Bridal Mask E20

Suddenly this drama has more meaning and made me sit up and take notice and I am sure it’s cuz I am a woman. Now I am fully invested in what Gaksital is doing and I almost leaped out of my chair to cheer him on. 20 episodes later and I finally get why this guy is so important. What he did tonight made him more of a hero in my eyes than anything else he has done so far. I feel like I just watched a whole different drama. This is going to end up being the best episode yet cuz it tugs at your heart in a way most of us never knew it could.

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Ep 21 preview
Murayama is furious at the police failure to transport the comfort women. When he realises that Kangto was missing during the transport operation, he mercilessly steps on Kangto. Shunji thinks that it is odd how Kangto is just enduring the endless scorn and injustice of the police station. He goes to find Lala and wants and exact account of her losing Gaksital and figures there is something not quite right, as if she was hiding something. The news that Damsari will be coming back to the capital bringing teacher Yangbaek reaches Kangto…

written before it aired: Since we might not be seeing him in this attire for much longer, I plan on screencapping as much as I can for as long as I can. I used to make fun of my sister for falling for guys in uniforms, but now I get what she saw in them. It’s not just that a uniform transforms a guy’s entire exterior image, but it’s what putting on the uniform does to the guy inside. It seems to alter his mentality as well. Before K became Gaksital, K’s police uniform just gave him a warped sense of belonging and purpose, but that uniform never got to him like the one he wears now for Gaksital.  This outfit carries more significance so every time he puts it on, K becomes Gaksital through and through. It’s like the outfit gives him an elevated sense of being and his emotions run high as well. He has become more loyal towards Korean with each passing day as he sees with his own eyes the lengths they will go to in order to achieve independence from the Japanese.  As he witnesses more acts of patriotism, I really hope it will feel less like a burden to don the Gaksital outfit and more like a privilege.

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I dont know why, but he looks like prince charming here.


Starts from yoshi firing K for being incompetent, losing gaksital, and being Korean. leave this precinct now. He orders S to drag K out now. But K says even though you could demote me, you cant fire me -how can the truth of me being Korean be grounds for firing me.  Yoshi mutters about how K is not following his order.  K asks yoshi to take back his order cuz he wont step one foot outside. So yoshi goes berserk and hits K and kicks him saying you should have gotten lost when I told you. he pulls his gun on K so S holds yoshi back saying please hold it in. But yoshi pushes S away. yoshi yells out insulting stuff about koreans and how he cant trust what K says. how koreans  lost their land to another. S says I will take care of this and orders officers to drag K away outside. Yoshi says what taro said is 100% correct about how K cant be controlled. Don’t let him come around here again.

Officers throw K out. lackey goes and laughs at K. he says don’t show up in front of me again cuz if i see you again, i wont be able to hold back. He orders other officers to not let K in again. He is forbidden to enter.

But K goes in and yells at S to block the order to fire him- I will take any other punishment but please stop the order to fire me. but S goes into his office. so K gets dragged away. Abe cries for K.

Lackey goes in to see S and how good he feels now. S asks did you hate K that much. lackey says since that guy has been fired now I can feel at ease and tell you but the truth is kenji killed K’s mother. S: what? what are you talking about? why would hyung kill K’s mother. Lackey says how kenji suspected that fool – K’s hyung- was gaksital and held a gun to the mother. S: that lee kangsan was gaksital? lackey says kenji guessed really incorrectly. Thankfully the Koreans set fire to the home so it looks like they killed the mother and hyung. S yells why are you just now telling me that. lackey says cuz you treat that guy like a friend. if you knew that truth I thought you would take better care of him. and I dont think that guy knows about that incident.  S asks are you sure K doesn’t know that. lackey says of course K doesn’t know. if he found out, with his temper would he sit still.  he would have tried to kill kenji 12

times over. S remembers that day when gaksital killed kenji and thinks “was that gaksital who killed hyung K? if K knew that my hyung killed his mother, if he knew and acted like he didn’t know.” S orders lackey to hurry and catch K and they go outside to look for him. S tells the lackey to get K. S offers to go check where K is staying. lackey asks why but S tells him to hurry

K goes to see H but Jun opens the door. K asks if H is inside. he goes in and she asks what is going on. why does your face look like that. he says the new chief fired me. H: fired? you mean you were let go? K: he wouldnt have been able to do unless Taro allowed it. If it’s you- I think you can get taro to rescind his order. H thinks in her head : cuz I said I wanted to accept K into kishokai, they fire him. do these guys want a war with me. K: do you know what the reason was for firing me?  cuz I am Korean. She says don’t worry I was about to ask the chairman to let you become a kishokai member. K thinks in his head so that’s the name of the organization-kishokai. He asks if he can become a kishokai member after being kicked off the police force. She asks where all his confidence went to become some higher job titles. He smiles and says he has overflowing ambition.  she says that is what the chairman wants – something like that. so he asks what kind of person the chairman is like. H: someone who values people with effort/drive more than talent. he will like you for sure. K asks when he can meet that person (the chairman.)

She steps closer and touches his shoulder and says “soon.” He thanks her.

K walks her out and she says if you are curious about the outcome,  come to kumwhajeong around 7pm (that place where they fought). K agrees to be there by 7pm. Jun stares at them and has a silent moment of jealous fit and forgets to close the door after her. K leans in and says see you later and smiles at her

S told taro how kenji killed K’s mother so taro repeats that. Taro: you are saying kenji killed that mother. then K might have put on the mask and killed your hyung. S: I cant say for certain yet cuz K might not know that kenji killed his mom. taro: what if he knows and pretended not to know.  then the chance of him being gaksital increases. S: that is why you cant chase him out of the police force.  you have to convince yoshi. Taro gets a call for him and yoshi to go see UH.

