Big E10

This is one of the most thorough quick recaps I have ever done. Not just because every line was imperative but I was spurred on by need – my heart was breaking in every way possible and even as the tears flowed, I felt the urgency to get this out there quickly. So much info came at us from every direction, but the realization of the truth that D had to face and her inner struggle over it was compounded by K’s misunderstanding that he was a burden on his teacher. That couldn’t have been further from the truth, but at this point, it’s up to the characters to decide for themselves where they stand. His unselfish declaration at the end should be the tipping point for D to react and admit her feelings for him, but she needs to admit those feelings aloud to herself first to have the strength to say the words to him. The problem is I am afraid the longer she waits, the more he is slipping away from her. this just might be the first time in a fishing metaphor where I envisioned the bait willingly going through the pain of unhooking himself so she doesn’t have to struggle over her conscience about catching him. imagining that kind of sacrifice just kills me.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her torrents and Sparkskey for her written translations.

E11 written preview: Daran works hard to rein in her feelings for Kyungjoon, Mari goes off in search of Kyungjoon’s dad.
Yoonjae’s father arrives in Korea in search of Kyungjoon and meets Yoonjae with Kyungjoon’s soul in it.

written before it aired: I was going to write something intelligent and thought provoking about tonight’s episode and then I came across this on the soompi thread and all my coherent thoughts flew out the window and I forgot my own name. Even his ab scenes didn’t fluster me this much. The minute I saw these photos, I instinctively felt my ovaries jumping to be next in line. Is he kidding with this? Really? His looks weren’t distracting enough during recaps? Now I have to read that Gong Yoo took care of the child actress during filming. It wasn’t enough he was sweeping grown women off their feet now he has to have the same effect on the Disney crowd? I’m not exactly sure what she was checking in that fourth picture other than cavities, but then I realized she doesn’t need to be looking for anything cuz it was just an excuse to hold his face again. Smart girl – I like how her mind works. A girl after my own heart. You do us proud. Keep softening up his heart so he will hurry up and get married and be a dad for real – and one lucky woman gets to be his wife.


Starts from D saying: KJ ah – I feel strange – why do I like it so much that you came. K looks over at her and asks what did you say. She covers up and asks: I am going to go inside to buy something so do you want to drink something- are you thirsty-wanna drink? she runs off. But K heard her and wonders: She said she really liked that I came so why lie. D mutters to herself – why am I like this. I must be crazy. she goes back and asks: did I ask what you wanted to eat? what should I buy you? K: I didnt say anything. D: water? I will go get water. After she goes he wonders why she is like this.

*you can clearly see that he pressed “stop” just as she said she liked that he came so that’s why he heard all that.

Inside the movie he stares at her so she asks: why? is the movie boring? cuz CS chose this there is a lot of blood huh? are you scared? K: yes.  Gil teacher- do you like me?

They walk out of the movie. She stammers: I thought you didnt hear but you heard. you have really good ears. what I said- what that meant was -I had to watch a scary movie like this-I was thinking do I have to watch this alone  and you came so I thought “Oh thank goodness. that’s so good” – something like this. He asks then why was her expression like that. like someone who was confessing and got caught. D: what confession. during all that time you saw me – you didnt know? when I want to eat something -I have a stupefied look on my face. I was thirsty and wanted a drink  so I was thinking “a drink” -that’s what it was. K doesnt buy one word of it and asks: was it really a drink you were thirsty for at that moment? it wasnt this? he points to his face. D says to be honest maybe cuz these days I am confused, when you came it was nice. that’s why I said I was strange. she puts her hand up to her hair and he notices the ring.  He comes back to reality and says: I promised I would never go to you no matter what. I am keeping that promise well. but if you cling to me saying you like me, I dont have the confidence to turn you down. so dont be confused anymore, don’t be clingy. she repeats: “clingy?” he says I am hungry. let’s go eat. he walks off as a couple comes up and the girl tells the guy to cut it out. the guy says I did it cuz I like you. I will buy you everything you want. the girl says the same thing K just said to D and tells him to cut it out- stop being clingy.

So D wonders “was I really being clingy like that?” She imagines herself clinging onto K and saying “why do I like it this much that you came?” K: jesus. D: I said I like you.  she touches his cheek. K shakes her hand off. star wars music plays and D snaps out of her imagination. she shakes her head. She looks over at K and walks over with her head down feeling embarrassed

*I asked Fanderay to look this word up and she said it wasnt in the dictionary. it seems the closest meaning is being clingy- coming on too strong or hanging on someone being whiny and desperate. Meltedd said it means when you hit on someone.

