Flower Boy Next Door E6

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The look on his face here is the first serious one he has had so far. It’s like he feels vulnerable and doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. All along he has pulled D out of her home and comfort zone without any consideration for what she wanted. He thought he knew better than her about what’s good for her. He was so sure of it, but now I think he is going to question his past actions. He finally has to face what he has done to her. He was right. She can barely talk with other people, but when it comes to him, she has no problems speaking up. He made her this outspoken. In the process of bringing this out in her, he changed as well. As much as he got tangled up in her world, pretty soon he will have to figure out if he has the strength to leave her behind.

Just in case anyone was wondering, that main photo was from the preview, but I loved it so much I wanted to write about it. I have no idea why he looks so serious. We won’t know the whole story till next week. I really hope it’s what I think.

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Written before it aired: I felt sort of sad that D won’t be spying on TJ or even Enrique anymore until I realized why she stopped. She doesn’t need to cuz now she has the real deal. The outside world came to her. She has Enrique banging on her door daily and now she found out Jin was her post it guy. I used to think it would be great if these guys would help her out of her little sheltered world until it dawned on me last night it’s already happened. She has left her home more often these days than she ever imagined she would. More shockingly, tonight we get to see one actually enter her home. The mountain has come to Mohammed and he is going to end up being one obstreperous little energizer bunny. Forget about her quiet peaceful room from here on cuz once Enrique comes into the picture, she won’t have a minute of sanity.

*my thoughts are at the end cuz of spoilers

Out of my favorite cable dramas like AWC, I live in Cheongdam-dong, SUFBB, and QIHM, they all have one thing in common: original stories. They never start off with any typical kdrama plots like parents objecting a marriage, babies getting switched at birth, thirst for power, etc. FBND has everything I ever wanted in a drama and some added bonuses I didn’t know I needed. It has heart, humor, quaintness, and unpredictable plot twists. The icing on the cake is the relatable emotions and characters.

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There was a cute BTS posted on the soompi thread so I translated it.

KJH: On the film set even though it’s this cold we goof around and then film.  it’s been a long time since I’ve done it (filmed) so it’s fun. (cuz of his absence from filming due to his army stint)

KJH shakes some girl PD to kid around so she jokes back and says “oh you are so cool.” She playfully pretends to pat GKP’s butt saying “it’s cold but you are suffering so much” so the old guy says “hit his butt too” so KJH playfully sticks out his butt for her to hit.

During the poster shoot, it was KJH’s idea for each guy to hug each other and just leave PSH alone. KJH says let’s look into each other’s eyes so GKP pulls away and laughs. Someone says GKP should hug KJH so GKP back hugs him. PSY says it looks like she is watching SNL (Saturday night live).  After KJH and YSY have to keep running back and forth, KJH is out of breath and says let’s stop running. But the director makes him go again.

*I read somewhere that PSY called the director for this drama a “flower boy” so I have been dying of curiosity to see what he looks like and watched every bts video. I’m beginning to think she might have been joking cuz all I see are middle aged men.


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Starts from E going home and TJ asking what happened to you? S comes over and throws him his bag and says “you” in an angry way. E points down and asks what is this? you want me to leave?  S: if you werent going to come home you should have called – do you know how much oppa worried about you? if you are going to live doing whatever you want -leave right now. She mouths the word sorry so E apologizes. I am sorry – i must have gone crazy. TJ picks up on what they are doing and says are you two having fun making me the ridiculous person.

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E leaves with his bag and texts S that he needs time to resolve his problems with hyung so dont worry. he tells D’s window as he points up – before I leave, I will make sure to pull you out of there. I will be your elephant trainer so just wait. He leaves with his bag.

