Arang E11 & TTBY E11

Someone needs to ring a bell or something cuz a miracle happened. There was a really good kiss scene in a sageuk and it wasn’t even the finale. Granted it was somewhat masked in the form of CPR, but who cares.  It’s like the minute he did that – a light went on in Arang. Now she is allowing herself to have feelings for him so I could not be more thrilled.  I wasn’t even scared at all tonight – who knew a kiss was the answer to chase away the fears. Please let this be the start of many more to come.

The kissing screencaps are inside cuz I did that first, but I love this scene with young E and Jade. It was so beautiful and magical so even though everyone is going to be expecting the kiss scene to be the main pic, I had to choose this cuz Jade was the reason why E exists now to do all that making out. I really have to hand it to E -never knew CPR could be so satisfying. Aside from saving lives, who knew it could be used to resurrect a love that had no future. This drama deserves high praise for orginality.

*omg this is so sad – it’s been so long since I saw a decent kiss on screen I forgot what it looks like – I keep replaying it and wondering – does he know what he is doing? that sure doesnt look like he is blowing air into her lungs. it’s almost like he got lost in the moment and forgot so he is enjoying it and then remembers “oh yeah I am supposed to be resuscitating her. oops. let me start over again.”

Written before it aired. I think I figured out a way to psyche myself out and not be afraid anymore. First I am going to remember this picture and keep seeing how happy and normal he is here just like he was on OB. Then I am going to imagine only puppies and ice cream whenever I see Seo in her dark lair and hum some normal song during the scary music. I tried it during the preview last night and it almost worked. Seo didn’t seem as frightening as usual, but then again it was only 36 seconds long so I need to test it out on an actual spooky scene.

With 9 more episodes left, I didn’t expect E to figure out the clues so fast about that talisman. If it wasn’t for Arang getting lost and finding that road, he probably would have remained in the dark so I don’t know if I should be grateful or wish she forgot for a while longer. Now I am wondering if it’s a good thing for him to find his mother at this stage cuz I am pretty sure his plan to go far away and live just the two of them won’t pan out if she is still set on making more demons. What exactly is her end game anyway –take over this world or just keep living forever? I feel sorry for Mu Young cuz I don’t think he has it in him to kill his own sister. I really hope she is innocent and Seo is the one who used her for her own revenge cuz I would hate to think Mu Young had a sister who was capable of such evil.


They walk back home and E tells her to go and rest. She asks if he is going with her to get the clothes tm but he tells her to go alone cuz he isnt a sato who will follow a girl ghost around.  he goes in and she mutters – that figures. I thought you were too nice to me all day.  she looks at the moon and says –you charlatan old fogey – how could you just give me two (moons)

Jade and Hades are talking about fishing and food for fish. Jade tosses his line out and asks how is my form – look how all the fish gathered.  hades says form wont catch the fish. in fishing the food has to be good. jade says if I used that I used a good one. he changes the subject and asks  what are you going to do about arang – you have to send her to heaven like you promised. Hades says I never promised but jade says you did so you are going to keep your promise right. Hades asks if he has some personal plan to keep Arang in heaven so jade admits to a personal plan. Jade thinks he caught a fish

Seo says you tossed a bait to catch me – you thought i wouldnt know that girl arang is the bait you tossed. if I bite that bait and I start moving -you think you can find me. even if you find me there is nothing you can do cuz as long as I am in a human body you cant kill me with your hands. You will send Mu Young to find me. cuz the only one who can annihilate me is mu young. But I doubt mu young can kill me like you guys hope. She looks in the mirror and mu yeon smiles back at her. Seo laughs

While E is sleeping Mu young goes into his room and feels the air for the fan and gets it out. he looks at the designs on the fan. He sees the hairpin and holds it too. E suddenly grabs his hand asks what are you doing reaper. They both crash through the window together  while struggling. Arang hears that and wakes up

M is holding the hairpin. E tells him to give it back but mu young says is it yours or the person who gave it to you. E says give it to me. They fight for it. E gets it back and keeps fighting. Mu young is hard to fight cuz he keeps disappearing and reappearing. Hairpin flies out of his hand so E goes over the wall to get it back. They fight some more. Mu young: I asked if it was yours. E: get lost now. M: that fan – Who gave it to you. E asks will you know if I tell you. people who are alive or dead – are you close to all of them? why is a reaper interested in a living person’s belongings -you cant take it with you anyway.  mu young asks if the owner of the hairpin and fan are the same person. E asks: if you are that curious – come when I am dead. do you know about that hairpin. how do you know? M says I don’t know. I am curious about who the owner of the hairpin and fan is.  E says that hairpin is arang’s the one you chased.dont you know that? M remembers when he knocked arang down and that hairpin flew out of her hand so she retrieved it. E: did you remember? But the real owner of that hairpin is not arang.  she said when she died she had that in her hand already. you are the reaper who took her to the afterlife. If arang had that hairpin in her hand before she died, there is a big possibility you know what happened. M: I dont know. a reaper cant be faster than death. E: I am asking about what happened after she died. Who was next to her when she died. M: no one was there. E calls him a liar and attacks. Arang looks over the wall and asks what are the two of you doing. M disappears. E picks up the hairpin

In his room arang says it’s strange cuz M is not a reaper who has interest in other things. She asks what the fan is. it’s not a regular fan. who gave it to you. He says the person who gave me my hairpin. arang: who? E: my teacher (master in martial arts and stuff). arang: teacher? my fake father? E lies back down and says yes. he told me I could catch spirits with that fan and gave it to me. arang: what kind of person is he to give you such a unique fan?  he says I don’t know either – go and sleep.  I’m tired from all that fighting. She looks at the door and wonders what to do cuz it’s broken. why did M do that.  She leaves and he holds the hairpin and cant sleep

M thinks to himself and says the fan belongs to a monk and is connected with mu Yeon. also the hairpin.what is that guy Kim EO.

