Flower Boy Next Door E5

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My heart is literally doing summersaults the whole time I am recapping this. I get goosebumps just from how perfect some of these scenes are and the dialogue is making me swoon like crazy. I can’t stand that we only get ten more episodes after tomorrow. It’s not enough – I want infinity.

Who knew a drama would make me think about the words “Objects are closer than it appears” and take it so seriously. This drama really makes you think about human interaction: why we do it, why we need it, and why some of us can’t live without it.  Even though Jin and Dokmi lived next to each other, they never realized just how close they’ve been on so many other levels. You don’t have to be in someone’s life to care about them. You don’t even have to be a part of someone’s life to be there for that person in her/his time of need. It’s all about the invisible thread of human connection. The sad part is that Jin is a step too late to make Dokmi realize all this cuz Enrique is already on it. He is going to demonstrate that you don’t need convincing words when you can use actions to prove that her well being matters to him now.

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Written before it aired: The other day when I was missing this show like crazy and wondering why it was taking so long for Monday to roll around, I had this mental picture in my head of her redirecting her sights to Enrique. You could say her infatuation on TJ sort of faded away a while back the minute she saw him face to face. It’s like that imaginary bubble she was living in was popped by a rambunctious pin in the form of a hyper busybody. I wonder if Enrique gets what he has done to her peaceful little existence. He has shaken the very foundation of who she allowed herself to become and now maybe through his actions, she will question if this really is living life to the fullest. Whether he succeeds in getting her out into the real world and helping her overcome her fears is only a fraction of the consequences of their friendship. What I care about more is that once he is gone, she will feel his absence so acutely that she will want to venture out more often on her own. The seeds of wanting a better life will be planted by his brief intrusion and hopefully his influence on her will outlast any memories she might have of her traumatic past.

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I really hope we get to see something I have been looking forward to since last week. When she looks over to TJ’s place now, I think she will be aiming her binoculars on Enrique.  It’s not that she has shifted her crush, but more like quenching a curiosity she didn’t know she had. It would be even more meaningful if he was looking right back at her.

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Am I the only one loving how he “sings” his lines sometimes? Listen to E4 at the 00:09:14 mark for an example. Yoon Shi Yoon is playing Enrique with so much fervor, I can’t help but wonder if this is his own idea. I sincerely doubt a webtoon writer came up with the idea of having Enrique “sing” his lines. YSY has embraced this character so much that even when he says his lines, he has to do it in the most animated way I’ve ever heard. There is this constant flow and rhythm to the way he speaks that I am getting such a kick out of.


[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(002328)07-11-16] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(002490)07-11-49]Starts from D screaming and E running in and falling down with her. the lights flicker on and they realize their lips are locked. E quickly moves away and says this is an accident ajumma. She just lays there stunned and not moving so he goes over asking “are you ok ajumma?” D gets up quickly so he covers his face just in case she might hit him and quickly stammers  “it was like a car accident when you cant see- cuz it was dark and couldn’t see.” She rushes out. he says what did i just do now. He stares at her standing outside and says it’s not like I committed a big crime. dont be cowered. be confident. he hits himself to buck up.

