Arang E16

This girl has been touched by death far too many times for one lifetime and yet what I love the most about her is that with each new one, she isn’t becoming more immune to it.  Quite the contrary, she is learning more about how it feels for the person left behind as well as the person who has passed away. Instead of being resigned to die, she is finding it more important to embrace life. Just as she was convincing in getting an audience with the jade emperor, I hope she gets to meet him again just so she can tell him off. Only she could dare to lecture him and Jade really has it coming after all that he put her through.  I really hope Jade gets to see her tears and realize they are no longer about herself – these days it’s for the people she has lost or will lose. I just pray that this death is the last one, but knowing this drama, I expect there will be one more. But in his case, his death will free him of his remorse so it will be more merciful than sad. That’s what I keep telling myself, but I don’t believe it cuz I know my tears will flow like a river that night.

I thought this interview was too cute to pass up so I wanted to share this with you guys.


Yoo Seung Ho and Park Joon Gyu were on this show about cars. From how it starts, we can assume on this show Yoo was speaking politely to Park and using jondae so the host points out to Yoo “on the drama you speak banmal so easily to him (Park)” so Yoo explains “on the drama I am the Jade emperor in charge of heaven and sunbaenim is in charge of hell. So I always see only good things so I am a good person even though we are the same age – cuz he only sees bad things.” The host says how Arang is getting good reactions so how did you end up with Park Joon Gyu. Yoo: when I saw the script I really wanted to do it (the drama) with Min Ah noona but I only got to meet her that one time (for the scene where arang goes to meet Jade). Park adds – “it was too bad (it was so brief) so after that ended I asked this friend” (Park calls Yoo “this friend” cuz that’s how older people refer to younger people sometimes) “what do you think is the prettiest about Shin Min Ah?” Yoo: her eyes. It’s too –“ooph” (Korean equivalent to “wow”). Then the other host – that vampire prosecutor guy adds a lame joke by saying Yoo means “that’s why I like Park Joon Gyu sunbaenim more than Shin Min Ah” and only Park laughs. Yoo continues and says “during the in between times sunbaenim tells me a lot of racy stuff.” The host asks “he talks about racy stuff?” Yoo: oh it’s no joke.  he (Park) is like the great encyclopedia of sex education.” Park defends himself and says “our Seung Ho has been acting since he was very young so as you all know well he grew up too refined (well mannered with decorum) so now that he is a little older he needs to know what he should know.”

Looks like Park is really living up to his character and corrupting a minor. 🙂

written before it aired: It’s coming down to the wire. Now that Arang has her memory back, she will learn the truth behind LSR’s death. Once that truth comes to light, Arang will make a choice that either highlights her bravery or her selflessness. For E’s sake, I pray she won’t make one that requires sacrifice. We all guessed that Jade has known all along which choice Arang would make and why, but I bet even he will be surprised and even touched by her gesture. In the back of my mind, there is still a possibility of a joyous ending. As long as Mu Yeon is stopped, Arang could still be granted her wish to remain as human and live out the rest of her days with E. If you ask me, even grumpy Hades should be okay with that as well. The price she is paying to clean up their mess from thousands of years ago warrants compensation in the form of a happily ever after.  Out of all the fairy tales I’ve even known, Arang is the first one who actually earned her happiness every step of the way.


Starts from arang on the bridge at night pacing. She looks at the diary. She says J might not have anything to do with sato’s mother. He didn’t look like he was lying or hiding anything. they might have just been walking on the same road by chance. Suddenly she remembers LSR pulling out E’s mother’s hairpin and saying “don’t go” but E’s mother continued to follow J.

Arang wonders what is this. that place was near the mountain grave site. why was J there. did J take sato’s mother over there

E is pacing outside her room and remembers how she asked what’s going on. let’s know together. He told her I will tell you all of it later. he says- sorry arang – the truth of your death might have something to do with my mother. I couldnt tell you but now i think it’s time for me to tell you.

Arang walks back and says why was LSR there together with J.

