Level 7 Civil Servant E1

7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[04-19-27]

It’s so surreal to see JW in a role where he is carefree and casual. His character is wealthy, he has both his parents, and most importantly, there is a good chance he won’t have to cry that much in this drama. I don’t know at which point this drama is going to build up the tension, but I like the start it had today. It made great strides in keeping up our interest so we will want to tune in for E2. I never thought I would say this, but I am really glad he chose this role. It’s a whole different side to his acting we never even saw glimpses of before in his other three characters. If diversity was his aim, he hit his mark dead center.


OMG what a relief – I know I said I had faith in JW, but I was holding my breath till I realized pretty quickly this first episode was very entertaining.  Thank goodness – huge sigh of relief.


Written before it aired: By now everyone knows there is no limit to how much I adore JW as evidenced by all the screencaps of him on Gakistal and 1n2d. This is the third drama I will be recapping of his so it’s a safe bet that even if JW did a drama about crack houses, I would still recap it. After recapping 5 episodes back to back of various shows so far since Saturday, I’m starting to look like I am on drugs, but nothing is going to keep me from missing out on our guy coming back to dramas.

As much as I love JW, I am going to be brutally honest here. I’ve been dying to seeing him on the screen and not really looking forward to the drama itself. I blame the drama posters mostly. What is up with all the guns in the promo shots. It’s like they are afraid we will forget this is a drama about spies without them. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t doubt JW’s acting ability for a second, but I do have reservations about how engaging this type of story can turn out to be. It’s mostly due to the fact that the director for this did Dong Yi and let me tell you, that was one slow drama. It moves like snails. Then I found out the writer/producer did Chuno and Runway Plan B. Two dramas I never went near cuz it’s not the type I watch or care anything about. I don’t plan to watch the other two dramas competing with this cuz I don’t have any interest in those as well so even if Level 7 turns out to be a big flop ratings wise, I will stick with it unless JW’s character randomly gets killed off.  I have every faith that JW chose to play this character for a reason that isn’t evident to me yet so I plan to watch tonight with an open mind and heart. As far as I am concerned, “Iris 2” and that “Wind Blows” drama can kiss his cute little butt.

I didn’t have the time or energy to make up a long list of character lists so far so I am going to have to wing it for tonight. I’m not even sure how fast paced this show is going to be so if it’s slower than I thought, I can press update faster while it’s still airing during action scenes. I always considered my recaps pretty much live, but since I am not pressing update every five mins, people don’t consider it live. Normally I wait till the episode ends and then edit my typos and insert correct initials for names so it takes about 10 mins to press update from the time it finishes airing.

Character list:

(G)Han Gil Ro -actually it’s Pil Hoon – Joowon

*I watched each scene over and over for 5 hrs and realized his name is Han Pil Hoon. I knew I heard a P during the live recap. since I already wrote G everywhere so it’s too late to change it

(S) *Kim Seo Won – real name kyung ja- Choi Kang Hee

(*this is her fake name – her real name is too countryish so she used this name for her blind dates with G)

(J) Jin ju – Seo won’s friend

(SM) Shin Sun Mi – Kim Min Seo

(D) Gong Do Ha – Chansung

(W) Kim Won Seok – Ahn Nae Sang

Jay – the cute guy who speaks english on Uhm’s crew

(I have no idea what his character name is yet so I went with Uhm) Uhm Tae Woong

7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[04-12-17] 7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[04-14-23] 7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[04-16-11] 7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[04-17-46] 7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[04-19-09] 7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[04-22-35] 7급 공무원.E01.130123.HDTV.XviD-Baros[04-23-19]


Starts from the streets of Seoul. there is news playing and S is running down the street. G is listening to music and checking himself out in a reflection. S runs in and makes him trip over her and spill his drink and land on some girl. They are both listening to a hakwon class for their civil servant exam but only S pays attention and G doesn’t

G is practicing at the shooting range and hits the center every time

S is working at her part time job greeting people in the parking garage

There are some people gathered for a car race and G pulls up and smiles at some girls

