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I haven’t cried this much in ages. With every step she took, my heart leaped to my throat. The tears formed before she even got her shoes on. This was the moment I was dreading and no matter how much you think you can handle it, you are fooling yourself. As she looked around, flashback scenes went on in my head. I remembered how she would hitch up her skirt and run through the streets as arang the fearless ghost. Then when she came back as human and practically skipped down the street from joy. All of her memories -both good and bad – flashed in those few seconds.  Then that lump in my throat just got bigger and I thought I would choke. If that’s how I felt, I can’t imagine the pain in her heart. It must have felt like deadweight, drowning her in misery.

Written before it aired: It seems last night’s episode sparked more questions and conjectures about what’s going to happen to Arang and her sato after this is all over. If the whole point of showing Mu Yeon’s flashback was to throw out the idea that this could happen to Arang and sato as well, then now I am truly frightened – way more than the actual scary stuff I’ve seen so far. Perpetual love that spans 3 lifetimes might sound romantic in theory, but it seems more like torture to me. For the first time ever, last night as I watched Seo sitting in that cave recalling her memories of love, she suddenly sounded more human to me. Her voice got softer and melancholic. It may have been the only time I didn’t get any chills from her scene. Even though B’s grandmother said that Arang wouldn’t be able to take her memories with her to heaven and if she went to hell, no one here would remember she ever existed, I think that didn’t apply to Mu Yeon cuz of what she is going through. In a way, maybe she was cursed with her memories of her love cuz she will never ever have any living here in a human form.  The mere fact that she has been able to survive all this time on earth in itself is incredible so maybe Jade didn’t want her to be content and let her retain her memories of her past love. The other possibility is that she has grown so weak that maybe memories she has suppressed are just now surfacing just like how J is getting back his. Hopefully it’s that situation where death is knocking on your door so you start to recall things you thought you had long forgotten. If that’s the case, her death should be right around the corner.  When that happens, I might have to stop typing just to applaud.


Starts from the magistrate’s office being overrun by choi’s men. choi’s guy in charge calls out for the criminal Kim EO to come out. E and D get dragged out. E asks who are you. an old man comes over – the governor. E asks what right do you have to barge in. the old man accuses E of abusing his power to incite a rebellion and being a traitor and arrests him. And they arrest D too for helping E. D yells out what are you talking about – what treason. bangs say what should we do now.  this is choi’s doing.

E sits in jail and D sits in the next cell. D asks what is this. how can this happen. E says choi did this.

Choi meets with the old man. old man asks if the info Choi sent to him is accurate. choi called E a concubine’s son and says E went against the laws of the king everytime he opened his mouth.  every info I sent you is the truth. you can question the patrolmen. old man says it bugs me cuz E is lord Kim’s son. choi wants to tie up E and his dad and send them both away. old man says how lord kim is the one who kicked choi out before. Choi says I wont leave this alone and get rid of all of them

Arang goes to see Seo. Seo welcomes her and tells her to sit. Seo smiles and asks why did you want to see me. Arang asks what did sato’s mother get from you to give you her body.  Seo asks why are you curious about that. how impressive it must have been to give up her body. in this world what is more important than yourself. is that what you are curious about? Sato’s mother wanted to avenge choi. Arang asks then why is choi still perfectly fine(alive). Seo says sato’s mother didn’t want choi killed. Arang asks then what did she want. Seo says for choi to live groveling beneath her feet for the rest of his life so I made him have an illness (to be in physical pain). since choi always groveled in front of me, I didnt need to do anything else. that’s how I just went into that woman’s body. Arang says she wouldn’t have given her body for that reason

J paces outside the cave and waits for arang. He is about to go in but stops.

Seo asks -if it’s you, what reason does it have to be for you to give up your body. tell me –  what is it that you want enough to throw yourself away. what is that for you? revenge? For the person who killed you? or for the sake of protecting the most precious person to you? Tell me -if it’s you, for who’s sake will you throw yourself away? Arang doesn’t say and runs out.

