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It wasn’t even a sad scene, but I cried anyway. I don’t know why, but everytime he does something nice for her, my heart breaks a little more for them. I think the truth is starting to catch up to her. Right now she thinks she only has two months so what’s the point in thinking about their feelings for each other, but that’s just what life taught her to do. To defend and protect herself first and don’t dwell on emotions. Just like when he tried to teach her defensive moves, her body knew what to do on its own. same thing here. It’s like the more he is good to her now, the more she will want to stay later so she has to put up her guard. She is the one who is going to put on the breaks and he will do everything he can to help ease her concerns so she let’s down her guard. Now that he knows there is a time limit, I’m so glad to see he isnt wasting anymore of it.

*Jun ki’s new song came out tonight and it’s so pretty.

This song made me cry more as I watched this scene. Kyler England “Take these things to heart.”

written before it aired: Ghost or not, how could any guy resist her charms. This might have been a behind the scenes photo, but those smiles are genuine. Something occurred to me today. Not once did I ever think that J had a prayer of a chance to be any sort of serious competition, but when he smiled last night remembering how Arang stood up to Choi, I suddenly realized something. Just as E’s love for Arang will make her remember more human emotions like love, that’s going to happen for J as well. By falling in love with her, he is going to act more human by disobeying  Seo somewhere down the line. That’s why she is so annoyed about how J has been acting lately – asking too many questions she doesn’t want to give. I was hoping that J would be able to return to normal at some point, but I guess he has to pay for the sins he committed by murdering all those people. Maybe he could atone for LSR’s death by preventing Arang’s. Probably grasping at straws here, but I really don’t want death to separate our couple. This drama could still have a happy ending right? I feel like I lost a few lives watching those scary scenes so this drama owes me that much.

Normally Thursday’s episodes are supposed to be even better than Wednesday cuz they want the viewers on their toes all week in anticipation for the next episode. Let’s hope that holds true for this show cuz I could definitely use more of what we got last night. A lot less scary and way more swooning.

Now that I’ve decided not to recap Nice Guy at all, I thought Arang should start having separate posts for each episode. If time permits, I will try to add some translations for TTBY as well.

My character list cuz I have to type fast during live recaps

Arang – A

bang wool -B

Eun Oh -E

Dol Swe – D

Joowal -J

Lord Choi – Choi

3 Bangs

E’s mom – lady Seo – Seo

her reaper – MR (short for E’s “mom’s reaper”)

Jade Emperor – Jade


Mu Young -M (his sister’s name is Mu Yeon so it’s really hard to hear the difference)

LSR -arang’s real name


Starts from E running after arang and J, but the kid asks him to save his father. E tells D to go but he says I am busy and I have somewhere to go. The kid keeps begging so E turns around.

Arang and J are walking. Villagers bow to J so she notices. J asks what is her relationship with sato. She makes up some complicated lie. sato’s teacher knows my father. my father travels a lot and met sato somehow – my father borrowed money from sato so I was given in place of the debt until he is repaid. she reassures him there is nothing else going on between her and the sato at all. She asks :what do you need my help for? J just smiles

E is led on horse by D. D asks why take me along when I am busy. E is wearing his sato outfit. E says if some trouble happens it’s your fault. D thinks he meant blame arang. he makes comments about arang and J looking pretty chummy that angers E

J takes arang to get new clothes made. the woman seems to know him and says so this is the young lady. she is pretty. arang asks him what this is.  He says I need your help cuz I dont know your measurements. arang: young master. he says an outfit is not that big a deal. she asks why but he just smiles

The woman measures arang while J waits. She remembers how E measured her previously. She says a day like this came. woman asks what kind of day? arang: I once went through a lot to have new clothes made to look good for someone. Woman says throw away a man like that. a woman needs to meet a man who will have clothes made for her even if she doesnt ask. then her life will be easy. she wonders what is up with young master (J) cuz he never did this before. if a guy worries over a girl and feels bad for her it means he is interested in her. then he ends up liking her. she measures her neck and arang imagines she saw E doing it and gets startled

Arang goes through the market and looks at the rice cakes and other food items. J asks if she wants to eat some so he pays while she selects some to eat. She keeps eating more- like other food. then she sees peaches and gets a lot (in real life she got the super expensive and juicy ones cuz the ones in the back are hard and sour). She says sorry for being so shameless. He pays again.

E shows up at choi’s. servant calls for lord choi.

E asks for the villager. Choi says how dare you come here – do you have nothing to do. E says what do you mean I have nothing to do – I am here to work right now. Since I heard a missing person’s report then I have to see it through. A kid told me his father disappeared and asked me to find him and I looked into it and found out he is here so I came for him. Choi says he committed a crime and I am not done with questioning him. E says if it has to do with a criminal then that’s my job and not your job. If you keep interfering in my work then you are going against the laws of the king-dont you know that. He cites more king’s rules and it makes choi angry. Choi says let the man go free. His aide glowers at E

The kid’s father is released and D recognizes him from outside the gate when all the villagers were hanging around. D asks the man why did you get dragged hear and beaten. they take him away. The aide insulted E by saying “a slave like you” so E hits him. D comes and is about to hit the guy asking what did you do to my master but E tells D to leave the guy alone and leave. E talks to the guy about his father – whether the info was true or not. if you were so curious about me I could tell you today. he threatens the aide about what he will do as sato. Choi says it wont be easy to keep being the sato. E leaves.

