1N2D Amazing Race

Whoa that was a close call. We almost had something terrible happen to JW. He could have died out there so bad weather saved his life. Thank god for strong wind and rain.

Before anyone gets too excited, I am not resuming my recaps for this yet. I’ve only been doing quick highlights, but I did a little more last week and will do the same today cuz I happen to love these two eps.

Part Two

SW says JW is out there. SG says JW will find it ok. he wonders if JW has to run up to the village. SK tries to get JW to stick around-let’s enjoy the view and get in the car together and go in. JW says I cant. but SK keeps holding his hand and says you are having a rough time cuz you are filming. TW asks for directions and if they saw SW go in but they say no one went up. SG says we won for sure.

SG and TW get there and TW looks for the flag and asks where it is, but SG says go slowly- that the flag isnt the problem (cuz even if they find it they have to wait for JW and stick the flag in the pole). SW’s team arrive and he thinks the others are already there. SG takes his time and asks if they hid the flag inside – you can see it right? he finds the flag right away.  TW says it means we have to go in the water. SG gets in the water and swims out to the flag. Cuz they put it right in the middle of the pond.

JW asks SK: arent you going to hurry and go? SK: i am going crazy. JW says in a baby voice: I better hurry and go. he takes off running. SK: where are you going? ya! JW: I will run a little bit. SK says he is tough. JW says the 4 km is the problem. SK says his team is here and runs towards them.  JW: I hear some sound from the other side. Sk’s teams arrives and they tell him to get in. but SK tells them to hold onto JW by talking to him cuz he is walking there. I will ride another car. SK hitches a ride with a stranger. SW says for JW to get in cuz we feel bad for you. you are sweating so cool off. JW opens the door to get in but closes it and says I’ll be going. he takes off running again

SG and TW have the flag and float on the raft. they ask the locals where the place is to stick in the flag. they paddle over to the edge. SG says I feel sorry to JW.  JW hitches a ride with a grandpa. he asks how far are you going. could you give me a ride for a short distance. SK watches him get in and says he got in – it’s ruined. JW says SK is out in front. he rode another car. SK says my head hurts. Grandpa asks where JW is going. JW says a famous village and the grandpa guesses the name. JW says: you can drop me off near there. JW tells the camera-I didnt say it (the name of the village) with my own mouth. SG says how it’s dangerous to fall asleep on the raft. esp if you have bad sleeping habits. You can roll off and fall in. in the dark SG asks: you really cant see it huh? if you can find it then you should have it (since it’s hidden so well). they hid the flag off camera

SK’s team arrives and verifies this is the right village. Right behind them SK and JW arrive. JW thanks the grandpa and says be healthy. JW takes off running ahead of them. JW passes SK and his team. SW wonders what happened. JW calls out hyung. he asks a local for the directions to that place with the pole. he asks did you not see TW hyung and SG hyung. SW wonders if they should find the pole location first but JM says find the flag first. SK asks some kid-have you seen LSG? where is he? kid points and says he was with TW. JW calls out for SG. he waves and baby talks to some kids. hey kids-hi. have you by any chance seen a flag with 1n2d written on it, but they run off saying I don’t know.

SG remarks no one can find the flag. SW says the other team wont be able to find the flag at all.

TH asks a little girl (calling her by name) to tell him about the village – who lives where –like point out the locale so she points out this place is where visitors sleep. she keeps running as she talks so TH remarks: you sure are healthy. wait a second. ajussi has to find a flag around here so help me find it. So he gets two little girls -her sister – to help him. she says there are 2 girls and one boy in her family.

SW meets up with TW and SG. SG says you suffered. SW asks have you seen any of our kids. SG and TW say it’s all over – we won. SG guesses they spread out and are looking. SW keeps walking and wonders what to do in this situation. He talks about his pride and getting lied to. Suddenly SG and TW run like crazy and SW chases them. They meet up with JW. JW says why are you coming just now? Then JM comes along. SG hugs JW and asks how did you get here. JW says I was first and hyungs werent here. SG: you should have looked for us. TW says we were over there. JW: I called out for you but you werent here. SG hugs JW and says let’s eat. JW asks if they found the flag and SG says of course.

SG whispers to JW their plan. how they are going to take everyone to the pool so JW just has to take the flag and run. SG says to him: dont get hurt when you run cuz you are a precious person. SW tells JM: we cant lose the 3 of them. if all 3 of them are there when they stick in the flag, we lose. SW wonders where all of their members went. TH is still looking with the kids. they brag they know every corner of this place. JM goes with JW’s team to spy.

