Arang E14

I’ve been keeping track of how many times she has done this now so I am curious. Why does she think turning her back to him will silence the deafening sound of her heart racing as his confession sinks in and breaks down her resolve with each loving word. Maybe she thinks if she doesn’t look him in the eye she can still fool him into thinking their love could be pushed back. Or maybe she is deluding herself into believing she can keep this up if she doesn’t have to face him as he says words that would have made LSR swoon. That begs the question – E fell in love with Arang, but who is to say he couldn’t have fallen in love with LSR as well. Not just cuz they feel like two different individuals either. The heart is still the same even if their spirits are different. Arang may be braver and have great survival skills, but LSR knew how to love. She wouldn’t have made E suffer this much by holding him at bay. I really wish a little bit of LSR would come back cuz knowing her, she would’ve accepted him with open arms. She wouldn’t have had the courage to pull away like Arang. I’m getting scared for E cuz just how many more times can you let someone turn their back to you before you had enough. I rather he wasn’t tested so we don’t get that chance to find out.

This kind of terrifed look you dont get from seeing ghosts – you only have them when you are so desperate to get through to someone. His declarations of love are not being reciprocated so he holds on – hoping this action will convey something his words are unable to do.

Written before it aired: I noticed in that preview that B must have figured out how to unleash Seo’s reaper from that red jar. That’s why it attacked Arang and E had to fight with it. I suddenly wished this time E got hurt – not too much to die, but maybe just enough for Arang to try her version of CPR in return. That would almost be too perfect for words.

Special thanks to Joonni for coming to my rescue again and our thoughful Bird for leaving video for us.


Starts from J asking – can you give me some of your time for a while. just for a little while. E suddenly says: cant do that. she says sato. J tries to tell him that i have something to do with arang, but E says didn’t you hear me? that I said I cant do that. E gets in J’s face and says: I cant do that so get lost.

E tells arang – go and leads her away. They stare at each other and E just leaves her there in front of her room and walks away

J walks out

Arang stays in her room in the dark. She goes out.

She walks out to where E is standing outside. She says sato. You cant do that. E: we really cant? A: but I will do what I can and not make it hard for you. she turns around to go and he says to her back-  this time it’s different cuz I wont say those words I dont mean. I knew you weren’t honest about your feelings – but I acted like I understood – accepted  – being cool about it -I wont do that. She turns back and says then what do we do. you said it’s really complicated but it’s not at all. I will go and you will remain. It’s this simple. that’s what will happen – so what can we do about it. She walks off so he chases her and back hugs her. E: I will do this-  if I want to hug you I will hug you- if I want to hold onto you I will hold onto you – if I want to see you I will see you-  if I want to say something I will say it all.  After that -whatever happens – we can think about it afterwards. she has tears in her eyes as she pulls his arms away and walks off without a word

He stands there looking raw and vulnerable

next morning, Arang walks down the street and remembers E said  if I want to see you I will see you-  if I want to say something I will say it all. She says if you do everything you want then after that you will hurt more. he acts smart by himself so why doesnt he know that. like a dummy.

She goes to choi’s home and says it’s strange – why aren’t there any. How many days has it been. (she is talking about those patrol ghosts they stationed there) J comes out and asks what brings her here. she says I was just passing by. She turns to leave but he pulls her back

They go to a lookout and she says sorry for the other night. He says sato did that so you don’t have anything to feel sorry. to be honest I went cuz I had something to say to you. A: what? J: your heart – can I ask for you to give it to me? will you do that. if you do I think I can live differently. A: why suddenly. J: it’s not sudden – now I know what I have to do. A: I will act like I didn’t hear. I will be going. He calls out if it bothers her that he was the former magistrate’s daughter’s fiancé. I already told you the truth about that. people say a flower blooms in the spot where the butterfly lands but I never once gave a spot to her for the flower to bloom (all this to mean even if LSR liked him- he never once liked LSR)

