Bridal Mask E21

They say cats have nine lives, but so far gaksital seems to have hundreds. I lost count of how many times Gaksital was almost caught, but made it out ok – relatively unscathed for the most part since he is still walking around. I factored in all the help he is getting from others, but now that we are nearing E22, I just realized he is going to run out of allies sooner or later. The biggest one so far is H cuz she has been keeping his secret and I really don’t want her to become just another collateral damage. I hope she means more to him than that and if she has to make a sacrifice for him, I hope it affects him to his core. At least then, her love for him was justified.

OMG in the preview, it looks like H is in danger – not from herself and her emotions, but from S.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for written translations, and Yanna for video link.

Today fiction caught up to reality for a moment. The timing for airing E21 of this drama is uncanny cuz August 15th is the day Korea celebrates its independence from Japanese rule. Even though Gaksital never existed, the reason behind creating such a heroic fictional character is very real. Koreans paid homage to all the freedom fighters today and it made me wonder if this cast stopped filming for a moment to let it sink in that the part of history they are portraying on film is being felt by generations of comfort women and freedom fighters as well. Last week I stopped thinking of Gakistal as just a mere drama and now I get why shows like this had to portray the horrors of oppression and bring the persecution to the foreground again. It’s so that new generations don’t forget the sacrifice the heroes in our past made and appreciate the freedom they are enjoying now. Before I was cheering on a fictional character, but now I am wholeheartedly rooting for his cause.


Starts from the grandma telling the girl to go and come back well. The girl says don’t worry and I will write. The grandma tries to give her money but the girl says no you buy something good to eat. I will be going. She gets on the truck. Grandma runs over to wave goodbye and call out come back well. Girl waves back

The trucks go through the wood and circus girls look scared.

H, Jun, and the recruiter wait and say they are coming. H tells her to confirm if they are all here so there is a roll call.

Gaksital shows up in front of other trucks and he fights the officers. H and the others hear gunshots ring out.

Gaksital jumps on circus girls’ truck and fights off the officers. Sunwha and other girls stop the officer from shooting Gaksital. she tells them it’s dangerous and to run away. Gaksital kills the male recruiter.

There is a gunshot near his head. He looks over and H is standing there with a gun aimed at him. In her head she says please don’t make me regret saving you. she walks over to him with her gun still aimed. In his head he says “you know who I am don’t you.” in her head she says “why did it have to be you? why?” she cries and lowers her gun. Sunwha tells the others to run away now. H tries to aim her gun at the girls but Gaksital makes her pass out with a pressure point to her neck

The lady tells the girls nothing is going on so don’t worry. She talks with the driver and decides to keep going. Lady tells the girls they are going to leave. Lady calls out be healthy and well. The girl who said goodbye to her grandma is on that truck and smiles as the truck drives away. (Oh no- she wasnt saved. now my heart is breaking again for her and her grandma now)

Abe tells S that the chief said to hurry and come back in cuz gaksital showed up and made them fail to move those comfort women

Officers are lined up and yoshi yells at them for failing at their job and not catching gaksital. He asks what K was doing and K says lackey told me to clean so yoshi kicks K. he yells didnt you hear me say not one officer should miss out and help with the transport. K: I didnt know. yoshi kicks him for talking back. When lackey shows up yoshi asks if he lackey ordered K to clean. Lackey denies it saying I would never do that. how could I order that when you said not one of us should be left out in helping to transport. so yoshi kicks K saying this guy now lies too. yoshi says if they get attacked by gaksital one more time they all have to strip their clothes off.

Abe goes over and helps K asking if he is ok. so lackey kicks Abe. Abe says sorry to him. Lackey offers ice coffee to S since the weather is hot. he makes K get two cups of it. K puts a smile on his face and says should I make it sweet. S says yes with lots of ice. K says ok with lots of ice and limps away.