SW tells SK what’s going on. JW doesnt know and only two of them know. so he put JM on them cuz the other team is going for the flag.  so if we can just keep away one out of the 3 then it works. cuz if all 3 are there when they stick in the flag we lose. so we have to gather together. Where is TH? SK says I don’t know. TH is looking for the flag and saying hello to the locals.

SG asks the PD you didnt hide the flag pole right? SK wants to hide the flag pole. but he is told he cant. Girls lead TH to the cave where the garlic will be peeled later.

Sw tells SK to sit and wait here by the flag pole and play while he goes and finds TH. So SK is like guarding the flag pole so the other team cant stick their flag into it

SG whispers to JW where they hid the flag. JM thought JW had the flag on his body so he looks but JW was trying to take his mic off. The girls are taking TH to some place uphill. He is out of breath and cant breathe. He complains about his back hurting. He says there is only rice here and no flag.

SK starts peeling garlic. cuz I think he sensed his team lost so he is getting a head start on the peeling.

The girl asks TH: do you have to find the flag. He says yes I have to find it for them to give me food. the girl falls down so he holds her hand and then holds the other girl’s hand too. TH meets up with the others. SG says it’s over. what are you a marathon runner? why are you running around? TH says I was tricked by the kids. what did I do all this time. is it over? TW tells JM where the flag is but JW doesnt believe him. JM gets on the raft but TW and JW jump in and splash him. SW asks why they are attacking JM. JM says the flag is hidden in the middle.  They flip JM off the raft cuz they need to hurry and go get the flag. JW runs out so JM tells SW to follow JW. JM points to TH- where he thinks the flag is. Sg tells TH to come here but TH says I have the mic on so I cant. SG says the flag is here

JW runs over above them and SG throws the flag up to him. SW and TH chase him so JW throws it back down to SG. They all run over and JW blocks SW so SG can get away. SG runs with the flag. JW takes the flag from him and runs faster. SW tries to say SK is there anyway. SK is still peeling garlic. JW hides the flag behind his back. SW holds TW and says you cant run fast cuz it’s tiring. TW gets annoyed and says “let go hyung.” SG goes over to SK and JW goes around. SK asks why SG is carrying a leaf. SD distracts SK and says I dont know where it is. they hid it too well. JW sneaks up from behind and puts in the flag. JW goes over to SK and asks: how can you start peeling already. SG says SK already peeled 5 garlics. SG asks if TW is coming. SW and JM are holding onto TW. JW is babysitting the flag and suddenly SK gets up and shoves garlic in JW’s mouth and tries to take the flag. SW and JM planned to catch one person so they hold onto TW but TW gets free. JW got SK to let go. I think JW either licked or bit SK’s hand cuz he was holding it. SG says it’s over. JW held onto his flag and TW came so JW reaches out to hold TW’s hand. JW’s team won. but bird PD said the wrong name of the team. he said bean paste team so they thank him.

SG and his team walk down and see all the food, fruit, and drinks. SG says I saw a little bit of it. They are so happy and keep saying “omo omo”. SG points out the coffee. They wonder how the other team will peel all that garlic

SK’s team says it’s such a waste. They start to peel garlic. SW jokes they already have 200.

JW’s team changes into Hawaiian shirts. They sit around and eat fruit, drinks, and relax. SG says this is why people have to work hard. Then they ride around on floats. TW goes snorkeling.

TW takes photos of the food. Then they all start eating. SG thinks they should show the other team so next time they will work hard.

JM eats raw garlic. He makes funny faces cuz it’s spicy. SG wonders why their garlic isnt spicy at all.

SG wonders what to do for their wish. what should we do for our wish JW? Should we do that? for a wish. is it going too far? to make the other team peel 1000 more garlic. But SG calls the other team over. SG’s makes an offer for them to play a game and if they win they can reset the table and eat with them -all 7 together. They have to go out and come back on the raft within 2 mins.  All 4 have to stay on the raft so TH makes an oar out his sneakers. But they all keep falling off so they decide to hang off the raft  but they cant fit so they decide to have one person in the water and rest on the raft. SK’s butt crack shows so they put a leaf on the screen to cover it up. JW goes over to SK to cover up his butt. they don’t make it back in time -11 secs over – so SG gives them each a bite to eat. look how JW tied his towel around his neck like a cape.

