Flower Boy Next Door E4

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It’s time for Jin to man up and admit to the world his feelings for D. Does he have it in him or will he do what he has learned to do so well so far – hold back out of consideration for her. First step would be to admit his feelings aloud and that’s what he does tonight – with tears of frustration to boot.

I think it’s important to note that so far only Jin knows he is in love. E and D have no clue about their growing feelings for each other. E still doesn’t get that his feelings for D are getting stronger and more out of control yet. Wanting to bring her out into the world to him just means he cares about her as a friend whereas Jin is the only one who is truly aware of his feelings for her. It makes you wonder if E can work so many miracles for her without even trying to make her fall in love with him, what  would happen if he fully redirected all that charm and energy solely on her. The poor girl wont know what hit her. The person I cant wait to see fall in love is D. She dealt with a one sided love passively all these years – how will she handle the real deal? Will she actively pursue love this time? Her declaration to tell E to stay and not go in the preview seems like a giant leap for her. Will realistic love be too much to handle or so easy that it scares her.  I’m rooting for the latter.

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I am beginning to think the writer for this drama (the creator of the webtoon it’s based on) knows a lot about isolation and feelings of solitude all too well. You have to know this kind of loneliness to the bone to write these lines so well. The feelings of familiarity come out each night when D opens up about herself or when E guesses correctly about her condition. It’s that precise raw vulnerability that draws out its characters and put them out there front and center for us to study and learn from.  Exactly the sort of subtle writing that so many kdramas lack. They fill it with too much story so you are left feeling numb. But with this, they only give you a little amount – just the best parts and have you craving for more. Pure genius.

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Written before it aired but now the preview showed us the answer so this intro is now moot-drats:

People are speculating about who has been the one leaving notes on the milk carton and the top two contenders are TJ or Jin. Both are possibilities cuz I got the distinct impression when TJ first met D that he didn’t react in surprise enough – it’s like he was used to seeing her face. I am sure he never spied on her, but I am pretty sure he was aware that she was watching him. Enrique got that sense the minute he entered TJ’s home. There is no way TJ didn’t sense the same thing the whole time he was living there. I think he realized what she was doing, but left it alone cuz she is harmless. He probably thought it was amusing and cute how she copied his daily routine every morning. Plus he didn’t walk around his home half dressed like Enrique did the minute he went inside. That’s how most guys behave when they are at home, but TJ was always dressed when she spied on him. He also seemed to be smiling as he ate breakfast alone. My biggest clue is he keeps his curtains open too much. No guy likes sunlight that much. He always has it open cuz he knows she needs that to spy on him. As a doctor, I bet he has his own theory about why she is doing that and maybe he is studying her. On E3, TJ came home that morning when Enrique was packing for his trip so I wondered where he had gone, but now I think he could have been dropping off that note. Now on the other hand, there are plenty of clues that those notes could actually be from Jin cuz those notes are illustrated. It would be easy enough cuz he lives next door and has access, but the man was wearing shoes. If he lived next door, he would have walked over in slippers.  When you factor in which guy had the highest motivation to leave those notes, the scales tip in Jin’s favor more. His crush on her has been ongoing and just recently escalated due to Enrique’s intrusion into her life.  It would be way too easy to say Jin left them so I am hoping it was TJ. That would cause more conflict in the story in an interesting way. Enrique was willing to step back and let his first love go to his hyung, but I wonder if he would be just as compliant about losing someone who has the potential to be his current love. Something tells me Enrique won’t let go without a fight this time.