Sunwha and the girls are crying. D says it’s ok sunwha. thank goodness for gaksital that you were able to come back safely. dont cry. Spy girl asks how much longer they are going to cry cuz what if officers come back and drag them away. man says would they come again. cuz those recruiters and officers were attacked by gaksital. D says how this isnt over with just this one time cuz there are more articles in the papers to recruit girls as cooks in the army. Sunwha and girls say they cant let people get tricked so they need to alert the people and let them know.  how can we just stand still when they are dragging girls away as young as 12. spy asks are you crazy. what are you going to do if you get caught. the other girl says gaksital rescued us so we have to rescue others. D has an idea to spread the news to people-to let them know we should make up fliers

H breaks her mirror and calls herself stupid. what are you going to do- what do you intend to do – what you had to go through to get this high up- why couldn’t you shoot -why? she looks at the flowers K gave her and throws it down. H: he is a guy who doesn’t even love you. cuz of him -is it ok if you die? is it ok if you lose everything. Come to your senses UR.

S asks K how it’s going with Lala. K spoke formerly so S tells him to speak comfortably and sit. S hints about K’s relationship with Lala-that they have a past. K denies it’s not like that between them. S says in his head -it’s not like that between you. it’s not but she is trying to get you into kishokai. S says then why would she ask me to get rid of you when you were outside her door. like she was a crazed woman cuz of a lover’s quarrel. K repeats that and says you really dont know that woman well do you? that she would love a korean? stop talking nonsense and call if you have something for me to do. He leaves. S gets a call to meet now

H and S walk down the hall. He says how she spoke loudly she would catch gakistal first so how did she lose him. He says I will meet you later at the hotel but she says I don’t have anything to say to you. he says as the officer in charge of gaksital’s case, I have to investigate how you met him and how you lost him.  they go inside

Everyone is kneeling in front of UH. H says I committed a sin that deserves death. Just kill me instead. Taro reports they failed in the transport in jongno police precinct but the rest of the four precincts were able to transport the comfort women so they were able to fill the first group of 2000.  UH says the start is 2,000 but they need to send 200,000 more so what are you going to do if gaksital shows up each time and intervenes. yoshi apologizes and says he will catch gaksital but UH orders H to catch Gaksital so she says I will catch him with my own hands and kill him. UH asls KP to report so he says they were alerted this morning by their contacts

Leader Jo gives D a letter from her dad. her dad says I miss you. have you been well. I am going to bring grandpa and go to meet you soon so until then take care of yourself and let your friends know the news that I am bringing grandpa. She asks what this means. what grandpa. Jo says since the letter was sent to me but the contents written to you, it means he wants me to decode the letter content to you. D: what does this mean? He asks if she knows teacher Yang. She says of course. where is there a korean who doesnt know him. He says DS is bringing Yang *grandpa is code for Yang

UH tells the group that Yang has shown up. taro says Yang wont show up here in korea right? Yoshi and taro don’t think Yang will come here cuz he will be killed cuz of the high ransom over his head so why risk that danger. UH says how many failed to kill Yang. KP says the rebels are protecting yang with their bodies (meaning with their lives). H says if he comes here then it’s our chance to kill him. but S says you cant just kill him outright cuz there might be plans he has with joseons here that we dont know about. UH says that’s it exactly -we need to find out what Yang is planning no matter what. He orders S to find out what yang is planning and kill him.  Koreans rebellion with be cut off if they kill Yang.

The madam at the club gets a note from DS that grandpa is coming to the capitol soon and wants to meet the club ajussi Dong Jin so please relay the news. Lee’s son took it and read some of the letter and asks what letter is so serious. he starts to read “grandpa is..” but she slaps him really hard to stop him. Madam takes the letter back and tells the waiter she is going out for a while. she tells him to get lee’s son an egg (for the bruise on his cheek).

Madam goes to see a newspaper guy who is on their side. They are making flags and stuff. she shows the letter

S shows a pic of Yang and tells the governor and others about Yang. How yang is encouraging the koreans to get their country back. He lists all the terrorists in the past and DS’s face is among them. Governor wonders why yang is coming to joseon. To bomb again. S says to risk his life coming here it must be something good enough to lose his life over.