M is by YJ’s bedside. CS asks if she didn’t go to see the movie and came to see KKJ. She asks “if it’s to the extent that you want to go see a movie you dont want to see then it means you really like that person huh?” CS guesses yes about 80% they like the other person. M mutters how she only has 20%. CS says: it means it’s not zero percent at least. M: then what is the percentage? CS: if you watched that movie with me. I would have thought 80%. M: 80%? would it have been that high? if he likes someone 80%, there is only 20% left. CS: KKJ is lying here like this so who are you like this over. She says don’t ask cuz I cant answer. she leaves. He wonders if M has someone new she likes besides KKJ

S wonders what that talk was about. she remembers YJ’s mom saying: that kid is not my son, he was just born for the sake of saving our YJ. I don’t know a kid named KKJ. S: if the kid KKJ is her son, does it mean she abandoned him. She gets a call from YJ’s mom so S says I am in front of the hotel so I will see you soon

S goes back and gives the mom tea for a present. the mom thanks her for the tea. S asks what the mom wants to request from her. the mom says that patient YJ is concerned about. S: the student KKJ? the mom asks if he is recovering. S says they ran all the tests but they dont know the cause for why he hasn’t woken up. the mom asks to be told when KJ has any changes. S says you could ask YJ yourself  but the mom asks S to call her often about his condition since S is the doctor in charge of KJ’s care and the mom is curious about that patient since he has a connection with YJ (cuz YJ saved him). She says I have a present for you-please wait. she leaves the room to get it. S wonders if that kid is her son. She sees a hairbrush and gets an idea

K asks D if SYJ looked for someone in the past. cuz SYJ’s mom said YJ was looking for someone she really didnt like. after I changed, it’s good that i dont do that anymore. D: she did? I dont know about it. did she say it was someone important? K: she wouldnt tell me. looking at how it’s too the extent that even if I meet, she wanted me to pass by them like i dont know them, then maybe it’s a woman who was clingy to SYJ. D chokes on her food and he laughs. He mentions how bad the food here is. D agrees it tastes bad so if that why you brought me here? K: yes I brought you here on purpose.   He says this restaurant belongs to his uncle. on the outside it is similar to his mom’s restaurant. D says this place looks really cool. K: cuz my mom was cool. D: yes when I saw her picture she was really cool.

aunt motions for the uncle to go over and talk to them

Uncle goes over and says you came to eat here again. he thanks K for giving the chef’s number cuz he was able to contact him. D says hello. He recognized D as the teacher from KJ’s school. uncle: this is really unusual. a teacher from KJ’s school, KJ’s friend, bought KJ’s home, knew the contact number for the person that only KJ would know. all of this cant be explained with just conincidence. maybe KJ’s dad sent you? since KJ’s dad felt awkward to face us himself, did he send you in his place?  K asks do you know KJ’s father?

YJ’s dad looks at a photo of YJ with his mom at graduation and in the back is a hidden photo of KJ’s mom

Uncle sits with them and says I only saw him from afar once at the hospital  when KJ was born. HS called him “teacher/doctor” but when I asked her who he was she wouldnt tell me at all. K asks: teacher/doctor? uncle thinks he was a man she might have been involved with. our HS was really not that kind of girl. The aunt comes over and pulls him away saying leave these two so they can speak comfortably. Uncle says why when we were talking about something serious. aunt tells them to enjoy their meal.

*the korean word for doctor is same as teacher so I put both.

aunt says it’s enough that KJ’s dad didnt sent them so why keep talking. uncle says they asked so I talked.  they are good people. she says he doesnt know how to judge people

D asks K: did you not know anything about your dad?  K says my mom didn’t tell me (about him). D: if he is alive, maybe he can be found. K: if I find him, would he be happy to meet me. when KJ that everyone knows is lying in the hospital right now

S looks at KJ and wonders if this kid is YJ’s younger brother

S asks another doctor if he is close with the doctor in charge of DNA tests. I have an urgent request that I received so could you put a rush on getting this test done to check if they are related by blood (related by family- genotyping)

D looks at the miracle pic in K’s wallet and says I saw this somewhere before- you are saying your dad drew this drawing. K: that’s what she said. other than that, there is nothing. even if I wanted to find him there is no way to find him. D:maybe he is someone who draws (an artist). K: dont know. D: I think I saw this drawing somewhere before. K: that? there is only one of that in this world so would he go around here and there drawing that for his son. D: no I saw it before. where did I see it? K: you couldn’t have seen it before and I dont plan to find him. he holds out his hand for the wallet so she puts it in his hand and holds his hand. D: if you want to find your dad, tell me anytime. if i can help I will help. K: uh oh. I am in the middle of driving now. the steering wheel is shaking. she gives his hand back. she gets defensive and says this wasnt being clingy. K: ah so awhile ago, you admit you were clinging to me. She bangs her head on the window out of frustration from his repeated jokes and says “I am sorry – please just stop now.” K laughs. K: you didnt get to watch the movie properly, didnt get to eat dinner properly, and it’s your last night from your break from work so is there anything you want to do?