B is looking for some book again. if I knew this would happen i would have organized things. where did i put it? last time I saw it – it was here somewhere. Under her grandmother’s book there was another book. She keeps looking. D calls out if she is inside. she mutters why does he always show up when I look (messy) like this. he comes in and asks why didnt you answer if you were here. she asks what brings him this morning. he says he brought her food. She says take it back. She scolds him for what he said to arang. how could a guy speak so harshly? what did you say for her to lose all her cheerfulness. D: I was thinking of my master. B: is just your master imp? isnt other people’s heart not imp? also how does it look for me in my situation (cuz she blabbed to him). He says I regret too. that miss said she was going back to the afterlife soon so I worry about what will happen to my master being left alone. B: she is going to the afterlife?

Arang walks and remembers J asking for her heart. arang says to LSR -it’s an unfair fate cuz the man you loved so much is asking for my heart,  but I dont have any heart left to give him. I am sorry LSR

Arang goes to see B. B asks why she came alone when sato came alone last time. arang asks her – do you still not know what the jar is. B says i am trying hard. i have to find grandma’s book but it’s hard to locate. arang says I know it’s hard but hurry cuz I don’t have much time. B says how sato kept saying there was no time so I wondered what he meant but i heard you are going back to the afterlife. arang nods yes. B says if they sent you back they should have let you live one lifetime. arang: what’s the point in saying that – from the time those perverted old fogeys sent me I should have known.  B: I dont know what you and he are looking for but finding it is one thing but dont do that.  arang: what? B: he is looking for something but you are going around alone. isnt it a waste to spend time apart. isnt each day valuable. are you doing it cuz he would have a hard time left alone. after you go he is not the only one left behind. everyone has someone who leaves or stays behind.  anyone can go through that. if you are afraid of going and leaving someone behind and dont do anything then what can you do.  dont do that.  if you really are thinking of sato -even after you go – you have to make sure to not leave him with regrets. that is the same for you. with what strength are you going to live alone in heaven.

Arang walks back reflecting on those words -B said – if you give all your heart and part -you feel like you cant endure what happens after –  then you go on with that strength. if you leave it will be so sad so you think you cant endure but being able to live with that sadness is what humans do. that is love, what you remember, and it becomes memories. even if you have one out of all of them – it becomes strength that you can live on for the rest of your lives. If you don’t have this or that – then you really cant live.

Seo counts her jars and realizes one is missing. She says this couldn’t happen – no one could come here

She yells at J that someone went in the lair. someone came in and took my…J says that couldnt happen-who could go in there- you made it so no one could go in –until now father and I have not gone in there. unless there was a fire no one would even come around so who. He remembers how arang was outside his home so seo asked did you think of something. he says the new sato came here. she says that would never happen. J: it is the new sato – he found the talisman from the grave and had it in his hands.  when he came last time he confirmed it was the same talisman as the bamboo to find father so she that lord.

Seo yells at choi. Choi says I know who arang is. Seo: what are you saying? choi: She is that one – the one who cant die. seo asks how do you know that. choi says I am hurt why did you hide it from me. did you really think I was an old fool.  She asks what difference does it make if you know who she is. He says: I think I know. I have one last thing to confirm so if I tell you her idenity I am cruious what are you going to do for me. seo: are you blackmailing me

Seo is in her lair and angry. how dare that old guy blackmail me. She sends her 3 reapers to go and get the jar quietly. She says how did the new sato get in here -that door cant be opened with a human’s strength. so how

Her reapers look everywhere for the jar. They watch E sleeping. They see arang sleeping.

E wakes up and goes out

Reapers go back towards arang’s room but disappear when E goes over there.  he goes and checks on arang. He sees her sleeping and closes the door. He sits outside and keeps guard.

