Bridal Mask E26

How many times have we seen this guy put a smile on his face that he never means?  K doesn’t do it cuz he actually feels real happiness. It’s become second nature to him to just be the one people can count on and his smile reassures them. Just like that mask he puts on, he plasters on a smile to comfort those around him or to distract his enemies. I can’t remember the last time he laughed cuz he actually meant it. More than likely we will never get a genuine laugh out of him so I guess we have to settle for these half hearted ones. That made me wonder what kind of emotional toll this has on an actor to feel so much for his character then have to let him go. With the finale coming up next week, when the director yells “cut” for that last scene, I think JW will break down in tears of relief. It must have been quite a burden for him to carry a whole drama on his own. 28 episodes of angst is a lot to hold in and the pressure he must have felt to do well must have been overwhelming at times. I just hope he knows that he did something worthy as an actor for his age. Years from now when his kid sits down and watches Gaksital, I hope JW swells with pride hearing his child compliment his dad. Maybe JW’s laughter then will echo in his character’s ears and somewhere out there Lee Kangto will finally have something to smile about.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for preview translations, and SS for video link. 🙂

Written before it aired: Just going by the preview alone, if S didn’t know all this time about what his father Taro did to K’s father, would knowing the truth sway him a little. S’s family didn’t just take K’s parents from him, they took away K’s comfortable childhood too. K wasn’t supposed to grow up so poor, his family had status and wealth. They lost it all when K’s father was betrayed. K shouldn’t have suffered so much trying to stay in the officer’s school and catering to S. They were on equal levels social status wise and S just never knew it till that moment he walked into Baek’s home and saw all the newspaper clippings. He is going to learn revenge for his mother and brother wasn’t the only thing on K’s agenda.  The bigger problem is that S is going to find that out and tell his father. When K went to Taro’s home dressed as Gaksital, he thought he had the upper hand and could sneak up on Taro, but as we already know Taro is expecting him. It’s one thing to play cat and mouse when one side is in the dark, but when both parties know, then it’s no longer a game. That’s what we call a heart stopper. Why do I suspect tonight’s finale is going to be one for the record books.

I really hate that they used Abe to find out where K lives. Knowing Abe, it’s going to kill him inside when he learns he brought direct harm to K by talking. All this time I kept thinking Abe was a Korean too, but I realized his character happens to be Japanese, but is very sympathetic to Koreans. Abe doesn’t see ethnicity and only sees people and friendships. He allowed himself to get close to the circus group and treats K and D so well. If only others could follow his example there would have been a lot less conflict in this drama


Starts from DJ’s men, Ahn, and Jin breaking into the police station. Ahn throws smoke bombs below and officers duck for cover.

In the interrogation room, lackey and S put K inside that box in the wall. Jin throws down a smoke bomb and they go in and attack the officers. Jin gets the keys and unlocks K and gets him out. she grabs the mask on their way out. S gets kicked in the head and knocked out

When they get out K tells them how tailor park was captured so we have to take him with us. but ahn says it’s too late cuz officers are gathering -we have to get out of here in a hurry.

Lackey comes to and wakes S up. they go outside and shoot at the truck with K and them on it. S keeps shooting as the truck drives off. S screams out K’s name.

they cover K up with a blanket. Song tells DJ not to worry about K too much cuz they fed him painkillers. DJ says tailor park was captured too so overnight teacher yang cant come so I am worried. he asks about the heavy security so song says gakistal has escaped so the security wont allow anyone to leave the city.  DJ says teacher has to come here safely

S has Park beaten and says how K went into the shop so you are saying it took an hour for the suit design. right before the armory was robbed? you are on the same side as K arent you? He asks if park’s shop is where the rebels are hold up. park doesn’t move so S grabs him by the hair.  Lackey checks and park is already dead. Lackey says what to do cuz we didn’t find out anything. maybe he is just a owner of a suit shop. the governor always went there for his suits so he worried over it.  S says I am going to his shop so come with me

