Mashcaps: Arang E5 & E6

I did the math on this episode too -preparation equals less fright. I thought this time I will be smart and fast forward through the entire episode to see what’s in store for me. My logic was – since I was scared last night cuz I wasn’t prepared, this time I will make sure I’m ready for it. Turns out that was a big mistake and my idea backfired. Lots more scary night scenes and tons of skeletons came out. First scene alone sent chills down my spine.  This drama desperately needs more bright and sunny daytime scenes with birds chirping. And they need to tone down on the spooky music and get rid of some of those foggy mountain clips. They really need to give me more closeup scenes of Jade smiling to make it up to me.  I feel like I am watching a different drama lately. why does watching this show give me more questions than answers?


Choi comes over to J and says how hungry “the wife” would be cuz she didn’t get to eat a soul. How angry she must be cuz she doesn’t want to wait till the next full moon. Should I let you know something. cuz I am  your sunbae who has been on this path ahead of you (meaning he has experienced this longer than J). do you know what the hungry wife will do when she cant have watch she wants. It’s simple. She will change her hunter. you think you are different than me. Wait and see if that’s really true. He laughs and gets a neck ache suddenly.

E finds the hairpin and wonders why it’s here in a place like this. D runs in and says I found something suspicious/unusual. D takes him over to a place where the ground is covered with planks. D says he was about to pee and found it.

Jade emperor is playing his instrument and says the start is good but hades says I don’t believe those humans can do such a huge task. Hades asks him to take care of his body and treat it preciously. Cuz for the sake of giving you this body I will get a lot of rest.

D and E struggle to get the latch open. They decide to lift and finally get it open. Jade says I have to call mu young. E and D stare down at a hole. E asks what that is and D gets scared cuz it’s a bone. E jumps down and starts moving the rocks over to look at it. D keeps yelling at him to hurry and get back up but E ignores him and digs. E says no it cant be mother. D yells hurry and get up here. E keeps digging and finds more stuff like shoes, purses, etc.

D goes and gets the 3 bangs and other guards. He tells them to hurry. They are carrying shovels and stuff and run over to E.

J stood outside the wife’s place and she orders him to go there right now. J rides over on his horse. He wonders why she wants him to come back here again. He walks over and sees everyone by the hole. E watches as they dig and tell them to be careful. J sees E and thinks to himself that E followed him and took that girl’s corpse away. How did he know? J quickly leaves the site

Arang wakes up and notices she is in E’s room. She remembers the stabbing and wonders what’s going on. why did someone stab me. Why kill me? She remembers waking up there and says “I did die. I died for sure. Did I come back alive? How could I do that? she looks down at her stab wound. She takes a pointy object and stabs herself on her wrist drawing a line of blood. She wipes the blood off and there is no gash. She opens the window and yells at jade. What is this you old fogey? You sent me to find the truth and left me alone to die. I thought I was dead but came back alive. What is it that you want from me? What is it that you want? What am I? am I a person or not? Huh?

The men find a lot of bones and say stuff like be careful with the leg. They pile all the bones onto a crate. Bang goes over and asks E what is all this. E orders him not to leave out a single item of personal belongings (those accessories for girls) and gather them all. bang says ok and walks off.  E holds up his mother’s hairpin.

Mu young goes over to Jade. Jade asks if it’s been about 400 yrs since there was a death that wasn’t on a list. this is a complex incident. Everything – the body and soul just disappeared. Mu young says I lacked. Jade says the location and bodies will be discovered soon. mu young: how? Jade says there will be something for you to do soon. It’s time to take care of it. Mu young: yes. he asks if jade was the one who let arang’s rope come undone back then.  Jade replies with a smile.

At night, Arang is sitting in the room and sees the clothes. She changes into them and goes out. she goes back to her room and opens the doors. She sees the blood on the blanket and gets scared and closes the door and turns away.

The bangs are telling the servants to be careful pulling the carts full of bones and not to drop any. Bang goes over and tells E as you said we made sure to get the accessories/belongings but E shoves him aside and keeps walking towards the cart full of clothes and stuff. He looks for anything that could belong to his mother cuz he is afraid her bones might have been among those found. E goes through the whole pile and asks is this all of it. bang says yes. E thinks to himself – it’s not here. there aren’t any of my mother’s belongings. The cart of bones goes by so E says to himself – what nonsense was I thinking of. There is no way she was in there. if she had gone through this she would have come and found me as a spirit. Bang asks what should we do now but E doesn’t answer him. E thinks in his head. Then what is this. why was the hairpin there. what happened there? arang comes around the corner and he stands and looks at her.

He looks angry and goes over and grabs her hand and drags her along. She asks why he is like this. he just pulls her along. Arang: why are you like this? she pulls away and says let go. He pulls again so she says – let me go. Tell me where we are going. Or I wont move one step. Tell me.

The bangs survey all the bones being laid out and wonder how such a terrible thing could have happened in this village. How do they sort through all this and identify the bodies and how do they catch the culprits. The other one says that’s not important now. Everyone will focus on this village now and if that happens how can they get out of this mess cuz of the bad reputation we will have. They worry that lord choi wont be able to forgive them. The magistrate made a huge mess and now we might all get killed by choi.

Arang looks over at the carts and asks did all those come out of there? E: yes. Arang: then why were you dragging me over there? E: I need you. Arang: why? He shows her the hairpin and says you know what this is right? My mother’s hairpin that you had –this came out of there. arang: what? E: you said when you woke up after dying this was in your hand. If this came out of there then it means LSR died there. so go – if you go and see-you might remember something. if you remember, you might know something about my mother and this hairpin. Let’s go. He leads her again but she pulls out her hand saying I don’t want to. E: why? Arang: cuz I am scared. I don’t want to go there twice. If I go there I feel like I might die again. E: even if you die you can come back alive again. So what’s the worry? Arang: you didn’t die so you  don’t know huh? You don’t know how scary it is the moment you die do you? remember? Yes I do remember one thing. What LSR felt the moment she died, I remembered that horrible nightmarish feeling. Even if the truth about my death is there, right now I cant go cuz I am scared. I will go when I want to know. not when you do – when I want to know. I will go when I want to go. It’s not now. She walks away then breaks out in a run.

