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Is anyone keeping track of the death count in this drama cuz we need to add some more names to that list. I don’t like K’s idea of joining Kishokai at all. Isn’t that like disguising yourself as a steak and walking into the lion’s den? How much more danger does he need to subject himself to before he realizes he is human and can only endure so much. What could he possibly accomplish from joining them other than the obvious like getting insider info. Doesn’t he have enough identities as it is? he is Lee Kangto turned Gaksital masquerading as a Japanese officer and now he is going to add Kishokai member to that list. one of these days he is going to forget which “mask” he put on and slip up and then I will have to recap his downfall. Heaven forbid he ever gets hit on the head and gets partial amnesia cuz who knows which name he will say aloud first.
Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for written preview translations, and Yanna for video link. also thank you Loverz for tracking down video preview even though it didnt air yet. our sweet Yanna moved it over to YT and left the link in comments.  translations are on the bottom. 🙂
written before it aired.
News: There will be a new character to replace Konno Goji as the chief of police cuz this writer thinks it’s fun to add as many new names as possible to drive recappers crazy–thank god for small favors cuz at least it doesn’t start with “K.” Can I shorten his name to “Yo” or “Yoshi” for Yoshio Murayama
Judging from the written preview, K is going to approach H to join Kishokai, but I am not sure why he thinks she would be willing to help him. Even though she doesn’t know for sure that he is Gaksital, she still doesn’t owe him any favors since she saved his life once to repay him for saving hers. At least we get to watch him turn on his charm to make her feel uneasy. It’s going to be fun watching her fall for K now that she attacked S for liking D. S is going to have a field day with this when he finds out H is crushing on K. S will never let her hear the end of it.
Those with super sharp ears thought they heard JW singing at the end of E18 and they were right. I was hoping and praying it would be a ballad, but I guess we can’t always get what we want.  
E20 recap will be delayed somewhat tm night cuz I have no idea what time I can get home by. If I make it home before it’s over, I will jump in and recap whatever is on the screen. Otherwise I will have to wait for torrents, download, and then add recap. Will post earlier in the day for others who want to fill in what they see when they live stream.
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 Welcome back Nonski – you have been sorely missed. Great timing cuz you joined us just as everything is getting back to normal and we have two episodes from here on. After tm night there will only be 8 more to go and this drama wraps up. finally poor JW will get to sleep, stay in air conditioned rooms, and relax for a change. Let’s hope he cuts that hair super short then so he can stay hatless for my 1n2d screencaps.  


starts from S calling out to prepare for the execution then a body dropping from the roof. Someone yells out gaksital and he jumps down. S shoots at him and fake gaksital limps to the center of the officers. S shoots him in the chest and gaksital reveals the bomb strapped to his chest and lights up. he blows up.

there are dead officers all around. Some are just injured. DS helps the officer near him stand. S gets up and limps over to the dead gaksital. S removes the mask and says: it was this guy? (the dead gaksital is that last of DS’s male comrades.) Someone calls out gaksital again. This time the real one jumps down with his sword and slices through the flag. S limps over as gakistal fights off the guards near DS. Officers shoot at him but gaksital throws things at them and does flips and turns to avoid all the bullets. Then he grabs a flag pole and hits officers. the woman frees DS. Baek drives up in a  truck and tells DS to hurry and get on. the woman and DS get on board. gaksital hits S on the arm with the pole. Then gaksital jumps on the truck, but S shoots at them and hits the woman on the shoulder so she falls off and gets left behind. She is captured.

Taro went to the hospital and sees all the injured officers. Taro goes over to S and the doctor says S was treated and he isnt hurt that much so dont worry. taro scolds S asking how could you ruin something this much after vowing to the chairman. S: I am sorry. taro: you confidently said you would break the rebels hope. S retorts: we arent catching gaksital cuz of the chairman (meaning S is after gaksital cuz of kenji’s death) so Taro gets mad. Goji comes over and says what right do you have to lay down in the hospital and get treated. you said this wouldnt happen.  you didn’t catch gaksital and lost DS and got officers killed and added fire to the rebels spirits. from today on you step away. after you are done getting treated you have to pay for what you did.  S says how they caught the woman working with DS and asks to be in charge of interrogating her. Goji says I will put K in charge but S says K has been missing for 3 days now. aside from me there is no one else who can interrogate that woman. please leave it up to me. So goji agrees and lets S interrogate the woman. if you dont find out anything then you better be prepared (to step down). Goji tells taro if you need a job come and see me. I thought about it and I forgot to write you a recommendation. He laughs and walks off and taro looks mad. He glares at S.