At the tailor shop they are all packed and ahn goes down. Jo asks what the security is like outside. Ahn says it wont work. there are more officers outside than last night. DS says we need a decoy to trick them for yang to escape safely and offers himself. or else there is no way for yang to get out. he says he will pretend to be yang and tells the others to escort yang out safely. Ahn says I cant let you go alone I will go with you, but DS says you have to take the teacher. Leader Jo offers to be the decoy cuz DS should take yang and go to the mountains. DS says to buy yang time they need to properly divert the enemy  and I evaded them 8 times. Yang says no and doesn’t want to use DS to escape but DS reminds him about the time DS was in prison and almost starved to death if it wasn’t for Yang. cuz yang brought him food in his mouth and put it in DS’s mouth like a mother bird.  Thanks to you I was able to have a pretty daughter and became the leader of a independence movement. please allow me to go. D worries about her father but he says you know I escaped from them 8 times so I am going to keep going till that record is 10 so just wait and see. D: of course cuz you are the leader of the independence movement Ahn says they know my face so if i take you they will be totally tricked. DS stands and makes his farewell greeting and tells yang you go first and I will follow behind you soon. he starts to bow but yang takes his hand

DS dresses like yang and gives ahn the keys to park’s car to use cuz it cant be helped. Ahn says things will get rocky from here on so DS says let’s start playing with those guys. are you ready?  Ahn says let’s go.  They are about to leave but D shows up and says father. she goes over and hugs him.  He says don’t worry about me and hurry and go go cuz there is someone waiting for you (meaning K). D: father. DS: He (K) was tortured so his body is in poor condition so wont he need your care now more than any other time. (cuz she has nurse training). she says you are going to come back for sure right. You are going to keep your promise to fill 10 times right?  He says I want you to be safe and comfortable. the reason why I am fighting to get our country back is for you . cuz I hope you live naturally and happily. you know right? They hug and cry. He says to ahn let’s go. They leave

S pulls up in the car and someone yells it’s yang baek. So S says chase them.

D and Jin are dressed like wealthy women and come out with leader Jo and yang dressed as servants carrying their bags.

S shoots the car and DS and Ahn have to pull over in the tunnel. DS gets shot in the leg and tells ahn to leave and he will cover for ahn. Ahn: I cant go and leave you alone. DS says you have to take care of teacher (yang) hurry and go.  Ahn doesn’t want to, but DS makes him go so ahn runs off. S and them go over to DS who is slumped over in front of the car. S takes the hat off and sees DS laughing. S calls him a bast&^%. DS says cuz of you I ended up lying to Boon. I told her I escaped 8 times so I bragged I would make that 10 times. S says drag him over but DS asks you think if you catch yang, DJ, and gaksital, this chase will end? S: what? DS: on korean land, there are thousands of yang baeks, Dong Jins, and more hidden Gaksitals than you know like grains of sand on a beach. no matter how much you try you wont be able to do it. just cuz you were born like that, why are you wasting your life.  S says all of you are the ones wasting your effort  cuz you are dying off trying to revive a country that is ruined.  DS laughs and says be well my pitiful friend. He shoots himself in the head and dies.

leader Jo is taking the group through the mountain and D looks back. They go to DJ’s camp. Yang and DJ shake hands. DJ says thank goodness you came safely. yang says you must have suffered a lot here in the mountains. DJ shakes Jo’s hands. Jo says it’s good to meet you. yang introduces D as DS’s daughter. DJ says you suffered a lot. she says it’s good to meet you

K is sitting inside when kim brings D over to him. K smiles at her and tries to get up but he cant. D runs over to him. She asks are you ok. He says I am ok. Kim says he isnt ok – he almost died and came back alive. K tells him to stop kidding. Kim says K is bragging.  K reminds him about the favor he asked him. K told him to go and ask for some medicine from baek and tell him I got a little hurt. Kim says ok and leaves. D tells K – it’s ok to let it all out when you are hurt or having a hard time in front of me. dont act like you arent hurt or act like you arent having a hard time on purpose. he takes her hand and says I am really ok my body is having a hard time but I my heart feels light. cuz now I don’t have to live a double life anymore and i dont have to worry about getting caught. He asks if yang is ok. She says he arrived well. He asks about her father -he came safely too right? and she says my father will arrive soon. He hugs her and says how worried he was that they would all be caught by S.