E’s mother says to J – that the location (that hole) has been found out. J apologizes. She continues: taking the girl, finding the hole, are you saying that sato found out everything?  Does that mean he saw everything you did? kill him. Kill him and find the girl’s body and bring it here cuz she will be proof. Be sure to bring the body here. J agrees. She says she will think about what to do with J after that. he asks what to do about the ( dont know this word) but she says your father will take care of it

As J walks away, Choi comes over. He laughs and says I thought you just ruined the full moon. It looks like our time together will end here. even if we were fake father and son, often it was fun. Useless guy. J has to listen to his laughter as he walks away

Choi goes inside to where E’s mother is. He says “wife what should I do” but he suddenly starts to choke. He reaches out and keeps calling out “wife”

Arang stops running and cries.

E is sitting in his room holding the hairpin

Arang remembers E saying LSR died there. so she asks why did you die in a place like that? then she remembers how she told him how she remembered what LSR felt when she died. She says aloud: of all the memories why did it have to be that one. How good would it have been to simply remember the face of the person who killed me. The truth of my death. That’s right – the truth of my death starts with LSR’s death. Of all the memories why did I remember what it felt the moment of death. as soon as I came back –did that incident occur to make me recall that memory. Start? Does it mean it started? To find the truth about my death –does it mean my memory started? She suddenly runs back through the scariest foggy night ever.

arang runs and thinks – I don’t know what old fogey emperor has in mind but do whatever you want. No matter how complicated the puzzle is give it to me and I will solve them all for you.

arang stops to take a lantern and goes to that scary place she dreads going. She goes inside. (I have my browser over the video so I am not going to look so I can’t describe what’s going on. I am only going to translate dialogue. I sort of hope she doesn’t talk so I don’t have to press rewind. I will watch during the day and fill it in). She says I don’t remember. What is this old fogey I don’t remember anything at all. are you going to keep doing this? she trips or falls. She wonders what is this.

J is back in his black disguise and makes his way over to where the magistrate’s home is

E stands outside her room. then he goes out to the gate. E says amnesia I get what you are saying so come back now. J watches him as E paces back and forth by the gate waiting for arang.

E goes looking for her and J follows. E says this punk – even if she was a ghost in a former life –why doesn’t she know how scary it can be at night. He sees some ghosts walk by and wonders if I ask them will they know anything. He shakes his head no. he hears footsteps so he looks behind him. J is up in a tree watching him. How did he get up there so high so quickly. J tells himself this is the time. I shouldn’t hesitate any more. he pulls out his knife just as arang calls out sato. Arang comes running over and J is in shock. E asks where did you go and why are you coming so late. She says I remembered something. E clears his throat and walks off. She calls out I said I thought of something. J thinks he is seeing things. Cuz he remembers stabbing her in the heart. she was clearly dead.

E explains I didn’t come out cuz I was worried. It’s human nature to be curious when you don’t see a dog you are raising at home.  She says listen to me but he says hurry and go in and wash your feet and sleep. I am so tired I could die too. She says I thought of it. E: what? Arang: why the hairpin was in my hand. I thought of it. he stops walking and looks at her. E: what? Arang: I grabbed it from some woman’s hair. E: some woman? What did she look like? Arang: I don’t know that. E: you said you thought of it. arang: I only saw the back of her. I only saw the part of her hair that had the hairpin in it. E: think about it more carefully. She yells: I only saw the hair. E: fine. Then why did you end up pulling that hairpin? Arang: I don’t know. E: you don’t know? fine. Then think carefully about how you felt then. How was it? was it dangerous? Did it feel bad? She closes her eyes and tries to remember but says I don’t know. E: then what are you saying you remember? Arang: pulling out the hairpin and the back of the hair. How many times do I have to say that? E: then how did you suddenly think of it? arang: I went there – to the mountain. E: what? you said you couldn’t go cuz you were scared.  Arang: I was but I told you I would go when I wanted to go. E: if you were going to go anyway then you should have gone with me. Since you said you were so scared. Arang: that’s ok. Even if you went with me would you have been any help to me? You would have just bugged me to remember your mother first. You would have just distracted my focus. She pokes him and walks off.

E calls out to her to stop and goes after her. J shows up and stares at her. she says aren’t you that young master from that time. E asks what’s going on. J says: I thought I saw the wrong person. I thought you were a man but you were a girl. Arang sort of looks to the side implying it’s cuz of E and says to J: yes I had a situation so I had to be in disguise for a short time. I didn’t know we would meet again like this. Good to see you. E scowls at her out of jealousy. J keeps staring so E takes her hand and says let’s go now. It’s too late at night. He drags her off. She calls out to J as she is led away– anyway it was good to meet you. let’s meet again if we can. E says come over here.

J follows them back and says she didnt die. he wonders what to do about this. he remembers choi saying what the hungry wife will do when she doesnt get what she wants to eat. He is afraid of being replaced

arang is trying to go in but E holds her back. she says I am too tired so I will wash my feet tm. he says why are you trying to go into someone else’s room. go to your room. she says you want me to cover up and sleep with the bloody blanket. he says it was cleaned out. arang: it was? she walks to her room. he remembers how she said she pulled the hairpin out of some woman’s hair and she only saw the hair.  he wonders if that was his mother. if it really was my mother then why did she go there?

J goes back to where E’s mom is and sees choi’s shoes outside. He wonders if choi didn’t go back yet. J calls out to her and says it’s Joowal. She says your father is not feeling well and turns the lights out.

The wife says to choi – I struggled whether to save you or Joowal. She says how J is older and can do the job so she could get rid of choi. What should I do. But there is still something left for you to do. He says I will do everything if you just fix this illness. She starts to undress. what the….does she not want her clothes to get dirty…or bloody?

J carries choi on his back and puts choi in his room. As J is about to leave choi says don’t put your guard down. You will go through this too soon.

J walks out and tells the servant my father doesn’t feel well so don’t let anyone go in. J asks where the other aide is so the guy says to Kim’s (E’s dad)

Finally daylight. E tells himself you did everything you could.

