Flower Boy Next Door E2

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You know that feeling well right? When a drama grabs hold of your heart, how you put all your faith into it and trust it wont stray off into crazy land. Multiply that feeling by a hundred and you will be where I am now – sheer kdrama bliss.


written before it aired:

Way back when this project was first announced, I had a special instinct about it, but boy is this surpassing all my expectations. The anticipation had been building for months and not once did I think it would let me down until that 7 min preview. It just goes to show that even a sporadic and dizzying trailer had enough touches of brilliance to pave the way so that the show can renew our faith within just the first few scenes. After just one episode, these characters already have my undivided attention and I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

From the handful of cable dramas I have seen so far, what’s interesting to note is the speed. They take their time and develop the characters by adding in dialogue that reflects their personality. I didn’t notice it right off when I watched it, but as I was translating E1 I realized just how funny Dong Hoon is. The way he talks is a riot. I don’t know how many times he cracked me up with his witty sarcasm. His character sort of leaps out at you in a good way so I can’t wait to see what else develops tonight.

I sort of debated whether or not to make separate posts since I wanted to translate some scenes of School on the side widget. So that means I would be too busy to add screencaps to this, but then I realized I love this drama too much to lump both episodes together each week. I want to start off the year with proper recaps so since this is my official first drama that started with E1, it will get separate posts and screencaps will be added later the next day hopefully.

btsfbnd ddong

Here is the list of characters:

D – Go Dok Mi – Park shin hye

E – Enrique Geum – Yoon Shi Yoon

Jin – Oh Jin Rak – Kim Ji Hoon

S -Yoon Seo Young –Kim Yoon Hye/Woori (Enrique’s best friend and first love)

TJ– Han Tae Joon – Kim Jung San (the object of D’s spying affection)

W– Watanabe – Mizuta Kouki

DH– Cha Do Hui Park Soo Jin (D’s former classmate)

Dong – Yoo Dong Hoon – Go Kyung Pyo (Jin’s assistant)


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Jin reads her notes about how to save on utilities. Her best methods of saving on heat, water, gas, and electricity are the things you would do after an apocalypse. It is that extreme.  D’s voice narrates: If you wrap a towel around a padded bottle filled with hot water it will stay warm for a long time. If the water inside the bottle gets cold don’t throw it away and use it to brush your teeth, wash your face, and do the laundry. Don’t turn on faucet water and wait till you need to use it all at once and pour into a bucket to use. Reduce using the washing machine and wash laundry by hand to save on electricity and water. Don’t boil hot water using electric range and use gas. Don’t throw away the water that has been used and use it to flush the toilet. Also be sure to unplug appliances you are not using. There are a lot of appliances that use up electricity (like heated blankets) so don’t use those. Reduce the heat by using it sparingly and wear outerwear wear inside the home.   If there are any places around the house where heat escapes, blocking those helps out a lot. Also I have a favor to ask – could you be the leader in my place today? Please let me know this afternoon.” Jin reads that and goes what is this – she wants me to do that one more time today? Dong takes the list and reads it saying “don’t flush the toilet? I cant live like that cuz it’s too dirty. ” Jin asks is that all you read into that? dong: yes what else is there. Jin says she wants to hide she is poor and pathetic through her stinginess. but it’s see through. Dong: she is your ideal hyung. When you first when to meet you, you said “are you a see through/transparent guy? So I thought I was coming for some government interview. You sure do like translucent things. ” Jin takes the note and is about to go talk to her but the doorbell rings.

Jin opens the door and it’s W. Jin asks who are you.  W: hello -I am W I moved in let’s get along well.

D looked out the window and says the dog is safe. Then she spots E looking right at her. he makes that motion with his two fingers so she closes the curtain and tries to guess what it means – that he is going to poke her in the eye- that he is watching her with his two eyes- it means he saw me.

E says this was the feeling from last night. 4th floor second home you have been caught – just wait. he puts on a jacket and runs out. D keeps saying what to do.

E marches over determined. Guard wonders what he is up to

Jin asks if W is able to speak Korean since he is Japanese. Dong admires his outfit and gets annoyed cuz he is well dressed. Jin wonders why the bread is so hard- are japanese bread normally like this?  W sees a sketch of D and dong asks Jin what it is. Jin says try to be greedy about wanting to see it and just draw the background. Dong says I’ve seen this girl a lot somewhere

D is still pacing and trying to hide.