Taro and yoshi go to see UH. UH says what’s going on in beijing. and asks if at a time like this it makes sense to have division among kishokai and not work together. taro denies any division. H says to taro -I heard you fired K.  as soon as you heard me saying let’s accept K as a kishokai member -what is the reason for that. Taro says how K has a high chance of being gaksital. but H tells UH that taro is mistaken. she says to taro: cuz your son S told me that he is sure that K is not gaksital for certain. yoshi says anyway we cant accept a korean as a member when he has suspicions. H starts to say good things about K like being loyal to the japanese, but UH says let’s act like nothing happened about K becoming a member. UH gives them different orders to prepare for the recruiters that are coming tm to gather comfort women. H glares out of anger.

S and H meet. S says I wish you would stop dropping by suddenly starting from today. H: I came to ask you a favor and if possible it would be nice if you followed it. I wanted to make K a kishokai member but your father opposed so I didnt get what I wanted. He asks why she wants K to become a member so much. She says K is unlike others so it’s a waste to throw him away. He says throw him away even if it’s a waste. you cant make K (a member).  H: why? isnt K your friend. You are not suspecting K of being gaksital like your dad are you. cuz you said loudly with your own mouth he wasnt and that you had clear evidence.  S says a new truth has been revealed . thanks to that, the possibility that K might be gaksital went up higher. she asks what that new truth is. He says you don’t need to know cuz I am going to catch him. she says I want to kill gaksital as much as you so what happens if I catch him first

K is getting treatments for his arm from baek. Baek says it turned out well. quit being an officer now cuz I didnt feel at ease even a day after hearing S suspected you. but K reminds him how DS said  “no matter what happens – to endure” (and remain an officer). it was cuz he needs the help of a japanese officer. So even if I die I have to stay next to those guys. baek says since taro is acting recklessly will it be easy for K to be chosen. K: I dont know the extent of Lala’s power in kishokai but she said she would recommend me to the chairman so I have to wait.  Baek asks after you go into that organization what do you plan to do. K says once he is in, he should get rid of the leader. baek says K cant do that alone. K says I cant deal with all of those guys just by myself so wouldnt killing off the head first hurt them.  He tells baek not to worry. I will be back.

H remembers S saying he found out a new truth about K. She asks jun when you slashed gaksital’s arm and leg where was it. he says the right arm and leg

So H puts something in K’s drink and waits for him. She is going to drug him.  K comes in and sits. H:what to do – no one has voted for you as a member yet. K: it’s too bad. H: wait a little longer and I will convince the chairman somehow. He asks if the chairman is the same person who made her into a singer and raised her like a daughter. otherwise-how could you become a kishokai. She asks are you curious about me or curious about kishokai. K: both. H: are you really curious about me? when you didnt even remember me? Cuz in your heart right now there should only be D. I’m the woman who -at the age of 9 when I lost my parents, I walked in with my own feet to become a gisaeng. when men are troubled, I look into their eyes and I know. I know you approached me to become a kishokai member but don’t lie that you are curious and want to know about me. K: since I made you say those things, I am a bad guy. But it’s true that I was curious about your life.  when I saw you wear mourning clothes and crying in front of the japanese, I was really curious how you became Lala. living as sato hiroshi now, if the same thing happened like 5 yrs ago I would save you again. Whether you are Lala or a young gisaeng. She cries and says should we make a toast. To you sato hiroshi. They drink. Suddenly his eyes close and he passes out. she goes over to him and says if you are gaksital you saw me trying to kill the woman you love. even if the same situation like 5 yrs ago happened, you say you would save me again. why do I want to believe that obvious lie so much. she unbuttons his jacket and checks his right arm. There is a bandage. She is shocked. she covers up the wound by rolling his sleeves back down and leaves quickly.

H goes out for air and tells herself: Come to your senses. You saw that K is gaksital. you cant help him or go easy on him anymore. what are you hesitating for. she calls out for Jun. she says call masoku (that gisaeng that K is friendly with).

*So H chickened out and couldnt betray K’s truth. it’s written all over her face that she is too much in love to let him go. in a way, she loves him more than D cuz now H has to keep saving K’s life with each lie she tells to keep his identity a secret and therefore endangering her own life along he way. if you judge the extent of love based on actions alone, I would say H wins over D anyday. I bet later on K is going to regret using her love and actually cry real tears for H if she dies protecting him.

Governor is meeting with yoshi and taro and them. he tells him how he was contacted this morning – how there is a war spreading. governor says what they should do but taro says they cant and suggests selecting clean healthy young girls and sending them to the army (to become comfort women) Governor specifies that no one can know this truth that they did this. taro says of course we will hide it well. yoshi says even if this truth is revealed later,  there wont be any evidence that we were involved. governor says pay special attention so this cant come back to us. so yoshi says we will choose only poor and healthy girls. governor laughs and says that’s good. (I  suddenly wish there were some extra bombs from DS’s armory robbery to throw into this room right now to wipe those smirks off their faces. translating this made my skin crawl.)

Some recruiters go to the circus. spy girl asks who are you. the lady starts to compliment the girls looks and says there are so many of them.  leader jo asks who they are. The man says you must be the leader. these days with the bad economy even if you hold shows, you wont earn much. Jo yells I asked who you are. lady asks didnt you see the newspaper. an article to get nurses  to go to china. see for yourself. Spy girl talks about the high monthly pay. another girl asks we dont have an education so how can we be nurses. The lady says all they have to do is take care of soldiers who have been injured in the war – to feed and wash them so there is nothing else to learn.   The man asks are you selecting just women cuz I can do that well too. the lady says it’s just for female nurses. D asks why they are recruiting here for nurses to take care of soldiers over there. Leader jo says there are no people here who want to work there so leave. The recruiter guy asks just for them to write down their names and they can start earning money.  The recruiters get pushed out and one of the girls pick up the article (once they sign their name it becomes binding and they have to go so that’s why they kept insisting on the girls just signing their names)

*trust me, I didnt call this woman “lady” out of respect. the only reason why I referred to her as “lady” and not “woman” is I didnt want anyone to mix up the other one from the circus who died recently. out of respect to her I didnt want to use what I called her for this “lady” since the only name I wanted to call this one was “heartless monster.” I really dont get how this lady could do this kind of work. how does she live with herself.