Starts from E putting D in the car. in her head she thinks – turning the water back on after it had been turned off – that was how i lived my life (this part she says aloud) so where did a guy like him who enjoys things show up from. E: huh? what did you say? D: no nothing. E tells her to type in her grandmother’s address into the navigation.
Jin runs over in a panic and chases after them. He yells for them to stop and starts to cough.
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they do stop– cuz of a kid on a bike who got in the way of the car. E put out his arm to brace her when he stepped on the brake suddenly and realizes he almost put his hand on her chest so he removes it when she gives him this look to get his hand away. Then he drives off
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Dong comes over as Jin is choking. dong: what’s wrong? why are you out here.  did they say they will make us move? did they move our things? Jin is still catching his breath so he shakes his hand “no.” dong: that wouldnt make sense. dont worry hyung. this wont happen again. we can get a contract for our webtoon so let’s have hope. fighting. Jin says I was first – I knew about her first –what is that punk! Why is it so easy for that punk.
E is driving along all happy so D looks at him then sighs.
Dong is texting – “ok ok so cute. see you later.” he asks what jin was furious about a while ago – on the way over I almost died from holding it in. what was first. E? what did you do before E? what? zombie soccer? He did that way before you. it wasnt just one or two characters. jin says dont mix me in with E.  Dong says since E’s name came up – is the next door girl and E really dating? did something happen between E and “utility bills” so Jin tells him to shut up
D asks him to pull over and stop over there cuz it’s not right to go together. E: what are you talking about – grandma is in an urgent situation. She asks did I say it was urgent?I dont think I said it was urgent. He says when elderly are not feeling well -that is automatically urgent -you have to be good to the elderly. time doesnt wait. She says I dont have my wallet or bag and only brought my phone so I have to go home but he says just use mine – it’s ok.  how can you go back when it’s urgent. from here on it’s nonstop.
Dong asks you were really mad at me a minute ago huh? why are you like this these days. I knew you were brusque -but you were never really that angry at me before. this is why you are losing to the world – when you dont earn money and work doesnt go well. Jin looks at him so dong stops talking and walks away.
DH looks through the mail and her friend says the name Oh jae won so DH shushes her to be quiet and makes the other two keep lookout.  DH realizes D lives here. dong comes out of the elevator and she puts on an act for him pretending  to be all pleasantly surprised like this was a chance encounter. dong called her “the young miss with the broken heel.” She goes overboard in her thanks for yesterday. her friends gag.  He asks what she is doing here. she says my friend lives here. he says what is this – fate playing around – he asks where the friend lives. She says 402. He says I live in 401 so it must be yours and my fate. She says so you and the person from yesterday (live here) I dont know the two of your names yet. they exchange names. he says her name is chic.  Then he gives his hyung’s name. the name fits him so well huh? She is surprised cuz his name doesn’t match the name she thought. the guard comes over in a suit asking what is this patch of flowers (meaning what’s up with the pretty girls). dong asks what’s up cuz he is dressed up. guard says I am a butterfly in a flower field. the girls laugh.
D is practicing her lie to E.  “I got the call in the bathroom. my grandma is better. she is going to the hot springs with her neighborhood friends. so I got the call wrong. D hears a girl talking to her boyfriend on the phone. She is lying and saying I am in the library oppa. I have to study all day today. dont come – when I see your face – i think i can give up everything in this world so I cant focus on studying. oppa hang up. then the girl takes another call from another guy and makes up a lie about where she is. a guy comes over so the girl says I will call back later. the guy asks what she has been doing – who did she just talk to on the phone. what were you going. the girl says why are you like that again. when i see your face – i think i can give up on everything in this world and it would be nice if I only had you.  he asks that isnt a lie right? D walks away saying ” it isnt a lie huh?”
E comes over and taps her on the shoulder saying ajumma korea is the best – totally unique and describes the octopus and how it moves with his body. and potaoes. I have something to confess ajumma. to tell the truth…but she says I will confess first. my grandmother is ok. I lied cuz I didnt want to go on the trip. cuz I started one lie – it kept getting bigger. I am sorry. it’s enough for you to get angry. You can get angry till your anger subsides. I am really sorry.  E: we just need to go back then. but i have something to confess too. that text about your grandmother being sick – that lie text – i was so stunned – i left in a hurry and didnt bring anything but the car keys. i dont have any money either. I am hungry and the car is hungry too (meaning it needs gas) so what do we do. D: i’m sorry – it’s cuz of me. E: if you say one more time you are sorry – I could get angry for real.  let’s try to figure out a way to settle this dilemma.
