1N2D brief recaps

I love how these guys have varying degrees of prudishness. When JM got the front of his pants wet, TH immediately ran over and tried to cover up any private parts that might be indecently exposed just in case cuz his children might watch this. It’s like TH’s mentality is always on “protective father mode.” Then later when SG was gyrating his hips for laughs, SK tries to maintain decorum and keep him in line so it’s still rated PG. It’s so refreshing to know these guys won’t ever change their innate personalities. Despite their age differences, marital status, whether they are fathers or bachelors, they are all united in the common goal to share their laughter with their audience. At the same time, they still maintain who they are as individuals and it doesn’t matter how many cameras are on them, they remain true to themselves.

I added more pics of other members tonight so the ratio is more 8 to 2. I swear I tried to cut down on JW’s caps, but it’s like my mouse has its own agenda – it likes to click on JW more. I really wish SK and JW would record a song together. their voices sound so beautiful as they sing one right after the other. just listen to them sing tonight. It was only one verse each, but boy they harmonize well.

Bird PD says the next game is “golfball heading” (hitting a golf ball as far as you can with your head –like head butting) and he demonstrates by using his head to hit one. Right away TH asks should we make JM sit out? his head is like a rock. normally we should take JW out but they cant cuz he already sat out once. TH says how JW has a pointy head. JW does a happy dance and offers to hit two balls at once. So SG says how much JW wants to eat meat right now.  They take out JM. JW takes his hat off and hits the ball. After he hits, he steps out of line so SW points out he crossed the line but PD says it’s ok cuz he stepped out after hitting. JW crouches from pain cuz it hurt his forehead to hit the ball. SG and JM say how well JW did. JW thinks TW will get it really far out there, but TW hits it to the side. Everyone laughs. SK goes and hugs him. SW says it’s not easy to make it go to the back. Next SK gets it really far out there but he doubles over in pain too. Bird PD says SK is winning right now as SK smiles really big (thinking about the food). SW goes next and gets it really far out there beating SK’s ball. SW walks off in pain saying it hurts a lot. TH rubs his head for him. SG goes next and beats SW’s ball. Everyone chases him as he runs around and puts his head to a tree cuz it hurts. His whole team back hugs him. TH gets ready to go next. He took his hat off so someone says he has a really ugly face. TH’s ball just goes up in the air and falls so SG’s team runs over to the food before the ball even lands on the ground. SG’s team feasts again and JM lets TW have a bite of the meat. Bird PD says next game is balloon heading. They have to head butt a giant red balloon. This time TW makes the winning hit so his team gets to eat. Bird PD says this is the last game. This time you get meat and bean paste stew. this time the ball will burst easily. Catching a water balloon from far away. The one who catches it from the farthest distance without it bursting wins. SK and JM do a practice and the balloon bursts as JM catches it so the whole front of his pants gets soaked so it looks like he peed. He tries to squeeze out the water but TH goes over and censors his private area with his hand to cover it up. SK smiles really big. JM runs into the trees and comes back pretending like he went to the bathroom over there. that becomes a running joke and each guy does that when the front of his pants gets drenched. The married guys joke this is like throwing a baby and catching it cuz the water balloons are the same weight (what the – why are these dads tossing their babies anyway?) the guys start to treat the balloons as babies and baby talk to it. they wonder why the balloons are bursting as each team does well. SW tosses and it bursts as TH catches. TW goes next and misses and doesn’t catch, but the balloon doesn’t burst so they wonder why it didn’t. TW asks for another chance. TW’s balloon bursts so he runs into the woods again. SK and everyone says that’s what TW wanted to do.  SG’s team gets to eat again. The losing team goes over and watches them. TH sneaks some food for TW to eat.

During their break time TH shows his kids photos to the female PD. Then JM says let’s have an arm wrestling to see who is the real man. JM thinks it’s TW but TW says my arms are weak. JM and SK go against each other. SK mumbles about how he is considered ugly and stupid so as a man there is nothing useful about him. SG says you are just the big boy – the singing big boy. They start the wrestling and JM struggles but SK doesn’t. SK says JM is stronger than he thought. SK wins and says I’m not the weak type. Next up is SG and TW. TH feels both guys arms and says SG has strong arms. SK says having shorter arms is better.  TW easily beats SG. TH and JW dog pile on top of TW. They make SK go against TW but SK says I cant beat him. TW says SG went easy on me and let me win. Since TW just went they say he has no energy now. They show past clips of TW and SK using their strength. SK and TW start and SK is really struggling, but TW refuses to let him go down so SW stops them and says don’t do anymore. They all say do it next week. SW says in this situation if they did this on a table the table would have broken (cuz both used so much force). SW: it’s not easy to go down (talking about TW). SG says how TW held on at 70 degree angle and didn’t go down which is not easy. SW back hugs TW while they are sitting. TH jokes let’s keep doing this next week and the week after that for a year.

the guys sing and says it’s time for sleeping BBB. Bird PD says the ones who sleep outside can sleep anywhere around here except inside. to determine who sleeps outside today they are going to do an “upgraded 3” (other versions of what they did in the past). SG says for the pig match if you don’t make pig sounds –snorting – then you are out. so they get tape and tape up their noses. SG says SK looks like he got a face lift. The guys say SK got better looking. SG says JW looks cute. JM looks angry. TH looks younger. TW looks like another younger actor I cant remember the name of. SW looks awful. TH says SW looks like a foreign pig. SW tells him – just watch the program and ask yourself if you have the right to point fingers. TW says now that we did this we all look alike. Everyone dies laughing

they start the game where you have to knock down the other person. No talking, cant make noise, and if you don’t snort like a pig you are out. SW sounds like he is clearing up phlegm. First one out is TH, then SW. each guy motions with their eyes to each other who to take out next. They target JM so he is out. they go after SK next and say how strong SK is and call him a boar. SK snorts to take out JW so JW gets targeted and goes down. they drag him out. SK knocks out SG as SG and SW go after SK. Then SK goes after SW so JW says poor SW hyung. SK knocks SW out pretty hard. SK wins.

