Win Win: Joowon

Daebak quadrupled! Get ready to fall in love all over again in a whole new way. He looked amazing tonight – his hair and outfit too. Before this show aired, I wrote “I want them to show us what makes this guy tick. What keeps him grounded and humble to keep him from letting all this fame go to his head? What makes him someone worthy of all this attention?” Not only did I get my answers before they even hit the halfway mark, but I also got them in the most sincere and heartwarming manner. That’s JW’s trademark way of doing things. He sweeps you off your feet in the most subtle way and next thing you know your toes are reaching for the ground cuz you stay uplifted – floating on a cloud of infatuation with no hope of coming back down to reality.

Updated: “Story on” clip with UTW – posted at the end.  


Through the partition, JW makes cute poses and comes in. the women scream. 
SW calls him “the nation’s man-JW shi -welcome.”
SW: was it always like this every time a guest came. 
SG: I didn’t know JW was this popular.
SW: it felt as if he was a singing idol.
the third guy says JW is an idol actor (singer turned into actor).
SW makes a lame joke about “two baby actors (cuz the word idol sounds close to the korean word for kids/babies.)
SG asks what that last pose was so JW shows him again.
SW: our JW is trying very hard today.
SG wears the gaksital mask and asks if it looks cool and they say it looks weird.
SW says how popular gaksital is these days with the kids. 
JW: kids run away from me when they see me cuz their parents said if you torment your younger sibling you will get in trouble by Gaksital so they run away as soon as they see me.
SG asks JW to say something to the kids.
So he says gaksital ended and how he isnt really the bad guy and wants to shed that image. 
Then that one host feels left out cuz he isnt a member of 1n2d and the rest of the 3 are. this feels like a marriage between win win and 1n2d. The guy asks how would you have felt if I had been on 1n2d instead of Kim SW
JW jokes it wouldnt have been good so the guy says “why would it not have been good you punk.”
SG says to the guy – you seem like one of our members.
SW makes JW introduce himself saying this is what you do on this program. who are you.
JW says his name and I am addicted to SG and SW. (Joonni explained the korean word he used here means ache or illness so it basically means he has a SW and SG illness and addicted is the closest translation) 
They show clips of his dramas and 1n2d. then they show clips of what’s coming up tonight where JW talks about kissing on dramas and then about love and not wanting to be calculating and cries a lot

They start talking and the guy asks why JW introduced himself like that -saying he has an illness for SW and SG hyung.
so SW asks what about me do you like so much.  
JW says how SW is manly and a sunbae he can learn a lot from.
SW: what did you think of SG the first time you saw him.
JW: I already liked him a lot.
guy: I’ve done this a lot but I feel awkward for the first time sitting in this seat. he says how JW must have struggled and had a hard time cuz of 1n2d at first cuz it’s his first variety. 
JW: cuz it’s a variety program so in front of the camera I have to think and talk but I had fun playing with the hyungs. even as an audience member my only reaction was laughter. it was like I went to go visit the set. it was so fun but people around me and my parents tell me to talk more.
The guy jokes I didn’t think you were Korean (cuz JW doesn’t talk much).
JW: normally my personality is that I dont talk much. so I didnt know when to step in and talk so it was hard.
guy: you must have struggled a lot since you are young.   
SW:it must not have been easy as an actor to choose variety.
JW talks about TW -when he first went on 1n2d I was envious and one reason for that was I was envious of all the sibling like relationships he would have. one of the biggest reasons for deciding to do it was if I go in as the maknae I would have all the hyungs – I liked that a lot.
 guy: don’t you have a hyung?
JW: yes
guy: just be good to him then. why be so happy about hyungs you dont know well.
JW: while being on the show I felt like I had some backing (support).
guy: is that why you show so much aegyo to the hyungs. They show clips of JW on 1n2d. they say how JW’s personality has a lot of aegyo.
JW: that’s my real personality.
SG: didnt your mom raise you like a daughter.
JW: I tried to do that.
SG: grow up like a daughter?
JW: yes.
the guy jokes as soon as I saw him I wanted to buy him a dress.
JW: my mother always said in passing “if I had a daughter, I could talk a lot with her at a time like this” so personally that hurt me. I thought what’s wrong with a guy -what’s wrong with a son so I always went to the kitchen and did dishes and helped her cook by her side and tried a lot to be by her side talking to my mother.
SW says how there was talk on the internet that JW likes only hyungs-they call him “hyung-phile”
JW: I was surprised when I heard that. it is the truth though. that’s how I feel – I like hyungs.  he shares that he wants to change that to being cute now.
the guy asks if JW obeys his (real) hyung well even now.
JW: yes I obey him well.
guy: didnt you ever rebel?
JW: I get scared of my hyung when he gets mad. even though he is always good to me and warm, when he is cleaning and asks why are you like that when I am cleaning. since I am lying there and relaxing he says this kid isnt behaving well anymore so I jump up and help him clean.
They talk about JW sleeping with his mouth open while hugging SW on 1n2d.
guy: What if flies go in since it’s 1n2d.
JW: I was surprised. I didnt know I sleep like that. I slept with my mouth open too wide so I worried what if I drooled.
SW jokes: I threw those clothes away. 
JW: I thought I looked too pitiful, but the hyungs made it seem cute.
SW: you were cute.  
SG jokes that SW doesnt seem like his age- he smells (meaning he seems) like a father even though he is young.
the guy jokes the reason why I like Kim SW is he smells like my grandfather. 
SW: these young guys do this to me.
the guy asks if he does skinship well (meaning is he comfortable with skinship)
SW explains I was walking and he (JW) took my arm so naturally and linked his with mine. at first I was like “huh” but since we have a big age gap…
the guy interrupts and says most people link legs.
SW: if he was a hoobae who is similar in age with me I would feel awkward but since he is the maknae I accepted it as being cute.
SG: when I saw the two of them link arms I thought they could fall in love. they all laugh.  
The guy asks JW: I will ask truthfully. do you like guys or do you like girls?
JW smiles and says I like girls.
SW asks the guy: why ask something so obvious?
SG backs him up and says JW likes girls a lot. not just cuz it’s obvious but he likes them a lot. he has a lot of interest in them as well – too much.
guy: I feel like the only emcee today and the 3 of you are guests talking. He says how JW’s way of talking changes when he shows skinship. 
JW:when I was young I didnt know it was ill mannered/immature and spoke banmal.
the guy points out how JW thinks the same right now – that he isnt keeping his manners.
JW: yes I think that too and find it hard to talk about (explain).  after I went into 1n2d the first time -after seeing SW hyung – I thought I should treat SW like a hyung (and speak jondae), but as we were filming I didnt know and I spoke banmal.
SG gives an example. “JW let’s go film” and he said “uh.” “we should go eat” and he said “ok.” so one day SW hyung asked me “is that ok if JW talks like that?” (meaning can JW talk like that cuz JW spoke banmal)
so SW adds I thought I heard him wrong for a while. cuz we were busy filming so I thought i must have heard wrong. so I asked the people on the program”is that JW’s concept? they asked “can he do that to a hyung” and I said “that’s his normal personality.” so they said “is he crazy?” I heard stuff like this. it’s enough for people to misunderstand.
JW fans himself from embarrassment while they talk.
SG: after hearing what SW hyung had to say, I thought as his hyung and sunbae for the sake of his future it would be more comfortable for me to tell him so I called JW over on a rainy day to talk to him and said “from what I can see, people could misunderstand – with hyungs with a big age gap, it would be better to mix in some jondae and he understood right away. but JW said ok (in banmal). They all laugh.  
The guy asks if JW knew about this situation going on 
JW: I did know. I know it isnt good so now I speak jondae to SW hyung. 
But SW says I didn’t notice a big difference. they all laugh.
SW brings up how JW was the surprise guest for TW when he came on the show. when JW first saw TW in the bathroom, TW was shocked cuz JW asked did you pee (in banmal)
They show footage where TW said I liked JW but I was shocked. TW said how they have a 13 yr age difference but JW asked in banmal (during their movie filming days) did you eat hyung? Did you pee hyung? they ask if JW knew about that.
JW explains I didnt sense that. TW hyung must have really been in shock and went home and wondered a lot why is he like that. he must have thought why is he speaking so freely with me. but he accepted it well but he must have been shocked.
SG: to a sunbae you meet the first time, you should use jondae to ask if he went to the bathroom but JW asked did you pee in banmal even though there is an age difference. he must have been shocked.
JW: TW is really cool. not too long ago I was going to the office and got out of my car and TW hyung looked like he had just woken up. he was wearing a beanie and sporting a scruffy mustache so I thought he looked so cool – overflowing with masculinity so I asked where are you going hyung and TW said “going to clean up my dog’s poop.” there was something about how he looked that I wanted to emulate.
the guy jokes just make a UTW fan club.  he asks which hyung on 1n2d took up the most space in your heart.
SW guesses first place came out already- they think it’s TW. Since TW revealed he is getting married not that long ago– how do you feel.
JW: I felt very happy and envious and a little sad too.
SG: you do feel a little sad cuz he was a hyung you were close to.  SG makes him congratulate TW on camera cuz he will be watching and he will like it. 
so JW says I sincerely congratulate you on your marriage TW hyung. I hope you will be a cool dad more than anyone. I hope you have a beautiful family. congratulation.
The guy says the way JW speaks doesnt offend hyungs cuz normally I dont like when others speak banmal to me. (*He totally lied here cuz you could tell it bugs him that JW speaks banmal so much. that is why he kept picking on him for that later in the interview again) 
SW: there is a chatting room on our phones for all 7 of us that only the 7 of us can see. even on that the way he chats…
SG adds: we think a woman came in. “hyong (instead of hyung) what are you doing?” 
SW: it’s really cute. (JW’s cute style of texting – that’s like baby talk)
JW: this is embarrassing. I wanted to be manly.
SW says what JW texts – instead of I “feel good”= “jowah” he texts “jotang.”
JW adds another example. instead of what are you doing =”mohae” he says “mohayong” that is how I talk normally. 
guy: How did you learn to talk like that (with aegyo).
JW: I don’t talk like that usually (*he meant with other people). 
SW and SG argue he does it all the time like when he speaks to his mom with aegyo. JW says pyong after ending his call to his mom. so I thought it was some spell for magic.  he is a total baby

