Mashcaps: Arang E7 & E8

Not only do we get to see him in this, he is jealous cuz a ghost is dating on his turf. These few scenes between E and Arang almost makes up for all the spooky stuff we have to muster through. Seeing him in this outfit alone was worth it tonight. He wears it so well.


E wakes up and asks what happened to arang. D: how do you feel? E: what happened to arang? D: she fell from there so what do you think happened to her. I sent some searchers (people to recover the body). E hears that and gets alarmed. He gets dressed and goes out. D asks where are you going in your condition.  E: to arang. D: I sent them so they will find her. E gets on the horse and says let go of me cuz D is holding onto him. E yells at him to let go and rides off. D yells after him and chases the horse.

B is sitting at the market wondering when she can get out of her poor state and not eat kimchi anymore. She is holding up a piece to eat when D runs by in slow motion in her eyes. He goes back to her and I am not sure if he is attracted to her or the way she looks holding that piece of kimchi. It drips on her face and he leans over to wipe it but ends up smearing it over her lips. It startles both of them so he runs off again. She licks her lips. He hides and says am I crazy? He looks at his finger – the one that wiped and says I am going to cut this finger off.

E rides over to the beach. There are men scouring the area looking for her body. He jumps down from his horse and falls so a man comes over and asks if he is ok and helps him up. E pushes him aside saying I am ok. E calls out her name and looks for her

J rides to his home with arang in his arms. She is still passed out

E is standing by the water and asks where did you go? Are you even alert/conscious? D calls out to him. What are you doing alone. He says her body could have floated away or sunk. Let’s go. E turns around and walks away. D says I am going crazy. Go together

E goes back to his place and D tries to help him walk but E pushes him away saying it’s ok. E: go and rest. D: I will put the horses away and come back so go to your room and don’t move. E looks over at those bones and the bangs rush over to him. E asks what happened about those bones. Did anyone come looking for them. Bang says not a single one. They have nothing to do with this village. E says those belonging came from this village so how could there be no connection to it. one says it means they could have been from before this village appeared. E: does that make sense. His pain makes him stop talking and tells them to go. Bang asks what to do now so he says put the bones away

Bangs talk amongst themselves and says thank goodness it looks like he will overlook it. I didn’t think that no one would come for them. They would have come if they were curious. To be honest why would they come forward cuz they would get in trouble with lord choi. He hates the village talking so he wont hold still for it. when the new sato came I was the most worried about the villagers dropping by lord choi’s home cuz of that cuz he hates that sort of thing. D heard them and asks what? Are you saying not a single person came cuz they are afraid of lord choi? Bangs deny it and run off.

E is sitting outside his room holding his arm with his eyes closed resting. D asks why are you here and not in your room. E: just leave me alone. D: when they find the corpse just give her a nice funeral like last time. I knew this village wasn’t great. I knew when not a single person came last time. do you know why no one is coming to see those bones? Cuz they are afraid of what choi thinks. They said choi really hates when the village gets noisy. E: even when murders were uncovered in their village not a single person wants to know the truth.  D says that’s similar with young master who is not interested in what’s going on in the world. E: that’s true. To find out why she died –going all the way to the afterlife is the strange one. D asks what that means. E: it’s nothing. Go. D says ok – be sure to go in and rest

E paces outside at night. He remembers telling arang- you can die and come back alive so what’s there to worry about. And how she said – you haven’t died so you don’t know. the moment you die –you have no idea how scary that is do you? he looks over at her room and says-what is the truth about your death that you have to go through this pain.

J is watching over arang who is lying unconscious in a room. J: what in the world are you for that person to give that order. What are you….

E’s mom is in that dark basement. She makes black smoke come out from nowhere and squeezes it so blood drips down from both hands onto some black strips of cloth. Red letters appear. Ok it’s official this woman definitely is not human.  She opens a case and there are two swords inside. she puts the black cloths on the hilt and it absorbs and becomes part of the hilt.  She picks up the swords and says she has to test the swords. She walks over with them and two black smokes appear and two reapers take the swords.

In a field at night, there are screams.(ok time to try my new chant: I am not scared – I am not scared – I can do this) A woman and her child are begging for their lives from a crazy guy with a knife who is chasing them. He says I cant do that. if it’s so unfair when you die go and complain to your husband. Come here. she pushes him saying no. he falls back with her. his head hits a rock and the knife he was holding goes through her. they are both dead. the girl goes over and pushes her mother off and cries. Both of them leave their bodies and become ghosts and stare at their bodies. Suddenly red ropes go around them and drag them away. The reaper is standing there pulling the rope. The mother worries what will happen to her child. She says I cant go. Suddenly WRs (going to call them “Wife’s” Reapers cuz this is getting confusing) show up and kill this reaper and he turns into smoke. Then WR kills the mother ghost and she turns into smoke. They drag the other ghost away but two normal reapers show up and fight.  the reaper’s hand gets cut off and it disappears into smoke. Suddenly M shows up and joins the fight. M fights both of them and throws his sword at one of the WR and it just stops and doesn’t move or disappear. The other WR grabs the ghost and takes him away before M can stop him. M picks up the special sword

The ghost was taken to that basement. She asks if those killers showed up. reaper nods yes. She asks what about the sword. He puts his hand to his sword. She walks over to the ghost and puts her hand on his head and he turns into black smoke that goes into a jar I think. It’s hard to tell cuz I was watching with one eye open.