SK gets to choose who goes where. SK says TW likes to sleep outside. He divides the guys JW, JM, and TW on one team. Bird PD says first game is upgraded truth game. You have played it before once. SG: like when we had first kisses? Bird PD: no not that.  out of the 3  – for example I drank kaenari (that nasty fish drink). SG asks for his comment about first kiss to be edited out cuz I thought it was the truth game. The reason why it’s called upgrade is there is a partition between them. SK says the first game is and they bring out lemons. TW: JW eats this well. SK says you have to eat one whole lemon. Starting from SW. he puts the partition up.  JM tells his team SW and TH cant eat this. but TH grabs one and eats it and squirts some juice into SW’s eyes. SK tells the other team someone is eating this. SW says I cant see so they pour water for him to rinse out the lemon juice. SK moves the partition back so JM’s team has to guess which one of the 3 ate the lemon. All 3 guys put on an act like they are in misery. SW keeps wiping his eyes like he cried from how sour it was. SG makes a face and TH’s expression is genuine cuz it really was too sour for him. JM tells SG to lift his head so SG drools pretending to be in misery cuz of the sourness. JM says you shouldn’t act like that. SK asks who looks like he is in the most misery. TW asks TH: is it sour? JW asks: SW hyung is it sour? SW: I normally eat it well. JM asks SG hyung but SG pretends he cant even answer from how sour it was. JM says we have to figure out who isnt acting. SK counts down from 10. JM’s team chooses SW. they lost. Next SK moves over to JM’s side. on the other side TH says how JW eats sour stuff well. SK says he is eating. They squirt some juice on JW’s pants so it looks like he ate the lemon but JM ate it. SK moves the partition back. SG says JM is overacting. He isnt able to act like that. he is overdoing it. SG spots a piece of lemon on his teeth. SG’s team says JM really ate it. SG’s team wins this round.

SK says next game is the butt pushing one. TH thinks his team has it in the bag cuz they are so good at this. JW asks the camera to go to SW’s side cuz I want to see SW hyung do this. SK says if TH’s team wins this then JM’s team end up sleeping outside right away. SG doesn’t know where to put his hands as he moves his hips forward and backwards. TH dies from laughter. JW does a sexy dance in the back as well. SK almost gives him a warning yellow card. Are you doing this for the sake of the match for real or just for the sake of being funny. TW and SG go against each other and SG holds a phone up to his ear so TH dies laughing again. SK blows the whistle on SG but SG says this is variety so just give me a little leeway. SG loses. Next TH goes up against TW. TW takes out TH too. SW says this is fighting with strength. TW goes against SW but TW says I want to see this too and looks behind him at SW’s butt in action. SK says what SW is doing with his hips isnt for comedy but SG argues what is the difference between what he is doing and this – SG moves his hips forward and backward again in the way SK thinks is inappropriate (cuz it looks like stripper moves). SK smiles then blows the whistle and says SW didn’t put his hand on his head like SG did. since SW crossed his arms it could be like abracadabra or any kind of dance but what you did does not look good (not appropriate). So SG does his racy dance again with his arms crossed and asks “this is ok?” so SK makes him go to the far end of the room. TH is still dying from laughter along with SW. SK calls SW “hips” and TW “dog feet.” SW keeps poking his butt out constantly and TW just stands still. Then just as SW pushes his butt back TW pushes so SW is out.

SK says next one is they have to pick one member and draw on his face and two people who have their faces drawn compete and if it cracks up the other team the team that laughs loses. SK warns even if they smile slightly he is going to catch it. SK goes back and forth between the two teams and says it’s already funny. SG’s team draws on SW and JM’s team draws on TW. SK looks at SW’s face –at the lipstick and eyebrows drawn on with pigtails and SK cant keep a straight face anymore and laughs. He falls down and just keeps laughing while rolling on the ground. SW asks his team – can we sleep indoors today? if I do this I don’t have to sleep outside? I get cold easily.  Are we going to sleep indoors? SK: it’s not like I can help laughing. As SG keeps drawing on his face SW threatens to kill him. SK walks over to the other side and says it looks funny. JW laughs too cuz he turned TW into a dark gaksital with a note coming out of his nose. SK says they have 3 seconds left. Sit in your places. SK sees TW and falls down in laughter. Then he goes back and SW’s face looks like some animal in the deer family so SK asked why they did that since it’s not as funny anymore. so they wipe it off and do something else. SK says this is better. He counts down and moves back the partition so SW and TW are facing each other. if either one laughs, he loses. TW cant even move his face cuz of all the tape. SW makes funny poses and talks funny and says if I did this then shouldn’t I sleep indoors? SG and SW ask what is up with TW’s face. What is this? JW falls down laughing too so TW laughs and loses. SG’s team says TW’s face looks like he came from the emergency room. it should be clean like this and camera shows SW’s face with less tape used. TW takes everything off saying what is this. SW: your face is messy. SG: did you look at your face. TW: I didn’t get to look. SK brings a mirror over so SW can see his face. He gets up and removes the tape right away. TW gets angry looking at his reflection yelling what is this? SK says SG’s team gets to sleep indoors. SW sits next to TW saying I look cute you look awful/distasteful. Don’t I look ok?

