Arang E15

This is what you do when your heart feels weary and just want a few moments of peace. For Arang, this is about the only thing she can do now – quietly lending her shoulder for him to lean on her strength for a change.

I bawled like crazy over a character I didnt even like this whole time. watching the pain he is going through regretting his actions is just killing me cuz he has to go through this alone. at least arang and E have each other, but he doesn’t have anyone and it’s breaking his heart – and mine right along with him.


Starts from E going in. Seo senses them. E opens the steps to the lair with his fan. E:why? Are you still curious who gave me this? my master gave it to me. M: he is the jade emperor. E:what? M goes down ahead and E follows. E: look here grim reaper. Seo glares down at them. E: mother. She goes over to M and says you still couldn’t throw away our connection. M takes out the knife to kill her saying I will rescue you. but E stops him and says no you cant. what are you doing? M tells him to move aside but E fights him and protects seo. She makes her reapers come out. M tells E-move aside- she is not your mother. E: don’t talk nonsense. Both M and E fight her reapers. E watches as she tries to leave. he calls out mother and grabs her. she holds out a knife to kill him with. She says you are that woman’s son. His real mom comes out and says it’s you. M knocks him away and holds seo saying getting rid of you is the reason I am alive. He tries to stab her but the knife wont go through. E stops him again and M says she isnt your mother. E: what does that mean. E and M get knocked away by seo. she makes her reapers appear. E: mother. She leaves and makes E and M fight the reapers

J goes over and seo comes up the stairs saying save me. J: wife what happened. seo: Hurry. J hears E calling out mother.

E kills reapers with his fan and helps M fight them. Then E runs upstairs calling out mother.

Choi goes to her room and wonders where did she go. Did something happen.

M gets rid of her reapers and disappears.

Choi comes downstairs and says what is all this. when did she make all this.

E runs out and looks for his mother.

J takes seo to a remote location. She can barely walk. J takes her inside and closes the door

Arang is pacing in her room. why do they want my body? when they go to afterlife it’s the end. What am I? what is that fan. His teacher gave it to him. But that fan looks familiar. Where did I see it. she remembers the design from the wall. She goes out

She walks by E’s room and wonders where he went this late at night. She goes in and looks for the fan. Wonder if it’s here cuz he always has it with him. She goes through everything looking for it and finds the hairpin. She says he said his teacher gave him this hairpin. so if I didn’t have this pin then sato wouldn’t have saved me. So we came all this way and it started cuz of this pin but his teacher gave it to him? there is no way.

E walks in and sits. She asks what happened. Where did you go this late at night. are you ok? He says I met my mother. arang: what? Where? How? He says sorry but I have to rest. He closes his eyes and she takes the pin and tells him to rest and leaves

E thinks – she was my mother for sure. Buy why was she in that shape in a place like that- why. Was it mother who called those demons. that couldnt have happened. How could my mother. What happened?

Arang thinks he met his mother so why is he like that when he wanted to meet her so much. what happened. She looks at the hairpin

J asks seo what happened. Why are you like this suddenly. she says it’s cuz of you. if you had brought the girl earlier I wouldnt be in this state. If this woman didn’t come out suddenly then I wouldn’t be this tired. She says all humans are like this. they keep wanting something else. She says that guy in the lair was the new sato. I knew it. J says sato called you mother. Did I hear that wrong wife. She says if he called her that then it must be correct. J asks then who are you wife. What are you. what is the real you. she repeats the real me is someone you humans cant guess. my name is mu yeon and I’m a fairy from heaven. J is shocked

M goes to see hades and says I couldn’t stab her with the knife jade gave. Hades says you cant stab a human in your grim reaper body. unless you became a human, you couldnt have done that. M asks then why did jade give me this knife. Hades says jade gave you that knife for the sake of testing your will. with that knife – you can stab mu yeon when she comes out of the human body. I trusted you so how could you not know that?  why do you think jade put kim EO there. if it’s you, I thought you would have figured out that much.  Hades tells M to go away and rest for the time being

At night the granny servant walks over and calls out “miss” so arang wakes up and goes out. she walks over to her old room. she goes inside and the granny is there. arang asks who are you. the granny says SR miss. She takes arang’s hand and says it is you miss. Arang sees the stab wound on the grandma and asks  -why are you like this? what happened? who did this. she says choi called me and confirmed it was you. arang: what? choi? how did choi know. Granny asks what happened to you. arang says I don’t know. I have no memories of when I was alive. Granny asks how did you lose your memories. Did you forget about J too. arang: yes. granny: That’s better cuz when I think about you when choi canceled your engagement. for a few days you wouldnt sleep or eat when you found out. without missing a single day you went to where you first saw him. wanting to see his face just once on his way. you just wanted him to show up. they say if love becomes deep it becomes an illness -I realized that for the first time looking at you. you loved him that much, but since you lost your memories, none of that matters.   I have to go now.  since I saw you it’s all done now. Arang takes her hand and says I will pay him back for your murder. She says next to my corpse there will be evidence.  choi’s servant G’s did this. I stole his ID and hid it. she shows it to arang. Arang says I will catch him for sure – so dont leave anything and go. you were a good person so you will go to heaven. The granny says you too. goodbye. She leaves. The ID in arang’s hand disappears too. Arang says go ahead first and I will go soon too. Go well

The next morning D is running training drills for the patrolmen.