(since I think they are talking about E’s mom-going to change pronouns to refer to her). M reports to hades and jade. He shows them the sword. Jade takes it and holds it. hades is furious and says she dares to mess with my reapers. Jades says she has multiple talents that are recovering. Hades walks off angry. Jades makes a guess that she did that out of urgency. Hades sits in his chair and yells. Jades turns and tells M that hades is very angry. It’s been a long time since I saw him that angry. M asks: do you know who she is? What do you mean by recovering her talents. Didn’t she already have that power? Does that mean the two of you already know who she is? Jade: it’s not important who that is. How to catch it is important. M: how is it that we aren’t we able to catch her. Is she a person – is that the reason why we cant catch her? jade: why do you have so many questions today? It’s not like you. M: just tell me this – is arang connected with this? jade doesn’t answer and walks away

Next morning, people are standing around by the front gate. E rides off so D asks where are you going again? D: I am going crazy. He walks away wondering why there are so many people around today by the gate. People ask when will sato come back. They have something they want to ask directly. D says you got the wrong person. You don’t know but that sato is not like the one you are thinking of. That sato doesn’t even want to be a sato this much. he holds up his fingertip. D walks away saying how E doesn’t have any interest in justice to work hard as a sato.  From what I can see he is here to find his mother. As soon as he finds his mother he will leave directly.

E rides back to that place she goes to by the river. Where did she go? Aside from here there is nowhere else she would go. He was about to say she doesn’t know anyone but realizes and rides off

Arang wakes up. she goes out and looks around. She is at J’s home. She calls out and asks is no one around? Young master where are you? where is this place. I have to hurry and go back. I have to thank the young master and go. She calls out is no one here. why aren’t there any people. This home is so spacious so why aren’t there people. She smiles and says there is a place to ask. She goes to the kitchen and calls out to ghosts. She looks under the house for some too. This is strange. This home doesn’t have a resident ghost? She checks the well too for one. This is strange. It seems like people live here. this cant happen. Why aren’t there any ghosts at all in this home. She sees some steps and wonders where does that lead. she walks towards it. (it leads to that home where E’s mom is)

The wife asks if choi is feeling better. He says thanks to you I am good. I feel so light I could fly. He tells her not to worry cuz he took care of everything and took care of the grave. You just need to trust me. What should we do about that sato. How about getting rid of him so not even J, a bird, or mouse knows. I will clean up afterwards. Did he have some excuse. I will take care of the sato so you don’t need to worry about anything.  Let’s go back to how it was long time ago. she interrupts and says close that mouth of yours.

Choi goes out and mutters about how he wants to set fire to her. if it wasn’t for this disease/condition, I would have already tied those two up and got rid of them.

Arang walks along asking is no one there. she sees two posts with red letters and wonders are these talismans. Choi walks over and asks how did you get in here. who sent you? tell me. Who are you? why aren’t you answering? the wife senses all this happening. Choi grabbed arang’s wrist so she pulls away and says old fogey ask one thing at a time. choi: this brat. J comes over and calls out she is my guest. He pushes arang away from choi and says again – she is my guest father. Choi: guest? J: yes she must have been looking for me. He holds her hand to take her away but choi grabs her. J: please let her go. J is afraid the wife will hear and keeps looking over. Choi: whether she is your guest or what – once she comes in here she cant just go back. J leans in close to say to him: this isnt the time to do this. he reminds choi of the last time he was reckless and what the mom did and asks have you already forgotten. Choi lets go of her. J takes her away. Choi follows. The camera shows the wife coming out and standing on that same road.

Arang says sorry to him – I was just looking for you. he says it’s ok. My father doesn’t feel well so he wasn’t in a good mood. You weren’t startled right? Arang: don’t worry. I have a very strong heart so most things don’t scare me at all. choi watches them from afar and calls J impudent. Then he says her face looks familiar

The wife touches the red letters on the post and says J’s name.

Arang says she has to go back quickly cuz she has someone to deal with. He asks do you want to change your clothes before you go but she says no these clothes too- I am going to make him pay for it.  see you next time. I will repay you for your kindness. She turns to leave and realizes this is the home that E brought her to-the home of her fiancé Choi Joowal. She turns and stares at him. He asks why are you like this? she asks what his name is. J: we didn’t introduce ourselves yet. I am choi joowal. She grabs her heart. she asks what her name is. She says arang. He repeats it and says it’s a good name. she asks have you ever seen me before? J: why wouldn’t I have? I gave you my shoulder (to lean on) and gave you my room too.  Why are you like this? didn’t we meet that first time at the funeral sato held. She says LSR’s funeral.  J: that’s right her name was LSR. She realizes he doesn’t recognize her and takes off running.

E rides up to the mountain site and says that dummy. She better not be here. making a sick person go around everywhere. Going to make her pay for this. he goes over and that hole is gone. this cant happen. How could this happen.  He picks up the dirt and realizes someone covered up the hole.

Choi asks his servant if he took care of everything well. The guy says yes. No one in the village will talk about that mass grave anymore. Whoever talks about it will be in trouble -whether it’s the sato or anyone else. He asks what that place was but choi says just do what you are told to do well. Go out. after he leaves choi says how was that –this is how you take care of business

Arang runs to her spot by the lake and thinks in her head: there is no mistake. I wasnt mistaken. Back then my heart raced for sure. But why doesn’t he recognize me? Why is he talking to me like a stranger? J walks over and asks were you crying? she wipes her tears. She asks how he came here. he says I followed you. cuz you left like that – it was strange and made me worry. I didn’t feel at ease. You didn’t go back to the office and came to a place like this so I couldn’t turn back. I don’t know what the situation is but how about going back now. Let’s go now. He tries to hold her hand again but she pulls away. Arang: I am going to go. She walks ahead of him.

