Big E9

OMG the connection between KJ and YJ came out and it’s a doozy. No wonder YJ went looking for him. This is somewhat good news for KJ, but I am not sure how he is going to react when he learns this truth. Really hope D is by his side to cushion his shock.

Thanks to Semi-fly for her super sonic torrents and Sparkskey for written preview translations. 🙂

I love when his face beams with joy – cuz it means his heart is full of love – which is about the best thing about this whole switching bodies business.

and this face when he is being a big baby.



Starts from the car ride back, but D is driving. She asks if he clearly went to his body in the hospital and came back. He says yes it was for a short time -5 or 6 seconds, but I clearly I felt it. if it’s true that I felt it then the body lying there would have changed too.


Nurses go in and see that KJ’s body fell off the bed and wondered what happened.cuz just now he was just lying there and not moving. S took YJ’s body in for a scan


D and K run in and the body is gone. K says he isnt here. D thinks he woke up. K runs out again

The uncle and aunt arrive and wonder if he really woke up this time. uncle says we have to go and see cuz he is being tested


D and K watch YJ being wheeled back to his room. K says: he didn’t wake up- he is the same. D says since you felt something for sure, some change started. S asks why he is here. arent the two of you on your honeymoon? he asks if patient KJ was tested -how is his condition?  S says he fell off the bed and wasnt hurt. he was tested but nothing has changed much about his unconscious state. K: looking at how he moved, there was a change. S asks if he came to find out about KJ’s condition.right now? with DR shi?  D: we had a reason to drop by the hospital so we came and found out. she says to K: let’s go home. S: the two of you must not be going on your honeymoon. S says to K:  since you have a particular connection with the patient (meaning their accident together), I will watch over him with interest. if anything happens I will call you separately.  so K says I can find out on my own so don’t call me. the aunt and uncle saw them talking


Uncle asks S if that doctor asked about KJ’ condition. S says yes-he said he was passing by and dropped in. S leaves. uncle wonders if he was on a leave of absence why is he so interested in KJ. aunt thinks it’s for the compensation fee (from the accident). cuz that doctor took a leave of absence after the accident. he wants to be paid for the leave of absence too. uncle says the doctor looks fine though (healthy) but the aunt says he is waiting for KJ to wake up. look how he came around just at the same time (as soon as there was a change in KJ’s condition). uncle asks should I go and ask him what he wants.


D and K are outside talking. K says since the change started – the possibility of the bodies switching has opened. D: thank goodness we found out before the plane took off. what would have happened if I went on the trip with you and felt fluttered and liked it. K: going on the trip with me, you felt fluttered and liked it? D backtracks and explains: it’s cuz you look like YJ so I would have liked it. so would I have liked it cuz I went with you? K gets mad and says of course it would be like that. if we went on the honeymoon and we (YJ and him) completely switched back then you would have really had a great time. you would have been able to see the great wall of china with him. D: then I would have worried about you first -would i have just had fun? K: there is no need for you to hide it from me. or maybe you feel like it was a waste cuz we didnt switch back. D agrees and says it’s a waste. so much that I could die. So they bicker and decide to have separate trips – her on her honeymoon and him on his trip. She says I was crazy to think of going on a honeymoon with you. she gets her bag. he tears off the ribbons and flowers from the car. she says I will go well on my vacation break and you go well on your trip. He tells her not to call during her 3n4d trip cuz I wont pick up. She tells him- I wont call you too. she mutters he is a brat.  K drives off alone

D wonders what to do alone for 3n4d.


M waits outside K’s home with her bags packed. She looks at the photo she decorated with K in a tux and her in her white dress with the words :we got married. M: KJ ah- Today your body married Gil DR teacher but I will think in your heart you married me.

Na and AK meet. she says since you saw the wedding now it’s over.  He says now the two of us meeting separately like this ends too. sorry for bothering you and putting you in a hard situation all this time. I will take care of the rumors around school (that they are together). He offers to buy the beer today since it’s for the last time. AK: who said to end it after drinking beer?after making me be the start gun, umpire, and a fake girlfriend all this time, you think I will get lost after drinking beer? Na:then what? she is about to confess but she doesn’t and orders soju.


