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There are some things you say and once the words come out, nothing can take it back and everything changes after that. She turned away from him hoping he wouldn’t say it aloud, but once he did, his words hung in the air and just went straight into her heart. Now no matter how much she fights her feelings for him, what he said will keep her anchored and that weight will force her to admit the truth herself soon. That in a nutshell is why this scene was even better than I ever imagined.

Written before it aired: Not sure if anyone has noticed, but Arang’s tone has changed when she speaks to E now. When she tells him to be careful, she says it in a more soft caring way and means every word. The wild ghost who roamed freely is no more and now she is rooted in something –grounded by purpose and her emotions. She was the one who bragged to Jade that she didn’t even need three full moons, but now she cares about how little time is left. The same thing has been happening with E as well. He no longer speaks indifferently or sarcastically to her. Just look how speechless he remained when he saw her in those new clothes. The insults have left him cuz it’s been replaced with certainty. He cares more than he is letting on. The proof is in his smiles – last night I lost count of how many times he smiled at her. He is also saying her name more and more. I think it’s cuz of Faith recaps that I noticed this, but these guys always clear their throats when they are nervous or tongue tied around the ones they care about. Lately E has been clearing his throat a lot more than usual. It’s not just Arang’s beauty that makes him stop dead in his tracks, but how impulsively drawn to her he has become. Makes you sort of think if E reacted that way last night when he saw her wounds closing up, I wonder what he would have done when he found her after she fell from the cliff. He was so desperate to find her then so can you just imagine what he would have done if he had. Since he couldn’t have lifted her with his injured shoulder, I bet he would have just held her close and rocked her till she regained consciousness. I am so curious if he would still claim that she has no body warmth. Cuz I bet the way he is now, he has enough for the both of them.


Starts from E walking up the steps to the gate. Seo went downstairs to her lair and stops to turn. E looks through the gate and goes up to the door. Seo comes back up and stands by the door. She listens at the door. Just as E is about to open J calls out what are you doing here. she hears that. E turns and faces J. she looks out and sees the back of E’s head and looks at J. she closes the door. J asks E what’s going on. E says I came to see your dad but J says that part of the house is not here and this place is an sacred shrine for the home.  even though you are the sato you cant come into restricted areas. E: I didnt know it was such a big deal. then you should have written that on the door that it’s restricted. J says the door was locked so how did you get in. even though you are in a rush how could you do this. is arang doing well. E says don’t pay any attention cuz I don’t think you have that kind of relationship with her that you exchange wesh wishes. J: yes but it’s strange. even though I saw her for the first time, I dont know why she seems familiar. like someone I saw ever since a long time ago so she gets to me.  E talks about the smell here that it smells like mildew (something going bad). E says tell your dad – from here on- if he has a problem with me -come and see me himself.  Don’t mess with arang. from her head to her toe – dont touch a hair on her. Don’t look at her – dont think of her – in one word stop caring about her. E walks out.

E repeats what J said about how she gets to him so E mutters J doesn’t even know he was ensnared/betwitched by a ghost. (uhmm – hello “pot” meet “kettle”)

Seo asks who that was. J says the new sato. Seo asks what he is doing here

Seo screams at choi- what did you? she insults him about how she didn’t know how stupid he was going to get. Don’t touch that girl again- if you do it one more time, you will lose your position. she tells him to leave

Choi goes out and faces J. they glare at each other. seo asks what are you doing standing there. J goes inside to see her

Seo asks are you still like that. when I said I had to have that girl. You asked what that means. He asks “are you going to kill her?” she says no you said that girl cant die. was her name arang. If I become her then she wont be the arang you know anymore. yes I don’t want her soul – I want her body. you know what that means right? her body will be hers like always but I will be inside there.  Anyway that girl cant be yours. end it. she gives him a red knife. Before it gets any later – end your feelings and come here

Arang paces and wonders why E isnt coming. Did something happen. I have to go. She turns and sees E standing there. he goes over and clears his throat. He asks why she is standing. A: cuz I didn’t want to sit. E: did you worry about me. A: I didn’t. he says you did worry. A: I didnt. E: your face says it worried a lot.  i can see just from looking. it’s written on your face here that you worried  about me – “you worried about me.” She says I have a lot of worries so why would I worry about you – I would rather worry about peaches. She goes in and he laughs

Choi calls his servant. He asks if the guy saw J yesterday. servant says yes I saw him quickly but I think it was young master. choi wonders what J and seo are up to. Choi: what did you say happened to that girl. didn’t you say she was dead for sure. Servant says yes she is dead. choi: are you sure. guy says we confirmed she stopped breathing. Choi wonders why seo said don’t touch that girl

