Bridal Mask E11

Pretty sure he wouldn’t have clicked his heels together out of happiness to see her again if he knew she was going to literally stab him in the heart. The pain these two heap on each other is going to make for some interesting stories to tell their grandchildren when they get old. If they recalled and narrated all their attempts to kill each other, I think it would traumatize the poor grandchild.

This wasn’t my first choice for a main pic, but the other one was too sad. that scene in the interrogation room was more poignant than I could ever imagine, but it was too heartbreaking to post here. I love that he never had any problems beating her up before, but now that he knows who she is, it also changes what she means to him. It almost kills him to follow through on his order and you can see him visibly struggling with himself – not just with his conscience, but with his love for her. In that moment he was trampling his impulse to rescue her cuz he isn’t the Gaksital his brother was. His brother was willing to lay down his life for his cause and even allowed his mother to die to protect his identity. I am not sure K would have done the same. The person behind the mask reacts differently. The biggest difference is the other Gaksital never had to factor in his heart in the whole equation.

Thanks to Semi-fly for torrents, Sparkskey for written preview translations, and Yanna for video link. 🙂



Starts from Jo taking out the contracts and putting them in bag. Gaksital says I saved your life but you suck out their blood again. Jo begs for his life again but Gaksital lists his crimes and kills him. He takes the contracts and leaves.

He gets attacked by those masked men. He gets away till S jumps in his path. S says it’s been a long time gaksital. S slashes and cuts off Gaksital’s belt thing but doesn’t slice thru Gaksital. they keep fighting and the lackey cant get a shot in cuz S and gaksital are too close to each other. just when S had his sword to gaksital’s throat, the lackey decides to shoot then. He misses so Gaksital gets a way and goes over the wall. S chases after him and shoots but misses. Gaksital runs on the rooftops and S and lackey  pursue on the ground but cant follow him. S says to the lackey – let’s go to the market

The Koreans at the market are upset about their stolen stores. Kim tells them to get up. even if we get out stores stolen we should fight. Kid says it’s gaksital. they look up and Gaksital jumps down. He hands the contracts to Kim and runs off. Koreans asks what it is and Kim tells them it’s their contracts. They see Gaksital standing on the rooftop so they cheer for him and say thanks to him. S and the lackey arrive and see how happy the Koreans are. S shoots in the air to get their attention

S reports to taro that he lost him. Taro asks about the contracts and S says gaksital gave it back to the Koreans. I am sorry, it happened in my greed to catch that guy. Taro: you know a sure way to catch Gaksital dont you? catch that girl right now. S: father, that girl doesnt know Gaksital.  Taro slaps him and says you still haven’t come to your senses. the murderer who killed your brother- you lost him twice. he is eliminating Kishokai members and you are still protecting that girl.  He holds a sword to S and says if you dont cut down that girl you have in your heart, you wont be able to catch gaksital. cut her down. if you want to catch gaksital. whether you cut her down or cut her out of your heart. cut her down and come.

K reports to baek that S knew and waited for him there. that means he guessed how Gaksital would react. baek asks if K is saying that S knows what K’s next step (plan) is too. K: his father is Taro so S would have heard from Taro so S will know too and have guessed who I am after.  Baek wants K to stay low for now. K agrees. until he can be on the same team with S to find out things in advance.

DS (D’s dad) goes back to the hotel café to look at the bulletin. He goes to the phone and calls D. she asks about gaksital. D: you still haven’t met him-that wouldnt happen. DS says how K is hanging around here starting from a few days ago so maybe he cant come here cuz of K. she asks if her dad is ok (cuz it wouldnt be safe for her dad is K sees him). DS says thankfully K still hasnt guessed it’s me…while he is talking K shows up so DS says I will call later. She tells him to be careful. K puts the note on the bulletin. When K leaves, DS goes over to the board and sees the note.