Servant gives J a pouch. J’s money gets returned last night from the seamstress. she said she cant make the clothes

E goes to arang’s room and she is already gone (to go pick up her clothes). E: what is this? she left already. she said “whether I wear it or not” but she left as soon as it was daylight.  he smiles.

as he walks along, E remembers his conversation with the old woman servant. he asked “the former sato? why didnt you clean the room and leave everything as is.  she said how she didn’t clean out LSR’s room cuz she thought the room should remain as is cuz this room was everything to her.  so E goes in the room and says this room was everyting. why didn’t I think of that. he looks around the room. He talks to arang even though she isnt in the room. look at this amnesia. how could you miss this. she said this room was everything to you and the key to recovering your memories not that young master.

Arang goes to get her clothes and runs into J. J: we meet again like this.  I heard you wouldn’t accept the clothes. arang: that…..he interrupts and says I know. it was sato’s doing.  Last time you said you wanted to ask me something

E is going through her room. He finds a diary and looks through it

J and arang are sitting together having drinks. He talks about LSR – she was like a stranger to me. He doesn’t remember if he met her or not when their engagement was brought up. We never met properly even once. If we had married as planned then on our first night we would have seen each other’s faces. I don’t believe in what I can see –what I cant see could be buried in the heart. if you are thinking I should act like LSR’s fiance,  I didn’t see her even once so I want to ask why should I take responsibility. She says get engaged when you didnt love her.he says my side didnt bring up the engagement. it was her side that first suggested the engagement- it was probably Lee’s idea cuz it was a chance for him.  Arang thinks maybe LSR did it. Asked her father to let her marry J. But J says that wouldnt have happened. there is no reason for her to have been in love with me

E looks through the diary.  J and arang stare at each other

E is back in his room with her diary. He flips through it again and reads it. she wrote about what she saw from her room and her loneliness. how something is more beautiful than flowers and wonders when that day (her wedding) will come.

Arang walks back and remembers how J said there was no reason for LSR to love him. She says like sato said – LSR was totally tricked. it wasn’t even a one sided love. Then what am I

B is still saying it’s strange- the way she said “I don’t know” –  that voice is exactly like hers. so strange. Arang walks by so B decides to make her talk some more. B follows arang. Arang goes around a corner so B follows

E is pacing outside wondering why she isnt coming. An arrow flies past him with a blue band. It belongs to arang. He reads the note inside with the location to come to.  he says these punks. He runs off

D calls out where are you going. Why is he like that. now what happened

Bangs are eating walnuts and are happy saying how tasty it is cuz it’s been a long time since they ate this. no matter what we have to do we must protect this office

Some men kidnapped arang and B. It was done by choi’s servant. He asks who B is so the guy said while we were catching that girl, she got involved so we didnt know how to handle her so we just brought her along.  What should we do with her – just kill her. The servant says just leave her cuz it’s a hassle. when that guy comes we can bury all of them together

E rides off on his horse to rescue arang

Choi hears the report and says I knew something was going on between the sato and girl. when he finds out the girl was taken cuz of him,  E will be furious and come running over.servant says of course he will rush over. choi says how dare he touch my food storage. finish it up till the end. Don’t let the two of them come around again in front of my eyes. But I think I saw that girl from somewhere before. What difference does it make where I saw her as long as I dont see her again

J remembers what seo asked if there is another guy for arang. I know it wont be easy. He remembers how arang got on the horse with E

J hears the servant mutter about taking care of the sato and the girl this time for good. J is alarmed

E rides over. there are a group of guys with their faces covered. E yells: where is she. They bring out arang and B. arang is saying let go and B is just crying. E starts to fight them. the guy puts a knife to arang’s throat and tells her not to move. she pushes him and says what do you mean dont move. she calls out sato to E.  arang tells E: I am ok so get rid of all these jerks. the guy warns E: if you move a step I will cut her throat. E yells dont mess with her. arang says to E: dont worry about this – you know I will be ok.  servant comes over and punches E. more guys beat up E with a stick. Arang calls out sato. From a distance J watches all this. arang calls E a dummy -what are you doing. get rid of all these guys. I will be ok. She tells the guys next to her – let me go. Do you want to die. she has to watch E being beaten. She yells at him to stand cuz I am ok. I beg you. she bites the guys and kicks them. A knife is thrown and it kills one guy. J threw it and ran out of sight. E takes that chance to get free and fight off the other guys.

E goes over and stands in front of arang and tells her to run away. She says no. he says please just go. if you are here, you will just get in the way. he fights more. he yells at her – please just go. So arang obeys and runs off with B. E watches her leave and fights the guys. E: what are you guys doing-you just finish what you were doing.  Servant makes some of them chase after the girl. E continues fighting. He finishes and looks back

Arang is running with B but B falls down so they are caught again. Servant tells them to kill B. B says why are you doing this. save me. They are about to kill B so she screams. E hears that and runs faster and so does J

Arang was killed in B’s place cuz she blocked the slash and got cut on the neck. arang falls to the ground into B’s arms. The man checks her pulse and says she is dead. Servant calls him a fool and says kill B too. servant runs off. right before B is killed,  E shows up and fights them. E goes over and calls out arang’s name. wake up.  B is shocked and says arang? E yells wake up. he checks to see if she is breathing. he looks and her wound heals on its own. B is stunned.  E suddenly leans over and kisses arang -alternating between kissing and blowing air into her lungs. she opens her eyes. J watches that and cries. Arang: sato- what is this. E smiles and says I was sharing some breath with you so you would regain consciousness faster. She says when I get my strength back I wont leave you alone. E smiles and says:when your body is lifeless/enervated- do you know how heavy you are? She repeats I wont leave you alone. She passes out. E smiles from relief.

