Mashcaps: To The Beautiful You E1-2, Faith E1-2

I fell in love with YAB cuz the secret was out of the bag almost from the start. It seems to be heading the same way here too judging from the preview. I like when the object of her affection knows who she is from the onset so that we get to watch him squirm and deal with his jealousy longer. Maybe it’s sadistic to say, but watching someone suffer in the name of love just grabs my full attention.

This face sort of screenshots itself – I am dead serious. As soon as he comes on screen, the light looks softer and all his best features just pop. It’s almost impossible to take a bad screen capture of him.

I love this show, but I discovered the pitfalls of recapping a drama with so many cute guys – they all have names I need to learn. In my haste to enjoy the beauty, I forgot about the price I have to pay – my mental strain. I am about to pull my hair out from all these names that sound alike. I only learned TJ and EG cuz they are the two main ones, but the rest is making my eyes glaze over.  Why did I have to fall for the aesthetics of this drama? This must be my punishment for being shallow.

Min-ho – Tae-Joon (TJ)

Sulli – Jae-Hee (J)

Lee Hyun-woo – Eun-Gyul (EG)

Seo Joon-young –  Ha Seung-Ri (SR) head of dorm 2 -track team -white tiger

Kim Ji-won gymnast Sol Hanna.

Kang Kyung-joon – coach Byun Kwang-Min

Kang Ha Neul -Min Hyun-jae TJ’s rival

Yoo Min-kyu– Jo Young-man head of dorm 1 – tae kwan do –  eagle

Ki Tae-young Jang Min woo (the doctor) so I am going to call him doc

Kim Yi-an  -Na Chul soo- likes to be called charles. 3rd dorm head – pony tailed figure skater – blue dragon.

Kwang-hee -Song Jong-min-the annoying guy who likes EG and mistreats J from first day (JM)

Jang -TJ’s manager


Starts from the doc saying “tell me why is a female student in a boy’s school.” she says what kind of nonsense is that. where do I look like a girl.  I will be going now. but he pulls her hand up and says -just look at this. right off if you look at the wrist it’s a girl’s. she pulls her hand away and finds her shoes. J: I dont know why you are misunderstanding like that, but I am a guy. she runs off. he smiles

TJ sits alone in the gym in the dark. jang comes over and says it’s so nice now that all the loud people left. she sits next to him and says there is nothing to worry about at all. for people who do sports, getting injured is normal. and you were in the middle of recovery. we rushed into it too much. it’s my mistake. I rushed into it too much. let’s get you tested again. if there is somewhere not well, the test will show it and we just need to find that and get it treated. she gets a call and asks who is that. she jokes: I am in the middle of a date with a flower boy together at night.  he tells her to pick up cuz it’s ok. anyway I wasnt thinking of doing sports the rest of my life. it will work out somehow. over this, I wont lose my spirit. jang: what does that mean. TJ: even if I cant jump again, it doesnt matter much cuz I was slowly getting sick of it. he gets up and leaves and she calls out his name

EG calls J and says I went to the clinic and heard you left. is your body ok? a while ago I thought you died so do you know how alarmed I was. J: why would I die. EG: you are talking like you dont know. there is an order to coming and but no order to going so you should have been careful in advance.  anyway thank goodness you didnt die. he brings up how he heard TJ didnt do well in high jumping. where he got hurt last time hasnt completely healed yet. she suddenly runs off

she goes back to the dorm but TJ isnt there

TJ is walking when his dad’s car pulls up. his dad gets out. TJ: what is a busy person doing here. his dad slaps him. his dad asks did you do that on purpose? TJ: what are you talking about? dad: you kept saying you didnt want to jump so you gathered people and put on a show didnt you. TJ: when did you have so much interest in me. just do like you always did. doing this – it’s a little annoying. (he used the korean word ticklish). dad asks if TJ is rebelling against him and giving up on himself. if you want to put me in a difficult position there are lots of other ways/methods. dont act like a child TJ. TJ: I will decide what to do. he walks away from his dad.

J is washing her face when she hears the door. she calls out his name. she goes out and asks if he is ok. I heard at the gym…but he throws a towel at her face and says dont you see that you are dripping water.  J:sorry. she pats herself dry. he says seeing how you didnt pack your stuff yet, you arent thinking of leaving at all huh? she promises to live being so quiet he wont even know she is here. even then wont it do? TJ: move. he shoves her so she reacts in pain. he remarks -for a guy what’s with the overreacting to pain. he tells her not to make noise over 40 decibels. if it gets over 40 then you are really out. J: what are you suddenly talking about 40 decibels for. she suddenly gets it and asks: what is that. then it’s ok for me to continue to stay here? he mutters how it’s the dorm rules so what can he do, but it’s a trial run. he adds that she should throw away the idea that she is using this room alone. I am the owner of this room and you are …nothing at all. J: where is something like that. if I am nothing. TJ cuts in-why? you dont like it? if you dont like it then pack up right now. J: no no no – ok you are the owner and I am nothing. ok?she starts to ask how much is 40 decibels so he says the level of sound at the library when you are turning the pages of a book. J: then are you asking me not to even breathe? TJ: if you can. J: then do I breathe through my skin? do you think I am some dog. he gives her a warning look so she says ok 40 decibels. she inhales deeply and says I wont even breathe and wash and come out.

TJ has a dream about his mother’s funeral. she died 2010. he gave her his gold medal. he stirs in his sleep.

J comes out after washing. she walks over and wonders why he is frowning in his sleep. she tucks him in and he suddenly grabs her hand as he remembers his mother doing that for him when he slept. he thinks he is holding onto his mom’s hand. J tries to free her hand but he is holding it tightly so she sits and pats his chest just like his mom did.

the next morning he wakes up and sees her sleeping next to him still holding hands. he tries to slowly get up but she wakes up so he quickly lets go of her hand and asks what is this. J: sorry. I forgot and fell asleep here. TJ: where you need to sleep – do I have to tell you stuff like that too? he gets out of bed and walks off. J calls out sorry- are you angry?  she mutters to herself – why did I have to fall asleep here.

J is washing her face when EG comes in. J: what is this. EG: I will just use your bathroom. she tells him to get out but he says the other guy wont come out of the bathroom this morning and I really need to pee. she says there is a person in here so hurry and get out. he says what’s wrong when it’s just guys. he starts to pee so she turns away and says do kids in this school not have common etiquette. he says yes but this is more important and it’s bad for you to hold it in. she tells him to hurry and get out. as soon as she shoves him out the senior SR comes in. he still calls her transfer student and asks if she slept well. she asks what brings him here this morning-did you want to see me about something. he says no -he doesnt have business with her – he has business with this and takes his pants off to do number two. he says he uses the bidet and his doesnt work. she screams and turns away. why does everyone not use their own bathrooms. he tells her to go outside. the sound he makes drives her out of there faster holding her nose.

jang is yelling into the phone cuz she is angry with a director. when she gets to her office and sees the reporter there she says talk later into the phone.  the reporter says she is late. jang says it’s not nice to be in a room without the owner. the woman asks about TJ so jang says I told you that he isnt fully recovered yet. the woman says that’s strange cuz jang was the one who said TJ was fully recovered. jang says cuz of the busy schedule TJ over did it. she changes the subject and invites the woman to brunch but the reporter says she cant make it cuz she has a deadline to meet.

J is walking along campus when she spots the doc putting his top down in his sports car so she ducks down and hides. he is in the phone saying I am leaving now cuz there are some files I want you to see. i will tell you the details when i get there. he drives off and J says for the time being i have to avoid him no matter what.

SR is giving a speech to the dorm. how the dorm athletic competition is right before their noses. they have to win and they will be attending a party. they all cheer. SR looks at TJ and says you know without me telling you right. you are the rep for high jump. TJ: take me out of it. SR asks-take you out? what does that mean? TJ says he doesnt want to expend energy on something silly like this and walks off. so SR takes offense and is about to lunge after him but J holds him back telling him to hold it in. EG says TJ was normally a jerk.

the 3 heads of dorm meet. they each say their dorm is going to win this time. young asks chul soo to speak korean cuz the guy keeps speaking something that’s not a language. chul soo wants to be called charles. there is a woman who sells ramen who makes mean comments to the students who eat messy. SR asks if young is preparing well. young lies and says what is there to prepare. we just do it. he is like a drill sargent and made his dorm guys do 500 push ups and stuff shirtless in the hall. one guy was even oiled up. SR mentions he heard charles took his dorm to Junjoo. but charles lies and says did the rumors end up like that. we just rented a pension and went to play. he actually made his guys march and do drills on the beach like the marines. charles asked if SR’s dorm practiced some. SR says we practiced this little (fingertip amount). in reality he said to his group- if it gets hard and you want to give up, think of insulting grandma. he takes his shirt off to show the mean grandma’s pic. then how his guys played the roughest soccer ever. SR says anyway let’s have fair play. they were going to shake and stamp but it ends up in a thumb war.

while eating lunch with EG, J spots the doc so she ducks her head and eats. EG thinks she is really hungry. she looks over at the doc and says that’s not it. she picked up EG’s finger by mistake thinking it was food so he asks are you planning on eating my finger too. she lets go and says sorry. he says she is messy. JM comes over and sees J trying to feed EG and EG saying it’s ok you eat. so Jm sits with them and tries to feed EG but J keeps lunging for the food.

TJ walks by and sees H (TJ’s rival) practicing and the coach is criticizing him on his jump. that is why your body falls. I told you it’s not strength -it’s breathing and rhythm. are you listening to me. reporter comes and asks what TJ is looking at. he quickly walks away but she follows.

she talks about H’s stats-his best jump measure and says there is only a 2cm difference with you. with this much it’s ok to think of him as your rival. TJ: I never thought like that. she asks why are you so brusque dont you know how much affection I have for you. TJ: normally one sided affection like that is called stalking. she ignores that and says arent you two just impressive rivals. she refers to TJ as the best and H as the one who puts forth effort. doesnt it seem like a good article will come out of that. how is your condition now? truthfully are you not jumping or cant jump?  he stops walking and tells her to think whatever you feel comfortable with. when she chases him again he changes direction and goes away from her

J changes and tries on TJ’s sneakers and lays on his bed. she remembers the doc asking why a girl is in a boy’s school

Hanna is doing her gymnastic routine. her group of friends sit around and stab at pictures of food they want to eat with their forks and eat their fruit and salad in reality. hanna talks about retiring. the girl asks if she is injured. hanna says no she just wants to get married with TJ and take care of him. the girl says what is that and calls her old fashioned. hanna says you arent at the level where you can say that to me.  hanna says these days TJ is having a hard time so she wants to hurry and marry him if she followed her heart  but if that wont work what if I give him a present. the girl asks what kind of present. hanna makes a call. she calls Min oppa (her driver and manager) and asks him to come to her school without jang finding out

the guy tells the guard he came to deliver something at the dorm.

J goes to her room and finds a giant blue box. she wonders what it is. Hanna jumps out with a bow on her head and says oppa and startles J. they both say what is this. hanna asks isnt this TJ oppa’s room. who are you. J: the one who is using the same room as TJ. who are you? hanna says TJ’s girlfriend.  where is my oppa. J:how would I know that. hanna: cuz of you I jumped out for nothing. you cant go anywhere and tell i you saw me today. espcially internet. you have that much manners right? J mutters no one is going to know who she is anyway. hanna: what? you really dont know who I am. daebak. how could you not know me? J: who are you? hanna lifts her leg straight up in the air. even if I do this you dont know me? J: you should say it with words – how would I know if you lift your leg. hanna says it’s a little odd to say with my own mouth but I am the nation’s goddess Seol hanna. the nation’s little sister. chosen first place for the female athlete you want to go to waterparks with. athlete who is prettier than a celebrity. J: sorry it’s cuz it hasnt been long since I came from america. hanna: what is that. dont they have internet in america.

