Bridal Mask E12

I can’t help but wonder if D would pull away from this hug if he decided to take the mask off. She thought she was embracing a man who risked his life to save hers numerous times, the one she has been waiting all these years for, and the one who gave her the knife. She is correct on all three except for some of the saving her life numerous times part since that was actually done by his brother. Given that KS and K are still related, maybe it still counts. Now the bigger question is can she overlook the fact that she can’t stand this guy. If the mask came off, would her feelings for Gaksital remain or be tainted by K’s face. Most of us would agree his face is a good thing, but since all he has done is torment her from day one, not sure that will factor in as a plus for D. So curious how she will handle the truth when she learns it’s K. I don’t know why, but I don’t think she will take it well. How do you go from hatred to love based solely on a memory of someone you cared about. K really was a sweet boy back then, but that’s not who he remained. Life hardened him and choosing survival took precedence over holding onto his conscience. I have a feeling she won’t be so understanding of that right from the start. I have no idea what he needs to do to get on the right path of atonement in her book, but here is hoping siding with her father is the first step that will count towards getting back into her good graces.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her fast torrents, Sparkskey for written preview, and Yanna for video link. 🙂

There is a major rain storm tonight with lightning and thunder. Actually it’s been raining often these days and it’s only going to get worse as monsoon season hits Korea soon so I am a little concerned about how this show will continue to film during all these rainy days. Plus if you look at poor JW’s face, he is really suffering under that mask cuz the weather is so hot these days. It can’t be easy to breathe under that thing and he has been wearing that a lot recently. I sort of hope they will use stuntmen more often just to give him a break from having to do everything on his own. During his OB days he prided himself on doing most of his stunts and it looks like that zealous attitude carried over to this drama, but for his sake, I also want him to learn to pace himself. He may be young and healthy, but someone needs to remind him he is still human.


Starts from S leaving his office. Then DS’s (Damsari’s) guy wakes up and sees gaksital.

S walks out when he hears a commotion. S yells gaksital and aims his gun at Gaksital’s back. DS’s guy sees the gun and jumps down from gaksital’s shoulder. He pushes Gaksital out of the way and gets shot in his place. Gaksital runs out and S yells at the officers to go above.

Gakistal hits an officer and goes through the precinct in a round about way to get back up to the same place again. S keeps pursuing and shooting. Gaksital hides and hits S on the back of his head and knocks S out. Gaksital goes back to the guy who was shot. He isnt dead yet so he says there is someone you should meet. Officer wakes up S so S gives chase again. The guy gives Gaksital something and tells him “go and take this to meet DS near the park.” S looks down at them and shoots again. The guy tells Gaksital to leave and falls back down.

Gaksital goes out the side and leaves on horseback. S shoots some more and misses. S screams. He goes back inside

The guy is almost dead. S looks down at him and says lift him. S takes him to the hospital and calls for the director. the doctor say it’s a patient who has been shot. The director takes a look at the guy and shakes his head no meaning the guy isnt going to make it but S says just make him wake up for just a minute. The doctor jump starts the guy’s heart with an injection. S asks him who gaksital is. you saved him. Tell me who he is. S stabs him again with the injection and asks him who is he. the guy looks at him and says “stop -you have to let a dying man die.” S goes off the deep end and yells and screams and stabs the guy with the needle over and over

(no way I am screencapping his crazy face – this scene is going to give me nightmares as it is)

DS is with his team. The woman says continuing to stay here is like suicide so for now we need to go back. DS tells them to run away from here right now, but I cant go back like this. How can I face our comrades. I cant give up here. The woman says it’s obvious we will fail in this mission. DS says when did we ever come to do work we will only succeed in. we knew we would fail and didnt give up and kept fighting them all this time. Hurry and go. They hear the horse and Gaksital rides up

DS asks how he knew to come here. Gaksital shows the dead guy’s ID (his name was park). DS asks about Park and Gaksital bows his head. DS cries and says park’s name. DS lists all the names of others who tried to blow up certain places but failed. he tells Gaksital how they planned to blow up something during the anniversary event the day after tm so no matter what happens, by tm night they have to get the bombs in their hands. if gaksital shows up and distracts the officers, then will succeed in our mission. Please help us gaksital. They shake hands in agreement

S goes back to the precinct. He looks around and goes to the interrogation room. He calls out for K. he wakes up K who was pretending to be knocked out on the ground. K asks what happened. what about that guy -did you catch him. S: I lost him. What happened to you. K lies about what happened.  how he was attacked while torturing the guy. he barged in alone so how could we lose him on our grounds (within the precinct). S says it’s strange. it seems like Gaksital knew every corner of our station. He knew where to go to avoid me and knew where I would go to follow-he knew exactly K: no wonder – I thought he escaped well before.

