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Typing tonight was so hard cuz my hands were shaking. I was so scared for K. I knew I would end up crying tonight, but I thought it was going to be cuz of S. Turns out I was wrong. K’s words to his friend made me bawl.  I don’t blame S for crying and being speechless. K got to him and made him human for a minute. Maybe it will be enough later on when it counts, but right now we still don’t know for sure how S will react when he is faced with the decision to kill his friend. With three episodes left, I dread the inevitable showdown between these two. One or both will have to die so the question is by whose hands.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for written translations, and SS for stepping in for Yanna and leaving video link for this episode and preview. 🙂

*I have a feeling more characters will die tm cuz they cant save all the deaths for the last two episodes. Some of have to die tm dont they? I vote Taro, UH, Samurai, or Yoshi go next – won’t miss them one bit.

Written before it aired: This scene has been weeks in the making and now that it’s finally here, can I just say the gut wrenching reaction it was meant to elicit delivered quite a punch. I’m pretty sure S is not supposed to be so emotional and vulnerable here in front of the man he has been trying to capture and kill all this time. Ever since he saw Gaksital kill his brother, S has been on a rampage determined to get revenge for his brother. S had to become someone he didn’t want to and put on a uniform that he never thought he belonged in, but over time, that uniform started wearing him. He turned into his worst nightmare and did things that will make it hard for S to look himself in the mirror. The thing is he never once stopped to do that – to take a moment to evaluate his motives and try to get his bearings so now it’s to the extent that his conscience no longer has a place to reside. He just kept pushing on – too deep in the chase to see reason or compassion. As I watched the tears run down S’s face, I realized he is seeing who he has become in K’s eyes and I think that might have brought up the residual humanity that had been buried deep inside with all his hate. If you see the expression on K’s face, that is not remorse or regret. It’s more accusatory -like how could you let it get to this point. No matter how much you hate me for being Gaksital, do you have it in you to kill me? Can you only see your enemy and not your friend at all? Last week when S found out K was Gaksital, we held our breath as he kept his emotions in check and not let on that he knows K’s identity. Now the truth is standing between these two men and it’s time for each to explain his actions. The countdown to this moment has been building up and if this is a mere glimpse of what we are going to see Wed night, I can already tell it’s going to be epic.

The female comrade from Yang’s group is Jin.


Starts from Ahn and Jin stealing the briefcase full of money and Jun and H fighting them.

Then Gaksital and the samurai get ready to battle it out. H gets beat pretty bad by Jin. Ahn beats Jun too and knocks him out. ahn and Jin take the money and run

Gaksital starts fighting the samurai. Gaksital manages to him in the neck and stops a punch with his forehead. Gaksital is fighting better today and kicks him down a few times. He uses his legs to kick him a few more times and then he runs full force, jumps, and high kicks and this time the samurai stays down. Ahn and Jin come out and they all make it over the wall and leave

Lee goes into the room and calls out his son’s name. he finds him on the floor with blood on his head. He cradles his son in his arms and cries. The wife comes in and screams. She leaves the room as he calls out to his son “my baby.” S comes over and looks in the room. he remembers how he yelled at lee jr saying “what? a friend? you think I am a korean?” S continues down the hall.

Jun and the samurai stand wounded and H, taro, S, and yoshi are all kneeling in front of UH. He is yelling at S -was the governor’s building blown up. he says how the koreans took the money. He says how can they move forward if kishokai is shamed like this. they apologize. UH: I trusted all of you and you disappoint me like this. can you catch yang and DJ with your skills. S says I was short sighted. please trust me one more time. UH says you are the one who had gaksital in front of you and couldnt catch him. S says Gaksital will die by my hands and I will kill yang and DJ.  Taro asks for another chance and says S will get it done. yoshi says the officer will catch those rebels. So UH gives one more chance for the last time. S thanks him and says I will keep my promise to you

K goes and sees DJ and song. K brought the money. they shake hands and they say K worked hard. DJ says thanks to K they have already succeeded half. Song says after we get the bombs preparations are done. K says dont matter what i have to do I will get the bombs/weapons. DJ says his men will help. K: thank you. DJ: what are you talking about I am grateful.