Bird PD tells them about their morning mission and how it’s going to be on a large scale. (they will have to hide from each other and communicate with walkie talkies –to win they have to ring the bell.) Winning team gets to eat from the food truck and losing team gets fistful of rice. JM’s team picks a spot for the tent but they are given the tent to set up themselves. Each team makes plans. SW wants to protect the bell at base camp. JM’s team map out what they will do and everyone sleeps.

Next morning JM’s team sets out fitting with mics and cameras. TW and JM say there is no place to hide. JW gets directions and decides he shouldn’t go there now. Night before JM told him to run for 30 mins cuz no one can catch him cuz the person running after him will get tired. SK, TH, and SG go out in search. JM hides and wonders if he can sleep for 30 mins here. TW: how will they be able to find this spot? It’s cuz it’s me that I am hiding here. audience laughs then he checks out his reflection. SG offers to go out the farthest to the swimming pool. JW heads in the same direction. SG spots him. JW sees SG. SG reports in that he found JW by the pool. He chases after JW. JW takes off running. SG tells his team to come down the road below the pool so SK takes off running. SG tells TH which way to run. JW records he just saw SG passing by. TW relaxes and I think he is going to nap. SK and TH ask SG where to go. JW runs and yells back “hyung don’t find me so soon.” Night before TW asked who will chase him alone? JM: they wont be able to catch him (JW). TW: let’s make the objective for them to catch him. Just like they planned all 3 are chasing JW now. SG catches him. JW reports in hyung I got caught. Bird PD drives around in a black van and tells members JW was caught and where TW is. That makes TW get up and ask JM if he saw the others. JW walks back to S. SW asks how he got caught. SW prepares the rope. JW: are you going to tie me up. SW: yes. JW laughs.  SW ties one leg to the tree. TW comes out of his hiding place. SK and TH are headed over there and says he is inside. SG: they are all there at A dong. TH goes down to check the empty pool. Will UTW be there or JM? TW: no one is coming. This is the perfect hiding place. TH reports no one is inside the pool. SW says there are only ten mins left. SK runs. JW suddenly yells “hide.” SK calls TH over and TH locates TW’s legs under the bridge. He whispers to SK and points down to where TW is hiding under the bridge so SK takes off running. TW is cornered so he says catch me later – you can catch me right away. TW warns it’s dangerous and tries to run away on the rocks but TH catches him anyway. TW: could you see me? TH reports in now only JM is left. TW asks if they caught JW. TH: yes. SK and SG say where they are going to check. TW reports to JM they are all caught. TW keeps asking how did you know I was hiding there. TH: it’s obvious – I thought where would I hide if I was the culprit? First that swimming pool but it’s too wide. Then after I went there and came out I saw you under that bridge. TH spots JM and reports in. I think I can catch him but everyone come anyway. He chases after JM. TH: come to the road below the pool. I will keep following him for now. At a marathon pace. SW: there is only 4 mins left. JM turned and ran back so TH says he is going back to the road towards the pool. SK: I found him he is right in front of me. TH runs with JM asking where are you going? SK tags JM.  They report they got JM. SW: you did well. The guys say how they are going to get some water.

The winning team gets food from the truck. They greet the food truck ajumma and her husband.  The winning team eat next to the losing team. JW eyes the food and says which dishes he really loves. The losing team gets balls of rice. JM tries to put the whole thing in his mouth so JW asks are you going to eat that all at once?

On the bus ride over bird PD explains about the next location they are headed to. The guys get out and walk around. There are writings and drawings on the face of a rock wall. Each guy names what they will remember the most about this trip. JW chose the grilled meat dish so SG says it’s just like you to choose something to eat. LOL.


Preview shows that 3 old singers come as guests on the show and have an outdoor concert.

November 11th

I love how transparent SK is sometimes. He doesnt even need to speak – everything he wants to say is written all over his facial expressions. When he is angry, he blinks continuously – as if that’s his way of letting everything sink in and compose himself – sort of like when you count so you don’t make the mistake of blurting out something from anger. You could tell JW felt outraged too, but he had no choice but to keep it in since he can’t talk back to his hyungs so he let SK speak for their team. The cameraman who usually loves to shoot JW must have been missing from this trip cuz he didnt get that many close up shots of him. It’s too bad cuz JW was hatless for most of the episode and looked great.

The guys do the opening at Ulsan station. SW brings up how cold the weather got. SG asks if anyone among them are wearing thermal underwear. TH shows his. TH: I cant live without wearing thermal underwear. These days I am always either on the rooftop or in the sky (cuz of his flying stunts for his drama) so I cant do without them. SG says wearing thermal underwear in november is fast. he asks if the others have slept outside in december. JW and the new guys say we havent. SG: the 1n2d season for sleeping outside in december has come around. have you tried eating icicles? the others say SG is starting again – telling his tall tales. SG goes overboard again and talks about last time – when it rained – how cold it was in the morning and the icicles were over a meter long and in front of the tent. so I had to kick it with my foot to get out. he calls himself by his nickname “someone who makes things up” and goes on about how icicles came out of his nose. bird PD says it’s winter soon so they are going to go somewhere they can see fall before it ends. there are 7 mountain tops that were made for people to enjoy the view. the view from the Alps are beautiful. the guys guess they have to climb the mountain cuz they are headed for a location that’s between two mountains. PD says you can look forward to the view from there. SK asks about the altitude or how high up it is 1,000m so he worries and asks if SW will be ok. SW: i will be ok -what can I do-  I cant stop now. they look at the map and two starting points and where they will meet in the middle so SG guesses they are going to divide into two teams and go there.  PD says the teams will be young boys (YB) and old boys (OB = married ones). PD explains the blue path will take about an hour and just think of it as a walk. but for the bottom red path – you will sweat a lot. if you walk up diligently it will take about 3 hrs. so the blue path is considered the exercise course and the red the hiking course. they put TH on the YB team so the OB is surprised as much as TH cuz TH is married.  off camera they talk and TH says I dont remember – was I YB? old footage shows TH was on the OB team so he goes over to their side. JW asks for chocolate and SK wants bird PD to give him 50 cents for the error so PD pays up. JM says to TH “you might regret – you will regret- getting older” so TH laughs and repeats what JM said about regretting getting older.  both teams get in their cars and SK says “wont it look good on the show to watch the hyungs suffering through their hike and us going comfortably.” SG asks how SW wants to go and he says by train. SG realizes SW is already thinking about how to go home tm to seoul and said train when SG was asking about the trip today. JM talks about how we have strenth but the other team has age. SK added that last part so they laughed.

