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Thank you drama gods – we finally have a relatively less scary episode. The romance is kicking into high gear and the preview shows E is getting there before Arang, but I have a feeling she is going to meet him head on pretty soon. I am soooo glad I stuck with Arang. I love tonight’s episode so much. *Big sigh of relief*

I just realized why E is already starting to have feelings for her while she still seems oblivious about matters of the heart. he has been human all along and she has only been human for a short time. for the past three years her mentality was that of a ghost so that’s why it’s so easy for her to miss the signs that he likes her. in her eyes that just cant happen cuz she knows what’s in store for her once she solves her death. As a human, E only knows about feelings and how love is supposed to last so he wont be able to get over them as easily as her. Having been a ghost, Arang is going to have a tougher time with this since she takes a more realistic approach – keep your emotions in check cuz it’s about the only thing she has control over. Everything else is out of her hands.  I don’t know what’s more tragic – that their love may never see the light of day or that it was doomed from the start.

character list

Arang – A

bang wool -B

Eun Oh -E

Dol Swe – D

Joowal -J

Lord Choi – Choi

3 Bangs

E’s mom – lady Seo – Seo

her reaper – MR (short for E’s “mom’s reaper”)

Jade Emperor – Jade


Mu Young -M (his sister’s name is Mu Yeon so it’s really hard to hear the difference)

LSR -arang’s real name


Starts from choi entering and being greeted. Choi says how this place is old so if you are uncomfortable let me know but E says I will take care of it so don’t pay any attention to it. Choi asks why did you ask to meet but E says I didn’t ask you – I summoned you. they talk about the grave and E asks why choi got involved and interfered with a murder investigation by covering up the site and destroying evidence. Choi asks do you think the villagers don’t know about that grave – they all know. he says how there was a terrible massacre at one time so it’s not a murder scene, but just a mass grave. He couldn’t stand by and watch the villagers go through the pain of reliving it by having it dug up again. E: you expect me to believe that. choi says I don’t want this village shaken up and want it to be quiet. E: for who’s sake do you want this village to be quiet.  His words anger choi

J walks over and watched them so arang followed

Choi says I was surprised that lord Kim had an illegitimate son like you and that your mother was a concubine and a daughter of a rebel. Bangs are shocked to hear that. Arang heard it too along with J. E makes a fist and sees how everyone heard. choi gets sarcastic saying I dont know if this world got better or it’s going into ruins – I cant forgive a world like this. I dont think you should be working here. there is no place in this land where an illegitimate son can hold his head up high. Arang asks J to go now

J says I don’t know why my father came. He invites Arang to go with him to some place but she isnt listening. She stops walking and says everyone is the same – whether you are illegitimate or not-they are the same people. do you know what that means. When you die you end up the same. She goes back

Choi asks E what he is going to do –  quietly leave the village or insist on remaining as sato claiming it’s his right as a nobleman. if you insist on staying I dont know how your subordinates will treat you. E looks over at the bangs cuz you can tell they no longer respect E. choi: if you have nothing else to say I will be going. I will give you some advice. if i was in your place- I would think of your father and eave quietly cuz that’s what a nobleman would do. Arang goes and calls out to choi “hey look here old fogey.” She argues with choi -what’s so wrong about being illegitimate – who said it’s bad – who made up that kind of rule –  I know the jade emperor somewhat and he wouldn’t give those childish  (don’t know the word for this – titles/social status/ranks in nobility ) like you. if you are such a precious nobleman then where were you born? since you looked down on sulchul (from the west) then you must not be one so is it dongchul -bulchul-namchul-(north south east) where do you have to be born to be higher and more precious than a person? look how outraged you are cuz even if you think about it, it’s ridiculous. he says I will tear your hair out so she says even if you tear it out – only your hands will hurt. Just try tearing it. he raises his hand to strike her but E grabs his wrist and stops choi. J comes over and pulls arang away. choi asks what J is doing here. choi tells E to let go so J tells E to let go and I will take him back. E lets choi’s hand go. J tells choi let’s go. J tells arang – I will come again. let’s finish what we didnt get to do today next time. choi glares at arang and leaves