Jin is helping D pack cuz if S knows he was deceived then D will be in danger. D says Jo has to go too cuz if S knows I disappeared it will be dangerous for Jo. Jin says Jo and the circus people are going to evade for tonight. ahn says hurry

S arrives with officers at the motel so D shows them into a room so they can hide. S goes to each room and looks for her. he hears a sound and sees Ahn jump down. S jumps after him and shoots the car as they drive off.

K is pacing at baek’s home until ahn shows up with D. she calls out young master. they smile at each other. K thanks ahn (for bringing her safely). Ahn says your welcome- I will go to teacher (yang) now. Baek stands there. D sees he is in uniform and asks if K is going to work cuz S knows your identity. Baek asks what that means. She says how S got mad at gyesoon saying he was tricked by two people so who else could those two people be (D and K). when I went to see S he knew for sure your identity. K says when he was breaking Song out, the samurai guy with S showed up and attacked me. at that time he could have easily killed me, but he didn’t kill me. D asks if that’s when it started – S knowing who K was.  from when you were in the hospital? Baek asks if that means S knew who K was and pretended not to all this time.  K says it was to catch yang and DJ so until S gets the two of them S wont kill me. she asks how are you going to deal with S when he already knows who you are. K says dont worry. I just have to act like I dont know he found out my identity.  D: do you have to go so far as that? K: we just need the weapons now since we have the funds. there is no other place than the station that has that much weapons. After I succeed in that, I will quit. She tells him to be careful. He smiles at her

K goes into work over the wall. He sees guards posted everywhere. K goes in anyway

S says D has disappeared and leader Jo is gone too. He wonders if K hid D away cuz he doesnt plan to show up at all.  S worries what if he doesn’t show up-then I cant catch them. he checks and sees that K came in. he goes out and punches K. he asks what did you do last night. K says do I have to report what I did or didnt do after work. S: what? he kicks him and says what. K takes the kicks and hits back. He asks why are you doing this –what did I do wrong. S keeps kicking saying what did you say. Abe and the rest come in. S says if you answer like that one more time when I ask, you will die by my hands. He calls a meeting in 5 mins to the rest of the guys. Abe goes over and helps K up. he asks are you ok. Lackey grins and walks off. Abe wonders why everyone is like this.

S watches K preparing for the meeting. S thinks you should know the truth that I know you are gaksital by now, but you know and showed up. what are you planning. K thinks in his head “S- I have to rob the armory so it would be nice if you were tricked one more time”

S starts the meeting and says last night gaksital stole money for the army and it went to the rebel terrorists. He asks K what do you think yang and DJ joined forces to do. K asks-have you decided the governor’s HQ being bombed was a fake.  lackey yells at him and says how S was duped. K says What if it really gets bombed later. it’s not bad to be cautious. S says our goal is to find out where yang and DJ are- no matter what we have to do – find them. got that?  He calls an end to the meeting. S says in his head – knowing full well your identity is known, the reason why you came back in, was it this? to confuse me with lies and misdirection?  You think I will be duped by you again

Suddenly DJ’s men wearing handkerchiefs starts throwing fire bombs at a courthouse.

Taro has a meeting with other heads and says how DJ’s group set fire to 6 out of 13 courthouses. yoshi says DJ is acting up just as yang arrives so doesn’t that mean they are already working together. taro wonders why they keep setting fire. S thinks the reason behind the fires is cuz of the registers. S points out how DJ was responsible for the flag incident so if yang and DJ are holding hands then it means they are planning a revolt to fight the draft. Taro wonders why they haven’t even seen a shadow of yang or DJ but S says don’t worry I have someone in my hands who can show us to yang and DJ. (meaning K). Taro: what did you say?