She sees E. he asks where she has been to come now. I have something to say. She says I have something to say too

Inside the room she asks are you sure it’s your mother. E: yes. arang: How could that happen. He says I don’t know what happened but I have to find out- find out and set it right (meaning get his mother back in her body again). she asks if there is a way to do that (switch them) so he says I dont know yet but I have to find out. cuz it was so hard to meet my mother. I thought the grim reaper was making it up when he said my teacher was really the jade emperor. she says I thought about it and I don’t think all this that we are going grough is by coincidence. jade taught you how to get rid of ghosts and he made me a person and returned me and it was his hairpin that made you and me be together. E: jade emperor. arang: finding the truth about my death and you finding your mother – I think jade planned all this. wonder why he did that. she looks up like she is saying this to jade – for whatever reason he did that – I am going to reveal the truth about my death and find out what the jade is up to. she then asks E to find the one who killed her maid

They walk out and he tells her not to worry too much. I will make sure to catch choi and solve your maid’s death so go and sleep deeply. He walks back. She says sorry for not telling you about J – it isnt time yet. I will tell you when I remember more clearly in detail

Next morning sato orders his men to go and search all over and find the corpse at the murder site. E goes in and bangs say this day came. We have a murder case in this office. They look for the other bang who is running after the patrolmen

That bang is patrolling the murder site with the men. He says it’s been a long time since I came out. this is my job originally. He sees D barking orders to look carefully so bang starts giving orders too-telling the men to come and search here but the men ask who are you and ignore bang. Some men call out they found it. D tells bang to go and get sato. bang: ok. wait this isnt right (cuz he is taking orders from D like D is his boss)

E goes over to the murder site and D says it’s good that it was easy to find her. it feels weird cuz it’s not a stranger. E looks at the dead maid and remembers the last thing she said to him  -for E to breathe easy (after LSR’s funeral was over). Arang walks over and E blocks her and says it’s better for you not to look. arang: why? I should look. E: Don’t look. She remembers how he said that last time when they discovered LSR’s corpse. E puts his hand on her shoulder to stop her. but she walks over anyway and looks.

She crouches down and pets her maid’s hair. You must be cold. She cries and covers up her maid. I’m sorry. E goes over and tells her to find the ID tag. She takes it off the maid’s body. E tells D to take the body to the office. D says I have to go and find the criminal

D goes and confronts G saying my master the sato told me to come and catch you for murder. G calls him a slave again and asks what are you doing. but D shows the ID tag. D: i found out for the first time your name is park ha. G tries to look for his, but D hits him and gets the men to grab him

Kim reports to choi that G was arrested for murdering the maid. they found the corpse and G’s ID tag was with the woman. Choi complains G wasn’t able to do his job well. is this sato going to try something. he orders kim to call the bang (the short one who talks alot)

Villagers remark about G’s arrest and say no matter what sato does they can endure it all cuz he was able to bring about this change. they approve of the new sato

G is in jail

The maid’s daughter came over and thanked  E for finding her mother. cuz she almost didnt know the day of her mother’s death and wouldnt have been able to honor her each year. She bows and leaves with her baby

Arang and E sit outside. she shares with E -back then when they discovered my corpse – the maid held onto the corpse and cried.  E: she did.  arang: back then I couldnt see that – my sadness was so great so I wasnt able to see my maid’s sadness. When I saw her corpse I realized then–other than me – there was someone else who cried for my sake. If I only knew that sooner -I wouldnt have been looking in the wrong places for LSR.  then we would have found out about J more easily. E says jade did that – if you knew back then – you would have fallen for J in an instant. cuz you fell for him at first sight you said. arang: probably. E’s jealousy surfaces: what? probably?  she asks if he is just going to catch only G and wipe his hands of it (as in that’s all E is going to do). E: how can I wipe my hands when the real criminal is choi. she thought E would wipe his hands so E says I am not that kind of sato. Why does choi want to know your identity so much. then does J know everything too. She thinks in her head – that cant be it. LSR wouldn’t have loved someone like that. there must be some other reason

J remembers arang asking weren’t you curious how LSR died? J wonders why she suddenly asked such a thing

J goes to meet seo to ask something. do you remember? LSR the girl I was engaged too. Seo: yes. J: you had no interest then so you dont remember that girl’s face. Seo: so? do you want to see her face now. He says that’s not it – did I kill that girl too. she says you did. that girl followed that night and  saw everything we did so she had to die. J is crying so she says your shock must be great. Cuz if you did well – she would have been your wife. so why ask? just bury it. why else would I have erased your memory of your murders. He asks why did you do it. she asks -why did I do it?  what – erasing your memory? or letting that girl die. J: I meant both. she blames him -you ungrateful guy- are the one who killed that girl. cuz you werent careful you let that girl follow you all the way to there.  are you resenting me for erasing your memory? It was for you to live – it’s what you wanted.