the guys get to a location and look at the small enclosures and the PD asks what do you think this is for. TW jokes – the place we sleep in at night. she says that place is famous for duck feed. she explains the relay race they are going to do here and the winning team will be the one who finishes with the quickest time. so the guys guess it’s going to be a test of endurance/physical strength so JM gets happy and high fives JW and SK cuz they have the advantage. before they start, JM yells let’s go for the walk (the easy course) and SK yells fighting. SK starts first and has to get on ajumma pants and long gloves but he cant get his feet through the pant leg. SG says it wont go in if he doesnt take his shoes off. he is taking a really long time. JM urges SK to hurry as SK heads over to him. JW watches SK take off the gloves and pants so JM can wear them. JW says so it’s the pants (that are giving the guys the most problem) JM tells SK to help him put them on. JM runs inside to the next station and SK complains the pants wouldnt go on. JM gets the two items inside and runs over to where JW is waiting. JM makes JW take his shoes off so the pants will go on easier and helps him dress. JW goes in and grabs the next two items but on his way out he trips and spills the water. JW quickly gets up and picks everything up and runs off saying how his heart was in a hurry. he rushes to the flag in his socks and the timer says 3mins 8 secs. JW shakes his butt like a duck and says in a baby voice “it was too heavy.” LOL. he asks for his time. for the OB team SG coaches his team and tells SW to take his shoes off when he gives the pants to TW.  so TH hears that too and takes his shoes off and gets ready for TW. they did it in 2mins and 16 secs. SG thinks they did well cuz they took their shoes off. TW yells at the YB team -what a waste of youth. JW tells JM we shouldnt have had any nervousness. they go on to the next one which is to kneel in a pyramid form and JM and SK get on the giant foam ball quickly, but JW uses his long legs to jump right up there and balance well so they do that in 7 secs. JW says hyung I flew up there. OB team struggles cuz TH couldnt get a grip on his first try. then SG couldnt get to the very top at all cuz he didnt have any running speed and ended up hugging their butts and having to try again to get to the top. they took 14 secs.  so their total time is OB 2min 30secs and YB team 3min15 secs. so JW asks if there is a last game to see who wins. she says there is and it’s a shoe toss. whichever team member – even one manages to toss his shoe and makes it inside the bucket at the end of the field wins and gets the easy walking course. they have to do this within 45 secs. TH gets one in so their total time is 2 min 47 secs.  if the YB gets one in within 2 min 2 secs they can win.  they keep missing so after a while SK just asks “we lost didnt we?” The OB team gets the easy walking course and they all get fed since they need energy. SK complains about the amount – that it’s just for one person. JM says it’s not enough. after they are done eating SK asks for the main course now. two dragon flies land on JW’s arm so JM says this one is female and it likes JW.  and this male one came here cuz it was jealous. right before the YB team has to leave, SK says to the OB team “I will make sure you guys sleep outside.” SG tells JM and SK to tell the maknae JW about the view. they call out see you later and leave.

SK stopped to hold a baby and you can hear JW saying how cute the baby was. SK tells the baby to say “hi – you are too young to say 1n2d right?” JM remarked it was time for SK to get married (cuz he looked like a dad holding that baby).

as they walk up a grandma calls out “joowon shi” and he shakes her hand. more people shake hands with JW and JM. SK says to the camera “they looked at me and said ‘oh sung…sung…(cuz they couldnt remember his name) and then they saw JM and said oh JM shi – then they saw JW and said he is so good looking.” SK and JW ask some women climbing down how much more is left for them to climb but the women are too busy shaking hands with them. one woman hops up and down saying how good looking JW is so SK says to the camera you saw that right? it’s exactly what I said. 8 yrs ago I was ok too. they show a photo of SK from 8 yrs ago as he talks. the YB team are walking and spot the location they are heading for and say how it’s really far away. but they are told they will get there soon. at least they are walking on level ground while the YB team continue to climb up. JM asks are we halfway there? the YB team enjoy the view and SK says this doesnt feel like punishment somehow. JM says when you get close to a great view your illness feels far away and when you are far away from a great view your illness feels closeby. JW agrees. JM is given some tangerines by some hiker – a fan of 1n2d. SK says to show the reaction to seeing the great view so each guy shows his version. The OB teams rests and asks for any food they have cuz we are starving to death. SW: give us something to eat. TW: do you have anything to eat here? bird PD says it’s not ours but we do have something. SG guesses there is a place in the mountains that sell food. PD says they will give the guys a chance to win something to eat. for “sungchunny’s sake (SK’s nickname for dummy that JM used in the car too)  we always have a quiz ready. so we can speak to the other team and bet on 50 cents. PD gives the first quiz to TW about an animal and SW wants to answer cuz it’s easy. TH gives the hint it’s a really easy animal to guess so TW goes with dog since that’s what he loves the most. but the answer is pig and SW sings the whole song really well to prove it. then he has to sing the second verse but he gets stuck and says I dont know. so they all laugh. SW tries to argue for 20 cents more cuz where can they spend just 30 cents (what they have now) then dont use the song I just sang. it cant be aired. the YB team are quizzed on the same thing and SK guesses pig.  bird PD gives the next quiz to OB and it goes right over their heads. SG argues dont count down from 5 like that. the guys start guessing at the answer and get it wrong so SW asks is the answer in english and PD says yes. TH: it’s in english? then I dont know. PD says I will give another hint and 30 cents. PD says the korean word for ocean so TH guesses blue ocean and gets it right. JM gets quizzed but doesnt understand so SK asks the PD to read the last part of the question first and JM guesses avatar right and gets the answer so they won 1 dollar so far. on OB SW guesses avatar right. SK gets another answer right.  JW gets a quiz he doesnt know the answer so SK gives him hints that it’s in my song and sings part of it. JW thinks he knows it but guesses wrong. OB team doesnt get it either. next question TW and SG guess both answers correctly together. for the next one SG bets $1.30 so they can get $2 total from this. the answer is about a bug and TW answers confidently. they stand and celebrate before bird PD says it’s correct cuz they saw the look on his face. they hug TW. the YB team gets paid too.

