Big E13

My heart is breaking in every direction. My thoughts are at the end cuz of spoilers.

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Written before it aired: One could argue Gong Yoo is just a great actor, but I say there are only a handful of actors who can emote so well with just one look. The shock, betrayal, and vulnerability in his eyes here make you feel like you’ve been kicked in the guts right along with him. This is so not how I wanted him to find out about his birth, but the preview I saw on soompi Sunday made K and D’s adorable hug scene that much more poignant cuz the elation K feels now will be temporarily derailed by this woman’s selfish line about saving the only one she will acknowledge as her son.  YJ’s mom needs to grovel and beg for forgiveness before she is shown any mercy. I really want one his parents to step up and do the right thing. Don’t use KJ’s body without his permission to save YJ. His father had better man up and not take advantage of the neglected son again just for the sake of the one they know.

At least we get this before all the sadness engulfs us.



Starts from the ring dropping and D reaching up to kiss him. They keep kissing and the camera pans out then goes back in. they look at each other and D asks: what happened. K: you cheated. (in Korean the wind blew) She says someone like me deserves to fall into the ocean and die. K: Do you feel tormented? probably cuz you cheated. She blames him: it’s cuz you seduced me. i told you not to but you kept hanging around next to me singing to me and fanning me and gave me flowers and stuff  so I wavered and fell for you. K: look at this ajumma. blaming me for you cheating. if you are going to cheat over these sweet things I did then what are you going to do when I get even more cool? D: that’s right I cheated. I am going to make the cheating (the wind) stop and when it stops, so I wont waver again I will come to my senses. but he says you cant-since you already wavered I am going to pull up the roots. He takes her away so she asks where are you going. K: to celebrate the bday of the man who made you cheat.


S sees the bday cake for K and realizes KJ’s initials are KKJ. she remarks someone could misunderstand


S goes and meets with KJ’s dad cuz she saw him passing by. she introduces herself as KJ’s doctor in charge of his care . he says so you are YJ’s friend who knows about KJ


M comes in and asks the nurse if there was anyone who said he would take KJ away. the nurse says I dont know. M asks where the doctor in charge of KJ’s care is so the nurse says she went over there.

M finds S speaking with YJ’s dad. he asks S to discuss with him if there is anything about KJ from here on. S: I will do that. since you are KJ’s father. I will call you often. the dad says I will ask you to do that. M repeats: KJ’s dad?


S says to M: you really do come to the hospital every day. M: of course cuz I am KJ’s family

M chases after Yj’s dad and says wait a minute. She says you are SYJ’s dad. are you KJ’s dad?


D and K are at a family restaurant and he has a childish bday party with hats and the staff sings happy bday to him. K turns his face away out of humiliation. D says congrats on your bday. K quickly blows out the candles and throws the party hat at her. K: I said let’s have a bday party and you forced me to come here. do you feel better now?  she says this is a kid’s bday party. K: look at how blatant this ajumma is.  a while ago you cheated and kissed me and now you call me a kid? She is afraid others will hear so she tells him to be quiet. she says quietly: a while ago let’s just say that was the americanized version of saying congrats on your bday. K: first it was saying goodbye, second is congrats for your bday, for the 3rd do a comeback greeting. D: there is no next time. we shouldnt have a future. K: is that why you were going to run away? cuz you were afraid of what’s in front of you that will hurt. D: you said when you were younger you had nothing that troubled you, but there is a lot of things bothering me. K: if there is anything that bothers you then just kick it away as you go along. D: I dont have that kind of strength. K: then I will give you strength.  I will do nice things.

M: you are KJ’s dad aren’t you? you said you wanted to meet me cuz of KJ-it was you ajussi. then is KJ SYJ ajussi’s younger brother? he asks: what you overheard about YJ-  dont make things complicated.  M: ajussi is SYJ ajussi more important? or is KJ more important?SYJ ajussi is more important huh? that’s why you were going to hide that you are KJ’s dad.  He says sorry there is a situation. She says: I dont know about other people’s situation. KJ is the only one who is important. since you did something to feel sorry for to KJ, you are a bad person. if KJ knew he would be sad. She walks away and says: I thought things would get better if I found his dad but things got more complicated