S is teaching her kumdo class. Then she runs to catch her bus

G is racing another car in a street race. The other driver is the coach from TTBY and the music sounds like a variation of Charlie’s angels. The cars are pretty even till the white car passes G’s black one. G cant believe the other guy won. G gets out and gives him a thumbs up. G says you must have done a lot of tuning.  the guy says when kids lose they make excuses about their cars. “i have more talent but it’s cuz  my car is too crappy” that’s what they say.  G wants another race -how about the next race? why? G says something about a match but the guy says just practice more. if you don’t have any talent then you should change your car. G yells: let’s do it. the guy says I dont want to. G: cuz you are scared? the guy says cuz G’s car isnt good enough but G says why wouldnt this car go that fast.  the guy says if you really want to then put your car up as bet. This isnt kid’s play so G agrees and says let’s do it and I will bet my car (so if he loses he loses his car)

S is working at her part time job at the convenience store. Her friend J comes over and asks what happened to the tutoring job she had for the twins. did you give it up. S: i was fired cuz their grades didnt go up. J: it’s cuz their heads were rocks – just cuz they are diplomat kids they arent all smart. S tells her to hurry and drink and go. J: do you want a part time job. S: I am already working 3 part time jobs already, even if I wanted to i dont have any time to do it. J says not something lowly like this and something that suits your looks and takes advantage of your positive traits-your looks and body. S: what is it? J whispers it. S:meet men? J  says you get to eat for free, drink tea, and earn money. and if there is a good guy you bite and get married. how good is that. S says part time job going on blind dates for marriage is against the law. J: that’s why the pay is high. normally it’s $100 each time , but I will give you $130 especially. S: I wont do it. S: if you do well you can earn $3,000 in a month. if you keep earning money and taking a break like this then you will attend college for ten years. S says I am not even thinking of getting married so it’s not right to go out on those.  I don’t want to do it. J offers to up the price to $135 and leaves a card with S. J gives a guilt trip – just watch me kill myself cuz I go bankrupt.

S is taking notes at her hakwon for her civil servant exam. S gets called to the front of the class. The teacher was trying to make a point about if you lie awkwardly during the interview you will be eliminated right away. you have to do it confidently with truth/sincerity. he gives sample interview questions like why do you want to work for the NIS and has S answer them. but she was too honest cuz she said she wanted to work at broadcasting as a PD so he asks if she thinks being a civil servant  is a stepping stone to broadcasting

S is studying late at night

G goes home and his dad asks what time is it now. G says 3:38am. His dad says to sit down and asks what were you doing. G says studying for my test. The dad asks which exam. G: civil servant exam. his dad yells -is that an answer? after graduating 3 yrs ago from college – the only thing you are doing is preparing for that exam? he says G is doing useless things. G: why is what I am doing useless. dad says 3 yrs in a man’s life 3,000 uk moves. howmuch is the salary for a civil servant? stop all of it and start coming to work at the office tm. but G says I am not made for business. His dad asks where is something more cool than business? the dad lists how many years G would have to work as a civil servant – 4 yrs and 5 yrs as president. business doesnt have that kind of stuff. even if you just earn what you eat all your life no one will insult it. when will you grow up. please come to your senses. at your age, Jesus made grape juice out of water. G: He was an amazing person. the dad says how he turned $1,000 into $100,000 at G’s age. G: I admire that father.  His mom comes over and asks if G ate. She asks why the dad is yelling. The dad says how could I not yell – you are like this so that’s why this kid is like this. mom: what did I do. he tells G -listen up. you are wasting your life. come to the office tm but the mom says he wont go. The dad accuses her of taking sides so she says where is taking sides in a family. the dad says you are taking side now so she says I would take your side if i did – would I take my son’s side. G sneaks away while they argue

He goes to his room and works out along with his robot and looks at a poster of james bond. Flashback to him as a kid watching james bond movies and being mesmerized. He stole the poster off the wall after the movie. G makes a shooting pose with a laser gun

The mom says she has a way. The dad complains G doesnt have a dream. the mom keeps saying I have a way so he asks if she went and got her fortune told. She says how accurate the person was -even getting right the house fire that almost killed G. dad: got that correct too? the mom says G is like that cuz he lacks direction and needs to sort out his omens. The dad asks for an amulet but she says that person said there is no need. G just needs a woman. dad: for him to marry? mom: if he did then it would be even better. to be honest when you were living like him -it’s cuz you met me that it turned out like this or else if you didnt then would it have turned out like this?  he wonders if it will be easy for G to meet a woman. The mom shows what she got from the fortune teller and got all the info about the kind of woman G needs including age (year of the ox or tiger) and other relevant info. the mom points out I’m the year of the ox. she looked into it and found the right women with all the qualifications. the dad doesn’t think G will make any money as a civil servant so he tells her to make G go to work at his company.