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D watches from a distance as E goes up to some girls and turns on his charm. E: you are so cute cute cute. waaah – do you have boyfriends? you dont have boyfriends so that’s how the 3 of you were  able to come here like this. that’s too bad. when i introduce you to boy friends in seoul,  i will pay you back the money – how about it? just ten dollars. D says why is he like that.  E takes pics with those girls and hugs them all at once. then he stops to wave at D as he goes to his next target. he calls a group of older people – aunts and uncles i love. he googled himself and compares his face with his online photo and says it’s me huh? he borrows ten dollars from them. She smiles as she watches him play with a kid. Some school girl bumps into D and says what is this -why is she standing here. D turns and there are a group of school girls headed her way. they are saying what is this ajumma – so annoying. (cuz D is standing in the middle of the entrance) D suddenly remembers school and how girls bullied her. they ask “did you start it first? what did you do when you got home. what did you do. say it clearly. talk.” D goes outside
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D is sitting in the cold. E comes over calling her ajumma – Go dok mi shi. why are you here? arent you cold? Your body is frozen solid– are you ok. She says I am ok let’s go -let’s go home. He says you don’t look well at all – get your body warm first and eat something warm, but she yells I want to go home right now.
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Dong went to go see W at his work. W brings over his juice and says “I hit juice” (using the word “hit” like he was told yesterday. Dong says you learn fast. Dong texted about what he drew to Jin. Dong: you said to draw it modern. Do you like it. jin texted:  I don’t like it – draw it again. Dong makes a face. but Jin lied cuz he says “how did this punk draw this so well when he always goes around playing at night.” He looks at D’s note and says the writing seems like that woman
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in the car, D says “you said you were hungry but I said let’s go so I am sorry.” He says couldnt you stop saying sorry. He says she will be warm soon cuz he turned on the heater already. he leans over and puts on her seatbelt for her and makes her seat lean back. So she can fully rest comfortably. I will put the address into the navigation and go well on my own. All done.
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In the car, D is sleeping. He remembers how she yelled she wanted to go home right now. Then how he said to her “cuz you are in the penalty box – trembling and protecting that spot so no one can come in. how should I put it – it’s lonely and difficult. you are the goalkeeper ajumma.” Then how she cried and took his arm and asked for his help before she fainted. He heads off in a different direction
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DH is waiting outside Jin’s door after ringing the bell. when he opens his door DH says I pressed the wrong bell -it’s 401 – I am sorry. He is about to close the door but she stops him from shutting it with her foot. he asks if she is ok. she says it’s ok. but havent we seen each other before. i remember. you helped me last night. cuz my heel broke. Don’t you remember me. He says ah yes. She says I dont know what yesterday and today means. I was going to press 402.  She is about to go but he pulls her back into his arms. she puckers up for a kiss so he lets go and recoils. He asks did you say you came for 402. DH: yes
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D wakes up and the car is stopped. She looks around and E was smiling. He says ajumma I am sorry too. I must have put in the wrong address on the navigation. In this endless wide world –it feels like it’s just you, me, and our navigation. D cries as she sees the beach. She wordlessly gets out and walks towards the water in a daze. *it’s like she never expected to see the ocean again and it seems like a favorite place of hers
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He follows her out and says she isnt saying anything about it (meaning he didnt get yelled at)– what is up with that reaction like she saw the beach for the first time in 500 yrs. He goes over to her. She stands there unable to take her eyes off the water. she sighs deeply and keeps looking out at the water. E runs over and starts making a sandcastle.  She looks over at him building it. he starts to take pics and sees her near the castle. He tells her to make a V sign pose. he backs up to get a shot in saying she looks good standing there.  he ends up in the water so she tries to warn him to look behind him and watch out for the wave, but he falls into the water and gets soaked.
