Bridal Mask E14

Now this is the look of a man who is conflicted. K jumped into this crusade without really knowing why his brother risked his life for this cause. I found it fitting that even though K never got to ask his hyung all those questions floating around his head, K is now face to face with the man who could give him some of those answers.  For the first time K got to hear from the leader of that group and his patriotic words brought tears to K’s eyes. I am pretty sure that since K can’t bring his brother back, K will do everything in his power to keep this man alive. K needed a moral compass for his patriotism and now it looks like he found it in D’s father. Sort of makes me scared wondering what lengths K will go to protect Damsari.

Preview ep15: Shunji sees Kangto pleading and grabbing on to Damsari to save “Boonyi” and remembers the letter Mokdan wrote to Gaksital signing off as Boonyi. He suspects Kangto is Gaksital and starts preparing a trap to catch Kangto
The next day, Shunji confirms with the patrolling officers’ report that at the time when Gaksital attacked at the Jongno market, Kangto wasnt in the station and gets even more suspicious. He says in front of Kangto that he will kill Mokdan the moment he gets his hands on her and Kangto grows uneasy, not knowing this is a trap.
Mokdan is discovered by the search patrol and is running away from their guns when she unexpectedly runs into Kangto. She doesn’t recognise from the pleading tone that Kangto plans to protect her and flees in terror instead…

Thanks to Semi-fly, Sparkskey, and Yanna. 🙂

I have to admit this episode was pretty good. They just turned up the pressure a notch so now one cat is out of the bag. And it’s a major one.


Starts from DS reaching for his hat and S running over and stopping DS from detonating the grenade. Then S beats up DS and K stands by and watches. Then the scene comes out where the governor’s champagne glass shatters and Gaksital shows up. Lee screams so his wife shuts him up. Gaksital fights off the officers and Taro grabs a gun from one of the officers and starts his shooting rampage missing gaksital and hitting everyone else behind him. S hears the ruckus and goes back inside after ordering the lackey to take DS. Jun goes for the sword but H stops him and says let’s see the officers skills. Gaksital takes the gun out of taro’s hand. taro fights with gaksital and the sword gets thrown into the air so gaksital uses it to cut down the banner. Just as he puts the blade to Taro’s throat S runs in and draws his gun. Taro says: shoot- don’t worry about your father and shoot. S fires and misses gaksital on purpose. S walks closer and says father I have to catch this guy today. Taro closes his eys and gets ready to be shot at but Gaksital throws taro at S then gaksital hits taro and knocks him out. then he strikes down S. H motions for Jun to step in so Jun manages to step into the fight and slices Gaksital’s arm. they continue to fight. S gets up and shoots.

The woman posing as DS’s wife is hiding in the bathroom and cries and hears gunshots. She looks in the mirror and looks at her purse. She wipes her tears.

Just as Jun is about to kill gaksital, S aims his gun at gaksital and tells Jun to get out of the way. H nods yes so Jun steps back. Taro gets up. Gaksital is surrounded by officers. S: I finally caught you

Outside baek is on the pole and cuts the electricity wires and shuts off all the lights in the capitol and makes it dark. Everyone looks around in the dark and wonders what happened to the lights. Gaksital makes a run for it out of the room through the door. just then the woman throws a bomb into the room right before the door closes. S jumps out of the way and the bomb goes off

D is in the car with the men and they all get out when they hear the explosion. the guys hug each other and say they succeeded. D prays.

The woman runs out and hides as officers get closer. Gaksital jumps down with his wounded arm. Jun confronts him again so they fight in the tight corridor space. Jun is winning and has gaksital trapped but the woman throws a blade from her hair at Jun and helps Gaksital. Jun goes down. she runs over to him and they leave together

D and the men hide behind the car when officers show up in trucks and she sees her father caught and riding on the truck. The guy says hurry and get in so we can go after him. But then the woman and gaksital arrive. The woman hugs D and says sorry for not coming out together with the leader. D looks at gaksital. the woman says thanks to gaksital I was able to get out safely. D thanks him and sees his arm injury. You got hurt? Are you ok? Gaksital runs off. The guy says let’s hurry and they all get in the car. D turns back to look at the direction gaksital ran off. He comes back down and watches her car pull away.

K ties up his bleeding arm and puts his uniform back on. he beats himself with his stick so it looks like he was injured on the face.

