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I love scenes like this -where nothing is spoken but everything is being felt. Someone who feels compelled to do this will never stop loving her – even with a memory loss. This episode is not for the weak hearted – every line is going to make you feel their pain over and over. It sort of makes you wonder – if they are willing to inflict or bear so much pain for each other’s sake, wouldn’t it be better not to say anything hurtful and just be together in silence for as long as they both remember. Then I could have cried less again. man this drama is doing a number on my heart. where did the romantic comedy go that I signed up for.

Major spoiler in preview at the bottom of the page

Thanks to Semi-fly for her torrents and Sparkskey for her written preview translation. 🙂

Their chemistry on and off the set made this drama so special for me so I can’t wait to get this on DVD later when it comes out.

When I first started this drama, I didn’t think it was possible for me to believe that D could fall in love with young KJ. But then the body switch happened and I was all on board. If they wrote that young KJ came back into his own body early on, I don’t think viewers would be at this stage right now – dying of curiosity about what’s going to happen to the couple we’ve come to accept as the rightful one. This kid sure is lucky. He got to “sleep” through most of the drama, but thanks to his one great performance in the beginning, his character still had a hand in jump starting this relationship. Really wish he would have joined the cast for “To the beautiful you.”



Starts from a dream sequence that seems to be underwater where KJ is walking towards YJ who is reading the miracle book to a young KJ who is lying in bed. YJ stands and faces KJ. KJ says are you SYJ? Have you been the same since you were in the water when we first met just waiting for me? when I go back, then will all my memories here disappear. YJ holds out his hand. KJ: If I hold that hand then will I be born again as a happy kid who doesn’t remember anything. He hears D calling his name before he can hold that hand. so KJ looks back

He opens his eyes and she is looking at him. He sits up and she asks: you are KJ aren’t you? he hops off the bed and goes down the hallway to YJ’s room. She follows him.


K goes in and M is staring at YJ in KJ’s body. M says this side hasn’t woken up yet. Are you still KJ? Are you SYJ ajussi? D comes and calls out KJ. He turns and looks at her.

He remembers saying to YJ. K: if I disappear like this here there will be someone who will be traumatized. Give me a little more time. SYJ puts his hand down. KJ looks at D as she asks: you are KJ aren’t you? right? Why aren’t you talking- you are KJ. You haven’t gone back yet right? Were you in a lot of pain this time too? KJ: yes I am KKJ. gil teacher. D:why are you like this? M calls out his name. He looks at young KJ and asks: why am I lying there. what happened to me?

S tells his parents that YJ lost consciousness for a short time during the procedure but he woke up and is in KJ’s room right now. the mom asks what about KJ? S: there is nothing unusual. he is still having the procedure and will be done in an hour or two.


D doesn’t believe that KJ lost his memory of everything that happened after the accident. K: yes. D: you really dont remember? K: the accident happened and I woke up and I am in this state. D: that’s ridiculous. just a while ago…K says to M: will you tell me about this ridiculous situtation? what happened? M sits and explains that SYJ ajussi was in an accident with you. so you switched bodies with that ajussi. K: SYJ? that doctor that Gil teacher was going to marry? D: you really dont remember YJ? K: you are saying i came inside SYJ’s body right Mari? M: yes after the accident you kept living as SYJ ajussi. you even got married in his place with teacher. K: gil teacher did you really do that? D: also YJ is your real hyung. you also found your real parents. a lot of things happened -you really dont remember at all? K: that’s right.  I dont remember. SYJ’s parents walk over so M says they are coming-those people are your mom and dad. they still dont know you switched. they think you are SYJ ajussi. hurry and say hello to them. M and K stand up. So K lets the mom hug him. she says I heard you fainted. are you ok? M says to D that he really must not remember cuz he is not reacting and letting the mom hug him.


K goes to the home with them and M says you and Gil DR teacher lived in your home. K says  says there is a lot of furniture in his home. D reminds him all this is for her newlywed home. K looks and says I remember that bed. D: you remember that? K: you broke it and tried to sell it to me by buying me beef broth soup. D: you do remember. K: since it happened before the accident. D: that’s right it happened before the accident. K: since the newlywed bed is in here I must really have gotten married. M reminds him: you didnt – SYJ ajussi got married. and the ring teacher is wearing is the wedding ring SYJ ajussi gave her. He congratulates D -you wanted to marry that person so much and you succeeded. D: you really dont remember a single thing that happened here with me? K: no. why? was there something important? D: you really…. M suddenly changes the subject and says I live upstairs with you. I’ll show you my room upstairs. She takes him upstairs. K looks over at D as he goes up


D is sitting on the couch and from upstairs, K holds out his hand as to pet her head.