S and K are sleeping side by side. S asks if K is sleeping. K:no. S says: I think if I keep this up, I will go crazy. today I killed a person. In a dying person’s heart I kept putting the needle in to jump start his heart and asked him who Gaksital was. Little by little I think I am becoming a monster. If I could just catch gaksital I was going to take off the uniform right away and thought of going back to the kids sides – that’s why I didn’t even say farewell to the kids and came. i put on the uniform to save D. But with my hands I put a sword to D and had her tortured. if I keep this up I dont know what I will do. K- What do I do. what should I do. S cries. They both turn away from each other to cry

K is alone at Baek’s and talks aloud to his dead brother KS. “Hyung S is just like me. Didn’t know it was you hyung and tried to catch gaksital. it’s like looking at myself in the past. (K remembers how he said to the crowd at the korean market –  gaksital is among you. turn yourself in at the count of 3) K: back then, you couldnt talk (tell me) – how your heart must have felt watching over me. hyung now S will also end up seeing gaksital’s face. like you hyung, next to S’s side,  a day will come when my mask will be taken off. no – maybe -before then- a day might come when I have to kill S. K cries. Hyung I am really scared. K remembers how he was almost killed. Last night to save me, a person who intervened died. if it’s Lee kangto, any korean would growl in anger, but to save me- cuz I wore the bridal mask-to save me – he died. Hyung. Like you hyung -will I be able to wear this (mask) till the end? K cries more loudly.

D asks her dad to let her go with him after he finishes what he came here to do. take me with you.  he tries to say you know what work I do (meaning it’s dangerous) She says how it’s dangerous for gaksital if she stays here. he asks what that means – what do you mean it will be dangerous for him.  D: if gaksital helps you, those guys will use me as bai to catch Gaksital again. then gaksital will be in danger again. if i leave here, it will help gaksital. The woman agrees it’s better to take D with them for the sake of D’s safety. he asks if she will be ok cuz D will suffer if she stays with him. D: of course. whose daughter am i.  The spy hears that and says “she is going to leave the capitol.” She runs off.

D comes out and looks around. She tells her dad and the woman they can come out. DS asks if she will be ok alone. can you find the place ok by yourself. She says don’t worry I will be able to find it well. Woman says it’s better not to say farewell to others. D says I will just say goodbye to leader Jo. DS: ok then see you later. she asks her dad: Gaksital is really going to help you right? He says gaksital said he would distract the officers away to another location so all I have to do is go in and get it. D tells him to be careful. They leave.

D goes back inside. she remembers meeting gaksital in the woods. She writes him a note. Thank you very much for helping dad. I am going to leave the capitol. She cries

The guy in charge of the paper –park-  is reading an article about the anniverary event to the governor. Governor says pass this out with the paper tm for everyone to read about the event. Park says ok and leaves. Goji comes in as Park leaves. Goji says Jo died. Do you know who killed him? it was taro. that guy killed him after taking Jo’s money.  Governor: so you want me to arrest him? tm is the anniverary event so I am busy. Goji says this is a murder incident. governor doesnt like goji saying “governor” so goji says it again. Governor says I am going to go crazy. does a mother cat go up against the owner if her kitten gets killed. Go out.

K goes to the office. K remembers DS’s plan. “I heard during lunch time there aren’t that many officers. we are going to infiltrate the armory by 12:10 pm. before then -if gaksital could distract the remaining officers to go outside the precinct, then we can empty the armory.  K tells Abe I will go to the armory. Spy comes in and whispers D’s name to the lackey so lackey makes her stop talking and takes her to report to S. K watched all that

Before she talks, she asks for money for a perm so S pays her. she says D is going to leave the capitol. lackey asks why and scolds her for stalling. She wants more money for shoes. lackey: do you want to die? spy says: should I talk or not? so S pays her again. She says gaksital is going to do something with D’s dad. S: what? with who? she says: gaksital is going to help D’s dad do something. also – why D is leaving the capitol is to help gaksital.” K paces outside. S asks what else. is there anything else? She says I only heard up to there. S runs out and K watches that.