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 D remembers the past when she was friends with DH.
During class, DH said I will break for sure with the person I have my first kiss. I want it to remain as a good memory right up to that point.
D: that makes no sense. what if you like him more after the first kiss – are you still going to break up no matter what.   
DH says which person she is going to kiss
(the one reading – I think the handsome teacher.)
DH: I am going to do it with the teacher. on graduation day I am going to pounce on him. and then break up. how’s that sound. it’s a perfect plan huh? what about you? do you have plans about your first kiss? 
D: with the person I have my first kiss – I will be with him forever.
the teacher asks who is making all that noise in the back so the two girls look up and laugh behind their books
She goes back in and opens the door so E falls back cuz he had been leaning against it. E stammers-  I didn’t do anything (wrong). he is hiding her phone behind his back. E: I heard your urgent yell so I just came running in.  in that situation, I think a guy could have done that.  I feel confident (about it. meaning he doesnt think he did anything to feel guilty over) He even juts out his chin. She says let’s go – you can drive now right
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Dong says he is totally annoyed by girls like 402 so Jin sticks up for her. jin: why would you be annoyed by her? she is a girl who is quiet like air. what did Dokmi shi do to you for you to be annoyed by her? Dong says something unflattering about her name. hyung a woman has to be bright/cheerful. jin:  is a woman a light – for her to be bright. so all those women you go out at night to play with -are they so bright and that’s why they go around at night so well?  dong: why are you so sensitive these days and getting angry. what do you know about those people and me? what? why get angry?  W comes over and says why are you fighting – don’t fight – do you not have money for food. Jin asks for alcohol so dong says no don’t give it to him. drag him out. dong pushes Jin outside saying dont drink here. go out. jin shakes them off.
E and D get in the car. He says wait a second and goes out to the sand castle.
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While she was outside, E read what she wrote on her phone so his voice joins hers as the words are read aloud: just like you need skin to protect the flesh and blood underneath, for the sake of covering the truth, I needed the lie. instead of showing her wound and being honest, smiling brightly and lying felt safer for that woman. He pats down the sand around the castle and says: even if the waves come in strong – dont collapse so easily and hang in there for as long as you can – got that?
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Jin drinks and says: about 402- putting aside whether she is a man or woman – I like her as a person/a human being. dong agrees 402 is a good person and really great at cutting costs.from here on should I call her “hyungsoonim” (sister in law). Jin lectures him for thinking like that-believing that a relationship between a man and woman has to do with just desire. Jin mixes up korean and english and says: innocence/pure, respect, honor, soulmate. what are those? Dong:characteristics. Jin:omg. Dong thinks since jin is speaking English he is already drunk. jin: do you know how fateful our first meeting was?
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Flashback to when Jin first came to this place. He gets yelled at by the guy who rode with Jin for not selling his car before he moved instead of after.  Jin says that could happen if there is a situation. the guy yells at him to hurry and pull his boxes out. Jin walks over to a pile and wonders what is this – did I have this much stuff? did the boxes multiply – what is this. (jin thinks that guy unloaded all this). how could he mix all this up – i cant open all of them up to look. D comes over and says this is mine. I put a mark on all of mine and shows him the smiley face on her box (that was how they first met)
Dong says if you met like that you should have gotten her number and went after her- what were you doing for 3 yrs. I thought you two didnt know each other at all.  jin scolds him saying how could i just get her number. how could you treat my dokmi shi so cheaply. this kind of woman you have to be polite with and protect her – not just shake her up willy nilly  -this is why you cant. he says in english: do you know what i am saying.
[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(019915)07-20-19] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(020045)07-20-29]
E pulls over saying he is really sleepy. he shows her a video of an elephant. He says the elephant could speak Korean and was in the news in Spain. isnt it uncanny?
She asks why did he do it? how did the elephant end up learning human language.