M tells KJ -during the time you couldnt remember- I took care of you in my room. also you and I fell in love. K laughs and says don’t lie cuz I remember everything. M: you remember everything? then did you lie? K: then did you believe all that. M: I did believe it. K: then you probably wanted to believe it. I dont think Gil DR teacher wanted to believe but she seems to believe it. why did you lie. He says it’s not a lie cuz when I wake up I really wont remember anything. M: it will really be gone? K: yes I will go back to that memory right after the accident when the switch happened. M: then why are you pretending already not to be able to remember? He explains: if I just disappear, it will be hard on DR who will be left alone. so I am going to return her memory so that everything that happened with me never happened.


S tells the mom not to worry cuz there is nothing usual about KJ after the procedure. S says doesnt he (young KJ) look like he is sleeping comfortably. The mom says yes he does. even when he wakes up, like he didnt know anything, it would be good if he accepted us comfortably


K tells D that M explained to him how D and K lived all this time. D:what did she say? K: according to what M said, that you asked me to help you so that you could marry SYJ. and for that you took care of me since I am young. she said that’s how the two of us started. is that correct? D: we started that way but there were a lot of things that happened after that. K: according to M, there is no need for me to know that. if i know what happened during that time that I will only be tormented and hurt so it’s a good thing that I couldnt remember. is that right? D: that’s true. K: then it turned out well. it’s good for both of us that I can’t remember.  about what happened in the past, I dont want to know. Let’s just say nothing happened. D: what happened between us- you want to act like none of that happened? K: anyhow – like I’ve been doing, I will continue and pretend to be SYJ but you don’t need to take care of me. I hate being taken care of by others.   He walks off but she says: that I am “others.” after a while you will remember everything. there is no need to say nothing happened.  he puts his screen on. D: Your memory will probably come back soon right?

Next morning K comes out and D asks should I go with you to the hospital. I dont have a morning class. He says it’s ok cuz it’s awkward going around with you. I feel more comfortable going around alone like I used to.

later she offers him food and says today I didnt make bean rice so want to eat together but he says I rather eat on my own stuff I used to always eat. it’s uncomfortable eating with you. D: you are uncomfortable? he eats pizza with mushrooms so she reminds him there are mushrooms in there but he says what about mushrooms. D: by any chance, like you promised before,are you acting like you dont remember? if that’s it – you havent even switched yet so you dont need to do this already. K:what promise? did I do that? D: you promised as you ate chicken and bread here. K: I dont remember. D: are you really going to do that? Do you really not feel anything when you see me? K: yes. She says 10:10 and he looks at the time and says it’s not – it’s not even 6 yet. She asks if he is doing this on purpose. K retorts: like you said, it was going to be memories that were going to be thrown out like it didnt happen so dont keep telling me to remember.


She brings him her trash bag full of their memories and asks him: you dont remember this either? K: what is that. D: what does this look like? he says trash since it’s in the trash bag. She says if this is trash, will you go and throw it out. K: ok


so he takes the bag out and the trash collector is there. he looks in and takes out the ticket he wrote her to travel to the moon and says: she picked this up again. he puts it in his pocket quickly cuz she suddenly comes out and says: you remember everything don’t you? that’s it right? then dont pretend already that you dont remember. when you said your memories were gone, how frightened I was. when you said all the things that happened with me didnt happen, everything in front of my eyes turned white. He says I didnt pretend. D: you really don’t remember. K: yes. I dont remember that stuff at all.  So she asks then can you throw all this away. He picks it up and throws it away in the truck. She watches the trash being compacted and he says you told me to throw it away. he goes back inside


She goes after him crying and asking: KKJ – are you really going to act like everything that happened with me didnt happen and throw away all your memories? is that it? K: are you done talking? to me it’s stuff that didnt happen. I dont know what memories mean so much to you, but I dont have any memory of it so it’s a burden watching you. so dont be so burdensome and just throw all of it out. she steps closer with tears running down her face. D: do you really think that way? K: yes. K goes in his room and closes the door. then he puts up the screen as she spoke. D yells after him:  ok then I will throw it all away too but I have so much trash to throw out so it will take some time to throw out  –even if it’s burdensome on you-you have to be a little patient (hold it in). she walks away.


K cries from behind the screen as she cried outside. He wants to open the door and go out after her but he holds in his urge.


D cries in her room. How could you act like nothing happened. How could you erase it all so easily. K sits against his door crying with his head down


M is telling CS to take pics with her and young KJ. she strikes a pose.  M:what are you doing? hurry and take it. CS: why take pics with KKJ suddenly. M: I am leaving proof. that i devotedly stayed by his side watching over him. when he wakes up he will be touched/moved.