TJ comes in and hanna says oppa. TJ: you. he looks over and sees J at her desk.  J looks down quickly. he goes over to take hanna out but she says I wanted to give you a surprise present. she says let go but he keeps saying come out. J mutters: what is that – is she really a girlfriend. TJ keeps saying come out but hanna ducked inside the box.

next day SR runs drills for each pair to run track. as J gets in position to run against JM, SR remarks to J about her record for the 100m -that’s impressive for a small guy. she says it happened out of luck. SR: still I have high expectations. run comfortably. JM brags she will be chasing after him though -you wont be bored cuz I am perfect.  J runs well but JM trips her on purpose so they both fall. SR runs over and asks if she is ok first then JM. J: I am ok. SR asks what about you. JM: i am ok. JM says sorry to J. it hurts a lot huh? what to do. J: it was a practice what’s there to be sorry about. it’s ok. J is in pain so SR tells her to go the clinic.

J goes to the clinic and asks is anyone there. the doc is out so she finds some spray for her ankle injury. she hears the doc’s voice so she hides. the doc comes in with TJ. the doc was saying cuz of TJ-he was taken back and it’s been 5 yrs. since that’s happened.  he asks if TJ wants a drink but TJ declines. the doc notices J’s shoes. doc asks if TJ had a pain/discomfort. it’s best if you speak  honestly with me-that way I can help you. did you have any pain. TJ: yes.  the doc asks if TJ ever heard of a certain condition where without a reason one day one can’t do any sports.  baseball or golf, it’s something that appears when you work vigorously. your case is special. TJ: you are talking about a slump. doc: it’s different from a slump. there is no way to treat this.  dont be disappointed too much. TJ: maybe cuz I wasnt expecting anything so there is nothing to be  disappointed about. he stands and says thank you for your interest. he bows and leaves. once outside he looks back.

doc asks her how long are you going to stay there like that. come out before I drag you out. J goes over reluctantly

EG is playing soccer and in the middle of it he gets a call. he says it’s me. really? then you promise. coach asks what he is doing in the middle of a game. pay attention. EG says into the phone dont worry -know it’s an honor. you know not just anyone can come to the party. coach goes over to yell at him but EG makes a goal. EG calls out to the coach-what did you say? coach grits his teeth and says you did well.

J and the doc have two different conversations. she asks about TJ’s condition – what is it exactly. he accuses her of not taking the school seriously. did you not know it was a boy’s school? J: if there is no way to treat him then does that mean TJ cant jump again? doc: I dont know how you messed with the paperwork but how long did you think you could stay pretending to be a guy. J: isnt there a way to help TJ? TJ is…he shouts her name. this isnt a time for you to have nothing to do but worry about TJ. even though I dont know how you came here I know a clear way to chase you out. he picked up the phone. J: the reason why I came to this school was TJ. I came all this way cuz of TJ -for the sake of seeing TJ jump again so I cant go anywhere. the doc gets through to the admissions but he doesnt speak. J: at first I just admired the way TJ looked when he jumped. then I wanted to get closer to him and started this. I thought someday I could stand in the same place as him. right now i have a debt to TJ so I cant see TJ like this and just go. I have to see TJ jump again like in the past. doc: so how – what – are you going to do. J: whatever I need to do. everything I can do. as long as TJ can fly again, even if I have to cut my wings off so I really want to see TJ jump again like in the past.  I cant go back to being a girl. he hangs up and tells her to go back for now. J: no I cant go back to being a girl. doc: who said to go back to being a girl – I meant go back to your dorm.  J: what? to do the dorm? doc says I will think it over. she repeats thank you. doc: I wasnt saying I would close my eyes to this. just like I said – I would think it over. whatever happens – the outcome/ result will be the school will find out. so dont waste time and pack in advance.

TJ is in bed when J comes in. he turns and faces away from her. she walks over and says by accident I heard everything you said in the clinic. tell them not be ridiculous – injury or whatever- you can jump again. I will make it so that you jump again so dont have a hard time. TJ: dont overreact. I can just quit high jumping. he sits up and says it turned out well.  I was sick and tired of it for a long time so I can just quit this time around and that will be the end of it.  J: dont lie. I know what your expression is when you jump. how can a kid who flies to the sky just live on land. everything I can help with …but he cuts her off and says how are you going to help? J: whatever you want I will help with everything. TJ: then leave this room. J: what? TJ:  that’s the only thing I want from you. J: ya kang TJ. TJ: 43 decibel – you are out. he lays back down and turns away

J goes for a walk and runs into EG. she calls out his name in a sad voice. he asks why she looks so down. what happened. J: just. he takes her hand and says come with me. J: where are you going. EG: just come with me.

he turns the lights on the field. J: what are you going to do here. EG: let’s have a bout. he puts the ball down and says if you take the ball away from me once, I will grant one wish. but if you cant take it away from me, then you have to follow one of my wishes. ok? she says it’s ok she isnt in the mood for that now. she walks away but he follows and does tricks with the ball and impresses her. he says last time I saw you ran well.  arent you giving up too easily without even trying. she agrees to a bout and says dont take it back later. they play and it’s easy for EG. she pulls on his shirt and says give me the ball so it gets kicked away. they lay on the ground and he says you lost. J: so cheap.  he takes their pic and wrote – friendship at 11pm. the ball wasnt the only thing that passed from my feet to yours, it was friendship. J says it’s nice. suddenly you hear a heart beating loudly. he looks over at her and sees her differently

next morning the reporter asks to speak with J. they sit in the car and she introduces herself as reporter yang from world sports. yang: you are TJ’s roommate right? then you would know TJ better than anyone. J: so? yang asks for her help for the article she is writing. just hear me out.

H drops off a file at the doc’s office and sneaks a peek at TJ’s file. he takes photos of it and the xray too.

Jang reads the article and calls yang and asks do you really want to see me in court. how can you let out an article like this. how did you get this info. dont you know it’s illegal?

TJ’s dad reads the same article and says to call TJ home.

TJ read it too and is on the phone with manager jang. he says it’s ok-there is nothing for you to apologize for. no for sure it’s not doctor Jang. TJ remembers finding the reporters business card among J’s clothes. she came in and said I will clean it up – i am sorry.  into the phone he says I dont know up to that much. yes. I will hang up. J comes over and says you can go in and wash now. oh yeah  I used some of your shampoo. TJ: was it for that reason? J: huh? what? shampoo?  TJ stands and asks: for that reason – is that why you did it? J: what are you talking about? what?  TJ: did you hang around me to sell personal info about me to reporters? J: to reporters?  TJ: you dont know? he shows her the article and says what is this then? what are you going to say to explain this now? J: what about that? that has nothing to do with me. TJ: that’s an answer that is more pathetic  than I thought.  enough. move. he shoves past her.

next day is the dorm athletic competition. the dorm leaders take turns and say this is the start of the dorm athletic competition at genie high school.

the race starts and SR wins a point for dorm 2. then dorm 1 wins basketball. dorm 1 wins again so they are up to 2. EG scores a goal. J looks over at TJ, but he walks off. then she looks at EG and says you did well. EG looks at her and his heart races again. dorm 2 scores again so they are tied with dorm 1.

SR yells at Jm for getting an injury before the competition. if you miss out who goes out. JM says anyway TJ will win and our dorm will win.  SR asks a kid if he cant reach TJ. the kid says TJ is not picking up. SR wonders where TJ went. H asks where TJ went and brings up that condition written in TJ’s file that the article was about so it makes everyone start talking about how TJ has been strange these days. think about it, would an article like that be written without any reason. SR shuts them up and tells H to go out for the high jump in TJ’s place. H says what to do cuz I sprained my ankle too. let’s just wait for TJ cuz I am curious what he will do. J offers to run the marathon. if I go out and win then TJ doesnt need to jump. SR: have you run a marathon? this is different from short runs. J: I will try it. I can do it.

SR tells the group of runners not to over pace themselves and use your own pace well. dont get hurt. dorm 1 guy comes over and says dont over do it and exert yourself. he brags about his best runner -even if you had ten legs you couldnt chase after him.  SR tells him to go. they huddle and SR tells them to run hard.  dorm 3 guy gives his team a pep talk

the marathon starts.  SR tells EG the runners are reaching their first head point right about now. the moment of pain after 2km from the start,  where it’s hard cuz your out of breath, start getting cramps in your legs. as he narrates runners drop out from injuries.  dorm 3 guy knocks all the waters off the table so J doesnt get to drink. dorm 3 is cheating and switching out runners. the guy says we are going to win this marathon for sure. EG sees TJ walking over so he goes over and asks where were you and why are you just now showing up. cuz of you J had to run the marathon.  TJ: what? why would he?

SR narrates this is the last head point. dorm 3 guy kicks her down.

coach guy gives the teacher a drink and she gives it to the doc. he gives it back to the coach.

dorm 3 guy turns the corner and his dorm cheers. suddenly J comes along too. her dorm cheers. she passes dorm 3 guy. the coach wonders what’s wrong with J’s ankle. the doc says J sprained her ankle.

J trips and falls. she remembers TJ’s gold medal speech -if there is something like a miracle it’s another name for effort. she repeats that in her head- miracle is another name for effort. she gets up and runs again. she makes it and wins.

SR sprays her ankle and says I told you to not get hurt when you run. you suffered transfer student. she looks over at TJ but he walks away. she limps after him

she calls out to him and says I won. what you said I kept thinking about it. miracle is another name for effort. I did well didnt I? she falls so he catches her. EG comes over and sees that. TJ helps her up. J: that article I didnt do that. I really didnt do that. please believe me.

dorm 2 gets the prize for winning at the party. SR tells his dorm they worked hard all day. they make a toast and cheer. SR says the MVP (most valuable player) for today arrived. J walks over and he calls out “Gu – what is his name?” so other kids says Jae hee. they chant her name and toss her in the air. EG walks over and says you came. they toast

EG notices she looks sad so he goes over and asks if she is ok. J: I cant get a grip on my senses. he says you suffered – is your foot ok?  it’s ok. now it feels like I am a student here. she smiles and he sees her differently again like she is glowing. he runs off so she asks where he is going. J looks around and sees H heading over. J says she is pretty. J leaves.

Hanna asks EG where TJ is. EG says annoyed – how can you speak informally to me. she walks off.  EG says I got mad at a girl and trembled over a guy. what is this – what happened to me.

TJ is reading the article again.

EG dances like a crazy guy so girls move away so he asks where are you going.

TJ walks over and grabs a drink

J looks around and so does EG

JM and SR were about to drink what TJ took, but the coach says this side of the drinks are for teachers and has alcohol so yours is on that side. SR says what is this – the teacher’s drinks has alcohol in it. dont let TJ drink that side. JM asks why. SR says last time TJ at chocolate with alcohol in it and there was trouble. he has an allergy to alcohol so even if he drinks a little he loses his senses. JM: then what happens?

hanna wonders where TJ went cuz it took 4 hrs to do her hair, makeup, and dress

TJ walks down the hall drunk

SR’s voice says when TJ has alcohol in him, no matter what- the first person he sees he kisses

hanna thought she saw TJ but she runs into EG and says what is this – move away. she shoves him aside.