The lights come back on in the room and taro gets up and looks around at all the dead and injured officers. He sees K among them. Then he sees S and runs over to him. S sits up and asks what about gaksital. taro shakes hid head no. S runs out. K sits up.

S runs out and yells gaksital. officers come over and one says “he got out judging from how many guards out back collapsed” so S kicks the guy repeatedly. S: Who said he could get out. who said he could escape.  K comes running over and abe tells him to stop S before the officer dies. K tells S to stop. S yells at the officer he kicked:you lost him again? how many times has it been now. how many times has it been you fool. S kicks more so K stops him. S says let go and hits K’s injured spot. S continues to kick so K pulls him away. K tells the officers to take the injured one away. as S tries to catch his breath, K looks down at his bleeding arm.

K says I will go back to the station first. since gaksital disappeared, I will check to make sure if DS was taken into custody ok. S: ok. go. K is about to leave but S stops him. S: wait a minute. K tries to keep his bleeding arm hidden from S’s line of sight. S asks about the woman who came with DS. K says sorry but I looked everywhere for her. S walks over and looks at K and asks how could you not recognize DS. K says sorry cuz Lee said he was his close friend. S: you didn’t forget that you said you would take responsibility right? K: yes. (S didn’t see his injured arm)

Goji asks where the governor is. Lee and his wife crawl out from under the table. the governor’s secretary takes two steps and looks around and says “I dont see the governor” (well maybe if you tried a little harder and took a few more steps)  Goji says hurry and find the governor first and just then he crawls out from under the table still trembling from fright. H watches that and looks displeased.  Lee tries not to laugh at the governor so his wife pinches him not to laugh. Lee asks are you ok governor. Governor asks goji to follow him

*why does the Korean word for governor sound like bird calls to me? or the word for the chatting app “Kakao” talk. is it just me I wonder.

S comes back in the room and H stares at him and smiles. She leaves. the injured are given medical attention

Next day at the capitol, the governor is bandaged up and one makes him look like he has Hitler’s mustache -only it’s white tape and gauze. his secretary reads off the list of dead and injured among the officers and guests. Governor asks if anyone else had to go through this. why me? do I look easy? am I someone to be taken lightly? is it ok for them to kill me. goji says how could you say such things. please calm yourself. The governor yells at Goji, taro, and the rest of the officers. Governor says the truth of what happened cant be known to the public. they all apologize again.  he asks who was in charge of security yesterday and goji says Taro. So governor goes over and throws water in his face saying you said Gaksital wouldnt show up again. Taro says please kill me. Governor says of course I have to kill you. from here on taro is fired and goji will take his place and be in charge of the officers until a replacement can be found. goji: yes sir. governor says do your best to catch gaksital. Goji looks over and gives taro a smug look

at the Korean market, kim reads the paper and there is no mention of a terrorist attack at the anniversary event. it just said it went through without a hitch. Kim says this is all lies. do you know why there was a blackout. the man says lights can go out and come back. but kim gathers them around and tells them what happened that night- that gaksital set off a bomb at the event. They are all happy

Goji says to taro – during that time you suffered a lot. He strips taro of his stripes and asks him: do you have a lot of belongings in your office? you must since you lay around in there. can you clean out your office by today. Taro says I will clean it out within the hour. S tries to say what happened last night was my fault for not recognizing DS even when I saw his fake ID so fire me, but taro says toS:  it’s the order from the governor. until my replacement is found Goji will be in charge. you do your best and serve him well. taro salutes goji and leaves. Goji tells S that he will be dropping by once a day. hurry and catch gaksital with K. got that? S says ok.

Taro packs up his office with S there. S carries his box and they walk down the hall together. Taro stops in front of K and K bows to him.

Taro and S go home. S promise to do his best and catch gaksital and serve you again. taro points out that DS passed the inspection checkpoint that K was guarding. do you still need to keep watching K? S says I was suspicious of that too, but DS was Lee’s friend so that’s why I was deceived too. Taro asks how could DS get close with Lee. S: I plan to investigate that right away.