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DH: go dokmi – i kept trying to reach you – what’s up with that – it’s so hard to see your face. D walks over. I dont think you came to meet me so i’m going on. DH: no i kept calling you and came to find you. Dong comes out and tells DH to come in and sees jin and D together. dong: did you two stay out all night together. omg. he scoots over to jin and asks did you two stay out all night together. jin: no. dong: dont lie. D tries to get past  DH but DH blocks her path. D walks around and goes to her door. DH says through clenched teeth -dokmi arent you going too far- when people are watching. even though you are older are you going to act childish. D: will you get lost – that’s the last thing you said to me. She goes inside

She has a flashback of D and DH playing in school. Other mean girls come over and tell DH – if you dont have friends go around alone. they tell her not to hang out with someone like D. the mean girl makes fun of their friendship saying it causes tears. the other one tells DH to take her punishment.

DH cries and D tries to comfort her.

D went to the office to meet with the teacher. he told her she should enter a writing contest and gave her a book he likes for her to read cuz he thought she would like it too. D: thank you. I know you will do well. you can do well. “fighting”.  He held her arm and DH saw that through the window

D goes back to the classroom and DH is playing with the mean girls. DH asks if they want to put on her watch.

Starting from then DH was mean to D. DH stands up in class and tells the teacher-  tell us what happened exactly. She tells D to go wait outside.

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D stays outside and the girls grill the teacher and ask -what is the reason why a teacher drops by a student’s home. did you just write when you went to her home? how many times did you go? did you go often? I asked if you went often. is writing all you did when you went to her home? tell us. how could you think of going home with a female student.  the teacher says to the student who gave me attention, i just behaved so I wouldnt give the student any pain/scars. I hope the rumors will stop so that I can transfer to another school. he walks out and gives her a guilty look . D watches him go. DH comes out and says he told us everything about what you did go dokmi.

so mean girls accuse D of doing something with her teacher. “Did you start it? did you seduce him first? What did you do at home. what did you do? Tell us. tell the truth.” D faints. The next scene shows D leaving school

D locks the door and says let’s stop – please – let’s not be enemies anymore. please

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Dong gives DH boiled water cuz they didnt have any tea. Jin asks did something happen between you and Go Dokmi shi in the past. did you fight. DH says no we were close. This is proof. She shows him photos of D and her in class. I moved the pics we took back then and carry it around with me like this. she looks over his shoulder as he looks at their pics. He says there was a time when D smiled like this. where did all her smiles go. He scoots away from DH cuz she was too close

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E is watching a 4 D plex movie in a theater with moving seats and having a lot of fun. the guy explains the chairs move and the water and air. E gets so excited he is hugging the guy saying what is this. the guy says calm down. after the movie, E says the feeling is no joke. The man says I was looking for a star creative director to collaborate with. Let’s work together. E asks what time it is now ajussi. Can I see it again. Could you get me some popcorn. during the movie, E gets a text about the list of experienced editors/proofreaders. E: I said I wouldnt make a book so why are you like this.   Then he sees D’s name among the list of editors/proofreaders and gets an idea

D gets a call about book that has been sent by express delivery now. stop everything else you are working on now and finish this book first. send the chapters right away as soon as you finish them. I will be hanging up now. D tries to talk, but gets hung up on

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DH explains about D’s behavior to Jin. DH: dokmi was originally lonely. jin: yes she is very lonely. DH: you saw just a while ago right? normally kids who are lonely are sensitive. during middle school, D’s parents got divorced and remarried separately. jin: that must have been so hard on her. DH:dokmi lived with her grandmother and after her parents remarried, maybe cuz they had kids, dokmi didnt meet her parents separately. Jin: despite that she grew up so well huh? D: to tell the truth I took care of her through middle and high school. Dong comes over and asks: why was she so cold to a friend who took such good care of her. Jin: that’s true. DH says in baby talk: I don’t know. dong: ah you dont know. he leaves the room. DH sips her drink and says it’s hot in a really  annoyed tone.  jin asks is there a way for D to find this smile again? he is talking about the photo of D smiling so DH takes it back

D gets packets delivered through the door. She drops one and sees a pic of a sand castle. Then there is a pic of E

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E is giving a speech about his life and games.E says I made my first game at the age of 10.it seems like it’s the first time you heard that – memorize it cuz I will ask later. it was an age where you couldnt help but explain it as being gifted/genius.  I didnt copy/imitate someone else’s game (he talks about what kind of game it was and lost me)

D is editing the book about E. she writes: arriving at the foreign/unfamiliar land of spain for the first time at the age of ten -for the sake of communicating with friends, he designed a game.

