Bridal Mask E24

I take it back. I thought I would be sad if anything happened to Abe, but I was surprised to lose someone else. I actually cried a little. In the end, he made such a huge contribution and didnt get to stick around to see how it all turned out. I just knew he would come through one day and be more than just the guy trying to find a little joy in life. He didnt make much of a difference in the story up to now except for passing on info he didnt even know would be helpful to the cause, but now I think he will. I am hoping what he did is going to affect his father, just like losing his hyung and mother changed K, but maybe his father has already lost too much to see anything except pain.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for written preview, and Yanna for video.

I keep telling myself there is no need to do word for word, the gist would be better for most scenes, but that’s like talking to a wall. I just don’t listen to myself. Take for example these screencaps of JW. After 24 episodes worth of him on each recap, it’s not like you guys don’t know what he looks like. I’ve covered just about every angle except for upside down. The funny thing is he does have a different look with each frame. I don’t know how he does it but he can emote like a million facial expressions. Even his scowls vary from menacing to annoying. It’s a safe bet that for the rest of the four episodes, it’s going to be pretty much the same deal-98% JW. By now would you expect anything less?


Starts from them pulling up to the register office and S ordering K to go after Gaksital. Kim gets captured and dragged back by S. just in time for S to watch K get knocked down by the fake gaksital

S glares at K lying on the ground

At the station S gives K an ice pack for his neck and asks are you ok. S asks why did all the gaksitals show up at once. In his head S asks you didn’t guess I took your mask off right. K says I told you -gaksital is not one guy- they move within an organization but S says no way there is only one real one who killed my brother -the rest are fakes. like the one who blew himself up at DS’s public execution. K says there would have been one who wore the mask first.  S asks why gaksital would attack the public offices since it doesnt have anything to do with Yang. K: not sure. S thinks in his head-yang, DJ, and you-what you are up to – you think I wont figure it out. K asks to question that Korean S caught cuz he is the one who beat up my hyung and I think he killed my mom and hyung. I’m 100% sure he is the one but i didnt have evidence to arrest him with. S: you just stood by and watched a guy like that? K: let me just take 10mins with him. so S agrees and says you can as much as you want. K: thanks. K walks out and S follows

K goes in the room and there is another officer there. K kicks Kim saying- it was you huh?  you are the one arent? you killed my mom and hyung. but Kim says “kill who? cuz we hated you, we set the fire but didn’t kill anyone. you think I am you?  K calls him names and kicks some more. K: I am going to kill you. S watches and thinks since K is putting on such a show not to know,  he still doesn’t know I took his mask off.

K asks Kim where is dong jin. Kim says stuff about how we wont talk. How we swore we wouldn’t talk. Kim: how could I get our country back without putting my life on the line. K goes and asks the officer permission -that guy killed my mom and hyung. through torture I could kill him so is it ok? even if it’s revealed the truth that you stood by and watched” so the officer doesnt want to be a witness so he says don’t overdo it and leaves the room. K shows Kim the writing from yang -the word solidarity. K says thanks to you I was able to go to where DJ was and show him this. Thank you. Kim:what? Kim remembers taking gaksital there. K asks can you help me, yang, and DJ. Kim says wait a miute and asks where they met before they went to see DJ. K says the location of their meet. You said you liked gaksital. That you didn’t know if it was a dream or reality. K says we don’t have time-before those others guess what we are doing, you have to misdirect them during interrogation. Kim:how?.they talk without audio.

Taro calls S and asks if S caught the culprits. he yells at him for letting all the register offices burn at the same time cuz it means yang and DJ did this together. no matter what catch all of the culprits

K says to Kim -when S asks you about DJ, you have to act like you caved under torture and say some lies. no matter what you have to make S believe you. S comes running over and sees K is alone in the room. When he goes in K is strangling Kim. K was saying you killed them didnt you. they pull K off him. S orders Kim taken out. S asks did you find out. did he admit to it? K says how Kim wouldn’t admit it saying you don’t have proof.

