. They bring up the fact that she is working with another younger actor (they are ten years apart in age) so CKH says it’s going down (the actor’s ages)When I make cute expressions in front of someone younger then it’s more embarrassing. JW says in banmal to her: when you do that noona, I think it’s really cute. They all talk about chansang and his ability to never lose his energy. cuz when he is asked to do a scene over again or makes NGs, they worry maybe he is feeling deflated so when they ask are you ok. He does that Big Love Dokojin pose. So JW says : for real – I said “how can there be a kid like that.” Cuz there is a lot of action that actress in red got a cut on her face. To become a perfect spy they all did training. JW says we did skydiving and played cards at a casino. The guy asks which one was the most fun among them. Chasing says the casino scene. They are asked what they think the ratings will be so CKH says 25%. If it goes over that what will you do. CKH: wear pajamas and dance and put it on SNS. JW and others says “noona’s is the most extreme” The next actress says I will write “thank you viewers” on a placard and go sky diving and hold that up. the guy says like an action drama lead. Chansung says he will dance to heartbeat next to CKH wearing pajamas. JW says I will wear pajamas next to noona and dance like crazy. The woman in red tries to change her skydiving to this but the guy wont let her. JW asks for a lot of interest, love, and ratings from the viewers. CKH takes the mic and says “MBC drama – it is MBC right?” (for a second she forgot. LOL) she was trying to lead the cheer “MBC drama 7th grade civil servant fighting”

      Now that I know JW chose her as his lead without a second thought, that changes my perception of this couple on screen. He saw something in her that most didn’t see. We should trust that. 🙂


      • enz says:

        thanks softy for the translation. i really had a problem with the hate ckh was receiving for getting the role, so am happy to read this. just felt it vwas really unfair, not that i like her particularly


      • enz says:

        thanks for the translation softy. am glad to read that jw chose ckh. she had so much hate in getting the role and i just felt it was so unfair that ppl were judging even before the drama came out. i always imagned that actors are chosen for what they can bring to the drama. i hope they prove their naysayers wrong. it felt unfair the criticism against her before.


  25. sammi says:

    This is my first time knowing that lead actors get to choose who his leading lady will be in drama. If I am not wrong he also chose the leading lady in Gaksital!! Wow talk about privilege actors get!! May be the directors/producers nominate few actresses and ask actors about their opinion and choice.
    Btw I am amused by the fact that JWs drama rating surpasses the drama of UEE and 1N2D hyung!! They must have talked about it for sure lol


  26. SS says:

    Thanks so much Softy for replying to my question and for translating the interview.

    on a side note, I felt bad after posing the question because I knew you’d take time to write your reply. And Fri is your “rest” day before Alice and 1N2D on weekend, FBND on Mon/Tues and 7LCS on Wed/Thurs. I don’t know how you even do it. I had been having bouts of flu and cough for the past months and I know it really zaps your energy. Please take care of your health.

    I love your reply to my question, it makes lot of sense. I agree with what you said.

    About Joo Won choosing CKH, it reminded me of Bridal Mask where he said he chose Jin Se Yeon. With regards to JSY, he said the main thing was that she looked the part. And although I find flaws in JSY, I grew to like her as the drama unfolded. And it’s true that she really personifies youth, idealism, passion and the courage to sacrifice everything including her life for what she believes in. Am keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

    Thank you again Softy, I love you


    • Softy says:

      Hey SS,
      hope you are feeling better. So far I only caught the flu twice this winter (knock on wood) so I hope that means I am done cuz I hate getting the flu. Every time I feel a cold coming, I reach for my jar of quince tea and start drinking that like crazy. it’s full of vitamins, but it works like a charm for helping you feel better. Maybe you should try looking for a jar of “yoo-jae-cha” from your local Korean store if you have one cuz that works too.

      The other night I had like two scenes left of Level 7 E2 and my screen went white -not cuz anything was wrong with my computer – it was my eyes. after two years of blogging, I really worried I would end up needing glasses, but after the first year my eyes got used to working overtime typing so much. Then the other night, my eyes were just exhausted from all the translations and staring at the screen for so long. I think I had like a zillion typos in those last two scenes cuz I just couldnt see the letters anymore. Right after I was done, I shut down my computer and bam – the migraine followed. At least the pain in my head helped me go to sleep faster. I’m still debating which shows to drop from my list. No way I am going to drop FBND or Level 7 so those are safe, but i might have to reduce my recaps for 1n2d to just a few scenes or just JW screencaps. I’m hoping the last two eps of Alice will be simple like last week. there was so much running around on E14 so it was a cinch. That’s why Level 7 is going to be easy – all those action scenes do not have that much dialogue. 1n2d is tough cuz it’s over an hour and a half of nonstop talking.

      About JW choosing CKH – I really had no idea until that interview. That was the main reason why I translated it cuz it was so important. He seems to really like her as his partner so it made me realize he might have chosen her cuz she is really great at comedy. maybe he wanted to learn and work with someone who is good at it. That would make perfect sense. when she wasnt sure if it was MBC, I died laughing – that was just hilarious. 🙂


      • SS says:

        Thanks Softy for your concern and advice. I always have a bottle of yoojaecha in my fridge, I drink it because I enjoyed it. I didn’t know it had this benefit. I shall drink more 🙂

        Your account of what happened to your eyesight is very scary. We can do with lesser recaps or slower. Nothing is more important than your health.

        As cuteMo said on soompi this answer from Joo Won is so typical of him. Sometimes, the things he says make me go: “He say what!” And there were times I wonder how could it be true? My initial reaction to this one was that it was just the usual PR type of talk actors/actresses make during press con. I mean we never come across negative comments, have we? But then he could easily say any nice thing about her, so why did he say this? The only conclusion is that it is true and he really meant what he said.

        I am not sure if another thing which may be related to this was brought up on this blog. During the actual press con,
        Extract: He said, “I told [Choi Kang Hee] that I′m sorry, and I almost spilled tears. I said I was sorry because I had only cared for myself, but she said she felt sorry toward me in return.”

        Choi Kang Hee said, “I always only cared for myself, but I was surprised when Joo Won said something like that. I never thought he would think that way. He′s the hottest actor out there and he acts as a great weapon for us, but he revealed that he′s so mature in his thoughts.”

        After this MBC interview, I guess the situation could be that Joo Won picked CKH and CKH faced backlash from JW’s fans about the pairing. So Joo Won was sorry about it because when he made his choice, he only thought who is good for the drama and can work with him. Just my thoughts.


  27. cuteMo says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time and translating the interview Softy.

    At least we now understand why CKH is on board this drama. Joo Won you should have warned us, jeez.

    Joo Won choosing CKH, its something that we have to see why in this drama. SS, my dear, let’s just wait and see, neh. I always surrender when it comes to Joo Won, I think you know that already. I want to see him trying different roles, and seeing him as Gillro is quite amusing. I would be soooo happy if this drama will reach 25% as CKH says. 🙂


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