Spy asks lackey: should I find out where and when D is going. Lackey compliments her.

The spy girl leaves and K pulls her aside. she asks why are you doing this. K asks if she is S’s informant/spy. She says I am reporting. K smiles and says you know who I am right. He shows her a lot of money. what you reported to S – how about telling me too.

S tells taro that DS and Gaksital are planning to do something. taro says gaksital helped DS escape from the courthouse -why didn’t we know the truth that those two are on the same side. S says I will work with K as a team cuz he has experience catching DS, but taro says I said don’t trust him. S says it’s cuz it’s urgent to catch those guys so let’s use K.  taro: ok but you have to catch the both of them (gaksital and DS). S: I will catch both of them. S leaves

Taro calls H and says DS and gaksital are planning something for the anniversary event but we haven’t figured out exactly what it is. H asks : do you mean you want me to find that out what their plan is. taro says it’s tm so we don’t have much time. H says it wont be hard to make that girl talk. Don’t worry and wait.

K goes to the motel to meet D. she tries to run but K holds onto her. D:why are you like this- let me go. circus people peek out of their doors so K tells them to get lost. D asks why are you doing this. K says please be quiet and follow me. K takes her inside her room and closes the door. circus people listen at the door. K comes out so they run off.

K goes back in and D tries to stab him again. He restrains her and makes her drop her knife. K: you are going to leave the capitol? you think you can get away from me? Your dad -Damsari-came back to the capitol huh? right before the anniverary event-to put on what kind of show? are gaksital and your dad going to fight together? why? Are you curious how I knew? you should have suspected that we put a spy/informant on you. K says in his head: you understand what I said right? you understood right? K says aloud: tell your dad not to take the officers lightly.

S tells the officers that a terrorist Damsari showed up right before the event- so his objective/mission will be the event. on the night of the event, pass out photos of DS to look out for him and catch him or gaksital. Starting from today abe and K…. but S doesn’t see K so he asks where K is

K leaves the motel as H heads in wearing her nun outfit  so he almost sees her but she ducks her head.

Circus people ask what K wants from D. why does he torment you? the man guesses that K likes D. H goes and calls out for D.

D and H have tea. D asks what brings her here. H says  I was worried about you so I went to the precinct and heard you were released and since i had business here i thought I would drop by to see your face. D: thank you for your attention. H: you don’t look well. Is anything going on. D says there is nothing. D urges her to drink the tea. this is all I have to offer. H says I will drink well. D stares at her and notices H didnt make the sign of the cross before drinking.  H says the only thing I can do for you is pray. D asks -since you are at myong dong catholic church you should know about sister rosa. she is well these days right? H says yes-she is doing well as always. D thinks in her head sister rosa passed away. H says if you have anything to pray about – tell me. I will pray hard for you. D: will you really pray for me. if you pray -then I will feel more at ease. H says something religious. D says: they have to succeed. H: what do you mean succeed. D: to tell you the truth…

H calls taro. H is calling from the motel phone still in her nun disguise so she speaks in code and says “patient Jang will be treated so take the whole family to the hospital by noon. Please hurry.” Taro interprets the message to mean take the officers to the hospital cuz there will be an attack on the director. H: yes please hurry. When H leaves, D watches her. D packs her bags. (D fed H false info)

S calls for the officers to gather cuz it’s an urgent. K shows up so S asks where he went to arrive so late. K says at the angel club. cuz the guy who tried to kill me wore a waiter’s uniform. S says DS and gaksital will attack the director at noon. K: what? he looks at the time. it’s only 11:40. S orders them to the hospital. Officers leave so K goes too.

Lee’s wife has her dress out on display -the one she is going to wear. she meets with the woman posing as DS’s wife (cho). Cho compliments the dress and asks if the dress is to wear for the anniversary event tm. Lee’s wife talks about the expensive dress-saying it’s to show how well joseons live. the more lavishly she is dressed, it will show how it was a good thing that Koreans and japanese combined. Cho keeps agreeing to everything Lee’s wife says. Lee’s wife gives the cho invitations for the event.cho thanks her. thanks to you I got my wish.