DH says D isnt picking up. jin is making her call D. Jin asks why hang up so quickly. what I am saying is – when you call it might seem like it went through on the other side but it might not have rung or she might not have heard the ring cuz it was too short.  so DH says it’s the third time. even if she was in halla mountains it would have gone through. he corrects her and says wouldnt that be Baekdu mountains? DH: I was going to surprise her so I didnt say anything and came.  so she cant not pick up her phone and not come. he starts to say “cha” so she thinks he forgot her name again so she tells him. (I think he was trying to ask if she wanted a drink though)
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E and D go into a small shop. E says it’s cold. he greets the grandpa and asks if there is a big mart around here cuz the camera fell into the water. (he wants to dry it) D says instead of the camera his shoes got wet so his feet will freeze and get hypothermia but E says it’s ok. E: more than that these pics. I didnt move a single one over to the computer.  grandpa could you lend me a dry towel if you have one. if you have a dryer that would be totally great. the person ignores him so E says: do you not know what a dryer is? can you not hear? but D realizes from the shoes and the way she is dressed that she is a grandma so D corrects him and whispers “she is a grandmother” so E says you are grandmother. you are very pretty grandmother – you have hat sense. The grandma says I have a dryer, dry towel and everything you need. if you didnt immerse the camera in water totally – you can dry it so dont worry. You should eat too. it’s an option.
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In the room full of women, E changed into ajumma pants and one says he is like a new daughter in law. the other say he is totally cool. E makes poses in his baggy pants by the doorway and gets D to smile. He sits next to her and says you smiled. he starts to eat kimchi with his fingers. D puts some kimchi on the tip of her sweet potato and takes a bite so E copies her.  he says it’s yummy. he tries to drink rice wine but D says you cant cuz you have to drive. He nods ok but sneaks a bowlful anyway. She takes away the rice wine then gives it back to him when he looks sad. He says the way she looked at him seems to pity him so he says this isnt right. he drinks more and says it’s really yummy. He talks about TJ. How he might look like he has charm/charisma but he has negative sides. the person is “chewy” (meaning stingy/frugal) -your unrequited love was not perfect.  he is just a person – human. D: stop talking about unrequited love now. I thought – since I started on my own so I was going to end it on my own. so that no one would ever know for the rest of my life – a secret “play” (kidding around). it doesnt even compare to kaegeum shi’s first love.  E: I found out -that’s not a secret play.  D: How did you know? E: cuz it was similar. (resembled ) the way I look at S- the way you look at my hyung ajumma – it resembled that so I knew. just cuz you hide it, it’s not something that can be hidden
Jin asks are you close with Go Dokmi shi. DH says of course – we went to elementary, middle, and high school together. jin: I lived here for 3 yrs and if you havent been around for over 3 yrs -is that being close? did you give and receive contact often? even texts? I lived abroad for a while and when i came back I was doing a shopping mall business and my body felt tired and my heart felt weary  -I felt so far away from my friends. And I saw her again yesterday. I was so happy to see her again. you lived here 3 yrs? Jin: yes
some ladies leave so E says bye to them. E got his camera back and says it’s not broken. my shoes are dry so I should change. D says since he needs to sober up from drinking -should we go and see the beach again? E: you want me to hurry and sober up so you can go home quickly? do you like your home that much? arent you stifled by being in the room all the time? humans live in homes to wake up in the morning and wash their faces and go around here and there to embrace the smell -there is talk like that. but you ajumma – are you afraid of going outside? or do you not like washing your face? D says it’s not stuffy – I like it – my small room is peaceful. I like it.
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DH asks if Jin draws cartoons/comic. jin: it wouldnt be easy to do that. DH: you mean it’s not easy to draw?  jin: no it’s not easy to attend elementary, middle, and high school together. DH: you dont do other work and just draw cartoons/comic? jin: if it goes on my webtoon, even a week is not enough time. She says so comics are your hobby and you have a separate job? he just looks at her. She says you let me wait here cuz i might get cold so can I offer to pay for dinner? he asks her to make another call (to D). DH: I want to go. He holds her hand and says “cha” again so she gives her name. he asks her to have a drink and try calling again. She agrees