M remembers what seo said – how she blamed him for not helping her become a proper human back in heaven-cuz he knew jade knew a way. then how he said there was no way to do that from the start – you thought wrong.  she said how he ruined her plan to become human when she found it on her own. Jade calls out to him. Hades walks away in anger. Jade says I wont blame you so just focus. M says what will happen if we leave mu yeon alone. Jade says -as usual, she will live thousand and thousands of years by killing people continuously, or get arang’s body and live forever. if mu yeon gets to live for eternity -she will become so much more powerful that you cant compare to now.  M asks did you know arang’s body would be a dangerous bait and still sent her. jade: I had no choice but to decide that.  if we leave mu yeon alone like that – she would keep killing people who weren’t supposed to die then the rupture between heaven and earth would continue to grow way to know if it will take hundreds or thousands of years but earth will be ruined and even heaven will be in danger too. M: my yeon could never have that much power. Jade: it’s not her strength. the strength of the world’s order will collapse. M: isnt that too dangerous of a way cuz arang could die. jade: we cant let that happen.  M: are you talking about Kim E. how can he handle mu yeon? jade: I believe in him cuz he is human but you dont believe in humans.  it’s the same for mu yeon. I believe in the human kim EO. the human mu yeon believed in was you. it couldnt be helped cuz mu yeon was your bloodline. there is nothing else for you to do.

Arang gets dressed and goes out but cant open the door. What is this. why is it like this. E was sleeping against the door so she pushes hard and knocks him over. He says it’s been a long time. (he is being sarcastic) where did you go all day yesterday. was avoiding me what you thought over. I tried that but you cant keep it up for long. what I said the other night, I wont take it back. instead I will wait for you. cuz you are a kid who does what she wants when she wants.  he stretches and says my back. to say this you made me sit up and sleep all night. when my back is really previous. She asks why did you do that then. E: cuz you might run off as soon as you open your eyes. So why run off? he clears his throat.

they sit and talk. She says how all those patrol ghosts have disappeared. havent been able to see them for a few days. they dont come here and arent in front of choi’s home. I’m sure they didnt just leave. maybe they were attacked like those ghosts in the home.  E shares his suspicions and says most people cant put up a barricade and have the skills to handle ghosts. so arang thinks maybe choi has that ability. no way. E: why are you only suspicious of choi? arang: then is there someone else? E: is choi the only one who lives in that home. She says J wouldnt have done that. E: how would you know? you cant know the inside of a person. arang: if he had that kind of skill then he would have known my identity right away. E: that’s true – seeing how he doesnt even know you used to be a ghost and follows you around. arang: that’s right – seeing how he confessed (his feelings for me) he really isnt the one for sure.  E doesn’t like hearing that and his jealousy flares: what? he confessed? arang: dont worry I didnt even accept your heart so is there room to accept his heart. he changes the subject and says choi is the same. if he has that ability -he should have figured out your indenity. arang: if it’s not those two people – maybe there is someone else among the staff. if not that – maybe there is someone else we dont know about. E says for now I am going to look into choi’s household staff

Bang shares that aside from Geol (the main one who tried to kill arang and E) and Kim there are about two other servants. E asks how such a big home could have so few.  bang says how picky choi is so most of his servants go home at the end of the day after work so only choi and J are left at night. bang says on special cases kim and geol stay behind so normally it’s just choi and his son. E thinks to himself between choi and J -it’s one of them. bang runs in and says there is big trouble. before sato knows we have to take care of this. he sees E sitting there and stops breathing. E: did something happen?

E goes out and villagers are there. he asks how many help wanted signs were put up for so many patrolmen to show up. bang says just one poster. other two offers to get rid of them since they cant all be hired anyway.  E wants all of them hired so bangs are in shock. D comes over and asks what are all these people. E says for the first time you finally have work to do after coming here. E tells the bangs to hire all of them

E looks over all the patrolmen and bangs say how they aren’t any good cuz they are too thin so how can they do their jobs well so E acts like he is considering that and says – starting from now feed them well then. bang grips his neck.  E says a magistrates office needs patrolmen. why did i realize this just now.