Baek pulls up to the tunnel and DS hugs gaksital and thanks him. gaksital: you suffered a lot. DS thanks baek. baek: I only did what I needed to do. DS says cuz of me jang died and comrade got caught. Gaksital: you have to escape safely for Jang’s sacrifice not to be in vain. he promises to help the woman escape. dont worry. He tells baek to hurry so baek drives DS away through the tunnel

D is praying with her rosary and there are lots of guards suddenly. So she asks what is going on. officer says how gaksital rescued DS. he put a bomb on his body and blew up.

D prays and thanks the woman, other comrade, and young master-thank you – all of you. She is about to go outside. But she tells herself to be patient-you have to be patient. (and not go to K she means)

K arrives at the precinct in his suit. He walks in.

S still has blood on his uniform and his arm is in a sling. Lackey fills him in on info about the woman. K shows up and says I am sorry – were you injured a lot? lackey: everything is turned upside down and now you show up? S tells the lackey to leave first. S steps over to K and says you show up after two days and say “sorry are you injured a lot?” K: couldnt you just overlook it? S grabs him by the collar and calls him a bad name. are you playing right now? Do I look easy to push around. is this precinct a joke? without an excuse you dont show up and you just tell me to overlook it.  K says I went to get some air cuz I was tormented.  S: you were tormented? tormented by what? whether you catch gaksital or not, you’re the guy who put love first so what are you tormented by. K: I am disappointed in myself for being this way too. but now I have cleanly given up on that girl. S hits him and says -you gave up? it wasnt that long ago when you said you loved her but you gave up? fine. I am warning you. dont mention D again. if you mention that girl’s name again one more time you will die by my hands.

S goes to the torture room where the woman is and orders not to let anyone come near. K asks to help too but S ignores him and goes in alone.

The woman has been beaten and tortured. Lackey throws water at her to revive her. S asks who is gaksital. woman: kill me instead. S asks : kill you? what is the reason you want to die for him. if you do that will something that is dead come back alive? just cuz you act up you think the japanese empire will be destroyed? (meaning: You think what you do makes any difference). Woman: joseon is ruined but Korea is not dead. my heart that is alive cuz it wants her land back, Korea is a country that is still alive.  S: you, DS, and gaksital too are just terrorists and that’s all. so she says shut up. dont talk out of turn about us when we are fighting for independence. S gets mad and grabs a poker from the fire and brands her. he burns her through her shirt. she screams. Lackey looks a little horrified. S keeps burning her and yelling who is it? she screams.

K listens outside and makes a fist and closes his eyes.

S comes out and K says I will try it. she is the last key to catch gaksital and DS. just give me one chance. I will find out for sure. S lets K go in.

The woman is barely conscious. K orders the officer to leave but the guy says S told me not to move from here. K yells do you not hear me so the guy leaves.  K steps closer. She looks up and sees K. she remembers D telling them “do you know who K is? he is gaksital.” she asks what about the leader. K: he is safe. She sighs in relief. K says no matter what I will help you escape. For now act like you are cooperating with them. She says did the leader when he was being stepped on by them-did he turn and face away from them when they were in front of his eyes. I should have already died back then.

K hears S coming in so K steps aside. S asks why did you make the officer go out. K makes up and excuse about how she wouldnt want to look weak or vulnerable and confess in front of the one who persecuted her. S pulls her hair and says before I put you in that nail crate, tell me who is gaksital. woman: you are asking who is gaksital? S shakes her head and says: this is your last chance. if you dont tell me now, I can kill you. so she says before you do that-let me ask for one favor. S: a favor? woman: there will come a day when you meet gaksital, then tell him how I never gave him up even till the end and died. and that I was grateful to him. She looked at K sort of and said: For living as gaksital. for the day korea would be free – that’s what I wanted to see. Will you tell him that. S:you tough woman. I will make you say mansai to the japanese empire with your own mouth.  She says “you will never know gaksital’s identity-even if I die, with my eyes wide open, I will protect gakistal.” with that, she he bites down on her own tongue and dies. Lackey checks to see if she is dead.