K wakes up and asks the girl masaku what happened last night. What about Lala. she gets jealous and says you are looking for Lala as soon as you wake up. so he yells I asked what happened. She says as soon as you fell asleep Lala left and told me to take good care of you. K: she left right after I fell asleep? he remembers making a toast and then passing out. K says in his head I’m certain I only drank one shot. He grabs his jacket and leaves.

H hears from Jun that inside the hotel, K followed Jun here. Jun: it’s certain that he approached you (meaning to use her). she says I know that too.dont worry. K knocks outside and says Lala you are inside right? Open the door Lala. She ignores him. He keeps calling out her name so she calls S. she asks him to get rid of K. S asks:what are you saying? K is at the hotel? I will go right away. She hangs up and stands. K: are you not inside. I have something to say so I came. Lala.

S drives up to the hotel as K comes out. S says I looked everywhere for you. you’ve been reinstated.let’s go. K: you want me to go to work. S: yes you are late so get in

Leader jo says this is big trouble cuz it looks like they are all going to leave to become nurses. D thinks it’s strange cuz they are giving so much salary to young women with no experience. cuz even men who graduated from college cant earn that much easily. Jo says the more he thinks about it, he feels uneasy about sending young girls away like that to the war. D offers to look into it

K puts his uniform back on and Abe asks if he is feeling ok. K smiles at him and pats his arm. Other officers give K funny looks. K gets a call. D says it’s me. K: nothing much is going on right. She says some people came this morning to look into recruiting girls to become nurses. our group wants to agree but are they trustworthy. He says I will look into it. where are you now. she says with the circus. I wont be staying at sunwha’s home and will be staying at the motel so call me there. He promises to contact her soon

The officers stand at attention in front of yoshi again. Yoshi tells them how they have an order starting from today to transport comfort women. we have to help the recruiters. we have to be careful not to let news of this spread.  the rebels (koreans) cant know the truth that officers are helping the army. He gives the lackey a promotion that taro ordered. Then he looks at K and takes his stripe away and demotes him. do you have a problem with it. K: No i dont. After yoshi leaves others congratulate the lackey. S goes over to K and pats him on the shoulder.

They meet in his office and S tells K to sit. S: you just heard what kind of person yoshi is. I was afraid he would suspect that you are special to me so yesterday I pretended on purpose not to know. what kind of person ignores his boss. my dad was opposed to firing you. we were barely able to keep you as an officer. be patient for a short time and I will make sure you get your position back. K thanks him. S tells K to stay at the place S gave him from today on cuz S checked there yesterday and K hadnt been staying there all this time. There is a call and S says esther. So K stands to leave but S says “wait” to K. S: right now? I will go quickly. He hangs up and says D wants to see me so you drive

In the car K thinks in his head. You kept me on as an officer to keep me next to you. what are you planning. are you starting to suspect me again. S says in his head: K- if you really are  gaksital- just wait and see -I will reveal who you are

Circus girls meet with those people and sign their names in the book. one girl asks if there are a lot of people signed up. the lady says of course and shows the thick books filled with lists of names who signed up. guy says there are 2000 in the capitol alone.  lady says to fill in their age.(it’s like a contract so they have to go once they sign) S and K walk by them and K takes notice of the situation. Girl asks if they are really going to be paid timely. Lady says yes –if you do well you could get paid more. how good will it be cuz you will earn money and learn skills.

S yells out the name of the officer who has his weapon (along with the rest of the officers) aimed at D and the rest of the circus people. S: what are you doing?  the guy says how the group was complaining saying how they will perform. D says how they have to perform to earn a living. who will come to a circus who is being guarded by officers. leader jo asks how much longer do we need to be watched/guarded. What crime did we commit. D says how there are a lot of people who need the circus -do you need to take the circus away from those people who dont have much to laugh about.  So S orders the officers to back off. S tells the people they wont be watched anymore. you can feel free to go about your work. S asks to speak to D and walks out first. (K walked up and stepped behind S during their conversation and K sort of bowed his head to leader jo)

D walks out to follow S and K says to her “don’t let them go and hold onto them. they arent going to become nurses-they will be used as comfort women for the army.” D: ok

D and S are on the road and K stands at a distance. S looks at K and suddenly hugs D. S: I will trust you. I wont even guard you anymore but you have to give me a little of your heart. she tries to pull away and says-let go. don’t do this. S looks at K and says to D: do you have anything you are hiding from me. If you are hiding something from me I will find out what that is and crush it. he said that looking at K and let’s go of her. he calls out to K and says follow me.

K walks by D and they hold hands for a second. D watches him go and cries

In the car, S says I will catch gaksital who killed my hyung but why are you not catching the culprit who killed your mother and hyung. If it was me, I would have done that first. Didn’t you tell me that you couldn’t die leaving behind those who did that to your family and making you like that. But after saying that you dont look for the guy who killed your hyung and mother.

suddenly K brakes and pulls the car over and grabs S out of the car and says you know something don’t you. you know who killed my mother and hyung. Tell me. tell me. S: if I knew I would have told you right away- would I just be like standing here like this. sorry for bringing up something painful for you. let’s go. (S said that without meaning a word of it)  he gets in the car and K thinks in his head. You found out your hyung killed my mother. Ok let’s see this through

H is massaging UH’s legs. He says how KP (the guard who killed Goji) remembers K. wasnt he that Korean who rescued you 5yrs ago. she says I am not recommending him to become a member cuz of that father. He asks her to be in charge of the group of comfort girls leaving the capitol so she says I will.