E rides back to the village

J is walking behind arang. J says in his head – until that person knows who that child is, I cant give that child to her.  she asks how far he is going to follow her. J: just let me walk you back. Arang: we are almost there. J: just let me walk with you. like you have your own thoughts I have mine. She smiles so he asks why. Arang: you go when you want to go and do what you want to do so does it mean for me not to bother. J: that wasn’t it. arang: it’s ok. I just said it cuz I thought it sounds exactly like someone else. J: do you mean sato? Arang: no – do you know sato?  Last time at night you met him. J: I met him before then too. Arang: when? J: I met him the day the body of LSR who disappeared was discovered. She stops walking.  J: I met him before you. what’s wrong? Arang: when did you just say it was? J: when they found the girl’s body. Arang: sato knows who you are? J: yes. Suddenly E yells: what are you doing there?

E glares at the two of them. J bows to him. E gets off his horse and heads over to arang. E: you. J: I was going to bring her right away when it was daylight but in the middle something happened so we are a little late. Arang wont look at E. J tells her to take care of her body. I will come again when I can. J bows to E and walks away. Arang doesn’t speak to E and goes inside

Bangs come in covered in dirt saying work was easier cuz sato isnt here. one wonders what to say when E finds out. other says just say a robber came. Does that make sense? What robber has nothing to steal to take that. other one says don’t worry-cuz of that girl being gone sato is distracted. Just then they see arang go in and E chasing after her. bangs says did she just pass by. Is she a ghost or a person. D runs in too and goes after E. so bangs follow D.

E yells at her to stop right there. amnesia! she goes into her room and shuts the door. She comes back out again as he was about to go in. E: the reason why I didn’t tell you was… she shuts the door again. E: it was fun. After coming here to myrang it was the most fun thing. It was the most fun I had since birth. She opens the door and comes out to ask: why did you do it? E: if you regained consciousness you should have come back. Arang: was I that easy? E: where and when did you meet him? Arang: how much longer were you going to stand by and watch and laugh. E: where were you all night? Were you with him all this time?

bang wonders what they are talking about. How did that girl survive? D: this cant happen. She isnt human. All 3 bangs: huh?

E: do you know how much I looked for you? I thought you weren’t able to wake up. arang: if I don’t wake up-why? Will that be a problem? Is there anything to be sad about? You cant say there isnt. I have to be here for you to find your mother. Not telling me too-it was cuz you were afraid it would affect finding your mother. She insults him by calling him a lump of phony. E:what? Arang: are you deaf? Should I tell you again? She gets close to his face and says it again emphasizing each syllable. Listen well. For your sake, I will never give you my memories. She goes back inside and slams the door.

She stands on the other side crying.

E walks over and sees D and the bangs. He marches over to them and asks why did you do something you weren’t told to do. they asks what are you talking about.  E: why did you get rid of it on your own. Do you all want to die? did you want to confirm how big a deal it is to interfere in an investigation. If it wasn’t you guys then who would touch that area. What were you thinking. They say they were following lord choi’s orders. E asks –you are saying lord choi told you to cover the hole. Bang says what do you mean cover the hole –we just followed the order to get rid of the bones and belongings. E: what did you just say? A guard says to the bangs – like you wanted I burned them all. E grabs the closest one and asks what is this. bang says we were just following lord choi’s orders. E: choi’s orders? Don’t you know whose orders you should be following? (cuz they work here so they should follow E’s orders). The other one says around this village it doesn’t work that way-  lord choi’s words are like the law here. You still didn’t know that? bang says last time I tried to tell you that regarding the former magistrate’s daughter. We’ve been caught in the middle so it’s been hard on us. all this time lord choi has overlooked a lot. If you weren’t lord Kim’s son, we wouldn’t have left you alone till now. Don’t make this a bigger issue and just quietly overlook it. this is that kind of place here. (meaning only choi controls) E lets him go. He orders his uniform ironed and prepared and to give notice for choi to come see him.

E sits in his room and says he wont turn a blind eye and put up with how things are done around here. they dare to mess with the nose hairs of a sleeping tiger/lion. I will show you whose word is the law

D says to himself she fell for sure so why she is so normal like that. she should be injured somewhere. Maybe she wasn’t originally a person. Maybe she is a gumiho. She is either a ghost or a gumiho. She is similar to the gumiho people talk about. Or else someone like my master wouldn’t have fallen for her. whether she is a ghost or gumiho he has been bewitched. What do I do. That shaman might know (meaning B) he hits his finger and says you crazy finger why did you do that.

M stands there remembering asking jade – do you know who she is. And how jade said it’s not important who she is. So M says it cant be you muyeon (his sister) there is no way it’s you. jade comes over and gives him a drink made from flowers and asks him to guess the taste. M says he doesn’t know. jade says these days I am trying to come up with a tea that will show what’s in your heart with a taste. So if you don’t know then it means you don’t know your own heart. there is no such thing right?  this is a fail then.