He says when the elephant was really young – he  was separated from his family and came to a zoo in korea. that young elephant was too lonely -cuz he was lonely he wanted to communicate with someone so he learned the language of the zookeeper.  like a miracle. you should learn too ajumma – communicating with someone. and not say stuff like “when we go to seoul will you act like you dont know me” – (say stuff like) isnt driving hard? Will you turn on the music? how good would it be if you said these things.  if an elephant can learn our language – wouldnt it be easier than that? are you crying ajumma?
She had her head turned away cuz she was crying.
E: look at me – you were crying huh? were you moved by the elephant?
D lies and says: I didn’t cry.
He says dont cry- there is a happy ending cuz the elephant these days doesnt speak Korean cuz he got a girlfriend so he speaks elephant talk. now he is not lonely. I’m awake now. let’s go. He continues driving
Jin is going through and sorting the trash like D does for recycling. Jin: our nice dokmi shi spends all night doing this. Dong says Jin is getting worse. jin mumbles about how she organizes all this. dong takes advantage of his drunken state and asks “since you are drunk I will ask – why did you change your name. is your family issues complicated or your personal issues complicated? did you scam someone? or steal something? jin gets up and says I told you never to ask even if it kills you cuz you are so curious. Dong pretends to help sort the boxes saying it’s all done. it’s cold so let’s go in, but jin lies down on them. Dong tells him to get up but jin doesn’t listen so dong just covers him with a tiny box.
In the morning dong tries to wake jin out of bed. why set the alarm all the time when I wake you. The alarm is still going off so jin gets up and turns it off
The milk is being delivered as E and D pull up
Jin goes over and puts a post it on the milk. He is half awake. He takes the post it off and writes a new one
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they stand outside of the car and talk. E: ajumma that sand castle I made will collapse soon cuz of the waves without a trace and be washed away and then our unrequited love and first love will get easier to overcome cuz I made a request.  
She says sorry and thank you for today.
E: aren’t you even going to ask “how long will you be in korea.” If you arent interested then you dont ask questions. S was like that too and wasnt interested in me who lived next door and only curious about hyung who lived in korea. still, I was curious about you Go dokmi shi. why you peeped. why live in hiding.  what does she do.  but to you ajumma – I was just like someone who sits across from you on the subway -someone just in passing. it’s correct that we dont know each other. 
She says have a good stay in korea while you are here and go well.
she starts to walk away but he asks: do you really think that way? he quotes what she said “for the sake of covering up the truth, I need the lie. while smiling brightly, a lie is better.”
D asks how could you read someone else’s personal writing like a diary. isnt that going too far?
E says that’s not a diary. from the first line I saw the word “lie” so I did it without realizing.
D: I would never read it.  
E: I wouldnt lie about pretending not to have read it. even if I get hurt, even if it’s traumatic, I think truth is better.  
D: has it happened to you? a lie that’s the truth  -it was a lie for sure but it became the truth. please – it would be good if you forgot that writing and me. 
she turns to go in but he calls out: there are no circumstances where a lie becomes truth. Look in your heart and see what went wrong.
She goes inside
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Jin finished writing “even if you are far away i know you. this is oh Jin rak #401.”  He was sitting by her door when he realizes D is standing there. he quickly runs off to his door but he gets the courage to speak and says I heard you stayed out overnight and wouldn’t be able to come back. how I found out was Cha -your friend came over. He quickly goes over saying these days milk arrives very early. he takes his post it off and tells her to take the milk and go in. he turns and goes in and his post it is stuck on his butt so she sees that
D goes in and looks at her milk. She goes over and flips through all the post its pages so it plays out a scene in the park of a guy falling in love and giving the girl flowers. it’s like a confession through drawing
Jin goes in and yells at dong. He says you should have stopped me from drinking. why cant you do anything right? Dong says I tried to stop you yesterday. there is nothing for you to worry about. Jin says it’s so embarrassing – what do I do now. Dong asks what is it now -did you confess to 402 without me knowing.  jin asks how did you know -did you see. dong: omg you said you had to treat her as precious and protect her. you said she couldnt be shaken like this. dong shakes Jin.  he sees the post it and asks what is this. jin sees the post it and yells OMG
