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Get ready to have your images of these guys shatter and change forever.  Now every time I see this cast, I recall their stories and see them in a whole different light.


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I was almost done with both episodes of Strong Heart by last night, but while I was typing up E3 recap, I must have clicked on something wrong and deleted all my translations cuz I couldn’t find even a word of it tonight when I was getting it ready to post with screencaps. After I finish a live recap on word, I highlight the entire episode and press delete. I must have included my Strong Heart translations as well early this morning when I was totally out of it. The instant I realized all those long hours of hard work had disappeared – I came up with up with some new and inventive curse words. It’s all my fault for being careless and lazy and using one word document to put in all my recaps for this, Alice, School, and 1n2d. I made a separate new word doc and started translating all over again. This time I wont go in order like I did before. I started with E159 then translated E160. I had to type up so many of the slower stories first so now that I have this chance to do it all over again, I want to start with the funniest and work out of order. Hope no one minds. Each of the FBND cast had funny stories to share, but E160 was the best of the two. Don’t worry – I will do all the translations over again and include them here.


DW calls KJH – shopping king.  Is that your nickname? KJH: one day in front of my apartment – cuz I am always not home – deliveries were piled up at the guard’s cubicle. If I go over there to pick it up after a week or ten days, there are a lot piled up. that happens often so they say oh you shop a lot. So I thought about it –my hobby is shopping – shopping is how I relieve stress so this kind of nickname came about naturally. Shin: where do you usually shop? KJH: these days you can buy everything on the internet –from Q tips/cotton balls to nail clippers. Big audio systems or even cars –you can buy from the internet. That’s the kind of time we live in. The reason why I ended up shopping on the internet often was – while I was in the army – I had to move. I ended up having to live alone (meaning he moved out of his family’s home) so I had to buy stuff for the home and I couldn’t go around myself. So in the army – there is a cyber (?) room. so I did internet shopping from there. when I went out on leave, I would unpack the items that had been delivered and organize them. So I did a lot of shopping this way. The most important thing is –people who did it know – the delivery fee is small but it feels like a lot. Delivery cost is like $3, but when you have to pay it – I feel like I am being duped. Like I am losing out. I only need this much (he shows with his hands – a small amount) but I have to buy this much (a lot) for the delivery fee to be free. There are frozen products – starting from side dishes, hamburgers, steaks, chicken breasts, (Boom asks all those things?) frozen strawberries, baked sweet potatoes, frozen blueberries…cuz I live alone – even if I fill it up as much as I can – there is this much left (two handfuls cuz there is no room in the freezer). All this is frozen products so for the time being I put it in the fridge and start eating it – quickly. I make one frozen mango juice and drink it. I blend frozen ice berry and make juice out of it and drink it. Shin asks what kind of stuff do you order from a certain homeshopping so KJH explains he saw this person’s program and goes on about how there are two sides divided in korea – Kim hee sun and lee young ae –the two homeshopping sites are at war so their prices were lowered to almost $100 than the usual price. So there was no need to think about it and called.  I called and pressed the number and they are so friendly at homeshopping – they say “hello customer Kim Ji Hoon.” Shin says cuz you called often. KJH: so buying this was so simple – I just have to keep pressing #1. If the address is correct -#1. If the card number is correct #1 if I want it to be delivered to the same address #1. It’s all done and paid and I get a text of the transaction. So since I bought that I wondered what fruit other than grapes I can eat deliciously and was looking when suddenly this sales lady (on tv) called out my name. “customer Kim Ji Hoon – please stand up for a minute from your seat” so I wondered “what is this – did they recognize me cuz I am a celebrity? I thought stuff like that in that second so I stood up. Boom and everyone asks when you were at home? KJH: she said congratulations – you got the one plus one prize. While living I never had this big jackpot before. So I got it. DW: so you got two? KJH: yes but there was one condition. They don’t give you one for free. You have to pay some fee for $100. I just needed one at this price but they were going to give me one more but I had to pay $100. Boom: what did you do? KJH: I paid it. as soon as I got it, I gave it to my parents and one I am using well.  Also just cuz there is a place to shop, just cuz you are a celebrity you don’t need to only buy expensive designer brands all the time. once in a while there are clothes I like, but it’s expensive. On the internet the exact one came out – as an ST. oftentimes there are items on ST that are really good. The woman asks what is ST. Boom: not making it exactly the same but similar style. KJH: I got it and it’s too different from the original. So if I type on the internet – isnt this too different from what I saw on the internet and not well made? The woman says you don’t need to leave a comment and just get an exchange or refund. KHJ: getting refunds or exchanges are so bothersome. I haven’t done it but just thinking about it – if I get it and don’t like it – I have to pack it up again and put tape on it –write the address on it –go to the post office – pay $5 –send it and then get the new one at home and say “it arrived well” –doing this is too bothersome and a nuisance. Shin and DW ask if you aren’t going to return it or exchange it then what do you do? Throw it away? Give it to someone? KJH: no I don’t throw it away. I pass it out. Boom jokes: or exchange it for baked sweet potato. *KJH had been eating sweet potatoes before the show and during the breaks so throughout the whole show they kept teasing him about sweet potatoes so KJH kept saying I shouldnt have eaten it.