J goes to see the wife. She asks are you just now coming. Do you still not trust me. J: What are you talking about. She asks: Why didn’t you show that girl to me. J: Sorry it was cuz I didn’t get to carry out your order yet. She says: I told you not to be suspicious. Does it bother you so much that I showed interest in that girl. Should I tell you. I wont hide it. that girl doesn’t die. even if she dies over and over she doesn’t die. no one has ever seen this before. if I can just have that body I can live forever. I have to have that girl. While she was talking arang walked by E without a word and he watched her and held his mother’s hairpin. She continues:  In order to have that girl I need your strength. Will you do it. if I get that girl -you don’t need to get blood on your hands every full moon-how good is that. J: if I do that- then what happens to me. She says: How can you say that. what did I say -I told you – you are the most precious to me. How can a mother throw away her son. When that girl becomes mine – wont you call me mother. J: What do you want me to do –do I just need to catch her. she says: you don’t need to -she will walk here on her own feet if you do well. J: What is there for me to do. She says: I told you to find out what that girl wants the most. J: How? She says: With your heart. make that girl tell you everything –how about becoming her boyfriend. You are at young man now too, but leave behind your suffering heart

Choi’s servant says you don’t need to go –that guy could come here. how dare he tell you to come and go. I will take care of it. but choi says it’s ok I will do as he wants.  He gets in his carrier. The servant asks why. Choi says it’s been a long time since I took care of matters there so it wont be bad

E stares at his sato outfit.

Bangs roll out the red carpet and say makes sure there is no dust. This will show lord choi we are on his side.  D asks what this is. Bang says don’t worry about it and just go on your way. D treads dirt on the carpet so they call him a bad guy and clean it up. J shows up

D says that was choi’s son. Why did he come here. D hopes B came out today and heads over

E steps out in his magistrate outfit. He sees J heading over. J bows to him and goes towards arang’s room. E: what is that punk. Arang comes out complaining there are no clothes to change into. She is stretching and sees J. he smiles and asks if she slept well. Arang: what brings you here. J: didn’t I say I would drop by again if I had the chance. Are you going to keep me standing here? she asks what he means. He asks can you get ready to go out. E watches them and repeats: what? Go out? she asks why get ready to go out. he looks her over. She gets self-conscious. E says where is that punk looking. J says it looks like you didn’t get paid back for the cost of your clothes. She looks over at E who scowls. J: there is a place you have to go with me. I was going to take care of it on my own but I don’t think I can do it alone. Help me. I think you said you would pay me back for your imposition. Arang: That….she looks over at E and suddenly says to J: ok. Wait a minute – I have to go get ready.

E storms off. E: I am seeing everything. A ghost is dating. On top of that on my grounds.  He sees the bangs getting ready and asks what are you doing. They ask why are you outside. Please go inside till we call you. choi is announced. People greet him. Choi and E look at each other. choi walks over and says to E how this place is old so if it’s uncomfortable living here let Bang know. I will tell him to pay special attention. E says I will take care of my office myself so you don’t need to pay attention to it.

They sit across from each other. choi asks why did you ask to see me. E says it wasn’t a request, I summoned you here.


Rock music plays


Hades asks jade: are you just going to leave her alone.

Arang says to E: they say those flowers are so pretty –don’t you want to go see them. She leaned in and gave him puppy eyes so E grins

Choi orders: gather some men who use their bodies (fighters) cuz there is someone to punish

E is about to fight those guys and tells her to go over there and don’t worry about me. She screams

See this look on her face -determination, eyes clenched tightly, then she just goes for it. That’s me right before a recap for this show. I love this girl’s pluck. She is so fearless and daring. She makes it impossible to stay away from this drama.  I worked backwards today. I watched TTBY first and got my fill of cute before diving into this. I have more courage now. so let’s start….awwww poor Jun ki has a cold. his voice sounds hoarse and that coughing is not acting. OMG this episode is so great so far – I am dying from how moving it is. never mind- the spooky parts came back.  then it got triple worse. wow this girl really cant catch a break can she. seriously – is there anything else left in the world that is bad that could happen to her? “trouble” isnt her middle name – it’s her first, middle, and last name. It seems to follow her everywhere and affects those around her as well. Poor E.


E figures out the clues and realizes it has to do with directions –north, south, east, or west and says I found it. he sees the black marker on the tree and grabs it. his mom is headed to her room and looks back. The round ball that jade is staring at cracks. Then E finds another marker so his mom stops walking and looks scared. Then she continues. E finds more directions and the ball cracks more. E finds another marker out on a tree limb. The tree is over a cliff so if he falls climbing he could die.  the bangs move closer and see E and say our chance came. We just need to go up quietly and push him –we don’t need to get blood on our hands so is there an easier way than this. they agree. so now they have to decide who is going to do it.  the talkative bang lost out so he gets closer to E.

E is straining to reach the marker but he cant. Bang is about to push him but cant reach him. E slips and falls all on his own. At that moment his mom says finally- is what’s supposed to come coming? The ball cracks more. jade says it’s been uncovered. jade tells Mu young (M)  to go and see if anything is left. M bows and says ok. Jade tells hades what she tried to hide we found out. it will be busy now. What do you think – humans are useful aren’t they? Hades says that girl has skills.

Other bangs tell the guy he did it. the guy is so scared though and says I didn’t do it. the bloodthirsty one says you did it – only we need to know about this but the guy says I didn’t do it. they hear arang calling for the sato so they run off. The guy keeps saying I didn’t do it and tries to go back to the tree but they drag him away.

M is there looking down where E fell.

Arang is calling for the sato near the hole. Where did he go? She turns and sees M. She asks what is this- are you still chasing after me? Didn’t you hear from the jade emperor. M walks past her and looks at the hole.  She says if it’s possible let’s not run into each other from here on. she turns and calls for sato again wondering where he went. She goes looking and M watches her. he looks at the clues and wonders what is this you?