D goes to a sauna and asks for a massage chair – something chinese. she mutters about the stuff she should be seeing and drinking in china about this time. but her family is there too at the same sauna. D wonders if K went on his trip


K goes home and doesn’t realize M’s shoes are there. he is in the dark when he finds the amulet in the fridge. He wonders what it is. he sits on the sofa. From upstairs the door opens. M comes walking out like a ghost. He hears her call out his name and looks around. he looks up just as she looks over the railing and makes both of them scream

K asks why she is here. she says you didn’t go on the honeymoon so the amulet worked. He tells her to go back to her own country. She mentions his room upstairs -cant you think of that as another country? he suddenly realizes what she did and goes up


K asks what all this is. cuz there are pics of her and him all over the place. She says-I didnt do it for fun. I made it so you wont get confused. in reality  Gil DR teacher married SYJ ajussi so whenever you get confused, come to this room and while looking at these photos, come to your senses again. K: so I dont get confused, I am holding onto my senses well. She thinks if she stays here she will a lot of help to him. but he says she cant and pushes her out. M: ok.
D is getting a body massage from a chair and says it’s better than a Chinese foot massage


CS sees her from the back and tells his parents he saw someone who looked similar to his sister. they point out D is in china. CS decides to call her and asks if she likes it there. D lies and says it’s hot, humid, and lots of people are here. tell mom and dad I arrived safely. he asks if she is having dinner now. D: yes. CS: what are you eating. She makes up a lie about eating Peking duck with alcohol and it’s really delicious. the server tries to take her plate away so D says I havent finished eating yet. CS noticed that and saw her from the back and asks if she is really in china. She says yes and asks where he is – at home? But he says no I came to the sauna with mom and dad. she ducks down and hides her face with her towel. he says there is a woman who is really similar to you at the sauna- you really are in china right? he walks closer to her and asks: there is no way you are at a sauna eating boiled eggs alone right? D: of course – dont talk nonsense. the duck is getting cold. hang up. He calls out to her and asks to see her face. He runs after her into the women’s changing room. His mom hits him for doing that. she says I understand about the porn but not this. he tries to say there is a woman who looks like his sister but they drag him away


K draws on the map of the wall of china and says – on the long wall of china – Gil DR is there-it would have been really nice to go together- hold hands with Gil DR.  but when Gil DR laughs, it’s not cuz of me. it’s cuz of SYJ. he draws and makes his face look angry. He wonders if she really went to china alone. Why isnt she coming. He goes outside to look for her. K:why isnt she coming? he walks down the street


D’s parents and CS are in the car. CS thinks it’s strange – that it really was his sister. the mom says you said D was eating duck in china so something about you is strange. CS says it’s strange cuz after that happened, D isnt picking up her phone. they pass by and CS sees K and thinks it is brother in law. the mom asks what is wrong with CS cuz he said D was at the sauna and brother in law is on the street.  He tells the dad to back up and CS calls out to K. they ask what he is doing here


the dad repeats what K told them – that urgent matter came up at the hospital with a patient so he couldnt go along and sent D alone to china. K quotes D and says: it’s not easy to get a 3n4d break from work so it was a waste to throw away this chance so I told her to go alone. they are touched by his answer and the mom asks if K was alone. K acts pitiful and says: she said her parents would worry so I shouldnt tell you so I stayed home alone quietly. CS: I was worried about if noona was at the sauna but she left brother in law behind alone. he says something bad about her so K tells him not insult your noona. I sent her. (K is playing the role of saint very well). the mom wonders what D is doing there alone. K says probably eating peking duck and drinking alcohol speaking chinese.


D says since she saw her family go home they probably wont come back again. She gets a call from K. D: you said not to contact during the 3n4d. he asks if she is in a good place. D: yes. K: is it nice that you cracked a boiled egg and ate it at a sauna? D: how did you know? are you at the sauna too? K: I am at your home. D:why? did you get caught? K: for now I told them you went alone to china so go (to my) home. D: did you get in trouble? K: a little. I will call you later. he hangs up smirking. the mom calls for him. D: I wonder if KJ got into a lot of trouble cuz of me.

K is getting a really great dinner. They keep saying how “refreshing” the stew is (in korean the word is “cool”) so K doesnt get that and asks if it really is cool cuz it’s a hot and spicy stew. so why is this cool? the dad says it just is cool. but K argues since it’s hot and spicy you should react by saying “ah it hurts” when you come in contact with it.  so if you say something that hurts is cool and like it, if you feel that, it’s what they call masochism and if you make those things to enjoy then you are a sadist. her mom blushes so CS says “this is racy. this table of food is perverted”  so the mom pushes him and the dad laughs it off. he says when you get older doesnt this kind of food fit your taste bud? K: the older you get you must enjoy things that hurt. but i dont like being hurt. the mom compliments how K said all that cuz it was impressive. the mom says how D doesnt have sense for going alone after she was told to. so K sticks up for D by referring to YJ in the 3rd person: why are you insulting your own daughter? dont do stuff like that – to make your Seo son in law feel better by cutting down your own daughter.  SYJ is not much. after buying just one home he didnt have much money left and he doesnt earn that much. he just plays wtih kids at the hospital. he cant become the kind of doctor that can take care of patients who have been shot and stuff. SYJ cant become that great a person. D’s parents laugh it off and tell him to eat. the mom offers to make him something else to eat if it doesnt suit his taste buds. so K asks for a fried egg cooked well with lots of ketchup on it please. CS asks for the same one too. K and CS fist bump.