E gets off the elevator and says you’ve been caught 4 th floor second door. Oh so it’s #402. He peers through the peephole and she flinches back when she sees him. He keeps ringing the bell and banging on her door.

Flashback to D getting therapy through hypnosis (when she was in school cuz she is wearing her uniform). She is lying on a couch and describing what she doesn’t like the most cuz the doctor asks that question. D: the sound of knocking on the door. the bell sound of a phone. sound of the intercom-the sound of my name being called.  the doc asks what do you hate those things? D:cuz it means I have to meet someone. The doc says you cant live not meeting people. when did you start to hate meeting people. is it after that incident? She starts to cry and doesn’t answer

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E is still banging and saying come out.  he hears her lock her door so he looks under her door through the mail slot/newspaper hole and says I know you are inside. open the door “pervert shi”. He kicks the door so she falls forward with a yell. It makes Jin and others take notice. E: if you keep doing this I could report you to the police -hurry and open up. D imagines herself on the news for spying on her neighbor and being a pervert. Dong, Jin and W peek out and wonder who that is causing all the trouble and dong says it’s E. Jin asks why would he be here – it is him. dong: daebak I have to film this on video. Jin: what is up with him. Did he eat something wrong. The guys all tumble out so E looks at them.

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E bows to them and knocks more quietly. Dong wonders if the girl in 402 is E’s girl. Daebak. E asks do you know the guy who lives here. Jin, dong, and W say: a guy? inside D repeats “a guy?” E: yes a guy. Jin says you don’t know who lives there and you are just banging like that. E says this guy who lives here has been spying on our home ever since last night. Jin corrects him and says it’s a girl – a girl lives there. guard comes over and asks what is going on. E says it’s not important if she is a guy or girl-ever since last night to this morning she has been spying on me. guard repeats that. E: yes I kept feeling someone was watching since last night and I keep feeling that even now. He shivers. the guard grabs him and says I caught you well – you pervert. the woman comes out asking what’s going on. guard says dont worry. this is a criminal. he says to E: what are you wearing inside? you arent wearing anything huh? how dare you come in here and go around being a “trenchcoat man” (a flasher). the woman says he doesnt seem like it. E: what are you talking about? wait a minute. Jin tries to separate them but dong says dont get involved. guard says you will get arrested right away. how dare you barge in here. E: let go. D is worried and opens her door. She looks at them all and E recognizes her from yesterday (outside TJ’s door). He tries to go after her but she shuts the door. The guard tells D not to worry cuz he is going to take E and hand him over to the police but she peeks out and says “leave it alone he did come over cuz of me. It’s correct – I was in the wrong. ” Jin says I will handle this so go in you don’t have to come out later cuz I will take your place in the protest. Jin turns to the men and mouths stuff “this isnt what it looks like” but they don’t understand. E asks what did she say. So Jin says aloud “all this is cuz the buildings are built too close. It’s a misunderstanding. let go of him ajussi and calm down. it’s not anything so go about your business.” It quiets down outside so D sighs in relief

E is on the elevator with the guard and woman. She snuggles up to the guard pretending to be scared by the assumed flasher

Dong wonders if that girl really spied on E.  girls do spy on good looking guys. jin: spy on who- is there anything about him to spy on? dong: she did spy on someone.   Or why else wouldn’t she be able to call him a pervert. Jin says it’s cuz she is nice and see through. dong asks what that means. Jin: there is something a person can never hide. #402 -Her eyes- the ways she talks -the way she looks from the front and back – she is nice. Dong asks are you filming something?

E pushes a chair to face her place saying this is fun – living in korea wont be boring. He takes a brush and starts to paint a sign

D gets a text about a deposit (she got partial payment for her editing work cuz the company is not doing well.”fighting”) but it’s not much so D mutters a complaint “how much could the contract have been worth for her to divide that again?  but D texts politely “ok fighting.” She looks out and sees E’s message for her there “I’ll be back soon.” she wonders who that person is. The announcement from the guard comes out to attend the protest again. D looks and she is low on rice and food. She makes a list and says I don’t want to go out or have anything delivered

Jin explains his webtoon idea to that woman at the company. there is a girl who lives in isolation.  she is the happiest when she is alone in her room. then one day cuz of the next door guy she ends up coming out into the world. this is what it’s about. The woman yells that’s not it – that’s not the only reason she lives in isolation. with the power of love she was dragged out into the world. love of miracle. how did you prepare so much? you even have the ending. you must have prepared it for a long time. jin: yes I prepared this after i moved in so it hasnt been 3 yrs yet. She says this is so annoying. she yells why cant that man just confess he likes her. just confess. Jin asks if he confesses what will happen to the other person.  she either takes the bite or ends her relationship with him. so he cant let his confession out into the world –  that man isnt able to confess cuz she might be overwhelmed and have a hard time. she is moved by the explanation. She asks him to send the first drafts and decide when he can start so jin and dong high five each other

