Big E11

omg this drama is the best thing EVER… my fingers flew over the keys in sheer glee….my heart did some summersaults too. 🙂

I have been a long time Hong sisters fan, but this drama took my love for their work to a new height. I thought there was no way they could top MGIAG or YAB, but now Big has shot up to number one out of their dramas. I love how they weave in so many metaphors instead of utilizing just straight cut dialogue. Every line D and K say to each other sounds meaningless on a superficial level but it’s imbued with so much love and desperation to hold onto the person they love. Right now K and D are walking on eggshells around each other – careful not to burden one another and looking out for each other, but even if they dance around their feelings for each other, denial won’t slow down their love much longer. Sooner or later, love will prevail and the fireworks of emotion that will erupt are going to be something amazing to behold. Judging from that spoiler preview, it’s going to be worth every second of anticipation.

Thanks to semi-fly for her super fast torrents and Sparkskey for written preview translations. 🙂

Written before it aired: When I heard about the bts of the kiss scene between Gong Yoo and Suzy, I just had to track it down. I think I watched that on repeat like 5 times in a row. It’s soooo cute how many takes it took to get that scene down –cuz GY kept messing up and Suzy had to keep kissing him. the director accused  GY of feeling pressure and enjoying this so GY  denies it. the director said this is the first time in two months that I saw you doing this. so GY goes along with it and says “ok you are right.” Then another voice says this is the first time you admitted so easily. It’s like GY was fighting a losing battle cuz no one believed him. then Suzy messed up her lines and it was time to turn the tables on her so GY eagerly teased her by saying “you – suzy –you.” sometimes the bts seems just as entertaining and realistic as certain scenes from the drama.



Starts from K patting the seat next to her and saying when YJ comes back to his place next to you I will disappear. I will totally disappear. I will live really well somewhere else so you just worry about SYJ who will come back.he starts to walk off so she holds onto him and asks are you really going to just disappear. K: then are you going to chase after me? if you are going to be unlaced like this then I will just take you away. he makes her sit down and ties her laces. K: it’s come undone.  tie it tightly – and dont look back at KKJ who will have run off really far away. just go on the path you were meant to go on well. until then let’s get along well. (meaning reign in your feelings for me and stay with YJ and dont look back). D: ok. K: you keep having that look like you are in so much pain that you will die so it keeps making this kid worry about the grownup. making me feel burdened. D: that’s right I shouldnt be like this in front of you. I have to tie the laces to my senses tightly. you tied it tightly right? K:  I tied it really tightly –are you ok? D: then it will never come undone/unlaced. let’s go. K: maybe the blood is not flowing. D: it’s ok. let’s go. She walks ahead of him. D: hurry up and come.


D eats ramen quickly so K says if she eats like that she wont feel well. but he used the phrase -her insides will feel pressured/burdened so she replies: since it’s making me feel burdened, dont look and go sleep. K: why do you feel burdened by me? Cuz I am young? if a kid is smart, good looking, and has a lot of money, wherever you put him he will live well. he wont beg you for one bite of your ramen so dont worry. D: when you go back you will be alone. K: if that is what bothers you dont worry. he shows the art exhibit brochure with Professor Park’s pic and says- I am going to find my father


CS watches M in disguise taking pics of professor park. he compliments her on her natural paparazzi skills and she says from a long time ago she perfected this skill chasing after KJ. she shows him the photo she took and CS compliments the pic. Just then YJ’s dad arrives so she wonders who that ajussi is. Yj’s dad is talking with park asking park if he remembers anything about the man he met in NY who HS was going to marry. cuz there is no connection/tie to meet KJ. Park says I heard he had a daughter KJ’s age. her name was Mari. just then M took some more photos. but in the photos only YJ’s dad’s back is visible. CS gets in her shot so she shoves him away telling him to move aside. she takes more photos and gets in a shot of YJ’s dad’s face.


YJ’s parents meet. she says YJ and their new daughter in law are coming to their hotel lobby now so let’s try to look like we are getting along.  He says I think KJ is in korea so I can find him


K walks with D to go meet YJ’s parents. He says this is the first time seeing that ajussi. since YJ’s mom didnt want to meet him, I thought that’s good and didnt meet him too. D tells him how she met the dad a long time ago with YJ.  he was really quiet and hard to talk to. he is a doctor too.

Yj’s mom asks: is that why you came? I dont want anything to do with it. no matter what- do not tell YJ about it either. he says: he is YJ’s younger brother and your son-so don’t you feel bad about that kid being alone? She looks at KJ’s mom’s photo and says he is not my son he is this woman KHS’s son

K says: it’s more than enough that I am my mother’s son but since he is someone my mom loved, I am curious about what kind of person he is.


YJ’s dad reminds her: you were the one who requested HS to have our child in our place. the mom says: I didnt need a child, I needed that child’s umbilical cord. cuz with that we could save our YJ. you agreed too.  now after all this time, do you have the confidence to meet and say you have a son who is alive.  You didn’t have that kid out of love – but you made that kid out of necessity. and you gave that kid to that woman.


K and D look at his miracle photo. K says: that person who is my father must have wanted to meet me cuz he left me this. since he must have loved my mom a lot and had me. D: then why are there two kids. maybe you have a real brother. K: a brother? something like that is possible.