S meets with YJ’s mom and asks if she is going back to America. doctor seo is not coming? I wanted to see him. The mom says something happened so I am going back earlier than planned. S: then YJ must not have gone on his honeymoon to see you off. the mom asks what that means. S: today he didnt go to his honeymoon and came to the hospital. mom: to the hospital? S: the kid who was in the same accident with YJ is at our hospital. since he isnt regaining consciousness so YJ is paying a lot of attention to him. mom: still – over a patient he doesnt go on his honeymoon. I better say something to YJ.(meaning she is going to scold YJ) sh asks who the patient is. S gives her the name “KKJ- a young student.” so the mom repeats it KKJ. did you just say his name was KKJ? S: yes he is a young student and doesn’t have his parents. The mom asks: he doesnt have parents. if he is a young student, how old is he. S: a high school student. the mom repeats “high school student”


YJ’s mom calls YJ’s dad and asks -what did you say was the name of the son Kang Hee sook is raising? he is looking at KJ’s mom’s pic and relies: KJ. Hee sook’s son’s name is KKJ.  you might not want to think of that kid again, but i cant do that. The mom gets mad and says do whatever you want cuz I don’t want to find that child. After she hangs up she wonders if YJ found that child. (you can tell YJ’s dad is concerned about KJ but YJ’s mom isnt)


Aunt says even though they keep looking he isnt waking up. let’s go now. uncle says KJ has to wake up for me to take care of Hee sook’s inheritance for him so it will be better for me. the aunt says HS saved up a lot of money raising her son alone. she seems different from you. uncle worries that KJ might have forgotten the secret number to the inheritance cuz that uncle needs the money. what to do about our restaurant. the aunt worries why the kid wont wake up when there isnt anything wrong with him. the uncle worries: what to do about the restaurant.

D makes herself ramen and calls K and asks if called YJ’s mom. K says YJ’s mom already heard from S and wants to meet me alone tm. D: she must be angry. then are you sleeping at my home today? K: yes. they told me to stay in your room till you come back. D: in my room? K:then would I be in Gil CS’s room? K: since I am in your room with all your stuff it’s strange. D:what is?  K: the room is like you. D: now that I see -in this home – aside from the bed, not a single one of your stuff is here. K: since my uncle took all my belongings away before he sold off the house so there is only a lot of SYJ’s belongings there. D: did you eat? K looks at the table set up for him and says they gave me this saying Seo son in law came. they said it was a 20 yr old medicinal alcohol drink. D: that is so precious they dont even give that to my dad. K: really? then if I dont drink this they will be sad. I will have to throw it away. (cuz K cant drink since he is underage) D: what? throw it away? that’s a waste. K guesses how she is reacting and says: I can see you right now- you are drooling huh? did you eat? D: I am about to eat ramen. K: ramen? you cant – dont eat that, it’s mine. D: I cant – I already put water in it. I will buy you one later. K: dont eat it. D: then there is nothing to eat so what do I eat? K: I will go to throw away what’s in front of me so dont eat and wait.

He packs up the food and runs to his home smiling the whole way. She is outside waiting for him.


He runs over and says I am going to throw this away so wanna eat it? she smiles at him


he serves her food. K says it was hard to come out quietly so should I just stay here since it will be hard to go back in quietly. D: you cant – if you disappear suddenly they will worry. I will eat well so go. she waves bye at him. K: you want me to get lost after making the delivery? pay up then. D: it’s from my home so why should I pay? K: I should have thrown it away to the next door dog. she uncaps and smells the 20yr old alcohol. she pours some and starts drinking. she points to the bottle and says: KJ ah – this is your hyung. K:hyung? D: this is 20 yrs old and you are 19 yrs old. i should keep it here and drink it every day. she hugs the bottle. K: will it be ok for you to drink that hyung every day?  when he (D’s dad) gave it to me, he gave me a particular tip that it would give me a particular energy/strength (as in the bedroom) -will it be ok for you to have energy? D scolds him: you are younger than this alcohol and there isnt anything you wont say.


K grabs the bottle and says: hyungnim-you came to the wrong place.  this isnt a place for you to cheer on saying have more energy. (K hints that if the alcohol affects this noona, I will pay the price) you seem precious so go back safely. D: what about me? cuz of me what are you going to be in a troubling situation about? K: if you have energy, I dont have the confidence to turn you down. he protects himself and says I am worried about my young mind. she takes back the bottle and says you are worrying about useless things. go.  K: Uh oh you don’t have confidence huh? I am going.