S goes into the tailor shop and wants the men to go through everything. They start looking for a hidden room and stuff. One finds a door open and calls S over

S goes downstairs and sees the Korean flags everywhere in the room yang had all those meetings. S remembers what DS said –that it wont end with just catching yang, DJ, and gaksital cuz there are thousands more among the Koreans. So S says in his head – no if I just kill the 3 of them – gaksital yang and DJ-if I just kill those 3 it will end. He starts trashing the place so others join him

Yang and them talk about DS. DJ wonders how DS could get out of there.  and jo says how DS bragged he could so he will fill up those ten times.  ahn arrives so yang asks about DS. Jo asks what happened and so does yang.  Ahn says how DS was shot in the leg and pushed me to run away first. He was caught by them so he shot himself. Yang is in shock and jo asks how do we tell D this truth? Yang asks where is D now. She shows up with K. they all look at her and look away. Yang just cries looking at her. Jo cries and avoids her eyes. She understands what happened and cries. K hugs her.

UH is upset and says you still have something left to say. S says I am doing the best I can. I am killing myself to do my best. UH: what? UH orders samurai to kill S so taro tells S to beg UH for forgiveness, but S says father I did nothing wrong. I always did my best. UH yells he doesnt care about S’s best. what is important to me is that you know everything they are planning. S says we discovered yang’s hideout so I will find out everything he has planned. Just wait a short while longer. you know too that aside from there is no other guy capable of  going after them. UH takes back his order and says I will spare your life so be sure to pay me back. S: ok

S is in the room and H goes in to see him. She asks what it takes to be as brave as him. It would be good for you and me to give up now.  D came and saw me. that you arrested K. she kneeled in front of me and asked me to save K. I had told her to run away together with K. I couldn’t understand then why she turned me down but when I saw her kneel in front of me I knew. She doesn’t love just K but gaksital as well. She loves everything that entails him being gaksital.  I only loved K – the Japanese officer. S says what if I cant catch the two of them and yang and DJ too- what if I cant catch them. S cries and looks at her. what happens if my life ends in wasted effort. he has a change of heart and says no that will never happen.  I am doing my best as a japanese officer and catching those rebels so why is that nothing.  just wait and see I will destroy them.  He leaves the room and she stands there crying

S meets with taro and yoshi. S says he put up wanted posters of K and offered a high reward so a tip about K will come in soon. Taro thinks yang moved to DJ’s lair. Yoshi thinks setting fire to the courthouses was for more than the registry. cuz they also robbed the armory.  Taro and them think it’s for an armed revolt.  S thinks they need people to do that so maybe that’s why they set fire to the registers. yoshi gets mad cuz the rebels are preparing for an armed revolt when japanese army is having a hard time in the war. Taro says we just have to drag out yang and DJ. He comes up with an idea about threatening to kill the any Koreans on a list as rebels if yang and DJ dont surface. that threat will reach their ears. yoshi says the rebels wont be able to stand by and just watch their comrades die so they will show up

The elderly couple are told that the count and countess were killed by the rebels. she says we cant live comfortably. Taro tells them not to worry cuz we are doing our best. She asks why did you call us. he talks about the war going on so how could there be students going to college. the empire if your father. How could the sons (male students) just study at their desks when their fathers is suffering. The guy says until now we didnt have a way to repay the kindness so now we will. meaning make students join by force – like mandatory enlistment

Spy girl gyesoon meets her brother. He says he wanted to meet outside so he could buy her a bowl of stew without their family knowing. he says I have to go to the army. She asks how can a student go to the army but he says all students have to go. the officers are already checking students IDs and are guarding us to make sure we don’t run away.  Instead of running away I will just join and  survive and come back from the army. She asks when he is leaving and he says soon when the darft comes in. She worries cuz he is their only hope (cuz he is their only son). if he graduated they thought their family would stop suffering.  She worries about their parents when they know. He asks her to take care of the family till he comes back. he promises to come back alive, get a good job,  and take care of her. he orders a bowl of soup for her. she says you eat cuz I am not hungry since i just ate but he says you are lying. He pleads with her to eat so he will feel at ease cuz she will  be suffering in his place and he wants to buy her a bowl.