She imagines KJ as a young prince who woke up from sleeping and she is snow white eating an apple. They blink at each other. she says while you were asleep the person you fell in love with is me. he keeps blinking. M: you dont remember huh? it’s me. he looks panicked so she holds his face and says: believe it. Marry me. M says as soon as KJ wakes up I should quickly marry him. should I buy a ring in advance. CS tells her to ask his sister for her wedding ring. She tells CS to erase what happened with the ring from your mind. just remember that I took care of KJ every day and when he wakes up, you be my witness . CS says but then it will be proof that i met you every day. M: is it? I dont remember. CS asks: so you dont remember the times you spent with me? M: yes I totally erased it from my memory.  CS: just cuz you insist like that it cant be erased.  Love doesnt remain in your memory.  it remains in the heart. she yells at him to leave so he says: wherever you go and whatever you do,  I will go and find you with my heart instead of my memory. he tries to leave being cool but he trips. M says I just have to stop KJ so he wont ever find GDR teacher

D and K meet with his mom. The mom says since you didnt go to Germany and came back, I worried cuz I thought that meant you wont have your treatments. since it’s not thank goodness. K: I was worried about when the other side opens his eyes. mom: I told you I would be by his side. I am trying now to accept that kid as mine. K: that kid too – will he be able to accept you as his parent? after entrusting him in someone else’s care for 12 yrs, even after he knows the truth that he was born cuz you you used his mom’s love – the one who raised him? if he knows the truth that after you tried to hide him far away, you brought him back to your side cuz SYJ was sick and he was almost used for his blood transfusion -how will he feel? mom: for KJ’s sake, isnt it better for him not to know those things? K: it’s not for that kid’s sake, it’s for the sake of you feeling comfortable. cuz of the two of your lies, that kid is being deceived, it’s too bad.


In the car, K says cuz I am a kid they were going to decieve me. D asks if he remembers everything about what happened with the parents. K: when I saw those people who are my parents, my memories are slowly coming back. She says how he remembers everything she hoped he wouldnt remember but he is saying he forgot everything that she hoped he would remember. K: what is there that i need to remember? (memories) about you. even though i look at you nothing is coming back to me. so I dont remember anything. she says go ahead and keep doing that.


She asks if he doesn’t remember his favorite ramen too cuz she bought a lot since he likes it. He says no. She offers to eat them all since he liked it. by the time I finish eating them all it will be over. D: since this is a new taste I cant say that you liked in from a while back. even if you dont remember it, wanna taste whether it’s good or not?  it’s just ramen.

They eat it together and she says see you like it. you don’t have to say anything I know just from looking. that’s all I need.


CS told Na that he changed and wants to go to Germany instead of America. AK says you cant but CS insists on going. They overhear Kim asking if D was going on an interview for that other school. D says yes I was going to talk to you about it today. Kim asks to speak to her alone. Na asks CS about his sister moving to another school. CS yes. She said she was. AK said she would be going down to the countryside. Is there a problem with your brother in law? CS lies:no the two of them are getting along really well


K tells M: aside from Gil DR, the only person I know who is close to me is you. so if I go back and cant remember anything at all,  dont let me meet Gil DR no matter what. whether I am in America or Germany-no matter what dont let me come to Korea. M: ok I wont ever let you meet her. K: and during all this time -about what happened, dont even tell me a single word about it. M promises not to ever talk about it.  He says : I just have to act like nothing happened. it will be ok cuz before then I will erase everything in advance

D’s parents ask D if what CS said is correct. that D is still looking into the position in the countryside. D:yes.  mom says YJ pushed back going to Germany, since soon he is going there with his whole family so why isnt D going with YJ and intending to go alone to the countryside. D: I will tell you all that later. the dad says when I heard you two held hands in the jail cell I thought (their troubles) were over but you still havent gotten hold of your heart yet. D: I dont know my heart. the dad says behave like a grownup. D: yes I think I am doing things that are less than a kid so I am trying to endure well and be patient.


D goes home and asks what K is doing. He is writing a summary about KKJ to give those people (his parents) and make them study. D:study? K: since I am nice, if they say during that time they took care of me, I will be duped and do everything they tell me to do so I cant leave that alone. I am going to make them study and make them be parents that match me (follow what i want). D says he is preparing well for going back just like his studies.


He asks her to sit and talk cuz he has something to say. she sits down. K: I heard from M and she says we had something going on (that we had feelings for each other) When I go far away, I wont come back to Korea again. D: so? K: since I wont remember there is nothing for me to settle separately. So you should get things settled (meaning her heart) like nothing happened (between us). D:what? K: Why? cuz of your memories with me- you cant do that? D:no there is nothing to remember. It was just a scandal. You dont remember huh? You liked me. even though I said I didnt want to, you gave me flowers, blew wind, sang to me, and what you did was so attractive so I thought it was cute. but now I dont want to drag this on like kid’s when they play house. that I did those things, should I say now I was a bit embarrassed and scared someone would find out  so since you said you would act like it didnt happen, that just makes me grateful.   She goes in her room and cries

D’s parents talk about what D is doing. the dad got a call about how D is going to the countryside school to do the interview today. mom says AK said how D is looking into residence so D must be looking for a place to live there. dad wonders if D is doing that cuz she made up her mind to separate from YJ. mom says how YJ is going to germany soon. D will be able to make YJ change his mind before then right?