She walks him out so he asks what – so you can go with me? D: no just want to see you off. go in carefully and quietly. He is disappointed and leaves but comes back and says: just say you came back from china tm and come and get me. D: you want me to go directly tm to get you? K: you have to be sure to come and get me. He walks back to her home calling out – be sure to come. She smiles


Na tells a drunk AK that she cant sleep here. try to stand. he says since they cant catch a cab here he will have to impose for a short time. he carries AK by holding onto his own pant back pockets instead of her legs. AK says how during that time you and I got closer so dont end it today and let’s continue to get along well. say something. if you jump a high rope I will be your pole. what will you do. why arent you saying anything. you dont want to so that’s why you cant talk? he couldnt talk cuz of the bouquet in his mouth. AK: I will get down. na: are you ok? AK: you speak well. she takes her purse and bouquet from him. I will be going. He calls out to her after so she throws the bouquet at him like a baseball. She calls out strike  -out. na thinks her drunk habits are odd


K gets a text from D- if you are bored read the books in my room or listen to music. If you eat breakfast well tm then I will come and get you. K is happy and says that person is working hard. he looks through CS’s stash of porn and says Gil CS gathered a lot. He looks through her memory box and finds the photo of her and YJ. Then her couple socks. Then a recorder that is broken. Then another photo of YJ. He says to the pic- ajussi hurry and come back before I dont want to go.


YJ’s mom goes to the hospital room where YJ is. She is about to touch his face but she doesn’t. she cries and says: even when you were born  I didn’t see you but I get to see you here for the first time KJ ah. She quickly walks out


M is with CS looking at t-shirt art and says they are pretty. he wonders if they sell these. M asks why did your brother in law not go on his honeymoon and is staying at your home?  CS asks: my sister not being able to go on her honeymoon is that something to be so happy about? M: I feel sooo happy. also the amulet was affective. young man who absorbed the bad energy, I will deduct a pan. he holds her hand and tells her to deduct just one at a time while thinging over it carefully. she pulls her hand away and offers to buy a t shirt for him. she takes a photo of it. CS: you said you would buy it for me


K goes to see YJ. he asks the nurse: after what happened last night, did he not move again at all? nurse says how bad she felt when he moved and got caught on the bed and fell off the bed  while she stepped away for a moment so ever since she didnt let him out of her sight and watched him but he is the same. he seems disappointed. The nurse says at night some madam came by and except for that time when I left the room for a short time I kept watching him. K: did someone come by? nurse: yes she looked stately and like she was wealthy.


M comes running in calling out KJ and holds K’s arm but she sees the nurse so M goes over and puts her arm around the body saying: I heard you moved yesterday so are you coming back. after the nurse leaves, K scowls as he watches her be so close with his body. he pulls her off saying just do enough. M: thank goodness you are coming back. K: I waited for you to come. M: you waited for me? K: You know my where my uncle’s new restaurant is right?


When they get to his uncle’s restaurant, K asks M to ask his uncle for his belongings back that were in his home if the uncle didn’t throw it away yet. M: ok.  M comments the uncle made this restaurant the same as your mom’s. K agrees.  There is a photo of KJ’s mom on the wall so M tells him it’s your mom. K remembers his mom.  M mutters about how there are no customers cuz last time she came the the food was so bad she didnt come back. K says the restaurant is failing. uncle was always like that.

The aunt and uncle hide and think the doctor came to find them. uncle thinks he came to eat but the aunt says does he look like someone who came to eat? cuz K was checking out the restaurant. aunt says he came to estimate how much inheritance we have. uncle wonders why M came with him. aunt thinks M is on the same side as the doctor. waiter says hello to him. Uncle tells the waiter to tell those people we aren’t here if they look for us

K cant eat and mutters how the food tastes bad. K calls out for the owner. The waiter says the owner is busy preparing to open the second branch location. M mutters the first location is failing but he is still opening a second one. K gives the waiter the note and says tell the owner to come and see me if he wants the second location to do well


waiter gives the note and says he gave me this and asked to speak with you. uncle reads the note and it has a russian name on it. uncle wonders what it is and recognizes the russian cook who worked at KJ’s mom’s restaurant in LA. aunt says they looked but couldnt find him so does that person know him.


Uncle goes over to speak to K. uncle says it’s been a long time since we met. he says hi to M. I heard you had something to say to me. M: do you have KJ’s belongings?uncle: yes I have them.  K tells him to give those belongings to M. uncle: give KJ’s belongings to M?  M: KJ  will want me to keep them (for him). uncle: still. K: in place of that, I will give you the contact number KJ had of the Russian cook. uncle: we were keeping KJ’s belongings like it was precious… K holds it out so uncle finishes his sentence: but I was really curious how sergei was doing. he takes the paper so K says he will still be in korea. he will meet you.


