Bridal Mask E13

Truth be told, I am struggling here. Maybe I am missing some kind of gene that requires the stamina to watch dramas like this. It’s not just the makjang scenes cuz I can handle that in small doses. What I find more difficult to struggle through is this repeated cycle of the same plot. Just how many times are they going to try to kill K before they realize he is on their side. Lately his actions scream “I am working for you not against you” but no one is listening. Right after the episode ended, I posted a rant about D’s ridiculous disguise and screencapping JW’s dimples calmed me down somewhat, but I realized tm night will be E14. That’s the halfway point for this drama. All of the longer dramas I recapped I enjoyed 100%. This is the first 28 ep one that I was iffy about from day one. When they extended this 4 more eps, I was not jumping for joy at all. I wanted JW to hurry and end this drama and move on to other projects like a movie or make a CD like he said he would. I was upfront a few episodes back about how this isn’t my kind of drama and I am only in this to support JW, but tonight’s events really jolted me awake. Now I question if I have the resolve to see this drama through till the end. As everyone knows from my overzealous screencaps that JW’s dimples has a firm hold on me, but I am telling you now, one of these days I am going to throw my hands up in the air and give up if there is not a single scene worth screencapping. Yup, it turns out my breaking point will be when there is a dearth of dimples to post.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for written preview, and Yanna for video link. 🙂


Starts from D shooting into the air and making S lower his sword. She moves over to Gaksital and S drops his sword. Gaksital leads her out of the woods. S stands there crying and yelling.

After they ride off and come to the clearing, Gaksital and D hug.  D: before I leave it’s good that I can meet you like this. K cries. In her head she says: young master -right now I have to leave cuz of dad but I will pray. for us to meet again. to be able to see your face that has changed a lot. K replies in his head: Boon even though I send you away now, stay alive, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I will be sure to find you again. I will find you and protect you. they look at each other. he is about to leave but she stops him. So he touches her cheek then holds her face and kisses her on the forehead. When she opens her eyes he has already ridden off. She goes and watches him ride away.

S is in his office looking at the note D wrote for gaksital. how she aimed the gun at him and went over to Gaksital. then how Gaksital killed kenji. The lackey comes in and says no matter how much they looked in the mountains they cant find where gaksital took the girl. S asks: is there still no news of Sato H. (K). Lackey says K is nowhere to be found from a while ago. He heard how K was at the motel -he wouldnt let anyone come close and dragged her into the room and the two of them were in there for a long time. S remembers how K told him he was at the angel club to check about the guy dressed as a waiter who tried to kill me. S says he is going to the angel club so let me know when K calls.

K is there drinking alone. H comes over and sits next to him. He says: thanks to you my life was saved so thank you. She says I was paying you back a debt. Now I don’t owe you any debt. K: debt? H: even if you forgot you saved a gisaeng but how could you forget the moment you almost died? he says how it hasnt been just once or twice when he almost died cuz of the life he leads. H: how unfair, I didnt know this and from the first moment i saw you in your uniform. In her head she says: I couldnt forget you. Then K remembers and says “ah that gisaeng.” He says that night when he saved her he got in trouble for that and was stripped of his clothes. (this would be a good time for a flashback of that). she says cuz of me that was an unlucky night so he says thanks to you I came to my senses.

S arrives at the club and K hears the waiter calling out and bowing to S. H: I didn’t know. she stands up and says sorry to intrude. He makes her sit back down next to him. He puts on the charm and says: did you get angry? even though I forgot the girl who wore the mourning hanbok (the white one) I didn’t once forget our kiss. I am curious. How are you Lala and a japanese singer now.

S sits and asks for the madam to be called. He asks if K came and left today. Didn’t he come to investigate about the waiter who tried to kill him. She says since K didn’t come, he must have realized the truth that guy stole a waiter’s outfit. S: are you sure he didnt come today. she says: he didnt come today- If you don’t believe me ask him yourself. S looks up and sees K with H

K sees S coming up the stairs so he puts his arm around H and says are you really not going to tell me how you became a gisaeng. (K is trying to make it look like he has been spending time with her when S comes.) H says how can I trust you and reveal all that. K: if you cant trust me then why did you reveal you are a Korean. H: do you think you know my weakness now? K: bingo.