E screams and asks what brings you here at this time. S: I heard you stayed out all night. E: i said what brings you here. S: why are you so busy? are you avoiding TJ oppa on purpose? he says it’s hard to face  you so he keeps caring about what you think. cant you make it so that he doesnt have to worry about you. it feels like he is keeping me at a distance cuz of you.
E is making coffee and going over the instructions on how to make it like the water temp and amount.
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they are sitting on the couch. E says I don’t have a problem with hyung. hyung is caring about what I think.  If he cares about what I think – that means hyung likes you that much.  He must like you to death. She smiles and sips her drink. she gets up and looks out the window. she says you can see the building in front really well. She says the same thing E said the first time he saw the building. what were those words written on the side view mirrors. E says objects are closer than it appears. S: you are right – you are smart. E: But it’s not close as they appear.
DH is getting out of a van with her friends. her friend tells her to hurry and come out. DH sees dong and jin so she grabs all the parcels and pretends to be struggling with her packages and falls. W comes over and helps her. he asks if she is ok.  her friends speak Japanese to W. dong comes over and says you came again. welcome to my neighborhood. I was going to help, but my hyung is not feeling well so I had to hurry and …she runs off without letting him finish. dong tries to say he had to hurry and feed Jin. DH goes over and asks Jin- are you sick. do you have the flu. these days the flu is very severe. I will go home and get you tea I made myself.  Jin says it’s not the flu. she says that dong said he was isck. Jin: I am just hung over and I will be better if I eat a bowl of rice with my stew. He yells at dong – ya let’s go eat. I am hungry. DH asks dong and W to be her male models for her shopping mall. dong: I knew this would happen. he yells for Jin to eat alone. DH tells them to go together with jin and we will talk later. dong says call anytime. dong: hyung let’s go together 
Dong goes over and says hyung I am going to be a model. 402’s friend is the CEO of a shopping mall. i knew she gave off the scent of money. dont worry. even though I become a model and get one step ahead and become a celebrity and even when I become a hallu star,  I will keep drawing webtoons.  W says you are totally cool – the best.  Jin realizes his mistake in being rude to DH so he yells at dong: the two of them are friends. you should have told me sooner that the two of them were friends. why do you not do anything properly? let’s be friendly. he walks back to DH. dong says what is this-  he isnt sober yet.
Her friends asks why DH is using a male model when DH is selling clothes for women. DH says I can start selling for men from here on. Jin comes over and says her name. she says Jae won shi then changes it to jin rok shi. he welcomes her for moving in. DH: thank you. people you are meant to meet -you meet. jin says dokmi came early this morning.  so technically she didn’t stay out overnight. DH asks did you come over just to tell me that. Jin says since she arrived early this morning, she needs to sleep so go over there late in the afternoon. he walks away
During the day Jin goes back and forth outside D’s door.
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D is typing: “when she goes out into the world, that woman often becomes an invisible being -they push her shoulder and step on her toes – when she is standing unobtrusively in front of the line  – it seems like people couldn’t see that woman. so that woman hid in her room. in her narrow room, like a nest for a bird with an injured wing-she could breathe naturally there. that woman never missed or dreamt about the outside world. at least until now -at least until now….”
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The bell rings and E is outside coughing. He says ajumma I got the flu after going to the beach. Blood is coming out. should i give you flu medicine? should we go to the hospital? He knocks and kicks her door and leaves cuz she isnt opening it. Jin comes out and watches him leave and looks annoyed
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E is back in front of her door. He is wearing a pin in his hair saying ajumma – a hair pin was dropped in the car. isnt this yours ajumma. He keeps hitting and kicking her door calling out “ah-jum-ma” over and over. he leaves and Jin comes out and gets angry
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E is back at her door and says let’s split the cost of the trip (for the money he swindled from those people). I cant sleep cuz of the debt. ajumma -let’s pay them back. D texts and asks for his bank account. E sings:  I don’t have an account in korea so what to do. She texts “then give me han TJ’s account” and smiles. He texts I will be back soon. he calls out “I dont want to – I want to get it from you in person.” He leaves smiling and jin comes out wanting to hit him