At home D asks if he isnt going to eat cuz she made him some too. there is rice too. K: I am going out. D: where are you going? K: I am going to meet my uncle. arent you going to work?  She says I dont have classes today and cuz of work I have some place to go. I have things to settle so I am busy. I am going to be late today. you probably dont want to bother about it, but I thought I should tell you while we are living together. K: do whatever you want. D: I might not come home today. Your family is leaving next week huh? Not much time is left. then you just have to be patient until then

K meets with his uncle and gives him his mother’s notes filled with recipes. the uncle wonders why K is giving it to him. K: when KJ wakes up, he wont know the fact that you sold off his home and tried to pass him off to another person. if he knows he will say this. (K uses his normal tone of a kid) “uncle – cuz I am grateful and sorry to my mom, I am overlooking what you did. from here on be good to KJ cuz there are more notes. uncle says to his wife -from the way he spoke, he really seemed like KJ. K speaks russian to his uncle, winks, and leaves. uncle wonders if K just insulted him. the aunt tells him to hold it in.


CS waits outside the home and tells K that today D is going to do an interview at a rural school. K: interview at a rural school? CS: yes and she is going to find a home to live there too. K:home? CS: while you are gone to Germany, she is going there to find a job and home to live in alone. but you sent her alone? aren’t you even curious where and how my sister will be living? you should have gone with her to look. arent you even worried about her? you really are cold. CS leaves.

D is on the bus headed to the countryside.


K debates whether to call her. he paces.  He wonders if she prepared to leave. He wonders if she wont be back before he leaves. He checks the ramen and remembers how she said by the time I eat all this, it will all be over. All the ramen is gone. He sits and says: ending it like this is good too. even if I saw her today or tm, she will just disappear from my memory anyway. if i dont see her today or tm, if I dont see her the day after tm and if I dont see her after that too. He suddenly gets up and leaves. it’s like the idea of not seeing her again was too much for him to bear.

He drives in his car.


D arrives at her new school and looks around. She sees sunflowers. K comes in the gate behind her. she remembers how she told K how she liked them and told him to pick them up when they are thrown out and he did that for her. he watches her walk away and goes over to the sunflowers. He remembers how he threw away her sunflowers in the trash truck. He watches her go in

The female teacher asks why D is moving to the countryside from seoul since D’s school was good. Are you moving cuz of your husband’s work. D: I am not with my husband. the teacher asks: then are you a weekend couple? D says no we separated. The teacher tells her to wait for the person in charge who will be here soon and then she leaves

K walks around the school and says the school is very small and rural. He overhears that teacher saying how D is getting divorced and cant stay in her current school. it would be better for her to stay in seoul since in a place like this, people will talk more so it will be harder to endure. K goes in and gets D out telling the woman: there is urgent business so I will take her along.


D: why are you like this? did you come to interfere? K: are you going to run away to this place? you are going to move from a school you were doing well in and you intend to live in this rural place? D: I am embarrassed and scared so I am avoiding it. K: I told you it will be settled from the other side. all you have to do is act like nothing happened and go back to your original spot. D: I will do that on my own and act like nothing happened so you dont bother with it and go. he stops her from walking away. K: after breaking up with SYJ, getting kicked out by your family, coming to this rural place where no one is- holding onto your memory of someone you cant forget about -then it wont be like nothing happened. D: that’s right- like you,  I wish nothing happened in just one moment. that would really be great. what I said to you that was sincere (truthful), that I said I loved you too, i wish all that never happened. that i admitted that I cheated – I wish all that didnt happen. no – that I met a kid like you -I wish none of that happened. K: since I showed up and messed things up for you, just leave me out and act like I wasnt here. D: I wish that would happen like that. She walks off and he says it will happen that way


D’s mom says how YJ called and asked CS where the school D was headed to was. it would be nice if he kept holding onto our DR. DR was going to hide from us about YJ needing to go to get his treatments. I dont know what she is thinking. the mom wants the dad to interfere and convince D and help her hold onto her heart.


The dad meets with D and asks if she is trying to hold onto YJ or get rid of him by running away to the country school. D: I know very well that unless I go crazy that it will never work. dad: that’s good then. D: but father. when you went to the island to get rid of my mom, if mom said “I am totally ok – I forgot everything”‘ if you said “I forgot everything”  then would you have come off that island. He says no I wouldnt have been able to. I wouldnt have been able to get off that island for a very long time. she cries and says cuz your personality is the same as mine you probably wouldn’t have come off that island for your entire life. he says: you said you know very well that unless you go crazy it wont work well (forgetting K) then you will need to run away to somewhere farther than a countryside. She asks if I run away to somewhere far away will it work? You ran away to an island and it didn’t work. Even if I ran away to the moon I don’t think it will work.