D and Jo wonder what the reason is for Yang to come. Jo thinks it’s a reason that is worth the danger. he asks who her friend is for leader DS to want him to know in this urgent situation. she says don’t worry it’s someone who helped  my dad and me and someone we are grateful to. D calls K’s desk and lackey answers so she hangs up. lackey complains you should talk if you called. why call and not say anything and hang up. K watches that and leaves

Jun shows up and says H wants to meet K.

K goes to see H. she remembers not shooting him. She says you brought me roses and came to me asking me the request to get you into kishokai – what was that. did you want to break up kishoakai? does it look like an organization you can take lightly? aren’t you the lee Kangto who wanted to rise to high positions. like me you lost your family to the Koreans. so why? over people like that – why would you? does it make sense? how could you do that? I don’t want to kill you with my own hands. I dont know what happened for you to make such a foolish choice, but quit/stop right now. If you just quit what you are doing, I will carry this secret to my grave alone. K: I cant stop even if I die. H cries and says: are you a fool? it’s ok if you die? you said if the same situation as 5 yrs ago arises, that you would rescue me. even when you knew I tried to kill the girl you love, you didnt kill me. Wasn’t that cuz you feel even a little something for me. K: you weigh on my heart. it seems like you saw through me cuz I pursued success and power so now you always weigh on my heart. ( it means H gets to him and worries him.) what you are doing if you are doing it cuz you really want to  or if you are doing things that your adoptive father wants. if you are living according to what he wants and living like a puppet -think it over well.  I trust one day you will make the choice to live the right way. He turns to leave but she says “stop there.” If you leave like this from this room you’re destined to die. He leaves anyway

D and them make fliers. D says let’s go together but sunwah says D cant go cuz people will recognize your face. she is going to go and meet up with the other girls at the market and pass it out together. So the circus guy offers to go with sunwah. D thanks him and tells him to be careful. she tells D to be careful too

As they leave S is standing outside the door. Sunwah and the man leave quickly saying they are late for the performance. S asks what happened to D’s face. Did you get hurt. D: what is it now. He asks for tea

She gives him a drink and he asks her to sit. Don’t you want to sit with me. She sits down. He says you were contacted by your father huh. She says you still didn’t catch my father. S: are you saying he didn’t contact you yet. D: seeing how you are like this then my father is still safe. S says how she will be able to meet her dad soon. when he comes this time will he make it so gaksital and Yang meet. gaksital and DS worked together during the anniversary event so arent you curious what will happen when yang and gaksital hold hands. K overhears from outside when D tells S to leave if he said what he came to say. S:are you still mad at me? D: go now.  S: I was so angry with you I couldnt talk too. you said you were mistaken that he was the young master you missed, but he wasnt so that means gaksital is someone you dont know. so why are you so grateful to him and protect him. cuz of that one reason of being the hope for koreans?  D says -yes even though he has nothing to do with me he still put his life on the line and saved my father twice. and the guy I thought was my friend and believed in played with my father’s life. do you need more explanations. He says I couldn’t help that. S: me who didnt have a mother, she put me under her registry -the ajumma who treated me like her real daughter – you think I dont know how she  died.  don’t you know how hard it is being civil to you right now. he looks guilty and walks out.

After S leaves, K comes out of the room and goes inside. she sees him and runs over to hug him. She smiles at him and he asks why her face is like that. she says thanks to you  our members are alive. thank you. K: I asked how you ended up like this.  She explains how she was hurt while stopping the officers who were dragging the girls out. he says don’t get interfere like that next time. from here on there might be more times when you are dragged away so I dont know what I will do either. she says he isnt alone anymore. K: what do you mean? she says her dad is bringing Yang soon and coming to joseon. K: what? teacher Yang is coming to the capitol? since their is pressure now from the oppressors it will be dangerous. she says what to do- it seems S already guessed the truth that yang is coming. K says  S’s organization would know that already. she asks will it be ok. He says don’t worry- I will do my best with my strength to help the two. they smile at each other

S walks to his car and drives away, but stops. He remembers how D said “me -who didnt have a mother, she put me under her registry -the ajumma who treated me like her real daughter – you think I dont know how she died?”  he says in his head I didn’t know. if I knew she had that relationship with you, I wouldn’t have killed her. in his rearview mirror he sees K coming out. he remembers how K said he gave up on D.

