Bridal Mask E27

OMG I did not sign up for this. This is like the most painful penultimate episode of a drama ever. You get the best mixed in with the worst. There is no way anyone is going to miss the finale tomorrow if they watched that last scene tonight. I am hyperventilating over what’s about to happen next.  *Breathe in breathe out*

Thanks to Semi-fly for her super fast torrents, Yanna for video links, and Sparkskey for written preview if one comes out for the finale.

Written before it aired: The love line between the main characters was never the essence of this drama so I get why they downplayed it so much. You would think then it was for the bromance between two friends from opposite sides, but it wasn’t. The real love story was for a country. A country that desperately needed its people to help it stand again since it had been on its knees for too long. This drama had difficulty getting started cuz of its controversies, but it was made out of love for this country. They wanted to show what Korea went through to fight back and eventually stand on its own again. That’s why I have no doubt in my mind that the finale will have moments where every native Korean will feel that stir in their hearts of patriotic pride and reflect for a moment on all those men and women who made ultimate sacrifices for the country they loved. I think that’s the moment the cast and crew of Gaksital strived so hard for and here’s hoping they feel a great sense of accomplishment as they watch their work pay off.

As we all saw on the preview, Shunji is hell bent on being the one to kill Kangto. It seems to have slipped his mind about the tears he shed when he heard how Kangto doesn’t want to be the one to kill Shunji.  I find it ironic that the actual person who should have the right to kill out of hatred and revenge is the one who went back after Taro’s death and worried about his friend. Kangto wonders what will happen to Shunji now cuz if anyone knows what it’s like to lose a parent to an enemy, it’s Kangto.  Instead of feeling satisfied that the deed was done, Kangto only has concerns about his friend. Now both men are on equal grounds – on their own and orphans in a world where family and friends can give you the edge to either keep fighting or have the will to struggle on. We all know what happened to Kangto after he lost his mother and brother, but I wonder what Taro’s death will do to Shunji. Kangto had to lose his entire family to learn that what you stand for needs to be backed up with difficult choices and actions that go against your conscience. I wonder what Shunji will learn from all this.

The debate has been raging on since last week about how things will turn out tonight and on the finale – things like who is going to die and who is going to survive. I know in the past I wrote that I thought either Kangto, Shunji, or both would die, but I want to retract that statement. Since these characters are fictional anyway, the reality of their situation shouldn’t get in the way of a possible happy ending for some of these people. That’s why I want Kangto to live. I want him to survive and reap the benefits of the fruit of his labor as an old man surrounded by his children and grandchildren and see for himself the freedom they will be enjoying as a result of his contribution to the cause. If he doesn’t already know by now, I want him to get that spreading rays of hope can be as easy as putting on a mask and as difficult as losing loved ones to keep that mask on. I want him to know that the sacrifices you make now brings you one step closer to your goal. I just hope and pray one of those sacrifices doesn’t involve taking the life of his former friend. I desperately want someone else to kill Shunji if he has to die cuz I don’t think Kangto is strong enough to live with that sort of guilt. There are ways to crush a man inside and one of them is making him take his friend’s life.  Most of us think Shunji is capable of killing Kangto at this point, but I still believe he won’t be able to pull that trigger. He has enough hate and determination to kill anyone standing in his way, but I think the look in Kangto’s eyes will sober him up too much to have the guts to shoot.  If there is any humanity left in Shunji, I hope it surfaces at that moment so he stops himself from doing something his soul will regret.

After I saw this, I seriously regretted not taking more screencaps of him. JW’s dimples just have a way of overshadowing anyone else’s.

I don’t think stunt doubles are supposed to look this good – what a waste to hide that face behind a mask. But as long as his job kept JW safe and helped him get more rest, then this guy deserves a medal.

How cute are these two? I will miss them off camera – they had the best time in between takes so I am glad they got to work together.