Choi kicks his aide and says why did you do something I didn’t ask you – this was embarrassing. He tells him to go tm morning at daylight and empty the food storages cuz who knows what he (E) will do again

D tells E why the kid’s father came –choi paid the national tax for the village and tricked them by charging high interest so they couldnt put up with it. since there was a new sato they thought of telling him but maybe they heard the rumor the sato was rude and couldnt say it or the villagers were scared of lord choi and couldn’t talk. that’s why they were at the gates. E suddenly remembers how choi said it wont be easy to be the sato. E tells D to go tell those guys to go spread some rumors in the village

Suddenly people come in and take food from the magistrates office and they thank E. D asks why did you do this. you should have just helped that one man. E: it is easy being a sato. D says all that rice belongs to choi. E argues that doesnt belong to choi it belongs to the magistrate’s office. D: Why are you doing this. do what you normally do and don’t do anything. don’t mess with choi.

Bangs are walking and talking. one says they still smell like alchohol. they drank that much but couldnt sleep cuz they cant believe what they heard about E. one wants to chase out D first cuz they got beat by him a lot. other one is mad about  arang. the other one says it’s good that we know the truth. now we can do whatever we want. One blames B and says I wont forgive her.  They wonder where all the people are going with the food. They hurry in. B runs over and wants to get some rice too. D is cleaning out the shed cuz few of the sheds are empty. Bangs ask what is going on. D says I dont know too. it was an order from lord sato so just give up. my master wants to be a proper sato so just give up. But they say E cant touch the storage that belongs to the sato. D asks what right they have to say a sato can do this or that. bang insults E so D says what did you say just now. bang yells – you are just a slave of a slave so who are you to yell. They suddenly realize E was standing there. E just looks at them and walks away

chongnom means “male slave”

E takes off his hat and remembers what choi said about how will E get his subordinates to obey him. E goes to his room

D beats up the bangs and says  do you know what I hate hearing the most in this world. it’s that.  slave of a slave. You can insult my master as much as you want, but I cant put up with you insulting me. flashback to when D was a kid and he was beaten. the kids father had D beaten and called him a slave of a slave for beating up the other kids who insulted young E. the man said that young E was posing as a noble and doesnt know how scary the world is. D got up and fought back saying that’s not it – it wasnt cuz of that tiny master. I just hate hearing a slave of a slave the most in this world. D said dont you dare open your mouth about this tiny master. if you have anything else left to say come to lord kim’s. D rescued young E and carried him away. (D is just saying he doesnt like being called that but he actually cant put up with E being called a slave and this is his way of defending E and protecting him at the same time)

Bangs are talking and calling D crazy. they blame each other for saying that. B hears them

D says to E- let’s go. pack up cuz why do we have to listen to these insults. E: me or you? D: you master. no me.  E says just go do your work but D says my work is to protect you and your father. E changed clothes and rides off. B gets chased again so D rescues her. D asks why are you bothering her. bang says it’s not your business but D says don’t bother her or I will break your back.

E rides off on his horse and remembers all the insults choi said about E-how he was illegitimate and a son of a concubine and traitor. Her remembers how mad his mom was when he was a kid-how she swore not to leave that guy alone and tear him up.  how he chased after her through the fields.  Lee Junki’s new song is playing now. Lyrics: it feels like you will disappear – for a day, couldnt you wait for me. for a day couldnt you be by my side.  E stands and looks out over the view

At night J is walking back with arang. she goes over to another food stand. He asks if she wants to eat again. she does so she gets some more food. A beggar comes over for food but she sees a ghost behind him so she gives it to the ghost first and then to the beggar. the ghost waves goodbye to her so she waves back. J asks why she is like someone who starved all day. arang: It’s a habit. I don’t know when I can eat again so while there is food I have to eat a lot. back then even though i ate and ate I was hungry. That was all long time ago when my father went wandering around and neglected me. to be honest I starved all day.  yesterday and today sato had troubles so I ended up starving too. when that sato’s stomach isnt hungry he doesnt know the other person is hungry. what if sato didn’t eat all day. what if he fainted.