The guys are all resting in the room. They all sit around talking but JW sleeps the whole time. TW makes another lame joke. “you wore a shirt that shows you care how others think of you (the shirt has eyes all over it) so they all laugh

It’s time for sleeping BBB-Bingo. They have to play a series of games. Like bingo all the way across 3 in a row in any direction. If they win one row of bingo they get to sleep indoors and if they lose they sleep in the cave. they complain and I think JW complained about the bats. they say how cold it is in there. SG asks the PD if anyone ever slept here and he says yes they did. TH jokes did they sleep there cuz they wanted to or were they not able to find their way home cuz they drank too much. SG suggests they do the hard ones first so they choose the middle box.

First game is they have to balance a rock on their head and hit the one on the ground. They practice. They decide to have JW wearing the sleep mask (but they called it Gaksital) and use his butt to clench the rock and walk then drop it. TW balances it on his foot. He makes it perfectly and hits the mark. JM carries it between his knees. SW takes it on his chest. He asks if he can go back cuz it wont balance. SG carries it on his tummy. He gets on his knees and drops it and hits his mark. JW hugs him and says daebak. Since it looked like SG might have used his leg the PD objects so they have to replay it and it shows SG clearly winning.  SG tells JW to tell the PD so JW uses his scary Gaksital voice: if you say anything to SG hyung this Gaksital wont forgive you. SK carries it on his cheek and SG tells him to put some spit on it so it will stay in place. SK makes it. SW carries it on his forehead. SW misses. So they fail that game. So there is an X on the box. Crap – we dont get to see JW carry the rock between his butt cheeks.

They decide to do the relay. They have to hit the hackysack and take turns passing it to one another. TW misses a lot and feels bad so JW runs over and hugs him. JM decides to cover for TW. But it goes right between JM and TW and they both just watch it fly past. So they lost again. Another X.

Next one is all of them jumping rope together. JW jumps really high with both feet to the right every time he jumps. JM thought it was over at 20 but they have to go out one by one and he forgot. They do it over. They have to step out one at a time but TH got caught and made them lose. SW says we really did well. PD says they failed. They got all X – 3 in a row. They made one bingo for the other side (the PDs) so someone says anyway we made one bingo (all X) so TW jokes: we can make them all that (filled with X).   They all sit around drinking water and catching their breath.

Next one is they all have to do about face and turn left or right as instructed like army guys within 60 secs and they pass. Next one is blowing bubbles. JW makes the biggest bubble. They win. They have two O in a row.

Next one is playing jacks Korean style. TW doesn’t know how to play. SG tells him to throw all 5 and spread them out. TW doesnt know that you are not supposed to touch the other pieces once it’s on the table so SW hit him on the head. TW goes into the cave and yells in frustration. When he comes back they ask if he is ok. He says yes I am ok. SK is great it but misses the last one. SW is really good and even catches with his other hand too. He is ambidextrous. Next is JW. He is fast and skilled (probably cuz out of all of them it hasnt been that long since he played this since he is the youngest-for others it’s been decades since they played). JW even flips on the back of his hand and catches them. He misses one though. Next is TH. He is ok but misses one too. Next is JM. He didn’t toss well so the pressure is on. SG tries to encourage him and say you can do this. JM says “I have to enjoy this.” he has two left. SG says pretend the one in front isnt there. JM catches it. they all yell cuz now he only has one left so it’s an easy win. But then he misses the last one. SG messes up so they have another X. they only have one row left.

They have to bounce a ball on a blanket. JM falls down so they fail. Now there are two rows of Xs. It starts to rain. They have to sleep in the cave.

PD says tm mission’s concept is “just by myself” – out of all of them, just one person will be able to experience something special tm morning. who that one person will be -while they are sleeping it will be decided. for now they can sleep comfortably. they start complaining they feel nervous and that SW wont be able to sleep and will stay up all night.  They are all sleeping in the cave. They point out the bats. SK jokes maybe they came to see JW.  JM says goodnight to the audience. Throughout the night at every hour on the dot they are woken up to do quizzes. Some slept through them and others woke up ok.

at 2am the first quiz. Q: The school where rappers go. SK says old school but it’s wrong. SG says “here we go” and gets it right so he gets to sleep. SK says this is sad. At the age of 34 I have to sleep in a cave and in this situation I dont know what will happen tm morning. At 3am they have to do rock paper scissors. they have to win against the PD first. PD wins so SK and SW do paper rock scissors with each other to determine the winner. SW jokes: even if I win I dont think I can sleep. SK tells him to sleep then.  SW tells SK to close his eyes. SW wins so he gets to sleep. SW gets a flag. his voice is husky so SK laughs and points that out. SW: isnt it sexy? SK: no.  at 4am, 3rd one is to do multiplication and TH wins cuz he was faster. he didnt even know what’s going on. TH:thank you but what are you doing? from what time have you been doing this? since no one else is waking up since JM is up they give him the math problem. he gets it right so they give him a flag. At 5am there are two flags held out. there are 3 who do not have flags. The one who grabs it first gets to skip something in the morning. SK woke up and asks where it is. He looks behind him and grabs one. TW grabs the other one. JW slept through the whole thing till morning.