S tells her to leave but K says : what is it? just say what you want. S asks about his order to get D from the motel. K says : you didnt catch her? I went to the motel but they said she already went to the circus so I thought of course you caught her. S says dont you know what you are supposed to do when you get an order. K says sorry I should have reported in. S: you have another thing to report. why did you meet D earlier today-you even lied to me and said you went to angel club and met D. why? what is the reason? H speaks up and says maybe that girl is his hidden girlfriend. why ask something so obvious?  K tells her not to interfere. H: since you are angry she really must be your hidden girlfriend. that is why you deceived (S) and met her without me knowing.  K: I told you not to speak out of turn. how dare you say I am with a rebel girl. I am Sato Hiroshi- to my bones I am Japanese. S remembers how lackey said K was with D in the room for a long time and then left. then he remembers seeing K alone with D at the circus. S asks to speak to K alone. S leaves.

K turns H’s face to him and tells H- I am warning you- from here on just use your beautiful lips to sing. What (did you say)? Hidden girlfriend? Don’t kid around.

K goes outside to speak to S. K says you misunderstood something. S says : you didnt answer me yet. going so far as to lie to me – why did you meet D? you wouldnt let anyone come near and just met her the two of you. what is the reason?  K says I was on my way to angel club and I thought I saw Damsari (DS) at the club. D’s father. even if I went to the club, would I be able to find proof that he was there. I thought if he is here at the capitol there was no way his daughter wouldn’t know so I went to question her. S says why didn’t you tell me that then. why hide it and lie you went to angel.  K says she is the girl you love. I wasn’t even sure her dad was here and if i just told you unfounded info it would only trouble you.  S says don’t worry about that. she is the girl who loves gaksital –she loves the guy who beat my brother to death. S warns him not to think like that again. I wont forgive you again

Goji addresses the officers about how the newsletters for the event were set on fire and Park was attacked. He rubs it in and points out how taro bragged he caught gaksital and S got to wear the uniform and rise to his position overnight for catching gaksital.  every year the anniversary event was a time where terrible things happened. taro says those terrorists never succeeded though. goji says how the applause has to be heard throughout the land.  this time if there is another incidence with rebel terrorists you will all be held responsible.

Taro and S go into his office to talk. Taro says how goji is upset about not getting taro in trouble for what happened to Jo. so nothing can happen this time around like a bombing. you still dont know what those guys plans are huh? S says sorry – not to worry cuz thankfully we know who is going to be behind it. Lackey comes in and says the armory was emptied out.

Taro and them go to the armory and see that it was robbed. K watches them from around the corner. Lackey lists all the things that are missing like grenades and stuff. taro asks how it could get robbed. Lackey says only one person came to the station yesterday– a postman. Taro remembers the one he confronted and how he said he came to find Kangto. Taro says to look for DS.

DS and his group prepare for their attack. they put the bomb powder into a makeup powder cannister and sew the grenade into the lining of the hat and hide something in the gift box.

K is at the office when lackey comes in and asks for DS’s photo so abe gives it to him. K says in his head they know the truth that DS robbed the armory.

Taro looks at DS’s photo and crumbles it. S says no matter how impressive that guy is how could he think of robbing the armory. S asks if it’s possible one of the officers helped. taro asks if that means there is an inside man among the officers. S says when gaksital ran away he knew every corner of their was strange how he knew so much. Lackey says there is only one who fits that description who is korean. Taro guesses it’s K. maybe he is working with DS. S says K would recognize DS no matter what disguise DS wears. taro says K wasnt here so didnt he go with S. S says K never came to the hospital (when they went to the director’s office). S remembers back to another suspicious moment with K. when K asked what happened after Park was attacked. S says how his father’s spy told them so it was supposed to be certain (that the director was the target). S thinks he never came to the hospital so how did he know we were misinformed. taro tells lackey not to tell anyone of the officers that the armory was robbed. S orders the lackey to keep it a secret from K and not tell him anything. Taro asks if S suspects K and S says I have to keep an eye on him.