Lee realizes it was all a set up on that train that DS saved him. His wife says you sure did figure that out quickly. Lee wonders how they knew he would take the train that day. Lee complains it wasnt enough there is gaksital but now DS and his comrades -what did I do that was so wrong. the secretary says K is here to see them so both of them say hurry and escort him in. they cling to K and welcome him. He says he came to find them cuz they would feel anxious. She says how Lee didnt sleep all night. when I think about how I was deceived by those people. K says since DS got invitation through them, there will be an investigation. and taro was fired over this matter. K tells them that I will try to help with the investigation so the two of you must insist that you only knew DS as Cho T. the wife says we were totally deceived.  Lee says we are the victimes. I really thought he was the CEO. wife asks if they can trust him. K says dont worry I will try my best to protect the two of you. but you have to keep it a secret that I helped you two so I can help you safely. They thank him. she says from here on Lee will help K out. K thanks her

S arrives at their home. K says I will be going now and salutes Lee, but S is announced. Lee’s wife tells the woman to make S wait in the parlor.  she says to K: so you can leave without being seen. K thanks her and flashes his dimples at her.

Lee’s wife comes in and says to S:what to do- those charlatans stole my purse too. S asks if she knows the name of the woman who came with DS.  she says they said she was from Paris. how could I believe those charlatans. She says just shoot me down right here and now- please.  she clings to him and acts all dramatic. she says I need to die.

At the precinct lackey comes in all bloody and changes his shirt. he complains and says DS should say one word since he beat him so much. just as K comes in-lackey says insulting things about Koreans -how you need to beat them for them to understand what you are saying. lackey gives orders for DS to be put in the torture crate so K says are you crazy. that guy knows a lot of info.  Lackey says mind your business and just worry about yourself. you didn’t even recognize DS with your eyes wide open. K is about to attack him but S arrives and lackey says to S: about DS- we should put him in the torture cage and rattle it. S agrees. get it ready. S asks to speak with K

K starts to talk about DS -how it’s not time to put him in the cage yet but S says shouldn’t you ask about how my father is doing first. K: sorry I was short sighted. S remembers how taro said K was not acting like himself and wasnt there during the armory robbery. S starts to question K’s actions  and asks where K was at that time gaksital appeared at the newspaper office. K:what are you talking about? S: you didnt come to the hospital too. and you didnt follow my father to the newspaper office either. so where were you? K smiles. S smiles and says: I dont mean anything else by it, I am just asking cuz I am curious. K: you went inside the director’s office so I was blocking that guy’s exit. cuz he always disappears. S says from here on report to me and then keep guard. K says ok. S: since you let DS through inspection and let him pass, you have to take responsibility. S puts K in charge of questioning DS cuz DS isnt the kind of guy who will talk cuz the lackey yells at him. K: ok I will do my best to interrogate. S: who Gaksital is- where he is- find that out no matter what. K: while i am interrogating him, I will also find out who the woman was he came with and if there is a way to contact her here – I will find out all the details. S: you are different than others. I can learn from you how to manage DS right? let’s go now and start.

K and S walk over to the interrogation room and K closes his eyes and sighs cuz he doesn’t want to do this. he remembers D thanking him.

They go in and DS has been beaten and hung up by his arms. S sits. K asks abe and the other guy to let DS go and make him sit on the chair. They move DS to the chair. K tells them to leave. So only S is there with K and DS. K steps over and grabs DS’s hair. K looks into his eyes. DS: were you well? K lets him go and grabs a chair to sit on across from him.

K: you know my style. DS says we haven’t seen each other in a long time so you should know to say hello. will it do that you dont know manners? K says:manners? do you live like a human? cuz of what you do with the resistance movement -your daughter has to always be on the run, caught, and torture for the rest of her life. is that what a father does. my hyung too – while helping your cause was caught and taken away, he lived as a fool and died.  but will anyone know that. it’s all useless. DS says -they barged into my home, and treated me and my daughter as slaves. if we let them control us, doesnt that mean my daughter and I will live as animals. you should be fighting the Japanese, but you became one of them. My heart aches and my bones break for you. His words sting K and he starts to cry, probably remembering his mother saying that to him and how his brother would have to if he had the chance.

S feels insulted and walks over to DS and grabs his hair. S remembers D’s face and how she saw him as only as a Japanese. S says father and daughter are the same-no matter good we are to you you dont know.

S says to K there is no need to talk to him anymore. Put him in. so K says you cant. if you put him in there he will die.  but S calls for abe and the other officer and says put DS into the cage.