Arang asks what E is going to do now. Cant you just go and ask what happened. E: cant. Arang: Since he has the same talisman as the grave just arrest him. E: cant. he watches her think and laughs. She says-how about doing this. go in secretly at night and look if there is anything suspicious in the home. I can be lookout cuz I had that skill ever since I was a ghost. he laughs and says it’s ok – dont try to hard. I have some ideas. But the problem is I don’t have any patrolman I can trust. I am going to meet choi. She says but choi wont talk. E: he wont talk but if there is something that pokes him then I can see him do something suspicious. how could a magistrates office not have any patrolmen. arang starts to say ok I will but E stops her and says it’s ok dont even dream about it.  (cuz he doesnt want her to volunteer to do that) but she says offers to bring some patrolmen. it’s perfect for that. He asks what she is talking about. She gvies him a coy look and says you know.

E is suddenly looking at a table full of ghosts. Arang brought them and tells them to say hi to the sato. E asks what are you doing. She says I thought about it and they are a lot better than people. They cant be killed – dont make any sound or leave a trace – can go on the roof or anywhere. they are perfect for this. She orders them to look all over choi’s home -every corner when everyone is asleep and find anything suspicious. also watch what he does and listen to everything that lord says and come and report it. The ghosts smile and bow. arang says to E:what I said is right. E says she has a point and agrees. I will meet choi first. She says but this isnt for free. The ghosts ask him to listen to their requests (about how they died unfairly so solve that for them)

arang and E are in a separate room talking. E paces and yells at arang -how could you make that kind of promise? she tries to explain he had big worries cuz he didnt have any patrolmen. E: but still…Arang says how it was cuz he had big burdens. I knew you didn’t like dealing with ghosts normally, but the situation was different this time. E: I get it. she looks down feeling bad and says I was short sighted -not knowing how you feel. E: I said I get it. arang: if you really dont like it then I will send them away. I will just stay on watch for a month. E: I get it.  Arang: then I will get dark circles under my eyes again. E: stop it. Arang: from not being able to sleep. he suddenly covers her mouth and says over and over again “stop”. She pushes him off saying -what is this? say it with words. how could you use violence on a girl. He says: violence? who used violence? Just go out.  She says she will tell those guys outside what’s going on. E calls out what those ghosts want  but she says this isnt the time so wait.

Jade talks about Mu yeon – was I wrong to kick her out back then. his fairy said he only did what he had to do.  jade argues the fairy made that peeved face starting from back then so she explains this was my original expression from a thousand years ago. she bows and leaves. Hades agrees she always had that look on her face. Hades says you should have just sent her (Mu yeon) to hell back then. M is listening a few feet away

Choi hears that the new sato is here. what for. E announces since you are inside I will go in. E just comes in so choi says how dare you come here. E tells the servant to leave

Servant goes and tells J how the new sato just barged in and the mood doesnt look good

Choi says how dare you barge in here like this. E says speak civilly like a nobleman. He shows the talisman and says you know this don’t you. choi asks what is this. E says it’s a talisman came from the grave. Choi yells at him for bringing something awful like that into his home. E says what are you talking about- you already have this at your home. how it is that you have the same talisman in your home as the one that came out of the grave of the murders –why do you have the same one but you covered up the grave destroyed all the personal belongings -why did you obstruct a crime investigation

J suddenly comes in. E says we meet again. J: what is this. E: I already said I am in the middle of investigating. I was asking about this talisman. J: what about that talisman.  I heard outside -you were talking about the grave. I dont know what that talisman was used for at the grave but the talisman we have is to just protect our home. All homes have one of those. E says homes have one, but a talismam used at a murder site -homes dont have those talismans. He asks about this talisman -what is it used for, but J says I don’t want to inform you and I cant. cuz you cant meet the person who made it. it is an old talisman -here before I was born.  so the person who wrote it might or might not be alive and there is no way to know. How about leaving now. E says I was going anyway. I wont leave this matter alone. E laughs. This is what I came to say. Maybe I should have just asked D to do this.

