1N2D brief recaps

Watching it a second time, I found some really interesting parts so I will translate most of it. Not going to be many screencaps cuz JW had another “hat filled” episode. This isnt a drama, but SPOILER ALERT: There is MAJOR news at the end. Next week UTW is going to announce something to the guys. everyone thought he was going to say he was quitting 1n2d so they looked nervous and sad, but he said “I should have told you in advance so I am so sorry, but I am getting married.” so everyone dog piles him, but SG jumps on him first saying “I was so surprised” (cuz he thought it was bad news) and TH wipes his eyes and says “I almost cried.”  TW says into the camera:  I am getting married. Thru 1n2d I am telling everyone for the first time.” The preview shows him talking about how from the first time he met her, after two days he thought about marriage ….(and we dont get to hear the rest of his story yet cuz it’s coming out next week) * I didnt even know he was dating anyone. I bet JW knew all along since he is so close to TW. Congratulations TW – now there are only 3 single guys on the show.

JW news: Just to let everyone know – JW is going to film “Win Win” on Nov 8th and it will air in mid November so I am going to recap that episode LIVE on that night. *Tigger just informed me that “Win win” is on Tuesday nights at 11:20pm Korean time. Thanks for the info and download links Tigger. 🙂

This interview is so hilarious my cheeks ached afterwards, but I have no idea how to translate the humor cuz the stuff that comes out of his head and mouth are just funny even if you don’t get half of what he says. It’s more about his comedic timing and delivery that makes the interview guy and Uee crack up so much. here goes my attempt at this:

Off camera, the host of this entertainment program HJ (from Gaksital) says “even just looking at his face, he (CTH) is funny.” TH jokes: I wasn’t the last to be cast right? It feels like someone said he wouldn’t come on so I came on (this project). This is 100% for sure. There is no way to know who (declined the role) though. Uee is too busy laughing so the guy fans her and asks were you cast first or CTH? She laughs and says no one was cast at all at the time. TH says “on 1n2d I spoke with JW. The two of them are close. So they already spoke to each other that she is doing Jeon Woo Chi so I told him tell them to give Uee any guy who is young and good looking. So I ended up feeling very apologetic. I feel so apologetic. The moment JWC came in, I thought of that first “when it’s JWC everyone thinks of Kang Dong Won so there is too much of a difference between us. in the story of JWC –why did dong won have to end up doing that first and make the standard so high. Long time ago where could you find DW’s looks and this (pointing to body and height).” They show KDW’s portrayal of JWC and say TH has another charm to his version. Off camera the host HJ says I think it will be more fun (with TH as JWC). TH shares there is another role/character aside from JWC called “Eee-chi” I think I got cast cuz of that one. Cuz I am perfect for that. whoever sees that will say that’s me. I looked at the script and thought – oh so this is why this role came to me cuz no one wanted to do it. (they show a clip of that character looking like a goofy sageuk Harry Potter) The interviewer reads from his card that TH’s role will open the fusion jang.  Q: So are you thinking of opening it? TH: isnt it all fusion now? Why would I (open it now) after all this time when it’s about the time to close the doors on it. It’s all open –so I am very worried that I will (throw honey water on it – meaning mess things up). he admits what type his drama is and those who don’t like it wont even watch it. he explains his role as “fighting with himself (his confidence)” so the poster shoot reflected that and they show it. the interviewer says to Uee that if she does her motions just a little the wrong way it could come off as being silly/childish. Uee explains how she is “throwing ice” so she is practicing very hard (with her hand motions so it wont come off looking silly/childish) but TH cuts in and says “it’s not if she does it a little wrong it will be silly, it’s 100% silly/childish but there are people who like that a lot. It cant be helped. There are people who like that so that’s why we are performing it for them.  The interviewer asks Uee to shoot her ice at his director so she motions with her arms and does it. everyone says how impressive she was doing that. this isnt silly/childish at all. so TH stands up and does his and jokes the problem is I keep shooting with my mouth (cuz he makes these facial expression as he does them). The interviewer asks if anyone (or maybe he meant if TH) said anything bad to her so she laughs and says that my face is big. TH: that’s nonsense. Who said that to you. I told her she cant sing. I told her Uee you should go towards acting. I asked “what role do you have there (in her singing group) and she said “I am the center.”(he said that using a girly voice with his hands on his hips so it was LOL) TH claps and says “the best.” The interviewer asks Uee is there anyone you want us to introduce to you – it can be anyone. So she asks “really?” then she looks at TH and asks “what?” cuz TH was repeating over and over Son Dambi so Uee asks him  “Dambi unni?” so she tells the guy “Dambi unni.” So the guy asks TH: why do you like Son Dambi so much? TH: can you tell me even one reason why I wouldn’t?  I will be really grateful if you can tell me even one reason why I wouldn’t like her.” Uee chooses Hyun Bin (so the host says I thought she said Hyun Joon). The interviewer asks why TH’s facial expression looks like that. TH: cuz I like Hyun Bin so much. he has to hurry and come back. There is a gathering for actors and after they all went to the army, I became the maknae again so they have to hurry and come back. It’s really driving me crazy. Cuz suddenly they all left, they have to hurry and come back. The interviewer brings up Nice Guy so TH says I hope NG does well so it gets an extension cuz we have to film more. TH says to the camera “be careful cuz the wind will come at you (and Uee and him do the shooting motions with their hands at the camera) Hyun Joon hyung be careful.” So off camera HJ laughs.

I think this was the only time his hat came off tonight. He even slept with one on. I was going to use this for my main pic, but TW’s big news topped this cute pose. I swear – the more I look at JW – the better looking he gets.