Newspaper is being loaded onto a truck. Gaksital shows up and sets the truck on fire.

Newspaper owner Park talks to reporter park– his son. They talk about the article the governor wants to put out. how much the governor liked it-his fav part was about using the metaphor of a man liking a woman . they discuss  the title of the article. Gaksital throws a knife near park senior. gaksital knocks out his son and park senior begs for his life.

S and his men run to the hospital. They go inside the office where the director and another doctor are. The director asks what is going on

Taro says :what? How could that happen.

DS poses as a mailman and goes to the armory. He opens a box of  guns, ammo, and grenades and looks at the time. his guy peeks down from the ceiling. As DS walks out in his disguise taro comes over and calls out to him. Taro says the mailman is going the wrong way so DS says I came to find K. I have a letter just for him. Taro says open it. just then an officer says gaksital showed up in front of Park and his son. taro: follow me. As taro is about to leave he calls for DS to stop. Taro empties the contents of his bag. Taro makes the officers open the contents of the boxes. There is nothing out of the usual so Taro finally leaves DS alone and takes the officers away and leaves

DS’s men took the grenades through the side and the guy leaves.

When taro and his men go inside, park and his son are tied up. there is a note from gaksital.

H hears from taro that reporters park and his son were attacked and the articles about the event were burned. H cant believe it and says “it wasn’t the director at the hospital? And it was park? Taro says you could have been deceived by that girl. Problem is we still don’t know what DS has planned at all. H asks didn’t you say that girl is planning to leave the capitol today

D tells the leader how she is leaving so he thinks it’s a good idea. cuz whether DS succeeds or fails those guys (the officers) wont leave you alone. She worries about the trouble it will cause him after she leaves. I will be sure to come back to see you. I feel bad leaving without saying good bye to (the circus people). He says it would be more dangerous if they knew so it’s safer for them not to know. She tells him to accept her formal bow so she makes a deep bow

*Is it just me or does K’s hair look a wee bit too “Elvis-y” here.

S tells K -there is one way. we have to catch D. whether it’s DS or gaksital -they are connected to D. if they know the truth that D’s life is in danger they wont sit still. K says there is another way I used so maybe it will be affective, but S says there isnt any other way cuz tm is the event. K asks : will you really be ok? rushing into things like this so recklessly. will it be ok with you and that girl. S: to that girl, I am just a Japanese.  I will go to the circus and you go to motel and catch her-dont be lenient.

Sunwha runs after D and says don’t go. how do I live without you. D tells her not to cry

K runs to the motel and looks for D. he calls for the owner. K asks where D went. The man says she went to the circus. K calls her stupid and goes after her. owner wonders why so many people are looking for D today

D promises I will be sure to come back. It’s dangerous for me now so I have to avoid here for a short time. Sunwha asks -you really are going to come back right? you wont abandon me? D: of course I will be back-  why would I abandon you? sunwha asks why she left without saying goodbye. D: its cuz its dangerous for you. anyway I will be back.  sunawh mentions how S left too without saying goodbye to the kids. So maybe he will come back to the kids too.

S comes and orders D to be arrested. D runs off into the woods.  Sunahw asks S to leave D alone so S slaps her. they go after D

D trips and falls. lackey says she is over there. chase her. She runs again. lackey yells – she is over there-catch her

K runs over and sees D’s luggage and sunahwa crying. he asks what happened. She says S went after D. there is a gunshot.

D is hiding behind a rock. Lackey spots her and they give chase again. She runs off into the woods again. S shoots near her head and it hits the tree next to her so she falls down. S goes over and picks her up

Gaksital shows up and hits the officers. Right before S can shoot gaksital, he jumps and knocks the gun out of S’s hand. S takes out his sword and goes after gaksital. D watches as they fight. She picks up the gun. She aims it in the air and fires. Both men stop fighting.  She aims it at S. she walks over to gaksital’s side. S drops his sword. Gaksital takes her hand and runs off with her into the woods. S cries and yells

Gaksital and D are both riding off on his horse.