I realized something about JW – he likes to chew on things. I skimmed through the episode looking for close ups and discovered he even chews on his clothes. Then he chewed on his gloves too cuz he cant get to his fingers since it’s cold outside and he didnt want to take his gloves off. He is like a little kid – not sure he is even aware of his habit.

As the OB team walk up SW sings again and bird PD pays him 20 cents. JW walks up a rough terrain saying a road like this seems manly somehow and cool. SK keeps saying “aigoo” like a grandpa. SG says how the other team will have 50 cents too remaining so we just need to play once for that 50 cents. SG asks bird PD for the questions. how about if we rig this? I want to see the look on SK’s face. as soon as the questions are asked we get all 4 answers right. SW: that’s like hidden camera. SG: how about it. let’s do a hidden camera. SW: give really hard questions. TH: one in english too. SW: hidden camera will be good – it will be fun. listen to us when we talk director. bird PD goes along with it and starts giving them the questions in advance. they actually get the right answer for the first one. england was the answer for the country that had a subway first so the guys say this was easy. they even decide who will answer what.

the YB team gets there first and yells we arrived. SK wonders why the other team hasnt arrived yet so their PD says they are almost here. JW and JM yell for the OB team to hurry and come. SG remarks that JW looks like he didnt do anything (cuz he didnt break a sweat) SK: his hair looks just the way it was. bird PD points up to where they have to go so the guys walk over. for a second there the view took my breath away so I wondered if it would be worth it to suffer that climb just to see the view with JW and decided not even JW is worth all that huffing and puffing. I wouldnt even make it up the first level. JW introduces the beautiful view so the camera pans out. SW thinks this is the best view out of 17 (they have seen so far.) TW says when you have something to decide on and you come up here alone, your heart will become calm and at ease. so you can sort through your thoughts. someone says dont make things that are complicated then.

SG says now that we saw the view the most important thing is what we talked about a while ago. to let us eat cup ramen. for $2 the four of us can eat or we can all eat a lot comfortably thru a quiz. SK starts to feel uneasy about this cuz we suffered from morning. SW tries to convince them you cant eat with just two cups cuz the amount is small. the OB team argues for the quiz but SK says our energy is backed up. so we feel a little uneasy. something is strange.  they start the quiz and SK wants to take SW out so it’s 3 on 3. SW says that’s good. do I look the smartest? bird PD starts the quiz about the subway but SW says “someone will get this right” before bird PD got past 3 words. TH gives the right answer and SW asks how did you know that. SK looks disappointed. SG asks what JM was going to answer and he says bundang line (which is in seoul) so they all laugh and JW hugs him. since TH got the answer they switch him out for SW like JM said but SK argues SW should sit out. next quiz is given and JM and JW call out first that they know. they make SK answer cuz he said it’s obvious. but he gets the answer wrong so SW gets it right. SW brags I am smart so I will sit this out. SK says I really didnt know that was the answer. SG answers the next one about social network “social commerce.” YB team is speechless. SG asks for $4. they do a group hug and SG says look at the expression on SK. JM asks SK for his diploma and something about him being a genius (as in taking it back) so everyone laughs including bird PD. as they walk down OB team says it’s nice that we rigged this. they say how they have to tell SK cuz TH adds he will find out later when this airs. SK walks down saying i dont remember any of it. JM: is it cuz you learned it when you were young. SK: when I was in my 20s I drank too much alcohol. (LOL) JW laughs at that. JM points out the other team got the answer even before the question was asked. SK: I wish they were acting that they misunderstood. after all the suffering we did.

JW goes over and puts the cup ramen down saying hyung I put the water inside. TW says you did well. TH asks where did SK go. cuz SK was warming his hands on the heated water container. they ask SK to come over. SW says later we have to eat dinner and we came up here to play so personally I want to give this (ramen) to the other side. JM says just eat some and leave leftovers. SW: how can I give leftovers.  JM says the 3 of us will divide one (ramen) so SW says you eat it and gives his to SK. JM: why are you doing that suddenly? why? SW: I dont feel like eating much.  I think you must want to eat it a lot. TH: plus we planned it (rigged the game to win.) JM: what? TH admits what the next question and answer was going to be. the look on SK’s face says it all. he kept blinking in shock cuz he couldnt believe they would cheat like that. TH laughs and points out SK’s blinking eyes right now. then SK’s mouth falls open.  JW: no way. SK looked over at bird PD and asked – were you that kind of person hyung? did you really do that? Bird PD apologizes to him. SG says this was the hidden camera for our dummy. as SK eats, he is distracted by what happened and it finally sinks in so he stops eating and asks “why did you have to do that? it feels unfair that you took sides, but you planned it out to tease me so isnt that going too far? JW adds our hearts felt shriveled (cuz they lost). SK: suddenly the thought came back to me. SW: of course it’s something to get really angry over. SK: what in the world did you do. suddenly I feel so irritated. why do something like that. after they are done eating SK wants Bird PD to buy him any snack he chooses to get rid of this feeling of unfairness and then he will forgive Bird PD. so Bird PD pays for his snack. as SK stands there munching away SG asks the PD why SK gets to eat that alone. SK: I am going to share with the rest – except for you hyung. they all laugh. someone points out the sunset behind them so they all ohh and aahhh over it.