Lee and his wife are meeting with that elderly couple again. Lee and his wife are encouraging the couple to send their students to study abroad so the woman asks how many should we send. Lee’s wife says it’s better to send a lot. The woman says they will tell the girls about to graduate that there is a chance to study and will like it. Lee’s wife and Lee says that’s a great idea. They make a toast. (this elderly couple do not realize they are sending away their students to become comfort women)

A young girl tells her grandmother (S’s nanny) how she will work as a nurse. during the day she will nurse the soldiers and at night she will study. since she will be studying in another country so it’s like studying abroad. grandma asks if she has to go so far away. girl says dont worry. my teacher said only students who study hard are being sent.  I will study hard and work hard and be sure to become a doctor and take care of you and live happily for a long time together. grandma hugs her and calls the girl her baby. Taro arrives and grandma introduces her granddaughter. She says my granddaughter was chosen at her school to be a nurse so will it be ok for her to go. He looks and sees she is pretty so he says don’t worry and send her. they thank taro

D tells the circus girls who signed up that they have to leave the capitol quickly.the girls cry and apologize to the leader and say we will be going. Leader jo tells them to be careful of their health. officers dressed in plain clothes show up. the recruiter asks where are you going. he calls them by name and says you promised to become nurses. D says you deceived them and made them promise. they said they wouldnt go so if you do this, isnt it kidnapping. They drag the two girls out and spy guy says drag that one too so they take sunwha as well. he holds his gun at D and Jo so they cant move or leave the room

As they drag the girls away, D runs out and knocks them down. Leader jo tries to help and gets beaten. D gets kicked and beaten too by K’s spy guy. He says you would be dead if it wasn’t for S. (I hope S kills him for beating up D and taking those girls this drama is making me so violent. )

Grandmother sends her granddaughter away and says go and come back well. stay healthy. girl says dont worry I will write letters. grandma tries to give her some money. but the girl wont take it and tells the grandma to buy something good to eat. I will be going. as she walks away, grandma cries.  (and my heart is breaking)

Officers are dressed in plain clothes and they pick up the girls and take them away in a truck. The girl waves bye to her grandma. Grandma says go well and come back.

In the truck the circus girls and sunhwa are on it. H and Jun are waiting for the girls with that lady that recruited them. H tells the lady to confirm the names. Lady says how pretty the girls are. She calls out names. Suddenly gaksital runs out into the middle of the road in front of another truck full of girls. The lady and H and jun hear gunshots ring out. gaksital is fighting off the officers. The officers run away and K looks up at the truck full of girls.

Then in another part of the woods, Gaksital jumps in front of the truck with the circus girls and K fights the officer who used to spy on him. An officer tries to shoot gaksital but sunwha and them bite the officer’s arm and hit him with a suitcase. Sunwha says to other girls -we have to run away cuz it’s dangerous. Gaksital beats up the recruiter guy and hopefully killed him.

suddenly a gunshot goes right by gaksital. he turns and looks. H shot at gaksital but missed on purpose. they look at each other. she still has her gun aimed at him. H says in her head: please. Don’t make me regret saving you.


No preview

you know what breaks my heart even more? supposedly there were 2000 girls who signed up and those few trucks that Gaksital stopped didnt have even a fraction of that number of girls onboard. just imagining all those other trucks he wasnt able to stop just tears me up. we need more gaksitals to make a difference.

even though 2000 was a number the writer came up with, now in my mind that number has faces like those young girls on the backs of those trucks and they are no longer just a fictitious number. they have actual faces and just imagining the brutality they endured makes you sick in your stomach. that was the moment this stopped being just a drama for me.

for the first half of this ep, I sort of liked H for following her heart and conscience instead of her brain and duty. but then she had to go and agree to help with transporting these girls and I lost all respect for her as a woman and a human being. I no longer care if she loves K if she is going to be the type of woman who helps innocent girls lose their lives like this – slowly and painfully so that they are never whole again. this kind of cruelty deserves a whole other special kind of punishment. I dont want Gaksital to just hit them with the flute anymore to kill them. quick deaths are too good for people like taro, UH, yoshi, and the governor. they need to reside in those nail crates for the rest of their lives and driven around on rocky roads on the backs of those trucks all over Korea.

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  1. Softy dear.. the Birthday girl, thank you so much for the recaps, you still managed to did live recaps, even though today is your day.
    We really appreciate you hard works & sacrifices. God bless your heart, my dear. Nonski you’re awesome with the short recap here!!!!!
    Waves to all Joowon lovers here.
    I didn’t watch tonight’s ep, coz sister hijacked my laptop for browsing 😦
    But thank God for KBS World on cable…


  2. Marie67 says:

    What do you guys think of that scene where Mokdan and Kangto hold hands? The way he let it go in slowmotion and with that background music and all, he walking away with his back on her was I hope not a forecast for whats yet to come. Like he will die and leave her behind. please tell me I am wrong!

    Softy what do you think about it? I want to know your opinion about it.


    • Softy says:

      sorry, I didnt really think much about it cuz they have held hands secretly before too and just assumed they would keep doing this every chance they get. I just thought he was walking away cuz he couldnt linger since S would turn around wondering what is taking K so long.
      as for K dying, I sort of expected that from the start cuz it cant be 28 eps and have him survive this whole ordeal. I figured after he gets revenge for his family, shuts down kishokai, and helps DS out some more, sooner or later K’s time will run out. I never expected a happy ending for K and D. maybe cuz of the time period they are living in and what they are going through. I also dont see H making it out alive either cuz I think she will die for K. I do think D will remain though to keep K’s memory alive.
      after tonight’s ep, I am beginning to think this drama is less about gaksital and more about the impact he would have had during this time if he was real. in the drama, he was a living breathing symbol of hope for these koreans and he helped keep their hope alive for as long as he existed and maybe that’s enough. for K and D to have their own happy ending might be asking for too much.