K: you cant- you said you would leave it up to me. no matter what you cant. S: are you on the same side as this guy. sato hiroshi -Didn’t you say you are Japanese to your bone. let’s confirm that. Put DS in there with your own hands. The cage is a torture box with blades on all sides. S smiles and says you cant help it but you are Korean too huh. So K grabs him and calls him a bast%^$. are you crazy. have you gone insane? we finally caught him and you are going to kill him? Are you going to catch gaksital or not. you said you would learn from me. if you don’t know anything-just stay still- just shut up. K yells at the others to leave. K let’s go of S. he apologizes and asks for forgiveness. K: couldn’t you please trust me. I will find out the info. S starts to leave the room and turns around so K kicks the chair DS is sitting on for show.

Leader Jo is waiting and they all come in with D. Jo asks what happened with DS. D says how DS was arrested. the woman says it’s all my fault cuz I had the bomb on me and ran away. D says how thanks to her they were able to set off the bomb during the event. we can rescue my father.  jo says let’s do that. no matter what happens let’s just think about how to rescue our leader.  is there anything i can help with. the woman says fund. Jo says ok I will gather as much as I can by tm – let’s meet here tm at this time again. Leader asks if there is any way to rescue DS and D says there is no other way but to use S. I have an idea.

S sits and remembers K saying:  are you crazy. have you gone insane? we finally caught him and you are going to kill him? Are you going to catch gaksital or not. Lackey comes in and says you would entrust DS to me. what if K finds out something. now even the chief isnt around. S says we have to catch gaksital first. S repeats what the lackey said how the army guys dragged D and leader Jo there. lackey says there were released the next day and looked fine. maybe they were released cuz there was nothing on them. S gets up and says follow me.

Sunwha is walking with her brother and yells at him for missing school. He says his teacher beats them and S never did that. she says you have to go to school. S arrives with the lackey so her brother runs to his teacher but she holds him back. He gets away and runs to his teacher. S stares at him and the kid says teacher. Lackey yells at him to move. Her brother cries and asks that was my teacher right? He cries and she hugs him. She says teacher is now an officer. You know what they are right. You cant act like you know him again. He cries more and so does she

Leader jo explains to the circus he has to urgently use their salary for this month so can I be late with your pay for this month. The woman says of course you can -it must be urgent for you to do that- thanks to you we are not starving and living. the man asks why the woman isnt asking for their opinions and speaking for them – is she their leader or something. the girls and the rest of the group say it’s ok but the spy says that is a problem for me cuz of my family who are waiting for my salary so what do I tell them. Leader says if there are people like her with urgent situations tell me. The man tries to raise his hand but the woman talks him down

S comes and asks to speak to leader Jo. Just the two of us. leader jo says to the circus group: don’t worry and prepare for the show and I will step out for a while. I will be back before the show tonight. He walks out with S. sunwha watches them leave

DS says to K: This is hard to endure. If you are going to torture me do it quickly. I rather get hit. K: I wanted to ask my hyung but he died so there is something I didnt get to ask. Like my hyung, like you, (K says this in his head: and like me) if you live like this will the world change? The Japanese empire will consume (eat) land in Manchuria and China cuz Korea isnt enough. isnt it like throwing eggs at a rock

DS says of course it will look futile/hopeless -one egg shell, when it gets hit on impact between the rock, of course it will break. but that rock -no matter how strong will die and no matter how weak the egg it will live. over time the rock will get weak and crumble and turn to sand. one day a chick will hatch from that egg and will step on that sand -there will come a day for sure when the Japanese oppression cant win against the egg. (Eggs representing Koreans and how fragile they are). Leader Jo is brought in. leader Jo and DS look at each other. K asks why S brought Jo. S asks did you find out anything. K: you know he wont open his mouth easily. S: I am in a hurry cuz of my dad. S pushes K aside and asks DS: where is gaksital and who is he.DS:  I don’t know him. S: You don’t know. should I bring your daughter and put her in the crate and spin her around. S tells K to go and rest and take DS to his cell. Leader jo smiles at DS. S: don’t you hear me? K bows

They put DS in a cell as K watches. The lackey goes over and shackles DS’s ankles. K asks what he is doing now. Lackey says since DS gets away a lot. K asks for the keys. Lackey says S will take care of it himself. He shuts the cell and takes the keys with him. K stares at DS helplessly.

Leader jo says I told you I don’t know. S:did you? S orders the lackey to take leader jo’s clothes off.

They put him in the cage with the blades in his underwear and S rocks him back and forth as Jo screams in pain. He passes out from pain and loss of blood. S asks: I will ask again –where is D?

They put his clothes back on and let leader Jo go. S smiles at him and says thanks for your cooperation. You should arrive before the show starts. He tells abe to take him. K watches as Jo is led away.

