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With fairytale scenes like this, anything less than a happy ending could be construed as gross neglect of what viewers are climbing the walls for. In particular – this one who has endured more fright than she thought she was capable of. I demand remuneration in the form of more happy moments leading up to the finale for my sleepless nights. Tomorrow’s hug and that CPR kiss will be considered down payment. An amazing kiss scene might make me forget the debt altogether.


Denial is a wall you can only put up a few times before your resistance breaks down. Pretty sure Arang is reaching her breaking point. The more she runs out of time, the more she sees E doing everything he can to protect her, she is going to crack. Pretty soon she will realize she deserves this. She earned his love more than any human girl ever could. She cared for him, risked life and limb for him, and now she is trying to sacrifice her own short term happiness for his sake. More importantly, her existence in his life did something every love strives to do, but hardly accomplishes. His love for her changed him and made him become a better person. Not only that, but I bet he will continue to stay that way even if she is not by his side. I don’t remember the exact moment I saw this coming, but even from the start, he wasn’t drawn to her looks alone – he loved the fiery spirit and determination even more. She matched him perfectly in their verbal sparring. When she is gone, the loneliness he felt before he met her is going to be nothing compared to the deafening silence he is going to feel in his heart. It’s going to be quite a privilege to watch him stand there –bravely smiling and waving when she leaves. Then that feeling will quickly revert to compassion as we watch him crumble and fall to his knees in grief. I don’t even want to imagine recapping that. If that actually happens, I will have some choice words for the Jade emperor and the writer for this drama and it’s not going to be pretty.

I want to thank Joonni for helping me out tonight – her explanations will be included in the recap cuz there are too many words I don’t know that is related to supernatural stuff.

also thanks to Bird and Anastassia for super fast video and everyone for spazzing with me.


Starts from E watching arang writing on the ground. He walks over to her. she calls out sato. he asks why she came out. Arang: cuz i cant sleep. What about you-why? E: cuz I cant sleep too. Arang: It’s only natural D did that so dont say too much about it. it’s a good thing that he didn’t faint. It makes me think I made a lot of people have a hard time. it’s best to hurry and end this and go. I will go in. She turns to leave but he says -Arang I don’t know why I am like this. I am overwhelmed too that I am like this. but why I am like this I am going to think about it later. For now I am going to do this. you said not to like you but I…she says sato. E: I…….Arang turns away and says: don’t say it. but he finishes “I am going to like you –  Arang.” he goes and faces her and says you said you are a truthful person-you do what you feel and think -you just go on that the road. no matter what others say. arang: what use is that to us now? Do you want to know the truth in my heart. I wont talk in circles. I don’t feel the same as you so you don’t do that too. she turns to walk away but he holds her wrist and pulls her close. He looks into her eyes and says “this is the last time. is that your truthful heart (meaning – is that what you honestly feel). she says yes. E: so it is. He lets go and smiles. E: I understand what you mean. Go inside. she leaves

Arang stands in her room

E walks outside and sits.

The next morning, E is in his room just staring. He goes over to her room and sees her scruffy shoes are there

E walks down the street and people thank him. He sees a sign posted. There is a man selling shoes and he goes over and thanks sato for passing out the food. The villagers think there is someone they can lean on – someone who will listen to them now. E buys a pair of shoes.

Arang stands outside his room wondering if he left last night and didn’t come back. E walks over and sees her. he asks what she is doing outside another person’s room. he walks closer and shows her the news shoes. He makes her sit and puts it on her feet. He says how it fits perfectly. he compliments himself on his good taste. he says how he couldn’t stand by looking at her wearing those scruffy shoes with her nice outfit. how is it – do you like it? dont be afraid arang. feel comfortable.  I know what you are thinking. I told you I would send you to heaven so I am just going to do that. stand up. she looks down. He says it looks good. You have to match nice shoes and outfit so later when you go to heaven you will look pretty. isnt that right? Before you go  -tell me everything you want to wear,  eat, and have – this brother will do it all for you. she asks: for real? E: yes just say it. arang: first make sure I don’t run out of peaches every day. E: is that all? arang: Also give me regular meals- when you starve they dont feed me at all. E: ok – what else. arng: there is nothing else.  He asks -what is that – it’s all food? she says yes. didnt you say a ghost who eats and dies is good.  D comes over and glares at them. he walks away without a word.  E tells her dont pay attention. Let’s go see what happened with the talisman. he takes her hand and walks away

Choi’s servant sees arang walking away and is in shock. Then he sees J walk in to see arang at the office

B comes out and says I found it. arang and E come over. B admits she accidentally opened her mouth and told  D. arang says it’s ok -cant he helped – the boat has already sailed so what can we do.