They go shopping for gifts from her honeymoon trip to china so she can pass it out to her coworkers. D: look for something that says “made in china.” K asks: just cuz you went to china, do you have to give a gift that says “made in china?.” D finds a stamp that says Made in china. since she went to china, she thinks it would be odd to give an Eiffel tower keychain. dont they have any small pandas. K holds up two white stuffed bears and comes up with the idea of coloring with a black marker to make them look like pandas. D goes over and thinks that could work-if they color the eyes, ears, and tummy black. K argues the tummy is white and feet are black. D says penguins have white tummies, pandas are black. K laughs and says wanna make a coloring bet? D: call (means agree). K: race.

at home, they both color the white bears individually so the other cant see. K tells her to stop stealing looks. D says he is being petty with the pandas. K looks at hers and laughs. she looks at his and has doubts about hers. D: was it correct to make the arms black? K relents and tells her the arms were white. she cheats by looking at his and says the legs were black. K looks at his and says it’s perfect. D asks to see the tail so he shows only the tail. she asks: what is that- was it colored or not?

they get ready to do the big reveal and see who wins. K says the person who wins gets to live like a panda -just eating and sleeping and not doing anything. D: I will show you who is the laziest panda in the world. he says reveal your panda first. she shows hers and he has to stifle laughter. K: gil teacher, pandas dont wear black panty. D: reveal Kang panda. he shows his and says this is the right panda.

She says I have to confirm first. she looks up the answer by saying into her phone: look up pandas. and photos pop up of pandas and they all look like K’s. K says: see -long sleeve, short tshirt above the belly, the stomach shows, wears boots (feet are black) but no panty. he claims his Kang panda won. she hits his panda with hers.

K pretends to be achy from suffering making the panda and asks for a shoulder massage. she doesnt listen so he asks: what are you doing? the winner Kang panda asked for a massage. she goes over and gives him one. He says how refreshing it is. I am thirsty from the massage. Bring me water. He says: gil teacher -a panda wearing a panty is not bad either

She is packaging up her gifts and asks for his help putting some into bags, but he only staples. K: Kang panda does not work. I can help you this much. hold one up at a time. D: ok. K: hurry and work faster. He only helps stapling. he pretends his arm aches from stapling and laughs. (that is Gong Yoo’s laughter by the way.  he really laughs like that in real life-like a carefree kid)

CS asks why M is coming here to his sister and brother in law’s home instead of going to school. M says I am going to come here every morning and night. CS argues but they are on their honeymoon so you shouldn’t go barging in this early in the morning cuz it’s bad manners. They look thru the window. K says I wont eat it. D: eat it while I am saying it nicely. M is happy. M: the two of them are fighting. CS: do you like it that much that my sister and brother in law are fighting?

D is telling K there are a lot of good vitamins that are good for your body in beans. K argues there are lots of other food with vitamins so why eat beans when I dont like it. D: eat it. I woke up early in the morning to boil the beans separately to make rice. K: I cant hear. I wont eat it. D: mom called me so I have to hurry and go. make sure you eat all this.

M remarks: he hates beans so much he could die. if she makes him keep doing stuff he doesnt like then he will get points deducted huh?  CS says: you even know that my brother in law doesn’t like beans?

K smells the beans and reluctantly starts to eat. K swallows the first bean with water. then he swallows the rest of the beans with water. M is shocked and says he is eating beans. CS says brother in law obeys my sister well. M looks upset so CS asks what’s wrong. she says if he eats beans he doesn’t like then how much percent is that. CS says about 90%. for your sake, I can eat carrots – something I wouldnt even eat if I died. M says-if it’s 90%, I only have 10% left.  she walks away and CS wonders if M likes doctor seo

D goes home and her mom gives something for YJ’s mother cuz she is going back to America soon. go and meet her and give her this. Cuz YJ is her only son so you have to be good to him.

D puts her head on the table to think and  M comes and does the same thing. M: teacher- 90% is a really high score huh? D: did you get 90%? if you work a little harder you can get 100%. (cuz D thinks she is talking about a test score) M’s face falls in disappointment so D asks what’s wrong. M: you also want KJ to go back to his place quickly dont you? D: that should happen. M: you dont like KJ being here right?  you would like SYJ ajussi to hurry and come back dont you? if by any chance KJ says he likes the way things are now, you must scold him. scold him more harshly than when you scolded him for not eating beans. You have to scold him to go back. fighting. After she goes D says it’s right that KJ goes back

Kim thanks D for the gift and asks D to write an article for the school paper.

D goes home and sees K looking at his wallet at the miracle pic. She asks does it bother you about your father. since he left this for you, maybe he wants you to come find him. she mentions a story about Jumong where the son went to look for his father. K: cuz he was a king. if my father was a king I would go look for him too. look at the drawing. like you said, if he was an artist, would he be able to earn a living. if he drew it as a hobby, we dont have the same interests. what is with the angels. D: so you dont plan to find him?  K says if the other side looks for me then I will meet but I dont plan on looking first on purpose. D: you didnt think even once of wanting to meet him? K: I was curious but I didnt need him. since I grew up well with just my mom and me.