강심장.E160.121225.HDTV.XviD-Baros[21-25-48] 강심장.E160.121225.HDTV.XviD-Baros[21-26-15] 강심장.E160.121225.HDTV.XviD-Baros[21-26-24] 강심장.E160.121225.HDTV.XviD-Baros[21-27-10] 강심장.E160.121225.HDTV.XviD-Baros[21-27-49]

Shin and DW say you brought something in the back. There is a bag. KJH: to put it not nicely – these were failed items from shopping. Or to put it nicely – these presents were sleeping in my home till they could find their owners. I brought these items. Cuz it’s Christmas eve. Boom says to DW and Shin: let’s buy them (from him). KJH: so that everyone can spend a warm (holiday), I will pass these out to the ones it will look good on (the ones it suits). I will give these to our emcees. It’s a set. He walks over and hands DW and Shin two shiny black tops. They are both speechless. DW is trying to figure out what it is exactly. Boom yells that Shin likes his. KJH says this will look good on you and hands YSY one that is even shinier than the ones he just passed out to Shin and DW. (if YSY wore this you could see him from space it’s so bright). Then he gives one to Go Kyung Pyo in a leopard print. His mouth falls open in shock. Someone asks why did you buy these? KJH gives one to an idol kid in the back too. Boom says it looks good if you wear it with something underneath. KJH gives Boom a zebra print top – saying I bought it to wear but I just cant wear this in public. (you could say the same thing about all those tops pretty much). KJH goes back to his seat and explains about the shirts. A lot of people don’t get it right now but last year when I was in the army, when I go out on leave, I really wanted to go to a club. So since I have to go to a club, I wanted something similar to club clothes and bought it on the internet. Boom says YSY’s is too big. PSY says it looks like a garment bag for the laundry (to hold in all your delicates. cuz of the weave. OMG she is right – it was so hideous I didn’t take a close look till now. It’s see through). KJH tells YSY – you can just wear it as is to look sexy or a layered look is good too. YSY: when I am at home I don’t wear anything – cuz it’s uncomfortable so I don’t wear anything. Boom: you’re there with everything off? YSY: cuz it’s so cold these days, I thought I should wear something at least. DW asks him: do you like that? do you want these two as well? He grabs his and Shin’s to give YSY. YSY laughs and says: it’s ok. KJH is holding more stuff and says I buy a lot of unnecessary stuff. He holds up some half sock looking things and says this is for rough calloused heels. For women their stockings will get runs so this protects their heels. A while ago I watched the music video and saw Boom giving a foot massage. He gives it to the woman next to him. Boom asks why buy something like that. KJH holds up something for making knees comfortable and gives it to the old guy behind him. KJH says how cold it is in the winter so he bought this mask cuz he thought Boom would need a mask. He goes over to put it on Boom. It makes him look like a cute Hannibal Lecter. Someone says he looks like a Ninja. DW asks what the next one is. KJH says this was a normal looking clothes – when I saw – a guy with a similar build like mine was wearing it for sure –the model –but when it came to my home..DW guesses it’s too small. So KJH gives it to the woman in the back and they make her wear it now. She says it’s good cuz she was cold. They say it fits her well.