G says why would I get married at this age. His mom says who said you had to get married – just meet a woman. G: I am meeting a lot. she asks what their ages are (what year they were born). G lists dog, horse, duck, cow. she says even if you added all of them up will they be better than one tiger.  Just meet ten of the women I tell you.  He asks if she got her fortune told. mom: it’s my wish so cant you listen to it? G:  why is everyone like that.  your wish is for me to marry and dad’s wish is for me to inherit his business. is that a wish for my sake? the mom says cant I do that when I for so much for your sake. cant you just go out on ten dates?  G: I cant. I am late. he is about to leave but she asks  should I change your car. G: what car. She says a good car. if you just obeyed well i would have changed cars sooner. you said you are late. go. G: ok I will be going.  he leaves so she says then will you just go on 5 dates. he comes back in and says yes mother I will. She asks him to meet for 2 hrs each time at least –meet twice with the same woman would be even better. G: ok. he links arms and says let’s go and sign the contract for the car. mom pulls away and says why are you like this like an amateur. first I will see how you do.  If you just fill up the time without any consideration then no car. got that? He says yes mother. she says how good he is when he obeys well- if only you wouldnt do that civil service. are you really going to take the civil exam. G: I will go on the blind dates first

S is at work and gets a call from her mom about her dad getting injured. dont cry. I will go there tm.

S goes to see her dad and tell him to stop being stubborn and go to the hospital. he says why get admitted over a few broken bones – it’s not like i have a disease that will kill me. she yells why get drunk and get hurt – it’s not once or twice – how many has it been now.  this is the fourth time. the mom says it’s over 12 times. S asks why always get into accidents – it’s so embarrassing. his dad asks why S was called. The mom says I didnt call her – she came on her own.  S tells him to go to the hospital – cuz his bones wont heal right. he says just worry about your future. how many years did you go to college.  you should be getting a job so why did you come here. you dont listen well at all. S says you should have told me how badly you were hurt and if you werent going to then dont bring it up. cant lie down or sit so i asked how much was he hurt and she (mom) said you were so hurt that you cant lean. so can I focus on getting a job or studying?  why do you drink so much.  the dad yells at her for talking back so much.  S says I wont come home again. The dad says dont come

The mom chases after her and says eat before you go -at least take some side dishes, but S says it’s ok and just gives her some money. the mom says I have money. S says how would you after dad’s medical bills and pay for compensations. get a perm. I gave you money last time to get a perm. get your hair colored too. and dont wear ripped clothes. her mom says it’s rejuvenating cuz air comes through (the hole). S walks off upset but her mom chases her saying take the kimchi, but S keeps walking. The mom says S has a temper

G is on his blind date and ignores the girl. the girl asks are you that great. do you normally ignore people in this manner? G: cuz there isnt much time before my exam. she says then you should have studied for the test- why come here.  G: you eat while watching tv so what’s wrong with studying while on the date. she says how unlucky she is (for meeting him) G asks when should we meet next time. we have to meet at least twice to know about each other. She says go to the hospital and get your sanity checked first. G does that for each date (just looking at his tablet and ignoring them) so each girl says stuff like how can there be something like this. He even sings off key and the girl walks out

S is at the bank and cant get any money cuz of her other loans at other banks. she looks at the car J gave her

S is at home and debating whether to call her friend and sent her a text about the blind date job. S hates herself

G is at home eaing and argues – how can you do that – you said you would sign the contract for my car. his mom says you thought I wouldnt know you went on the dates and did other things. no contract. G: it’s not like that. mom: those girls were the right match for you. I chose them so carefully so how could you go there and be so rude. no car.  G: mom. she says dont call me mom. Also you wont get any more allowance from here on so hand over your credit card. He gives it and walks off. She asks are you really going to do this. G: you asked for the card. I know I did rude things. but if it was really meant to be -no matter what I did -wouldnt she have waited – even a minute. mom says if you are like that who would sit there. you think there is a woman in the world who would? G: of course there isnt – you know why?  there is no such thing as fate.I dont believe in that stuff. mom: i believe – meet the rest. she gives him back his card. fate comes like a thief