*even though he saw her wound healing, I think he kissed her suddenly cuz he didnt want to take any chances of losing her just in case so he reacted quickly – he grabbed this opportunity to help her along in her recovery, but also to bring her back to him faster

Choi is angry cuz the servant failed to get E. he yells at the servant to shut up. now that the girl is dead – what are you going to do. he is going to be furious so there is no way to know what he will do. Servant says he doesnt know it’s me cuz i didnt take my cover off so you dont have to worry. I am sorry. choi yells at him to shut up and tells the guy to disappear for the time being till this blows over

Servant walks out and sees J coming back. J goes to his room and looks angry

B and E sit together in arang’s room. E covers arang up. B wonders how can this happen. she is really arang? How can a ghost come back as a person. she became a person and got stabbed by a knife so how could that wound – she died but she didnt die. then is that a person? what am I supposed to think right now? please tell me. E says all you have to think about it – just think your dead friend came back alive. B: friend? He says you were like friends before. If you cant think of her as a friend just think of her as your savior. Cuz if it wasn’t for her you wouldnt be here. also dont tell others. she says don’t worry even if I look weak, I can keep my mouth shut. She tries to ask what he did to arang’s lips when he put his up to hers a while ago but he says don’t bring that up. she tries again so he says I told you not to talk about it. he clears his throat and leaves. B leans in and hears arang breathing. B: how can a ghost become a person.

E goes out and sort of smiles as he looks back

Jade is playing his instrument and M watches. he turns around and Hades is glaring at M. jade keeps playing and M walks over to him. Jade: you came. M: I have something to ask. Jade keeps playing. M: is she mu yeon? Jade: yes. He stops playing and stands. M: why didn’t you tell me sooner.jade:  Cuz I didn’t trust you. M says how it’s been a thousand years since he left Mu yeon behind. Jade says how he cant trust the past they had together. I trust humans but not what humans might do. So M says I am not a human. fine – at one time I was human. Even if I know she is Mu yeon what changes? what is there that I can do? Jade says right now the only one who can kill her is you. that is what she trusts in.  that you are my only way and hope to get rid of her.

Arang wakes up and E is sleeping in her room in a sitting position. She stares at him and he wakes up so she looks down. E asks why she is like that. he moves closer to ask if she is ok. Arang is still looking down and says as you know, I cant help but be ok. How are you? cuz you were beaten so much. He says I wasn’t beaten much. she says are you sure you are ok? you’re not hurt anywhere. He stretches and winces in pain a little. She says since you are ok….. she punches him in the gut. E: What are you doing. A: I told you I wouldn’t leave you alone. He asys I was just trying to help you breathe so you would regain consciousness quicker. She says don’t do it again. just leave me alone and I will come to when I can. E: ok. arang: Also don’t get hit too. by someone like that. They stare at each other. she says thank you. he says then rest. She suddenly remembers and says B was here.

D and B are eating at night and woman complains cuz they want roasted pig this late at night. D says since you came all this way I will be open and ask. What do you think of me. D: That day when I touched your lips. She shoves meat in his mouth to shut him up. he asks what she is doing. He asks what taste this is – is it the taste of your fingers. She says how could you say such racy things. He feeds her and asks how it tastes. She says it tastes good. He watches her lips. He asks what her name is. She says B. the ajumma says they have fallen for each other. D tells B to eat

Arang is walking around outside and sits. she looks up at the moon. E asks why she is sitting like that. he is holding a parcel

In the room E shows her the new clothes. He says no matter how strong I am- I couldn’t stand to see a ghost walking around in bloody clothes so I went to the store and got them. He tells her to change and leaves the room. She touches the clothes and says you shouldn’t be so good to me like this

E is outside and remembers how arang said she could only stay in this world for two full moons whether she finds the truth or not she has to go back

Arang looks at her new clothes.

E looks over and she came outside. He seems surprised to see her look so pretty. She asks how do I look. Do I look like I went from a wild haired ghost to a tidy haired ghost again. I asked how do I look? He clears his throat. She says fell for me. E: what? arang: I know too that I look good. he laughs. she says everyone is sleeping this late at night so what’s the point of dressing in these new clothes. Since I put it on let’s go for a quick walk. He agrees and says ok let’s do that

She asks isnt the fall air nice. He says is it fall already. She says: it’s already fall.  I have to hurry and recover my memory so I can help find your mother. E: It’s good as long as you know. arang: why cant I remember cuz there isnt much time. E turns and looks back at her. he smiles. then he faces the front and says he has to go and give some warning to that guy who tried to kill us. she asks do you know who he is – then catch him. He says but there is no proof. if it wasnt for you I could have taken his cover off and have proof to catch him. He says it’s late so let’s go back now. She says what is this – you are going back already.

Jade asks if hades did that. so hades admits he told M. I only lent you M for a short time he is originally my reaper. M is the best of my reapers. I just couldn’t stand by and watch M being so miserable.  Sorry if it made trouble for you. jade says I am already sulking-this will last like 3 or 4 days. Hades: just trust M. all this would have been easy but you didnt believe in him so it keeps getting more difficult.  Jade: I do trust reapers. hades: then what do you not trust? never mind. if you are going to bring up a human’s heart again-put it away. by the way how did this happen. jade talks about fate no matter how big the event is you plant a small seed of fate among the people to form connections so hades asks aren’t you sick of that talk

Flashback to a young E who is sick and crawling along the floor asking for some water. he calls out to his mother for some water. But seo ignores him and goes to the gate. Choi is announced and rides through the village. she cries and says that bast*&#. She chases after his horse and ignores her son who is now crawling on the ground calling out to her for water. Jade was there wearing normal clothes. He walks over to young E who just died calls him pitiful. jade touched his head and a reaper showed up to take young E but jade spares his life so the reaper nods and disappears.  jade tells E- I will leave this as your debt. from here on the time you earn is not yours. one day you will remember this on this day. He carries young E back and puts him on the porch.