JW tells them about his weekly soccer games at chamsil.
guy: after your face was known you still go out there?
JW: yes. I go out Sunday morning when I have time. I take pictures with the ajussi(s) if they want. then play soccer. go eat afterwards. We go to saunas together too. they are all ajussi(s). My father dragged me over there. They are my father’s friends and around his age. from a young age I bumped into them during games to kick the ball.
SG asks how JW speaks to them – using banmal? give me the ball or shoot.
SW: they are his father’s friends so how could he.
SG: he could cuz he is close with them and saw them since he was young.
JW: I dont do that. I say over here ajussi.
SG says fans will be curious. what time on sunday do you go?
JW: 7 or 7:30 am. 
SW: you wake up early well.  
SG says in our chatting room that we use (on our phones)- in the morning, when I look he is chatting with TW starting from early at 8 am-the two of them are texting what are you doing – TW replies I was up cleaning dog poop. I can hear the alerts in the morning and wonder why do they have to chat about cleaning poop in the morning there (in the chat room) instead of calling. 
The guy says it will be easy for JW to do 1n2d cuz it was hard for them to wake up on 1n2d in the past.
JW: not just me but the hyungs wake up well. 
SG: sorry but morning missions didnt have any meanings. long time ago it was hard to wake up during morning missions but these days we wake up right away for morning mission.
guy jokes: SW is old and sleeps more.
SW sees Choi PD and says he is here again and invites bird PD to come over but he runs away. The guy says bird PD doesn’t have the face to be on camera/ on programs (* so mean) 
SW asks what JW does in the morning when he isnt working – what’s a typical day. 
JW: when others see it – they say it’s no fun. when I wake up in the morning, I stretch and drink coffee and spend time with my mother or go out in front of my home and drink coffee alone or come back home and kill time till 2 or 3am and sleep.
SG: a while ago you said you do dishes and stuff so doesnt your mom say anything about doing dishes in the kitchen cuz you are a guy.
SW adds there is a saying that your “manhood will fall off” if you do that.
guy: it hasnt already fallen off right?
JW smiles and replies “I have it” so everyone laughs. my hyung did that too – did dishes and did the laundry -hang it out to dry and fold it up. even this past chuseok we made pancakes. SG: the two sons?
JW: yes we can make pancakes without our mom’s help. when it’s time for chuseok, my hyung and I take the big fry pans to the veranda and lay down all the paper and (*flattened) boxes (*to absorb the oil splatter). hyung does the flipping and I am next to him putting salt on the fish cakes.
The guy jokes all you have to do is get married. (he used the word marriage for girls and not guys cuz he was referring to JW being girly) you seem like a son who is better than a daughter.
SW: JW looks like can play well and he will drink alcohol well but he cant drink at all.
JW: I remember the first time I drank alcohol. it was high school.  a male sunbae asked who wants to go to a sauna so everyone raised their hands saying I do. he said let’s go get some beer.  I was shocked-can a student drink alcohol – is that ok.  I was shocked. the first time I opened the can and tasted the first gulp -it didnt taste good. why do people drink this. my body got hot. my eyes got red. my blood flow was pulsating. I didnt even go into the sauna. I just passed out in front.
SG and SW ask: with one drink?
JW: in front of it (the sauna) everything went white and I passed out. 
SG jokes: maybe someone hit you.
guy: you never thought even once I want to drink alcohol?
JW: When I was doing musicals and worried about the future –I asked my mom – want to have a drink of beer?  my mom really likes when I drink alcohol. she liked it so much so we ordered chicken and beer. to let down my worries, I drank two sips of beer. I didn’t get to start talking.
SW: with just two drinks?
JW: yes cuz I fell asleep there.
SW: your mom would have been looking forward to it cuz she gets to drink with her son.
JW laughs: My mom drank all the beer.
SG: your mother was probably so happy to drink with you and she just opened the side dish and you already passed out.
The guy jokes “this punk said he wanted to talk and just passed out.”
SW: it’s so funny. 
guy: have you gone to a night club?
JW:yes. why I thought clubbing wasn’t that great was….
the guy interrupts and says everything isnt great to you.
JW: in the past I learned how to dance. my teacher said I should feel the beat of the music blasting from the big speakers in my heart and feel that while dancing then I can know what that feels like. I learned that chest dance where you put it in and then stick out your chest. so my teacher, me, and a hyung who was learning with me –the 3 of us went to a club in kangnam. I should feel what this feels like. So I danced really hard and at one point there was a huge space around me cuz no one would come near me. most people at clubs just move in one place but I went everywhere. so my teacher and the hyung ran off cuz they couldnt stand to watch me. he said I told you to feel it not dance like that.
The guy and SW ask what kind of dance  was that so they make him dance. JW gets up and dances. He pushes people away with his body.