E: it makes me think of the day I saw the castle Alcazar for the first time – I thought it existed only in fairy tales and but it was in front of my eyes in reality -starting from then I thought reality and imagination are not different -whatever it was – whoever it was – you could imagine it.

D’s voice narrates about E’s life at the same time so their info overlaps. D writes: Alcazar castle is a once in a lifetime experience that opens your eyes like a first love

E talks about his character –  a knight who chases after a demon that kidnaps the princess  – it’s easy, speedy, amazing battles he talks about dot graphics.

D writes: eating and sleeping wasnt as fun as work. he was happy, but he lost his adolescence

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E is looking at his posters that have been vandalized. He is with the people he is working with. E compliments the graphics and says the person didnt just do this once or twice. the way he draws and writes. he points to one and says this one is cute. this isnt the work of one person.  I feel like Sherlock holmes. Why do these people hate me so much. the two people say no they dont. E: I guess I am good enough for them to be jealous of. He asks where young people sleep when they leave home.  the woman says PC room or sauna

E goes to a sauna. He is told to take his suitcase up with him. he asks for a rice drink. she says it’s on the 3rd floor. he pays the entrance fee

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D is editing and playing E’s games on her phone

E plays his game with kids. He makes statements: rules are biased. i dont like to live within the boundaries of reality. games are harmful? there are a lot of things in the world that are dangerous if you do too much of it. caustic remarks and rumors are indications of an inferiority complex. he reads a sign that forbids taking phones, lighters, or anything that can blow up inside a heated room and leaves his phone outside. he sees some ajumma talking on her phone and says ajumma hurry and bring that out cuz it’s dangerous

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E is sleeping on the ground and gets a text about how he will be sent the edited/proofread parts. He reads it and laughs

D is looking at photos of E and gets a call from work. D says I only sent a few pages – I was trying to verify some parts. from here on I will edit faster. the writer said he didnt like it? the woman says you have to meet the author once. D: no I cant. i kept working under the condition that I wouldnt meet the author.  the woman explains how they begged him to write the book, but he refused. then he picked you to be the editor and said he would sign the contract. do you really not know E?  he said he will go to your place within the hour.I have to go to a meeting.  make sure the book comes out ok. She hangs up on D. D looks at the time and it’s 10:34pm

Jin is reading the words “go crazy after having an unrequited love” on his screen for his webtoon trailer and gets angry. he yells -what is this? I really will go crazy. Dong calls and asks if he saw the spoiler. jin: I know -hang up- I will get it settled. dong is comforting some drunk girl and says to Jin -come on strong, be scary, and rebel.  hello? why are you hanging up when someone is talking? he hugs the girl again and says hi to another girl passing by

E walks down the hall with his suitcase. D is pacing at home and her doorbell rings.

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E puts on glasses to appear formal and looks through the peephole. D doesn’t know what to do. She opens the door and he says are you the editor Go dokmi shi. hello I am Enrique Geum the author of the autobiography you are editing now. She says it’s late today. E: the publisher said to get it done quickly even a day early. D: which parts do you not like. E takes off his glasses and goes back to his goofy self and says: be honest – you were surprised wondering how could there be a fate like this huh? D: just tell me which parts you dont like. E: it’s not just one or two -even though it’s a rough draft, how can you just tear apart and fix willy nilly what someone wrote. Where should we work. She says wait a minute and closes the door. He smiles outside.