S looks at the test results and says YJ’s mom is KJ’s real mom. should I tell  YJ?

D and K talk. K says it looks like SYJ grew up with his mother-just the two of them most of the time too. so do the parents not get along well?  D: I knew that the two of them did not live together. K: when I was in america too, I never met him even once. meeting once a year and setting that date, I think it didnt work out.  0624. you remember that date right? SYJ’s secret number? D: 0624. that’s right. I remember he said it was for his family to get together. but what day is that date? was it an wedding anniversary? K: they meet once a year so would they meet for a wedding anniversary? I dont know either. isnt there anything else you can think of when you hear 0624? D: why? is there something else that is important? K: never mind. you wouldnt remember. he gets up to go to his room. D calls out: why? is it important? K: no. just dont make rice with beans.

he is upset cuz she didn’t get that it’s his bday so he sulks in his room. K: 0624 I told her it was my bday. she is totally dumb. how could she not remember that? with that brain how did she become a teacher?

D thinks: 0624? what is it? does it mean he doesnt want me to make rice with beans on that date? I think YJ said something when he was telling me the secret number.  0624. ah that’s right.

D goes in calling out his name. K: why? did you think of it? D: I thought of what i needed to do on that day 0624. K: what is it? D: I was told to write an essay by 0624 for the school book. she wonders if YJ’s book was here and looks for it. K: you took away all of SYJ’s belongings. did you leave something behind? D: I found it. K: what is that? she shows him the cover and says YJ drew it for a charity/donation for the sake of sick kids so she is going to read it for reference.

D sits in front of the computer and explains the vice principal told me to write an essay about “why I wanted to become a teacher” and YJ wrote “why I wanted to become a doctor.” she writes her essay while he reads YJ’s. K accuses: so you are going to plagiarize. D corrects him: I am going to reference it. K reads the title: I met myself at 18. K makes fun of how the title is dull and pedestrian. D: what he was thinking about when YJ was your age- it’s writing that can look back on that. it’s very warm writing. K: is the book a hot pack? how can it be warm.

K reads: “the age I first decided to become a doctor was 18. it was cuz that was the age I realized that in order for me to live, someone extended a warm hand to me and I was able to exist. also, I wanted to become someone who could hold out a warm hand to other kids.  if I could fill that hand with sincerity, I believed the salvation I received could continue to benefit. I always ask my 18 yr old self: am I doing well? is my hand warm?” K looks down at his hand. K tells her to just change the word “doctor” here to “teacher.” D agrees: that’s true huh? that’s why I thought of this too. K: so I was right- you are going to plagiarize. D: when I was 18 I wanted to become a teacher too. What does our KKJ student want to become? K: what do you think would be good for me to become? D: are you asking me? K: SYJ too – cuz he held onto someone who extended his hand and he realized – so you give me a realization. D: just cuz I tell you to become something will you become all those things? K: i can do anything. I can do everything so think about it -what’s good for KKJ’s future. D: I will think about it-what you will become in the future. K: while you are thinking about that- also think about a future that is coming up soon. 6-24. He walks away. She wonders: what is it for him to keep being like that. she finally realizes and says: ah – it’s KJ’s bday. He will be one year older. KKJ’s future.

*that whole narration scene where they showed YJ with the cute little girl was beautifully done. I can’t remember the last time an episode made me cry so much just from watching it alone-even without dialogue.

S meets with Kj’s aunt. aunt repeats: you are asking if I saw him when KJ was born? S: yes – was KJ’s deceased mother his real mother for sure? I thought maybe he was adopted. The aunt says I saw Kj’s mom with her pregnant stomach. and 6-24 the date of KJ’s birth is in our family registry.Why are you asking about stuff like that. is there some problem? S says -no I  just needed to confirm about KJ’s family history

S says if the test results are correct, YJ’s mom is that kid’s mother so is the mom who gave birth to him different? S comes to the conclusion that KJ’s mom was a surrogate

YJ’s mom looks at the miracle book

Kim and uncle are at the dumpling restaurant together. They still don’t recognize us. we have to be patient the one who acts like they know first loses. He tells her a poem. How he cried the first time he read it. flashback to him running to D’s mom –thinking she was going to wait for him but she didn’t. Kim says how that happened to her. when she first saw navigation she felt that. cuz she cant find locations so well so if only I found the right location -it’s too bad there was no navigation back then cuz it could have worked out well.

D discusses what to get for a bday present with AK. D asks what kids these days like as bday presents.  AK asks:who? is it CS’s bday? D: it’s a kid who is way smarter than him so I dont know what to buy him. AK: if it’s not for your boyfriend’s present what is there to struggle over -just buy anything. D: I cant just buy him anything. I have to fill it full with the expectation “I hope in the future you become someone impressive” and give him that realization -what could there be that could do that? AK thinks that is hard. she sees Na and says I will be going. let’s talk later. AK calls after him.