Bird PD calls them to come out for dinner. Everyone got ready with their little tables and bowls of rice for SK to make his entrance since he came in first place. He got to choose among all the side dishes first so he went for the best ones. since he has the biggest appetite they all worried. plus that amount on the table is what he is capable of eating on his own. they ask him what’s on the table so SK lists the side dishes. SK asks the PD what a certain dish is so SG says you cant eat that cuz it’s cold. basically anytime a guy asks a question about a dish, someone always says something negative about it so it wont be chosen, but it never works. (LOL) SK starts to transfer his choices. the guys start to frown and voice their disapproval. SK ignores them – like he is getting even for all of them not choosing him on the train so that he ended up eating alone. others kept complaining “how can you eat all that? what if you have leftovers. you are going too far (choosing so much). there is nothing left to eat” so SK calmly said if you keep that up I will just take more. SK finally says this is enough. so others say there is no room to put more. they warn him to finish all of it since he was so greedy taking all the good stuff. That was the unhappy look on JW’s face above as he saw all his fav side dishes being taken away by SK. TW goes down with his table and says I wont eat that many. TH chants “uhm PD just needs to eat 3.” TW says what’s delicious and takes it and JW echoes him and scowls cuz it’s taken now. TW takes JM’s fav one as well. when it was JW’s turn, they worried about his hearty appetite too. JW smells a dish and asks “what is this. never ate it before.” SG pipes up and says “with that one dish you can eat 3 bowls of rice with it. if you never ate it then leave it alone cuz you might be allergic to it.” JW took it anyway. he didnt take much and left plenty so SG praised him saying he has manners. JW: with this I think I can eat a lot. JM runs down and takes a lot. then TH took 5 and left SG and SW 5 to share. they didnt take some sauce. *I noticed that when JW chews, he eats like a little kid who doesn’t care about anything except enjoying his meal. every – single – time. so cute. bird PD watches them eat like he is their dad or something. the others ask if SK ate all his food and he did. JM asks why TW  didnt eat his lettuce so he retorts do you eat the plastic wrapper after you eat kimpap (those store bought triangle shaped kimpaps). LOL

During their break time a staff guy gives JW pointers on how to play the Rubik’s cube so JW gets tensed up doing it so the guy says take a break for a minute and JW tells himself to relax. then he gets one side all white. the others play too and SW discovers JM cheated by taking the colored stickers off and moving them. SW plays and says this is fun but no matter how he turns he ends up with one different colored middle. then all his middles end up a different color on all sides. but then he gets them all right. he takes it back and makes it have a different colored middle again. the girl PD talks about the members score on their faces/looks – they wont reveal the lowest so SW asks – is there a huge difference among us. SG encourages her to tell them their lowest score too.  SW says just tell us up to 4th place-the middle. I think I’m 4th and SG says I think I’m 4th too and JM says me too. I am greedy about being 1st place tho. so SG says to him – sorry JM but you are really unattractive. SG: JW could be 4th place. others say that doesnt make sense. SG: no I think that could happen. girl PD says SW got 4th place. SW: I told you I would be in the middle. they ask for 5th place. SG says JM cant be 5th place cuz he is 7th. LOL. JM asks if SK took his glasses off (for that scoring) so girl says no it was based on just as he is. JM: oh really? SK hurts JM so others laugh.  girl says JW is 5th place. (*what the freak –  were these people looking while blindfolded?)  so SW asks JW “since I am in a good mood can I give you a present?” he hands over the rubik’s cube all matched up. JW laughs and is happy with his 5th place. (*I think the world is ending now). SG thinks it will be a fight for 6th place now. SW thinks TH will get 1st or 2nd and JW thinks TH will get first. girl says 3rd is SK. SG thinks TH is 1st, TW is 2nd, JM 7th, and I am 6th.  TH says to the one who is the ugliest let’s draw on his face so he looks cool. draw a mustache on him too. give him a V line. SK suggests for sleeping BBB. SG says to JM: you arent the ugliest at all, you have a good looking face, but out of the 7 of us. JM: hyung why are you like this to me? what if one (out of the two) of us is last. SW says JM got angry. girl says TW got 2nd. TW: what is this? girl says :first place is not KJM, CTH got first. TH: you startled me (cuz he thought she was going to say JM was first). so now it’s between JM and SG for 6th and 7th. they try to say JM was good looking in the past.  SG asks JM: are you thinking “it could be me” or not – be honest. Jm admits he does so they all laugh. girl says JM is 6th so SG got 7th. SG pleads “dont hit me” so JM says I wont hit you. so they all drew on SG’s face with a marker. SW tells SG to use a lower deep voice today while they are recording so SG complies.

*I still dont get how JW could be 5th place. how in the world is SK and SW better looking than him? I can sort of see how most women would think TH or TW is better looking, but SW and SK? seriously? were all the women voting older? cuz I can see how the older crowd would find them appealing. I sort of love JW’s reaction though – he clapped and acted like he got first place or something – so humble and modest. proud of him.