J walks up the stairs and sees TJ. TJ walks down to her level. he leans in and kisses her. fireworks go off


epic – who kisses just any gender when they are drunk? that is just hilarious. poor J.

* I just realized why this kiss scene looks so familiar – in YAB, that couple was wearing dark suits too.


TJ: if you are going to say encourgaing stuff that I am going to jump again, you dont have to anymore cuz I totally quit.

J carries a drunk TJ back to the dorm in a wheelbarrow

she touches her lips and wonders if he really doesnt remember what happened yesterday

EG asks her if she was attacked by that guy.

she says it’s not like that – it’s not cuz (I) like him.

EG says – guy to guy if we take our clothes off and shower together once- the answer will come out

TJ sees J changing through the window

Hanna says J bothers her

TJ says to J that he cant use the same room with him


It sure doesnt take much to grab my attention. Even though everyone knows this storyline, I think it’s a safe bet to say we are going to tune in anyway and we dont even need any concrete reasons. Just these screencaps alone will speak volumes for us as to why these cross dressing rom-coms draw us in and make us wish we were back in high school again so we can have this much fun.   First time I debated whether to put the guy as the main pic or the dog – I almost chose the dog cuz he looks just like the one I had in high school. Since Minho is the main reason why I am even starting this drama, he won by a small margin.


Starts from J watching TJ win gold at the Olympics and then cutting her hair while crying.

She arrives in Korea with short hair and a boy look. She says aloud: finally – I came all this way.

Then kids cheering EG on as he wins a soccer match.

Some female fans wait and says no matter what happens we will succeed today.

TJ’s manager Jang is sitting next to him talking into her phone that TJ wont do variety programs and there is a problem with his schedule. TJ says I totally don’t want to. So she laughs and lies into the phone that TJ totally wants to go on the program, but there isnt time. so sorry. Next time for sure. After she hangs up she says to TJ-  cuz of you, I am getting old cuz of wrinkles and lying.   You heard right. For the CF this time they are going to use a shot of you jumping. After the accident this is the first time you will be jumping so…but he says you said there would be no jumping. She tries to convince him by saying his rehabilitation/recovery is over and the president for the CF product is TJ’s fan. She gets another call about his schedule.

J tries to get past the group of girls waiting outside the gate as TJ’s van heads closer

Jang wonders where that teacher is cuz he is supposed to control the crowd. Just as he is about to scare them away, the girls see TJ’s van and crowd around it. J’s face gets squished right up to TJ’s window so he puts up the sun blind. The coach pushes the girls away saying move- do your mothers know you are doing this. he sees J trying to go inside so he stops her. who are you to just go inside the school. She puts on an act and says –teacher -don’t you know? I am a guy. He hits her and says who doesn’t know you are a guy, but I don’t think you are a student in this school. She says I am a transfer student here so he says he heard that lie more than once. She takes out her paperwork so he says so you prepared it. he looks over it and passes her and lets her go through. He goes back to crowd control.

J drags her suitcase up the stairs and the contents of her carry on drops out in a trail. TJ picks up her panty while she starts picking up her things. Without looking up she asks for directions to the admittance office. She looks up and sees his face and says his name aloud. He holds up her panty and remarks on her odd tastes (cuz it’s got Pooh bear on it) so she quickly grabs it and lies it’s a handkerchief. She falls back on her suitcase and starts to slide down the steps but he acts quickly and steps on the handle to stop it. she thanks him but the handle breaks and she goes sliding all the way down till a tree stops her. she waves her underwear and calls out “I am ok-really- I am not hurt.” TJ: I didn’t ask.  He points to her underwear that she was a=waving so she puts it down and calls out her name and says it’s good to meet you but he is already walking away. She tells herself – he really was Kang TJ. It’s good that I came. She tries to get up but slides down some more

When she goes into the admissions office she gets in trouble for not wearing her uniform on such an important day. She gets accused of rebelling so she says I am a transfer student. The man says you should have told me sooner. He walks off and a teacher asks if she is a transfer student and brought her paperwork. J shows it to her. teacher says J’s Korean is really good for someone who went to America at the age of 5. J says her mom made her speak only Korean at home. Teacher is impressed with J getting 3rd place for the 400m so in her head, J says that’s for girl’s 400m. teacher welcomes her and tells her to change into uniform. I don’t need to show you around the school right? J says no and goes to change.

She walks into her classroom and all the boys ignore her as she stands in front of the class and says – hi- all of you are curious who I am huh? It’s good to meet you. from here on we are going to study together in the same class. I came from America so there is a lot I don’t know so I hope from here on we can get along closely.  A boy throws a banana peel at her face. They laugh at her and she tries not to cry. She finishes by saying – let’s try to get along from here on and I will go back for today. (meaning not stand there anymore). EG gets her attention and says there is an empty seat next to him so she heads over there. they smile at each other. another boy comes over and calls her transfer student and says welcome. She asks if the mood here is always so boisterous. He says just on the outside and inside everyone is a baby. He says our school isnt just your average school. That there is an initiation for new kids. If you are afraid you don’t have to do it. she says no what do you mean scared. I will do it. what do I need to do. Boy says it’s nothing special. You just need to bring something.

the boy told her there was a dog at their dorm so all she needs to do is bring the tennis ball inside the doghouse so J heads out to get it. She calls out to the dog and asks where it is. She sees scary signs that says don’t get close. The dog growls so she says I am not a bad person. The dog comes at her so she yells and falls back and turns her face away

The boy who sent her regrets not going with J to take pics cuz of what will happen. EG says the guy’s joke went too far but the boy says it was for fun and that guy wont even be able to get close to the doghouse. EG says just do enough

J is squealing and laughing cuz the dog is licking her to death. She pets the dog and asks who put up such scary signs. Over someone as nice as you. Unni will go into your home and borrow one of your tennis balls ok? I can do that right? She goes inside and gets it but she hears a voice call out the dog’s name. TJ comes over and says you were really bored huh? He pets his dog and says I am sorry. I had all night filming last night. Your face is big so your heart is big too right? You are going to be understanding right? Tm during filming, they said for me to high jump again. Should I just skip out on filming? and quit high jump for good at this point. J yells out: you cant do that. her voice startles TJ so he falls back. TJ: what was that. She comes out of the doghouse and asks why he isnt jumping.  Is it cuz your ankle isnt all healed yet? She goes and touches his ankle to check. TJ: why are you like this. he looks at her face and says: aren’t you that bear panty from a while ago. she is about to clarify about it but changes the subject. She takes his hand and says –anyway you really aren’t going to quit high jumping right? You were just talking right? He takes his hand away and says it’s nothing you need to involve yourself in. he takes his bag and leaves. She calls out – you cant even talk like that. (about quitting) the dog barks so she says “he is saying it too- don’t think weird thoughts.

J comes back into the room with the tennis ball and says to the guy who sent her out – I did what you told me to do so take care of me well. She blows on her bangs and walks away. Another boy comments on how J looks pretty. She goes and takes her seat next to EG and smiles at him. TJ walks into the classroom and she looks up at him smiling adoringly and asks if he is in her class too. He sits behind her and she turns to stare at him so he motions for her to turn back and face the front so she does. She turns and smiles at him again. Teacher comes in and says good morning – let’s start class. She slips and falls on the banana peel.

Everyone scans their card to pay for lunch. She gets some food and sits next to a guy to eat but notices all the others eating big bites. They all get up and leave so she wonders why they eat so quickly. She eats alone.

She needs to go to the bathroom so she reluctantly goes into the boy’s bathroom and looks for an empty stall.  One opens up so she goes in. the boy from earlier notices that. he trips her on her way out. she falls and pulls down another guy’s pants. He is a big tough guy so others stop laughing when he glares at them. She apologizes saying she was tripped. The guy gets mad and says is it over just cuz you say sorry. She mixes in English and says I am not just sorry I am “very much” sorry.

EG walks down the hall when a boy says the tough guy and transfer student are going to fight so they all run over to see.

She manages to avoid the guy’s punches so he says let’s see how much longer you can avoid it. she says sorry again and begs him to accept her apology. the others block her from leaving. She tells the guy to stop or I wont hold still for it. he asks what she is going to do. She wields a plunger as her fencing sword. She says this is my last warning and stabs and hits him with the plunger.  She manages to kick him but he kicks her too. After he is done high fiving everyone he turns around to get the plunger in his face. He gets help to get it off his face and he says to her she is going to die. just as he is about to punch her a senior pulls him off and says you still have strength so after it’s over wait for me in the training room. I am going to make you do some special PT (person training). The senior guy calls J transfer student and tells her it’s better to be careful from here on. he makes everyone leave. EG bows to him and goes over to J. he asks if she is ok. She asks who that guy was. EG tells her and remarks how cool she was. Do you know how to fence. She says no my hyung did. ever since I was young, we fought with swords.

They walk out together and he says if they are in the same dorm they will see each other often. She agrees and says she can carry her suitcase alone cuz he was rolling it along. He says he likes her. like when you fought that pig and did that initiation rite. But did you really get that tennis ball from Sam chu’s home cuz you are really impressive. Normally if a Samchoo sees a guy, he runs like crazy to them and causes a fuss. Suddenly he looks at her differently and says –wait a minute. Now that I look at you. J: what? He holds out his hands to touch so she backs away hitting his hands asking what he is doing. He says it’s sticking out. he puts both his hands on her chest so she yells – what are you doing? He says how it’s firm there. did you do chest exercises?  J: of course. She asks how many dorms there are. Which dorm is TJ in? EG says TJ is in our dorm too. J: really? He says but you have to be careful cuz that big guy from a while ago is our dorm too. In our school there are serious competition among the dorms. He lists and describes the 3 dorms. He talks about an upcoming athletic competition and how everyone is making a fuss cuz they want to win. She asks if TJ is going out for it too. EG says I don’t know. I think he is hardly doing sports these days cuz of his injury. Heard that he might be exempt (taken out). but from a while ago you keep bringing TJ up. what is your relationship with him? J: what do you mean – it’s cuz we are friends in the same class. She asks why he calls her “marlang” so he points out she is skinny and soft.

Hanna is late for a CF filming cuz she overslept. She apologizes to Jang and the photographer by saying her alarm didn’t go off and her phone was off. He tries to lecture her but she keeps interrupting and asking for him to overlook it just once. Then he says who is angry this is what I normally look like. You made it just in time. during a break Hanna asks when TJ is coming so Jang says they took TJ out cuz the concept changed. the girl almost yells – who said they could do that. how could that happen. Jang asks what’s wrong. the girl says she came early cuz she thought she was filming with TJ. Jang says situations can change and when did you come early. girl blocks her out and says I dont know. I wont do it. I am going. she walks away.

wow that is like the nicest dorm I ever saw. EG shows her to her room – 303. she didnt notice the name on the door -TJ’s. EG points out which desk she can use and she has to use the bed on the second floor. she looks at pics. he says I will be going. she asks who uses this room cuz he takes photographs well. EG: it’s better if you dont know. rest. he leaves. she runs up to the bed on the second floor and jumps on it. as she lays there she looks down below at the lower bed. she remembers meeting TJ today and says he has a bad personality. but at least I came all this way.