The guy says now I know why people weren’t around you.
SW: listening to JW up to now it seems like he is living an exemplary life. 
JW: when I was younger when my mom said come home and stop playing, I went home. my friends would play more and then go home. even if I played more not much came out of it and just made me tired and exhausted.
SG asks if JW ever disobeyed his parents until now.
JW: no.
guy: you didnt do anything wrong or rebel/act out?
SG: what do you think was the worst thing you did.
JW: I told my mom I will study at my friends and then go home, but i played and went home late.  in my heart I want to play like a dog (meaning freely) without thinking of this or that. guy: but you cant do that?
JW: i cant do that.
SW: How about dating? you must not have been able to date then. how many times did you date until now.
JW: twice. First love was in high school and second was in college. she was in the same class as me. back then I didn’t have money so I couldnt do a lot for her. but my personality was that I expressed myself a lot. Told her I missed her often. told her a lot that I loved her. I expressed myself a lot. but I did it too much so she got tired of it. I didnt say those things cuz I didnt mean them. for real – even when I was eating if I missed her I said I missed her. when I wanted to express myself I said I love you, I like you, and shot hearts (fingers pointing in her direction),  but she seemed sick of it cuz it seemed like I was saying it without sincerity or emotion.
SG: did you do morning calls “wake up you have to go to school” and stuff like that.
JW:  I always woke her up in the mornings and I always slept later than her.
SW: so you could make sure and confirm she was sleeping and then sleep?
JW: yes.  
the guy jokes that girlfriend must have thought she met another parent.
JW: except for sleeping time, I always wanted to spend my time with her. but suddenly she texted me and said goodbye- let’s not meet anymore.
SW: without any notice or warning.
SG asks you cried a lot didnt you.
JW: I cried a lot.
they joke he is about to cry now and SG guesses that must have felt unfair to him.
JW: after crying if I had said “Why are you like this to me” or  “what I did wrong” and been defensive, then I would have found out what I did wrong. but back then I texted ok from now on I will cheer you on/wish the best for you.
guy: I thought you were the bad guy style but you arent at all. he asks what is your ideal.
JW: ever since I was young I thought a lot about the person I would marry. I want my parents to like her. whoever I like, I am the style that keeps watch over her for a long time. even if I fall in love I want to do it for a long time.  I dont want short relationships where I meet someone then dont like her and break up. I dont want to do that. that person has to match me so I look at her behavior towards elders and note stuff like that.
The guy jokes why does she have to speak politely to elders when you speak banmal to elders. Did you ever do a set up.
JW: no I havent. for sure it wont work out. I wont be able to talk.
guy: for a young guy you are so negative.
JW: I met my male friend who had a female friend he knew with him. since I am not the type of personality that speaks well with girls, I said hello to her and spoke to my friend for over an hour and a half and went home. but that girl got my number by asking my friend and she called me. at that moment I didnt feel good about it.
SG: isnt that a good thing?
JW: no cuz I didn’t even talk to that person.  
SG tells the other guy that is something to feel good about normally as a guy.
JW: It wasnt like that. I felt like she mistook me as a bad guy. as if she was thinking “he didnt even talk to me” so I think that is why she got my number and contacted me. I was shy and didnt talk so it didnt make me feel good (that she called)  
SW: did you show that?
JW: no I just didnt contact her.  
the guy says JW is a frustrating/stuffy young person.
SG: when you get a call you feel good.  
The guy says to JW: You need some experience. you should date and fall in love for it to help with your acting later.
SG adds: you kissed well in dramas.
JW laughs. 
guy:did you have kiss scenes?
SG: of course.
JW: yes. I married 3 times.
SG: is there emotion when you are kissing.
JW starts to explains: yes there is. I really do love.
SG: in that moment?
JW: yes when our lips are touching, it’s pure/precious and beautiful.
the guy laughs and says JW seems like a young guy from Joseon era.
JW says how he did a lot of research. he gathered up a lot of kiss scenes and watched a lot of kiss scenes.
guy:arent you upset inside that you didnt date well?
JW contradicts him and says confidently: I dont think I didnt do dating well. I dont think I dont know how to date. the way I love – I dont want to calculate (pick on things). something innocent. on my own that’s what I want. even when I was younger, I watched romeo and Juliet over ten times and always cried and my heart ached. tears came out. so when I was younger  I said “I don’t know about other things but with love at least, I wont be calculating.” SG: when he talks about love he cries.
JW starts to cry so the guy asks why does a young guy cry so much. do you have any painful scars?
SW:it’s cuz of that text.  
SG: sorry to break the mood but this means he has some girl he really loves now or it’s not going well with that girl or they broke up.
JW cries more and says even at home I cried like this.
SG: same as when you think of romeo and Juliet?
JW: I was perfectly fine and watching tv at home.
SW hands him more tissue and says what to do about our JW.
SG jokes: you looked at me and cried. it’s not cuz I look pitiful right? most people (on the show) talk about something painful and cry. there were two people who didnt pick the right time (to cry).
SW: are you saying you cried while watching romeo and juliet at home?
JW: I was watching something else- something fun -something funny but in the middle of it I thought about love by myself. When I was younger…with love, to always… he cries more and says am I crazy why am I like this.
so SG thinks maybe it’s cuz JW is really lonely.
guy: I dont know we have to hear why he is like this more. just speak comfortably. just think you are speaking to your hyungs and dont think of this as the program. why did you cry. JW: I thought other things can change- crying like this is so strange – but on my own ever since I was young I wanted to protect love. I didnt want to calculate -even if I get older –  not calculate and just love naturally. but now that I am grown and look – I am calculating. what is that woman like. what doesnt fit with me. it’s only natural in real life –  love came to me realistically, but I realized afterwards, ah I wanted to protect that so much but at one point I was calculating. I wasnt looking at the person as she is. so I was hurt alone.
guy: so did you not like yourself for changing from how you used to be and now?
JW: yes – something I wanted to protect so much – without me even realizing I let it go. I regretted that and cried alone. 
guy:that cant be helped- as you grow older you cant help looking at those things.
JW: I cried about that at home and my mother was there so my mom asked since her son was suddenly crying – why are you crying. I said exactly like this “I changed.” my mother said that’s only natural – that’s what people do when they get older and it’s time to get married. they look at the person’s qualities and look at this and that- in reality it’s only natural. she said that but it (*that mindset) was something I always had since I was young. like a dream.
guy: I will ask one thing for the last time. was there a love you couldnt protect?
JW: instead of saying I couldnt protect it….it might have been that I couldn’t protect it. I worked too diligently. I liked her so much and at one point I loved her but there was too much work and I didnt even know that person’s birthday. when it was her birthday, afterwards I was like oh it was her birthday. my heart was really big but I was already all in with that project so I made her heart hurt a lot back then. SW says that could happen.