Governor yells at taro and yoshi for allowing terrorists dressed as gaksitals to burn the register offices. what are you going to do if all the rebels dress up as gaksitals and cause chaos. yoshi gets defensive and says the officers are watching the rebels. we should just kill them all of but Taro gets angry and says  we have to make the rebels fight and die in the war for the empire so are you saying just kill them without using them?  governor suggests making the koreans have Japanese names so yoshi doesnt like that idea and says how can you give koreans japanese names. taro says it cant be helped if we are going to drag koreans into war. if we say just give us your lives will they follow us. governor agrees we have to give them that special thing to send them out to war.

Yang meets with his group. DS says new offices are being set up everywhere to organize the registers for koreans. yang says the Japanese will try to make new registers. we have to let others know they cant sign up for that. D says I will spread the word to the koreans with my circus group. Yang says they have to stop young koreans from being dragged away by guns. and send those young men away and train/raise them secretly. the new comrade suggests getting money from the empire’s military fund

Governor gives some certificate to Lee and flower wreaths to them for donating a plane to the military

They have a meal together to celebrate. Governor talks about Japanese names so Lee talks about his only son and a japanese name for him too.

S burns Kim to torture him. S asks why did you set the fire. Kim says I don’t know about it. S burns him again. S pretends kim is K and burns him more. S: are you still not going to talk. Kim says I will talk.

K is nervous and taps his nails

S asks why Kim set fire to the register office. Kim says cuz we cant live we did that.  S asks if setting fire to all the register offices was all DJ’s doing. Kim says that’s right. S asks where is DJ’s hideout. Kim says I dont know that cuz DJ comes to see us himself. S: he meets you himself? what does he talk about. what did DJ say? Kim says DJ spoke with Yang. S: what? with yang? what?  Kim says a plan to blow up chongdopo. S:how dare these guys. he says call K. Kim says why K. S says how K has it in for Kim. Officer calls K over

K goes down and looks at how much S burned Kim. S asks do you feel better since this guy killed your mom and hyung. cant you see how much I tortured him. K asks did you find out anything. S says it was a waste of effort -he didnt know anything. but at least I made him suffer for you so it wasn’t for nothing. let’s go out. S orders kim to be put in the cell. Kim smiles and nods at K

S informs taro and UH about yang’s plan to bomb and risking his life to come here. Just like at the anniversary event DS tried to bomb the whole event but failed. this time he intends to bomb the whole government  building headquarter to raise the rebel spirit. taro says S got this info straight from a member of DJ’s group.  Yoshi says those guys already set fire to four register locations. UH tells S to take care of this well

Taro, yoshi, and S walk out as H comes in. they bow to each other and keep going. But S holds H and says I told you I had something to say to you. Jun steps up but H motions him to step back

S drags her into a room. S: Remember when I said you were a pitiful woman. you really are a pitiful woman. you told me cuz I was crazy over a girl my judgment was impaired but why are you like this? you are in love with a guy who is in love with another girl. you didnt know that and I guessed K was gaksital. during that time how tormented you must have been. You put me down for loving D, but you love a Korean guy. Do you think he can protect you? if you need a place to run away to come to me and I will save you. she says what are you to save me. how dare you? I am UR. He says he didn’t know she was such a weak woman.

K comes on the streetcar and sits next to D and holds hands for a second so he can take the note from her hand. She goes out and says hi to the officer who was trailing K (she did that to distract him so he would miss the cable car). she acts happy to see him saying it’s been a long time. officer abe is doing well right? during the time the circus group was watched we got close to him.  he says of course. she says see you again and leaves. he scowls cuz he is going to get in trouble with S again

Song says something and DJ gives a speech to his men. everyone worked hard.  even though the country was ruined we didnt give them our hearts. he says until the day we have independence we will (some word I dont know. why cant these speeches be easier)

Song thanks K for saving his life. K gives DJ a note from yang. How they need to make secret identities for their men (I think so they wont fall into the Japanes) to train them and how they need money. DJ thanks K. K says do you know one member of DJ (Kim) has been caught. DJ says I know – when I think about how he will be tortured I have to rescue him even a day earlier. K says not yet cuz that friend and I are throwing the japanese off the trail. we spread the lie to them that yang and DJ’s objective was to bomb the government  building headquarter. last time DS set off a bomb so they will fall for it. DJ asks why tell that lie. K says like yang said -for our manse independence protest to succeed we need funds. he explains about the money that is being gathered by the government for their military defense. before the money goes to japan we need to get. DJ says if we get that money our protest will be a success. K says the day that money comes to the capitol there will be a lot of security so I am going to give the lie that’s the day of the bombing to the others. DJ thanks him and says I will just trust you. they shake hands.