J stops her and says don’t forget what I said before (for the sake of getting what you want -that you wont give yourself up- no matter what happens – promise that you wont give up on yourself) arang asks why are you with that woman? She walks off

J goes inside and seo says that girl is not as easy as I thought. I told you to get rid of the sato. J says I will do as you asked soon, but she says no leave it alone for the time being. after meeting that girl I changed my mind. why you had a hard time finding out what her heart wants now I get it

Choi taunts E and asks : are you comfortable. since your slave is in that state, there is no one to feed you. Should I put someone in there with you. oh yeah there was that girl-that ghost girl. D gets mad and asks what choi is saying, but E tells him to be still. Choi says it must feel special to have affection from a ghost. but if you go to the afterlife like this, what will happen to that ghost girl?  since she is in a body that wont die, you wont be able to be happy with her there. choi brings up E’s grandfather and says if you want,  I can tell how your grandfather died painfully in front of your mother in detail. wanna hear? You wont be able to do anything just like your mom couldn’t. E lunges for him and yells out choi’s name

Arang goes back to the office and wonders what happened. Bang runs over and say why are you just now coming. arang: what’s wrong – did something happen. bang says the office has been turned upside down. The sato has been arrested and is being blamed for treason. Arang asks what is that about suddenly. bang says lord choi but she runs off

B hears about D being arrested for treason and goes over to see him too. How could this happen

Arang looks over and calls out sato. he calls out her name. she asks what is all this. B says to D- what is all this. E says dont know what will happen so go stay at B’s home. D says hurry and go now cuz if choi sees you I don’t know what he will do. Hurry and take miss with you. arang and B are pushed out

Villagers read about the sato being arrested. They think he is being framed so they should go and speak up for him. but they decide not to do anything and watch cuz it would cause more trouble for sato if they stepped in

Kim tells J that sato has been arrested for treason. there is a sentencing today. and lord choi caused this. J asks what about the people with him. kim says arrested with the sato. J worries about arang and leaves

Choi goes to the magistrates office and arang glares at him. J comes in too. He sees arang there. the sentencing for E and D start. E and D are kneeling. The governor tells E to lift his head up. he accuses E of being a concubines son and taking the position of sato unrightfully (and some other stuff I dont know). E says it’s all lies with no basis and they caught a person who didnt commit any crimes and accused him of treason -mocking the laws of this country. the old man says what? no basis? do you admit to the crime of mismanagement of funds to hire patrolmen. E: I never did that. old man says that wasnt enough – he lists where E hired the low born to weaken the authority of the king’s law. (this actor seriously looks like he will blow a gasket – his face got red and puffy. thought he would keel over from not breathing while he said those long lines) do you admit to doing this? E: I wont admit it. the guy says you took your slave and disregarded the law by giving him a high government position -did that not happen? E doesnt reply cuz he did do this one. the old man asks didnt you know that’s against the rules? i heard you were lord Kim’s concubine’s. he gives E an ultimatum to agree to the charges and I will spare your life at least. villagers say what to do. arang says what is all this stuff that’s hard to comprehend. look here old fogey. she steps forward but bangs stop her and say if you do that you might get in big trouble. B says think of E. E sees arang do that and says to the old man: I have no intention of admitting to crimes that dont exist.  You can cut my head off or imprison me. Do whatever you want. if I really committed a crime I wouldnt avoid it and take the punishment. Choi: so you are going to hang in there. he yells to the crowd and says you will know what he(E) really is when you see what he has been doing.  G pulls arang over. she says:what is this- let go. go away.  choi says to the crowd: you all were deceived by a sato who was bewitched by a ghost and didnt know what is what. Everyone is in shock. they ask what did he say just now? a ghost? choi: this girl here is not human. the old man asks what choi is saying. Arang says to choi: you old fogey- what nonsense are you saying now. Choi : I will show you proof that she is a ghost. He takes a sword and puts it near her neck so E yells : you cant – what are you doing? choi says look carefully no matter how much you kill her she wont die. E yells don’t touch her. choi says you can see with your own eyes who is speaking the truth or lies. J tries to stop choi but guards stop J. Right before choi is about to kill arang E yells – wait. I admit to all my crimes. Choi wants to kill her anyway but the old man says stop

2 Bangs are saying what is soon as they decided on a side this happened. cuz E admitted to his crimes. other one says we shouldnt have switched sides. wonder if choi will accept me again. but the former bloodthirsty but now loyal to E Bang says shame on you – what are you saying. we have to be alert at a time like this. let’s try to rescue Sato. other one asks how. the loyal one says break sato out. other one says then you do that. third one says we need back support and they decide to call E’s father. we dont have time. let’s hurry