D goes out to the protest meeting. She sees Jin and dong there. she goes to sit at an empty spot but trips and falls. The woman helps her up and asks are you ok. D goes and sits in the empty seat. Guard introduces W who just moved into #403. he came from japan. W: hello I am W – I came to learn korean cooking – please take good care of me. the woman acts friendly. Jin complains they are too busy to keep up these protests cuz for 2 months this is the 3rd time. dong: that’s right we have to get our webtoon out . The guard says the signatures they got last time went towards applying and this time it goes to the head guy. I am not getting paid you all will. he reminds them there is a lot riding on this.

E takes his video camera and aims at D’s home

Guard says they all signed so prepare your bands and stuff and let’s meet outside. Today’s leader is …but Jin says I will do it today instead of #402. guard says you said you didnt want to do it yesterday. Jin lies that he suddenly got inspired. D bows to him out of gratitude. W says i have something to say. i learn to cook from my home so please attend.the woman asks what kind of cooking i will have to learn so W lists  (my class) Japanese, Indian, and Spanish food. she says I will learn for sure. guard says on every wed you can learn to cook at #403.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(044193)11-33-57]

People scatter to get ready and meet up later so Jin remains till he is alone with D and clears his throat. He says you worked hard – so you should go in now but D says I will leave later. Jin: ok like you asked I will be the leader today so you can go quietly to your home. He speaks really formally and doesn’t make eye contact. Dong waits outside and makes neg comments about D ‘s character for making Jin do this in her place so Jin shushes him saying she will hear.

E gets on the elevator as Jin walks down the stairs with dong and E overhears Jin scolding Dong for saying that about her. how scarred she must have been. dong mutters I didnt say anything that was wrong


D comes out of the tent when she sees E standing there. he comes over. E: I remembered you ajumma – we met yesterday in front of my hung’s home huh. She says in her head don’t remember and tells herself dont reply. it’s like he can read her mind so she is surprised. E: you arent going to reply huh ajumma? He plays back the recording of her calling 911 saying the dog seems to be hurt but the owner is not home and leaving the address for TJ. D says in her head what to do so E repeats that aloud and says the proof is all here. the 911 ajussis came to my hyung’s officetel yesterday and asked is someone raising a dog here on the 3rd floor  so at first I didnt know what they were talking about but now that I see your face ajumma I get the story. that’s why I contacted them and got the recording from them. She says to herself sarcastically ” so proud of you – it’s not like you saved the world – why are you bothering 911 when they are busy.” He says aloud what she said “it’s not like I saved the world so I feel a little silly about it. he leans in and says you weren’t spying on me but our hippo (dog’s name) our dog huh? huh? Ajumma cant you talk. She says in her head “I am not an ajumma I am in my 20s please go.” E: just say you are not an ajumma and please go. say stuff like that at least. I came here cuz I thought I went too far this morning and to explain about that. if you saw someone spying on you, how will you feel. she thinks “dont ask and just keep talking. I miss my room.” She says that in her head but E says“ stop thinking of wanting to go home and answer.” She asks in her head can you hear what I am saying. He says yes when someone is talking you have to look at their eyes. anyway I am the type that comes on strong so when I thought that person was the culprit I ran over. it’s true. I didnt know it was you ajumma.  D replies in her head: I understand but why did you think I was a guy. E wonders aloud why did I think you were a guy ajumma. you are a girl just from looking. She looks around and he asks -anyway I was a little harsh this morning.  you do  understand everything I said right? she nods yes over and over. He puts his finger on her forehead and says once was enough. she stares at him and he says ajumma are you cold. today is really warm. you could pull a sleigh (meaning she looks like rudolph)  you turned really red. You must really be cold. Let’s go in the tent to talk so when he goes in she runs off.

When she is about to go in he is already there by her door. (he quizzes her about soccer positions and answers too) what is the hardest position. correct answer – goalkeeper. it’s seems really good cuz you can stand there but it’s not good cuz you are in the penalty box – trembling and protecting that spot so no one can come in. how should I put it – it’s lonely and difficult. you are the goalkeeper ajumma. but that position is really hard. have strength.  he finally leaves.