J asks choi – now do you know what you did? you brought the sato here so you better find a way to take responsibility

E walks out and smirks. He sends the ghost in. E says since I put the ghosts in choi will do something. but the ghosts cant enter. There is an invisible wall that protects the home from entry. E looks and wonders what is up with this home

Arang asks: ghost cant go in? that cant happen.  there cant be a home where there are no ghosts. She rememebers how she couldn’t find any ghosts back then when she looked for them. Yes there werent any then too. that home doesn’t have any ghosts. E thought the same thing when he went to the place he found the hairpin how there weren’t any ghosts. She thinks that talisman blocks ghosts from going in. but why ghosts? she offers to go in. since I used to be a ghost if I go I might know something, but he says no-for now I have to find a way for a ghost to get in there.she looks worried so he asks why. she says it’s nothing

B looks at the talisman and looks like she didn’t sleep. he asks what is up with her face. She cant find out about this talisman is used for -no matter how much I look I cant find it. E says it’s for blocking ghosts. Can you write a talisman to let a ghost into that home. She says I have to know about this talisman first to make one that can do that-wait a little bit. I will do everything to find out. E looks over at arang and she looks upset

Arang and E walk back. Arang: what if B cant find out – what are you going to do. E: find another way. like you said maybe go there and look everywhere. She looks worried so he asks what is wrong with her. ever since a while ago. she sits down and he sits next to her. she wonders why her dad wanted to give his daughter to that strange family. that home is really strange – their bad people and what they do is suspicious. She thinks like the young master said, maybe her dad was looking only at the wealth but E says he wasn’t someone like that. (like he knows something). arang: then I wonder why he did it. she wonders if LSR was going to follow along and do everything someone tells her. did she not have any thoughts of her own. last time young master J said LSR didnt know him – to be honest I was really upset.  E: why were you upset. Arang says at first I thought it would be nice if he knew her name, it would be nice if he knew where she was from and who she was -after that it would be nice if he knew what kind of person she was. then I got more and more greedy. it would be nice if she was a girl who was loved. if she didnt receive love – it would be nice if she was a girl who knew how to love. it means it would have been nice if she wasn’t lonely. somehow I thought it would be nice if that girl’s face was missed, but she wasn’t that kind of LSR. hoping to get some help getting some memories from that young master, I think it’s over.

E reads more of her diary and puts it down.

He goes and gives it to her. he says I didn’t hide it on purpose. even if i give it to you, I wanted to give it to you by my hands. It belonged to LSR. It has the answers to the questions you have. SR was a better person than you think.

E paces outside as she reads inside. I wonder if I did the right thing (giving it to her).

Arang reads and there is a flashback to when she was alive. She went outside to look at the moon. she wrote: I woke early in the morning cuz of a sound and went out to look at the moonlight. Something about a long night. Arang looks around the current room

Flashback shows J was on the bridge and LSR and her grandma servant passed by J. LSR saw him and fell for him at first sight. the grandma explains who J is. Choi’s son. isnt he good looking?  LSR had described how good his face looked -even though you see it over and over you want to see it more. how he left an impression in her heart so she asked her dad to do that- ask for engagement with choi’s son. The grandma says I still cant believe you asked for the engagement first miss. that you had it in you to do something so bold.  as long as you like it I like it, but why didnt he ask to see you even once. if he didnt want to then he shouldnt have accepted the offer to get engaged. but he already accepted so how could he be so cold. at this rate it looks like he will see your face on your first night. He doesnt know how pretty our miss is so the young master will regret a lot. “if I knew you were this pretty I should have met you sooner a lot” – he will think it’s a waste he didnt so as he lives he will be so good to you so you will live really well.  LSR says that is my plan. Grandma says you know how to say stuff like that. are you sure you are our miss? LSR: I changed didn’t I? arang cries and says LSR. E looks back into her room and worries

Arang comes out so E asks did you read it all? do you feel better now. She says that grandmother treated LSR like a precious daughter. E: Was that written there. arang: no I thought of it. I recalled the moment LSR first saw that young master – she fell for him at first sight. she fell for him at first sight and asked for the engagement. She must have liked the master a lot. I think she thought he was the only love of her life. that’s what I felt. When LSR first met him and her heart raced. I still feel it like it’s fresh. I keep feeling what she felt in her heart like it’s fresh. but why did those memories come up? when that memory has nothing to do with my death. I want to sleep. You sleep well too. She starts to walk away but he says -Arang – last time when you said you are you and LSR is LSR. I thought what nonsense is she saying, but I hope that is something that makes sense. He steps closer to her so she backs up. she says how bright the moon is – it will be a full moon soon. He softly says arang but she says sleep well -sato -sleep comfortably and quickly walks away

Arang goes to her room and wonders what was he going to say. It’s correct – I am me and LS is LSR but still – he shouldn’t say anything.