Choi tells J – how dare someone like you. then choi looks back and says – I wont leave them alone. Let’s go. He rides off. Bangs bow to choi

E looks at arang. E says –whenever you move you cause trouble. why did you interfere like that without any fear. arang: Unlike someone i dont have the personality to just stand by and watch injustice. He repeats what she made up – seochul dongchul bochul nachul and calls her ignorant. he says how he couldn’t be patient standing there hearing cuz it was so embarrassing. arang: it wasnt cuz I didnt know. you have to match ignorance with stupid people. E: I shouldnt bother talking. He turns to leave but asks where she was going with that guy. She says I didn’t get to go cuz of you so I don’t know. should I find out now. E: go where? how could a grown woman follow a strange guy behind him. He says how it’s not proper for a nobleman and woman just to go around so she tells him to just live comfortably according to his station in life since he isn’t nobility. he walks to his room so she calls out to reassure him and cheer him up- dont waste any energy over that -there are lots of people who are smart among sulchuls.  you looked really good in your sato outfit

E goes to his room and sits.

Choi asks Seo if she knew J was going around with that girl. how would you know.  He brought her into this home. for your safety’s sake. you know how careful I was protecting this home.  You know how much I protected you all these years. Are you just going to stand by and watch. She says I get it so leave. I will take care of it so go.

J comes in and the servant greets him. He says I will prepare dinner but J says it’s ok. J remembers how E said everyone is the same- if you die you just end up the same.

Choi is fuming. His aide comes in and says villagers are hanging around the magistrates. Choi says before you take care of that – gather some strong men cuz there is someone you need to beat up really good.

D is walking around looking for B’s home. he says why didnt she come out to the market today – i’m not someone who goes looking for a stranger’s home but since the situation with my master is urgent I have to do this

B places a bowl of kimchi down and mutters how she has to make more friends (side dishes) next to the kimchi so the gods will like it. to do that she has to earn money at the market but she cant hold her head up and go there (cuz of what happened last time -the wiping the kimchi on her lips incident) suddenly D is in front of her so she yells. D asks what’s wrong. she says I was startled by you. what brings you here

E is sitting alone holding his head. Arang is in her room saying I am going to die cuz I am so worried. She goes out and looks at his room muttering how he hasn’t moved and is still in there. even skipped lunch. she goes to his door and listens. She makes a tiny hole and peeks in. she sees him holding his head. She says he must be really conflicted-  meaning his troubles are deep.

But actually he fell asleep in that position (LOL)

D takes B to the magistrate’s. He just wants her to tell him if arang is a gumiho or a ghost cuz she isnt a person for sure. can you tell just by looking once. B: of course. she tells him to keep his promise to spread a feast once for her god. he says dont worry since this is to save my master so I can do that much.  she asks why he has been speaking jondae from a while ago so he looks down at his thumb and doesnt reply. D calls out to arang but there is no answer. He asks B to wait and he will go look for her. B is flushed from being around him. Arang comes over and almost calls out to her but doesnt. B remembers how D asked for a talisman to get a girl away from someone. so B asks why she is still hanging around him. Arang thinks in her head –how did she know?  did she just say “hang around.” B tells her to let him go now cuz you’ve taken enough. arang thinks something happened to B while arang was gone (as in her brain is fried). B asks why she isnt talking. you are going to pretend you dont know what I am saying. if you bat your eyes and say “I dont know-I dont hear” then all the guys just die right but it wont work on that guy – you dont know he asked me to get you away from him do you?  arang thinks: what is she talking about.

the bangs come over and chase B away. D runs after her calling out her name. he grabs the bangs so they cant chase after B

