1n2d brief recaps

JW’s real brother came out today to pick him up!!! He looks like an older chubbier version of JW. They said his brother takes after their father in looks and JW takes after his mother. It was his first time meeting celebrities so he was trembling. This was also the first time JW showed his brother on a program. When they asked him if he watches 1n2d, he said he watches everything his little brother comes out in like 1n2d and Gaksital.  His hyung said it was nice coming on the show cuz he got to spend time with his little brother and it was a good experience. They seem to be almost the same height so it makes me wonder if their dad or mom is tall as well. I just realized something – his brother’s wife must call JW “young master” cuz JW is not married and is younger. That’s what Koreans call younger brother in law so while on Gaksital, it wasnt the only time he heard that. awwww that is so cute.

Can’t do the entire episode tonight so I will just do highlights. SW makes money from taking pics with people and he likes it better than going up and down the steps so he invites as many people as possible to take pics with. TW calls JM to come to the bridge. TW’s group all dont want to pick tomatoes. neither does SG’s team. SG asks SW how much did you win and SW says I lost 2kg so TH wonders why someone who played omok is out of breath. SG says hurry and come to bungee and jump twice so SW says I will go now. in the car SW says TH can jump then. as soon as they meet up with JM, SK jokes did you jump already JM? they clap. JW asks how much did you earn hyung. JM hands over his money. they tell him how much they made and JW tells him how TW collected 250 of those shell things. TW wants to hurry and go pick tomatoes and JW says I dont want to be here – I’m really scared.  JM says one of them should jump so let’s do rock paper scissors. TH gets there with SG and gets right into gear to jump and he tells them to put the gear on SW too so he can jump as soon as he gets here. Then TH starts having second thoughts and says how much he hates bungee. JM says if you add $20 and make it $50 I want to jump, but he doesnt mean a word of it. SK says he is dizzy. JW says his legs are shaking already just walking out to the jump area.  JM says the area is shaking cuz there are too many people so he makes his way back to the safe part of the platform. SG says one person from the other team should jump and calls out to JM who is already running away. TH makes everyone feel how fast his pulse is racing. SG tells him not to jump cuz this is enough to eat with (they have like over $30 so far). so TH quickly replies should we do that then. I dont have to? SG: dont do it – we are on our side. then SG points out that out of 7 no one is jumping. he says that TH’s face doesnt look good cuz TH went pale. so TH asks: if I dont jump now it wont look strange right? SG: it wont be strange. TH: cuz I am really scared. SK did this before and he just rememberd that after he jumped he told himself not to do this ever again. SW agrees this wont be a good memory. SW and them ask the guy working there – do people jump even if they are shaking this much and the guy says in the end they jump.  TH says as he jumps he will think “why did I do this?” SG keeps saying TH doesnt need to jump but on the other hand that extra $30 would be good. TH says let’s do this. SG says to him – this is a promise to you (meaning you are doing it for yourself) we dont need the money. TH: I am doing it for the money. SG: we dont need the $30. TH: there is no point in following through with my promise. when I promise myself I always lose. I have never beaten my pride/confidence even once. TH says let’s do this and gets instructions on how to jump. SW says I am trembling just thinking about it. TH is shaking a lot. TH jumps and gets on the raft ok. he says last time I jumped it was only 5 secs so why did it get so long? everyone says how impressive/cool TH was. JW stands there looking down biting on his finger thinking it over as SK asks “JW what do you want to do?” SG says TW is thinking it over too – TW is the man so TW says “no I am feminine (i’m like a girl). everyone laughs and SK asks where are you like a girl? TW admits I want to jump so JW says should all 3 of us do it? TW says I do want to jump so SK says then to be really cool all 3 of us are jumping. let’s do that. JW is still biting that finger. SK jumps first and says I must be crazy. PD asks him to say something and he says this isnt that kind of situation (meaning this isnt the time for something like that). JM calls up – are you ok? can you see me? SK: I took my glasses off so I cant see anything. TW says to be honest when I started 1n2d, I didnt have any worries except for bungee.  I’m really scared of high things. JW suddenly says I’m gonna jump. TW: you’re gonna jump? if you jump then what do I do? JW: I’m gonna jump. I have to. TW says fighting. JW: I think I am going to die. he exhales a few times. SK says JW fighting. you cant not do it. fighting. the guy counts down and JW asks – it will be ok right? he finally jumps. when his body twisted around in the air I almost had a heart attack cuz that’s how jumpers end up hanging themselves. the rope coils around their necks and hangs them. then TW jumps. the guy asks for his autograph before he jumps. he didnt ask anyone else though. TW says -while living, I thought if i can bungee jump then I can do anything. this is the scariest. after he jumps he says now I can do anything. single team earned $267.10. bird PD says on top of having to earn that money and feed the staff by cooking and serving, they have to do dishes too so SK asks then do we have to wash/bathe them too at night? they have to come up with food that suits the taste of 100 of the staff at least. the guys go grocery shopping first. SG’s team’s menu is noodles, dumplings, and yellow radish. SK’s team goes with spicy pork, rice, and kimchi and chocolate for dessert if money is left over. JW gets in charge of making rice. JW says the spicy pork smells the best. he tastes it and says it’s really delicious. they taste first and then choose which team’s food to eat. food truck ajumma chose SK’s spicy pork and said it was good. 87 total ate and 49 chose SG’s team so they won. (even if the food tasted like cardboard I would still choose JW’s team’s food if I was on the staff. besides no one said I had to swallow and actually eat it. I could just toss it when no one was looking.) SW lost his voice. SK’s team has to do the dishes. a moth flies over so JW goes crazy with his rubber gloves trying to swat it away and does a scared dance cuz the moth hit his hand. SG’s team gets coffee, fruits, and extra fans while they rest in the room. TH tells SW about how TW collected all those shell things – how TW’s underwear was peeking out cuz he was bent over so much looking for them. morning mission is at 6am and it will let them leave early. at one point JW had his long legs across TW and SK. TW snores really loudly and disturbs JM’s sleep. JW just ignores it. SG, SW, TH, and SK watched soccer so they didnt get much sleep at all. in the morning for their mission they can call family or friends to come and get them and they can leave. they worry cuz it’s 3 hrs from seoul. JW calls his brother and says “hyung are you leaving for work? someone has to pick me up for me to leave. SK calls and says what are you doing? resting? they said we had to call someone we know and they have to hurry and pick us up and we can go home. SK hangs up and says I called somone everyone is going to be surprised to see. when you see that person, no one is going to know this person. TW speaks politely and says could you come and get me so TH and others say TW called the police. the person turned down TW. he called a staff PD so everyone laughs really hard. JM calls his band members. SW said if you arent surprised by who I called then I wont go home. first person to come is SK’s friend – they have been friends for 6 yrs. then TH’s friend comes – he looks like something the cat dragged in.  they joke that TH is embarrassed. 3rd to arrive is JW’s hyung. JM says they look alike – the way they smile. SG says we were really curious about JW’s real hyung. his name is Moon Joon Suk. (so JW’s last name was Moon? I didnt know that.) SG says during the call this morning, he was about to go to work but got a call from his dongsang so he came right away. what work do you do? Joon says I have a small business. in the morning I work out so I leave early. SG asks what kind of work out but Joon doesnt get to answer cuz TH brings him coffee and says it’s good to meet you. SG called TH “cha madam.” SG introduces TH’s friend to Joon and says his first impression is not good huh cuz TH’s friend looks so bad. Joon says I was shaking. SG asks why were you trembling. SG asks JW: did your hyung never come out on a program even once? JW: yes he never once came on. SG: then is this the first time you are revealing who you are. Joon: yes. SK says the two of you look similar but are different. in situations like this one resembles the father and one resembles the mother. Joon: I take after my father some. SK: and JW takes after his mother. Joon: yes when I look I think so. SG: do you watch 1n2d often? Joon: yes I watch it and Gaksital too. I watch everything my dongsang comes out in.  they say he is really a hyung. JM asks did you ever want to outdo your dongsang? Joon: not even once. SG: when they are 5yrs apart. he doesnt finish his sentence cuz he tells the guy next to him not to make slurping sounds as he eats his ramen so the guy eats super quietly. SG says JW looks bashful cuz his hyung is here cuz he keeps sitting there looking uneasy. SW and them say JW looks like he is having really hard time.  are you having a hard time cuz he is on the program? JW: it’s not hard. it’s so uncanny right now. SK and his friend leave first. JM’s band member brings his old car – it’s 28 yrs old and they worried cuz they took it out so far. it was like shaking so they need a jump start to get it going.  the girl says to JM you should have called your girfriend to come and get you. he denies having one again. SH says JW’s hyung is annoyed right now so Joon denies it. JW says we have to get up now. SG says the maknae is going to buy something delicious for his hyung. they invite Joon to meet up with them so he agrees saying if you call me. JW makes his brother look into the camera to do 1n2d.  TH goes over and gives Joon a fruit and Joon thanks him. TH pats Joon on the shoulders and hugs JW as they leave. in the car Joon says this is the first time seeing a camera. JW says when we get in the car there are cameras all over. isnt this the first time seeing celebrities? joon: it is. first time seeing them. cuz it’s my first time I never trembled this much before. the married guys hang around to wait with SW but then they have to leave so SW is alone – waiting with the staff and PD reduces the camera staff to half. his wife shows up with ice cream and snacks for the staff. she asks where that person is cuz there was someone she wanted to see. he asks who – when I am here. he calls her his friend. after filming her drama she came home this morning to shower and got the call from him. PD says it’s good that we waited. she wants 1n2d to beat running man and hurry and come back to its place in ratings. JM’s band members thought something happened to JM cuz he called so early – that he was in an accident. JW says into the camera – for the mission to leave work, thank you very much for making this memory. hyung how was it? Joon: I got to see my dongsang. it was a really good time. SW and his wife say 1n2d in the car and she was going to kiss his cheek but he turned his head to kiss her lips so she gets embarrassed. she calls him oppa for some odd reason. arent they the same age? they show clips of past episodes. is 1n2d ending or something? hopefully they just needed to show clips to fill up extra time.