YJ’s mom makes her husband promise not to talk about that other kid to YJ. He says: something he doesnt remember anything about, I wont make him remember on purpose. The dad puts away KJ’s mom’s photo


YJ’s parents walk out and meet K. the mom says you came. K: yes mother. His dad says to K: it’s been a long time. K: yes father. D comes over and bows. The dad says sorry I couldnt come for the wedding. D: no it’s ok. The mom says let’s go back up and then go cuz -your father bought a wedding present for his only son. let’s go up and then go.


While the mom goes to get the present, the dad says to K: sorry I couldnt come when I heard you got hurt.  are you feeling ok? K: I am still not well. to tell you the truth, even though they say you are my father, you seem like a stranger I saw for the first time. the dad says it will get better. we are related so how could we be like strangers. K: since he is your only son so of course to the two of you it will be good to see each other. the dad realizes YJ doesnt remember anything so he repeats: only son? you really dont remember anything at all huh? K: what? dad: it’s nothing. are you still taking a break from the hospital. he reaches to pat K’s back but K reaches for the art exhibit brochure with professor park on the cover. K asks: do you know this person? dad: do you remember professor park? K: SYJ would know this person too then. dad: yes. like your mom said, you talk like you seem to be another person. K: I will come back to myself soon. dad: you should. he takes the brochure back and K’s mom’s photo drops out of his planner.


K picks it up but didn’t see the front (so K doesn’t know whose photo that was). K puts it with the dad’s planner and says to the dad: it will seem like we are strangers cuz you arent used to it but just think another son came for a short time. K shrugs like a kid.


over dinner, YJ’s mom asks D to come with her and attend a gathering for wives of doctors this weekend. The mom explains she has been going to that gathering for a long time ever since she got married so she wants to introduce D to them while the mom is in korea. D: yes. the mom starts to pick apart stuff about D.  the mom asks if D normally always wears clothes like this. D: yes. the mom says before i go, go shopping with me. you dont have a separate car you ride huh? on that day, let’s get you a car too. D tries to say I dont need those things. but the mom explains you need those things to keep up YJ’s image. if you knew to take care of that on your own then I wouldnt have to take care of it separately like this. K keeps drinking water and trying to hold back. D bows her head and says I am sorry. K says to D: she is doing that for this face’s image so you shouldnt say I am sorry. lift your head properly and say thank you. K says to the mom: DR shi is embarrassed so I will say thank you in her place since I am brazen.  give me your credit card. there is no need to go with her since it will be bothersome. I will just use the card for the amount my face is worth. how much were you thinking? cuz I dont know how highly you think of my face’s image. the mom asks if she did anything wrong by saying to go with D to do volunteer work. K speaks the truth and says: putting new clothes on her to wear, getting her a new car, that’s not doing charity/volunteer work – that’s a place you are going to show off (flaunt) how much money you have. the dad says sternly: YJ ah. K says to the dad: ajussi-  father -it’s cuz you always leave mother alone so she got into strange gatherings and is doing stuff like that. the mom says this isnt strange gatherings. it’s a gathering for famous hospital directors (owners) wives and not just anyone can join. K puts them in their place and says: then you and DR are “just anyone” so you cant join too. cuz father is not a hosptial director. so the mom explains even if your father  was not in charge of a hospital -he was still a famous doctor. She asks her husband: werent you. he mumbles a yes. K smiles and says you stil cant. hurry and set up a hospital. before then it’s too humiliating so I cant send her (D) out anywhere. going out to flaunt money and getting deflated -it’s better not to do that. the mom says before your dad went to africa he was in charge of a hospital. she asks her husband: werent you. the dad says to K: yes. you must not be able to remember YJ but I was. K is quick to point out: but you arent one now. dont insist and just give me the card. the parents are speechless and D suppresses her laughter.


D and K go car shopping. She asks if he is really going to by a car for real. K says those people were sincere – they werent just saying it without meaning it. didnt you hear them awhile go trying so hard to say they have a lot of money and used to be in charge of a hospital. if you ignore that then it’s not proper manners. D: they were just talking so why get a car. he chooses one and says this will be good for you. try getting in. D: I really dont need a car. I cant even drive. K: fine then I will choose a good one. he chooses a silver one. D: KJ ah.


Then he takes her shopping for clothes. He points and starts from one end of the rack to the other end and says “starting from here to here.” D: how can you buy all this without even trying it on? K: then try them on. He sits and waits and as she comes out in each outfit,  he keeps saying the same thing “it’s not bad so buy it.” she tried to say I dont need to buy them. for real- I am ok. how can I wear this when I go out to do volunteer work. then she wears a flashy red one that catches his interest so he says “that one is bad (flashy/improper) so buy it.” LOL. then she tries on another one and he says “that’s not bad- wear it out and go”

*I love how he turns her around, like he’s checking them out as a couple, instead of just her alone (-Fanderay)

They shopped a lot. he carries a lot of bags for her.


on the way home in the car, K says the car will come out in a few days. if they see how much their card was used to that extent, SYJ’s face (image) cost comes out to quite a bit. She says YJ’s parents were shocked cu YJ was such a kind son. K says: if the son is nice, you end up suffering. in this world, there arent just nice sons, there are awful sons like this too so the two of them need to know that.