Jin goes into his home muttering if a person doesnt want to see you- you should know that- is this a club. why is he always coming by? He puts his coat on and goes out muttering I cant put up with it anymore.
 [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(058748)05-41-26] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(061382)07-28-10]
E walked out and Jin comes out and calls out his name. they face off.
Jin starts to talk but his voice goes up like a girl’s so he clears his throat and asks “are you E.”
E: do you know me? E does a little happy dance and says you live here on the 4th floor dont you. last time I was wrongly accused of being a pervert. I had on a panda hat. I remember now. You almost got kicked out of your home cuz you didn’t have $50. why did you act like you didnt know me then. E goes over and grabs Jin’s arm. 
Jin says back then you just seemed familiar.
E asks for his number.  Jin puts it in.
E: what is your name?
Jin: oh jin- oh ji ae won.
E: oh ji ae won – four characters?
Jin: oh jae won.
E: How do you know me – game or animation.
Jin says I do play some games.
E looks at his clothes label and says Madrid – I am Barca (Barcelona) so this is how you meet rivals. 
Jin: Barca? then you are my rival.
E hugs him and says El Clasico -hyung – Why did you wait so long to act like you know me. Let’s go. E holds onto his arm as they walk. E: hyung – do you know how lonely I was spending new year’s cuz I didnt know anyone.
Jin: maybe it’s cuz you are lonely -these days you come over for 402 every day. 
E: she wont open the door for me cuz she doesnt know me.
jin: you are someone she doesnt know and she wont open the door so why come every day?
E quotes: knock (on the door) and then it will open.
jin pulls away and says that’s not the situation now.  dont knock and it will open – there is a saying like that too. if someone you dont know knocks then who would open the door. 
E whispers: it’s not like we really dont know each other. the two of us..
but Jin cuts in and yells – what are you saying. the point is knocking on someone’s door like that is an assault (bullying). 
E: it was really loud for you huh hyung. sorry. sorry. sorry. to celebrate getting your number, let’s go play a game.
call? (agree)
Jin: what?
E: let’s go
the guard and the woman watch them and wonders when they (E and jin) got so close. Guard says it looks good. it’s like looking at when I was young. The woman asks for the delivery. Why make me wait so long when i am busy and not giving me my delivery. the man hands it over. he says you dont need to see me only when you get deliveries
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E says don’t overdo it cuz I am a pro at this game. how about playing for the cost of the PC room. call? Jin: call.  you have to put it up for measurement to see if it’s long or short. E: that’s manly. please take good care of me. start.  They both start playing that zombie soccer game. E is doing well and compliments Jin for playing well too. Jin tries to come up with excuses for losing and says the keyboard is different from the one at my home. he keeps thinking about how E caught D in his arms when she fainted and how E took D away and gets angry. He is burning up as he plays but he loses to E. E: I burned it up so it turned white.
the next morning, Dong wakes up and looks over and jin isnt home.
TJ calls and cant reach E. S texts – you still cant reach kaegeum? I will go there now cuz I am too worried
D runs out of toothpaste and toilet paper so she has to go out
[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(067897)07-29-12] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(070713)07-31-32] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(070747)07-31-39]
Jin and E come out of the PC room and jin says the bright light hurts his eyes. it’s been a long time since I spent the whole night in the PC room. this is the first time since i came out of the army on my first leave.
E laughs and asks you’ve been to the army.
Jin: of course I have– haven’t you gone.
E says no.
Jin brags about his military background.
E: commando?  
Jin goes on about how no one should ever fight with someone like him (cuz of his special forces skills and how he is trained to kill). he pretends to punch E.
Jin: see this? i’m prepared to attack without realizing it.
E is impressed and asks: I almost died just now huh? It’s so cool you went to the army. you are a total guy. I dont know about that well cuz I didnt go to the army, but I’m really good at running. I cant tell if Usain Bolt is epecially good at running.
Jin says- you added Usain Bolt. then should we have a race from here to front of our home? call? (agree?) 
E: this hyung doesnt joke around about being competitive. he pretends to decline and cheats by yelling out “start” as takes off running and gets a head start.
Jin calls him a cheap punk and goes after him. They are laughing as they run