He orders all the men to keep guard well of this office and the village and protect it. if you see mistreatment dont hold back.  If you do well you and your family wont starve. (he literally said there wont be any spider webs in you or your families mouths)  He introduces the bangs in charge. Behind you guys I am there. from here on D is going to teach you how to use your strength. train hard mornings and nights. so that wherever we put you – you can become mirang’s patrolmen that no one can feel ashamed of.

The guys all stare at arang walking by and stop listening to E so E says what are you looking at! turn your heads! from here on don’t ever look at that girl. even if you run into her -think of her as a ghost. got that?

LSR’s grandma servant sees arang walking by and cries

Granny is taken to see choi. She asks why did you call me. He tells her to sit. He asks did you see her (arang) – you didn’t let her know you came right. She says yes. He asks -what do you think – dont you think she resembles her (LSR). she stalls in answering so he threatens to send someone to her daughter and newborn grandchild. Answer me does that girl resemble LSR a lot. I just saw a girl at the office who resembles the girl who was going to be my daughter in law so I am asking cuz it’s bothering me. granny says yes she does resemble her a lot. choi: how much of a resemblance – so much that you could have called her miss as soon as you saw her. granny says yes I almost called her miss. Choi calls his servant and tells him to take the granny back home cuz the road is long. They exchange looks – oh no don’t hurt granny

On the way over the servant makes her walk ahead and takes out a knife

Seo gives choi a talisman and tells him to burn it and drink it for his ailment. he asks when will you take care of sato and J. she says soon. He says I will tell you something interesting. J was engaged before. But you got angry and made me call it off. but right at that time that girl disappeared. even though it wasnt really a disappearance. seo: what difference does it make now. he says how the village was turned upside down.  But I covered it up with rumors. you didnt know up to there.  she asks why is this story so long. What do you want to say. Choi asks do you remember this – three years ago on full moon of the leap month, the day she said the dark swallowed the full moon…in the mountain…the abandoned building, something went wrong in that abandoned building with that girl, that girl was Joowal’s fiance and that girl Arang. her name was Lee seorim -corpse was recovered not too long ago

Seo goes down to her lair talking to herself -that choi is still useful. that girl that died that night came back alive. She looks in the mirror and says -then what that girl wants the most is revenge for me killing her. Since they sent a girl like that- of course she has not choice but to follow me around.

Seo walks out and J is there. she asks what he is doing here. he asks why is there no order about how should I take care of sato but she says it’s ok – there is nothing for you to do. Now I know what that girl arang wants so you can step away. I will call you when I have something else for you to do. She walks in and leaves J there startled

D is talking to the patrolmen and says you heard the sato – I am going to train you starting from today. he talks about how they have to learn to fight to protect/guard the office. B shows up with the jar wrapped up. D waves to her and continues with his speech. He is going to teach them to use their strength. Roll up your sleeves. Attack me. All of you. one by one they attack and D knocks them down. He looks over but B missed it cuz she isnt there

B says how she looked everywhere in her room for the book and found it. She talks about her grandma in detail so E says this is taking too long.get to the point. What is this jar. She says this jar is to keep souls/spirits in. those who couldnt go to afterlife for whatever reason.Arang asks do you know how to open it or not. B says I can cuz it’s in my grandma’s book.  she says choi’s ancestor’s spirit is inside. so how about thinking it over some more. she warns against waking a sleeping soul, but E says open it. so B says a spell and black smoke appears. She says please forgive me (to her god) and opens it. suddenly the reaper comes out. B bows to him. E pulls arang away behind him and fights the reaper. E tells her to go out with B. hurry and leave.  E fights the reaper and gets knocked down. arang tries to leave with B but the reaper blocks arang. B asks arang: what are you doing. he said to go out. the reaper shoves B so she hits her head. the reaper says to arang: give me your body. arang: what? he repeats it and E fights him. reaper goes up to arang so she pushes him and says I don’t want to. E goes over and kills him with his fan.  Arang feels faint so E holds her and asks are you ok. D comes in cuz of the noise and asks why B is like this-wake up

Seo says this cant happen. How could sato.  She starts to choke and E’s mom comes out and goes back in. she asks if it’s pushing her out cuz she isnt doing what E’s mom wanted her to like not eating during the full moon. hang in there a little longer. if i just get that girl – everything will be resolved.