D is drinking so K asks what she is doing. She says cuz I have been turned around by you, I keep feeling apologetic to YJ. K: if it’s hard for you gil teacher, i will get rid of KKJ inside and SYJ came. in order to switch I have to be in pain so K holds his head and pretends to be in pain. K: it hurts – KKJ left and he is coming. SYJ -is here. he looks up and speaks like YJ would: DR shi- it’s been a long time. D: what are you doing. K: during the time I didnt see you, you got prettier. I liked you cuz you were pretty, but aside from a few wrinkles-you are still pretty as always. D: KKJ dont do that. K: I said I was YJ shi.  ah that’s right. my trademark is my warm hands right so K warms up his hand and touches her arm. DR shi- is it warm?


D smiles and says: you say you are YJ shi? stop it and wake me up by doing pweeng pweeng again. K: ah you want Pweeng pweeng. I am serious YJ shi so I cant do stuff like that. suddenly K does pweeng pweeng as YJ. She laughs. He says speaking as YJ: so you liked stuff like this? D: these days I hang out with a kid so I became childish. K: ah you like childish stuff? then I will play for you a song I heard till I got sick of it cuz of a certain bear and rabbit at the hospital kid’s play room. He sits on the table and pretends to play the fry pan as a guitar and sings the pororo song about the kid penguin. She laughs so K: now you dont have any (worries). D: it’s cuz you made me laugh KJ. K: that was SYJ making you laugh. were you laughing looking at KKJ? seeing at how you laughed looking at KKJ, now you have the energy to hold onto the rope to come to your senses. since Kang pororo sang a song now you Gil Patty sing a song too. he passes the fry pan to her. let’s hear it. D: what song. she covers her face and takes it with her. K:why are you being so cheap when I worked so hard to sing the pororo song. why are you like that. leave the fry pan before you go.


She goes into her room and tells herself to come to your senses. Is this a time for you to laugh looking at him. I am really going to go crazy


K wonders if D is like that cuz of YJ’s mom looking down on her.maybe I shouldnt have sang the pororo song. but she sang it with me


D tells herself-I decided to wait for him. thinking of anything else is a betrayal. in order not to think of anything else, I need to not think of nothing at all. what can I do not to think of anything.  She gets out some thread. D: this is it.


she sews and says it’s nice cuz I can concentrate on the needle (sewing). This is why women from a long time ago focused on sewing while waiting for their husbands to come back. There is a scene from long time ago when someone during joseon times waited for her husband to come back -until the day he came back, during those long nights she didnt think of anything and focused on sewing. Some guy plays the pororo song outside her room so she looks away and asks herself:  what are you doing- you cant give your heart to the your man next door playing the pororo song. she stabs herself with the needle. In reality D pricks her finger too and tells herself- don’t think of anything else and just look at the needle and think of nothing


AK asks if D’s finger injuries are ok. You look tired. D: I did something at night. AK is shocked and thinks D is being obvious about being a newlywed. AK says loudly for Na to hear that AK is going to marry soon. I am going on a blind date today at the hangkook hotel coffee shop at 7pm. AK wonders if Na heard. D says he did. AJL it doesnt matter if he heard or not. now we are nothing to each other. do you think I will wait for that guy.  D advises AK:  if waiting is hard for you too-try sewing. it’s the best for not thinking of anything


M shows pics to K of professor park that M took. M: does he resemble you do you think? hurry and look. K: I am not sure. if he is my father shouldnt he be more good looking? M: but he is smart. does this person not seem like your father? K takes the photos to look through them and says “he could be. among the artwork mom collected this person’s drawing was there too. even if he isnt, he might know the person who is my father.” He sees photos of park with YJ’s dad. he says that’s YJ’s dad. M: really? is he really doctor seo’s father? K: he said they knew each other so they must be close.  M:  maybe he knows about my father so ask him. K says I don’t really like running into SYJ’s parents. when I meet them I dont feel that great. M: you must not like being their son. anyway it’s your bday soon so I hope you can find your dad before then. he says-yes it’s my bday. the reason I came back from america is cuz of that too. M: to have a bday party? K: if everything works out fine what I prepared in america, let’s have a bday party. M: what did you do in america? K: to prepare to live alone well


The aunt and uncle share a drink and talk about KJ’s inheritance- if KJ passes his bday this time, it’s the end of them taking care of his trust fund so what to do. uncle says since KJ is still lying there like that so they should continue to take care of his trust. aside from us there is no one else. the aunt says that doctor said strange things like about how he knows the secret number. uncle: he was just saying that-how could he know he KJ?