K asks if S found out anything. S says nothing at all. it was a waste of time. S walks away

K unlocks the cell and goes in and urgently asks DS: where is D? where is D?

S walks by and hears K begging DS.

K: please tell me where she is. D is in danger. D could be caught. DS: I cant understand why you are worried about my daughter’s safety.  K: your daughter is in danger. Boon is in danger. S remembers the name on the note for Gaksital and realizes who K is talking about. K cries and begs: please -please!

Oh crap.


No preview

*why cant K learn to whisper? doesnt he realize anyone passing by can hear all that? at least whisper the name at least. Now this means DS will be the first to know that K is on their side, but i wonder if K will make him keep it a secret from D. for sure DS wont let others put out a hit on K anymore so thank goodness for that. as for D and that knife of hers, who knows when she will take another stab at K with it. Someone needs to take that knife away from her. pronto.

D thinks S still have some humanity left in him but what she doesn’t realize is that he has gone too far now to ever go back to being that school teacher. At first S dipped his toes, but now he has fully immersed himself and is drowning in his own evil deeds. Looks like the road to perdition isn’t that hard to travel on when you forget you ever had a conscience. I fear for S’s future cuz I don’t think he will be able to live with himself once the remaining good side of him realizes what the evil side has done so far. It’s sort of tragic to see two buddies growing apart like this. at one point it looked like they would vie with each other over a girl, but now their separate agendas will sever their friendship for good.


85 comments on “Bridal Mask E14

  1. CT@SGP says:

    Personally, I’m more interested in watching how the relationship of Kangto and Shunji develops and the tension between the 2 good friends becoming enemies. For romance, I still favour Taehee and Jaeun couple. They are the best!!!


  2. SS says:

    The video preview is not out yet but this got me terribly excited:

    or Joowon tweets ” Coming Soon!”

    He is recording a OST?!? My heart is leaping way out! This better be SUPER AWESOME! I have no doubt in Joowon’s vocals but I mean the song has better be great. I don’t like the latest OST from BM. I want something that’s super romantic like QIHM


  3. bbblue73 says:

    Gaksital BTS photos

    Omiiiiii, looking at that white shirt of this cutie Joowon, i’m totally speechless & faint faints faintssss__________ Somebody help?????????

    credti to baidu


    • sammi says:

      Joo Won owns the colour White!! Its his colour!! He look so handsome!!


      • Iprefernottosayit says:

        YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! 😀 The color white is definitely his. How does he do it?? I mean, he looks so dashing in white.


    • SS says:

      I was screaming when I saw this pic on baidu and wanted so badly to put this here but I was outside and couldnt paste the link.

      Thanks bbblue, isn’t he so Hot & Sexy? if I was the one holding the umbrella I will be so useless.


    • Joo C says:

      Joowon really stands out among the crowds. He’s one HANDSOME dude.. Drooling……


  4. Anonymous says:

    can´t wait, atleast video preview:(


  5. Anonymous says:

    is there a video preview?


  6. Anonymous says:


    • Iprefernottosayit says:

      Ommmiiiii THANK YOU!!!


    • Softy says:

      S says: kangto knows booni? kangto is the guy who gave her the knife?
      Taro introduces H as their leader Ueno Hideki’s daughter to S. H says her father is coming to Joseon soon. after that you know very well what will happen.
      K tells someone: that is why I want to help. I want to stop him (DS) from losing his child. please help me.
      The woman who posed as DS’s wife says to D: if you get caught now, you, our leader, and everyone can do this. (they plan to bomb some place)
      S shows K the letter and tells K: I am going to kill her so that guy can see clearly with his own eyes. so his heart will tear apart. that guy that gave that girl the knife is Gaksital.


  7. Anai says:

    Thank you very much for your work !!! It’s really nice for people like me who doesn’t speak Korean!! I discovered your site during “Mary stays out at night” and it’s always with pleasures that I check and follow your work since.
    By the way, I wanted to know if it is OK for you that I share your trans of the previews on a forum (giving you the credit of course) ?


    • Softy says:

      Wow you’ve been here since the beginning then. Sure you can post them as long as it’s not another person’s blog about the drama cuz that person might not like it. 🙂


  8. Gaksital bts… Joowon so full of aegyo here


  9. Gaksital bts, credit to JoowonTHFC


  10. Anonymous says:

    can someone pls give me the link to watch it live?plspls


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