Arang is sleeping and kicks off her blanket. She talks in her sleep. Get in line you peaches. You guys are all dead.

D is still in bed with his head wrapped. Flashback to when he hugged E on the streets. E asks why are you like this and tries to pull him off. D says I was so alarmed cuz I thought I lost you. E: ok –let go and talk. He pushes D off of him. D says how much E means to him- that E is like a brother, lover, and friend so E asks what’s up with the confession. D says when I was starving to death your father’s house saved me so I swore I would protect this household. Even though you are a servant’s child. E: what? D: of course half of you is a nobleman so your situation is different than mine. E snarls at him and hits him telling him to move aside.

E opens the door and asks why D is like that (still in bed). D says in his head: are you asking cuz you don’t know? E says I am going to (that mountain place) right now so let’s go together. D says in his head: have you gone insane? E: can you not wake up at all? D doesn’t reply so E shuts the door. D sits up and gathers his stuff saying he has to go and tell E’s dad. but he stops and throws his stuff down. He wonders why E is like that. why go there again? He ties his head back up and lies down.

Bangs stare at all the bones laid out and asks what do we do now. They watch E walk by and one of the bang says let’s bury it. The other one asks why he keeps saying “let’s bury it” since yesterday. The guy says let’s get rid of the magistrate. The other two are horrified at his idea to kill off E. the guy says let’s get rid of him and turn him into a ghost. What’s so strange about another ghost. The other one thinks then we could live. The other one says that’s what lord choi would want as well (to kill off E). the other two think they should inform choi first but the other one says let’s just get rid of him (E). the other one says let’s ask first but the one who wants to kill E says let’s get rid of him. They go back and forth saying the same thing to the short one. It’s like having an angel bang and devil bang on his right and left shoulder.

Bang goes to see choi but is told choi is not feeling well so you cant see him today. Bang says I cant just go back but the servant says no one is allowed to go in to see him. Bang says if I just go back now I might get killed later.

J comes over and asks what’s going on. bang says it’s nothing. J says there is a girl at the magistrate’s office. Bang says some girl named arang or ariang just dropped out of nowhere and is there.  how did you know that?  J asks who she is so bang says some teacher’s daughter. She is so impolite when she talks.

Arang comes out and yells up at the sky at the two emperors for tricking her with the full moons. She counts on her fingers. There were 3 full moon days. One is already gone so there is two left. But two weeks passed so….she cant do the math so she gives up. she goes in to see E but he isnt there. she wonders where he went

The 3 bangs talk. They hear that bang didn’t get to see lord choi. Now there is no other choice. While the lord recovers, who knows what trouble the magistrate will cause. Getting rid of him was the best option. Bang asks what do we need to do. Make it look like an accident where he got hit at night but the guy says how can we wait till night. the best way is to do it quickly – if possible right now. Suddenly they are startled when arang calls out to them asking did you see the magistrate? Bang says he isnt here. she wonders where he went. She spots D walking by so she calls out to him. He turns and look and she waves at him. She runs over saying his name over and over. He says is that your dog’s name? why do you keep calling me that (since they don’t know each other and she shouldn’t be so familiar with him using banmal. So each time he says something in banmal he makes it formal by adding “yo” after each sentence.) She says I should call you D so what else would I call you. should I call you bird doree? She laughs. Arang: have you not seen the magistrate? He yells “is sato your friend?” arang: I should call sato “sato” what else would I call him?  She makes another joke out of that name and laughs. She asks again did you not see him? He says I don’t know he must have gone to the mountain since he said he was going. Arang:what? He went alone? When he said we would go together. She runs off. He repeats “together?” and holds his neck in pain. He goes after her.

The bangs discuss it over. since sato went to the mountains this is their chance. Other one wonders why E went there again-to do what. Bloodthirsty bang says that’s not important why he went –it’s important that he went there. the heavens are helping us. let’s take care of matters there. since E went alone they can tie him up and bury him there.

Arang turns and asks if D is going too so he says where would I go. He walks away in another direction saying why would I go there. I would have to worry at least this much (fingertip amount) to go. Arang mutters about E going alone. She walks off.

D says no matter what I have to do I am going to separate that girl from him (meaning break arang and E apart)

B sets up her mat and calls out to people for their fortunes read and offers to do it for a cheap price. She prays for a big bait.  She hopes she doesn’t meet D for the 3rd time. then D shows up. she remembers his wet dog look and tells herself “you cant.” She sort of glares at him so he says not to do that.  D gets closer and asks if she can write a talisman. She asks a talisman for what? He holds out a coin and says a talisman to get a girl away from someone. She is about to take out her book to cheat and look but he says you cant write one? He gets up to leave so she stops him saying I can. It’s good that you came. I can write a lot of talismans but getting a girl away from someone is 100% effective. She asks how far did you give. If one gave his affection, heart, and love too then it costs one yang. But if other things were given to then the talisman gets a little more complicated so it costs more money. how far did you give? He asks give what? She says something like sleeping together so D loses it and shakes her out of anger for speaking in such a dirty way about his master. Saying his master’s body is clean and pure. B starts to get whiplash from all the shaking. D: you got that? she reaches for a heavy metal lid and hits him with it. she runs off and he calls out to her and passes out.

E rides into the mountain. he says how he doesnt sense any ghosts at all even though they were killed here. he stands over that hole and finds some piece of cloth. he looks over and finds another one. he lays all 3 side by side. they have designs on them. he looks for a fourth and finds it. he goes up to the top and looks out over the area with his hands out. he says there is nothing here. where did all the souls go. they wouldnt all have gone on to the afterlife. he looks over and sees that black marker that J used to find this spot.

his mom opens her eyes.

jade, hades, and mu young stare at some round ball intently

E looks over and starts to run – it looks like towards that shack


This drama needs to come with warning labels: not for scaredy cats who jump at every random sound. Must watch only in broad daylight with lots of people around like in a public place so you can remain calm and composed.  We finally got some background info about J, but it’s not enough to warrant his heinous actions.

