Big E14

You would think since I cried so much the first time that I would cry less during the second and subsequent viewings to translate but turns out there are more tears in my system than I thought.  Why does this drama have to be so tragic and heartbreaking. I feel gutted. Thoughts at the end cuz of spoilers.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her torrents and Sparkskey for written preview when it comes out -which I am hoping will be super fast cuz next Mon seems like an eternity right now. 🙂

How adorable are these kids with Gong Yoo.



Starts from a dream like sequence –there is a clock and D walking towards KJ. He has his back to her. She calls out: KJ-YJ? are you YJ or KJ. Which side are you. he faces her and says: the side you want. he takes her to YJ’s hospital bedside. D: who is he? he says the side you let go.


She looks over at him and it’s kid KJ standing next to her and YJ lying on the bed. He says: the side you let go will disappear forever. she is alone in the room. She wakes up from her dream.


She goes out and calls out K’s name.D:why aren’t you sleeping. Are you sick. He says thanks to SYJ (cuz YJ is sick). She thinks he should take medicine and go to the hospital. she tries to take his hand but he says dont mess with me and pulls away. the one who is sick is SYJ’s body so dont treat me like a patient. D: of course I should worry if YJ is sick. I will feed him medicine and take him to the hospital. she reaches for his hand again but he pulls away. K: if you are worried about this body then dont mess with me. if you annoy me then I will run away suddenly. He looks at his watch and says : oh yeah you put this on me so I wont run away. back then I didnt know it had such a deep meaning like this. so she says yes I said I would do whatever you wanted so don’t run away. K: what you wanted to do. he walks away


D leaves him a note to eat the food and go to the hospital today. K ignores it. M comes and says: what I said was right huh? that Gil DR already knew everything. K: she said she knew. she knew everything and to save SYJ, she held onto me. M: see I told you what I said was right. K: did you ask her to lie. as a way to chase me away. M denies it. K: it doesnt matter. if Gil DR let me go I wont ask her to hold onto me again. I wont ever cling to Gil DR or the parents that just now showed up. I will do what they want and get lost. M: then you really wont hold onto Gil DR teacher now? K: I understand that SYJ comes first. I know the situation got difficult. but I cant forgive that she let me go first. the moment she knew SYJ was sick and who my parents were, she thought all she needs to do is throw me away and she let me go. like those people who are my parents did.


YJ’s mom tells D to convince YJ more. he needs to start treatments right away. D: YJ only needs surgery but what are you going to do with KJ? mom: YJ’s father will take care of him.  D: after YJ has his surgery, KJ will wake up. mom starts to say: you cant be sure of that but D says: it will end up like that. mom: I dont want that kid to keep lying there either. of course when he wakes up it will be hard to face him. D: what is so hard? KJ is the one who will have a difficult time. you must beg him and say you were wrong. even if he says it’s ok just leave it alone, make sure to hold onto him and for the rest of your life, pay him back. dont ever let him be alone. mom: you dont need to pay any attention to that kid’s business. YJ comes first. D: no KJ comes first. promise me that you will think of KJ first then I will convince him so that YJ can be saved. mom: I know very well that I can no longer live ingoring KJ. D: from here on you need to be more grateful to that kid. mom: ok then you help ease YJ’s heart. D: first -be sure and tell KJ that you are grateful and sorry


D tells K to meet the parents for dinner. he asks if she set this up. she says let’s go and talk about how to proceed with your treatments. K: you are already working hard being SYJ’s wife and their daughter in law. I dont want to get involved in that and act like a husband and son in someone else’s place. She insults him and says you areally are a kid. if grownups discuss and decide, will you obey that well. K: if you drag me there like a kid then i will just act out like a kid. D: that will be good too since you are their child anyway. K: then I will go and act like a kid.


YJ’s mom tells the dad how D wanted them to say they are sorry to KJ in front of YJ. the dad says: she probably wants us to tell YJ first what we have to tell KJ.


when they get there D tries to tell him this isnt the place. it’s the restaurant next door but K says I want to eat rice. (korean) D says they are already here and waiting. but K goes to the restaurant next door to the parents on purpose and says I am going to eat here. if they want to eat with me tell them to come here. D calls her and YJ’s mom says you are at the restaurant next door? but we already ordered steaks and the order went in. ok. she hangs up and says YJ wants us to go next door. dad: let’s go then. they get up and move to where YJ is after the mom says sorry to the waiter cuz their meeting place changed.


K says: since we are meeting for SYJ’s sake, should I order what SYJ likes? what does he like? D: choose what you want to eat. K: I have to match SYJ. wonder what they did when they made me for SYJ’s sake. for our YJ’s sake, extra order of meat and vegetables. Since YJ cant eat mushroom then take that out. is this what they did?  (he is making himself sound like some test tube baby using the menu as an excuse to point that out) D tells him to stop being like that.  they are your parents. it must be hard but try your best to accept them. K: you want me to try my best? then should I tell them that the person here is KKJ? will they be able to accept that since they are parents?

the parents walk over and the mom asks: this is the place right?