E is looking through his clothes trying to find something clean to wear and blames D for not seeing to it for the past few days. he finds the one that was cleaned and the talisman drops out. he looks at it and remembers how D said there was a talisman among his clothes. E remembers where he got it – he had taken it from the tree when he fell off the cliff. arang comes and says let’s go sato. E: go where? arang: to go and punish the ones who tried to hurt us. but he says no you stay put. cuz if you move you cause trouble. She looks at the talisman and asks what this is. he says where he got it from. arang: I saw it before. He asks where. She says at choi’s home.

They go to see B and ask what this talisman was used for. who would use it. can we know that? B says I know most talismans but this is the first one I’ve seen.  E: Is there a way to find out. B says I will try to find out. she asks are you sure you saw it at choi’s. cuz talismans look alike so unless you are like me you might not know. Arang thinks what happened last time with E falling might have been choi too. cuz it was strange ever since choi had the grave covered.  B says why would such a high person do something like that cuz he doesnt lack for anything. B asks what arang was talking before. Arang shares how on the night she came back as a person, she was killed by some guy and taken to a place near the grave. I ran away but sato found his missing mother’s hairpin there. arang asks E if maybe choi did that to her last time.  E wants to go first and confirm if it’s the same talisman she said. Arang wants to go together but he says no you go to the office. Arang holds him back and says be careful. he smiles and says dont worry. he leaves.  B asks how a ghost can be a human. She thanks arang- also I am sorry cuz you had to go through that in my place. so arang says it’s ok let’s just say I paid you back for all the inconvenience I put you through (in the past).

E goes to choi’s home and remembers how arang said there is a road in the back so E jumps the wall and goes to where she described. He sees a pair of shoes so he knows J is inside his room

E is about to go up the steps. He remembers how arang said I went inside and there were strange bamboos. Seo senses him coming. Arang told him there are strange trees in the middle. He looks at the red letters and compares with his talisman and says it’s the same. Why does choi have something like this. seo comes outside and walks away in the opposite direction from E

E heads over to her room.

Seo goes to that other room with the basement and goes down

E heads inside

Seo is in the lair and senses something awry. E looks through the gate and pushes the door open. He heads over to go inside. seo comes back up and stand behind the door. E is about to open it but J calls out what are you doing here. E turns and looks at J. seo hears that from inside



J explains this place belongs to someone special in their home. E says something smells fishy (I totally guess these two lines but I bet they are pretty close to accurate)

arang says to E: how about doing it this way

Choi asks how dare E show up here cuz E went there to ask about the talisman in his sato uniform. E: you know what this is dont you? J says most homes have one of those. E: let’s just know what this talisman is used for

arang tells E to be careful

J asks if arang is doing well. E: none of your business. J: you like her.  E warns him: Don’t look at her don’t think of her and stop paying attention to her


J chases after TJ saying he is too upset right now. even if you go now it’s too late so think about it and talk to her tm but he says no I have to go and talk to her right now. she says dont – wait a minute. i have something to tell you. I was going to tell you a while ago too. he says if it’s not imp but she says it’s imp. TJ: what is it? J: to tell the truth – I am…but he says say it later. he walks off.

Hanna’s manager says Jang is really angry.  talk to her, but hanna doesnt take her call.

when she gets home TJ is waiting for her. she asks what brings him here – were you waiting for me. he asks her to talk and drags her off

TJ: why did you do it? H: what? TJ: are you asking cuz you dont know? what did you do now. is this all a joke to you? is this fun? stop it now. if it was a joke it went too far. H: it wasnt a joke and I am not going to stop. he yells out her name. H: from my situation isnt it obvious. you didnt know I liked you? before J came you werent like this. but what is she to show up and come between us and divide us. does that make sense. does it make sense she pretended to be a guy and lived in the same room with you. TJ: I will handle J – it’s not a problem for you to worry about. H: why? does your heart waver cuz of her? isnt that why you acted like you didnt know even when you knew she was a girl. isnt it? or else there is no reason to do this. say it – do you like J? why cant you answer. so you decide -whether you date me or chase J out.

J confides in the dog – if TJ knows I am a girl – how mad will be be? if he knows i deceived him all this time – how upset will he be. before he hears from someone else I need to tell him -right? but I cant say that. she cries

E and J run into each other and act awkward. he asks where she is going around this late at night. she asks if he finished his game well. you did well right? E: of course why say ask and make your mouth hurt. J: that’s good. he looks closer and asks if she is hot. why do you have sweat on your face. did you cry? J: who cried. I didnt.  E: what happened? someone upset you again huh? J: it’s really not. I will be going in first.