August 19th

Jackpot. We get “great hair day JW” AND we get to hear him talking like a baby to his mom – priceless. They almost went to his home to get supplies but ended up at TW’s home again. Totally loved this episode though cuz it was fun. Just wish we could have seen JW’s mom and his home. we missed it by this much. what a waste. Bungee jumping is next week and it looks like TH’s going to jump.

About this post: it will be moved to the top of the page each week after it airs. Just wanted a post to put all the short recaps I have been doing these past weeks for 1n2d. When it gets full, I will make more cuz JW’s 1n2d photos are crowding up the OB page. The guy is like a magnet, I try to stay away and not recap, but his smile and goofiness brings me back here every week. It’s a losing battle when it comes to JW’s dimples. For each short recap, I had between 30 – 70 screencaps so I removed them when I moved over here since most of you already saw the pics for a whole week at a time. That way I can make room here for new pics to add.

Starts from the intro outside of KBS. each guy strike’s a pose as an athlete and talk about achieving your dream, eliciting emotion, etc and SW says Korea’s number one variety 1n2d.  SG announces the London olympics ended. TH jokes since we went to dokdo last time do we go to Hawaii this time. JW remarks TH is dressed for Hawaii. SG announces how many ticket’s TH’s movie made so far and it’s daebak.  SW adds whatever TH does these days it does well. so SG jokes since TH’s mood is so good he will give out department store gift certificates for all the staff. thank you. TH goes along with the joke and says whatever department store it is you have to look good to me (that they need to make it worth his while so he will choose that one). PD says today’s trip is only something we can enjoy -the concept is Back to Basics and the way he pronounced “basics” is off so SG thought he said Beijing. today we are going to the closest place -Chunwon and it’s only 2 hrs from here. SG says I have never been there even once. PD says for today’s trip, they have to prepare themselves what they will eat and what they will sleep with (tents and gear). since they have nothing prepared right now for camping, they will be divided into 2 teams and can only drop by just one place -that place will be a home. it can be the member’s own home or their friend’s.

(they show clips of what’s to come and TW cuddles against JW in the tent)

The two teams are divided married team and unmarried/bachelor team. SG says the bachelor team will be weak about making stuff to eat and stuff – look how they seem to be fighting already but TW says JM is being weird now -we said we were going to go but he said we couldnt go to his home today. JW adds like he is telling on JM – he doesnt want to go to his home. SG asks if there is no appointed/designated time – all they have to do is go home and get things ready and leave. PD says there is no race to reach the location by a certain time. SG: it doesnt matter what stuff we bring right? SW asks if they can film and eat until the filming ends tm. SG: as long we we have our stuff. SK points out this seems like they have to sleep outdoors then.   PD lists all the things they have to prepare on their own – tent, camping equipment, food, blanket, pillow. JW asks are you really not going to give us anything at all? PD says nothing is going to be given. SK and JW asks if there will be any incentive for the team that prepares the most or has the most. PD says yes there will be – for the team that has more camping equipment and it will be determined by weight. SG says it’s no fun to prepare in advance and plan. while doing 1n2d are you going to live eating well and stuff? without hesitation TW answers “yes” which cracks everyone up.

SG talks about in the past when each friend said they would bring something like tent or rice and stuff when they went on trips together so this is what it seems like. the bachelors sit and talk and JW brags my mom’s hand is big – meaning she always prepares a lot of food. “cuz I eat so much.” while JW dials home, someone says “mom pyong” and JW thinks his mom is still asleep (since this is early in the morning). JW: mom – we have to drop by one home and bring out food and camping stuff. and I think our home will have the most to eat. he laughs and says so I was thinking of going to our home. his mom says: son – cuz you werent home I didnt do much grocery shopping. JW: but still our home has the most normally mom. that I know. his mom: ah what to do. JW: something we can make simply. his mom asks: for how many days? he laughs and says : for 1n2d of course – what do you mean how many days. SK explains to the staff – the mom had asked for how many days worth of food (she needs to prepare). JW adds we have meat at home too. his mom says she isnt going to go grocery shopping and just make do with what’s in the home. JW adds: but buy some ice cream. TW adds: mother just buy a little cuz it will take us some time to get there. JM adds we have a lot of time mother. JW: I will hang up now. other guy says “pyong” so the mom says “ok pyong.”