Starts from K going over the wall and into Taro’s home. Taro waits and closes his eyes till he hears the nanny being startled. Taro holds his sword as Gaksital walks in. two other guys come out with swords so Gaksital fights them off. S drives faster to his home.

Gaksital steps into the room holding that red lettered note with the knife  and Taro pulls out his sword. Gaksital says I came to pay you back for the death of my father by your hands. taro asks how long do you think you can wear that mask. K says I will wear this till the oppressors leave this land. Taro steps forward to attack but K dances around him and steps up and stabs taro. Taro says with his last breath that even if I die the empire will live on. K lists the crimes taro committed and how he has to pay for that.the Japanese empire will end and be ruined

S runs in and sees his father dead. K runs out but S chases him shooting. K kicks the gun out of his hand. then they fight. K takes his mask off. They fight with fists. They keep punching each other until they are on their knees. K knocks him out and starts to strangle him but K yells and cant finish him off. He remembers how S gave him food to eat when they were younger.  He leaves S there on the ground alive and runs off. S starts to cry. He sits up. his nanny comes out and asks what is going on. he pulls away from her and goes in.

S goes back into the room and cries looking at his father. He cries and says over and over I am sorry father

D is waiting for K and he rides back. She hugs him and thanks him. He asks you waited a long time didn’t you. she asks you are hungry aren’t you.

She serves him food and he says it’s been a long time since he had food cooked for him.  she says I will make it for you every day. Eat before it gets cold. He doesnt eat and sits and stares. she asks what’s wrong. something happened huh? he cries and says I wonder how S is right now. She asks why. He says I killed taro – S’s father. After that I ran into S. I wish I didn’t run into S ever again. But since I killed his father S will never give up huh? at some point, we will end up going against each other again huh

There is a funeral for Taro.  S holds his father’s photo. He says in his head I will do my best to catch him with my own hands. I will bring his neck in front of you.

UH gets a phone call. It’s from S. UH says I heard news about your father – my heart is torn apart like this so how must you feel. I will leave it up to you to take the life of the girl (H) who knew Gaksital’s identity but hid it from you. S: can I really kill that girl? UH: whether you kill her or save her – do whatever you want. I was just waiting for the right time to take care of her anyway. S: ok I will do whatever I want.UH says you have to kill her to learn to control your anger. Your anger must be your weapon. if you become a pawn to your anger – you wont be able to catch him. The future of kishokai hangs on your shoulders. you father was like a son to me so you are the same as my bloodline. He hangs up

H walks in with Jun. UH says taro died by gaksital’s hands. He says go to the funeral in my place. H is in shock. UH: didnt you hear me? She says I will go and come back father

H pulls up to S’s home and tells Jun to wait outside.

She goes in to see S. she bows before taro and faces S and bows to him too. She says the chairman gives his condolences but he drags her into a room and holds out his sword to her and repeats UH’s words to him from before. how he can control his anger as much as he wants without killing her. he says I can kill anyone. She says I am sorry – I didn’t know hiding K’s identity would result in this. he puts his sword away and says it’s better if you dont go back to (where she is staying). go anywhere. I can keep my mouth closed about that much for you. she says my father must have ordered you to kill me. I wondered when he would give the order.  It’s better to die by father’s hands than your hands. I dont want you to feel bad about killing me. Thank you for letting me prepare my heart. he asks why she is going this when she knows for sure she will die. she says I will be going and doesn’t answer him

The governor, yoshi and UH are drinking. Governor thinks I am next – they are after me. Yoshi says for the sake of pulling out yang and SJ,  taro spread the rumor that we will kill all the rebels if DJ and Yang don’t show up by the end of this month. how dare they kill the head of police. yoshi wants to start showing those guys by killing some but UH thinks that idea is bad cuz they need to send out koreans into the war to get shot so why kill now. what if they retaliate.  Governor says what if the word gets out. but then again  the head of police died so we cant sit still and not do anything, UH barks out an order for him to be still. we have to make the koreans join the war -whether by force or what have you so we need to draft them quickly. H comes back and bows to UH. She says I came back father. He seems shocked to see her alive

