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I am having the most daebak week of recapping EVER – This show is the best it has ever been. I lost track of how many times I screamed, cried, and held my breath.

The look on her face is sheer pride. Hearing him say it was all cuz of her that he changed and was able to see other people’s pain made her so proud. LSR didn’t leave much of a mark in life and just died making a sacrifice no one even appreciated or remembered. But at least Arang gets to leave this world knowing she left behind a few people who became better people as a result of knowing her.

Fanderay’s sharing her talent with us again. Isn’t this gorgeous. She has more from QIHM and Tree.

I looked and checked again and came to one conclusion – he doesn’t have any after army abs yet cuz through that whole scene, he wouldn’t let go of that top like he was afraid he would reveal too much skin. I bet he begged the director – please let me keep my top on.


Starts from E’s mom yelling don’t come close and then trying to stab J so LSR runs over and gets stabbed instead. LSR calls out to J and dies. Arang remembers and cries. Seo reaches out to arang so E stops her and tells arang to go back. Seo says to arang: you finally came. I waited so long for you. He takes out his fan. seo says it’s jade’s fan. he says to seo: come out of my mother’s body right now. Seo: what are you going to do with that? you didnt see your mother inside yet. E: I did see.  I saw so I have to take care of this. He raises his fan to strike her and she yells your mother is still inside this body. he yells that is why I want to find my mother’s body (get her back). He strikes but nothing happens to her so Seo laughs and goes closer. Did you say your name was kim EO- you will never get your mother back but there is a way. She says to arang – give me your body and this sato will get his mother back. he yells what is this nonsense.  Seo takes out a sharp pin from her hair and strikes at E so he holds up his fan. It leaves a hole in the fan. Seo tries to stab him again so arang gets between them and gets stabbed instead of him. She falls into his arms. Seo says he is useless and tells him to hurry and go and help her recover. E asks if she is ok and carries arang back

He lays out her bedding and puts her down. He asks if she is ok. Are you conscious. Forget what that woman said. you know it’s ridiculous right. She says sato. He says don’t talk at all and just rest. She says you have to hear me out. E: I said dont talk. arang: a while ago the moment I saw that woman’s face I suddenly remembered what happened that night. I recalled it all.  He asks -what? your memory? then do you know who killed you. who is it? is it someone you know. she says I don’t know if I should tell you. E: what are you talking about. arang who is it? Who did that to you. she cries and says your mother. E: What? What did you say? Arang: Your mother stabbed me.  E: What? She keeps crying. he asks what is that? my mother killed you? he starts to cry

He goes back to his room in a daze. This isnt right. This couldn’t happen. that cant be the truth. I just wished you (his mother) wouldn’t have died so I came all this way to find you. so what is all this? why did you give your body to that monster. why? Mother – what do I do now? He cries alone

J is in his room crying. he remembers all the girls he killed. How they begged for their lives right before he stabbed them. Then how he carried the young girl’s body to that place. He asks – why do I remember memories she said she erased – why are they coming up again? Kim calls out and comes in. he says the wife is asking for you

Arang gets dressed and looks at the blood on her bedding. She goes outside to LSR’s room. She says LSR – what I have been looking for – the truth of your death has been revealed. She goes inside and sits. The person who stabbed me is sato’s mother but she didn’t mean to kill me on purpose. This is strange. Is this all of the truth of my death? She remembers how jade said “your question – find the answer on your own.  if you find the truth I will ring this bell. remember this well -Only the death of the one who brought you to death will ring this bell.”  She says to find this out did I come all this way. E calls out to her and comes in. I knew you would be here. are you feeling better. She says yes. Are you ok. E: Just looking at you like this is not easy. I don’t know if I should say sorry in my mother’s place. Or get revenge for you and send you to heaven. Or ask for forgiveness for my mother. I dont know what to say to you… She says don’t say anything. there is no need. I made up my mind. I havent filled up my time yet till the full moon. Jade wouldnt have made it this easy to solve my problem when I didnt use up my allotted time yet.  There has to be another truth. there has to be.  so don’t worry and think about rescuing your mother first. He asks if in her memory J was there with his mother.  I have to find out why he was with my mother

E goes to choi’s home and sees guards. He says what is this. posted guards.  he jumps over the wall and looks in J’s room and wonders where J went. He goes in and finds the sketch of arang that J drew. he takes it with him

He goes out and sneaks around and wonders what those other guards are. They have weapons. He goes into the armory and there are a lot of weapons. He says choi has illegal weapons too. The guards close the door to the armory. They hear E drop something so they go in. E hides. They find him so E fights them. His arm gets cut. he manages to get away