they all go out and dance to old music and call out their nicknames from last week. for sleeping BBB they have to play 3 against 3 relay.  thru quizzes, the winner gets to referee and choose the teams and sleep indoors.  some of the questions are about cartoon character’s names or what they say. SW wins and chooses to divide the guys good looking team and ugly team. SG says we have a good looking guy – JW. SG jokes am I still last even with this new (drawn) face? SW lies and says now you are 1st place. PD says the first relay is for each guy to line up facing each other and do rock paper scissors (RPS). winner steps back one step and loser steps forward till his foot touches the other guy’s foot.  if you keep winning and stepping back it makes the other guy almost do the split. if he falls at any point then he is out. next guy from his team takes his place. they do it till one team wins. SG goes first against TH. JW encourages SG and says you can do it. when SG has to almost do the splits just to reach where TH is standing SW jokes “even if you laid down I dont think you can reach. will you be ok? I dont think even your head would reach” so they all laugh. SG calmly says I can do this. he tries but he is too far away so he just says to his team “hold me” as he falls back. LOL. next JM goes against TH and he could have won with just one more move. so SG says to him “if you do it correctly here you can win. if you lose now you can win.” JM: but i almost won. SG: it’s a strange game. if you lose here you will win. JM loses RPS so he tries to stretch to meet TH’s foot. he does the impossible and makes it but then he has to go back to his original position after another RPS. SG warns there will be big trouble if you fall. TH has to stretch and cant make it so he asks JM to do RPS now cuz I will fall down right away. sure enough he topples over. next it’s TW against JM so SG thinks TW cant do this cuz he is stiff. when JM has to reach TW, he steps on TW’s clean yellow sneakers so TW yells “why step on me?” JM has to keep reaching towards TW, but cant so TW teases “come step on my foot.” JM just toppled face forward cuz he couldnt keep his balance anymore. Next it’s JW’s turn so SG and JM stretch his leg. SW says JW can do this cuz he is young.  his long legs come in handy here. but TW keeps moving back and JW runs out of long leg space. he tells his team his legs hurt so SG and JM say “you cant be in pain. go back” and they gently push him so he will fall back and be out. SW declares the good looking team won. second game is relay elephant nose spinning 30 times. the 3 of them have to spin 30 times – last one has to spin the remaining 5. the last person has to toss his shoe and catch it before time is up (whoever has the fastest time wins). TH offers TW to toss the shoe cuz he is their ace. as soon as they stop spinning they have to tag the next player to go next. TW keeps missing so he tosses a few times. his team took one minute one second. JM spins, then JW, and SG spins the final 5.  he misses his shoe toss too, but does better than the other team at 56 secs. SW declares ugly team won this. PD says next game is 5 second “Go” relay. within 5 seconds each member goes out and places a “Go” piece on the board. the team that gets 5 in a row wins. thanks to JM’s sharp eyes, they could have won but JW didnt see that he could have placed his white piece to make 5 in a row and instead used his move to block the other team from getting 5 in a row so JW’s team lost this round. SG and JM yelled out where to put the piece but JW didnt listen to them for some reason. PD says next one is an attic quiz where you have to talk with your body and whoever gets the most answers in 3 mins win. two team members go up to the attic and look down at one person who acts out the clue. all the clues are famous singers so as long as the person acts out a gesture or motion that singer is well known for the other two can guess easily. the problem is the one acting it out has to run over to the other side to give the next clue. so the guys in the attic have to roll over to the other side with him to guess. SK acts out the clues well and TH guesses well too. SK gets tired from running back and forth. SK’s team gets 12 right. SG acts out the clues for JW’s team. JW laughs and yells at JM to move over to the other side faster. they have to go into overtime to determine the winner. this time they will reduce the time to one minute and change the position. explain from inside the attic and guess the answer from out there. this might be helpful for the ugly team cuz SG will be going inside. he is so short he doesnt need to bend but SK is cramped up there. SG: dont tease me if I stand in there. they chant “let’s win let’s win – sorry for being ugly.” SG’s team does well but SK’s team doesnt. SW gives SK the chance to make SG act out the clues that were the hardest for SK to act out and SG does them without a problem. SK says this was the hardest so SG acts out the clue.  JW gueses the beatles right off the bat as soon as SG pretends to move his hair to the side and strum on a guitar. LOL. SW declares the ugly team won. SK is speechless. PD says the last game is relay splash water. each team has to pour a certain amount of water into an empty floating bowl. the team that pours the last few drops of water it takes to sink the bowl loses. SG pours too much so JW looks like he will pee in his pants from nervousness while JM holds up his hand to hit SG asking what are you doing hyung. so everyone laughs.  JW’s says I will pour softly, but his droplets makes his team lose cuz the bowl sank like a rock. SW declares the good looking team won -they get to sleep indoors. so SG starts a water fight and JM joins him, but pours his water all over SG so SG pours back. JW runs for it and gets away.  TH says SG went crazy. SG and Jm keep tossing water at each other. JM used bird PD as a shield but SG says it doesnt matter and pours water on Bird PD so he hits JM with his hat. then SG and SK have a water fight. while JM tries to lift the heavy tub of water TW sneaks up from behind and splashes JM’s butt. then SK pours more on JM.

right before bed PD says you worked hard today. tm there is no morning mission, but they have to eat breakfast so the guys have to cook it themselves. two people will be chosen to cook. only those two have to wake up at 5:30am. to go grocery shopping and prepare breakfast for them. they all say SK is the best cook but he will be tired if he has to wake up that early. SK offers to cook. so bird PD leaves it up to SK to wake up anyone. JM says just wake me up. SK says I will choose regardless of age. so SW looks worried.  JW sleeps while SG and JM keep playing with the rubik’s cube. JW looks like a giant orange caterpillar all snuggled up in his sleeping bag. staff guy manages to wake SK up with a bit of difficulty. SK imitates the way TW was snoring.  then he goes over to sleeping beauty and wakes him. SK: let’s go JW. in the van SK says to him – you should have seen TW hyung. his hair was sticking up. SK lists what he is planning to buy and cook. two long fish, tofu, poached eggs korean style, etc. but he has only grilled fish before and knows a little of the basics for how to cook the rest. at the market, SK decides to buy one big piece of fish instead. SK takes the time to shake hands with an adorable dog. the staff makes SG and JM move inside and sleep cuz the 2 guys have to use the table to cook the food. SK tells JW to go and wash the rice as soon as he gets there for the green stuff they are going to put in it to soak. JW: after coming here I feel like I washed rice many times. I became in charge of rice so naturally so that’s big trouble.  I will do my best to make the rice as quickly as possible. TH comes out and helps chop. JW points to the shutters where a hand came out. TW was trying to see if it will open as JW yells “who is it?” TW dropped his cell phone over there.  JW comes over and says I dont know – it’s my first time making this kind of rice. SK asks TH to flip the fish over. JW is cutting up the tofu and TH tastes some and says this doesnt taste like the tofu they sell at supermarkets. JW agrees and eats a big piece.  (country tofu is fresh and tastes way more delicious than city tofu but I still wouldnt eat it uncooked like them). TH goes over and wakes the others saying get up and pokes their feet with a toothpick. everyone compliments the food and they ask if our maknae JW made the rice and he says I always do. he serves SW first cuz he is the eldest (Korean custom). TH teases when there is something SW wants to eat the most he says “bring it over.” TW asks “did we run out of rice?” so SG asks him “are you blood type A too hyung? Type A cant ask directly “please give me more rice” so they ask ” we are all done eating rice now right? that’s how they talk” so TW laughs and agrees.  SW: is there any water? SG: your are type A. SW: yes I am type A. they all laugh.