K meets with some attorneys regarding KJ’s inheritance. after KKJ reaches 18 yrs of age on June 24th, SYJ becomes the sole trustee of the property left by KHS (his mom). all legal procedures have been cleared and executed after verifying that the power of attorney was drawn up by mr Kang himself to prove valid. mr seo is permitted to administer the trust account using the pin number given. the estimated inheritance amounts to 4 and a half million dollars. The money will be administered by mr Seo as the legal trustee until mr kang requests otherwise of course. K says: I am sure KJ will start managing the account by himself very soon. thank you sir. He walks away saying cuz I am an adult on the outside so it’s useful to take care of matters like this


K meets with D and buys her Peking duck and tells her to eat a lot cuz she didn’t get to go to china. D: did something good happen? K: if something good happens to me then do you like that? D gets defensive and says: why would I like you? K: never mind if you dont. I didnt buy this cuz I like you. I have a favor to ask so I am buying you this. D:what? he shows the brochure of the professor and says this person knows SYJ.I was going to go with Mari but i cant as SYJ so I thought if I went with you, it would seem more natural. you are going to do that for the cost of the meal right? D: of course- I said I would help you find your dad. She doesn’t eat the duck the right way and starts eating it just piece by piece so he says:gil teacher are you trying to be obvious that you didnt go to china? you are supposed to wrap this up and eat it. he makes a wrap for her and feeds her. K: another one? she gets flustered and says other things are more delicious. she eats some soup and says it’s hot and spicy. she fans herself saying it’s hot. he asks since the weather is hot- why eat something hot and spicy.

K fans her two different ways – one is KJ’s way (“kang wind” strong wind – out of control) and SYJ’s way is (seo wind) west wind. he goes back and forth fanning both ways. but she likes looking at him so she tells him to stop. K: you said you were hot? D: i am ok. K: this time it’s my turn. he tells her to fan him with her Gil wind. She covers her face and mutters I am going to go crazy. she says let’s stop eating and go. K: go? what about the duck


D goes to her room and says I’ve gone insane. is this a time for me to look at him and enjoy the wind. I cant even iron out my crumpled heart. She decides to iron her blanket – to smooth out/calm her heart.


She imagines back in joseon days –drinking water and spraying the item she is going to iron. (gross) While waiting for the night her husband comes back and ironing all night and calm her heart. A guy’s shadow fans and wind comes through. She says I am going to go crazy. even if the young man next door blows wind, I cant let my heart waver.


She tells herself – iron out my heart. K knocks and comes in and asks: aren’t you hot ironing with the door closed. she speaks in sageuk voice that she is ironing her heart now. so go back.  He asks if she is filming a sageuk (cuz she is speaking like joseon times and doing things from back then) like sewing and ironing . She says whatever I do – you dont need to pay attention to it. He asks: tell me what is making your face crinkle up these days. I will iron it out for you. D: if you are next to me it will become more crinkled. K: Are you feeling uneasy about seeing this guy’s face? that if he comes back you might be dumped? that’s why you are doing this in advance saying how you are a woman who is waiting. are you going that in advance? D: yes that’s what i am doing so dont interrupt and go. K: ok KKJ who is interrupting will get lost for you but you must be scared of SYJ who will be coming back. cuz you will want him to take responsibility since you waited so earnestly. for anyyone else who knows it will make them suffocate. but since YJ is a good about taking responsibility so even if it’s hot he will hang in there. work hard. D: that’s right so dont interrupt and give this back. she takes the water spray from him.


When he leaves he hears her yell cuz the iron fell on her and burned her leg. he runs back in and asks what’s wrong. she says I got burned. he asks where. let me see. she says it burns. he takes her to the bathroom and runs cold water on her leg.


She says I will do it. he says just be still – it might scar. She says it will be better when I put medicine on it. K: what to do if it scars cuz YJ likes you cuz you are pretty. So make him take responsibility cuz this happened while you were waiting for him. D: you said it would suffocate him. K: even if it suffocates him tell him to endure. tell him to do everything you want. D looks sad and says: ok. K is asking about her leg:Does it hurt? but D answers about her heart: yes it hurts. K: should I keep staying like this? D looks at him and says: yes keep staying. He tends to her burn by blowing on it


AK’s date says cuz she is cute she must be popular with the kids. Na walks in so AK is happy and calls out to him and runs over to Na. AK: did you come to stop my blind date. then you should have come faster. Why did you come now. She hugs him. A guy asks what Na is doing. Na came to meet his friends. She asks if that’s why he came. She lets go cuz he came to his meeting with his childhood friends. She runs off and falls.


AK is outside crying saying how much she waited for him. Na comes over and gives her the other shoe. He says he looked everywhere for her. I thought about it why you did that awhile ago but I cant figure it out. she asks if he really doesn’t know. he says I don’t. she kicks him in the knee so he has to bend  down in pain and she kisses him and leaves


Ma and CS are shopping. She asks him: does this look like your sister’s style. CS: I dont understand. buying and wearing clothes that are my sister’s style, spying on a grandpa and chasing after him like a paparazzi, stalking him and then going with my brother in law to his exhibit, is for the sake of KKJ who is laid up. M smiles and nods yes. CS: oh it’s complicated. she goes over and tells him to empty his mind. just look with your eyes.   She asks is this pretty on me. He says it’s pretty. M: then it’s good. He says since I emptied my mind and am only looking at you it’s nice cuz it’s not complicated. M holds up and outfit and says if I dress like this then I will look good with KJ. CS scowls. She gets a text from K. how he is going with D to the art exhibit and will report to M later after he comes back. M is disappointed not to be going with K. M: I changed how I look so that it suits him. (meaning she was ready to disguise herself to look older for him)


At the art exhibit, K asks if it’s ok for D to walk. D: did I break my bone? i only got a burn. I am ok. he offers his arm so she says I dont need to be supported. he points out to other couples linking arms and says: are those women doing that cuz they cant walk? so D takes his arm.