      • SS says:

        T……………………………T Softy you made me cry. Your piece just guts me….

        Show! I don’t care if it’s cliche or fanservice or whatever you call it, Kangto ah please don’t die


        • picklemonster says:

          I also think it makes sense for Kang-To to die…. BUT I DON’T CARE!!! If he dies, I swear I will suffer from depression for at least half a year. I wish this drama came out earlier so I could know if there’s a happy ending before I watch it….but then again if I already know he dies I probably wouldn’t have watched this awesome show.


          • Iprefernottosayit says:

            If K dies and this whole drama just spirals into a really depressing ending I swear I don’t think I can score much for my finals.


      • Marie67 says:

        OMG I really hope he will be alive, his whole family died already and I cant bear to see him die too. I want him to have a happy ending with Mokdan or else they both need to die just like in Hong Gil Dong.


        • picklemonster says:

          Yea I can’t agree with you more. Either they both live, or they both die. Having one person live with the memory of “what could’ve been” is just too painful…..


      • So, I guess there no chance for us to see if there will be “baby” Gaksital then :(. Gaksital must have a successor for the sake of Korean people…


        • Iprefernottosayit says:

          A baby Gaksital? Let’s hope our writers can shape this plot in a way so that it has a happy ending. I don’t think I can bear it if K dies. I will die. Inside.


      • CT@SGP says:

        Maybe gaksital dies at the end and kangto retires to live happily everaftet with mokdan in the countryside 😉


      • Iprefernottosayit says:

        omg softy. I have this strange inkling that what you said might come true. If K really does die, I just hope he dies in the arms of someone he loves..Mok Dan.


    • i read some were that their are 2 different endings in the first one he dies she stay alive and in the second my fav by the way they both live but have to leave korea hope the second one is true love this show. im really happy tonight our boxer katie taylor just won the gold medal today at the olympics ireland first gold of the games and we could win a few more come on team ireland


    • Iprefernottosayit says:

      Oh my god that was what I figured as well! I began bawling inside, blubbering like a baby.


  3. Ivoire says:

    Hi Softy,

    You might not remember me, but I have commented here a few times during your OB recaps. MY posts tended to be long. I am late in this but here it is: “Happy Birthday!” “Joyeux Anniversaire!” “Feliz Cumpleanos” and I hope that you had the bested day ever and the bested Birthday party for your birthday. I was going to try and write “Happy Birthday” in Korean, but I don’t want to embarrass myself, especially not in front of you. I expressed it in English, French and Spanish, which are 3 of the 4 languages I speak fluently (I also speak Bulu, which is one of the 250 languages spoken in Cameroon, Central Africa).
    “Happy BIrthday!” again (late)… And I hope that you are having a great week!

    P.S.: I also wrote on the site anniversary last year (I think) and got a personal response from you. I always use the same screen name.


    • Softy says:

      Of course I remember you. You forgot I complimented your name. You were in the process of moving at the time so I guess you missed my other replies to your comments. Thank you for all the bday greetings. 🙂


      • Ivoire says:

        Awwww… Softy, you just made my day, just so you know :-)! I am grinning right now. I honestly did not think that you would remember me. I just want to jump up and down, and I know it sounds silly, but when you connect with people on the internet, with little chance of ever meeting them in real life, over the love of Kdramas, no less, I (personally) try not to read too much into it as I know people have busy lives and who knows what they will remember about you, if they remember you at all. So, with that being said, I hope you can understand and appreciate how I felt, reading you current comment.

        You also have a great memory. I was getting ready to move at the time I last commented and I lost my dad to cancer a little after that, so a lot was going on in my life. I have nothing against dramas and movies in general, but at times when things happen to you, they (dramas and movies) pale in comparison to real life.

        I did move, twice actually over the last 6 or 7 months, and I am getting ready to do so again. So, this has been an interesting and challenging season for me, and I have to hang tight and not give up.

        I am so sorry I missed your other replies. When I have the time, I will go look for them I will make a note of it. Thank you for taking the time (out of your busy schedule) to respond personally to me. I have always appreciated how often you do that for the people who comment here and how you always acknowledge people’s contributions to this site and to your life, no matter the size of that contribution. It makes me feel like you don’t take people for granted, and that is good. Keep that up!

        I am glad I took the time to write then and delurk. I have been reading your site on occasion, during the RP recaps and during the BM recaps, especially when I have watched them raw on Viki and I don’t know what was said. I just recognize a few words and a few expressions here and there. I like all the details you include, such as when you said that you googled dying by biting your tongue, and that can actually happen, or when during OB’s recaps you explained what certain drinks are and how they were made.
        I also appreciate your honesty, such as when you would say that one character said something, but you don’t know what they said or something happened and you are just not sure of what happened. Also, please keep that up. I LOVE details, and so I appreciate things like that.

        I think I did it again. I was going to say “Thank You” for responding, and it turned into this (long response :-)). Thank you for complementing me on my screen name, it is the French translation for my middle name which is a Bulu word (the language of my ethnic group in Cameroon, Central Africa). I had forgotten that you had complimented me on that. It means Ivory, and center (as in the most important thing in a thing, the nucleus, the main thing). Ivory is also a material (for lack of a better word) that was used to make jewelry. It is banned now (has been for years, the use of it that is) as many elephants used to be killed because their tusks are made of Ivory. My dad used to like calling me by that name, especially when he was happy. He would say that I was his “Ivory,” meaning his most precious thing 🙂 (I knew I wasn’t the only one, there was my mom and my siblings, but it was still nice to hear).