PD gives them tea for dessert, but warns them to be careful with the lids. he made each guy reveal what’s written on the lid. TW got one that says “get off work” which means he gets to leave first before the others. PD says starting from now they are going to do “get off work BBB.” TW is still in shock as others congratulate him. JW pouts and says dont go. before he leaves TW is asked to write out what punishment he wants the last person to do before he goes home. TW doesnt know what to write cuz this is his first experience writing one of these (cuz he is normally on the receiving end) He gets an idea and starts to write. the guys gather and TW joins them so PD asks what are you doing here UTW shi. arent you going home? TW: I am going, but do I leave right away from here. PD: hurry and go. SG: TW hyung never had this happen before so he feels awkward. TW hugs the post and says I dont know the road to leave. he shakes hands with the members then hugs the PD before he leaves. PD says another one will get to go home here. they are going to play a game and the one who puts his hand down last loses his chance to go home early. TH wins and gets to go home. SW asks isnt this the first time you are leaving thru a game? TH agrees it is. with my own skills this is the first. on the van ride the rest of the guys are told where they are headed. PD acts as their guide and gives them info about the place they are visiting. when they get there the guys are in awe and SG adds I have been around a lot and this is really impressive. PD gives more info about the place. then they have the 3rd round of choosing someone to leave work. it’s a quiz from what he explained all this time starting from the bus so JW looks worried. the question is how long ago that place has been there. SW and JW yell out they have the answer so PD asks who was faster? JM says JW so SW backs down. JW says 107 so SW says thank goodness (cuz JW is wrong) so SW yells he has the right answer and guesses 109 which is correct. so SW gets to go home. on the rest of their outing SK also gets to go home. the remaining 3 read what TW wrote and what TH, SW, and SK added too. PD says at the count of 3 they have to take one step forward or one step back. JM tells everyone to close their eyes. PD says whoever is standing alone has to do the punishment. JM says I am going to go forward (trying to hint to SG to do the same). only JM stepped back so he lost and has to do the punishment and remain alone.  JM thinks the other two rigged this (outcome) but SG argues how could we plan this ahead when you said you would step forward. they both draw on JM’s face and SG says you have very pretty eyes JM. so JM goes alone to a hair salon to do embarrassing stuff to get people’s attention.

*does JW have some kind of hat endorsement deal I dont know about – just how many types of hats does a guy need? he is like women with their shoes or handbags. aigoo.

I found a photo of TW’s future wife. His wedding is in January and they met earlier this year. Hope she pays attention to expiration dates on food better than his mother cuz his wife has to cook for these guys in the long run while he is on the show. 🙂

October 28th

I caught most of it, but I can’t remember every single thing JW said tonight just from memory so I will add that in when I have video. They went on “a train ride for memories.” it was JW’s first time on a train and also first time at this famous train station so he kept saying over and over how he always wanted to eat boil eggs (cuz that’s what people do on train rides – eat boiled eggs with cider -a type of carbonated drink like Sprite). Only four had seats and the rest had to stand so they had a game where you had to impersonate comedians and TH and JW lost. SG actually won a seat, but they played musical chairs without the chairs so JW and TH could choose one member so SG was caught and had to stand for 3 hrs with the losers. On the train SK and JW were sent to buy boiled eggs, but SK wanted to play at the arcade for a minute. PD said the others are waiting so can you do this so JW said it’s ok the hyungs wont mind. for their lunch on the train each member was called days before and asked to bring side dishes or rice. so each guy partnered up to eat rice and side dishes together. Poor SK ended up eating his tub of rice alone cuz SG chose JM to eat with. JM hit the mother load cuz SG’s wife packed too much. so SK sneaked some side dishes when they werent looking. When they got to their destination there was a race waiting for them.  some of the tasks they had to complete were finding grasshoppers, drinking saltwater or regular water depending on your luck, jumping across a field on a pogo stick, eating red bean bread paste bread or spicy red pepper paste bread, rubik’s cube (one side same color), taking an exam at a school, hitting the book to flip 3 coins to come up on the same side,  playing a kid’s game where you have to pull your hand away from the other guy before your hand gets grabbed, and the last leg of the race was to flip a card of names and whoever you chose, you have to go back and tag them and run back to the start to win. Poor SK almost won and had to go all the way back to tag SG who was last. The interesting part was during the written test, JW scored the highest among everyone and got 80% so he bragged about it to the other guys. Even SK only got 70%. After the race they all went to basecamp and it looks like the set from Moon. They all remarked the place looked like Jejudo. SG picked some fruits off the trees and fed it to the guys. they all thought it was super sour but JW ate them without flinching or making a face at all. That’s all I remember for now. I love when they have races like these – it really shows each guy’s personality. If they persevere, do their best all the way, or give up midway and just go through the motions. Since I dont want to ruin the ending and tell you who won or lost, I will just say two of the guys were last together and decided to cross the finish line at the same time. Instead of saying one of them won by a nose, I will just say one of them won by a belly. 🙂

Sorry, but I didnt end up recapping this episode during the week.