E repeats what B said – the talisman is not used to block ghosts. she explains it does block ghosts but it’s not what its real purpose is. this is amazing so it’s hard to believe but this talisman’s real intent is to hide the heavens (a buddhist term) so that is why ghosts cant go in and out. I really suffered to find this out cuz it wasnt in most books. E asks what it means to hide the heavens. Arang remembers what M said. That’s why there was a demon in the cave. M said that a soul gets trapped and twisted into something  cuz they cant get out of somewhere. B says yes no ghost can go in and they cant go out. arang says there are no ghosts at choi’s home so according to you they shouldnt be able to go out. B thinks then someone got rid of the ghosts. E: who? B: the person who put the talisman there. but why would a person do that

Choi mutters how dare they threaten me. what should I do with them – how can I get rid of them all at once. he says how seo wont stand still for it so what should I do.  no matter what I have to do -I have something i need to do.  Then he remembers seo yelling at him not to touch that girl. He wonders why she said that cuz she should already know what happened. why say don’t touch a girl who is already dead. Flashback to when he was younger and seo said-never saw anyone or had anyone,  but I trust you. if I can have that, then I can live forever. So he had said-just give me the order – whatever you want, I will catch everything for you.

choi calls for his servant and he says she is alive. he doesnt know how this happened. he saw her get slashed by the knife and confirmed she stopped breathing so what is this. Choi says it’s strange that girl is familiar. Where did I see her before. He remembers seeing LSR outside his home. her servant had said the young master has not arrived. Choi says it was her. she came. that is why they were acting strange (he means J and seo cuz choi just put two and two together). servant asks what else do you want me to find out. choi says nothing. Servant says how he saw J at the office. I think he likes that strange girl. since he saved her. Choi says J wants to live long and has been bewitched by that girl

Bangs watch J standing outside arang’s room for over 2 hrs since he arrived.even when he knows arang is not in the room.  what is going to happen. arang is sato’s gril but the young master is going after her. and since arang and us are not in good terms -they think there will be a problem between sato and J and the 3 of them. J sits down to wait. they think J made up his mind to wait till she comes

Arang says to E now I am afraid of finding the truth of my death. E: there is no need to be afraid. with the truth and all – you just have to go to heaven. I told you I would send you there. B comes out and asks should I write the talisman. He asks how long it will take.  she says it will be hard to do it right away cuz it’s difficult. E says there is no time to wait. He asks if arang can be a good lookout like she said. so he decides to find out what the reason is for that home to have that talisman set up.  now that I think about it there was a really strange place there at the home

M tells jade – you were wrong to think that (you had the wrong idea). Jade: you decided already? you thought about it for too short a time. M says when Jade made him into a reaper, he didnt just end M’s relationships/connections he had and he also said that all human emotions and concerns would be useless in heaven. (but we know the problem is that M is still feeling them) So Jade says that worrries and suffering are not always bad because they help you obtain certainty (you have to hit rock bottom to see a lot). M says well that’s okay for humans, but for a heavenly being – a reaper like him, it’s not necessary. M: so now tell me what I have to do. I will accept your order – just tell me how I should do it.  Jade: if you are that certain let’s do that. he gives M a knife and says you have to end her life with one blow to the heart cuz it can only be used once. M says: just tell me one thing. you said I was the only one who could get rid of her. what is that reason?  jade says : bloodline.  only a strong will to cut blood ties can kill that kid.

Seo passes out her sword to another of her reapers. He takes it and goes out. he catches a ghost and M is on his trail.

Seo says M’s name and crashes her reaper’s case so M cant follow her reaper. The ghost fights M but loses.

Hade and jade are playing. H says should we make a bet. what I said is right.  you dont have to worry about M. when Mu Yeon was kicked out of here -Muyoung accepted it without any complaints. that’s not all. before then when Mu yeon ran away, M is the one who caught her and brought her with his own hands. since  he is going to catch her  so I will bet hellfire barbeque and peach tasting meat will be really good). Jade asks what should I bet on then. what do you want? not the goat though. hades: even if you gave it I wouldnt go for it.