Arang told B so B cant believe it. how could something like that happen. it can take over a person’s body. arang: since I can die and come back so I shouldnt be speaking but there are a lot of strange monsters. B mentions so that is why sato asked that last time. how did his mother end up like that? what is the identity of that monster? arang says I dont know either. but it was a really pretty girl so is there a way to get that girl out of sato’s mother’s body. she asks B to call her grandmother. B says how can I call someone who is dead? arang: you can call her it’s just that it isnt easy.  B says that isnt an easy task even for a great shaman. as you know my shaman skills are only half.  but arang says try

Arang helps B climb to the rooftop and says – it’s ok dont be too scared.  I know cuz I came up here a lot – when you get used to it -you will be comfortable like you are in your room. B wonders why she has to do stuff like this. arang tells B to start. B tells her she needs to hold the top half of the hanbok of the one who died with her left hand and put your right hand on your waist and yell out myrang bak maluynbok 3 times so arang stands and does it. please please please.  dark clouds roll in and roll out.  arang says don’t go. B calls out for her grandmother . The grandma shows up behind them. B asks who are you? she asks what are you calling me. B: grandmother? arang had to repeat what the grandma said to B “ yes you brat”

The grandma says to B – do you know what you just did? don’t do this often. I came nicely but others wont. B asks what she said to arang but grandma asks:Why did you call me. Arang asks isnt there a way to get another creature out of a body. Grandma says you are arang – there are rumors all over about you from the afterlife. there is a bet going on. arang:what? grandma asks: so you want to go to heaven? it’s a good place. but if you want to go to heaven you have to give up something. you have to leave all of your memories behind so you wont have any memories. Same thing if something goes wrong and you go to hell. Your soul burns up and you won’t exist in anyone’s memory. they dont let any memory stay alive. B keeps asking arang: what did she say. Grandma hits B. B: why hit me. grandma: to open your ears. B: but why hit so hard? Suddenly B can hear her grandma. am I hearing her right now? Grandma asks arang: what did you want to ask me and woke me? Arang asks isnt there a way to chase out another creature from the body. grandma says it’s not accurate but orginally if the body owner has something they really want the one who comes in later has control over it. so with jade’s knife if you stab the one who came later right at the moment you put in what the original body wants, it would work. but not just anyone can stab her. so first find out what sato’s mother wanted the most. She says to B – be well- I will be going so B yells thanks grandma

seo says J looks tormented. J asks why are my memories coming back. Seo says-why do you think.  it’s cuz of you. I am becoming weaker cuz I didn’t get a soul on the last full moon. So your memories coming back is nothing. He says what do I have to do cuz I cant stay like this. she says-arang. if I take over arang then everything ends. or else no matter what you do you wont be able to shed this anguish. until you die, you have to live as a killer with your memories of being a murderer. J cries

J goes out and wonders-what should I do – how did I end up involved in this.  is this my punishment that i have to pay for my crimes.

J goes back in and asks what do I need to do. Seo says get rid of kim EO. Cuz of him his mother inside of me keeps coming out. everytime that woman comes out, it makes me so weak so it’s annoying now. Just kill kim EO.

Arang walks back and forth waiting for E. she sits down and says what does sato’s mother think of as most precious. Sato will know that. it’s better than not having a way so thank goodness.

E comes back wounded so she asks what happened. She wants to call D but he says no. it’s nothing. if you call him it just gets loud. he asks her to go to his room and find something to wrap his arm. She finds his fan and remembers how seo asked her for her body so sato can get his mother back. She puts the fan back and takes out some bandages

She goes out and treats his wound. She says the cut is really deep. He asks what are you doing. She doesn’t know what to do so he says just wrap it up rightly – you did it last time. so she does. He looks at her face. She asks what are you thinking. E: Thinking that I am grateful to you. too many things happened suddenly. You, mother, and this. I think I am being punished for living thinking my thoughts were important. She asks how can you say that. he says I lived not seeing or hearing what others said. if they are hurt, I lived thinking they have to take care of that. who can do that in their place. to someone like that – when others couldnt see or hear ghosts, why could I see them.  I was always angry, but after I met you I changed. I was able to properly see my mother’s pain and after that I was able to see other people’s pain.  then one day I realized- I have an ability to help those. So that is why I am grateful to you. she says no I am. I feel like I didn’t do anything for you when you did so much for me. I didn’t even make you a cup of honey tea with my own hands. B says if you put all your heart out there and separate, you might think you cant handle what comes after but you draw on that strength and live. if you leave, you will be so inconsolably sad that you cant endure, but being able to live with that sadness is a human. that’s love, memory, and remembrance – out of them if you have even one, it becomes the strength you need to live the rest of your life. I thought leaving you one of those would become anguish for you. like a dummy.