K gets back his stuff from the uncle. M mutters why keep it in the restaurant storage. it smells. K feels lucky the uncle had it and didnt throw it away.M  says K could have gotten his stuff back without giving away the russian cook’s number-you told him on purpose didnt you? K couldnt stand by and watch his mom’s inheritance go to waste.


Uncle and aunt look at the number. aunt says he didnt come to get money from us. he came to help us. uncle wonders if KJ’s dad side secretly sent the doctor to help us.  what should I do. should I act like I dont know or should I get close with him and act like I dont know


K says he has someplace to go now and asks where he should drop off M. M asks: cant I go too? arent you going somewhere nice? so K says you cant.  it will be uncomfortable cuz I am meeting YJ’s mom. M says then I will wait at your home. when you come I will help you unpack. K: I am not going home. I am going to be at Gil CS’s home till gil teacher comes to get me and I have to go with her. M: teacher is coming from china today? you have to go with teacher?  K smiles and says: if I wait, she said she would come for me.

K meets with YJ’s mom. she says I heard there is a patient you are paying attention to so much that you ran over and ended your trip. K: yes it’s someone who was in the accident with me. mom: I heard his name was KKJ. did you by any chance know him from before. K: no- after the accident -it was the first time we met for certain.  He asks if the mom is going back to america soon. She says yes. I dont feel at ease here about this and that. K: sorry for making it uncomfortable for you. go back and live comfortably. he gets up to leave. She says there was someone you were looking for from a long time ago. K: I did? mom: I didn’t want you to meet that person. Even if you met him by accident like fate, I didn’t want you to know that person. K says I am not interested in anything from the past. mom: really? then that’s good. she leaves the room. When he is alone he wonders who YJ was looking for

The uncle and Kim meet at D’s family restaurant again. D’s mom serves him and tells him to enjoy his meal. she doesnt recognize him so he loses his chance to say anything. Kim says to him: we meet again. she asks if D’s mom doesnt recognize him. just like in the past she is not smart. he says if she recognizes me then she will feel hurt inside. when she sees how well I am doing and how much younger I am (than D’s dad). she will think why did I leave that cool oppa alone and fall for that wolf of a teacher. she will just end up regretting. kim says my sunbaenim (D’s dad) will regret too. to leave behind a hoobae he could communicate well with to marry a female student who came in last in class who goes around thinking it’s ok to wear a permed ponytail. uncle says there is nothing we can do but leave those two to regret on their own. They overhear D’s parents. D’s dad calls her mom over and asks what she wrote down – how much did you say this was cuz my eyes arent making it out clearly. uncle says that man is getting old already. I can read things even from across the street. D’s mom says $21. 3 x 8 so $21. so Kim says to the uncle: see I told you she was last in class. she still cant multiply. D’s dad told the mom that 3 x 8 is 24. the mom worries cuz she got paid a lesser amount but the dad laugh it off and says it’s ok. we can just earn more money. the mom offers to work a lot more.  so kim and the uncle are in denial and say: inside they are going to regret for sure. Uncle agrees-that’s right. you will regret

CS tells M how K is stayed at his sister’s room yesterday. Cuz brother in law is our family now. But M says KJ will be my family. she wonders why he is staying here – is it nice here? M looks down at the lingerie magazines and asks CS: did you still not throw this away? CS quickly covers them up and says dont misunderstand- these are my sister’s -they are in my sister’s room. he covers up the magazine with stuff from D’s box. M asks what that is so CW says these are my sister’s. he shows the memories D has with brother in law (YJ) so M is happy to note that his sister likes SYJ ajussi a lot. CS: of course.  so M says let’s go give this to your sister.

D’s mom brings D inside and says no matter how much you wanted to go to china how could you leave Seo son in law behind? D: that is why I came right back. her mom asks it’s cuz you couldnt stand being alone huh? D: yes. her mom says he stepped out for a short time so when he comes home take him back to your home. i’ll be going to the restaurant.

CS comes over and says you are home. where is my present. at the sauna I saw someone who looked like you. D gives him a present from china -tea-hurry and put it away in the pantry.

M whispers to D that K went to go meet YJ’s mom. M: but K said he was uncomfortable meeting SYJ’s mom. then he should feel uncomfortable staying here too. cuz they are all fake family. (not for real and only pretend till YJ wakes up) I am going to be his real family. M hands D all of D’s memory box (of YJ) – it’s SYJ ajussi’s so keep it close by you so you wont get confused.


they are on the phone together. K: I am going there now. you already came to come and get me? D: yes you don’t need to come here and just go home. K asks if she is coming right away too. She says yes.