Jun asks H: do you know who gaksital is. if you dont know who he is, how are you going to kill him?  She says I will take care of it on my own so go out. he says how she cant delay the chairman’s order. she yells for him to leave

Jun walks out as S comes over. S goes in the room. She turns and says don’t you hear me saying get out. she sees S. H: what are you so curious about? he asks how she lost gaksital. she says you lost him many times so you should know well too. S: tell me everything from the start in details. how did you lose him. She says how she heard gunshots and went there but he had already attacked the officers and let the girls go. it was after he was gone. He doesn’t buy that and asks if you went there after he was gone then you should have gone back to the others but they said you didnt show up again.  you are hiding something now arent you. she says what is there for me to hide from someone like you. he says there shouldnt be anything you are hiding from me but why am I suspicious of you. you swore you in front of the chairman you would catch gaksital and came to me for help so why are you like stalling like this. she says I will take care of gaksital and you just find yang. S: I have to catch gaksital to catch Yang too cuz those two will meet for sure. to be honest I suspect that you know that K is gakistal.  she says if you suspect that so much go now to the precinct and shoot him. S says -you  think I want to catch K wearing the japanese uniform now- I have to catch K wearing the mask. you better hope you arent lying to me

Lee, taro, and governor are meeting with the elderly couple and others. Governor tells taro not to worry about yang coming. Lee and his wife are scared that Yang is coming. Governor asks why they are so scared. Lee says how yang is out to kill them. If Koreans know there might be more bombings. Taro says don’t worry how would Koreans know. taro says even if yang comes he will go back without success.

Koreans on the bus signal to each other and kim takes the box of flags from the newspaper guy. they give each other folded flags and says unfold when you get home and bring it out tm. open it at home. Girls pass out fliers to girls not to be tricked by those who are recruiting to be nurses. they are recruiting for comfort women so dont get tricked. tell people around you too. Kim gives sunwha a flag and tells her to open it at home. he offers to pass out her fliers saying dont worry I’m with Dong Jin. it’s dangerous here so go home.

Next day there is some athlete in a jeep and Koreans wave their flags and say mansai. so the guy takes off the Japanese flag on his chest. Koreans keep cheering. newspaper guy takes pics. I guess he is a Korean who was forced to wear the Japanese flag.

Taro is angry and yells at yoshi -is this how you are going to work.  capture that athlete now. how dare he rip off that japanese flag. he says how S is punishing him now. Taro tells S not to be lenient on the athlete for being a 3 time champion. we dont need a champion who isnt loyal to japan. S says we cant overlook what this paper did too. the one supporting that athlete was Joongangilbo. taro and yoshi agree that if those koreans didnt gather and work together then those koreans wouldnt have had those flags to wave. Taro guesses this paper was the one that broke the news about the bombing during the event  so he yells for them to be captured.

The newspaper guys are captured

S tells taro how those reporters and other staff had special skills. Taro asks if S found out anything. S suspects evidence of them working for the rebels undercover and the leader is Dong Jin. The head of the papers Park whispers something to taro and tells him not to worry cuz there is a way to bring those guys out into the light

A couple arrives and DS is dressed as a servant carrying his bags with another guy.

The governor is being dressed and fitted for a new formal suit and talks about losing weight. That new couple arrive to look at suits.