I really wish the second half wasnt so scary cuz it’s hard to hit rewind and listen again when I am so terrified. it didnt help that a certain character spoke so low that I couldnt hear during all the scariest parts. cuz of her I had to keep pressing rewind.  why cant they air this drama during the daytime so I would be less afraid. I can handle scary stuff better during daylight. my heart is racing – cant believe what happened to her.


E walks away wondering if J knew who she was – if he recognized her but his face didnt look like he knew who she was. he must really not know his fiance’s face. D calls out to him and runs over. D says since E wanted the funeral he should have stayed till the end and take responsibility so what is this. E says I will go ahead so you take care of the rest and come. D asks what he means cuz E said they would leave right after everything is done. but E says something came up for a short time. D asks accusingly- it’s cuz of that girl huh? E turns to face him. what girl? D: that girl from a while ago. you are too much. how could you have a girl without me knowing. this is like a betrayal. E says it’s not like that but D says what do you mean – from the mood -it’s exactly like that. where did you meet her. how could I not know about her. what else dont I know? why cant you talk? E asks – are you done talking. then finish up the rest of it (funeral) and come back well. E runs away

J walks back and remembers arang’s face and how his ring glowed red.

E runs back to the room and sees her shoes there outside. he goes in.  he sees her sitting there demurely. she says did you come. he yells I told you not to come. she asks what he is talking about. I didnt leave the room. E: what a joke. you came wearing an officer’s uniform. where is it? where are the clothes. he searches her. all around and under her. he lifts her skirt and asks is it here? he sees her bare legs. she screams and slaps him in slow motion. there is a red hand print on his cheek. she says sorry and he says me too. she explains why she did it but he says be quiet. let’s continue what we were talking about earlier. Arang: what are you talking about? E: did you really come back to find the truth about your death? arang: I said I did. he says fine then. give me your hair pin first. she says that hair pin. I left it behind in the afterlife. E yells “what?” so she says why yell. I cant bring a single thing from the afterlife. why else would I have come stark naked. she made the last words fade so he couldnt understand them. anyway those are belongings of a ghost. I am a person now. E: then did you just come without the hair pin? she asks why he keeps bringing up the hair pin. it wasnt real anyway. it was on a ghost and I came back a person. so what is so important about a hair pin. E: to me more than some creature like you, that hair pin is way more important. she says how many times do I have to tell you I became a person. are you deaf? E: what is the point of being a person only on the outside. do you even know a person’s heart? arang: I know too. E: you know?  oh yeah you do know. did you say your heart was beating fast (he means over J). some fake emotion you saw, heard, and picked up so you could pretend.

she gets angry and stands. you awful kid. E: what? she says  -that’s right. you probably were. you were an awful son to your mother too huh? he stands and looks at her with anger. what did you just say? she asks if he talked to his mother like that. E: shut up. arang: your mother didnt disappear, she left cuz she couldnt stand the sight of you huh? E yells: I said shut up. he grabs her arm. she says with his biting tongue what awful things could he not say. he yells – you – how dare someone like you. he lets her go and leaves. she stands there crying

he runs out and stops. he looks back in anger and runs off again

she stands there crying

he runs to the mountain top and hits a tree out of frustration

flashback to when he was a kid. the servant says your father is waiting but young E was crying and saying I dont want to go. he runs back to his mom and clings to her but she wont even look at him. the servant pulled him away and E ended up pulling on the tie for her top. when he was grown, that last time he saw her, he yelled it would have been better not to have someone like a mother from the start.  E sits and cries remembering. his hand is bleeding.

it’s night. arang is still sitting in that room

J is looking at a sketch of arang in her police uniform.

E stays on that mountain top all night

next morning J opens a box and gets out some black clothes. he has a scary look in his eyes

E stands outside the room and goes in. arang is still sitting there. he clears his throat. she turns to look at him with dark circles under her eyes. he asks why she looks like that. since she became a person and cant sleep so is there a negative effect like this. to be honest I cant see anything now. do I look really awful? he sort of holds back his laughter and then lets it out. she asks why he is laughing. he goes in the room and says how yesterday she was too outspoken. she indirectly apologizes by saying for a short time she lost her head so he says as long as you know it’s ok. she says he didnt do anything good either. since we were both in the wrong let’s just say we are both sorry. he sits facing away and says I dont say stuff like I am sorry. she says then let’s both just bury it in our hearts. after some silence he says that hair pin was my mother’s. arang: what? E: the pin you had it was the one i gave my mother. arang: really? then why did I have it? he faces her and says that’s what I wanted to ask you. she says i have no idea. he says of course cuz you have amnesia.  arang: that’s true but I might have picked it up by accident too. E: or my mother could have given it to you directly. or you could have taken it. whatever happened the answer is in your memory. arang: so? E: so you are the important factor that I can find my mother with. arang: so? you want my help? E: no let’s combine our strengths. arang: combine our strengths? if we find your mother can we find out the truth of my death? E: think about it. he points out it was 3 yrs ago when his mother came here and it was 3 yrs ago when LSR went missing. and LSR had my mother’s hair pin. LSR who went missing turned out to be dead. I am saying your death and my mother’s disappearance might be connected. arang: I know what you are saying. E: that’s why – let’s combine our two strengths and find your truth and find my mother. how much time do I need to give you. arang: I dont know. she stands and was about to leave but she turns and asks if he was going to help her over that. he admits it was and that he might be brave but he isnt the kind person she thought he was so dont go around saying you can judge a character well. she leaves the room.

she thinks to herself he is just saying combine strength. he is just going to use me and find his mother and run off.

the 3 bangs are happy they no longer have to be caught between choi and sato (magistrate) and worry about what each thinks. they can go back to the way it was before. they hug each other saying you suffered a lot. one says it’s bugging him cuz it doesnt feel like this really is the end so the other one slaps his mouth. they see arang walk by and wonder who she is.  they call out who are you. she says I am arang. he asks whose permission she has to walk around here. she goes over and says sato’s. she points out she doesnt need permission cuz she can go wherever with her legs. she tells them to do their job well and leaves.  one of them thinks she is the guy from yesterday

she goes to LSR’s home

D asks what E just said – that he isnt going to leave. E: it turned out that way. D asks why. E: something i need to do came up. D asks what so ES says there is something like that. D asks what -cuz I want to go home. E tells him to be a little patient. D: for how long? E warns him: just do up to there. (meaning dont complain anymore). D asks it’s cuz of that girl huh? how could that girl be more important than me? how?