She wonders where Bang is. K says since this is his exhibit he will show up.  let’s just look at the artwork. She stares at him and ask if he is nervous. good thing you gave me your arm for support. she holds on more so he smiles. K: the person we are meeting today my mom knows well so even though he doesnt turn out to be my father we can find out who he is. D: it will turn out well. she says how there are a lot of flowers. are they going to pack all those up to go. K: how can they pack up all of those. after the exhibit they will throw them out. She says how pretty the sunflowers are cuz she likes them. if they are going to throw them out then I can come back when it ends and pick it up. he asks why – so that she can pick out the sunflower seeds today.


D gets a call from YJ’s mom. the mom asks if D is going with her to that gathering she mentioned last time. D: yes. mom says to prepare let’s meet today.  D told her I am out with YJ right now at the exhibit for professor park. The mom panics and asks: YJ is meeting professor park? D: yes but he hasnt been able to meet him yet. the mom says dont stay there and leave with him right now. D: what? the mom says bring YJ and come here. D: but right now it’s a little…. but the mom yells: come when I tell you. K takes the phone and tells the mom – mother we are inside the exhibit so I will hang up now. K tells D: why were you hesitating – should have just told her you couldnt. D gets another call so K tells her not to pick up. answering phones at places like this is rude manners. D: then when we leave let’s call her.


They walk over and see park. D: he is over there.  K says he is doing an interview so let’s wait.


M says he didn’t tell me not come so I can go. She gets a call from her dad. daddy? why? KJ didn’t come back yet. what? Who is looking for K? who?


Park says to YJ: it’s been a long time. K says congratulations on your exhibit and introduces D as the woman he married. D says it’s the first time we met. bang congratulates her on her wedding. did the two of you come together? K : yes. I had something to ask you. do you know Kang hee sook? park says  of course I know her cuz she was my student. K then do you know about her son KKJ? park: I heard you had an accident. Don’t you remember meeting me last year at all. K: yes I dont have any memories of my past. park: Why are you asking about HS and her son. K: you have something to confirm. please look at it and tell me if you drew it. park was just about to look at the miracle photo but before he can YJ’s mom shows up. she says hello to park.  park says it;s been a long time since we met. she asks: you met my husband and heard about YJ right? park: yes I heard. K tells the mom: I have something to discuss with this person. but the mom asks to speak to YJ first and takes K away. park tells D- since I saw YJ, I don’t know what he wanted to know about HS to come but tell him I dont have anything to say.


K asks the mom what’s going on. she asks what he asked professor park. K: i asked him about that kid KKJ. mom: why would you? K: cuz he was in an accident with me and in the hospital. I wanted to find who his father was. that person knows his mother well so I was in the middle of asking him. Since you know professor park do you two know his mother? her name is KHS. She says we dont know that person at all. I heard her name for the first time. I don’t think you should get involved in that kid’s matters.  M calls him over-doctor seo. K tells the mom: I will take care of this on my own so dont bother with it. he walks over to M


M says to K: that professor ajussi is not your father. K:what? M: My father just called and he said your father is looking for you

park says  to D: it’s too bad I couldnt attend your wedding. D: we did it so suddenly so I am sorry. park: did you know you ended up having that wedding cuz of me? D:what? park: YJ must not have told you. you two met cuz of an accident at the wedding hall? D: yes. park: at that time YJ ran out in a hurry to meet me and bumped into you when you were holding a bouquet and ended up meeting you. D: back then when YJ left in a hurry it was cuz of you professor? park: yes, thanks to me he ended up getting married so he was grateful. the two of you look really good together. park gets called away. D says to herself that S said YJ followed after her. M and K come over. K: let’s go now. there is no need to stay here anymore. M says that person is not K’s father. K’s real father is looking for him. Later they will end up meeting. D: that’s good. K asks what’s wrong. D says I have to meet someone to confirm something so I will be going first. D leaves. M asks K: let’s the two of us look at the artwork eat dinner then go.


they walk out and M says: if my mom and dad found out more certainly then we could have gone to meet him right away. anyway they told him the hospital so he will come to find you there.  K sees the flowers being taken away. K says maybe I should have followed her (D). M thinks he was talking about park. M: I told you that grandpa was not your dad. K says I have to go home-something must have happened to gil teacher. M:arent you going to the hospital? is gil DR teacher more important than finding your dad. K: yes-instead of a dad I never even saw once, gil teacher is more important. she was injured but came with me.


K goes and buys the sunflowers. K: for how much will you throw this away to me

*these flowers represent K cuz he was thrown away and D picked him up.

He takes the flowers and tries to find a good place for her to find them at the home. K: i have to throw it away where she will see it so she will pick it up.  He tries a variety of ways but doesnt think she will be able to find it. then when he puts it way on top- cuz she wont be able to see it cuz she is too short. then he tries putting them one by one on the stairs and says why didnt I think of this before. then he decides it’s too greasy. K practices saying: they threw it away so come pick it up. he finally just puts them on the table and says this is the best way.