K asks abe to see the VIP list. He calls about a name on the list. He says one name Choe is suspicious so how was he given an invitation. The woman says Lee’s wife gave it to them especially. K asks for contact info for that person but she wont give it so K says I will ask Lee’s wife. S comes over and asks what he is doing and sees it’s the VIP list. K says I was going through and verifying their IDs. S doesnt think it’s possible any of the rebels would be on the list. K: if they were on this list it would be big trouble. it’s ridiculous. S calls for everyone to gather

S goes over where the officers need to be tonight guarding all the exits and stationed on all four sides. S says we dont know if the rebels will be wearing disguises so inspect thoroughly. S is about to say he will inspect the people on the VIP list but K offers to do it. S ignores him and says I will do that myself. but K says you dont know DS. thousands officers that couldnt catch DS and I caught him. even if he disguised himself he cant deceive my eyes. K: please leave it up to me. I will catch him. S says if any problem happens then K has to take responsibility if anything happens since he was in charge of inspection. do you still want to take on the inspection duty? K: I will take responsibility. S entrusts the inspection to K. K wonders why S didn’t talk about the armory robbery. Now K is suspecting S. S goes over the VIP list again

DS and the woman posing as his wife arrive with D who is wearing the worst disguise ever -heels, a nice dress, and a different hairstyle. She is going to pose as his secretary. her dad tells her to smile cuz she was frowning. the woman tells D to wait in the car. They go in to see Lee and his wife and D waits outside by the car

DS thanks them for the invitations. Lee says giving him invitations is nothing compared to DS saving their lives (on the train). The wife compliments Lee’s wife for looking so beautiful. She says there is time so let’s have some tea

K pulls up to Lee’s home and sees D standing there cuz she decided to disobey and not wait in the car. he looks right at her and pretends not to have recognized her. she gets in the car and asks the driver what to do cuz K went inside. others might not but this guy will recognize her dad. the driver says let’s just trust her dad and wait. he asks are you sure K didn’t recognize you at all.  she says if he recognized me he wouldn’t have gone in like that.

K is announced and Lee asks why he came without an appointment suddenly. his wife checks out K and appreciates his looks so she tells her husband-it’s ok cuz he spoke to me over the phone a while ago. she asks what he wants and why they needed to meet so urgently. K says there might be a terrorist attack by DS at the event tonight. Lee gets upset cuz there is gaksital and now DS the terrorist. Lee tries to get out of going by acting sick saying he is getting a fever and wants her to go alone but his wife says you have to attend. after the governor, you are the one who has to be sure to be there. Lee asks if there will be strict security. K asks for persmission to tell them about the security situation for a short time. DS wonders to himself if K really doesn’t recognize him. Lee says hurry and tell us.

K goes over the layout and tells them how the night’s event security will be in great detail about the checkpoint and stuff.  like where all the officers will be stationed. then the inspection for VIP and how it will be handled. Lee’s wife asks why he is telling this to them in detail in advance. K says tonight is to celebrate uniting japanese and koreans and how it’s his job as an officer to protect their safety. Lee’s wife compliments him. K says I will be going. K walks away thinking DS has to understand what I said and quit his mission.

D is about to get out of the car but K comes out so she gets back in the car. K walks by her and gets in his car. he takes a quick look at her and drives off

Lee’s wife asks DS and his wife to wait while Lee changes clothes.

DS’s “wife” asks if K knew about them and came. He says if K knew he would have arrested me and taken me away and not just leave. She feels like a star for getting all that info in advance. DS wants to do this alone and asks her to run away with D, but she switches her makeup powder from her purse and Lee’s wife’s purse. So that it goes through inspection safely since it’s Lee’s wife’s purse. (the content was the bomb) DS and the woman have a moment cuz they know they wont come out of this alive. She says it’s good that I can leave with you. he says I am going to send Booni away first and goes out

DS goes to the car and speaks to D. she asks did you see K. what did he say. he says thankfully K didn’t recognize me. dont worry. He orders the driver to take D and run away from the capitol. She says I was supposed to go with you. did K recognize you? is that why. is that why you are sending me away first? He tells her: listen to me. K reported about the security for tonight in front of Lee. he said even the alleys would be guarded so where you were going to wait for me is impossible. listen to me and leave now. D: what about you? how will you get out if we arent there. He says how he escaped 7 times. don’t worry about me. You are damsari’s daughter. They hug. He tells the driver to leave now. (DS is sending D away cuz this is a suicide mission so he doesn’t want D around)

Lee and his wife come out and they all leave

Baek asks K why tell me something that urgent now -in the middle of this if I had gotten involved, I could have met him and convinced him. K says i sincerely wanted him to succeed. until yesterday everything was going to plan but suddenly starting from this morning.  baek: what are you going to do now?  K says he told DS the information so that he would understand so I have to hope he wont show up. baek: they will show up. they are willing to lose their lives and they arent people who will lose their opportunity. K says even if he shows up I am in charge of inspection so without the officers knowing, i have to get rid of the bomb in advance. that is the only way to save DS. baek: without the officers knowing. what if you get caught too? K: even if i get caught, I cant let DS die. Baek says: young master I cant let you die.