October 21st

As soon as I saw this smile, I knew I wanted this for my main picture. Is it just me or do the camera directors have a crush on JW? For some odd reason they filmed a lot more close-ups of JW tonight. Not that I am complaining or anything, but I think there is a little bit of favoritism there. Apparently deservedly so cuz JW was the MVP of sleeping BBB tonight. I felt so sorry for SK. I watched him struggle through the games and remembered how much I cried over his songs and voice in the past. I seriously had a crush on this guy and I forgot all about that ever since he came on 1n2d cuz JW distracted me. Before SK went to the army, I thought he was one of the best Korean singers out there. His angelic voice on a ballad would always move me to tears. What happened to my ballad singer? Oh how the mighty have fallen. At least now I know on top of his great voice, he is super smart and a great cook as well. TW did so much better finally – he even won morning mission and had a great breakfast the next day. Hope he continues on this winning streak cuz his morale desperately needs it. I feel sorry for him every time he says something self deprecating like “don’t count on me” or “I won’t be able to do it.” It’s hard to see these guys struggle with their complexes since they appear so confident in dramas, movies, or when they perform. Wish they would separate their abilities in real life from 1n2d cuz not everyone was born to be Lee Su Geun.

The winners got a feast and SW and JM were allowed to get whatever the winners were willing to share. So SW came up with a cute way of pretending to sneeze while saying what he wanted to eat. He even said thank you in the same way. This running joke continued all the way till the end of the episode. After their meals, the guys sat around talking.  The PD said something about who is the least attractive among the members. SG said right away “don’t look at me –why? Cuz I don’t have an ugly face.” Someone said is there someone with an ugly face and SG says there is an ugly face and pointed his thumb at JM. “A while ago SK took his glasses off and he was a big kid. When he takes off his glasses, it’s not a weird looking face, but”…SK interrupts and says “I told you a long time ago when I was doing a drama, there was a scene where I was conflicted. When you are struggling over something you do this (takes his glasses off and covers his face with the back of his hand) but during filming when I took off my glasses the director yelled “wear it!” so SK put them back on right away. Everyone laughs. SG: you stood still for that. SK: I saw the monitor and thought I should wear them. Bird PD says whenever they have meetings they end up talking about the members and who is the most unintelligent. So SG says we should have a match for that. JM: let’s do that cuz I am really curious.  So PD starts questioning them and right away TW got the answer litmus paper correct so SW calls him a brain. SG gets the next one right about HOT (high five or teenagers). SK starts to get defeated cuz he doesn’t know the answer or responds too slow. When a question about who said “knowledge is power” comes up TH says Socrates and SW guesses Aristotle. But JM says “who was that guy….Steve Jobs?” so everyone laughs. JW: who was it? I remember his face. From a picture. PD gives a hint – similar to a food name. so JW raises his hand and says “Jodang” (“odang” is fish cakes so he put a J in front of “Rodin”) so everyone dies laughing including the PD. TH laughs and says “told you – he (JW) is the most ignorant.”  SK kept asking questions and guessed (Francis) Bacon but TH raised his hand and said it so he got credit for it. SK argues you should say which Bacon. SW asks how does our JW know Bacon’s face and JW says I thought I saw him in a book. Next quote is about who said “life is short and art is long” so JW wants to answer but doesn’t want to say something weird again so everyone says just say it. JW replies “Hamlet” so everyone laughs again. Hippocrates was the answer. Next question is asked – something about a singer and SK brags I know the answer. they all say just say it but he admits I am not sure. TH: hurry and get the answer right and go out (of the game) but SK says I don’t want to. I want to stay in. it’s no fun if I get it right. Next one is geography and SW gets it right by saying Buenos Aires. Next question is about film festivals and TH gets two but doesn’t get the third. So JM thinks he knows and says Venice, Canne, and Busan. So JW gets a chance and replies venice, canne, and berlin so he gets it right and earns himself a hug from SW. SG jokes SK is dumb and unattractive. JW sticks up for him and says SK hyung knew this. SK: I knew the answer, but I wasn’t sure. Next question is about what to call your father’s father’s father and JM gets it right so SK’s face just falls. Cuz now even JM beat him. They start joking SK is “1n2d dummy.” Now only SK and TH are left and the question is what is the occupation of spiderman and superman. TH replies reporter and gets it right. SG starts the song “congratulations you are the dummy” so SK looks really depressed. They start to cheer him up saying this kind of stuff could happen. he isnt a real dummy. PD asks for the winners to sit in the front so JM tells SK – go over there. SK curls up in a fetal position cuz he is last in 7th place.

For sleeping BBB, they are going to play a series of games and if they win they sleep indoors. Each time they fail, someone has to sleep outside. And they they will decide who sleeps outside. (they are going to vote on it). first round is making a word from the first syllable and they all do well so they win. Second round is paper cup ping pong ball game. There are 3 cups and they have to bounce the ping pong ball and get it in one of the cups. Out of the 7 of them only one needs to get it in the cup for them to succeed. SK almost gets it in. TW says don’t count on me to get it in and misses by a mile. SG thought JW came up short but JW makes the shot and everyone goes nuts. Next round is BBB drinking. They have to move around in a circle as the table full of drinks are scrambled so you don’t know which one is safe to drink. Half is bad and other half is water. SK tastes one of the bad ones and says seawater is better. JW says personally I think there are more bad ones on the far side cuz they moved the good ones from this side over there. SK says let’s do one shot. I wont spit it out. I have confidence. JW goes next and replies he isnt sure of his choice. he spits it out after pretending to drink all of it. so that means one person has to sleep outside. They don’t want that to be JW cuz he is the MVP of ping pong.