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D was outside and they run past her and Jin saw her. jin stops and pretends his knees hurt. 
jin:I pulled a muscle cuz the weather is cold. what to do. 
E: really? are you ok? he checks Jin’s knee.
Jin looks over at D and says to E -let’s just do up to here for today. why are you running like your life depends on it. I was taking my time running.
E: I was running slowly too.
Jin walks off saying I have something to do so I will be leaving first. but E saw him looking back. E says goodbye to him and waves.
 [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(073744)01-37-30]
E goes over to D and smiles at her. she ignores him so E starts to eat and says so you are going to act like you dont know me at all.
he says ajumma so D looks over cuz she thought he was talking to her. but he was asking the lady working there. he asks – why not eat it while it’s hot and then go – why take it to go.
the woman says that’s what the person buying it wants.
E says “ajumma” again and makes D look over but he was asking the lady again.
E asks do you put take outs into containers? that container looks expensive (cuz D brought her own Tupperware). 
the woman says smart and pretty customers bring containers.
D tries to rush the woman to hurry up.
E yells out ajumma again and makes D look at him so he starts to laugh cuz he is totally doing this on purpose. he asks the lady what is that.
she says liver. 
he asks you sell that and we can buy it?
the woman explains we give it with soondae (sausage looking things made from pig intestines, noodles, and veggies) but this young lady doesnt like liver.
he looks at D and says “oh this young lady – the smart and pretty customer you were talking about was this young lady? oh i see. 
D thanks her and gives him a dirty look and leaves. she tries to half run half walk away from E
Jin is outside rehearsing what to say -even though I am far away I know you.
he and doesn’t see DH walking by. She has a huge pile of rice cake.
Jin is hiding and waiting for D to come home. He pretends to run into her. he says -what a surprise – people can meet by chance/coincidence. so amazing. He gives her the money she lent him. she takes it and they bow to each other
[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(080162)07-36-27] 
Jin walks behind her and asks could I carry this for you cuz it looks heavy.
D: it’s ok there is nothing heavy.
Jin: you take tubberware when you get take out.
D: yes. she walks ahead so he calls out her name.
Jin: to be honest I waited cuz I had something to say. what happened before the other morning I think I have to explain. He asks her to wait a second and turns away to take a deep breath. he checks his phone to look up his notes. 
jin:  even from far away I know you. even though I live close I don’t know you.
(he stops reciting and just speaks honestly) I am very curious every day. If you are living well inside there. if you are eating well. if you are happy being alone in there. It keeps making me concerned/care.  (writing) to have a good day -have a cool day- have a fun day–drawing and putting it on the milk every day –  it was my secret that I enjoyed. It was like playing a game on my own. 
D remembers how she said that to E.  “stop talking about unrequited love now. I thought – since I started on my own so I was going to end it on my own. a secret game that no one would ever know for the rest of my life.
Jin: I am sorry you are really cold huh? Do you want to go in.
she nods and goes inside.
E watched them from a distance.
E: I really must have come to shoot cupid’s arrow. There is another one (i have to shoot) here. he makes a face and says it’s cold and runs off
*I really hope he was just saying that in passing cuz I dont want him to shoot any more arrows for other people – i want him to be the target
 [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(084625)07-40-23] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(085281)07-41-08]
Jin gets on the elevator with D. he says sorry for surprising you – don’t feel any pressure/burden. just cuz of that – dont close your door tighter.  If you don’t want me to do it again I wont. I wont cross over to 402 again – not even my hand.
She says no it’s ok – it was fun gathering all the drawings and flipping the pages. thank you.
He smiles and says that’s why I drew it to do that. you sure know how to use it well. He got too close cuz he was happy so she backs up. he says sorry and backs away but keeps smiling. so does she
The doorbell rings so dong opens the door and yells why stay out all night.
DH is standing there with the rice cakes so he asks what is this and takes it from her. 
he realizes he isnt dressed well so he says I dont normally look like this – wait a minute but she asks did jae won shi – jin rak shi stay out all night.
Dong says let’s talk after I put on something and moves her leg out of the way and quickly closes the door.
DH stands there and repeats – stay out all night. Jin and D come over.
DH calls out Dokmi