K takes out his miracle pic out of his wallet and says I have the proof here. so you can be the witness then. She says you are going to change back soon so if you tell them like this then they will be shocked.  K: that’s why I want to tell them – for them to be shocked. they will be very shocked that the KKJ they threw away is here inside the one they value. D: if you do that then it will  be harder for you to find your place where you belong. Those people will become your family. K:who said they will be my family? when I go back I have no plans to see them again. I was going to go back quietly but I dont think it will be bad to go back after watching them be shocked and tormented.

the parents walk in and are escorted over to D and K


K: if they know who I am, they wont ask to eat together and they wont be bug me to get treatments and get the surgery. they will be tormented. D holds his hand and asks him not to act out. he sees  her ring and says: why cuz if I tell them everything that you might lose SYJ?  She says yes. so dont do it. the parents come in and the mom asks what is going on. K turns over the pic. D welcomes them and asks them to sit.  The mom says to K: you should have told me if there was anything you wanted to eat. The dad asks how he feels so K says when I want to eat something I can find it on my own and eat it and my body does not feel well


The mom asks him: YJ – do you still feel bad cuz of KJ. we are very grateful and sorry to KJ. when he wakes up, how we feel in our hearts, somehow we will repay him. K: he wont like that much. just leave it alone.  mom: if he says to leave it alone, all the way till the end, we should stick by him and repay him. that’s what DR said. K looks at her so D changes the subject and says the mom doesn’t like beans too. D says K doesn’t like beans too. mom: then there is something that kid takes after me. D: even if he says “I dont like it so leave it alone,” if you keep staying by him telling him how it’s good for him so eat it, he will act like you cant beat him but he will still eat it for you. if you ask him sincerely, he is a nice kid who will listen to what you want. The dad says the kid’s mom raised him well to be nice. D says how smart KJ is and how well be studies too. The mom says he took after his dad for that. even thought we never met him, it’s amazing how he takes after his parents. K: you didnt have him or raise him so you arent parents.


The mom tells them how she could have given birth to that kid and not YJ and raised KJ. back then she had a weak body so she had difficulty getting pregnant normally. she had YJ through IVF (in vitro fertilization) and instead of putting that kid in her body, she set him aside to be frozen. the dad says YJ and KJ do not have a 12 yr age gap, another way to look at it is they were fraternal twins.  the mom says if the order was switched then instead of YJ she would have had KJ and raised him. K: the order between SYJ and KKJ -is that when it was decided? SYJ first and KKJ has to wait. when you need him, then you wake him up.  that’s what it was. D tries to hold his hand but K says : who said you could hold my hand. K stands and says: this time it’s SYJ’s turn to wait so wait patiently. he walks out. the parents call out to him. D goes after him


K turns around and says to D: you said SYJ’s hand was warm and KJ’s hand was cold. there was a reason. he waited so long so he must have frozen. Gil DR- you are like a ghost guessing the right order (meaning she chose the right guy who was chosen first by the parents)


K goes and sits next to YJ’s bed. stuff I didn’t want to know. how much did they want me to know for it to turn out like this


D looks at the miracle book pic and says: if all of this is a miracle, KJ has to be happy at the end.


CS’s mom feeds him and asks if his sister found the ring and has it on for sure. CS tries to avoid lying that the ring wasnt really found since M bought it so he says the finding part is a little iffy but she is wearing it. she asks did you look into who KKJ could be. He says he checked the list of school teachers and all of D’s friends but there wasn’t anyone. He thinks maybe it’s not a person and abbreviation – like to mean “Kiss kiss you (jakeeya).” The mom tells him he got smarter. CS says these days he studies hard cuz he has to follow M and go with her to america. the mom asks him to look for KKJ but he says no matter how much I look there is no one. the only person around D who has KKJ initials is just Kang KJ


K tells the uncle that he is going to take care of KJ’s inheritance. the uncle asks what right do you have so K says: I already got KJ’s consent a long time ago. he says the legal procedure to transfer him as the guardian of the estate already ended.  the aunt hits the uncle and says I told you to look into it sooner. the uncle says I am KJ’s bloodline so what right do you have. K: SYJ is KKJ’s hyung. if you dont believe me then take a strand of my hair. during that time thank you for watching over KJ. this restaurant that you set up with KJ’s mom’s inheritance, please protect it well. after the russian chef came business is doing well right? the aunt asks if he is ending everything with just that (cuz she is mad they wont get their hands on anymore of KJ’s money). uncle asks if the man who came last time was YJ’s dad. K says yes. The uncle mentions how the dad said he was not interested in HS”s inheritance and only wanted to take the son of his beloved HS. so was all that a lie? K: he loved her. that’s not possible. if he loved her then he wouldnt have been able to ask her to have KJ. didnt Kang HS give birth to KJ for money? uncle: did your dad say that? look here – our HS was raised so preciously so why would she become a surrogate for money? I dont know how your father felt but our HS – at that young age-cuz of love-  she had a kid and ran off to america. while raising the kid alone, while living suffering when she didnt need to –  she died pitifully.


M catches up to K as K walks out angry. M:what’s wrong? K says the person my mom loved, those people used her. he convinced her by saying he loved my mom and ruined my mom’s life.

K heads up to YJ’s parents room at the hotel.  M tries to hold him back but K says don’t follow me


K goes in. the mom asks why he left a while ago like that. *K asks the dad: did you love KHS? cuz you loved her – to save your son, did you ask her to have a child in your place? is that how you got her to have KKJ? The dad says yes. I don’t have the right to say I loved HS. K: how could you do that? how could you ask her to do that? The mom says I requested that of her, cuz she was a nice person she said she would go along with our request. that woman said since it’s the child of the person she loves, she said she would have the child.  K cries and says to the dad: if she was someone you loved, then you should have stopped her. how could you leave her alone to do that? that is using her. the mom says I did it. for your sake there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. K cries and says from here on there isnt anything I cant do. he glares at the dad and leaves.