S goes to meet G and says hello. G: your fashion is very poster model. I am Han Pil Ro . she is about to say her name but has a flashback to her friend J picking out S’s outfit and saying what is kyung ja – does it make sense that the older daughter of a diplomat’s name is kyung ja. since you were the tutor at a diplomat’s home and the wife was good to you like a daughter.  S hits her for that lie. then S yells about the year she was born – she is a cow. J lied about that and says S is the year of the ox and has to sit for 2hrs at least and meet twice. J picked out a red outfit to try on so S asks to wear her own clothes. this is too tight. and my clothes are comfortable. S gives her fake name to G. he asks if she is the year of the tiger. S: no ox.  He asks if she has anything in particular to say. she says no so G says then let’s do our own thing. She takes out her books and studies for 2 hrs while he does his own thing. He looks over at her. he finally just stares right at her as she studies. She doesn’t even notice him. He calls her name and asks what are you doing. She says studying. he asks if she is preparing for a test and guesses which one but she sees that the time is up so she says thank you-bye and packs up to leave. he asks are you going. I asked what you were studying. She says I told you studying for a test. He says we have to meet again so when. She says tm. G: tm? you want to see me again? why? S: If you don’t want to never mind. goodbye. He says wait a minute- let’s meet again tm at this same time here.

J asks really you got an offer to meet again. S: he was ok.  J tells her how big a catch G is -good looks – good background- and his family is wealthy.if it goes well for you – you have to be really good to me.   but S says that’s not it -he is ok cuz he didn’t interrupt when I was studying. J asks are you crazy? studying while doing part time jobs -you think that’s the same as studying on a blind date. S: he studied too. J asks if they studied together. both of you are not normal (sane). S asks for the pay. J: did you really study together?  S says $5 is missing. J: you earn money like that so how is it that you didnt graduate yet? is this semester the last one for sure? she asks for change, but S takes it and says I dont have change.

G is at home and remembers how S said never mind if you don’t want to. He gets mad and says what did she do so well ( as in what is so great about her). He remembers what his mom said – that fate/destiny comes like a thief. He remembers S again and tries to study, but cant focus

At the NIS office W is answering calls. The caller asks if they report about a wanted criminal, there is a reward so do you take the tax off and give it.  W asks if he wants to report a wanted criminal. the caller says a friend said that they take off 20% and give it. W explains why and the caller says I had a bet with my friend. he tells his friend they dont deduct tax.  the caller calls back and asks  if they get more reward for catching the bad person themselves so W asks did you catch him. the caller says i have a bet with my friend so W yells at the caller warning him not to call again.

Later on W apologizes to his boss. the boss reminds him how much trouble they can get in these days cuz of the internet and SNS. W invites him to eat but his boss says if I eat with you I cant digest. W offers to buy him digestion medicine and takes him away to eat. W gives him concert tickets. W talks about training new recruits and wants the job cuz he cant keep fielding calls at the call center.

S goes to meet G again. He makes a comment about her fashion again -consistent. She sets the timer and takes out her book so he asks what are you doing.  S: I am going to study. G: then should we ask what we are curious about each other. she agrees to it. G: you go first. She describes negative externality and he guesses it. then he says it’s my turn and decribes what journalists get – “scoop” so she guesses that and gets it right. S: it’s my turn right? G: be honest why did you come here. She starts to rattle off how she wanted to use the best matching service and trust them and came here, but he cuts her off and says you came cuz of the money huh? S: money? G: I know all of it. I am right huh? the reason why you are guarding this spot is cuz of money – you heard my family was rich so you cant stand up huh? S: that’s not it. G: why do you live like that? to be honest women who sign up for marraige who graduated from college – it’s obvious. they want to sell themselves off at a high price.  is the objective of marriage to get divorced? S: I didn’t sign up for this. G: they all say that. their mother signed them up. S: my friend registered me. G: do you know what woman I hate the most? like your style –women who think it’s the best to get married into a good family cuz they went to a good college, but you got the wrong guy.  I have no interest in inheriting my dad’s company and I totally dont want to get an inheritance. S: I didnt come here cuz I wanted to become a chaebol’s daughter in law. I never even thought that and I have no interest in that kind of money.  G: then why did you come out? S: I told you – the best matching service. but he cuts her off and says – a person meeting a person is fate/destiny. is fate part of the service? let’s get up. I have an appointment. she looks and there is time left. she calls out his name and asks what about you? why did you sign up for marriage.  G:what? S: aside from money you must not have anything to offer.and cuz of that right, you got twisted. “you didnt come to meet me – it was cuz of my money” -like this. isnt it? G: what do you know about me to say that. She says I don’t know, but I will find out once. sit for a minute and let’s talk, but he says I said have an appt. you can follow if you want to talk. If you don’t want to – never mind (he used her words back at her)