*this is my personal gut instinct, but there is no way he was talking about his two prior relationships in high school or college. he was very casual when he spoke about them. this seemed like fresh wounds to me. I think we all know who he must have been talking about.

They show baby pics of him and scenes from his BTS of his drama. SSK’s song plays in the background

SW says a word that doesn’t suit JW’s image at all:”rag.”
SG reads off the dictionary definition of a rag.
JW: it’s an object that was a big cause for me being able to debut.  I didn’t have any big ambitions. I was really having fun acting, but I didnt think – at a certain point I should have an audition and debut- I didnt have this kind of greed. So in college freshman year when I came in as the maknae, I came to school the earliest and was cleaning the theater alone. I was brooming and cleaning the floor with a rag. while doing that I was singing a song from a musical and some sunabe asked who are you. he was my school sunbae. so I introduced myself and the sunbae asked me to sing again. since he told me to, I sang in front of him again. then he told me he would recommend me for an audition.
SG asks JW to sing what he was singing. JW sings.
The guy jokes if I was that sunbae I would have said who are you – you are being loud so be quiet.
SW: this (sort of story) comes out in dramas.
guy: so if you didn’t have that rag and then you wouldnt have sung and that sunbae wouldnt have been there. 
JW: to tell the truth I didnt want to go. how could I go on a stage for professionals now. but I had to go to the audition since the sunbae recommended me. so i prepared and sang.  I lost out on that audition. It was an informal audition. but the production company president told me to definitely go to the formal audition a month later. so cuz of that promise I made, I went to that audition and I passed that one and got into that musical. When I was 20.
SG: as soon as you entered college.
SW: what was it?
JW: the musical Altar boyz. I was the center out of 5 and the leader of the guys. I had to be in charge of the other 4 when I was the maknae. Cuz of my rag I was able to debut, but when I came out those hyungs were so much better than me.  Inwardly I felt small, but none of the hyungs said anything to me. I started to stutter. I also started to go off-pitch while singing, which I had never done before -(I thought) “these things didnt happen so why are they happening” so hyungs caught on that my ki (energy) was dead (meaning he was dispirited)they didn’t think well of me at first and thought a strange kid came in -he was playing somewhere and made the audition. but every morning they saw me cleaning with the rag.
guy: did you do that on your own.
JW: yes.
guy: for how long.
JW: for 2 and a half months.
guy: did you think someone would see you?
JW: I dont think I didn’t have those thoughts (meaning he wanted them to see him cleaning and working hard) if they see that and think well of me then it’s good. but as the maknae I thought it was only natural for me to do that. since then the hyungs said we will treat you as the leader.  so you dont think of us as hyungs. you should lead us yourself. even in our real life.after hearing that I gained confidence. so I was able to perform well on stage.  
SW: people didn’t know the name JW well back then. there was one project that let everyone know your name wasnt there.
JW: spring awakening.
They show scenes from that.
SW: how did you become the lead.
JW: I wasn’t the lead on that project. I wanted to participate in that project. It was ok if I didnt stand on stage. so I was the understudy for the lead. If the lead got into an accident or when he didnt feel well I could stand on stage. that is how i made the contract. you could just look at it as an understudy who wouldnt be able to stand on stage. Even though I wasn’t in the show I went anyway all the time and cleaned and broomed.  after cleaning twice a day I looked at the script. When the show started I took a thick notebook and ran upstairs to the second floor and sat at the way end and took notes watching the hyung perform. Hyungs around me asked why do you show up when you didnt have to. I kept watching and taking notes. no one taught me separately and I learned about my understudy role on my own – the acting and stuff. The show was on for 250 shows total -since it’s a long show, I thought there would come a day when they need me. The lead got hurt the day of the first rehearsal, but i never rehearsed before. that day was full of pressure cuz it was the first rehearsal where all the staff shows up – directors writers etc so I ended up doing it. I was surprised too but the rehearsal finished without incident. without a pause even once. so I did 150 shows out of 250. So the hyung did 100 shows and left and I took over the rest.
SW talks about the other lead and how famous he was for musicals.  what was the reaction after he finished and you took the stage.
JW grins and says proudly: there were fireworks/explosion.
SW grins back: you wanted to say that didnt you?
JW: the reaction for the first show was like that. after that there were days where the reaction was lukewarm. 
guy: after that you a newbie ended up being cast in a drama. the nation’s drama kim take gu. how could someone with little experience become the lead. How was the casting.
JW: like all newbies I went around on auditions. So I went to audition for kim tak gu. I was too new and it was an important role. Shin Yoon hyung was already cast as Tak gu.  Shin Yoon hyung was a newbie too. The directors and producers said someone with more experience should take the other role but the scriptwriter liked me a lot.
guy: how did you know that?
JW: cuz later I got the role cuz of the writer. I got a call suddenly a long time later when I was thinking I didnt make it. she said tm you have to film the title (main credit photos) for kim tak gu. so I thought I made it? the next day I went to take photos and film the main credit. then I ended up going to the first shooting. later on I found out the writer said if he doesnt do this then I wont work.
SG: that writer wasnt even his cousin so how could she say if it’s not him I wont work in front of so many people.
guy: did you come out early and clean then too.  
SG jokes he baked bread.
SW: weren’t you feeling awkward in front of all the elders and celebrities.
JW: yes that’s why on the first day of filming it wasnt my first scene but I went there early and stayed there on set and watched what the teachers (his older costars) did. saw the monitor and thought oh if you do that, then it comes out like that. i stayed on set all the time. even when it wasnt my scene. so doing it like this I slowly adjusted.  
SG: did you keep going out when it wasnt your scene.
JW: I did that for tak gu, then for OB, and Gaksital as well.
SG: you did that for gakistal too? by then you didn’t need to do that and just go when it’s time for you to film.
JW: but gaksital was my first title role so there was a lot of pressure -the cost of production was 9 million.  so every time I passed a head KBS director they told me to do well so I got a lot of pressure. one day I realized I should keep up the mood on set. Even if others don’t come out on the set I thought I should go on set and speak to the director and film team and set the mood as the lead so I went there often.
SW: dont you feel any pressure for succeeding early?
JW: I do feel pressure. I am always prepared – my next project might not get good ratings. others might think “he was doing a drama?” (meaning they might not even know he was on the air)  I might be on a drama like that (one that goes unnoticed) I might hit rock bottom if I get into an accident the next day. So I am always prepared for things like this. I think it’s important to think about those things. if it happens when I wasnt thinking about it compared to when I am thinking about it and it happens I think it will be different. so I am always prepared.
SW: what do you think is the most important as an actor.
JW: doing my utmost. people tell me that – if you work hard you can do it all.  Doing your best is the most important. but I dont think that. I think it’s the hardest to do my best. to be honest, people who have acted a long time have experience so their acting is natural and great but people my age even if we want to express a lot how much can we do that when we are actors in our 20s so for now I think it’s the best to try doing my utmost. 
They show scenes from his dramas again. 
guy:this young friend (he means JW) is always very serious.  (* in korea some people call the other person “friend” even when they arent friends – just as something to address them with)
SG: that is his personality.
SW: you didnt do many projects but during the 3 projects that you did -werent there some actors your age or friends you got close to-someone to have coffee with. who do you have? JW: not many.I keep in touch with Shin Yoon hyung. And i keep in touch with Jung teacher the most. (the one who played his mom on Kim Tak Gu)