        How do you feel about having people from all over the world read your blog? (even Africans, did you ever think that would happen? :-)) Although, I currently reside in Northern CA, I grew up in Cameroon (16 years) and I was born in Paris, France, and lived there the first 3 years of my life. I also lived in France for some time during my college years.

        I like that you make an effort to be polite and courteous on your blog. I am older (close to mid 40’s) and I am “old school,” so I appreciate that, because I try to be like that as well. Because it is anonymous and it is the internet is not a reason in my book to be mean and nasty.

        I was wondering, is there a place where you keep your posted random postings? I wanted to respond to one of them about the K2Hs, but when I came back it had been taken out. I did look for it, but couldn’t find it. Do you delete them after a while or is there a place here where we can find them? If not, would you consider posting them somewhere, so we can respond, if we would like to? Thanks!

        Also, when I wrote for the blog anniversary, you were still living in Seoul. Is that still the case? (just wondering… :-)) (And see, I remember things as well, because after you responded to my first comment, I had asked you about that).

        Thanks for reading my long response. Have a great day/night/evening depending on what time it is for you 🙂


        • Softy says:

          Hey Ivoire,
          sorry it took so long to reply but on recap nights, I barely get any sleep and next day I work so I only have time to reply when I get home. It’s so hard to type from an iPhone during the day so I have to wait till I am in front of a computer again. 🙂

          Thanks for noticing that I make an effort to be polite. I know that this is my blog and I can say whatever I want, but stuff like not using profanity or cursing is something I try not to do in real life so it makes sense I try not to do it here too. Although last night during this episode, I had some choice words for all the bad guys in this drama. I dont have any problems with readers using it as long as it’s not excessive or offensive to others.

          I would never take for granted any of my visitors and their contributions since I appreciate them more than anyone else. I love reading and checking the comments when I am outside and discovering all these great links and photos everyone updates cuz it’s what keeps this blog alive. I really believe this blog exists solely cuz of its readers. I feel like I barely contribute anything cuz I am not like other bloggers that constantly post news and stuff. pretty much every post I make is mostly just recaps.

          If you want to reply to anything I write on the side widgets, there is a KD chat page up on top by the header. that’s where people can leave comments, videos, or any other info they want to share or discuss.

          yes I am still living in Seoul- that’s part of the reason why I can do live recaps. 🙂

          I always noticed your name on comments over at DB, but you seem to mostly thank people for what they wrote. it’s so short most of the time so I feel honored you felt comfortable to share more of yourself here. 🙂

          Yes I figured with my limited French that Ivoire would have something to do with ivory since it looks so similar. what you shared about your father calling you that cuz you are precious to him was so touching. It sort of makes me love that name even more. I am sorry to hear about your loss, but I hope the wonderful memories you shared with him will sustain you through life and give you moments of solace and peace just by reflecting on them each time. I think only daughters who have lost their fathers know the pain you went through since it changes you as a person. No matter what age you lose a parent, that loss feels significant, but in varying degrees. In a way, the more years you spent with that parent seems to reflect the degree of emptiness that parent leaves in your heart when they have passed on. Younger kids forget their memories and can move on easier, but if you are an adult when you lose your parent, that loss feels more acute and that pain just doesn’t seem to go away. Every time you see a father daughter scene in a drama, you are brought right back to the reality and you feel that kick in your heart again. I wish I could say it goes away, but all I can promise for sure is that time dulls that ache and it becomes a part of you. As long as you feel something, it means your love for him will always remain.


  4. Anonymous says:

    mokdan character really boring. i mean her role is so boring. rie rocks. kangto and ueno rie,cmon! lol


  5. SS says:

    This show is Unrealistic. What happen to Kangto’s leg wound? Healed miraculously? Huh? I didn’t see Baek Gun treating it and Rie didn’t take off his pants? It’s all your fault, Jun! You should have just cut his leg and not hand.

    Softy, ep 20 is over, for those dying to see, can i post it here(sorry if i had post this earlier but for those who just came onboard. It’s dark and lonely in the gutter)

    Living in a climate that’s humid all year long, I am always cursing it but for this once, I am thoroughly happy with it


    • O dear SS, you make me drooling crazily this morning.
      I really want to hug his back so baaaaaaaaddd!!!!!
      Anyway.. Ep.20 ratings are :
      TNmS (%)
      Nationwide: 20.6 (2nd)
      Seoul: 20.6 (1st)
      AGB Nielsen (%)
      Nationwide: 19.5 (2nd)
      Seoul: 19.8 (2nd)

      Finally reach 20% 🙂
      Chukae Joowon ssi… Fighting haeseo!!


    • bbblue73 says:

      Since i haven’t watch BM last wed & yesterday so i’ll do the 15.928+++/km (2hrs+++),marathon LOL for reading recaps & watching YT link 19&20 episode later today. I’m not even sure if i can handle this long journey but since you share with this tempting & superb ENERGIZER, i’m sure i’ll survive. My plan is to do it later, but i change my mind i’ll do it NOW.
      Ready 1 2 3, bang.!!!!

      Thanks Softy dear ( ur most welcome as always) for the recaps, Semi-fly for the torrents, Sparkskey for the translation, Yanna for the YT link & SS for this arrgggg, owwwws photo of our cutie. (even just back view, still looks more super sizzling hottie)

      I remembered that he tweet days ago that he’s clothes got wet, coz it’s super crazy heat summer,this days i’m sure this is the one,right? followed by U, (selca from the beach).


  6. picklemonster says:

    Hi Softy! Thanks so much for the recap, I love hearing your opinions. And these hot pics of Joo Won are always the highlight of my day. ^^

    But I’m sorry that I have to ask you another favour! You keep tempting me >.< You said that there was a photo of Joo Won where both his white shirt and pants got wet?! MY EYES ARE BEGGING TO SEE IT!!! T___T Can you please send me the link? I'd love to stare a second hole into it.


