Bridal Mask E15

After 15 episodes of his glares and frowns, you would think I would be immune to them by now. But this one is different. It’s coming from a place straight from his heart. All he cares about is her safety and protecting her. If she would only stop to see, she could note that behind that intensity lies so much care and concern. How many more episodes till she realizes what her father is already starting to suspect –that the person they lay so much hope in is the one who is looking at her with all the love in the world. I used to worry about all dangerous situations he faces and the guns aimed at Gaksital, but after watching so many officers shoot and miss, I no longer worry about the guns. Now I am more afraid of K’s love for D. I think she will be the one who makes him vulnerable and open to an attack. He will put down his guard with her one day and then he is going to be face to face with danger. Their love was never meant to be a Disney version cuz after 28 episodes and everything they’ve gone through, it can only end up being epic.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for preview translations, and Yanna for video link. 🙂

I wonder how D is going to react after what happened. everything she knows about K has just been turned upside down.

It’s like he doesnt even need to try – all he has to do is just stand there and he still looks great.

I would totally love to watch this kind of Gaksital – instead of being cold and heartless, he is warm and goofy, but that wouldnt make him much of a hero I guess.


Starts from S walking by and overhearing K asking DS where D is. K: please tell me where she is. D is in danger. D could be caught. DS: I cant understand why are you worried about my daughter’s safety. Then K says your daughter is in danger. Boon is in danger. Please. Please. Don’t you need to save Boon? S remembers that name from the letter

S goes back to his desk in shock and takes out the letter again. He reads the name. he says K knows Boon? K wants to save Boon, Mokdan? then he remembers asking D if the guy who gave her the knife is gaksital. so S wonders: is K the guy who gave her the knife? then is K Gaksital? so K killed my brother? That’s nonsense. How could that happen. Then he remembers how well Gaksital escaped around the precinct. S says that guy knew every corner of our office well. S goes out

S asks who went with K to guard the hospital for the terrorist attack four days ago. none of the officers answer. Lackey says there was no one. S asks to see the lackey inside

S orders the lackey to have K watched 24 hrs a day from now on. pay particular attention when K leaves the office suddenly. S also asks him to find out where leader Jo is right now

The woman from the circus is worried about leader jo’s wounds and wonders how this happened. how much did you get hit for you not to be able to sit up?  Sunhwa asks if he doesn’t need to go to the hospital. Jo says it’s ok -dont worry and everyone go back. Spy girl asks if he was dragged away cuz of D. there is a knock and S shows up. he asks for them to leave the room

Jo asks what’s going on again cuz I already answered everything you asked. S asks if Jo has confidence to act since Jo used to do that before. within tonight, K will come to see you. in front of K, you have to put up an act. S wants Jo to pretend that S doesnt know anything about this information. where Jo is going to meet D. you have to pretend you are revealing to K what you didnt tell me. the time and location of the meet. Jo asks why should I do that? when K is an officer like you. S: all you have to do is listen to my request. Jo:request? I dont plan to cooperate anymore so kill me if you want. S: what I requested, if K catches on to it, I will cut off the other circus member’s lives one by one. S gives him medicine to take for the nail puncture wounds so Jo doesnt get any kind of infection and tells him to treat his injuries well

K barges in and the motel owner is scared cuz he was just spying on S. K asks why he is so startled and asks which room is leader jo in. the guy gives out the number -room 15. S walks out and hears K so the spy girl calls S in to hide in her room. K walks down the hall to see leader Jo. S watches him walk in

K knocks and goes in the room and Jo looks away. K sits and says D’s dad was caught for the bombing at the event and D will be caught too. Cuz it will be easy to get DS to talk. If D is caught then the torture you received tonight, she will be tortured ten, twenty, hundred times more. Jo cant face him and cries. K: you know dont you? that my hyung worked for the movement and was turned into a fool.  when hyung was caught by officers, my mother couldnt endure that and watch with her eyes opened and she went against the officer.  I know very well other Koreans me a traitor. and I did a lot of bad things to deserve to be called that. I want to help. after catching the leader DS, he got the death sentence cuz of me. That is why I want to help.  in front of leader DS’s eyes, making him watch his child being tortured and killed – please let me stop that. help me. Jo asks if can really rescue D. K: please trust me. Jo gives him the location and time of the meeting place tm – 6pm at the chinese restaurant. Jo is going to meet D and the other comrades. K thanks him and asks S doesn’t know this information right? Jo remembers S’s threat to cut off each circus member’s lives one by one so he continues with the lie. Spy girl listens outside to make sure K was given the right info. She runs back and S pays her. when K leaves S comes out too.

As K gets in his car he looks over his shoulder. The car behind him trails K.