Suddenly music plays announcing a guest is coming in. His guest arrives.  JW guesses it’s Shin Yoon but it’s Park Ki Woong from gaksital sporting his orange hair. JW gets up and walks over. Park runs into his arms and they hug each other over and over. the crowd goes wild.
SW: was it to this extent. the audience wasnt JW’s fan they were gaksital fans.
SW explains to Park: in case you see the program and get sad I will tell you in advance but JW looked at your shadow and said it’s shin yoon hyung.
guy: you werent expecting someone else right?
JW: no I didnt.
park jokes were you expecting Se Yeon (mokdan).
JW: no.
guy: did you expect UTW? 
JW: not that either. to be honest.  I worried so I  asked my manager “has any surprise guest not appeared on win win.”
SW says there was.
JW: he said I am not sure. so I worried no one would come out for me cuz my experience was short so I really didnt know this would happen cuz hyung is filming now.
guy: I heard park struggled (thought it over) a lot.
PKW: to be honest I missed him so much but for me and JW- even though he is still doing 1n2d -if I show up too it might mess up the show cuz we are not the style to stand out in variety programs.
SW says it’s the first time meeting and asks him to introduce himself.
Park: hello I am PKW – a hyung who loves JW a lot and acted in gaksital with him.
The guy says how Park played a really great evil character. what is up with your hair color. I thought orange juice ran out so I looked for a straw.
SG jokes his hair matches the cushions.  
Park: I did it for variety. just kidding. I was filming a movie so I have to go back on set after recording this. I took off time from filming during the day.
SG:JW always shows us aegyo a lot.  have you seen JW showing aegyo.
Park: as soon as I met him he started touching. before he spoke, he took my hand (looked at me) and said did you arrive? or put his hand on my back each time we met and said did you arrive.
SW says JW likes to do this often -whatever you wear, he will feel the fabric on people’s clothes. he leans over and touches JW’s blazer.  
Park: I don’t do a lot of skinship normally even with girlfriends but the first time we met he touched me. now I can say this but to be honest, I was like “why is he like this.” I got adjusted to it so now if he doesn’t touch me it makes me sad.
guy: so now skinship is more natural right?
SW: just look at how the two of them hugged a while ago.
Park: On the set when we were filming near each other – JW in the A team and me on the B team -when we meet there was a skinship we do.
he makes JW get up. They stand up and do it.
park: as soon as we meet we do this.  
JW: hold onto the ribs and shake. 
SW: you guys are playing. what does it mean.
Park: It’s a way to say you are up all night filming too huh. you sufferred a lot. (to encourage/ cheer each other up)
guy: dont people around you mistake that.  
JW: in a joking manner, the staff said are you two dating.
the guy asks JW: hearing those words pricked your conscience didnt it?
JW goes along with the joke and says his heart was a little shaken up by (park).
SW: was it not hard to become close?  
Park: from the start he spoke banmal half the time. not totally but just enough to get confusing.  he would ask did you eat (in banmal) and mix in jondae.  I kept speaking jondae back, but JW would keep asking did you eat hyung in banmal so I replied in jondae yes I ate. we went out for some air and I said to him since I am the hyung, I will speak banmal and you speak banmal comfortably too. he said when it gets comfortable I will do that (in banmal) so everyone laughs.
SW: when he already spoke banmal. 
park: thanks to his personality we got close faster. when we were acting, oftentimes that was helpful. He got close to the film staff quickly. this was the 4th project I worked with the gaksital director and we were close enough to contact each other personally. this was JW’s first project working with that director but one day I saw that he got closer to him than me. he got really close quickly with the audio director. On the set he called out the director’s name. if his name was Park KW for example JW would yell “ya PKW!” (Joonni explained it is implied that the audio director is older than JW so he shouldnt be calling out the audio director’s name in banmal)  
JW explains I got close with the audio director and would steal his coffee and leave the empty cup.
Park talks about that director – I did 4 or 5 projects with him, but that director was closer to JW. so I thought that’s his (JW’s) positive trait.  He wasnt doing this as a plan for the sake of acting his role easily, it was just his personality – to easily get close to people so that it becomes a plus when he acts. like I said before – even on the movie set now – I do my best… he suddenly turns to JW and speaks banmal to him. I do what you did. (get close to people) JW laughs really loudly.  (*awwww)
SG: you learned from him.  the set mood must have been good cuz of JW then.
park: yes it was good.  when we had a hard time during filming, we did that. we spoke with exaggerated voices and tone. (Joonni: They are imitating the way dubbing artists talk)
JW: that’s how we would read the lines.
SW: how? do some.  
JW and Park talk with funny voices. “we are on Win Win. I am JW, I am PKW”
Park: We do stuff like that. when we work late at night we lose our minds and do weird dances in front of cameras while they are setting up the next shot. you cant call it dancing it’s more crazy.
JW: like crazy guys.
SW asks for them to do it then. how did you do it. 
So they stand and show it.
park explains: for example. they are setting up the shot with the cameras. if it takes long to set up we suddenly look each other in the eye and don’t smile and just start moving our bodies. the guy calls out “we will go into filming now” so suddenly Park and JW stop and fall into character and look serious again.
SG: that is a real strange dance.
The guy says if just the two of you meet, JW is fun cuz he has a lot of aegyo but JW has a lot of serious sides too doesnt he.
Park: yes.
Park explains he was sensitive about the project in front of others who were watching so there was a huge difference from how he is normally and when he slips into character – looking at it from my experiences so far. (meaning JW has the most drastic change from who he is normally and when he goes into character) normally, the way he talks and behaves is like a maknae dongsang so cute and full of aeygyo but when he goes into character his eyes suddenly change – to the extent you wonder how can he do this. He has great focus. There were times I was scared of him cuz he was so good at focusing on his role.
JW: I was scared of hyung too. When he acted as Shunji, from his eyes to his face it would totally change later. hyung’s eyes in the morning on set scared me
(SG says cuz he became shunji) 
JW: yes I was so surprised -even now
SW points out to what extent cuz park has this hair color now.
the guy asks if JW is frustrating/stuffy from what he can see as a dongsang.
Park says when things were hard on him on set he could have said it’s hard but when I ask arent you having a hard time he just says well it’s just like that – this is as much as he says. he says to JW in banmal : what I was the most scared about you was…Park turns and says to the other guys: he (JW) doesnt complain so I couldnt either. he has that leadership. I am his hyung and sunbae. since he is like that so I couldnt say I was having a hard time.
SG: if you say that in another way you can say he is a tiring dongsang. if he wasnt like that then I could have rested too.
SW: it’s too bad cuz as the surprise/secret guest you only said good things. Anything about JW to make fun of. did JW curse out anyone. did he throw a rock at someone’s window.
Park says during filming he fell asleep. after that on 1n2d he only slept.
guy: is there anything good about JW.
park: If there is something I really want to do I want to work with him again.
SG: you must feel good too JW. 
SW asks the secret guest “What is JW to you.”
Park:  he is like a botox friend.
SW: this is the first I heard of this expression. what does that mean? 
Park:even when I am exhausted (no energy)- after I meet him that energy spreads (gets rid of his fatigue).
the guy jokes then you have to meet him at least 4-6 months (like normal botox treatments)
Park: My mother told me not to laugh big when I go on programs cuz my face looks like a wet rag being squeezed – I have a lot of wrinkles so I have to meet him.
SW says it’s not easy to get this close through one project. you two look good. Thank you for coming when you are busy with your movie schedule.
*when PKW referred to JW as “this friend” so often, he was doing it cuz he cant keep saying in banmal “him” so it’s more polite to refer to JW as “friend.” The guys on 1n2d do that all the time as well. SW usually says it the most since he is the oldest out of the group.