DS meets with his team. The guy working with DS says K knows who you are so we have to kill K. DS says K isnt someone to take lightly-if they try to kill him and fail, their plans go to waste. woman thinks it’s too late to meet gaksital cuz the best officer is on the trail. DS: no matter how much I think about it- it’s strange. there is no way there was a leak about what we were doing. so how could he know the truth that I wanted to meet Gaksital. guy wonders maybe K is gaksital and going around posing as an officer. woman says just in case that’s possible shouldnt we look into it. so the guy offers to go find out now since they have someone on the inside there, but DS says there is no way that guy is Gaksital. when he took a commemorative pic with me the day I was sentenced, gaksital showed up. the guy says then what are we hesitating for – we have to K . but DS says to bring us here – so many of our members prepared for 6yrs. we have to think about all  our comrades. If we start, we must succeed. the guy says I swear I will do my best and kill him (K)

K is happy and dancing as he walks to see D

D tells the leader she has to keep K close by her side to help her dad. leader wonders if K suspects that DS came to the capitol. D: I will find that out too. leader tells her to be careful cuz you know what kind of guy he is (K)

Abe and the circus guy are arm wrestling. Others are playing.

K arrives and smiles looking for D

D wonders how to keep K by her side. K smiles and shows up. he says everyone is playing but you are the only one cleaning again. She says you are supposed to guard me 24 hrs so where have you been. officer abe has been sticking close with the others all day so where have you been. she tries to say how it’s natural for people to get curious when they dont see someone for a few days.  K:were you curious about me? She goes back to cleaning the mirror. D: what are you looking at. Is this the first time you saw my face. K: says he is tired cuz he was dancing till late. You didn’t see me dancing huh? Wanna go with me once. D: just sleep. You said you were tired. K: ok I will just shut my eyes for 10 mins. She wonders why he went to askar hotel. He gets up and handcuffs her to the chair so she has to sit next to him. She protests about the handcuffs -“why put them on?” so he says “bingo now you are like MokDan. sit down and dont move from my side.” K makes a speech about how he is going to torment all the Koreans who killed his mom and hyung and get rid of people like her who are for independence and live happily.  wake me up after ten mins.

S goes to the circus with the lackey

D thinks maybe I should kill this guy. She looks for her knife but it’s out of her reach. She tries to reach for it. she gets it and looks at K. she takes out the blade and holds it ready to stab but he holds her hand before she can go through with it. He glares at her and looks sad at the same time.

S and the lackey show up. K pushes her away and tells her to stop kidding around. You will get hurt. S leaves. Lackey tells K to take D and get to the stage. K asks why. lackey says how it’s nice for K cuz he gets to play with a girl. K uncuffs her so she puts her knife away

S addresses the circus people. He says how gaksital showed up at night and killed Jo. Those who aid killers will pay the same price as the killers. But if you reveal who the killer is you will be well compensated. Among you-anyone who knows that killer talk now. Woman asks if he really is S- how could you change so much. he punches her to silence her. D says all the circus people don’t know about that murder. S: you dont know? S: We swear on the heavens we don’t know. S points his sword at her and asks: even if I do this you dont know?  you dont know Gaksital? D suddenly says “ah Gaksital-then you should have posed the question properly. if we know the hero  of joseon-gaksital. S swings his sword to kill her, so K was going to shoot him and goes for his gun, but S only cut off her hair (ponytail). lackey saw K reaching for his gun. S orders K to arrest this girl now

They ride back to town with K and D in the back seat and S on the motor bike with the lackey.

H is on the phone and tells UH – we lost everything- gaksital and those contracts with joseons. if you want I will leave your side. If you want me to die, I will die. UH asks what happened to Jo. She says he was killed by gaksital. UH says he mailed her something she likes to eat today so she will receive it by wed so she cries and says father. He says yes I am your father so where is a parent who would kill their child cuz they dont like up to what you expected. But be warned-through you- i am taking advantage of an opportunity for victory. if you waste that opportunity – of course you will die and also me. she promises to do better. UH says-Don’t let any more of our members die. She promises to do well. She calls for Jun. she says call taro.

Taro goes to meet her.

H takes off her rings except for one and makes fist. Taro walks in. he says sorry –everything that happened is my fault. She looks at him and slaps him. The ring cuts his cheek. She says -you cant even control your child, but you say you will take responsibility for taking control of the police force. you dare to dream of a (some high position). S still loves that girl. Why are you leaving the bait to catch gaksital and not doing your job. Taro says S went to go get her so this time we will use her to catch gaksital. she asks if that is for sure. can you put your name on the line. taro says S is his son, but she says sorry I have to get involved myself. Taro leaves. H asks about the girl and Jun says K is guarding D 24 hrs a day. Jun also feeds H info about D. that D often goes to the catholic church alone to pray

D is handcuffed in the torture room again. Abe is worried about D. what do we do, it’s obvious she will be beaten and tortured.  so K tells him to step outside for a while. When it’s just K and D, he stands there looking sad and conflicted. He closes his eyes and braces himself.