D meets with S. D: the day I first met YJ -the reason why YJ left in a hurry wasnt cuz of you.  S: why bring that up now. D: it’s very important to me. S says: that could be. when YJ was distracted before the wedding,  I thought it was cuz of me but there was another problem that distracted him.  D: what is that. S says it has nothing to do with me. I will admit that day YJ’s heart didnt waver cuz of me. D asks why YJ had S”s home key. S says he never came even once. I expected him to come but he never once came inside my home with that. Are you happy now? Do you feel better. D says you interfered and messed everything up by making me misunderstand and that’s all you have to say. S: what does that matter now. You already married YJ. i am busy so I will be going now. S leaves


D walks and remembers YJ saying I should take responsibility- for your life. what you wanted to know a while ago – could you ask again. D: do you love me? YJ: where are you now. I will meet you and tell you in person. she looks down at her ring.


K hears the door so he quickly pretends to be reading. K: Where did you go. Why didn’t you pick up the phone. she sees the flowers. K: You said if they threw it away that you wanted to pick them up.  since it would be a waste to throw it away so I picked them up. what’s wrong? Don’t you like it?  did something happen? Did someone say something again?


D cries and says: KJ ah- it was all a misunderstanding- YJ never went to S. from the start he chased after me. He kept liking me. When he said he would take responsibility for me, he never changed his mind about it. K: that’s good. Now you don’t need to feel uneasy. Congratulations. He gives her the flowers. K: You were right to wait for SYJ. I am proud of you Gil DR. Do you like him that much. until KKJ disappears now, you can wait excitedly with a happy heart.  I wont interfere no matter what. he goes to his room

She stands there hugging the flowers closer to her and crying


D is sitting outside. CS comes over and asks if she wont be able to go this weekend with brother in law to find a rock (to represent K). cuz you have to go somewhere with your mother in law. is it some place nice? D: yes. CS: then should we leave you out and just ask brother in law to go find a rock. D: dont do that. it’s not the time to do that.  He asks are you hurt somewhere– did you fight with brother in law. You don’t look well. D: it’s nothing like that.  she gets a call from YJ’s mom. CS asks why she isnt picking up- are you scared of brother in law’s mom. D: no. she gets up and answers the phone and says yes mother. Today?

K is watching the kids. the boy is playing but K’s foot is in his way. the boy says K is interfering with him playing with the train set. move aside.  K: interfere? move? do I have to hear you telling me to get lost too. cuz of this train set. boy tells him: doctor – you go work where adults are. K: I am at an age where I should be studying and playing. I am not at an age where I should work. Kid asks how old he is. K: anyway I am older than you so what’s up with you speaking in banmal.  never mind. in a little while, the doctor you guys like with warm hands will come back. I am going. Girl holds onto him and says “oppa -oppa come again.” K: rabbit – it’s a secret. she nods ok.


Nurse asks K: are you going to patient KKJ’s room? K: yes. she says someone is there right now. he asks if it’s the same woman that came last time. but she says: This time it was a man in a suit. K runs over


YJ’s dad takes his hand and says to KJ: I am sorry. You are our son too. K goes over to the room but the dad is gone.


K sees him walking out so K follows him-he never got to see YJ’s dad’s face.


M and CS show up and block his way. CS: are you going somewhere? M: did he show up? she spoke banmal to him so CS looks at her so M adds “yo” to the last part of her question to make it polite. K: I dont know. K walks off so CS asks for a minute. CS: I am asking this as the only son of the Gil family. is your mother being scary to my sister. K:why? CS: I think she went to go meet her but my sister’s face looked like she was being dragged to her execution. K: she got called to meet mother? CS:since my sister likes you a lot she will not let on (wont be obvious) and just endure, but dont make it hard for her and leave her deflated. K: what is so great about this guy to get deflated (devalued) about.  also I am not the one tormenting her. K walks away muttering – I told her to be excited and wait so why feel deflated like a fool


YJ’s mom gives D a jewelry box and says since you were rushing to get married in a hurry so I didnt get a chance to give this to you in advance so I am giving it to you now. I collected them one by one to give to my daughter in law. cuz you didnt fill up my greed/ambition so I showed you a lot of sides that you didnt like. let’s not do that anymore now and do well. cuz YJ chose you to be by his side for the rest of his life.  (she implied that D didnt fulfill her greed for a better daughter in law). D cries and says: I cant accept something like this. mom: what? D: I  don’t have the right to accept something like this. mom: are you doing this cuz I did some things to upset you?  D: that’s not it. I am not just at the level where I cant fulfill your greed/ambition – I am at rock bottom. even when YJ shi was next to me – I always didnt have confidence and felt uneasy. after doing that, I mistrusted him on my own, let him go, and was trying to erase him. I am a really bad person. His mom says: If you know you lack then back away even at this late stage. Cuz YJ is not his usual heathy self right now, as he wanted I gave permission for you. I dont feel bad about losing you at all.

K drives over to YJ’s mom’s place


D cries and says: I cant right now. right now- he needs me. The mom asks : then when YJ comes back to the way he was before and he doesnt need you -will you be able to back away then.  D: yes. mom: if you know very well that you dont have the right to be by YJ’s side, can you let him go then?   D: when YJ comes back as he used to be, I will tell him how bad I have been and I will let him go


D walks out and K comes in. he asks if she cried. D: don’t pay any attention. he takes her hand and says let’s go. D: go where?  K: she made you cry so if she made you cry, she needs to pay for the cost of your tears. I will get you paid the amount SYJ’s face is worth. D: dont do this. K: why cant you? since SYJ cant- I will do it for you. K drags her to confront YJ’s mom


YJ’s mom says she has to put off going to America for the time being cuz she is worried about YJ. YJ’s dad says I met KJ. You and YJ have to meet that kid together. if you don’t want to, I am still going to make it so that YJ meets that kid.