Flashback to J bringing a young girl’s body over and laying her in the place.  he saw her face. Then how he was in his room traumatized by what he had done and seo came in. she asks are you still tormented as usual. killing a person isnt easy work.  if i knew you would be this weak I would have recued you back then (when he was a starving kid).  He says please save me. Seo: erase it again? ok i can erase your memory as often as you want. it’s simple. should I erase it? J quickly gets on his knees and she sits across from him and moves her hand over his head and wipes his memory.

Seo says now you know. who is the one who let you live? was it that girl arang?  he asks: LSR-why did she come all the way there. Seo: how do I know that. if you meet her again ask.

J goes out and kim is there (he brought food for seo)  and calls out to J. but J keeps walking

Seo says it’s not time yet to tell him the truth that arang is LSR. a time will come when it’s more useful

Hades asks – be honest you didn’t know too did you. jade answers indirectly saying even if you are good at playing badook you cant read every move. hades: you sent arang and knew mu yeon cant live forever. also you guessed to an extent she (Seo) would lose her energy somewhat but you didnt know she would lose that much. jade: yes I didn’t know E’s mother strength was to that extent. Hade says you sit here like you know everything so it’s not bad to confirm that there are things that you dont know. jade says that is the reason why my I believe in humans. more than I thought -the strength of their hearts that human have is very surprising . hades wonders if M is still suspended

M is thinking and talking to his sister: mu yeon – I didnt know which way was the road for you to live.  it would have been better if I killed you by my hands. Did you really lose yourself?   Flashback to mu yeon chasing after him calling him brother. M: dont call me like that. she asks: do you really like it here? bringing up dead people from the afterlife. do you really like it here when today is like tm and tm is like today. M: why do you hate this place so much.  mu yeon: they wont let me have anything. what is so bad about wanting. they wont let us have anything here. even if I have to roll in dog poop, earth is better – I want to live on earth. M: you are living on earth like you wanted but is it worth being a monster like now

Seo is in her room and looks weirder than usual

Arang goes to the mountain grave site. She says choi covered it all up but I have to go once to see if I remember anything.

J walks back and remembers how arang said I wanted you to remember someone thought deeply of you. he stands there at the site of the mass grave. He remembers taking the girl’s bodies into that place. Arang is there. she wonders aloud: why is he here. she walks over and calls out to him. He turns and is shocked. she asks what are you doing here. he asks why she is here. she says I was here before. there was a grave here back then. Did you know too. He stammers :no I don’t know…well. I have to go. She calls out to him. he is facing away from her when she asks: when LSR died – were you there? he doesn’t turn around and just walks away without saying anything

Arang walks back in shock. she says LSR and looks up at the sky.

Bangs are shocked cuz lord kim is here. E’s dad. bangs go over and greet him. E runs over and says father. His dad says his name

Inside his room E bows to his dad. he asks have you been well. forgive me for asking you. his dad says what you asked – I was curious too so I came in person. He asks what E wants to know about choi. E says mother came here to meet choi. What happened between choi and mother. His dad says it’s a deep sorrow and goes back a long time. his dad explains that Seo’s grandpa was a powerful government official –but he was framed by choi just cuz he tried to punish choi for his misdeeds so her family were all killed. the rest of her family had to take responsibility for it as well. his dad says understand your mother cuz it would have been hard for her to face you –  how do you think she must have felt as your mother to neglect you cuz of her sadness so she held onto all that sorrow and decided for your sake that it would be better for her not to be in front of you

Outside his dad looks around and says to E: there is one thing about taking care of citizens and governing over them. taking their sides and listening to what they have to say. dont forget. If anything happens, be sure to contact me and I will give you added strength. His dad walks away saying in his head to his wife – did you really come here? did you come here to kill him (choi)

E sits outside and remembers how his mother said I wont leave him alone. one day I will get revenge. E calls out mother

Arang is in LSR’s room. she looks at her reflection and cries. she says: LSR – finding who killed you – getting close to that truth I don’t know why my heart hurts so much. If I really want to find the truth – for me to go to heaven –means I have to find out more about that person and punish him- is doing that something you really want? She is crying when E calls out her name.

He comes in and asks what she is doing in the dark. Did something happen. Why is your face like that. (cuz she had been crying) what is going on. ok if you don’t want to talk now don’t do it. I don’t know what it is but until you to go heaven that I will be by your side – don’t forget that

Arang goes to her room and closes her eyes. E goes to his room and sits in the dark.