*PSY has a cold cuz her voice sounds nasal

She starts to clean up all the notes she had about E. she lets him inside and Jin watches that

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D blocks his way and asks what is this – why do you have so much stuff (belongings). E: editor go dokmi – let’s just go back to ajumma for a short time. I got kicked out by hyung. For a few days I had to stay in the sauna with ajummas and ajussis I dont know the names of and hysterical babies. ah the rice drink was really delicious. the rice drink was the best. anyway I worked at the sauna and went around doing lectures – I had such a hard time (he said that last line in baby talk) so she softens and asks why were you kicked out. E: cuz we were living together – hyung got jealous of me cuz I’m doing so much better than him. he takes his bag inside. E: oh yeah i forgot -You are on my hyung’s side. he trusts he can maintain control and acts strong – but does that work in love? She asks why is he trying to control himself. E explains how TJ is going to work with the army for some time and doesnt think S can do that. D: he could just ask her if she can go with him. E: people who are frustrating cant be honest. but thank goodness cuz looking at you, your face isnt crumbling cuz hyung is going to the army.  done settling that?

Jin tries to listen from outside and gets a call so he runs away

E looks around and asks: by any chance – am I like (Neil) Armstrong landing on the moon now. I am the first person to step foot in this home huh? she doesnt answer so he does his happy feet dance. E: oh it’s cold – Why is it so cold in this home.  D turns on the heater for him. E sees all her pics and says -editor –  You must like going on trips/traveling. I thought you always stayed home. she points down to her tv with her eyes. He looks and says oh so you travel through tv. she takes away her list from him. E: you are exactly like this ajumma I know so that’s why you have such a nice tv in this room. there is a soccer games so it turned out well.  Should I peep to see what hyung is doing – like someone. he goes to the window but she stops him and says no you cant -we have to work. i only sent five chapters so what am I going to do if you dont like it already. E:  I already wrote the orginal draft so arent you going at too slow a pace. I am leaving soon. D: there was a lot of info to confirm/verify so now I can go at a faster pace.  E: can I ask some questions about what you had to confirm about me?

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he goes and sits down and starts quizzing her. E: did you try playing all the games I came up with?  D: yes. E: hur (this is what people say these days when they are so speechless they dont have a word for it) did you read all the articles about me? since they are from another country then you must have read all the translated ones. D: yes. E: just cuz you played all the games and read a few lines of articles -then does that mean you know all about me? ah so that’s why you wrote the reason why I made my first game at ten was cuz I was lonely and wanted to communicate with friends. you’re the one who should learn to communicate. also Alcazar castle makes me think of my first love – isnt that a secret only you and I know ajumma? that’s total cheating. after you told me to act like i dont know you. dont you know too much about me?  D: that’s why – why did ask them to make me do it. E: the publisher said they would keep that a secret. this is grounds for breaking the contract. do you know that? D: cancel it then. I have a lot of other work and I am tired from working all night for a few days. E: do you know you are really strange ajumma? in front of other people you cant talk properly but why are you acting so strong only to me?  she thinks about it but doesnt have an answer

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Jin goes to see the director. She yells I told you not to drop by abruptly. He says there are a few things he has to go over today (as in pick on) so she jokes to do that on any part of her body. director: go ahead and talk.  Jin explains how the idea of “going crazy after having unrequited love” doesn’t fit with FBND. director: and is there something else? Jin says cuz of the smail the spoilers are too strong -the story is that the woman trapped inside slowly opens her door but from the start she showed signs to the four men. she says ok and asks what else. he starts to ask about doing one during mon-wed so the woman yells I am the pro at this. I am in charge of over 100 webtoons. would you like it if I went and told you how to do things? draw the nose and eyes bigger – a man who cant confess is a cowardly fool  -would you like if I did that? I am the pro. I was already feeling frustrated that I could die cuz of you.so jin yells back there is a process to development -intro, escalation, climax, and resolution- and you messed that up with your trailer so I cant work like this. she calms him down and tells him to sit. She asks is it not going well with the woman next door. in one winter if you just look at the wind you will freeze to death. Go and confess to her right now

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(056081)07-02-42][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(057126)07-02-06]

E comes over and he changed clothes. He is all over the place doing this and that like playing games on his tablet, drinking, or watching tv. So D yells at him – cant you please stop moving. He sits quietly on the chair and looks sad for two seconds. He asks do you want to eat ramen cuz I can make it really well. She hands him some papers and says -dont just say you dont like it and read it -we have to do other work too. He says ok and starts to read her latest proofread drafts, but he gives her unhappy looks.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(058487)07-58-14]

Jin goes home and comes back outside to go listen at D’s door. He hears E yelling “ah ramen” so jin tries to open the door and see through the peephole

Jin goes to his home and tries to listen through the walls with paper cups.