Bangs complain about all the noise of training every morning and D’s loud voice. one had a dream last night that D became the sato and was dressed like one and went around.  there are too many patrolmen so shouldnt we have more staff. other one says with what money are we going to feed and care for them.  the other thinks there should be more female staff – why should miss arang be the only one. other one asks whose side are you on – sato’s or choi’s

E wakes up from sleeping in his sitting position. He hears arang calling out. she comes in and asks if he stayed like that all night. She sits next to him and asks if he is ok. He says yes. arang: you said you met your mother suddenly – what happened. Why did you come alone. Where is your mother. Did something happen. Did something bad happen to your mother. He says let’s talk later. I have somewhere to go. She asks what happened. Let’s know together. He says later I will tell you all of it later. he goes out and she follows. He thinks – what should I do arang. I came all this way to find out the truth about your death and send you to heaven, but how could my mother be at the end of it. she says what’s going on. I don’t know what’s going on but have strength sato. for now I will  figure out my own matters

D asks E -let’s finish our talk yesterday- what’s going on – what happened with B but E just walks off. D: where is he going. why does he look so tired

Choi is alone and burns the talisman and makes his drink. He says let’s end this connection here. If I fix this illness I don’t need to see you anymore. I met you when I was young. thanks to you I fought all that i needed.  it’s time to separate now. He drinks

Seo: I don’t know when that woman will pop out again so I have to hurry. I have to hurry and get arang’s body

M is pacing and looks at the knife

E goes down to the lair and says mother – what were you doing in a place like this. he remembers how M said she isnt your mother. He is about to go up but choi comes down. Choi asks how did you come here. E: where is that woman. Choi: you made this mess here. E:what have you guys been doing?  choi: I dont know what that woman has been doing. E: you dont know? made a mass grave. wrote a weird talisman and made a barricade. dug up the basement and made a lair and grew demons. I guessed you did those things and came here to confront you but that woman was here.  did she do all this. choi says I don’t know any of it – I just let that wicked creature stay here in my home. E: wicked creature? choi: she is not human so she is wicked. are you surprised? just by looking at her – isnt she a wicked thing? now that I think about it – you aren’t a normal human. seeing how you had the skill to go into a lair only a wicked thing can enter. E asks then why is that wicked being in your home. choi says to cure my illness I let her into my home. after that I dont know about anything. The rest you find out cuz you are the sato. E says I will find out. you think I will be duped by you just cuz you step away from this. I am going to look into everything and reveal it. he leaves

E walks out and remembers how choi said his mother was a wicked being and not human. what is that nonsense

Choi wonders what is E talking about. That she called demons. I knew she was evil but she was to that extent. He calls his servant G and says quietly and without rumors spreading – get rid of all the stuff in the lair and burn the place down by the bamboos. Choi also asks for him to call all the men over to guard this home. When he is alone choi says kim EO I wont just hold still while you go after me

J calls out to seo he will drop by again. J walks away

B is sleeping and wakes up scared. She says to her josan grandmother – you are doing too much. how could you do this. your granddaughter will die. suddenly her dead mother shows up. but you passed away. Her mother says to put some pork when B prays to her on the anniversary of her death. B: what? arang comes and repeats what the mother said. can you see ghosts now? B says what is this. I can see her but cant hear her. how can she just go. What was the last thing she said. Arang repeats it and asks can you see ghosts now. that’s good.  B says what’s the point of seeing if cant hear them. Arang goes through the book and asks her to look at that design. B says it’s the one I used with you-symbol for the jade emperor

Hades asks jade- did you use kim EO. jade acts vague. hades: You’ve been caught by me. jade: If I thought I was going to get caught so easily then why would I play badook. there are more plays.  Hades asks what is that – arang and E meeting. we will know when it’s all over if your play turns out well or not