S greets the governor and talks about the bombing that is coming up. how the rebels will need bombs to do that. he says last time for the anniversary bombing the police armory was robbed. Governor is hearing this for the first time and asks to find how which precinct that was so taro blames goji. S asks for all the armories of 5 police precincts to be especially guarded. governor says he is going to ask the military to help out but Yoshi says why ask outsiders-dont worry  I will take responsibility but governor says you just catch yang and DJ. Governor asks S is there a way to find out the exact date of the bombing

K goes to see kim and calls him over. kim calls K bad names. K: you wanna die. your mom kept pleading and asking so I was going to give this to you. Kim asks what is it. give it. K gives one to the officer to eat and one to kim. The rice cake had a note that S will ask when the bombing is so use the excuse that you will find out and asked to be released. Kim eats the note with the rice cake. S comes over and looks at him

they serve Kim some food. S asks kim when the date of the bombing will be. Kim says only those involved or higher up knows. should I find out for you. S asks wont the DJ group suspect you. Kim says we dont know the faces of each member well cuz DJ goes to each person and meets them. S says I will let you go free but you know what will happen to you if you do anything foolish.  Kim says just doing something about K cuz I really didn’t kill his mom and hyung. S: ok dont worry. he orders kim released after he is done eating.

Abe gives an announcement about needing a collection for recruiting troops so lackey gets mad. K asks if change is ok too and gives abe some change. K tells lackey to give some money since the lackey got a promotion. Abe asks S for some collection cuz only K paid so far. S gives him some bills.

S calls the spy officer into his room. S asks if K stayed here the whole time. the guy said I saw him leave when you did. he met up with D but she hung onto me so I lost him. S kicks the guy

S goes out and calls lackey over. He says call that girl gyesoon (the spy)

K helps abe collect money by calling people. Abe is so happy

They bring the spy gyesoon into the torture room. S asks if D meets K often these days. She says no these days they don’t meet. S says : say that again. She repeats it so S says “again” and she repeats it so he drowns her and says “are you lying. it’s not enough those two do it but now you too? What do you think you are? S remembers telling D that gaksital is a stranger she doesnt know so why protect him so much. cuz of that reason cuz he is Korea’s hope? she said he has nothing to do with me but he put his life on the line to save my dad twice. He pulls up the girl and holds a gun to her head. He says you saw me kill that woman. Should I kill you too. He holds the gun and trails it down her face. S: If you lie one more time you know what will happen right. Watch D carefully. He leaves her there crying. lackey touches her hair so she runs off

D passes out the writing from yang to all the girls. She is telling the girls to tell people not to sign up for new registers when the japanese ask them to and to tell koreans that yang is here. the man says gyesoon is acting weird. she is a girl who looks like she wont even drip blood if you prick her with a needle but she is crying like that.  D tells the others to go first and she will follow them later. she offers to go see gyesoon.

D goes and gyesoonl what’s going on. girl says I am so scared I think I will die. save me. You know I have other family. I started spying for the officer cuz I made money -back then cuz I earned money I did it but now I am too scared. if something goes wrong I could die. What will happen to my family if I die. D says don’t cry and talk in slowly in detail.

D goes to the precinct and remembers the girl saying S said “suddenly he got angry that I deceived him and put my head in the water.”

D walks in and runs into K. they face each other. she says I am here to see S. he says follow me.

K knocks and D steps in. S seems surprised to see her. K leaves them to talk. S walks over to her. he says if you came here it must be urgent. She says I came to ask a favor. S: what is it? D: not just an officer but you have me watched by Gyesoon too. I wont go anywhere. I will stay by your side. I will try to give you my heart. cant you just please leave me alone. He says are you really going to try to give me your heart. D: yes I will so please leave me alone. he steps forward to hug her but she backs up and says close the blinds. He looks out and K is watching. S says to be honest I am having a crazy hard time. you don’t know how hard I am trying to hang in there. do you remember I said if you are hiding something from me I will find out and destroy it. I am hanging on till that moment -to see what face you make-I am hanging on looking forward to that. just for that one thing I am hanging in there. she thinks in her head he found out young master is gaksital. he says go back and don’t come here to see me again.