K waits at home and gets a call. It’s her dad.


K goes out and sees D drunk and sleeping at the table. Her dad watches from a distance to make sure K arrived to take care of her and then leaves. D looks up and says you are KJ. You won’t remember and say nothing happened so why did you come here. i should be gone too. i will be going. She gets up to leave but he stops her. he steadies her while she staggers. she says you might be able to make it all go away in one moment but I cant do that well. but I am good at enduring. I like you so I am enduring it.cuz I like you I am letting you go. but if you say that liking you didnt happen then with what strength can I endure? you asked me to just remember you. cant you just remember me too? She cries in his arms.

Y’s mom says to YJ’s dad how they are all having dinner with D’s family. dad says that’s good cuz I was thinking we should meet them before we go to Germany. the mom says  how D and YJ never registered for marriage still. I dont know if D was trying to keep her word about what she said to me. dad says it was strange that DR wasnt going with us. is there maybe a big problem between them? mom says: for now, we will know what’s going to happen when we see today.

D tells K-when i meet them tonight, I am going to tell them I am settling everything with YJ (as in breaking up with him). if i go with you it will be harder. use going to the hospital as an excuse to get out of it and don’t come.  I will take care of everything and settle it on my own.

CS tells M that  his family and YJ’s family is gathering today. I am worried about noona. M asks why. he says even though my sister is making an effort, I think she is having a hard time cuz of my brother in law. I think some talk will come out when we are all gathered today. M wants to go too. CS: why? cuz you are my family? M: no cuz I am KJ’s family. I wonder if GDR is going to tell his family today that she is going to break up with SYJ ajussi


K asks M for the watch. M: I said I threw it away. K: that is something precious that I got from GDR. I have to give it back to her. M: you arent going to wear it and return it? K: that’s right. I am going to give that back to her and turn back her time. M:how? K: she let go of her mental “line” and held onto me. if she knows I am going to disappear, she will go back to her original rightful place.


K waits for D and tells her to get in the car but she says I will go alone and tell them. if you go it will only get more complicated. i will meet both sets of parents and tell them. K: They will all say that I am crazy. D: they all think you are SYJ so before you go back to the way you were, I have to go and settle things. He says I wont go there with you so just get in

She asks where he is going cuz this road leads out of seoul. he says there is something you have to settle with me before you go settle everything else


He drives her to the spot they were before his accident with SYJ. the spot where KKJ left and SYJ was supposed to come. When I go back to my body I will go back to that mememory of this place. All my memories of what happened after the accident will disappear. D: are you talking about that again? K: the KKJ who was with you will disappear. the reason SYJ didn’t wake up was for the sake of stopping time for me. D: you are saying it’s real that you are going to disappear? K: so you have to turn back your time to back then too. He shows her the watch. He says this (watch) will also be gone like it didnt exist. He turns it to 10:10. your 10:10 time will disappear forever. And then the KKJ you loved will be gone too. Erase all the time and memories you had with me now.


He throws the watch in the lake. I will go back and make it so none of this happened. You go back to that time when you were waiting here for SYJ’s answer. He walks away. She looks at the water

He drives back alone.


She is still standing there. she repeats: his memories will all disappear. She remembers their first kiss during the wedding shoot and how he said this is KKJ’s first kiss so keep it preciously. Then how he put the ring on her finger and said he would never love her. then how they listened to the tape together. Then how K said: since you know me. even if i disappear- couldn’t you remember that I was here. (don’t settle/get over your feelings for me) dont just be glad to see SYJ who came back and remember KKJ who disappeared too. She remembers their most recent kiss. She starts to cry and goes in the water to look for the watch.

Both parents are waiting at the uncle’s restaurant and the uncle looks at D’s mom and says how could you not remember me here too. The aunt wonders why they aren’t talking.

YJ’s dad says the kids seem to be late. D’s dad says D said YJ might not be here cuz of the hospital but his mom says no YJ will be here. he told me. CS and M show up and say the two of them didn’t show up yet


D hitchhikes looking all dirty and muddy

K shows up and says I have something to tell you in D’s place.