Koreans are at the market looking at posters of K. they say bad things about K and want to catch them for the reward so Kim sticks up for K saying he isnt a bad person. you dont even know. He tears up the posters. He sees sunwha and goes after her. her brother was beat up at school by his teacher for not changing his name to Japanese. Kim yells who is your teacher. She tells kim to be quiet. He asks what the kid is learning at school. He says learning from Japanese will only turn him into a Japanese. You don’t have to go to a school like that. The kid likes Kim and asks for his name. Kim says how D misses her so follow me. He takes the kid’s hand and runs off so she calls out go together

D is passing out food to the men in camp. Sunwha comes over with kim and her brother. They hug. Yang watches D with K. yang says how torn up D must be inside. K says I don’t know how to comfort her. she left her hometown to find her father who was in the independence movement and lost her mom at the age of ten and now she lost her father. If something happens to me too – how will she endure that. wouldnt it better for her sake if I left her side.  yang asks what do you think is precious enough for you to put your life on the line to protect?  I think it’s love. I love my country, my hometown, my mother, my wife, my son. watching those people I love being persecuted -how could I not be enraged? If you really love D, you have put your life on the line and stay by her side protecting her and fight the people who persecute her. I had a wife i loved dying in a hospital ten mins away but I couldn’t go to see her cuz of the enemy. for my kid and all the young ones on this land, I am fighting like this so I dont leave them that kind of anguish/ pain so how could you say such things. K says I am sorry. Yang pats his shoulders. K watches D

Sunwha is feeding her brother. D is crying as she eats. Sunwha asks what’s wrong. Did anything happen. D says nothing at all and leaves the table. K watches her walk by

He goes and sees her crying alone. He sits next to her and takes her hand.  In front of me don’t act like you aren’t hurting or not having a hard time on purpose. she says even though I am trying to hold it in – I cant. I know I shouldn’t do this.  but can we really win?can we really push the enemy out? he says do you know what your father said? he said an egg could break a rock. even though it’s strong the rock will die. even though it’s weak the egg will live.  After time the rock will break apart and become sand. but one day there will be a chick inside that egg that will walk upon that sand. Have strength. you have to have strength. You know that cuz of you, I have the strength to fight the enemy right? He hugs her

Abe is crying and saying I really didn’t know – i was totally deceived. I didnt even dream he was gaksital. lackey hits him and asks you are on the same side as K right. Abe say no and gets up and does the bansai cheer. Lackey asks where does K sleep. You know right where he sleeps right. Abe says he sleeps in the officer’s quarters and I think he often sleeps in his mountain home too. Officer says someone saw reported in about K. lackey asks if S is in. he says yes. They leave abe alone in the room and he starts to cry

Baek is packing up some medicine and stuff for K and says to Kim – let’s go. Baek hears some steps outside and makes kim leave through the window. S and the officers come in and S orders them to chase after baek and kim. S looks around the room. He sees the newspaper clippings of all the kishokai members’ deaths – park, the banker, etc.

S says we lost him (baek). Taro says gaksital was lee sun’s son. He prepared his revenge for his father’s death so exactly like this. it wont be long now – he will come after me. S asks why is gaksital after you. taro says K has guessed what  I did. S says don’t worry I am on your side

DJ, yang, K, and song meet. DJ reports how many Koreans are following him -70,000.  They divide up how their plan of attack will go. after the initial revolt, yang will go back to Shanghai for more forces. K says just listening to the two of you talk makes my heart race. DJ asks if song has some trouble. Song says no and asks K-should us young folks get some air.  so yang says do that cuz we have something to discuss. K says we will back after a while

Song tells K how he had something to dicuss so he wanted to meet. he heard about what taro is planning. if yang and DJ dont turn themselves in by the end of the month that taro will kill people on the list of rebels. K: what? song: what do we do. If they (yang and DJ) found out they wont stay still for the sake of the comrades. K says the time for me to deal with taro has come. K thinks this idea was made by taro alone.  Kim shows up with baek. K says to Kim sarcastically -you sure did bring him quickly. kim: at least I brought him.  Baek asks if K is ok. K says you worried a lot didn’t you. baek says S found our place. we were chased by them so we have to keep dodging them as we came. K says now S finally knows the truth that I am Lee youn and not Lee Kangto.  Baek says now that they know your identity they will do their best to kill you. K: we have to fight. anyway whether it’s them or me – we have to die for this to end. baek says just give the word and I will follow you like a shadow from here on. Song wants to add his strength too but K says no leave this up to me. I will go alone