she is done so they stand up so she can help him dress.  That is why I pushed your heart away and acted like I didn’t know. E: i know. Arang: but B said those memories become strength for the person remaining behind. I cant even help keep your body warm. Cant live a long time next to you like others. all I can do is dress you like this once. if I leave this world and forget all memories of you – I still loved you. sleep well sato.

She walks off but he pulls her back and stares at her. he kisses her as she cries.

J sits alone and remembers what seo said (everything will end if I get arang) so he says I will do what you want. After that I will do what I want. I will take arang and get rid of my memory and anguish I will get rid of you. he takes his ring off and throws it and it breaks

E is getting dressed and arang calls out and asks can I come in. he says yes.  you just come in anytime so why ask permission. She isnt sure why she ended up doing this either. She says I didn’t get to tell you something yesterday. i found out a way to get that other person out of your mother’s body. flashback to grandma saying “it’s not accurate but orginally if the body owner has something they really want the one who comes in later has control over it. so with jade’s knife if you stab the one who came later, it would work. but not just anyone can stab her.’ arang: So think carefully – what is it that is the most important to your mother that she is here. and also I will meet J and ask why he was there that night, what is his relationship with your mother, and what happened to your mother. But E says no I will do that so you just stay here. she says it’s my truth too

E told D how his mother became a monster. E: I dont know for sure what happened too so you just know. after what happened yesterday. it might run away so I have to capture it and lock it up. D says I don’t know what’s going on but I will be back

D goes over there to the mountain hut with guards and seo is gone.

D tells E that it’s empty. Not even an ant

J took seo to a cave. She is really weak. He tells her to be patient for a short time even though the condition here isnt great. She says ok but don’t take long. J: yes. He leaves

Arang is waiting outside J’s home when he comes over. She says I wanted to meet you so I waited outside your home. I have something I wanted to ask. J: is it what we talked about last time. arang: no I didnt come to talk about that.

They stand aside and talk. She asks what are you hiding. What is your relationship with that monster. How did it get inside sato’s mother. You know dont you. he says that person is a fairy who is living in this world in a human body. the way to get the body is only possible when the body’s owner wants it. by giving (“listening to”) what the body owner wants the most, she can get that body. Arang asks then what does sato’s mother want. He says I only know that much. she says I will meet her myself and ask

Kim reports to choi that the sato came by yesterday. Choi is mad and says “get G out. call some men outside”

At night choi’s men attack and help G escape. G says choi took too long

G goes and bows to choi and thanks him. Choi says this is your last chance. Go and avoid being seen for the time being till I need you

D tells E that G escaped. E is mad choi helped a murderer escape. They call for sato to come out

D and E go out. D asks what’s going on. A villager says please rescue my son. lord Choi’s men took him away.since I couldnt pay back my debt to lord choi he took my only son to be sold as a slave. he is being dragged away now. My son just turned 8 – what crime did he commit to have to live as a slave.

E rides off into town with his men and D.

A little kid is crying and being taken away. his mother tries to stop them. Villagers says choi is doing that so we will see (as a lesson for them). boy yells out for his mom. villagers say if we get involved we will get in beaten too. But they try to help and get beaten. Kid bites the bad guy and runs off. E picks him up and saves him. Choi’s guy says give me that kid. It’s an order from choi. E takes the kid and D and the patrolmen fight choi’s men

E gave back the boy to his family. kid’s dad says I will pay you back and wont forget this till I die. E says it’s ok. you can go now. kid’s mom says her neighbor had the same thing happen and their child was sold off so she thought it’s other people’s business but now she thinks there is no such thing. so E learns this same thing happened to a lot of people cuz of their debt to choi. D says to E just saving the kid wont solve anything until they pay back their debt to choi.

Choi is mad about getting the kid taken. he says what E is doing now as sato is going to be his downfall

The bangs are collecting food and stuff from villagers and taking down their debt info.

2 Bangs talk about what’s going on. they shouldnt keep struggling over this and pick a side like the 3rd bang did. how did he decide so quickly to choose a side. cuz there are so many things to take into consideration (for both sides – choi or sato) with choi glaring down at them. which side do you think is better. i think we are missing something here. what? arang.  cuz of sato and choi we missed out on arang. if we go to the side arang chooses, wouldnt it be better?