DJ, song, yang, and K are having a meeting. DJ lists what they have done so far- burn registers, rob the armory, etc so the others might know and speed up the draft. K says are rumors that students are being dragged away. song says already there are police guarding even the parents and students who might run away to their hometowns. Yang says we have to rescue those students who have been drafted and dragged first. if rumors spread we saved them then later those students  might come over to our side later. song says he will look into the students. DJ says if we just finish training some more men then we will be done preparing for the manse revolt.   yang says all this is thanks to the comrades and especially gaksital suffered so K says no everyone suffered. so that our suffering doesnt go to waste, we must succeed.

S goes to see yoshi and yoshi pats his shoulders and says have strength cuz you have to pay back that guy for what he did. we found out yang and DJ are holding hands to hold an armed demonstration -a terrorist attack.  but we don’t know when and where they will show up. S says we have to find DJ’s lair. yoshi says if we just find where DJ is hiding out then we can get yang, Dj, and gaksital. S: I will do my best to find their lair with my own hands.  Yoshi says you have to hurry cuz they already have weapons. At a time like this they killed the head of police. how did they know about your plans. S says dont worry.

S rides around in a car and spots Song coming out of angel club. S asks isnt that song. lackey says it is. They chase after song. lackey is mad cuz song is walking around in daylight. S says angel club was it.

S goes to the angel club and asks madam – What is your relationship with the guy who just left. she asks what he means.  S pulls her hair and says i am talking about reporter song. you remember how K was shocked when he heard haesuk (lee jr)died -that means K and haesuk never spoke to each other about the money for the army. so then who is the one who connected them.  She asks are you saying that was me. since she isnt talking he says then should I question you in the room where Park died.

S takes the madam and the waiter into the interrogation room. They tie up the waiter. Waiter says to her-  I can endure so don’t cave cuz of me. S says it’s not late yet. Why did song come to the club. She says song is a patron at our club. S slaps her. he asks again why did DJ’s group member song come to the club. She doesn’t tell the truth and says song is just a patron of the club so S whips next to her and then whips the waiter over and over. Waiter says comrade just talk. He talks instead of her. waiter says song came to find out the date for the students departure.

Madam and waiter leave the precinct. She walks back barefoot and he carries her shoes back to the club. He puts her shoes next to her feet and says I am sorry I wasn’t going to talk till the end but it hurt too much. she says if you didn’t talk first I was going to open my mouth. This is all we are capable of. He cries and says I couldn’t help it cuz I was so scared. she says it’s time to close the club now. She says you all worked hard during that time. Girls says what do we do. Madam says you have to live-what can you do.

S goes back and tells yoshi about how the rebels are after the students to recruit them. yoshi says they would need people for their armed rebellion. they will show up so we need to be prepared. S says of course dont worry

S calls the lackey into his room and whispers. Lackey asks if two will do and S says pick young ones. lackey  leaves. S says let’s do this lee kangto.

K is with DJ and them and song comes and says it’s tm. (when the students that were taken will be there)  K says to DJ:  I will go with comrades ahn and jin so just give me ten men. DJ asks if ten is enough. K says counting comrades and me that makes 13 total so it’s plenty. DJ orders song to get ten men ready. DJ says we have to succeed.