D meets with leader Jo. She says I am ok. He says of course cuz whose daughter are you. she says father wanted me safe and comfortable so I am going to be comfortable. They talk about how circus people. Jo didnt get to say bye properly. she says they all left for their hometowns so dont worry too much.  jo says for her and K to leave whenever they want. She says no I wont leave. not long ago, some woman brought passports, tickets, and money for me to run away with K but I turned her down. After hearing father passed away I regretted. maybe we are fighting a fight we cant win. what if we all die. maybe I should have said I would leave. maybe I should have left. but now I closed up those feelings. father knew he could die and went. even though we might lose, even though there is no chance, until the day I die. I will live doing my best. He says yes you should do that.thats how you are mokdan

D and sunwha are doing dishes. Kim’s mom says sunwha is pretty. What is your name. Kim comes over and says what sunwha’s name is. He says to D – K is going to leave so stop him cuz if he goes now and gets caught, it will be the end

She goes over to see him. She says he looks like young master now. are you ok? He says I will go to the capitol for a while. She asks why. He says I have something I must do. She says go and come back well. I will wait.K: dont worry I will come back safely.  She asks if he can come back my dinner. I will make bean paste soup that you like. so he says I will be back before dinner. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves

Yoshi says to taro – your connection with K goes back that far. taro: anyway – whether it’s him or me – one of us has to die for this fight to end. S says don’t worry I already hid two of the best samurai -you just have to act normal like usual. taro: ok. Governor comes in and asks if it’s true about yang and DJ holding up at the tailor shop. Taro says it’s true that yang and DJ were set in the tailor shop in the basement. even though others dropped by and got suits from him, thank goodness none of our staff dropped by there. (he is rubbing it in that the governor always dropped by there). We will leave now and they leave the governor fuming alone

Taro goes home and is greeted by the nanny grandmother. He sits in a room and she brings him tea. He pours and waits. Gaksital goes over the wall at taro’s home. He looks around and sneaks over to the door. He opens and goes in. taro closes his eyes and hears the nanny being startled. Taro gets his sword ready. Gaksital comes through the door. Suddenly two more guys in black show up with swords ready. Gaksital fights the two men and knocks them out.

S is driving over

Taro faces gaksital with his sword drawn


no preview

* I have to admit, DS’s death got to me. Not just cuz how noble and proud be was about it, but all the way till the end, he didnt let them get their way. he took charge of his own death and wouldnt give them the satisfaction of getting any info from him. the minute he offered to be the decoy for yang, I feared for his safety. that’s why I was glad D was there and got to say goodbye. it would have been terrible for him if he didnt get to see his daughter one last time. now D is alone in this world like K. they are going to need each other more than ever. when she let K go and supported him even though she wanted to be selfish and hold him back so he could be safe even a day longer, I was proud of her character.  her father would have been proud of her too. I’m glad his influence about sacrifice for the good of the country is not lost on her. he taught his daughter well. that’s the kind of legacy that matters and lasts even through all the pain and loss.


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  1. Ann J says:

    PKW tweeted,”my best partner, my beloved dongsaeng, joowon” !!!!! Woooah, what a wonderful relationship they shared off-screen, it just shows how endearing joowon is to his fellow co-star from yoon si-yoon (baker king), uee (ojakgyo bro) and now park ki-woong… Not forgetting his hyungs in 1n2d. How genuine can he be??? What a wonderful work environments he created in all the dramas he was in.

    I’m sure its going to be a teary parting at the finale gathering!!!!! Gosh…another parting, seem like yesterday when we bidded goodbye to ‘Ojakgyo’.

    Joowon is definitely on the road to be the next “hallyu star”… Hwaiting!!!!!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    preview where are u? 🙂


  3. SS says:

    here we are:


    • SS says:

      The text preview is slightly different:

      credit: minidadalove for chinese translations on baidu

      Bridal Mask takes down Kimura Taro.