J and arang are walking and he says he will send someone to give her clothes.  arang: I still havent heard the reason why you made me clothes. J: I just wanted to make it for you. she says there were a lot of things I wanted to ask you today so I followed you out but I am not ready to ask yet. I normally dont take advantage of people like today – getting to eat and getting to wear things thanks to you but cuz of the situation I accepted all that. i will pay you back with interest. He says how he wanted to show her those flowers but it’s too late. arang: you have to go at night to enjoy it. she changes subject and says what if he (E) fainted. Suddenly E rides over. She looks up at him. He comes over and she asks where he went this late at night. J says it was late at night so I was escorting her home. E extends his hand and says get on. let’s go. She takes his hand and gets on the horse. She thanks J for today. E rides off. She tells at J to go home safely. after dark there are a lot of crazy guys. J smiles. (probably cuz he is way scarier than any of them)

They ride into the fog. She asks if they aren’t going to the office. He says let’s get some air. She asks if anything happened today -why do you look so defeated. He asks if she got to ask what she wanted. arang: no E: why? why werent you able to ask? arang: young master ordered a set of clothes for me. E:what? arang: I wanted to ask him – “look here did you do this for your fiance LSR? if you didnt for your fiance then what is the reason why you were doing this for another girl” -I wanted to ask like this to be honest but when I was about to open my mouth I was afraid I would say this so I couldnt do it. it’s childish. E: that’s right – if you are jealous of yourself then what could you do.  arang: I will ask next time I see him. E: why meet again next time? don’t you have any pride. do you want to do that with someone who cant remember you?  She says: LSR is LSR and I am me. E: what nonsense are you saying?arang:  I think master likes me that’s why he made me clothes. My job got easier. E: ya! arang: what’s wrong with you from a while go. E: concern-I’m doing it out of concern. I dont know what he is thinking but he doesnt mean it for real. that you will cry and bawl -cuz that might happen, that’s why I am worried.

He stops the horse and gets off. she does too. She asks sato why are you worried about me. Do you like me by any chance. E: What? Arang: If you don’t like me then why worry about me. He says where is the logic that if you worry about someone it means you like that person. She says someone said that- to a guy -showing concern and caring are connected to interest. Anyway don’t like me. E: I dont like you. arang: cuz I only have two full moons. E: what are you talking about? arang: 2 full moons, I was originally given 3 full moons but old fogey tricked me out of one.  If I don’t find my truth by the second full moon then I have to go to hell. E: hell? arang: if I find it I go to heaven. since he bragged so much I said if I find it let me go to heaven.  in the end the result will be whether I find the truth or not it means I have to go back.  It means I can only be here in this world until two full moons.  end. If I am going to go anyway, I want to go to heaven so I have to find the truth of my death.  she walks off as she says that. he stands there in shock. She turns to look back and keeps going. (it’s like she was hoping he would come after her right away and she sort of told herself “dont wish for things like that” and kept walking on – bravely and alone like always)  He remembers how she said “If I don’t find my truth by the second full moon then I have to go to hell.   in the end the result will be whether I find the truth or not it means I have to go back.” He takes off running after her. he holds her wrist and looks into her eyes. E: What does that mean, why are you telling me that now. arang: what? E: That you can only stay two months.  why are you just now telling me that. Arang: Cuz it’s not important I didn’t tell you. E: it’s not important? don’t you feel anything. Arang: whether I do or not- it’s my business not yours  so why are you so angry at me. He grabs her hand and leaves with her

J is sitting and thinking. Seo shows up so he asks what brings her here. she says I thought you would come to see me but there was no news so I was curious . she says it looks like it’s not easy. that girl is not like any girl. you are this good looking but she isnt showing interest. She asks if there is another guy. J: she said there wasn’t. seo: i know it’s not easy. cuz all this time when you caught a girl, you knew very well what that meant. but it would be nice if you rushed a little more

E is riding with arang and they are going fast. J remembers seo’s words about arang. “all this time when you caught a girl, you knew very well what that meant.” J looks at the sketch he drew of her from when they first met. When she asked for him to lend his back and promised to pay him back for this favor.

D and B are sitting next to each other unable to talk. He holds his offending thumb that touched her lips and she says I am curious about one thing. Why did you suddenly speak jondae (respectfully) to me. He says that’s cuz -to tell the truth – that time –your lips. She gets up suddenly and says I have to go. He says wait a while longer for sato and he will come soon and open another storage for you but she says no I will come back when it’s daylight. She forgot her book so she goes back for it.

E rides up with arang. D asks where he went. E just goes to his room. D asks her what’s wrong with my master. What did you say. She says that’s what I want to say. you must have a hard time cuz of him too.

B got her book and is going out when she sees E. but she didn’t get to see his face. she said she saw that face a lot. Then she sees arang and D talking. It looks like arang is trying to get him away. He is bugging her asking what did you do to my master. Arang: I don’t know. B thinks – I know that voice. D asks if she found that book. She runs off. D tells her not to worry cuz he will make sure she gets food.  go carefully

E cant sleep and remembers what arang said “whether I find the truth or not it means I have to go back.  It means I can only be here in this world until two full moons.” E: That bad girl – why tell me that just now

Arang is alone and says I didn’t tell you cuz it wasnt important. something like that really wasn’t important

M remembers how E fought those strange reapers and thinks how could he fight them. what is that fan that could kill those.  how could a fan have that kind of power when it was used by a human

Choi gets mad at the aide cuz of what E did -daring to touch his food and giving away the food. I wont leave him alone. he blames the aide for not taking care of E so the guy says i’m sorry I will find a way to chase him out. Choi says forget about chasing him away bring me his neck no matter what you have to do

E wakes up and holds his head. D comes in and E is dressed. D asks why he looks so bad cuz it looks like E didnt sleep much. D brought his clothes that have been cleaned from that fall. he says there is some kind of talisman so E says put it in my room. D asks him to open the storage cuz there is a citizen who didn’t get any rice. E says what are you talking about. move cuz I am busy. D: how could you do this to me

E goes and wakes arang by calling her amnesia –ya get up let’s go out. arang: where?