E runs around D. D looks at his castle and says I cancel/take back what I said yesterday. love ended. it broke. expressing it like that doesnt seem right. just cuz your love broke and ended you cant say “next customer come in.” you cant do this – isnt that right? he runs around his castle. you just need to leave everything alone -if you leave it alone it goes back to its rightful place.  He says ajumma ajumma – seeing the beach my heart got wider. a lot wider.  She gets a call and ignores it so he says answer it – it will keep ringing. he pretends something is over there and presses the button to take the call and runs off. DH’s voice calls out D’s name.
DH asks where are you cuz I came to your home to visit. Surprise. (DH didnt know how to say surprise in english) D says where is my home? you don’t know where my home is. DH gives the address – ocean village 402. when are you coming. Jin whispers -until Dokmi shi comes today – keep waiting here. DH: I will keep waiting till you come. D: I am somewhere really far away so don’t wait. D hangs up and says let’s live like we don’t know each other.
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DH checks her phone cuz she cant believe D hung up on her like that. DH tells Jin D went somewhere really far away. Jin: what? then she cant come back today?  does it make sense to stay out overnight in this kind of world? call her again and ask where she is now. I’ve known her for years so I know – she is not someone who would ever stay out overnight. DH says as her friend I like D for having a situation to stay out overnight way more than the Dokmi who lived for years not staying out all night. Jin yells what kind of nonsense it that?  He apologizes for saying that. my words just came out. he wonders if D was in an accident. DH says she didn’t sound like she was in an accident. she pretends to be getting a cold and fever and asks what happened with the drink. He says D isnt coming today so are you going to stay here cuz I am going out for a while
Dong goes home and a guy is here to deliver something. Dong asks did you come for 401? the guy says yes. it’s from the court house. dong tries to see but the man says only Oh jae won can accept this. Dong says there is no one here by that name OJW.   Jin and DH come out so dong asks – what is this -what are you two. ah that’s why you so naturally kicked me out, but I came back too soon huh? jin: what nonsense is that?  Jin explains how DH was waiting for 402 but she didnt come. jin tells her to go.  the guy asks are you Oh jae won?  Dong explains again there is no one by the name to the guy. DH walks off to the elevator after hearing that. Jin says to the guy –yes I am him. The man wants to see ID for proof before he hands over the letter. Jin hands it over
In the elevator together, DH keeps pressing the door open button for the delivery guy and says in an annoying tone – what is he crawling over here.  the delivery guy finally gets on the elevator. she asks did you confirm  that it’s him. that person is Oh jae won right? the guy nods yes
Dong calls out Jin’s real name oh jae won as Jin reads his letter. Dong says shouldnt I know at least who you are.  jin holds up the letter and says the court of law gave permission. it’s correct. I am oh Jin rak. i dont have another name. (jin changed his name from oh jae won to jin rak). dong asks why he did that. Jin: I am not running away from the law or anything so no need to worry about it. even if you are so curious you will go crazy – dont ask. got that?
as she closes shop, the grandma tells D and E -around this time there is someone asking this question so this is how I answer each time “the bus to seoul already stopped running. rest here today. I will give you a cheap rate. breakfast is optional. E says to D: yes ajumma. if you keep insisting i have no choice but to drive. i didnt want to say this but i shouldnt overdo it. i checked on the internet about driving at this time and we still have to wait 5 hrs (for him to sober up) let’s wait. the grandma says there is an empty room.
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the group has finished their protest and are walking back. jin stops walking and looks up. dong asks what jin is looking at again and not going. jin says I told you to turn off the lights and come out- dont you remember what #402 told you about saving electricity. dong: pee? (saving the water to flush the toilet with) so Jin kicks him and says all you remember is pee? leaving behind all those smart tips. dirty guy.
grandma says staying here is better than freezing to death in the car. E is carrying firewood. The old woman talks about ghosts drawing people here and it scares D.