K gets to the tailor shop and looks around before going in and doesnt see the lackey pull up. K goes to meet yang. yang says K did well – thanks to him they were able to solve a major obstacle (finance). K says comrade Jin and Ahn helped a lot. K says now we have to get some weapons. Yang says we were going over that problem now. K says how S knows for sure that the bombing the governor’s building was a fake. so since he believes that he wont think of us robbing the armory. DS asks if he is talking about the jongno police station (where K works) so K says there is no other that we know as well. DS says how it will be dangerous for K so K says don’t worry. after we succeed in this, I was thinking of quitting the police force anyway. S knows my identity so I cant drag out anymore time. yang says how much K suffered all this time hiding his indentity. Yang says now K can take off that uniform and toss the cover of sato hiroshi and you have something you need to do with us. K says ok. then he gives Jin and Ahn info (blueprint)about the armory. I will call you when it’s time to rob the armory.

When K leaves the tailor shop lackey saw him and drove after him.

Lackey goes back and reports to S that K went to the tailor shop

So S goes to the tailor shop. S asks if K drops by here often. S thinks K cant afford clothes here on his salary. Tailor Park covers up and says K shops on credit like the governor. Ahn is about to leave and sees S there. S asks which suit K chose to be made and park says he is picky so he just struggles over the design. S says I was going to get the same suit as him if he had one made. he is the top model boy in the capitol. Park says I will let you know when he makes one. S says I will ask you as a favor and leaves

Lee and his wife are taken to see UH. they are dragged there by Jun and the samurai. Jun just shoves her after she says -what is this after finishing the funeral. are you crazy? do you want to die – dont you know who I am. I am Lee hwakyung.

Lee’s wife complains to UH saying did you drag me here. what crime did I commit. I was the one who collected the money and brought it to you. it’s not my fault you lost that money. H tells her to shut up. the wife says are you done talking so H tells her to shut up.  Jun shows them the letter Lee’s son wrote that was discovered in the room where he died. He wrote that the money would be going to the independence movement. She yells at her husband asking did you know. did you know this crazy guy got it taken away.  Lee cries and talks about how he wanted his only son to live comfortably and served the empire. what of the plane I donated and all the money I put into kishokai. The wife says the son is bringing misery on me even in death. He is not my real son. UH tells them to act like kishokai members and patriots to the empire and leave. so lee says how he was never on both sides. that he never sided with the rebels and his wife says we are children of the empire to our bones. she asks for forgiveness just once. H says how much money was stolen and if Lee wants to take responsiblity for it then this document is to donate his money. she wants Lee to sign over his property so he agrees saying if he sells his home he can make up for the amount of the stolen money. the wife is upset no one will know they did this (give their money). after lee signs, UH nods and Jun and samurai both kill Lee and his wife. H’s wipes their blood of her face. UH warns H about how there is only one thing she can trust in this world-power.

S sits in his car and thinks about the lie that Kim told him. he realizes they need armory to bomb the governor’s HQ.

S goes into work.S says how they all suffered at night cuz of a gullible officer (meaning him) so lackey says none of us think that. S admits I was duped by a lie that they would bomb the governor’s building by a Korean at that. He says sorry to K. K: what do you mean. S: I should have left you alone when you were choking that guy’s neck. I didn’t let you get revenge for your mother and hyung. I dont have the words (to say how sorry I am). S offers to buy drinks at angel club as soon as they get off work

The officers are drinking and dancing but K and S drink with the madam in the room. Waiter says please make our Tasha dong (he was just about to say dong jee which means comrade but he stops himself in time and says “our madam stop drinking.” S asks if her heart is hurting cuz of Hae suk (Lee jr.) Madam says I knew he was foolish but not this much. he was very fearful too so how could he have gone since he was so afraid. K asks did something happen to haesuk. Waiter says you didnt know. he motions how haesuk shot himself in the head. madam yells at the waiter asking “is that fun?” K is shocked and asks why did Haesuk do that. why did haesuk die?  S says didn’t you know. Haesuk gave over the money to gaksital and died. If I knew this would happen I wouldn’t have been mean to him. I knew how weak hearted he was.  Kangto I am one of those who killed him too. madam says haesuk was a fool and puts her head down. S says: kangto I don’t like myself. D is gone too. I don’t want to live. He passes out (or pretends to). K stands and leaves. S opens his eyes

K goes out and looks at all the officers getting drunk. He makes a call to the comrades. Jin says we will leave right now. K leaves. S comes out and all the officers are not drunk at all and follow S out. except for Abe. He is passed out and says don’t touch me.