Arang puts B in her bed and remembers how the reaper asked for her body. she asks why does he want my body.  Then that demon in the cave said strange to me too (he had asked what is your identity – when she (seo)knows what you are, you will be in big trouble.) what is that? What am I?

D asks what is going on – why did B get hurt. What are you doing these days. E says I will tell you later-  go out and take care of B well. D leaves. E thinks choi is able to make demons – what is his identity. E looks at his fan and the design. Did the master /teacher know already this would happen and prepared this in advance. That wouldn’t have happened. Arang calls out to him and comes in. she says B didn’t wake yet. He asks how she is. She says I am ok. He asks  didnt the demon say something to you. she says no.  she asks about if that demon was the same as the ones Mu young and E fought last time. he says yes. she asks about this (fan) -what is this. what kind of person was your teacher/master. E: I dont know well. he just traveled around. during the time I wanted to try to gain my mother’s heart and she pushed me away as usual. so I roamed around and took a nap under a tree in the mountain. when I woke up someone was asleep next to me. He said he would teach me to fight off ghosts so I stayed with him in that mountain.

Flashback to E fighting and that teacher saying how you can’t fight off ghosts like that. you put too much strength in just now. that strength wont work on ghosts. He makes E attack and hits E easily. They have more fighting practices. E keeps losing. Then the man gave E the fan. He said don’t open the fan just anytime. The fan will act like a sword against ghosts. If they are killed by the fan, they will go to a place they can’t come back from so only use it on ghosts you think deserve it. Just open it when you need to kill those types of ghosts. E asks how do i tell those type of ghosts apart. the man said you will be able to have the ability to decide that one day. I have to leave now. E asks what does that mean. how can you leave. The man says I am busy too. I have to play badook, give water to my goat, and take care of peach trees. anywhere in the world -there are no useless human lives or worthless deaths.  One day you will remember this day that we met. E: what does that mean. the man gives E the hairpin and says this is a farewell gift. give it to your mom if you want to earn her heart. you will be able to earn it with the pin. On the pin is something along the lines meaning “a truthful and longing heart.” Teacher says as you live -there will come a time when you are the most desperate. When that time comes, remember this- all questions start with you.

E says how he just left after saying things that were hard to believe. She asks is there a way to meet him again. He says it will be hard if it wasn’t fated. Why? She says seeing how the person gave you this fan he seems to know a lot. E says -what do you mean he knows a lot. he gave me that hairpin to gain my mom’s heart – but on the day I gave that to her my mom left. she is quiet so he asks what’s wrong with you – what’s going on. She asks what are you going to do about choi cuz he knows how to call the demons. he asks what is going on. She stands to leave saying B might have woken up. E stops her and asks: what is going on arang? tell me. she is shaking and says those demons want my body. same as the demom from the cave last time. he said I would be in big trouble. What is that. what am I for them to say such things. Why did jade make me have this body and sent me back. why? I have to meet mu young

Seo is sitting and talking about Eun oh. the grave ended up like that cuz of him. why did i miss that. the girl who died by J’s knife piercing her heart came back alive so he would know that. then he would know that girl isnt of this world. but he’s accepted her. “What kind of person is he?” How could I make this mistake cuz I want to get that girl arang.

Seo asks choi about the new sato. she asks where did he suddenly show up from. choi says he is lord Kim’s concubine’s son – his name is Kim EO.