Arang is outside and J comes over. He asks why are you doing this. she says I have meet that woman and ask. Take me to her. he asks the reason you are going this far – is it cuz of sato. Then I will let you meet her

D sits with E. E says I cant just leave you alone. You had a hard time following me around and working. So let’s promote you. D: what?

The men are gathered and D is dressed in uniform. E makes a speech praising D -that D worked hard to train them. in this office, he has the best skills. E says starting from today D is now their leader. the once mean Bang says clap so other bangs clap too and wonder what to call D now. D never had a last name cuz he is a slave so they have to add “Dol” to captain

At night D goes in his uniform to see B. he calls her out. she looks at him and he asks how do I look. It looks good on me doesn’t it. starting from today master told me to wear this.  I dont know if it’s ok to do this. starting from today don’t call me D. call me by my title. She says I like the regular D not this D. She goes in but he pulls her into his arms. even though he pulled her into his arms he asks what are you like this today. she is like that’s what I should say. he asks if she is jumping him. She pulls away and  looks around and sees ghosts watching her. what are those

M looks at the knife jade gave him. in order to take Mu yeon out of HY’s body (Seo) -my strength alone wont do.  I need your help Kim EO. Hades comes over and says go down (to earth) now. you are off probation starting from today

Ghosts surround B and scare her. D asks why she is doing this. D gets hit by a ghost. M shows up and takes the ghosts away. B looks at M and wonders if he is arang’s grim reaper. M disappears

D says B sees ghosts and I got hit. He complains about his bruise. E tells him to go rest. M is in the room. E asks what is going on. M: there is a way to rescue your mother. E: what are you talking about? M:  that kid inside your mother is my sister. her name is Mu Yeon. E: what? M: from your mother’s body, I cant force that kid out. she needs to come out of that body on her own. E asks how. M: you will find out. E: what? Give her arang’s body? I cant do that. M: I thought your goal was to rescue your mother.  you and I have to combine our strength for you to rescue your mom and I can rescue my sister. E says if you are going to talk nonsense like that saying arang is the only way  -find a real way.  then I will take your side. E walks off

Seo is in the cave. She says, “Even though it seems that I lived in the depth of darkness, there was still love in me…because I was human. Even the love that I mock, there was a time when love controlled me.” Flashback to her and M’s first life when they were commoners. Mu Yeon narrates, “When we were lovers, even though we yearned for each other, we couldn’t have happiness.” Another flashback to when Seo and M were nobility. Seo narrates, “Because our fates were deep and entwined, we were reincarnated as siblings. Even though time changed and our names changed, I loved my brother.” Flashback to when they were both heavenly beings. Seo narrates, “Even when we met as the reaper and the fairy, I still loved him. I hated heavenly life because you can’t have love in heaven. I said to him that I know how to live as a human so let’s go down together but brother refused.” (Seo tried to hold M’s sleeve but he pulled away).

Jade says to Hades, “When one stays in darkness too long, you forget what you were originally trying to see, and everything turns into darkness. So now she is neither love, obsession, or desire, but a monster/demon.” Hades replies, “That’s why human beings are weak.”

J is walking arang to the cave. He says this is it. arang thanks him. J says in his head: I did as I said would do as wife wanted.  arang: I will go in. but J warns: don’t listen to anything that woman says. Arang goes in

The magistrate’s office is attacked. Choi’s men call for the criminal Kim EO. Bangs are scared. Choi’s men order E to be taken out

Arang walks into the cave and faces seo. Seo welcomes her.

E and D are captured. E: what are you doing? let go!



E is sitting in jail and choi says to him: You won’t be able to do anything just like your mom couldn’t

Arang comes out of the cave and asks J: Why are you with a woman like that?

seo says to J: she isnt an easy kid like I thought

Seo asks M: Help me brother. help me

seo: you came. Arang asks: What did sato’s mother get from you to give you her body? Seo: for what reason will you be able to give me your body. for the sake of protecting the most precious person to you?  arang: I….

I love how he didn’t say I love you back in words. He just lingered on her face for a long time and then just kissed her. No one kept their eyes open. This was both of them accepting each other’s heart in a tangible and quiet way. Her single tear drop was the only indication of how happy she was now cuz she finally spoke her heart. That just made me cry so much cuz even though she gave him that whole speech about living on with the strength of their memories, once they actually separate, she will realize how much harder that is to do in real life.