* I love what he just said here about her. he gets her so well

She goes in and says the dog’s real name – it wasnt blackie. she remembers his finger on her forehead and what he said.  She says how dare a young thing tease an ajumma. why am I calling myself an ajumma.

E wonders how that ajumma didn’t say one word. what is this feeling that we had a conversation?

He walks out and films places. Reporters stalk him and take his pics. Reports go out about his sighting.

E goes to a meeting and is complimented for speaking Korean well for living in spain. E: I do dont it? I speak it really well. I also learned (something I dont know). He is asked about his game launching this time around. E: does that question mean I am trying to advertize to sell games? is that possible? something that means this? she says if that is how you took it. E: then will you keep following me around as I go to places? I wont do any ads or promotion this time. the girl says next question. E asks for another drink cuz his got cold.

E is on the bus towards city hall filming and he sees the reporters wrote about how he brags, looks like a 5 yr old, and how he is dreaming of america anyway. S texts “put a lot of ham in your spaghetti for me.” He remembers the conversation where he asked if Han TJ was her love. you were shot by cupid’s arrow huh? what is that sincere look? it doesnt suit you to be sincere. S: I am sorry. E: I wish I didn’t come here. He closes the window saying It’s cold

TJ gets a text at work – he is a doctor. S says we can meet tonight right. We are meeting after a year

D goes and pays her bills. she deposits her rent $350 for #402 and thanks them. She does some grocery shopping and E is there. she tries to hide from him. D hears his voice being picky asking for more seawater and wanting some seafood that is bigger on the right.

DH is in the car and remembers the report that the guy looked everywhere and it didnt take long. that the person moved here about 3 yrs ago.

The protest is going on and the woman gives hot drinks to the cute guys but leaves out the guard. D tells Jin I will come back right away. He says come slowly. Dong smiles at their friendly exchange and says instead of next door flower boy it’s going to be next door scandal. he (jin) is having so much fun. Jin enthusiastically starts the chant and D shows up after putting the grocery away. Jin looks at her and says for the people to raise their voices cuz it’s too low and dong says there will be a scandal flower boy and the neighbor

DH goes and looks at D’s home and says it’s rundown- is this the right place. DH is looking around and hears the chant so she goes over and sees Jin and falls in love. Jin is yelling why are our homes so dark (meaning their sun is blocked out). She sees D in the back of the crowd and goes over and asks are you go GM. D looks at her in shock

DH says: it is you. she hugs her. how are you the same. D remembers how mean DH was in the past. DH knocked something off D’s desk and when D asked why are you like this to me DH replied “just cuz (meaning for no reason)” DH asks what are you doing here? do you live here.DH thinks the protest is about a water leak- if that’s not the reason what is the complaint about?

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(074516)11-36-05] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(074662)11-36-17]

E is walking home and looks up the reason for the protest and realizes what it’s about. He sees D and says we meet again ajumma. DH says D’s name cuz she is trying to get infor aboutJin so E asks D: Your name is GDM ajumma? DH asks who is this person E says I am the reason why they are fighting/protesting. like romeo and Juliet they are fighting between the two buildings and  we became friends. DH mutters under her breath that D has all the luck. she asks do you live here. E: yes. there is a commotion so people move away and DH follows. E is about to go too but D holds his arm with tears in her eyes and starts to ask “can you…(take me home)” but she faints in his arm. He looks at her in surprise as he catches her

In a flashback, inside her room D writes about how that girl’s mouth is like a broken faucet in the mountains (D is using metaphors) the moment you need it not a drop comes out, but in the middle of the night she turns on -like a free flowing faucet -at that moment the words that werent able to be utttered come out. Next time I said I have to stand up to her and reply like this, but when that woman is alone she says the most impressive lines.

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(077479)11-36-56]

[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(080398)02-42-11] [tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(080662)02-41-15]

D comes to, she realizes is in TJ’s room cuz the dog is there. she recalls how TJ works out there and cleans there. how he eats at the table. she keeps imagining all the things she saw him do and looks across at her window. E says you regained conscious ajumma. you can totally see your home well huh. She asks how did I get here. he says you fainted – you might need to be treated.my hyung is a doctor and it’s almost time for him to get off work.  She says I will be going. E blocks her path and says where are you going without saying thank you even. she says thank you for a while ago. He holds her arm and says “help me ajumma. I have to do difficult work starting from now so it would be nice if you stayed with me ajumma.” TJ comes in and she sees him face to face.  E grins.