S picks up the note she wrote for gaksital and reads it. he makes an angry face

At a clearing he stops the horse and helps her down. They look at each other.

she hugs him. He hugs her back. He touches the back of her head and holds her close. Camera spins around them. It grows dark.


no video preview

But Sparkskey has this for us: Written Preview ep12

Shunji is overwhelmed with anger and hatred when the memory of Mokdan levelling a gun at him and running off with Gaksital comes to mind. He finds it strange that Kangto doesn’t appear all night. When he hears news that Kangto was secretly meeting Mokdan without reporting to him first, suspicion overwhelms him and he goes to find Kangto.

On the morning of the unification remembrance ceremony, Jongno Police Station finds their armoury robbed. Chaos ensues…..

Kangto deduces that Damsari would find it hard to pass checkpoints. In order to let Damsari know everything before the banquet starts, he urgently goes through the VIP guest lists and this is how Shunji finds him…

Sparkskey: Shunji is going to find out first, isn’t he? Still too early for the reveal though. So Kangto is going to wriggle out of this somehow

Softy: what I dont get is K ran into the woods with just his suit on. So where the heck is he getting this gaksital outfit and mask from? That suit is too tight as it is so there is no way he is wearing it under his suit like superman. Plus where would he hide that mask then? I dont even wanna guess where he could be hiding it. the other thing is how many of those white outfits does he have? Cuz when I wear something white in Korea, it doesn’t stay white for very long so I don’t get how his outfit stays so clean. Maybe that horse was trained to follow and be close by all day so K can have easy access to his outfit. I don’t know why stuff like this puzzles me, but it does.


111 comments on “Bridal Mask E12

  1. Zee says:

    I’ve watched Capital Scandal before, kindda love it but its not as heavy as Gaksital.

    I must say, I watch Gaksital solely because of Joowon.. Ngee 🙂 But slowly, as the story develop, I love the other characters and most of all the story itself. I’m wondering too, why not many people like Gaksital, is it because of the unknown actor/actresses? Hmmm, so actor and actress really play an in important role here right, even if the drama sucks. Huh.

    It funny to think about Kang To have ample time to swicth to his Gaksital outfit. But, I don’t want to think too much about it.. Because, if you watch Superhero movies in Hollywood, they will SKIP that part too :-).

    Gaksital is one good drama, kudos to KBS and the production team and all the actors and actresses. I heard KBS’s summer blockbuster, IRIS is good too but I never watch it, I have problem with the hero.. Lee Beong Hyun. Huhu. I only watched CHUNO, because i’m a fan of Jang Hyuk, but the story a bit boring actually. And now, GAKSITAL because of Joowon and Gaksital is awesome. Die hard fangirl here.. keke.

    I noticed that two of KBS summer blockbuster i.e. IRIS and CHUNO, have made the two male lead won the KBS Daesang (the highest acting awards), not sure for GAKSITAL this time… But, KBS will give an award to Joowon for sure.

    Dear SS, please continue translate a pro-Joowon article and makes me (us) happy 🙂


  2. kathy says:

    Aside from the clothes and the horse, I’m also confused how KT can manage to change his well greased hair into a a very smooth hair that looks like for a shampoo commercial in an instant.

    With regards to Mok Dan, I don’t care at all if she’s being whipped numerous times because afterall, the scars and bruises she got always disappear in an instant as if they are using special creams. And also, I wonder how can they walk straight after one or two days after almost beaten to death not to mention that they look like spiderman wherein they can jump from one building to another.

    Honestly, the scenes are being repetitive and most viewers know for a fact that BM will always win in every episode so maybe it has something to do why the rating is being affected


  3. saoirse says:

    Zee was right..both actors for iris and chuno won the awards, but what I’m afraid of is both the characters died in the end. T___T


    • SS says:

      Talking about awards, I don’t know how i will react if Joowon doesn’t win at Baeksang. (oooh..Uee will be there, I want him to win badly)

      Maybe that’s how fans of Shin Ha-kyun, Park Shi-hoo and Cha Seung-won feel when Kim Soo Hyun won. Weird that I mention those 3 seniors, I actually watched a lot of their shows and none on KSH, so I do sometimes act my age, huh?