he moves closer and says -even though I am an officer who will kill when I am told and follow orders – if I have to waste energy on a young weak girl like you it puts me in a foul mood. His tone changes and it becomes more pleading. he starts to give her tips to withstand what is coming. K: it will end if you just answer what is asked -dont drag it out. if you are beaten, dont endure it like you are courageous and yell first. if you are shoved into the water, dont hold your breath and blow out bubbles first.

he steps closer and says: look directly into my eyes. he pleads: look at me. dont you recognize me? Just talk. Tell me everything you know about gaksital. D: just kill me instead. You think I will say with my own mouth. K turns away from her and exhales.

Lackey knocks and comes in and says I have something to report. S says later but the guy says he thinks the circus has something to do with DS. He tells him about the time the army stepped in and took leader Jo and D away. S asks did you report that to the chief. Lackey says no. cuz he will get a shot to his head if he reports anything wrong. i am putting my life on the line to tell you now. S: ok. Lackey says one more thing

S goes up the steps and remembers how the lackey says when you put your sword to that girl, K took out his gun. S remembers K asking him- can you protect that girl till the end

When S goes in D is tied up but K is just sitting there. K stands up when he sees S come in. S goes over to her and takes out her knife. D: what are you doing. dont touch it. He asks this is the knife huh? the guy who gave you this knife. That guy is gaksital huh. who is he-what is his name. If you don’t answer you think I wont be able to find him. Does his name start with “young” character (cuz it’s inscribed on the knife hilt). Answer me if you don’t want to die. answer. he slaps her. he orders K to torture her till gaksital’s name comes out of her mouth. S throws the whip down by K’s feet. K takes his jacket off. D looks scared as he picks up the whip. K moves back and whips the air twice. Then he whips her over and over. S cant stand anymore and is about to stop him but taro comes down and says to stop. Taro says enough bring that girl out to the cell now.

After Taro said that, K quickly looks over to check on D. regret and anguish is written all over his face.

They put D in a cell. In the cell H is there wearing a nun’s habit with makeup to look like she was beaten. H asks if D is ok. D: sister. H tells her not to cry – to have strength. H says something religious about God. how God gives people the strength to overcome difficulties. D asks can I really overcome this. H: of course He wont leave us alone like orphans. a day will come when those ruthless oppressors will leave our land. D cries and H hugs her and comforts her

K berates himself and says: in order to deceive S’s eyes  you hit D? to hide your identity as Gaksital -you do that to D- going so far as to whip her.  the lackey shows up and says did you get closer with that girl these days. He makes lewd comments about D and how K could play with her. he insults her some more so K kicks him down with his long leg.

S sits in his office and K goes in there. K quits his job and hands in his resignation starting from today. K: You think I came all this way to guard a girl. You think I came all the way here to watch torture a girl you love in your place? to do this, you think I gave up my mom and brother for. this is how I am repaid for my loyalty. he says mansai and is about to leave but S asks: will you help me. He puts his hand on his shoulder. S: You are right. It will be too hard to do on my own. Let’s catch gaksital first. K: are you playing with me now. S: I am sorry. K hits him

D is sleeping in the cell. H covers her face when K comes over. K looks at D sleeping. He bends down to look at her and looks sad.

H notices that he is crying. K gets up and leaves. H glares at D

K goes to the hotel coffee shop. He looks at his note and it’s still there. K wonders why didn’t he take it. DS’s guy watches K from around the corner. K notices him. The guy runs so K yells at him to stop and chases after him. The guy tells DS to hurry cuz DS was putting his bags in the car. They were all leaving the hotel so they drive off

S tells taro that if the army ordered D to be spied on then it must be cuz of DS. this time they have to find a way to catch gaksital and DS. taro says let that girl go so we can catch DS. S: ok. Taro orders the nun to be released

H cradles D’s head in her lap. D wakes up so H explains: you woke up. I only did it so you could sleep comfortably. D: it’s ok. The officer tells the nun to come out. H tells D I will pray for you. whenever you need, come and find me. Every wed night there is a mass so if you come to the myungdong catholic church you can meet me. D thanks her

S is walking over to D. just as H is released. H avoids looking at S. S looks at D in the cell. She looks away and goes and sits. S gives the lackey a look to unlock the cell

H gets in the car and Jun drives away

Lackey puts D in the car and S drives. She is sitting in the backseat. she wont even look at S

S: Couldn’t you live comfortably? you know my heart. I could show you by protecting you. Why make me do this to you. D: stop the car. S: I said you have to go to the hospital to get your wounds treated. S: Even though you were Japanese. Cuz you loved Korean kids I could be friends with you. But now- you are only a foreigner to me. She gets out and walks away from him.