Bird PD says one person among our family has something he wants to say in front of the members. SW asks is it about us? SG says it’s TW hyung but what is up with the expression on his face. TW says with a serious look: I should have told the members in advance, but I didnt know how to say it and now it’s time to tell you. I am so sorry but…the guys start to ask “you are sorry?” “for real?” (thinking that TW is going to quit) TW sighs deeply so they tell him to say it. we are family. SW says “might cry.” TW finally admits “I am getting married.” The guys tackle him. SG says I only heard about sister in law, I havent seen her and he never brought up any talk of marriage even a little.  SW says I only heard him say he wants to get married. they congratulate him and ask when he is getting married. Jan 9th. (hahaha that’s my sister’s birthday.) they start pressing for details about when they met, her occupation, age etc. the guys joke this feels like they are asking questions on “Win Win.” everyone knows she does dance/ballet, they met on june 25th, and she is 5yrs younger than him. JM points out but your sister hasnt married yet. TW: my sister introduced me to her. JM: did you fall for her at first sight. TW: no not at first sight – it was for the same for her too as well as me – but after meeting for the first time I just thought she has a good personality.  after we talked – then we kept meeting from then on. it was really comfortable, she is so pretty, then I thought oh this person has this quality and this quality after seeing that I thought I should get married. SG says you met in June and it’s only been 5 months since you met so what made you decide to get married. TW says after meeting her for the first time after two days he thought about marriage, but she had a chance to go work somewhere else and would have to give that up but he didnt want to send her away. SW says that’s what love is. SG points out if TW’s sister introduced him to his fiance and they got married then it means his sister already thought of her as family and is welcoming her as her sister in law. SW asks how is she with your mother. does your mother like her. TW says my mother likes her. the first time she met my mother, they were in the room together. my mother was on the bed and she sat on the floor next to her and they talked. she felt comfortable with my mother even though they didnt know each other then. SG asks did you propose. TW: I did. they ask how. TW laughs and says I asked her to marry me at the parking lot. SG jokes – you didnt say “I will pull the car out if you do.” SG: what did she say? TW: that she wanted to. TW explains how he was affected by watching SG and his family, how today was SW’s daughter’s birthday so he felt bad missing it, and how when he goes and visits TH’s home and sees his baby- it made me realize it’s time for me to have that too. today our team was the married team so inwardly I was thinking this is uncanny so I thought maybe you (SG) knew something. SG says I was thinking we came all this way and it was so hard so why are you thinking of quitting. TW: I was going to joke around a bit but looking at your face SG -you already looked strange. SG says dont joke like that cuz I cant handle it. JM says to TW’s fiance – you wont regret if you take him. SW adds but there are no refunds/no returns so JM jokes: if you take him there are no refunds (cant return him) and must keep him forever.  TW shares what his sunbae said to him about marriage -not sure exactly what the verb is but something about how in life marriage is like adopting/rescuing an orphan so he thanks his fiance for that. for you too -this is the first time going on this path so I know you have some reservations, but I will do my best to be a good husband and good son in law. so thank you for always thinking I am cool when I am so bad. also I love you. SW bear hugs him so TW can hide his face cuz he was so embarrassed saying all that.

This is how happy SK gets around great food.

The guys go out and everyone points out the full moon. each guy overacts about what time it is and SW goes last and calmly says it’s time for dinner BBB.  SK says everyone feels bright cuz they can already see the food over there. the meat is grilling as they talk. SK cant stop facing the meat and smiling. JW yells I am starving to death. bird PD offers to let each guy taste a little bit. SW walks over and complains cuz the PD was going to feed them instead of letting them taste on their own. so PD says never mind. SW quickly says I was going to eat and steps forward for the tiny morsel. each guy gets a small bite size taste. then they do rock paper scissors to see who gets some more and SW wins but bird PD gives the rest away for the staff to eat.  PD asks the guys how it tasted and they all say it was delicious and soft. JM is in a rush to eat so he asks: what do we need to do. Bird PD explains about the meat dish and kept using the word “ball” so SK guesses they have to play with balls for dinner BBB. every 4 sets they will get one pan of meat -the amount for two people. they get to eat right away after winning. the games are written on the wheel and they have to spin to see which one they play. SK spins and they said he spun it too hard cuz it’s going around like crazy. SK claims I did it lightly. SW and JW say it’s making them dizzy. it lands on dividing the guys between the ones who can do well and the team that doesnt do well. which means SG, JW, SK and JM are on one team. SW says we shouldnt have tasted the meat. TW: I ate that meat a lot before. bird PD says the difference between the team that cant do well and OB team is Lee Su Geun. the first game is volleyball pass – the team that passes the most wins. one on SG’s team has to sit out so it’s 3 on 3. SG ends up sitting out. JM messes up so they only passed it 11 times. SW’s team loses right away so JW’s team gets to eat. TH’s team tries it again but cant seem to pass the ball well so TH says we really cant do this. after they are done eating they go over to the losing team. SG says to TW: no matter what you have to try it. TW waves him away saying dont talk (cuz TW can smell the food on SG’s breath.) Next game is to spit from far away. the ping pong balls have been cleaned and sterilized well.  the ball that lands ahead of all the others will determine the winning team. SW’s team decides to make JW sit out. TH is the best on his team. when SW’s team won and were busy eating, JW walked over and tried blowing the ball and made it past all the others. He didnt say one word and just pouted cuz if they had kept him in the game, he would have won for his team and they could have eaten again. SK and JM were the ones bragging about how good JW was. even TH admitted JW did really well.