Arang gets to the tree where E fell and looks down

J arrives at E’s mom’s place and sees the door open. She is waiting outside. She is angry and he calls her wife.   With bulging eyes she points and says “you- cuz of you.” he kneels and says I am sorry. She was dead. I confirmed she stopped breathing but didn’t know she would live and run away. I made a mistake I shouldn’t have. She asks “what did you say. She is alive?” He says forgive me. She says “you killed her but she is alive?”

Arang discovers E’s body below. He has a bloody head. She asks are you dead or alive. he isnt moving. She runs back for rope. She tries to tell M about E but he walks away. She says I knew you would do that you awful guy. She gets some rope and ties it to a tree. She calls out to E to wake up. she throws the rest of the rope down and climbs down. She slips and almost falls to her death but suddenly E reaches out and grabs her hand just in time. his arm is all bloody as he holds onto her. he asks were you going to rescue me or were you going to kill me? huh? He pulls her up. he coughs and tries to catch his breath. She asks are you ok? E: you almost died. Oh yeah that’s right. You don’t die.  I almost just died. So unfair. She asks why are you here? she sees the blood so he says to tie it up. she rips part of her skirt for a bandage. She looks back up and the rope is too short. Arang: what to do. He says there is one way.  She asks what? He says you jump down from here. of course you will die for sure but you will come alive again so you can go and tell people. She looks over the cliff and closes her eyes ready to jump, but he holds her back. E: are you crazy? Cant you tell the difference between a joke or if I am being serious? you could die for real while waiting. Arang yells: then what do I do? E: for now just be quiet. If I close my eyes for a while I might think of something. he passes out so she pats his face and shakes him saying you cant lose consciousness. Wake up sato. Wake up. he is totally out so she looks around and sees a crack between the cliff and a rock

the bangs are drinking and saying did anything happen today. Nope they say. Scared bang says again I didn’t do it. the other one says the weather is great today – it’s so beautiful. Mid sentence you can hear thunder rolling in. where did our sato go? Scared one says listen to me I didn’t push him. D comes and asks didn’t my young master come yet. They say he didn’t. it rains so D says why is it raining – why isnt young master coming.

Arang dragged E into the crack in the cliff behind the rock out of the rain. She yells old fogey what is this. E starts to stir so she tells him to wake up now. She sees the blood so she tells him to wait a little bit. If you die you’re dead. She goes deeper into the dark cave and says I don’t know who is in here but what else could it be but a ghost or monster. Whatever comes out I am arang. She suddenly sees something

She drags E’s body deeper into the cave. She tries to listen to him breathing and asks are you dead? He coughs and opens his eyes. I haven’t died yet. She drags him in some more and says it will be a lot better. E: why did we come here? arang: cuz I felt like it. he laughs. He touches his injured shoulder and coughs so she tightens the band.  She looks around and says there is nothing to make a fire with.

He is shaking from cold so she lies down behind him and back hugs him to keep him warm. E: what are you doing? Arang: if I do this it will get a little warmer. aish -do I have to take my clothes off for you. no -I really cant take my clothes off though. E: amnesia. Arang: don’t talk. You will lose energy –how is it? does it seem warmer? E: you don’t have warmth/heat. Arang: huh? E: you don’t have warmth from your body. Didn’t you know? it’s not that great to say that in this situation but you have a lot of defects. arang: how can that be? When I am a person. She sits up and warms her hands and puts them to her cheeks. She says it’s ok – it’s normal. He doesn’t answer. She gets up and says I will go look for anything to make a fire with. E: it would be better if you were still. If you move you might cause trouble

Arang walks around and almost falls in the dark. She walks along the wall and says I don’t have warmth? Is he a fool? How can a person not have warmth? Would the old fogey make me this way. He is the jade emperor –something was left out so even if this body doesn’t die, I am still a person. Sato – you just wait and see when I go back. She keeps walking.

That spooky violin music plays again – sort of want to strangle the guy who composed that instrumental cuz he did his job too well. hate that other scary music with that woman’s voice and no lyrics too. I wish they would stop playing those two so often.

J is still with that scary “wife” -they dont say anything

Arang keeps walking in the cave and says there wouldn’t be anything to make a fire with in a place like this. where is the end of this place? She gets to a huge drop so she wonders what to do. She turns around to go back. A man walks towards her and asks what is a young girl doing here. don’t be scared. I came in cuz  of the sudden downpour. This isnt a place for people to walk around in so why did you come in? he gets really close to her as he says that. she asks for his help. There is someone who is hurt. He asks is there another person?

Arang runs back to E and says I brought someone. Wake up. the man says you are injured a lot. E asks if it’s still raining outside. The man says it is. She asks if he has anything to make a fire with. The man wonders if E cant move at all. she touches the man’s arm and says I have to make a fire. The guy says she talks too much and is noisy. His tone totally changed to something scary so she is alarmed. He shows her some grass and says I am going to make a fire. I always have something ready to make a fire with. I don’t like raw liver. Cooked liver is the most delicious to me. (Ok dude you are making my skin crawl-crap I’m soooo scared)  He suddenly has a separate personality who says I like raw liver. He slaps himself and tells the other one to be quiet. Arang is silently freaking out. he says this is so great – two all at once. She backs up and asks what are you? a crazy guy? He says even if I tell you – you wont know cuz I don’t know what I am either. Give me your liver. Arang: what? She screams as he attacks her. he smells her and says she has a really fresh liver. Like a liver that was just born. Chewy – how could this be? She screams just as he goes to bite her. suddenly a rock is thrown at him. E is standing on the guy’s walking stick and says I knew what you were up to as soon as I saw you dry when it’s raining outside. he says to arang: see if you move you cause trouble. Where did you bring this thing from. The guy asks do you know who I am? E says I have no interest in her neck. You can take her liver, but I will never give you my liver. He attacks the guy and punches him. E tells her to run away. Arang: I don’t want to. She goes and grabs E. if you had this kind of strength then you should have given me strength. He says this isnt strength that just appears it was cuz it was urgent. It had to be to the extent that my liver was about to be taken. She asks why were you trying to give my liver away. E: you will have another one soon.