H goes home and takes off the nun outfit in anger. She turns around and slaps Jun. H: I told you to look into Lee Kangto’s family, girl, friends, and his head – to reveal those four things. K loves that girl.  the girl that is connected to gaksital, he loves her. where is K right now.

K is at the club with S and they are drinking. S: these days I have dreams I didn’t used to have even when I was young-keep being chased by a guy with no face. when I run away I am in the same place. i think cuz of Gaksital -something happened to me. You should understand. K: you said even if that girl killed your hyung you couldn’t give up on her. do you really love that girl. S: I don’t know. what I am sure, I want to catch that guy and kill him in front of D’s eyes.

H comes out and sings.

Waiter brings beer for K. he looks up at DS. DS and his men are there. (they are about to assassinate K) the guy is about to stab K but H screams out “be careful K.” K reacts in time to avoid the knife. he fights off the guy.  then another one goes after K so he fights him off. S and K fight off some other guys who were trying to kill K. DS motions for the men to run cuz one of them was caught by S. (DS’s right hand man) S says to K: I will arrest this guy -you rest. S takes him away in cuffs. K remembers that guy was at the Askar hotel. K looks around for DS.

As S puts the guy in the car, K runs out and looks for DS. K gets in the car with S.

S is whipping the guy and K sits by and watches. S says to the guy- you try to kill an officer. Who is it? who ordered it? K stops S and says I will do it. he tried to kill me. S: will you be ok? K: don’t worry and you go. S leaves.

K holds the whip and drops it. K asks where the guy’s leader is. someone wants to meet your leader. The guy only sings his group’s anthem-something about the independence movement. K asks: I said I had to meet your leader. tell me. tell me.  what is your group’s plan? but the guy keeps singing. The guy sings the lyric louder “go out (meaning the Japanese).” K cries and turns away. K punches him and puts the guy out.

S leaves his office

When the guy comes to, gaksital is standing there.

Gaksital is taking the guy out to rescue him but S calls out Gaksital and holds out his gun and aims it at Gaksital. Gaksital turns and looks at him.



S: it’s weird – it seems like gaksital rememberd every corridor and interior of our offices.

DS asks gaksital: help me

D: if Gaksital ends up helping my dad, if I leave the capitol it will help Gaksital. the spy listens at the door. D writes gaksital a letter I think

Taro says it’s tm.

H says into the phone what is so hard to dupe one girl (meaning D believes H’s cover as a nun and can manipulate D to give her info)

S calls out orders”starting from today abe and sato hiroshi -where is Sato?  (K)

DS’s group’s plan to rob the armory goes into play

D tells H who is in her nun disguise: they have to succeed.

H: what do you mean succeed?

D: to tell the truth…D is about to tell the secret of her dad’s plan to H (the spy)

*someone put a muzzle on that girl so she wont talk. why is D so gullible.

Sparkskey: Preview for ep 12

Shunji loses Gaksital in the maze of the police station corridors and starts to get suspicious because Gaksital knows the interior of the station too well

After the twists and turns, Gaksital runs into Damsari. Damsari plans to set off a bomb during the unification commemoration ceremony and requests Gaksital’s help.

Through Gyesoon’s information, Shunji receives news that Gaksital and Damsari are planning something during the unification commemoration ceremony…..and plans to use Mokdan to capture those two..

Using her wits, Mokdan escapes from danger. She promises her dad that after the revolt goes through successfully, they will leave the capital together.


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        That’s nice, I was sure they were doomed. Perhaps there’s a happy ending here, S(ET) goes home after the occupation is over, sent off by his good friend K(Elliot)


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    I really love this drama especially the casts and the way they portray their characters in it.
    However, is it just me or does this drama really have similarities with Iljimae (the one that Lee Jun Ki stars in)?

    What I mean by similarities is the story line in both dramas where the hero fights against injustice done to the poor and powerless people but keeps his identity hidden behind a mask. The hero in both dramas also has the same objective that is to find out the truth behind his father’s death and seek revenge on those bad people who killed his father.