Bangs write a note and send it off to E’s dad. at night his dad gets the message

B and arang are at her home sitting outside. B says since I am uneducated I dont know. is it so wrong for D to wear that uniform. I never thought of that even once until now, but I dont know why are there status for people. When looking up at the sky at the moonlight -it’s the same for everyone.  Arang says I don’t know either. someone who should be alive is going around as a spirit. then someone like Choi who should have died sooner and turned into a demon is running around like that. There must be a reason for everything right? thrown into a world that is going wrong, whether a ghost or human, change it as much as you can. (she is referring to what jade meant for her to do)

Next morning E and D are dragged out in front of choi and the old man again. Choi says ever since you came here it hasn’t been quiet even for a day, but now I can read quietly. E says with that mouth, (he lists the lies choi said) you covered the citizens’ mouths and stopped them from breathing and just filled your storage. the heavens are not up there just for looks so you should be prepared to be punished a thousand times. Choi kicks E and says I am the law and the heaven. you take your thousand punishment – I will give it. he keeps kicking E so D says to choi – stop it. suddenly someone yells stop. E’s dad shows up. D calls out to him. Choi says I am doing my duty for the country so how can you tell me to stop. even if you are high up are you trying to interfere in a sentencing.  E’s dad looks down at his son and says to choi – how could you act as the one in control of this office. Choi says even if he is your son how could you overlook his crimes as a traitor. E’s dad says all of you take the order from the king. Choi and everyone kneel. E’s dad reads off stuff from the king – how E did a good job as sato and should be pardoned. He didnt pick on status between nobles and slaves which he can do as the magistrate and not a crime. and improved the villagers’s lives with the truth. since there is no proof of him being a concubine’s son that matter wont be considered.  And he talked about choi’s misdeeds and how E brought them to light. I acknowledge that Kim EO did nothing wrong. So the king absolved E. E cries.

Arang and B are waiting when D and E come over. B runs over and hugs D. E hugs arang.

E is dressed in his uniform again.

He talks with his dad. his dad talks about choi’s misdeeds and how E was pivotal in bringing them out in the open. E says I am just getting started. I will go all the way down to where it’s rotting and take care of it. his dad asks did you find your mother. E says I will keep find her for sure. His dad talks about regretting for not holding E back from roaming around (looking for his mother) but behind your heart for trying to get your mother back, I might have hidden there. even if you sit down there are things you dont see. a stream of water that starts to flow,  the water will spread to different directions. since you made it flow, you have to see it till the end. E seems to understand all that cuz he says I will no longer let another life die. (I think this whole part was for sato to do his job well)   His dad says E’s face really doesn’t look well.

Arang talks to herself. Sato has his father, his mother, D, the staff here, and in his household, in his hometown, he has people who knows him. That person had his own life. she remembers what seo asked “tell me – for who’s sake can you throw yourself away”

Seo is in the cave and suddenly chokes. Her hands start to age and crack. She calls out MY. M walks into the cave. Seo looks up at him with love in her eyes. She says brother. Help me. She touches him and ask help me brother. He makes a fist and disappears. Seo goes back to her mean face

E tells the bangs you suffered a lot cuz of me. E tells D – we have to go finish this up. D says yes I wont leave choi alone. He runs off

The patrolmen attack choi’s home and a fight breaks out.

G goes in and choi asks why is it so loud outside. G says sato brought his patrolmen. Choi says I wont go and starts packing up his gold. He tells G – I fed you so earn your keep and go out and stop them. D looks like he hates choi now and leaves. Choi keeps packing his gold and feels uneasy

Kim goes and tells J to run off now cuz it will be a problem to run into the sato cuz choi has been arrested. J gets up and walks out

G has the door to choi’s storage barred and D fights him and takes him down.

Choi is still trying to put his gold and silver into a chest when E walks in. choi says how dare you come here. E says I have something to tell you so I came all this way. Having been arrested, it’s bearable. choi: what? E: having stayed there for a few days I can tell you it’s not that bad.  I will escort you there so relax. he arrests choi and lists all the crimes like killing the maid, what he did to the villagers, starting his private army,etc.  He orders choi dragged away. Choi keeps saying you cant do this as he is led away

Choi is thrown in the same cell E was in.