Kim watches jealously cuz K is with sunwha. He wonders what the two of them are doing. her brother runs over and asks to go fish but Kim orders the boy to go over there and find out what they are doing. K leaves and thanks her. Kim asks what were you two doing for an hour. She asks why are you angry. Kim: does it look like I wont be angry now. She tells her brother I will catch fish for you. Kim says let’s go together

D is in the field and K runs over and asks her to close her eyes. He puts a flower ring on her finger. he tells her to open her eyes. She asks if he made it himself. He says I learned from sunhwa and messed up 7 times.  she says it’s pretty. He promises to make it every morning. D: really? he takes her hand. K: Boon -Will you marry me? Before teacher yang goes back to shanghai, with teacher, I want to have a wedding with you. teacher said he would preside over the wedding. Will it be ok to live modestly in the mountains like this. she says of course – it was the happiest of my life for that one month when we lived in the mountains together. He says then you gave permission. she nods yes. They kiss

H tells Jun to go and sleep. He says no. she says you didn’t sleep last night too. He says I have to protect you. she says don’t worry my father wont kill me so that not even a mouse or bird knows. when father kills someone, have you seen him stall like this. he still has a purpose for me to live. Jun: why cant you leave? H: I have nowhere to go. is there another place where there is power as much as here. if there is a place like that I will go there now. jun: you are in danger now. your life is on the line so who cares about that power. H: Do you want me to run away with you.  what is there that you can do? all you know how to do is use a sword. Jun: cant you see my heart?  you saw K’s heart and S’s heart, but why dont you see my heart. she says ever since I was 9 yrs old, she has been stepped on by men. for me – I have to be more strong and  powerful than a man. He says but in the end you loved K. in that moment you didnt let go even if it meant you lost everything. She says cuz I regret not being able to leave father’s side. Must I say that with my own lips. She turns and cries.

The group of 13 are ready and yang, DJ, and Jo shake their hands

Lackey goes in to see S. two young guys come in who look like students and S asks did you hear the explanation from him – you have to do well. one says don’t worry.

There is a march and students are going off to fight. the old guy in charge of the schools is making some speech about how they need to be grateful to the empire. Koreans says the students are marching to their deaths. The spy girl’s brother is among them. S watches from his car then gets out to hear. Gaksital shows up. he kills the soldiers first. Then he kills the old man who is in charge of the schools. DJ’s men take out some of the soldiers. Koreans cheer

Song makes a speech to the students. we are DJ’s group.  from this moment on you are all free. You can go back to with your families, but those who want to fight for the sake of Korea, follow us. students get on their truck. Spy girl hugs her brother. He says I will go and come back-don’t worry about me. She says go and fight. I will take care of our family. The two spy students get on the truck

Governor gets mad about DJ’s group taking the students, but yoshi says don’t worry cuz S is chasing DJ’s group. Governor says how many times did he chase  and not catch them. But yoshi says this time it’s for sure. we put two of our spies in that group of students so governor is happy and says S really is different (than the rest).yoshi says wait cuz we will find out where they are soon. governor says as soon as you find out where they are crush them.

DJ tells yang the students arrived. Yang asks if any of our people got hurt or died. DJ says all 13 are safe. Jo tells yang to go and meet them. Spy girl’s brother talks to one of the spies. isnt this like a dream- to meet teacher yang. Yang gives a speech to the students. a bug that has 100 legs doesnt fall down even if it dies.  for the sake of independence, our country has to work hard together so we need thousands of legs. we need strong legs like rocks so no matter what happens we wont fall down. who are those legs? including me standing here – all of you are those legs that protect our land. let’s become a country that can go where we want to go. an independent Korea. that’s the world we have to make together.  Afterwards they all cheer and S and the lackey are in a car in the mountains and hear the cheer

Kim’s mom says how busy she is cuz the wedding is tm so she needs to make rice cakes. D says you dont need to. the mom says leader Jo already gave her money to make food and rice cakes. he is so happy like he is sending his daughter off to get married. Jo runs over so D says he doesnt have that kind of money to spare but he says it’s the money DS left him for D’s wedding. Jo asks the mom to pick up his clothes from town. Jo tells them the students are hungry

They go and feed the students. D says to eat a lot and let them know if it’s not enough. K shows up and eats with them saying I will join too. he scoops up a huge spoonful and wonders if it’s too big.  he says it’s yummy. The two spies signal each other and one leaves

He goes back to the car where S and the lackey are waiting. He says at the lair, yang, DJ, gaksital are here and 200-300 more.