40 comments on “1N2D brief recaps

  1. Tigger says:

    Hi, links to watch the 11-11 episode: (1) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1980107903 or (2) on Dailymotion (credit: jongmin koyote blog) as follows:
    Part 1 – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xv0ej1_www-2korea-net-1y-2y-121111-hdtv-h264-360p-xtx_webcam and
    Part 2 – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xv0ek0_www-2korea-net-1y-2y-121111-hdtv-h264-360p-xtx_webcam
    Stay healthy and have a great week ahead, everyone 🙂


  2. Softy says:

    3 previous comments on the first night about Se Yeon (the girl who played MD) were rude so I just deleted them cuz it made me mad every single time I looked at them.


  3. bbblue73 says:

    Haha, Jw’s mannerism makes him more cutie & at the same time more childish. Even in OB he did that as well.
    Anyway,the bride-to-be is pretty. I can totally read her face that this lady have a good heart & nice.
    Thanks Softy dear.


  4. Wap says:

    Thanks for the recap! Since starhub removed kbs from free tv i’ve been religiously waiting for your sunday recaps. I miss watching them! Haven’t watched a single episode of season 2 but i haven’t missed your recaps. A big thanks again!


    • Softy says:

      wait so you never actually saw the episodes at all? omg I feel so guilty now. I tend to leave out the rest of the cast and focus on JW the most for pics. so sorry I missed some episodes back when I was busy doing other recaps during the week. This show really needs to be viewed to catch all the fun and facial expressions. will try to add more fun screencaps of the other guys too from here on. 🙂


  5. flo says:

    Hi..Softy..thanks a lot for this recap and those screencaps^_^
    our JW looked so great in this episode, i haven’t watched this episode yet, but i got excited by looking your screencaps
    btw..i’m looking forward for your live recap on “JW’s win win show”..thank you in advance


    • Softy says:

      i hope his episode airs tonight cuz I am ready with a post to recap. since it starts after 11pm I wonder how fast torrents will be out. since it’s a talk show even if I post live, not sure how fast I can catch every joke. Come to play for the OB cast was really hard to recap live cuz of so many people talking all at once so I am hoping they wont talk that quickly tonight.


      • SS says:

        Thank you Softy, I am so excited. Have you seen the preview? I thought you might like his shorter hair now.

        Meanwhile, I am preparing my tissues….


  6. N says:

    Hi everyone! Thank you Softy for the wonderful recap, as always. I’ve noticed JW’s hair is growing longer…I’m so happy when he doesn’t wear hats, and I was surprised he didn’t today; even SK wore a hat for like the first time!! lol That first game where JW had to put on the pants and carry the heavy stuff was so weird 🙂

    Does anyone else think that TW’s fiance looks alot like his sister Uhm Jung Hwa?? For some reason, I think they look similar! She’s so pretty though, they look gorgeous together, ahhhh i’m so ecstatic for him!!!


    • Softy says:

      the photo of her the media circulated made her look a lot younger, but these casual “couple” pics make them look like they are already married. I thought she looked more like the actress who played Hyun Bin’s aunt in My name is kim samsoon than his sister myself. 🙂


  7. ds says:

    any torrent for this episode? thanks


    • Softy says:

      normally you can just get torrents from semi-fly’s torrent site, but I had trouble with it today cuz it says no bandwidth. I was trying to download a new drama I read about called “can we get married,” but no luck so far.


  8. umi says:

    hi softy thank you so much for the recap, really enjoy the battle between YB and OB 🙂 and thanks tigger for the link…I’m looking forward to jw’s win win live recap, is it tomorrow or next week??


  9. Anonymous says:

    Softy do you watch Full house 2? I don´t like their hair stlyes so i don´t watch it. 😀
    I miss you is soooo good. for some reason i would love to see the young actors the whole drama..


    • Softy says:

      i cant watch full house 2 at all. their hairstyles are just too annoying for me to focus on anything else. i watched some of I miss you today on cable, but I cant say I am invested at all yet. too much makjang for my taste even though I adore those child actors.


  10. SS says:

    Thank you Softy, for your recap. This was a really detailed one. Despite the absence of the said cameraman, Joo Won still had lots of screen time and he looked so gorgeous in them all. I always find his Mountia poses too fake so It’s awesome to find him looking so handsome in the Mountia wear here. Even the grandma seems awed by his looks. I think this episode is one of those where Joo Won looks really great. He is beautiful but yet so namja at the same time.


    • Softy says:

      you have to admit – despite those fake mountia poses, his skin looks flawless. they must do a lot of touchups to make him look that good. not a zit scar in sight. 🙂
      since I saw him in person, I can tell you that he does have quite a presence when he walks by. his normal natural self is just so endearing so I know just how those women felt as they saw him walk by. you cant help but marvel at all that pretty. I really loved how he said walking on that rocky slope seems manly and cool. JW and SK didnt stumble or fall, but did you notice how much JM sort of struggled going up. it was so funny.
      I did feel sorry for JW when he fell down in the race. he was carrying too many things and was in too much of a hurry. anyone would fall in that situation, but the way he recovered at the end and shook his butt was just too cute.
      totally agree with you – as I proved with my over 50 screencaps that JW had a really good hair day. he looks great in red the most. 🙂


  11. Enz says:

    Softy, thanks for the recaps and screen caps. Have moved deeper into my ka drama obsessions by buying cables to make my laptop and iPad ‘talk’ to my tv. Haven’t tried it out yet… Just purchased. Very excited. Hope it works. I love 1 n2d. Honestly, it’s like Sunday is not quite complete without it these days :). And am glad you told off those very mean folks who said very mean things.