*K was in a hurry so he addressed the dad as: “look here – you” (something no son would say to his father but K did that cuz this man is a stranger to him and not a father)


K walks out in a daze and walks past M


D tries to call but he isnt picking up.


K is drinking and remembering how the mom said: I requested that of her, cuz she was a nice person she said she would go along with our request. then he remembers D saying: if you ask him sincerely, he is a nice kid who will listen to what you want


M tries to get in the bar but she isnt allowed in cuz she is underage. She asks only to go in for a short time and wont drink alocohol but the guy says no. M: then I will bring someone who can come in so during that time take good care of the person at the bar. M leaves


D calls and gets through. D: why arent you coming? where are you? K says into the phone: at a bar- I am drinking. D:what? you cant do that. K: If you think you can stop me then try to stop me. since I am a nice kid who will listen to you if you request sincerely. D: where are you?


D comes and says dont do this – let’s go now. He says if you want me to stop then try to stop me with truth.  if your sincerity gets to me then I will accept it. she sits next to him. he drinks one shot after another. K: Do you really think those people are my parents. D: yes. K: What parents. He drinks. They aren’t even like parents, but you think I should understand and accept everything? She says yes again. K: do you think I am a fool? She says don’t do this – dont act like a kid. He says she isnt getting to him. He keeps drinking. He says for YJ’s sake, do you think it’s only natural that I give him everything. She says yes cuz then YJ can live. K: but I think I will die. she says stop so he yells tell me sincerely – to do whatever I want in this rotten situation- whatever I do that I am first. cuz I am first you can let go of everything else. stop me like that. She says I cant do that cuz you arent going to do that. cuz you are a good kid. K: you sincerely believe that. cuz I like you, you believe I will do everything you want. D: yes I believe in you. he says since you sincerely stopped me – let’s end it here. he gets up and walks away. she tries to support him but he shakes her off


He goes to the bathroom and washes his face. K: I wont be used so easily the same way as my mom. he leaves his watch behind


M gets in and says I brought a guardian. she asks where the person went that was here. the guy says he left with the person who came with him. M:who? he says a woman. He shows the watch that K left behind. She says it should say KKJ on the back. The guy looks and says yes it does She says I will give it to him

K looks at the miracle book and says: miracle?  it’s a miracle to save YJ and a miracle that just uses me. He throws the book. D picks it up


D is in her room reading the book. For YJ’s sake KJ was born. and he saved YJ. She says then YJ rescued KJ.  this time it’s KJ’s turn to rescue him.  if it ends here, how can he be happy.


S meets with YJ’s mom. S mentions YJ’s lost memory so the mom says: KJ who is going to wake up, he would be happier if he didnt know anything. S says how YJ needs to be treated right away so if DR trying to convince him. mom: yes. but DR lectured me about how I should think of KJ first.  S says that’s strange cuz to D, YJ should come first. mom: YJ said there isnt anything he wouldnt do. I dont know why he would say that


since K might be hungover, D asks if he feels ok. I made you soup. K: thanks. you go to school. she tells K to eat and go the hospital. He says I will do that. I have to do as ordered and hurry and finish this well. since I am being nice do you like it? She says that’s good for you. he acts sarcastic and says she sure is being thoughtful of him. just do what you need to do well.  arent you late for school? he looks at his wrist but his watch is gone. She notices and says: eat well. I have to get ready for school


K looks for the watch in his room and wonders if he left it at the bar yesterday. He sees D come out talking with the mom saying YJ ate well and will go to the hospital today. I spoke to him well. He sees her ring. after she hangs up she tells him she will go to the hospital today but he says I will take care of it on my own. so go. She asks if he lost his watch at the bar yesterday. He says:watch? not sure. I don’t know. D: I will be going. after she leaves he says I am going to run away so why find it


D talks to herself: if I only gave it to him as a bday present I could have told him to keep it.  AK asks what time it is. D says 10:10 and starts to cry. D:I think for the rest of my life it will be 10:10. AK: whata’s wrong? Na asks Kim if she punished D again but Kim says I didnt do that.  Kim wonders if anything happened to D.

M walks by and sees D crying. M looks at the watch. M holds the watch and says I will never give it back


K gives YJ the shot and nothing happens. (instead of like last time when S tried) S thinks that is unusual cuz it’s ok cuz he gave the shot. K says accusingly to the body: to do this you hung in there for a year lying down to make me study medicine. I was totally used (taken advantage of). S: what does that mean?  K: SYJ is a very unfair/cheap/petty person. S: KJ is your younger brother. he wont think helping to save you is being unfair. K: no he thinks it’s really unfair. S says KJ just needs to keep getting those shots and by next week, we will be able to take out the blood that you need from KJ. with that it would be nice if you recovered safely and KJ hurries and wakes up. K: then SYJ will be happy.


K goes with D to meet with the parents and says he will start getting his treatment. the parents smile. K: but I want to go to Germany where father was and get treated and have surgery. dad agrees and says: instead of the hospital where you work, it would be better if you got treated in Germany where i work. the mom says when D has her vacation then D can go with him. but K says : no I will go alone. at the earliest. The mom wants to go with him but he says:mother and father – how much do you love this son (he hits his chest)? mom: if anything bad happens to you I cant live. K: then in my place, be by the side of the son lying in the hospital. that’s what you can do for my sake.