S tells UH I found out DJ’s camp. UH says you did well. S tells him yang, DJ, gaksital are there together along with 100 more of DJ’s men. and 200 -300 more that joined this time around. they dont suspect and are still at the lair. I am planning to infiltrate their lair tm. please give me some of the men from the army. UH tells him not to fail this time and catch yang and DJ. S: as promised – please allow me to take Gaksital’s life myself. UH: of course. S: thank you. UH asks why didn’t you kill UR (H). S says i can control my anger, there is no need to kill her. chairman I need to make one thing clear. you gave me UR’s life.  I never gave her back to you. he bows and leaves and UH smiles

On his way out S runs into H. she asks if he wants to drink.

They sit and drink. She thanks him says I don’t know when I will die so I wanted to make sure to thank you. he says UH cant kill you. I bargained with him so you can live comfortably.  she asks why he did that for her– you must have wanted to kill me for hiding K’s identity. S: I dont know that reason either. after I found out the truth that you are korean and not UH’s real daughter, I worried that you would die. He says I found out where D and K are. She asks are you going to kill the two of them. S: no would I kill the two of them? H: you are only thinking of killing K. S: you heart will ache wont it.  H: more than me, D’s heart will ache. no that woman will die. S: no – she can live happily next to me. I will show you that she can live.  H: are you a fool? S: if I only have D. no if just Esther is next to me I think I can go back to who I was before. I can go back to being at peace.  H feels sorry for him

Leader Jo shows D and K a package. D asks what this is. Jo says it’s for their wedding attire. K asks why did you prepare something like this.  Jo: when DS came in this time, he wanted to get you two married so he prepared everything and came. he bought this in shanghai. He wanted to walk you down the aisle so today I want to stand in for your father-  how do you feel about that. She says I was about to ask you anyway. Jo hugs her and congratulates her. she thanks him. Jo tells K – you are going to make our D happy right? K says yes of course I will do that. Jo shakes his hand and thanks him. In DS’s place, I sincerely thank you. K: from here on, I will take care of you like a father. Jo tells them to hurry and dress and come out cuz everyone is waiting. She sees her wedding dress and cries. K hugs her.

S tells the police –we are going into (DJ’s camp) the tiger’s lair –  save Yang, DJ, and D but the rest is ok to kill but I will kill K. Let’s go

The wedding starts and JW’s song comes out. omg they look great.

S runs towards them and sees the wedding. He stops in shock.


no preview

Good luck trying to sleep from all the anxiety for what’s to come tm – the death count is going to quadruple. *shudders*

I totally lost it when leader Jo said DS prepared D’s wedding dress ahead of time. it’s like her father approved of K a long time ago and knew K would survive to marry her. and to come this close is such a waste. S arrived when that wedding has not ended yet. I don’t think they even got to the vows part. Part of me hopes S gets there after the vows cuz it makes it more legal. I want him to snap out of his delusions and realize she is already taken –even more so now my marriage. He would never get her heart, but to know that it’s too late legally would be so much better. I am seriously scared about how many will die tm. Wasn’t there supposed to be a finale with the rebellion going through? How can that happen if all the leaders are rounded up and the rest killed.


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  1. Yanna G. says:

    OMG!!!! Softy dear…. Thank you for those awesome JW’s screencaps and also your quick recap 🙂 Love yaa… muaahh muaahh ^_^


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    omii..yes 2tbu is deabakk…
    i was watching live streaming with 2 dramas


  3. MJShinshi says:

    thank you softy! hi all! wow a wedding in the midst of all the chaos!!! I will definitely watch tm’s ep live if I can get any link to work. I haven’t done that in a looong while I may not remember where to go 🙂

    Just reading your words softy makes my heart cry out for K and S and hope they will remember their happy days. Here I thought S was over D since she left with K but he’s still dreaming of Esther next to him, now who is delusional.. Yes I agree and loved your comments above of stirring up patriotism in all Koreans will be the icing on the cake for the cast and crew. Boy that stunt double sure is gorgeous! Love the screencaps of K and D also K and S! 🙂 thanks again dear for doing this and cannot believe it’s ending tm!