for each of the married guys the screen shows their ages. TH 37, SW 44, and SG 38. TH worries they wont be able to go into his home cuz of a major obstacle. he calls his home and his son answers. TH asks if mom is asleep. the kid says mom is sleeping. TH tells the kid to go and wake the mom up and say something big happened. you can hear the kid tell his mom – mom he said to wake you- there is a phone call. the phone gets diconnected. TH says this is big trouble. (in an interview he already mentioned how his wife never wakes up early so he already knew this wasnt going to work out cuz she is not going to be able to get up) Next they try SW’s place. SW wonders if he even has camping equipment at home or not since he doesnt go on them. SG says try and call but SW says  I am afraid to get in trouble for doing that. LOL. SG: get in trouble for what? SW: cuz I woke her up when she was sleeping. it doesnt pan out for him too. SG calls his wife and says “sweetie they told us to go camping suddenly. dont swear -you shouldnt swear at the director cuz this is a speakerphone (and the director can hear).” SG says aloud -for the duration of 1n2d – so that TH and SW hyung can eat really deliciously pull out all the strings. he lists the stuff for her to get together from storage like mosquito netting for 3 to sleep in, dont need to go so far as getting the tent cuz that’s too expensive. everything got it?” he hangs up and SW says didnt you make her too busy starting from this morning. SG says no she wakes up at 5am. she makes me breakfast but little by little she wont have to anymore. SG asks how the others are going to pay – 1/3rd each? SG: let’s grill meat for dinner. what should we eat (he names an expensive beef) since we are paying for it together. TH asks for seafood too (raw fish).

SG shares a story about a time when he didnt have any bus fare so he ended up walking a really long way. if a person makes up his mind, then things work out well. he kept staring at the ground as he walked in the hopes of finding change that was dropped. on the way he picked up $1.80. so he ate ice cream and took the bus with it. so SW looks out the window to see if anything is on the ground and tells SG to drive slower.

in the car SK wonders what the PD meant by weight. then TW realizes by the time they go to JW’s home and then to the location it wont be enough time. JW says there is only 2hrs left. TH calls it in to the PD and asks if they can switch homes. they get permission. SK asks if TW has everything in his home like rice and kimchee and TW says yes. (so this is how they didnt go to JW’s home – man I am BUMMED – I really really wanted to see his home and mother. DARN it to pieces)

when they get to SG’s parking lot there is a small moving truck. SW wonders if SG’s wife prepared this. SG says it couldnt be helped cuz it was done in a hurry. SW asks if they cant just ride the truck cuz moving things over to the car will take a long time. SG says never mind let’s just take something else. SW says SG’s wife over did it. I think they were joking cuz there is no way that truck belonged to SG-how could they even rent it out this early in the morning.

when they get to SG’s home he explains it hasnt been long since he moved so there is a lot of stuff so please understand. his sons come out and SG asks didnt you go to preschool? are you on vacation? say hello. the older kid says hello. SW says both boys like alike. SG tells his sons to go back in. SW says he saw inside and all the stuff is already gathered. The PD says the catch is that they can bring out the stuff but they have to play games for the time that will be given to do that. SG says even a minute is ok and if we get 3 mins we can bring out everything in the home. TH says if we only have one minute to move things out then we dont have time to say hello to your wife. he tells SG to think it over carefully – where is each thing.  SG says the stuff out in front and if they have two mins he will raid the fridge. they start playing the games and TH is good. PD messes up cuz he said TH moved his head when the PD didnt move the foam finger but he did say “bbbdee” so it should count.  TH earned 6mins.

JW wants a practice run and TW says let all of us practice once but PD says no just learn from the first one. so JW says learn what from me. He ends up winning the practice one. SK says to the PD you are shaking arent you cuz he did well. they do a huddle and JW says this is the first time for me.  JW loses for the actual one that counts. SW does it blindfolded and wins 3 more mins so it’s up to 9 mins. everyone laughs. SG opens the door and tells his wife I think we can eat and then go. (cuz they have so much time) PD hugs the wall from embarrassment.  SW keeps winning so it’s up to 11mins so TH wants to do it. SW gets it up to 13mins. then SG gets it to 15mins. SK gets one min and loses. JM does well and gets 9 mins so total is 10mins

PD times them as they go in. SW compliments SG’s wife for preparing so well. she packed it up like a pro and left it by the doorway. TH jokes should we take some out that needs taking out.

PD times JW’s team as everyone goes into TW’s home and say hello we dont have much time. they see the mosquito netting in the living room and take it. JW takes some stuff from TW’s mom and leaves it outside. they raid the fridge. for some odd reason JM is near the medicine cabinet going through the vitamins and stuff and swallows some with water. wow that is so rude and so Korean. he didnt even ask permission. that’s why the PD asked what he was doing. JW jokes he wants to take the massage chair too.

SG brings a huge tub of kimchee so SW says we are taking too much. the kimchee was made by his mother in law.  TH says we have so much time we can play with the kids before we go. SW plays with the kids. SG jokes about his sons-  since they are boys we dont buy them clothes. he goes to pre school like that (in his pjs). we bought these 3 yrs ago at the mart for $8. SW says so that’s why it’s so short on him. SG: he wore it since he was a baby. TH: it used to be long but it got shorter. SG tells his son to say bye to uncle so the kid high fives TH. sooo cute. SG tells his kids to eat the watermelon with mom. give dad a kiss. he kisses both sons before he leaves.

JW is saying what they need when they make ramen while SK and JM are drinking some health drinks. JM calls JW to grab the mattress in the living room. TW: why are you taking that? where are you going to put that to carry? JW helps JM lift it.. TW: are you really going to take that along? how can we put that in the car. he asks the PD: can we take this? SK drinks some milk from the fridge. The PD says you can take it if it fits in the car. TW doesnt think it will fit in the car but JM is carrying it on his back already. JM: dont worry mother – I will bring it back well. TW: ok take it take it. JM: is this expensive? TW: it’s not expensive. JM: I will have it cleaned for you. PD says 5secs so they all run out grabbing last minute items like rice cooker. TW: mom I am leaving. JW laughs at that and so does TW’s mom. the guys say bye at the door. JM says we imposed greatly mother. (I’ll say). thank you. JM offers to bring back the mattress after having it cleaned well. TW’s mom looks just like his older sister. *I still cant believe TW let him take that mattress. they are expensive in Korea. in america you can get them for around $500 or so but in Korea even cheap ones are around $1500. since TW is a movie star, I bet his costs a couple of thousand at least.

wow SG’s team hit the mother load. they have everything they need. SW teases the PD saying there is a lot of time left so let’s do “bbbbbdee” just once. why are you so bad at it. just do it once.”  PD finally walks off so SW calls out “you arent angry right?” PD sort of looked peeved. that was sort of mean – I dont know what got into SW. it didnt help that TH laughed at the whole thing.