Arang and E are walking over to choi’s home. She asks if she really doesnt need to be the lookout for him. E: I was just saying it – how could you be the lookout. what do you know how to do – fly up to the roof. arang says if only I could go up to the roof I could look everywhere in all directions. long time ago I could jump on rooftops with my eyes closed.  He wonders where all those ghosts went that they got to be guards. This is why I don’t trust ghosts. if they do this then I cant solve their murders for them. arang: still – since they did work at least solve half of em.   He tells her not to stay close to this weird home and go far away where you cant be seen. You didn’t listen to me when I told you to go back to the office. She says I will go when I want. dont tell me to do this and that. He tells her to go over there and don’t move. He heads over alone

Seo comes out and senses arang’s presence and says did that girl come? Should I see her face once? She left the gate open

She walks down the path past the bamboos. E walks up to the gate and it’s open so he goes inside. he opens the door to the room where the lair is. He is standing right where the steps are but he doesn’t know it yet. He looks around

Seo walks closer to where arang is. Suddenly she stops and says M. he is standing behind her. she shows her face and M is shocked. she says it’s been a long time – has it been 400 yrs. You are the same. I am different. since I lived in a human’s body – as you can see I ended up like this. but I still like it. cuz I am a human. Muyoung asks – did you want to become human just to live like this. seo: what is wrong with looking like this. M says her name. seo: whose fault is all this? She says he could have helped her back then in heaven to become a proper human you knew jade hade a way but he says there was no such way from the start- you thought wrong. She says yes there is, I found it on my own, but you ruined it.

Flashback to a reaper (M) taking a girl ghost away. mu yeon is sitting outside. She goes in and takes over that dead girl’s body. She smiles.

Mu yeon is running away but M caught her with his rope.

Seo asks if he felt better after capturing her and handing her over to jade. how did you feel when jade kicked me out of heaven.  you knew I wouldnt get far but acted like you didn’t know. he says I thought it was better to do nothing instead of you going to hell and be tormented. I didn’t even imagine you would live like this for 400yrs living off humans–living not as a human or ghost. seo: what is wrong with this – it’s impressive. M: this is why I stopped you from becoming human. humans have a desire for ambition – once they know what it is – they have to go after even bigger ambitions. right now you are going after a human’s greatest amibition. seo: what -eternal life? what is so bad about it- I am just trying not to die and live. M says cuz of that- you are killing many innocent people. He takes out the knife. She walks closer and takes that hand and says I wont do anything brother. put this through my heart.  That way you can prove to them you are a blameless reaper. but M cant do it. He sees his real sister smiling at him. She says it’s not time to meet you yet, but I wanted to see that girl in a hurry. tell them that girl is a good bait. Brother -see you again next time. he lets her walk away

Hades drops his red game piece. He is angry and walks off. Jade looks worried

E takes out his fan and it is shaking. He opens the fan and the ground opens up too. He tries to pry it open more. he asks what is this. his fan keeps shaking. He swishes the fan and the steps open up so he goes down there. he wonders what all this is. What is choi’s identity. He tries to move the red jars.

Arang is waiting and J comes over. He asks what are you doing here. I went to the office and waited but you didn’t come back so I was coming home. what are you doing here.  You shouldn’t be here. let’s go. Seo shows up and asks who is she. J pulls arang behind him to shield her. J tells arang not to move away from him. Seo walks over and sees arang peeking out from behind J. J is gripping arang’s hand really hard

E comes out with one of the red jars.  He leaves the gate sort of ajar like he found it

Seo asks J – who is she. J says someone I know. seo walks over and stares at arang from top to bottom. J asks Seo what is she doing this late at night. Seo says I had someone to meet so I came out for a short time. what you dont know during the day you find out when it’s night. He tells her to go in now. Seo says I should. She looks at arang and says I am J’s aunt. come to our home for a visit sometime. she tells J she is going in now. She walks off, but turns and says she that young miss is a really good girl.

Arang asks J to let go of her hand. E walks over and sees them holding hands. She says let go of my hand. So J does. J says sorry. my big aunt dropped by for a short time. I will be going so go carefully. He goes in but looks over at her once

Arang turns and E is there. he asks what she had been doing. arang: nothing. She asks what that is. He says I don’t know. let’s go for now. He walks ahead of her

J goes in and seo asks what made you bring her here. did you get control of your heart. She is better than I thought. now that I saw her, it makes me want to hurry and get rid of this old body. I am going to have that kid no matter what. there are plenty of guys who can do that other than you. your father is still alive too. J: wife. seo: I gave you a chance cuz you were different from others. give me money -status- etc. I didnt know humans were so calculating (trying to get something out of it) but you didnt ask for anything. you just wanted to live as a person. You asked what is living like a person –to live in a warm home eating warm food not being looked down by others- and a mother. your ambitions were easier than others. I felt a little sorry for you and gave you a chance and let you call me mother when others couldnt. I was so good to you, but now you are asking for something that is the hardest (to give)  how dare you try to take what’s mine.