Everything in choi’s home of value is moved to the magistrates office.

Bangs distribute rice to the villagers

Jade and hades watches all that and hades says “that person was taken care of finally.” Jade says (choi) wasnt a demon that Mu Yeon made, but he is no different from a demon. Hades agrees Mu Yeon made another human into a monster. Jade: greed/desires isnt always a bad thing, it’s just when you use it wrong it turns out that way. sometimes desire can be the strength to make the world move. he makes a comment about if people could see that difference – then the gods wouldnt have a headache

J goes to choi’s room and E says now we meet. You are the one who took the monster away isn it. what is your relationship with that monster. How did my mother end up being that monster. Tell me everything you know. J says arang met that woman. you know that woman wants arang’s body. Once that woman wants something she will never let go. I dont know what arang is thinking now, but at least make sure arang doesn’t throw away her life for your sake.

E goes back and sees arang. He asks did you meet that woman again. Why did you meet her again? and alone too. do you believe that woman’s words? She says when I go to heaven you wont be able to remember me. when I go to hell I wont be able to remember you. E: what is all that. arang: that’s how it is. so I thought this way at least it would be good for both of us to remain in our memories. E: are you saying that’s an excuse now? if it’s for my mother – don’t do it. no whatever the reason dont do it. I dont even want to know what you are planning to do. so stop.  don’t do anything at all. she says the moment I found out your mother killed me. I realized the truth had no meaning. so I thought let my truth be that I didnt kill your mother and that  I saved your mother and saved you.  Let me do one good thing properly for your sake.  He asks do you know how cowardly you are making me right now. you doing that – did you think that is what I wanted? He leaves in anger

Arang sits alone in her room in the dark. E gets drunk. Arang writes a letter. J reads it and crumples it up. Arang is cooking.

E is alone in the dark. She calls his name.  arang: I wanted to make food for you with my own hands. there are not that many days left till the full moon. she asks him to eat. he still looks mad so she says: Don’t worry I will do as you said. I thought it over and my idea was childish. Enjoy your meal. He smiles and starts eating. She asks if it tastes good. He says it does and keeps eating. She looks sad for a minute (she lied to him)

D and bangs drink together and D thanks them for thinking of coming to E’s rescue by sending that letter to E’s dad. D orders some special dish but bang doesnt eat stuff like that- pork and kimchi so D feeds it to bang. He says it’s really delicious. D says let’s get along closely like real brothers and forget all that happened in the past. They even think D would look good in a sato uniform. They drink and cheer

Next morning arang puts her shoes on and walks out. (omg I am crying already…)

She walks over to E’s shoes and puts them facing out so it’s easier for him to slip into. She stares at his room and walks away looking around the magistrate’s office. She starts to cry and looks around one last time and walks down the street of the village crying. (I cant see my keys)

B is looking in the mirror primping. Arang comes over and asks what are you doing over there. B mutters why did you have to show up now.  what is the point of trying to look good when I cant follow even a step of the person who beats me (meaning arang is way more beautiful) Arang says what are you talking about. You are way prettier. B feels flattered. she asks what brings you here. then she thinks arang is asking for her to call another dead person. I cant do that – it’s better if you just kill me.  but arang asks her to give this letter to sato. Arang holds B’s hand and says during that time you were annoyed by me cuz I asked for so many favors. You are a really good person. Here I am asking for another favor (to give the letter) for the last time. Be well B. arang gets up and leaves. B repeats “last time?

B runs over to see E and he asks what’s going on. B gives him the letter and says she said it was the last so read it. E opens it and sees what arang wrote. E read the letter and ran off. Arang’s voice narrates: Sato – someone said “I had a dream about a butterfly and woke up. I didn’t know if I was the butterfly or the butterfly was me.” While I met you I did that too. for such a short time that I would forget whether I was a ghost who became a person or a person who became a ghost, the time went by like a dream. With a happy heart feeling that deeply or a sad heart feeling that sadness – living like a person was moving. Thank you for treating me as precious. Thank you for letting me live with a precious heart. Like the cold wind erases the spot where the moon grows dark, the places where I was will disappear too. But I wont ask you to forget me. Remember me. Remember the name arang. Sato. I love you. arang looks back and cries. She turns around and walks away

She meets J and says I came. He asks are you really going. She says I will go. If you don’t want to walk ahead of me I will go alone. He blocks her path and says you are the first to be so cold. how could you not consider my heart. You know how I feel so how could you to this to me? she says that isnt it. if you cant bring yourself to do it then I will go alone. she starts to walk away, but he pulls her close and says “i said don’t do this.” he holds her in his arms and remembers LSR protecting him and getting stabbed for him and how she lay there dying calling out to him. He is shocked. arang pulls away and runs off. He knows LSR was arang now. He stands there in shock and cries. he mouths the name “LSR”

Seo is waiting and says you came. She smiles. Arang is at the entrance to the cave. She walks in.