      Flying to the scene, Kimura Shunji witnessed his father lying in a pool of blood. He can no longer control the burning rage in his heart. The two engage in a fierce intense battle.

      In Dong Jin camp, they began to plan the uprising movement. In order to guarantee the strength of the fighters, Bridal Mask decides to rescue the students who were to be drafted.

      After losing Bridal Mask, Shunji is dead intent to find Dong Jin’s secret grounds. Because Bridal Mask and Dong Jin attacked the sending-off of the student soldiers, Shunji chanced upon their plan to rescue the students


      let’s wait for Softy to translate the dialogue. I am not liking the fact that Shunji mentioned Mok Dan’s name. He is going to use her to lure and kill Kangto? Sick. Anyway, can tell that Kangto feels terrible about killing Shunji’s father. Mojobobo at Soompi speculated that Taro took his own life by commiting seppuku rather than die by Kangto’s hands. It might be possible as Kangto does not seem to have any blood on his clothes


      • anonymous says:

        Thanks SS. Argh.. intense! Yeah, let’s wait for Softy’s translation. I don’t want anything happen to Mok Dan too. Please show!

        Baby is as handsome as always 🙂


    • Softy says:

      I am translating from an iPhone cuz I’m not hm yet, but I got most of it.

      K says – right about now – wonder how S is doing. Somewhere down the line S and I will have no choice but to run into each other again (meaning he has to fight S again)
      DJ says when they train a few more fighters they are done preparing for the revolt
      S says let’s try this lee kangto
      DJ says to the others – I hope we succeed
      Yoshi tells governor S is chasing DJ’s group – this time it’s certain. Governor: really?
      S orders everyone to get yang, DJ, and Mokdon, but I will kill lee kangto

      * I sure hope S said that so no one else will shoot K and not that he really wants to do that himself or else there goes my whole theory that S still cares about K deep inside.

      Wow jw’s hair looks great


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nothing will happen to MD i think everyone will die except her.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Because jinyun can’t play the dying scene so she will be alive


    • anonymous says:

      how you know JSY cannot play dying scene???you never see that …..her acting for me is ok and not too bad.


      • Marie67 says:

        Don’t bother to answer her, her only comments are about Jin Se Yun’s acting and Mokdan. She hates her ^^

        Anyway, wow what an intense episode. I guess Mokdan will die protecting Kangto. FC Shunji, he can go to hell


        • anonymous says:

          i hope mokdan and kangto can live together happily………but i know it maybe can’t happen.


          • Marie67 says:

            Amen to that. I really hope they will have a happy ending: Mokdan lost all her family just like Kangto and it would be so unfair to let one die and the other live, they can never do that. I mean we all endured the unrealistic ways of this drama when Kangto got hurt so badly and he can walk the next week, so whats unrealistic about a happy ending? May Shunji commit suicide (to spare Kangto from doing that) and let him live Kangto x Mokdan together.


            • Marie67 says:

              LOL I meant that he can walk and function the next moment/day ^^


            • Iprefernottosayit says:

              Well said Marie67! 😀 I want MD and KT to have a happy ending together, Rara too! 😀 She’s been awesome lately and I don’t want her to die. 😀 I know that Shunji is beyond redemption at this point but……I dunno, I mean, I don’t want KT’s and Shunji’s bromance to just die off like that. 😦


        • Iprefernottosayit says:

          I have no idea why the heck does “anonymous” hate her so much. It’s super annoying. Her comments are tainting Softy’s awesome recaps.


      • Anonymous says:

        You think her acting is okay but not the majority. Her new drama has a lower viewership rating when she appeared, lower than the children story. Even other rival drama has a child actor and had better rating,she even couldnt compete with children.


        • Softy says:

          I checked your IP address and it’s you again. I have been letting you rant about her all this time and never said anything, but now I just have to ask. did JSY kill your puppy in another life? seriously – why do you have it out for her? on almost every recap you have been bashing this poor girl’s acting. now you are blaming her for the ratings on another drama? you are giving this girl’s acting way too much credit to blame her for low ratings. How about the fact that the story is slow? I dont watch that weekend drama so I can tell you one thing – I wouldnt touch that drama just based on the previews and she didnt even come out on those.
          If you dont like someone’s acting and want to vent, I am okay with that. to each his own. but to do it every chance you get just makes me think you must really be jealous of this girl to focus on her so much. Can you stop dissing her here? we get how you feel so drop it already.