[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(088567)06-27-31] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E05.130121.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(088617)06-26-09]

I got help from Joonni for the preview to be accurate. Thanks Joonni. 🙂


D: Please, let’s not be enemies again.

D: (I can’t decipher what she is saying. I think she is saying ->) What do I do? What do I do?

she lets him inside and E is pulling a suitcase

Dong: Apt#302 and E are living together? They’re starting to live together?

E: I’m the first person to step foot into this house, right?

E: Ahjumma, you know you’re really weird.

Jin listens at her door and hears D saying “you cant – you cant.”

E leans over like he is about to kiss D so she wakes up and looks at him

Dong says to Jin:  Inside a room where love is trapped, a man and woman all night…eh?

Jin: We have to drag out that guy from that house right now!

*what in the world did E say to convince her to let him live with her? OMG i am dying to know….

I just realized they never match up the right previews – we saw E leaving TJ’s home with his suitcase in the preview last week and we didnt see it yet. it’s coming up tm. plus D didnt tell him not to go and stay – that’s tm too. Guess I can forgive them for this one oversight since i love this show so much.


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  1. Bella says:

    Softy!! Thanks again! 🙂


  2. Softy says:

    I totally love this video. 🙂


  3. nonski says:

    camping and thanks in advance Softy for your live recaps. will post you link at soompi. 🙂

    about Enrique, i think it’s all YSY doing… he seems to make the character so full of live, so alive.

    i still want TJ to show interest to DM and of course, want JR to romance her too, heck i want all flower boys to fall for her. 🙂


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Softy,

    eagerly waiting for live recaps.
    so awesome ❤
    tnx sooo much ❤


  5. rainyrain says:

    hiiiii everybody , softy , nonski and all of u awsome friends , back to kdrama after a while and I’m liking this drama which is giving some nice moments while I’m having tought times at my work 😦
    anyway me ” jin ” all the way not liking E , maybe becoz I’m not fan of the actor himself since Baker king days but I know it will be E at the end of the drama which I’m not really happy about but still I won’t sto watching ^^


  6. mm7888 says:

    i really love the way ysy portrait enrique- his over hyper personality seem like it will annoyed the hell out of you but there’s many times -you see him with a difference light- instead of annoying i find him just adorable and sometime sad like a puppy that bothering your leg when you get home.

    and he made it so hard to ship for second lead- cos he just made me feel that only him can help dok mi get out of her sad past..
    from the moment he touch her forehead and have a full on one side conversation- read your mind with dok mi, you can tell that there’s something connected between them..


  7. ladida says:

    Yes! I love all the nuances he and Park Shin Hye are bringing to their characters.


    • ladida says:

      Like Park Shin Hye has lowered the register of her voice a little bit for Dok Mi, and like you point out YSY has differing cadences to the way he speaks. I love it!


  8. nonski says:

    episode 6 preview as posted by Jillia on soompi


    • joonni says:

      DM: Please, let’s not be enemies again.
      DM: (I can’t decipher what she is saying. I think she is saying ->) What do I do? What do I do?
      DH: Apt#302 and E are living together? They’re starting to live together?
      E: I’m the first person to step foot into this house, right?
      E: Ahjumma, you know you’re really weird.
      DH: Inside a room where love is trapped, a man and woman all night…eh?
      JR/: We have to drag out that guy from that house right now!

      Sorry guys for any mistakes. I’m not watching the drama currently so I don’t know the context too well. Just dropping by to help Softy.


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    This whole episode was SO GOOD! 🙂 *waves to @nonski*


  11. tessieroo says:

    I know, right? But now I’m back in the “undecided” category on the guys. *sigh* Love JR too.


    • Bella says:

      I’m with you. I thought I E was already winning me.. and then Jin happened in this episode. And the scale’s gone even again. Aigoooo.. so hard. Why can’t she just have both of ’em? Hee!

      Oh.. and then there’s TJ also.. whom I really want to have a crush on our girl… so bad! I’d sacrifice big bird.. err… Do Hwi’s arm for it. :))


      • tessieroo says:

        Both E and JR were hyper bi-polar in this episode (but it’s adorable) I found myself wondering where wuri mature, handsome doctor was during the whole thing! Ahahaha – I have a major crush on TJ.


        • Bella says:

          It would be hilarious if TJ has an alter ego.. much like DM’s internal sassy nature. Saying things like, you can’t win DM’s heart coz it’s been mine since day1.. harharhar… =)) And I love that the guys both found common ground.

          Btw, I skip SY scenes so much that I probably willed my streaming to lag during the texting scene coz I didn’t glimpse her nor seen our dreamy doctor. Haha!


        • nonski says:

          i think bella, you and i all have big crushes on wuri kkotminam doctor. 🙂


    • nonski says:

      yup, seriously i want JR to have his chance to show his love to DM too and seems like out of the equation as of latest episode but i want TJ too.