D wonders what to get KJ- a book? M comes running. M: i heard K went to his uncle’s and talked about his dad. D: yes but K doesnt seem to want to find him. M: he has to find him. he is with you cuz you are the only adult who can be by his side. if his dad shows up, you can be gone. so it will be good for you too.  D: is it? I am ok. I don’t dislike being by KJ’s side. M: can you continue being by his side? you cant. if we find his dad, even if KJ goes back to his place, he wont be alone so you dont have to worry about him.  For his future’s sake, I am going to make sure to find KJ’s dad.

K goes into his room and shuts the door on M cuz she says “we have to find your dad.” she comes in and repeats that. K: what is the point of finding him.  it’s someone I didnt know or see all my life. M: first we should find him and see what he is like. if you look the way you do now, it wont be obvious and can find him. it’s a totally perfect disguise. K wonders: will it help to find him? M: it will help Gil DR teacher. the burden/pressure Gil DRteacher has taking care of you-we can pass onto your dad after we find him. K: what is Gil teacher burdened about? if you look at it being picky- she is the one who is living off of me. M: anyway that’s how the teacher thinks. she is a good person so she doesnt say, I bet she feels really burdened. those words weigh on his mind.

K is with the kids and watches them.  K wonders to himself-does she feel burdened? maybe I shouldnt have said I wouldnt do anything like a panda? The girl asks  the boy to help her put away the toys, but the boy wont. the girl looks upset. K sees that and mutters: she didn’t say but she must feel burdened a lot

D thinks to herself: if I cant continue to be by his side, if I get involved in his future, that’s being clingy and desperate,  I should step away. that’s right, I shouldnt think of KJ’s future and think of YJ shi. She wonders what did I do on YJ’s bday last year. what was it?bike. on YJ’s bday, she was going to meet and ride a tandem bike with him. YJ was late so I waited for him with the bike. after 2hrs and the time to return the bike came up -since YJ couldnt come, i returned the bike.  She says even on that cold day I was a woman who knew to wait 2 hrs. let’s not forget that. she sees K staring at her thru the window so she takes the screen out of visible mode . K says that sounds like she is burdened. He worries :is she burdened?

K stares at her cleaning and she wonders to herself : that’s YJ’s face so why do I keep seeing him as KJ? She says aloud this home is nice cuz it’s spacious, but it’s a burden to clean. So at that word K pops up and cleans- saying this isnt much. I will do it. D reminds him how he is supposed to lay around like a panda today.  K: no today Kang panda will work. so Gil panda can lay around. go lie down on the sofa and rest. he pushes her. D: really? K says I can do this quickly. She mentions the grass grew a lot so he asks: is it a burden cuz the grass grew?  I will cut the grass. I will shave it so it looks like you are sending it off to the army right away. D: then I will make dinner. I will go get groceries. but he stops her and says: I will go get it. gil teacher, even when I was alone, I lived well. you dont have to pay much attention to me and I can  still do well alone. dont feel burdened and go in and rest. he pushes her in saying dont feel burdened.

D thinks K can do well even if i am not here. She tells herself to stop thinking about K-right now what’s important to you is your relationship with YJ shi.

K is playing around but hears her come out so he pretends to be hard at work. K: are you going somewhere? D: yes it’s too stuffy not doing anything so I want to turn myself back.  K: alone? should I go with you? D: no you dont have to come. I am going out to find Gil DR-the woman who knows how to wait. He says I will do all the cleaning, do the laundry, and make food so don’t feel burdened and go and find what you are looking for well.

D goes bike riding. She wonders where the bench was -the one she was sitting on back then while she was waiting -they all look alike so it’s so confusing.

K compliments himself for cleaning well. no matter what I do – i do it well. (*and looks great doing it)  Is it too clean that it will feel burdensome. Gil teacher has to see this to not feel burdened living with me. M comes running in so he says dont just walk in willy nilly. it was so hard to clean these floors. M says she asked around about his dad’s work. and holds out a magazine

YJ’s dad lands in korea. Driver asks if he should contact YJ’s mom at the hospital but the dad says no- go to the college cuz I need to meet professor park first

M explains her dad and his mom went on purpose to NY to go see this man’s exhibit – this person. K: they did? she shows a pic of the man and says didnt you say your mom called your dad “teacher/doctor’ this ajussi is a professor where your mom attended college. K reads the name Park Min Kyu

Yj’s dad goes to see that professor (the one KJ’s mom knew). Professor says you really came.  YJ’s dad says it’s been a long time since we met. professor says your son SYJ came to see me last year. so this time it’s you. the dad asks did our YJ come to see you? professor: he came and asked about HS and her son. Did you find that son yet? YJ’s dad says no I didnt find him yet

K says no so M says: for your future’s sake, you have to find your dad. K: if it was someone who is going to be by my side in the future then it’s not a dad. M: then who is it? K: if someone approaches me I can reciprocate, but I cant approach someone else. so it doesnt matter if I am alone. M: me – include me. K: I cleaned everything so dont mess it up and go. I have to show her the way it is right now.  M pretends to have a headache from all that research.I have to go and rest. K calls out to her and says dont even think about moving in there

M lays out her stuff in the upstairs room and says if I put my belongings here and use this room like it’s mine, it will become my room.