In the morning PD wakes up JW.  JW mutters I dont know why but I thought it would be me. They take him away in the van. He drinks water. they ask if he knows where he is going so he says I dont know. but whatever it is, it will be special.

He is taken to a cliff. He says it’s paragliding. he stands at the edge of the cliff and asks: from here? (meaning he has to jump from here). he says how pretty the view is. you can see the whole village with one look.  PD asks: don’t you want to fly. JW says hesitantly: I do… want to fly. So PD shows him the car -that’s how far out JW will fly towards. JW: over there? I wont faint while I am in the air right? he hits himself in the chest and starts to play with his fingers from nervousness. the men start to unroll the parachute and JW points out that the lines are too thin. JW says since i am here, I wanted to show (the view) while flying. PD asks: do you mean it? JW: yes I mean it. he hugs himself and says again in a scared voice: i mean it. It will probably be fun. it will be fun. it will. right? He tries to psych himself up. They are setting up for him to do paraglide all the way to that car parked in the distance.

The rest of the guys are woken up at 8am and wonder where JW is.

the wind picks up and twirls the parachute. JW says oh look at that. Cuz of the wind and rain they cant get the parachute set up right so JW runs over and helps. he holds the umbrella up for them. He gets nervous and talks to himself. it will be ok right? It will be ok. Then he gets a reprieve cuz he is told he cant take off now. JW tries to be a sport and says: even if we wait, cuz of the weather today, will it not work? the man says this is the worst day to do this (cuz of the weather).

so JW holds up a flag and jumps up and down and says 1n2d. *OMG I am so glad the weather was bad cuz if he flew that day and had an accident – how would we live. Thank goodness for bad weather. what were they thinking making him do that when he is starring in a drama. KBS is dumb.

The guys are told the weather is bad -it’s raining too much so they play a game indoors.

The prize is garlic and red pepper paste. the PD says since the members have gotten close and know what each other says often so while each one steps out the other 6 will assign the phrase. JM says I say it’s no joke. but SG and others say JM says “waaaah” a lot. SK says while on the radio I say “right?” often. TH says SK says “I will do it” often. the guys have what they say often written and tied to their foreheads and they have to say stuff to make the other person say what’s on their foreheads. before they even start TH almost said what’s written on his forehead.   for JM SG starts a chant and gets JM to say “waaah” so JM is out. For TW, SG said to him: I got married and have a wife at home, so what are you going to say. so TW said I don’t have one. So TW lost cuz that’s what was written on his forehead. TW asks how did you know I would say this (cuz he doesnt say that often) so SG explains you dont say it often but I just did that. so TW throws it down in anger.  For TH, SK wrote on the paper and asked him to read it.  but SG took it so SK tells him to give it to TH. so TH said: what’s this? SW says to say it exactly so TH asks:what is this? so he lost cuz that’s what was written on his forehead. SG says who would know what SK wrote. JW had guessed it was a drawing of a fork. JW’s says “I wont forgive you” (like what his Gakistal role says)

They do the closing and each guy says something good about Tanyang (like that pool).  JW says for the garlic -come and visit Tanyang. 1n2d!

Part One

JW looked perfect and was having a really great hair day cuz he went to the salon in the morning. Each member was picked up and driven to a location. The two teams were split into which ones wanted to eat kimchi stew or bean paste soup. JW, TW, and SG chose kimchi stew so they are on one team. they all got to enjoy their breakfast. did you notice JW’s cute neck pillow and how he hopped out of his van. JM said the only one of them who rides in that big expensive celebrity van is SW cuz of his wife. LOL. (everyone else rides around in the smaller black vans). Bird PD said today’s race is called the AMAZING RACE (fashioned after the american reality tv show) but listen to the way Bird PD pronounced AMAZING – “WAHM-RACING” – ROFL. :)  the 7 members cell phones were taken away in advance so they cant use the internet. they also cant use the navigation in the car or a map (that is why they stopped to ask for directions so much today). TW jokes around and asks “ we can at least take cars right? cuz I thought we had to ride horses or something.” each team was given hints after they reach a certain point so SW thought their team had it in the bag cuz they have the brain – SK. the team that finds the last location is the winner and boy do they have great prizes. they get a swimming pool, they get 3 hrs of leisure time after filming, no dinner BBB and you get a delicious dinner (meat and stuff), fruit, wine, drinks, and refills. AND one wish for anything you need. the losing team has to peel 1,000 whole garlics while the winning team plays. they each get $1 per person today so JW’s team got $3 while SW’s team got $4 cuz they have four members. so SW remarks “no wonder they gave us a lot of rice.”  JW said “today the kimchi team will win. 1n2d.” First hint was “say ho” and the race started. JW noticed the writing on the window first then TW figured out you have to blow hot air on the window to see what’s written on the window. SG tells JW to tell the PD that if you by any chance give the other team hints about the “say ho,” Gaksital will not forgive you” and JW actually said that in his scary voice so TW said “he (Bird PD) is going to be surprised.”