Suddenly the guy hits E from behind. The guy says I was still and you thought I would remain still. He laughs like crazy and starts to beat E. she makes the guy get off of E and he says some stuff that is not coherent about eating chewy liver and punches his hand into her to grab her liver. She screams and stands there so he wonders why she is still ok. You aren’t human are you?  you aren’t a ghost either. He looks more closely at her so she head butts him. She yells I am a person. He asks what is your identity. Arang: a person. He says you aren’t. how could I be so lucky. He laughs like crazy and is about to attack her so she screams but M suddenly appears. The guy sees him and says the reaper-how could you come here? How could you know about this place?  M reaches for his sword and pulls it out. the guy says arang is in trouble if he is right about who she is. Arang asks M who this crazy guy is. M suddenly cuts down the guy and he turns into smoke and M makes him disappear.  Arang asks what he was. M says a soul so warped even he doesn’t know what he is. I don’t know how many came out. they were sealed away for a long time. she asks how there could be such a thing cuz she never heard of them or seen them before. M says For a long time they were amongst themselves so we couldn’t know about them. She asks how could he end up like that. M says whoever –whatever can become that whether you are a ghost or whatever, if you lose yourself, you become a monster/demon. she asks why anyone would seal this place and M says This place wasn’t sealed and disappears. She asks why that guy threatened her. she runs over to E and asks are you dead? He comes to and says “not yet”

J is still with that wife. Camera pans to choi sleeping

D is watching the rain and calling out for E. I am crazy. He yells at the bangs to go and find E. bang says it’s raining too much so how. Do you think we feel at ease about it. we just have to wait till it stops raining. When it does we will run out. D: this wont work. Even if I die I have to die with young master.  He runs out in the rain.

M goes and reports to jade and hades. He says how one of those demons was there. he showed up where people could see. But from here on I don’t know what else will show up. Cuz of that rift that demon showed up but I don’t know the strength of that.  M bows and leaves. Hades asks when did that guy’s strength get so big? This is big trouble. Doesn’t it mean if one makes up his mind they can make a demon. Jade: that could happen we don’t know. don’t worry. We have that girl – our last weapon.

Arang made a fire and leans in to check E is still breathing. He is still out so she talks to him. What is this? what would you have done if I didn’t come? He asks are you ok where you were stabbed?  Arang: you startled me. You weren’t sleeping? E: you are chattering so much so how could I sleep.

She checks herself and says I am ok. I don’t know what that crazy guy was, but I have to catch him. You are going to catch that other guy too right? E:let’s do that. first let’s catch the guy who killed LSR. She lies down next to him and asks what he thinks about that talk about if you lose yourself you become a demon. It seems the same –spirits and demons- doesn’t it but they are different. These demons go around taking someone’s liver, but they don’t even blink an eye. Anyway if I went to hell I would have gone, I wouldn’t have become a demon that steals other’s livers and eat them. No I wouldn’t have even gone to hell. And I wont become an demon. She looks over and asks are you sleeping? She turns to face him and asks: what is this. are you sleeping now? She stares at him and remembers the first night she slept next to him looking at his face. She stares at his face again and smiles. Sleep well. She closes her eyes to sleep and says but that young master – LRS’s fiancé- did he come to her funeral? That time I was out of mind cuz of you so I didn’t get to see. He must have come right? If I knew sooner then I would have shown up in front of that young master from the start. Then I wouldn’t have gone through this suffering. Isnt that right? Sleep well. She suddenly opens her eyes again and commands “don’t die.” They sleep next to each other.

Next morning she wakes up and rolls over and E is not next to her. the fire has gone out. she calls out to him. Then she screams out sato. He says I am over here and walks over. Arang: where did you go? He thinks there is a way out over there. we cant go out this way. She offers to go check another direction. E: if you want. But that side is crumbling down. Arang: what? She runs back over to him. She hides behind his arms then pushes him from behind when more debris falls down.

They go back out to where he fell. Arang: what is all this. I was born anew so why is my lot like this. why is there no end to predicaments. This ledge wont crumble down too right? He says you are right. Suddenly a rope is thrown down. E calls up to D. D says I will go crazy. Why are you there? why? He sees arang and glares at her. she was smiling up at him and then asks why he is glaring at me. D says I looked all night for you. hurry and come up. he holds the rope as E walks over and hands the rope to arang. D takes it away from her and says no you cant. E: ya! D: you come up first young master.  E calls out his name. D: or else we can all die here. arang tells E to go up first. E: should I do that then? Arang: hurry and go up and hurry and lift me up. E: that’s right -it would be better if I lifted you up. how could we trust that guy to entrust you. arang mutters a cat is thinking of the mouse. E calls up throw the rope I will go up first. D: you mean it right? If you are lying. E: hurry and toss it. D throws so E grabs it and tells her I will lift you up right away. Arang: just don’t fall. E smiles and starts to climb up. E calls down to tease her – amnesia – if that ledge crumbles.. so she says don’t do that. she yells up that he is bleeding so D says what? Blood. E yells at them to be quiet cuz he cant focus. He climbs and that rope looks like it will break. E makes it up and D grabs him. D checks and asks how much did you get injured? E shoves him out of the way and leans on the tree again. He tells her to hold on tight.  She starts to climb up. D holds onto E’s waist to support him and mutters about how that rope should just break. The rope is getting weaker from the wear and tear. E says if by any chance the rope breaks and you fall.. she says don’t say that. E: close your eyes tightly, breathe in deeply, and just think good thoughts. It will end quickly so keep focused –got that? she glares and keeps climbing. The rope breaks and she falls back all the way to the bottom and lands on a rock. He yells out her name for the first time “arang!” as he watches her fall. She rolls over and falls into the water. D: what to do. E: I have to go. D: where? E turns to go but he faints.