E is in his room and remembers how arang told him not to like her cuz she only has two full moons.

Bangs hear what sato asked for – patrolmen. does it make sense the magistrates office doesnt have patrolmen. Bang says they dont need any and cant afford it. E asks for about 20 guys cuz I wanted about 100. He calls an end to the meeting. E asks them – you think I don’t know that you shared some of choi’s profits from his misdeeds. you think i dont know you filled your bellies from it. before I find out what else you did –  it would be better if you regurgitate and put it back. he warns what he will do if he gets curious again

E walks away and sees arang. He asks if she slept well. She asks what is going on so early in the morning. He says I made them do some work. She asks if they shouldn’t go to B to see how far she got, but he says I sent D.dont worry about it. let’s go eat breakfast cuz he was made early. she asks why he is working so much this morning. He says cuz I couldn’t sleep so I woke up early. He asks if she can meet those ghosts again at anytime cuz if B gets the talisman to unblock them then we need use them.

B looks for a book  wondering where she put it. she finds her grandmother’s book on talisman. D calls out her name asking if she is in. he comes in and asks why she didnt answer. he asks why the room is like this so she says I was looking for something.  he brought more pig for her. he asks what she was looking for. She says my grandmother’s book-it’s so old so I thought I threw it away and checked if it was here. he asks what are you going to do with this book. she says your young master brought a strange talisman and told me to find out about it. I couldnt find it among my books.  D guesses it’s that talisman from the grave. B: you know it too? She thinks he knows all the details so she says that talisman is to block ghosts so he wants me to unblock it. so he can put in ghosts into choi’s home.  D: what are you talking about? B: oh you didnt know. sato plans to use some ghosts. Since sato can see ghosts he can do that. I am envious. He asks what she is talking about. B: you dont know that your master can see ghosts? that’s how the two of them met when arang was a ghost. She closes her mouth and realizes her mistake. D: what is all that about

D runs back and says I knew this would happen – I said between a gumiho or a ghost-she was one of the two. Arang sees D run by and says you came quickly. she follows him. D barges into E’s room. E scolds him for barging in.  D points outside and says “that” is a ghost. it’s really true. E asks if he drank so early in the morning. D: Even though others dont believe I do – why- cuz I said there were ghosts in this world from a long time ago. E: what nonsense are you talking about- go wash your feet and sleep.  D: “this little thing.” he goes out in anger and arang is standing there. she heard everything. E: arang. she is almost in tears.  D goes up to her and says you are a ghost. She says I am a person. D: not a person –  used to be a ghost originally. arang: I was orginally a person. D: whatever you used to be -arent you a ghost now. How dare a ghost- to my master. you bewitched him.  He asks E-just like I said – have you been bewitched by a ghost. you dumb master. E yells out his name in a warning tone.  D tells her to leave. how dare a ghost hang around here. dont bewitch my innocent master and go. or I will call a big shaman and make you get away from him. He tries to drag her away so E pulls him off saying let go of that hand. D calls him a dumb young master and runs off upset. E says her name softly but she runs away

She goes to her room and locks it. she tells E not to come in. I am ok so don’t come in now. He stands outside and remembers all their past memories. from start to recent. he goes back to his room

J is in his room and remembers how Seo said “you know what that means right? her body will be hers like always but I will be inside there.  Anyway that girl cant be yours-you just wavered for a moment (meaning he fell for arang). cuz of that heart you cant see -you arent a foolish young man who would lose everything. more than that – that’s not the only thing i entrusted you with.  he holds that red knife

J goes and meets seo saying he will go and cut out his feelings and come back. she says that’s good – that’s my son.  He says since the same thing happened twice- there will be a problem. sato wont overlook it.  Seo says you dont need to worry about that. just end it and start over. just go and find out what that girl wants. you just need to think about that.  She mentions how today is the full moon. that girl was fated to die during full moons. she will be mine

J dresses in black and looks over the rooftop. He jumps over the wall and goes to arang’s room. She is sleeping. He remembers what seo said about ending his feelings for arang. But he remembers the first time he met arang dressed as an officer and smiling down at him from the wall. He says I can do this -what wife said is right- I have to cut them out so I can live. She can’t be mine. Even if I kill her a hundred times – she will live again so there is no reason to hesitate. He takes out the knife and says I have to do this. he holds his arms up to stab.

E wakes up and calls out arang in a panic.

J didn’t stab. He couldn’t do it. he cant. He pulls his mask down and almost touches her cheek with his fingertips and his ring glows red

He leaves and arang stirs awake. She looks around the empty room and sees the door slightly open

E barges in. she asks what’s going on. E: nothing happened?