Jade tells hades – you are frowning so much it’s no fun. Hades asks – just think you lost one of your fairies. Jade: frown a lot. frown as much as you want. hades: who’s fault is all this?  when are you going to tell Mu young? How much longer are you going to leave him like that. jade doesnt answer

Reapers are chasing after ghosts. M is among them

Seo goes to her basement. She opens her sword case and there are two in there again

Arang is listening outside his door when E suddenly comes out. E: you startled me.  what are you doing. She lies and says I was just passing by. She says how there are really pretty flowers so do you want to go see them. He says – this late at night -what’s up with looking at flowers. She says to just go to lighten his mood. She leans in and bats her eyelashes at him so he smiles and says ok. Before they leave he says wait a minute and looks at her bloody clothes. arang:why?

She changed into a new outfit. She asks were these the only clothes available. E:why? don’t you like it ? you hung on well wearing the same clothes when you were a ghost for 3 yrs. she asks – did you ask B to get rid of me. E: what are you talking about. also what’s up with looking at flowers this late at night. arang: during the day the young master said he would show me but I didnt get to see so I was curious. She is holding a lantern and runs ahead to see the flowers. She says I like flowers the most. When I die I want to be reborn as a flower – no I’m going to be born as a butterfly. he smiles. She says how pretty they are. He asks -since you went around as a ghost for 3 yrs in this village so is this the first time seeing this. arang: no I saw it a lot -so much i got sick of them. E: are you playing around now? arang: but it’s the first time I saw it with you. so even if it’s the same view it feels different. he asks what she is talking about.  She gets really close and flusters him. she asks – give me a peach. Cuz you were like that all day I didn’t get to eat at all.  her stomach rumbles. you heard right? He asks if  that’s why she went back and forth in front of his room.  She says yes would there be another reason. Don’t you have a peach?

They are walking and he says does a peach just show up out of nowhere. you should have told me in advance so I could bring one. she mutters that he tricked her so he says who tricked who. He asks did you come out to look at flowers or eat peaches. She asks why he is looking for his mom so much. like you said I don’t remember my mom or dad so I don’t know- so that’s why I often dont understand why you are like that. E: my mom disappeared cuz of me. He says  being the daughter of a traitor, his mother lived her entire life swearing revenge for that like a knife in her heart. every day she had that knife – the one that couldnt be seen or found so she didnt even have room for me. that’s the mother I remember ever since i was young. in my mom’s world there was no room for me or my father. I felt sorry for her. arang: you felt sorry for her? you didn’t hate her? E: yes I hated the world but I felt sorry for my mother. then in one moment for the first time- I hated my mom. just once. but I couldnt control my heart.  that’s when I realized I hated my mom all along. she asks if the person you hate disappears isnt that good. Since she doesn’t get him he says why did I bother talking with you

When they turn a corner there are some thugs waiting. She asks what are those dark guys-did you call them. E asks who they are. The guy says you need to pay up. dont laugh.  E throws a coin to the ground and keeps walking. They walk by them but the guys attack E. E pushes her aside and fights them. He says how dare you attack the sato. He tells arang to go over there and don’t worry about me. She says ok and moves away to sit and watch

Choi’s aide watches from arond the corner. E gets his fan out and uses it as a weapon. M stands by and watches too. rap music plays

A guy ends up dead and stands up and becomes a ghost. She wonders why the reapers aren’t coming cuz the ghost will run away. She sees MR’s reapers show up to take the ghost away so she says those are strange – they don’t seem like reapers. She goes after them. M watches her and goes after her too

Arang calls out to the reapers. She asks -ya what are you – which side are you on. you aren’t suppose to take them away like this.  she gets shoved by one of them. M watches and looks concerned

E is still fighting guys with his fan. Choi’s aide watched all that and leaves. E finishes fighting and calls out to arang. He runs after her