E doesnt look at her and seems to be bothered by something. Arang touches the red jar. She says -you are right- it’s really cold. It’s a feeling I cant explain. It doesn’t feel right.  The lid wont open. What is inside it. E pushes it away and lays down. he closes his eyes and says I have to go to B. she says what would B know. she is a shaman who cant even see a ghost.  I thought she could hear, but she could only hear my voice. I will be going now. She stands to leave but he says arang – you not seeing me I can put up with it somehow, but it’s not easy to endure seeing you looking at another guy. She walks out. *new song plays

M has the knife and takes it out.

M reports to jade and hades. M: i will do it again. jade: dont do it. M: this time… Jade: dont do it. hades gets up and leaves angry. jade says his brother’s anger will go a long time cuz of his great disappointment.  M says that Kim Eun-oh has the emperors stuff. what is he? He asks if Eun-oh is going to replace him (to kill Muyeon). Jade replies yes. M says you said we need the jade’s sword and bloodline to kill her. He asks what bloodline does Eun-oh have. Is Muyeon’s body his mother.

E goes out and arang is waiting. She asks if he is going to B – I will go with you. but he says it’s ok you just stay here

B asks why do I have to find out about a jar now. E says it’s not a normal one. Touch it. doesn’t it have a bad aura. She gets jealous of his ability for a second and forgets her place. B: are you bragging right now in front of me. I don’t feel anything. Must be nice you can see and feel stuff like this. why are you a sato with skills like those. You should sit in my seat. She catches herself and apologizes. please forgive me. I must have gone crazy for a second.  He says it’s ok. as long as you know. this is all I can do so I trust you  – you said you’ve learned about shaman things so there is nothing you dont know.  hurry and find out cuz there is no time. she asks why did you come alone today. What about miss arang

Bangs go over and bring arang a drink. he asks if she rested comfortably during the night and tells her to drink up. arang: what is it? They explain they made her a famous porridge made of iced honey. cuz it’s good for her skin and bowel movement. arang: so? they ask her to drink it all down. She takes it and asks did you put poison in it? even if you did it doesn’t matter. She drinks it down. He asks how it tastes. She says it tastes like apple. He asks if she clearly decided which guy – sato or the young master. D shows up so she runs after him. Bang complains she always cuts him off as he is talking

She goes and holds onto his arm, but he takes her hands away. D speaks banmal then jondae then banmal. D: what is it. she says I’m sorry. I know you are very angry but don’t do that to sato. He values you the most so if you do this it upsets him. he mutters E doesnt see anything cuz he has been betwitched by a ghost. She explains: that’s not it. I asked him for a favor so he is only figuring that out. D: that is why I am saying he has been bewitched.  he totally changed.  my master doesn’t do that stuff normally. just cuz someone asks for a favor, he isnt a master who does it. my master doesnt even care this much (fingertip) about other people’s business. but now he is like this.  just look – as soon as he opened his eyes – where did he go? arang looks down and starts to walk away. she turns and says “but D – I have to go back to the afterlife soon so just be patient a little longer. I will return your master to you soon.” arang walks away. D turns and sees E

They sit and talk. D: you can talk. E says you don’t know who arang is do you. D: how would I know that? I dont need to know either.  E: Last time she is the young miss you protected – you remember right? the former magistrate’s daughter LSR. You got beaten to a pulp by choi’s men to protect her. D: what does that mean? we had a funeral for her. how could she become a ghost – no – a person again? no she is not a person or a ghost. E: She came back as a person and has something to do so I am helping her. you know too that I only think about myself. I heard you talking well a while ago. D: even though I always said that, but I dont know how you feel inside. E: Like you said I changed. I wasn’t bewitched by a ghost and I am not hurt anywhere –for the first time, I worry about someone else and not me.  these days there is something that I feel –  that you are a hundred times better than me. D: what does that mean? E: like you said – you who protected the corpse of the former magistrate’s daughter that you never met before and me who is just now learning to do that- we started differently. D: what does that mean? E:  someone like you should be sato. D: how can you say such a thing -how could someone like me dare to. E:  instead of someone who is born as a nobleman cuz of their father  and that’s all they have -someone who knows how to treat people humanely -someone like that should become sato. D: dont draw out talk I dont understand. anyway I get what you are feeling. I wont be mean to arang anymore so dont worry. I will be going

D goes out and thinks E has been bewitched too much. what’s up with Dolswe sato? anyway my young master’s first love is a ghost  – to a guy his first love is so scary. but what was the talk about seeing ghosts.   When did he start being able to do that.  Does master kim know. then were those rumors true when he was a kid?