Dong comes home and cant find jin. He wonders if he stayed out all night again. He finds him sleeping against the wall. Dong wonders why is he sleeping here like that. is this spot warmer? he touches the ground to feel for the heat (certain spots on the floor get hotter than other places)

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(060502)03-17-30] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(060695)03-17-42]

Jin is dreaming about how D said she collected all of them and had fun flipping through his drawings. thank you, he smiles in his dream

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(062090)07-54-09]

E has the tv on and fell asleep. D goes over and looks at him sleeping. She takes the remote and turns it off. He looks cold so she covers him with a blanket.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(065885)03-18-32]

She fell asleep working at her desk so E gets up and covers her with the same blanket she put on him. He goes over and uses her binocular to look at TJ. E says you can see really well. He thinks about D looking over at TJ’s place and smiles. He looks back at D sleeping. This ajumma -she is someone I lived not knowing all my life, but why does it seem like I know all about her. He reaches over to take off a white lint on her head, but decides against it. he blows on her head and she wakes up and screams.

Jin wakes up when she screams and asks why. what are you doing? (he is saying that to E). He listens and asks what is he doing. dong asks why? why? what are you doing hyung? what is wrong with you these days.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(067286)03-19-58]

E explains no – no – it’s not it – I was trying to get this (lint off your head) to get this off. since you stayed up all night, if I touched you it might wake you from your sleep. so I used my mouth – no not my mouth – what am I saying? ever since what happened on the beach I keep getting misunderstood as a pervert, ajumma – no editor-nim – just in case, I am saying this – Don’t get that feeling that I am a guy. he finally stops stammering and holds up the lint some more. she gets up and moves away from him.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(067872)07-04-29][tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(068592)07-05-10]

Dong: what? 402 and E are living together? they started living together? Jin tells him to watch what he says. Dong: They say E has a son. jin:what? dong: didnt you see on the internet? they said he came with him on the place. this young rascal is a total playboy. Jin says we have to pull that guy out of that home right now. Dong: hyung those two already..jin: they did what? dong: inside a room where love is trapped – a man and woman- all night – all night (he makes the hand motion ) so it makes Jin miserable. dong throws him a bone and ends with they probably just debated -about world peace.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(069576)07-05-39]

E is getting food out of the fridge. D says you will have food trash left so just cook the amount you can eat. E nods ok. he opens it to put some back in and D says if you open the fridge often you waste electricity and food goes bad. E pulls out a green onion and is so happy about it but D says just pull off the leaves and use it.  he nods ok. D: if you walk around eating chips/crackers you drop crumbs. he is playing a game on his tablet with the tv on so D asks -cant you focus on one thing at a time

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(071647)07-06-24] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(071728)07-06-33]

D is writing: That woman believes it’s fate/connection/tie/relationship when a line of the heart quietly connects with another. Following that line which is invisible, she thinks that the two people are sensing and understanding each other, even by the slightest tremor. When through one heart, many different hearts suddenly connect and are mixed up together, that woman becomes nervous. So please, fate, don’t pull so hard on the heart. D watches E sleeping

Thanks to Joonni for translating this scene. *Joonni’s note: It’s hard to translate the word “inyeon” so I’m giving the different usages of the word.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(072435)07-07-28]