Next mission is to play games at rest stops. to see which ones they play they have to throw darts but if you land on pass you can continue so TW and SG chant “pass” as JW throws the dart. if they win they will be told the next location to go to but if they fail, they have to stop for 10mins.(which might give the other team time to catch up). the game they have to play they need to score 550 but out of 138 people who played the highest score is 561 so this game is hard. SG keeps yelling “gaksital wont forgive you” which makes JW smile as he hits. time is up and they got 478 with all 3 of them hitting it. they lost so they have to wait 10 mins.  (why does JW have coiled rope hanging from his belt? is that his belt??)

SK’s  team arrives and they have to score 60pts. but SG says letting SK play is cheating cuz SK is a basketball pro. but SK shoots one handed without even trying and misses so they let him play. they failed cuz they got 62 but they had to get 60. while they wait out their 10 min penalty for losing, they figure out how the scoring system works. if you hit off the backboard it’s a certain number of points etc. then JW’s team throws the dart and they get basketball too. SG throws really well and aims to get even numbered points. they win so they are all happy. JW says SG hyung just shot the way he wanted. in the car they talk about about that last shot JW made and how it didnt go in. SK’s team gets basketball again. they fail again. SK’s team throws darts and get basketball again so SW jokes: if we keep this up we will become basketbal pros. they have to wait for some guy who is playing and the guy wont stop throwing so SK asks him – is basketball your dream? SW jokes: pull the cord (to stop the machine). the members play and TH shoots the last one and it’s just like JW’s – it misses and still gives them the extra 3 points they needed to win.

on the road SG says how beautiful the road is. if you judge according to roads, this road is Kim Tae hee. LOL. in SK’s car they dont believe there will be a swimming pool – ”it will be like those round kid’s pool to play in shallow water.” (but it’s actually a pretty decent swimming pool -it looks like a pond or shallow lake.)

at the next location JW’s team has to find 3 books with hints on them. with that hint they can know their next destination. JM tries to join them so TW pushes him away. TW finds the first one then JW. he runs off with it like a kid yelling out “I found it” – (dont know why but he looked so sexy surrounded by all those books. I must be a total nerd.) TW finds the 3rd book and figures out the characters on the sides of the book give the next hint. but they cant drive off cuz SK’s team parked in front of them and blocked them. so when SG’s team ran out cuz they found all their books, SK’s team were relaxed saying “they will end up coming back” cuz SG’s team cant leave without SK’s team car keys.  SK’s team planned to park that way from the start – facing away from the road so they can leave the place quicker but the bonus turned out to be that they blocked SG’s team from leaving as well. (JW’s team probably left the car keys with a staff member. )

JW’s team stops to ask directions for the illustrated mountains they have to take pics of for their next mission, but TW was smart enough to ask the woman which way is the best course to get to all of them quickly so she gave them important info like how two of the mountains are nearby each other so start here and take the boat first then go there. if TW didnt ask that they would have done what SK’s team did which is go all over the place. in the car JW says “today I really want to win.” they stop to get directions and buy some bread, milk, and yogurtu. the grandma says “I saw all of you on tv.”they split the bread 2 each.   they spend all their money on their snacks. in the car JW teaches TW to press down on the bread first then eat so the insides will spread all over (so that the center wont be the only place with all the sweet red bean paste). they say how yummy the bread is. TW says he is going to eat all the ends first and leave the best for last (the center) so JW copies him. (I love how JW chews like a carefree kid – he doesnt care that there is a camera on his face and just eats away – chewing with his mouth open so we can see the bread. on any other guy it would be gross but when he does it, it’s cute and endearing.) when they get to one of the mountains SG says to the woman “they dont seem like celebrities -you might not know them well but did KSW and CTH come here?” and the woman replies “I know them well -why wouldnt i know them? they are more famous than you LSG shi.” so SG is left speechless for a second, but his ego recovers and asks her to lie about the location of the mountain to the other team – when they come tell them that it’s not here and way down there but she says I will just say this isnt the place. later on she totally tells the other team SG’s team came and went.