They have to do voting now for who sleeps outside so each guy goes into a room to vote. JM goes first and SK calls out – don’t forget you are better looking than me. JM comes out and says I didn’t even struggle with it. SG walks over to vote and pretends to sneeze the name UTW. SW sneezes TH. SK sneezes JM. JW sneezes KJM. TH pretends to trip and yells UTW. Then from inside he yells KJM. When PD gets the final list, TH and JW think “it could be me.” Turns out JW voted for himself to sleep outdoors (cuz he spit out that drink and didn’t want to choose among the hyungs). TW decides I have to go out for the next game to go okay. TW got chosen to sleep outdoors so the others tell him to be the director so TW announces the game and what to do. Since there is bird PD, they call TW dog PD. The fourth game is to take off socks. They have lie in a circle and balance some water in a container on their feet and quickly take each other’s socks off within one minute. If they all have their socks off and the water didnt spill then they win. they all compliment how well he explained and how friendly TW is.  There is an argument about the outcome so they have to do a replay on the video. PD let TW be one of judges cuz TW said instead of doing games, I like being on this side (being the PD) more. TW is really good at this cuz he said it was my fault that I didnt tell you that you had to all put your feet up and hold it before you let the water spill. cuz SK argued he let it spill as soon as his socks came off. the staff finally decide the members succeeded. they move on to the next game which is like relay drawing. after TW explains the game he asks bird PD “when does my salary come out?” so everyone laughs. SG says you only worked the first day. SW asks if TW likes being the PD and TW says yes I like it. SW: it suits you. they start the game. when TW doesnt say “start” and starts counting down from 10, the guys argue. but TW gets a little power hungry and says I am going to say “start” and then show the card while counting down so SW has to remind him-you are our member TW hyung. SW: that’s not like you. but TW hesitates and says just start. the other five drew and SG had to guess what they drew but it was too hard. he doesnt get it right. each guy explains what they drew. since they failed they have to do another vote to see who sleeps outside. TW remarks that he would have been upset if SG got the answer right. all the guys comment that TW changed in the last hour and half after being the PD. SG votes for SW -the hyung he loves. TH says I will just go after one guy – our JM that we love. JM: I came to get revenge. CTH. SK: LSG cuz he has a lot of heat in his body. even in winter he sleeps kicking off his blanket. so his health is the best. JW: within 10 seconds that hyung didnt do much.  they cover up his answer. when JW goes in JM asks you didnt choose me right? JW: no I didnt. SW: I didnt do anything wrong in this game. I have to choose between Jm and TH but since I stayed with JM all day I will choose him cuz I am going to sleep in the room today. TW reads off the name of the one who is out – JM. he got 3 votes. JW was one of them. so 5 sleep indoors and TW and JM sleep outside. PD says tm’s morning mission is good morning sports. at 8pm they have to come out and play a sport. if they do well then 3 winners get a really great breakfast. if you dont win you will regret it.

next morning, they play ping pong against a staff member and the 3 winners got to eat a special boiled chicken dish. JW was pretty awful at ping pong and lost out so they gave him a piece of chicken cuz that’s what he sneezed he wanted.  SW sneezed he wanted the wing. SK said he wanted the skin that no one wanted to eat and even asked for the neck. JW looked adorable with his puppy face eyeing the food. after breakfast they go to a location where you have to ride some tram up the mountain so they play a quiz to see who is the odd man out who has to walk up the mountain. it’s down to JM and JW, but JW got an answer right so he gets to ride with the others. (boy his jeans are tight – you can see the shape of his thighs)  JW feels bad and tells JM we will wait for you (at the top) hyung. by the time JM gets up there, the others do the closing without him on purpose. cuz they knew he was just about to walk up just to tease him. they show photos of this trip cuz they have time leftover.

Oct 14th

After that little scare we had with the rumor that JW was leaving this show, I had to rethink how much this show means to me without him. It still bothers me they are doing casting for new members. That part is a fact so it means there will be a change coming up in the future. I am just relieved that JW’s agency reassured us he wont be going anywhere. To be clear, just cuz I leave out the other cast members screencaps all the time doesn’t mean I don’t love or value them. Next to JW, I still love the new members like CTH and SSK. Just not a huge fan of SW though. He complains too much. TH does too, but he does it in a cute way so it comes off as funny. After watching tonight’s episode, I realized that I really love this show. It’s been my all time favorite variety program for years. When the old cast members left, I bawled my eyes out with them and thought no one could ever beat them. Even though these guys have only been together for a few months, it’s what happened within that time that made me fall very quickly for this cast. Now I can’t imagine 1n2d without them so I really hope this show stays the same with no more changes. The “real variety” enthusiast in me wants to see them suffer in the snow, but the fan just wants to see them continue to bond and develop more memories that will stay with them all their lives.

I got home too late so I wasn’t going to do a recap, but then I saw the peppero game and just had to, but I will have to keep it brief again and just translate JW’s parts. I started a new post cuz the other one has too many pics even if the recaps were short.