When everyone leaves K walks over to her.  he takes her out of her restraints and gently lays her body on the ground. he closes her eyes and cries over her.

*I just googled it and you can die from biting your tongue cuz you drown from the blood flow-hope I never have to google something like this again.

as they walk out, lackey complains arent they totally crazy – blowing themselves up and biting on their own tongue. S remembers how she said you will never know Gaksital’s identity. even if I have to die- with my eyes wide open, I will protect gaksital.  the room spins and S passes out

sunwha comes over crying and tells D that the (circus) ajumma was shot by S and died. the boy cries. sunwha says how everyone is with the leader now. D tells her to stay here with her brother. i will go. D tries to leave saying someone died so I have to go to the circus. but the guard says she cant take a step outside without S’s permission.

S is taken to the hospital

K reports to goji how the woman died biting down on her own tongue. Goji calls S crazy. what did he do to her to make her bite her own tongue. arrest him right now.  K says how S is at the hospital cuz he fainted. goji says when S comes to, arrest him and find out who is backing S for him to go against my order.

At the hospital, K looks at S. D is brought to S’s room. D and K look at each other. K tells the officer to leave. K smiles at her. she comes closer and they have two different conversations in their heads. D: is your body ok? K: Don’t worry. you heard right? your father is safe. He holds her hand and looks at her lovingly. S comes to so K lets go of her hand. K asks if S is ok. are you alert? S looks at him then at D and tries to sit up. K helps him sit up. K offers to go outside. He turns and looks at her then leaves.

S thanks her for coming. D: I came to ask a favor. S: what? D: the circus ajumma died. I have to go but the officers said I couldn’t without your permission. S calls the officer and tells him to take D to the circus people. As she goes out K walks in. K says how goji wants you arrested. you are not feeling well so is there a need to go to the interrogation room. the chief is curious so I will just ask one thing. you went against his order and proceeded with the public execution so he doesnt think it was just you deciding alone. who gave you power to do that? S: power? someone gave me power? did I look that powerful? K asks if it’s that sign on the outfit (the one with the kishokai sign) the one inside the picture choi and taro took together – that is giving you power huh? S: tell goji he doesnt need to know. K: I clearly told you he ordered me to arrest you. S:arrest? try it.  so K puts handcuffs on him and orders abe to take S to jail right now. S says to K- look closely and see how the people who give me power react from here on.

Taro tells H and the chairman how S was arrested. H: why are you so shocked. didnt you guess that would happen already.  Taro asks how much longer are you going to just leave Goji alone. didnt you say you would have him removed.  H says if S caught gaksital this time goji would already have stepped down.  H tells her dad about goji and how he might report to the prime minister. The chairman orders his guard to step in and take care of it- that bald guy -KP. chairman tells taro to get ready to go to work by tm morning as police director.

Goji and K are walking out. goji mutters about how taro and them think they have the govnernor in their hands and are mistaken-just wait and see. I will contact the prime minister and get rid of these guys. at that time I will make you chief of police.  so K thanks him. goji pats him on the back and leaves

Goji walks to his car alone and sees his driver’s throat has been slashed. the bald guy KP shows up. he holds out his sword so goji falls to the ground and yells for K. K goes over with his gun and sees the guy kill goji. K remembers fighting that guy when he was younger so K steps out of view and hides.

The governor goes over and H makes the introductions.  that UH is the chairman of the hotel. UH  thanks the governor for making time for him. Governor says just briefly tell me what you want cuz I am busy but made time cuz Lala asked. A present is given so governor asks what is this. UH says my heart. governor opens the box and there is goji’s bloody uniform. H says how goji was just killed by korean rebels. UH says what’s about to happen from japan and how they need to take control over joseon. he suggests putting taro in charge as police director and yoshi as police chief. Governor balks but UH assumes the governor agreed and gave permission.  But the governor talks back and says that position is decided by the heavens.  He gets angry and stands up. he tells her never to show up in front of him again. H reminds him – where do you think all that money you received came from this whole time. UH raises his hand and drinks.