JM thinks there is enough stuff for 3 days to live on. in the car SG asks which home the other team went to. SW says to TW’s home. SG: they wont have much there. SW says he said he had a burner but no gas can for it. (which means they cant cook) so SG says bachelors dont prepare well. when they dont have a wife like us they dont have anyone to ask to do that. there are good things like this from being married. SW: being married is good. do you have anything that is not good from being married. SG is taken back by the personal question. SG: huh? there are lots of good things – it would be hard to say even one thing that is bad. SW: that’s right. there is nothing that is bad. we are happy. TH says quietly – but there is one big thing that is not good. SG: being able to say everything that is good. that one thing. SW says that one bad thing beats everything else that is good. TH jokes in reply: leisure time.  SW says it’s good cuz my wife is busy these days. SG says how SW’s wife continues to be very busy these days. SW: her (drama) extension wasnt long enough. I thought it would be 2 yrs. but it was only half a month.

SK asks if TW wants to pull over to eat some porridge so they agree and get out to get it. they decide to eat artificial crab meat. JW says the kimpap tastes great.  SK notices the expiration date has passed on the crab meat. SK says it tasted like an eraser. TW: throw it away. SK goes to spit.

SW compliments SG’s wife for preparing so well. SG says TW will try to steal some away so we cant lose this time.  SW says it doesnt make sense to try to take it away from us. SG says we have to survive on what we brought so let’s fight. if we fight we wont lose. SW: cuz I believe in you. SG: I will hit his stomach. TH: I will poke his eyes. SW: I will cut his hair. SG: do that cuz his hair is long.

when they pull up their food and stuff get covered. SW and SG start in again and say to bird PD: we wont eat anything just do bbbdeee once with TH – if TH loses we wont eat. PD says get closer and do it then. SW says if TH wins each one of us get to eat one thing. PD loses – twice.

when JW’s team arrives SG asks what did you bring. someone says not to say what they brough so SW says then draw a line (between them to separate the teams). SG asks what is the reason for making us come here. PD says a while ago I said weight would play a factor. each team has to bring over 3 items to be weighed in so there will be 3 rounds of weighing off. SG exaggerates and says his wife woke up early in the morning and carried over food that weighs 40kg when she weighs 30kg hurting her back and you want us to give it to them and just let the foolish team eat it? first round bring over the lightest item. SG says to do it this way. if the item has to weigh 500grams it should be over 500 at 520 or 510 and if it’s 490 then it’s out. it must be over 500g. when SG and SW walk over to their car planning it out SW hears SG’s idea and says SG is the best. SG’s idea is to take a bundle of ramen – each package of ramen that weighs 120g each. SW says it will be around 548gm. but it’s 620g. SK thinks their item wont make it – it’s a can of tuna. SG doesnt think it will weigh enough. they sneak a look at the scale and JW yells out daebak.it came out to 520g. SK says the can said 400g but he figured with the added weight of the can it would be close to 500g.

second round is to make 5kg. JW: what if we cant? just the closest to it? the guys start doing math and TH finds the one he saw a while ago so SW’s team thinks they have it this time. SJ brings over a bag that contents should total 5kg. it comes out to 3.56kg. TH’s team says get rid of it. TH show the bag that says 5kg. it came out to 4.74kg. so they win this round. next is to guess the weight of their item before they weigh. SG’s team says it will weigh 1.15kg. SG says this is how much it would hurt to be hit on the head by a 1kg fry pan. he hits himself and falls down in pain so JW laughs.  the pan comes out to 92kg. JW’s team guess the fan will weigh 2.95kg. it comes out to 3.32kg  so SG’s team wins. they get to take 3 items from the other team. SW asks why they brought the mattress. SW says sorry for having to take their stuff but this is a game. SK says I think being married is a good thing. SG says I worry about SK cuz he likes eating so much. SW says if SK wants the rest of his banana so SK takes it but SG says he shouldnt. so TW asks for the peel at least.  SG says we will throw the peel away and the person who slips on it and makes it fun looking will get a banana. JM says let’s not do this. TW: why wouldnt we do that. he slips and falls right away and earns a banana. then JM tries to win one after falling twice. TW shares his with JW. JM gets in their car and comes out saying – to be honest I am married. it makes that team laugh so TH gives him one saying congratulations on your marriage.

in the car SW asks what to do for the menu so TH says let’s just eat everything and SG adds while we have it. grill meat. let’s grill bacon cuz it’s yummy at camping. TH: dont give the other team and only give it to the staff.

SK wonders what to eat for lunch so TW says we have ramen. they decide to add ham too. SJ and JW say it’s too bad (they lost)

the guys pull up to camp site to eat. PD asks what they are going to eat so JW says ramen and peanut butter. TW says the mattress is annoying. JW: why did you have to bring that?  JM: it might be getting in the way now but later it will make you happy when you sleep.

SG and them start grilling bacon and sausage. they say how yummy it is. JW eats peanut butter and says it’s made from good peanuts. it’s really yummy if you dip sausage in this. (what the -sausage and peanut butter go well together? since when?) SW feels sorry for eating so well over there.

SW walks over and asks are you just going to eat right away? arent you going to eat appetizers or something. TW and JM say yes we have some too – we have milk. TW checks the date and it’s expired too. (OMG I am dying here my tummy aches from laughing so hard- is everything from TW’s home expired? good thing they didnt go to JW’s home cuz this is getting embarrassing for TW. ) SK complains I kept drinking that all this time. JW laughs so hard. JM asks TW: hyung dont you make stuff at home to eat?

SG calls TH over and they all feast.

the other guys add minnows, ham, tuna, and other stuff to their ramen. TW assures them this will be ok – as long as it’s boiled. then JM says there is no gas. SG says there is another package of sausage so SW and TH we are sick of it. JW comes over to distract them from JM who is sneaking around to steal a can of gas. JW looks hungry and says that looks yummy. SG: JW you want to eat this dont you? then submerge yourself. even though you put on makeup. they saw JM steal the can so SG says you have to give that before you go.

JW and the others start eating their ramen and say how good it is. JW: hyung it’s a ramen we discovered. he suggests that they make their own ramen and sell it. TW: leave me out. SG makes an offer – if you soak your entire body with all your clothes on you get one sausage. JM says you should give meat too. JM says dont do it. TW: but I am wavering (meaning he is tempted). suddenly JM and TW fight to be the one and TW wins and gets one. SW says we were so sick of eating it but TW enjoys every bite.

in the car SG says I am so full I cant digest. it’s annoying. SW says being full puts us in a foul mood. on 1n2d we got used to starving. we should have come earlier empty handed. then a little later SW asks what should be the menu for dinner later. TH says spear sausage since we have lots of chopsticks. SW: and make hot dogs. a little while ago we said it was annoying being so full but we are already trying to come up with what to eat.

the guys pull up and see all the tents. PD says this is where the staff will sleep. SG says even though there are so many rooms inside? PD says they have to prepare dinner. guys say but why eat already when it’s this early. we already have the ingredients to cook.  JW: you want us to prepare? she says I said to prepare dinner I didnt say to eat it. she says you have to earn the money by getting the stuff on the menu. they have to collect various items or do a certain action and get paid according to how many of they gather or do. bungee jumping is $30 so if they jump ten times they get $300. Sk wants to do that to make abalone porridge but doesnt think he can jump ten times. if I jump ten times I dont think I can cook. bungee jumping the view is good. he tries to get his team to each jump and earn $100. SG asks SW to jump cuz if they each do it then it’s $90 but he said I cant do that. it’s dangerous.