K writes on his phone and sends it to D’s phone by placing them back to back and she reads it: what is this?  a round trip ticket to another planet? he says dont you think they will have that after 20yrs? if we go it will be pretty. D:how do you know there will be something like that? he holds his phone up and says 20 yrs ago did they know there would be things like this? it will be there for sure. at that time let’s go together. on the way there let’s listen to seotaeji’s 40yr anniversary album. he mentions the 2034 world cup. see with your own eyes if you can see the long great wall of china. he says he will find some thing in space. at that time you will think “thank goodness this person seduced me” then I will do the 4th greeting then. little by little look forward to the good things I will do for you and have strength gil teacher. are you going to give up on space travel? she says don’t drag her in cuz she wants to fall into a black hole and die. K says how a while ago she wanted to be tossed into the ocean. then should we ride a submarine/underwater train. she yells at him to stop. but he goe on: they will have those things in 15 yrs or so. so she says stop again. He says I will keep working hard to seduce you so have strength and hold onto me


They walk home and he stops her from going in. D: why?  he asks didn’t you forget something before we “come back” to home. D: what? K: There should be something you should give me. She says I don’t. K: I waited all this time. D: dont wait.  there isnt anything at all. no “come back.” K: “come back”? what are you talking about. I meant my present. arent you going to give me my bday present? D: ah bday present. I almost forgot and shows him his watch. congratulations. He looks for the initials KKJ on the watch and gives it back to her. he holds out his arm.  D: why? dont you like it. K: you put it on me yourself. this is the first time you did something for me so feel the reality of it. she says she doesnt need to. K: just put it on tightly and hold onto me. your entire time for all your life is caught. D: if that’s what it means I cant do that. just think of it as a bday present and you put it on yourself. but he says no. if you dont put it on me then I wont give in. K: this wont work. he stands next to her and gives her instructions. look at the watch.  starting from now let go of your nervousness. just focus on the watch. she does. M pulls up in a cab and asks to be let off here.


K tells D: the time right now is 10:10. remember where the hands are on the watch and memorize it well. from here on every day when this watch says it’s 10:10 – KKJ will pop into your head and you will think of KKJ. 1-2-red sun. she gets startled. D: what was that. he says now she is under a hypnosis. Every day twice a day when this watch reads 10:10 she will have to think about him no matter what for the rest of her life and she wont be released from it. D: where is something like that? K: just wait and see. people like you who are scatter brained are susceptible to hypnosis and it works well on you. D: since you said it like that it bugs me so release the red sun. K: seeing how you are anxious you are under hypnosis. if you get it, you will be caught. D: hurry and release me. she claps her hands together and says “red sun.” I am being released. K laughs and asks: are you catching a fly?


M hides and listens to them. D asks to be released. K: aside from me no one else can do it. D: that’s why. red sun. K: ok. he snaps his fingers and says: blue sun. black sun. white sun. she says to hurry and release her but he says I dont want to.

He says go in cuz last time when you said you would run away, I got furious so I threw away your toothbrush. I will go buy you a new toothbrush. she asks when he threw away her toothbrush. K: I threw away your slippers too. He walks away so she calls out buy a milk on your way back. he holds out his arms in a circle and says Ok. then he spreads his arms and yells 10:10 so it startles her. he laughs and says: you got caught. she smiles.


M walks over, and D turns around and sees her. M asks if D bought KJ’s bday present. teacher you go in cuz I came to tell KJ something very important. D invites her in to wait together but M says: It’s something very important about KJ that only I know about. you dont have to bother about it


M goes and meets K. she asks why he didnt pick up cuz she kept calling yesterday. he says cuz you wanted to have a bday party from morning and i told you I didnt want to. I didnt feel like doing that. she asks if he is in a good mood now cuz of D. he nods yes. M is afraid he will be in a bad mood if she tells him something sad. cuz of me. he says it’s ok. say it. I feel really good now so my mood can get a little bad. M: you like it that much? K: yes. what is it? say it.  she says I wont do it. I dont want to tell you anything that will bring down your mood. next time I will tell D to tell you. K: ok. it’s better for me to hear something that will bring down my mood from gil teacher. he walks away so M says if you hear who your dad is  from D then you two wont be able to smile again.