At the hospital young KJ’s body starts to react and his vitals spike

K says : as planned, I am going with my family to Germany. after i get my treatments and surgery, I am leaving my family in Germany and I am coming back to DR’s side. when SYJ comes back, everything will go back to their orginal places.  after I come back I will hold onto DR again. right now some of you are misunderstanding that DR has someone else in her heart, but there is no one like that. CS asks:  there is no KKJ? YJ’s dad asks his wife: what is KKJ? mom: it must be that person S spoke about. the man DR cheated with. his dad says: that would never happen. K: yes that person is not in this world. D shows up and yells: no there is someone like that.

nurse wonders why young KJ’s body’s vitals are spiking and goes out to get help


D: he isnt someone who isnt here. cuz of that person the time in my heart is always 10:10. We held hands together and crossed an ocean that couldnt be crossed. we went to the moon and to the depths of the ocean floor together. I seem crazy don’t I? I cant act like nothing happened so I will say in front of all of you so you listen well and remember so it wont seem like it didnt happen. I love KJ. K cries. The parents are shocked. D cries but looks elated and triumphant.



Gong Yoo’s version of the song plays


K: when I show up in front of you again, if I act ill tempered or like a pest, be patient and dont let me go.

D: as I promised I will keep remembering.

K: to me who wont remember, tell me exactly what you said just now. then we will come back to this time (this moment)

Young KJ cries in his sleep

they were reliving their memory of their first time meeting so they were on that bus together sitting in the same spots when he first stared at her. then he sprayed water on her as she held that green umbrella.

Major Spoiler Alert: the miracle photo was torn in half by those two kids. and YJ’s mom held his hand and cried and got bad news over the phone. I think YJ is going to die.  no wonder the preview of young KJ crying got to me. hope I dont cry right from the start of the finale.

all these months being in a 30 yr old body did not help KJ mature at all. he is still reacting like a kid. how could he possibly think that acting like nothing happened between them is going to change what they both feel so deeply. emotions cant be erased. you would think if he learned anything from being in love – that would be the one concept he should have grasped by now.


Fanderay’s comment:

(*I love scenes like in the two images above where we can see how desperately K is thinking about D before she walks in. )

For the first half of this episode I was fairly frustrated because it felt like the two leads were just sorting out their feelings again, and we’ve seen that plenty before. It seemed silly that K’s “solution” to D coping with the situation was to slowly torture her by faking memory loss (instead of just genuinely having it). By the end of the episode I realized it all had a point, and found myself thankful that this episode happened. D was finally able to shine in this relationship, and really stand up for her love instead of just being swept along and making tentative decisions. This is the first time she’s acted completely convicted about their relationship, and it’s so much better that she’s doing this now, before K wakes up in his own body. I’m sure the family is very confused, but at least they’ll be less confused than if she had just gone after K later, and now D will have the determination she needs to pursue him if K really does lose his memories.

There’s no question that K’s logic lately has been a bit dubious, but I think the real truth is that he’s the one unable to let go of their memories and leave their relationship behind. I’m sure he really does want to save her from pain, but he also wants to be the one by her side helping her (instead of Y) and I think he’s also just terrified of forgetting her. I don’t really understand why they’re so sure he will lose his memory though…are they suddenly experts in body-swap magic? I’m foolishly hoping that they’re wrong and that K will remember everything.

I forgot to mention it previously, but I love that D’s situation mimics her father’s. It’s touching to see her go to him for help, and equally touching to watch him so lovingly try to support her and give her advice (kudos to the actor, since he’s usually a creepy and conniving sageuk man). The relationship between K and D has already been complicated enough, and I feel a lot more optimistic for them knowing that at least their age difference won’t be a point of contention with her family.

I’m nervous for tomorrow because it simply seems like there isn’t enough time left, especially since the body swap hasn’t even happened yet. Even if K wakes up with his memories and they decide to be together, there’s still so much more I want to know. How is Y going to react to all this? What will he tell D about how he feels? What will the relationship with K and his family be? How will K and D’s relationship be explained to everyone? If K forgets her, how will she win him back? Will M accept CS? Will AK and Na get married? Will D’s mom remember the uncle? What will K do with his life when he wakes up?  I even want to know if K will be exempt from military service because of his coma! On top of all that I want to see K and D happy together, but I wonder if that’s wishful thinking since K won’t be played by GY anymore  and it might weird people out (not me, I’m all for it!). I know it’s possible the ending won’t be happy at all, but I’m not willing to think about that just yet.

Tomorrow will be a sad day regardless of what happens since this great drama will be over. Not many dramas are sinking their claws into me this year, and Big will be greatly missed.



45 comments on “Big E15

  1. feima says:

    camping here !!! *waves to all BIG fans*


  2. enz says:

    hi all! thanks softy. am safe today – i have kbs 2 🙂


  3. noona_nom says:

    gee..i’m so nervous thinking what will happen tonite…kyung jun hwaiting ^_^.


  4. mizweng says:

    annyeong chingus….. am so excited and tensed for tonight’s episode…and wubisheng not making things easy….very lagging…oh well…. Softy thanks in advance…..


  5. Anonymous says:

    ahaha the crazy guy from bridalmask. 😀


  6. Anonymous says:

    really curious are you going to recap “to the beautiful you”???