She leaves without looking at K.

S looks at K and K glares at him

Lee jr is drinking alone when the madam comes in and shows him the paper of his dad with the governor. he offers madam a drink but she says as you guessed I don’t love you. he asks: during that time were you pretending to love me? she says: sorry, I just needed you. he laughs and says: you needed me? like about my father’s schedule. My father is still curious how he ended up meeting DS on the train. he doesnt know this son went around talking. She says I was thankful for that. he asks what she meant “that I was someone not to worry about.” She says cuz you are someone who wont do anything. Lee jr says I have a conscience too and  hurt more than others when you hit. She says that’s good to hear. your father is selling out this country and getting around $100. Instead of just donating planes for the Japanese tell him to do it for us too. He asks: do you want money? do you put water in the alcohol or something – no matter how much I drink I cant get drunk. he leaves a lot of cash to pay for his drinks and leaves

Lee jr goes home and maid brings him over-lee jr pretends to pass out drunk on the couch. Lee asks why did you drink so much. his wife says your son is all grown so why worry so much. Lee says what his plans for his son are but she says how they should make lee jr a kishokai member. Lee says why didnt I think of that sooner. she says how she is thinking of being the one to give the money to UH chairman.  Lee jr pretends to be still passed out but his eyes open.

Madam gets a call about that info from Lee Jr and thanks him.  Then she calls D and D says ok. D calls K and tells him tm night at 8pm in the VIP room at the gisaeng house the money will be passed to UH. K speaks politely to her pretending to be taking a call from someone else. She warns him that S knows you are gaksital. cuz S got mad at gyesoon that she was deceiving him. K: thank you for telling me. can I ask you for a favor.

D goes to give kim a note. (what he needs to relay to S)

Kim tells S that the bombing is tonight at 8pm at chongno.

K is mopping when S shows up. S says in his head to K – gaksital you know too what yang and DJ are doing tonight. We might meet tonight. He goes into his office. K says in his head: S – did you finally find out who I am? shall we start and see who wins tonight

H says there  are new members for kishokai to welcome. Park’s son. Lee’s son. They both bow to UH. UH says throw away your Korean heritage and live as Japanese. he says something about how he wants the kishokai members to prevail against yang and DJ. They toast

S and the officers show up at the government  building headquarter

Ahn and that female comrade follow Gaksital.

Lee, his son, UH, H, and Park jr are having a meal. lee’s wife comes in with Jun and says the money just arrived. Jun brings it over to UH and shows it to him. UH says you worked hard. Lee jr gets up quietly and leaves the room. UH compliments Lee’s wife. She says of course it’s just what I should do. The gisaeng gives Lee a note.  It’s from his son.

Lee jr wrote a farewell suicide note. he says -dear father, the money for the Japanese will be used for the independence movement. I was ashamed to be born your son, but I love you father. for not having the courage and handling it like this, please forgive me. Lee jr shoots himself in the head and they hear the gunshot ring out. Just as Lee yells out his son’s name. gaksital shows up. Lee passes out. UH sends the samurai to go after Gaksital. Ahn and the other comrade come through the door. Ahn fights Jun and snatch the money. H says go catch them.

Jun and H block ahn and the other comrade’s paths. they boxed them in. Ahn puts the money down to fight Jun. H fights the other comrade. ahn kicks Jun and knocks him through the door.

samurai goes after gaksital. they face off in the open area


no preview

*I can already tell you this wont end well. gaksital just cant beat him. I say break tradition of fighting with swords for these scenes and just take out a gun and shoot the samurai a few times and get it over with. honor smhonor – surviving is more important.


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  1. Paola says:

    EP. 25 PREVIEW


  2. Paola says:

    Ueno: Kimura Shunji! Why couldn’t you catch Gaksital again when he was in front of your eyes?!
    ????: If we could get the weapons/newspapers(not sure), the end is imminent

    Comrade: If Kimura Shunji knows, Mok Dan will be in danger
    Ueno: Ueno Rie, you think I only trust you?
    Shunji: Sato Hiroshi, do you come here often? -in the car- To destroy the governor, they will need weapons (not sure)

    Mok Dan: I have an urgent request for you
    Rie: What are you talking about?
    Abe: Gaksital has been caught…
    Mok Dan: Lee Kang To… please save him!