Bangs talk and say these days it’s too normal. sato is too quiet and so is that girl arang and D is sticking by here. they are nervous about choi the most cuz he should get angry about the food that was given out. one says this is the time before a typhoon and it means something is going to happen

B is practicing how that girl said “I don’t know” and trying to figure out where she heard that voice. outside D calls out and peeks in her room. He came bringing pork and rice for her. this is all I can do for you. she asks why are you like this – don’t do this. he says you don’t like me doing this. she says yes I don’t like it. she throws the  pork down. D: Why don’t you like it. B: why do you keep speaking jondae with me. dont do that from now on. he says he wont do it again. she yells -just do as you normally do and dont be friendly and nice. He asks what she said just now. She says just forget it and runs out. he is pleased

Jade is telling his fairy -shouldnt you make the fire stronger. she says it’s ok. jade: If you make the fire weak medicine wont have a good affect – you have to make the fire stronger then weaker. you have to do a pull and push to make the medicine stronger.  She keeps disagreeing with him saying it’s ok. He says she is stubborn. He says his brother is coming. He goes over to hades. Hades asks when are you going to tell M. Jade: why are you like that suddenly. Hades says he can see on M’s face that he is tormented so I cant stand to see it. tell him that the one who is causing all that trouble on earth is Mu Yeon. so that she could live – she killed all those humans. she used to be your younger sister at one time. just tell him like this. if Mu Yeon keeps turning those souls that were going to hell into her demons -what do you want to do about it.  do you know what bothers me the most. we know all this but there is nothing we can do about it. Jades: We cant help what she does in a human’s body. Hades says what Jade planned is not going well. he asks when will arang find the truth about her death if she goes around doing other stuff. She will forget about the deadline. But jades says no that kid is doing very well now

E is telling the woman how to do her job cuz she is measuring arang for new clothes. E: no no -her waist is sort of high so go higher. right there. Woman says “yes she is – I was thinking of something else for a second.” E: do it accurately. woman mutters to herself how could he know her measurements and everything when they arent married. she asks arang:  who this master is –what about the other one. E asks if she is done. woman says yes. He gives her money and says make it by tm.  she asks how could I do this by tm so he throws more money at her feet. He takes arang’s hand and says let’s go.

She asks what is this. why wake someone who was sleeping suddenly saying you are going to get clothes made.  he says you wanted clothes made. She says young master choi already had clothes made for me so he says : what if he made it – you wont wear it. arang: it’s up to me whether i wear it or not. since when did a sato who could see ghosts be able to see inside a person’s heart.  He goes back and cancels J’s order and pays. Arang asks why he is like this. E: your heaven – I am going to send you there. so dont go to some innocent guy and try to bewitch him. only the guy who has been betwitched will be pitiful. I am saving a lot of humans. he walks away and says -to be honest – what can a guy do if he is betwitched by a ghost who can only live for two months.

She stares at him then follows him cuz he motions for her to come along

E takes her to the mountain so she asks where are we going – where is this place. E: I said I was going to send you to heaven. they keep climbing up. arang: where are we going? E: i said heaven. you keep asking again and again. arang: sato are you going to throw me away? cuz I am bothersome?  E: Even if I throw you away-will you stay thrown away? you will just come back. She says she remembers going to the afterlife. at first it was just like this.  it was warm, quiet, and peaceful.  for a short time, I thought it’s not bad to die. but that was only for a short time. after that I was dropped and spun around. and then there was a skeleton ghost protecting hell. It was like getting the illness and then the medicine. looking at that – those old foeys are perverts – there is no mistake. I dont think I can go there twice if I am sober.  Next time I will ask to go another route (to the afterlife).