J meets TJ. he asks why she came out when it’s raining. J: cuz it’s raining.

news spread about H and TJ dating. girls are annoyed. people ask is this for real. protests start against TJ dating. his agency is flooded with calls so jang says I knew he would cause trouble -unplug all the phones. guys at school say to TJ -heard you are dating H – envious of you. someone’s girfriend is the national goddess and someone’s girlfriend is “gu minam” (a play on words with J’s last name and how she looks like pretty) so envious. J tells him to go in first cuz she has to go to the bathroom. TJ cant say anything to her. he gets a call from jang

J remembers how John talked about his lucky cap when she asked why he wore it – when he wears it and watches a baseball game his team hasnt lost once. he wore it cuz he thought she came to give him an answer. he takes it off. she asks why. john: cuz I dont know why but i think i have to take this cap off and hear what you have to say. J: I am always grateful to you. aside from my real brother – you are like a real brother. john: since you are praising me I want to hear more, but my heart is telling me not to overdo it and giving me a signal.  I know what you are trying to say. J: I am sorry. john: of course you have to be sorry – pay me back with money later. she smiles. john: remember – I am on your side. she thanks him. he says he feels like crap

E meets with J and cheers her up. he slept in and missed classes. he asks why J does laundry every day. J: I change clothes often. E: you’re not even a girl. he helps her take out her laundry and notices it’s all TJ’s clothes. J: I did it while I was doing mine. E: I know this is a nonsense question but do you like TJ? J: what is that – you are saying weird things. E: why get so startled – I was just kidding. J: how could you joke like that. I’ll be going first.

TJ goes to meet H at his agency to meet with Jang. he gives her a look so she says lasers will come out of your eyes if you do that. TJ: can you joke? H says it’s obvious what she called us in to talk about. TJ: just tell all the truth. H: yes just tell all the truth. that I lied I was dating you was cuz J is a girl – say all that truth. he says her name so she warns: just say one word. I will tell everyone J is a girl.

jang yells at them for causing all this without saying a word to her. H says I struggled over this a lot with oppa.  jang knows H was always like this but what is up with TJ. H says TJ did nothing wrong. jang says they need to clean this up so for the time being avoid reporters and any talk about them will go through the agency

E hears news that TJ and H are dating. I knew they would. E goes over and reads the news.

so does J.

H asks TJ to go eat something good. TJ: I have to go to school. she calls out go together but she gets a text from J to meet

E remembers how J cried last night. he puts two and two together and confronts TJ. E: what do you think of J. do you like him? if not- say it straight out here.  TJ: I dont know why you are asking me this. E: heard you are dating H. why cant you say? arent you dating? TJ: it’s nothing for you to mind. E: from here on whatever the reason is – dont make J cry anymore. TJ:what? E: the person I like -crying cuz of you- I dont want to see it anymore. I like J so from here on behave the right away and dont make some person who is being still have his heart waver. TJ looks stunned.

H meets with J. H tells her to talk cuz she doesnt like being here with her. J: first – I am sorry. I know you are angry. you have every right. H tells her to get to the point. J: why didnt you tell TJ that i am a girl. H: that’s what you are upset about? should I tell him now? J: that;s not it. H: whether I tell him or not it’s up to me. I’m asking cuz I am really curious – why did you come here? going so far as to pretend to be a guy – why be next to TJ? are you a sasang fan? I am someone who is dating TJ. from my position you know how much I dont like you without me saying it right. J: I have a favor to ask you. H: you are going to ask me a favor too- you are something else. J: I know I am being shameless but let me tell TJ myself. I am asking as a favor. I will be honest and tell him everything that I am a girl. H: dont tell TJ – you dont know anything. if you tell TJ on your own,  I wont leave you alone. until I give permission -you are a guy. got it?

TJ: where did you go. J: outside to meet a friend. TJ: which friend? EG? J: no – why? TJ tells her to come in earlier cuz these days the world is really scary but doesnt finish his sentence cuz that’s just what you say to girls – never to a guy. TJ: just dont go around late cuz it makes me worry for nothing. J: I must have gone over 40 decibels again – sorry. she turns away from him to go to her desk. TJ: who said.. he steps over to her and ends up putting his hand on her chest as she turns to say I will go wash. he says he will go running and come back. she is in sudden pain so he asks what’s wrong – does your tummy hurt. she says no I am ok. he goes out and catches his breath. she wonders if it’s that time of the month and looks at the calendar.

J goes to see the doc. he asks what brings her – did you cause trouble again. he gets sarcastic and says these days he looks like her trouble clean upper. what is it. you look like a puppy that needs to poop. she asks if he has any sanitary pads cuz she used up all of hers. doc: you are really going too far.

TJ comes back with medicine for her tummy. she asks if he finished exercising. the shower is broken so hot water doesnt come out – you have to wait a long time. he gives her medicine for her tummy ache saying indigestion medicine will help settle it. she thanks him. he says no need to be thankful- I just go it on my way out

as TJ feeds his dog – he says I cant be dragged along by H anymore. it’s not good for something like this to drag out. even if H reveals about J, I have to find another way-that’s good right?  dog barks yes.

H gets a text from TJ – let’s talk. going to your school now so pick up your phone.  she injures her foot.

J texts E and asks where are you – how come I didnt see you all day – call me

TJ comes back so J asks why he came already. TJ: i wasnt able to meet H. he is hungry and asks if she ate. let’s eat. also I have something I want to tell you. she nods yes. TJ gets a call. which hospital? I will go right away. J:why? TJ: I will go out for a while

TJ tries to go see H but jang says talk with me first. (it seems serious)

he goes in to see H. H: why are you so late – your girlfriend is hurt so shouldnt you be running over here first. he asks if she is ok – it doesnt hurt? H: I just sprained it a little. she cant believe she fell during that cuz it’s a jump she did hundreds of times. they say even a monkey drops from a tree. TJ: you not uncomfortable? she says I am uncomfortable everywhere. oh yeah didnt you say you had something to say. what is it? TJ remembers what jang said – how H injured something really major. so much that she wont be able to do sports anymore. I didnt tell H yet so dont be obvious. what was she thinking to make that mistake. TJ tries not to cry. H asks what is it. he asks about her parents. she says they are on a trip in europe. I told them to come back on the planned date since I didnt injure myself serverely. there is something I want to eat so could you buy it? he gets up and offers to go buy it. what do you want to eat. H: you are really going to buy it? it’s ok. just being with you like this is better. cant you sleep here today cuz I am scared being alone. he nods yes.