MR’s reaper comes towards her with that special sword. Arang asks -ya what are you- why are you carrying something like that. it doesn’t matter if you stab me. Just take him and go and I will act like I didn’t see anything. M stops him from killing her. other one attacks arang so  E uses his fan to stop the reaper from killing her. E says to arang: I told you to sit still and not move. M kills one and then E kills the other. M and E look at each other. arang asks M: what were those. How could there be something like them. She looks at M and asks Why are you frowning. thanks to me you didnt get that ghost stolen.  M blames her saying it’s your fault. You ruined it.(cuz I think he planned to follow those WRs) She says that M doesn’t know how to say thank you. M walks by E and disappears. E says to her: I told you not to move so when I tell you not to move please just be still. She argues – when did you tell me now to move? you just told me to go over there.  E says with concern:  don’t make me go around looking for you.  dont make me go looking for you. don’t do things that make me worry.

Seo hears a shatter in her basement. Her two red jars are broken. She says what is this. M is getting in my way. She looks over at a mirror (is M’s sister trapped inside that mirror?)

Choi throws something at his aide

Hades is talking about sins that have been committed – like tricking people -didnt believe in god but pretended to believe- pretending to be speaking truth but talking to confuse. he makes all the souls disappear -they were crawling towards him-guess he sent them to hell

E and Arang part ways at his door.  Back in her room she remembers E saying – don’t make me go around looking for you.  dont make me go looking for you. don’t do things that make me worry. She says I’m the one who worries so why did he say that. it seems like those words werent a big deal but it makes me see him as a man. his words get to her so she hides her face under her blanket

M goes to see Jade. Jade asks-are you just now coming. did you catch a lot of them.  M: yes. Jades: hurry and go and give them to him. he has to be busy for him to forget about his anger. M: yes. M leaves. Hades comes and says I am here. Jade: when did you come? hades says he counted what M gave him. where did M go. jade: i think M was after the demons (following them). he must have wanted to go and confirm (her-meaning Seo) identity. Hades: even if you look, she moves so you cant see her. did M guess her identity. Jades says instead of saying he guessed he must be nervous. wouldnt he want to confirm? jade: you can sit here and see so what is there to worry about. jade talks about a human’s heart. how it’s not easy to find. hades argues: when it comes to a human heart – there are two types- good ones and bad ones. even among the twisted there could be strange ones. among them there could be good guys and bad guys. so think simply- Which one is M. good or bad? oh yeah he isnt human so there is nothing to think about

In the morning E is waiting to see arang when she comes out. E stammers: I thought about it – last night – why I said that. she says I thought about it all night too. E thinks in his head: Why did you think about that all night. She says it was cuz of your mom. E:how did you know? arang: what else could there be. isnt it cuz you need me to find your mom? he says that’s it so I was a bit sensitive yesterday. Arang: that’s what it seemed like. E: I thought about it – a way to worry less about you.

they go over to a yard and talk while D listens in. he told her that she needs to take defensive training so she repeats that. E: if you are good enough so that you can protect yourself  then I think I can worry less. arang: sato I already know it all. when you live like a ghost your body gets used to it. for us it’s not defensive it’s to survive. E:whatever you learned up to now forget it all. from here on it will be done properly. instead of that, she asks E to teach her how to fight with swords. what was that fan you used back then. E starts his lessons and says if a guy tries to hug you like this and tries to grab her but she beats and kicks him like a pro. E is on the ground in pain in mere seconds. D wonders what that ghost/gumiho is doing. he thinks she is doing well-  that she is going it to get E to stop liking her so D approves. Arang: Are you ok? I’m sorry. what did I tell you – I told you my body knows what to do. He says this time let’s do something else. She says it’s ok. he tells her to just turn around. arang: I said I know everything. He says this time if someone tries to hug you from the back. He was about to grab her from behind but she swings around suddenly saying I said I already know everything. Suddenly they are face to face. He is suddenly nervous cuz of how close they are but she asks- Why? Aren’t you going to do it? E: today just up to here. the rest next time. he quickly walks away.  arang: what is this – are you playing? She chases after him. D is ashamed and embarrassed cuz that’s his young master. (I feel so bad she wiped the ground with E, but I grinned like crazy all through it)