D thinks about what K wrote in her dreams. How she cant see the great wall of china from another planet. now I know I shouldnt have struggled with those concerns (about liking him). i did well to kick away the worries I had at home.  Then underwater she thanks him for bringing her here and telling her this would happen. Her arms stretch out and they look like the hands of the clock that reads 10:10


D asks what all this is. the vitamin water with his pic with M. He says M’s bday present for him. She says how they look good together in the pic. He admits M is very pretty and how wealthy her dad is. when he digs in the ground oil comes up. going around once takes 30mins. D: by car? K: by helicopter.  He takes a stab at her and says M is different from someone. K looks at the bread D bought and says he is tired of it. isnt there any new bread. she says how he used to like it. K: let’s eat some other bread. D says that’s how kids are. When they say they like something they get tired of it quickly. D is about to eat it saying she is going to eat and gain strength and run toward her future and transfer to that other school, but he takes her bread and tells her to starve if she is going to spend her energy on stupid things


KJ’s uncle goes to the restaurant dressed in his high school uniform and Kim finds him. She makes him go inside and D’s mom welcomes him and seems to recognize him. She looks worried and takes his hand. He looks at his hand she gave him a few dollars. She tells him to go out before customers see. She thinks he is homeless or crazy and sends him off. She tells her husband that she gave him $2 and sent him off. He goes out and kim asks did she recognize you cuz she held your hand. He shows her the money and kim says that’s too bad


D realizes it’s 10:10 and says I’ve been caught –what to do. M comes running over and says I heard you are moving to a school in the country. what is the name of the school. D says it hasnt be decided yet.  CS asks what happened to her wedding ring. D: oh that’s right i forgot that. M asks-did you forget about SYJ? where did you lose your ring – we have to find it right now.


They look for the ring in the park. D says i have to return it -maybe someone picked it up. CS says it’s not on this side – I will go over there but D says I dropped it here. if it’s not here, then it’s gone. CS: if you knew you dropped it here why didnt you pick it up right away? CS thinks D tossed it cuz of her fight with her husband. M: did you drop it? D: I forgot cuz I lose my senses. CS: you fought so much that you lose your senses. isnt that why you brought up going to the countryside.  D: i must be insane.  CS goes to check with the park security office to see if anyone found it and turned it in. M tells her: I met KJ’s dad yesterday. D: you said you met him last time. M: that was a lie then but I met him for real yesterday. he tried to avoid it but he is KJ’s dad for sure. I didnt tell KJ cuz he might get sad. D: you did. K: KJ’s dad wont deal with me cuz he thinks I am a kid. So you go and confirm. D says ok I should meet him once. M says: when KJ meets his dad, he wont see you again. if we find his dad then you said you could go away without feeling any burden. why? Do you still want to stay by K’s side. CS says he checked the office and no one turned in the ring. lunch time is over so let’s hurry and go. M: we have to hurry and find the ring, it’s worrisome.


K walks by and sees the boy sitting there. K asks: hey little bear-why arent you in the playroom today? are you alone? where is rabbit?(the little girl) and the kid says “Jimin is sick.” K: she is sick? boy: we are all sick. we are patients and you are the doctor. K: that’s true. is rabbit very sick? boy nods yes.

They walk over to see the girl. K holds his hand. K explains to the kid: you guys getting needle shots and stitches is what doctor SYJ got paid to do in the past. but I am studying here at the hospital for the sake of treating my trauma. kid asks what is trauma. K: there is something like that. something red that I cant look at and cant bear.

when they go in, the girl is getting a blood transfusion. the boy runs over and asks if she is ok. The mom says to K that Jimin’s condition got worse. K: I hope she gets better quickly. the mom asks him to hold Jimin’s hand. She really is not well right now. she endured well when you held her hand. K looks at the bloody cloths and the little girl’s bloody hand and gets squeamish. The girl calls out to him “doctor” but he says sorry and walks out.


K sees his reflection in the glass and remembers the time he spent with the girl. he braces himself and musters up his courage.


He goes back in and she smiles at him. he holds her bloody hand. The boy asks: are you scared? You are a grownup so why are you like that? K says I am not a grownup yet and there are things you cant do even if you are an adult. when you become a grownup you will have things that scare you.  But the boy says: they said I can’t become and adult. me too and Jimin too-they said we cant live to be a grownup. K holds his hand too and says: you can keep growing. little bear you can grow up be a bear and bunny can grow to be a sexy rabbit. and KKJ will grow to be more impressive than SYJ. all 3 of us are going to keep growing