TJ texts J: I have to stay here all night. dont wait and sleep first.

TJ adjusts her bed so H says you do that well – you are like a doctor. he reminds her how his mother stayed in the hospital a long time. is there anything else you need? H: no. I want to hurry and go out. since we are a couple now in the public we can go see movies.  I wanted to do that with you where there is a lot of people. he says he is going to the bathroom. it’s time to sleep now so sleep. H: ok I have to obey you well. he tucks her in and leaves. she says it’s good that I got injured. she hears a text message so she reads his. J asks if H is ok. if you are going to sleep there you will be uncomfortable. see you tm. H deletes the message

TJ sees the sunbae and the guy thinks TJ came too late to visit him. I will get discharged right away so why bother coming here. so TJ says i didnt come to visit you my friend is here. so sunabe covers up and says I was just kidding. the doctor comes over and asks why the sunbae is up. the doctor is the sunbae’s father. the doctor mentions H so sunbae is shocked. she is in this hospital? why? did she get hurt? his dad takes him away but the guy asks what room is H in.

TJ is packing cuz he has to stay at the hospital for the time being. J: is H really not well that much? TJ: she might not be able to do sports again. J: what to do – she will be so disappointed. TJ: she will be ok. I will be going first. J: you take care of your body too. he was about to say something but doesnt

kids ask where TJ is so J says H’s hospital. they wonder if E missed class again

jang doesnt think they can keep it a secret from H anymore. I have to tell her today. I wanted to wait till her parents arrived but they will come tm night. her treatments cant be put off anymore. TJ: I will tell her -that will be better

J goes to the hospital with flowers.   sunbae calls out to her. where are the other kids. it’s too obvious. he realizes she came alone. he says she should have sense to bring food to the hospital and finally gets she isnt here for him. you didnt come to visit me? J: cuz H was hospitalized. he laughs and says I was kidding. she leaves and he thinks he should go to her too

TJ goes in to see H. he asks what she is doing. she is writing a list of stuff she wants to eat. during that time the stuff I didnt get to eat I want to eat all of it. cuz if I leave even a single thing out later I will regret it a lot. he says I have something to tell you. he gets ready to breaks the news to her and holds her hand.

J goes to the door and hears H crying and looks inside to see TJ comforting her. J goes back out.

E’s roommate comes in to ask if J wasnt able to contact E too. J: he still hasnt come?  guy says E went out saying he is going home but I dont know. E is not picking up. he was so upset cuz he didnt make the national team. he isnt thinking of something silly right? J didnt know. the guy says you seem close but you didnt even know that. she asks where E’s home is

E is playing with his dog. avoiding is not my style. his mom asks if he isnt going today. he says one more day. doorbell rings so he offers to go out. it’s J.

they sit and talk. E: it’s nice here huh? if I sit here and not thinking of anything it really feels like my thoughts are disappearing so it’s really good -my heart is at peace too. she asks why he didnt tell her about not making the team. E: cuz it was embarrassing. J: what is that – if you dont tell that to me then who do you tell. E: sorry. J: no I am sorry I wasnt able to pay attention to you. E: it’s ok dont worry about it. J: is that why you didnt come to school? and couldnt reach you by phone. E: the school – cuz my mom is a little sick and I lost my phone on the bus on the way here. J: is your mom that not well? E: it’s just to avoid.  J: avoid what? E: there is something I am afraid of so I ran away from school. she worries he is being bullied. E: no there are things I need to think about outside of school – since I keep running into it at school every day so I thought maybe I was mistaken. but it’s not. even when I was here every day and every time I kept thinking of it. she asks what – are you talking about soccer? E: is TJ and H getting along well? they must be dating and stuff. J: H is sick so these days TJ is at the hospital all the time. you asked why I came all this way for TJ last time. I think I shouldnt have come.

H asks TJ if he suddenly jumped again cuz of J when he said he wouldnt. he nods yes. H: do you really like her? what are you going to do if I dont let you go. why are you like this to me too. now I dont have anything at all. if you leave me too I really dont know how I will live. so you cant go. I cant let you go. I wont let you go.

E watches J being sad from afar and says aloud – I cant watch your heart hurt anymore.

E goes and hugs his mom and apologizes cuz he might bring her some terrible shock. (probably wanting to cushion the blow about being gay)  she hits him and asks if he caused trouble. she thinks his report card came out. he says that’s not it. she asks did you still money? his dad comes and hears the end of that and asks you stole money? he goes after E with a golf club. E runs away and tries to deny it

H tells TJ I have a place I need to go. he says just let me know if you need anything. she says I have a place I need to go outside the hospital. he takes her to the place she would have competed today if she didnt get injured. he says if she does rehabilitation really hard she could do sports again. H: wonder if I can. I really like the program this time. want to see it. since i hurt my leg not sure i can do well. he says dont overdo it. she says I will just do what I can only

H starts her routine and has a flashback to when they were young. she started doing this cuz he said gymnasts where pretty. you get a gold medal for high jump and I will get a gold medal for gymnastics. they promised each other. she falls down crying. she kisses the ground and says thank you for all this time. now – goodbye

TJ takes her back to the hospital and checks his phone. he says I think it would be better to be honest with you and tell you. he is about to tell her he likes J but she says go now. I want to be alone now. my parents will be here soon so dont worry. he says I will go when they come but she  says dont do that and go. also now I am sick of you. it’s annoying chasing after a guy who doesnt like me. I thought you would win a gold medal in high jump and liked that but now it doesnt look like you are doing sports well. so you have no charm. so I am sorry but I want to stop having feelings for you now. if it’s someone like me I can catch a guy way more impressive/handsome than you. like you know I get sick of things easily. during that time I held it in a lot but now I got tired of you. hurry and go. now I dont even want to see your face. i want to be alone.