E says they said it was around here somewhere. arang: what are you looking for? tell me so I can find it with you. She catches up to him and ends up running into him cuz he suddenly stopped. He says I found it. heaven. It’s a field of flowers. E: I told you I would send you to heaven. Wonder if heaven will look like this. she says it’s not even close to being similar. there are no old fogeys. He says just look cuz you said you like flowers. When you are reborn you said you wanted to be born a flower or was it a butterfly. whatever you become -Just look for now. that way later when you meet the old fogeys you can say  “make me born into this.” She walks over to look closer and he smiles

She is holding a flower and has one behind her ear. He says a long time ago there was a girl in his neighborhood who had a flower behind her ear. you look like her. I listened to her requests and not anyone else. But suddenly one day I couldnt see her anymore. I was a little curious and stopped but one day she came.  she stuck to me and said she was a ghost. Arang asks when he started being able to see ghosts. from when you were born? He says when I was young I was really sick so I almost died. like something opened, that’s when I started seeing ghosts. At first I was scared and did everything they wanted. then strange rumors started in the neighborhood. that I could hear ghosts – that I was an illegitimate son of a concubine who could hear ghosts.   so my father used his strength to stop the rumors. it was nice to have a father with strength. he didnt just stop the rumors, he put me in his registry. I was really grateful to him. she looks sad so he asks: why are you so quiet. you feel sorry for me huh? dont pity me though. I don’t pay attention to those insults about me. She asks: is that what a father does. he stops everything? But I wonder why LSR’s father couldn’t stop it. what are you going to do when you find your mother. He says he is going to ask her about himself – what he meant to her. then we are going to live just the two of us together far away.  She says when you find your mother I will be in heaven. E: you probably will be in heaven. They look at each other.


No preview

It’s a miracle but there were no scary scenes tonight. well except for that one flashback to that scarecrow looking thing in hell, but i didnt look so it doesnt count.

We should make a bet on who is going to say “I love you first” cuz I feel it coming. it’s E10 so I am thinking next week for sure.  My money is on E saying it first. his emotions have yet to catch up to his constant denials so I think he is on the verge of breaking. if he sees arang with J just one more time, I think his jealousy will take over and those words will just spill out.

in the first part, TJ had an interview and said he wasnt going to Canada to study under that coach and gave his reasons why he thought it was better to stay here. the reporter asked if there was another reason like you didnt want to part with someone. she keep asking if it’s hanna. but TJ said: there is someone now I want to show my jumps to.

then later TJ goes to see J and she is sort of distant with him cuz she is upset he missed his chance to study with that coach -after all she did to help make that happen. plus she thinks he didnt go cuz of hanna like the other guys said. TJ accuses his dog of not being loyal cuz the dog likes J more. (so cute).  J: I saw the article – you said you arent going to canada. TJ: it turned out that way. J: why didnt you go  -you wanted to learn from coach holton. TJ: I just changed my mind. J: but that was such a hard opportunity to get.TJ: i know.  I know but there was a reason to stay. J: is it cuz of hanna. TJ: that’s not it. J: then why? TJ: I told you I changed my mind. J: how could you – was it that easy? he wonders why she is angry. did you want me to go to canada? J: that’s not it. TJ: whatever happens to me – you just want me to jump again. that was all you wanted from me. J: what I am trying to say is you really wanted to go -cuz you are losing a good opportunity. then what is the reason. aside from hanna there isnt one. he doesnt reply so she says ok I interfered again when I shouldnt have. sorry. she walks off so he goes after her but John shows up to kidnap her to go to a party with him.

at the exhibit, John confessed to J that he likes her. John: ever since you were young I watched you and was by your side. even now and I also want to do that in the future too. even in the future I want to be my your side. even though this is so embarrassing I think I will die but since i started I should finish. I am confessing to you now. originally i was going to wait a little longer but you know I have a hasty personality. think it over slowly but not too slowly. think it over and tell me. I will wait.

John waits outside the dorm to speak to TJ after the party. John: this is the first time in my life i waited for a guy like this instead of a girl. I will just say this simply. if you cant make J happy, and if J cant be happy by your side, you send J away. I like J. I have confidence. at best I wont make J have a hard time like you. that’s all I wanted to say. think about it.

TJ: what you asked last time – why I didnt go to Canada – it wasnt cuz of hanna. there was another reason, but i cant tell you that. J:what is it? TJ:sorry but it’s a secret. anyhow since I am not going anywhere -you dont go too. J:where would I go. TJ: wherever it is.

After hanna finds out J is a girl she tells the doctor and he stops her from telling the dean cuz this will look bad for TJ cuz he has been living with a girl and people will talk. it’s better to handle this quietly so keep it a secret cuz it wont take long anyway. she says if it takes a long time I wont hold still for it. he tries to get her autograph before she leaves but she just walks off. (is this character gay or not)

hanna runs into TJ on her way out and lectures her for coming again cuz girls are not allowed at his school. she says J is a girl. did you know? then you knew everything and acted like you didnt know. then you not going to canada was it cuz of her? you’re crazy. did the two of you play with me. during that time I was hurting so much. TJ: i’m sorry. hanna: you are sorry now? TJ: i’m sorry but for the time being couldnt you keep it a secret. even if it needs to be told, let J tell. she yells that he is really crazy.

On the last scene, Hanna tells the reporter i want to be congratulated by everyone cuz I like someone. Kang TJ and I are dating. she says to him on camera-TJ oppa I just told everyone. from here on let’s date publicly. love you.


TJ asks J: isnt it hard for you to live here? might not be able to do sports again

the doctor tells J: shouldnt you slowly start to prepare to leave

E asks her – what are you doing over there. isnt this all TJ’s? do you like TJ?