  4. SS says:

    Softy, hope you don’t me re-posting this. I hope doing it the 2nd time will break the jinx of the 1st fanfic where Mok Dan dies.(I regret writing that one) This one she doesn’t . This was written before tonight’s episode and previously posted in ep 26 recap.

    He stirs and opened his eyes. He meant to stay awake but must have fallen asleep. The night was still dark and a cool breeze blew in from the window. He looked at the girl sleeping beside him and a warm feeling filled his heart as it often does at the sight of her. He carefully brushed her hair from her face so that he could see her more clearly. He never tires from looking at her. Her face was still little flushed and her lips still moist from his kisses. Is he dreaming? He pinched himself and smiled. He was very careful, almost afraid to hurt her. But when she pulled him against her, he responded with all his passion. He smiled again as he looked at her, then he brushed his lips ever so tenderly on hers. This time, she gave a little sigh, eyes still close, as she turned on her side. The covers slipped off her shoulders and she lay there with her back facing him. He stared at her bare back, remembering the first time he saw it. Then, he didn’t know who she was but there was a strange feeling in his heart which he quickly put aside. They have come so far, suffered so much pain but all this time, he never stopped loving her. He loved her when he first met her and though it seems impossible, he loves her more every day. He ran his fingers gingerly from the small of her back and up until they stop at the small but distinctive scar. A lump rose up his throat. He brought his lips to that red purplish mark and kissed it. Tears fell on her back and he quickly pulled back, afraid to arouse her from her sleep. It was an inch away from her heart. Tears sprang up in his eyes again as he thought of how she took it for him and how close he was to losing her. He snuggled closer towards her and gently draped his arm over her waist, as if afraid to lose her. He lay there for a long time, just content at looking at her.
    She felt something wet on her back and his hand was resting on her waist. She wanted to stay awake, in his arms looking at him but she must have fallen asleep. She blushed at the memory of the night. She could feel his love, his passion, his tenderness. She took his hand which was on her waist and slowly turned over and faced him. She never tires from looking at him. In sleep, his face looked so young and innocent like a boy. The boy whom she loved all these years, she never stopped loving him. The boy who willingly traded his life for hers, time and again. The boy, who became the man, the hero of Joseon. She stroked his eyebrows, his cheeks, his full lips and traced her fingers down to his shoulder. These broad shoulders, gave her comfort in their embrace but they had also carried a huge burden on their back. He has suffered so much and all she wants now is to be by his side, understanding him, comforting him and loving him with all her heart and her soul. Forever.
    永=Forever, Always, Perpetual
    This is the word that was carved on Lee Young’s/Kangto’s knife. I think it is also his name Young.


    • Anonymous says:

      That’s so sweet SS.

      Kang To and Mok Dan must live. Kang To need to plant his seeds. Erk 😛 😛

      I want to see mini Gaksitals!!!


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      I’m a fan of ur story! I never commented before but I always keep searching for ur comments to see the fan fic…
      Dear, can u please send me more of the fics you wrote please! noooo send me ALL the fanfics u have for gaksital! I’m begging u! it’s just sooo, beautiful 🙂


      • SS says:

        I am so sorry I am seeing you message only now. I got locked out of the email I used for notifications to this blog and am using a new one. I did write about 3 more after this one, one of which I post in ep 28. All my fan fics are on Bridal Mask thread on Soompi, some requested by forummers over there. If you are still interested, let me know. Just that I do not know how to send to you.


      • SS says:

        thanks Yanna, I was wondering if you had the time to do this. I had been standing in for you these past 2 weeks and it’s almost a habit. Appreciate your hard work. Love you, my dearest.