J and E go back to school. she waves bye to him but he calls out to her. E: I have something to say to you. I was going to tell you when I made the team.  J: what? E: dont be shocked and listen. I know you are a guy but….

TJ goes and sees J and smiles. she is still talking with E

E confesses to J: I like you


here is the preview:

H asks J: you said you werent using the same room cuz you liked TJ oppa right? can I believe those words?

the doc says to J: until now you were lucky and were able to hang in there but you know there is not much time left here right?

E came with a present for J and knocks on the door so TJ asks what are you doing there.

J says to TJ: you sure are working out hard these days. TJ: not doing it to look good for you. TJ: what did you talk about with E a while ago?

voice: choi EG – by any chance….

TJ looks on in jealousy at J and E

I seriously dont know which one is cuter – the dog or minho. but one thing for sure – that smile was genuine – he was not acting. I bet he loves this dog like crazy by now.

This is the exact same face I make every time I see this adorable dog.


56 comments on “Arang E11 & TTBY E11

  1. flo says:

    camping here…i’m so excited with tonight episode for both Arang & TTBY
    waves to nonski, bbblue, bird, choki – choki ^_^


  2. anastasia says:

    Thanks so much pretty,

    Love this drama to bits


  3. bird says:

    Thank you so much in advance Softy^^

    My chant when E’s mom is on screen is ” Don’t look in to her eye” and I’ll be less scared. Hope it will help you too 🙂
    I love the OST’s song that Jun ki sings ,love his voice,too.


  4. nonski says:

    thanks so much softy for the live transcaps! you are so awesome as always.

    helloes to my dear chingus… flo, bird, bbblue, choki-choki and MJ!

    good luck again on Arang and i think it less scary this past episodes.


  5. aina says:



  6. bird says:

    I can’t stream live today, but found this pic. Is it in today episode? OMG!!! 🙂


  7. MhsC says:

    Thank you softy ^^


  8. nonski says:

    weeeh transcap now up, off to read, thanks again Softy!


    • nonski says:

      at least tonight’s episode is less scary. hmmm jade has the hand in all this from the start. he saved E.

      i love this part of the preview :
      “J asks if arang is ok. Do you like her. E warns him: Don’t look at her don’t think of her and stop paying attention to her.”

      i can’t wait to watch this again.

      and uhm, i hope there is a ttby mashcap too, even a short one. 🙂


      • Softy says:

        Instead of a short one, I gave you a full one of TTBY – it took 4hrs. Arang took over 6 hrs. I think I’m crossed eyed now. pretty sure unless there is a kiss scene on E12 I won’t have the energy to do another full recap for TTBY – just the preview and key scenes like before. Enjoy. 🙂

        I adore TTBY, but I think I get why it gets 5% ratings – it goes super slow. Too many scenes where there is no talking – just staring, brooding, or flashbacks to what happened like a second ago. But shows like Arang and Faith go at a brisk pace and times flies by. I feel bad for TTBY cuz it’s not a bad drama at all – in better hands director and editor wise, it would have gotten maybe more like 7% range.


        • D says:

          oh softy, you’re working so hard.. i hope u wont get panda eyes!!


        • nonski says:

          omgeee Softy, just got here now. opened my pc just to check, been really sick, i have a very high fever. 😦 thanks so much for this wonderful treat. 🙂 you don’t need to work so hard, you are really spoiling us. mwuah!

          about the ratings, yeah, how can it fare to both arang and nice guy. it’s just cute and fluff. in the many years i’ve watched k-drama, viewers always care about what’s going on in the drama, the story, editing, directing. and it is not a bad drama but there are better dramas to catch the viewership. 🙂

          thanks again. 🙂


  9. flo says:

    yiiiipeee..thanks you soo much for the quick recap my dear
    yeah..i dont care it was CPR or a was a most beautiful kissing scene in sageuk i ever seen
    omg..i love the way he kissed her..when he leans over to her..and then ^__^*faints*


  10. bird says:



  11. Nutty says:

    OMG!!! I so need to see the kissing scene!!

    Just a tip to others who feel scared about watching the scary scenes…turn off the music…but then again softy will have trouble recapping…

    thanks for the fast recap!


    • Softy says:

      I actually do lower the volume for the scary music when I am watching it again on my computer to translate but during the live broadcast I just try not to look directly at the screen when Seo comes on and just listen to her voice more.
      Even tho I love this drama like crazy I still cant watch some eps again – like some scenes in E5 -8 still give me nightmares. Iviih tried to warn me about that cave scene, but i just had no idea it was going to be that scary. 🙂


  12. MJShinshi says:

    Love E’s excuse…giving Arang air to help her breathe faster my foot!! poor J crying and now want to see him and E tm as E spells out the rule to J that Arang is off limits! dang I wanted E to open that door and see his mother’s face. So here’s my thinking that either Choi is E’s father or his connection to mu Yeon’s evilness caused E’s sickness. Why else would Seo call Choi a bad name unless he threw her away after she got pregnant or may be after he found out she’s a slave’s daughter!

    Bird you are so fast with the raw video too, thanks!

    Thank you much softy now I best get going and be productive today and let the show tell the story instead of my own 🙂


    • bird says:

      Oh, so that kiss was for helping her tsk.. tsk…sato
      so Jade is E’s teacher?
      I love how the show give us the quick progress and answers but still make us think about what happened and what will happen next.


      • chokichoki says:

        I really didn’t see this coming. Although many speculated that E had died before and Jade gave him another life, it just never occurred to me that Jade would be the teacher. 9 more episodes to go and I’m already missing this drama like mad.