*When I saw all those shiny tops, I had to question just what type of club he was shopping for. Cuz no straight club would have guys wearing that. but then I realized I am questioning the style choice of a guy who decided to come out on a popular tv variety program wearing a Christmas tree suit. We cant even blame his stylist for this – it’s all on him. So his bad taste in clubbing clothes – that’s on him as well. What killed me and had me in stitches was the fact that there were so many of those shiny tops. How many times did he have to fail in buying the one he wanted before he realized he was going for the same tacky look over and over. The look on DW’s face when he was handed that shirt – it was like DW was scared to even hold it. I bet he was wishing his kept “sleeping at KJH’s home” for its next owner. I have a feeling it didn’t make it to his home and went as far as the trash can backstage. This whole scene was hands down the funniest thing I’ve seen on Strong Heart in ages. I told my friend about this episode and this scene and she didn’t even need to see the video or pictures, she fell out of her chair laughing so hard she almost peed in her pants.

The rest of the translations are coming –  will work on them again. I started working on it right away cuz I remember most of them from the first time. Here is a quick highlight of what to look forward to:  PSY talks about her Kissing CF with Jang GS, her return trip with YSY from Hong Kong, and all her various sport activities she does well. YSY talks about his love for books and reading, his funny incident in China when he spoke the language incorrectly, his accidental kiss from HighKick, and he explains about the photo where it looks like he is checking out PSY. GKP talks about looking like Siwon and lots more from KJH.

*I got distracted by YSY and PSY appearance on Taxi. They shared pretty much the same stories as on Strong Heart so I dont think there is anything to translate from that interview. well except for their managers. omg they look funny – they dont look like managers at all. YSY’s manager is so devoted to YSY and saw potential in him way before YSY made it big. it’s sort of sweet how loyal he is to YSY and vice versa.

On the Taxi interview, they brought up JooWon and YSY talked about him. Here is how the conversation went:

After baker king, JW is on variety and doing well. YSY: I came back from China (after filming happy noodle) and JW got so cool. He became a star and got on 1n2d. Q: Weren’t you two rivals while filming (baker king)? YSY: we were both newcomers so we both didn’t know anything and got in trouble all the time. starting from then JW did really well – maybe cuz he did musicals. He has the basics. When his voice got hoarse and his condition was worsening – he never showed any of that while acting.   So I thought this kid is always prepared. Later on as the interview winds down, they reassure YSY and say “Don’t worry about JW you can catch up to him very soon.”


Shin asks DW – what kind of woman are you going to spend this Christmas with? DW: woman? I am going to spend it alone at home watching a movie. Oh yeah with my mom. Shin: so you are going to spend it with your mother and that woman – the three of you?

Shin says maybe that person has a girlfriend or boyfriend and they are acting like they don’t. or maybe that person really doesn’t have one. He goes down the line and asks each celebrity. Shin: KJH? DW speaks up first in banmal cuz he is close with KJH and says: who cares if you do or not. So it makes Shin and everyone laugh. DW apologizes and says it’s cuz he is such a close friend. KJH: were you talking to yourself just now?  Shin: of course he must have someone. KJH: I really don’t – I hate lying on the show. I really don’t have one. Out of the actors on our team (FBND actors) I am the eldest hyung so I was going to gather them and have a sweet potato party. DW jokes: aigoo how much they will hate that. Shin calls out YSY so DW points out your eyes got round just now. Shin asks YSY: do you have a girlfriend? YSY: I don’t have one. Shin: no he might really not have one. What if you didn’t have a schedule to film? YSY: no matter what – white Christmas –if it doesn’t snow- I want to go to a place where it snows. DW: like a ski resort? The old guy in the back suggests the place he renovated.