Jang meets with a client respresenting a contract from ST (that TJ is going to be a spokemodel for I think). she tells him how TJ is going to start working with an olympic coach soon. he breaks the bad news that his company is going to revoke their contract with TJ cuz it involves too much money so they cant lose out if TJ is still injured. she says if it’s cuz of his past injury, dont worry about it cuz TJ is 100% recovered from his injury and he is going to high jump in a CF -you will be able to see him jump like before. he agrees to give TJ another chance, but he must jump in this next CF filming. she says dont worry he will jump even if we have to put wires on him. before they leave she says you misunderstood something. ST didnt choose TJ, TJ chose ST.

J goes to class and everyone comes filing out. she asks TG what’s going on -where is everyone going. is there no class today. he says it’s time for swimming.

she goes to the boy’s locker room and everyone has their swimming trunks on. EG asks what she is doing. hurry and change. you have a swimsuit right? J: oh that’s right I forgot to bring it. EG: then what to do you wont be able to swim. that annoying guy grabs his and it has a hole in it. he tells her to wear this cuz I bought it last year and it’s too small so I couldnt wear it. it will fit you perfectly. she says it’s ok and pushes it away but EG says since he is letting you borrow it wear it. the boy tells her to hurry and wear it and tries to take her clothes off so EG pulls him off and says J doesnt want to so stop. EG cant get his locker open and suddenly girls come piling out of it. the girls take pics and runs off. EG says she took my pic. they chase after the girls. J: what was that.

boys are swimming and J sits out and watches them. EG comes over and asks why she isnt swimming. she says I have a chlorine allergy so I cant swim. after class, I have to go the the nurses and get confirmation they said. EG: there are allergies like that. must be really uncomfortable. J: it will get better. but I dont see TJ. EG remarks how TJ skips classes. he accuses her of being a fan of TJ’s. she denies it saying it’s cuz i dont see him around so I am curious. he says that’s how it starts.

the doctor is looking at bae yong joon pics but when TJ comes in he pretends to be looking at an xray of an ankle. TJ sits down and doc says the more I look the prettier you look. TJ thinks he is talking about him so he says what? doc: not you my achilles. you dont know but the way muscles look are all different like faces. he tells TJ to prepare for a rehabilitation test at 6. TJ: do I have to go? you said I was all better. he says I think you are all better too but we have to get a seal of approval that you are better from a big hospital.

TJ’s manager Jang calls him and says in his CF filming they have to put the high jump in. TJ: you said you would take me out of it. I wont jump. she says in the end you will end up jumping.  do you know who I invited to the filming. TJ: whoever came I wont jump. she says that olympic coach is coming to see you. he came to Japan so I called him here. how is it. with this – isnt it more than enough of a reason to jump? think lightly that you are starting over. up to here it was up to me but from here on it’s up to you. the doc calls TJ in so TJ says ok to her.

J hides her feminine products in a drawer under some clothes. she clears away all the photos and puts them on the other desk. she puts flowers and plants on hers.

she locks the bathroom door to shower but didnt close the door tightly so it’s ajar. she says how tired she is and showers.

TJ is looking at a ring on a pendant and asks: what do I do? what should I do? he gets a call from his dad. his dad says I heard from Jang that you are going to jump tm. TJ: I never said that. the dad tells him to think straight. he brings up ST and tells TJ to do it right. he hangs up on TJ.

TJ goes back to his room and sees all the changes and suitcase upstairs. he wonders what this is. he looks over towards the bathroom

he asks who is it. she wonders who it is  and what to do. she grabs a towel and covers herself. he comes in asking who is it.  she stands there posing looking casual.he asks what she is doing here. J: shower. TJ: you think I dont know that and asked? so why are you doing that in my room? J: this was your room? starting from today I am using this room. TJ: who said you could. J: teacher told me to use this room.  he goes back out. she wonders to herself: what do I do. I didnt get caught right? did he suspect?

TJ is on the phone with jang when J goes out. he is saying the film site is good. you do whatever with the reporters cuz I dont care. no it’s more comfortable for me to jump without a ment. see you tm. he hangs up. she asks if he is going to film high jumping tm. at school? he kicks her suitcase over and tells her to get out.  J:where do I so suddenly? TJ: go wherever it’s not here cuz I hate sharing a room with anyone. especially you. J: but how can I leave in this state. he walks closer and tells her to get out. J is about to say she is starting to dislike him little by little but she says: I cant go out. no I wont go out.  isnt this my room too now?

both her suitcase and J get thrown out. she tells him to open the door.

a guy is practicing his jumps. he looks at TJ’s pic and says just wait kang TJ

J talks to the dog how she insisted and was able to come here. why does my heart hurt so much (cant hear well but she could have said why is my heart weak). it will work out somehow. if i was going to retreat like this I wouldnt have even come here. right samchoo? that senior guy who saved her comes over and asks what she is doing here

the door opens so TJ calls out- do you really want to die? do my words seem like I am playing? senior asks – do you want to die? who said you could use the room alone? J peeks out behind him as TJ gets up. J: I didnt tell on you. she runs upstairs. she lays on her bed and he lays on his. she says up to yesterday they were separated by an ocean between them but now she can reach out her hand to him.  I cant believe it. tm I can watch you jump. she closes her eyes and imagines how he jumped as she was about to cut her hair.

when he wakes up there is a line of flavored vitamin water and a note. she says I didnt know what flavor you like so I bought every kind.   I think the pink tastes the best. I recommend the pink. he crumples the note.

in the bathroom there is another note about how he should enjoy having a bowel movement once a day and to have strength and start his dad refreshed. he mutters he doesnt have to go.

by his shoes she wrote this is the color you wore when you won the gold medal last time. so wear them again since it’s been a while. be cool as you fly over. fighting. TJ says : really-this (guy).

he goes up but she is gone.    she left another note. if you see me -starting from morning you will be furious so I will go outside so dont get angry. he mutters how she is doing all sorts of things

she slept with the dog in the doghouse

the doc says the test results came out. it takes normally a day or two but cuz of his skills. TJ asks what happened. doc says TJ is totally recovered from his injury without any scars . TJ: that’s good. he says TJ doesnt look like he thinks it’s good. TJ gets up and thanks him for everything all this time. doc says I heard you were close with hanna-is there a way to get her autograph? TJ smiles and says when I see her.

there is a soccer match and that guy who is jealous of TJ trips TJ up. the guy says sorry and asks you are ok right? TJ grabs his extended hand and gets up. they take verbal jabs at each other and TJ mentions how that guy never beat him once. the game continues and EG is goalie. TJ kicks it in so J compliments him saying you run well. your ankle must be all better. he tells her to move out by today. J: you dont like using a room with me that much? what do I have to do to use the same room as you? TJ: there is nothing like that. just go to another room. he is about to walk away but she says just cuz it’s unfair, I have to use the same room with you. TJ: you have to do that? J: yes I must. please just give me a chance. he says ok – then just make one goal. J:what? TJ: if you get one goal in I will think about it. J: ok fine. I just need to score right? if I get one goal in though you give in. TJ: I dont go back on my word – especially a promise.

jang is speaking english with a guy in the van -the coach she wants for TJ. so hanna asks what the guy said. jang says how he is has good expectations for TJ. she tells hanna to be careful cuz what happens if a scandal about the two of them break out. cuz hanna didnt need to come today but hanna missed school for this. hanna asks if they should just reveal to everyone this time around. Jang was about to yell at her but holds back

during the game TJ shoves her aside. EG runs over and asks if she is ok. take it easy. did you come out to the world cup. she says this is a way more important game to me than the world cup

EG goes back and asks the teacher if he can run now. but coach says no you cant run – you are an athlete – just be the goalkeeper. EG: it’s cuz my body feels antsy. there is only ten mins left so I will just run for a short time. coach says you cant but EG calls out for a change in goalkeeper.

EG helps her out so she almost makes a goal. she apologizes to him for missing it. he says this is a game where winning or losing doesnt matter but after watching you run, I dont know about winning but now i dont want to lose. let’s work hard. EG kicks the ball to her and tells her to run so she does and really fast too.  coach wonders why he is so fast. that annoying guy tackles her so she falls down and passes out. TJ and EG run over to her. TJ tells him to hurry and go tell the clinic. TJ picks her up and carries her.

the doc checks her breathing and eyes. he tells TJ and EG not to worry -that J only fainted and is ok. TJ gets a text from jang. that preparation for filming ended and she told the school so come straight to the gym and I am with coach holt.

TJ runs over there and takes out the ring and holds it. he says this might really be the last time. he goes in.

as TJ warms up reporters take his pics. his dad shows up too. jang goes over and asks if he is ok to jump.  he nods yes.

J wakes up and doc asks if she is alert. she asks why she is here. he says how she passed out for short time during the match. but something is a little strange.

TJ gets ready and jumps but knocks the bar down.

the doc leans in and says: tell me why is a female student at a boy’s school.

*I suddenly got SKKS flashbacks cuz of this scene



TJ is told he is the leader for high jump today. TJ says it’s ok to take me out of it. cuz I dont want to exert energy on stuff like this.

J ends up playing a truth game with some girls and the question is – I liked a guy before. scene of TJ leaning in to kiss her. J: I dont like him – it’s not like that.

EG says to himself: I got mad at a girl and I am trembling cuz of a guy. what happened to me.

J: I cant go back to being a girl. I wont go back to being a girl

TJ hugs her

I bet that kiss scene is imagined or it wont happen cuz it’s way too soon for that. This drama pace is slow but I still like it. it has that YFFM vibe to it.


I am in love. So curious to see just how many more times Young is going to carry her around in this drama. I swear -maybe it’s his outfit or how he looks, but everytime he swoops her up in his arms, my knees get weak. He is like a Korean Lancelot minus the charm and way more added laziness.  If he didnt even make an effort to be so attractive, can you imagine how irresistible he will be when he actually tries. It sure didnt take long for this drama to grow on me.

Now I get why Dr Jin’s people tried to sue Faith and keep it from airing – this is a way better drama than Dr Jin will ever be so Dr Jin didnt want Faith to see the light of day. Thank goodness Dr Jin didnt get its way. If Faith plays its cards right, it could surpass or equal winners like QIHM or Rooftop.

Great news for Faith viewers

Future recaps for Faith will be posted live on Joonni’s blog starting from tonight if I can iron out the kinks and get on her blog in the next few mins or so. Since I am not familiar with her theme, I might need this weekend to get settled in. Last night’s episode was easy cuz Choi Young spent half of it in modern time, but now that both of them are moving to where he lives, the language is going to get tricky. Not to mention there are far more characters involved in this drama. You really dont want to keep reading me write “old guy” and “hot young guy” anymore do you? It’s beyond what I am capable of alone so if we combine my quick recaps with Joonni’s translation skills then we are going to have the best of both worlds – live recaps plus thorough ones with screenshots and full names typed out. Check out the great recap she did for Faith E1 and see how it’s going to be way better over there than these measly “mashcaps” (mixture of various recaps all on one post). This E2 recap will be moved to Joonni’s later tonight and she is going to work her magic on it and make it coherent.

Maybe cuz LMH in all his “mane glory” merits having more than just one or two screenshots. So from here on, only “To The Beautiful You” and “Nice Guy” will be posted on these “mashcaps” unless I fall head over heels in love with “TTBY” and want separate posts for it.