E is waiting at B’s home. She comes in and asks if they are going around separately cuz arang came a while ago. what brings you. he asks if a soul/ghost has the ability to break the divide between this world and the next- can it go into another person’s body. B: with skills to that extent – what is there it cant do. E: What about the original owner of the body –what happens to it – is the soul dead? B says you are going into it deeply again. wait and I will check the book cuz it will come out. She looks and says it doesnt die. in this situation-  If the original owner of the body is there -then it can use that body. if that body is trapped -it’s the same as dead. it’s like they arent alive even if they are alive and not dead even if they are dead. it’s really pitiful.  He asks if there is a way to get the original body back. She looks and says there is no way. looking at the book my grandma saw someone like that but there was no way

J meets with choi. J asks did you know the wife’s identity was seon’s daughter (angel from heaven). choi says since she dugged up the ground and was in the lair, I thought she was something wicked but she is a fairy. are you saying a fairy from heaven is living in a human body and became a wicked being. J reminds choi how he came all this way thanks to her. choi:what? J: did you know the wife was sato’s mother. choi: what are you talking about. J: that person said that – you didnt know. choi says she was sato’s mother. when she hated me so much. things sure are working in strange ways. Did you take her away. Cuz she didn’t get to eat during the full moon she should be really weak (meaning losing her power)

J calls his servant kim over and says I have a favor to ask you cuz you are the only person I can trust. there is someone sick so could you take care of her. you wont have to take care of her for that long. kim asks if it’s the woman who lives by the bamboo place. J: what are you talking about? kim: you dont have to worry. I have known about the secrets of this home for longer than you. J: what are you talking about? kim: I even knew what you did every full moon. dont look at me like that. when I was younger I had the same nickname as you. I lived a hard young life like you. on the day you first came here- I thought I should take care of that kid no matter what. so don’t worry. I was the one who brought that woman into this home. She didn’t look like that in the past. cuz you were young you didnt know but her name was Seo…Flashback to 3 yrs ago when a woman (ES’s mom) came to this home saying she will work doing extra chores -her situation looked urgent so I let her in. seo put poison in choi’s food. she was caught doing that and was about to die right away, but her life was saved by “that woman.” Then the next day something surprising happened. Seo became “that woman.” J says that woman was sato’s mother. The servant is shocked

Arang is walking and wonders what jade had planned. she runs into J.

They sit together for drinks. She says what you said before to me – asking me for my heart. it’s a proposal that is hard for me to accept. I am sorry. He says just promise me one thing. no matter what the moment is – for the sake of gaining what you want –  that you wont give your life (yourself) – no matter what happens that you wont give up your life (yourself), promise me that. she says you don’t know me well so you are saying that. not sure about other things, but I wont give up on myself. Cuz it was hard for me to come here. you are a good person. I have something to give you.

* what he said could also be translated as – dont give up on yourself (but since he knows the situation pretty sure he was talking about her life)

J waits outside and arang gives him LSR’s diary the one you were engaged to. I ended up reading it somehow. how she felt about you was inside. you said you didn’t know each other but that wasnt the case for her. I didnt accept your heart, but I wanted you to remember that someone else loved you deeply. I think it’s a good thing you are a good person. he looks at the diary

J walks out remembering how she said this belonged to LSR the one you were engaged to. I wanted you to remember that someone else loved you deeply.

Arang sits outside and waits

E comes back and sees J walking over. J just walks past him without noticing E.

E goes and sees arang. She is sitting there. he asks what’s going on with him. she says I gave him LSR’s diary. I thought he should know LSR’s heart. E takes his hat off and sits next to her. he is holding his head. She asks if he is ok. E: did you have to do that. she says yes cuz I shouldn’t have that. E: then did you finished everything there is to do with LSR. Arang: yes. She looks up at the moon and says it’s crescent. E: it feels like the moon is playing with us. she agrees. He leans his head on her shoulder. She says sato. He says just for a short time let me be like this. she thinks in her head-but I had a lot I wanted to say today.

J sits alone with the diary. He opens it and starts to read.

Next morning choi’s servant G and a lot of men run through the streets. Choi asks if he put all the men out. G says yes.

E goes out and thinks the answer is choi. I have to find out how mother went to his home. let’s start over from the start.

Arang is wondering alone and looks at the hairpin

Flashback to LSR walking in the woods at night. She saw E’s mother walking wearing the hairpin. She met J on the bridge and followed him. LSR saw that.

arang remembers that. she says that was sato’s mother. Why did J take away sato’s mother.

Sato goes and talks to some villagers. They say we didn’t know she was your mother back then. please forgive us. E asks i came to see if they remember anything else about his mother. tell me. The woman says his mother asked about choi. I didnt just remember it now- back then too I knew but i couldnt tell you.  E asks why did you do that. She says it was hard to talk easily about choi in this village. That’s all I can tell you. E asks are you that scared of choi. If I investigate the bad things choi did – will none of the villagers talk.  if it’s hard for you to talk then how can I take your side. The man says if we talk then will you sort things out for us. sato says yes. If you have something to say then come see me at the office

E says to D- send a message to my father. I think mother came to myrang to meet choi. I am going to find out what mother and choi’s connection is. you find out what choi and the villagers did that was bad

Arang is walking to that bridge at night.