JW didn’t know where this was cuz he slept on the way here. he recognized the place and asked JM – do you know where this is? JM said I know – it was our second (trip). Everyone starts talking and say it hasn’t even been a year. since he made a movie here and already relived his memories of that last time, TH says: let’s stop coming here. SW: are we going to cry here and end the program? TW: it’s not time yet to come here. is this our last trip? SW: why are we here already? TH: are we changing directors? SW: why did you bring us here? SG: do you not see SW hyung’s hat? He is sick. SW: my head hurts. TH: last week he looked really old. SW asks if anything special happened in the last two weeks so SG brings up we have stuff to congratulate them about. JW’s new drama that he accepted and TH started his drama. TH adds it’s still far off till it airs. SG says I didn’t know our members were so popular. Especially SK – I was so surprised. He is first place with women. Last week we went fishing – just the members. and the owner of the pension that we stayed at – the daughter said she would give the pension. That’s the extent. SK adds – this hyung lies really well. It wasn’t the pension’s daughter – it was the son. He didn’t give me the pension, he just gave me one more (charcoal) to grill with. He adds that SG exaggerates like when you are in middle school and say I fell 60m. SG says we already came here and TH asks are we going to dig up what we buried? Last time they were here they were told they came here so they could write stuff and put it in a time capsule and wouldn’t know when they could open it.  back then SG said we wont know how many years from now we can come here and this will become a memory. TH asks why are we opening it now. Bird PD says the time has come to do that. they ask why already. PD speaks honestly and says they only paid for 6 months. SW points out you should have kept it buried for at least 2-3 yrs. TH just laughs his head off (probably cuz KBS is cheap or it didn’t have any faith this new season would last that many years).  PD explains “back then we were sort of uncertain (meaning if they were all going to get along and remain). SW adds we might not have lasted 6 months. PD says back then they wrote about which member they wanted to get close with. SG says but we are all close now. PD says the teams will be divided by the members who wrote who they wanted to get close with the most. So just the ones who named each other. the rest will make up the other team. So if TH wrote down SG and SG wrote TH they are one team. SW says it could go 2-2-2. PD starts with the maknae. JW: me? PD reads JW’s answer 3-9-2012. Reason: I don’t know. I just already liked him.  The member JW wanted to be close with the most was TW. Others say they were already close. JM: who was last? JW snickers and says I think I remember. SG: there is no reason to feel bad about it. PD: it was JM. JM looks at JW and asks: really? JW: cuz back then I didn’t know you well. JM: did you really do that? normally people would deny it or something but JW says: I did. JM chose SW. SG sings: back then that’s how I felt. SW looks offended or angry and asks: why did you pick me?  TW: he looks offended. SW: why? They ask what the reason was. JM wrote – he looks like he would buy me stuff. There are rumors that he has a lot of money. SW: wow he does variety with stuff like that. SK chose SW too. SW: why did you write me down? TW points out when JM wrote down SW, SW looked angry but now he looks normal when he asks SK. TH wrote TW- the reason: I just want to continue knowing him till the end. TW: do you know me now? SG chose SK. Reason: more than I thought – he is really gentle/kind. He is a manly guy. TW chose SW. SK: (that’s why) a person should have a lot of money. SW chose JM. Reason: as 1n2d sunbae there is a lot I can learn from him. JM: really? He goes over and hugs SW. so the two teams are SW and JM and the rest of the guys. The place they are going to is TW’s hometown so PD asks him to introduce it. TW says stuff about the place and says he was born there. PD says they are playing for dinner BBB so SK asks what about lunch. PD says lunch is included in the middle of it. they have to play 5 round of games. they realize it’s not going to be good for JM and SW cuz they have to keep playing while the other guys can switch off and rest up a bit. SW: I’m weak at games and JM isnt that strong either so we are at a disadvantage. PD jokes – at least you guys “spoke/got thru to each other” (by writing each other’s name) so JW adds “must be nice.” PD explains the same guy cant keep playing from TW’s team.

in the car SW explains how he wrote down JM cuz he was writing from the ones he was close to the one he was least close to. JM wrote SW down cuz he was uncomfortable around him. but now he is the most uncomfortable around SK. other teams talks about back then when they came 7 months ago. they also talk about who should do the “duck boat race” and the peppero game. SK thinks TH wont be able to cut it short cuz of his thick lips.

since SW’s team gets to choose who to compete against they pick two guys who dont look like they will work well together. TH and SK cuz of the height difference and lack of sports skills. TH and SK beat them at paddle boats and go on to the peppero game.

SW’s team wins cuz it was 1cm and get to continue on to the next leg of the race. TH and SK keep doing it till they get 1cm too.  JW and SG did one together too just to see how short they could get, but it doesnt count. SW and JM have to walk squatting so it’s too hard on them. SK and TH wins. SG says if you guys won we were going to give you a dance so TH and JW start dancing.

next game is “action singing room” they have to do cartwheels and drink 3 shots of something yucky and hit two of gourds over their heads matching the song. since SW cant do cartwheels JM has to keep going against JW.  TH got a cut on his nose from a tree a while ago. SG jokes he looks like he fought with someone so TW jokes to SW: hyung I was wrong. they say how it looks like a cat scratched TW so for the rest of the time SG jokes around like he is scratching SW or JM when they lose. SW says SG does this song too well so he chooses JW. SG makes JW show his side cartwheel. they play gaksital music. JW has a gut. how cute. he must have gained weight. JM wins rock paper scissors to see who goes first. SW says we will see how you do and then go but SG points out if we win it ends so SW changes his mind and makes JM go first. he doesnt make it. JW does better and gets a pass by doing the cartwheels. but he didnt break it at the right time so SK makes bird PD do it to see if it breaks well. when JM was drinking JW said you cant spill any. JM spits up on SW so it gives JW another chance and he makes it. they all praise him.

JW’s team gets to eat the good lunch and SW’s team eats potatoes. JM says look how great the view is (the color of the leaves) but TW doesnt stop chewing and says let’s look at it after we eat. TH worries about the other team cuz they wont be able to eat dinner too (if they keep losing) so it makes SW lost his appetite.

next they have to draw one of the staff. SG brags about his drawing skills cuz back when he was young they didnt have cameras at that time.  the guy doesnt know who drew what but he says for one of them he looks too old and for JM’s sketch he says it smells like it was drawn by JM. plus his daughter could have drawn it better.  SW’s drawing wins.

next game SW’s team can only choose between TH, JW, and SK. they choose TH and JW so SG says you were wrong to choose them cuz JW has stamina to run fast. they have to go around looking for flags and what’s next to it. SG told JW to take good care of the VJ cuz he is older and cant catch up with JW well. they go around picking up clues and figuring them out.

SG and the rest get to hear what’s for dinner menu. when JW and TH come back TH says how he put in a different picture in the one he found. (JM took that thinking he found it). on the way back SW realizes the pic was switched. they all share what they found. SK asks SW: do you know what the dinner menu is today? SW looks down and says I have no interest (cuz he knows he lost). SK talks about this place – it feels slow like you have plenty of time. it makes your heart feel like it’s cleansed cuz it’s quiet. they head over to basecamp.

on the bus SG says how it was wrong to choose JW cuz his whole body is wet (from sweat). as soon as he starts he doesnt rest. JW says SK hyung is the same (cuz he worked so hard to paddle and stuff). SK: cuz food was on the line. (LOL) SG asks JM -say two things about SW hyung that is negative. JM: he doesnt fit (me). SW: JM – but we worked hard right? they high five each other. SW asks PD – later we are going to do sleeping BBB –  it wont be the same team again right? JM: why? SW: just asking. cuz I want to be on the same team. (LOL- no one is buying that)


55 comments on “1N2D brief recaps

  1. tania says:

    Episode with joowon maybe 13th nov 2012


  2. anonymous says:

    Thank you for recap and video link. Off to watch it now.