DJ’s men including Kim, ahn, and Jin jump off the truck that just pulled up to the station. Gaksital takes out the guards posted outside. Ahn takes out another one. They all rush into the police station and take down guards. They get the keys and break into the armory

S arrives with the officers and see the guards knocked out. they pull out weapons and go in

Gaksital and ahn are moving the boxes and passing them out the window as Jin keeps watch by the door.  Kim and the men outside on the truck are loading them. S walks down the hall and sees all the guards knocked out. he says it was the armory and rushes over. She warns they are coming but K says hurry and leave. Jin says you have to go with us but he says move the weapons out first. They leave and gaksital fights off guards. suddenly S holds his gun to K’s head and says take your mask off. K doesn’t listen so S takes the mask off himself. Lackey and others see K’s face and are shocked.

Kim tries to go back in but she says there is no way to rescue him now. Ahn says we have to go now and they leave

they lead K to the torture room. Lackey orders K chained up. Lackey says this basta&^% was gaksital. all this time Gaksital pretended to be a japanese officer.  during that time we put on a show that we would catch gaksital when he was in front of our noses. K just stares at him so lackey doesn’t like it and whips him repeatedly saying when I think of all the times I was hit by you. S comes down and watches K being beaten

Jin and ahn go down to see yang. D asks about gakistal but Jin says sorry. ahn says there was no way. DS asks if he was caught. Jin nods yes. D drops her rosary. Yang is shocked. D cries as her dad goes over to comfort her

K and S sit across from each other. S: did you kill my hyung? K says you know too dont you that kenji killed my mother. S: so you killed my hyung. in front of my eyes, the one who beat my hyung to death -you are saying that was you? the friend I liked more than kenji hyung-at one time the only friend I had – you – you are saying you are the one who beat my hyung to death? K: yes that was the only way I could get revenge. If I didnt I thought I would have gone crazy. S: what? K: My hyung -the one who was like a fool KS hyung- that hyung was gaksital the one I was so crazed to catch. I wanted to get gaksital so I shot and killed my hyung. I didn’t know KS hyung came to avenge your hyung who killed my mother. while fighting on kenji hyung’s side, I shot and killed my hyung. So cuz of my hyung, cuz of KS hyung I ended up wearing that mask. S cries. K: kimura Shunji – thank you for catching me. S: what? K: since I have been caught like this I wont end up killing you with my own hands. S cries more and stands up. he leaves the room without a word.

S goes up to his office. He remembers how K said now that he has been caught he wont end up killing S. he cries and remembers how they both cried on that bike that day. He cries more and then stops

H is told a visitor came.  H goes out and D is standing there. D says I came to ask you a favor. H: to me? D: I will do whatever you want. H asks what she is saying. D says please save K. H asks what do you mean. D says in her head: you know K is gaksital too don’t you. D says aloud: K has been caught by S. please save his life. if you just save his life I will leave if you want and forget him if you want. Please save him. H says sorry. Go back. I don’t have the power to that anymore. D gets on her knees. Please I am begging you as a favor. H looks at her

S tells taro and yoshi about K. Yoshi is shocked. taro says K is gaksital. S says K was robbing the armory last night and we caught him. yoshi says they robbed the armory. Taro asks then does it mean he killed your hyung kenji. S: yes that is correct. Yoshi says how could gaksital be among my officers. S says through interrogation I will catch yang and DJ today.  But taro leaves so S gets alarmed and follows

Taro goes over to K. he looks him in the eye. He remembers his dead son kenji. He grabs K’s face and says you dare to kill my son. K says is there a guy who would save someone after he killed my mother. Taro punches him and says you kill my son and impudently come to work.  Put him in the nail crate right now. S tells him to be patient cuz they have to catch yang and DJ but taro says put him in there now. Taro rocks K back and forth in the nail crate. K tries not to scream. S asks K: where is yang and DJ. If you talk I will let you out right now. K says I don’t know. taro kicks the cage so K screams.