the bangs hear that and wonder if E is not going. does that mean he will continue being sato. the guy says let’s go over there

they stand in shock as E says for the time being I will be the sato here. and a kid I brought will stay with me here. bang asks which kid he brought. D is shocked as E says the daughter of my teacher. bang guesses it’s that girl from before. E tells the bangs to leave. D asks if E is talking about that “fly” (some guy) that E met up in the mountains. E says it’s not him. D says how E stayed there a year cuz of that person. to find you -until my legs almost broke -I looked everywhere. the knee I injured at that time still aches. you know that right?  E says I know you worked hard. D says if it was that fly, I would have stood up straight even if I was asleep but it’s his daughter? do whatever you want. he walks off angry. (D thinks arang is the daughter of some teacher he hates so that is why he is angry)

bang went to report to J’s dad about E staying. lord choi gets sarcastic and says i was wrong to trust your words. choi throws something at bang’s head. choi orders his aide to go right now to E and find out about him. why he came here and what he intends to do.  find out everything right now. aide says ok

B walks down the street looking hungry saying to herself  she needs to get some work cuz she cant starve to death. she sees an angry D talking to himself. D is saying how could he do this to me when I treated him so well. cuz of that girl, he breaks the relationship we had for 15 yrs in one blow. B takes note of him and says god sent her a customer. she goes after him as her target

D is getting drunk and she goes over. she introduces herself and guesses he was misled by his master. he asks how she knew.  she guesses it was over a girl. he thinks B is the real deal (a psychic). B says how she knows how he feels cuz it happened to her not too long ago. she said she would leave but came again and again. D says me too. he said he would leave but came back. then he said he would go and is now staying. she offers to see his future. since today is a full moon and her powers are at its peak she will take a price deduction and asks for a small fee so he starts digging for it to pay her. he gives her info and she counts on her fingers and says dont worry. this time if that person leaves he wont come again. D: really you think that will happen. B: I am sure. your master wont live long. he will leave this world and not be able to come back. she laughs and asks: how do you feel? you feel better now huh? D gets mad at her for talking about his young master dying. she lies that some nobleman came behind him and when he looks over she gets away from him and runs off. he yells at her to stop.

arang sits in the room remembering what E said. E: so you are the important factor that I can find my mother with. I am saying your death and my mother’s disappearance might be connected. that’s why – let’s combine our two strengths and find your truth and find my mother. then how he said he wasnt the kind person she thought he was. she looks in the mirror and speaks to LSR. even though he is that kind of sato who is not altruistic, I still have to find the truth about my death anyway. and I asked him to help. I think it’s ok. what do you think LSR.  she gets a smile back as a reply. she is an important factor for him but he is an important factor for her too. she goes outside and realizes it’s already night. she rubs her head saying she used her head for too long a time.

she walks over and sees E pacing outside. She calls out to him and agrees to do what he said. E: I knew you would. He wants to make it formal and holds out two peaches as a pact so she gets scared and tells him to put them away. He says since there aren’t any peach trees since it’s urgent let’s share the peaches and eat them. He hands her one so she pulls back and asks why are you doing this. E: you are a person now so try eating it. it’s sweet. Hurry. She takes it with her eyes closed. She looks at her hands to check if they are ok and says I really did become a person. E: you don’t trust yourself so how could I trust you. she takes a bite of the peach and says how delicious it is. He is about to take a bite but she asks since when he was a such a crybaby. she basically calls him a mama’s boy for looking for his mom so much. Cuz sometimes he looks like a cranky kid who needs his mom all the time. where you a crybaby even when you didn’t lose your mom too? E feels insulted and calls out “ya” but arang walks off after saying how delicious the peach is – it’s really sweet.

J stands in front of a room. The woman inside has her back to him and asks are you ready? J: yes. She says I don’t know why but this time I have great expectations. The door closes on its own. There is a knife on the ground and J picks it up

Arang is sleeping.

E paces outside and remembers how she asked if he was such a crybaby even when he didn’t lose his mom. flashback to when he was a kid and ran home to his mom crying cuz some kid hit him and ripped up his books calling him a servant. She asks do you know what today is? It’s the memorial day for your grandfather, grandmother, your older uncle, your younger uncle, your maknae uncle, and your cousin hyung. They all died and left me behind. Cuz of that guy all your relatives died. Cuz of that guy. I wont leave him alone. One day I will avenge that guy for sure.  I will tear him apart. I will tear him apart. She faints. young E tried to wake her. E cries remembering that.

J jumps over the wall in a black disguise. He opens the door and goes into arang’s room. He watches her sleep. He takes out a knife to stab her with but she stirs in her sleep saying peaches are sweet. He hesitates

E is outside and senses something wrong

J stabs her in the heart and she opens her eyes and sees him. She closes her eyes and is motionless. He picks her up and puts some talisman on her neck and it disappears into her skin.

Jade emperor was playing an instrument and stops. Hades ask why. Jades says it finally started. Hades: I don’t know if starting this is a good thing or bad.

E walks over to her room and sees the door slightly open so he goes in and sees that she is gone. He wonders where she went in the middle of the night. Does she think she is still a ghost or what. He is about to close the door but sees the blood on the blanket. He runs out and follows the trail of blood. he jumps over the wall

J rides off on a horse with arang’s body hung over the horse in front of him. the moon is full.

E gives chase on foot and loses the trail. he yells out amnesia.

J brought her body to a wooded area that was already marked. He carries her body to a shack in the woods

He places her inside. he removes his cover and bends down and stares at her. he reaches out to touch her face but doesn’t and turns around and leaves

He goes to the marked tree and has a flashback.