She is in his car. G: I didnt know you would really follow me – you must have fallen for me. S: would that happen. G: then are you going to study again. S gets out her book and says I didnt think of that. G: you dont have to study. He mentions since her dad is a diplomat – she can get a job if she asks nicely and then after a few years, her dad will change her position to a better one. S: why? are you envious? G: of course I am envious. you can live comfortably the rest of your life. how nice is that. living without thinking of anything.  S: someone gets allowance and buys his car and home but someone has to work all day and just be able to buy one book and live. if she suffered so much to study -would she just think about getting married and living comfortably. G says in banmal: dont think that person and you are the same.  so she says you keep speaking comfortably but it would be nice if you didnt. G: sorry since you were born in the year of the ox that makes me the oppa so I will speak comfortably – it’s ok right? he spoke banmal so she does it too and says yes ok – speak banmal.  it’s comfortable and nice. so he says let’s go back to jondae cuz between us it’s not like we are going to be comfortable (meaning they wont be close cuz they wont meet again more than likely)

at the car race, the referee says both cars being registered and paperwork was confirmed so at the end of the race they just need to hand over their car keys to the winner. G and the guy listen to it outside while S is still in the car. The guy asks if G is handing over his girlfriend too (with the car). G says she isnt  my girlfriend, but I want to hand her off

S calls her friend and says I filled up 2 hrs. are you crazy? filling up two is enough. I will never meet this being. he is not a human being. G gets back in the car so she hangs up. S: I will be going. G: you cant. S: there is no reason why I cant. G: I told you aside from money there is nothing to earn didnt I? you have to know that’s not it. S: why do I need to know that. G: so that you dont think of living so easily in this world. watch how to live passionately and  do some penance ok.  S: I live plenty being passionate. G: going on blind dates for marriage? let’s go. Then he starts the race with her in the car.  She asks what he is doing now. He says – have fun looking – have a good time. She is thrown all over the place in the front seat. She asks him to pull the car over and hits him. G: how can I pull the car over now. She puts her seatbelt on. he says trust this oppa. He keeps racing. She cant look cuz it’s so scary. A truck heads over to them so G narrowly misses it. She calls him crazy and says pull the car over. She pulls his hair and hits him so he says it hurts. She turns the steering wheel and ends the race. He says are you crazy. How could you turn wheel like that. she is holding his arm and shaking. She is crying. she calls him crazy guy and gets out. she throws up. G gets out and says are you in your right mind or not. were you trying to kill us. she goes back and slaps him and yells – I  live with my life on the line too. but over something like this I wont put it on the line. do you know what living is? just cuz you have some money – you think you can treat people like this. someone like you is more trash. you are just $235. she kicks him and leaves. He yells at her to stop. The other driver stops G and asks for the car keys.

S is walking down the road. G lost his car and the guy drives away with it. G sees her book on the road and kicks it. but he looks back at it.

The guy who won the car pulls over and offers to give S a lift cuz cars dont pass here. it’s cuz I am grateful. thanks to you, I won the car. buy your boyfriend a bowl of soup –  he is going to feel like crap cuz he got his car taken away. he laughs and drives on with his friends. S calls them crazy people

S is walking on the isolated road and so is G. he is carrying his book.