D says: let go. dont do it- I cant do it. K says  why cant you. I told you to wait excitedly. getting hurt, getting deflated, crying -why do that so that it makes it hard for me to breathe. D: if it makes it hard for you to breathe and frustrates you then you dont have to look. I am enduring it well like a grownup so why jump in and interfere. K:is enduring foolishly being a grownup? D:  knowing it wont work and enduring is a grownup.  If you know it’s bad-not doing it is a grownup. even if you know it’s wrong and following your heart -that is what a kid does. He pulls her close and warns her:  since i am a kid- can I do whatever I want? if you cry just one more time -whether you are waiting for someone or not, I am going to take you and run away with you.



K tells D not to keep track of her ring like that. even if you do dishes and take off the ring, you think I will walk off with it?

YJ’s dad asks YJ’s mom: are you saying throw away KJ again? the mom tells YJ’s dad: then choose – is it me and YJ or KJ

K asks D: these days what are you being so patient about (what are you enduring so much)-the SYJ you miss or his mother?

D throws away the sunflowers and panda bears and cries

M: KJ’s dad came here to see him?  M tells K: I am in front of the lobby at the hospital where I am going to meet your dad. are you almost here?  M meets with YJ’s dad at the hospital lobby. M is in shock.

YJ wakes up-his eyes flicker like it’s going to open and he swallows

S watches D buy a watch. S says to K: she bought a bday present for a guy. while waiting to meet that guy, she took off her wedding ring.

D is waiting at a café and takes her ring off

S tells K that and he gets up smiling saying: Gil DR you are dead. K walks away from the table totally happy

This is what you do when you realize how much you love someone. you hold on tightly unwilling to even think of letting go. you hold on desperately – unwilling to feel the pain of letting go cuz you know once he is gone, you are going to be feeling that emptiness for a long time after.

* I have this awful suspicion K will find out the whole truth about his birth and everything on his birthday. it will devastate him so much and break his heart. I really hope D will stand firmly by his side even though he tries to push her away to deal with his pain alone. Just imagining how he will take the news is killing me.


Fanderay’s comment:

Images have already been leaked, and they’re making us wait another  episode? Talk about torture! We may even have to wait until the end of  tomorrow’s episode since it looks like they’re wearing different  clothes.

Despite the birth secrets and all the seriousness, I  think I spend most of the episode with a big smile on my face. The way D gets completely swept away at the silliest moments (like K fanning her) is as funny as it is romantic, and I’ll never get sick of watching K  sing songs with a frying pan or tend to her wounds. I love that K is  slowly coming more and more out of his shell, and it always warms my heart since he’s never had someone to do that with before. It’s like he loses his  self-awareness when he’s doing something for D, and doesn’t worry about a specific image or acting cool. D and K were more than cute enough, but I even loved AK’s little romance  (the Hong Sisters always use such perfect, hilariously cheesy music).

It’s sort of funny that even though D broke off her engagement to Y once, and is now married to him, it has only just started to feel  like she is really breaking up with him. I imagine that it’s pretty  difficult to go through so many stages of a relationship without even  involving the other person, and she probably feels more guilty leaving  him (at least in her heart) than she did marrying him without his  consent.

That being said, I wish that her denial regarding K would finally come to an end. It’s a very realistic denial that suits her  personality, but plot-wise it’s starting to feel a little stale. I’m  sure the writers didn’t want her to confess too quickly since that would set too many other plots in motion (after a brief bout of happiness  with K, Y is bound to wake up). I hope that D’s happiness with K won’t  be as brief as I fear. Is it possible that she’ll resist K even more  once she learns that he’s related to Y? The familial tie certainly  complicates their relationship even more, and will probably add to the  burdens they’re already shouldering.

K’s last line was completely  swoon-worthy, and I personally have my fingers crossed that she cries  again. Please K, run away with her!



27 comments on “Big E11

  1. enz says:

    hi softy, i saw the other pics too. am hoping kyung joon has some happy times today. i wish they translated the btses coz i watched and can only guess at the content. thanks in advance


    • enz says:

      i mean thanks in advance for the coming recap – i didnt mean i wanted a translation for the bts, in case you thought that!


  2. Erika Jung says:

    waiting your recap softy.. camping here.. 🙂


  3. min_u says:

    LOL i keep replaying the video too.It’s so cute.I must say that’s a lot of NGs for a just a simple peck. XD I like how Gong Yoo keep forgetting his lines and the staff keep teasing him.Suzy is so calm there.If i were her,i wouldn’t stop smiling if i get to kiss Gong Yoo so many times.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.I saw the spoiler pics..hehe *anticipating*


  4. sb says:

    Ooh, I think I know the other photo you’re talking about! Can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode either.

    May I ask where the BTS you’re talking about is? I’ve been trying to track down all BTS for Big, but I didn’t see the one you mentioned with Suzy. I did see the one where Gong Yoo kept messing up a really complicated sounding phrase over and over again, but there was no kiss in that one. It is amazing how much it takes to film one scene and how amazingly seamless the finished product looks.