SW and others keep saying how the mountains are the same as back then during Joseon period. TW takes a pic of the mountain but Bird PD doesnt say anything about it being correct. TW jokes it’s cuz this part of the photo is too long so give me some scissors and I will cut off the end so it looks more like the illustration. but bird PD asks JW to look at the photo and compare with the illustration and say if it’s the same mountain cuz the artist drew it exactly like it looks. so JW figures out they took a pic of the wrong mountain and guesses the name of the correct one (they decide to go there next after the boat ride). on the boat they take a pic of the correct one so JW says ” we almost had to peel garlic.” in the car, SG says to JW: let’s hurry and get there and put on shorts and be in the pool and eat watermelons and fruit. so JW claps and says “ah watermelon.” the other team stops for ice cream and decide to buy just two and split them. Jm and SK split one and JM tells him to eat the bigger side cuz you are bigger but SK tells him to eat the bigger one so they argue about it-so cute.

as he drives SG says since there is no navigation the road is more fun. cuz the navigation tells you how many km are left so people drive according to distance but since they dont have it they get to see the view cuz they are looking for the road. after they take a photo of the mountain, SG decides to use the BBB that can stop the other team. SG makes JW speak in his Gaksital voice again and say “I wont forgive you.” they decide to open the bigger one like men. PD says if they each eat one lemon, the other team will be forced to stop for 15 mins by making them stop where they are. JW shoves a whole lemon in his mouth and shocks the girl PD. he takes it out cuz it’s too big but still eats it. JW says he “loves lemons” so it was no problem for him eating it. TW and SG tried to get JW to eat them all but each member has to eat one. JW asks: do I have to eat the skin too? he calmly chews and spits out seeds while his hyungs struggle to chew. the girl says “he really eats it well” and I think TW asked him: you are pregnant arent you? (do pregnant women crave sour stuff?) after they are done JW is the only one who says “I ate it well”

in the car, JW says “when I go to cafes and order lemon tea, I ask them to make it so sour that it’s impossible to eat and they bring it to me and say “you really wont be able to drink this” and when I drink it, it’s not sour. (I personally find his ability to eat sour stuff more impressive than anything). TW jokes about that second container – what if it has a raw whole chicken and they tell us to eat all of it. SG: then we have to give up. they get to the last mountain and get instructions for their basecamp- they have to find that village and take the flag.  on their way they are excited about winning but the other team ate lemons so now SG’s team has to stop for 15 mins.

JW asks if he can shake that BBB container so bird PD lets him. SG wonders if they should just eat it (to stop the other team for 15 mins) cuz they have 4kms left from here. but SG has another idea. while waiting for 15 mins, if the other team comes by, let’s eat it as soon as we seem them pass us. they wait around and TW mumbles he forgot to put on sunscreen. the other team never came so they get back in their car. SK’s team decide to use the last BBB container. It said that if they throw away one guy they can make the other team stop for another 15mins. so JM’s team tossed SK and he had to hitch hike to basecamp but he got a ride within 2 secs. even SK says (I got a ride) “this fast?” the driver just stopped cuz he saw a camera filming.

while SG’s team had to stop for 15 mins they decide to use the last BBB container too. while they debate who to leave behind, SG asks JW: do you want an experience -it could be arduous. JW: it’s ok. SG: if you dont get a ride we could lose. this is all depends on you. without you it wont mean anything – all we can do is pick up the flag first. JW: ok. SG asks the old man – if we run how long will it take to get there? the man says 40 mins.  SG makes them do a group hug. SK’s team has to stop for 15 mins but they see SK in the car next to them and Jm yells we have a penalty. SG gives JW tips – like dont be lenient on the other team and how it would be cooler if JW ran the rest of the way after he gets dropped off – TW adds : and run fast. Bird PD tells someone he will go with JW, but SG says I am sorry, but I am against you going with JW. he wont get a ride while hitchhiking.  please understand. (SG meant JW has a better chance to hitchhike and get picked up cuz JW is good looking and Bird PD isnt.) the PD was understanding but as soon as SG left, the PD chased after JW. JW was a good sport and ran part of the way cuz there are no cars so he didnt want to lose any time just walking. he says I will get there before the hyungs and wait. JW spoke banmal and tells someone behind him – it will be hard so why follow me. I am going to keep running. I can just win and wash up in the swimming pool.” he looks back and sees SG and TW coming and wonders: is that our car? TW pulls up next to him and JW asks cant I hitchhike? TW says: go slowly and dont go too fast (meaning dont run) grab a ride. be sure to make a car stop. JW says ok.  after they leave JW says how not many cars pass by here. bird PD catches up to him here.  JW kept running. he took a break and walked. JW says: I want to swim. i think the bean paste team stopped far away when they had to stop. it’s ok cuz I even ran a marathon. He starts to run again. JW stopped and asked some guy in a truck for directions. after the guy gives him the info, the guy wanted to shake his hands so JW walks back and uses both of his hands to show politeness and shakes the guy’s hand. so sweet. JW runs again and Bird PD mutters about how young JW is. finally JW got a ride with a guy who said to JW “are you filming 1n2d?” and JW says “yes I got left behind.” in the car, the driver says “I am enjoying Gaksital.” then the guy says you must be having a hard time cuz the weather is hot. he stops where JW needs to go. right as they pull up they see SK who arrived by bus. SK asks JW what he is doing. JW says like a kid: I got left behind. SK says hello to the driver and asks for a ride too. JW: I am getting off here. SK: oh so you werent getting a ride.