Dong and W are modeling clothes for DH’s shopping mall. Dong is asked to be more dynamic so he makes poses like sticking out his butt and stuff. DH comes over and says bravo. You did well for your first photoshoot. Dong says no – what do you mean first- I lived my whole life like a model. She asks point blank – does Jin like D. i’m right huh? i’m good at guessing stuff like that well. dong goes over and asks: you like our hyung dont you. She pushes him away and says-how can you say such things like that. then she says: it’s correct. I fell for him at first sight. I swear. He asks how could you go for him instead of me. you have awful taste.  He advises her to confirm what’s going on with her friend first (meaning check how her friend is doing)

The guard is taking down the banner. the ajumma comes over and asks if the protests are really over -cuz now she doesnt get to see the flower boys. guard says dont worry and reminds her about the cooking classes.  she thinks he meant she can always see the flower boys there, but he meant “we can meet all the time.”

Guard makes an announcement that the results of their protests came out, but the woman asks them to come to #403 at 3 oclock. Guard says the tenants will be compensated (their protests worked). Jin hears that and wakes up dong. They celebrate and hug. dong wonders how much they will get paid. Jin keeps talking about D and says “she will come out to get the compensation right? she will come outside to get the compensation right? #402! dong thought Jin was yelling out the amount they might get so Jin gives up trying to get through to him

D gets a call from the guard and says I cant accept the compensation cuz I never went out to protest even once. i cant accept it. E mumbles she is unusual/unique.  guard says go and meet and talk about it at 403. also there is a delivery for you. she says I didnt order anything. he says what are you talking about – the name and  address is correct. I was going to take it up but that person said she had to carry it up herself. she is gone. she must have already gone up.

the bell rings so D goes over and says I didn’t order anything. E offers to open the door. But D opens it and DH sticks her foot in and says let’s not be like this – let’s try to get along. She remembers how dong said her friend is living with someone -it’s game over for our hung. DH tries to see inside the apartment for the guy and says: I really want to talk to you – let me come in for a minute and talk.

D goes out to talk and pushes DH back outside. DH: arent you going too far?  we are friends so I asked to go in for a short time to talk -I cant even do that? DH says in a low voice – you’ve been avoiding me all this time on purpose huh? let’s just say you ignored my calls and texts,  how can you act like you dont know your friend when she is standing in front of your door. do you know how embarrassed I was by you in front of your neighbors. D says you are still exactly the same (meaning you haven’t changed at all). DH: what? I didnt hear – talk louder. D: What is this (the boxes DH is holding). DH: are you ignoring everything i just said and you’re just curious about this stuff? you totally got cool.  (she didnt mean it as a compliment – she meant cold hearted). she speaks louder so Jin can hear-these are some clothes from my shopping mall. it’s a present for a friend i havent seen in a long time.  D makes a fist and says I don’t need it so take it back and go. DH is pleading – arent you going to think about me carrying this over -I came over here on purpose.

E is listening and wants to go out and help but doesn’t. he wonders why D has so many problems like this.

D is asking why did you come find me. DH: cuz I missed you. I had a hard time.  what happened in the past doesnt matter anymore.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(083384)07-10-31]

dong says to Jin – what is this – don’t you hear this hyung. Haven’t you heard this voice a lot.maybe it’s my president (he calls DH that cuz he works for her)

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(088029)07-12-26] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(088933)07-13-36] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(089561)07-14-03] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(089650)07-14-11]