The event goes underway.

DS’s wife and her purse go through inspection ok cuz the guard doesnt even check it.  Lee’s wife says this person is Cho’s wife who i invited. her purse gets checked.

There is a separate inspection for men and DS is in line to be checked by K. K is about to let DS go through but S shows up and looks at DS’s face. DS strikes up a conversation with Lee and Park about selling gold to set up his school while K goes through the gift for the governor. S walks over to them. K reports to S that there is nothing wrong so far. DS pretends to need to tie his shoelaces and hands his hat over for Lee to hold.  S asks to see DS’s ID so Lee says DS is their close friend. DS says it’s ok cuz the young man is working hard. DS hands over his ID. S compares the two photos and says you are choi tae wan. DS thinks K will know that name but K pretends he doesn’t know that name. when S lets DS through, K breathes a sigh of relief

D gets out of the car and says I cant run away just to save myself. you two go first. The guy says the gift for the governor is going to be used as a bomb (inside) and the other guy stationed has another bomb to be used to get them safely out. D realizes that is why the dead guy Park tried to kill K cuz K can recognize her dad. the guy says he has to take her to safety and go help the other guy.  She wants to help but he says it will be more dangerous for her dad if she stays. he says she has to go alone. she says I want to help my dad -like dad I want to put my life on the line and fight. I can do this too. Entrust me. He agrees and says get in the car.

The event starts and everyone claps and the governor makes a speech. He says something about Koreans and Japanese. Goji stands and claps so everyone else stands and claps. Governor says bansai. Next Lala comes up to lead the song – I think some national anthem. During that moment DS reaches for a hand grenade hidden in his hat and S reacts quickly and takes the grenade away. He beats up DS.

K stands by and watches helplessly as DS is beaten by S. DS’s wife reaches for her purse. K notices her sneaking away.

Another officer watches her and follows her out of suspicion. K goes after both of them. She walks down the hall with the bomb, K takes out the officer and knocks him out. K goes back to the room where S tells them to lift DS up and drag him away.

S faces K and tells him to catch the wife that came with DS. K goes over to Lee’s wife and asks where the wife is but she says I don’t know. taro gives Lee and his wife scary looks.

D is outside with the other two guys looking at the clock. More officers arrive so D gets worried.

The event continues. Governor is scolding goji. H pours champagne and nods for the governor to go on stage and make a speech. He says there was a short interruption. Let’s make a toast to the Japanese empire.

Suddenly the governor’s glass shatters. Gaksital shot something to break it. he stands in the middle of the room and fights the officers. Governor tries to lead lala away to safety but she wont move. Taro tries to shoot gaksital and shoots innocent people in the process. People run out of the room. S goes back inside and lackey takes DS away. Jun grabs a sword to fight but H stops him and says let’s see the skills of the officers.

Taro is still shooting willy nilly trying to hit gaksital but he shoots an officer. Gaksital knocks down taro and jumps and catches a sword that was tossed in the air. Gaksital uses it to cut down the banner.

Then he holds that sword to taro’s throat. S comes running in and aims his gun so taro instructs S to shoot –don’t worry about your father and shoot. S obeys and shoots.


Video Preview

Taro gets fired

S promises to catch Gaksital and serve his dad again (I think as in reinstate taro)

Taro wonders how DS was able to get close to Lee

Lee’s wife asks: we can get out of this right?

K thanks Lee’s wife

S asks K: where were you? K: what do you mean?

DS is arrested so the woman hugs D and says sorry I didn’t come out with your father.

leader Jo asks D: is there a way to help DS escape? D: the only thing we can do is use S

Written preview by Sparkskey:

As Gaksital runs to avoid Shunji’s gun at the banquet, he runs into Katsuyama who drew his long sword and cut him.