  4. SS says:

    sorry i couldnt post earlier. Was working on something(i wonder why i still have a job)

    Basically article is very similar to that I translated yesterday about how female viewers got zapped by Joowon’s eyes. I think it’s probably the same just diff translation. Sorry for the blunder.

    Credit baidu:

    Bridal Mask – Joowon. Action or Romance, He is an actor who is equally capable of both.

    Joowon who throws himself deeply into every episode has once again captured the hearts of many female viewers.

    In Bridal Mask 11th episode, Joowon’s at times intense glare(actual word used is thick and wide, LOL) and yet at other times with eyes like a deer, he has melted many girls’ hearts.

    Article goes on to say he is a One Top actor.

    If I come across any new ones, I will post my translation.


  5. bbblue73 says:

    Praying for another award for Joowon. That will be the time that i will turn into gaksital if Joowon will not win an award soon, lol.

    Speaking of K & S, i want to see both of them in one piece & flesh even at the end of this drama. I don’t care about Mokdan & Rie. I just love to watch more closely, the relationship between K & S friendship. The gap of this two is killing me but i love it more.


    • eny says:

      award in south korea as far as i know always given to popular actor, even if his/her acting isn’t too good,it’s the people power, esp. young viewer, most of them become crazy about good looking actor not about acting


      • Zee says:

        Yeah, it’s always like that.

        But, I’m glad that I’m head over heels for a handsome with big talent actor.. Joo Won. And not blindly fall for someone who is cute 🙂 Hehe.

        Joo Won once said in one of the interview that he knows that popularity did not last longer and he experienced it before during his hit drama Baker King Kim Tak Gu. So he is well aware of how it goes.. I just hope that he will maintain his positive image, good acting and stay humble.

        Gaksital still on and I already hope he will be in another drama :-). I doubt it will start immediately after Gaksital, baby need to rest. Maybe next year??!! Hehe.

        Joo Won fighting!


  6. ms L says:

    million thanks for recaps,,,i hope that u will continue to do recaps week after weeks,,,eventhough the subs r superfast,but i still prefer ur recap for BM softy^^…


  7. Anonymous says:

    You know what I always wonder watching this drama?
    Kang-to probably has his aftershave or cologne on, slick hair, tight suit so what happens when he changes into Gaksital?
    He is always in Mok-dan’s face as Kang-to so how can she not notice that he smells the same or those gorgeous lips of his?


  8. bbblue73 says:

    This is why i don’t like for the extension of this drama…..sleepless mode.
    My heart goes to this actor Joowon & PKW

    credit to baidu


    • Anonymous says:

      Omi. Mr. Sleepyhead. Both of them must be very tired. Be strong Joo Won and Park Ki Woong.


    • SS says:

      Yes i agree with you bbblue. My heart breaks. But I must say, he is so cute. He’s almost sucking his thumb and when he wakes up, he checks around or pretends to look alert, pretty much like what I do when I fall asleep in class.

      At the end of the video, he is completely knocked out and PKW is thinking “You got to fight the Zzz Monster with me, Kangto!”


  9. nandini says:

    thanks so much softy for the recaps.. m loving this drama..there is one more drama named ‘ i will give you the stars and moon ‘ airing in KBS. its a very touching serial, acute one but the problem is there is no subtitles..softy if you can give recaps of that serial i will be really happy 🙂


  10. Anonymous says:

    hope S will not turn into an evil now.


  11. Iprefernottosayit says:

    That is not the dear gentle Shunji I know….O_O


  12. Iprefernottosayit says:

    Can anyone tell me where to download the score for Bridal Mask?


  13. SS says:

    Dear Softy, I am been silent about you considering whether to continue doing live recaps for BM. Of course, I want you to continue cuz your blog is the first I read after I watch the show live. More than that, it’s a place where I can chat with my fellow chingus on the episode.

    I know you don’t just stop at writing the recaps once, you go on to do the screencaps, edit, insert new stuff etc. So each show must take up quite a lot of your time and you are doing BIG too which means back to back from Monday to Thurs. If this is taking a toll on you, I do not want to impose the burden. But if you think it is not necessary as we have live subtitles or someone out there doing live recap or that the drama is being subbed real fast, then please please don’t stop because your recaps are irreplaceable. For lack of better words, it’s like a home to me. I may visit other places but this will always be the place I come back to.