They tied him back up and K is passed out. S leans over and calls his name. he throws water on K to revive him. S asks where is yang and DJ. K: I dont know. how many times do I have to say I don’t know. S says since your memory is not as good as before I called someone to help. Come in. the officers bring in the tailor (Park). S asks park where is yang. You know don’t you. park says I don’t know. what could a simple suit tailor know? S says if K doesn’t reply to what’s asked, then park will be shot. S starts to drown park so K says please don’t do that. do that to me instead. what crime did he commit. S ignores him

Jin says park was caught so it’s not safe here so let’s hurry and move to a new location (and not stay at the tailor shop) but Yang says I wont move one step till K comes back. Ahn says tonight we will break out comrade Lee. Song says DJ’s group will help too. DS says I will go too cuz he knows the way in better than anyone but Jin says it’s better if they go so entrust it to them.

They all go and knock out guards and go into the station.

Lackey put K into the box against the wall. DJ’s group, Ahn, and Jin come in and rescue K. they fight the officers and S too. S watches them leave and then gets knocked out. K turns to look at S.


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    caught with the intensity of this episode, left out thanking Softy… thanks so much for all your hardwork. 🙂


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      hi nonski 🙂 yup this ep recap was intense reading and cannot wait to watch both eps tm..softy does a marvelous job capturing details in her writing that makes me feel like I was watching live as well! thanks again softy you know you do superb work with your recaps, it’s why I and all followers keep coming back to Cadence.


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    Why have I this feeling that MD will kill Shunji? What he has done to KT will hurt her more than it did when he did that to her father and to herself.


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    Thank you Softy for the recap! And stay safe! 😀 Heard about the typhoon, do take care of yourself! 😀


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    Enjoy or rather Torture yourself


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    and the comrade couple..i love both of you!!!!


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    There are already spoiler pics for ep 26 😀 Its with MD dressing up so beautifully and she and KT embrace again 😉 (wow instead of saying they kiss AGAIN I say they embrace again ^^ )


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    Every character in this drama have done something noticeable even the village guy and han suk, just mok dan character is boring and useless. If the writer want mok dan to be remembered as the rest she has to do something spectacular.


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      if mokdan useless,how did she tell kangto about shunji know kangto is gaksital…….her character maybe boring compared to others but not useless…….


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    Softy, i hope you’re okay now… get some cute from 2tbu before you sleep. 🙂

    before i hit off the bed, so there are questions bugging my mind.
    1. how did S felt when K told him that his hyung killed his mom?
    2. how would it affect S to know that along the way it was revenge that triggered K to become gaksital?
    3. will it affect S to know that K is not the original gaksital?
    4. will S be able to redeem himself at the end of this drama?

    the conversation between K and S is so intense and K thanking S for catching him just really got me. i would be a miracle but i would really like S to realize what is important and be able to come teaching. looking back with him in that bike scene makes me feel weak and crying. and my earnest wish… kang to won’t die in the end. “___”


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    Am I the only one who feels bad about the deaths of Count Lee and his wife? I mean, yeah they betrayed their own koreans, but no one deserves gruesome deaths like that. Judging by the amount of force used by Kinpei and Katsuyama, I think both of them are decapitated.