J goes to meet seo. Seo is angry. J asks why am I like this. she says why are you like this. it’s cuz you have been disillusioned. I will tell you why. childish humans call it love but I say it’s an illusion cuz it’s useless. And shuts the door in his face. J cries outside

E is pacing outside. He looks up at the moon. then he walks away and sees arang digging the ground. He walks over to her. she calls out sato.  he asks why she came out. Arang: cuz i cant sleep. What about you-why? E: cuz I cant sleep. Arang: It’s only natural D said that so dont say too much about it. it’s a good thing that he didn’t faint. It makes me think I made a lot of people have a hard time. it’s best to hurry and end this and go. I will be going. She turns to leave but he says -Arang I don’t know why I am like this. I am overwhelmed too that I am like this. but why I am like this I am going to think about it later. For now I am going to do this. you said not to like you but I…she says sato. E: I…….Arang turns away and says: don’t say it. but he finishes “I am going to like you Arang.” he goes and faces her and says you said you are an honest person-you do what you feel and think -you just go on that the road. no matter what others say. arang: what use is that to us now? Do you want to know the truth in my heart. I wont talk in circles. I don’t feel the same as you so you don’t do that too. she turns to walk away but he holds her wrist and pulls her close. He looks into her eyes and says “this is the last time.”


No Preview

The rest of his sentence will be “this is the last time I will ask”

I think I mentally strained something and hurt myself screaming internally “don’t you dare end there.  just kiss her already. you have like two seconds before the credits roll – you can do it.” Now I just want to strangle this editor. how can they do this to us?  waiting a whole week is going to be sheer torture. argggghhhhhh freakin awesome drama is going to make me lose sleep again %&*&%#%

The first time he imagined Arang coming to him when he was sleeping to kiss him, I knew he was toast. I just knew he would fall in love with her first. They should bottle the chemistry between these two and sell it to all those other dramas that lack. Maybe it’s the fact that these two are just great at their jobs, but when they are onscreen together – it’s like you want time to stop. I could watch them all day.

This drama is going to need to pay for my medical bills cuz it’s stomping all over my heart. not to mention all the heart attacks it gave me and now add heartache to that list….


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    I was like you “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wanted them to kiss at the end. Guess we will have to wait for next week for all our couples to get closer. Can you imagine Monday-Thursday smiling like crazy and people looking at you like you are out of this world!? I have seen people looking at me like I am weird but I am just a Korean drama addict!! After I read your recap, I can smile for the rest of the day all day long and play back in my head my favorite part of whatever episode was that was aired that day.
    Thank you for your great and punctual recap!!! I can always count on you to make my day!!! I look like I am celebrating something special today. It is going to be a great day. Have a wonderful day and great weekend. Everyone else following “Arang and the Magistrate” here thanks for your comments I love reading them as well. Enjoy.


  16. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy and everyone. Long time no see oraemanida?
    I am finally watching Arang on the same nights as the episodes gets more exciting. It was good tonight. I just wanted to say hi because I am laughing at your frustration. Missed seeing your frustration. If such a thing is enjoyment and not being mean 🙂

    They do a lot of filming at night huh? LJK’s eyebags are horrendous. All that 9pm to 7am fight scene I bet.Those 2 light up the screen.

    Night. It’s past 3am so have a good weekend.


    • D says:

      hi ck1Oz!!!

      Thank you to you & the Marang team! you’ve done a superb job..

      yup, LJK’s eyebags are noticeable and the makeup makes him looks so jaundice-y, it was quite quite distracting especially when you’re staring at his face whenever there’s a close up (LOL!!)


  17. Marie67 says:

    Thank u Softy

    I like this paring so so much! And those confession are a mile pile in Kdrama’s. I think never a confession was this sekzy and hawt and touchy and emotional before. I hope his last sentence will be:

    ‘this is the last time I will tell you, so afterwards its up to you…I love you, I love you Arang, Arang the ghost, not Lee Seo Rim the human, but Arang the ghost’.

    How awesome it would be ^^ Cant wait for next week, but a part of me wishes this show will never end, and will have an extension.


  18. bbblue73 says:

    Hi Softy, bird, flo, nonski, chokichoki, ck10z. & to all chingus out there & here.

    Hmmm, after reading Softy’s recap, looking at those lovely screencaps & then watch ep 12, omiii, i can’t help my self imagining things like if there will be another CPR? no!!! a KISS perhaps, a PASSIONATE ONE? most likely, right? Oh no don’t slap HIM or don’t walk away, you might regret it later…just follow heart Arang or else i will be the one to do the another set of CPR to Sato. ok!