Governor has no choice and gives taro a higher job position and that Yoshi guy comes out to take the chief of police title.

K walks over to S’s cell and watches S having his terminator moment by doing sit ups like a tough guy. K says in his head about how goji was killed and taro got a promotion and wonders who S is in allegiance with to be able to do that.

K unlocks the jail and lets S out. S: what are you going to do cuz you lost your connection (rope – meaning goji is dead)

Taro goes to meet Lee and his wife and others- that older couple from last episode and yoshi. Lee’s wife talks about kishokai. Taro introduces Yoshi to them. Taro talks about Yoshi’s background and he gets up and says I will be going now – do you have any orders for me. Taro pretends to be outraged by goji’s death. how dare they kill the chief of police.  do everything you can to root out the rebels who killed goji.

Goji’s death is in the paper and K reads it and says in his head how the killer is connected to H. how could they throw blame on the Koreans.

S steps out and officers congratulate him on his father’s promotion

K comes over and says goji was killed at the precinct – that cant happen-please let me catch that culprit with my own hands. S lets him so K says I will do everything to catch the culprit. Someone says the new chief is coming.

Officers stand at attention for yoshi and salute him and he salutes them. He tells S to bring everything about gakistal and come to his office now.

K carries flowers and goes to the hotel. He takes a deep breath and knocks. H lets him in and he gives her flowers. She asks what brings him. K: I just wanted to talk to you. H: do you want some tea? K: alcohol would be better. I feel sort of down so couldn’t you cheer me up. H: look here – do I still look like a gisaeng to you. K: I must have been mistaken cuz I thought you would understand my situation. sorry if I bothered you. I will be going. He turns to leave but she asks what he means by his situation

She pours wine but he turns her to face him. K: why am I so curious about your life. how did a gisaeng end up being Lala a Korean. is that story as heart wrenching as Lee kangto becoming sato hiroshi? His lines work

They sit across from each other. K talks about the past – back then when you were wearing mourning clothes and that old guy who asked you to pour alcohol is your (foster/adoptive) father. H: also he is the one who turned me into a singer. K: is that all you are – just a singer. H: what does that mean. He says how goji died -someone who was always on his side. And the one who killed him was the guy who tried to kill me 5 yrs ago. K leans forward and talks about how there is someone who is charge with a lot of power who doesnt have fear.  dont get nervous, I didn’t come here to catch the culprit who killed goji. I asked taro to let me into that organization but he said no cuz I am Korean. he gets up and sits closer. K: Cant you help me? He lists wanting higher promotions as a reason. H: whether you mean it or not I like your ambition. he kisses her cheek and says: I only need to trust you right? He leaves

Lackey throws oil at the circus woman’s funeral. The officers throw oil at the koreans’ white mourning clothes. D comes over and tells him to stop it. even though you are japanese, a person died so how could you do this.  lackey says I was ordered from high  up so don’t get mad at me. She asks if S ordered it but he says don’t you know someone higher than him arrived. S shows up and asks what they are doing. Lackey says yoshi ordered this but S says cant you see they are having  a wake. he tells them all to leave. S bows to leader jo and says sorry for this during the wake. he asks the circus people if anyone was hurt.  The man cries and says you killed a perfectly good person – how do I live now. D asks to speak to S alone

S asks if leader jo told D what happened between leader jo and S. jo: why? do you want that hidden? since you said that you still have some shame left in you.

S goes out and speaks to D. she says don’t torment leader jo anymore. He says: you disappeared so in order to find you, I had no choice but to get his help. If you are by my side why would I need to torment him. D says ok I will stay by your side  like this so don’t torment our leader or the others anymore. S: ok so dont worry. As she walks away he asks if she got contacted by her dad. D:I wasnt able to move an inch from sunwha’s home on the day of the execution like you wanted. you know what I am doing 24hrs in a day. so how could you think I could meet my father. Even if my father contacted me I wont move. So that there is nothing you can get from me.