Arang comes out and sits. She says this isnt a time for me to be talking about others. I’m the one who made those former satos end up like that. cuz of me the situation at the village got worse. She yells up to all the satos she killed. I’m sorry. since I remember my death – now I know how scared you must have been. When I go to the afterlife I will make it up to you

choi’s aide beats up a villager. Why were you hanging around the magistrate’s office. The villager says I had something to say to sato. Aide asks what were you going to say. He beats the guy some more. Outside the kid calls out for his father. Kid cries and says please save my father. The servant says go away cuz if you are here you will be in big trouble too. The kid hugs choi’s legs and says please send my father away. Servant takes the kid away. Choi says the kid is noisy. I don’t know what he (the aide) is doing but tell him to hurry and end it. I didn’t even tell him to do that. J walks by and remembers how arang insulted  choi so J smiles. Choi wonders –why is J still ok. Why is she leaving him alone. Maybe they are leaving me out and planning something else between them.

Seo whispers Mu young. J calls out and says I have something to ask. she lets him in. she says I am not in a good mood today so if it’s not urgent how about next time. he asks how can that girl not die. how can she have that ability? what is her identity. Is she not human too? She says I dont care what she is. i only care about one thing. He says “but” so she yells why do you have so many questions these days. Just do as I asked you properly

When she is alone she wonders how could she have that ability- she couldnt –  unless they made her like that. were they thinking of catching me and made her that way.  She laughs

Arang looks in the mirror and decides – I will accept. LSR knew how to have an unrequited love. that’s ok. What sato said is correct. There is only that young master

E walks over and J is outside her room. J bows to him and says we meet again. E asks what brings you here again. J says I wanted to see arang but she isnt here. E: I asked what’s going on. J: it’s nothing you should know. it’s a private/personal matter. E says what could be so private -you were engaged to the former magistrate’s daughter and everyone knows. also isnt it against the rules to go in and out of a place where a woman lives. Arang shows up so J goes over and says what we didnt finish yesterday -i came again cuz I wanted to finish that up and feel better. can you go out now. She looks at E. she says to J:  it’s good you came cuz I was about to go find you. J: me? E grabs her hand and takes her away

He takes her around the corner and says you dont need to go out. don’t go. She asks why are you like this. E: dont go. arang: I told you -when I want to do something I do it and when I dont want to, i don’t  so it’s not something for you to tell me what to do. E: I told you dont make me worry – I don’t at ease with you being with that guy. something feels suspicious cuz he keeps hanging around you. Don’t go. She says I am going. I want to ask him. If he was not interested in her that much that he doesn’t remember her face or name–so why did he get engaged to her. whether he really doesnt know anything at all about LSR or if he is acting like he doesnt know.  I’m going to ask. She leaves

D runs over and tells E -why did that young master leave with arang. when did they meet to get along so well.they were smiling and looked good together.  E runs out after them. The kid runs over and asks are you the sato. Please save my father. my father is trapped at Lord Choi– my father will die if you just leave him there. he gets on his knees and begs: please save my father. E tells D – I dont know what this is about but you go over there. but D blocks him and says how could I go there. E tells him to move. D: say something that makes sense. also I am busy too and I have somewhere to go. E wants to go after arang but kid grabs him and says save my father. He says hey little kid – go and ask somewhere else. He runs off but feels guilty and looks back.