J is walking with LSR’s diary and sees arang standing on the bridge. He asks what brings her here. arang: someone’s memory -this was the last one here. he says I was going to go and find you. arang: for what? he hands the diary over and says I don’t have the right to accept this heart. will you put it back where it goes. She asks aren’t you curious how LSR died. He says that’s why I cant accept this heart. back then I just heard the rumors and thought “so that’s what happened.” if I knew she thought of me that way I would have looked into it more. she asks where were you on the night of that full moon. He says probably here (on the bridge) seeing the stars from here is nice

Arang paces alone on the bridge. She looks at the diary. She says J might not have anything to do with sato’s mother. He didn’t look like he was lying or hiding anything. they might have just been walking on the same road by chance. Suddenly she remembers LSR pulling out E’s mother’s hairpin and saying  “don’t go” but E’s mother continued to follow J.



Arang: why was J there. did J take sato’s mother there

E: I dont know what’s going on either

Arang  says to E– I don’t think this is all accidental. E: jade emperor. arang: I dont think it’s time to tell J

With tears in his eyes, J asks Seo: Did I kill that girl LSR too. Seo: yes. you wanted too

when J leaves Seo says there will come a time when I can still use him

Arang: LSR – finding who killed you – getting close to that truth – I dont know why my heart hurts so much

The patrolmen are combing through the mountain site. E blocks arang and says: It’s better if you don’t look. Arang: why? E: Don’t look

When J told arang not to give her life over for any reason – I got really nervous. cuz we all know there is only one reason why she would do such a thing – to give back E’s mother in exchange for hers. I swear if this drama really goes there, I am going to flip out. I am all for self sacrifice in situations like when she saved him from the cliff, but no way will I be ok with him gaining his mother at the cost of arang’s life.

Sailor Enigma made another gorgeous music video and chose a song by Taru called “Let’s end it here”

The word haunting doesn’t even begin to describe it. Every scene she collected and inserted just blends from one to another in so many heart wrenching moments. That’s the thing about this drama, even their happy moments were tinted with sadness cuz it wouldn’t last. I heard the song and tried to find the lyrics online, but couldn’t find any that were accurate enough so I asked Joonni to help me out so she translated them for us. The complete song has another male part to it, but I love that Sailor Enigma chose to just insert Taru’s part.

“I wanted to put only pretty words into this melody.
This must be this song’s destiny
Like how precious we were.
But let’s not do this anymore.
ok – go well.
Let’s not meet again.
Let’s never break this promise.
ok – go well.
I no longer have any more tears to shed.
I wanted to put only pretty words into this melody.”

Even though the words were “I wanted to put pretty words into this melody,” I kept thinking that’s what E is doing for Arang. He just wants to give her good memories to survive in heaven. Then when she said “this must be this song’s destiny,” I kept thinking it’s talking about their love. The lyrics may be talking about an end, but I feel like it’s the opposite. It’s more like self preservation – sort of like what Arang is doing. Trying to protect herself and him from the pain of losing each other later. Just like the singer is trying to convince herself to stop, but is powerless to let go. Something I hope both Arang and E end up doing as well – holding on for as long as they can and somehow finding a way not to let go.


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    our satto is going to be in a big dilemma , if LSR was killed by Seo than arang may feel angry at sato for knowing and not telling her


    • lovelybluehoneyz says:

      but frm the recaps,arang was killed by J………n mayb with EO’s mum??but hw come the bell doesnt ring yet??


      • rainyrain says:

        ok two scenarios , it’s whether writer-nim forgot about the bell , or becoz it was sato’s real mum when she still have her soul fighting MY who killed her and so the bell didn’t ring becoz still we don’t have the whole mum with her body and own soul yet
        or a third scenario that Jade E made all this bell thing just to make Arang stop talking and asking question


  23. Mara says:

    JW breaks my heart because it’s not his fault he wa born dirt poor and had to do what he did in order to survive. Murder is not justifiable, but he was a child who was trained to be
    evil because he had a broken spirit which knew no better andhe had no family to love or love him. His “lost in space look” makes me spazz and makes me feel sorrow for his character. Now there’s the revelation he was truly loved and he can’t accept that lost love, because he’s nor worthy. 😦


  24. J L says:

    Oh, that’s really touching and deep…


  25. nonski says:

    helloes softy! thanks so much for the recaps. so nice to be back. i missed Arang and I missed you guys. thanks so much for the care and wishes for good health.

    *waves at flo, feima, bird, MJ, choki rainyrain, bbblue, SS and all campers here.*


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