        • anonymous says:

          i think JSY scene in this episode 5 of FF not can because of her the drama ratings is low??don’t blame her for that…..


  6. Loverz says:

    Softy..thanks you said that… I can’t stand with her comment every time I visited this page..but I just kept silent…that’s annoying.. 😦


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    Okay Anonymous, whoever the hell you are, I get it you are not a fan of JSY. IN FACT, WE ALL GET IT. So right now you can stop shoving your rants down our throats and get the f*** out of here. Your comments here are NOT appreciated. I’m not going to play nice with you this time and I’m asking you to shut your damn mouth and get off this page. Jackass.


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    shunji kill himself???how sad…….


  10. SS says:

    *Sigh* the JSY hater strikes again?

    Although I sometimes find JSY a bit lacking in some scenes, how to hate a sweet girl like her? Whenever she smiles in those BTS, the sun shines and the bird sings. I think whoever cast her must have decided that it is more important for the actress playing Mok Dan to embody idealism, youth, innocence, vigour, passion, loyalty, stoicism and even being strong headed to the point of stubbornness, more important than anything else. For these, JSY manages to convey it all.

    Mok Dan and Lee Kangto’s love story is beautiful to me in its own unique way. Now, I cannot imagine if either one have to live without each other. I wrote a fanfic on Soompi and made someone cry and another who said she was afraid it would jinx the ending. I think the filming has ended or any time soon so it’s all cast in stone. Joo Won just tweeted that he feels very sad that it is coming to an end. I think he will cry and PKW too. They both have been under so much stress.

    Back to Mok Dan and Kangto, my poor babies. Please live. Both together.

    He walked towards the forest clearing and sat on the tree stump. The sun rays hit the ground of fallen leaves and it gave a warm golden hue, the trees swayed and whispered to each other. This is their secret meeting place, the first place where he held her in his arms and kissed her. He looked at her now, she has not changed one bit, her eyes so full of life and beauty, the nose petite but straight with a hint of character, her rose bud lips luscious and inviting, her chin strong and firm belying the determination within. She smiled at him so sweet and pure and his heart ached. He loved her so much that he felt his heart could burst. His eyes turn moist and her face became blurred. These days, his eyes gave him trouble and he couldn’t see her as clearly as he once did, perhaps he should get those glasses as they called it. If they could help him see his Boon Yi better, then it was worth the while. He rubbed them and blinked. Now, that’s better. She smiled that smile of hers that made him fall in love with her so many years ago. He hugged her close to his body and held her hands. He liked nothing more than sit here and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the surroundings. He told her gently: “Boon ah, today I gave all our money to the school building foundation. Are you angry? I thought about it and that’s where I wanted to plant the seed. The future of our nation depends on the young generation. With knowledge, they will have the means to build a strong country. Do you agree? We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Your father was right, one day the boulder will break but the egg lives, the chick will grow and be strong. This day has come.” He rubbed her shoulders as he always does and she smiled at him again. She has always understood him and stood by him. They need not say much and yet they understood each other perfectly.

    Suddenly a voice broke the peacefulness. “Lee Kangto, is that you?” a man burst seemingly out of nowhere into the clearing. “I went to your hut and you were not there, I guessed correctly.” Deuk Soo panted and grinned as he stepped forward. “Seon Hwa cooked a lot of side dishes including your favorite bean paste soup. You should go back now and drink it while it’s still hot”

    Kangto just sat there and smiled, not moving. Deuk Soo pulled his hand and beckoned him to follow him back “It’s getting dark, you are not going to sit there forever, are you?” Finally, he stood up but not before casting a glance in the direction of that one path that runs along the forest. Then he looked up at the sky above him and saw the beautiful stars shining in the twilight. He smiled again and nodded at Deuk Soo. He will come back again tomorrow as he always has all these years.