  7. Anonymous says:

    i knew she would search for the watch 😀


  8. semi-fly says:

    Torrent links for episode 015:
    – ohys / 720p:


  9. noona_nom says:

    KKJ sarang hanmida…. yeah..


  10. Xyu says:

    This episode is really for LMJ, if the last 2 was to showcase Gong Yoo. This one has got to be for her. Great job girl!
    Love this episode and loving this drama more…


  11. sobohomom says:

    I really am afraid that there will be a sad ending. The previews for 16 were so bittersweet. Also, I thought that the preview of KKJ’s body crying was KKJ after he returned to his own body and realizes that he won’t be with Daran.


  12. enz says:

    thanks softy – so fast!! i was spending the whole episode in near tears or in tears not knowing what was being said but just sad – kj looked so alone when he did what he did.


  13. Anonymous says:

    YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!! come K come to me to germany 😀 hahaha come come !!! i will give you free treatment:D


  14. Xyu says:

    Thank you so much softy for the fast recaps. Last year my favourite drama was best love and this year it was Big. On both times it have been wonderful to be part of your recaps community. Thank you again for all the hardwork and am glad we seem to like the same dramas!


  15. DazedandConfused says:

    Even though I’m ecstatic about Daran-KKJ pairing, I can’t help but feel gutted for Yoon Jae. In this episode where Yoon Jae (in KKJ body) sheds a tear in the midst of Daran’s declaration of love for KKJ to the whole family, has led me to the assumption that Yoon Jae really does love Daran too. Although, it sucks for him ‘coz he didn’t have the opportunity to say it to her.
    (Maybe he still has the chance to express what he feels or may be did have prior to the accident.) He probably knew all along what Daran meant to him but he was just having this internal confusion about his sickness and family matters that he thought it’s best to fix it first and not to involve Daran until it’s ironed out.

    If I were Yoon Jae, I’d probably feel a little bit betrayed knowing that the woman I love has fallen for someone…not just someone but my younger brother. Damn.

    Haha..I’m getting in too deep with this drama..


    • Bella says:

      Me too. I know I’m supposed to be rooting for the OTP.. but we’re already at ep15.. and yet the whole body-switching still hasn’t happened. I’m all for KJ and D ending up together– but I kinda wish YJ a good ending as well seeing as his not exactly the jerk he was branded to be in the beginning. I’d like to see him back in his own body, finally telling D what he wanted to say, be accepting of the rejection, and live a long life.. possibly meet his real soulmate this time.


      • DazedandConfused says:

        Right! I can hardly wait for tomorrows ‘big’ finale. I keep thinking about different scenarios of how it might end.

        -The switch may happen albeit briefly.
        -A confrontation between the brothers and an emotional goodbye between Yoon Jae and Daran.
        -Both brothers is in or will be rushed in the hospital assuming that there will be some sort of complication about Yoon Jae’s illness.
        -Last switch will happen as Yoon Jae’s about to flatline and dies in KKJ’s body. If the switch doesn’t happen then he still dies in KKJ’s body accepting everything that happened and becomes the ‘bigger’ man. –Say whut?..

        haha…a lot of absurdity in this conclusion but I’m hoping no one dies and everyone will have some sort of closure in the end.


  16. Enz says:

    Somehow this episode is making me cry more than the previous ones. Just so sad to see kj trying to do what he believed to be right, all alone now waiting for the time he won’t remember anything.


  17. Mandy says:

    Thank you so much! ❤ 1 more episode right 😦 cries.


  18. Chi says:

    So.Heartbreaking… Reading the recaps made me realised how much more touching every scene between daran and Kj is…
    Ya softy, I thought I signed up for a romantic comedy as well.. What happened??
    I guess the hong sisters arent going to deal with character call YJ much eh…


  19. Bella says:

    I must be of the minority here.. but I’d actually would love to see Daran’s confession (again) to KKJ while he’s in his own vessel. It’ll probably produce complications what with being married to YJ’s body and all. I guess I just can’t really buy her seemingly all-out sincerity yet, especially with YJ’s face right there staring at her during the whole affair. I know that it’ll probably prove to be a little bit tricky.. or troublesome.. but I just can’t really buy an ending with KJ still trap in YJ’s body. And it’s not helping that I’m sorta pitying YJ now.. ><


  20. ratan says:

    love , is a miracle, though a little crazy, a little complicated, but wonderful because bringing BIG laughter and BIG joy, BIG tears and BIG tension, I LOVE BIG because I am BIG fans. BIG thanks for BIG recap…. keep it up ^_^


  21. diansavitri says:

    Hai Softy, Fanderay, Semi-fly, Sparkskey, and everyone…. It’s been a long time since OBsession time. I drop by here to say hai and how I miss you all.
    In my entire k-drama life, it’s always been “Smile You” for #1 drama and “1st Shop of Coffee Prince” for 2nd place. So how excited I am when 2 of my fav actress and actor being an OTP on Big.
    I don’t know what to say about tomorrow ep. But the Miracle picture was tiered up. Is it possible that there won’t be another body swap for good? Aaah…. I can’t think of anything right now. Can’t wait for tomorrow…..