    Am so looking forward to joo won’s new drama. And also flower boy next door. So am really glad you’re choosing those to definitely recap.

    Just one last thing, 170 episodes sounds really daunting unless one is watching it as it shows. Good luck with the decision making


    • Softy says:

      you reminded me of what I did on my trip to Bali. I took the cable for my PMP (portable movie player) and hooked it up to my hotel tv so my friend could watch 1n2d all day while it rained outside. she had a cold and had to stay in anyway so she was so cozy under the covers and made me play almost every episode I had on my player plus the additional memory sticks. I think I had like over 64 gigs worth of 1n2d and dramas. come to think of it she used that PMP way more than I did on that trip. I was too busy outside enjoying the beach. The funny thing is I am not a tech person so I didnt even know if I could hook it up to a tv correctly and after two tries, I got video then the audio. I felt like I invented electricity – I was so proud of myself. 🙂


      • Enz says:

        I am really bad with technology too so much so that the guy at iMac shop suggested that I just buy cables and not apple tv. As it turns out, am able to connect and watch with my iPhone now but somehow my iPad is not able to support the accessory. AND the cable I bought to connect laptop to tv can’t be used because my laptop is too old and doesn’t have the right outlet for it :(. But the cable is cheap and at some point I will have to buy another laptop. It will be more useful than with the iPhone coz there are more websites that I access with my laptop than my iPad/iPhone. Just finished que sera sera from 2007 and loved it. Very different feel from the usual k dramas. People actually speak directly in this drama!


  12. nonski says:

    thanks so much for the detailed recap softy!

    so very happy for UTW!

    oh and it’s a waste that the cameraman that loves to get JW shots was not around. it would have been best if he was there since we have a hatless JW. 🙂


  13. Anonymous says:

    Joo won on Win Win tonight


  14. hajime says:

    Hi Softy, thanks a lot for 1n2d recaps!!! really enjoy them a lot ^^ i notice that your recap for this episode is more detailed than before, which is great!
    “JW shakes his butt like a duck and says in a baby voice “it was too heavy.” ” this part is too cute!!! hehe…


  15. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy.

    I think if JW, TW and JM stick with the black face Gaksital, the will win! They even put Gaksital’s ‘love note’ for the bad guys. Or maybe they decide not to make fun of National Hero, Gaksital.. Heh heh.

    It’s a fun episode!


    • Softy says:

      I didnt get why both guys changed their original made up faces either. SW’s face was too scary looking to be funny so his second look was way better. poor TW’s second look with all the tape must have hurt. he was such a good sport about it too until he saw his reflection in the mirror. I thought for sure he would win cuz I didnt think he could laugh with his face taped up like that. guess SW looked too cute to keep a straight face. 🙂


  16. hiroko78 says:

    Thanks Softy.

    My Sunday is not complete without your recap on 1n2d. This seem like another fun episode.


  17. Yuyi says:

    Hi, I d/l torrents using utorrent or BitTorrent or from semi fly Dropbox. But I can’t play them. Help! How? Any ideas? Need to watch 1n2d. Thanks


    • Softy says:

      I want to help, but I dont get what you are asking. if you got the torrents from semi-fly and used utorrent or BitTorrent to download them then the videos should be downloaded and saved to whatever folder you saved them to. all you need is a video player like GOM or VLC to play any of those video files.


  18. ck1Oz says:

    Thank you softy. I have to laugh. I am sure Joo Won either loves hats. Or his stylist loves hats. Or he has a sponsor. Or his mother’s hobby is to buy him hats.


    • Softy says:

      I am right there with you laughing except now I just sigh and smile when I see yet another new one. did you notice the one for next week? JW is getting older, but his hats are getting younger. seriously I have never seen one guy with so many hats before. I mean I have too many bags, shoes, jeans, and scarves too but this guy is getting carried away with his collection. If I ever see a 1n2d opening on the steps of the KBS building one day, I am not even going to say anything else except beg him not to wear anymore hats unless it’s winter. For the rest of the year, spring, summer, and fall I wanna see his hair. he is probably going to think that is the oddest comment from a fan, but I dont care -that’s what I plan to say. If I ever see any of the other members, that’s what I am going to say to them as well – please yank that hat off JW’s head whenever you see him wear one so I can get some decent screencaps for that episode. Of course if I had to choose from “hat hair” and hat, I will choose the hat cuz did you see when he took his hat off this episode? it’s like he didnt style or blow dry his hair after washing it. omg his hair was messy. I was like yelling “put it back on.” A girl just can’t win here. 🙂


      • ck1Oz says:

        He’s going for the slicked back spy hair * harharhar *
        Remember how he grew it so long at the end of OB and it drove us crazy? Then it was long and sleeked back for Gaksital the next week. 🙂


    • Anonymous says:

      LOL. His flat hair is less celebrity I must say :-).

      But, I love him because sometimes, he does not bother at all in how he look.


  19. nunna_nom says:

    so happy for TW, he is such a nice guy n lucky for him to find someone so lovely…


  20. cinephyl says:

    Hi Softy. Did you see that Joo Won was on some show on TvN? Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtHQhGhPbdA&feature=g-high-u
    I wonder what were they talking about. 🙂


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