JW and Park hug again. JW thanked him as they hugged.

For the last part they make guests leave a message to themselves so JW says to the camera: JW ah – you really are doing something like this. You came on win win program. you are at a young age, but it looks good. There are things you are thinking about in your heart right? Do well with 1n2d hyungs. it would be nice if you become an actor that “smells human.” (meaning stay real)bye.

SW: I always thought of him as a cute maknae, but after talking to him he seems like a young man with a lot inside. the guy says even though I didnt go on 1n2d I know about one member well. SW says we can feel your fervid passion so dont let it ever cool.  we hope you work harder so it becomes more passionate. Thank you for coming out today.


The fact that JW cried cuz he wasn’t able to protect what love meant to him just broke my heart. I think it’s the sweetest thing in the world that when he was young, he thought at least this one thing he wanted to keep even though he wouldn’t be able to with other things. That innocent side of him didn’t want to be calculating when it came to love (not looking at a girl’s qualities and stuff) and only look at the person he loves, but when he realized now he does calculate that made him break down in tears. I am so glad his mother was there –not just to cheer him up and say it’s only natural that he changed, but more importantly, she was able to see him crying over that cuz now she knows what kind of son she raised.  Forget all the praise and attention she must be getting from having JW the actor as her son. The man who is in tears in front of her is the one she should be the most proud of. Never thought it was possible, but now I am in love with JW even more.
There was another show that JW was on called Story On I think. it aired Nov 10th. I found a youtube clip and wanted to translate it cuz it had something interesting. JW’s friends were videotaped and sent JW messages and questions to answer on the show. UTW said JW ah you are still young and you are finally on the show so I am envious. Beautiful women will like you so do well. show them a lot of cool sides to you. TW was asked “who is the JW i know” and TW said “good looking” right away, then there was a gap of silence so it cut there. (LOL) then he continued and said how JW acts a little pretty ( I think he meant like how JW talks and behaves), but he is a guy. he is a total guy. at first cuz of the big age gap I just thought of him as a dongsang then while doing the movie with him, I thought he has a lot of ambition and can do well.
then TW asks: JW ah, if you had one day where no one knows you at all, if you had a situation where no matter what you do no one will know, what do you want to do? also what do you think is better about me than you. the host says TW mixed in more questions than he was supposed to.  so JW says first I will answer what about hyung is better than me. I like that hyung is manly. in real life if you see his shoulders, it’s really wide. it’s really wide. exactly like a guy. he looks dependable/reliable so I am envious.  
This next answer is the reason why I wanted to translate this. the woman repeats TW’s question, but changes the phrasing a bit. she says if I had plenty of time, if I can go anywhere and do anything and no one recognizes me, if I dont have to take responsibility, if I day like that comes, if I had that one day (what would you do)?
JW answers: I will meet the person I love. the woman asks what are you going to do when you meet the person you love? JW says to the audience full of women : all of you imagine what to do. the woman laughs and asks can I imagine something racy? the man asks the audience “what do you all do with the person you love? “JW: I will do what you beautiful women do. the guy says that JW said that looking so nice/sweet with his knees demurely together  “I will do what all of you want me to do.”
*I thought it was really interesting that he chose this answer. either it means he has dating on his mind or he went with a gut answer. sort of hoping it was both. I don’t think he answered like that just for fan service cuz it didnt seem like it. his answer was sincere, but what he said later to the audience was to cater to the crowd cuz he didnt want to reveal what he would do on that day with the person he loves. it should stay private and personal so I am glad he was quick to reply like that.  our JW is growing up. except the way he smiled and spoke is still a kid. 🙂

134 comments on “Win Win: Joowon

  1. SS says:

    Softy, I have always been puzzled by this jondae and banmal speech. Jondae is a formal speech used when speaking to someone older than you and banmal is the informal speech used when speaking to your peers or juniors, right?