        And The Lord Bless you. You are such a kind soul to look after your relative. Pray for a miracle, amen!


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          yess..Indeed..Yana is sooo kind ^_______________^
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          I want to give you a hug my dearest SS and Flo darling.
          You both are so darling & sweet. Thank you SS dear for standing in for me when I was staying at the hospital for almost a week, it was so stressful for no wifi in the hospital area. And thank you for the prayer, dear. The Lord Bless you too…


      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks Yanna.

        Oooof the most touching scene when flashback to Shunji gave food to Kang To. Sooooo touching. Their tears so real.


  5. faranak says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you soooooo much for your quick recap,can’t wait for the last episode, LOVE this show 😉


  6. Anonymous says:

    i rewatched the ep. i think katsuyama got the order to kill rara. i think he will kill her and then himself.


  7. wulan says:

    why do i have a feeling it might have a hong gil dong ending? writer nim so hoping you do not go thst route


  8. nonski says:

    softy, reading your intro made me cry already and top that cuz when i opened the streaming site, it was when K killed Taro and later shunji arrived and they fight. the short flashback is already too painful. now the ending is so foreboding of all bad things to come. i was crying right when she received that wedding dress. it was so poignant. now comes shunji. why does he have to come at such a time? i am dreading for tomorrow. dreading that S would be so enraged of all things happening to him, make him crazy with his father’s death and now the marriage of Mokdan. as much as i want a happy ending for K, for him to outlive all this events and see the future he had paved the way to be realized… i am more afraid of what will happen to him tomorrow at the finale.


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    Why end it like this? Oh they look too cute together. If they kill gakistal like this, the drama will be boring. I’ll curse the time i have been waiting to see it.


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    ueno rie was mean to katsuyama. i felt sad for him. girl, money and power is not everything. sigh


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    i feel sad for jun.atleast he was able to confess to her.


  12. ainslie says:

    I don’t get why everything in this drama has to be so called modern for a drama that said based on 1930s… Why Mok Dan has to wear the usual wedding gown.. aren’t they live in 1930s? shouldn’t they use hanbok or something more traditional? so as Kang To… why he has put on the suite? he should wear something like Yang Baek wearing…. cuz they’re korean in the past for God sake… they should have love their country heritage more than Korean nowadays because they haven’t tasted something that called freedom… I can tolerate Kang To hairstyle… his watch… madam clothes which soo nowadays trend… but I still don’t understand why they were not pay attention to details like these…. probably the crew were too busy with the t


    • CPL says:

      Remember JO tells MD that her father bought the wedding dress in Shanghai – can you find a hanbok there ? During the 1930’s Shanghai is the “Paris of the East ” & I bet Damsari wants his MD to look beautiful on her wedding ! And for his sake, MD would want to put on this wedding dress.


  13. ainslie says:

    sorry for the typo…. I accidentally press the enter button…. I mean the crew were way too busy to meet the schedule and they still lead in the rating…nevertheless Gaksital is still worth to watch… and why Joo Won getting more attractive in the last episodes? Now I know what’s keeping me stuck in with BM… 🙂


  14. lizzie says:

    This drama reminds me of Chuno. by real History we know they won’t and can’t have a happy end.

    So either everyone dies or KT runs to rebel again later.

    But have dramas that are exception, like for example Princess’ man, we knew the history and thought it would not have a happy ending, but it did have a very happy end! And it wasn’t against history at all.


  15. Anonymous says:

    After watching again this episode, how much I care Kang To and Mok Dan, I care on the innocent souls in this episode too.. The orphan siblings, Sunhwa and her cute lil brother and I even care about Gaksital’s new sidekick Deuk Soo. And not to forget Kye Soon’s brother.

    Sigh, it is hard to live in that era.


  16. Anonymous says:

    I doubt MD has the honour to die for KT.


  17. april says:

    Thanks Softy !