D looks at benches for that heart she drew-wondering where it went

she finally sits and wonders if this was the park. I sat somewhere around here – even though it was cold, I waited with my heart fluttering. She tells herself to remember. She feels her heart. waiting for the person I like to appear –she orders her heart to race again. She waits and nothing happens. Why doesn’t it feel like before. She gets a call from K. D:why? K:  where are you. D: I said I had something to do at the park. K: I am here at the park too -where abouts are you.D: you are?why did  you come here. K: I came to find you. where are you. she says where so he says ok I will find you. he hangs up.

she wonders why he came. How did he know where I was to find me. She looks around smiling. Then she feels her heart. my heart is racing (thumping) like back then when I waited for the person I liked. Why am I like this? when I am waiting for KJ.

She looks up and sees him coming. I must be crazy. She turns away and hides behind a tree. He calls again and asks: where are you. D: I am not here. K: what? did you go. I told you to wait. D: The one I should wait for is not you. so don’t find me. I cant see you now. He sees her hiding behind the tree. K: Ok -I wont see you. I will be going. He hangs up. he turns around and walks away. she turns and watches him leave.  D: KJ ah- you go – I am waiting now. You have to go. She cries alone as he walks away.

Professor looks at the miracle book. These two kids in the drawing-are they both your sons. If one side is SYJ then is the other side the child HS had. (gave birth to)

K is at home and suddenly his head hurts and room spins. There is a change to YJ lying in bed too. K falls to his knees in pain

M goes running to the hospital. Nurse says he moved again this time I saw him. M: really? She runs in and sees that his hands moved. She calls out KJ.

S and nurses run in

D is staring at the bench where she drew a heart. she feels her heart. I finally found it but why is it different from before. She gets a call from M. M says KJ’s body in the hospital moved again. are you with him now? Is KJ ok. Did he come back. D: I will go now. After she hangs up, she wonders: Then did KJ leave? She panics and runs back home.

She goes home and finds KJ lying on the sofa. She calls out his name. he is sweating. He looks at her crying. K: Gil teacher. It’s me. I seemed to have switched again. I am sorry cuz SYJ didnt come back. She cries.

* as soon as he said the words, “Gil teacher” she sat down in relief but he didnt realize that. her tears were from relief that it’s till him, but he didnt get that.

M says into the phone. this time too-  it didn’t happen. It’s the same here. how are you. K says It hurt- I was dizzy and dazed. it hurt a lot. if we are going to switch then we should totally switch- Why does it just hurt. M: How about Gil teacher. K: She must be really disappointed. She didn’t say anything and went to her room.

D is crying in her room. I must be insane. I must be crazy.

K listens outside her door as she cries. He cries too. He leans against the wall and says: SYJ hurry and come back.

AK says D is not feeling well and cant come so Kim says D played on her vacation and now she is sick again. Na asks if D is really sick. AK gets a call and she pretends it’s her blind date cuz Na is listening

D is in bed and K sits next to her. K: are you in a lot of pain? Let’s go to the hospital. D:I don’t have to go to the hospital. K:I am the one who was in pain going back and forth so why are you in pain. was your disappointment that big? D turns away and says: it’s cuz I am disappointed in me. K: This time it lasted longer by 30 seconds so if we keep this up we will totally switch back so don’t be disappointed. D: KJ ah- When you end up going back completely, will I be able to send you? K: am I such a huge burden? Don’t think about that and just don’t be sick. I will go buy medicine. She cries

S informs YJ’s mom. S: you said to tell you when there was anything strange in KJ’s condition didnt you?  mom: did something strange happen? S: you seem really worried-do you want to  go see him I don’t want to see him. S:Why? isnt that kid your son. the kid YJ was looking for  was KJ huh? he looked cuz it’s his younger brother didnt he? The mom says YJ had a serious illness/disease when he was 12 yrs old-in order to save him, we needed YJ’s younger brother. But I couldn’t bear a child so my husband and the girl he loved had a child (for us) and that child was KJ.  KJ was born to save our YJ. I cant call that child my child.

*the mom clearly said “my body couldnt bear a child” so she meant just then when they needed that second child since I am assuming she had YJ.

Professor reads the lines in the story:  for the sake of rescuing one child, another kid had to come down and hold onto his hand.