D and K walk out. she asks what’s wrong. what are you thinking of? K: I am doing as requested. D: if you are going to go then go with me. K:just think you are keeping one of the promise you made me. you said you would be next to my side the moment I come back to myself. do you not want to keep that promise? D: I will do that. K: then keep watching with those people and wait. he walks off


D goes to meet her family. CS asks what YJ is doing. D tells her parents that YJ is going to Germany and stay there cuz of work and during that time I will stay here. dad asks why Germany. did something happen? D: Cuz his dad works at the hospital there and there is some work that is connected to that hospital. CS thinks YJ is going global. The dad asks if D is going with him but D says no I am not going to be with YJ. The mom asks if D really cheated. D says that’s not it.  when the time is right, I will tell you later about what’s going on with YJ


CS tells M that YJ is going to germany and leaving his sister behind. the ring you bought and gave didnt have good results. M says no it did work out for me. he asks what she is doing instead of eating. She was texting her dad:that I am going to take a little longer cuz I have another place to go to chase after someone. CS: where? M: you dont need to know. CS: who are you going to chase now? what about me?  she tells him to erase her from his mind -when we are far apart and dont see each other and dont talk then I will get erased.  CS: no you arent here (his head) you are here (his heart) you will never be erased no matter what


D hands K the ticket for Germany that his dad told her to give K. they are all going to come out to the airport tm. K: there is no need to do that. I am going to say goodbye separately and go alone. D:when you get to Germany someone will come out to meet you. you will go directly to the hospital right? K: yes. D: do you have to go? if it’s cuz of me cuz you are uncomfortable being with me then I can move out of this home. K:anyway I put this house up for sale. while I am gone, throw out everything I gave and you got from me. I will throw away my things on my own.  Wait the only thing you did for me was that one watch so since I already lost it there is nothing to throw out. D: ok I will leave first.

K goes to the bar and asks have you see a watch. on the back there was KKJ initials. the guy says a young girl student took that.  I thought you knew her so I gave it to her. K: was she pretty and had long hair? the guy says yes. K thanks him

He asks M for the watch but she keeps insisting I dont know. K: that’s a lie. M: I dont have it. K: that’s a lie. M: I threw it away. K: I know very well you are lying so are you going to keep denying it? M: I am going to keep denying it. if I keep denying and saying i threw it away then you will throw it away at one point too. K: then keep denying till the end. so that I can believe that I really threw it away.

D goes to the bar and finds out K came to find the watch just now. D: he came to find it? she smiles.

K is throwing away is stuff and D offers to help him pack.  K: I already packed. I just need to throw out what i need to trash. he trashes the case for the watch. D: you are throwing that away? K: yes. D: didnt you go to find what you lost? K: I told you I would throw it away. why? do I have to pick it up again and wear it?  unlike someone I don’t plan to get back what I threw away and put it on again. He looks at her ring accusingly so she covers it up. K: you keep that ring on well and wait for the day you can hold onto SYJ.

She walks out and says if he was going to throw it away he shouldn’t have looked for it

K stands over YJ and holds the miracle picture. He throws it on the ground and leaves. It flies away

K and D go to the parents. The mom says I want to go to the airport with you. K says since this is the last time hug your son once. they hug. K: Just wait patiently for your son to come back safely. K asks the dad for a hug too. they hug. K: I will be going now. goodbye

outside, K says to D: I will go directly to the airport so you hug SYJ once too.  She asks why he is like this. K: you told me to accept my parents so this is my way of trying. she takes out the miracle book and says: I kept thinking about the miracle of you and YJ switching. cuz your body suddenly got bigger, for your heart to grow that much too, to make it through this like an adult. isnt that why these things happened? K: the body got bigger but I dont think this miracle was for my heart to get bigger. also I am not acting like a grownup right now. D: this will have happened for you to be happy. when you come back you will have a family. you just need to grow your heart to accept that. K: there will never be a miracle for the heart to become bigger. D: when you go back to yourself I hope you will become happy. K: I said it was a miracle for SYJ to be happy. I will stay out out it so wait with his family for him to be happy. He leaves

The mom and D stand over YJ. the mom says tm they are going to take the blood that YJ needs for his surgery from KJ. YJ’s dad will take that with him to Germany. D asks her: please continue to stay by KJ’s side. mom: will KJ really wake up if YJ has his surgery? D: it will. dont avoid anymore and treat him (KJ) sincerely.  make him happy. mom: I had a hard time cuz this child was born from a woman my husband loved. since YJ’s father loved that woman he must have felt more tortured – every day he felt like he was living in hell and I couldnt watch that.