    I haven’t been here for awhile with school and work, but I wasn’t going to miss the last 2 episodes.
    OMG… a wedding !
    I’m sooooo happy there is a wedding, but who knows what will happen tomorrow ?
    I wonder if this is going be a thing for JW ( that’s three weddings now: Baker King, OB, and now BM). I guess the viewers must LOVE seeing him get married. I guess that is the marking of a great actor making you invested in his characters …..always hoping for the best in his “pretend” relationships. I’m really hoping Shunji has a change of heart b/c it would be sad to seem him go down in his current state( a shell of human being). I hope the writers don’t kill too many good people……having flashbacks of harry potter.


    • CPL says:

      Maybe its my imagination, but I hope that MD invites Shunji’s nanny to the wedding and the nanny will be the one to stop S from his rampage of killing more people, or she may died in his hands trying to save the newly weds !


  18. lizzie says:

    It is me or Joo Won always marry in his dramas? lol


  19. flo says:

    the main couple^__________^


  20. Anonymous says:

    MD dies = believable, realistic
    KT dies = realistic
    MD and KT live happily ever after = fairy tale ending
    My expectation = fairy tale ending


  21. Yanna G. says:

    In 2 years Joowon has already in 3 dramas with 3 weddings and 3 wives.. Awesome.. LOL!! ^^
    KangTo & MokDan’s wedding picture… so lovely.. 😉


    • flo says:

      thanks my dear
      JW always looks sooo good with his partner onscreen..^___^
      yeah. and now, i think ..he is soo busy with his wives..hi..hi..hii…( kim you jin, kim you jin, and kim yun jung are the luckiest girls in K-drama land )


      • Yanna G. says:

        Waaa… all of them have the family name “KIM” & the initial KYJ, what an interesting fact.
        And if he is confirm to play in a drama “My girlfriend is an agent”, he will play with more “Kim” girl : Kim Tae Hee.. hehe… Awesome 🙂


      • umi says:

        lol about his 3 wives, need to change our name??? 🙂 friend sent me spoiler pic for today ep and I’m scare…I want happy ending…:(


      • bbblue73 says:

        I think “KIM” is the lucky charm for JW. KIM YOO JIN,(eugene), KIM YU JIN (uee). These two lovely ladies who happened to be JW’s on-screen partner drama earned a high ratings & at the same an awards. And if possible JW will consider his next drama with KIM TAE HEE, i’m sure it will be a huge success.


    • Anonymous says:

      Omi, the wedding pic is priceless.


  22. Ann J says:

    JW tweeted this morning!!! Looks like the finale shooting was still ON!!! Gosh… What kind of finale should we expect?????


  23. Iprefernottosayit says:

    Oh my god they were still shooting? Holy crap!


  24. Anonymous says:

    i saw a picture in facebook where kangto in his wedding suit is standing next to a grave.


  25. Anonymous says:

    btw the lyrics of his song are sad, so i think MD will really die and the only one of them who will survive is leegangto.


  26. Iprefernottosayit says:

    Oh my god.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Their are comments who said shunji is much more appealing than kangto and i do agree that happend since MD knew he is gakistal. My biggest concern is JW i hope the last epi they don’t focus on the boring side because all the praise JW get from his intense acting not the romance one. I came across comment who said KT can’t live without MD i wonder is she more precious than his mother and brother? if he lived without them can’t he live after her?
    BTW she is not going to die so don’t stress yourself, i just want more intense screen time for JW.


    • eny says:

      i didn’t agree about that because shunji acting seem unnatural for me when see cry or angry,but i see his acting improve if compareit to earlier episode and his charracter more intersting now, sometimes we really bias about good charracter and good acting


  28. Anonymous says:

    text preview is out.
    ueno gives kinpei order to kill ur,because she still hides that kangto is gaksital infront him. when kinpei is about to kill ur,jun takes the sword for her. 😦
    shunji arrives afte 🙂 the wedding and sees the newlyweds smiling at each other…


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