S goes to a room and H is there with taro and Jun. S seems surprised to see her. taro tells him to say hello to their leader UH’s daughter. H says she already knows S so let’s say he already said hello. She invites S to sit. S says at angel club, I thought Lala was close with K. what does the leader of Kishokai’s daughter want from K. taro warns S not to talk to her that way cuz she is their leader’s daughter. S: didnt you say that I had to watch K so I need to know. H says in order to get rid of Kono (goji) shouldnt we get rid of his right hand man first. does that satisfy as an answer?  taro asks her to understand cuz these days they suspect K so that is why S asked. in her head she says K’s name. S asks why she called him in. She brings up what happened at the event. after she saw what Gaksital did, she didnt think she should keep who she is without him knowing so she asked to meet. she says how there were so many officers on guard and gaksital showed up with just one stick and fought them so she was surprised by his boldness. she says: You are the only one who can go against gaksital. even when your father was caught but you still shot so that kind of determination and loyalty, you can end that guy. she says how her father the leader UH is going to come to korea soon. When he comes goji will be removed and taro will sit in his place. after that you know very well what will happen

UH had a meeting with his men. Taro is there too. How their objective is to move to the capitol and after they get blood on their hands, Kishokai can take over Korea and more.  They all drink.

H says through S a new Japan and a new time will open. taro says S can do that. She makes a toast for Kishokai and Japanese empire. They all drink.

The governor is with goji and Lee and Park. Lee says how there is talk going around among the koreans about the bombing at the event and if they dont control it there could be another incident. Governor yells at Lee to shut up (since this happened cuz of him) so Lee defends himself saying why just go after me.  Lee says how he is worried that if the koreans know they might join and help the movement more. park says there is rumors about what happened to the governor too. goji says we have to catch those rebels. Governor gives orders about setting up checkpoints and guards for ID checks. Lee says for the sake of catching gakistal, dont let anyone dress like gaksital. governor restricts koreans from wearing white clothes and do not to give loans to koreans (so the movement wont have funding). And to catch all of DS’s comrades. Don’t leave out a single person

Officers go to market and put up wanted posters of all of DS’s members and checkpoints to see people’s IDs. they beat up those without IDs

Baek is polishing K’s shoes. K tells him about what’s going on and tells Baek not to come to the capitol for the time being. Baek says it seems like they are doing that to stop the rumors but people already know about the bombing at the event. K tells him I can meet D and DS’s comrades today. Baek tells him to be careful. K says I have to help them with DS’s escape. Baek tells him to be cautious. K: I will be going. Baek gives him medicine and gauze for his arm wound

Spy officer reports to S cuz he has been following K. after coming out of the motel last night, K was in the interrogation chamber with DS all night. Lackey vouches for this officer -that he can do a good job spying on K. how he is quick on his feet and senses. he can spy on K without K knowing.  S asks where K is now. The guy says in the interrogation room

There is a checkpoint for people and officers throw oil on people if they wear white clothes. Lackey pours oil on an old man for wearing white clothes. The old man complains cuz he doesnt have that many clothes so how can he wear clothes with color so lackey beats him up. Kid begs please save my grandfather. Lackey kicks him away

K drives by and sees that. he drives away angry. Lackey hits the old man more. young Korean men want to stop it but they cant cuz officers have guns. Then gaksital shows up. he beats up the officers and the lackey. Koreans cheer.  Gaksital helps the old man up. the kid thanks him. Korean guy pours oil on the lackey and others pour oil on the other officers. Koreans all cheer. Officers limp away as gaksital stands there and smiles.

Lackey and others go back to the office. S asks what happened. Lackey says gaksital showed up. S: what? Gaksital? he runs over to the basement. Abe is down there with DS. S asks where K is. Abe says K stayed overnight here so he went out for a short time to go change clothes. S says to himself: that means he wasn’t here.

S runs up and asks what happened with K’s surveillance. lackey: isnt he here in the interrogation room. He calls the officer and asks why he is here instead of watching K. lackey kicks him

K is in the hotel bathroom treating his arm wound with the medicine baek gave him. K ties up his arm again tightly to stop the bleeding. He goes out and Jun is there washing his hands. Jun notices the blood as K washes his hands. K looks up and remembers fighting Jun at the event. K mutters about how embarrassing it is to have a nosebleed after staying up all night working. He says I saw you somewhere a lot before. Where was it. Jun leaves so K follows.

*this drama really loves their flashback scenes. I bet 20-30% of each episode is all flashbacks.