K meets with baek and DS. K says how he thought there were only six in the group that killed his father. and thought that taro was in that group. but didnt dream they would go so far as to kill someone like goji. DS talks about the kishokai organization and how in japan right now in the papers there is talk about war cuz that group is stirring up trouble for that. K says: S is in that kind of organization. with my own hands I can take care of avenging my father, but how can I stop them with just my strength alone.  so DS takes his hand and says you are not alone. since a japanese officer is on our side, it’s like we have an army.  no matter what happens, just endure and wait for me. K: ok. you will come back for sure right? DS: of course. I will come back for sure. (  DS is going to leave, regroup, and come back)

H tells taro and yoshi how after goji’s death, K wants to be a kishokai member -is there a reason why he cant. Taro says K is Korean. H says Lee, Park-they are all koreans. taro: they are just bullets for kishokai. if we need them we can just shoot but this is different. H: what is different? taro: he is no different than any korean.  she says I am thinking of telling my father to accept K as a kishokai member. she leaves. Yoshi asks: why did you keep K close by from the start.  I thought it was nonsense for a korean to be a japanese officer. Taro: you have to do something about it. yoshi: of course-how can I get on the same boat as a guy who reeks of garlic. Does that make sense.

Yoshi meets with officers. He says how he doesnt want outsiders (someone not Japanese) among his officers. someone who is incompetent who keeps losing gakistal. and the deciding factor – the truth that he is Korean. He takes away K’s weapon and says “sato hiroshi is fired. leave this precinct right now.”


I swear – the main reason why I continued these recaps all these weeks was cuz I lived to see JW in his white uniform so if he gets fired and has to wear only suits from now on, I am gonna cry. do not let him take off that white uniform or else heads will roll. I knew I would hate this new guy Yoshi, but I thought it was cuz he replaced goji. Now I have a whole other reason to hate him – no screencaps of him ever.

written Preview 20: Newly appointed Murayama fires Kangto and Shunji feels much better after chasing Kangto out of the station.

Koiso tells Shunji that the person who killed Kangto’s mum was his brother Kenji! Shocked, Kenji searches for Kangto but he seemed to have vanished since being chased out from the station… Shunji starts thinking that Kangto might just be the Gaksital who killed his brother.

Governor Wada receives a request for cooperation from the Kwantung Army and to prevent the number of forces from slipping at the next meeting with the police force, he secretly arranges for comfort women to be gathered

video preview:

Taro tells H’s dad the chairman that K is the guy who might be gaksital.

S meets with H and tells her new truth has been revealed that K could be gaksital. H: a new truth?

K and H drink. K says : even now  – I would save you again.  that makes her cry. H: that ovious lie – why do I want to believe it so much.  he passes out and she sees his arm wound. H is shocked. (if a guy passes out, why would she even need to roll his sleeve up at all? they sure did things weird back then.)

leader jo asks who the peopl are. the guy says a group of nurses that are going to china. circus people read an article about it and say how nice it will be to able to earn money and learn skills.

K drives S and thinks in his head: S – did you find out that your hyung killed my mom? ok let’s see this through.

in the woods, S meets with D and hugs her in front of K. S says this to D but looks at K. S: is there anything you are hiding from me? if there is anything you are hiding from me I will find out and crush it.

K and D silently hold hands


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    Koiso tells Shunji that the person who killed Kangto’s mum was his brother Kenji! Shocked, Kenji searches for Kangto but he seemed to have vanished since being chased out from the station…
    Shunji starts thinking that Kangto might just be the Gaksital who killed his brother. 

    Governor Wada receives a request for cooperation from the Kwantung Army and to prevent the number of forces from slipping at the next meeting with the police force, he secretly arranges for comfort women to be gathered 

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    i wish Joo Won will not insist too much on doing all the stunts. I hope more of his double will do them. Joo won might hurt himself . and He appears too exhausted already. ONe BTs i saw had him difficulty delivering his lines or was he just distracted by the beautiful Rara. Sometimes i think he misses Uee so much that he cannot concentrate. I dont care if others will think what is the connection. I still wish Joo won and Uee or the least Joo won and Rara more scenes in Gaksital. I dont like Mokdan – Jandi


  21. kayana20 says:

    Happy Birthday Softy gosh you make being a fan so worth it and I thank you for coming into my life with your amazingly detailed recaps.Keep up the good work and have a blast tonight!ALso Bridal Mask is so tough to watch it makes me want to cry a lot.


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