J asks arang: What is your relationship with sato

Choi asks E -how dare you come here. E says dont you know it’s against the law for you to interfere in my job. Choi- it wont be easy to be sato

arang says to J: I had a lot of things to ask you so I followed you out today

E rode over on his horse to pick her up

Arang asks E: why are you worried about me? Do you like me? E: what? arang: dont like me. If I don’t find the truth (about my death) within two moons, I have to go to hell. E: Why are you just now telling me that.  Arang: cuz it’s not important so i didnt. E: It’s not important? Do you not feel anything at all?

Just in case you were wondering why I didnt recap TTBY instead – trust me I was tempted cuz that guy from GD is coming on in a cameo and there are tons of cute things going on tonight, but that drama is too easy – plus subs are super fast. I have already invested hours in this one not to mention I lost sleep cuz of nightmares so I feel like I should stick to this for now. There is something about this couple that just breaks my heart so I want to see how their love ends up. If Nice Guy turns out to be amazing then maybe I will switch over.

did I say I wouldnt recap TTBY? I must be crazy. suddenly having second thoughts cuz of this. great thing about light fluffy dramas – this kind of random fan service. bad thing about sageuks – no shower scenes whatsoever.

ok now they are just rubbing it in my face. how could they have two scenes like this on one episode. they must really want a rise in ratings.

This is why I like this drama so much.  Quiet subtle moments. He finally confirms his feelings. then he goes to see John. TJ: what you asked before – I came to give you an answer. you asked if I knew J was a girl.  I knew.  john: then why did act like you didnt know. TJ:  I want to keep her by my side now.


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          I love svetik’s music video – the music and scenes are so perfect

          I have to agree faith and arang are not even remotely alike. I almost like them equally, but if I had to choose which love line I prefer it’s arang only cuz KHS is way too old for LMH and she is married. if she was his age and single, I would still choose the arang couple cuz I am a sucker for couples who have a long uphill climb cuz watching them get together in the end is so satisfying. but if I was going by story and not scaring me to death, I would choose Faith. I feel really bad but there will be certain episodes of arang I can never watch again cuz that’s how scared I was the first time. E9 thank goodness I could def watch again so I am so grateful.

          i think i fell in love with arang’s premise from the start, but knew I could never recap cuz it would be too scary and then first episodes werent all that scary I thought, then bam – horror left and right. I think I lost a lot of nails these past few weeks chewing on my fingernails from fright. that’s why I was soooo relieved that yesterday we had a reprieve somewhat cuz seriously – if they kept up what they did last week, my heart couldnt have taken it. when i remember that cave scene, I still get nightmares about that crazy guy. *teeth chatter*


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            Lee Jun ki appeared as a guest on family outing in ep. 48 -49 when Ye jin and Chun Hee are still the member of the show. He’s funny and hilarious ,a little bit weak and clumsy. so cute. They say ,he was like Yoon Jong shin>>>haha 🙂
            I only found Vietsub video on youtube and you can find the next part from the right bar on screen.


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            Ha Ha. I din know that Softy is such a chicken. The ghostly part is quite unnerving especially now’s the Ghost Month *I always watch the drama at night*. The drama keeps me cringing to my chair *short of breath* . I am quite picky on dramas but I really love this drama tremendously. I love Mina’s and Jun Ki’s acting – they are so cute and matching. Hate to wait for each new episode to come.


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      done reading… thanks again softy!

      i guess this episode is a little less scary. i get really scared with E’s mom. i love that E gets more aware of his feelings to A. what a competition can do! well, i guess it did help.

      i’m getting anxious how jade emperor and hades’ hands work on all of this.