TJ says to J: dont hurt on your own. (as in “dont feel hurt cuz you feel like it”)


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    aaaaaaaaaa….. can not wait.. please don’t suck


  2. 101 says:

    Softy… thank youuuuuuu…


  3. Mara says:

    My heart has a soft spot for J since he did not choose to be the way he is.


  4. chokichoki says:

    Yay!!!! I heart you Softy. I’ll definitely spend however little time I have to follow your recaps! And I hope they’ll spare you from the life-threatening scenes.


  5. Onnie said says:

    Thankyu and can’t wait 🙂


  6. bird says:

    Thank you so much in advance Softy 🙂
    Can’t stream live nowaday, i’ll wait to your recap^^


  7. bbblue73 says:

    *Waves* Softy, bird, chokichoki & nonski.


  8. nonski says:

    yay! way to go Softy… hoping it’s a little less scary tonight. thanks you in advance for the live transcaps.

    know what… i am have a very ardent hope that out OTP will end up with each other. i really wish for that very badly. it would be such a waste if they couldn’t. i would end up crying buckets for that alone. 😦


    • bird says:

      I’m with you Nonski.
      For all that they have to get through. There no way that they not have a happy ending.
      Like Softy said this drama owes us for those scary scenes. 🙂


      • nonski says:

        hahaha yes… and what a great pair they are. getting this two together would be fitting since both have changed each other. EO, from a cold, unfeeling nobleman is now slowly growing a heart and a responsible sato to his people. Arang, from a dead person to someone slowly gaining her humanity and feelings.


  9. lovelybluehoneyz says:

    dear softy..i appreciate ur hardwork for the fast live transcap.thanks a million dear..honestly i really hope that u didnt give up on arang NO MATTER what..i am here for LJK AND SMA..i like their chemistry in pleaaasee..continue the live transcap ok?i’ll be wrkg NITE shift nxt wk,so might nt b able to watch the raw episodes..without u,i WILL DEFINATELY CRY..SERIUSLY..


  10. nonski says:

    thanks so much softy. this episode seems more like arang and EO’s time together. that is so sweet of EO to bring her to a flower field. even though i hadn’t watched it yet but i agree that the ending was cut abruptly. maybe they left out something.


    • lovelybluehoneyz says:

      yeah me too..i cant wait to watch the raw even though im suppose to sleep as i am wrkg early am tmr..hehe…i rely too much on softy..tsk tsk…btw..yahh….those two are just too sweet….


  11. 25 says:

    WTH is that…they should add kiss scene at the end.


  12. lovelybluehoneyz says:

    btw..a random thought…i have a feeling that maybe their ending will b like gumiho..the jade emperor will return her back as a human bcos she is the one accidental /unintended death and they made her to return for that 3 full moons as their weapon against evil mum..with her success,jade has yet to fullfilll arang’s wishes…


  13. shellygal says:

    same comment here for the ending. but thanks for the recap. it completes my thursday.


  14. h0ns says:

    thanks for the recap… i love this episode.. love the change in EO after realizing arang time.. so sad watching them.. sad but happy.. happy but sad.. really hope for the magic for their ending..


  15. D says:

    hi Softy,

    thanks for sticking to Arang. im tempted to watch NG (puppy is there) but i cant stand the female lead (no offense to her fans). Im happy yet sad with tonight’s ep..


  16. bbblue73 says:

    Omii, i cried. So sad but happy cuz they talked more anything under the sun, LOL. I know i’ll shed more tears for E&A in future episodes.
    Thank you Softy. I love all your screencaps.


  17. flo says:

    Yaaayy..thanks a lot Softy^_________^
    i just wake up and see this recap..i haven’t watched this episode yet, but i got interested by looking those screencaps^_^
    and thank you for the translations for preview of ttby ep 11, i was dying to know what they were talking about


  18. MJShinshi says:

    oh my softy, you have no idea how much I missed live streaming and just spazzing out with all here on Cadence! 🙂 I had too much going on and too many travels and guests over the summer that it just killed my kd time. but so glad I’m able to be here a little more often.
    Thank you for doing both Arang and TTBY….now I can hold out til I get to watch videos tonight. I laughed at that person who called you a hopeless romantic, so obvious she’s a newby to softy’s style 🙂
    I have a question about what’s all the rave about on YT and airwaves about “Gangnam Style” I know it’s a place in Seoul but is the singer or group a famous one in Korea or just here in the states…?? I saw it on the news and again heard on the radio..”did you see the ‘Gangnam style’ video…” Of course I haven’t watched the video just the snippets on news to see why it’s so talked about today. anyway hope you get some sleep and now getting back to finish reading. Thanks again dear.


    • MJShinshi says:

      it was “romantic fool” anyway you know what I meant….should’ve checked joonni’s before posting above 🙂 lol hope you’ll have a fabulous wkend or at least relaxing.


    • nonski says:

      waves at MJ!