E goes out early next morning cuz  D told him he found someone who worked for choi 3 yrs ago. E goes to meet him. the man says 3 yrs ago there was a woman named kim HS how she worked at choi’s in the kitchen. she didnt look like someone who did that kind of work.  she insisted on working at choi’s so in the end  kim let her in but she tried to poison choi’s soup and was caught. And was gone overnight. We thought it was strange cuz choi wouldn’t have taken care of it so simply. the man asks for a favor – look into people being gathered to do forced labor for the government

E gives that job to D to look into it. D thinks it’s cuz those people cant say anything and have to just do it cuz choi ordered them. E: I know that too so look into it and see what’s going on. someone calls out to sato to come out

There are villagers waiting to see E. they have something to tell the sato. Bang tells them to talk cuz our sato will listen well. E sends bang out. E: now you can talk. the people say we heard that you were looking into/investigating choi’s misdeeds. Each person says how choi took away their food when they had to feed a family of nine so the mother died-another says her son got drunk and said some bad things to choi so her son was beaten all night and then died. one couldnt pay her debt to choi so choi sold off her 12 yr old daughter.  Each one cries and asks for E’s help

Choi yells at bang for not doing anything at the office (to stop E). bang apologizes. choi asks how things are at the office these days.  Bang says they hired patrolmen and D is in change of training the patrolmen and they are chasing the criminal of the dead maid. These days villagers are dropping by saying things to sato.but I dont know what they are saying.  Choi says ok go. But be sure to tell G these words

D goes into a room and asks why the bang is hanging around E. don’t even dream of doing anything bad to him. Bang says the sato is my taste. D asks do you like my master (“are you giving him your heart”). bang doesnt get what that means. D thinks E is bewitching ghosts and this bang. Just live the way you have been before

2 Bangs go and see G. G asks if choi said anything. Bang says of course – i came to tell you that even tho it’s dangerous for me. when you get out say good things to choi about us. G asks if that means choi is getting him out. bang: I dont know that.  choi said one thing – are you going to live a short time or live a long time. G doesnt get what that means. the other bang translates: it means keep your mouth shut.

Choi repeats the villagers are dropping by the office. He calls for kim to send an urgent message to the governor

B is in her room and looks over at her dead mother and friends. B says just cuz I thought it was unfair that I couldn’t see ghosts – now you wont let me hear what I can see. If you are going to give me powers give it properly. take this power back right now. her mom and her friends eat and talk about how good the food is. How D is trying to date B so he is bringing all this food. they feed each other and i cant look cuz it’s embarrassing. B cant hear them at all and wonders how her mom knew about the pork to ask for it (through arang the other day). B realizes her mom knows about B and D – she knows everything – how much does she know. is seeing good or hearing good – i dont know at all

Arang hears that E’s mom tried to poison choi. E: for the sake of  avenging choi my mother went into that home. then my mother – somehow somewhere was caught in the monster’s body and ended up living at choi’s. Arang wonders what is that monster.can you rescue your mother from that monster?  (meaning Is there a way to rescue your mother’s body from it). E: I have to rescue her. no matter what I will rescue her. arang wonders what connection that monster has with choi. E remembers how J said that talisman is old – it was here before i was born-there is no way of knowing if the person who wrote that talisman is alive or dead. then how the bangs said that choi’s home did well for a long time even before choi. E says that monster was living in that home before choi. the people living in that home gave that monster strength and were able to benefit  -same for choi.   Arang says then choi wont let that monster go then. E says for sure choi  must have hid the monster somewhere else so we have to find that place. arang: how?

E questions their spy ghosts. where did all of you go? ghost says we ran away cuz of the really scary demons going in and out. I wasnt going to run away but they ran away so I followed. I wasnt going to run away but I was scared to be alone so I followed them. E: then you should have come and told me.or dont come back at all. ghost says we heard there are no more demons. E: there arent – thanks to me.  ghost says there are rumors among us ghosts about you sato. E asks what rumors. They said sato is more scary than a ghost. E tells them to go and watch choi’s home again and if anything is suspicious report back.

Ghosts spy kim taking supplies to seo. The ghosts are scared of her hut and run off. Kim calls out to seo: I came. I brought some food. I will leave it and go. He leaves it outside

Ghosts tell sato – what happened. you said you got rid of all the demons. It was the scariest energy we ever felt so how could you trick us like that. E says I finally found it. he gets up to go but arang follows. E: where do you think you are going. arang wants to go with him but E says it’s dangerous. just stay here. She says – let’s go together- there aren’t that many days left that we can be together. no matter what you have to do – isnt it better if we work together than alone

Ghosts lead E and arang to the hut and say it’s over there- we cant go any closer. E says ok – you worked hard. They leave and E goes ahead of arang

Seo senses them and says did that girl come?