    And there are more other similarities between these two dramas and perhaps those who have watched Iljimae might have noticed it too.

    I am only afraid if Bridal Mask will have sad ending for the main couple just like in Iljimae T_T

    I hope to see Lee Kangto and Oh Mokdan ending up together at the end of the drama. Oh please….please please please….!

    Anyways, let us enjoy the drama because it’s just DAEBAK!!!


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    Preview for ep 12
    Shunji loses Gaksital in the maze of the police station corridors and starts to get suspicious because Gaksital knows the interior of the station too well

    After the twists and turns, Gaksital runs into Damsari. Damsari plans to set off a bomb during the unification commemoration ceremony and requests Gaksital’s help. 

    Through Gyesoon’s information, Shunji receives news that Gaksital and Damsari are planning something during the unification commemoration ceremony…..and plans to use Mokdan to capture those two..

    Using her wits, Mokdan escapes from danger. She promises her dad that after the revolt goes through successfully, they will leave the capital together.


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    1) handcuff your girlfriend because she refuses to leave her chores to go dancing with you
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    4) let your ex-girlfriend take the back seat in a car with your best friend whom you suspect is crushing on her while you sulk like a little boy in the boxcar.


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    Now, I hope the show will show us the backstory on how Mom, Kangsan and Kangto back to town and change their identity.



  23. SS says:

    credit baidu:

    In Bridal Mask, Joowon’s exceptional, full of meanings, charismatic gaze has moved many female viewers’ hearts.

    In episode 11, Mok Dan who does not know Gaksital is Lee Kang To, endeavoured to kill him. When she was caught by Kang To, the sad and hurt look in Kangto’s eye made viewers feel his pain and heartache for him.

    In the same episode, Kang To had to whip Mok Dan in order to conceal his identity. The conflict, the guilt, stealing a glance at the shackled Mok Dan, his love for her with his heartache and pain. His acting- the expressing of emotion in his eyes, attracted a lot of viewers’ attention.

    After the show was broadcast, viewers commented that “when Kang To looked at Mok Dan, my heart melts.” “This summer, the best expression(of the eyes) belongs to Lee Kang To.” ” I dont know why, but it’s impossible to hate Lee Kang To” etc with many viewers all praising Joowon’s acting.

    Joowon is acting both as a policeman loyal to the Japanese and as the nameless, masked hero.He has exhibited beautiful acting of one person, 2 characters. No doubt, he has earned the highest accolade of a “(Dagger) Sharp Actor”

    p.s. I always have this problem of translating Chinese into English as some phrases are really weird when I do direct translation Perhaps the original Korean writing also has these ‘flowery’ phrases which is okay when you translate into Chinese but sound really funny when it’s in turn translated into English.
    I think now I understand better why those english articles I read always come across as weird. Nothing to do with translation but the language and phrases used.


  24. SS says:

    credit Baidu:

    Joowon & JSY has become the voice of KBS. In a 30 secs voice recording, they introduce themselves and the drama: ” Hello Everyone, I am Joowon, acting in KBS2’s Bridal Mask as Lee Kangto. I am JSY, acting as Mok Dan. We hope that you will all love Bridal Mask”

    i must say JSY has quite a nice voice and Joowon, need I say more?


    • SS says:

      translation :

      In tonight’s episode, D does not want to be used as the bait to catch Gaksital so she decides to leave the capital for the sake of the cause. She let S knows her intention but is hunted down by S. And Gaksital comes saving her again. With tears streaming down her face, D passionately embraces Gaksital. Having suppressed his feelings all this while, Gaksital does not refuse this time and returns the embrace.

      Together with Joowon who is hitting the new highs in their painful but beautiful romance, JSY throws herself into the act. The production crew are all praising the ‘Kang Dan” couple.


    • umi says:

      woaaa thank you loverz and SS for the link and translation. At first I don’t ship Kand D, but now I want K protect D from cruel shunji and I want K to be happy. Hope later D have a chance to get hug by K so she can recognize K and Gaksital is the same person..:)


  25. SS says:

    my brain is totally messed up by this show. Yesterday night, this guy was whipping her and tonight(hopefully) this guy is doing this?

    p.s I love how Joowon always hug with such encompassing embrace. I hate those one-arm bandit type of hug that old kdramas love.


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      Argh Joo Won.. Joo Won.. You and your hug. That’s looks sooooo comfy. Huhu.

      I bet this one will come out tonight.


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