D goes through her stuff and says I put all this stuff in here- I forgot about it.

D goes back home with the box with YJ’s stuff. K smiles and walks over and says let’s see. he suddenly looks upset that she brought that with her (cuz it means she still cares about YJ). D asks if he stayed well at her house without being uncomfortable. he is staring at the box so she says it’s stuff I left behind.  K: you went to go and get this? she points to his bag and asks what is that. so K is abrupt with her and says: it’s my belongings. I brought it from my uncle’s. I have to put my stuff away so take everything that belongs to SYJ in my room and put it in your room. she says there isnt that much stuff there so just leave it there. and I put everything away neatly


but he doesnt listen and drags his bag inside. He goes to his room and yells there is no room to put away my stuff. This is all SYJ’s stuff. He takes her YJ’s stuff. she says I organized all that so why bring it here. K: you take SYJ’s stuff so I can put inside KKJ’s stuff. she drops her box and glares at him.  she says the recorder is broken but K says it was already broken so it didnt happen now. D: how do you know that? K: when I heard it in your room it didnt work. you didnt even know it was broken so why blame me? D: you saw this stuff? K: you told me to look at anything and listen to it. She says what to do cuz this was YJ’s. he argues who would carry that around. even if he does come back you think he would carry that around? D says how YJ said was precious to him. he lent it to me to record my academy class and study. K remarks it wouldnt have been much help. D: it helped me a lot cuz I studied hard to look good for YJ. (meaning she studied to look good in his eyes). K: YJ is something else – he made you cry, smile, and study. D: you are something else too. you come and go and make a person confused. K: so we wont be confused – let’s not run into each other and live separately doing our own things.

She follows him out and asks: are you taking it out on me now cuz you stayed at my home when you didnt want to and was forced to go there. you said you got a long well with my family- slept well and was fed well and came (here). K: so in order not to be confused about that – should have drawn a line and not gotten close.  I am not the one who really became that family’s member. He walks away hurt. He kicks his stuff out of anger. the truth sinks in for D. he leans against his wall feeling heartbroken


Next morning she tells him to eat breakfast but he says no thanks. later she offers him fresh juice “wanna drink this?” but he says I dont want to. she say he has to water the grass but he says it will probably rain.

She makes him his favorite egg with ketchup and wonders why he isnt coming out of his room. she knocks and goes to his room but he isnt there. she wonders if he left. She sees his bag unpacked


K is at YJ’s office. The doctor thanks K for his help with the seminar. K says I made that to test how much I filled up (his mind). the guy says K seems better so arent you coming back to work. K: there is a mountain I still have to cross.  (meaning his fear of blood). the guy asks him to talk – what is the problem. I will help too. so K uses his method to get rid of his coworkers and asks him for a co sign so the guy changes the subject and says anyway you worked hard and thanks for the document. he gives him really expensive tickets and tells him to go and see it with D. I will be going.


At the school AK passes out drinks for other teachers cuz it’s hot outside. but she skips over Na on purpose. AK calls out to Kim that AK wants to go on a blind date-the one Kim mentioned last time if it’s still there. Kim looks at Na and says to AK: you don’t need to go on blind dates do you? But AK says we don’t have that kind of relationship. right? Na agrees so AK sadly agrees to the blind date Kim will set up


CS waits for M to show her the tshirt she bought him. he says to show his thanks he prepared this and pulls out movie tickets and asks “wanna see a movie” M: I want to see it. she runs off with both tickets so he asks what do I do if you take both tickets. you have to take me too.

K is with the kids again. The girl is playing house with the boy and tells him to eat.but the boy but wont. I wont play with you, I wont eat it. K calls the boy “bear” and tells the boy: just play with her. the boy says this stuff is childish. K: you are both kids so why be picky.  D calls K and asks him:when you come will you buy bread?  I will make you pizza bread. But K says I don’t want to eat it. I said no thanks. I dont want to eat it. the boy gives him a disapproving look. K:why? boy asks: why are you like that when you are a grownup. K: you are a nosy bear. that’s right I am on the same level as you. The girl asks K to (play house with her and) eat this so K says I have to go buy bread

K goes home and his stuff is hanging out to dry. He says it’s mine and it’s all been washed

When he goes in there are pics of him with his mom and his books everywhere in his room. he calls D cute cuz those books are from when he read them as a kid

K calls D and says you did all my laundry. D: I had to wash them if you want to take care of them. K: why did you touch someone else’s things? Where are you? D: I came out to buy bread. He says: bread? I already bought bread. D: you bought it? making me suffer when the weather is hot outside. K: This is the last day of your break right? D: yes. K holds the free ticket and says I will throw something away under the bread so when you come home look for it carefully under the bread. He mutters it’s one ticket so it’s like throwing it away so if Gil DR picks it up and follows me there then it cant be helped. he smiles in glee. then he notices the broken recorder


he runs out and gets YJ’s recorder fixed for D


D goes home and finds the tickets. She wonders why he threw this away here. since it was thrown away-it’s a waste not to go . She gets ready to go and meet K