  7. Iprefernottosayit says:

    I agree with you Softy, the thought of so many innocent young girls being transported to China to be comfort women just pisses me off.


    • SS says:

      thanks Yanna, Joowon is really tired, he fell asleep? My poor baby


      • CT@SGP says:

        Possible birthday wish of JW —– (i) a week of undisturbed sleep in a comfy, cool and quiet place, (ii) unlimited supply of his fav food (including lemons, marinated raw beef, scallops…), and (iii) anything from his “Jaeun” 😉


  8. kittygal says:

    softy’s message of hatred at the end convinced me that she too, can be gaksital 😀


    • Softy says:

      I really should not write any comments at 6am when I have been emotionally carried away by the episode. I swear – normally I am a very calm and reasonable person, but when I see brutality and injustice like this come out, it’s like a switch goes on. then “softy” is nowhere to be found cuz “hard core” takes her place. 🙂


      • SS says:

        I always wanted to ask you the reason behind your name. Did you mention before or is it somewhere on this blog?

        I have never said this but came close during that incident where someone crashed our party and malign my name, I wanted to say the reason behind it. SS is not my initials and probably only Softy, you’d know. The truth is that I had been lurking silently on your blog for quite while until one fine day, I posted my very first comment. I cannot remember when or what I wrote. I think I must have just felt that sudden urge to write my thoughts on OB. I didn’t put much thought into what name I should use on the blog so just typed SS like one would type “asafghj” . Then somehow, this whole thing about posting comments, reading excitedly someone’s reply to you, just took a life of its own. By then, when I thought I should use a more meaningful or cute moniker, I had already posted hundreds of comments and changing it will be like the Artist formerly known as Prince. I used a different one in other forums because SS is simply too short, won’t be accepted, LOL.

        Anyway, I had meant to also say is that: Softy, it’s normal to react the way you did when you see such horrors in a show and know that it actually happened in real life. I have read and heard about comfort women but the show using the granny and her granddaughter to bring it down to a personal level was just genius. When you see a mass of faces on the truck, the impact is not as powerful. By telling the story of one young girl, full of hope and dreams of a better life, that bright, innocent, smiling face as she waved good bye to her granny, this image will be ingrained in your mind for a long time.


        • Softy says:

          Hey SS, if you ever changed your name we would all be confused so please keep it. we already have it memorized and you have too many fans who know you by that name. 🙂

          I had a different one for Soompi but one day I forgot my password and had to make a new account. in real life people call me a softy cuz I have trouble saying no to people when they ask me for favors. so that name popped up and I started using it. If I knew I was going to have a blog one day, I would have chosen a better name too. Like “cadence,” “verbatim,” or some word that has to do with writing and being verbal.

          omg I love that interview you found of JW in his glasses. I saw a pic of it ages ago, but didnt know there was such a cute and informative video with it -learning so many new things about JW suddenly. I have a feeling some of these answers have changed since he met Uee and did OB. I am translating it right now to post. wish it was on YT though so more people can see it. Thanks for finding it. You always spoil us with the best stuff. 🙂


          • SS says:

            Softy, I am glad you chose this name. It’s so unique, I just love it. Now, I love it more as I read the reason behind it. Yes, you really live up to your name. You make so much effort on your blog, give up hours of sleep to give us more screencaps, revising your recaps several times and opening this whole space for us to post our thoughts, gush and a lot of times, just squeal. Not to mention that recent OB giveaway. Yesterday on your birthday, I found myself thinking, hey I will always remember Softy’s birthday cuz it’s the same as my country’s national day. I am very bad at remembering birthdays, for a girl. But I daresay, Softy, I will remember you for a long time.

            Going to bed now and looking forward to your translation on the interview. Great way to start this weekend.


          • nonski says:

            i always loved your lovely name Softy… it’s so positive! i think there is no better name than Softy for you.

            and you too SS, your name is synonymous to friendship to me 🙂 don’t ever change it! hope you can use it on other forums so when i see you, i’d be able to greet you.

            ivoire… your name is lovely! always saw you comment on DB.


      • nonski says:

        Softy dear, i always loved reading your comments, notably when you are emotional. 🙂 i also loved reading your “not” emotional commentaries. you are passionate in everything you write that is why i love coming back here cuz it feels so personal and you care to reply to us (mentioned something about this before to you).


  9. ainslie says:

    After I see the BTS between JW and JSY and JW and HCH I get a feeling that JW has a very different reaction towards JSy and HCH… To HCH they seems like good friends… but still looks professional.. but to JSY he is more affectionate to her…. Probably because she is younger than him.. Which makes him more caring to her… I’m not saying that he has develop some feeling towards JSY and I don’t hope they can be a real couple in real life because I think actor and actresses can get carried away a little bit with their feeling towards their co-star but it just happened when they are filming.. after the drama ends the feelings will somehow fades away as time pass by…. So, I think JW will do the same thing as other actor and moves on with his new projects ahead… Just a thought of mine… Probably out of context… Sorry…


    • Sunny says:

      yes..i agree with u..just one more thing.JSy is a love interest in Gaksital,,while HCA isn’t!!
      of course he must developing more interest towards JSy than HCA, even when camera off, i think he still very caring to JSY,because they are still in fiming site, and he can bring fort the affection part with investing him self , so he can create more convincing romantic scenes on screen


  10. Ruka says:

    Oh i really can’t hold it back anymore.. i’ve been searching for the background song which was played during the scene where Kang To was talking to Ueno Rie at the Geum Hwa Jeong.

    i noticed that it was the same song Ueno Rie sang in the Angel Club. it’s such a niceee one 🙂

    does anyone know it? plz..plz..plz.. i really want to find it so badly^^


  11. The kissed on the cheek bts 🙂


  12. SS says:

    not sure if you have seen this MV. Such a beautiful song. Dedicating this to my wonderful Indonesian friends Yanna, flo, umi, aisha …..(sorry if I missed out any, memory is not my strongest faculty)