When he was a young kid a woman came up to him and put that ring on his finger and said from now on your name is choi Joowal. He smiled at her. the woman told him whenever there was a full moon, he should bring a young girl with a pure soul (to that marked tree). He asks how would I know if she has a pure soul. She says don’t worry cuz the ring will tell you. when a girl shows up his ring turns red so he led her through the woods.

Suddenly a voice behind grown J asks did you bring her. J turns and bows to the woman. Her face is covered. J: yes. She lifts the cover over her face and it’s E’s mother. She says she waited a long time for the full moon. She asks if this girl has the body of someone who was already born. He says yes. She says I want to hurry and see her. did you bring a girl who is all grown. J remembers arang dressed as an officer and says yes. She sort of licks her lips and gave me chills. She walks ahead of him and he follows

arang is laying there as they make their way through the woods. J opens the door for her but E’s mom’s face does not look happy so J looks and arang is gone.

Arang is running through the woods. She had woken up in pain and then started running

J and E’s mom go inside. she asks what happened. He says I left her here for certain. He goes back outside and looks

J is in a panic and wonders if she disappeared. It cant happen. This cant happen. He starts running.

Arang trips and falls. She rolls down and gets up. she is running through the village. Suddenly a hand clamps over her mouth. She screams. It’s E and he calls her amnesia so she calms down and looks at his face. she says sato. E: yes it’s me – come to your senses. she lets herself collapse. he asks what happened to her. she says someone stabbed me with a knife. E: stab you? who? she mumbles about how she thought she died and being thrown away in the mountain. he asks what she is talking about. she says I ran away. I ran away. she finally faints in his arms. he calls out hey amnesia. he holds her in his arms

he carries her back to his place and puts her in his room. he wonders what’s going on. he sees the blood stain on her chest.

*why didnt he call for a doctor? I dont get it.

E’s mom plays with a ring while waiting but she turns it face down when J comes back in. she asks what happened. He says she is gone. She slaps his face and her ring cuts his cheek. she asks: She is gone? J: she died for sure but…I killed her for certain. He says how he put that paper thing on her for sure but the woman slaps him again. She calls him worthless/useless and says you call that an excuse. I have no interest in what you put there. she asks where is my soul – the one you had to bring today no matter what. He promises not to make this mistake again. She says: again? When? When the next full moon comes? What did I say to you. if you just bring me a pure girl on days of a full moon, I would put you in a position of envy so you could live like a person. Didn’t I say the condition was one per day of the full moon? J: yes. She says some stuff I don’t know and asks do you want to go back to being that? you worthless/useless guy. He drops to his knees and she glares at him and leaves. J has a flashback to when he was really poor. He was so hungry he ate cow’s food. Other kids laughed at him and said how he doesn’t have a name so that’s why people call him by that nickname. The cow owner gets mad and chases after young J. Grown J is still kneeling and remembering that.

In the morning, E wakes up. He slept against the wall for the rest of the night. He goes over to arang and lifts the part of her clothes where she was stabbed and sees the knife puncture. It started to heal. He looks at her and says : what are you?

* maybe that talisman that went into her neck gave her healing powers

B is walking down the street and says since I came out so early in the morning, I can get a good spot. She complains about the cheap customer she met yesterday and hopes to meet a better rich one today. She sets up her little corner in the market. She looks at her lunch and turns her face away from the smell of kimchi and tells herself to think of it as meat smell.

D slept all night at that drinking place so the ajumma wakes him up saying it’s morning. He stretches and mutters how he will die cuz his insides hurt. Just wait and see what happens when I meet that fly. As he walks away he hears B calling out to people to get their fortunes told. He turns and they recognize each other. he says how could we meet again like this here. she tries to leave and says let’s try not to meet again. He blocks her path. B: why are you like this? D: is that the truth? B: what? D: what you said yesterday. That my master would go to the next life. she backs up and D gets water thrown on him by some ajumma. D: what is this? he shakes the water off him and it’s shown in the worst way to use slow motion camera work. He unties his shirt for a second.  B finds that attractive somehow. He sort of looks like a saint Bernard after a bath trying to shake the water off. Ajumma tries to wipe off the water but he says where are you touching- remove your hands and walks off. B turns her head away then looks back to watch him leave.

The bangs give E girl clothes from a girl who used to live here in the past. since the servant grandma left, there are no women officers around so these are the only girl clothes.  They talk about how there used to be a lot of girls here in the past and relive some memories. E ignores them and points to the mountain over there asking what kind of mountain is it. they explain that mountain has been abandoned cuz people spread rumors that the mountain had lots of ghosts so it’s been a long time since people stopped walking on it. E stops listening and takes the clothes and leaves. bang mutters how he wants to bury E so the other two look at him cuz he went too far.

E goes to arang and watches her sleeping. He leaves her a change of clothes and closes the door. He puts her shoes outside and turns around. He is startled to see D staring at those shoes. D looks at the shoes and then the room. E looks him over and asks what did you do all night. D pushes past him and runs inside. he sees arang sleeping there and E clamps his hand over his mouth and drags him away

E tells him to come out. be quiet. D asks why the fly’s daughter is in your room. Did you sleep together? E: yup. D: young master – are you determined to just act recklessly. Why do you keep going awry? He threatens to tell E’s dad so E says follow me.

They go to the haunted mountain and E looks for broken twigs as clues. D says just look at this fog. What would be in here. E: open your eyes wide and look carefully. D: find what? E: anything suspicious/strange/unusual. D: anyway what are you going to do about that girl. E:I have to go to the end with her together. D: what is the end? What are you going to do? Are you going to get married? You know you cant do that right? Cuz she isnt a noblewoman and only a fly’s daughter so is she suitable for a nobleman’s daughter in law? Maybe a mistress though. E glares at him then notices the shack. D says what is that? I found something strange over there. what is that home? Does a person live there or a ghost? Why do you want to go there. E tells him to be quiet. E heads over there and D follows behind.

E goes over and opens the door. D tries to stop him but E went inside and sees the make shift sacrificial alter with blood stains. D says how scared he is and asks to hurry and get out. it feels creepy like a ghost is on my head. E: it’s strange. There is no ghost even though the air is strong for them to be here. D: you believe that cuz I believe there are ghosts. Hurry and let’s go. E orders him to find anything at all that is suspicious. D says I don’t know what you are looking for but hurry and find it and come out quickly. D goes out.

he wonders why E is going around like that. have you forgotten you are looking for your mother. How much longer do I have to be here like this.