JM tells JW to do this for the experience. SK asks if JM jumped in the past. JM says I couldnt jump cuz of my condition. TW: I have it too. JM: I fell from the roof long time ago ever since then I cant go up anywhere high. SK says this time around you can break that trauma and JW repeats that.

TH wonders why the other team arent doing that – all you have to do is go and jump ten times. SG calls him their team ace and thanks him. you dont look like you would do that well.  but SW says according to his face TH looks like he would do well. they show the moment when TH is ready to jump and he is asking I dont look totally strange right? TH looks like he is in a daze. SW: just thinking about it is making me shake. so scary. SG guesses cuz they dont see bird PD he will be there for the omok game. sure enough they show PD sitting there ready.

JM says I know how to play omok so I will do that. SK says TW hyung and I will go and pick up some thing i dont know the name of and hidden billiard balls. JW can take keep taking pics and sign autographs.

SW drops off the other two and goes alone to go play omok. SG and TH start taking pics with people cuz they get a certain amount for each pic they take. SK and JW runs over to join them but they have to take separate pics to make it count. TW takes their pics and JW asks who wants autographs.

SW says this is the first time on 1n2d that he drove. it’s boring. the hilarious part is he is so desperate to talk to someone that when the navigation voice gives him directions he speaks politely to it and responds each time -yes I understand. you are so polite and give directions well. since I was with the others all day I miss them.

TH calls out he had 3 additional photos taken with people. the others put on goggles too to see under the water and look for those black shells and hidden billiard balls. JW asks how to find those shells – can you see them. TW: they are visible. TH found the 15 ball so he gets $15 for it.

SW starts to complain cuz he only got ten pieces but the PD says when you run out you can get more. he complains more cuz the location he has to go down is way at the bottom of the steps and he has to come back up them later to get more pieces. he repeats : this is ridiculous. this is going too far. after he starts playing then he complains I keep getting hard games these days. he runs out and has to go back up for more.

JW says I cant see them at all. SK says I got the 11,13, 5, and 3 balls. SG says he cant find any. TW keeps smiling and finding them. TH: what is that? you found that many? JW waves to some screaming girls on one side. JW seems surprised and calls out -where did you all come from? they scream louder. TH finds the #1 ball. JW yells cuz he found one ball. Sg calls out there arent any but TW keeps picking them up.

SW is huffing and puffing up the steps and his camera VJ asks him to go together. SW: do it slowly. I am going crazy. why did i agree to do this. they said I only had to use my head. SW complains to JM and says how he has to go get more pieces. VJ is struggling to catch up to SW. SW says to him – this is no joke. dont follow me. these days i have no luck choosing games. this game is as hard as last week’s game. SW goes up and gets only 5 pieces. this is ridiculous. this is going too far. after his turn playing, JM brags he can finish with one move and runs up to get more pieces. he says dont touch the board.

TH gets $23.  TW collected 205 so he earns $108.50. SK got $72. JW got 101 so he gets $50.50. the 3 earned $231.

SW remarks everytime he plays this game he loses 2kg.

JM beats bird PD with one move.

preview shows TH saying he hates bungee jumping. why did I come out for this?

the members call people/celebrities to come on the show.

*while I was working on this I noticed that TH has a new CF. looks like his popularity is on the rise again.

August 12th E399

Most of this recap doesnt even need translations cuz all you need to do is watch them have fun to know everyone is getting along just fine. I am working backwards tonight so screencaps first and then translations.

Each team is completing their list of tasks they must finish. I dont even get what TH and that kid had to do cuz it looks like gags but it’s not funny at all. did you notice how much SW was sweating? I never saw a celebrity perspire so much – his clothes were drenched.  JM and his kid has to “ride” ten things so all day they “ride” stuff for a short time each – like bikes, seesaws, wheelbarrow, etc. JW goes with Richard to the market. JW says they have fruit. He asks the ajumma to choose one yummy plum (cuz they have limited money to spend) and the other grandma gives him one extra so JW shakes her hand and thanks her. then he buys Korean style loofahs – the ones you put on your hand like gloves to exfoliate your dead skin. Not sure why he is buying this. then he shows the package of kim he bought. Then they go to a food stand and JW puts on his aegyo charm and says “our entire fortune (everything we have) is $3.30 so could you please give us a variety of things for the two of us to eat just a little.” Then he says she is giving a lot. Richard says it’s spicy so JW asks “how is it? is it delicious?” when they are done she tries not to accept the money JW holds out. he announces that they cleared their mission at ando market. Everyone together “1night” and crowd says “2days”

When it’s time for dinner BBB, SW argues it’s snack time BBB cuz it’s after midnight so how could it be dinner. PD says tonight’s BBB is Olympics. they have to throw balls as far as they can after spinning for a while, have a relay race, play ping pong with weird objects as paddles and first place gold medal winners get the best meal – meat to grill with all the fixings, second place silver bibimpap, and third place bronze gets marinated chicken.  The rest get rice and fish. First round is ping pong. SW brags I play ping pong really well. I have confidence for ping pong. JW’s team goes second so he worries cuz they have to go up against SW. SG jokes the fourth team can just consider they lost so TW raises his hand and agrees “we consider ourselves as having lost.” JW asks if the ball has to bounce first and then go across on a serve cuz I thought it had to go straight across at one hit. SG corrects JW so SW says dont teach him that stuff. after all the games, TH’s team wins gold, SG’s silver, and SK’s bronze.

after they eat they are told how long the night trip to Dokdo will take. long bus ride. then over 3hrs on one boat then another 3 hrs on another boat. the kids all say how much they want to go to dokdo. the kids say “since I am Korean of course I should go. I like finding out more about dokdo. I am looking forward to it a lot. through 1n2d members I think it will be more fun to go. as they head to board the ship, JW was saying to Richard – something about body being weird – I think he was talking about the waves and motion sickness. cuz i noticed a lot of the cast had motion sickness patches on their necks. JW kept his cute neck pillow on and waved to the camera. they traveled from 3:40am to 7:40am. from here they have to travel another 3 hrs. they eat onboard then get to another place and change to another ship. SG calls JM professor and says there are a lot of people who are on this boat-what do you think is the reason why they look for dokdo. JM: why do you go home hyung? SG: cuz it’s my home. JM: that’s why they go there. SG: ah that’s the reason. everyone is suddenly impressed with JM. he goes on to say you will feel with your heart -not with your eyes- that this is our land. SG: if tears come out should we just shed them. JM: just let them pour out. SG talks about marco. how his father told him to learn Korean but Marco didnt want to and resisted, but now he has come to love Korea. and the celebrity he likes is han ga in. marco says the reason he wanted to go to dokdo was cuz he heard so much about it at school from sunbaes and friends. they never forget about it so he wanted to go and feel what it’s like. the other kid says he cant believe Japan says dokdo is their land and he wants to protect it. the other kid says even though he grew up somewhere else his blood is korean.  PD passes out their uniform to wear before they get there. tshirts with letters on the back. JW puts his on over his shirt. SG says other athletes are working hard to get medals in London but we are doing this for the sake of protecting dokdo. marco says they traveled for 11 hrs.