    • flo says:

      wohooo SS this is sooooo nice..thank you for this, you are soo kind
      yes this song is taken from the OST from the “Korea – Indonesia’s “Drama ” Sarange I love you”
      played by : Tim huang ( Korean actor ) and Revalina S.temat ( Indonesian actress ).the drama is airing in Indosiar right now, and many indonesian people are addicted for this drama..the drama is so great , i love that.i did’nt knew Tim huang before this, but i’m quite like him, and Revalina is one of the best actress in Indonesia, she is so pretty & sweet, they looked good together in this drama…….mmmm i just imagine if someday, JW could be in one of the “korea-Indonesia’s” drama,,arrgggghh i’ll be dying in happiness,because not many indonesian knows JW very well, they knew JW from The Baker King only, that’s too bad!!if they knows JW in Gaksital or OB, i do believe, they will be love our cutie as much as they love korean actors like LMH,KHJ, maybe much more..^______________^
      dear softy, maybe i talked so much about my country, i’m sorry for this….


    • OMG.. OMG!!!!! Whoaaa…
      Thank you so much SS darling for dedicating this video to us!! We’re so honored & so impressed. I love the MV & the song too.
      Anyway, Flo dear thank you for the info about the drama “Saranghae”.
      I didn’t even know it’s airing in Indosiar 😛 now.
      And I couldn’t agree more with you about JW should play in a “Korea-Indonesia” drama, hehee 🙂


    • umi says:

      SS darling thank you so much for the video, it is so sweet, love the mv…and flo thank you for the info I really don’t know this song. I read about Korean-Indonesian drama long time ago but no idea who acted in it, nowdays I know more Korean celebrities than Indonesian celebrities 🙂


  13. SS says:

    For you, Softy


  14. I found this on facebook so true & funny. Coz that’s what I did 😀
    Pardon me, but Kang To aka Juwon is just too HOT too handle and he’s too SMEXY too ignored.. hehe..
    What about you?? ^^ Credit to Bridal Mask (KBS) on fb.


  15. Anonymous says:

    huhu i want preview…


  16. bbblue73 says:

    Just dropping by to share this link Gaksital preview ep 21.


    • Iprefernottosayit says:

      Thanks bbblue! 😀 Now all we need is the translation. 🙂


    • Siera says:

      omg..thanks you for the translations
      another scene between K&rie again ? look so interesting!!!!
      it’s very touching conversations, i ‘m about to cry by looking rie’s expression only.HCA is a good actress, i had to admit her character seems more interesting than mokdan, i can feel her longing love to K, her sadness, her conflicated heart, it’s too bad i didn’t found it with MD, anyway i still ship K & D,but IDK,why everytime i saw K&Rie appeared on the screen, i got excited


    • Thank you bbblue darling!! 🙂
      I read somewhere in ep.21 a new character will be added, an independent lady to replaced comrade Anna (the one who bit her own tongue)
      So excited, can’t wait for Wednesday… 😛


  17. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like jin se yun acting after she knew lee kang to is gaksital, why she is so stiff with portraying emotion and longing, well for me she has more chemistry off screen with hem than on screen.
    so more of han chae ah would be more exciting.


  18. Anonymous says:

    BTW i rarely see a good korean actress, thank good gaksital has more men.


  19. SS says:

    I won’t be able to check the internet and post updates or translation for pretty much the next 3 weeks. This translation is from mojobobo at Soompi

    video preview

    Shunji to Rie: How could the operation have failed? Are you hiding anything from me?
    Mok Dan: You said Teacher Yang Baek is coming to Joseon? [Is this a new character? Yang Baek doesn’t sound like a girl’s name lol]
    Count: They say that there’s going to be an uprising.
    Countess: If the people of Joseon find out that that fella is coming, there will surely be second revolt!
    Kangto to Rie: I keep worrying about you. I trust in you, that you will pick the right path.
    Ueno: Ueno Rie shall be in charged of catching Gaksital. Make sure he’s killed!
    Koiso: Everyone! Move out towards KyungSueng Ilbo(not too sure about the name but it’s a press room)
    Shunji: Lee Kangto! Where is Lee Kangto!
    Kangto: I’m here to punish your evil deeds!

    text preview

    After finding out that the Jongro Police’s recruitment of comfort women failed, the enraged Murayama brutally rains kicks on Kangto when he finds out that Kangto was absent from the recruitment operation.

    Despite all the injustice and prejudicial treatment, Kangto steadfastly refuses to leave the police station. Shunji starts to think that this is all too out of the ordinary and is suspicious.

    Shunji finds Rie to investigate Rie letting Gaksital off and discovers that she may be hiding something from him.

    Mok Dan receives Damsari’s letter. She tells Kangto that Damsari is returning to Joseon with Teacher Yang Baek.


  20. According to Joowon Thai FC on fb :
    “Gaksital Day” on 15Aug (since 0820-1750) at KBS Drama ka. Rerun Bridal Mask episode 14-20 including Making TV.


  21. Sorry dear, took me about 1 hour to download the video from baidu, but only takes less than 2 minutes to upload to YT.
    My internet connection is very strange today 😦


  22. sparkskey says:

    Ep 21 preview
    Murayama is furious at the police failure to transport the comfort women. When he realises that Kangto was missing during the transport operation, he mercilessly steps on Kangto. Shunji thinks that it is odd how Kangto is just enduring the endless scorn and injustice of the police station. He goes to find Lala and wants and exact account of her losing Gaksital and figures there is something not quite right, as if she was hiding something. The news that Damsari will be coming back to the capital bringing teacher Yangbaek reaches Kangto…


  23. flo says:

    another BTS of Gaksital


  24. flo says:

    waaahh..comrade Anna si such a great actress, her acting is so great!!!


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