    I know that Joo Won is known to be a very polite young man who respects his elders, so does this tendency of his(using banmal with his hyungs) contradicts this? I guess he only does that to the 1N2D hyungs and people he is closer to? He said he uses jondae when he speaks to his father’s friends. That emcee joked that Joo Won looks for a girl who must be polite and respects her elders but he himself is not.

    I am not sure if I am getting this right, but I guess Joo Won’s respect comes from his heart and is more on substance rather than more superficial things?


    • Softy says:

      You know me – I am not the Korean language expert. I leave that up to the pros like Joonni, Blue, and Bella. I dont even know the exact terms, but let me try to clarify this for you the best that I can with what I know. grab a seat cuz this will take a while.

      First of all, JW is not contradicting himself at all when it comes to the importance he places on respecting his elders. how you speak to your elders is just a little part, how you behave towards them is the most important part of all. his manners towards elders is what makes him a polite and respectful person. he bows almost half way. like 90 degrees. hardly anyone bows like that anymore. Uee does that too. even within her group, she makes sure the new younger members show respect to the older members even when they eat or sit. JW is the same way. I bet money when he goes around with his grandparents, he is very attentive to them and their needs. probably even with his own mom. even on 1n2d, he might speak banmal to the hyungs, but watch his manners. when he hands something to them, he uses both hands like polite younger people should do. aside from when it’s part of the games, if giving up a seat means someone older can sit, he will stand. that sort of thing. so the part about showing respect in actions, no one can disagree that JW has manners. now to clear up the way he speaks.

      From what I know about hangul, there are degrees of banmal and jondae. For jondae the polite speech, there’s the way JW speaks to someone who is way older like a grandma or grandpa. it’s pure jondae and very respectful with no cute aegyo short cuts. Then there is the way he probably speaks to his dad’s friends on that soccer team. I bet he mixes in some jondae with some casual wording at the end sometimes cuz he has known these guys for years. by now he must think of them as his own father so I have a hard time believing he would use straight jondae every single time. then there is the way he addresses the hyungs on this show. on camera, he does use jondae at times, but when it’s their relax time you hear him slip into his casual speech – mixed banmal jondae. He knows how far to take it so it doesnt offend. even when he asks someone off camera about the food, you can hear him using mixed banmal and jondae speech. sometimes when he is hungry, he forgets himself and just pouts like a kid using banmal, but I doubt anyone is offended by it. I still remember on the first episode, he used mixed banmal jondae with that PD who seemed to be crushing on him. but when he was eating ramen at that stranger’s home, that elderly couple, JW only spoke jondae from start to finish. he never mixed in banmal to them. that’s when I realized just how super polite he is with strangers. on the gakistal set, with one of the camera guys during JW’s kiss scene in the forest, JW spoke banmal to him, but the guy was young – like early 30s so I think they got close during filming by then. Se Yeon never once spoke banmal to anyone, but that’s cuz the girl is only 19 or something. if she mixed in banmal it would make her look bad. she did mix in banmal with JW towards the end though, but he didnt seem to mind at all.

      if you hear enough Korean from the dramas, you get a sense of when the characters are speaking straight jondae or mixed in with some banmal. like half the sentence is jondae and the rest banmal. that sort of thing is common. that’s why on dramas when a character is mad at the other person and doesnt want to use jondae, they reluctantly add the “yo” at the end which makes what they say jondae. even on 1n2d, JW might speak banmal with all the hyungs, but he still speaks jondae with Bird PD. if the camera guy is young, JW calls him hyung and speaks mixed banmal too. but if the camera guy is older than SW, then JW speaks only jondae. I think that must be his cut off age or something cuz older than 50 he usually wont dare to speak any sort of mixed jondae if the other party is male. like he said on this interview he is close with the woman who played his mom on Kim Tak Gu and he texted her using mixed jondae, but some banmal like the way he would speak to his own mom. I sort of have a feeling his mom might get jealous of that woman a little. he speaks so well of her all the time and texting her often and stuff. wouldnt you want your son to text you instead and share that great view with you and not another mom? let’s hope his mom is not petty about stuff like that. in my view she did a great job raising both of her sons.

      So in essence, JW is every bit the polite person he claims to be – the one we all know and love. his reputation speaks for itself and everyone who works with him loves him. just watch how he interacts with the film crew and staff. if he was rude no one would be smiling at him. Older Koreans take manners in speech seriously. that’s why guys like KSW and UTW were so surprised at first to hear JW speak like that to them, but they quickly got over it cuz they realized JW never meant any disrespect. if anything he is showing how much he respects and adores them by talking like that. if he doesnt like them he would probably speak straight jondae like he does on interviews. he never mixes it up there cuz those people are strangers to him. even the younger ones he speaks to with formal speech. LMH is like JW as well. as soon as he arrives on set, he goes around speaking mixed banmal/jondae as often as he can to make everyone feel close and chummy. he has the same mentality about it as JW in a sense. but the other 86 or 87 guys like KSH, KHJ, and LSG hold off using mixed banmal/jondae pretty much all the way till the end of the drama. I have never heard LSG address his director using banmal yet. he only spoke some mixed banmal with his costars. LSG is old school – he would never dare to address anyone that old with anything less than straight up jondae. that’s why it was so funny hearing him speak banmal once to kang ho dong when KHD made him get his shoes wet again in a pond.

      part of the reason why I like JW is cuz he is like this. he has a way of putting people at ease right off the bat. I still remember how he shared his coffee with the woman who played his grandma on OB. the way she spoke about him with so much love, you just know they got really chummy and how much you wanna bet he mixed up his jondae with her too cuz I swear I think he thought he was her real son or something the way he treated her. I never heard how JW speaks on the phone with his dad, but normally if he speaks banmal with his mom, he might not with his dad. you can usually tell just from what he calls them. if he calls his father “dad” then he speaks banmal but if he says “father” then he speaks jondae. for some reason, most guys grow up doing that. at least one parent – normally the dad -they speak to with jondae esp after they are grown like JW’s age. Uee’s case is the opposite. I heard her refer to her dad as “father” so I dont know if it was cuz of the camera or what, but she spoke jondae to her dad. but with her mom she spoke banmal like all girls tend to do. I dont know a single woman who speaks jondae with her mom.

      I think Blue wrote about jondae and banmal once in her language series so you should check that out for all the correct terms. Mine was “the love for JW” biased version. 🙂


      • ck1Oz says:

        🙂 Oh softy.
        That was some analysis. Between you and the others here no wonder I keep coming back. We’re all fans for life it seems.