S says: at the time of the accident, YJ was the one who rescued the kid KKJ.

professor reads: it was a fate – where they rescued each other

S: they didnt know each other and met. Shouldn’t you tell him. The mom says don’t get involved. I dont want the two of them to be involved with each other again.  S asks were you never going to meet him for the rest of your life. Mom: to tell you the truth, as long as our YJ never got sick again I thought (we) would never see that kid again.

Professor closes the book and says it’s a story about rescuing and you need love to rescue/save

S stares at YJ lying in the hospital room and says the kid was needed for the sake of saving YJ. What happens if he never wakes up like this forever and disappears

K goes into her room and D is gone

She is sitting outside so he goes there and sits next to her. K: why are you here. D: I am ok now. Are you ok now? K: I am ok now. But in order to go back (switch) I have to be in pain again. D: For us to go back to our rightful places it will hurt a lot. K: Gil teacher, if you are having a hard time and feel burdened, dont pay any attention to me. I will endure well on my own and when I go back, I will disappear from your side. So you wont have to see me again, I will disappear (for you).


no preview

I totally get why D is struggling to come to terms with her feelings. all this time she tried to draw a line between them and didnt dare cross over. from day one she said she was the teacher and grownup so how could she allow herself to go back on all her past actions to prevent this from happening. of course she should struggle with this -it’s only natural. but I think the real reason why she can’t let go and just allow herself to love him is cuz she does fear the future. as the adult who should think about what’s best for his future, she has to be sure she wont be a detriment in his life first. little does she know that at this point, a future with her is the only thing that matters to him. I used to think it didn’t matter who the end couple is in this drama cuz I thought both K and D would benefit from this time together, but now I am beginning to think if they end up with anyone else after all this, this drama will no longer make any sense. if two people struggle this much to be together, it should be till the end. just like his mother’s death left a gaping hole in his life, not having D in it will leave one just as big in his heart. and that sentiment will be mirrored in hers.

Extra GY pics I couldnt resist – his killer smile made me do it.


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    I am dying here! Helllp please. Kbs 2 not found anywhere? Ottoke?!


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    camping here.. the pics above are adorable!


  4. aisha says:

    This is why i love this man so much.. I fell for him as Choi Han Kyul,and now,as he grow older..i just imagine him as a family man,and swept of my feet. Gosh,Gong do spell a magic charm that brings woman like swooning like a crazy girl… Annnnyyyway,camping here as always,Softy 🙂 Happy swooning,girls 😀


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    First time here, Softy. I started watching Big on KBS World and am lovin it. I am very far behind though. Love Gong Yoo here and so great his acting


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    Torrent links for episode 010:
    – ohys / 720p:


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    do you think D will end up with KKJ? i hope so.


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    camping here with hot chocolate and banana.. XD


  14. Sunshine says:

    Thanks for the recap, Softy!

    Anyone else feeling A little frustrted by D’s reluctance to be honest with herself, as well as with KJ?

    He has always been forthright with her about his feelings, and where he would like things to go(marry her)….I want her to be on the same page, and realize she is madly in love with him.


    • Herein lies the issue. DR finally realized her feelings in today’s episode. On the one hand, I am ecstatic that our OTP is finally coming to fruition,on the other hand it’s a heart breaking situation. I think that’s why DR was sobbing. She realizes that she’s fallen in love with a 19 year old kid. Technically, it’s an impossible love in her eyes. He’s still a high school student. She’s a grown woman. In society’s eyes, it’s already a big taboo. It comes with all sorts of complications and she probably feels that KJ still has his life ahead of him instead of being trapped into something that she thinks he can’t possibly give, no matter his declarations of love.

      She may be stubborn but she’s almost there in being honest with herself hence why she got herself thinking and crying about it. Unfortunately, KJ doesn’t know that and that just breaks my heart even more.


      • Sunshine says:

        Good point…I’m curious though- how old is D supposed to be?

        For some reason I thought she was 23 or 24, and could not see why it would be an issue to date an 18 year old (once he graduated, of course). I dated a 24 year old when I was 18, and it wasn’t weird at all.

        I think one of the factors that could be considered is the maturity levels matching up. Dealing with the grief, and loss from the death of his mother really “grew him up” in many ways.

        Did you by any chance watch Flower Boy Ramen Shop? It was a slighlty similar premise (student falling in love with Teacher, and vice versa), and in that case I actually did not want her to end up with the Chachisoo because he was so incredibly immature, and so not a man.

        In contrast, KJ has shown in so many ways that he is a man- and has reflected that maturity in his actions (tiny kiddie bed excluded)



        • I think DR is supposed to be 26/27 to make the premise a bit more…forbidden, lol. Yup, definitely agree. KJ has had to grow up due to circumstances in his life and he is what I describe an old soul. His maturity level is actually higher than DR and it’s so sweet seeing them grow together. Lets hope KJ knows soon that DR now is shooting hearts out of her eyes for KJ and not YJ, :).