D thinks it’s good that she lost the ring. while I was returning that, even if I died I couldnt have told him about KJ. let’s not find the ring. Kim is punishing some boy for what he did with his report card, he did it so he can go to bali with his mom during her vacation. kim tells them you shouldnt do that. find the report card and show it to her and and get punished like you should. the kid says he wont go to bali then. D imagines she is being scolded by Kim. Kim says you are awful. D: yes I am awful. i am going to say i lost the ring and not go to KJ either. kim asks do you want to go KKJ? if  you want to go then find the ring and get forgiveness from YJ. D: i am scared. kim: if you really want to go to him then have courage. D: how can I know if I am sure or not.  Kim tells her D can be sure at 10:10. D snaps out of it when Kim gets her attention. D walks away with her arms in the air for 10:10 and Kim asks what is that about


D remembers how K said she will think of him at 10:10 so D reminds herself it’s still 6pm.She gets a drink and remembers K. she says why am I like this when it’s only 6;10. Then she sees sneakers and thinks of K again. She says just let 10:10 pass. She goes shopping and imagines the clock moving fast. She looks and it’s 7:40.   She goes out and imagines K driving towards her. then K fanning her. then people on the street holding clocks that say 10:10 and then a giant clock on the ground. D mutters it’s 10:10 all day in my time.


K is waiting at the bus stop for her. he calls out to her and asks why she is so late after getting off work. You know how much I waited to come out and get you. what time is it now? D: it’s 10:10. K: What? but it’s so bright out now. he realizes her words and says huh? 10:10? D: my heart clearly wants to go to you. K: you are coming to this side now? He holds out his arms in the 10:10 position and says I will accept you. but she says I need courage and find the ring first. she runs off so he goes after her calling her

CS is looking for the ring. He says as the only son of the Gil family, he will protect his sister’s marriage. he speaks politely to the ring and asks where are you. he sees his sister and K coming so CS hides behind the tree. K asks why she is looking for the ring since she threw it away. D: if I am going to get his forgiveness I have to find the ring first. K: forgiveness? you want to get forgiveness for cheating. D: yes. K: are you trying to turn back things to the way they were? last night -right here- you crossed the KKJ ocean you couldnt cross.  D: yesterday I was just embarrassed about being caught. but if i am going to keep going from here on, I have to have courage and get forgiveness so I have to make sure to find the ring first. K: then after you find it are you going to throw SYJ away and go to KKJ? CS repeats KKJ. CS takes that to mean D is cheating on YJ with someone named KKJ. she says forgiveness is first. that is what I have to do so let me get this settled and you leave. K: ok if that is what you want. K leaves. CS repeats: cheating- forgiveness- cross an ocean- KKJ


the mom says the dad chose a good watermelon cuz it’s really ripe. he wants to cut it and eat it now but she says CS hasnt come home yet. CS goes home and tells his parents that something terrible happened in their family. that his sister cheated. dad: cheated? mom: what? she hits the watermelon and it splits open.

Her dad goes to the police to a former student of his. the dad says: I want to report my daugher’s infidelity (cheating) so get ready so we can go there now to arrest her

D is looking for the ring. she says I am going crazy

K walks over with a flashlight and says since she wants to get forgiveness I should give her some light


D’s dad shows up with the police. the officer says he is here to arrest her cuz her dad reported her. K watches her being handcuffed and put in the squad car


her dad shoves her into the cell. she asks why are you doing this father. he says I heard you cheating. since you committed a crime you should pay the punishment so repent.

K arrives at the station. Her dad says sorry to him. K: Gil DR cheated cuz of me. I cheated too.


They are both sitting in jail. she asks why he came in. K says I admitted too. her dad looks at them and says:what are they doing. The officer tells the dad to forgive them. her dad says dont let them go free no matter what. but the officer says he will let them be for now to repent but after they reconcile, he will let them go. ive seen this situation before so I know but those two didnt (cheat)


K says it was hard for you to get up the courage but we end up starting in a place like this so you must be afraid.  are you scared. D: I endure well. after being conflicted it was hard to break out of that but after i did, even if it’s scary I can endure it well. when we are together, we cant just go to pretty places like other planets. we have to come to places like this that aren’t pleasant.  He holds out his hand and they hold hands. K: since we are doing this (holding hands) this place is pretty too. he compliments the cell and floors.  D says the color is nice. he agrees and says it’s modern. should we change our place to this color too.

They lean on each other in the jail cell. He is smiling as he watches her sleep. He fans her so she will be cooler.