D walks out and looks at the dad. he turns and walks away

K is at the airport and M wants to go with him. M: I am going ot Germany too. K: dont talk nonsense and go. M: let’s go together. if you dont want to go together, then I will go separately. K: then you go to Germany cuz I am not going. M: you arent going? K: I wont do what those people told me to do. with SYJ’s body I am going to disappear. I am going to make them wait till their blood dries. so that they will be anguished and scared. M: with that body you are sick so it’s dangerous for you. K: it doesnt matter. He turns and says: after I leave, you go and tell them that the one who left is KKJ and the one lying there is SYJ. if they know that then they will have a harder time. M: you cant do that. it’s dangerous. if something goes wrong what do we do if you die. K: if I am going to die the SYJ will wake up and take care of it on his own. cuz this whole miracle is for SYJ’s sake. M: I am scared – dont go. K: dont stop me. I wont listen to anyone

The parents are with YJ’s body and D. mom: the moment he wakes up, what do I say to this child. he wont know anything. dad: first we have to explain who we are. M calls D and says K is running away. D runs out. M: You come and stop him. He wants to disappear in his current state.

K is looking at his boarding pass for LA. He looks over his shoulder.

D runs over and remembers what K said. if you want me to stop then try to stop me with sincerity. then speak sincerely

K is going through the gate and D calls out to him. D cries and says: I will speak truthfully. will you listen? Your dad sincerely loved your mom but that was the only way to save his sick son. So he lived all his life being miserable. Don’t go and save YJ. Even though it’s hard on you- please do that. Instead, I will live miserably and tormented all my life – that will probably happen cuz I love you.

he cries and turns around. K: how could you do that. if you do this then you will be miserable too.

M stands and watches the two of them from a distance.

The boy shows the girl the miracle pic. boy: it’s pretty huh? girl: they are angels. boy: angels are good. I will give it to you so don’t be sick. She says: this is doctor ajussi’s angel. boy: you know this? girl: a long time ago these are the angels in the book that doctor ajussi showed me

D tells K about the book. how YJ had this too. I wondered where I saw it and I saw YJ’s.  K says: I dont want to see that book. to me it’s a traumatic miracle. D: when YJ looked for you, it wasnt to make you feel traumatized. K: then that side should have woken up in my body too then. it should have happened together. stuff I didn’t want to know -I found out. she says I wonder why he didn’t wake up. is there a reason for that too. he takes the book. K: I have to find out what he was thinking to make this book

K goes and meets the dad. the dad says I drew the pic but KJ’s mom made the book. K: this book was made by KHS? dad: when you turned 18 yrs old, through professor Park she asked him to give it to you

K meets with the professor. The professor says HS asked me to give this book to your dad for you. K: what did she say? the professor says: when the two kids meet, she hoped a miracle would occur. flashback to the mom saying:  YJ and KJ have shared (divided) a miracle between them. so when the two of them meet again, I hope a miracle that makes them happy occurs. that is why the title is miracle. he said to her: you look happy. she says cuz of that child YJ, I got to have KJ. if my KJ grows up as much as YJ is now (18yrs old), I want to show him this book and tell him about his good mom, dad, and hyung so he wont be lonely. K says: so she made this book to tell him about his family.  Professor says: anyway – like HS wanted, through an unusual way, YJ and that kid met and that kid was able to find his family. to that kid KJ, this is a miracle. K: I dont think KKJ will become happy over this. The professor asks:why do you think that? K: what happened after the two of them met, there is not a single thing that kid found out that was good. professor: what difference does that make cuz that kid doesnt know anything at all. didnt you say he was asleep and lying down.  K: yes. professor: from the moment he got into that accident with you, time stopped for him. when he opens his eyes, there will be a hyung who rescued him and he will have parents who have been waiting for him to wake up. isnt that a happy miracle.  if this miracle happened cuz HS wanted this, then of course KJ will wake up happy.

K narrates and says: in order for this to be the happy miracle that mom wanted then from that moment after (the rescue), my memory has to disappear. the reason why SYJ didnt wake up in my body and time stopped for him, maybe it was to make me happy. if that is another miracle (K says aloud) when I go back to my body, I will lose all my memories of everything that happened here

M thanks D for stopping K. but why did you say those things. D: cuz if I didn’t speak sincerely then i couldnt have stopped him. M: Then are you going to hold onto K again. D: No I like him so much so I wont hold onto him. I was going to hide everything and have everyone go back to their place, but that didnt happen.  M says erase that sincerity from your mind. It will be erased. D: it would be nice if it did.

K looks at the book. He is alone in the house but he keeps remembering his past moments with D. D calling out and asks are you really not going to eat. starting from tm I wont make bean rice so hurry and come and eat. Then she says I cleaned this area so if you eat crackers and drop them you are dead. Then he remembers how he was close to her listening to music together. K says: I am strange-why do I like it so much that you came. Then she asks should we go camping again. She shows him the pandas and says that’s strange. panda’s eyes, tummy, and ears are black. which one is prettier. K says Gil panda. she tells him to keep kang panda. he reaches for it and there is nothing there. then says it’s 10:10 and asked him again to release her. what do I do if I am like this for the rest of my life.

K’s heart breaks and he cries after reliving all his past times with D. maybe he realized in this moment she gave him more than he every imagined anyone could. that she gave him things that arent tangible – like these memories that mean so much to him.