JW says we arrive at Dokdo in ten mins. When they land and stand on the dock, SG says how this is the first time coming here for everyone else (SG and JM have been here). SW starts to cry and says “why am I so emotional. am I the only one who is strange. I keep crying.” SG: many Koreans say this is our land. Honestly even though we live in the republic of korea, there are a lot of people who aren’t able to come here. In their hearts they say “our land Dokdo” – they might think it’s far to get there, but as long as the chance is open we can come like this.  This is only something Koreans can feel. SW cries more and says why am I like this. SK says I feel apologetic when I see it cuz it looks like such a lonely island. SG says the kids who came to see this can go back to the countries they live in and proudly say Dokdo is our land. SG asks why JW is crying too. JW smiles and shakes his head and keeps crying. SG: when I first came I cried too. this is an emotion only people who come here can know. JW says with his voice breaking from tears: during all this time I didn’t think about Dokdo enough. SG: so you feel sorry. JW: now that I am here, (I’m thinking) I am just a Korean- what did I do for Dokdo. SG says there is nothing to worry about cuz there are Korean soldiers here who are protecting Dokdo and every Korean citizen is always cheering on Dokdo as our land and love it so there is nothing to worry about. They line up in a row so their tshirts read “Dok-do-is-our- land- we-are-republic-of-Korea. Dokdo is our land.”

Previous week:

This is the guy who said he didnt like children before he had his own and now look at him. She has him wrapped around her tiny finger. He watched her yawn and then he couldnt resist so he smothered her with a kiss. TH asked her: “are you sleepy? it won’t do. let’s go in. let’s turn this (camera) off and go in and sleep.” She is just like her daddy and breaks out in the cutest smiles ever. On the talk show, he said his son couldnt go into acting cuz he doesnt have the looks, but he implied his daughter could cuz you can see she is just adorable and she has his personality. *his guest spot on “win win” was one of the best I ever saw for that talk show. I wonder when they are going to have JW on the show too. Hopefully after Gaksital ends since that’s when most of them go on there.

I can’t remember all their names, but the guests are all Koreans who lived in various countries. The whole point of this trip was for the guys to get in touch with their Korean roots (heritage).  A few of them currently live in Korea and are studying here. Most of them are pretty fluent in Korean. two of them speak the same language so one acted as translator for the other – the guy with JM and the guy with SK so SK didnt need to practice so much Russian. When JW saw the file on his kid, JW said Richard doesnt look 20 (meaning the kid looks older). They introduced the guys according to the age of the members so JW’s guest ended up last. JW looks so cute dressed like a kid on a school trip. He said: My friend waited a really long time. How are you. Fine thank you and you. He may not be able to speak (Korean) fluently but he understands 100%. He is as cute as me, tall as me-I will introduce him – he came from far away from USA -Richard Yang – Yang Sung Pyo.” then all the guys welcome Richard.   he says how he cant speak Korean well and hopes everyone will help him. he is a freshmen in college and 18yrs old. JW translates that so SG asks JW if he can understand and speak English so JW says I only understand and not speak it well.  JW asks Richard what Korean dish he liked the most when he came to Korea 2yrs ago so Richard says Indian curry and thuck bokki. SG asks can you eat all the Korean food well, sleep outside, even when it’s cold and mosquitoes bite you? so other members laugh and say would mosquitoes bite when it’s cold?  I was sort of worried about if Richard would feel uncomfortable with all the hugging and touching by the guys, but Richard seemed ok with it. They all jumped rope together to see who would get to ride on the bus with AC or the small van with no AC – the teams who jumped the most got the bus.  thank goodness JW and his guest rode on the bus cuz they were pretty good. before they started, it was so cute how Richard practiced jump roping alone and didnt do well so JW laughs and says OMG. later on the bus, the guy with SW didnt know SW’s wife was a famous actress and seemed really impressed SW married her (LOL). at first the guy said “she is very pretty” but then when he realized SW is married to her SW told the director how surprised the kid was. TW’s kid didnt know who TW was at first when he got paired with him and thought TW was the actor on Pasta (TW’s real life best friend-the Voice from Coffee Prince). SK’s kid is a dancer so he danced pretty well-not so sure about the singing he did on that bus though. orginally his dream was to be a lawyer or chef but he suddenly fell in love with dancing so that’s what he has been doing till now. TH said what he has in common with the kid paired with him is their height. (they are both 175cm). SK is being overly considerate and keeps showing translations on his phone to the kid. later on the kid gets so tired he falls asleep so SG asks SK to check and make sure the kid is still breathing cuz it’s so hot in the van. JM tries to teach the kid what KBS stands for but fails big time. he only got up to Korea in English (not Korean) and for Broadcasting station”, he said it in Korean instead of English. He said “sa” which the poor kid thought JM meant the number four “sa.” I sort of felt sorry for JM’s kid. His mother is Korean and his dad is Russian so that’s why he looks half asian. His korean is pretty good, but JM trips him up a lot. Heck JM trips me up too so I dont blame the kid for being so confused. SK’s kid asks if SK is friends with Big bang so SK says we know (each other). SK’s English is really good. SG argues for another chance for one more team to join the bus group so the van kids have a race to see who can eat ice cream the fastest and SK’s kid wins so they move over to the bus with AC. Putting the other teams back in the van with no AC is just plain cruel in this heat. I felt so sorry for them cuz Korea is really hot these days. we are talking “ice cream melts before you even take it out of its wrapper” kind of hot. I love how SK called IU and got her to talk to the guys. SK tells her there are a lot of your fans here. do you like JW-Gakistal? IU: I am really enjoying it and watching it.  SK: Really? JM is here. do you like JM? IU: I like him very much. JM yells: dont lie.  so it makes everyone laugh. SK asks her for an autographed CD later to give to the kid. the kid says how he is speechless now cuz he got to speak to IU. TW calls Ga In from Moon so his kid Marco can speak to her cuz the guy is a huge fan of hers. SG tells her that Marco is really good looking – “just think that he is 20 times more better looking than TW and a little less better looking than your husband.” SG jokes TH will call Kim Tae Hee so TH pretends to call and says into the camera – “hey Tae hee – it’s the first time I met you.”  When they get to Ando there is a race. if they win they get to sleep indoors with AC. They chose Ando cuz it has a lot of historical sites so it’s perfect for these kids to get in touch with their heritage and Korean roots.  JW makes Richard read the description of the site in English and after he is done, JW jokes “now that you read it in English -since it’s right next to it, you will be able to read it in Korean somewhat.” that makes Richard laugh. JW narrates some detailed description about the site. then their mission is for JW to draw something and Richard has to guess it. they do pretty well and JW is surprised by that. I have no idea what JW drew for the first one and he doesnt have much faith in his drawing ability cuz he says “oops”before he even draws, but Richard guesses it. then they get 3 more correct so they win $12. JW says “we got a lot” (as in they did well in the game). Next week, they are going to places that make them emotional so it makes SW and JW cry. I choked up just watching JW cry.