Jun walks down the hallway and stops at a door and goes in. K follows and looks at the room number. Jun comes out and goes back in

S is sitting in his office. K knocks and comes in and says did you call me. S says I heard you worked overnight. How did that happen. Sit down. S turns his ring around so K wont see that S is part of the Kishokai group. He goes and sits facing K. S asks if he is still staying at the hotel. K: you think I am a rich family’s young master. S gives him a key to a place to stay since it’s empty. K says no that staying here at the officer’s barracks is more comfortable. S tells him to hurry and put it in his pocket – it’s an order. K smiles and takes it. S asks if DS talked. K: maybe he is resigned to die cuz he didn’t give any info. S says how about catching D first. K: I think she already left the capitol. S: she left the capitol-are you sure. K says since D is not with the circus and not at the motel so she probably left the capitol with the woman who posed as DS’s wife. S: that’s nonsense.  would D leave to save herself when her dad was caught. is D that kind of girl? K:maybe not. S gives him orders to look for her starting now by putting up posters and reward for her. K: ok. S says instead of this i will report it myself. S leaves the room. K follows.

S goes and says to DS- you ruined the anniversary event with gaksital. Who is gaksital. what kind of guy is he? DS says should I tell you how to find him. Return the Korean land to us then gaksital will take off his mask first. S laughs and punches him. S shows him the grenade and says this was stolen from our armory so it’s impossible for you to get this without the help of an officer. who is it? who is working with you. DS says are you saying there is an officer among us in our movement. DS laughs. S takes the whip and hits DS. S: are you looking down on the officers? You think you can endure and hang on till the end. Is it fun? Is it fun playing with us officers. S orders K to catch this guy’s daughter. let’s see if he doesnt flinch watching his daughter being tortured right in front of his eyes. I have to watch that. catch his daughter first. K doesnt answer so S calls out his japanese name. K says ok.

After S leaves K looks guilty as he looks at DS

Koreans are looking at the wanted posters. one woman wonders if her troubles will be over if she reports one of them so Kim says are you crazy ajumma. dont you know who leader DS is? D walks by and sees the description of each person who helped DS on the wanted posters. She sees some officers and one of them calls out to her. so she takes off running.

K comes out of his car and sees D running away from officers. D and K lock eyes. officers are about to shoot but K says don’t shoot. she needs to be caught alive.  K chases after her calling out her name. K tries to buy her time to get away so he splits up the group of officers to go other ways. D is hiding and sneaks out. K stands in front of her. she runs off again. He chases her. he says in his head. Please please you have to be caught by me now to be safe. He catches her but that Korean guy Kim hits K on the back of his head. K falls down and watches as D runs off. *half the time i dont know if i want to beat the crap out of that Kim character or hug him for his bravery.  but this is one of those times where i want to hit him cuz he hurt K.

*even though this is a drama, how any woman could run away from this face so often baffles me. If this was me, the director would be yelling at me for running in the wrong direction towards K.

K is holding an ice pack to his head. S asks how K lost her. how could you lose her? if we caught that girl then we would have caught gaksital. K says I am going crazy too. S: see I was right. I told you she wouldn’t have left the capitol. S shows K the letter. K: what is it. S: dont you know? during that time gaksital and that girl exchanged letters.

K wonders in his head: where did he find this? K reads it. S: I didn’t know she was in such a deep relationship with gaksital and i begged her to talk. you dont know huh?  that girl held a gun to my face and ran off with gaksital. to save gaksital she held a gun to my face and the two held hands in front of my eyes-Kanto ya – in front of my eyes! there is no mistake -Boon is the name of that girl when she was young. The guy she met when she was young-the one who gave her the knife is gaksital. I am going to catch this girl and kill her. I am going to kill her and hang her up at the square. for that guy to see clearly with his own eyes. for that guy’s heart to rip apart.  S shouts out for the lackey and leaves. K looks at his watch

While S was talking, K was horrified to hear what S plans to do with D.

S looks back and sees K through the window and wonders:you lost her? did you really lose her?

D runs back to the others. the woman welcomes her and asks about how the mood is outside. D says how all their faces are on wanted posters. The woman says the only person who knows what we look like is leader Jo. D says leader jo is not someone who would do that.  D offers to go alone to meet Jo if they feel uneasy. but the woman says no it’s dangerous. if Jo really betrayed us, you will be caught for sure. D says even if he did how can we give up. we need money right away. since there is so much tight security the chances of rescuing my father is impossible. father would want all of you to go back safely. the woman asks if D can do it. D says dont worry I will meet the leader and get the money (for their escape). woman says be know what will happen to you and our leader if you get caught. D says yes I know – don’t worry. D leaves

H is walking out of the hotel and D walks by. They pass each other. H turns and looks at D. she follows D into the hotel. Jun watches from the car.