Mokdan waiting for Damsari to appear near the Governor-General building feels like her heart is being torn apart when she sees Gaksital being cut by the blade.

The next day, Kimura is fired because of the disaster the night before as he was responsible for security that night. Shunji, already finding Kangto’s actions suspicious, makes him in charge of questioning the captured Damsari


65 comments on “Bridal Mask E13

  1. I feel so exhausted after watch JW had to run so fast with so many takes in this bts, and then he looked extremely exhausted after the fight scene @2:42, coz he never want to use the stunt.
    I hope he will always happy & joyful, coz a cheerful heart is a source of strength & good medicine 🙂


    • bbblue73 says:

      Thanks my dear Yanna for sharing.
      I’m impressed at Joowon’s action scene esp in the last part. WOW, clap clap clap.


    • SS says:

      Yanna, you mean the Gaksital fighting in the last scene is actually Joowon and not the stuntman????

      OMG! My jaw just hit the floor! You got to be kiddin!! This guy can do somersault, forward roll and that level of kickass martial arts acting?

      *****lying on floor spazzing********


      • That’s what I think, it was JW (he’s taller than other guys) not the stuntman, and also I think KBS wouldn’t put a stuntman in the bts video for us to watch, right?? hehe, I probably wrong too 😛


        • SS says:

          I can’t tell but I thought I heard someone shouted “Joowon” at the end of the last shoot.

          I vaguely remember Joowon’s body double. He looked more ‘compatible’ with Joowon than Kang San and his stunt doubles. But you are right, he is still shorter than Joowon.


    • umi says:

      omg joo won, you never stop to amaze me…thank you yanna dear..


    • N says:

      was that really JW in the last scene?! WOW!!
      that deserves a huge applause. I thought that was probably a stuntman, my goodness, what is he eating for him to move that fast? Think about how much practice goes into choreographing that one scene…and he’s had so many of them so far!

      He is so legit 🙂


    • bbblue73 says:

      Ok, watching this preview makes me realize to withdraw my plan with dear loverz to kick out Katsuyama’s (jun) butt coz he almost cut K’s arm, but it’s just only a piece of cake for K. lol
      Anyway, Mokdan’s eyes with thick eyeliner reminds me of someone that still exist in our lives, LOL.
      Hugs dearest Yanna.


  2. SS says:

    another female actress lavishing praises on Joowon. This time, the actress who play the spy girl from circus.

    “To be honest, should thank the Hallyu star who rejected this role. Joowon’s Gaksital is fantastic. In the beginning, when it was known that Joowon will be taking the role as Gaksital, quite a number of people were worried. Although Joowon is a good actor, he is still a newbie. Hence, there was this concern.

    But in reality, because of Joowon’s outstanding performance, everyone now is full of praise. From a perspective of a viewer, I am very satisfied. I often feel that this role is rightfully Joowon’s , from the very beginning. ”

    Facing the camera, acting the evil imperial police officer, crying with such abandonment and vulnerability, wearing the bridal mask as the hero Gaksital, Joowon has perfected it. Especially the scene where he faced the tragic deaths of his brother and mother. Seo Yun -A chose that scene where Lee Kang To wailed at his loss as the best scene.

    “Joowon’s cry was the masterpiece. In reality, if I was really there, it will be difficult to watch. Usually, Joowon will call me “Noona, noona”. If I see the adorable child-like him, suddenly crying so wretchedly, my tears will flow.”

    When asked what is Joowon like in real life, Seo Yun A smiled gently like a mother. “In real life, Joowon is very lovable, very kind, very lively. And he also like aegyo. Although I am older than him by 1 year, he is the one who initiated talking to me, for that I am thankful. He will ask “Noona, how are you?”or often : “Gye Soon is so annoying” Then I will apologise and say” Yes, she is indeed annoying. So sorry to Mok Dan”


    LOL!!! Joowon you are really a lady killer.


  3. Another adorable bromance bts video 🙂 credit to 200032SH


  4. Another bts, this time is PKW…
    Gosh, I keep finding bts videos on YT, feels like finding easter eggs on easter eggs hunting. Thanks to 200032SH 🙂


  5. bbblue73 says:

    Even Eunjeong watch Gaksital during her break.


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