          I have seen that drama and finally someone that I can relate too. Chachisoo pissed me off at every end. He needed a lot more growing up to do before even nabbing the girl. At the end, it left somewhat of a bitter taste in my mouth.


          • Sunshine says:

            You said it perfectly-KJ is definitely an old soul, and so glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way about Chachisoo, and wasn’t satisfied with FBRS’s ending!

            P.S. It is totally cracking me up that each time we respond our comment column gets skinnier…if we keep this up it will only be a word wide. 🙂

            Until, next week!


  15. smalltank says:

    although i was watching it live and not understanding most of what they are saying, GY and LMG’s acting were great. could feel the pain at the ending scene where they cried. i’ve been putting Huh Gak’s song on repeat.. it blends well with the scenes in BIG.


  16. Ivoire says:

    Thank you so much for Gong Yoo’s picture with the child actress. It is so nice to see that side of him. I loved your comments about those pictures, and LOLed at the comments about your ovaries jumping to be next in line 🙂


  17. meltedd says:

    haha the screencaps – the word that KJ used on DR… is slang for hitting on someone. basically it’s the definition, synonyms, related words and example sentences… s


    • meltedd says:

      oops that went through halfway… looks like this is going on in DR’s brain, cuz then we see the word repeatedly at the bottom lol.


  18. Lizzie says:

    The mom gave her ovule and then KJ’s mom and dad had the child.

    I think she doesnt consider her child because it wasn’t born from her tummy, so she says the kid is YJ’s dad and KJ’s mom. That is why the DNA test says she is his mother.


  19. Pr1ncess61 says:

    “His unselfish declaration at the end should be the tipping point for D to react and admit her feelings for him, but she needs to admit those feelings aloud to herself first to have the strength to say the words to him. The problem is I am afraid the longer she waits, the more he is slipping away from her. this just might be the first time in a fishing metaphor where I envisioned the bait willingly going through the pain of unhooking himself so she doesn’t have to struggle over her conscience about catching him. imagining that kind of sacrifice just kills me.” … After reading this, my heart broke in a million pieces. I actually watched the last scene RAW (without subs) and as KJ told DR that he would disappear from her side, you can see the emotional toll this was taking on him (kudos to GY–what an amazing actor he is). I wanted to should at the screen, “tell him already how you feel!” But, it’s not so simple. It’s going to be interesting to see how the rest of the story unfolds, especially once each soul is in their rightful places. Looking forward to next week’s episodes! Thanks for your hard work in recapping–much appreciated!


  20. Enz says:

    Just a thought.. Gong yoo is in three dramas now where he is the lead and falls for someone he shouldn’t ! The first he falls for his teacher, in coffee prince he falls for someone he thought was a guy and now again he falls for his teacher again while being in her ex’ body.

    Gong yoo, please pick a drama where you can fall easily and happily in love. I don’t want to see that hurt look anymore!


  21. My2Girls says:

    I hope he has a license to carry around that smile because it is clearly a lethal weapon – and thank heaven for it!


  22. sparkskey says:

    Preview ep11
    Daran works hard to rein in her feelings for Kyungjoon, Mari goes off in search of Kyungjoon’s dad. 

    Yoonjae’s father arrives in Korea in search of Kyungjoon and meets Yoonjae with Kyungjoon’s soul in it. 

    Like that wasn’t confusing or anything


    • Softy says:

      holy cow – does that mean YJ’s dad will sense that YJ is not his son cuz the mom never picked up on it, but maybe the dad will. oh wow – this is going to be so interesting. thank you so much. I love that you are following both dramas – so sorry for all the work you are doing on both shows. 🙂


  23. hartofseeker says:

    I get conflicting preview translations floating around: “Daran works hard to hold on to her heart that is leaning towards Kyung Joon” since it uses the verb “jabeul ryeogoh”…. can anyone help to clarify this?


  24. enz says:

    epi 11 preview is out

    help sparkskey ! 🙂 thanks in advance


    • enz says:

      oops. I meant softy. it’s not a written thing. got my wires crossed. apologies softy and sparkskey


      • Softy says:

        D says to herself: come to your senses-this isnt a time for you to be smiling while looking at him.

        CS says to M: you dressing in my sister’s style of clothes, spying on that grandfather like a paparazzi and stalking and going with my brother in law-you are saying all of this is for KKJ’s sake who is laid up?

        D says that the more she gets preoccupied with K she becomes more and more apologetic towards YJ.

        YJ’s dad says it’s been a long time to K and he says yes father

        S tells D that YJ had another problem before and from here on he might have something difficult to go through

        YJ’s mom says she gathered one thing at a time to give her daughter in law. D says I cant accept these – when YJ comes back to the way he used to be, I am letting him go.


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