M shows CS the ring she bought that’s the same as D’s  wedding ring. she says let’s go give it to her and tell her we found it. CS wonders if it’s the right thing to do. CS: after my sister found the ring again, she was going to give it back to doctor Seo and end it with him. M:what? end it with doctor Seo? CS: yes. I think it will be better not to show her this now. M: that’s nonsense. gil DR teacher has to keep liking SYJ ajussi. she cant like someone else.  She promised she would never ever like him (K). M gets up and runs off

K asks what she is going to do cuz she cant find the ring.  D: on top of that I have to confess I lost it while next to your side. when you go back (to yourself), before i go to you first I have to go to YJ and tell him I am sorry. K: SYJ is first? D: yes YJ is first. K: is that is what you want. but the moment I wake up after I come back (to myself), be holding my hand. I am scared too. whether I will come back safely as myself, I am afraid.  D: ok at that time I will hold your hand. K: but while you are taking care of SYJ, what will you do if K runs away. D: what? K: You saw how kids get tired of things easily and change. you saw what I taught you about the bread. D: then it cant be helped. he holds out his arm.  K: So that’s why put on the watch so I wont run away. She puts the watch on him. He asks what time it is. She says 10:10. He says it’s not but she says it’s 10:10 all day for me. He holds out his arms in the 10:10 position and she goes into them and they hug. He smiles.

M hears that from around the corner and cries.


YJ’s mom hears from her husband that YJ relapsed. you are just telling me that now? The dad says we have to wait till KJ wakes up. she says YJ is first so how can we wait for a kid we dont know when he will wake up. you should have thought of YJ first.  but the dad says I know it’s uregnt. I am going to meet with KJ’s guardian


M tells D to meet KJ’s dad at the uncle’s restaurant. M: he said he will go there. D: what kind of person is he to keep hiding KJ? M: meet him yourself in person and ask.  M asks if she found the ring. D: no. M: after you find it, do you still want to put the ring on. D: that ring. I took it off. M: all you have to do is put it back on. I will find it so you can put it back on again


M tells the uncle to meet D and YJ’s dad. M says D married SYJ.


Another doctor friend asks K if he was tested. K: yes why? the friend says the doctor keeps asking about you. but it didnt sound like he was just asking to see how you are doing. are you sick again? K: i was sick but I will come back to my normal self again. the friend asks: did you confirm the test results? K: dad probably did. the guy says hurry and confirm it.


YJ’s mom tell S that YJ is sick again. S: YJ relapsed? mom: yes he needs to hurry and get surgery. thank goodness we have KJ so we can do the procedure. S says I cant do the procedure  without permission from the guardian. The mom says we are the parents. YJ’s dad will meet the legal guardian (it’s D). and YJ’s dad will take KJ and leave. all we need is that child’s blood for YJ to have surgery. S: are you not going to tell YJ about KJ? The mom says all recipients do now know who the donors are. I dont want YJ to know all the way till the end. so help me.


K hears from the doctor that YJ is sick again. K: this body is sick for real? SYJ? the doctor says your dad knows it was your former condition so if you hurry you will be ok.


K sits alone and wonders: was SYJ sick? all this time when it hurt, it wasnt to switch , he was sick for real.


He remembers what YJ’s dad  said about how you dont remember but you were really sick as a kid. Then he remembers the article YJ wrote about how a warm hand was extended to save his life. K says aloud: the person who saved SYJ.


he understands and gets up but M comes over and calls out his name. K: I am busy. I have something urgent to find out. M: it’s about Gil teacher. K: what? did something happen to gil teacher? M: yes gil teacher is going to meet someone today.

D goes to the uncle’s restaurant.


S shows the mom shots that K needs to be given for a few days for the procedure to go well. the mom asks her to do it right now.  S looks over at KJ so the mom asks her: think of YJ first. S walks over to the bed and inserts the medicine into the syringe.

*hey isnt there some medical ethics law S is breaking right now. who cares if the mom asked her to cuz that mom is not acting like KJ’s mom at all.