M goes home holding the tickets saying I have to go with KJ. she sees K’s clothes hanging to dry. D comes out so M asks where are you going? KJ is inside right? D: KJ isnt inside. we are going to meet outside cuz he is going somewhere with me. M: where? D: since it’s the last day of my break, we are going to go together. she holds up the ticket so M says: teacher could I go there? KJ can go with me and you can go here. she gives the movie tickets. M: Cuz he doesn’t need to pretend to be YJ ajussi there. do you want to go with KJ too?  D reluctantly says K will have more fun going with you. M thanks her. you really seem like a good person.  she takes the ticket and goes


K listens to the recorder while waiting for D cuz he got it fixed. It’s a boring lecture

S goes to meet YJ’s mom and the door is open cuz the cleaning lady is there


YJ’s mom says into the phone: I am going back to america tm. YJ’s dad says: if Hee sook (KJ’s mom) died, that kid is all alone. YJ’s mom: What does that have to do with me.That kid is not my son. My son is just YJ only. that kid is not my son, he was just born for the sake of saving our YJ. I don’t know a kid named KKJ. S overheard all that


M goes to meet K. he asks why she came. she says teacher gave me this to watch with you. K: I told her to pick up what was thrown away under the bread but she gave it to Jang Mari. M: but I gave her movie tickets CS gave me. let’s go. he says no. M: why? wont you see it with me? K: I dont want to see it cuz I didnt even want to see this to begin with. M: then you were just going to see it cuz it’s with teacher? K explains: I ruined gil teacher’s vacation and broke this. I didnt want to say I am sorry with words so I wanted to reconcile but she didnt sense it. M: don’t reconcile with her. teacher can just endure it cuz she is the grownup.  K says he cant keep acting like a kid. i’ll be going. He leaves so M wonders -KJ ah – you still like the teacher?


D waits with tickets and wonders why she is so upset cuz she didn’t even want to see that performance. maybe it’s cuz I didn’t get to watch it with him together. K shows up and stands next to her.


He asks why are you here when these arent the tickets I threw away. she smiles up at him.  K: do you like it that I came? You don’t like it? should I go? She holds him back so he says I will stay. He says this movie isnt the kind I like cuz it has blood. He shows her the recorder. K: I got this fixed.  He talks about how boring the lecture is. He puts the ear bud in her ear and his and they listen together. They look at each other and smile. K: why is your reaction like this. D: cuz I like it. it’s cuz I like it. K: it’s good that I fixed it then cuz it put you in a good mood.

He puts both ear buds in and listens to it alone. Since he is listening to that, D says aloud: KJ ah, I feel strange. Why is it so good that you came. He looks over at her.




S says KKJ is her son but does it mean she threw him away?

M: if someone likes someone 80% , then there is only 20% left.

S asks for quick bloodwork done to check if they are siblings/related. (whether YJ is brothers with KJ)

M says to D: teacher- If KJ says he likes you now. you have to scold him. You scold him that he has to go back.

D says My heart is racing – why am I like this?

S asks K: Do you remember you were looking for someone a long time ago. I found the person you are looking for

M: teacher – KJ’s body in the hospital moved again.

D worries: Did KJ leave?

I love how she washed all his stuff and put his things away for him in the house so he would feel at home there too and not just surrounded by YJ’s stuff. what his uncle carelessly neglected, she took great care with. that is going to make KJ fall in love with D even more cuz she truly knows what is important to him.

* About KJ and YJ being brothers – that means KJ’s mom had all that money to leave KJ cuz she was compensated for having KJ to save YJ’s life. so that is why there was no mention of a father. his mother was inseminated. but technically the father is YJ’s dad so that is why he cares about KJ so much and YJ’s mom doesn’t (she doesnt strike me as a woman who donated her eggs cuz wouldnt she want to see KJ then since he is a part of her but she is keeping her distance with him). I bet YJ’s dad was there when KJ was born.  plus this explains all the secrecy about KJ’s father. this is why KJ’s uncle has no idea who the father is cuz KJ’s mom never told her brother what she did to have KJ. it explains a lot about why the uncle was kept in the dark all this time. I take it back- this is not good news for KJ. I wanted him to have a family, but not one like this. it’s so cold and impersonal. KJ is going to resent the heck out of YJ cuz YJ’s illness was the reason why KJ was born- to save YJ’s life. YJ will feel indebted and KJ will feel resentful. and D will be caught between them. suddenly I just watched all these happy moments flying out the window – there goes my romantic comedy when KJ learns the truth. POSSIBLE SPOILER: I heard rumors that “YJ” will wake up tm, but now I hope that’s not true.