*this is the scene where I fell in strong like for this drama -the music and the fact that he was carrying her book

S gets to a location and orders the cheapest food on the menu and waits for it to be delivered. G is walking and sees her. he says I caught you and starts running to catch up to her. the delivery guy pulls up and she says I placed the order but could you give me a ride to a place with cars. The guy gives her a lift. G yells for her to stop but she keeps going. G: ya if I catch you- you are dead

That boss is talking with some guy and tells him to be in charge cuz no one will oppose. since the guy will be meeting with the others, the boss says go and decide and come.

W tells a group of guys I am buying today. W wants the job to be in charge of the new recruits, but they don’t believe in him and ask if he has the right. So W says I dont know about the right, but I have the confidence to do well. I wont embarrass you. the guy asks is it cuz of what happened 5 yrs ago when choi sunbae died.

Flashback to Uhm and W fighting and when Uhm shot choi. W remembers and says choi sunbae died cuz of me. Happy now. He died cuz of someone like me. He drinks and leaves. He comes back in and says I really want to do the training. I will really do well. He bows and asks please help me. He bows to the other side of the room and says help me. He leaves and the guy says how W paid for choi’s kid’s education all this time.

Uhm arrives in seoul and is walking at the airport. A woman seems to be trailing him. She gets into a cab. The cute driver -Jay is part of their crew and says welcome to korea. she asks if this car has any nothing strange about it. Jay: I got hired as a spare driver with a fake id. He picks up uhm. he wants the curtains but Jay says dont worry about it – i checked all the security cameras. she asks if you were going to be that careful why did you come back with your face as is (cuz he isnt wearing a disguise). uhm says so he would be nervous/tense.  he asks for the file so jay passes a tablet to him. Jay: didn’t you miss eating Korean food hyung? Uhm calls Korea “that country’s name” and doesnt seem to like it.he looks through the pics and lands on G.

G is taking a test and so is S. they are in separate testing centers. They narrowly miss seeing each other

S walks out of the test. G comes out and is on the phone reporting to the place that set him up on that blind date with S.  G: cuz of the woman you introduced me to – I lost my car.

S’s friend J yells at S and asks what happened. cuz of you he said he lost his car and he called the office and now there is a big fuss. did you steal the car? did you sell it somewhere?  what is it? S says dont pay any attention to it. J says what if you get caught – you will have to pay for the car, get sued, and you and I will be in trouble. you have to tell me what happened so I can help. S says just say you dont know me. how can he find me.(cuz G wont be able to track her down cuz of her fake info). J warns I wont pay you then. S:I wasnt going to take it. she gives back the money she was paid the other day. the friend gives it back saying you earned this money. S: I don’t have confidence to live well but I wont badly. This is a lot of money to me but since I didnt earn it the right way, it’s not mine. She goes to teach her kumdo class

S is going over her interview answers as G runs up behind her and doesn’t see her

People are doing their interviews conducted by W. most are nervous.a girl takes a phone call and says I love you to her husband so W yells at her to leave. Interviews continue. S stands up and G is there too. Her real name gets called. S walks by G and he finally sees her.

G is asked why he wants to become a civil servant. G: Cuz I want to live impressively/coolly. W:  you’re thinking like 007 but reality and the movie are really different – our job isnt cool. G says in a fancy way that there is no other life that is as cool

S is asked the same question and her answer is recited from memorization cuz the woman interviewer asks did the hakwon teach you to say it like that? out of 100, 99  of them give the same answer. did you think you would pass using those methods? S: no. the woman says if not then cuz it’s similar to broadcasting -are you trying to gain experience?  you look like you came to play. from your eyes – i cant read any sense of passion, loyalty, etc.

W: you will love your nation forever. how? G says lists his real life qualifications–taekwondo 3rd belt- 98% for 5om- piloting license- mastered scuba – car racing license –up to now I have the proficiency/ realistic experience. I have the confidence to be the best spy. I have the confidence to go with love for my nation on that one path forever.  W: but you didn’t study well.

the woman says we dont want people who study well. I will ask one thing. she asks where S thinks orange, lemon, grape, and some other fruit are from. S lists countries for each fruit and they think it was a good answer, but then the guy asks what does nation mean to you. so S says where I live now. but the woman says not the meaning in the dictionary – to you what is nation. that is what he is asking.  S cant seem to answer. the woman says you dont know what it is huh? now do you get it? end of the interview. please leave

G says I thought the right to be a spy was more important than grades. W says i think you were mistaken-it’s grades. end of interview. next

G leaves the room and turns and locks eyes with S. she sees him and looks away in shock



S yells she got hired and so did G

S looks at each of her hand and says you are broadcasting and you are government

G makes a comment about S’s fashion

G chases S on a bike and yells –  you’re dead now -just wait till I catch you.