Hades asks M why that cave crumbled. M says when the seal broke – it happened cuz the energy escaped all at once. Jades asks if M found any trace of what they are looking for and M says I couldn’t find it. It will show up sooner or later. jade says don’t worry I will give you something to help. M is suddenly holding something that glows. Hades tells M to go and catch all of them. M bows and leaves.  Hades says I thought for sure I hid it/him/her there (that mass grave site). jade: that knew one day this would happen too so that would have run off somewhere else. Hades is upset he cant do anything about it.  Jade tells him not to get angry cuz you will age faster. Hades: it’s cuz of you. back then didn’t I tell you to just send him/her to hell? Why did you break the rules and allow this to happen. Whatever the reason is, he/she is showing us what happens if we don’t keep our word. Jade says the grave has been uncovered and he/she found out what arang is. So he/she will try to go after her very soon. Hades: for the time being there wont be any needless killings  -should we say that’s a good thing? Jade looks worried

J is still with E’s mom. she finally speaks. She says Joowal- for the time being we have to keep that girl alive. It would be good if you got close to that girl arang. he asks what she means. What do I do about the sato. She says for that girl to keep staying there –for the time being the sato has to stay alive. J: then what do I need to do? She says find out what that girl wants to know the most. As quickly as possible. J: I don’t know why I need to do this. the screen lifts and J goes over to her. she touches his cheek where she slapped him and asks did it hurt?  Don’t be suspicious. Whatever you did you are the most precious to me son. Trust me.

J walks away remembering how she said it would be good if he got close to arang. And find out what that girl wants to know the most. He looks back at the house and wonders what is she thinking of?

E’s mom goes to a room and the floor slides open. oh crap I am afraid to look. she walks down some steps. (I am not looking anymore so I have no idea what’s down there.) she says the time has come – you guys need to prepare to come out. you can protect me right? i only have you. I dont trust humans. (something scary happens, but I cant see) she says the seal broke. do you know what happened today. I cant believe i get to meet her – if she comes into my hands I dont need these useless humans. (* I had to press rewind to hear the lines again and I managed to press the rewind button without looking. I’ve got skills I didnt know I had. fear brought that out. )

choi wakes up and hears nothing much happened except bang came by. choi guesses why bang came by – cuz of sato. the guy choi sent to find out about E comes back. choi asks if it’s for sure that E is Lord Kim’s son. the guy says you dont have to worry. choi: he isnt his son? the guy says you can call him a son but he is only half. Not legitimate. cuz he is half noble and half slave. his mother was a concubine and a slave. choi laughs and says that guy didnt know to fear a lion and went against me. the guy says there were hardly anyone who knew that truth about him. I dont know why lord Kim was hiding that and saying he is his lawful son. oh yeah the reason why sato came here is his mother… but choi cuts him off and says gather some strong guys together.

J goes and hears from the bangs that the new sato is dead. and that guy D is gone too. so please relay to lord choi he doesnt need to worry anymore. J asks where the girl is. they say that girl arang hasnt been seen at all since yesterday. have you seen her? the other two bangs are staring with their mouths hanging open. D had walked in carrying E on his back. D calls for a doctor quickly. bang asks if E is alive. D says call a doctor and send people to the river cuz arang fell. J takes off running. D puts E in his room. E can hardly breathe

arang is lying by the edge of the water and her broken arm unbreaks itself. well that’s a sentence I never thought I would type

bloodthirsty bang says you probably didnt see yourself pushing him. the other one says I said I didnt push him. the other one says that’s the right way to think about it. keep saying that if you get caught by some chance. no it would be better if you believed that on your own. that’s how your facial expression can look natural. who pushed him? who? innocent one says I didnt push him. the other one compliments him. the 3rd one arrives so they ask what did the doctor say. there is no hope right? 3rd one says that E lost a lot of blood but there wont be any affect on his life. the doctor arrived too quickly.

D says to E- what is all this. i was so scared I dont think I can live. D insults E saying how rude he is but then he hugs him cuz he loves E so much. it makes E unable to breathe. E says: Dol Se- arang. D: I am here. me! E passes out again after just saying her name.

J rides over and looks for her. he finds her lying on the beach. he walks over and remembers how bloody she was the last time after he stabbed her. he picks her up in his arms and checks and says she is alive. he looks over at the cliff and sees how far down she fell. she chokes and comes to. she opens her eyes and look at him. arang: young master? she touches his face.  you are warm so it’s true. this isnt a dream. she almost passes out again so he asks are you ok? arang: how did you know to come here? J: I had work and was passing by. what happened. arang: I imposed on you again. I have to go. she stands and walks away and almost falls so he catches her.  arang: I am ok. she tries to walk again but he picks her up and carries her in his arms. he puts her on his horse and gets on behind her. arang: you dont have to do this. he just rides on so she asks to impose just to the village. I am sorry but I will rest for a short time. she closes her eyes as they ride.