Faith Episode 2

Lee Min-ho as Choi Young -but they call him by his title “dae jang” General

Philip Lee as Jang Bin

Ryu Deok-hwan plays King Gongmin

Park Se-young. Mongol Princess Noguk, future wife and queen,

Kim Hee-sun as Yoo Eun-soo. She is the one they refer to as a divine healer – Korean word for “god”. Also the title of this drama – faith.

Sung Hoon is Chun Eum-ja, who kills with his flute.

Jo Il-Shin (the old actor from Gaksital and Secert Garden) I am going to call him Jo

Starts from the scene where Jo is saying the portal is open and asks the king to order them to go in cuz they need to save the princess. Then Young being brave and asking for the royal order to go in. He goes in and young kid says I am going to follow the general. but the other guy says the general said not to follow. we must protect the king. he tells the king we shouldnt stay here long so we will escort you to the Inn but the king says I will wait. Jo says it’s dangerous so let’s hurry and go but the king wants to wait since they came here to pray. suddenly  the young guy points at the hole and asks why is it doing that. the guy in charge says move back.

Young appears with ES. he drags her over to them. Young says I brought her. the doctor from the heaven. she tries to run back in but Young drags her back. she says let go. Young asks if the princess is still ok

Jang Bin is tending to the princess when Young comes in with ES. Bin asks if this person is the one who came from heaven. Young tells Bin- I confirmed her saving the life of someone who had the same wound. I brought these things cuz she used them. he put down her surgical supplies. ES looks around so Young says what are you doing. you should look at her (the princess).  Bin reports to her in his funny way of explaining what’s been happeneing with the princess so far. and that she has bled out a lot. he makes a suggestion and asks if ES can do that.  ES doesnt understand him at all. she thinks this is all a movie film set and during filming there was an accident. they are afraid the police will find out so they kidnapped a doctor to keep it a secret and take care of it. Bin asks what she is saying. so she says just call the ambulance. If I treat a patient under these conditions and she dies, then I lose my medical license. that’s the end for a doctor when i get my license revoked. just think you are saving me and the patient – both of us – and call 911. should I call them? Bin asks Young: is this person really a doctor? how could a doctor not even look at the patient next to her.  ES: I will explain it well to the police and hospital. I swear. she tries to leave but she is blocked. Young says how many more times do I have to tell you for you to remember this order. save her first and after that I will take you back. she checks the princess and asks how long has it been since she lost consciousness. Bin says from the start. ES says she will get to work without any anesthetics. she starts operating on her with the intruments young laid out on the table. she asks Bin for the clamps but he doesnt know. Young remembers what he learned when the other guy helped her so he hands her all the instruments she asks for while Bin holds the neck wound open.

everyone is sleeping including Young when ES is saying “scissors. cut” as the girl assists ES in suturing. the girl leaves the room

the guard is playing with the shield saying I can see through it so the other one says dont touch what came from heaven. he flirts with the girl as she leaves

the girl who helped sneaks out and reports to another guy. she is a spy and working for the bad guys

ES checks the vitals and says the heart rate should be 100 at least. Young asks if she has been saved. ES says the princess needs bed rest to live. she has to be kept in bed. she lists things they should do like keep the wound clean, etc.  there might be an infection from having surgery in unsanitary conditions. so check and make sure she doesnt have a fever or tremble.

ES quietly goes down intending to leave. she is blocked in and cant get out. she says save me again. young brings her back and she says I did the surgery. but he says the patient hasnt woken up yet. ES: you have to wait. young: that’s why- you should wait so where are you going. ES: what do you want me to do- I did everything I could do here. young bows to the king so she looks up at him and asks are you the guardian? you just have to watch over the patient and her condition now. what she needs the most now is hydration so when she wakes, give her some water first. dont let her gulp it down though cuz there is a chance for aspiration pneumonia. the king asks will the patient wake up/regain consciousness. ES says I cant answer that- I am not responsible for that patient.  I was forced to perform this surgery. this doesnt have anything to do with my medical license.  king says to her – the one who came from heaven. ES: me? king:  my country is on the line cuz of that girl’s life. he says something about heaven and confuses her. ES mutters to Young that person is even stranger. king: can I trust that? ES tries to walk off but young blocks her. she hits her head and looks frustrated saying let’s wake up if this is a dream.

the guards watch the portal and says go and report the portal to heaven is getting smaller. at this rate it will totally close within the end of today

Jo argues to the king: you cant do that. we all saw with our eyes. that warrior went into the portal of heaven and brought back the doctor from heaven. and we saw her treat the princess. the heaven gave her to us so why let her go back? young: I told you I promised the divine healer. that I would let her go back if she saves the princess.   but Jo ignores him and tells the king how others are plotting to overthrow the king when he gets there so  let’s go back to goryeo with the divine healer and they wont be able treat you lightly. the heavens gave you a chance to live your majesty. Young pushes him away and tells the king that I gave (her) my word as a goryeo warrior. he says you might not know but it’s like pledging my life by promising on my name as a warrior.  king says didnt you just hear how if I go back with the divine healer I will be safe. young: if it’s safety that you have to go so far for, isnt it a little dishonorable. king says if it’s for the sake of the country then it’s more imp than the word of one man. young says he kills for the sake of the country and its safety and says: since you are the king, I think you should at least be different from us. dont you?

there is a pharmacy scene where medicine is made from worms and gross stuff. the guy making the medicine narrates about what happens when you take the medicine while the flute guy plays.

ewww a bug crawls by and the sound of the flute kills it.

the man talking is massaging the bad guy. they discuss how many men in red (porfessors) will be gathered. the guy says at least 20. among them it will be hard to get professor Gu to come out before it happens. they talk about each professor and what to do about them. the bad guy says even though it’s a waste we should start what we started.

some men in red -professors whisper about how the king was attacked and princess was killed. what should we do. their country is going to disappear. what about us. who gave us this notice to gather. we will know when we go on that day. what is there to fear. let’s go

the portal shrinks

ES tries to get reception and bribes the girl to help her get out of here and escape. she offers $500 cash now. then $1000 if they go to an ATM, but the girl ignores her. ES goes up to $2000 and the girl lets her go.

young comes over to where ES is and doesnt go in. kid says she is quietly inside. he tells his men to keep ES safe and guard her well. kid asks how much longer. young says the order will come in soon so hang in there for a little while. kid wonders who to guard – people coming in or person inside so the other guy says the person inside who will run away

the kid goes over and doesnt see ES. he sees the window open

ES ran out. she tries to ask people where to take a cab cuz she lost her way coming here. no one knows what she is talking about. she asks arent you Korean. she tries to speak english then chinese. she wonders what is up with the kid cuz they keep touching her clothes and shoes. she asks another woman -where is a pay phone. her phone doesnt work so she wonders why there is no reception at all. she sees the kid from young’s group coming after her so she hides. the bad guys are on her trail too. the kid pays a guy to go and tell young where she is

the man comes over and reports she ran away. so they wake Young up. they ask if he is going alone and to take some men with him. but young tells them the enemies will come soon. young says to the men: you have to think those guys know all our tricks now.  they wont attack the same way twice. if i was them I would kill each one quietly and draw attention to one side and go in from the back. the guy says how they will take the king to the queen but young says the princess needs to be protected first. guard asks what to do about the king. young says take care of it yourself. the man shows Young the way to where ES went

the spy girl is about to kill the princess but the guard comes in and wakes up the guy making medicine so she doesnt get to kill the princess.

the kid tells young that ES inside. he doesnt know that ES already slipped out. kid says : I didnt know what to do. since she is from heaven am I allowed to catch her? if I catch her I need to drag her away, but am I allowed to do that. young checks and she isnt here. the bad watches them too

ES looks over the area and wonders what kind of film set is this big. how can there be something like this. she knocks on homes and asks is there anyone there. are you not home?  she yells – isnt anyone here?

she asks another guy for directions but he ignores her. she meets up with the bad guys. they try to grab her. they knock her out and drag her away even though she tried to fight them off with her heel

Young is following her trail and sees kids playing with ES’s broken heel from her shoe. the kid calls out to young and shows her shoe that was left behind

the light in the portal is getting smaller

kid offers to go around once more or go check  another village. since there is disturbance on the ground from a shuffle and the shoe of the one from heaven was taken off something happened to her. young picks up the clues -there were 3 of them. the blood dropped here is from that person and since it hasnt clotted, it just happened.  we have to assume they are on the same side as the men who attacked us. and those who blocked our boat. up to that anyone could know, but how did they know the identity of the divine healer.  kid thinks there is an insider and says I will go and catch that person. young: if you go who are you going to catch. young asks who has the boats. kid says he is from goryeo so young says let’s go there

the enemy attacks the guards during the day.

young goes and wakes up the guy in charge of the boat. young asks who gave you the money to drink alcohol. the guy keeps saying there is no boat. young almost drowns him for info about who paid off the boat guy

ES wakes up and sees the bad guys. she screams but they gag her.

young arrived at the place where she is being kept hostage. he looks around and the kid doesnt spot ES with a knife to her throat.  a man attacks young and young fights him off. he threatens to burn the guy for info. the kid translates what the guy says cuz young cant understand the man. man says-I will tell you everything. young: tell me what? Man: i have nothing to do with anything. I dont know anything. the man finally gives up the plan of the bad guys. I will show you where it is. the man shows the smoke bombs and the kid translates the king is in danger cuz the attack already started. young looks around and decides to leave even though he wants to look for ES

young and the kid run to the inn but the kid goes ahead

the guards do a head count by calling out numbers but the ones who are dead do not reply. he blows the whistle to send out the alarm. everyone guards the king and princess. smoke bombs are thrown in.  Bin carries the princess out and they escort her and the king. when the warriors come out arrows are shot at them

the inn is under attack and the kid fights off the enemies on the rooftop. boy he is GOOD at his job

the spy girl makes Bin go outside with the princess and she locks the door behind them. the king is alarmed and says I dont see her (the princess) she was just next to me but i dont see her

the spy girl took Jin outside so he could be attacked. Jin tells her to protect the princess. when his back is turned to her, she tries to kill the princess but she wakes up and looks at the girl. young throws his shield like a boomerang at the girl and knocks her out before she can stab the princess. man that was cool. young goes over and asks if the princess is alert. Bin and the warriors keep fighting. young tells the king she is awake. she asks why am I here. young says to the king: the divine healer saved her. if I find that person is it ok for me to keep my promise.

the portal is still getting smaller

the men in red argue. they say the king is safe cuz he is with the guards but the other old man is causing trouble saying how can we believe in the king. what is there to think about more. they wonder where the other  professor went

he went outside and the doors were locked. bad men head over and throw smoke bombs into the room with the men in red.

young and the kid go back the place where ES is and kid says no one is here. that other guy isnt here from before either. even if she was caught here,  those guys would have moved her by now. let’s send out ten of our men to look all over the area. electricity comes out of young’s hand cuz he is angry. young says I will go look around some more. suddenly they hear her phone saying “give me food” and the bad guy drops it in the hayloft cuz he doesnt know how to shut the phone off. so young and the kid find her. the bad guy talks and kid translates. make way or I will kill her. let them both go or she gets hurt. kid runs off to distract the bad guy so young throws a knife and kills the bad guy. he goes over to her and unties her binds. she is crying and he says-you sure are someone who causes trouble for a person.  I told you to wait so how could you run out without knowing what kind of place this is- look what you had to go through. let me take a look. he tries to check her injury but she pushes his hand away. she throws her shoe at him and says dont follow me cuz I wont stand still for it. she grabs her bag out of his hand and tries to leave. he says the princess woke up so I will return you back to the place you came from. I will take you. he picks her up and carries her as she whines you just try to take me somewhere else. he tells the kid to relay to the king he is taking her back. he tells her she will break if she falls and smiles as he carries her off.  the bad guy watches them leave