E tells arang to stand behind him. The door opens and seo comes out. she says you came all this way miss. (seo referred to arang as J’s miss)  Arang remembers how seo said she was J’s aunt and how she invited arang to come for a visit. Arang says J’s aunt. E: what? Seo says it’s been a long time sato. Sorry I didn’t know who you were last time. She gets closer to arang.

Arang remembers 3 yrs ago when LSR hid and watched seo meet J and E’s mother. How seo was shaking walking towards E’s mom. then suddenly seo and E’s mom suddenly got on their knees and was covered in black smoke. E’s mom opened her eyes and seo falls on the ground. J watched all that. E’s mom turns into seo but suddenly turns around and is in pain. J asks if she is ok. Seo pulls away from him and says this isnt it. I was wrong. She tried to stab herself but J stopped her and made her drop the knife. She picked it up and told J – don’t come close. she said that as E’s mom. LSR saw mu yeon come out from inside E’s mom for a minute. J tells seo -wife come to your senses. Seo holds out the knife out and warns don’t come close. J calls her wife and steps forward. seo yells dont come close and suddenly closes her eyes and stabs J but LSR ran over and got stabbed in his place. Seo cries cuz it’s still E’s mom reacting to what she just did . J looks down and sees LSR fall down in pain. Mu yeon settles into her new body. LSR called out to J and died. Seo says what is this. J: I don’t know.

J laid LSR in the room. seo told him to move aside. She looks down at LSR and asks who is she. He says I don’t know. she asks how did she get here. J: I don’t know. seo says on this good day – what is this. she must have seen everything so I cant just send her. I have to erase it. she wiped LSR’s memory. Seo tells J to take care of the body. J checks her pulse and picks LSR’s corpse up.  the hairpin LSR was holding dropped out of her hand as he carried her out.

Arang remembers all that and cries. seo reaches out to touch arang but E grabs her hand and stops her.


no preview -cuz these people are sadistic and enjoy watching us suffer each Thurs night.

Pretty sure taking over arang’s body wont happen during the first few scenes of E17 cuz there are too many episodes left. Plus – Arang and E didn’t have their farewell cry fest yet. Where the two of them profess their eternal love and cling to one another so Jade can watch that and feel like crap cuz he caused all their pain for his own agenda. That might teach him a lesson or two about messing with a human heart. for a god who claims to believe in humans, he sure doesn’t know how to honor that trust.

Man this drama owes me big. It cost me my regular normal Disney dreams and made me start having nightmares about full moons with eerie ost. Not to mention I will forever be traumatized by women with big hair and round eyes wearing maroon and black hanboks.  I’m pretty sure I can’t even get a DVD of this drama cuz I don’t want to have to stare at the cast photos of all the scary ones. Why did this beautiful love story have to come in this horrific package? There is only one way to make this up to me – it just has to end well. Anything else and I will feel robbed – not just of hours of peaceful slumber, my fingernails chewed down to a nub, 20 million minor heart attacks, but I will feel like this drama stole too much of my hope. I’ve never prayed this fervently for a drama to end well before.  If it doesn’t, it’s going to ruin any other future dramas for me. I will have become jaded by this one and that just shouldn’t be my reward for hanging on and loving this drama through all this. At the end of this scary rocky road, forget the light at the end of the tunnel – I want my rainbow dammit. There – I cursed – this drama made me use profanity finally.  See what it’s turned me into already. I demand compensation in the form of cute puppies jumping all over arang and E at the end while they sit in that field of flowers enjoying their new life together.  Ok – maybe the puppies is going overboard – take them out, but the rest of that picture had better come out. might not hurt to throw in a rainbow though.


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  1. rainyrain says:

    was watching the first episode and I can confirm that arang liked sato since that moment she slept next to him before she knows he can see ghosts , she looked at every inch of his face with tender smile then told him to sleep well and slept next to him , that was cute
    she did the same when he was injured and she saved him
    and I agree with u softy , Seo will find out soon that Arang’s big desire is being with sato and his mum , or maybe making sato happy by giving back his mum and she will use this to get Arang’s body


  2. flo says:

    wahhh..thanks dear for the recap..
    poor me .. i havent watched this episode yet..i had a problem with my internet connections
    and my heart still so hurting because of TTBY withdrawal syndrome


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  4. rainyrain says:

    galzzzzz , there will a confession from arang’s side and a KISS , OMGGGGGGGGG can’t wait , can’t wait


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    They kissing!!! Woo hoo… 😀


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