  22. alove says:

    lol, chung jung myung’s sausage commercial 🙂


    • says:

      i LOLEd at the part where he took off his shirt. Just seemed so random XDD

      (not that I’m complaining of course)


  23. Lizzie says:

    I feel disappointed how DR plus KJ are so selfish to not care that YJ is dying (at least his body is) and do not want to spend things up. Like, hello, I know love and time together is important, but someone is dying! And YJ no matter what was DR’s fiancee, but she likes as if he is a total stranger not caring at all about him. The same for KJ, even thought what dad and mom did was horrible still YJ didn’t know and IS his brother, but does KJ feels bad or guilty for his brother who is dying? No. H eonly thinks in himself plus doesn’t even try to take care of YJ’s body, he still eats junk food and drinks Soda, not caring about YJ’s body being sick, doing whatever he wants, he even almost disappeared with YJ’s body just because his feelings were hurt, don’t get me wrong, KJ had the right to be angry, but putting his anger above his own brother life? Even if he wasn’t his brother it would still be wrong and selfish. And the fans who wish YJ never come back are not better, wishing for him to die when YJ didn’t do much wrong too, but because they want their OTP and cannot accept DR and KJ in his own body they are selfish too wishing for YJ never comeback, oh wow, this makes me so disappointed. KJ and DR. I thought DR when she knew the truth would care a bit for YJ but nothing…..

    But I know the problem is, Hong sister drama, always focusing on the OTP and forgetting everything else, don’t bother about the second girl or second guy, you’ll never see their story or a a good ending for them, because they are just forgotten in the middle of the drama for the OTP’s sake. or getting rid of everything that can make things hard for the OTP…

    I think that if YJ came back it would be so much more interesting than seeing KJ faking not to remember DR and all, but sadly Hong Sisters showed something that could be interesting in the start of the drama but didn’t keep it up, I was fooled again by them, I learned my lesson.

    And sorry my rant, I know the owner’s blog Softy don’t like negative comments on her blog, but I cannot help…..

    Thanks for the recap, and even thought I’m not liking the drama like the others, I do wish KJ in his own body to end up with DR.



    • Anonymous says:

      Of course, you have a right to your feelings but lets list why KJ is being selfish. His biological parents gave birth to him just for the sake of saving his older brother. His purpose in life was to save YJ. His mother blatantly says that KJ means nothing because all that matter is YJ. I don’t know about anyone else but if I find that out, I would be filled with anger and hatred. So it’s understandable why KJ is filled with such animosity. As for DR not saving YJ? When was this? She’s been doing everything including pissing KJ off because she wants him to save YJ. It’s only this episode that she wants KJ to know that regardless if YJ comes back, she no longer loves YJ. I don’t think she ever did because she was in love with the aspect of being in love. She wants to save YJ as well stay with the man she’s really in love with. So on the one hand, I don’t agree with your analysis but to each their own, :).


  24. Anonymous says:

    i also want D to end up with Kj in his own body. but poor Yj, he loved her, but she doesn´t care anymore about him. that´s really cruel. i mean now you know that he didn´t betray you that he loved you that he had some personal problems, but she doesn´t care even if he´s dying. i think last scene tomorrow will be that GD and KJ -in his own body- will meet again one year after the switch and Yj´s dead in the bus again and of course the umbrella, and then KJ will remember everything. lalala but what is with my poor Yj? he should live too…
    this drama started with so mch fun and now it´s like scent of a woman, i am crying a river.. i think tomorrow will be the same…


    • noona_nom says:

      me too…shin won ho played a very good characters in episode 1, now that he is missing, he left a big hole in our heart and only he can fill it up..KKJ hwaiting..


  25. Anonymous says:

    but who is crying in KJ´s body: Yj or KJ after the switch? that´s so complicated. i would say KJ. but let´s wait…


  26. Hanachio says:

    I´m really nervous about tomorrow!!!! 😦

    I want D and K together, I don´t mind the body but the characters must end happy pleasee!


  27. sparkskey says:

    Preview ep16

    Despite not knowing whether they would forget memories of when they loved each other, Kyungjoon who has to leave and Daran who has to send him away spend happy times together amidst the uneasiness. Then Yoonjae’s body lying in the hospital suddenly goes into critical condition 


  28. noona_nom says:

    please don’t let Young KKJ die tonite, he’s too cute to act die..hihiii


  29. Enz says:

    Think will have to skip gym tonight.. Too worried i won’t get to book my kbs slot if I get back with half hour to spare for the finale! Oh please be good.


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