    Translations by ricecak3 from soompi


    • Softy says:

      Thanks for sharing ricecak3’s translations.

      I didnt want to edit her work so I will just add to it here:
      it’s the governor’s HQ they are going to bomb – like the whole building
      The female comrade said: If S knows he was deceived it will be dangerous for MokDan.
      S went to the tailor shop to ask: Does Satohiroshi drop by here often these days too.


  3. SS says:

    source: TV Daily
    translated from Korean to Chinese by minidadalove on Baidu

    Joo Won’s popularity in Japan has risen despite starring in Bridal Mask. Why?

    KBS’s Bridal Mask actor Joo Won has attracted a lot of attention concerning his rise in popularity in Japan.
    Acting in a drama whose background is set in Imperial Japan’s occupation of Korea, Joo won’s popularity in Japan rose instead, this meaning is significant. Joo Won acting as Lee Kangto in Bridal Mask has received unanimously good reviews. Initially this drama attracted attention due to the rejection by Korean Hallyu stars. Finally, Joo Won, Park Ki Woong, Jin Se Yeon, Han Chae Ah and other actors who share the same conviction are cast, becoming a hot topic. Specially Joo Won who possessed captivating acting skills but does not seek after Hallyu fame and popularity. He accepted the role and received many positive criticisms.
    The most amusing thing is that despite joining the drama under such condition, Joo Won’s popularity in Japan rose significantly. Joo Won’s official spokeman also revealed that after Joo Won started acting in Bridal Mask, Joo Won quickly become more well known in Japan, his fans has also risen many folds. A representative from Bridal Mask has recently expressed in Osen that Joo Won relied on his acting skills, and those Japanese fans whose reactions were originally thought to be adverse against Korea, continuously increased instead. Although some people worry that productions which are anti-Japanese in nature will affect overseas activities, those Japanese fans who can separate the drama and appreciate Joo Won’s acting and star appeal instead, support and root for him.
    In fact through SNS, those Japanese fans have continuously given welcoming messages. The fans in Fan Care has also increased tremendously, the mood is exceptional. Even the Japanese local media has expressed a lot of care and concern for Joo Won and hope that they can invite him for interviews.
    A related source from the station expressed that if an actor focused on his acting ability, and displays excellent quality acting skills in a good production, this is the answer. Recently, kdramas, KPOP and celebrities have received good response in Asia, Joo Won has surely and verily stepped into the ranks of Hallyu stars.


  4. SS says:

    Released on 4 or 5th September

    CD 1
    01. 굿바이데이 – 울랄라세션
    02. 안되겠더라 – 포맨
    03. 노을이지면 – 가비앤제이
    04. 그대내품에 – 보헤미안
    05. 심판의 날 – 주원, 이정현
    06. 그 한 마디 – 멜로디데이
    07. 사랑 그리고 사랑 – 주원 (대표곡, TITLE)
    08. 안되나봐 – 정은별
    09. 외사랑 – 한채아
    10. 아파와도 – 이슬비
    11. 청홍 – 지서윤
    12. 각시탈
    13. Holy
    14. 운명
    15. 내가 니 앞에 있는데
    16. 수호자
    17. 외사랑 (Orch)
    18. 태극기가 이렇게

    Fans of Joo Won’s voice will be pleased to know that he is singing a new song. This time is a love ballad. It’s song no. 7. If anyone can read Korean please translate. I am not confident of my translation from chinese one on baidu. It’s goes something like this ” Love, and also Love”
    T……………T it’s a sad song! OH NO!!!!!!!!! The lyrics goes like ” I become your shadow, behind your back, I live for you” (direct translation)
    Ommmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiii what does this mean? I don’t think Kangto will die but he is not going to be with her? I think I want to shred my Fanfic already
    ! At least the 2nd part of it!! :((:((


  5. Anonymous says:

    that Count will die and maybe his wife too. then ueno rie is in danger. she and jun will maybe die on thursday episode. i have a feeling that shunji will die by the hands of his nanny when she learns about her granddaughter…


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