E wakes up



E asks D: arang – what happened to her? D: she fell off the cliff so what do you think happened to her. E goes after her

J hides with arang and watches E ride off

E wonders: amnesia – where did you go?

E yells out arang’s name

J asks looking at a sleeping arang: what are you so that person gave me those orders?

Mu young asks: do you know who that is? Jades: it’s not important who that person is. Mu: that does girl arang have any connections with this

E’s mom sees J being friendly with arang and says his name in an angry tone

J: until I know what she intends to do I wont give that girl over

E walks over and yells: what are you doing over there?

*I just knew J would fall in love with arang. this is going to be sooo good for E to have some competition for her affections

16 comments on “Mashcaps: Arang E7 & E8

  1. Iviih :) says:

    Aw Softy, you are cute like Arang 🙂 😀

    I do the opposite, when I’ll what a scary movie, after it finishes I watch a disney movie LOL for me sleep well. It usually works, I’ll go sleep singing disney songs lol so to you sleep thinking in something sweet, you watch To the beautiful you after arang XD well just a suggestion^^

    Thanks for recapping it. Btw, the strange guy really scared me LOL I was OMG…..

    And Arang dying also makes me go crazy, we never know if she will really came back or how many times she’ll be able to live.

    But even if she lives again and again, the pain and shock she suffers everytimes it happens 😦 poor Arang! I feel bad for her.

    It seems Sato is finally showing more feelings for Arang I’m happy!


    • Softy says:

      All this time I did that – I watched TTBY right after this to chase away my fears, but tonight I wanted to try it in reverse order. Turns out I needed to watch TTBY twice if I knew how scary it would get. I still have no clue what was in that basement and I don’t wanna know. This drama just gets scarier each week, but then the cute sweet moments escalate as well so it’s like I am drawn right back here. I wish I didnt love this couple so much but it’s a losing battle. I really don’t know how I can recap this live if I don’t look at the tv screen. It’s one thing to hide the GOM screen on my computer hrs after it aired as I translate, but how can I do that live? Wish me luck next week. 🙂


      • dita says:

        same here… i really really love this couple… i don’t know why.. but they’re just hhmm… having chemistry…
        *remind me of jowoon & uee.. aaahh…..


      • Feima says:

        I love you Softy for the recap —- it is amazing that you can still do it eventhough it scared the sh*t out of you 😀


  2. atriniriggie says:

    Thank you bbecause you are a God sent…
    Am reading while at work and it’s helping the hours pass by faster…. thank you..


  3. deedee810 says:

    Thanks Softy…..


  4. deedee810 says:

    Thanks again for the recap…..Im really enjoying this drama so far


    • Softy says:

      Hi you’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. sorry I sound so scared on the recap – just can’t help myself cuz it’s pitch dark outside when I translate this. 🙂


  5. D says:

    thanks a lot Softy.. I hvn’t been streaming lately so your recap helps until i watch both eps over the weekend, yeah.. I’m so amazed with myself for being so patient, lol.. You’re so cute, i hate scary parts in any movie or drama even at my age. Usually i psyched myself with this mantra ‘it’s just a movie/drama, they hv at least ten ppl behind d camera filming d scene, etc etc’ tho it seldom works and my husband who works in TV productions (formatted show & docu, thank god) will just laugh at me for being so silly.

    But i’ve to say this ep really amps up d scary factor.. Shiverssss.. But i love it, im not sure if i like J liking A but a competition for one’s affection is always good.. But i also ship DS & BW the Mudang. I wonder why A& BW havent met yet, will she remembers A from the voice and did she still keeep the nice hanbok E gave to ghostly A. that’s why i like this drama, so many questions.. It makes you actively participate and anticipate the next move as it unfolds whereas some dramas just do nothing


  6. nonski says:

    oi Softy dear! you did it again and yay to that! thanks for recapping. 🙂

    well truthfully i didn’t watch this last night so i am only basing my thoughts on your recaps. i had so much with gaksital last night i had to have my fill of cute and watch 2tbu later. i can’t watch arang since i already put off the lights in my room. lulling myself to sleep by watching the cute. i don’t want to have nightmares. 🙂

    ok so episode 7 and we’re in for a lot more scary and also developments on our OTP. there are so many things that made me understand the goings-on in arang. although at the same time a lot more made me confused. like for instance who really is arang/seo rim. i mean, what is she in the midst of all this chaos between the two realms and all the supernatural events happening. hmmm made me really curious when that liver-eating guy acted is hinting what arang really is. agh! everything seems to get a lot more scarier this time. i looked up at db cuz you said you weren’t looking when she went into the basement and guess what she had two reapers in trapped and now freed to do her bidding.

    on the upside, i might get my wish soon — a jelly E. heh! hope J will really be into arang so that aside from making E jealous, he will eventually help her. i wish that okay. 🙂


    • MJShinshi says:

      hi nonski fancy finding you here 🙂 I’m enjoying this show too and so appreciate your recapping it softy. I just snicker or more like giggle when I actually watch it remembering softy covering her eyes or screen so she won’t watch! Of course I do watch it when it’s not dark out so it sorta helps but I too wince and jump even close my eyes at some scenes. I just love Arang. see you at the Gaksital finale I’m hoping I will be able to catch live stream. thanks again dear softy.


  7. Anonymous says:

    can someone provide the mbc link for arang and the magistrate…thanks


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