[tvN] 이웃집 꽃미남.E02.130108.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(082618)02-43-17]


E says to D: I know why you spied – you like my hyung huh- I ended your unrequited love ajumma

E: the end of my first love for over ten years

Dong: what is this – what are you two – so that is why you casually kicked me out but I came back too soon huh. (he thinks he interrupted something between DH and Jin when he catches them together in their place)

E asks D to go on a farewell vacation with him. I dont have much free time left and I dont want to spend that time in a room

D is standing on a beach looking out over the water

E: if you are scared of people, try to get close with the world. then people will be tolerable.  until I leave for Spain, I will drag you around ajumma and  show you everything in the world

* I hate to break it to her but she is in for a rude awakening. crushes are never as good up close as you imagined in your head. they never live up to that ideal. not just cuz her crush is human and therefore fallible, but only cuz we built them up to be too impossible to attain – that’s just the reality of it.


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    This is my first time following live recaps. It is really fun and amazing..imagine the scene based on your recaps. Thank you softy 🙂


    • Softy says:

      Welcome and so glad you had fun. 🙂
      Since you are new, just wanted to let you know that after the live recap, I continuously update each scene translations in full so if the paragraphs are a lot longer those scenes were done first and if all the short paragraphs got filled, it usually means the recap is done.
      Also I try to add some translations for School 2013 on the side widget while waiting on vid links or torrents for FBND. I love how fast they are uploaded. 🙂


  7. nonski says:

    episode 3 preview as posted at soompi by jjsweeter


  8. tessieroo says:

    RAW video uploaded fast! Still waiting for torrent, will post as soon as it’s up.


  9. nonski says:

    episode 2 raw as posted at soompi by manka


  10. nonski says:

    Softy thank you again! tonight’s episode is awesome! loving the development of the characters here. D and E will change each other’s lives without noticing it and i can’t wait to see that unfold. based on the preview, next week is gonna be more exciting!

    hope it’s already monday. 🙂


  11. Enz says:

    Thanks for being so fast softy 🙂


  12. conjie008 says:

    Hi Softy, just curious about your first live recap of the year!! I thought the drama is eccentric ..like Dok Mi, very refreshing & I like it. I’ll just read your recaps for now, and watch it later..I’m on location. So our satellite time is limited. This will be your shortest reply. Thanks again for awesome writing..


  13. tessieroo says:

    Still no torrent posted. 😦 If anyone else finds one, please post it. (I can’t find one anywhere!) Thanks so much.


  14. tessieroo says:

    Almost forgot – AWESOME recaps! I very much appreciate you doing this one! 🙂


    • Softy says:

      No need to thank me cuz you are working so hard yourself to share vid links and torrents for us. I had the flu as I was translating this so you have no idea how much your help saved me that night. Thanks to you I was able to rest earlier than usual cuz you found torrents so fast.
      As a special treat just in case the 2 strong heart episode with the FBND cast hasn’t been translated yet, I was working on it since Thurs. Do you know if it’s already been posted? If it has then there is no point. I really loved the stories they shared – KJH’s homeshopping story still cracks me up. YSY shared something similar to what he said the last time he was on the show for high kick I think, but now his new stories are even funnier. Normally I would check the thread to see if their parts were subbed yet, but I gave up. I love Soompi, but I have to say I hate how they broke up the FBND thread so it’s for each episode. I just don’t get that logic at all and wish they wouldn’t do it anymore. why couldn’t they experiment on some other drama – preferably one I don’t watch. I just don’t get the point, but maybe it’s just me.


      • tessieroo says:

        LOL, you’re not alone. There are quite a few who aren’t happy with the new FBND thread but I think it’s just something Soompi wanted to try? (we’re the guinea pigs) The majority opinion mirrors yours so I think it will be dropped. No one is happy they choose to experiment during FBND either. I’m super happy you’re doing this one, it’s sooo hard to wait for subs. *kekeke*
        And no, subs for EP’s 159 & 160 of Strong Heart have not been done by any subbing group. (I’ve been checking every day for weeks now) I think ViKi was at 14% and it’s been stuck there for a long time – I don’t think anyone was working on it. If you do decide to sub those – there will be a LOT of very happy campers. 🙂
        Sorry you have the flu! Take care of yourself.


        • Softy says:

          Thank god they are not going to continue cuz it was a terrible idea. I just didn’t see one good reason for it.