Young is walking ahead of her and she says I know this road. but I dont know how we came here from kangnam.  go together. he shows her the portal and says -do you see that? that door is getting smaller. when that shuts I dont have a way to send you so hurry and go.  she asks all I have to do is go there. then will a door open. what’s after that. he says you just have to go in. ES: what does it mean to go there. did you test it properly.  he bows deeply to her and says I made you suffer greatly.

she heads inside but Jo shows up with young’s men and says “stop. the doctor from heaven cant go back.” young says I am sending her away in the name of goryeo’s warrior choi young. who is the one disrespecting my name. he draws his sword and says “try to stop me.” Jo says the king said to stop the divine healer from leaving. Young says You are lying. I dont believe you. Jo orders Young’s men to catch that woman. it’s a royal order. Jo taunts Young: it’s an order are you going to disobey. Young looks at ES and she runs towards the lights. but Young pulls her back. she says let me go. he holds her back and the portal closes. there is nothing there. she walks over to it and looks for the light.

young goes back and says he followed the order and caught the divine healer. she holds out his sword and says you bad jerk. you promised you would take me back. psycho. Murderer. I am going to kill you. she closes her eyes and runs towards him with the sword outstretched. young stands there and the sword goes into his stomach. he pulls on purpose and impales himself on his sword. ES:why? you could have avoided it. so why? young: if I do this then it’s all over right?  (meaning they are even) he falls to his knees bleeding

the princess says to the king you made the goryeo warrior not honor his promise. he promised in the name of a goryeo warrior but you ordered that promise to be broken. so it means  either obey the order or die. doesnt it mean to choose between the two. no that means you want both of them to die. king takes offense at that. she says I am just sorting through it. if you really wanted to kill that warrior. I was curious.

the kid pushes her away from young. Jo slaps the kid for being crazy to dare touch the doctor from heaven. Jo says to her – the king is waiting so I will take you. she says move away. she goes to young. she asks if he is alert. she says be careful of the sword cuz it’s blocking him from bleeding out. Jo says we dont have time for this-we dont know when those guys will attack again. they are not just after the king but after you too. she ignores him and says how Young’s pulse is weak and breathing shallow. she says we need to do surgery in a hurry and asks for tape to stable the sword in place. something sticky. Jo yells we dont have time for this. let’s hurry and go. ES says go where – what about this person .  Jo says we have to abandon him and go. he says to young:  answer me if you are alert. cuz of you if we get delayed, it will be dangerous for the king so we have to leave you behind. do you agree.  young says go. the guard offers to leave a few men behind but young says dont keep making me talk-take everyone and go.  ES says I wont go. Jo says do you know what situation this is. she says i know the situation. I stabbed this person. if this person dies I become a murderer. I wont go.  Jo stands and says: fine then let’s do this. he pulls out the sword so Young bleeds out. Jo says I killed him now so dont worry and get up. she tries to stop the bleeding and yells for her instruments to prepare for surgery. Jo says to follow his order and take her but the head guard says the divine healer gave an order to put pressure on this (young’s wound)

*I wanted to drag Jo by his top knot and use his head like a broom and sweep that whole area for pulling out that sword.

the kid runs back through the woods and street to get her surgical instruments and supplies for the surgery. they wont let the kid through but he says i have to go in to get the things that belong to the divine healer. the kid tells the king they need her supplies. the king asks why but the kid doesnt answer and says I will take them. Bin asks who was hurt. the kid tells them young was stabbed with a sword. king asks if young was stabbed. then did he disobey my order -is that why he was stabbed. kid: who among us would stab the general. we couldnt do that. please the general is dying. let me take this. he  takes the supplies and drops a medicine bottle and kicks it away by accident. king yells and asks again if young went against his order. kid says young obeyed the order. that’s why he is dying so please. the princess gives permission to let the kid go. she tells jang bin to go too. the general is the one who saved my life. as the princess I am giving an order. go and save that person. after Bin leaves, she asks the king- is it ok for me to give an order like this your majesty

young is being carried on a makeshift stretcher. ES tells Young not to lose consciousness. do you hear me? he says how can I not hear when you are yelling. she says he might go into shock and stuff but he suddenly grabs her shirt and says there is no way to save me. listen to me well. if you really want to save me leave me alone and go. I will stay alive somehow by myself so please abandon me.  she tells him to shut up in English. young: what? ES: I said to shut your mouth. listen well. this is the order we will do things. I will save you first and then you can go whereever you want alone to die or not. until then you better not die

they take Young indoors and Bin checks young’s pulse. another puts pressure on young’s wound. ES gives out instructions and sets up her table full of instruments. turn on all the lights there are. it has to be totally bright. someone boil some water. I need as many clean hands as possible. she asks for the small bottle of medicine to anesthetize young or else he could die in the middle of surgery. the kid remembers dropping it.  she makes all of them step back cuz of germs and not come close. (cuz he could get an infection from just this unsanitary environment) she asks Bin for some substitute medicine to anesthetize young with-anything similar to it

Bin’s aide goes and takes Bin his medical supplies box

the guard tells the king to stay with the princess. king says to the princess: I wont say it twice so listen well. from here on you have to get my permission first before you do anything. after my order goes out, you can only say one word or take one step. did you hear that? you are a precious princess and got passed over to me so you must be angry/resentful, but now it looks like you will be dragged to a country you dont know well so you must want to rebel/resist. I am the king of a country and you are my wife. so you have to keep your manners accordingly. arent you going to answer. she says you didnt allow me to answer so I didnt replay.

*Is it just me or does this girl look like a really young version of ES

ES and Bin argue about the medicine Bin prepared to anesthetize young cuz she cant start yet unless young loses consciousness. ES says how she needs the medicine now and he says this is what the medicine is –  I made it myself. she asks then why is he so normal. bin says how could everyone have the same time for the medicine to take affect so wait. ES: we have to do surgery right now.  Bin argues that young can endure the average pain. she argues this isnt about enduring cuz of all the complications that could arise cuz he strains some organs to endure the pain. the other guy says Young is totally out so she starts listing orders for Bin.  that he has to hand her instruments when she asks. there is no suction for the excess blood so he has to keep wiping the blood off.  she is about to cut but Bin stops her and asks what she is doing. ES : I told you to examine his internal injuries. so I have to cut his stomach open.  but bin says you are supposed to treat a sword wound so why cut open his stomach when there is nothing wrong with it. ES: I am going to check properly to his bellybutton to see where else he was hurt. if you keep delaying treatment of this patient like this, forget the surgery he will just die. so let me go. Bin: how can I trust the word of someone who stabbed him saying she will save him now. ES: trust me. Bin: how? ES: You said I am someone who came from heaven so trust me.


OK I am in love with this drama now.


someone says – I think it’s young: if we dont run away right now we will all die. ES: why would we die?

ES cries and says: what did I do that was so wrong. I said I was sorry so please get treatments. (I guess Young doesnt want to get his treatments as his punishment for not letting her go back)

young begs her: my promise to let you go back, for me to keep  that promise you have to be alive. until then I will protect you. so listen to my request.

Faith Episode 1

I was expecting epic, but got something totally different. no one said this is a comedy- I like it. Good or bad – wanna know why I will probably keep watching this – for screencaps like these and cuz nothing can be as bad as a drama with a plastic fetus baby.

This is like the upteenth drama about time travelling so let’s see if this knocks QIHM and Rooftop out of the running for the best of the bunch. In a way, it’s like this leap of faith he made going into the light is like us -the audience- giving this drama a try. I frowned through a few scenes, but I like it enough to continue watching. There is way too much going on to look away just yet.

Lee Min-ho as Choi Young -but they call him by his title “dae jang” General

Philip Lee as Jang Bin

Ryu Deok-hwan plays King Gongmin

Park Se-young. Mongol Princess Noguk, future wife and queen,

Kim Hee-sun as Yoo Eun-soo. She is the one they refer to as a divine healer – Korean word for “god”. Also the title of this drama – faith.

starts with a narration of some doctor -there was no illness/disease he couldnt fix. the special thing he could do were surgeries.  he would cover his body and take out organs. he cured someone high up so he was treated as a god. but he ran away saying he doesnt want to be a doctor for one person. he was chased by guards given an order to bring him back. at that point the sun lit up the ground and a portal was open. the doctor laughed and went in (into a cave where he disappeared).

Young is escorting a caravan to the docks. inside is the woman who is going to be queen and the king. one of Young’s men tells him how they are being followed but young says I know.  the boy on young’s team runs over and says there is no boat and it wont get here till tm in the afternoon. so young tells the king they have to stay overnight. the king says ok.

they go to the only inn available. the guard pays a lot of money and tells the innkeeper that the newlywed couple are very sensitive cuz they havent been married long. so the inn gets cleared out.  the guy with young says those others must have made it so that there is no boat and already guessed we would stay here one night since this is the only inn. young agrees.  the guy asks did you know all that and came in here. young says sarcastically then should we have stuck a flag in the ground and waited in the wide open meadow. young says get prepared for them well so his men fortify the inn while young sleeps.

the old guys talks and talks about how the king shouldnt have to travel in disguise and so on. young barges in and says to the king- I will bring the princess over here. If you are divided it’s harder on us to protect you. I know you two arent getting along but please let us do this. the old guy is about to scold young but young asks do you know how to use a knife. guard that window over there. young shoves him over to it and gives his knife.

the princess walks in and the king crosses out what he just sketched. boy they really do not like each other at all.

jang bin walks out and the guard asks where are you going. you have to stay by our side if we are to protect you. Bin says I will protect myself.

at night those other guys come and attack and young’s men throw something on them so they will glow and be visible in the dark. then they fight with …light saber swords? ok this drama just got really cool. young tells the king  “there are more men than we thought. even if you are scared dont run away from behind me-can you do that.” the king looks over at the princess then looks back at young and says I wont run away. young says then I can protect you. his men keep fighting. the bad guys get in the room. one manages to get close to the princess and slash her throat. so Jang Bin treats her wound. he says he needs young’s energy so young shoots electricity from his fingers to the acupuncture needles and the electricity goes into her wounds

the guards go after the bad guys and says dont kill them – we need them alive. but the bad guys already swallowed poison and committed suicide and die

the old guy yells at jang bin for treating the injured saying you should save the princess. do you know what situation we are in. we will all die. hurry and let’s go. they go back up and the old guy tells the king how they will be in trouble if they let the princess die. king asks Jang bin if there is no hope for saving her. Bin says what he did for the time being -how he stabled her but without a god there is no hope of saving her cuz of a nicked artery. the old man suddenly remembers the lights above the cave that he saw earlier on their path

king says to young: he is saying if that girl dies our country dies. do you think that way too? young says I dont know politics I am just a warrior. king mutters about how his country will be in trouble just as he became king. (he says sarcastically) i am such an impressive king. old man says there is a god nearby here. young asks where is he. I will bring him to help. the old man says he is in the land of the heavens. I know the portal to the heavens.  (that cave with the lights)

Jin is treating the princess. old man says how that doctor is the best in goryeo so we must beg the heaven. king: if we beg the heaven -will it save her. the old man says we should for the sake of goryeo. king: go and get ready

young asks Bin if the princess can be moved but Bin says it’s impossible. Young decides to leave most of his men to guard her since she is the target.