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Jin and dong are eating at W’s work place. Jin asked on the internet – what could the reason be for a girl to stay out all night – he asked netizens and they all guess stuff that makes him scowl – stuff like “allergic to love -conning you- cuz she doesnt like you” Jin: where are all the innocent and honest answers. why arent there any? where did they go? there should be one at least.   Dong tells Jin: what is wrong with you – getting hysterical. hyung eat your food. how about dating at this time. you said you didnt even get to kiss yet. Jin: who said that. dong: I said it just in case but it looks like i was right. a while ago – that girl isnt exactly but she is close to my type. but she likes you hyung. i can tell from the way she looks at you. that girl’s taste in guys is awful (he said literally the way her eyes see guys is terrible – as in she goes for substandard guys)  jin: you do well with your type. she is moving in soon. dong: are you saying she isnt your type? daebak.  fine – at this time – let’s find out your style
 [tvN] 이웃집꽃미남.E04.130115.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(071429)07-20-48] [tvN] 이웃집꽃미남.E04.130115.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(071889)07-20-23]
They are sitting by a fire.  E asks : ajumma – does it make you feel bad (me calling you) ajumma? D: I didnt give it much thought. E: what kind of work do you do ajumma? D: correct the writing before the book comes out – I proofread and find the ones that are wrong. E: then you must know a lot of difficult writings. D: I do it by looking them up in the dictionary. E: you do huh? I knew it wasnt cuz you couldnt write well. I speak well but I cant write well. She starts to say sorry this happened cuz of my lie but he says “I did it too – I lied. so there is no need to be sorry -we shared one lie each. D: what lie did you tell and why?  I already told you everything. He asks -Go dokmi shi – leaving behind a warm place- why were you sitting alone on a park bench shaking from the cold. Were you that scared of people – to the extent that you would rather die from freezing to not people.  In the car you were sleeping and I didn’t want to take you home cuz then for sure you would hide well again. if you are scared of people – try to get close with the world. then you will be able to endure people. before I got back to Spain I want to drag you around ajumma and show you everything in the world. She says I have a favor to ask. E: “call” (means I agree) name anything at all.  I will do it all. D: when we go back to seoul could you act like you don’t know me. Even if we happen to run into each other by accident- could you just pass by like you dont know. E: you know my situation well so arent you not recognizing that enough. also we found out a lot about each other. D: cuz there are so many things you found out about me – I am uncomfortable. so I don’t like that. E: is that possible for you ajumma. we know each other so how can we live acting like we dont? isnt that cowardly? D: just cuz you saw me for a few days dont act like you know me. you dont know me. we probably wont have a reason to be running into each other, but act like you dont know me. E: wah – you are saying such harsh things like it’s nothing. there are a lot of things that you found out about me too so do I need to make it uncomfortable. ok “call.” then instead of acting like we don’t know each other –let’s settle it by acting like we never knew each other from the start. ok.  He gets up and walks off
 [tvN] 이웃집꽃미남.E04.130115.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(077672)00-54-04]
Jin lists what qualities he wants in a woman “a woman who knows to show deference first (meaning to yield or give in first) – a woman who knows how to say sorry first. also stuff like greed – a woman doesnt do that any of that. also -even in a place where no one in the world is looking, a woman who is truthful/honest.” dong:  what are you talking about? is a Nobel peace prize nominee your style? jin: there is something like that  -you are young so what do you know. Dong: why dont i know? You mean a woman like 402? by any chance -Do you really like that woman. Jin looks right at him and doesn’t say. he answers with his determined look.
 [tvN] 이웃집꽃미남.E04.130115.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(077945)07-21-54]
E looks at her pics in the car. He smiles as he flips thru them
 [tvN] 이웃집꽃미남.E04.130115.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(078538)07-23-48] [tvN] 이웃집꽃미남.E04.130115.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(078962)07-24-08]
D types notes into her phone – What is your truth – be honest and tell me. when someone talks like this – that woman closed her mouth. if you take off the wrapper when truth is wrapped in a lie, it’s not a sweet chocolate or candy. like you need skin to protect flesh and blood, to cover up the truth, I needed the lie. instead of showing your scar and being honest, smiling brightly and lying is safer for that woman. She puts down her phone. the lights blink on and off. It scares her. she remembers the grandma saying a ghost does that so D screams
 [tvN] 이웃집꽃미남.E04.130115.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(084154)07-25-55] [tvN] 이웃집꽃미남.E04.130115.HDTV.XViD-TVHQ[(084232)07-26-04]
E hears her scream so he runs to her from the car. he opens the door and asks what’s wrong. she was on her way out so they both run smack into each other. they fall down in the dark. the lights come on. he is on top of her and their lips are touching when they open their eyes.