H follows D up to the coffee shop. D makes a call to leader Jo. She says it’s me. He asks if nothing is going on. she asks if he is ok. Were you threatened by the officers. He says no. are you ok. D: yes I am ok. She asks to go meet him later. that is ok right? He says ok let’s meet there later. D: thank goodness. I worried so much. thank you leader. after he hangs up, Jo looks guilty. All his circus members are held at gunpoint behind him

D makes the call and turns around to see H. H says do you know how much I wanted to see you. want to have a drink with me. H takes her hand to lead her away but D tries to punch her. D runs away but H kicks her down and again. D fights back. But H keeps using her long legs to kick her down. H captures her. *I saw in slow motion and most of those kicks were done by a stuntwoman.

Goji meets with S and K. goji asks what happened with DS. S says K was taking responsibility for DS. So goji sends S out. goji yells at K : you were in charge of inspection. K: I am sorry. goji: no matter how much DS was in disguise-does it make sense that you didnt recognize him. K says I committed a crime that deserves death. Goji warns: you must not feel any pressure cuz I am backing you but i dont need anyone who doesnt have skills. I will overlook this for the time being till you catch gaksital, but if you make another mistake like this again you will be fired. K: I will be careful. goji tells him to leave.

S looks at the time and lackey and other officers nod to S as well. K comes back in the room and S calls him.

as soon as K walks in, S turns around and smiles at him calling him K instead of Shiro H. S says we finally caught her. K: caught what? S: D. at 6pm today D will show up at the chinese restaurant. dont exert your energy too much (working on getting info out of DS) if we just catch that girl it’s the end of DS. K laughs and says you have great skills. how did you find that out? S says I put officers/informants at every corner everywhere. K: it turns out well.  S says just watch his daughter being tortured in front of his eyes -that guy wont be able to hold out. lackey says everyone is gathered. S goes out and asks if K isnt coming. K says yes and follows

S has a meeting with the officers. He says something about sending out the rabbit -meaning D. guess he means they sent their bait out. tonight at 6pm at the Chinese restaurant DS’s group will show up. It doesn’t matter if others die at the site but keep that girl alive as bait to make DS talk. we also need that girl to catch gaksital. S tells K to watch DS. We are leaving in 5 mins.

S thinks to himself as he looks at K. if you are gaksital you will show up. S tells lackey to get the guy to spy on K to see if K leaves or not without any mistakes this time. lackey says ok

H has D and she calls S and says: this is Lala, I heard there is a large reward for catching DS’s helpers. She spoke pretending to be just a woman out for the reward but then she made Jun take D away. S says:what are you talking about?  H: just now I caught DS’s daughter. S: what? let her go right now. immediately. H: look here. S: UR – listen to my words carefully. even if you are the leader’s daughter, I wont forgive you for getting in the way of doing my job. H: impede? you are saying i just impeded? S: I have a plan set up to capture gaksital now and that girl is the bait. do you get that? S: let her go right now. and don’t let her suspect anything when you let her go. H: fine. I hope you have success since you are making me lose a valuable catch (she said fish).  but if you fail this time you will have to put your neck out (meaning he will be killed). he says if my plans fail cuz of you then you have to put your neck out too. H is shocked to be talked to like that. S hangs up on her.

H calls for Jun to bring D back in. D asks who H is. H hits her. D asks who are you to hold onto me. for what reason. H tells jun to send her away. She touches D’s face and says go well. See you again. D leaves

lackey and S leave with other officers

K is in the basement looking at all the torture devices and remembers how S said: catch this guy’s daughter. let’s see if he doesnt flinch watching his daughter being tortured right in front of his eyes. I have to watch that. I am going to catch this girl and kill her. I am going to kill her and hang her up at the square. K leaves DS alone and goes out. the officer spy follows K.

D walks into the room and looks at the time. she paces back and forth and a waiter comes in. he is an officer in disguise. He puts down some tea.

K drives over

D is waiting and it’s past 6.

K drives faster

D is about to go out and K barges in and grabs her hand to leave with her. she says why are you doing this. what are you doing. Let me go. S comes in and holds a gun out to K. S: it was you. good to meet you gaksital. D looks up at K.


no preview

Someone said Baek is going to show up dressed as Gaksital, but his hair is different -curly with white hair mixed in and he is much shorter. would he even pass as a believable Gaksital? I guess if it’s dark outside and he just stands on a roof no one might be the wiser -otherwise I doubt he could pull it off. What I like is that for a split second, the idea that K is Gakistal passed through D’s mind. hopefully that will be the seed of truth that she allows to grow as the suspicions pile up that K has been helping her out lately.

Just from one scene I can get like a hundred great shots. This is proof. Boy the camera really loves this guy.


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