E runs over


No preview – lines from last night come out

It makes me wonder if I could ever be this brave and selfless.  Where does she get this kind of courage to walk away and not turn back? Will her actions make Jade feel guilty for testing her love and doubting the human capacity to love? I bet Jade was expecting her to come this far, but I think she is going to put him to shame for believing she would do anything less than jumping into the abyss with both eyes open. I’m so glad her feisty spirit is helping her take her last steps, but a part of me still wishes she would falter some so her heart can catch up to her brain. That’s why I love that visual of E running after her as she walks on with slow, but deliberate steps. She is leaving her past behind her while he is chasing after his tomorrows -even if it’s just a few more days.

I love the look of defiance on her face, but this isnt what made me cry. That scene with his shoes undid me. she turned his boots facing out. It reminded me of that time I had a party at my home. As the guests were arriving, I noticed one guy who left his shoes alone, but made sure to move his girlfriend’s shoes to face out so she can easily slip into them later. we asked why he did that just for her and not his own. he said he does it without thinking cuz she matters to him more than himself. watching Arang do that for E as a last gesture of love just made me realize the kind of person he is losing. someone who does small insignificant acts of kindness just for his sake. then it made me realize all those other minor things she will never get to do for him to show him how much she loves him and he will never have the joy of discovering she did those for him. the emptiness these two will feel not having each other in their lives wont span just three lifetimes – it will never end.


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      yes they were siblings in one lifetime and not the others so she still calls him “brother”


      • rainyrain says:

        ok thanks softy , ok again my islamic culture doesn’t talk about the existance of many lifetimes for a person that’s why it’s bit hard to believe and to tell u the truth I can’t accept this love thing between the two but then this is a drama .


  25. nonski says:

    thanks so much softy! i’m bawling right now after reading your transcaps. yup late reading this. *sighs* i can only imagine how much crying i will do when i will watch this episode.

    there are so many wonderful scenes in this epi. the meal scene is awesome. it is so emotional, so poignant. just the two of them exchanging looks already makes me cry.

    i also like the scene when d was drinking with the 3 bangs. it’s as if things are coming full circle. when they are best of enemies before, now they are best buds.

    aside from the episode being so sad, it is also making me sadder to think that after next week we won’t be seeing (or in my case reading) this wonderful drama. from the start till now, the drama is just getting better and never and episode that disappointed us in any way. we have great chemistry between our OTP and our second OTP.

    i just hope that there will be something, anything that will make us and this drama have a happy ending.


  26. conjie008 says:

    Softy, I didn’t know you were recaping this drama!! I started watching this from the begining. I’ve been multi-tasking on watching : Faith : May Queen & To the Beautiful you. I’ve enjoyed your insight on Faith, but didn’t know you were doing Arang also!! All the dramas intrigues me in so many different levels. Having to comment on the revelation of each dramas is my compliments to the Korean Film Industry screen writers and how it’s evolving. It’s always an honor to read your recaps. The one thing that bothers me is, translations of any languages sometimes get’s lost. But, that’s where you are important to the “dramas”.. you cover all the in between lost translation. ?Thank you


    • Softy says:

      thanks for the compliment. I was starting to wonder if recap blogs would be a thing of the past with all the live streaming and translation sites, but I guess some people still like the old fashioned way – just straight recaps to read while on the go. I loved reading about how my followers would enjoy their breakfast and coffee while reading these. it makes me feel like I played a small role in their enjoyment for those episodes.


      • rainyrain says:

        softy don’t even have to wonder about this , I just like ur live recaps , they always come when I’m in the middle of my working times and they give me a break enjoying them
        this week we will watch the last two episode and this is sad 🙂


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