E: What am I doing now.

E explains to D about the kiss: It was an accident

Jin says I wonder – whether she is living alone well inside there. whether she eats well – whether she is happy in there – it keeps making me worry (he is the milk post it guy)

E points to her window and says I will pull you out of there before I leave. just wait. he kicks on her door calling – ajumma

Jin says to E: Don’t come again

dong says – did you confess to 402?

Jin and D have a moment in the elevator where they smile at each other

DH calls out D’s name

D: Don’t go – just stay

E: Are you crying ajumma?

*I would say this episode is “Daebak,”  but it just isn’t strong enough to decribe how epic it was. Not just cuz of that last scene either. Each time I watch this show, I forget to breathe. I worry about future shows in 2013 – can any of them kidnap my heart like this so that I can’t even think about loving another.



43 comments on “Flower Boy Next Door E4

  1. nonski says:

    camping! thank you in advance Softy! you are a life saver for this drama where subs are not as fast and hard to find. it’s private in our site too.

    oh and i think so too that TJ knew of DM since there is a hint of recognition in his eyes when they were introduced. i really wish he’d fall for her later. you know just so that all the flower boys fall for her too. 🙂

    posted on episode 3 the screenshots of tumblr and soompi and the girls have complied and taken down your translations.


  2. Bella says:

    I love the milk carton mystery. Seemingly obvious.. but no..not really. Lol

    Thanks in advance Softy!! ^^


  3. Bella says:

    Softy.. I love your observations. They all simply clicked. And I kept thinking.. why hadn’t I thought of that before? Lol

    They’re all highly plausible. I welcome the idea of TJ being the milk guy as well because Jin’s just the most obvious choice. I thought it’s most likely TJ when I saw the illustrations on the post-its: It depicts a meeting at the park(?) ..one autumn day (?) . So maybe, he did see her or was aware of her spying on him at the park? And the drawings seem amateurish in a way.. so I was really leaning towards TJ coz he’s a doctor. Lol. Enough said. keke..

    Keep them coming! I wish you’re there with us over at soompi as well. 🙂


  4. seara says:

    “Plus he didn’t walk around his home half dressed like Enrique did the minute he went inside. That’s how most guys behave when they are at home, but TJ was always dressed when she spied on him”

    omooo…nice explanation. why I never thought about it -_-”
    dear softy, are you detective? 😛


    • Softy says:

      Yoon Shi Yoon said on Strong Heart that he doesnt wear anything when he is home cuz clothes are uncomfortable. that’s where I got the idea from – that TJ doesnt go around shirtless like Enrique did. I also remember other male celebrities in interviews saying the same thing – they dont wear much at home – they take it off as soon as they go inside.


  5. `Eun says:

    camping! Thanks in advance softy!


  6. flo says:

    wooaaaaa..i’m late ^_^
    an awesome intro my dear softy…you are so smart *
    waiting for your recap..thanks in advance


  7. Anonymous says:

    can anyone give me link to watch this drama live streaming.


  8. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know a link to watch this drama in live streaming.


  9. nonski says:

    episode 5 preview as posted by jjsweeter


    • Bella says:

      thanks nonski!

      I’m hoping this preview isn’t trolling and that next episode really is Jin’s chance to make the moves.. Lol

      And then.. TJ next? Hiihihihi..


      • nonski says:

        *nods* me want TJ going after our DM 🙂 and i don’t think the preview is trolling. mind you, i watched the prev like 15 times already, is that normal? hahaha


        • tessieroo says:

          Of course. Perfectly normal. *kekeke* I’m still on board with TJ going for DM too. I still want ALL our flower boys to go for DM.


          • Bella says:

            Usually, I dislike that plot.. where every guy falls for the heroine.. BUT I made an exception here because DM’s just sooooo darn likable. I love her sass underneath the introverted exterior.


            • tessieroo says:

              ME TOO! Ahahahaha. I normally pick out couples during a drama (she’s with this guy, this girl is with him, he’s with that girl…) but I’m not doing that in this one! I want them ALL to chase DM. What is wrong with me?


        • Bella says:

          Totally. I did the same. And it’s normal. Totally.



  10. nonski says:

    fbnd raw


  11. nonski says:

    off to sleep now, will go back again tomorrow. 🙂


  12. aloness says:

    It looks like Jin is the the milk-post-it-note guy, definitely, maybe?
    *Spoiler-ish* Someone said that in the webtoon, TJ and D will be together. I tried to view the webtoon but somehow the illustrations left me wandering out of the storyboard. I hope Jin/FBND illustrator could put some of his work online. TVN, please?

    OT: I noticed that Yoon Si Yoon could be the love child of Lee Jun Ki and Jung il Woo. haha!


    • anna says:

      Yes! I thought that too when I was talking the Baker drama that he was in. Wow, that guy looks like Lee Jun-ki, and that other guy (Joo-won) looks so much like Kang Dong-won.