the king says to young how they traveled really far all this way – while you were taking me here what were you thinking all that time. young: I didnt think that much. king: I am asking what you think of me as a king. young gives some perfunctory answers. young: do I have to say more? king: you dont like me do you? young: me? king: from the start, before you met me you didnt like me huh? young: if i answer that I have to die. king: why do you not like me? when I am your king. just tell me what’s in your heart. if i say it’s an order will you obey?  young speaks truthfully and says the other king was 14 – a young age. they say he was too young and couldnt be a king so he was dethroned. you are 21. whether 14 or 21, i think it’s the same – young is young. (young goes on to say how this king lived somewhere else and grew up there for 10yrs so in his bone deep inside he will be tied to another country.)  having to escort someone like that and entrust this country to him i thought we (goryeo citizens) are unlucky. that’s all. king says others would think that too probably. young says the citizens wont be interested much since the king is the 5th king in 11 yrs. king: thanks for speaking from your heart. As he turns to go young adds he doesn’t dislike the king though in particular.

young and his group go to the cave with lights. the old man informs the king how that’s the portal the god went into.  how there was talk that you could go in once in 300 yrs. king asks so are you saying you want us to pray in front of that. old man says no -it’s a pathway to the heavens.  it’s open now so before it closes order him (them) to go in and get the god – he is inside. one of young’s men pushes the guy talking to go in then since you know all about it. but the old man insists to the king: if you want to save the princess the god is inside your majesty. everyone is afraid of the light. king says to young- I cant trust everything he said, but…. young: give me the order. king: we should at least find out. young: I will go and come back. young walks towards the light. one of the guards calls to him but young says an order was given. young walks into the light.

he comes out the other side. into present time. he bows to the statue

some girl takes a pic and says a person came out of there. her boyfriend doesnt believe her and thinks she is lying. girl says it’s real -just look. she shows the photo she took

young looks around at all the lights and billboards.

young sees a monk and says I am choi young – I came from another world. I know I came somewhere I shouldnt have dared to come, but please help me. I am looking for a god. the monk thinks he is looking for a doctor. he tells him there are different doctors for each specialty.  where is the problem. young holds out his neck and says over here. so the monk says you need a plastic surgeon. there are a lot cuz this is kangnam.  but young says I dont want just any doctor – I am looking for a god. the monk says you must be looking for someone famous- I saw the ads – there is a gathering at Coex for plastic surgeons so if you go there, there will be lots of famous doctors.  young asks for directions to coex and monk points it out to him. young says I was already there but how do I get there (meaning how does he get across the street). monk: you just have to go. young thanks him for telling him. after young leaves monk calls another monk and says they must be filming candid camera here cuz I would know if they were filming a drama

young tells himself “just go” and crosses the street without looking. people take his pics. *well people said his looks would stop traffic and it literally did this time cuz he made it across in one piece.

young finds coex pretty well and looks at all the medical devices they are featuring. he reads the sign. he goes outside a door where ES is talking about plastic surgery- face lift. he goes in and watches her. young is taken away by guards just as she says the patients who had this procedure had to come back and get it done again after two years cuz they had to lift it again

ES is on the phone to her friend complaining about how a crazy guy interrupted her seminar. she asks her friend to “invest in my hospital-spend some money since you married into a rich family”

young is being questioned by mall security. which company are you from? young see ES on the CCTV camera and asks how do you go inside there (the screen). I have to go inside. open this please. I have to meet this doctor inside. the guard asks-are you playing around. it’s not like we arent busy. he thinks the blood on young is ketchup. he tries to touch young’s sword so young pushes him. the guy gets hurt so he says you just hit me. call the police. there is a crazy guy who just hit the security. you are in trouble. young slices the guy’s baton away just as the guy was about to hit young. young watches ES on the CCTV camera.

ES is called over by a guy who is trying to sell her his products. the man sees young and says these days they are doing some special advertising. she looks over at young

young goes up to her and says there is an urgent patient. ES: so. young tells her what his doctor (jang bin) said about the injury on the neck. can you save her. ES: why are you asking me that? young: can you save her? ES ignores him and tells the man – doesnt he (young) seem weird. man thinks Young is hitting on ES. ES asks the man for some brochures. he says if you give me the hospital address I will run and take it over there to you. Young blocks her path so she cant leave.  guards come and says young has a real sword. young pulls his sword out. guard aims his gun at young and tells him to put down the sword. young asks ES again. can you save that patient. she says I have to see that patient to know – how much and where that person is hurt. young repeats her words about how much she is injured and remembers the cut on the neck. he knocks the guard down and holds his sword to the security guy’s neck and cuts him the same as the princess. the guy falls on young so young says to him-why did you have to keep following me. young shows her the guy’s cut and says it’s just like this. this is how deep the cut was too.can you save him.  she calls for an ambulance.  young: if you cant save him here right now, I will try again on that guy. the man next to ES begs to be saved. ES: you want me to save this guy right here. young says you dont have time. start. she walks over to the patient. police are on their way

she lists supplies she needs. she gets them from around that area and starts to treat the patient. as police and swat team head over, she asks young to hold onto the patient. the man is on his knees praying.  young gets the man’s attention and says if this young man dies, it’s your turn next. so the guy helps. she opens up the cut.

the police asks what the condition is inside. can anyone answer. I will connect the call inside so please answer.I am calling. the phone rings and young hits it. guard says to the police as he watches young on the camera “there is a woman and a man as hostahe. the guy in black with the sword seems insane.”

she finishes suturing and young checks the patient’s pulse and young says he is alive. ES lists what they still need to see and check about the patient but the man doesnt want to be next so he yells “he is alive. look the surgery was a total success.” young collects her medical instruments and  says you have to go with me. ES: me? why? Young: you have someone to save.  she tries to say how it’s been a while since she did this cuz she does plastic surgery. he says how the road going there is going to be rough/dangerous so follow behind me. she tries to protest but he says: so you arent apart from me stay close by. she tries to run away but he drags her along. Young: when I asked you to follow me – you should have followed then it would have been comfortable for you. she asks where he is going when cops are all around.  he says jongmyungdo and drags her off -this time by holding her hand. guard orders the doors to be locked.

she keeps calling him ajussi-wait a minute. swat team surround them. she tells him to surrender himself. electricity comes out of his fingers again and he aims at the swat team and knocks them out.  he crouches down and says to her: excuses me for a short time. she says for what. he carries her off. he keeps one of the shields on his way out.

he drops her off in front of the light. she says please save me. young says you just have to go inside over there. (the portal). ES: please save me. young: I wont kill you. if you  save that person I will bring you back. she says you are lying. I saw your face. I saw in movies the kidnappers kill you if you see their faces. he says : I am Choi Young – a guard from goryeo. I will put my name and life on the line to bring you back. I promise. they are standing in front of the portal light

Flashback to ten days ago

ES went to a fortune teller and asks when and where she can meet a guy with a lot of money. you cant give me the winning lottery numbers right. so I am asking when and where I can meet a guy with a lot of money.  the fortune teller does his thing. she says it would be nice if the guy is good, kind, and decent looking too while he is at it. just cuz he has a lot of money doesnt mean he has to be ugly. the guy does his thing. she says it would be nice if I met him soon  cuz i need some money urgently. it’s not like I need to buy a designer bag. i have some investments. he says you will meet him when the heavens determine it. he tells her that among the men in her past there might have been one the heavens assigned

ES tells the fortuneteller about her first boyfriend -they dated starting from when she was an intern. as his sunbae he made her write his reports when they dated 3yrs 4 months. at the hospital she goes up to the guy she is dating and says she made him lunch. he says sorry I have another girl. she is from a wealthy family and will set up a hospital for me. ES asks how much money does she have. he says she has a few buidings in kangnam. that woman is totally ugly and not as pretty as you and has a bad temper too. I am sorry.

ES talks about the second guy she dated. how he really liked her. everytime he saw her he died.  he is her former patient. she marks his face saying how she might be able to give him a v line by taking away from his cheeks.  the guy gives her a huge diamond ring. she says I dated him for about 3 months but even though he has a lot of money I just couldnt anymore (cuz the guy is unattractive). the fortune teller says again how she is looking for a guy with a lot of money. she says I am not thinking of going as far as marriage-just up to the engagement. just to borrow the money and make my project a success -there is a company that will take that. even if I get royalty from that – with the interest alone I can call off the engagement. this is totally daebak.  the fortune teller tells her how she is going somewhere far away for a year. she says where would I go when I have work to do. he says you have to go out of the portal to meet that man. she asks again where and when is she going to meet that rich guy. he talks about a match made in heaven and stuff so she loses faith in him and leaves.

flashback to young’s time 7 yrs ago. the guards are talking about the new leader. he is only 22. when he lifts his sword, he takes down at least 3 or 4 guys. from his hands electricity comes out. also he has a terrible temper. one time someone woke him from his sleep, so there is a rumor he almost beat the guy to death. the guy asks an older one if they are going to let the newbie have the title of leader. so the older guy says it was an order (to give that position to young). the other guy says the rumor is that young wasnt sent as an order but to come here and be mistreated. he brags about what he will do to young when he comes. young arrives and pushes the guy. older guy asks who young is.  young asks if the older guy is in charge. the older guy introduces himself but young hugs him and asks where can I go to sleep. they told me if I came here they would give me my bed. young lies down and sleeps.

the other guy whispers how young has been asleep since the night before yesterday. he can sleep for 3days and 2 nights without eating anything. and he doesnt pee either. another one thinks maybe young died -a person can die while sleeping. the other one says I put my hand to his nose and he is breathing.  the other guy wonders if the rumors are true about young almost killing someone in his sleep and about shooting electricity out of his finger. the other guy thinks it’s all lies and tells the guy to wake young cuz he wants to fight him. the other guy tries to stop him saying someone tried to wake him and almost died. but the guy makes him move and goes over to young and gets hit on the head. young smiles in his sleep.


I like this music a lot. sort of lord of the rings vibe with US civil war themes.


young says to the king – for the sake of the country, I think at least as the king you should teach us (some word I dont know).

when ES is taken to goryeo time period, she hears the king talking to her -asking if she still thinks this country came from heaven/sky and the way he said it goes over her head so she says to young -that person is even stranger. she tries to speak english and chinese to people on the streets about phones. she wonders how this place could be so big.

the man orders ES to be captured so young defends her and says are you disregarding my name. who is it – stop them.

some guy who might be the bad guy says “since we started it we need to end it.”

music video

40 comments on “Mashcaps: To The Beautiful You E1-2, Faith E1-2

  1. nonski says:

    hi softy dear… i was here earlier but did not see this post yet. i am off to read now, i just watched episode 1. i’ve got mixed feelings so far.


    • nonski says:

      just done reading… thanks softy. a good start but for me not really amazing. there are some funny. over all, i like it already and where it is headed. only thing that got me is lmh’s voice. it sounds so soft for a brusque general and so not sagueky. well we still have a lot of episodes to improve that bit.


      • Softy says:

        he had a cold when they filmed those scenes by the light where he entered from the other side. so maybe that’s why he sounded husky. 🙂


        • nonski says:

          oh so that explains it… hehehe i thought man why is his voice so small.
          i am definitely into this drama. the anime-ish factor got me. let’s all see where this is going and thanks softy for deciding to do a mashcap on Faith. 🙂

          currently liking all the dramas about to premier this week, faith, to the beautiful you, arang.