  13. Iviih :) says:

    OMG. Kyaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! A kiss!


    Softy thanks for the recap, have to read it now but I’m sure today’s episode is great.

    When you said a miracle happened and saw YSH’s picture without his terrible wig I thought you were talking about it LOL


  14. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: I am loving this episode and I have not seen it yet just done your reading!!! Thank you for your wonderful work and everyone for the links and videos!!! New music for my I-pod. What is it with the CPR kisses?-Mouth to mouth resuscitation we saw it in “Faith” “TTBY” and now here. Looking forward to seeing this episode and coming back tomorrow for more. Have a great day/night!!


  15. nina says:

    softy thanks for your perfect recap.. yay, that was a kiss:) i love this couple. they are so unique..


  16. Bella says:

    Softy.. I’m so glad that you’re recapping AATM… 😀

    And that kiss.. would have won me over too..hands down.. had I not been on board this ship earlier.. Lol

    I did wonder how Eun Oh know about CPR.. then someone from soompi said that he must know about it ‘coz he’s a martial artists. And he must’ve been taught how to transfer Ki.. by JE….perhaps?

    Thanks again. ^^


  17. Marie67 says:

    OMG This drama is AWESOME
    I love EO and Arang together soooo much, and I hope Junki and Minah will date in real life please 🙂
    THanks Softy for the recap 🙂


  18. subaru24 says:

    hello softy, i’ve been following your recaps since Ojakgyo brother (and thanks to your recaps and couls finish it xD). Recently i started sharing some of your Arang recaps (not all of them) on Arang’s soompi thread, appretly you don’t like your recaps being shared outside so i would like to apologize. sorry once again .


    • Softy says:

      yes I didnt like it at all cuz you posted my live recap drafts and I normally edit that for hours and then some more the next day as well. plus I dont think other people’s work should be cut and pasted like that instead of just their site links.That way if I edit it then when people come here they can read the corrected parts as well. Thanks for understanding my position and not posting my recaps anymore. links to this recap are ok though.
      glad I could help you enjoy OB. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by and giving me the chance to explain. 🙂


  19. chokichoki says:

    I don’t watch TTBY but damn, that dog is the cutest thing!! I just can’t stop staring at it. Thank you Softy. Such an eye candy. Heheh


  20. D says:

    oh softy, u and your horror repelling tactics just make ma laugh.. i saw one of the BTS (the one w the praying ceremony), the actress playing Evil Mom was not in costume so she looks like normal person maybe (somewhat plasticky) but very decent, not scary at all, so im gonna think of that image whenever she’s on screen..

    im loving this ep.. lots of squeeing…

    i love your recaps..thanks!!!!


  21. bbblue73 says:

    Hello to my lovely chingus, flo, nonski, bird, chokichoki, up up there, LOL.
    Sorry for being so late. I don’t know if i can join you guys later tonight for E12 so “waves” back to you once again my OBsiblings in advance.

    Hmmm, so previously Jade spared another life for E & recently for Arang. Love it. This is what we call its “FATE” for this couple. Anyway, i love to watch more CPR then, lol.

    Hug Softy dear. Thanks a lot.

    Off to watch E11 since my wifi connection is a bit stable for now.


  22. flo says:

    thanks soo much for the TTBY’s are working soo hard my dear^_^
    hi..hi.. you are soo always compared minho with the dog, i didn’t blame you dear..both Minho and the dog are cuteeee^_^,but for me minho won with a large i didn’t like this guy, but I LOVE this guy, minho has a lovely smile and beautiful eyes, when he smiles, his eyes smiles also^______^
    yeah i’ felt so bad with TTBY’s was very low,,ttby is a good drama, and has great OST, i love all the OST, it was remains me with YAB’s old days, the different is i’m more into the male lead in TTBY than in YAB
    i;m still in happy mode cuz the CPR/kiss scene in ARANG, and i really hope there will be a kissing scene in ep 12 TTBY, and this one..please not a CPR or drunken kiss..make it a beautiful kissing scene


  23. rainyrain says:

    it was a very sweeeeeet kiss , don’t think it’s a CPR , maybe becoz he was so worried about her not returning back to life again , she told him several times that everything will be ok but then each time he tells her that he thought he lost her forever like when she fell from that mountain
    anyway that was sweet and becoz she knows she’s falling for him and becoz she knows he will be sad when she leaves after the end of the two moons she ordered him not to do that again so none of them will regret such wonderful moments
    I’m so in love with those two and this drama , wish for the cute to continue even in today’s episode
    the other scene I luved is when she took him from the arm and asked him to be carefull and how he gave her that melting smile , feels like two lovers whom one is worried and the other trying to insure him that everything will be fine .
    is JW falling for Arang or what ?
    softy thanks sooo much for the live recap so happy u are liking the same dramas I’m liking 🙂
    nonsky , bird and other friends big waves to u all , next week I’ll be on business trip inchallah but will try to stay tuned with u , can’t be far away from you and from this drama 🙂


    • bird says:

      Rainyrain !! it’s been a long time since we met in OB. How are you?
      Have a good trip 🙂 and come back to join us. *Hug*


      • rainyrain says:

        me fine , was very busy with work and business trips and the islamic holy month and wasn’t very excited with the existing drama , not even gaksital , but then came ARANG and the magistrate and everything changed 🙂
        * hugs back * to u too , will be online even during my trip inchallah 🙂


  24. Nutty says:

    i finally manage to watch episode 11…and spotted a mistake in the scene where arang is held hostage and sato gets beaten up..

    does anyone see the knife sticking out of the guy’s back before the knife is even thrown? time of video around 0:27:17


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