      • SS says:

        Oh Softy, you blew me away with your answer. Thank you so so much. This is so comprehensive and also I can totally sense how much you understand and love him. Yes, I agree that for him, it’s not just decorum but a lot more of respect and sincerity from his heart.

        I am going to re-read this, I just love it so much.


      • nonski says:

        thanks for the thorough explanation softy… for non-koreans, there are times when this are all confusing. 🙂 i super agree with you, joo won’s respect is more visible with his actions. i hope our baby won’t ever change. 🙂

        i remembered blue had posted a topic on honorifics so i got back there and here is the link:


        • SS says:

          Oh thank you so much nonski, I am definitely going to read this. I was always curious but now I need to know 🙂 will you want to post this on soompi? many people are more curious about this now since the Win Win show. If not, then I will post it there


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the explanation Softy. But, i I still cant fully understand how this Banmal- Jongdae things work.. Ngee :-). After becoming his hardcore fan for months, I know our Joo Won is a fine gentleman and well behave. He grew up well. And I’m glad he have a supportive family, reliable hyung-friends around him 🙂

    Pssttt… Re his preference in his ideal gal, Fox type vs Bear type.. I never ever ever imagine that he will call ‘U’ a fox, or say bad things about her. It just ppl interpretation of his interviews and assumed that he got rejected by her and stuff, but we don’t know the truth. One thing for sure, I don’t think he will do that…

    So many speculations here 🙂 :-)… I still want them to date.. No, I want them to even married in real life and make beautiful babies.. Mini Moon. Lots of them. Argh.. Me and my OBsessions forever!!!!


    • static says:

      yes. OBsessions.. i just can’t stop myself from reading and analysing articles or news related to the both of them.. even though, they are keeping ( dunno what relationship they have now) private…

      but still i am hoping this ship


    • Poi says:

      Maybe fox refers to rie n bear refers to mokdan as in the characters of gaksital n not the actresses themselves.


  3. SS says:

    Actor Joo Won recently said he still gets pocket money from his parents.

    On the episode of tvN’s eNEWS that will air on November 20, Joo Won gives an interview.

    Having become popular through the drama series The King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo and Bride Mask, Joo Won is asked about his income. Regarding the question, he says, “My parents manage my income. I get about 700,000 won from my parents every month.”

    The interviewer gets surprised by the answer because Joo Won makes a lot of money as an advertising model for several brands and from his appearances on many TV variety shows. Joo Won says, “I need money when I get together with the cast members of Two Days and One Night. When my turn to treat them comes, other cast members ask me to order inexpensive cold noodles. They’re very considerate of me.”

    He also says, “When I was doing musicals, I only made two million won in eight months. I didn’t have enough money except for transportation fee and food expenses at the time. Whenever I had to have a drink with other cast members, I couldn’t go home because there were no more buses when the get-together ended. I even got some money from my fans for taxi and food.”

    Source: Xportsnews


  4. JWnie says:

    Thanks so much for the translations, without which I would have been so lost. I wanted to also say that I couldn’t disagree you more about the 3rd MC! Kudos to you for not quoting his name cos he really doesn’t deserve it! I was also soooooo irritated with his ‘smirks’ and constant snide remarks insinuating that Joo Won was ‘girly’. I particularly hated the way he remarked that Joo Won’s ‘manlihood’ had probably non-existent just because he steps into the kitchen to do dishes n cook. What a real pig headed MCP! I had half a mind to write into KBS and ask if they condone this kind of MCP values instead if promoting sexual equality and lauding Joo Won for being the REAL MAN for actually helping around the house and cooking! Joo Won is definitely the REAL Man here for sincerely baring his soul and having the courage to be himself and even crying on national TV!


  5. juliejulie says:

    hi softy, thank you for the recaps. i am wondering if you will be recapping the full episode of the 100 ladies interview as well :):)


    • Softy says:

      As far as I know there aren’t any torrents to download it. I think SS left a link on this post to watch it though. She also said 4 cute scenes on Youtube clips had already been translated. They can probably be found on his soompi thread. Problem for me is that the last time I translated a full drama episode off a YouTube clip, I ended up swearing after only the first ten mins cuz it takes forever- like ten times longer than a downloaded video. Pressing rewind over and over on YT or any other video link is frustrating cuz it goes back too far and you end up watching the same scenes and hearing the same lines repeatedly. that’s why my new rule is never translate an entire episode off a YT video ever again. If anyone ever finds a torrent for it, I am willing to watch and share anything cute and relevant. More than likely I won’t do line by line though cuz I did not like those 3 hosts for the show at all. The way they talk and babble on and on was just so annoying. So if possible, I will just stick to JW’s answers. 🙂


      • SS says:

        Softy, I am losing track, kekeke. I cannot remember what I say. About this event, the YT clips available so far do not seem to be complete. I have translated the YT one. Before this YT video came out, I translated a korean fan’s account of this event from chinese baidu. I thought I had post those translation here before but it must have slipped my mind.

        In any case, I have just placed the 2 translations over at Obsession6 as it would be hard to find on soompi. Joo Won’s thread is nearing 400 pages and our goal is to hit 500 by year end 🙂


  6. dreamgirl says:

    joo won can still make it up with the girl in his heart and I hope (just like many hopeful others) that his ideal love is UEE and no one else, because God, they look so good and perfect together. Pls Joo won do something real big and sincere so you can win Uee’s ;;love and trust.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Softy thank you so much for your translations and explanations,. In fact your recapping of Win Win was the best from majority of the bloggers / the “potent” K-pop websites. Your intricate explanations on the Korean etiquette and mannerisms has been actually helpful in understanding majority of the Korean variety shows.

    I am Asian myself and some of the traditions followed has been helpful in understanding and appreciating Korean culture. Though Koreans are extremely passionate by nature, I do admire their work ethics. But don’t you think it is burdensome by overkilling yourself to achieve the perfect scene / dance. I mean your human after all and a little bit of mistakes will not be written in stone that the person is incapable.

    But again thank you sooooo much for the subbing on Joo Won interviews. I myself became a fan of him by watching OB and more after watching KOB: KTG. He should do more antagonist roles 🙂


  8. anna☆ says:



  9. celi says:

    Joowon is a really hardworking, sincere actor. I cried and laughed so hard while watching this; the kindness and sincerity from this boy really blew me away. I’ve always been a hardcore fan of him since Baker King, and I know he’s an amazing actor. But after seeing this, I really really respect and love him more <3.
    I hope he can continue being a great actor without losing his 'humanity' (you know what I mean.. lol).

    ANYWAYS, does anyone know what's the title of that Sung Sikyung's song playing as background? I really want to hear it again. Thank you 😀


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