      • Bella says:

        I used to dislike the whole.. everyone-suddenly-decide-to-fall-for-one-girl plot.. but in this drama.. I just don’t mind it at all!! It’s just DM’s just so endearing and full of sass inside .. that I just can’t help but root for her to have all the guys swooning. :)) Three out of five.. isn’t too bad right? 😀

        And I’ve mentioned this before.. it would make for a hilarious twist.. seeing as E and Jin have already bonded.. to scheme together.. should TJ decide to start noticing/winning DM. 😉


        • nonski says:

          i feel it too contrived to have the guys fall over one girl but i don’t care anymore, i want all of them to fall for DM. Dong should too since he seems to not like her much.

          and i like your twist very much hahaha.


  12. tessieroo says:

    @semi-fly just posted the torrent! WOOHOO! Here ya go: https://www.box.com/s/078d9etay57gda7mly1u


  13. nonski says:

    thanks Softy… off to read. 🙂


  14. nonski says:

    episode 5 raw


    • MJShinshi says:

      Hi all! thanks softy for doing this, appreciate much!

      thanks for posting the raw nonski.

      does anyone know the song playing in the background when Jin finally talked, rather recited from his notes, to D before he had the courage to talk to her??


      • nonski says:

        was looking for it too. will update here if i find it. 🙂


      • MJShinshi says:

        i’d appreciate it nonski… when I do get to live stream shows I enjoy the ads afterwards, yup i’m the silly one watching those cfs 🙂 there was one which had this song playing there as well so I’ve been trying to look for it, was gonna ask softy about it then but I knew better she’s busy updating her recaps to watch those cfs after the show! I once had the sheet music from a chinese pianist who played in a hotel lobby (or shop?) but for the life of me cannot remember what the song is called!! Now it’s gonna bug me..again..urgh! I’ll just replay that scene and re-read softy’s recaps to calm me down..haha I gotta get back to work!


  15. enz says:

    thanks softy for the recaps and the thoughts and everyone for the links.. didnt wanna wait for subs. 🙂


    • enz says:

      and softy, thanks for the new way of writing the recaps. for me, it really does make it easier to read.


      • flo says:

        yes..me too.. it’s absolutely easier to me to read while i watched the video
        softy’s recap is enough for me..like you said ,i didn’t wait for the subs…


  16. tessieroo says:

    Softy – Good news, they’re going back to a single thread at Soompi. (they haven’t combined the threads YET but I thought you’d be happy) You’re getting a lot of love from everyone there:



    • nonski says:

      *nods in agreement*


    • Softy says:

      that’s good news. they should have done that from the start though cuz how will they combine all those other pages with this single thread now? will they be able to? it’s such a waste cuz so many people posted stuff on those other threads.

      I’m pretty sure the love they are showing on soompi is for this drama cuz it’s so amazing. I just can’t get enough of it and wish it was on every single day.

      I agree with you about TJ. they sort of left him out lately and I really wanted him to be the post it guy just for more conflict, but I love how they are handling the story. now that Enrique is moving in with her – all is forgiven about TJ. 🙂


      • tessieroo says:

        Silly you. It’s not just for the drama – there are lots of posts specifically for SOFTY. (LOL) Thank you again for recapping this live. (so hard to wait for subs)


      • MJShinshi says:

        lol@tessieroo yup I read softy’s comments and was thinking aaww softy totally missed tessie’s point…lol lots a love for you dear softy 🙂 and me too wished this was everyday but that would just mean I have a lot of catching up to do since I cannot watch live yet…
        thanks all for sharing the videos and photos so we can enjoy as well as you have though reading softy’s live recaps ease the wait for any subbed vids. group hug for all of you, thank you much!


  17. flo says:

    omg..i missed the party..i havent watched this episode yet…i just wake up and read your recap…awesome
    and the next preview..awwwwww i’m so excited
    thanks softy for your recap ^_________^


  18. nonski says:

    “My heart is doing summersaults” You captured the feeling perfectly Softy!


  19. bbblue73 says:

    Omoo omooo, i really loved E & D’s character so much. Thanks Softy.


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    Softy!!! Thank you so much for recapping this live. I love this show so much. Thanks for feeding our soul before the subbed episode comes out. XD


  21. `Eun says:

    is there anyone who knows the song being played in the preview for episode 6? thanks


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