      Oppa Gangnam Style by PSY is also very famous here in the Philippines. My officemate even plays that from time to time. 🙂 It has gone viral!


    • Softy says:

      OMG i can’t believe you asked me about that song – I think I might be the only person in korea who hates it. from the start they overplayed it so much you cant help but get sick of it. I don’t get how it ended up on CNN and all over america – it’s not even a good song. That singer is really famous in Korea, but I don’t listen to him. I try my hardest to avoid that video but it’s on 24/7 on almost every channel so it’s hard to avoid it. Even 80 yr old grandmas know that song and dance by now.

      Gangnam or it can also be spelled Kangnam is a place in Seoul (blue has a picture of it on her blog for my celebrity sighting posts) that is really popular in Korea. Most of those entertainment shows you watch where they do interviews on the street were filmed in Kangnam. It’s popular with the younger crowd like Hongdae, but that’s more for the music crowd. It’s this really long wide street that is always crowded and packed with people. There is a Jamba Juice there now and Krispy Kreme and all those other american shops cuz lots of tourists go there to walk around, shop and hang out. It’s also where I saw LMH at the Trugen store cuz he was signing autographs. He also came to promote one of the clubs there when it first opened. that was back when he had that crazy elvis hair cuz of that Extreme Cass beer he was promoting at the time. also there are tons of driving scenes for dramas that are filmed there cuz it’s one long street that goes all the way from Bundang to the other end north of the river. I sound like a tour guide – did I even answer your question?


      • MJShinshi says:

        haha yes you answered my question thank you! that’s so funny and I didn’t think you like the song 🙂 I don’t hear it all the time and I’m sick of it already and I laugh at how they say it here Gangnam as in gang + nam! no kidding nonski he’s gone viral! He’s gotten more popular here since he’s making all the talk show rounds and he danced at his seat at some sports game. He was on Ellen and taught Britney Spears the dance, so now not only 80 yr old grandmas in Korea know the dance but Ellen and Britney too! lol

        Back to Arang and E…I bet they’ll both say it at the same time. E has been showing his “concerns” more knowing the time limit and Arang is starting to as well. She’s always talking about E and starting to see him where he isn’t making me change my mind that she’ll confess first since she can’t keep anything to herself. So M’s sister is the evil one, is she E’s mom or her soul has taken over his mom’s body or both giving E the ability to see ghosts and kill the fake reapers….why isn’t it next Wed yet?!

        As for TTBY why isn’t it a surprise that Ha Na was first to learn of Jae Hee’s “cross-dressing” and the first thing she does is announce her dating TJ! I don’t like Ha Na too. I was yelling at my screen for TJ to say something he had plenty of time to tell J something before the end, way to make us come back next wk. I hope J will figure it out soon that TJ knows her secret before HaNa


        • nonski says:

          ikr! agh! i was like short of pulling my hairs. well it s so k-drama, what hana did. i’m so addicted to this drama and even become a regular at ttby soompi thread. it’s so funny considering my age. hahaha.

          i hope it’s wed already. 🙂


  19. flo says:

    omg..the recap of TTBY^_____^wahhhh you are sooo kind my dear,i appreciate your hardwork
    thanks you soooo much, and those screencaps of Minho are love^_^ love them!!


  20. nonski says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeh a 2tbu recap!!!! i love you softy! you don’t know how hard it is to watch raw over a drama you are all mushy and yet can’t understand what’s talkin’! you’re amazing and you’re spoiling us OBnians/Cadencers. 🙂

    so about the doc, i also thought he was gay. he is gay in the manga and all previous versions. but on 2tbu, i kinda doubt that and i like him here. he is cool.

    oh and i am hating hannah to bits. she is such a self-centered brat. i want her to have here come-uppance.

    i hope TJ and J’s minds finally met.

    on arang, i will bet on EO gets to say i love you first. he had been showing his emotions so far and seems to face them too. although there is a chance for Arang too since she does not hold on to anything on her mind. when it comes and she’d definitely acknowledge and confront it at once.


  21. Anonymous says:

    deleted by blog owner cuz this is not where you ask for info like this – it’s a blog – not google.


  22. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Since I have gone back to my general routine with my daughters back to school, I have been behind finding out what is going on on my Korean dramaland!!! Thanks for the answer regarding the song I saw it on national American TV the other morning. So, here I am thanking you for the first time for doing these recaps of these two shows. I felt for “Arang and the Magistrate” from the first episode and “TTBY” I had watched the Japanese and Taiwanese version so was curious about the Korean version of the manga.
    I am following you on Joonni’s for “Faith” and now I will be here on Wed-Th!!!!! If I could give you a hug via the Internet please feel yourself hug 100 times!!!! Thanks for all your hard work, dedication, commitment, lack of sleep to give not only me but so many so much happiness. Take care and have a great weekend!!!