D, the madam, and Jo are dressed up and waiting. The new couple head over to them. They are greeted by D, Jo, and madam. They say you suffered coming here. good to meet you. then DS and the other man walk down and take their hats off. D goes and hugs her dad. DS says hello to teacher yang. He introduces D as his daughter. Jo says to yang- you suffered coming here. yang asks for a group hug.

A kid passes out fliers saying there is a misunderstanding about the nurses working for the army and that teacher Dong Jin supports it. K picks it up and looks angry

Park is on the phone with taro and they are talking about the fake news park passed out. taro thinks gaksital will show up cuz it will anger him. Suddenly a knife is thrown by park and gaksital shows up. park yells into the phone gaksital.

S asks Where is K. abe says he hasn’t come into work yet.  S sends lackey and rest of the officers to the paper cuz gaksital showed up

Gaksital lists all the things park did that was wrong. dirty the name of a comrade, sell off the daughters, and deceive koreans. I came so you can pay for your evil deeds. He kills Park.

K goes back to the precinct and puts his uniform back on. he goes downstairs and S is sitting there waiting for him. S glares at him. They are the only two in the room. K looks shocked



S asks H: this is the last time I am asking you. K is gaksital isnt he? How did you confirm it?

K tells baek there is no way to find teacher

S says something about K – the comrade who wants to meet Yang

Someone asks: What is the relationship between the two of you

K and D hold hands and she says : I will find out. K: wont it be dangerous

D finds out about the spy girl and warns the girl about S-why cant you think that you will get in trouble too

S tells UH: I am going to kill your daughter. I need your assistance. I will put my life on the line


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  1. atriniriggie says:

    I truly believe I was Korean in another life because I find every reason to tie myself to Korean heritage..
    So today not only would I celebrate my son’s 20th bday but also Korean independent day..


  2. nonski says:

    thanks in advance softy and camping~~~


  3. SS says:

    *sigh* I might get interrupted in my viewing tonight. Horrid especially when you wait 7 days and then you can’t watch it in full. Counting on your recaps and Yanna’s YT.

    Thanks Softy and Yanna in advance


  4. chaumeow says:

    I can’t wait! Thank you Softy!
    I’m at work and youtube and any flash videos are blocked 😦 Therefore… I look forward to reading your live update every time!!! hahaha 🙂 When do you usually start Bridal Mask updates? I’ll be here with my coffee!! LOL


  5. nonski says:

    i’ll just update myself with softy’s post, live streaming isn’t cooperating with me atm. 😦


  6. semi-fly says:

    Torrent links for episode 021:
    – Random / 720p:


  7. Marie says:

    Wow what a breathtaking episode. Kangto is being more and more cornered, but still, he has to do that all on his own while the Japanese soldiers are all after him. I am so glad they gained more people who can help him.

    I want more romance between Kangto x Mokdan but I hope more for a happy ending for these two.


  8. Thank you Softy dear for your quick recaps… And Thank you Semi-fly for the torrent links 🙂


  9. bbblue73 says:

    I watched Arirang & KBS special today commemorating Korean Liberation Day. Listening those testimonies from those victims, activist prisoners, grandmother’s ( become so called comfort women by the japanese military) who are still existing after World war II was painful to hear. Those video clips, diaries, re-enactment, i can’t even stand to watch it but i had to. Some testimony says that even when he sleep he still remember what had happened back then. Other says he can forget birthdays, anniversaries but not Aug. 15, 1945.
    Hello Softy dear, reading your recap while watching this episode. Thank you so much. Sparkskey thanks for the preview translations, Semi-fly for the torrents & Yanna for YT link in advance.

    *Hugs* SS, Nonski & atriniriggie (Happy birthday to your son).