  2. Hi Softy… Hi Nonski… *waves* 🙂


  3. bbblue73 says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap. I can’t say that i like it but i’m interested to watch this till the end.
    Thanks Yanna & hello to Nonski.


  4. Dear Softy,
    thank you so much for the recaps
    keep up the good word, see again tomorrow 🙂


  5. adgirl22 says:

    Thanks for the work that is so quick. Not sure how I feel yet about it, willing to keep watching at the moment. 😀 I will be back tomorrow.


  6. Ivoire says:

    Thanks a lot for the quick recap, Softy :-). I appreciate it!


    • Softy says:

      just wanted to let you know I replied to you on BM e20 recap Ivoire. 🙂


      • Ivoire says:

        Hello Softy, 🙂

        Thank you! And I saw that (and thank you for letting me know :-)). I am planning on responding as well, but I have had a very busy weekend and I need to move (again, *sigh*) within the next 2or 3 weeks, and I am also currently looking for work (full time). I feel that my response will be long, so I know that I will respond, just not right away.

        I did like your response 🙂 The 2nd part literally brought tears to my eyes (Softy made me cry :-)) and I will explain why then. I appreciate your time, your sincerity and how much you care.

        I really liked your recap here. I always love it when I am reading your recap and then I see (because I don’t expect it) …” some words I don’t know”… Ha, ha, ha. It always brings a smile to my face and it makes your recaps unique.


    • Ivoire says:

      I just read your recap, there are some funny lines, you were right ( just saw the 1st episode raw). Like you, I was taken (right away) by the music and I really like it. I also like LMH’s voice. He does have a nice voice. I always thought his voice sounded young, but it grows on you.
      I didn’t feel sucked in like I did for TK2Hs and for Gaksital, but this also a different genre. I like all the colors, and the fantasy element. The men look good in this drama so far, even the secondary and tertiary characters. I LOVE the voice of the older guy (the one close to the king). He was in Secret Garden, Dream High, Me Too Flower, and he is also in Gaksital. He is busy.

      I might be back later to say more.


  7. Rebecca says:

    Hi Softy
    Thank you so much for this recap
    Thanks to it I could understand a great part of the episode


  8. chelyte says:

    thanks for the fast recap..having read the recap i do think its really going to be way better than dr jin.n_n


  9. flo says:

    thank you softy for the recap…i give a try for this drama,it’s seems interesting!!
    btw. i’m looking forward for the TTBY recap,because i was number one fan of Drama “Hana Kimi” version Japan & Taiwan.
    I got very interested by watching the long preview of TTBY, Sulli looks so good in acting, and Minho..awwwww he is soooo handsome & manly, and lee hyun woo..omii..he is soo cute..very nice casts, uniform customs ( that’s sooo great ), and the OST…
    argghhhhh..unfortunately,i have a dilemma…why TTBY must have same airing time with gaksital???????*sighhhhhhhhhhhh*


  10. rillakm says:

    you are dropping arang? oh dear, why not giving it a go and see whether u’ll like it or not. I was very happy that u put it on the list on the side and how u were gonna recap it since you are very fast. But anyway, it’s all again up to you, hmm still looking forward to to the beautiful you though. I hope you consider again recapping arang 😀


  11. nonski says:

    thanks in advance softy!!! just visited joonni’s and will surely follow you there. i am so into faith i don’t think there is anything in this drama that will make me not want it in the future. *crosses fingers* although i think lee min hot still has to up his acting a bit. over-all, faith is becoming so awesome.

    softy dear… i was overly excited to email you i left a line from my address… can u add in the seconde line this ‘Regional Office No. 6’. thanks and i please make the necessary corrections.


  12. aliz says:

    Faith episode 2


  13. nonski says:

    softy i am with you… so in love with this drama. now i have a confession to make… i am not very fond of lmh before but now i am officially in love with him. that smile while carrying her… ahhhh. just made me faint~~~ envy, kim hee sun. tho she looks her age but you can’t deny that they look good on screen and their is chemistry. 🙂

    and you’re main pic on top………………… daebak!!!


  14. bbblue73 says:

    Thank you Softy for this lovely screencaps & recap.
    Haha, after watching ep 2, i can’t say i like it but i’m loving it. All the characters were awesome. Sound effects, daebak. I like Young’s “the kid” sidekick, he always makes me smile & he’s funny & of course Jang Bin (PL), (i’ve got a crush on him since then).
    You’re right Nonski dear, even in Ep 1, i can figure it out that Young & ES have a chemistry even though they have this age gap but i can see through that there is a life between their acting interactions, not boring & not annoying but natural.


  15. Hi Softy, Nonski, Yanna, Bbblue…
    Hugs to all…
    I am LMH fan before JooWon, since the BBF… ;p
    Glad that you recap this drama, as I cannot get SBS on my TV…
    Thank you so much for doing the recap for this drama, dearest Softy…
    You’re daebak as usual…
    Off to read the recap now…


  16. flo says:

    thank you so much for the recap!!
    i have to say i like the first episode of TTBY, this drama version is different from the Taiwanese & Japanese versions of hana kimi,. All the actors & the actress are good in portraying their characters, maybe because i watched too much the previews& the teasers and replayed that over & over again, when i watched the actual drama, i wasn’t suprised & got excited as i expected, because the first episode was almost literally most of the previews & the teasers…..
    i love all the casts including ki tae young,but i was laughing when i saw his hair style,,didn’t suited him at all!!!!
    and yes..i dont blame you if you posted the dog as your main pic.the dog is sooo cute
    once again thanks for the recap..looking forward for the next episodes..^________^


  17. nonski says:

    Softy i forgot… was really dizzy earlier this morning… thank so much for the mashcaps on 2tbu. love it so much. it’s fluffy and light. i wish you’d consider this for a separate post. 🙂


    • nonski says:

      p.s. the last long trailer and the gifs from it are on kdf5. will try to make some if i can squeeze it in my work sched later tonight to make new gifs


  18. Fiza says:

    omo softy thank you so much. ive been looking around which blog doing the recap for TTBY and end up at yours. am actually a silent reader in ur blog since u r also a big fan Joo Won an doing a recap for BM too. maybe not to late for me to say this, but thank you so much for efforts doing all d recaps of my fav drama all this while 🙂


  19. Enz says:

    Looks like I must check out TTBY! Thanks softy


  20. nonski says:

    “Why did I have to fall for the aesthetics of this drama? This must be my punishment for being shallow.”
    LOLS, that means i’m shallow too and happy to be. i love 2tbu Softy! i love the T and J versions of hana kimi and this one seems a notch higher. i only love the T version because of Ella, who’s absolutely hilarious even if the male lead looks like a robot all through out the drama. The J version is cool. But 2tbu is just simply awesome.

    Min-ho is so insanely handsome and male in all the shots. 🙂 and Sulli she is so believable with the boys. But still manage to look beautiful. And Hyun woo weeeh he’s already got hold of my heart. So cute!!!

    Lols. am i spazzing so much? i’m just a little sad though cuz i can stream this. There’s still BM and Arang is superbly funny. Now i have to watch 3 dramas for wed-thurs slot. 🙂


    • Softy says:

      I didn’t watch the other two versions and only know the premise about a girl going to a boy’s school to follow the guy she likes so I am glad I have nothing to compare this to. I love everything about this drama except for that JM character – I already despise him. Not sure if it’s cuz his face bothers me though cuz he was on strong heart and admitted his family thought he could never make it as a idol group member with the face he was born with so he did plastic surgery on his entire face. His original face was not even average looking, but now he just looks pastic to me. I didn’t like his attitude like he was proud of changing his looks cuz what kind of message is that sending to young girls who crush on him.
      I absolutely adore Arang.I had to watch it with a browser covering the screen the first time cuz the ghost white faces still scare me. The chemistry between LJK and SMH is more than I expected. It already breaks my heart that they will never be together since she is dead. Arang reminds me of Miho cuz she has moxie when she needs it and is vulnerable at the right moments. The language is super hard though so I don’t think I could ever recap this, but I still want to watch it the same night as Gakistal and 2tbu too. I’m not sure if I can keep recapping 2tbu and Gaksital on the same night anymore cuz I can only get 2 hrs of sleep on wed/thurs nights. I almost died this week doing both and looked like I could play one of the ghosts too without needing the pale makeup. Plus I don’t think anyone is even reading these recaps of 2btu cuz I heard subs are super fast. Fast recaps just dont do this drama justice so every line needs to be translated since J, TJ, and EG’s personalities come through in the way they speak. I had a feeling I would like this drama so I am glad I was right, but I just wish it was on a different time.
      Lee junki said he hopes Arang will get 25% ratings the first night and go as high as 35% but judging from how Gakistal has been holding steady at 18%, not sure how Arang can do that cuz BM fans are going to remain loyal till it ends. After that Arang could go up to mid 20 I bet.


      • nonski says:

        aw softy, you just enjoy watching 2tbu, don’t do too much. we are so happy with gaksital and know that that alone is so much work already. well… i for one read your recaps. i think almost all of us OBnians are reading 2tbu mashcaps. it has become a habit for me, like i could understand more by reading your work. i do that before watching the raw and rewatch again when the subs are out. but be more mindful of your health dear. if you still want to do 2tbu i suggest it for the next day so you can sleep more. we don’t want you getting sick cuz of lack of sleep.

        arang spells awesome to me! bu i don’t think it can surpass bm when it comes to ratings. bm had already built a solid base and now that it is nearing the finale, there will be more hype till the ending. bm had been true to its from since it started. the drama keeps building up the suspense. i don’t hink anyone would let it go now for arang.

        but i am loving how really good arang is.Both leads have amazing chemistry. it’s also fast paced, you are left wanting for more. ep 1 and 2 are all fun but i think episode 3 have more serious stuff judging from the trailer. sometimes, i hate it tho that they set up both leads early on as an OTP when it’s clear that they have no happy ending since the other one is dead. as early as now i am already wishing she is going to come back as human. i also know this drama, however fun it is now, will be break my heart in the end.

        lols the JM guy really did plastic surgery and is even proud of it?! i am more tolerant to women doing that but men tend to make me feel off towards them. although it is quite the norm this days. i laughed while reading that he now looks plastic to you. actually, who wouldn’t when you admitted that to the whole word. seriously some big stars just keep quiet on this matter but he’s even proud of it. as young as he is, he is not being a good example to his generation.

        btw, i am finally catching up and doing some GIFs for the new dramas and BM, if done, can i post them here? (i am posting it on my wordpress account too, it’s got my name on it, really small-ish)?


        • Softy says:

          Hey nonski,
          You can leave gifs on BM recaps and these mashcap posts. not sure if I can continue doing 2tby same nights anymore until BM ends.
          I think after BM ends, Arang will be the wed-Thurs ratings winner and get first place. That is unless Nice guy is too great to pass up. 🙂


          • nonski says:

            thanks softy and yes you should take a rest and lay low on 2tby for a while. i also believe arang will take the place of BM in terms of ratings after it airs.. 🙂

            JM, the plastic man is making my blood boil after watching it with subs and reading your comments. at least in jdorama the character is outright gay but here he can’t even pass as a man or a gay!


  21. Anonymous says:

    how can i watch faith live?


    • Softy says:

      there are streaming sites to watch live posted on Faith page on soompi. plus a video link to watch in full a few hours after it airs. hope that helps. 🙂


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