          Sort of glad no one already translated the strong heart scenes cuz I worked so hard on it. I made it so accurate it could be subbed for some lines cuz the humor is in the execution. I even took screenshots cuz you need the visual to match the words.
          Hope no one thinks I am subbing the entire show cuz that’s not the case. Just what the four main FBND cast said. I haven’t subbed anything since SKKS I think so I forgot how to time it and stuff anyway.

          My love for this drama is overflowing now so it’s a good thing they aired those strong heart eps already or I would be climbing the walls for them.
          Since I will be busy with Alice e12 recap and 1n2d tm night, you only have to wait another day till Mon to read about their appearances on strong heart. 🙂

          *make that Tues – adding screencaps to 1n2d took longer than I thought Mon night so I didnt get to finish Strong Heart.


          • nonski says:

            Softy and tessie… i hated the broken threads on FBND. i even can’t find it at first. ugh! that may have been the reason why there are so few people camping there last week. i wish it won’t continue to be like that. 😦

            shout for joy! hearing you prep the subs for strong heart made me so very happy. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! grinning like crazy right now. we don’t do subs on ds anymore so i find it hard to look for subs. so glad you made it. 🙂 kudos!


  15. Jewels says:

    Thanks so much Softy for your awesome recaps!


  16. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thanks for your hard work!! Wow, episode 2 already!!!! Crushes are killers and for her to see her crush with the other girl, I can imagine how her heart is feeling just from the previous from episode 3. Let’s have a great roller coaster ride with this new drama!!! Thanks a million.


    • Softy says:

      Totally forgot about that scene by the window in the preview when she saw TJ and S hug. Maybe that’s what made her break out of her shell and go on that road trip – she needed that shock to make her move forward cuz I think a part of her did know that spying on someone was wrong, but she forgot during the moments she quietly watched him.

      I find it hilarious that any guy would look that perfect at home every day. Good thing she wasn’t spying on someone like YSY in real life cuz he doesn’t like to wear much clothes at home he said.

      What I still don’t get is how D didn’t see that hug coming cuz if she had a crush on him, wouldn’t she realize a lot of other women would too?


  17. flo says:

    dear softy..thank you for the recap…after 2 episodes, i like this drama so far.
    and cuz you mentioned SUFBB in your first FBND’s recap,so i searched the dvd and i watched the 16 episodes in a week, and i think i was missing a great drama, i was hooked from the first episode,and i love..love SUFBB..thanks for the recommended
    back to FBND even KJH is handsome i still shipping the main lead..Dok mi and Enrique.and i’m so excited to see their lovestory in the next episodes
    i watched too many dramas these days,and i read your thought about missing you..idk but it’s exactly what i’m feeling about the drama,…among all dramas..i love ACDD & and FBND, the development of characters are very interesting, i hope the storyline wont disappointed me,and i have the feeling it will be more exciting!!


    • flo says:

      getting confused here..*i finished SUFBB in 3 days *


    • Softy says:

      Hey Flo, 3 days or even a week is impressive to marathon 16 eps but I can’t imagine it was that hard since there was so much to enjoy. I’m so surprised you didn’t see it during the time it aired cuz a lot of bloggers loved SUFBB even more than me. I only posted condensed brief recaps on top for those who just wanted to know the gist of what happened on the night it aired cuz I had too many other dramas to recap at the time.
      I think I should give you fair warning about the Strong heart translations for KJH cuz I’m not sure if he is going to look cute anymore after you read it. He seems so goofy in real life to me now. I never saw Joseon xfiles so the only drama I saw him on was something a while back and I can’t remember the title or story even. I just remember thinking he was adorable cuz of the character he played. 🙂


      • flo says:

        yes softy it was so hard to marathon 16 eps in 3 days..but if i addicted to a drama, i can’t wait to know the ending,,,he,,he,,but after finished, i rewatched the drama from ep 1 until end and i enjoyed my fav.scenes all over again..^_^ even now i still suffering from SUFBB withdrawal syndrome, and i read your final recap..Actually i knew the drama when it aired and you did a brief recap, but back then my heart still focus to OB , i can’t watched the other dramas aside OB at the time..
        i like KJH,i knew him from drama Pick the stars,and i love his character he played, and i watched his movie Natalie, he was so adorable back then.and i think FBND is his first drama after discharged from his military service..i just dont like with his voice..he..he
        i’m so happy ,you are recapping this drama.and i’m looking forward your wonderful recap for the next episodes….


  18. hehehe I really love this drama reading the 1st & 2nd episode rom-com & humor are already there,

    thanks again softy for the best recaps!


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