D shakes G’s hand and says – we meet again. I’m GD, let’s get along and be close. G grips his hand really hard

Someone asks S: Did you come here to date

the trainer says there is one thing they have to do well – lie

G asks S: are you really a daughter of a diplomat?

** I just realized – for someone who is going to be a spy, I’m not sure S has the stomach for it. she threw up after one car race. how is she ever going to do any car chases then? arent spies supposed to be able to do all that action and physical stuff? or maybe Nikita brainwashed me. Not the US version, but the Canadian one La Femme Nikita – that is one woman who would never have thrown up.


75 comments on “Level 7 Civil Servant E1

  1. ck1Oz says:

    Oh whew, I am relieved you are relieved softy. Thank you.
    I am another one who would follow him now through thick and thin and keeping my fingers crossed he would continue to pick good dramas.


  2. SS says:

    WOW! Softy, you like it? I definitely need to re-watch. I was toggling between 5 screens and finally had to settle on one which had no sound. I don’t know why wubisheng crap out on me today. I tried other links post on soompi, didn’t work either. I really need to get one good one for tomorrow.


  3. SS says:

    Chinese translation of tweets:

    JW: Thank you for watching 7LCS, the response was very good, please look forward to the 2nd episode as well. Tomorrow, the cool Do Ha will appear, it will even be more exciting, Fighting! Good night!

    belle0926(apparently the girl who played Gye Sun in Gaksital): I have watched the show

    JW: thank you noona


  4. flo says:

    omg i think i’m in heaven right now…….re-read your recap and those screencaps of JW are cuuuuuuteeeeee…JW is absolutely so handsome in this drama..*faints*
    i didn’t watched this episode properly last night,because my internet was suck,
    thanks God my dear nonski give us the YT link……
    i cant wait for tonight episode……thank you very much for the recap..my dear softy


  5. Cindy says:

    wasn’t able to read your recapped cuz i died after looking at the screencaps, CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!! Will be back later after I recover from all the swooning


  6. anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy. Aw, visiting your blog and read the recap & comments remind me of our OBsessions day and Gaksitaaaaaal.

    I agree on the diversity of all the roles Joo Won playing so far. Ppl will start comparing this one with Gaksital. Ooff.

    I’m with you (and Joo Won. Hehe) till the end.


  7. nonski says:

    preview for episode 2 as posted at soompi by NEWMARIO


  8. […] Recap: https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/level-7-civil-servant-e1/ […]


  9. summerlamb says:

    Thank you, for the recap Softy, it was very helpful, :),…I look forward to watching JW’s new drama, I was pleasantly surprised with episode 1, of Level 7, and anticipate JW goodness, as my last time here also was during OB withdrawals, so it is good to be in the company of familiarity, I look forward to future recaps


  10. joowonforever says:

    and we’re back……. thank you everyone !!!


  11. Dramafed1782 says:

    I actually enjoyed the first episode, maybe because I am not carrying very high expectations, just believing in the acting capabilities of the leads and the supporting cast. Well waiting for the second episode, hoping it will tune the pace of the series 🙂 Annyeong!


  12. Ann says:

    At the moment, l dont have interest in any kdrama airing now, be it FBND or Alice or Yawang. l havent check Sirius yet. That’s why lm waiting for this especially for Joowon of cos. l really enjoyed ep 1. Its funny, Not a fan of Choi Kae Hee but she’s funny. Its nice to watch different side of Joowon. Awaiting for eng sub ep 2 and coming eps as well. Hopefully it wont turn me down like Alice did. Now l have one kdrama to watch to.


  13. Hanachio says:

    Looks interesting drama and I LOVE JW but… I reallly don´t like the girl… 😦


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