DH puts on an act and cries saying – I wanted to meet you again. I wanted to get along like we did in the past. She cries sitting down so dong comes out and helps her up and asks what is going on. E comes out and says to D and DH  “go in and talk – I will go out.” D: dont go. just stay. dong says to D: she is your friend so why make her stand in the hall and make her cry. jin says to dong it’s not for you to interfere. E says the two of you go in and talk. i’m ok. D says there is nothing to talk about. and nothing to hear. dong starts to say D has a bad personality cuz friends should talk when they have something to discuss so jin goes over and pulls him away saying “stop it.”  DH goes over to Jin and says: wait a minute – everyone wait a minute. it’s all my fault. Even though I am a friend I was wrong to drop by suddenly. She looks at D and says –  I thought you lived alone. you two look good together. (meaning E and D) so E says “huh? that’s not it (meaning they dont have that kind of relationship).  DH says to D – I will be going. accept this. while I chose clothes that would look good on you for a short time I thought about our school days when we were single.  let’s be sure to meet again. I have an office across the way so it wont take long for us to meet. if you just cross that street, we can meet. She apologizes to Jin for being loud. Dong says it’s ok.  DH gives him a sign so dong says to E and D – you two must be sharing the same room – you look very happy. E: that’s not it – we shouldnt look good together. that’s not it. we are doing some work together so we are staying together for a short time. I will accept this on her behalf. E goes and takes the box from DH. Jin says to E-  dont you think there is a reason why she doesn’t want to accept. if you are staying for a short time, dont meddle. E: it’s from the friend’s heart so she should open it to see what’s inside. also how much longer can you just stand by and watch her avoid and hide. So jin goes over to him and says let’s you and I talk.



dong explains to DH that there is a rivalry like enemies/animosity between the two people that went up to the roof  that #420 doesnt know about

DH: So that’s why you/he like (s) D

E: I love you go dokmi shi

Jin: Did you confess to her by any chance

Jin meets with some men in suits and says I will contact you again so dont contact me first

*I bet this has something to do with his inheritance or his wealthy family.

E chases someone and says you chose the wrong person. he tackles the guy. (I think it’s the guy who has been vandalizing his poster photos)

D says to E: I did it cuz I know what you really feel -cuz I know your true feelings Kaegeum shi. She holds his arm and says – stop now. Jin watched all that from his hiding position

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E06.130122.만남의 연관 검색어는 인연과 악연.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(038073)03-16-33]

Denial runs deep with this one. I don’t get why Enrique told D specifically not to think of him as a guy. Just what exactly does he think his feelings for her are then? It’s no longer platonic – he is camping out in her home and he made that happen. When he also said that D and him shouldn’t look good together, I realized something about his character. I think it’s what D meant when she said she knows his truth. The fact is – he is trying to avoid his feelings for her. He doesn’t want to admit he fell for her. Admitting it would make it real and he is still trying to live in the world of games and imagination. Falling for her would mean he has grown up. Falling for her would mean his world will never be the same again.  And that probably scares the crap out of him. Nothing fazes this guy, but I think love will be the one thing that makes him come undone. Getting over his first love was a cinch compared to dealing with real love. He had better pass that cupid’s bow over to someone else cuz his days of shooting arrows are over. If you ask me, knowing him, he probably tripped over it and shot himself. Being shot in the heart is going to keep him busy cuz the longer he spends time with D, the deeper that arrow is going to burrow into his heart.

*By the way, I totally think Jin is from a rich family now after E5. He sold his car and moved here with barely anything. He was too well dressed to be anything but someone who came from money. He left that life behind and has been living here like this cuz he likes to draw.  It’s probably why he changed his name too. Also DH must know that he comes from money cuz she tracked him down here and knows his name so well so that it slips out before she can catch it. There is no way someone like her would chase down someone like Jin unless she knew he came from money.


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        Thanks for catching that – stupid koreans and their incessant need to leave out pronouns. 🙂 I was so sleep deprived when I worked on that ep. If I was a battery, I was like at 20-30% at that point. but then watching Enrique and Jin be so cute recharged me so I was back up to 40% when I finished. 🙂


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    Also, to the some of the commenters, thank you for including links to the raw episodes so I can watch while reading Softy’s recaps.


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    i love this episode,especially all the scenes of E&D being together in D’s room, and Jin’s behavior was so hilarious..i just love the two of them ,even though i still shipping E&D,but i dont mind if D will be together with jin at the end.i amazed with their characters..Jin was fall for D at first sight but he didn’t dare to close with D,he thought ..if someone you dont know knocks ,then who would open the door ?, but E said just knock on the door and it will open ..i love E’s simple thought
    i,m so curious what will happen next,,,i hope E will stay at D’s room for a long time ^_^


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