  5. semi-fly says:

    Torrent links for episode 011:
    – ohys / 720p:


  6. Hikary25 says:

    Haha i. haven’t watch that BTS but I like that all the cast are so comfortable with each other, and that is the key of a sucesful drama.

    I’m waiting for your recap since Iwon’t be. able to watch this ep or. even download for my laptop since is with the doctor right now T_T ….

    Can’t wait to see Daran telling
    KJ what she really feels but
    well maybe that will be until
    next week or maybe ep12 since
    in all the Hong sis dramas
    almost all ep12 was the
    cliffhanger of the story
    Thanks so much for the recap!! ^0^


    • Softy says:

      That is so true – the last time I saw a cast mesh so well was rooftop prince – no matter how late they worked, they always supported each other and the bts were so fun. That’s why I love that Big has so many bts – we get to see how these actors interact in real life. And the chemistry between GY and LMJ is there even when the cameras aren’t rolling.


  7. Swee says:

    This episode is daebak! So many cute scenes of our OTP. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode esp ……..😘thank you Softy for the recap…..don’t know what I will do without your recap…..crazy, perhaps?!


    • Softy says:

      You won’t ever have to worry cuz not that many eps are left and I intend to finish out the series cuz I love it. Glad you are enjoying it too. 🙂


  8. Enz says:

    Thanks softy. I have to say I really don’t like how timid and frightened da ran looks whenever she is with yj’s family? Why? When kj is right beside her and standing up for her.. I really want her to be someone that is more deserving of the love that kj has for her. But ultimately, if that is who makes kj happy, then I just have to go with it. I want kj happy. He has been good and strong and unselfish in his love for her.


    • Softy says:

      I love that no matter how much DR cowered in front of YJ’s mom from the start, DR spoke up when it counted the most. She didn’t speak up to defend herself, but she spoke up to protect K. And offering to let YJ go in the end was her way of admitting her feelings for K.


  9. Callie ♥ says:

    thank you for the recaps and semi-fly, thanks for the raw links too!!!!


  10. Sunshine says:

    Thank you for the recap, Softy!!!


  11. Hanachio says:

    They have been pretty clever revealing the kiss images LOL
    I am really anxious to see tomorrow episode right now !

    I really want they confess their real feelings soon and get some happy time together before the bodies change again 🙂

    But the plot is still a total chaos… I can`t imagine yet how is going to end this! I love all the Hong sisters kdramas so I am calm in one hand but I really love the chemistry with shin won ho in the chapter one (I see around 6 times the chapter one LOL ) so my heart want that he stays with DR at the end 🙂 !!



    • Softy says:

      I haven’t seen every hong sisters drama, but I know how hong Gil dong ends and that bugged me. If I watched that drama and that happened I would be so upset at the end. When they came close to doing that for MGIAG I threw a hissy fit but recovered cuz of the tail thing. I guess I trust these writers more than I should cuz I think they write from a place of love – love for their characters and love for their audience who follows them. The ratings are getting closer to 10% so that has to mean something. They would never sacrifice alienating their audience by messing with their plot unless it made perfect sense. In other words they won’t settle for just any random ending. Keeping the faith comes easy with this drama cuz I have Gong Yoo’s perfect style and smile to keep me distracted. Really hope that kid wakes up though just to make things even more interesting. 🙂


  12. Ju says:

    I really like KKJ’s character. I think he is a perfect balance between grownup and child as if it was to prove us that to be an adult isn’t only about being mature, responsible or to bear with things… It’s not about being young like the kids in the hospital or being a teenager like K or an adult like YJ or D, the really important thing is that, young or old, a human being is a human being. Feelings have no age. Well, all in all, this show is really good ! Thanks for the recap 🙂


    • Softy says:

      After recaps, i get so sleepy and tired, i can barely keep my eyes open to read comments but I loved your insights. You said it best by pointing out this fact about KJ. He balances out D so well. When she needs to act silly, the kid in him knows how to draw that out. When she needs scolding or a mature voice to point out why she is being childish, he has the maturity from living on his own so long to be the voice of reason. That’s why I don’t want her to go to YJ now that we know he never cheated on her. Even if YJ was everything she hoped he would be, she is no longer the same person around him. Her heart moved on so her actions should as well and go over to KJ. plus when KJ’s world is turned upside down with the truth about his birth, the only person he will want to cling to as he drowns from shock and resentment will be D’s. Forget mr. warm hands, now she needs to extend her hand out to hold one person – the one who needs it the most.


      • Ju says:

        I totally agree… YJ is no good because they had not the kind of relationship where they are responding and interacting with each other. I don’t know if I am really clear, here, by saying that. Well, with KJ, they give me the feeling of being together and so be able to overcome difficulties. While,when she was with YJ, it was as if she was alone.


  13. sparkskey says:

    Preview for ep12
    Daran quarrels with Yoonjae and leaves him behind to head to the camping ground with her family. In order to make the couple more loving, her family calls Yoonjae over and leaves, leaving the two of them behind. Yoonjae’s dad meets with Kyungjoon’s uncle because he wants to bring Kyungjoon to the states. 


  14. saraghae says:

    i like this drama …


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