    I love this couple. No.2 spot on my special list.

    Thank you Softy as always.


  19. Cherry says:

    i was wondering from last episode’s recap Jade said that he saved E’s life when he was young and bc of that E’s life is on borrowed time. so E like arang have limited time only. and since he is connected to Jade through that maybe Jade will make him a soul reaper later on, or fairy or something supernatural bc his mother and uncle were once humans too but became ex-fairy and soul reaper. and Arang is such a kick ass they will def have to make her a soul reaper… but then what if one dies before the other and they r the soul reaper to bring the other to where they need to go? that would be so bitter sweet… i am so in love with this drama! thank u for recapping!


  20. flo says:

    i just finished this episode, i’m soo freaking in love with this drama
    and the last scene..wahhhh i was soo frustated like softy said: satoooo just kissed her ..when he hold her wrist and pulls her close..and when their looked at each other in the eyes..soo many sparklings around them, i still suprised there are so many chemistry between LJK and SMA. i watched all LJK’s dramas such as my girl, time between wolf & dog, Iljimae and Hero,and i didn’t found he had a great chemistry with another his co-stars, and i didn’t fond for LJK either that time.
    i take my words back, i was thinking LJK is too pretty, but now, i’m a certificate as LJK’s fan, he being way soo into his character, his longing eyes towards arang, his hopeless when she knew LSR was falling in love with JW through her diary, i’m so impressed with his acting skill & his fighting skills
    our sato is definitely falling in love with arang, and he was sooo HOT in white pajama ( is that pajama??) this is the last time i will ask you and then *kiss*kiss*….argghhhh i can’t wait for the next episode
    and the preview for ep13..where are you??


  21. lovelybluehoneyz says:

    hello to all my chingus here…first of all i would like to thank softy for the fast reacaps..i remember dat during episode 11 and 12 i was doing my 3 days nite shift and i really appreaciate ur efforts..i was restless at wrk for nt able to watch arang raw @ 11++ pm here in spore and ur recaps dat is making me alive..thanks alot dear softy!!!
    @flo~~i m in the same boat as u..i noticed dat ljk chemistry with min ah is more den i can as if they r really in love…not just acting…i just love them both!
    anws…i hope his last sentence will be…THIS IS THE LAST TIME I ASK..WILL U LOVE ME BACK..ARANG????before she ans,PLEASE KISS HER HARD AND DRAG HER TO UR ROOM….HAHAHAHAHAHA*evil laugh* looking forward for nxt episode with a restless heart…i hope the preview is gg to BOOOMMZZ!!
    OH..btw thanks for BIRD who always tag a utube raw for us…see ya this wed ok???luuuv every each of u here……..muuuuuaaacckkkzzz!!!!


  22. Where is 13 preview?? O________O MBC I hate you, u know it right?


  23. Anonymous says:

    The written preview ep.13

    cr. Arang and the Magistrate (아랑사또전) facebook.

    Eun-oh’s confession made both of them felt awkward, but Eun Oh decided to put away his feelings because he is responsible in solving the case and must think on how to send Arang to Heaven. On the other hand,shaman Bang-wool found the truth about the talisman…
    no video preview out yet but I found this pic 🙂


  24. Yanna G. says:

    Hello beautiful ladies,
    I’m in love with this couple too, aside from the Arang’s good story line, I love the chemistry between Shin Min Ah & Lee Joon Gi, so cute & strong, they’re really look good together ^^
    Here’s the bts video, they look very cute & LOL @2:37 ^^


    • Softy says:

      Omg that is like the most hilarious bts line I ever heard – junki said “director was that ok cuz a fly kept moving around on my face” so the director replies “that’s why you should wash your face” so junki grabs the back of his neck in speechless frustration. Man these two are a riot 🙂


      • Yanna G. says:

        HAHAHAAAA…. LOL!!!! I feel sorry for Junki 😛
        Thank you for translating their lines, Softy dear ^^


      • flo says:

        omg..LOL..i was laughing when i saw the video..and then i keep laughing soo hard when i knew the translations..he..he..
        Softy dear thanks you for this^_^
        and Yana dear still keep in touch for Arang’s news, MVs, Making Videos, etc….


  25. flo says:

    Finally Episode 13 PREVIEW


  26. flo says:

    and this the new OST from Arang & the Magistrate..omg an amazing voice from K-Will


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