  13. SS says:

    Shunji: You are also together in this with Kangto!
    Shunji: So this must be your secret meeting place.
    Mok Dan: Are you ok? ( gross understatement of the century)
    Kangto: I am ok. Now I don’t have to worry about being caught and being on the edge
    Yang: Lure?
    Damsari: Now let’s play cat and mouse with those guys
    Shunji : Where is Lee Kangto?
    Abe: I think it’s a house on a hill
    Koiso: Hill?
    Taro: Gaksital is indeed Lee San’s son
    Baek Gun: From now on, I will follow Master like a shadow
    Taro: This fellow will come and find me very soon
    Kangto: It’s time for war.
    Kangto: Kimura Taro, you will appear when it’s time for me to deal with you


    • Softy says:

      wow you did a great job translating. I am impressed. Just some minor adjustments.
      they asked where does Lee kangto sleep so Abe says I think he sleeps at his mountain home too. then for the last part, K said: I have to fight. I think the time has come for me to deal with kimura taro. (which of course means he is going to kill taro. thank god – it’s about time. I bet they will end with that scene.)
      thanks for sharing. 🙂


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    Hi Softy, where the mashups will be posted? Just curious.



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    why jin se yun can’t improve her acting and learn from her co stars?
    why is she the only one who sigh loud, does she think that is so called acting.I can forget her expressionless face but her sigh is really annoying. I wonder how the director think of her.


    • Marie67 says:

      I have been following all recaps of Softy’s and it happens that everytime your comments are about how Mokdan is this and that. Sighhh. some people really dont give others a chance. I think she is doing a wonderful job, not everybody is perfect and act like we want to. Some people are impulsive, and Mokdan is one of them.


      • rui says:

        She isn’t talking about MD but the actress’ acting and I have to agree that she isn’t that good.

        You see, she is the same since episode 1, same acting. No improving. Not much emotions besides anger in her eyes.

        She is a limited actress.


      • KL says:

        @ Marie 67 – Agree with you that JSY is doing a good job. Her character MD has not been given as much depth/complexity as the rest of the characters. Thus it is not her fault that she has not had the chance in BM to portray all the complex emotions that many of the cast have been challenged with. In some of earlier BTS clips that focussed on her, we can see also how she can turn the emotions on and off quickly when the camera rolls on/off, so she has definitely got the talent for acting. We must also remember that she is only 19 and has had limited acting experience to date. It is early days in her career and there is room for her to grow further. The rest of cast all have had much more on-the-job experience than her, so it is a bit unfair to expect her to be on-par with JW, PKW and HCA. She needs time and space to develop further.


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      I agree with Marie67. Your comments are all complaints about JSY’s acting. It’s very disrespectful towards the actor, saying such nonsense. I think she is doing a marvelous job. You are getting on my nerves and I really hope you stop posting rants about JSY. Thank you.


  16. sparkskey says:

    Preview 26
    Gaksital’s escape sends Kyungsung into a state of emergency. 

    As Jung Ja Euk’s hideout is at risk of being discovered, Yangbaek and his comrades plot to escape. In order to put the patrolling officers and armed people willing to die for the country off the scent, Damsari makes his final decision…

    Kangto recovers from his injuries at Dongjin’s fort reestablishes his resolve and heads to Kyungsung. Mokdan watches him leave from afar crying..


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    Hey guys! Found the COMPLETE PLAYLIST of the full OST of Bridal Mask! All 18!


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    I think because of jin se yun bad action acting they brought a new kick ass women. Joo won said wherever he went to martial art school she was there so she learnt some trick but as she couldn’t bring what she learnd into acting(remember the ridiculous action sence in epi 15), the director has no other choice to bring a new lady and she is doing fine with so little screen time that others couldnt do with 25 episodes, so don’t blame the writing.


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      Maybe you should just accept the fact that she is mok dan, a character who is a major part of this show and also cool down with the hate comments.


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    Why so many bad comments on JSY? I admit I do find her lacking at times but she is not all bad. And even if one doesn’t like her, move on. Or don’t watch the drama which is of course a waste cuz there are so many awesome actors, actresses and simply everything in it


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      there are so many bad comments about JSY acting……i feel bad or her.for me she is can they compares her with rara that have more experience than please just support JSY….


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        Now you guys definitely make sense. “anonymous” is going crazy with the hate comments, seriously, JSY haters have to stop. She’s 19 for god’s sake and her acting is not even that bad! I feel bad for her, it makes me so angry when I see JSY hate comments. Give her a break. Seriously. Stop it. It’s freaking annoying.


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