      • anna says:


        I agree on Jin-rak being the post-it guy, it just seems so obvious though, unless the writer is trying to fool us or something, but who else could it be? I can’t see TJ being him (it would be nice, but I don’t think so.) He lived on the other building, I could hear the door opens when the milk man leaves. The only way to get to 402 is through the elevator right? So that wasn’t the elevator door opening. He does it so many times, SOMEONE just have seen him enters and leaves the building.


    • flo says:

      yes..i noticed too since him in BK..he looks like LJK,but now for me he looks like a cute pie alvin the chipmunk..so cute and adorable ^__^


  13. rhienz says:

    Hello Softy,,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful recaps u’ve done.
    I’ve been following ur blog since secret garden, n now am really enjoyin’ ur FBND recaps.
    I want ur help to analyze if there’s any possibilities of my theory about the post-it guy,,
    -> I really think that the post-it guy is Jin Rok.and the one that Dok Mi actually met at the park during fall is Jin Rok,but she got the wrong guy. Instead of stalking Jin Rok,she’s stalkin Tae Joon who happen to live in front of her window.
    My theory base on the 1st picture from the milk coz it is about the meeting during the fall. it can’t be just coincidence that Jin Rok drew the same thing as what happen to Dok Mi and have been her secret admirer for such a long time,if he wasn’t the one. (This is bcoz I’m sure that he is the one dok Mi actually met)
    -> yes,and Tae Joon is aware of Dok Mi existence and the stalking she’s done, but bcoz she’s harmless, he let it slide.
    And we know that the actor who’s playin Tae Joon was added the last, to the casts. And he wasn’t included in the earlier teasers/previews of drama.

    Sorry for my poor English and hope u can understand what I’m saying… 🙂
    Really wanna share what I’m thinking with everyone…

    Annyeong…and kamsaheyo


    • Softy says:

      Your English is perfect so no need to apologize.:)

      The preview already showed that the post it guy is Jin so that mystery is solved.
      but I dont think she mistook Jin for TJ. even though the sun was in her eyes, she fell for TJ at first sight. but I do think Jin was there that day in the park too. that’s why he drew those pics.

      I recently saw the cast photos and trailer for the show and TJ was in every single pic so even if he was last to be cast, he is still in all the promo pics.


      • rhienz says:

        Oh my bad,, its solved already? *hand on face*
        I’m someone who only read recaps n screencaps until the dramas has fully aired. So i don’t watch any video including preview,,, am I weird? ^_^
        Thanks dear Softy, this is my first drama that made me want to comment about …
        And u’re the reason I watched OB, n am verry like it!


  14. Nicx says:

    i really wish Oh Jin Rak and Go Dok Mi will end up together! But its definitely going to be Enrique! I’m having false hopes here.. 😦 I know Enrique has good intentions but I find him annoying sometimes.. (..and its wrong because he is the leading man) I wish throughtout the drama I will learn to accept Dok Mi and Enrqie’s relationship. Why is it named flower boy next door not across the street?


    • Softy says:

      cuz the two buildings are so close together – you can actually say i live next door to a flower boy. plus the 3 flower boys in her building (jin, Dong, and W) outnumber TJ and Enrique – who technically doesnt really live there – E is just visiting.

      also in the webtoon, I think she spies on Jin and he does live next door.

      curious – why do you want it to be Jin?


      • Nicx says:

        I don’t really know… maybe because he was first to love her and he’s a really nice guy and i’m annoyed with Enrique? Please correct me If I’m wrong about it. Anyway, Oh jin Rak’s chance with Go Dok Mi is too late since Enrique made a great bond with her. 🙂


    • rainyrain says:

      I think the same and feeling so sorry for Jin for not getting the girl at the end , really wish it was jin or E’s hyung but I should not get my hopes too high so I won’t be desappointed


  15. bbblue73 says:

    Done reading your recap Softy dear & off to watch this episode for now. Just super busy all the time aissshhh..!!! Thanks a lot.
    Btw, hello to my siblings.!!!!


  16. Enz says:

    Thanks softy.. Am actually waiting for subs before I read everything! I always come for your thoughts on the episode. I love how you write 🙂


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