Fanderay’s comments:

I’m happy to see that we’re finally learning more about the relationship between Y and K, but I want more! If they really are brothers it comes as no big surprise (since people have been predicting that since episode 1) but I’m more curious about how their actual lives are intertwined, and how K is capable of saving Y. Did he save him in the past, or did the present-day Y need something from him? It would be easy for Y to be resentful of K for living his life when he wakes up, but I get the impression that it’s actually been a pretty fair trade.

Romantically, this episode couldn’t have been much more frustrating. My wish of having D and K under the same roof was foiled by circumstance, and then when they were under the same roof they barely talked to each other. When they did talk to each other they pretty much just fought, and when they didn’t fight, they still hid their feelings. Then finally, when their feelings couldn’t be any more obvious, neither of them dove in for the kiss. It was the perfect moment!

Even though their feelings are obvious to us (hence my frustration) I do think that all this emotional back and forth was necessary for their relationship to move forward, and it seems like they’re finally in a good place. D realized that she’s not as confused as she thought, and more importantly, she’s starting to make that known to K. I’m worried that having photos up of K may get them busted, but it’s worth the risk just so K understands that his real identity is important to D. The second either of these two start thinking about each other they have massive grins on their faces (how cute was it when he was running to her with food and they were both so excited?) but then they try to hide those smiles when they’re with each other. I call that denial, since I don’t think either of them used to be so guarded with their emotions (I guess in a weird way, that’s progress!).

K must be getting increasingly terrified of waking up in his own body, and I can’t blame him for wanting to get it over quickly, like ripping off a bandaid. The situation would be hard enough to sort out if he knew D loved him and they were happily married, but as it stands he’s probably living under the assumption that he’ll no longer even see D once he wakes up. Besides getting to act like a teenager, his life as K has almost nothing to offer him, other than loneliness. Despite his fear of blood I get the impression that K actually likes being a doctor, and I think he even likes D’s family. If anything, he is more free to act immature in Y’s body because he doesn’t have to worry so much about looking cool, and doesn’t care as much what people think since it’s not really his life. If it wasn’t so long-term and uncontrollable, I’m sure the experience would be quite liberating!

The preview for tomorrow looks fairly exciting (and nerve-wracking) but it didn’t really show any D and K moments, which hopefully means they have some amazing moments too good for a preview (is that excessively wishful thinking?). I can’t decide if I want Y to wake up yet or not, so I’m just going to sit back and continue to enjoy the ride.


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    ACK! she confessed. the first time he mistook it for something else. korean and its no pronoun system. but did he hear it the second time?? my wubisheng stream sucked )):


    • Enz says:

      I think he heard it, just from his expression and how he appeared to have stopped listening to the tape 🙂 yay… I wanted to give her a BIG shaking for not seeing how he cared for her and thought for her. She keeps hurting him with her denseness!


      • sparkskey says:

        I thought so too. Even though my screen was black, but from the pixelated black face that moved, it looked like he heard. I was practically facing a black screen throughout the stream only listening to voices. argh, so annoyed with ionair not showing it


        • Enz says:

          Yes.. He kinda stopped in his tracks.. Didn’t look at her, I think so as not to stop her from continuing. And then when she had finished what she said, they looked at each other.. Finally! Bout time for what she puts him through


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  14. Lizzie says:

    So watching the preview it seems YJ’s mom is KJ’s mom…. I mean for the brother really match it need to have the same dad and mom, maybe YJ’S mom gave her ovule, but since KJ wasn’t born from her belly she didn’t consider him her own son and didn’t take him….

    So KJ’s mom that died was just a Surrogate mother…… uh oh.

    I don’t think KJ will resent his brother. He was looking for him, and I hope it wasn’t because YJ need KJ again, because it would make me really pissed, I hope he heard news KJ’s mother died and he was thinking in taking KJ to live with him since his mom don’t want KJ but maybe YJ wanted to……..

    I just hope YJ wasn’t sick and wanted KJ again……. and that is why he was hesitating to marry DR.


  15. Anonymous says:

    I dont get it. why did kkj have to be born to save yj’s life?


    • beppu10 says:

      It’s speculated that YJ was sick when he was a child (something terminal I guess) and that he needed a donor to match his blood type or something.


  16. sparkskey says:

    Ep10 written preview:
    Seyoung finds out the secret of Yoonjae and Kyungjoon and hears Kyungjoon’s secret from Yoonjae’s mother. Kyungjoon and Daran visit his uncle’s restaurant and listens to the story of Kyungjoon’s dad from his uncle


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