      • bird says:

        When I see E’mom on the screen and get scared , instead of pay attention to her acting or how scary she is, I just think about how this actress take care her skin , so smooth, no wrinkle at all or maybe I just think about something else , I try to not look at her face.
        Hope this will help you from get scared 🙂


        • nonski says:

          hahaha thanks for the advice dear… her eyes are just too scary. tho, i try not to get scared…
          drama… precious, drama… (gollum) hehe


  9. says:

    “God, do not let Nice Guy become awesome,
    so softy will always make recap for this lovely drama”

    Thank youuu


  10. bird says:

    Today’s episode 🙂


  11. nina says:

    thanks a lot softy for the excellent recap. I just hope you continue recaping a&m hehe.. really love it. appreciat it a lot. your recap is the best.
    ps: you can find raws here


  12. Anonymous says:

    Tq for the fast recap


  13. Marie67 says:

    Thanks so much Softy!
    Please stick to this drama cuz the chemistry between Shin Minah and Lee Junki is beyond words. WHy cant they become a real life couple? Why dont good pairings become real life couple?

    Thanks soooooooooo much!


  14. onnie said says:

    thankyu so much..please continue to recap this…even if you fear 🙂


  15. flo says:

    Hi..Dear SOfty
    wooaaahhh..thank you soo much for this recap, do i have to tell much i love arang and ttby?i do love both of them so much
    i hope you will continue recapping arang, i like the chemistry between LJK & SMA, i know..LJK is too pretty, and their face are the opposite to each other, but if he was standing beside SMA, they looks soo compatible^_______^
    i understand you didn’t recap ttby, dont worry dear, your healthy is so precious to us
    and OMGgggggggggggggggggg..thanks soo much for the MInho’s half naked screencaps
    i was squeling & drooling when i watched that scene
    yes, ttby is easy to understand, i guess, because i watched last night episode without sub,and i felt like i understand the story,maybe i didn’t care about the sub,cuz just watched the cuteness between Taehee couple i was like over the moon^_________^ i dooo love Mino & Sulli, i didn’t even knew them before this, but after i watched ttby, i was searching news about them everyday^_^especially minho,, argghhh there is something about this guy, i actually never interested with a boy band eventhough they are sooo cuute, but minho it’s different, biyane Softy, it’s just a random thought, once again thank you!!


  16. nonski says:

    omgeee softy, thanks for upping those scenes from 2tbu. they are love. thanks for the trans during the basketball scene. i was dying to know what they had talked about. seriously, i had problems streaming arang so i just wait for your mashcaps. otherwise, i watch 2tbu cuz it has a good connection and i am not sure what to expect of nice guy yet. waiting for your verdict. i also frequent 2tbu soompi thread — i like it there cuz it’s not heavy and so full of spazzing and fan girling only. unlike when i went to faith and got slammed for comparing arang and faith. 😦 but i didn’t see anyone doing live caps there… rather a rundown of events. i know it would be so much for you, but how i’d wish for a short mashcap. 🙂


  17. MJShinshi says:

    omo omg what fan service this ttby episode was for sure! haven’t watched it yet though quite glad I visited again after reading Arang earlier on in the day! Thank you softy, you are crazy that is why you are doing this for us and loving you for your craziness! 😀 😀 I totally appreciate this mashcaps. You know what I notice that my writing is tending towards no subjects in it…am I now writing eng like yeah probably don’t make sense but the thought came to mind while reading what I wrote and seeing where ‘I’ should be and it’s not 🙂 Big Hug for you softy for posting those ttby photos!


    • Softy says:

      wow it’s so good to see you here as well after faith recaps. during the holidays you get so busy and have to sneak away to read recaps so I’m glad you have some time to watch these dramas now. I think dramas are more fun to watch when you watch them with people who love it as much as you. I hate when I watch an old drama and there is no one to spazz with cuz they all moved on.
      I am really curious – this drama doesnt scare you at all?

      if TTBY keeps up their fan service then I will too and add screencaps and quick translations when I have time left over after arang. yesterday I only had like an hour left so I couldnt do much so I chose the most important pics – his abs and that hug. 🙂


  18. anastassia says:

    I LOVEEEEE your recaps. I love this drama so much but just hope better editing, better music score ( the music for the scary scenes has been repeatedly used even in unnecessary scenes) and tight scenes for DW and Shaman. They are useful you know rather than just running here and there.


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