K asks who D went to meet. M says someone you don’t like. you said it would be better to hear news that puts you in a bad mood from Gil DR teacher. When she comes back listen for yourself directly from her. M turns and walks away but suddenly K is in pain. she goes and asks if he is ok

YJ’s body reacts and moves so S backs off. The mom asks why it happened -was it cuz of the medicine. S says no I havent inserted it yet. S checks his pupils. K sees and hears their whole conversation in his head. how the mom asked: why is he like this. is he unwell? and how S said his vitals spiked – I dont know why he is like this. he was fine just a minute ago. he hears the mom calling out his name. KJ ah -are you ok? so K comes to and wonders what he saw just now. he gets up and walks off again


S says KJ is stable again. She says I cant do this. this isnt the right order. I need his cooperation first. K walks in and hears them talking. The mom says this is for YJ’s sake. No major problem occured. all he needs to do is get some shots and extract his blood. S: still I cant do it. first tell YJ everything. after you dicussed it with him, look at this kid’s condition and then decide. the mom says this kid is a match and can save our YJ. S says it’s hard to find someone who is as good a match as this kid since the mother and father are the same as YJ. but I cant do this. I think stealing blood from him like a thief is not right.


S walks out and sees him there. he asks what is all that you just said. the mom comes over. K: what was that about SYJ and KKJ having the same mother and father. The mom tells him the truth. This kid KJ is your younger brother. Your father and I -to save you – that child was made through someone else. M overhears that. S says I will be going now. but K stops her and asks what: just now what were you going to do to that kid? She says I only listened to your mom’s favor. Hear it from her. S leaves.


the mom says: more than a long time ago when you first heard this news, you are staring at me with scarier and colder eyes. it doesn’t matter to me as long as I can save you, it doesnt matter. to me – more than anything – you are first. He asks : are you KKJ’s mom? she says yes. After having you and the difficult birth– I couldn’t have any kids. So your father and my child – through the woman who raised this kid, she had you in our place. YJ- this was all for your sake. You are very sick right now so after you are all better,  then it’s ok to blame me and hate me. Only this child can save you. he walks out.

M calls out his name but he keeps walking


D is waiting with the uncle and he says he is here. D stand and sees YJ’s dad. the dad asks what D is doing here. uncle says  you two know each other. he is KJ’s dad


K says: the only mom I had is not my mom?  now I know the reason why I switched with YJ. He was lying there not waking up and waiting-it was all to save himself. since we switched while we were in the water when he saved me. so this time if I save YJ, then will we switch back again. give and take was clear. M says when you come back as your self -ignore everything and come with me and go back to America. K: no I wont go. Cuz Gil DR will stay by my side. M: what? K: I am going to ignore everything. Those people have nothing to do with me anyway. if they can’t get my blood, if I just act like I dont know then it will end. M: you are going to ignore them? that she will stay by your side? K: yes. M: no -That wont happen. Gil DR teacher already knew. she knew everything already


D meets with Yj’s dad. D looks at the miracle book and says this drawing, it’s the one KJ’s dad drew. the dad says I drew it for YJ and KJ’s sake. when YJ knows all the truth he will have a hard time. he might turn down having the surgery till that child wakes up. but there is no time. You have to try to convince YJ.


M says how D knows that KJ’s dad is YJ’s dad. She went to meet him now. K: D knew? M: yes before I was going to tell you but you said you wanted to hear news that would put you in a bad mood from D so I let her know. he looks down at his watch and cries and says if D knew she wouldn’t have acted like she didn’t know. M says : that is cuz D is on YJ’s side so she pretended not to know. YJ is more important to D. he asks: no- you are lying aren’t you? she says ask when teacher comes –whether it is a lie or not.whether she knew or not. he gets up and leaves

K goes to meet YJ’s parents. He asks if D was here. the mom holds his hand and says that girl convinced you. thank goodness. he pulls his hand away and leaves

M looks at KJ’s photo and hears the door. D walks in holding the miracle book. M says did you meet him. What’s wrong. Did you hear YJ was sick too. D: did you know that too. M: KJ knows all that too. D: what? M: This is all your fault. YJ being sick, KJ being sad. It’s all cuz of you. KJ said he would ignore everything cuz those people don’t matter to him anyway. That he would just stay by your side. So he is going to ignore (act like he doesnt know) YJ. This is all cuz of you. cuz  you broke your promise that you would never ever like him (K) so this happened. if KJ saves YJ then everything will go back to their places. for that to happen, you have to cut off all ties with KJ. I found this. (M gives her the ring) keep your promise again to not like KJ and just like YJ. D: I cant do that now. M: even if you cant – act like you can. If you act selfish to stay by KJ’s side, then KJ and SYJ will both die. for KJ’sake I can lie. So you lie too. Please tell KJ to go back. D looks at the ring.