DW:  actress whose aegyo is loveable – PSY shi. PSY: last year when I was filming the drama – you’ve fallen for me – I got into a car accident. We said it wasn’t a big accident cuz people might worry, but to tell the truth it really was a big accident.  Shin says I heard that it was a big accident too among the people in the industry. PSY: all four tires fell off–the front end was crashed. (She talks about where she sat in the back and how her staff was hospitalized for 4 months so the accident was big. She put up her legs against the seat and slept so since it hurts to sleep in that position too long she moved her leg position to cross legged. Then the accident happened. That compartment in the front was pushed back to the rear seat and it put shock on her knees. She got cuts on her neck from the seatbelt, a cut on her face, and her ear was torn. Normally if your ear gets ripped, it’s on the outside but hers was inside. she went to the emergency room, but all the doctors were in surgery and at the time there were only residents. One resident asked since your face is your commodity, do you want me to stitch it up today or do you want a plastic surgeon to treat you tm. Since the situation was that she doesn’t know if her cut in her ear will stop bleeding or not she asked the resident to just stitch it up.  after it was stitched up the next day she went to the doctor and he looked at it and asked “who stitched this up?” cuz it was stitched up too much. the cut was only 1cm, but she got 12 stitches on it. she says how the resident carefully stitched it up well. Thanks to that resident, you cant tell where she was injured in her ear. She went on set right away and was able to film. DW says it must have been hard. She says the next day, she went on set. She didn’t know cuz she was feeling ok after the accident and nothing hurt. So she thought I am ok my body must have recovered well. But the next day she couldn’t even get up at all. she was laying down and her body hurt too much and her body felt like a rock – she went to the set in that condition. Her neck wouldn’t turn. If someone called she had to turn her whole head and body to look at them. Shin says after an accident – the more time passes the more strange aches and pains show up. PSY says what was more upsetting was one episode wasn’t aired (cuz she couldn’t film). It was so upsetting. After my accident I thought there will be big trouble to the show so I cried a lot. A slight abrasion formed on my face so I applied a special bandage and wasn’t supposed to take it off, but since I was filming I had no choice but to remove it. you cant see it very clearly now, but it left a slight residual scar. While he was filming me –cuz the director looks at me through the lens – he turned around and wiped his tears. Shin says cuz he could see you in pain. PSY: I was feeling so apologetic cuz of me one episode couldn’t be aired so I was trying to be upbeat and cheerful while smiling and joking around, but seeing me do that made him feel bad for me. He said “I am not pointing a camera at this kid now – it feels like I am holding a gun to her.” after this accident there is no way to know what will happen to her and this kid is so young so this doesn’t feel right doing this. so he stopped filming for that day and I went back to the hospital. I was so upset cuz I only needed to stand for a little while and film and then it could go on the air, but I wasn’t able to so on the way back I cried a lot. The sad thing is the day before it rains by knees ache. This is so funny. DW says already? (cuz she is too young for that to happen) She explains cuz her legs were crossed at the time her knees took the full impact of the shock so her body aches and when she tells people before it rains her knees ache they all laugh.  How can your knees ache already at a young age. Shin asks what she did about her face – how she got it treated. She got it lasered. I don’t like that prickly feeling (like when the laser burns the skin in bursts) so it was the first time I did it in my life. people said my skin would get better but for me it was the opposite. My face flipped inside out (meaning she got a terrible allergic reaction to the treatment). DW says your skin looks really great. PSY gets embarrassed to say this but she isnt diligent in her skin care and her attention doesn’t last. When she gets red bumps and not pimples she goes and gets it popped. Her manager tells her to take better care of her skin cuz right now she is young, but later she wont be able to get away with it so these days she takes better care. Shin asks have you ever been to a plastic surgeon and Boom answers “I’ve been lots of times.” He replied instinctively so they say we were asking PSY. PSY: I never went even once – I went just for my ear. A college hospital.  Cuz I am scared of needles, I hate that prickly feeling. I still haven’t been able to get rid of any freckles/moles. KJH asks surprised “this (your face) you didn’t get rid of any freckles? PSY: yes. Someone else says isnt she pretty. KJH seems surprised still cuz most people get this procedure done –even guys. (it costs $10 per freckle to laser off so most people get rid of like 10 or more each time. if you go often, they throw in some extras for free so for $100, you can get rid of like 12-14 freckles at a time. usually they come back within the year so you have to get it done again.) Shin makes a comment to GKP about his nose – how good it looks like he had his nose done. Cuz his nose is high and good looking. GKP asks: does this get out? (meaning “what I say here – will it get out?” so it’s an indirect way of implying he got a nose job) so everyone laughs.

PSY: she (that other woman in red) said she met her boyfriend while in college, when I was in college I really wanted to go on blind dates, but I couldn’t. cuz people already knew me. When my friends said they were going on blind dates I was so envious of that. Shin: you should try going once. When they say aren’t you PSY, then you can say yes I am. That would be so funny. You should go out once too YSY. YSY nods yes and says: and carrying my book. (if he took a book to a blind date –forget a second date). KJH: thinking about it –celebrities can just have blind dates among them. Oh (are you) PSY? Are you KJH? Yes that’s correct. Then they can talk comfortably. Shin brings up that tall woman – how she is sad cuz she is tall. Boom asks her – to be exact you are 180cm right? DW walks over saying I am 184cm –could you stand up once. Boom asks how high her heels are but she doesn’t know. DW stands next to her and he asks isnt she taller than me? Shin tells her to take her heels off and tells DW to take his sneakers off.  DW gets confused and asks: take off her heels and take it all off? Shin: what do you mean take it all off – just her heels and your shoes. They stand next to each other barefoot and they are like the same height almost. Shin makes them stand back to back to see the height difference then he jokes face each other and hug from the front so the woman lightly hits him.