  11. SS says:

    My Wish for A Happy Ending for Kangto & Mok Dan


    He stirs and opened his eyes. He meant to stay awake but must have fallen asleep. The night was still dark and a cool breeze blew in from the window. He looked at the girl sleeping beside him and a warm feeling filled his heart as it often does at the sight of her. He carefully brushed her hair from her face so that he could see her more clearly. He never tires from looking at her. Her face was still little flushed and her lips still moist from his kisses. Is he dreaming? He pinched himself and smiled. He was very careful, almost afraid to hurt her. But when she pulled him against her, he responded with all his passion. He smiled again as he looked at her, then he brushed his lips ever so tenderly on hers. This time, she gave a little sigh, eyes still close, as she turned on her side. The covers slipped off her shoulders and she lay there with her back facing him. He stared at her bare back, remembering the first time he saw it. Then, he didn’t know who she was but there was a strange feeling in his heart which he quickly put aside. They have come so far, suffered so much pain but all this time, he never stopped loving her. He loved her when he first met her and though it seems impossible, he loves her more every day. He ran his fingers gingerly from the small of her back and up until they stop at the small but distinctive scar. A lump rose up his throat. He brought his lips to that red purplish mark and kissed it. Tears fell on her back and he quickly pulled back, afraid to arouse her from her sleep. It was an inch away from her heart. Tears sprang up in his eyes again as he thought of how she took it for him and how close he was to losing her. He snuggled closer towards her and gently draped his arm over her waist, as if afraid to lose her. He lay there for a long time, just content at looking at her.
    She felt something wet on her back and his hand was resting on her waist. She wanted to stay awake, in his arms looking at him but she must have fallen asleep. She blushed at the memory of the night. She could feel his love, his passion, his tenderness. She took his hand which was on her waist and slowly turned over and faced him. She never tires from looking at him. In sleep, his face looked so young and innocent like a boy. The boy whom she loved all these years, she never stopped loving him. The boy who willingly traded his life for hers, time and again. The boy, who became the man, the hero of Joseon. She stroked his eyebrows, his cheeks, his full lips and traced her fingers down to his shoulder. These broad shoulders, gave her comfort in their embrace but they had also carried a huge burden on their back. He has suffered so much and all she wants now is to be by his side, understanding him, comforting him and loving him with all her heart and her soul. Forever.
    永=Forever, Always, Perpetual
    This is the word that was carved on Lee Young’s/Kangto’s knife. I think it is also his name Young.


  12. Anonymous says:

    If gaksital has a happy ending it would be ridiculous of its genre.


    • SS says:

      I hope you are wrong. When I saw this SPOILER ALERT!!

      I was so happy then I got scared. I just hope it’s not some stupid ending for the sake of creativity.


      • Loverz says:

        Thank you SS…:)
        Joo Won always has wedding scene for his drama….:p
        What will happen????? I’m a bit worried…


      • flo says:

        omg..JW ahhh you are deabak!!
        3 dramas and 3 wedding scenes…hi..hii
        can’t wait for this tonight episode…thanks ss for this pic…


      • Anonymous says:

        I dont think they reveal the ending so easy, it’s either MD dream of something really big going to happen in the wedding.


      • Anonymous says:

        It’s beautiful~~^^


      • anonymous says:

        Wow. I’m happy to see this.

        My guess, they will get married and then Kang To will have a final battle with Shunji. How much I hate Shunji now, I don’t want Kang To to kill his former BFF. Kang To can kill Kenji or Kimura Taro.. but not Shunji.. HEHE.

        I like what Kang To said to Shunji….

        “K: kimura Shunji – thank you for catching me. S: what? K: since I have been caught like this I wont end up killing you with my own hands…” – Softy’s translation ep. 25

        Kang To as Gaksital must live because it will symbolize the hope and future for Korea. I believe that’s what people want to see.

        I don’t care if people say it is not logical or what.. I want a happy ending, and superhero in comic/manga/manhwa/movie… HERO WILL SUCCEED NO MATTER WHAT.


  13. Anonymous says:

    there is no Rara in today´s preview.pls don´t die. i want her to leave the country with her bodyguard and to start a new life. as for shunji i don´t know. i don´t want him to die.


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