K walks out in shock


D is sitting there looking at the ring. She cries.

K comes home and sees her. she isnt crying anymore. he looks at the miracle book first. Then he bravely walks over to her. K:did you really know everything? D: Yes. K: Then why did you act like you didn’t know. he gets on his knees. Cuz you were worried about me huh? I am really scared and angry. hold my hand.  he holds her hand but she pushes his hand away. He sees the ring on her finger. She says I cant hold your hand now. YJ is first. I am going to hold onto YJ again. 10:10 has already passed. The wind around me has stopped. (meaning she wont cheat anymore) KJ-ah save YJ. Also – you go back.


He cries silent tears. K: if that is what you want. He looks at her accusingly as his heart breaks.



D says to Yj’s mom: Promise you will think of KJ first.

K tells M: she said she knew everything and in order to save YJ she held onto me. M smiles.

K asks YJ’s parents: cuz you loved, you asked her “to have a child in my place to save my son?” is that how you made her have KKJ? the mom says: I did it. for your sake there wasnt anything I wouldnt do.

D tells K to stop drinking. K: then speak the truth -tell me to do whatever I want in this rotten situation cuz I am first.  that you can let everything else go for me. stop me like that.

D says:  it’s always going to be 10:10 for the rest of my life.

K asks someone to look into rentals in LA

K looks in the mirror and says: I wont be used the same way again so easily

Now that I have calmed down, I tried to see what happened from everyone’s point of view. Why M had to manipulate the situation like that to break K and D apart. The bottom line is she didn’t do it just cuz she wanted K all to herself and she didn’t do it out of jealousy either. She did it out of a warped sense of wanting to protect K. M really thought this was the best for K. As for why D broke it off, she really didn’t have a choice. She couldn’t live with herself if anything happened to YJ and right now hurting K was the only way she thought she could get him to help YJ. As the grownup in this situation, she can look past this emotional trauma he is going through to realize that later on down the road, he will regret not helping his brother if YJ dies. D knows that guilt will catch up to K for not helping while he could. That is why she let him go.  Throughout the episode K was so happy so he kept telling D “if that’s what you want” without realizing those words are going to carry more significance later. This time holding up his end of that agreement is going to take everything out of him.  By letting go of K’s hand now, I don’t know what D has to do to redeem herself for him to want to hold her hand again. This kind of betrayal might be too deep even for him to overcome. Only way is if M decides to come clean and tell him the truth.

I really loved the preview where he decides not to be used again. Part of me wants him to save YJ but the other part wants that mother to suffer a loss that she caused with her own hands. She could have been nicer to K from the start, but she had to keep treating him like an outsider. She needs to pay for her sins as a mother and losing the only person who matters the most to her might make her human again.


Fanderay’s comments:

Well, at least we got a little taste of bliss before everything reverted to a big chaotic mess. I wish that D and K had more faith in each other and realized that what they’re doing isn’t necessary. If D simply asked K to save Y so she could apologize to him and start fresh with K, I think K would do it for her in a heartbeat. K should also know by now that D is lying, and that she does love him, but I’m guessing that he’s already hurting so much that he just expects to be hurt even more. What really makes the situation even more heartbreaking is that he is the one who just heard terrible news, and yet he goes to D full of concern and is more worried about her and their relationship than he is about his own disturbing past. He walked into the house with completely selfless and loving intentions (which is a big deal for someone who has been alone for so long) and he was crushed for it.
I loved that up until this episode K mostly held back and let D make her own choice about him, but I loved it just as much that after she kissed him he went all out and wore his heart on his sleeve (similarly, I loved how she went completely bonkers head-over-heels for him). K was practically glowing with happiness, as if he had been saving up for her confession and couldn’t believe it actually happened. He made himself vulnerable and showed her his whole-self, and watching him crumble inside at the end made me crumble a little too.
There are a lot of moral grey areas in this show as a result of the body switch, and usually I am very anti-affair regardless of the circumstance, but I have a hard time feeling like Y is being cheated on when he wasn’t even a participant in his own wedding ceremony. I can’t wait for him to wake up so D can clear her conscience and really move on with K…but I think that it’ll take at least a couple episodes for K to save Y and make it all happen.
A part of me is nervous that both men won’t actually survive. I hope they do, but M’s dream last week and the little kids this week seemed like they could be foreshadowing some potential sadness coming our way. I loved that scene with the kids though, even though it made me cry. It was somehow more touching that these little kids helped K overcome his fear, instead of D or a family member. K sees an aspect of himself in them, and I think he put himself in that girl’s shoes and realized how desperately he would want someone holding his hand (in his case, D). I already can’t wait for the moment when K wakes up in his own body and has D there beside him (it better happen!).
I sort of dread tomorrow since I know it’s going to be sad and angsty and I’ll probably cry, but I also can’t wait to see how K copes with everything. I hope that D caves fast and realizes she can’t even pretend to choose Y.