D goes and buys bread. Something that was freshly baked. And thinks should I buy him something new

She goes home and he made dinner-that chicken she didnt get to eat before and she says I bought bread. She says the chicken is delicious. He says tm at the hospital they are doing the procedure. I am not sure if we will switch the moment they take what they need for SYJ from my body or if we will switch the moment it goes into SYJ’s body. She says then it might be the end tm. K: yes. D: Like I promised I will hold your hand. But he says no stay by SYJ’s side. he hits his chest and says: be next to this body. Promise the moment I open my eyes dont be next to KKJ’s side. D: ok that might be better. K: since SYJ’s memory stopped up to the accident so when he wakes up you might be able to hear that answer. what you were always curious about. the answer to “do you love me?” the person who said he would tell you when he saw you he already pushed that back a year. She says I am no longer curious about that answer. K: I am going to do that too. I am going to pretend what happened after the accident never happened. D: you are going to forget everything? K: I am going to do that so just know that. Don’t be too sad that I act like I don’t remember anything and that I dont feel anything. You do that too. Promise. she says ok let’s pretend to do that. if you do that, then I will pretend everything didnt happen too.

she gets up and asks if he wants more milk so she could cry facing away from him. He looks down and cries as soon as she gets up.  They both cry separately

K paces as S gets YJ ready for the procedure.

At the hospital D is waiting with M. M asks they might switch today huh?

S says everything is ready. you are going to do it right? K says yes I can do it alone so go outside.

the procedure starts and K seems dizzy and holds YJ’s hand

The two kids argue which angel is prettier

K gets dizzy and passes out.

S runs out and says to D that YJ fainted. M runs into YJ’s room. she calls out KJ’s name. YJ still did not wake up

K is in SYJ’s office on the bed. She touches his face. He looks at her. she calls out his name-KJ. He sits up. he looks around and she asks: you are KJ right? He looks at her.


no preview-just a music video cuz they ended early.

he didnt take his eyes off her even once. It’s like he is trying to memorize every inch of her face so his heart wouldnt forget at least – even if his mind did.

These were some screencaps of the music video.

All this talk about miracles is getting to me. My head hurts from thinking about why everything has been happening and trying to guess how the drama will tie up its story next week. I really hope K is wrong about the part about losing all his memory of what happened when he goes back to his body. that means this relationship with D has to start all over. that’s so unfair so I dont see how that could be considered a miracle at all. No wonder he cried so much remembering his past with D. It was the last time he could cherish them.

K is right about one thing. There really won’t be a miracle that can make his heart grow bigger about the family he suddenly ended up with. Not when they are this dysfunctional. I say keep the older brother, but only see the parents once a year or something. Maybe hang out with the father more often since he actually tried to track down KJ after his mother died. D keeps worrying about the happy ending for KJ, but I am more worried about us. I don’t want either brother to die. I don’t think I can handle that kind of tragic ending. It was bad enough picturing little bear and little rabbit not growing up to see adulthood so if the Hong sisters adds YJ to that list of casualty, I am going to lose my sanity next week. I say we shed enough tears this week so bring back the laughter next week please..

or at least just one more scene like this wouldnt make me complain.

Fanderay’s comments:

Despite all the angst, the crying, and the overbearing fear that something bad could happen next week, I am just so freaking happy that D told K she loves him. I was worried that she would keep on lying, but despite everything K is going through, he needed to hear that (even if it makes things harder) and I think that D needed to get it off her chest.

I can’t help but wonder what D’s current plan is. The lie seemed a bit unnecessary to me in the first place (and just made things worse) but I suppose she and K believe that the situation will make it too complicated for them to be together if Y wakes up and K goes back to his own body. It would seem rather crazy if D suddenly left her husband for a boy who had been in a coma for over a year, but it seems like the situation is going to be complicated no matter what. I can’t imagine that D will stay married to Y with everything that’s happened, but they’re going to need to have a doozy of a conversation. “Hey, you’re awake! Btw, we’re married now, but also, I don’t love you and I no longer care how you feel about me.” It’s sort of ironic that the accident happened because D needed to know how Y felt, and now it’s practically irrelevant.

K’s plan to forget everything obviously won’t work out of sheer will, but I do have a slight fear that he will wake up in his own body and legitimately have no real memories (this would be a bit like the movie Big where he goes back to his previous life). If he does forget everything, I hope that D works her butt off to win him over, and that it just works as a device to uncomplicate things and let them start fresh. It seems more likely that he’ll keep his memories though since it seems to cruel to make him relive learning the truth again. Time could also have the ability to uncomplicate things, so maybe K will do his military service and can start fresh with D when he gets back.

I think the saddest thing about K’s past is how it taints his perception of his mother. From the very beginning his memories of her were what he held most dear, and they allowed him to cope with his loneliness. Now he’s found out that even she took the side of the Seo family, and he was just a byproduct. I don’t think he doubts her love for him, but now he probably feels like he’s never come first for anyone.

It seems like it really is Y at the end of the episode, but there are so many unknowns coming at us next week that the wait is already killing me. Will someone die? How is Y going to react to all this? Is it possible for K and D to be together? Can K reconcile with his family at all, or at least with Y? My fingers are crossed for a happy ending, but how great is it that we still can’t predict how it’s all going to work out?


51 comments on “Big E14

  1. nori says:

    OMG…no more tears…


  2. enz says:

    i cant believe i cant watch tonight – kbs 2 online out again!!!


  3. dls says:

    OMO the cliffhanger…Kyung-Joon-ie…and need to wait till next week???


  4. Bella says:

    I guess the million dollar question is.. if both brothers are alive..with their respective souls in the right container, how would the OTP play out? I’m kinda confused about that.. aigoo.. will D still end up with KJ’s soul.. or will YJ have to die in KJ’s body for everything to work out. *migraine..incoming


  5. mizweng says:

    what a cliffhanger!!!! wahhhhhhhhhhh it’s gonna end next week and i don’t want it to….