  10. virna yuniar says:

    thankyuuu so much, btw anyone can help me link for streaming bridal mask? i use link wubiseng and livedekankoku but not good working 😦


  11. kittygal says:

    I think kangto will save rie again! Isn’t that great?? He’s such a good person


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    again, thanks so much Softy~~~~

    *sighs* i was always on my toes afraid K would get caught soon. what to do? *sighs*


  14. bbblue73 says:

    S suspect K as gaksital is now 99%. I don’t know on how K will get away this time during their confrontation. It seems like H is in danger with S coz of K or Gaksital identity. The story now evolves S,H & K, which is more interesting.
    Opps, in the preview, K & the girl setting in front on the table talking which is comfortable to watch. Coz standing isn’t good, the girl will gained a stiff neck.


  15. flo says:

    thanks God..BM is still number one…sooo happyyyyyyy
    Nationwide : 19,4%
    Seoul : 18,8%
    Gaksitaaaaal Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Softy thank your the recap, Yana thanks for the video link,,both of you are so wonderful!!!


  16. Anonymous says:

    Softy and Gaksital troop here — thank you so very very much. You ladies brighten my days along with Joowon and whole Gaksital cast.


  17. SS says:

    Am I the only one distracted by the pimple on Joowon’s chin? See the screencap at top of page…

    I just want to kiss that chin and …………………


  18. ainslie says:

    How come they had projector at that time? Overhead projector was firstly used for American army in United States in 1945.. How come Japan already used it in 1930? and in Joseon? please script writer hyungnim.. give us some sense of reality would you… eventhou gaksital is fictional…


    • Tigger says:

      Hi, you’re right about the overhead projector being first used by the Americans in 1945. However, I think the one used in BM (at 23:26) was an opaque projector or episcope which is a precusor to the overhead projector. The opaque projector works by shining a bright light down onto an object or image. The light reflected off the image is focused with mirrors and lenses to project the image onto a screen or wall. Earliest forms of opaque projector already existed in 1900. Have a nice day 🙂


  19. sparkskey says:

    Kangto meets Yangbaek who tells him to find the missing Dongjin. Shinjo who is investigating the instigator behind the Taegukki incident, Dongjin discovers Kangto secretly going through Dongjin’s file in the library. 

    After many ups and downs, Kangto discovers Dongjin address. He dresses up as Gaksital and lets Yangbaek know of his arrival and promises to help him escape…


  20. CT@SGP says:

    Hav jus finish watchg ep21. Got tis cold chill coming down the back of my neck n spine. always hav tis sensation whenever theres an anticipation of something great is happening. Hope this is a good sign tat Bridal Mask will continue with excellent ratings n there b a magnificent finale ending when the time comes to say goodbye to gaksital n lee kangto ♡


  21. Anonymous says:

    Moook daaan why can’t you act. kangto is your love not your father. its better if they didn’t add the holding hand scene anymore, i dont see any emotion from her side just a false smile and same expression.
    sometimes i have this evil thinking if they kill her the story would be more interesting, her acting the same as her previous work but she has to know gaksital isn’t a family drama it’s different.


    • ainslie says:

      yup….I feel dissapointed too about Mok Dan… the way Mok Dan look at Kang To is like a little girl looking at her daddy to give her a candy… there is no love in her eyes… damn it!.. she is really a rookie in this field… I would rather prefer Han Cae Ah.. she is a great actress.. I love the way she show Ueno Rie struggles between her love for Kang To or for her ambition to get recognized by Japanese… She’s totally amazed me…


      • Sunny says:

        i agree with u..there is no love in her eyes..i means the way she looked at K, it’s same when she looked at her father, and her body language seems not natural, when she walked, sat, and talked she looks uncomfortable with her acting, and the other side i saw JW looks so tired, i didn’t feel soo much love in his eyes towards D
        but i still prefer D for K,,because just simply, i just want K will be happy at the ends with the women he loves,,and i hope the main couple can maintain their relationship for the next episodes


      • CT@SGP says:

        MD behaves like a little fan meetg her idol – being respectful more than showg passion for a bf.


  22. dreamgirl says:

    i remain with my view, Mokdan is just like Jandi too simple and unimpressive. Joo Won Kanto deserves a beautiful girl just like Han Cae Ah. And the others are right she has more class in acting.


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