31 comments on “Big E13

  1. Reideen says:

    Hi everyone! Camping!
    Can’t wait to see this episode! How can the mother do that to KJ? T-T I feel so sad for the guy!


  2. enz says:

    waiting impatiently. thanks in advance softy. early enough today to book kbs2 on wubisheng, thank goodness


  3. enz says:

    softy, if you have time, i have a question – i read in obsession 5 that someone in an interview told uee that gong yoo is not single lidded (eyes) – i dont see him having a double eyelid – why do they say that? i love his eyes – how they can look so triangular sometimes – so strong :p .


  4. Jakjac says:

    Camping here again! Arigatou 🙂


  5. semi-fly says:

    Torrent links for episode 013:
    ohys / 720p:


  6. Mandy says:



    • enz says:

      i agree – on one hand i can understand da ran’s very particular situation but at the same time, i cant understand how she can bear to break his heart so. how she can just make him feel so alone again like that.


      • Mandy says:

        I just pray they will let KJ have a another happy scene in ep 14 , it would really break all the viewers heart to see him cry even more.


  7. Mandy says:

    Oh and thank you for the translations ❤


  8. Enz says:

    Thanks softy. Now that I am reading the recaps I understand da ran’s action at the end more.. But I still can’t bear kJ’s heart breaking 😦


  9. Small says:

    YJ’s mother is really a f**king B**ch…. Use your own blood if you really wanna help your son…


  10. seriously it took everything in me to not try to kill mari through the screen. jdffesesaafdel!!


  11. Enz says:

    Softy, am sooo angry with ma ri too.. How sick and manipulative she is.. She’s not thinking of kj at all. Only herself.

    How much more suffering does he have to endure?


  12. luliqz1 says:

    i just hate mary, im not a susy lover or hater but @#$%^&* i really dont wanna see her face


  13. Ju says:

    Gosh, this episode is really intense ! In itself, it’s like a circle because we started with that wind and it ends with it too. Well, I was feeling bad for Mari before because of her loyalty toward K but now, clearly I am so disapointed in her… I thought that she was really honorable all this time because she always makes K come first but her actions are really despicable. Plus, she already experienced that her lies could hurt… She hadn’t learned. Well, I guess we can’t expect from a character, as an human being, to be always rightful… But yet, I think that she really hurt K by doing that because she takes from him the most important person from which he needed comfort and support.


    • Softy says:

      I think M crossed a line that K won’t forgive her for – in order to gain him she lied and now she is going to lose him. Hoping before the show ends she makes it up to him by bringing D back to him when M sees how lost he is without D. Then she will renew my faith in her that she isnt really evil deep down inside.


      • Ju says:

        I hope so, I hope she is really the kind of person whose love isn’t selfish. Since now, I always thought that, even if she was clinging into K, Mari was someone who makes him go first just like she asks him to not disapear. Well, she isn’t an evil one like the mom because she is still a teenager after all. I forgive her this way. ^^


  14. ikoeu says:

    Today is the saddest night I have ever felt for this drama and the man is breaking apart from the revelation. There is nobody to give you the comfort and consolation you most needed. It is like the breaking point of a iceberg or a volcano about to erupt. I couldnt imagine if this sort of happenings fall on me, I would definitely go bonkers. Hope the ending is good otw it will be a non-ending of ocean tears…


  15. sparkskey says:

    Preview for ep14
    Daran hides her heart to save Yoonjae and pushes  Kyungjoon away. Furious, Kyungjoon thinks that he is being used just like his dead mother and goes against the destiny he has to save his brother. He starts to plan other plans…


  16. IBELIS says:

    I find it strange that everyone keeps saying that KJ has to save YJ, but isn’t it the other way around. KJ is trapped in YJ’s sick body, so right now he is the one in danger. I will assume that YJ is trapped in KJ body so he would be the one saving KJ.


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