E thinks to himself- no matter how much I think about it- it’s strange. He wonders why that happened to her when she doesn’t know anyone here. was perhaps her identity known. It doesn’t make sense. Just her coming back as a person doesn’t make sense too.  Why do so many things that don’t make sense happen around me. He turns to leave but notices something in the corner. He goes over and pulls it out. it’s his mother’s hair pin that he gave her. E: why is this here in a place like this.



D asks did you find anything suspicious

E finds a skull and asks what is that.

Jade: the start is good.

E’s mother orders J to go there right now.

Jade says we have to call Mu young (the reaper)

E says to arang: I need you. my mother’s hair pin that you had, this came out from there. he drags her over to that place so she yells: if I go there I will die. E: even if you die you can come back alive. What are you worried about? Arang: you don’t know how scary it is the moment you die huh?

I don’t think my heart is cut out for this. with all that spooky music and scary scenes, I am having one heart attack after another. I almost jumped out of my skin when I got a random text while I was watching this cuz the text alert sound startled me. I finally had to just shut my phone off. What was I thinking to recap something like this. Don’t get me wrong I love the story as much as the next person and I am so curious about what’s going on, but I don’t know if paying for that curiosity with mini heart attacks is worth it. man I thought that scene in hell from episode 4 was bad, but that was a walk in the park compared to tonight cuz at least that wasn’t long and drawn out. My hands just wont stop shaking. There is no way I am re-watching the second half of this episode ever again. I like the first half so I will just stick with that.

Judging from the preview E6 is not going to be any easier to watch. More scary scenes coming up. I don’t think I can last another 11 episodes of this. Can I just go back to “To the beautiful you”? even though that was a bit frustrating last week, at least I am not scared of that one at all. except for that one guy’s face cuz he got so much plastic surgery, his face just doesn’t seem normal.

27 comments on “Mashcaps: Arang E5 & E6

  1. Anon says:

    Thank you, Softy!


  2. Marie67 says:

    Thank you so much Softy 🙂 I am eagerly waiting for the rest of it. This drama is really super awesome.


  3. Marie67 says:

    Haha Softy, I really didnt think you would be scared of this drama. I mean for someone who is recapping Gaksital and then this one is fantasy while Gaksital is reality. Those nail boxes in Gaksital and the torture scenes give me the creeps. But I wouldn’t mind if you recap TTBY. I like all the drama’s you like, so we have the same taste ^^.

    But can you please keep translate only the previews for us? That way we wont have to wait too long. Thank u very much and have a nice day 😉


  4. flo says:

    woooww..thanks sooo much Softy
    you are really really awesome…you did a great Job!!!!


  5. flo says:

    omg…after reading your recap..i think i can’t watch the second half of this episode, you said it was soo scared?omoooo i believe in you…
    i remembered i watched the scene in the hell in ep e4,i was soo scared after that i had a nightmare, but i love arang ..the story is unique..oke..i will enjoyed the story, and watch the beautiful scenes, and ignore the scared scenes, poor Softy..i know you would be scared of this drama…it’s up to you my dear,,i dont want you were having heart attack after recapping this drama, i also love TTBY…


  6. ziren87 says:

    oh my softy…i too am scared of this so i dont want to watch it at night…but you are too brave…its scares the hell out of me…i knew there would be something spooky when it was full moon and sacrifices….

    lets just go back to gaksital….

    thanks again softy…

    mwah…youre the best…


    • Softy says:

      I am soooo not brave – everything I wrote about this drama is how scared I was watching it. Years from now if someone asks did you watch Arang and the magistrate? I will say – yup – but mostly through my fingers or with another browser covering the screen so it would be more accurate to say I “heard” Arang. 🙂


  7. nonski says:

    know what softy dear, i still can’t believe you did full recaps of Arang. you’ve mentioned already that you’re scared watching this. i guess, it must be the drama itself cuz it tends to draw yourself to it. was only able to watch portions of arang cuz i was intent on bm last night and hadn’t had the time to watch it raw. don’t torture yourself with the scary. we still have lots of more scary coming. you doing arang is making a lot of people happy, me especially but i would be equally happy with whatever you can offer to us. i loved watch 2tbu too. turn away from the scary and go for the cute.

    thanks so much for the recaps. 🙂


    • nonski says:

      glad about this since i really love reading your thoughts on dramas. 🙂 [fands too]


    • Softy says:

      It’s the strangest thing, but for some reason I am unable to do a quick recap for this. I pretended I was watching live and was going to type quickly like I always do when I recap live, but I find myself pressing pause and rewind to get every word down. It’s like this drama cast a spell over me. From the first time I heard about this drama coming up months ago, I knew I would end up watching, but I was also pretty sure I would be watching as I peeked out between my fingers. After Gaksital ends next week, this was going to move to live recaps. Cuz surprisingly i understand a lot more than i first thought i would for a sageuk. but this show just can’t be this scary anymore. If the rest of the episodes are this scary, I don’t think I can commit. My poor heart just can’t take it. My heart jumped to my throat so many times last night, it just stayed there the rest of the night as I recapped. maybe I should just stick to certain scene translations and quickly move past the scary ones. And do preview translations like Marie asked. We’ll see what happens after tonight. 🙂


      • nonski says:

        awww poor softy… i am a scared cat too when it comes to this kind of drama but seems like arang is not that scary for me. i also think that after 1-2 more episodes, it won’t be as scary. we are in this part where everything is being laid out, even the dark side of the story so it will pass, i hope.

        p.s. dear just updating you, the package has not yet arrived. 😦


      • Cham says:

        Stay brave, Softy! It\’s a good ride, I\’ve been anticipating your recap the whole day and even the pictures/screenshots look scary!

        The thought that there\’s a whole community watching the same and feeling what you are feeling is reassuring. It feels like you are leading a pack of scary cats walking in the dark forest observing and reporting every move of the characters. It\’s really fun!