Wonder why JW and SK held hands as they walked to the beach. They also had on the same socks. for dinner BBB, each guy was called in order by age and told to choose a room. SW went first and chose the second room. so if 3 more guys choose that room they get dinner as long as it’s 4 total. so far it’s 3 in one room and 2 in the other room. while they were waiting JM asked JW: what is your ideal (girl) so JW said he likes traditional girls who have the fundamental quality- polite/good to elders. I gave this a lot of thought. I imagine a lot on my own. JM laughs and says: really? JW goes on to say when I first heard TW hyung was going to do 1n2d I was so envious. aside from that it’s a variety, I was envious of the members age gaps- cuz he will have brotherhood I was so envious. JM asks: did it help your acting or not. but JM gets called away so we never hear JW’s answer. JM chose the other door so now it’s 3 and 3. SG says it’s up to the maknae if we eat dinner or not. JW asks: is it finally my turn? let’s go. let’s eat dinner. finally. I am scared. do I go this way? why are the shoes like this. PD tells him everything depends on him (whether they eat dinner or not). JW keeps wondering why the shoes are lined up like that pointing to room #1. he chooses that room and the members lose. JW asks: did I ruin it? I should have gone into 3. he is told he could have gone into 2 or 3 and they would have won. JW: but i came in here? he looks apologetic. the guys ask why JW went in there and he says they were making noise and stuff there. this looked like there were the most (people). SW and SG argue with the PD that it’s a waste cuz it wasnt easy to get it 3 and 3 and since all their food is prepared so they ask the PD to let them do it again. smaller group gets to eat. so PD says you only get to choose between room 2 or 3. everyone was given a pacifier to put in their mouths to keep them quiet and not talk but JW keeps his in his mouth the whole time from the moment he was given that. I think he thought it was like candy cuz he wouldnt stop sucking on it. everyone else was holding it till they had to stick it back in their mouths. JW goes first this time and runs like a kid with the pacifier in his mouth and his arms waving around. SG says JW will go to room #1 again. sure enough JW goes in there and so does JM, SK, SG, and SW. only TH and TW go in the other room so they get to eat. while the 5 who lost watch, TH and TW pigs out. SG asks: give us some rice too. JW: we are human beings too. SG says to TW: eat it plain – you have to feel the sea so TW pictures the ocean while he eats. PD asks JW: are you by any chance crying? camera shows JW looking sad. SG: gaksital dont cry. SK asks for rice but PD says we never said we would give you food (which means they might get something or not). so TH says choose between 1-5 and you get whatever is in the shell. the shell contents are only visible to cameras. he piles on the abalone in each shell and leaves one empty. the guys are honest and says we can see all of 4. sp TH and TW cover it up and the guys call out numbers blindly. JW wins the filled one so he says how delicious it is. SG asks for a piece and they will figure out how to divide and eat that bite. they decide to spin the shell. it lands on JW so he gets to eat it. (if only this was spin the bottle it would have been perfect.)The guys say how SK is angry. they say to him “say something” but SK looks pissed. SG: let’s endure it. if just today passes by then tm we can go home and eat 800 dollars worth. finally TH and TW get large bowls of noodles and the rest get small bowls of it too. SK finally talks and eats. PD asks how was dinner menu and TW says it was really great. TH: I am totally happy. the main entree was really great. doesnt it normally cost a lot to eat like this. JM motions TH over and pretends to be giving TH more of his noodles but it’s the other way around. TH mumbles as he moves over to JM: cuz of JM I will go crazy. TH pretends to eat the noodles and gives the rest to JM. then SW does the same thing and sneaks his bowl over to TH too. SW asks: you arent going to spit into it right? TH: no of course not.
for sleeping BBB, first game each guy has to choose an animal that is hard to say so it makes it confusing for others to say with soles of their feet added on to make it sound funny. they do a practice and JW chooses”rabbit feet soles”. SW loses. second game is flicking a bottle cap so it doesnt fall off the table and knocks or passes someone else’s across the line. except SW made the line hard. TW does ok. JW says: why am I shaking so much. he flicks and it goes off the table. SK loses this round. so the 5 of them have to melt ice to get to the center and JW rubs it on the soles of his feet (gross) and then inside JM’s shorts on his thigh. (ewwww and LOL). JW blows his whistle first. then JM, then TW. then TH so SG loses. SK’s fan club sent the members tshirt with their pics and names on it. TH says it’s been so long since he slept indoors he cant remember the last time. JW gives TW a back massage. shouldnt it be the other way around. SK, SG, and SW sleep outside. SG: it’s been a really long day today. SK and SW: I think we will sleep well. In the morning they were woken up by a surprise event. they had to do a race for breakfast. (I used to love these on the first season cuz they are so much fun, but this was too short.) TW gets the worst one but SK’s long legs keeps him from doing well so he just pushes along but TW yells that is cheating. JM and TH get to the next leg first. they have to put on the shoes in the box. then eat all of the watermelon slice. JW got high heels so he asks: do I have to wear this and go? his feet do not go in so he hops and drags along. they say his legs look longer. SK is still last on his tricycle. then he gets flippers to walk on. JM and TH are first and second. JW wins 3rd place. they say SK wanted to do well today but he kept getting unlucky. he got all the worst ones. they keep calling JW gaksital. the winners get a yummy breakfast but the rest get one spoonful of rice. so SW asks: why do we need to be punished. SK: only God should give punishments. (LOL). SG asks: please give us seaweed soup. it’s a birthday. so the girl PD asks: is it your birthday? SG: it’s someone’s. That makes JW smile. SW asks for the winners leftover since they will throw it away. JM:we will just throw it away. SG: tell me the location of where you will be throwing it away.

JW went paragliding. JW: for the sake of putting the view in the camera, I came to do it again. I think I will be able to ride it today since there is not much wind blowing. back then I was scared wondering if I could ride cuz of the strong winds, but looking at the view I wanted to ride it. so I waited to ride.” he gets some lessons on how to do this. then he is told to breathe. thank goodness a pro rides with him so JW isnt doing this solo. last time they tried to get Lee seung gi to bunjee jump on 1n2d, but he was up there the whole day stalling. unable to do it in the end, Kim C had to step in cuz he is a good sport. Here JW just jumped right in. same age as lee seung gi, but totally different attitude. did you see how JW was smiling like a little kid as he yelled 1n2d as he took off running. while up in the air, JW says: so this is what it feels like. he waves at the camera and tries to say 1n2d. when he lands, JW says: cuz I was able to get hit by the wind, it felt really cool, on top of that, opposite me is the beautiful view. it would have been nice if we jumped with all the hyungs. it’s too bad the hyungs couldnt, but through video I willl show them this beautiful view. I want to see it too. 1n2d.