  6. Enz says:

    I bet he does forget.. And then another time jump.. He looks exactly like yoon jae now .. They meet by accident again and he falls for her yet again!!! Doomed to fall for that airhead .


  7. Swee says:

    What a cliffhanger!! Cried buckets tonight, no idea what they were saying, but when my favorite actor GY cries , my heart just cracked into millions pieces.
    Thanks SOfty for the recap.


  8. sunshine says:

    Hi Softy, and Biggies!
    I’m right there with you Enz…in the “hit refresh camp”
    And yes Softy, those kids are absolutely adorable with Gong Yoo…talk about heartwarming.


  9. summerlamb says:

    Uh Oh!!!, how can they leave it like that???,….i was like cry, cry ,cry,……then left with, ‘what the heck’, I am gonna be crazy till, next week, i think i need a cup of warm milk to help me sleep,…..roll on weekend, come a little faster will ya?!,…this drama is the only reason why i wish the weekend goes fast, other than that i love my weekends:D:D:D


    • sunshine says:

      Omo, I’m dying to know what happened…or maybe not since I’m sure to go through a couple of tissues…maybe I should read this tonight since the day just started, and I’m guaranteed red, swollen eyes if he cries…


  10. semi-fly says:

    Torrent links for episode 014:
    – ohys / 720p:


  11. enz says:

    thanks softy for the very very quick recap … not just brothers but twin brothers!!!


  12. yellowcake says:

    Thank you so much for the quick recap, Softy! 🙂 It’s my first time commenting but I wanted to say that I always enjoy your recaps. I also enjoy reading Fanderay’s comments and appreciate semi-fly’s torrent links, so thank you to all of you!

    I agree, it’s awesome that the ending is so unpredictable, even though for me (and many others watching BIG) that means one more (only one more! gasp) week of anxious waiting. I am supremely curious as to how the Hong Sisters will wrap up this drama.

    I sincerely hope Kyung Joon doesn’t lose his memories; that would render his whole character growth during the body swap moot and pointless. If the Hong Sisters go the amnesia route with this story… I will be very disappointed.

    My hope for the ending is that neither brother will die. Kinda unlikely, but one can hope. I believe that Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon can be great brothers to each other, even though at this point in the story it seems like it would take a great deal for Kyung Joon to accept his brother, because that would mean accepting that he is part of the Seo family.

    Also, while it would be easier for Kyung Joon to remain in Yoon Jae’s body to be with Da Ran, I think that’s an easy cop-out. Yoon Jae needs to at least come back somehow so that Da Ran can fully end things with him and officially begin with Kyung Joon. Kyung Joon, imo, should return to his body because that’s what’s fair for both him and Yoon Jae, to be in their rightful bodies.


  13. Hanachio says:


    Omg! Next week is the end!! If Hong sisters could make a good ending with all this mess they must be hired for a new “Lost” finale LOL


  14. hartofseeker says:

    Actually, KJ’s thought that he’d lose his memories is more because of his deduction of his mom’s wish when she wrote the book– the assumed key to the switcheroo. He finds out that she wrote it in hopes that after the miracle, KJ would be happy to find his new family… and for KJ to have that ending given the current situation, is for his memory to revert back to before the accident (as the professor pointed out, and so has Mari in earlier episode). THIS makes it all the more painful when KJ remembers his happiness with D in that flashback scene and realizes that this is what he’ll have to lose to be happy with his bio family… per his surrogate mom’s wish. This brings a SUPER good question to us… will he really be happy in ignorance: finding new family in forgetting the trauma that he experienced because of the switcheroo… but losing his love and memories of it… or will he be better off and happy with the truth in it’s whole? pain and all?


    • Fanderay says:

      I don’t see how he could ever be with his family without learning the truth again and having to relive all this, in which case he still won’t be happy with his family. I think his only real chance at happiness is with D, so that’s all I’m hoping for. The way I see it, ending up with D is a miracle too. Without the accident and the body swap D and K would never have had a shot together, and she probably would have just married Y (well…technically she married him anyways, but you know what I mean!).


      • hartofseeker says:

        i believe that too, ideally– that he can’t really be happy without facing and getting over the pain that comes with the truth… my question mainly is… if mommy’s book is the key to the spell that switched them, fulfilling mommy’s intention of reintroducing him to his family and thus make him happy… will it really make KJ forget everything after they switch back just so he won’t be in the pain/anger that he felt in YJ’s body (thinking of his convo with professor)? Or… what WILL it do to ensure both YJ and KJ’s happiness as was intended by mommy? Better yet… does it really have that kind of power? =P


  15. sirina gilbody says:

    Thank you again softy I couldn’t find you from the beginning thank god I find you now lovely to see you again


  16. Mandy says:

    Thank you for the translation !!! ❤


  17. JG says:

    I have this naging feeling that KKJ will live but only in SYJ’s body. I am having a hard time trying to visualize Daran with KKJ’s body since I got so used to seeing KKJ in Syj’s body. It wouldbe nice if they did the swap sooner.I still don’t get the stories behind Daran’s mom, KKJ’s uncle, dad and VP Kim. I feel that they wasted time on it. Sigh. I hope we get a good ending though. don’t c


  18. Anonymous says:

    Its sparkskey’s graduation today!