    • Softy says:

      Thanks Blue Passion for always leaving messages for Faith at Joonni’s and over here. Love hearing what you thought of the episodes or the dramas. Glad I can be of help. It looks like after these batch of dramas end, there might not be anything to recap except for 1n2d cuz I don’t see any new dramas that interest me at all that start in October/Nov. I dont think that’s ever happened since I started blogging.
      The offer for the virtual hugs are appreciated – sort of needed them for Arang E4-E8. Those were like the hardest recaps I ever did – we are talking major shakes – my teeth were chattering cuz I was so scared. I almost threw my phone against the wall cuz text alerts would startle the crap out of me during all those creepy parts. I’m not sure my heart ever recovered from those episodes – I still get scared when I see E’s mom go into that dark room. I think I need to see her be sweet in real life surrounded by puppies to get this image of her character out of my head.


  23. bird says:

    I have so many questions in my head but try to think about the answer got me a headache. (–“)

    – When Arang was a ghost, how or why she has the flowers that she got it from her wound and throw to M. It look like a special thing because the other ghosts don’t have it and it can stop and hurt M.
    When LSR (Arang) alive, she is normal girl or she has special power?

    – What E’s mom really is? the evil, the immortal or a human that die and got the evil possess her body or she’s not death yet? or she has twin, because we know that E’s mom disappeared when he grow up already, but we saw she gave the ring to the little J.

    – How did E got that fan, it have the similar symbol with the talisman which was used to trap M. Did his mom give it to him?

    – Is it possible that the murder who killed LSR is J? just like when he killed Arang , to take her to E’s mom that why Arang has her hair pin. The reason that he can’t remember Arang because back then LSR always covered her face so he didn’t see her face.

    Hope Wednesday will come soon 🙂


    • Softy says:

      I can answer some of these for you Bird so you will have less of a headache

      those things that arang threw at M are peach flowers petals-the very thing she was afraid of when she was a ghost cuz it hurts her too. that’s why when E tried to feed her a peach she freaked out-she forgot she is in a human body now so peaches do not harm her. but when she was a ghost she would throw those peach flowers to stop M from chasing her even though she knew those petals would harm her as well. that is why she endured the pain -cuz her wounds will heal quickly anyway cuz ghosts cant have cuts and stuff for long

      same thing for those red beans E threw near her – those red beans can harm her too if she is a ghost.

      as far as we know LSR was a normal girl so that’s why she died when J killed her. i think her body was preserved well cuz Jade made that happen -not cuz LSR was special.

      as far as I can tell since E’s mom keeps saying M’s name like she hates him cuz he is after her reapers – so I think his sister is in there still – cuz how else would E’s mom know who M is since they probably never met. she clearly said M’s name so she has to be his sister. Not sure if E’s mom’s body was taken over by his sister or not but that makes the most sense.

      if E was taught how to fight from some guy in the mountains he could have gotten that fan from him I think

      most definitely J killed LSR but he never really knew her face anyway back then. by the way he only killed girls who made his ring turn red so that’s why he went to that gisaeng house – he was trying to look for a girl with a pure soul to kill when the moon is full but he should have known better than to check in a place like that. his ring didnt glow so he told himself – why would you even think you could find one in a place like this.

      hope that helps. 🙂


  24. bird says:

    Thank you so much Softy ,your answer help me a lot. 🙂

    All this time I just think that peach flowers petals are a special thing and only Arang has it but never thought of it will something simple like she knows about how it will affected to the ghost so she collect and keep it with herself.

    I think LSR saw J face when he killed her that why Arang feel like her heart beating flutter when she saw J for the first time. It’s not she love him or have any feeling for him.

    So now I wonder what happen back then if E’s mom get LSR ,why she didn’t get LSR’s soul yet ,maybe LSR not death yet and can escape from her before she die?


  25. Cham says:

    Thanks Birdie for the questions and thanks Softy for the answers! These are the burning questions I have been wondering while reading the recap!! I really look forward to every recap.

    Softy, you are the best!

    Nice to see the plot thickens and to get more romantic moments between Arang and E…hope for more of the same. I hope E’s mom is not really the evil M’s sister…that woman is scary 🙂


  26. Miki Ong says:

    Tks for the recaps for both Arang and TTBY. Not many bloggers are recapping TTBY so it was a pleasant surprise to read it here. Keep up the good work!


  27. Anonymous says:

    Preview for ep11…need eng translation…thanks.


    • joonni says:

      Quick translation upon Softy’s request. Sorry for the mistakes if there some. I’m not watching this so I don’t know the context of where Eun Oh got that talisman and I can’t hear the word properly.

      EO’s mom: Hmph. You were planning to catch me with bait? The only one who can annihilate me is Muyoung. But I doubt if Muyoung can kill me like those people hope.

      EO: What are you doing Reaper?!

      MY: Is your mother and the owner of the hairpin the same person?

      EO: Give it back! Give it back!

      ARang: What is this?

      EO: This? I brought it back from the cave (?)

      ARang: I’ve seen this before.

      EO: Where?

      EO’s mom: Take out her heart before it’s too late.

      EO: Those jerks!


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