as they walk over to their destination, SK held hands with JW. SK tries to stall for time and get JW to stay with him by saying “let’s do this. let’s enjoy the view and get in the car together and go in (to basecamp). JW: I cant get in hyung. SK: these days you are having a hard time filming and dont have time to rest. no one will interrupt you here. how good is that. JW starts to walk ahead of him. SK: let’s stay here a bit. JW: no – hyung arent you going to hurry? SK realizes he isnt convincing JW so he says: i am going to go crazy. JW: I better hurry and go. he starts running so SK runs and calls after him :where are you going? ya! JW: I will run a bit. JW and Bird PD run. SK mutters that JW is tough (to crack). JW runs and says 4km is the problem. then SK thinks his team arrived and calls out “ya” and runs back towards them. JW says: I heard some noise from the other side.

oh no. preview: TW went into the cave with garlic and yelled. doesnt that mean JW’s team lost?

*I still dont get why JW had to carry his backpack and not leave it with TW and SG. also looking at his screencaps, it went from perfect hair to sweaty hair towards the end. I really dont want him to end up peeling garlic at the end of all this. I hope the winning team uses their one wish to let JW join them in the pool.


38 comments on “1N2D Amazing Race

  1. Cindy says:

    KYAA!!!! Can’t wait for today’s recap!!!!!!!


  2. SS says:

    *sigh* why give them Hawaiian shirts? Couldn’t they wear more appropriate swimwear?

    and me thinks 1N2D is where our baby gets all his sleep the whole week. When they woke him up for the morning task, my heart ache and wish they will let him sleep a wee bit longer.


    • Cindy says:

      yaaaaaaaa….i was looking forward to see topless joo won XD
      doncha love the part where shi kyung fed joo won with garlic *someone’s feeling revengeful*


  3. bbblue73 says:

    yayyyy!!!! what happen? i didn’t watch the show today.
    *sob* * sob*


  4. bbblue73 says:

    Thank you Softy dear for the recap & the screencaps again.
    Now i can eat my dinner with smile.
    Waves everyone.


  5. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! Praise The Lord!! He really answer my prayer that JW’s team must win and YES, they won!! woo hoooooo..
    Softy dear, you are too kind with all these. many many thank you for the recaps & gorgeous JW’s screencaps 🙂
    Hopefully somebody will post the full today’s episode here, coz I didn’t get the chance to watch it 😦


  6. umi says:

    thank you so much softy for the recap and the screencaps, I was worried when I saw the parachute, thank god, they cancelled it. I really enjoyed this Amazing Race episode. JW was really tired, poor him…


  7. sayha alee says:

    Dearest Softy, am sooo glad JooWon’s team won the 1N2D Amazing race. Thank you sooo much for the recap and the fabulous screencaps especially of JooWon. 🙂
    Wish everyone here a wonderful week ahead ..pyong pyong


  8. SS says:

    thanks so much Softy, I just got back from dinner and read this straight away. You send a shiver down my spine when you wondered what will happen if Joowon did the parachute thing and got into an accident. Noooooooooo!!!! Even the thought is too dreadful. How could we live? Spot on, Softy!