E meets with the bangs.  E asks about choi’s background. the 3 bangs tell E that Choi is not from Miryang but from Hanyang originally. he’s been here for about 25 years. He went back and forth between the two cities until recently, he just stayed in Miryang. the 3 bangs talk about how lucky that households that have lived on that land have been. Every household before Choi also lived well. The 3 bangs tell him that Choi was powerful in Hanyang but it was Eun-oh’s dad that sent Choi away. Eun-oh didn’t know. the 3 bangs thought he knew. that’s way he acted so brazenly. They comment that it seems Choi is getting old these days since if it was like before, he would have never backed down like that to Eun-oh so easily.

Servant reports to choi about LSR’s grandma servant and how after the funeral for LSR, the grandma went to her daughter’s. Choi asks for him to find her. dont scare her, and bring her right away. if what he thought is correct, he is going to take care of J and then that impudent sato

J is served lunch. The servant makes remarks how J is not acting like himself. J remembers what seo said –how people live. Eating warm food and living in a warm home. He pushes the table of food away

Arang is in her room. she says this isnt a time for me to just expect sato to do everything and just sit doing nothing all day. she gets up and leaves

E wonders if father knows more about choi in detail. Arang calls out she wants to go to choi’s cuz it’s stange why no ghosts are moving. I will go and come back

He runs out and says I will go. A: no I will go. E: I will go. A: It’s my business so I will go. E blocks her and says: I said I would go.  A: then go together. E: listen to me. Arang: why are you avoiding me all day? why arent you even looking me in the eye all day? why all day…  E: cuz I don’t know. I did it cuz I dont know what to do – I promised I would make your heart feel comfortable but to be honest it’s not easy. I tampered down my feelings really hard but you were looking at him. after seeing that- everything I pushed down in my heart started to shake. everything turned upside down and I couldnt control it. so I regretted that night. even though you said it cant happen – I should have insisted. even though you said you didn’t feel the same as me I shouldnt have believed that so easily. even if you said that’s how you honestly feel, I should have ignored it or convinced you. but I shouldnt do that. I promised I would send you to heaven with your heart at ease so how can I lose face and turn back now. that is why I did that. I didnt know what to do. What is so complicated like this. he walks away

E goes out as J comes over.  J bows and keeps walking

J asks if arang went home well the other night. She says I did. he says sorry I sent you home late alone. She asks what brings him here. J: can you give me some of your time for a while. just for a little while. E suddenly says: cant do that. she says sato. J tries to tell him that i have something to do with arang, but E says didn’t you hear me? that I said cant do that. E gets in J’s face and says: cant do that so get lost.



E: go. he leads arang away

arang: I’m going to be leaving and you will remain.  so what is it that you want to do?  E back hugs arang: I am going to do this – hug you when I want to hug you. hold onto you when i want to hold onto you

J says can I really live differently

seo sees the talisman and says: this couldnt happen – that sato….Choi asks: when you are going to take care of J and the sato.

seo to J: for the time being since I know what that kid wants, you can step away from this now

arang asks J: why suddenly. J: now I know what I have to do

E fights off seo’s reaper

E tells arang to take B and get out (cuz she is in danger) hurry and leave!


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    M remembers what seo said – how she blamed him for not helping her become a proper human back in heaven-cuz he knew jade knew a way. then how he said there was no way to do that from the start – you thought wrong. she said how he ruined her plan to become human when she found it on her own. Jade calls out to him. Hades walks away in anger. Jade says I wont blame you so just focus. M says what will happen if we leave mu yeon alone. Jade says -as usual, she will live thousand and thousands of years by killing people continuously, or get arang’s body and live forever. if mu yeon gets to live for eternity -she will become so much more powerful that you cant compare to now. M asks did you know arang’s body would be a dangerous bait and still sent her. jade: I had no choice but to decide that. if we leave mu yeon alone like that – she would keep killing people who weren’t supposed to die then the rupture between heaven and earth would continue to grow way to know if it will take hundreds or thousands of years but earth will be ruined and even heaven will be in danger too. M: my yeon could never have that much power. Jade: it’s not her strength. the strength of the world’s order will collapse. M: isnt that too dangerous of a way cuz arang could die. jade: we cant let that happen. M: are you talking about Kim E. how can he handle mu yeon? jade: I believe in him cuz he is human but you dont believe in humans. it’s the same for mu yeon. I believe in the human kim EO. the human mu yeon believed in was you. it couldnt be helped cuz mu yeon was your bloodline. there is nothing else for you to do.


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