강심장.E160.121225.HDTV.XviD-Baros[03-47-50] 강심장.E160.121225.HDTV.XviD-Baros[17-21-25]

They make YSY and the guy in the back speak in southern dialect. They say which part they are from and the kid in the back says I am 22 – how old are you. YSY answers him and says as you can see I am a hyung. The guy says I will call you hyung. YSY – do what’s comfortable – let’s go eat a meal once. The kid says if you call I will run over. YSY: of course you should. DW says you have a lot of charm when you use southern dialect. YSY says I really wanted to talk about my special education from my grandmother. He explains about his background – how his parents worked in seoul so after he passed 100 days –his grandmother raised him ever since till middle school. Since he was born in 86 – it was a young age but friends his age learned English and stuff, but he was able to attend his neighborhood Sudang (picture SKKS classes outside minus the uniform for little kids. It’s like school for joseon era). Shin says what YSY is talking about is for someone born in 45 not 86. DW asks him about what he learned in the sudang. YSY says what they learned back in Joseon times. He lists the subjects he learned from old math to Confucian. It was really cold cuz there was no heat. I had to hurry and memorize it so I put my life on the line and memorized it. while other kids were playing with toys, I always memorized this and went over to the teacher on my knees. I learned this the same time as hangul. Since I was 4 or 5 years old I didn’t even know what it meant. The teacher said if you go out into the world you have to keep letting them know your name. I learned it without knowing what it meant. DW asks is there anything you still remember out of all the subjects like math or Confucian. YSY recites something old fashioned so they ask what it means. YSY: if your parents have nothing to wear –you shouldn’t try to think of wearing something first. If your parents have nothing to eat then you shouldn’t try to think of eating first. Back then I didn’t know what that meant at all –back then I didn’t know (what that meant) and didn’t do it well –now I know what it means but my actions aren’t good. (as in his actions don’t follow that wise saying). Shin asks as you live do you think that kind of education has been a lot of help? YSY: yes. My grandmother never scolded me over other things but made me keep my manners. If you look at countryside homes, there is a second tier you go up on. when an elder came over, if I greeted them from the top, that night (I got into trouble). Even though I was young, I kept getting scolded. DW: to come down and then greet them. If my grandmother asked is your grandfather here, whether it was raining or snowing, I had to go out in my barefoot to greet him. If I didn’t then that night I got into a lot of trouble. I am so thankful for that discipline/education more than anything other parents teach. Shin asks PSY if YSY is different than others when it comes to manners. PSY: yes it is different – at first it was so unique. Shin makes a joke that YSY arrives on the film set and announce himself like they would back in joseon days so it makes everyone laugh. PSY: it’s not too that extent. PSY: he is very polite and very good to elders. He was also in the papers a lot cuz he went on a lot of charity work. Shin asks about the food his grandmother made. YSY: I have a lot of food that are memorable to me. For snacks, if you dry the space between the peel and flesh – it gets very chewy and delicious. KJH offers his sweet potato – “do you need it.” YSY: my grandmother would cut that with my grandfather and dry it out to feed me. In the neighborhood they would put up a notice on days they catch a cow. He explains how he was given a black plastic bag to put in his pocket by his grandmother to go and get the cow’s blood so his grandmother could make something with it. when he came up to Seoul he was surprised cuz they sell it but back then he just had to go and ask for it. Shin lists all the food that is delicious that you can make from it. YSY: stuff like pizza – when I was in 3rd grade my aunt got married and went to Seoul so I went and ate it for the first time. before then I thought pizza bread was pizza. The ones with sausage that looked like a flower. Shin and Boom ask how was it the first time you had it  – when the cheese stretched out. YSY: it was so delicious – I am sorry to the pizza in the past, but that was just a bread. Boom: a pizza hates pizza bread the most. YSY: when I went with my grandmother the waiter asked which one do you want to order. My grandmother would say we don’t know what anything is but this kid likes meat so give us a meat pizza. Then the woman would ask which type we wanted – pan or hand tossed so my grandmother would say what’s that.  how do you want the crust so my grandmother would say I don’t know that – just make it crispy. I don’t know if it was pan or hand tossed but it was very crispy. Shin asks do you keep in contact often and keep in touch with your grandmother? YSY: not too long ago cuz her tv was so small, I sent her one. My grandmother was crying and called me. She said “I should be giving you allowance so I don’t know if I should accept it – I feel so sorry I cant live.” She said that and kept crying so I said “grandmother you are the same as a mother (to me). When I work and have a hard time I think of you grandmother and remember I have a family to protect so I better work hard so grandmother you just need to accept. she kept saying “what do I do” and cried. YSY: if there is anything you want just say it or if there is any place you want to go. She said “aigoo I’ve never been to Japan even once.” So I said make a passport grandmother. She asked when do I need to make it? so she went to go make a passport. She asked what is this – how many years. There is a length for the passport and the cost varies accordingly so check the one you want. But the cost of the passport will vary accordingly. So my grandfather said should I do ten years and was about to check it, but my grandmother got angry right away. If we are going to inconvenience/be a burden on our grandson once that should be all so why are you trying to go more than that. so my grandfather said “oh is that so” and checked one year. so when I saw that my heart was hurting so much. so I called and checked and my grandmother got one for ten years. For real. It was so funny so I called and asked why did you get one for ten years grandmother. She said your grandfather’s back hurts so he cant (travel often). Next time when he gets better he can get another one for a year. they all say how cute his grandmother is. Shin asks him to say something to his grandmother and grandfather. YSY: even now when I have a hard time – when I dream, I think of my grandmother’s home that I lived in a long time ago. I miss you all the time grandmother –always eat well and stay healthy. They say he is cute.