    BTW, that’s a funny clip of Cha Tae Hyun and Uie. And why would her Joo Won oppa let her act with a younger and handsome co-star 🙂 :-). Speaking of Hyun Bin and Kang Dong Won, they will be out of the army soon.. 🙂

    As long as my baby, Joo Won still around for the next 3 years.. I’m HAPPY!

    LOL at Cha Tae Hyun sharp tounge.. Saying that Uie cant sing!!! Haha.


  3. Iviih :) says:

    lol Cha Tae Hyun so honest! lol I also hope UEE stays in acting field, I enjoy her acting more than singing…

    And woah UTW, I came here just to read your recap Softy, since I don’t watch 1n2d I didn’t know here to finds news about his big news!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap and JWC I-trans.
    I loved the fact that CTH mentioned JW’s name infront of Uee and eventually telling that this two are close.
    I loved CTH honesty concerning UEE’s career, LOL


    • Softy says:

      The main reason I translated the interview was- aside from how funny CTH is- I wanted everyone to know that JW and Uee still talk on the phone together and keep in touch. If a relative newcomer on 1n2d like CTH can see how close they are then obviously something stuck around after OB ended – whether that is friendship or more time will tell. But I was so happy when I heard him saying that about Uee and JW. 🙂

      As for CTH’s blunt honesty, he is pretty well known for that. The man does not sugarcoat at all. his actual words when he said she couldn’t sing was more like “singing is not it (meaning singing is not for you)” You have to give Uee credit for laughing so hard instead of denying it. She has a good attitude. It’s like she knows she is a better actress than singer so she took it as a compliment. my personal fav part was when CTH mimicked her voice and put his hands on his hips and said “I am the center” after he had asked her what her position was on her group.
      I sort of worry about the chemistry on this drama cuz all I see is a married oppa dongsang relationship. If they ever kiss on the drama I think I will laugh like crazy cuz it’s just gonna look like all kinds of wrong. That might be the only time we ever see CTH being flustered. My dream is after filming a scene like that the guys will bring it up on 1n2d so everyone can get a good laugh out of it. The smile on JW’s face will be priceless. I bet he is soooo happy and relieved she has CTH as her love interest on the drama. all that jealousy he felt towards her male costars on OB couldn’t have totally disappeared just yet – hopefully. 🙂


  5. SS says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome recap of 1N2D. I love love his look when he was playing the rubik cube. Hair unstyled, sans makeup but totally totally GORGEOUS! Here’s some gifs from resident gif maker aisling from Soompi,

    Now, I know why I dread the cold weather on 1N2D, it’s seeing Cutie all bundled up in those thick layers of clothes and all sorts of headgear. Well, sometimes, we do get rewarded with priceless shots like this.

    He reminds me of Pocoyo but Cuter 🙂


  6. depz says:

    Wow… thank you Softy. I can understand the interview of CTH and UEE better.
    I thought TH was talking to Joo Won to take JWC role, hehehe…


  7. Ann J says:

    UTW announced his marriage in 1n2d to his members and viewers was SHOCKING but at the same time so sweet. It feels like a family member sharing good news to everyone. Congratulations!!!!!!!!


  8. Tigger says:

    Here’s another link to watch the 04-11 episode in case Dailymotion links are erratic at times – http://my.tv.sohu.com/u/vw/33346926#0 … the show rated no. 1 at 20.8% 🙂


  9. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks for the recap. I think TW’s news trumps JW getting 5th place. It’s been hours since i’ve read it but I am still in shock. I fell hook, line and sinker for him being so lonely and everyone trying to matchmake him. To announce he is getting married, she is pregnant and the dork is marrying a prima ballerina? Like the most graceful, athletic, balletic woman… and him? * has the sky fallen? *
    This is not an insult to him but still, as a fan, in shock. Happy for him but him an appa? My mind is exploding.


  10. Zee says:

    Aw. Uhmforce. The opposite attract. Can you imagine Uhm Tae Woong and his ballerina wife dance at their wedding (if the bride & groom dance in Korean wedding). The Swan and The Dork. LOL.

    I read it that his sister Jung Hwa noona plays the matchmaker. Please, don’t do that too to your other donseng, Noona i.e. Joo Won, he still young! Haha.

    Last week’s episode of 1n2d hits 20% mark? Good. I hope it will stay on top because Season 2 is doing fine now.


  11. Enz says:

    Thanks for translating that interview softy! Am excited to hear that joo won’s going to be on win win. I must they to catch it on kbs world. Wonder who they’ll get for his secret guest? Uee? 🙂


  12. joonni says:

    That interview with CTH was so funny cuz like you said, he has great timing. And he is so witty and honest.


  13. Feima says:

    @Softy – can’t wait to start camping with you and the rest ~ missed the chats and what-nots!


  14. Qe says:

    LOL, thanks for translation of the interview of Tae Hyun and Uee for their new drama. Of course, when talk about Jeon Woochi, you will think of Kang Dong Won.

    And I guess, same goes when we talk about Gaksital, we will think of Joo Won as Lee Kang To. He sets a high standard for his role too 🙂

    Looking forward for your LIVE recap on Joo Won’s WIN WIN!!!! I don’t think his Tae Woong hyung will be his surprise guest, spotlight will be on him (thinking about his breakout news on his marriage). Haha.

    Thanks in advance Softy!


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