  9. umi says:

    omg.. the screencap of jw wears hawaiian shirt and eats watermelon, love it…thank you softy…


  10. He’s so cute. ❤ Oh do you know? he was choose as the hottest man in 2012 just after KIm so hyung (first) and along Lee seung gi (<3), TOP (<3), and others héhé


  11. Tigger says:

    Thanks very much, Softy, for the consolidated recap and screenshots … This is indeed a special treat. Links to watch Part 2 are as follows (source: jongminkoyote blog) —
    Either http://my.tv.sohu.com/u/vw/26899659 or http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDI3NzkxMDY0.html. Have a safe and healthy week ahead, everyone.


  12. N says:

    awww did you see when they were resting in the room, Tae Woong was rustling Joowon’s hair while he was sleeping? so cute! i definitely think 1n2d is the one time throughout the week where JW can sleep comfortably, which is so weird because it’s supposed to be the most uncomfortable situation to sleep in lol!
    Hope he can hang on for another 1.5 months or so, until Gaksital’s over 🙂


  13. N says:

    thank you for the fantastic recap Softy!
    BTW, for the last game where they were writing a phrase for everyone, what did JW’s say?


  14. flo says:

    awwwww..thank you so much for your super awesome recap…my dear Softy..
    i enjoyed the 1N2D Amazing Race episodes so much!!!
    yes..thanks God for the bad wheather, i was so nervous & afraid when i saw the parachute…
    yes..how could we live??ooooo my i couldn’t imagine if JW got in to accident…nooooooooo
    how do i live without seeing his face & listening his voices?????
    i super love your wonderful screenshots of JW…those pictures are great^_____________^


  15. Tigger says:

    Dailymotion links to watch the 2nd leg episode (15 July):
    Part 1 — http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xs6jy9; and
    Part 2 — http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xs6oki_www-2korea-net-1y2y-yy-y-y-yyy-2y-120715-hdtv-h264-720p-hanrel_webcam
    Episode recorded its highest rating so far — 17.4% (source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120716n07203). So glad the Korean audience is back to watching 1n2D. Can’t clearly decipher the last few handwritten words on JW’s headband but the 1st 6 words means “do not forgive”.


  16. joonni says:

    R U recapping 1N2D again?
    There are seven members but 97% of the screencaps are of Joo Won. LOL.


    • Softy says:

      nope just these two eps only. cant pick this show back up till these dramas end.

      welcome to softy’s version of 1n2d where the only member featured is JW with some extra pics of the other cast thrown in if they happen to be standing near JW or just look really good in a certain shot-like TW by that pool (he looked like a commercial).

      I believe that percentage is more 99% JW biased. Oh come on like you didnt do that for QIHM. I read those too – you got carried away with BD as well, but you were more subtle about it while I am being blatant. 🙂


  17. bbblue73 says:

    Did Joowon continue to fly in the sky (paragliding activity)?
    It’s too confusing coz he wears this red clothing instead of blue, yesterday’s 1n2d eps.


    credit to baidu


  18. I just can’t stop laughing everytime I see this screencap.. LOL!!!
    Joowon looked so helpless & in full shocked.. 😀


  19. SS says:

    Softy, I LOVE LOVE this screencap https://soulsrebel.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/1ebb095-2ec9dbc-ec8b9ceca68c2-e250-120715-hdtv-kor-h264-720p-ohys00-17-23.jpg?w=640&h=360

    Those lips, the chin and that jawline. Drop dead Gorgeous! This screencap fuels my imagination of what if Joowon has an entirely different mask,something dark & masculine instead of the bridal mask. I think I will be spazzing a lot more, if that’s even possible.


  20. sammi says:

    haha its funny how they used Gaksital’s Bgm in 1N2D lol


  21. Ann J says:

    Its really nice to see them being so competitive when in team events, yet when they’re ONE team, you can see them encouraging each others. I like tat a LOT!!! Love tat kind of bromance!!!


  22. SS says:

    credit baidu: http://imgsrc.baidu.com/forum/pic/item/a50f4bfbfbedab64935e1c51f736afc379311e76.jpg

    or http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1728122894

    they were talking about the scar on Joowon’s hand. Netizens think he hurt himself on Gaksital set.
    Anyway, look at that face…….aaawwwwwwwwww……….poor baby baby. He looked so sad and pitiful


    • sammi says:

      OMG he looks so handsome and so much like Kang Dong Won in that school uniform!! Is that a photoshop pic?? cuz I believe he has never done anything on school uniform or I guess its from his musical days!!


    • N says:

      Yea, he’s had that scar ever since Gaksital started…I never noticed it in Ojakgyo.
      Hehe that face when he woke up…priceless!


    • bbblue73 says:

      I remembered that he hurt his hand during the OB action filming & he was treated at the hospital & advice to rest for a couple of days.


  23. d says:

    li su geun keeps bullying the maknae 😦


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