  19. IBELIS says:

    I don’t want either of the brothers to die, that would just be to cruel, KJ needs to forget everything and if him and DR are meant to be together it will come to pass. If KJ and DR are to be in love they need to do so with the true person. She has to love KJ while he is in his own body otherwise it will mean that he has to look like YJ for her to love him, and how sick is that.

    KJ needs to be told the truth once he wakes up, the real truth. Not just the facts of what happened, but also the emotional scars all the adults were left with because of their decision. We now know that KJ was not conceived just so he could save YJ, but that he was his twin, the frozen eggs had nothing to do with YJ’s illness.

    In my Kdrama experience I don’t see how DR can be with KJ, unless they leave him in YJ body and KJ body dies and they never reveal the truth to anyone else. I can’t see how the same people who believe that KJ has the right to know about his birth can think that it would then be OK for DR an KJ to keep this kind of secret just so they can be together.

    All truth’s need to be revealed.I think the bigger question is should after all of this should the love between the KJ and DR take precedent over everything else.

    Would you want your brother to die just so you can get the girl.


  20. Vivian says:

    Hi! Just wanted to share my thoughts in the end….What IF the switch never happened as expected but KJ will make DR think that they did, to end DR’s torment of living miserably married to YJ knowing she’s in love with his younger brother. So, she leaves the pretend-YJ to work as a teacher in the suburbs with her sunbae.

    In the meantime the real YJ wakes up in KJ body but reverts back to his memories when he was 18, right before the 1st miracle happened. He recognizes his parents but not DR. The parents will think their souls have switched and that is their miracle. No need for them to explain how he ended up with an older brother. YJ will probably be more open to M’s affections and I’m pretty sure the parents will like his match with M more.

    Time jump with DR trying to live her life without KJ. But pretend-YJ shows up and tries to woo her back. She then starts to get to know pretend-YJ but sees little charcteristics of the rea-KJ. She prob deduces that brothers can have the same characteristics. She starts to fall in love with pretend-YJ, until he slips up and she realizes that he’s always been KJ all this time and the switch never really happened! Tada! Personally, I want this to happen. 😉


  21. binary0018 says:

    Vivan, I like ur ending & I think is a good way to work things out 🙂
    – YJ wakes up in KJ’s body. Acquires a new family but without bitterness & angst of the real KJ.
    – KJ continues on in YJ’s body. Pretends to be YJ to Daran. They separate, but will be reunited.
    She will learn the truth of his real identity at the end. This will be q a happy ending for ev’yone!


  22. Ju says:

    Well, I don’t get the argument between K and D. I don’t understand why they are like that at the end when she confesses her feelings and that he clearly needs her. I guess it is hard, in fact, to make everybody to understand and accept that K and D are in love when he gets back into his own body especially now that they know that Y and K are so intertwined… I get the fact that K is really hurt by the truth behind his birth but this all thing seems to be more like selfdestruction to me… All is already so confusing and yet they aren’t honnest here. We saw them more brave… Well, maybe it’s that, because of all the tears here, I am left really puzzled and annoyed. It’s the very first episode were the tension isn’t cool down by cute are humorous moments. It gives me the feeling there were threats during the all episode.


  23. sparkskey says:

    Preview for ep15:
    Kyungjoon (Gong Yoo) confirms this is a fate that cannot be and tries his best to act like he has forgotten all his loving memories with Daran. However, Daran refuses to give up on her memories with Kyungjoon and resolves to tell her family the truth…


    • Eternal says:

      w00t! you go Daran

      I’m assuming this means the souls haven’t switched back.


    • Eternal says:

      And thanks for the translation 😀


    • Softy says:

      Oh thank you Sparkskey – I knew they didn’t switch. YJ would have woken up if they had. I am sooooo worried about KJ getting sick in YJ’s body. But I don’t get what good telling her family does. It’s not like they can help her or anything so why tell at all? Just to prove she is willing to fight for her love for KJ? maybe that will be enough confirmation for KJ then and everyone will be happy. I need laughter again. Even on rooftop prince there was some laughter in the end too.


    • bomheartgd says:

      they didn’t switch?!! yohoo^^
      bed scene! bed scene!


      • BIGgurl says:

        LOL ! Actuallly i have theory that after KJ help YJ, YJ’s body will healthy again and YJ in KJ’s body will also wake up. But they can’t switch back, so in return, when YJ realize KJ n D love each other, he let them go to be happy together. So for us, it’s still okay to watch KJ (in YJ’s body) n D doing kissing things, or like your idea >>>bed scene !


        • Anonymous says:

          wow that is a great theory. but i don´t want Kj be in Yj´s body. i want him in his own body. but i think it will be like you said. becuz gong yoo is the main lead, so he will “end up” with the girl.


  24. Softy says:

    E15 preview had me bawling like a baby again. watching the boy KJ crying in his state of sleep just got to me. I keep forgetting YJ is in there but I feel like the tears are coming from the kid.


  25. nunna_nom says:

    can’t wait till tm..hope gil teacher will choose kyung jun in the end…they look so good together in 1st episode… shin won ho is a very good rookie actor..i can feel all the loves he had for gil teacher in his eyes…


  26. enz says:

    softy, there is a recent interview with gong yoo talking about his childhood and his hobbies – have you seen it? could you post it under big for us if you see it? thanks


  27. enz says:

    in case anyone wants to hear gong yoo’s version of because its you


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