        It\’s a good change from the usual rom-com! I love reading your every reactions, keeps the heart young

        Thank you!!! Wish we can see videos here in Europe.


      • nonski says:

        hi softy i had watched Arang this weekend… was sick this past few days so i wasn’t really participating. now i understand why so said you were only hearing Arang cuz watching episode 6 scared the life out of me.. it WAS really scary. you don’t really have to recap this dear.


        • Softy says:

          Hi nonski – hope you are feeling better. You have to come and join us for Gaksital finale this week. 🙂

          The thing is I really love this drama – like I care about what happens to Arang so even though it’s so scary it makes me jump out of my skin, I will still watch it regardless. I figure as long as I am watching I might as well recap to the best of my ability – even if that means I have to close my eyes sometimes.
          To the beautiful you is so cute and fun, but people just dont need recaps for that cuz it’s pretty easy to follow. I heard subs are super fast as well.
          Not sure how Nice guy is going to end up, but I doubt I will like it more than Arang at this point.


          • nonski says:

            thanks softy… i have some issues with my breathing, there are times i feel like i can’t even lift my hands. guess, i have to see the doctor this weekend when i go home, i;ve been procrastinating on it. and i’m still at work. 🙂

            no worries tho,i would trade gaksital’s finale with anything else. i won’t stream other dramas so the connection will be good. i kinda dread the ending cuz i don’t want to see either K and S die. nevertheless, i am sure it is one awesome ending. mentioned this before, gaksital never had a disappointing episode.

            as to arang, well, i am one happy soul here for your love of arang. yes, 2tbu can even go without subs, just watch the cute and you’ll be okay with it already. 🙂


  8. m2 says:

    I think Eun Oh really cruel to Arang, he said Arang is just a ghost and in the preview he push her to be bait. Right now, he only care about finding his mother. I can’t wait till EO falls for Arang then he will realize that Arang will sometimes in the future also go away from him…


    • Marie67 says:

      He was wasnt he? I mean he didnt even care for her wound. At that time he didnt know she would heal herself, but it was so unpleasant of him. Wish he had showed more concern for her.


  9. Iviih :) says:

    Hi Softy, oh dear, I think it is better for you not force youserf and stop recapping, it is okay,

    I was even surprised you recapped it so far, don’t force yourself, I know when you recap 2 drama in a day you don’t have much time to sleep and I bet with Arang you can’t sleep well because you are scared…. I think you should stop recapping and just watch it in the daylight and FF the scary scenes 🙂 well, not sure how scary this episode is for you but around 25 until 27:30 minutes mark, have a scene with evil dad plus EO’s shaman mother that might be scary for you…. then has one sad scene with Arang 😉 then around 30 minutes marks, arangs goes to that scary place she was last night, nothing really happens, just the song is scary… Arangs lies in that place she was dead and reminds taking of EO’s mother Hairpin ! Next scene it also seems scary but isn’t. JW cames back to try to find Arang, or is it to kill EO? not sure, he follows EO but nothing happens because Arangs arrives 🙂

    To tell the truth I’m disappointed the ghosts don’t appear anymore.

    I mean suddenly they all disappeared….. It is better for you since they might be scary for you, but I kind think the ghost should appear, it isn’t like EO don’t see them anymore, and Arang also can see them, so why not use them too? It would be so smart to make the ghosts help them. I mean, they could trade things, we’ll grant your wish and you’ll help us, It would be much easier since the ghosts can telll things they saw….. I mean why use ghosts in the first episodes and now they aren’t part of the story anymore?

    Thanks for the recaps Softy!


    • Iviih :) says:

      *sorry for making so many grammar mistakes.


    • Softy says:

      It’s funny how you said they don’t use the ghosts and then a scene came out where E says that exact thing. He saw some ghosts walk by and was going to ask them what they know, but he decided not to. You must be psychic. 🙂
      Thanks for worrying about me. So sweet of you.

      Don’t worry about your grammar mistakes cuz I have tons of typos. These are the only recaps I don’t want to edit cuz just reading these scenes again scare me now. So in a way I cant read my own recaps due to fear. LOL


  10. Cham says:

    I’m refreshing this page every minute! I never followed a live recap before, this is my first and what a heck of fun! I know it is scary, but it is almost surreal following somebody following a storyline, and what scary fun! I kept telling myself I’ll check only after the complete recap, but then wonders…”what happened next”? Because I cannot view the raw video, I have my imaginations playing it for me as Softy recaps. This reminds me of a time when my aunt would tell bedtime stories, some were scary, too.

    Talk about being hooked, “hook and sinker”!


    • Softy says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. Doing live recaps has become a habit for me so everytime i just sit and watch a drama without typing, it feels strange. Good thing you told me you were reading along cuz that’s why I put how many mins of scenes I had left each time I pressed update so you would know how much is left. If I was reading along, I would want to know that too. 🙂

      I am starting to look like Arang with the dark circles under her eyes from not being able to sleep. I have a feeling I am going to hibernate over the weekend to make up for this. Really hope next week has more daylight scenes. 🙂


      • Cham says:

        With or without the dark round circles, Arang is adorable…yes, I definitely picture you equally, if not more so adorable, zesty, and witty.

        Between following Faith and Arang, I feel like in different worlds. Great storytelling.

        Thank you very much! Have a good rest. I bookmarked and will follow your recaps.


  11. chokichoki says:

    Hi Softy. Thanks for the recap. I’m reading and refreshing this page as you recap the final few minutes. I do hope the drama will get less scarier for you to keep doing the recap. I wonder what else is in store since so many things have been revealed to us so far. Perhaps there’s another conflict with Eun Oh’s dad and I wonder if the bangs will succeed in trying to kill him and then something else’ll happen. It really irks me that there’s no preview. Hope it’ll come out soon.


  12. Enz says:

    Oh oh.. Now I don’t know if I should watch epi 6 cos I am scared of ghost stories too. Am not so invested emotionally in the show.. It’s pretty and fairly interesting but am quite detached in watching it. So far my big love this year so far is answer me 1997.

    Softy, I think you must be really kind if you continue recapping when you’re so scared!


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