JW has a cute new hairstyle so he kept touching his hair A LOT today – like every few seconds. plus he randomly stuck a finger in his mouth. while I was taking these pics, I watched the episode and nothing really special happened except for a lot of singing old songs I don’t know. at the start, SG and everyone said JW should treat all of them cuz lately he has been getting lots of CFs. Does anyone know what the new ones are? The vacation was to drive “straight ahead” and if they won at games along the way they would get lunch money or ice coffee. They could have gotten $10 more for lunch but TH and SK messed up on “fly” and SG messed up on baseball. he made a pitching pose instead of batting pose so they only earned $10 and bought two ramen with extra soup and rice cuz JW asked the lady by calling her “aunt” instead of the usual “ajumma or mother” so the woman would feel younger. Later they played games and were allowed to get “free pass” to turn any direction they want, turn right or left, go back etc. along the way the staff messed up so the team argued and got two passes. TW got a new phone that JW played with later cuz at the start all their phones were taken away so they cant use navigation. that’s when JM was caught texting. he is dating someone now so they all made a big deal about it. when Bora came out with those older guys, the team was supposed to sing when the mic was pointed at them but only SG and JW sang the lyrics back. TW and SW were too busy drooling over Bora, TH kept singing and dancing like crazy, and JM kept yelling out Bora (there goes his new relationship). One of the guys that performed said they were sweating and waiting in there for 20 mins so he lost 13 kilos. did you see how TW and SW went crazy when they first saw Bora? SW is so getting in trouble when he gets home I bet. TH kept telling bora and them to get in the car with them and went over to stand next to Bora so JM said (you shouldnt do that cuz) “you are married” and TH retorted “why does that matter” cuz he wants to have fun too. they put JW and Bora next to each other cuz he is 26 and she is 23. it’s the first time they met. she said she came cuz “when would I get a chance to be on 1n2d (like this)” When they were by the rocks, SW asked JW and Bora to get in the boat together so that they would “make a picture” (look good together) but TW got in so SW shoved him in the water. JW looked into the camer and said “you have to take good care of your skin” as in maintain a skin regimen. I just realized tonight that young or old, married or single, these men sure do take good care of themselves. They are like high maintenance guys. In the last scene, TW told JW to come over and lay down cuz JW was against the wall watching a video on TW’s new phone. TW looked at it and said “you were watching yours” which means JW was watching Gakistal on the phone.


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    thanks softy for the recap and screencaps, for me jw’s hair still ok, he still looks cute and handsome before the bungee jump, if I was there to taste the food, I would definitely choose jw’s team, as long as jw iwas there, all food would taste good.. 🙂


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      me too..i would absolutely choose jw’s team, indeed all foods would taste delicious when i actually eat all the foods while looking at jw’s face..^____^
      yeah dear..everything about jw is good from his hair until his underware are GOOD!!!!!
      as always..dear softy thank your for the recap & the wonderful screenshots of JW, and BTW..Softy..omg..all the times you didn’t know JW’s last name? his real name is Moon Junwon


      • umi says:

        flo dear I was thinking the same when I read softy’s recap but it’s not a big problem. Softy’s recap, screencaps and translation of many interviews of jw made us know jw more…thank you softy dear..


        • Softy says:

          hahaha the two sisters are thinking the same thing…..I know I should know his last name and his first name since I am pretty sure I read it on his tweet ID but I just never focused on it for some reason. it’s like one word names I just memorize that name only- like Suzy – I dont know her last name either.
          The reason why I was shocked about his last name was cuz I felt bad for him. Moon is like the worst last name to have in America cuz of what Moon means. It’s a verb for showing your butt to people. like in high school or college when you are drunk, you do stupid things like pull down your pants and “moon” people cuz you are showing the whites of your butt so I think that’s why they coined the term “mooning people” – “moon” has other meanings too but that’s the one that stood out in my memory cuz in college I had this Korean friend and her name was Yoo Jin Moon. In America professors tend to drop the middle name and just use the first and last name so her name sounds like “You moon” and if you go last name first it really sounds funny cuz it comes out “moon you” so people in class would always laugh and everyone joked – “hey did you moon anyone today?” She finally just changed her name by the end of the first year.
          on the show, they said his brother’s name was Joon so I knew JW’s real first name had to be the same cuz in korea brothers all share the same first part of their names. like my friend’s name is Won J so his brother’s name starts with Won too. I wonder why they gave his stage name as Joowon since they could have just used his real name Joon Won.


          • umi says:

            softy dear I can’t stop smiling after reading your explanation about Moon’s meaning in America, made me imagine jw’s butt :), if I’m not wrong his father allowed him to use joo won as his stage name if he could enter the univ and it’s also easier to say joo won than joon won. Btw just want you to know we are sister cuz we have the same birthday 🙂


          • flo says:

            my dear softy..i have to apologize for this matter, i was shocked when i know you are still thinking that we are sisters
            umi is not my sister ( i wish she is ), it was my mistake i didn’t tell you earlier..
            we have the same birthday, and i used to called her my twin sister. i’m so sorry for this
            i’m Indonesian and she is Indonesian also,but she live in Singapura..i knew her from this blog, and now we are friends, we did a lot of conversations via FB or YM, and i’m dying to meet her in person
            and BTW ..Suzy’s last name is Bae


          • SS says:

            LOL, Softy. Now, every time I see his real name appear, I will think of his butt.

            Btw, Joowon’s father chose this stage name as it means “As the Lord Wishes” If I can surmise that the Korea words are similar to Chinese then the Joo means ‘God’ and Won means ‘Wish’. The family is Catholic and I know Joowon has given thanks to God in his speeches at awards ceremony. Should we expect more mini Moons??


            • bbblue73 says:

              I can’t stop laughing at this two twin sisters online & for your explanation Softy.
              Btw SS dear, since Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner can we send snow & mini Moon(s) cake to him? lol


            • SS says:

              *waves* to bbblue, I was just thinking today how much I miss you and Yanna. I haven’t been to OB5 for some time. Must confess I am been lurking at Soompi a lot although work has been non-stop for past month as well. I think it all started when I contributed something about Joowon then it just went on from there.

              Btw bbblue, i desperately need to jolt my memory, but I cannot remember where you are from? Now that you mention Mid-Autumn Festival, you got me wondering…. omg……now I can’t even eat mooncakes without thinking about Joowon, LOL


            • umi says:

              bbblue dear, lol at the two twin sisters 🙂
              SS dear yanna has been busy for last few days taking care of her relative at the hospital, hope she’ll come back soon, miss her too.
              and you guys mentioned about the mooncakes, I think I have to avoid shopping malls now cuz looking at the mooncakes will never be the same again 🙂


          • Tigger says:

            Hi Softy, his stage name was given by his father according to this 2010 interview article at http://www.hancinema.net/interview-actor-joo-won-25251.html …. ” My name is Joo Won. My given name is Moon Joon-won. My father came up the name Joo Won for me after I made it into college. It means ‘what the Lord wants and what I should do for the Lord’. “


  2. SS says:

    dearest flo, umi and Yanna.

    Previously, I thought we were all ‘pervy’ about that something. Turns out we are NOT at fault. Take a look at these pics. When it’s that OBVIOUS, how are we to be blamed? It’s like trying to ignore the elephant in your living room LOL!

    credit coolreborn at soompi


  3. Holmes says:

    Thank you for the brief recaps! To answer your questions, Kim Seungwoo is older than Kim Namjoo by two years so her calling him oppa is a-okay ;D And no, 1N2D is not ending. The clips of the past episodes are from their summer specials (men just go straight, the overseas Koreans). Back to the Basics is the last one of the summer specials hence the clips.


  4. Carol says:



    • Softy says:

      Just move your mouse over any of the photos and it gives you the episode date and number. that last one of JW touching his cheeks was E251 on 7-22. Hope that was the one you were talking about. 🙂


  5. Meena says:

    Can anybody tell me where can I watch this episode? Thanks!


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