*I found this out during his hick kick days when he did interviews that he is an only child. That’s why his personality is like that – he is self sufficient and doesn’t rely on others as much. I’ve always liked that about him. When he talked about his grandmother he would mimic the way her southern dialect voice would speak so his story was more engaging and adorable.


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    Your comment is the same expression I had when I saw the episode. Every guest handed with the piece was stunning like not knowing how to react. It was hilarious… They could not hide their true feeling. Once or twice I saw man on that shiny costume and they looked good honestly. Perhaps it just needs a right person to pull it off and I do not think KJH’s image (I consider him as one real flower boy/man in Korean entertaintment) will fit or should blame it for his stylist as you said. Oh my…. :))


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      I am going to miss Strong Heart, but I get why they want to stop the show. the popularity died down after Seung Gi left. i only enjoyed the first episode with Lee DW when all his cute army buddies came on the show. that was the best. lately they had boring guests until FBND cast and lee Sang yeob before these two eps. 🙂


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    Can’t wait to read rest of translations. i curious why kim ji hoon gets nickname “goguma”

    Thank you softy ♡


    • Softy says:

      i explained about the “goguma” sweet potatoes on the top. it was cuz he kept eating them before and during the breaks – he had one next to his seat they kept teasing him about it. he must love them. it’s a very popular snack in korea during the winter cuz it keeps your hands warm and tastes good going down cuz it’s hot. the ones they sell on the street are good too cuz it’s been baked. lately department stores started selling them like that so they taste toasty and yummy. those tiny sweet potatoes taste like drops of caramelized yams cuz they have been baked in charcoal.
      KJH says he stays at home all the time, but so do most celebrities. if you look at his great abs, he must go workout often cuz omg his six pack is still looking great. KJH flashed his abs on some talk show recently when he came out to talk about his role in FBND. the women were screaming like crazy when he did that. 🙂


  7. Maris says:

    Thank you! Was waiting for English translations and had given up any hopes of seeing one. Am eagerly awaiting PSH’ s part.


  8. jessi says:

    I really appreciate ur hard work <33 they're hella funny I'm already in love with ysy <333


  9. snowhnin says:

    Thanks a lot!!!!
    What about the next ep of FBND cast on strong heart!
    I think there was 2 ep!!!
    Thank again!!!


    • Softy says:

      i know i left out a lot, but I lost all my previous work so I had to go back and do this again. I sort of ran out of energy and time after recapping both eps of Alice on Sat/Sun, then 1n2d, then two eps of FBND, and now both eps of Level 7 that starts tm on Wed. Fri is going to be the only night I have time to work on this, but I cant make any promises that I will have any energy left. I will really try to fill in more translations though while I still have most of them in my head. second time translating was easier cuz I sort of memorized what I had originally. the longer I wait to finish this, the more I will forget so that’s another motivation to complete this.


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