  14. SS says:

    Dramaland – Where Things Make Sense

    1) A guy does your laundry and you don’t bat an eyelid because men are such domestic creatures.
    2) You make several attempts to stab the guy but he does not retaliate because he loves such dangerous foreplay
    3) You leave important messages on bulletin board because hackers didn’t exist back then.
    4) You sell out your mates because you are tired of endless bad hair days and in sore need of a perm
    5) A samurai sword is better than the barber’s scissors. In one fell swoop, you have hair like Nancy Drew’s
    6) Your little brother’s teacher seems to have lost his marbles, you find it hard to believe it took him so long after teaching for years.
    7) You get to tender your resignation in style. Tell your boss you have wasted hours of your life writing superfluous reports, throw the letter in his face and he begs you to stay.
    8) There used to be more changing rooms in the 1930s than present day. And lockers too.
    9) You don’t speak a word but no one suspects you are dumb because action speaks louder than words
    10) You and your lover embrace each other tightly for hours. No one moves to set up tent.


  15. N says:

    hey everyone! episodes 11 & 12 were off the chain 🙂 So intense, action wise and romance wise…absolutely loved it.
    How Kang-to changed into his disguise is clearly beyond me, but still very cool!
    I love the relationship between mokdan and kangto; I’m a sucker for bickering couples that turn into affectionate lovers…so this is really a twist because I wonder if she’ll fall in love with kangto first, before she finds out the truth about who is gaksital.


  16. N says:

    hahahaha i saw this on someone’s tumblr….this is also how i felt when i saw Shunji stabbing Comrade Park in ep 12


  17. Loverz says:
    is it the preview for next episode?? I can’t watch the video…T.T


  18. SS says:


    I am not able to post reply. Checking if I can post new comments


  19. SS says:

    sorry Loverz, I post 2 replies to you but it didnt turn out.

    Repost baidu link for video preview


  20. SS says:

    I am unsure about the preview. My fear that Mok Dan is going to disappear for a while seems true. Ommiiii how can they do this after all those stuff they did the last couple of episodes.

    And Kang To is already crashing a major party??? How is he going to survive another 14 episodes???


  21. Softy says:

    D say to K: young master I will pray for us to be sure to meet again and (pray for) at that time to be able to see your face again -since it’s changed a lot. (meaning from the last time she saw it as a kid)
    governor makes a speech about the empire
    K’s voice says: Boon-yee-ah – I am letting you go away now but just stay alive-wherever you are and whatever you are doing – I will be sure to find you. I will find you and protect you no matter what.

    Good lord – that was NOT the smartest thing to do – showing up at that event like that. it looked like he could get shot.


  22. SS says:

    Am I the only feeling hot and cold about Galsital music?

    What I love- Goodbye Day and I couldn’t plus the score that comes on when things come to a climax like the part where D pointed the gun at S and the terribly sad one where K cried into KS’s back.

    What I dislike – the OTT dramatic score when Gaksital puts on his mask. And the new OST that came on at the end of the last episode. Nothing against the song and the singer but it just didn’t fit. It sounded way way too old for K&D. Aarrrrrggh


    • Iprefernottosayit says:

      No you’re not the only one! 😀 I love Goodbye Day (I’ve been playing it over and over countless times when I go out to school) I agree with what you said about the OTT dramatic score, I don’t particularly favor it, but overall the music in this drama is great. I was searching around the net for the score, but to no avail. 😦 I love how the intense music impacts the scene, and I get chills whenever the music from the part where D leveled the gun at S comes on!


  23. bbblue73 says:

    Gaksital episode 13 preview


  24. SS says:

    haven’t been catching up on BM’s MVs. Just came across this one

    will appreciate any awesome recommendations, thanks


  25. bbblue73 says:

    Found this at
    Joowon & PKW bromance tandem is adorable.


  26. SS says:

    Just saw the photos of JW and PKW feeding each other iced red bean and I wonder if Joowon is one of the FEW or MANY Korean actors who strike up a good relationship with their co-stars.

    I have been terribly biased and read only JW related news and I have never ever followed another actor so closely before so I am wondering if he is exceptional or the norm?


  27. SS says:

    credit baidu:

    JSY is very lucky, JW and PKW seems to take care of her like their little sister.


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