E and arang go to see B. he asks if she is ok. B doesn’t remember anything. What happened. i dont remember after telling you to go out.  why does my body ache. He says I will tell you later. Is there a way to meet the grim reaper. B says yes there is – why wouldnt there be. E:  what do we have to do? B: you have to die. E asks isnt there a way to meet him alive. Arang asks if it’s possible to call again the grim reaper she called last time. B is upset they are asking yet another favor from her and dives under the covers

Arang goes out and calls out M’s name. E says it’s better to find another way like calling a ghost/spirit

E is standing alone and M shows up. M asks what is going on. E: I didn’t call you. what happened with arang. Why do demons want her body. What did you guys do. M says arang is immortal. The demons want her to have immortal life-the demons attacked cuz they recognized her. E: what do you mean by that. M:  you have to protect arang well. E says I dont know what this nonsense is but if what you are saying is true you get rid of all of them and go cuz that’s your job

E climbs over the wall and goes to seo’s place. He makes the talisman letters disappear with the flick of his fan. Seo senses that from her lair. E says I should have done this sooner. Master what is this fan’s identity. no -what is your identity.

Seo asks what is going on.go.  she sends two reapers out.

E is running to the room with the lair. He goes in and seo is not in her seat.

M watches from the top and goes down. Before he can go in M is attacked by her reapers. E opens the gate and helps M fight them off. M kills one and E kills one. E goes inside and M follows

Seo senses them. E opens the steps to the lair with his fan. E:why? Are you still curious who gave me this? my master gave it to me. M: he is the jade emperor. E:what? M goes down ahead and E follows. Seo glares down at them. E: mother. he looks like he saw a ghost


No preview – past clips

I believe this is when you use the phrase “the s*&^ has hit the fan” cuz now E knows who Seo is. This is not going to bode well for future eps. cuz I thought they would keep E in the dark a little longer. hope Seo doesnt put on an act and manipulate his love for his mother to get to arang. I can just picture her using E to get Arang. hope E is smart enough to realize this is not his mother.

That woman can glare like nobody’s business. I wonder if her own family is scared of her now. I would if she was my mom.

Arang has the resistance of a mack truck – how can she keep turning away his advances. did she not look at him carefully?  how do you say no to those puppy eyes and that charisma. she really does not act human sometimes cuz no real mortal would have pulled away from his embrace. his precious back would have been broken from women jumping on him to get that same hug.

Real back hugs never feel like this. there is no beautiful sweeping background music to set the tone. Usually the weight of his arms around your shoulders you find annoying. Not to mention you stand there wondering how many more seconds you have to let him do this cuz your arms start to fall asleep just hanging by your sides doing nothing. If he lowers his arms to your waist then you have to suck in your breath so your S line is more evident so it’s even more annoying and quickly want to pull away. That is most of our realities so we get to vicariously experience perfect ones like this. I don’t know how these actors do it, but it’s pretty magical. They made me envy something I never enjoyed even once in real life. I think sleep deprivation is just like being in a drunk stupor cuz it makes you open up about stuff you normally wouldn’t – will probably delete this tm when I am more coherent.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    waiting for preview…how about text preview?


  2. bird says:

    Finally, the Finally, the preview is out^^
    But I can’t join you this week. I have to leaving for a trip within a few minutes. so sad I really want to know what will happen . See you later when i’m back 🙂


    • Softy says:

      Thank you bird – sorry you will miss out on tonight. hope you have a nice trip.

      E fights M and says what are you doing now? M: move aside kim EO, she is not your mother.

      seo says to E: you are that woman’s son.

      the grandma servant says to arang: miss what terrible thing happened to you. arang: I have no memories of when I was alive. granny asks: did you lose your memory of young master joowal?

      E leans on arang and says let me just be still for a short time.

      arang: I had so many things I wanted to say today.

      E asks choi: where is that woman? choi: she is not human. she is a (cant hear this word)

      seo pretends to be his mother and acts weak and says EO. E: mother.


      • rainyrain says:

        not happy with this preview
        thanks softy and bird
        bird gonna miss you , I retunerd back from my trip during last weekend


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