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    If that’s the case, why did Muyeon who went to heaven retain the memory of her love for Mu Yong in her past three lifetimes????

    — And Jade says to Arang “if you find the truth I will ring this bell. remember this well -only with the death of the person who killed you I can ring this bell.”

    My question is this – Who killed Arang? Was it sato’s mother or Muyeon (who was in sato’s mother’s body)? which means if sato’s mother is arang’s killer, would sato be the one to kill his own mother (since acording to jade only ‘blood ties’ can severe the connection) for arang to go to heaven unless Muyong can kill Mu Yeon when she leaves sato’s mother’s body when she’s ‘transiting’ to arang’s body (in which case means arang sacrifices herself)?

    There’s a comment that Mu Yong and Mu Yeon were lovers in their past 3 lifetimes…is it an unrequited love…ie just Mu Yeon in love?? If it itsnt, how come Mu Yong doesnt remember anything and how can he be so noncalant about a love that span 3 lifetimes???

    The easiest way for a non-tragic ending is for Mu Yong to acknowledge Mu Yeon’s love…that is perhaps the greatest thing she desires right? That might just make her pop out of sato’s mother’s body!

    cant wait for episode 18


    • Softy says:

      hi nutty, sorry i am replying late but I just got home. i answered your first question on my intro for E18 that will be posted shortly. Just wanted to add during the live recap, I was in a panic when I heard the words “I loved my brother” cuz I was like “what the freak is she saying,” but it turns out they actually were brother and sister in one lifetime so hopefully that’s less icky. actually it still is for me. anyway cuz of that, I asked Joonni to translate that entire scene so it would be 100% accurate.

      about that line that Jade said – I must have listened to it a million and one times and checked other subs as well, but they wrote that Arang had to ring the bell and that just does not make sense. the korean word for death came out twice in that line so I just assumed (since there are no pronouns) that he meant he would ring the bell with the death of the one who killed you. Maybe I shouldnt have written “person” since Seo is not really human but I thought once she dies, then that bell would get rung. I still say arang is right – she is mistaken about who killed LSR. it might have looked like E’s mom but she was taken over by Mu Yeon when she killed LSR so calling his mother the killer is just not true. the key word here is “truth” and the “truth” is Mu Yeon inside of E’s mom killed LSR.


      • nutty says:

        Hi softy,

        No problems about the late reply. Hopefully ep 18 sheds some light!


      • Anonymous says:

        Been thinking about your comment since you posted…
        Perhaps jade meant that once she discovered the “truth” behind her death then the bell would ring? Not necessarily the “truth” as to who killed her.


        • Softy says:

          Nope I was right. I heard the word “death” used twice in that sentence and none of the subbers phrased it accurately. So I finally buckled and bugged Joonni again. I asked her to translate that line and it was what I said – the correct line is “Only the death of the one who brought you to death will ring this bell.” that means when Seo dies, if it’s before the next full moon, then Arang wins and the bell will ring. Like Arang asked, she could still get to live on earth if jade goes along with it. He said he would consider it when that time comes. If jade decides no then at least Arang will go to heaven.

          What I am hoping for is a miracle. The instant Arang finds out Mu Yeon was inside E’s mom when E’s mom killed LSR, then it means Arang found her truth. So I hope that bell rings and Arang’s body will instantly leave Mu Yeon’s so that she won’t have any host body.

          Actually now I’m confused. since Arang needs to be in Mu yeon’s body instead of E’s mom when Mu Yeon gets stabbed for Mu Yeon to die, I hope the instant that happens, Arang is left ok. maybe she will be transported back to heaven so she can yell at Jade for using her like this. I really think a confrontation scene needs to come out between Arang and jade again. If you think about it, he took advantage of Arang’s plight to scheme up this whole thing to get rid of Mu yeon – a mess he needed to clean up ages ago, but just left alone too long. Since Arang basically saved his “heavenly butt” she deserves a huge reward and earned her right to scold Jade as well.


  29. nonski says:

    was just able to read… thanks for the recaps softy. this will tide me over till i am able to watch. i don’t strain my eyes too much this days, unless it’s work and reading your recap. so much had happened to, i don\t watch live atm. blame the lupus flare up. 😦 anyways, just as usual, i feel like i am watching when i read your live transcaps. the kiss, ah, its killing me, so sad and so poignant! i really wish for them to be together, unlike mu-yeon and mu-yong. arang and eun-oh deserve that much. i am still holding on to whatever may come as a result of this from the jade emperor and hades. thanks again.


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